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Have you ever re-gifted? (recycled a gift you received by giving it to someone else)

Total Voters: 487
Yes 78%
No 78%
Marie12/27/0611:46amSometimes I've gotten presents that are totally wrong for me, but are totally perfect for someone else. Those are the presents that I re-gift. Everything else I give it away to charity. I really don't like clutter in my life.
Jo12/26/061:59pmI've forwarded my unwanted prezzies on to others but kept it a secret to everyone concerned! At the end of the day what do you do with a cd that makes you cringe or a tee shirt that makes you look like a nana or worse, a try hard! haha
Nora12/25/061:09pmI think is very insensetive to do it. I would not hurt my friends feelings that way. We should feel lucky. Someone giving their time and money to make us feel loved. Lots of people has nobody to care about them.
Blue12/25/0612:30pmMerry Christmas!
Yul12/24/069:00amMerry Christmas everyone!
Zarmeena12/24/0612:03amOnce there was a time when i got a gold bracelet and i didnt like wearing gold very much ,i liked artificial more so i gifted it to my friend and boy she was happy!! so forwarding gifts is truly a good thing!!!
John12/23/064:47amI received a box of chocolates from a client, but since I've been trying very hard to eat right and avoid sweets, I decided to re-gift it to one of my co-workers. I really don't see the big deal. If someone gives you a gift, it should be with no strings attached, which means you should be able to do what you want with it!
Diane12/17/066:45pmI can agree with all the comments on re-gifting and choose to add one. There are some gifts one can re-gift while I am also aware there are those others you can not re-gift; example would be an engagement ring. While I do most heartily believe in 'to your own self be true' and 'waste not want not'.
Calico12/16/063:48pmI am thankful for gifts and I love to share, and my thought on re-gifting, is if I can't use it, there is most likely someone who can. I either give things I won't or can't use to someone else who can or donate them to a shelter or Salvation Army type of place. There are a lot of people who are even more down and out than I am and it makes me so happy to see someone get use out of something I may end up throwing away other wise because I won't or can use it.
Ramon12/15/067:53amI believe that when someone give you a gift ,she toying to express their fellings .when you regift a present you are not acepting or not value the person you received a gift ,Also when you regift you did't value the felling of the person you offer a gift .The world make to many turns imaging that the person gave you the present is in that party
Dee12/14/062:33amI have done this, more than once. Gifts are given with love, this I accept but if it's going to sit collecting dust and there's someone who can use it, why not pass it on? Is this wrong, I don't think so, after all it's the thought that counts.
Elizabeth12/13/069:28amThat is funny Bam Bam! I gave the necklace to the little girl because otherwise it would have been stuck in my jewellery box so I don't think I did anything wrong.
Bam Bam12/12/067:48pmOkay Get this one!!! Someone in our family bought a shower gel from B&BW and gave it to my mother, who then gave it to my sister, who then gave it to me. I was the only one who realized it was re-gifted THREE times!! LOL I gave it back to my mother (not as a present) where it sat in her shower for another year making a total of 4 years! So, word of advice make sure if your gonna re-gift it make sure it doesn't get re-gifted back to you! Jewelry is okay to re-gift. But be a re-gifter just because you don't feel like shopping or you are cleaning out your unused stuff from your closet like some people I know (MOM!!). LOL
Elizabeth12/12/069:43amNormally I would not do that but I have given away gifts that have been no use for me either to charity or someone else. When I was bridesmaid to my cousin I got a chain as a present but the problem was several months later because I had grown I could not longer get the chain around my neck! So I decided to give it still in its presentation box to a seven-year-old little girl as part of a Christmas present. I donít see the point in throwing something away when it can go to a new home. But I did not tell her that! I would never tell someone that a present I have them came from someone else tome then on to them.
S. ph. s.12/12/067:26amI'd like to wish EVERYONE a merry xmas..Treasure ur family, ur friend, ur rival, ur life, the Universe, the nature, the GOD....let his LOVE wash away all ur EGO, ur anger, ur sadness, ur fears, ur guilts...until ure all the way down to ur very own SERENE & harmonious core! Oh yeah by the way ive recycled my xmas presents before..& i believe that's the way it ought to be, because some of the things u recieve as gifts may not be of any use to urself, but there's definitely someone else out there who will SINCERELY appreciate recieving that same present!
Andrea12/12/062:31amGood Morning every one. If a person is nice enough to give me a gift, weather I need it or not, then if I have another friend who likes it even better I pass it on. one mans junk is anothers treasure! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! and a great big HAPPY NEWYEAR!

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