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Man made global warming is

Total Voters: 1631
a serious problem that we can and should control. 23%
a serious problem that is out of our control. 23%
a myth. Man does not cause climate change. 23%
Dream Teller05/30/071:52pmYour forgiveness i implore for i used to be like that infact i was that brittany that cursed those people. now i am different i help people instead of hurt them. Your forgivness i truly implore i really do.
ModestyBlaze05/03/076:55pmFair enough Jeff! Peace. =)
Jeff05/03/073:28pmI know what you meant blaze... I'm just trying to end our impasse on a good note. Let's agree to disagree, and I look forward to the next poll topic where we may actually have some common views. Peace out!
ModestyBlaze05/03/0712:27pmIt strikes me as being pretty ironic that for someone as "scientifically intelligent" as you, you seem to have VERY little understanding of the term 'sarchasm'! My last comment to you was a sarchastic one which you obviously didn't get.
Jeff05/02/072:53pmAmen to that! Peace! :-)
ModestyBlaze05/02/072:41pmOh I'll be sleeping just fine Jeff, thank you very much. Why not save all your goodnight wishes for yourself when the taxation of the CO2 emission is a reality in the near future! ;-)
Jeff05/02/071:04pmThe Sun is what heats this planet, and you say its not "directly" relevant? You worry so much about man's Co2 emissions, yet Co2 makes up only .03 percent of the Earth's atmosphere! That's a fraction of a tenth of 1 percent, while Oxygen makes up about 20 percent! That .03 percent of CO2 is necessary for life on Earth to exist! The rest is made up of mostly nitrogen (about 78%). So you see, the amount of Carbon Dioxide relative to our atmosphere is so ridiculously low, it's asinine to think that it can be the cause of Global Warming. You really need to read more scientific facts and less of this shallow media hysteria. Sleep well tonight knowing that there is plenty of oxygen in the air. :-)
ModestyBlaze05/02/0711:02amÁl Gore could have mentioned the sun, and he didn't because it would not have been relevant, atleast not directly. But maybe you should ask AG himself why he didn't do that, instead of making a rather weak point out of it here! Regarding the thin Oxygen level at 5000-7000ft. I fear you've jumped into conclusion too quickly which may also be quite 'saying' about your other theories that you're so fond of! My point was that our atmosphere is not a 7miles-or-something belt consisted solely of Oxygen. Infact normaly we human beings can only use somewhere about 40% of our atmosphere which should give you a clear picture about how urgent the CO2 emission in our atmosphere is!
Jeff05/02/079:08amNice attitude ModestByte. It's clear you've bought into the Al Gore nonsense hook, line, and sinker. You still haven't answered my very simple question, which is "why is there no mention at all of the sun and its impact on warming?" It's OK, I don't expect an answer from you or anyone else who supports that Al Gore bunk because it stems from emotions rather than science. I'll bet you are still upset because you still think George Bush stole the election and Al Gore should be President.... HA, HA, Ha. Now back to the subject, Yes, I am very concerned with clean air as I stated before, and I'm very happy to inform you that air quality where I live (Southern California) has been improving steadily for the past 25 years, while other countries like China are polluting more each year and at an exponential rate. Also, I have news for you... The oxygen is thinner at higher elevations. That is a matter of fact and has nothing to do with man, so there is no need for you to be alarmed. ;-)
ModestyBlaze05/01/073:24pmHonestly i think you better concentrate on fixing the holes in your solar-system-tamperature-rise-hypothesis rather than picking on Al Gore's theorie, don't you think Jeff? I also think I got you off the hook too easily on your "air quality" comment! I would like for you to visualize for yourself how the oxygen level in our atmosphere begins to substantially thin out when already at a 5000-7000ft. height. Now my question to you is, can you honestly tell me that you don't feel at all alarmed by the prospects of having to breathe in dirty and polluted air into your lunges-if not already now-in the near future? And why don't we discuss what it is that REALLY bothers you instead of all these high flying talks about the Sun and the Moon and the other planets: The thought of you having to pay more taxes to those "red commie" Democrat politicians and that just really boils your blood, doesn't it?! Hahahaha
Jeff05/01/079:02amLike I said, NG is only one of many such articles and the data clearly shows they are warming. Whether its 20 years or 100 years of data, that is still a drop in the ocean when compared to earth cycles. If you want to look at Earth's data, then lets go back 8,000 years and you will see the Earth was MUCH warmer then. Like I said before, Greenland was a lush green forest. CO2 levels were also much higher in the past and had nothing to do with human activity (since humans were nothing but cave dwelling animals). In fact, that Genius Al Gore got it backwards, the warming of the planet causes CO2 levels to rise, not the other way around. So why doesn't Al Gore's brilliant film even mention the sun? The core of the sun is about 27 million degrees fahrenheit and is about 1.3 million times larger than the Earth. Solar eruptions on the surface are like multiple nuclear bombs that affect our communication systems here on Earth. So this blazing beast that makes up about 98% of the mass of our entire solar system has no impact on the warming of our planet? Come on now, where is the balance? This is just plain common sense.
