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I believe racial discrimination is a major problem facing the world today.

Total Voters: 299
Yes 126%
No 126%
I don't know 126% in a nut-shell, has ALWAYS consisted of 2 grps of ppl...the one grp that wishes desperately to feel "at home" in any given society,but r somehow hindered from this basic desire of theirs, which is partially due to the fact that there is incidentally a 2nd grp which is somehow standing in their way of achieving that desire....And the aforementioned 2nd grp who DO feel "at home", but r constantly threatened by & tired of the "****ings& moanings" of the former grp, and as a result they'd try & raise the bar of demands towards the 1st grp, OR at the very least,just try & escape the guilt by trying to illustrate how equally racistic the whole world is, or how disrespectful the 1st grp seems to be towards them as well!!Ask urself this; do u feel isolated from ur own society, or do u feel that ure trying to fight for some "domestic peace"...which grp do u feel u belong to!?? i believe that the solution for this dilemma is found thru TRUST & compassion for one another's different situations & social's really that simple!Yet we're all unfortunately TOO wrapped up in our own misconceived PRIDES!
Listen Up Yal12/11/069:16amYes you are right but if people could look past skin colour, creed, religion, ethnic background etc and see each other as a member of the human race then this world would be a lot better.
Shelby12/10/065:33pmRacism has always been a major problem and will probably always be.
Listen Up Yal12/10/069:10amRacism exists against people who are white, black, Asian, Jewish, mixed race etc etc etc. When people realize that racism exists against every skin colour, cultural, ethnic background etc and accept this as a fact then we can start to move forward. Racism does exist against white people but some people refuse to acknowledge this fact and refuse to believe that racism against people does exist. We need to accept that racism happens against ALL human beings. Look at the situation in Zimbabwe. That President even has his own fellow black people murdered simply for being from a different tribe. So you see black people from one tribe can be racist to another black person from a different tribe. And the same goes for white people, Asian people etc. Need I say anymore?
Andrew12/10/067:53amLike I said earlier. Yeah racial discrimination still exists in our society. ITS PRETTY SAD that ppl have to hate others just based on the colour of someone's skin. All the haters should be dropped off on some remote place to start their own community and leave those of us who just wanna live in PEACE together alone. RACISM is DISGUSTING. At this time of year, I just wanna wish all of us, YEAH THE HATERS INCLUDED, peace and happiness for a warm, healthy, peaceful HOLIDAY SEASON. love yourselves y'all
Andrea12/10/061:49amThere by the grace of God, There go I. Think before you speak. who actually get insulted & angry at a handful of black spokesmen who r fighting racism in the public arena, r a bunch of intolerant & unsympathetic grp of ppl themselves. Now i dont live in the States but i still happen to b a part of a "minority grp"(involuntarily) here in Europe that's being constantly stigmatized & blamed for every negative thing that's occuring in our respective societies,and this type of xenophobic behaviour for the most part,comes from the self-indulgent & lazy-minded 'natives'! But we still try our best to function as normally &peacefully as poss.,which mind u,is an everyday battle for alot of us! Ironically none of us actually enjoys the role of the victimized or the 'martyr' but we still need to voice our feelings of discontent among ourselves,about these difficult factors in our everyday lives,just to feel some kind of a relief,or a sense of solidarity that we r NOT alone in our pains! And That is EXACTLY the same kind of "isolated existence" within a hostile society,that those black spokesmen speak of, which some ppl in here obviously have NO clues about,whatsoever!
Dee12/09/064:59pmDiscrimination has been around since the dawn of time as far as I'm conserned. It's a question of whether you participate or judge individual people on their own merits. I've noticed though, a world wide shift with this problem. As certain "groups" religious or otherwise take centre stage within the media, the comments made by politians, police and other public speakers DOES shift public opinion. Either adding fuel to the fire or focusing too much on the general group rather than the individual who's made the choice to **** up!! Just think on this.... if we as the HUMAN race are the only intelligent beings in the universe, it's an awful waste of space :o)
Melicious12/09/0611:48amI live in Richmond, Virginia and attend VCU which is approx. five miles away from the original slave walk. The only racism I see that's still alive comes from the blacks who keep it alive.
