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  I believe Abortion

Total Voters: 1062
should be illegal under all circumstances. 36%
should only be legal if the mother's life is threatened. 36%
should only be legal in cases like rape/incest or when the mother's life is threatened. 36%
should be legal in all cases. 36%
Lyndha11/08/1010:56pmI believe that the decision to abort is solely the woman's to make. It is between her, her God, and her doctor.
Luna05/04/071:58pmEvery desicion made, Has been made for a reason. If It wasn't meant to be, then let it be so.
Linda11/29/063:48pmIs like any decision a woman has to make in her life is deeply personal and private. I think it is the height of arrogance and rudeness to decide what is right for another, be it man or woman. Look after your own family and life and don't worry what the neighbours are doing or their daughter! Let's not be a world of Big Noses! Compassion and non-judgement....
Angela11/29/063:43pmThere are no regrets when one chooses life. Regrets are there only when one chooses death.
Marie11/29/0610:34amThis is a tough decision for any woman. One has to remember that the woman will have to live with her decision for the rest of her life. Any decision is a tough one...a life altering one.
Polly11/29/069:19amEven if a woman has been raped? No exceptions at all?
Jordan 11/29/066:27amI think that you should not kill a humman being at all that is just not right to do. That is killing your kid that you don't know and to me that is just very wrong.
Polly11/29/064:20amYes but what if a woman is raped? I don't think God sends a child in those circumstances as a gift. Do you think abortion should be legal in the case of rape Tanya and Francis?
Tanya11/28/064:13pmBabie are gift from God. And your sin are your!!! we can only give the best advice from all sides. Their are many things in life I hate and don't agree with. I do not think abortion is the anwser!
Francis11/28/0610:11amLIFE! What an awesome gift!
Winterheart11/28/066:30amBam Bam: because for 9 months you have to carry that child within you, 9 months you'd be reminded of what had happened, 9 months more of suffering, maybe some women are strong enought to see the child as seperate to the terrible act that forced it's conception but for those that couldnt or might wish to kill themselves rather than be forced to birth a rapist's child then isn't it kinder to allow abortion than to have that woman kill herself or forever hate herself. after all if that child was born then one day it would have the right to trace it's parents so again that woman would be reminded & that child learn an awful thing about its past.
Dee11/28/061:43amThis is a tricky one. I believe in certain circumstances, women have the right to abort. I belive that your children are here for a reason the bigger picture (cosmic or otherwise) wants them to come to being.
Yikes11/27/069:05pmThe unborn baby is the victim, not the mother. Taking someone else's life for any reason other than self defense is wrong and should not be legal. People need to take their medicine and take responsibility for their actions. Anyone who has sex whether protected or not is taking a risk and should accept the responsibilities that come with that risk. The overall percentage of rape victims that get pregnant is a minuscule percentage of the millions of abortions performed each years, so to me this is a non-issue. I would be willing to make an exception for these cases as far as the law is concerned, but I personally believe it is wrong to kill an unborn child even under these circumstances.
Ditto -11/27/065:36pmI don't believe in this day and age that this is still an issue. I respect those of you who are bound by religion, why don't you respect those of us who are not? if we are all going to hell for being pro-choice then let us make that choice for ourselves, afterall, you people believe that god gave us free will, let us have our free will. I believe that what I do with my body is my choice, not yours, not gods, and not the governments. Woman are the same, yet so different. How can you sit there and think you know what is best for anyone other then yourself? I realize that there is an unborn child that you are thinking of, but what about the mother? What about the things that she is forced to do? You say adoption, well being adopted I can say that doesn't always work. As far as for rape victims, that is how I became adopted and that is not something I enjoy knowing about thank-you. And the quilt and living with what the mother gave up, questions about if she made the right choice? How is this fair to someone who is a victim? Not to mention the physical stress on the body, the victims body. Aside from being a victim, it's my body not yours! How can you think that its ok for other people to tell a woman what she should do with her uterus?Separate yourself from the chruch for a minute and think about things like perhaps there are other opinions other then yours. We respect yours, please do the same.