ModestyBlaze05/01/074:10amYes but has the National Geographic been consistenly on the surface of the other planets to get an accurate measurement of these so called "rising temperatures in the solar system" the last century or so?? You expect people to buy these hypothetic theories and at the same time you reject the theory that is at least composed of relatively much more solid datas, which we have gathered for over a century now on our own planet Earth? If your trying to dismiss Al Gore's recent claims then at least you ought to do it with much better DATA than something that you've read or seen on NG which in reality hasn't even been confirmed or affirmed as anything beyond the probable or plausible.
C.c.04/30/079:00pmIf you just look at the air, or along the road, YOU WILL NOTICE that humanity is responsible for trashing the earth; not the "cycles," etc....
Jeff04/30/075:53pmNational Geographic is one of many publications that have discussed in detail the rapid warming of Mars as well as other planets in our solar system. They basically say that the fluctuations in warmth of the sun as well as solar flares correspond with the ups and downs in climate experienced on both Earth and Mars. This makes sense since the sun is the common denominator in our solar system, not humans.
ModestyBlaze04/30/075:23pmAnd your conclusions about these rising teperatures on the other planets are based on what may I ask??The closest that you can come up with to a somewhat plausible theory of this nature, would be through a "comparative analysis" of the datas gathered between the year 2007 and say for example 1911 on Mars, which means basically that we need to have been on the surface of the planet Mars back in 1911!
Jeff04/30/077:30amThat's right ModestByte, I'm concerned with things like air pollution, recycling, etc., not man's infantesimal role in the warming of the planet. As I said before, the planet has gone through several warming and cooling cycles well before man was a blip on the radar. Also, other planets in our solar system are "warming" no thanks to us humans, so let's stop expending our energy on something we can do nothing about.
ModestyBlaze04/30/077:03amI still can't get over the fact that despite all the efforts by everyone with their wonderful and excellent arguementations, Jeff still comes out and says something as unbelievable as "well you are more concerned about the quality of the air etc..."! ((LOL))
Me04/30/076:10amTim for a new poll.
Sphs04/27/075:03pmMy sentiments as well, Mike! **Thumbs up**
Mike04/26/071:12pmAnyone who believes global warming is a myth, is a sheep and needs to get thier head out of the dirt! again ppl. Jeff, i saw ur reply to my post in the discussion forum a little too late, but i posted a reply to ur otherwise well-spoken post immendiately, so i hope u get to read it soon! Im just about to watch the that uve recommended here, so i'll let u know what i think of it a little later on. Thanks for sharing it here with us! And Chase, i hope u read my posts in the discussions section because it tells u what u can do if u face any technical problems trying to open & watch the aformentioned! Also u may be interested to read MY view/angle to the political discussion in there...u dont need to reply if u dont feel like it though! But most of all i hope u get to read my very last post in there Jeff! Thanks u all.. PEACE! :-)
Chase04/24/071:42pmI made an attempt to watch the video you mentioned Jeff...unfortunately, I have no access to high speed internet at the momet and was only able to download the google video player before having to get off line...however I do plan on trying again when I sign out....and're right ! is getting old !...didn't mean to cause a trainwreck or anything.....enough said....I'm gonna check out "The power of nightmares"...
Jeff04/24/ and Chase, I started to comment on your Iraq commentary, but I decided instead to post it on the Discussions are on this website under Politics. I'm not sure if you are members of this site, but you can reply there or just read it if you like. As I'm sure you know, I respectfully and strongly disagree with your statements and for this reason I had to address them. Regarding Global warming, do let me know if you had a chance to watch the video I posted. I think its only about 1 hour 15 minutes.