Lynn12/09/066:03amAlthough I know racism still exists, we can do something by example. We who do not believe in discrimination on any level can show those around us the right path to walk. We have to learn to walk a mile in another mans shoes.
Just the facts ma'am12/08/069:46pmThere is not one person alive today that has "owned" or "enslaved" another human being. Blame me for someone elses actions? I don't think so! Time for a LOT of people to get a grip on reality and get a life!
Please12/08/062:39amCNN stands for the Clinton News Network. Its more like propaganda for the elite leftist snobs.
Get Real12/07/067:45pmHey, this former professor wants to "exterminate white people from the face of the earth" to quote his own words. You would certainely never see this reported on CNN!!! Looks like discrimination is alive and well.
Tone12/07/064:46pmAnyone who references FOX news as a source for accurate information has more deeper issues than racial discrimmination.
Corey12/07/068:02amHi and bye
Inga12/07/067:15amI do agree that racial discrimination is a very serious issue these days. but it is really not the biggest problem we are facing today. far from it... what about poverty in africa? hunger? diseases? what about the war??? what about the children? think about it a bit longer and then decide what IS the major problem in the world today!!!
Me12/06/0611:28amVery true. Their ilk do minorities a very big disservice by making them constantly feel like victims. People need to learn to take responsibility and take a proactive role in their own lives instead of expecting entitlements and blaming everyone else for their problems. Opportunities are out their for those who are willing to pay their dues and work hard!
Truth Seeker12/06/0610:42amSome people like to keep the flames of fury and hatred alive in order to advance their own agenda. Look at Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP to name a few. This strategy is called "divide and conquer". Instead of looking at what unite us as Americans and members of the Human Race they keep the focus on what divides in order for them to keep their base and enrich themselves. They, in fact, promote racism and hatred and the worst kind of slavery...emotional slavery. Check FOX NEWS in their video section and you will see how they are calling on extermination of white people...If that's not racism I don't know what is.
Diane12/04/0610:13pmBam Bam you hit the nail on the head. But what to do about it? A lot of great men/women have died in the cause of justice for all and love of man for man. Even though today there still are feelings of hate among us, is it not best to focus on the love thy neighbour idea and keep the hope/faith? Christmas can remind us all of this focus. No?
Bev12/04/0610:07pmSending peaceful, loving vibes is the best option for any type of hate or disfunction...
Chill12/04/065:36amAnd some do feel sorry for themselves.......I am an ethnic minority in my country. Get real, stop blaming everybody else for your problems yeah of course discrimination still happens, I've faced it but sitting around feeling sorry for yourself won't help.
Andrea12/04/062:08amI think we all need a group hug,ready Merry christmas everybody, PEACE!
Tone12/03/068:45amI think we use the blanket term discrimmination to describe personal likes and dislikes. Racial discrimmination in America is one which goes beyond personal likes and dislikes and is one that crippled entire generations of a people. It was even written in our beloved Constitution that a black man was worth 3/4 of a man. Even today, we are not sending troops to Darfur like we did in Bosnia when the same type of death is going on. Until we as a people value every life there will continue to be racial discrimmination and all of the tragedies which follow such a poor choice in thinking. We, in America, have come far but let us not delude ourselves that we are completly cured. It is imperative that each of us in our daily lives revisit some of the sterotypes we have been taught and sometimes reinforced by the media and question their validity and fairness. Each of us can do better.
Andrew12/03/068:00amAll I have to say is this: 4 REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all bleed the same colour blood..........RED!!!!
Me & you12/02/069:19pm...And there is discrimination against tall people, and against short people and against smart people and against dumb people and against atheletic people and against couch potatoes and against females and against males and againt religious people and against atheists, and against beautiful people and against ugly people, and againt rich people and against poor people and...well, you get the picture! racism has NOT yet faded away ENTIRELY in the Western world, nor the rest of the globe for that matter! And i tend to both agree with AYSEGUL's sentiments, and also disagree... The kind of racism that u speak of, is also something ive encountered here in Denmark, which has a rather subtle & "invisible" nature to it, which basically means that it's not as LOUD & clear-cut as in the old days,when we're for instance looking at the saggregations against the Blacks in America upto the early 20th Century. But this new kind of "subtle racism" is to b found much deeper within the society,which normally manifests itself against "the minorities" at their working places,&also within the societal interactions of ppl...ppl somehow automatically group themselves in 'clusters' & 'herds' due to different social & cultural predicaments which vary in their causes, being from "career success" or overachievement, all the way DOWN to the groups of ppl who suffer from social-pressures & ditto-isolation, or who r automatically stigmatized& labled as "minorities" within their respective societies! But it is still a matter of one's OWN choice, whether one wishes to look at the whole thing with fresh, optimistic eyes & thereby ignore this "subtle racism" thing, OR if one "wants" to keep looking at it from a pessimistic & a negative p.o.v.,&thereby creating more animosity&hostility for one's self! The saying "u get what u give out" would b quite apt in this case!
