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Do you believe in Karma?

Total Voters: 1024
Yes 37%
No 37%
Undecided 37%
Modestyblaze02/19/073:36amI couldnt disagree with u more Tiffany! The 'god' that u speak of, sounds like the kind of god that has been "humanized"(made into a person), mainly by the FOLLOWERS & the descendants of the 3 major mainstream religions, judeaism, christianity, islam over the centuries, and it is FAR FROM the kind of god thats been introduced & described by for instance Buddhaism, & the old red indian shamans, & other non-mainstream faiths. "God is evil. God is love. God is the force that possesses us. God is beauty. God is the truth. God is the force that watches over you!"[from a song by The The]
Tiffany02/18/079:16pmI dont believe in karma cause God will come back n judge us fairly. u dont always get caught by the world 4 stealing or whatever,but God knows everything.This karma lots of people believe in sounds like it would actually take God's place,cause its doin His job.If something bad manages 2 happen 2 u after u have done something bad,then i believe its just coincidence.
Lauran02/18/076:55pmI believe people get what they put out. so all must watch there step in order to have good karma around then not negitive
Kaomashi02/18/075:02pmYes ther is such a thing as karma. I have alot of bad karma
Joan02/18/077:20amAll things have vibration and it is that vibration that heads the tune of our lives.karma is lead by the deads of our actions and reactions .
St.Eve02/17/079:04amI appreciate ur answer Daleth. Very useful(atleast to me) indeed! If u happen to have other things to add to this topic, plz do not hesitate to do so?! Thanx! :-)
Berynice02/17/076:52amI voted undecided because, although I can observe the law of cause and effect, "believing" is not the word I would use about karma. It is obvious to me that one reaps what one sows. If I act unlovingly now, I also feel it now -- one could call this instant karma. And then, like Betrand Russell said, "In the part of the universe we know there is great injustice, and often the good suffer and often the wicked prosper, and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying." The only way to understand such suffering is to consider karma. But, like I said, I don't "believe" in it -- but it does seem to explain the inexplicable.
Alice02/17/072:17amI like what Jessica said! We create ourselves with our thoughts , words and deeds and what we are draws appropriate energy in to our lives.
Colleen02/16/076:14pmBeing over forty with many experiences under my belt, I believe that Karma can be a good energy or a negative energy. I believe it does come full circle at some time. What you put out there you get back tenfold. What you put out there you attract. Keep your Karma shining!
Daleth02/16/075:31pmWe are born with Karma built in our previous lives. In every re-incarnation we have the chance to clear our Karma from our past mistakes. That is enlightenment. A way to clean our karma is to chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO which mainly means I am devoted to the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, meaning "I know that every thing I do, or even think is a "cause" that will have an "effect" there is to say, "I know that Karma rules".
Bernard02/15/0710:03pmWere not from this place
St.Eve02/15/072:55pmWhile i DO believe in Karma, it still needs b said that im in no way anywhere near my own ideals & beliefs on that regard in the real life, meaning that i HAVE made(& continue to make) plenty of mistakes(most of which, however, have been sincerely un-intentional) in my life so far, and this is ironically the EXACT reason to why ive come to the understanding & acceptance of Karma & its 'mechanisms'! But i do have 1 question with regards to Karma and that is; How many types of Karma do we have....i mean, is there a 'type' of Karma that solely deals with THIS life, and then another 'type' thats supposed to "visit u" in ur next life--assuming we believe in the reincarnation, which in itself is another interesting question altogether[Nudging at the admins of this poll section...;-D..]...OR is there ONLY the former kind of Karma that i mentioned before???
Jessica02/15/071:44pmI believe no matter what you do in life it has consequences. Wether they are good or bad, they are there. You pay for everything you do in life. Every thought you think, every breathe you take, every word you speak... Everything comes back to you in some way...
Joyce02/14/079:32amAbsolutely! The concept of Karma goes back over 1000 years. Unlike what many think, good or bad Karma is not the result of a single deed, but rather the sum of all deeds good or bad in a person's life.

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