Vali04/24/078:51amMan only created a very small percentage of global warming. The cycle of the earth is an evolutionary change that happens over a period of years. Why fear it the process has already started just accept it and move on to bigger and better things in your life than worrying about global warming. this is a bit of a distraction, but since the main topic here HAS BEEN side-tracked for a sec., i suggest u all go & watch the 3-part from the very same channel(yeah speaking of the devil) called "The Power Of Nightmares" at this site: [url][/url] i dont have much more to say about "Mr." Bush, but with regards to ur opinions Jeff, all i can say is that u're completely entitled to believe what u want to believe regarding both the environment question, & also regarding Bush. The ONLY thing that we 2 can agree on though, is to disagree on EVERYTHING that we've debated here so far! And frankly i have a strong feeling that u're in the minority right now, as far as both issues are concerned! I can go on & on for hrs. about the things that i find to be untrue in the things that YOU believe in, but since i believe it's such a drag & a BORE to discuss politics endlessly, i will leave u to ur own opinions for now, hoping that "the silent breeze of the truth" will find u one day, to help bring u a change of heart eventually!! [PS] The aforementioned BBC is a little short of 3 hrs. in all, but as u can see in that site, it's been devided into 3 parts, so u can always come back & watch the rest of it. Btw this has been banned in the US eversince it was released in the UK in 2004!
Chase04/24/074:41amSorry about all the spelling mistakes (Canada, keep, etc)....I'm not wearing my glasses and tend to think that I can type faster than what I really can :)
Chase04/24/074:32amPardon me Jeff...but in my opinion, Bush is a terrorist...he went into their country looking to shed blood....we thought that he was looking for those responsible for 9/11...we were under the impression here in Canda , that it was Bin Laden he was after...but then all of a sudden, it was weapons of mass destruction that he was after...I feel bad for those poor, poor people in Iraq...not for the soldiers, but the poor civilians.....and did they find these weapons ?....I think not !....did he have his own agenda ?....I think so !....Shame on Mr. Bush...he should be tried for war crimes....hasn't enough blood be shed ? in Canda, we all know a soldier or 2 that are over there trying to keeo the peace...but many have been coming home in body bags...Bush is like the schoolyard bully...he couldn't find bin laden so he went to pick on any easier target....I think Bush let Bin Laden get away...he probably knows were he is, but there is oil money at stake...tell me you really believe that your country was being threatened by theses people ?
Jeff04/23/0711:07amSo you've seen Al Gore's rediculous movie 3 times, try a different point of view for a change. Watch this BBC video and tell me what you think:

Regarding Bush, he is a hero for standing up to those evil terrorist thugs who would love nothing more than to slaughter both non-Muslims and other Muslims who are not willing to do the same. This has been their adgenda well before GWB was in office. Kudos to him and his administration for having the backbone to root them out. need to appologize for ur earlier comment Chase! The thing that makes GWB different than all the other former prez of the US, is that he has left his own marks on a more of a GLOBAL scale, than 'just' on a national scale, therefore--i believe--he can/should NOT be given the chance to escape the criticism(s) that may come his way from abroad or from international sources! When u're dealing with politics on a GLOBAL scale the way GWB has done eversince 2001, why should u then feel surprised if the criticism ALSO comes from an "outside source" than just an "inside" one?!! I mean back in the days, it was only the Americans who had any HEART-FELT opinions about the Watergate scandal for example...but this time it IS different, simply because of the many foreign policies that GWB & Co. have executed since they took in the end it's all good...just criticise a0way by all means!
Chase04/23/077:42amI'm not entirely sure what it that means..could you elaborate further?