Bam Bam12/02/064:48pmHoly man! I can't believe this is a poll. Can you say war in Iraq? The hatred for us, our way of life they want to destroy it and us. That's as big is it gets folks!
Diane12/02/063:54amWhy not focus on the positive instead. The more one's focus is on the up-lifting, spirit will have more of a chance to rise, soar and to focus on the positive is to do something constructive. To focus on negative issues only makes us feel defeated because we are unable to do anything positive about it. Also, the more we focus on the positive, the more positive things come our way! Cheers.
AYSEGUL12/01/064:01pmIt isn't about just white and black. I am white and happened to be born in Turkey but live in England. It is like a curse that follows me, despite my blonde hair. If you are a female from Turkey, they confuse you with an arab wrapped up in all that stuff. Nothing like it, Turkey has one of the most diverse cultures in the mediterrenean. it is easier to call others savages, isn't it even if they speak three languages and have a bunch of qualifications and happened to be a true defender of equality, free speech and peace.
Agreed12/01/062:35pmWell said Sunshine!
Sunshine12/01/0610:34amHi Tone, it is unfortunate that you have been the victim of racism and stopped simply because you are black. But racism against white people does exist. Then again you could get two people from of the same nationality say for example white, but the two white people might hate each because they both have a different ethnic background. After all if you look past a personís ethnic background, colour, creed, nationality, religion, disability, language spoken, sexual orientation what you see is this - a member of the human race to which we all belong. If people could view each other as that then we may not have half the problems we do in this world. That is how I try to look at people - as a member of the human race not based on skin colour etc.
Tone11/30/066:33pmAs a black male, I am not surprise at some of the responses. It is very true that the race issues is not as large an issue as it once was. But having been stop by the police many times or followed (especially when I was with a white female), I must say that it has not disappeared. Nor do I believe it will no time in the future. Racial discrimmination has been eclipsed by economic bias. The roots of this effect for Black people is most definetly racism but the underlying force is the perversion of the inferiority/superiority complex that infects humans.
Agreed11/30/063:46pmAlthough there were big time discrimination issues in the past for black people, I really don't think its a big issue any longer. Although I don't believe people are hindered from getting jobs or other things based on race, I have noticed that black people in general tend to be more verbally racist than other groups of people. For example, many black rappers use the dreaded "n" word repeatedly and I here all kinds of derogatory statements towards white people like "cracker", "white boy", etc. There definitely appears to be a double standard when it comes to what is verbally offensive depending on who utters the words.
Zoe11/30/063:02pmOOPS! I meant to say black on white!
Zoe11/30/0612:18pmYes, and discrimination is now white on black!
Marion11/30/067:34amI dont believe there is a problem. There is a minority who talk about it a lot so it gets air time. I am white and have been racially discrimated against by others several times. Have I whined about it and brought it to everyones attention, no. Its a minority problem thats talked about WAY too much.
Andrea11/30/063:49amBecause of our insecurities as humen beings, what or who we don't know scares us. only when we have an open mind and reach out we see everybody as a human being in our hearts not in the color of their skin. We relay on our elders to show us the wisdom. Unfortunely their wisdom was wrong. So as the future unravaels we must make our own way. Sometimes all it takes is a Hi or a smile to start the process. Try it, pass it on! it may just teach you something about yourself.
Jynx11/29/0611:25pmRacial discrimination was a big problem in the early and mid part of the 1900's, but we've come a long way since. People from all different walks of life hold high profile jobs like CEO's of big corporations as well as high positions in government. Opportunity is there for anyone who is willing to work hard.

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