Andrea11/27/0612:41pmIs the question then at what age a person can be dispensed with because of inconvenience? Or is the question about money? Remember, anyone of us can be deemed unwanted and dispensable as it has already happened in other societies such as the Nazis. Either life is respected in all its stages or it becomes dispensable at any stage as we are seeing now with the elderly.
Karina11/27/0610:44amIt's not like we are killing a 9 year old child here. If most of these women that are crack addicts, etc. had abortions, then we wouldn't be spending so much money to put food in their mouths and raising their children. I know that those children don't have a choice, but we as women, do. So, if you are totally against it and you got raped by some aids infected freak and you knew your child wouldn't survive, would you still have it? PRO CHOICE.
Jess11/27/067:29amLet's call it by its true name here: PRO DEATH. That is the choice you are talking about. If you want to compare the death penalty which is given for terrible crimes committed, what crime has the INNOCENT life of your child within your womb committed - inconvenience. For that your child deserves death?
Renee11/27/065:25amTaking a life is wrong? It's funny how the people who critize women for having abortions are the same women and men who believe in the death penalty. A woman should have the right to do with her body what she feels. People are so eager to tell you what choice is best, how you have options, but again these are the same people who don't have foster kids or wouldn't adopt. I am completely prochoice.
Terry11/26/066:04pmA taking of a life remains murder no matter how it is rationalized, inside your body or outside your body.
Kathy11/26/065:54pmMy body is MY BODY!! No one has the right or should have the right to tell me what medical procedures I can have or not have.
Miriam11/25/069:06pmHello Janny: would you have preferred to have been aborted? Where would YOUR choice been then? Again, this is not about your body but about your child's body. You make your choice before intercourse. As with everything else, with every freedom comes a commesurate responsablility. That is the true measure of freedom and of a free people. You say you want respect, then extend this same respect to the INNOCENT life within the womb.
Janny11/25/068:02pmI don't believe in this day and age that this is still an issue. I respect those of you who are bound by religion, why don't you respect those of us who are not? if we are all going to hell for being pro-choice then let us make that choice for ourselves, afterall, you people believe that god gave us free will, let us have our free will. I believe that what I do with my body is my choice, not yours, not gods, and not the governments. Woman are the same, yet so different. How can you sit there and think you know what is best for anyone other then yourself? I realize that there is an unborn child that you are thinking of, but what about the mother? What about the things that she is forced to do? You say adoption, well being adopted I can say that doesn't always work. As far as for rape victims, that is how I became adopted and that is not something I enjoy knowing about thank-you. And the quilt and living with what the mother gave up, questions about if she made the right choice? How is this fair to someone who is a victim? Not to mention the physical stress on the body, the victims body. Aside from being a victim, it's my body not yours! How can you think that its ok for other people to tell a woman what she should do with her uterus?Separate yourself from the chruch for a minute and think about things like perhaps there are other opinions other then yours. We respect yours, please do the same.
Mayra11/25/065:16pmI agree with everyone
Miriam11/25/067:50amTHOU SHALL NOT KILL. It is not your body which you murder in an abortion but your own child's. In ancient times people sacrificed their children to false gods and we now are horrified to think of what they did. We thought of them as barbarians and ignorant. Are we then also barbarians and ignorant sacrificing the very fruit or our womb to the gods of selfishness and egotism?
Miriam11/24/063:58pmWe are under a higher law, God's law. God gives life and only God has the right to end it.
Mej11/24/064:55amI believe abortion should be the choice of the one carrying the baby and the circumstances involved. No laws should govern this.
