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Internet dating sites are an effective way to meet new people

Total Voters: 1276
Absolutely 30%
Sometimes 30%
Rarely 30%
Thomas11/05/0711:32amAlthough I didn't meet her at a dating site, I did meet my fiance online. We met on a Yahoo Group, Cosmic Eggplant and we are co-owners of Divine Awareness and Our Lady of Darkness and co-moderators of Arthurianmythandlegends. We're getting married very soon.
Ann04/05/076:18pmI really don't think it's the safest way to start dating a person.
Naomi04/04/071:13pmI feel online dating can be unsafe you cant trust to many people.
Cat04/03/076:21amIt is effective to find someone in the internet if there are NOOBS just ignore the person just have fun in the the internet.
Wizard04/02/073:42amYo Mama - actually you are right but you no need to call people noobs.
Yo mama04/01/076:54amYou people are sad, meeting people online, how do you know if they are who they say they are. NOOBS!!!
Chuck03/31/073:18pm If you look you will not find don,t look and it hits you in the face
Brandi03/30/077:12amIt isnt always good but sometimes people find true love on the computer
Jade03/30/075:53amI think it can work but not often.
Kathie03/28/073:01pmI actually met my boyfriend on a dating site. I never thought I would find anyone, but once I stopped, there he was and we are now engaged!
Pauline03/26/0710:01amYes I do think the internet is a great way to meet people, You just have to use the right dating services. It is great for the person that doesnt want to go to the bars alone to find a date. There are sites out there with live chat. and no not all are after cyber sex. There are alot of decent men out there, just have to use the proper sites. Im headed out to AC is 5 days to meet my hopeful. Just have to be patient and the right one will come along. Thanks!
Nette 03/26/079:11amI meet a cool person on the net we was going out but things didnt work out but we are still cool now i got a boyfriend he want me back i dont think so lol. but the internet is cool 2 meet cool people but i dont think its good 4 realionship and sh*t
ReV03/26/075:01amI met my eex wife and i have a child hrough the net so it can happen tee is right you stop lookin bam there it is
ESS03/24/075:54amAt 1st i was going to say something along the lines of "what the hell are u talking about TEE?" But after a little deeper thinking about what u have said, it struck me that infact u're absolutely right! : )
Lady Di03/20/074:04amI like your commentgs 'Me' and think you've hit the nail on the proverbial head. Still there are some good meeting places called bars as I'm sure there are dating sites. For every ying there is an equal and opposite yang. I, too, am glad to no longer be dating although it was fun. So . . enjoy, you only live once!
Kiri03/19/077:40pmI have had the opportunity to go on a number of different dating sites, and I have to say, not all of them are very scrupulously run.....Some are better than others....I tried an experiment one time on a dating site, just out of curiosity, just to see if my assumptions were right about men and women only using them for a "quick pick up" and intimate encounters over the internet (Cyber sex).....Out of a sample of one hundred men and was found that of the male population......93% were on for only the "quick pick up/cyber sex......out of the female population........82% were on for the "quick pick up/cyber really is a pretty sad endightment of our society.....There are plenty of genuine singles looking for Mr or Mrs right out there but alas with these types almost taking over every site that is takes so long to weed through the low lifes and almost practically impossible to meet anyone of any real genuine character......Regardless of the hype they throw out about how many people have met and got married from these sites.....I believe that those cases to be rare and few n far between......and when they do happen.....Well done to those people who succeeded in the face of daunting hat goes off to you....
Andrea03/18/071:51amOne of my best friends met a girl on the Internet. they talked for about three weeks. she played with his mind so bad. even sent him a picture of herself. which we all know wasn't her. they finnally were to met and he spent over $ 200.00 trying to pay her way. when they were to have met, she never showed. Daaaaaaa! why I'm a rich person and I can tell you what you want to hear! go figure! Anyone can tell you anything you want to hear! 101 lifes lesson1
Terri03/17/071:17pmI believe that cupid sends the arrow in passerby, and not by going on line.
Dee03/16/072:45amI don't think that they are effective, often people "big up" themselves, or are out right "players". Get out there and talk to people!!! point exactly Cynthia! Btw if it were not because of the fact that i live in Europe, i would've definitely ask for your email addr., so that i could perhaps ask u out eventually! LOL :p
Cynthia03/13/074:55amI am sure it has it's possitive side and people have met their sexual soul mates or the love of their life, but nothing beats a face to face meeting. When you meet someone for the first time, and there is a connection, it should be from the heart, not a profile you paid 30+ dollars for, or that someone could have made up and is misguilding. Personal contact for the first meeting is the best, IMHO, because then, you will know if that person is really the one, or at least someone you'd like to spend time with.
ModestyBlaze03/13/ takes one to know one! Ha! Ha! Ha! ;-D
Bam Bam03/12/077:25pmSome of you guy's are the poor ones that did not find a good match. I met my husband on the first try! I didn't even sign up we both met during the free trial period. We've been together for 5 years! I got lucky..I would not recommend online dating as it's not as great as you think for marriage material. Like I said I had pre-ordained luck. However, pen pals and friends are great! However, GABRIELLE no one is a loser for trying or for meeting people.. I'll refrain from further comment on that. I say go for it whoever wants to do it! Just be smart and not too carefree with your heart or wallet. Don't give up everything and move either. I know too many people that did that and they were sorry. Have Fun!
Gabrielle03/12/073:47pmDating sites are for losers!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Add a screen name later03/12/072:56pmI myself have met some wonderful friends on line as well of course there are the not so wonderful people too however, it is a good way to escape reality, and i love to meet knew people as long as one knows what they feel they can handle i give the sites a thumbs up! should've ALSO added a "D Option" in there called "Never" as well! Atleast when it comes to MY personal experiences of dating online! Mind u, i've had all the online 'flirts', 'winks', 'Cupid's arrow', flaming 'balls of fire', red-beating-'hearts'--and what not--a man can handle, but nothing ever beyond the cyber world unfortunately...!;-D
Val03/10/0711:51pmI met the guy of my dreams on a site and we have been together now 7 months im in love
Me03/08/075:26pmI've never subscribed to any of the dating sites because I've been married for longer than they've been around, but I have observed my friends and learned quite a bit from their experiences. One in particular subscribed to, and I have to say its no different than the bar scene. Its a giant meat market that takes place in the digital world instead of real life. The outcome is no different for those people that frequent bars/clubs hoping to meet the love of their lives. I guess its OK if you're just looking to "hook up" and have some fun, but I really don't think you can meet quality well "matched" people that will lead to a long lasting relationship.
Natily bell03/08/0711:05amHi
Kelli03/08/076:32amI met my boyfriend on singles . was actually the first time either one of us tried a singles site....we live an hour away from each other, but we see each other whenever we can, and so far we get along great, so far, so good.......
Crispin03/07/0712:10pmSites like E-Harmony are full of crap. I read an article about one guy who couldn't get a date; E-Harmony paid someone to go out with this dude. "Find your true love." Right, with a click of a mouse. This culture has become so desensitized by instant gratification that it now carries over into romance. Sigh.
Moonbeam03/07/079:23amI am very wary about whom I meet on the Internet, once I met up with someone and that person was a little crazy. But then again you could meet a person in a park/club/bar/night school and they could be just as bad a attracting someone negative off the Internet.

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