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The wise and benevolent spirit hero of the mythology of the New Hebrides, Tagaro came down from heaven and made men and other things, then went back to heaven again. Inthe enterprise of creating men, however, Tagaro was opposed by the dark spirit, Suqe-mutua, who wanted men to walk like pigs, whereas the creator wished themto go on two legs. Tagaro won the contest of wills. Another time Tagaro saw wingedwomen flying down from heaven to bathe, and as they removed their wings he stole apair, and hid them in his house. Then he returned to the spot where the wingedwomen were bathing, and found that they had all flown away exceptone, Vinmara, whom he married. However, the later scolding of Vinmara by Tagaro'sbrothers led to her weeping in Tagaro's house, until her tears wore away the earth surrounding the hiding place of her wings. Donning them, she returned toheaven.

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