Chase04/23/075:28amSorry if I was rude...didn't mean to be. I had just finished veiwing "An inconvenient Truth" for the 3rd time and I was just venting...once again my sincerest apology if I offended anyone :)
Brittany K.N.04/22/072:26pmChase is completely right.We should of elected the other guy. I did not know that Bush would do such a crappy job at being the president. But honestly, how could we tell that Bush would do such a bad job. : (
Chase04/22/075:38amToo bad you Americans didn't elect Mr. Gore as president....he would have done a much better job...As Canadians, we can't believe that your vote was wasted on such a pompous ass as Bush....sorry if my comment hits a nerve with some of you, but know what I mean, eh? answer to the question that i asked earlier here about what species of animal u'd believe to have have the highest chances of surviving a massive global poisoning & -warming[& perhaps even a global-cooling!], is the RAT or basically the RODENTS! The ironic thing is that eversince the Dinosaure's era, it seems that we "Earthlings" are getting smaller & smaller sizewise, in terms of surviving the major changes that our Earth has undergone many times since..almost like 'nature's own concensus' that keeps on "down-sizing" its next generations of creatures, in order for them to survive the ever-changing Earthly atmosphere & surface! From "Macro" to "Micro", as they i love the way Google's logo looks right now! ;-), i tend to agree with everything u've said... However, im not naive enough to believe that the whole idea of terying to improve our own contribution to the Earthly environment, is ALL about the other living species...i mean it's pretty obvious to me that there is somehow an EGOTISTIC element to this desire of ours, which again comes back to the idea of wanting to save ourselves & the human race(while in the process of saving our planet)! But when all is said & done, i'd rather be the victim of our Mother Nature ALONE, rather than knowing that the humans have played a major(or EVEN "just" a parftial role) in it...This is my whole pt. of discussion in here: Lets try & erradicare almost ALL of the "human element" in the global warming & ecological poisoning, and if after such a pt. we can still see that this was mainly a "universal factor"(& not done by us humans) and that we cant do a d*mn thing about it, ONLY THEN am i going to reconcile with this harsh truth, and basically leave my fate completely in the hands of our Mother Nature & the Universe("God")!! But until such a day, it is only human nature to try & exhaust ALL the options available to try& see if we can somehow improve(& save) our eco system & thereby ourselves, the BEST possible way that we can! Cheers...=)
Deanna04/20/072:52pmI really don't believe that the dinasaurs contributed to the last ice age... man is simply a parasite on the earth, and he should not be arrogant enough to assume that he has any control or influence over his generous host - The Planet Earth
No name04/20/0710:33amGlobal warming - that is why the north got over 12 feet of snow .. that is why the west got slammed with snow and major highways were shut down .... we need to stop the media and politicians reporting on false statements ...
Stre 04/20/079:02amBut the thing you've got to realize is that we shouldn't be thinking of the human race only... there are plants and animals in the world too...the whole concept of "live and let live" has now become unheard of. our contribution to the destruction of life on our planet is becoming more and more heavy. and it's not only an "every individual for themself" thing anymore... politics plays a role too. they could easily be doing more themselves to actually make changes to better the world we barely have left. if we keep going like this, it will be us killing ourselves with no sign of hope and only regret for screwing up what good we had or waiting for "god" to come and rescue all "his" followers. either way, we're screwed... by the way, i think we all understood the little ****Sapiens thing to mean ****... unless you take offense to such titles...
Crispin04/19/0710:56pmThe planet is on a natural cycle of change. Yes, man-made industry is contributing to this climate shift, but it is tiny compared to the planet's own workings. Volcanoes spew out billions of tons of CO2 daily. Trapped gas in glaciers releases from the sea bed. So all of this talk about global warming being man made is very limited. Now, if you want to talk about toxicity, then the blame firmly rests on humanity's shoulders. Life can adapt to climate shifts. It cannot adapt to lethal poison. Since the Industrial Age, mankind has either created and/or released over 500 chemicals into the environment. From refineries that release benzene and mercury to petrochemical fertilizers that run off of farmland into rivers to the thousand-plus above ground nuclear tests of the last century, humanity has trashed this place. Instead of looking at the bleak situation and trying to figure out realistic solutions, people bleat over "global warming," how we're "killing the planet." We aren't killing the planet. The planet has survived for millions of years. We have not. If people want to do any saving, it should be for themselves. The planet will remain if its environment is irrevocably polluted. The planet does not require life. It does not need us. Too bad that we need the planet that we are collectively trashing and making uninhabitable.
