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Internet users can be considered addicts in the following cases:

Total Voters: 542
Online more than 2 hours per/day 70%
Online more than 4 hours per/day 70%
Online more than 6 hours per/day 70%
There is no such thing as Internet addiction 70%
St.Eve02/03/074:51amLately ive been wasting quite a lot of time by my seriously considering seeing a shrink, because i find this to be some sign of mild depression of some sort! I guess i just need some inspiration...preferably something cheaper than the kind of 'inspiration' u'd find by travelling to another city, country, etc..because time-wise & money-wise, i can not afford it at the moment...not til the Summertime!(oops, sorry..just thinking out loud!) ;-D
Girly02/02/072:19pmI think it is fine if you use the Internet for several hours a day say for example you need it for business or educational purposes that is fine otherwise just sat there on a computer for no reason is silly.
Lynda02/01/077:47pmI use the internet for information at work, at home I use it to learn how to build my website. But, I've seen peple who go to extremes and believe everything they read, that's extreme.
Mamma01/31/074:05pmIts one thing to use it for fun for a game or to look up information and that may take some time its another when the person is completly lost them self and sit on the computer all day and ignores all resposabitaty like work kids partner school ect. and dose not care about the outcome of his or her actions
Georgina01/30/0710:09amI like voting
Pat01/29/076:25pmAnd what a wonderful tools it is! I can chat with people all over the world, I get my news play some games and when I'm done I can shut them all off! No one there to nag me! Just love it!
Tonejihad01/29/074:16pmContrary to some beliefs, one cannot spiritually develop without people. A computer is a tool not a substitute for people, though many do believe it can be. Peace.
St.Eve01/29/071:07pmThere's something wrong with the percentages above...Either that, or ive misunderstood the rules of these poll's based on percentage? In any case the total of the percentages of the poll so far--as illustrated above--adds upto 111%!?
Rob01/29/0712:19pmThere are some people who have jobs that require them to work online for 6 or more hours per/day. Internet related jobs are more common as time goes on. I don't believe its an addiction if its work related, but I do know people who spend almost all of their free time chatting and playing online video games instead of living life in the real world. Those people definitely qualify as addicts in my book!
Kittie01/29/075:09amThat is a good one Pat!
Pat01/28/078:05pmHey, who needs people when you have computers to put the world at your fingertips!

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