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If my best friend and my spouse's best friend were getting married on the same day, we would...

Total Voters: 537
Each go to separate weddings. 70%
Both go together to one or the other. 70%
I don't know 70%
Lala05/25/0612:46pmI would try to accomodate both by going to the wedding for one and the reception for the other or at least make an appearance at both.
Heather05/24/064:26pmFirst of all If it's your best friend and your spouses best friend they probably know each other through you and your spouse and when initally planning you could make sure they weren't on the same day.If one or the other didn't want to co-operate, I'd go to the one willing to agree or to neither!
Lovechild05/24/0612:40pmIf your marriage is strong, you can handle being away from each other for a day. then you can come home, compare notes on how your wedding was so much better than theirs (everyone should feel this way because your wedding was YOURS and you should feel that it was the greatest) and have great reminescent sex! :)
Mark james05/24/061:41amWe just be one big happy family at the sametime on the sameday at the sameplace
Paula05/22/068:39pmNothing at all wrong with going to seperate events. Then again, there is nothing wrong with choosing one or another for both to go to. I guess it depends on the relationship you are in. Are you secure enough in your relationship for both of you to attend seperate events? Or do you simply want enjoy the day with your partner? The alternative rationale? Can you trust your partner at this type of an event? Hmmmmm. . . It all comes down to one thing. Trust.
Sandy05/22/064:19pmGrow up Kristen, you're not married to your best friend, you are married to your husband!
Kirsten05/20/066:47amIt's just a wedding. It's just ONE DAY. I would think you wouldn't spontaneously combust being away from your spouse for that period of time. Especially if it's to be with your best friend on the most important day of their life. What? You never spent a night out with the girls/guys by yourself? This would certainly be more important. Think of it this way: wouldn't you rather go to your best friend's wedding alone than resent your spouse (or have them resent you) for causing you to miss such a special day? All I know is if my best friend missed my wedding for said reason, I wouldn't "just understand". Come on!
Tosha05/18/067:53pmI dont know what to do because I am not married.
N.C.05/18/062:56pmI don't have a spouse so I can go to a wedding all by myself!
J.M.J.05/18/0610:23amMy marriage comes first and I would want to be with my own spouse wherever we decide. If my, or his so-called "best friend" does not understand I feel sorry for them because their marriage to be will not be a solid one.
Ryan05/18/0610:16amIf it's out of town, together. Definitely.
Answer05/18/068:54amYour marriage comes first. Period. If you have been having problems, there should be NO question that you should both go to the same wedding to be together. Your best friend will just have to understand if she is in fact a REAL friend. Your friendship is much stronger and shouldn't hinge on a wedding. Especially if it is in another country! I mean, come on! That is very expensive also. Your friend should cut you some slack. GET OVER IT. and be happy
Dilemma05/17/0611:57pmMy husband and I have been going through a tough time in our marriage. We just started seeing a counselor and things have really started to turn around. One of my best friend's is getting married in Mexico in late September, and she is counting on me to go and be in her wedding. The problem is my husband recently told me that his best friend is also getting married on the same weekend in a different state! He has not told me to blow off my friend's wedding, but he has made it clear that he really wants me to go with him because its his best friend and his family will be there. I explained this to my friend, and although she said she understands, she is very hurt that I may miss her wedding. I'm still not sure what to do!!! :-(
Linda05/17/069:08amI think its sweet to go on romatyic cruise
Shakira05/17/063:52amWeding is a pleasent moment every one wants tto enjoy the moment in a peasefull manner in a lone place. where there is no one who response the paire. it wii be a love and happiest remembareble events in every bodys life.
BamBam05/16/068:17pmWell, actually we'd go to both. We'd split up one wedding ceremony and one reception. But, keeping in mind of course all this would be planned ahead of time with our respective best friends who are having the wedding. We'd make sure it's what they want first.
Beth05/16/063:13pmIn order not to hurt the friends' feelings we would both go to separate weddings. I don't know that it would be the greatest situation because going to a wedding is much more fun with a spouse...
Kelly05/16/068:31amIt's improbable that they'd both be at the same time, so go to one and then the other. but in the higly unlikely case that they start at the exact same moment. It would mean more to his best friend to be at his wedding than for him to be with me for my friends. We're married, not attached at the hip.
Ana05/16/068:26amIf the weddings were close to each other, we would each go to separate ones. Otherwise we might have to choose one to both attend.
Mana05/16/067:10amWe go to both wedings,we attend one and then the other

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