Cecily04/19/079:46amYou can literally see the way humans have TRASHED California; notice all that fastfood junk along the highways/streets? How about the color of the air? This is a micro-macro thing going on here; trashed on the inside, trashed on the outside. Can it be changed and is it worth the effort? Each person can change what he/ she does, and perhaps a benevolent universe will mirror this..... everyone and everything leaves its mark! This , I think is also true about what is in people's hearts and minds. Jeff, u were the one who said: "... There is a proposal now to tax Carbon Dioxide emissions. There are environmental attorneys at the "Carbon Tax Center" in New York..... They officially advocate taxing ALL CO2 emissions. Everyone would pay, including the Coal industry, Electric, Refiners, etc., etc., and it would be taxed at several production levels which would end up costing the consumer big time. And for what? So that our hard earned tax dollars can go to new bureaucratic government programs that only serve to impede our progress and limit our liberties...." And the reason i called it a "dooms days scenario" (according to urself), is because u've been writing paragraphs after paragraphs about the "real evil doers" in this case, whom u see as being the gov'ts & states & their taxings of this & that, blablabla... U're not even talking about the real issue here!! U keep avoiding the REAL ISSUE by wanting to shed light on the political aspects of the issue, where there is ABSOLUTELY NO political aspects there to be found!! i mean, is ur heart bleeding for the environment(& our own existance), or are u more concerned about ur pockets, because that's what this silly arguement is getting at right now!!I'm really sorry mate but i see absolutely no wolves there where u're desperately crying "WOLF"! Dont get me wrong, im NOT necessarily a die-hard defendant of gov't & state control, infact in many areas im against them, but i'd like to think that this problem is SO MUCH more urgent that we ought to be pushing our petty greeds aside for a sec & try to find a solution to the problem quite soon. And remember, this is one case where our predictions need only be 'correct' once, and we dont get a 2nd chance! Btw i recommend u check out the "60minutes" official website,&try to find a segment that they aired no more than 2-4 weeks ago where they talked about the validity of the theori on whether it is a man-made phenomenon or not, etc...!
Britt04/19/076:28amThe theory I subsribe too (as they are all theories) wasn't up there. It is more along the lines that for the most part this warming/cooling is a natural process but humans do have a slight effect on it. It would be naive to say that humans don't have ANY impact on what goes on just as it would be to say humans are to blame for EVERYTHING. However, even if humans cut off all of their pollution this would still be happening just possibly at a slower rate or no change at all. I don't think the global warming is what people should be worried about but rather the global cooling since that would be the thing that would destroy the most humans/animals. Either way, our economy is going to be an issue. This of course is taking into consideration that the human civilzation is still around when all of this actually shows the most force.
Stre04/19/076:24amWell either way... it's either we kill ourselves and our planet or the christian"god" will kill everyone at the end of the world...take your pick but i would rather keep nature healthy instead of "worrying myself to death about the end of human existance..." if your gonna go, you're gonna go, but don't try to take the innocents with you. at least have some decency for them...****Sapiens= H o m oSapiens
Jeff04/19/072:52amI find it amusing that you should mention the "dooms day senario" and discuss the vanising of all "living creatures from the face of the earth" presumably from global warming, and then in the same paragraph say my "gloomy senario" of government intrusion and control into our lives is implausable, "too imaginative" and "too unrealistic". I'd like to focus your attention on Nazi Germany, Imperialist Japan, Mussolini, Communist Soviet Union, Slobodan Milosevic, North Korea... these are just a few examples of the "iron fist" (as you put it) of government control and require no imagination on your part, and don't require you to go back more than 65 years. The idea that almost all living creatures will be wiped out on the other hand requires a tad bit more imagination (smirk) considering life has flourished on this planet unabated for 100 millions years since the extinction of the dinosaurs (which by the way was not our fault). :-) correction: "comical novel"=comic novel... little quiz: If/when we do reach that dreaded dooms day scenario when ALMOST all the living creatures vanish from the face of the Earth for good, what creature/animal in ur opinion(s) will then replace the position of the human beings in ruling the Earth??Obviously the **** Sapiens replaced the what spiecies of animal(s) will then take that "title" away from us human beings?? I hope to get as many responds as poss. before i submitt my answer here, so plz feel free to give us ur idea in that regard!? Thanks! But with regards to ur last post Jeff, i DO take ur words seriously, but i view the kind of gloomy scenarios that u've tried to describe regarding the "iron fist" of gov't control, as NOTHING above the plausible!! i'd always encourage a healthy portion of suspicion towards ALL that is viewed as "good ideas of the moment" anytime anywhere, but i find ur cynicism towards gov't regulations in this particuliar case, as TOO imaginitive & TOO unrealistic(which almost sounds like something out of a comical novel)! Sorry mate, guess we'd never agree on this particular pt. within the discussion! I can only hope that ur heart beats for the improvement of the environment[thereby our very existence] just as much as the rest of us in here?! Cheers. ;-)
JoAnna04/18/074:47pmI think that eventhough we can try and controll the problem that it is seriously out of controll . We cannot prevent the billions of people to change thier ways , and probably never can , because you have your seriouse people and you have the people who just dont give a**** about nothing but themselves .
