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If your spouse gave you the OK to have sex with your celebrity of choice, would you?

Total Voters: 650
Yes 58%
No 58%
Maybe 58%
Hmm11/26/109:46pmWasn't this an episode of Curb?
Charmed_me10/23/067:20amSex is sex, I would go for a round but not for too much, after all I want to try as many as things while I live and I'll defently choose some sexy celebrity like someone who works in a striptis bar and I would defenitly go in a striptis bar.
Geesh!10/17/066:51pmHow about a new poll folks! Enough already!
JC10/15/069:35amWhy do so many women today have this attitude that "sex is just sex"?! Women are the ones that have always been concerned with the fidelity of their mates, as they stand to lose the most in a failed marriage. Sex is surely NOT just a physical act, but a spiritual act also, and therefore VERY sacred. It is not to be taken lightly, as the media has programmed people to believe,and it is NOT casual nor should we engage in such a relationship for purely selfish reasons. The most sacred writings contain very strict warnings against infedelity and "casual" sex. See Mark, 10:5-9 for but one example of many of the sacredness of marriage. The physical and the spiritual aspects of relationships can not be simply seperated from each other for our convenience or to justify self indulgence.
Trinitymoon10/14/067:56pmWhy do we always think we "own" our spouse? give them freedom and sex is just sex... in the end i wouldn't "cheat" i made a sacred vow and it still applies! but damn I don't own anyone and the flesh is only the flesh...the flesh can be weak..and i hope that i am more enlightened than that. but if i did cheat, my husband wouldn't be mad because he "owns" my sexuality, only that i wasn't true to myself!
RK10/14/069:23amIt shocks me to see that fully one third of respondents would cheat on their spouse! And probably all because of the fact that the celebrities and the programs on TV promote this kind of cold,selfish, and cruel behaviour. Just because the characters on some TV shows are dirtbags, DOESN'T make it okay for people to be dirtbags in real life. I HATE television!
GH10/12/0611:12pmCelebrities are people too. And just because you were "given permission" to have sex with one does not mean they would reciprocate.
BP10/10/063:21pmNope! A crush is a crush, not reality. This is the thing: I don't really want to go where lots and lots of people have already been... So for the most part that would count out my celebrity crush. If I'm going to put something in my mouth I want to know where it was yesterday. ...and while there's never any guarantees in any relationship, it's important for me to know that when having sex with my partner I am in a safe harbor of love...not on the highway of come and get it. :-)
Traci10/10/062:56pmA fantasy is a great thing because it doesn't manifest and cause all the problems associated with reality. How bad would your mate feel to be passed over for someone you don't even know.
Natalie10/10/0612:57amWhy not it wouldnt really take place
Angela10/09/069:47amNo! because marriage vows are made to keep! adultery is wrong!
Sharon10/08/067:52pmWho would listen to anyone who tells you who it's OK to have sex with? That's a sign of a bad control issue that could last indefinitely.
Andrea10/05/067:11amFor those who would, you have not yet learn self respect. For those who would just like to met them heres coudoes to you. and to those who just don't care about the person who loves you, you would still cheat.... what goes around comes around to you!
Roberta10/04/062:15pmHell NO! Cheating is cheating, no matter how hot or rich the other guy is. Til death means til death!
Chris10/03/063:20pmHell's yeah I would do. Just playing only in my dreams. :)
Karon09/30/0610:32pmI would like to meet Jeff Goldblum. I don't want to have sex with him now, but I did have a crush on "his characters" when I was younger. The fact that he made movies with Will Smith and Damon Wayans made him way cool! Now back then, without a spouse, hmm...........
Marci09/30/062:34pmOh, jeez, folks, lighten up. Even if he gives you permission, you are not going to do it -- because you won't have the opportunity. BUT... if I did, it would be with Hugh Jackman (gorgeous, brilliant, talented and vivacious). And then we would all have to be put into a drug induced coma, because I probably wouldn't be able to talk about anything but that for the rest of my life!!
Raven09/29/067:38pmLust is a very powerful thing... i have to be honest, i love lust, w/o it where would you be? as far as the mental and physical percentages of sex go... does it really matter. you can have bad sex with anyone, celeb or not.... I say, don't cheat, just close your eyes for a change... We need to keep ourselves and our minds healthy.
Mary Jane09/28/062:54pmI would so have sex with a celebrity of my choice...I only live once; and, besides, life is full of experiences, mind as well enjoy em'. Theres Jessica Albe, Chad Michael Murray and many other sexy celebs, Just keep in mind to be safe.
Steve09/28/0610:56amNo, I wouldn't have sex with my celebrity of choice even if I was given the ok, and I would never say that to my wife (if I had one). Call me old fashioned, but I believe when you are married, you are with that one one else!
Andrea09/28/062:27amAnyone you are involved with that loves you, would not give thier permission to disrespect you or them! all anyone has to do is two things......... Stop and Think!!!!
Dee09/25/062:52amMy ex-spouse had an affair (not with a celebrity) and gave me "permission" to have a one nighter to balance things out. I didn't have a one nighter, but did give him some interesting papers to read... with the word DIVORCE as the working title!! LZ says that percentages explain the physical and mental element of sex, I'm not that analytical despite being a Virgo. If your married, ya hitched!… tied to one person, no mater what eye candy is passed your way. We live in a very materialistic world, full of people who want things for status or ego. I think that if you want your world to come crashing down, be reckless… BUT FACE THE CONSEQUENCES…. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO! (at some point)
LZ09/23/061:47pmThey may say Ok but it truly would never be. The transgression will rear its ugly head later on as an accusation or a reason for them doing something. Besides, sex is truly a 10% physical act and 90% mental thing.
Claire09/23/0612:32pmGood point Dee I would never do the same.
Dee09/23/0612:26pmCall me old fashioned, but aren't you supposed to "forsake all others" or something... celebrity or "joe smoe"... if ya play away, there's a price to pay!! Having sex with someone because they're in the media is very shallow... it doesn't matter how you try to spin it!

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