AK Sheilah11/23/0611:53pmHmmmmmmmmmmmmm. #1. Under NO circumstances should a woman even be ASKED to consider giving life to the child of someone who assaults her. In fact under no circumstance should anyone (except perhaps the father of the embrio) concern themselves with a woman's pregnancy WITHOUT HER SPECIFICALLY ASKING THEIR OPINION! Pregnancy and childbirth are NOT a cake walk and more than not leaves permanent physical damage and not just with stretch marks. Even with the best of prenatal care each pregnancy incurs BONE DENSITY LOSS, muscular weakening and often these and other problems are NOT reversible. Likewise, If the woman CHOSES to keep the baby regardless of who fathered the child this should NOT be questioned EITHER. People need to MYOB period on the abortion issue. Such a choice is for the woman to decide alone with the guidance of her GOD and good conscience. CHRISTIANS should USE the power of PRAYER instead of POLITICS.....the first is of GOD and GRACE and the latter is rife with evil. LEARN FROM THE BIBLE YOU THUMP WILL YOU: KEEP YOURSELF SEPARATE FROM WORLDLY THINGS AND THERE IS NONE SO WORLDLY AS POLITICS. This issue is only an issue because the evil rich (NOT ALL THOSE WHO ARE RICH ARE EVIL, JUST MOST)are stroking the sentiments of the well meaning Christians because they want more slaves they're not even thinking of the betterment of humanity, they'll not help care for any child that does live unlessed they're forced to, but more populace ensures the Rich get Richer and the poor poorer. They'd like to make sure there's so much competition just to get by in life no one has time to delve into investigating their dirty deals they giving the rest of us.
Bam Bam11/23/061:32pmThis is for Renee, Winterheart and Pamela: Renee exaclty what is it that your trying to say? And Winterheart I understand your point of view, but, instead of destroying a life that came from rape why not let the child be born and be adopted? Your thoughts on this? And finally, dearest Pamela the heart of a fetus begins beating THREE WEEKS after conception dear not three months. At three months your beginning your second trimester and the baby has arms, legs and a face. Everyone has the right to choose, but, one must educate themselves to make an educated decision before terminating life. Ignorance is no excuse. Someone said everything is written before we do it, yes, I agree, but God gave you the choice to change it.
Janie11/23/0610:34amPeople who don't believe in abortion aren't thinking about the poor children who are born to a mother who is forced to give birth. There is nothing worse than watching the resentment being taken out psysically or emotionally on the child. What kind of pro life statement does that make? If you people are pro life who are against abortion....what kind of life will the child have once it's born? How about making that your pro-life thought instead of anything else? Be pro life where it really counts!!! Either that or all of you who are against abortion,,,put your names on a list that states you will all agree to raise these babies born to mothers forbidden to have abortion and YOU raise them. I'll bet if men could give birth this problem wouldn't even exist.
Mimi11/22/066:54pmHow could people be like that....yeah,i'm talking to the ones that chose the last ya'll are agreeing with the mom aborting just because she doesn't want to get pregnant?what's wrong people!?!that's wrong...
Jen11/22/065:16pmI can't even believe this is up for discusion. It's our right to do whatever we want with our bodys. I don't now about most people but no one will tell me what ,where, whatever about my body my life. I do understand though that there are women out there who enjoy sex a little too much and don't care about getting pregnant. The thing about that is if someone is having obortions left and right then yeah , i think thats wrong but that only means that these women need some kind of help and should be dealt with. Whats next.. i don't want to find out but whatever it is I'm sure it will be just as obsered as this.
Me11/22/064:52pmI agree that God will judge us based on our decisions in life, but as a society we must have laws that govern our actions in extreme cases like murder. God may judge us after we die if we take a life, but we also need laws that judge us in this lifetime especially if murder is involved. Regarding Pamela's statement that 3 months is a good limit on whether a fetus evolves into human life... that is a tough one. How can anyone possibly know for sure what the limit is? Life is precious, so the stakes are very high and it just seems wrong to arbitrarily choose a number, whether it be 1 month, 3 months, or 8 months and 29 days.
Lucy11/22/0612:49pmIs America land of the free????...yeah right! I think that abortion, right or wrong is for GOD to judge. We ALL make some very bad choices sometime or another in our lives. The thing to remember is to learn from them and not to repeat the same mistakes. In addition, men should be held responsible as much as women.
Pamela11/22/068:55amMy body, my choice. I do not believe a fetus is a baby. Three months after conception the fetus begins to show signs of life. I believe thta abortion after the first trimester should be illegal.
Ted11/21/065:13pmI Just want to put this in perspective. The government already limits a great many things in our lives. For example, neither men nor women can legaly murder another human being. Those who are pro life believe like I do that abortion is another word for murder, which is why the government has jurisdiction in this matter. If an unborn baby is indeed a human being, then women should not legally be allowed to kill that human being unless its self defence (mother's life in danger). Not being able to raise a child in a proper enviroment does not justify murder. Of course, there are those that do not believe an unborn baby is a human life, in which case there is definitely room for debate.
