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Do New Year's resolutions work or are they a waste of time?

Total Voters: 425
They work 89%
Waste of time 89%
Undecided 89%
Dess11/03/074:46pmI think its a waste of time. Everytime i do a new year's resolutions it never comes true so i didnt know what im doing wrong! But i dont believe in doing that anymore. If nothing happeneds
Giver Gain01/14/073:23pmPeople should not wait until New Year to make resolution you should set goal and work toward then each day that how I am where I am I know what wanted and I when for it
Joni01/11/072:54pmI believe New Years resolutions are overrated in the sense of in the grand sheme of things; and most importantly; spiritually; that time is really an illusion. We are goverened by time as we know it and I believe that we should always be assessing our lives as an on-going observation as to how we can improve ourselves and our lives as a whole. So; in saying that; everyday is a new day (YEAR); so to speak; and that is what matters most when making improvements or setting goals for our life.
Candi01/11/0710:07amWell i think that soemtimes they help and they don't at the same time....i recently found myself not making a new years resolution only because it doesn't help me improve anything..
Candice01/08/075:10pmThey only work if they are sensible and if you try to make them work.
Corey01/08/0712:07pmHi so long
BabyFishMouth01/08/073:44amThere's also another important aspect in this,and that is the "follow-thru"'s all about focusing; both when u utter the resolution,but also later on when it's time to try to remember what one promised oneself to do,later on..&this is also 1 area where we all have problems..but it helps to stick to effective 'metaphores' in one's own mind.. for example, visualizing the image of swinging a golfclub at a ball..the part that resembles a "resolution" is the part when u've just started ur swing & all the way upto the point when making contact with the ball(hitting it)!! But from that point THEREAFTER, it resembles the so-called "follow thru" part of the process...OK, enough said! LOOL generally work for some,& dont work for others, and if u really want to pin-point the problem(for those who can not seem to make their resolutions work),it pretty much comes down to the fact that they do not have trust in their own vocabularies or formulations in their resolutions! So the obvious solution here would b to suggest that one should somehow find a method by which one is able to "connect" on a profound level, with the words uttered when making the resolution! It's definitely NOT easy, but it's NOT exactly a waste of one's own time, either! i can come up with a 1000 other(&worse) ways, on how to "effeciently" waste one's own time..LOL..
Oh Yes!01/06/072:24pmSpot on Average Girl!!!
Average girl01/06/078:22amResolutions?? hm i remember making them every year... i say you gotta have WILL POWER to accomplish your "resolutions". This is all MENTAL!
Dee01/04/071:50amIf you want to change something in your life, you don't need the "New Year" to do it.... if you want it bad enough. The new year bench mark is added strain and stress I think. I've made dramatic changes over the last few months and I stick to them because its in my best interest to improve and not because of the new year.
Lea01/03/078:30pmI saw the funniest resolution last year. It was on one of the late shows. The talk show host asked the comedian if she had made any resolutions. She said "well yes I have. I've stuck with family tradition and made one I can keep." The host was not to be put off, he asked what it was. She said "I've resolved not to stab white folk while walking down the street in Harlem". Funny response, the timing was perfect and the crowd roared. But when you think about what she said, it really made sense. She made her resolution attainable. Something she knew she could do. Reach for the stars, make goals, but if you are shooting for something big, you may want to break it up in to attainable parts - say you would like to loose 20 pounds. Break it up in to 5 pounds a month. Attainable. 4 months and you have reached your goal. My point? Resolutions or goals work for anyone willing to work for what they want.
Ryunkin01/03/073:33pmCall me crazy, but isn't everyone's new year the day they were born?
Andrea01/03/0710:24amIt works for even though we may not make it through loseing wiegh or what ever your resolution is, it is something for you to dream wish and have a goal for the future for your self worth. o.k. and to get you through the guilt you feel when you put that next piece of chocolate in your mouth! go for it!
Gurdeep Singh01/03/079:29amMy New Year resolutions work if I sincerely want them to work without any ifs & buts or without any excuses
Charm01/02/079:02pmI think they work if you really want them to...if you are ready for the change then you have the will power to do what you were born into this world naked and wet...and the things that we do to ourselves have an impact on the way we live...if you want something bad enough...put your mind to it and keep telling yourself that you can do without or with whatever it was that you wanted or thought you needed...everything that we do is made up in our minds...all we have to do is what we truly want in our hearts... "When you make up your mind your heart will guide you."
The Man01/02/0711:21amWhy should you waste time making them when you could of down them all year long.
Bam Bam12/31/068:32amAfter years of failed NYR's I say waste of time. Seriously, we all make up some ridiculous, hard to stick to promise to ourselves after a night of drinking! It's a fun tradition but seriously people let's not think to hard about this one. Happy New Year!
Marie12/31/067:18amI think that resolutions are a good matter when you start them. The problem is that people don't set realistic goals for themselves. For example, I am a fitness instructor and I see this every year...people want to lose weigth and be healthier. Well, you have to do it step by step. First week, drink 8 glasses of water every day. Second week, eliminate junk food. Third week, add a balance breakfast. Fourth week, start a 30 minute workout 3x per week, etc. It is really hard for your body to adjust to too many changes at once, and I think, that's why people don't stick with their New Year resolutions. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Moonlight12/31/065:16amI don't see the point in New Year's resolutions. If you are going to do something like that then I don't see why it matters what time of the year you start.
Pollee12/31/064:59amI start my New Year's resolutions with "I will do my best to..." or "I will give my best effort to..." Then I always keep my resolutions.
Cool Joe12/31/0612:08amI think most people start out on track and fall short of their goals. Still, nothing wrong with setting goals and pursuing them each year. Its a good way to motivate one's self! Happy New Year!
Maud'dib12/30/069:39pmThe problem with most people is follow through
Lady v12/30/065:34pmYall, are crazzzy!
Mystic Moon12/30/066:45amI think New Year's resolutions are a waste of time simply because most people do not stick to them. I think if you are going to make a resolution then I do not see what time of the year you make it.

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