Nora04/18/075:58amThough it's easier said than done, we should be doing the 3Rs- recycling, reducing and reusing... sometimes, i feel a little mad when i see people, instead of reusing what they have, they buy some other stuff when what they had is on hand. for example, we could reuse our plastic or paper bags as a trash 'holder'. but i could see people, despite talks about not wasting stuff, still buying those black trash bags and tossing those useful bags. when i told someone not to toss something away, they just shrugged their shoulders and say that, "never mind, if i thrash something i need in the future, i can still buy a new one" . the world is ,well, what can i say? polution, littering, dumping something into the sea, AAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stre04/17/076:35amOur world used to be so healthy and clean. now all you see are garbage dumps and car exhaust fumes. we're killing eveyone and everything. people need to be more worried about our future for ourselves and our future generations or there won't be anything left.
Jeff04/17/074:20amYou may laugh about it because it seems unbelievable, but this is deadly serious. I'll give you some examples to outline this. The Supreme Court of the US just ruled on a case 5 to 4 that Co2 is a pollutant and must be regulated by the EPA. That's right, you and me pollute the planet by breathing. This is just the first step and sets the stage for taxation and regulation into virtually every area of our lives. There is a proposal now to tax Carbon Dioxide emissions. There are environmental attorneys at the "Carbon Tax Center" in New York (one of many such organizations) that are pushing this agenda because of the significant revenues they stand to generate from this nonsense. They officially advocate taxing ALL CO2 emissions. Everyone would pay, including the Coal industry, Electric, Refiners, etc., etc., etc, and it would be taxed at several production levels which would end up costing the consumer big time. And for what? So that our hard earned tax dollars can go to new bureaucratic government programs that only serve to impede our progress and limit our liberties.
Bunny04/15/074:52pmI think we all need to work a little harder to save our world . LLLOL games BBQ tax...= LLLOL at BBQ tax... games the "BBQ tax"!!! Well as much as i hate to admitt it to u Jeff, u've mentioned a few examples of a gloomy scenario that could await us if we leave the issue solely to the politicians..and this is surely not something any of us 'common ppl' would like having to go thru! This is--i believe--the more reason why we all should be on the same team, rather than using up all this time just to jump on each other's throats, and to try & find some common & mutual goals with regards to our Earthly invironment. But i must also at the same time reject your somewhat "traditional" view of the gov't power or their "real agendas", etc, which i hope u dont mind, but i find almost like some lame & over-used arguements that have echoed in our ears eversince the 50's McCarthyism & the 80's Reaganism!! i think u hold TOO MUCH cynicism against gov't control, which i seriously find as baseless! Surely u can stomach seeing your tax dollars being spent on environmental causes & aims, rather than the current war politics that allows the gov't to have almost an unlimitted access to the tax payers' money, which are MAINLY being spent--as we speak--in the Iraqi war! I have to confess to not living in the US...infact i live in Denmark, and ironically we've experienced the complete opposite of what u've described here, that a world renouned Environmental Scientist by the name of Bjørn Lomborg has been using all of his truely good skills & talents(the man could have been a Nobel Prize winner for god's sake!) just to lobby for the private sector & basically to profit from their investments in him, by 'boldly' claiming eversince the yr. 1999 that "our environement is doing just fine", so on&so forth..well, the funny thing is that the man has been retreating more & more out of the public life, simply because all of his scientific claims have been scutinized & counter-proven by what i'd like to call as "nature's own voice" over the last 7 yrs.! And all i can tell u is that it's been definitely both tragic & comical--not to mention pathetic--to have to wittness such a brilliant young man take back his own claims & words, and to re-phrase them & then re-re-phrase them into oblivion, litterally nobody believes in this man's words any longer, and his reputation has been damaged both internationally & domestically here in DK! Anyways sorry for the mega-long post here, but i just had to share this story with u all in here! Thanks for your attention. :-)
Chase04/15/074:26amOur world is in a sad, sad state of affairs right now...but I'm not entirely convinced that it's all because of the errors of mans previously stated, the world has been going through changes since the beginning of time....we can try but I feel this is bigger than us all and only God knows how it's gonna turn out....maybe he is sitting up there shaking his head in dispair over what we did to contribute to the problem...whatever will be will be...sad but true
Jeff04/15/072:57amBrittany is clearly an irrational and emotional wreck with zero intelligence. People like her that resort to insults and fowl language have absolutely nothing of substance to contribute.