Jamie11/21/0611:24amIts not fair for the government to take away a womans rights! and this is defineatly one of them...It disturbs me how much power the government is getting now...I for one think that if a woman wants to have an abortion, let her do it! For those who think that it should be made illegal completely; think about this..what if the girl can't give the child a proper raising? what if her parents (even if she decides to put the child up for adoption) decided to disown her???? its HER money, HER body, HER choice; how dare others try to take HER freedom away!?
ANDRA11/21/068:49amIt should be a woman's right to make decisions that involve her body & spirit. The more decisions you allow the Goverment to make for you, the less you will have in the future!
Marla11/21/068:11amI had cancer durring pregnancy. I fought long and hard for my baby and without that foucused deterimation I am sure that we would not be here. But it was the choice that made the difference. I was not a victim and i did'nt go along with others opinions. It was mine to make.
Berynice11/20/0611:13amNo woman says to herself at 12, "Oh boy, I can't wait to grow up and have an abortion!". It is always a last sad alternative. This issue does not belong to the judiciary but to each individual woman. Having said that, I don't believe we have the power to give or take away life -- that is in the hands of The Gods and Goddesses. It is egocentric to think you can give life -- you don't, and you can't take it away either. Only God can. So get on with helping the people that exist on this planet now.
Winterheart11/20/066:25amI just have one question, if you made all abortions illegal then are you prepared for women who been raped having to relive that horror every time they look at their unwanted & unchosen child? Also would you like to be an child asking about who your Dad was to find out his was someone who had so little respect for your Mum that he raped her & this caused you to exist? Also how many men walk away from their responsibilities, we cannot rape them, we cannot have a child then walk away, but it is always men who seem to think they have the right to dictate what happens to womens bodies & lives!
Renee11/19/062:41pmI believe that abortion like many experiences here is a very polarized debate that is steeped in perception, patriarchy and condemnation. Do any of you really know what soul chooses to experience while incarnate in a life? From reading these responses I would summarize the answer is no, nor are any of you open to this. You all feel very passionate in your opinions but unable to grasp the higher octave of being human. The balance of the experience is to dance with the identity wishing to experience the souls desire. Perhaps we can all become a better model of serving Love, our souls and evolving our consciousness in the years ahead. Forget all prior dogma and find the face of God inside of you. That would cover a lot of ground and eliminate judgement. Imagine the world we might create from this foundation. Of course, this may not be your path but I will share that it is mine.
Anna11/19/0611:54amWhat about when ignorant persons use as birth control? Not that I think those people should breed anyway but limits need to be there.
Tammi11/19/066:12amEach of us have a journey to carry through here on earth. Everything has been planned and wriiten. Everything is a lesson, even when we place judgement on a certain somebody or something, we are learning. Nothing is wrong or right - no one is better then each other, it just is. We are all one. We need to stop separating everything and placing judgement. What is in you is in every soul that arrives. You are no different. You like to think your different with your judgement, and authority. When you can accept this, then you will be able to separate from fleshly desries and look to the soul.
Andrea11/19/062:47amBre, nobody is wrong. Everybody has their own feelings about this subject. I guess the only way to sum this up, is God gave us the right to take what ever path we choose.( the fork in the road) and what we choose we live with that choice. good or bad. and only we have to live with it. everybody esle can comment. but we live it. nobody can live your life but you! have a great one.
Bam Bam11/18/068:40pmA womans body is hers to do with as she chooses. While I firmly believe abortion is wrong, God gave us the freedom to make choices. The focus is how we make those choices and face up to them when we awake in the morning and when we meet the man himself. Frankly, we need to begin with our children and teach them to abstain and respect their bodies and themselves. Everything must start in the home I don't care what anyone say's. If we teach our children that this is wrong and unacceptable behavior at some point things will change because society will be brought up with better values and more repspect for life. Realistically speaking, failed contraception is no excuse for three terminations. Stop having sex until you learn how to use it. Abortion is a serious and sometimes life threatening matter. Some people just abuse it. Did you know that multiple abortions can result in failure to carry a baby to term when you do wish to start a family? Change your life sweetie, life is too short and children can bring such joy!
John11/18/065:36pmYou cannot abort a soul unless it allows you to.
Anon11/18/0612:11pmI have had 3 terminations. Had I gone through with them over the years, all of which were from failed contraception!! It would of been for me negative. Do not judge a woman for this, think back to your grandparents age, they did the same.
Lovely11/18/063:59amNo one has the right to take a baby life.
Diana11/18/0612:58amI havent had one myself, but many of my friends have. I know them pretty well to know that they made the right decision at that time. I would never take that right away from anyone. I cant imagine one of my daughters performing a back alley abortion. Women need controlled enviroments to keep from hurting themselves. Desperate people are willing to do just about anything. Has anyone thought about even suicide? Options have to made available to avoid terrible outcomes.
Been through the Ropes11/17/066:50pm25 Years Ago... I was all for pro-choice. I even worked as a volunteer Decoy for our group. We would meet the young women at a Safe House and surround them so they could get through the hostile hecklers outside the Morgantyler Clinic here in Toronto Canada. The hecklers were brutal! The Clinic was even bombed. 15 Years After That...I became a Christian and learned many things. All said it was wrong to kill. I can't argue that. It is wrong to kill unless absolutely necessary. What it really boil down to is this. We all need live with our decision. Women bare the brunt of many stigmas. If we need to abort, we should. Contraception is the best preventative. They even teach this to children 10 years old and up, in our Catholic School. Acidents still happen, rape, incest... Unless we are perfect...We shouldn't throw stones. My mother had five children when she could really only afford to raise one. She prayed ever month that she would start her period. She was a good woman who converted to Catholism for my father's sake. She would tell anyone...if you can't deal with it, do it. God understands far more than the general population gives him credit for. Regards to all Women.
Fran11/17/065:25pmAbortion has been in existance since women first experienced an unwanted pregnacy. Archaeological evidence has proven this. As time changed and it became illegal to abort a fetus women found other ways of dealing with the problem; usually a back alley and dirty implements. I would not have one but feel it is the right of each woman to decide for herself if this is the right course for her to take. Moral decisions should be between the individual and her faith and not decided by the masses.
Andrea11/17/061:51amMoonlight, I also have had a chance to know a person whom thier mother was raped and became pregant with them. the mother kept him but later in his life he found out he was made from a rape and had a very hard time to cope with himself through life. it is a very hard disceion to make for anybody.but I feel in every case is different. and just like any other case we all have to make our own disceion for ourselves. sometimes its right and sometimes not. but only we are the captains of our own ships.
Luyanda11/16/0611:58pmIn some cases I believe it would be unfair on the unborn child itself to be born into a life of poverty, violence (domestic etc) drug addiction, or simply to a woman who is not equipped emotional, mentally or financially to have a child. A woman has the right to govern the goings on in HER own body. There are emotional consequences in regards to abortion but even so if the woman has recieved proper counselling and is fully aware of what she is doing then I see no problem. i can understand the arguements of those who appose abortion completely, however in each case of abortion the circumstances are different - every woman has her own reasons as to why she wants to undergo an abortion and that is HER desicion alone!
StarlessOne11/16/066:43pmIf a female takes the responsibilty of having sex and enjoying herself, she should purchase condoms and/or birth control to prevent any UNWANTED pregnancies. I don't think anyone in here is judging a females decision to have an abortion; we're only making valid points. It's alright to pay a complete stranger several hundred dollars to kill an unborn CHILD but it isn't ok to pay a complete stranger to kill someone that did you wrong?! I still say that whomever says abortion should stay legal that MURDER she be legalized as well.
Jan11/16/064:35pmI think that a woman should have the right to decide either way. There are too many unwanted and neglected children in this world for this even to be a sane argument. No One should be able to judge what choice a woman makes. A fetus is not a child until it takes its first breath.......
Moonlight11/16/062:51pmI believe in abortion as only the last/best option but in the case of rape/incest then there should be no doubt that the mother should have the right to terminate the pregnancy. I do not however believe with the attitude “I’ll have an abortion if I get pregnant” which some girls and women have even though they are exceptionally rare this is what I regard as wrong plain and simple. I think abortion should be legally because we will go back to the days of backstreet abortions when thousands of women died because of that or women resulting to terminating pregnancies themselves. But like I said I only believe in abortion if it is the last/best option.