Brittany04/14/076:53pmAnybody who said that it is a myth is a ****ed up jack*** who is probably drunked and is a pot head. Also that one person is right nobody gives a **** about anything these days.
Jeff04/14/, I think I understand where you're coming from. You're basically saying that right now society pays a small price with the current restrictions and that the benefits even if minor are worth the cost. The problem I have is that politicians who are more interested in getting votes and less interested in the actual science. As this theory gains momentum, new government bureaucracies will form will depend on this unproven and frankly tenuous theory in order to survive and grow. As you know government programs require tax revenue. This is very dangerous because any scientist that opposes global warming would threaten the growth of such programs which would be a conflict of interest. The overall agenda then becomes one of pedaling man made global warming rather than researching its viability and really getting to the truth. Such a bureaucracy would surely get bigger and bigger while negatively impacting our advancement and freedom. Its already starting. In the UK they are considering imposing a tax on people who want to barbecue. They are already talking about taxing both industry and individuals who have a certain "carbon footprint", something they would define. Its a huge conflict of interest because tax revenue is directly proportional to the size of this carbon footprint. The poorest people in the world have the most to lose over this. Where will it stop? Over time we will lose our basic freedoms through more and more taxation so that these government programs can continue to generate more revenue and grow at our peril. As Lesia pointed out, our combined greenhouse emissions pale in comparison to greenhouse gases produced naturally. Is this junk science really worth the freedoms we will lose as we give our governments this kind of power and control over our lives?
Lesia04/13/077:25pmWith 28 volvanoes erupting on the earth every single day, pumping out billions of tons of CO2 and water vapor (the two main greenhouse gasses) into the atmosphere, the fact that the sun is heating up, the earth is moving closer to the sun, and black smokers in the oceans that have to be adding heat to the oceans, how can we even compare? Humans put out approximately .0004 greenhouse gasses compared to 24% by volcanoes alone. I am an environmental engineer with a minor in Oceanography so I do know a little of what I am talking about. as i said earlier, i have nothing against your scientific arguements Jeff(and co.), but only when it comes to your "aims", is that i feel provoked by what i precieve as nothing but blind & empty rebellion! And im quite sure that the scientific community(& also the 'green' politicians) possesse enough ethics & logics to know NOT to try & control our environment aggressively or directly, but by a somewhat LESS man-made control...i do NOT consider the reductionism & the revolutionizing of our heavy industries as anything too aggressive, too direct, or too much "humanizing" of our own eco system...we'd ONLY be taking cautionary steps against our own menacingly threatening man-made civilization, and NOT directly disturbing or influencing the nature. Now what in god's name is so wrong with that??!
AQURI04/13/078:57amOnly GOD CAN SAVE US!
Andrea04/12/073:59pmBecause of all the man made stuff in the world, Man has taken over and taken control of what should be left up to nature. Thus it effects the wheather, which effects the way we live our lifes. and also controls animals and their way of living. it has nothing to do with religion. why if God came down right now he would say to man......why did I leave you to be the smarter of the species?????!!!!!!
Robin04/12/077:13amHow arrogant that man would dare imagine he could alter/change/control what The Almighty created. Pure arrogance at it's finest.