Bre11/16/061:52pmU guys are all wrong. I used to think abortion was like the baddest thing ever because of my religion and everything. I was never in that position of being pregnant until I became pregnant. It that I forgot to use condoms or things like that it was that I never thought that wat I was gonna go through was ganna happen to me. But it did my boyfriend left me I was alone how dissapoint my parents so much like they were paying foe my university and I didn't hav nothing it really hard for me to decide wat to do and I chose abortion I kno its wrong but then again I think it should be the moms decision u don't kno wat she is goin through so it should her problem and no one elses its the moms life and if she chooses abortion that's her business she had her reasons for doing it and nobody should be stiking there noses in he business if u r against abortion then don't ever do it that's ur decision but if other girls do it that's them. Its their lifes and they should have choices in their lifes. Well that's wat I think and I do regret it sometimes I do feel bad but I'm already gonna graduate from asu I have new bf we r gettn married and we r gonna have many children so I'm happy doing it wasn't the best thing I did but I just had to doit and now I'm very happy.
Sickandtired11/16/0611:18amWhat's also amazing is that 50% voted abortion should be legal in all cases. Of course, there are cases when abortions are regrettably necessary, but they are exceptions which should be few and far between. I think everyone raises good points, but the bottom line is abortion is a problem. It's not about being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, it's about Pro-Common Sense. When is everybody going to wake up!?
No11/16/0610:37amIts amazing what a polarizing question this can be. I disagree with the previous comment. A baby cannot survive without the mother even after its born. This does not give anyone the right to "terminate" a child's life if they feel its convenient. Also, there have been cases where an un-born baby's life is saved even after the mother dies. Born or unborn, life is precious and should be treated as such.
Si11/16/066:03amWell I disagree will all of you, Baby is not born untill a mother gives birth. To a child in the beginning when a baby is very small if the mother died so would the baby. The baby needs her mother to live when the mother gives birth to child then the baby life starts
StarlessOne11/15/0610:09pm If the people which believe abortion should be kept legal than I say murder she be legalized as well.
Matt11/15/0612:40pmI agree with you to a certain extent Mel. A baby is a part of yourself and part of our purpose is to reproduce. Adoption is an option. And someone is abnormal if after the fact they do not feel just the least bit of remorse, but I don't think that makes them evil.
Mel11/15/0612:13pmAbortion is wrong i dont believe in it, if a person was raped or somthing terrible like that then they should have the desition to keep the baby or not. But how could some one who forgot to use contriseption for one night kill some one who is growing in them and to kill some one who is part of you your own flesh and blood its wrong. No matter the age when it happens its wrong to kill a humen bein. People was put on this earth to help the population grow and them who kill the baby inside them are putting one less person on the earth all because they are scared to tell there family or think they cant cope. If you cant cope with the baby there is other options like adoption, but i do think it is really wrong to kill part of your self and think about after you do it could you just live your life normall as though there is nothing wrong because if you can there is seriously somthing wrong with you its called being evil!!!!
Matt11/15/0611:14amI think they're both good points. A baby is a living being once the heart starts pumping blood at two weeks after conception. Therefore, abortion is a form of murder if murder is defined as stopping vital bodily functions such as the pumping of blood. However, Andrea if God is so powerful then how can his will be undermined and undone? By very definition, God is all-powerful, right?
Moonlight11/15/063:33amGood point Andrea. But what about in the case of rape/incest or if the life of the mother and/or unborn baby is threatened, do you believe an abortion is acceptable under those circumstances? What do other people think. I think under these circumstances then yes.
Andrea11/15/061:50amI was brought up to believe in life not to be taken. then in my twenties I had a girl friend who I helped to an abortion clinic because she couldn't aford a child at the time. the moment I entered that place I felt a sick feeling that came over me and it has haunted me ever since. if I have one regrect in my life that would be it.I feel one should only take a life if and only if your life is in question. and if not you will have to live with knowing you did so underlining and undoing Gods will.

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