Jeff04/11/0711:50amYou are concerned about our air quality, and I can respect that. I just have a problem with those alarmists that are out there predicting dire apocalyptic results from a 2 degree increase in temperature over the next 100 years. Also, the idea that the debate is over (as Al Gore says) about whether or not human activity is warming the planet is completely false. I can accept and debate what should be done to improve air quality, but the idea that we are "warming" the planet simply by being consumers and living our lives is ridiculous. During the past 4+ billion years, the planet has gone through warm and cold cycles numerous times over and will do so again and again without any help from us. Also, Stephani's statement that we are "trapping" the sun's rays is nonsense. I read a report that actually stated the opposite... that pollutants in the atmosphere actually deflect the sun's rays and cause temperature to decrease. I'm just not buying into this whole warming crisis paranoia. In the 70's the same alarmists were predicting global cooling. I'm not kidding... the "consensus" back then was that we were heading into the next ice age. Let's just live our lives and continue to progress. In the US our air quality has actually improved steadily for the past 30 years because of healthy competition and innovation. Restraining progress will only hurt our ability to continue improving our lives, which is exactly what will happen if this global warming junk science is allowed to continue influencing world governments. im not disputing the theories regarding the increased temperature on the other planets in the solar system, nor the increased activities on the surface of the sun...infact i respect the fact that this issue is being looked at from every possible angle & arguement, in order to make a better picture of the current situation of the eco-life on planet Earth. However, unlike u or others, i feel that this issue is NOT to be viewed solely as a political issue, but more important than that, as a MORAL one, and therefore this is one issue where i'd rather be wrong than "right"[as opposed to e.g. our mistaken policies in Iraq]! It's not rocket science for heaven's sake..just imagine the number of cars that drive around the globe day after day, year after year, NONSTOP &without a single day's rest eversince the 50's[ofcoarse there were cars prior to that time but not in such a massive scale]..i mean how much do we think our own Earthly atmosphere can take??U know when they say "the sky is the limit", it almost gets a whole new meaning in this particular case! ;-)
Drew04/10/071:37pmLook into the solar cycles. The sun is getting hotter, which of course affects our climate. Global Warming is just going to be used to tax and control us. Getting off of fossil fuels is important, but that's not how the "powers that be" will try to lessen our carbon impact. They'll do it through taxation and by making YOU bear the brunt of it, not the multinational oil conglomerates.
Stephanie04/10/071:31pmIt is our problem and we should control it. Mankind has created pollutants which causes our atmosphere to trap more rays! If more people would CARE about our environments we wouldn't have to have this poll.All you people who say mankind doesnt cause global warming haven't you heard of the greenhouse effect?
Jan04/10/0712:41pmThere is a cree prophecy that says something like: Only after the last fish has been caught; Only after the last river has been poisoned; Only after the last tree has been cut down; Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
Jeff04/10/, if you are taking the position that we are in a "crisis", then the burden of proof is on you to explain how and why. How do you explain that the planet was warmer just a few centuries back? How do you explain that other planets are also warming, Mars in particular is warming at a faster rate? And please don't tell me that these are all lies propagated by the evil oil companies! Lastly, if our meteorologists can't accurately predict what the weather will be like in a week, how could anyone possibly predict what it will be like in 50 or 100 years?!? :-) more i read posts like Jeff's, Frank's, Me's, Inconvinnient Bull's, & Al-doesnt-believe...'s, the depth & the seriousness of this crisis becomes crystal clear to me...not to mention the cause: We're clearly STILL in our self-denial stage, blaming the crisis on EVERYTHING ELSE e.g. the sun rays, the oceans & seas, the moon & the stars...hell even Al Gore!! I still cant figure out if this is just plain sad or patheticly ridiculous?!!And while we're still "slipping & falling in the mud" in the midst of our time consuming self-denying stage, there's precious time being wasted as we speak, for what we ought to have started doing atleast some 2 decades ago[hence, the 1st time the "Ozone holes" theory was published back in 1972]!!
Al doesn't really believe it him self!04/10/072:05amIf Al gore really believed that crap he would through out all of his stock with Valaro! He could even invest some of his millions to updating his home to a "green home". It sad cause even George Bush's home is greener then his. Whats an even worse argument is that he had to CG dieng polar bears OMG!! He is like saying ok you are all naughty naughty people you are killing the coca cola bears.
Inconvenient Bull04/09/078:42pmAl Gore got it completely reversed. CO2 does not cause Global Warming, Global Warming causes CO2. When the oceans warm (because of solar activity), they emit CO2 in much larger quantity. When it cools, the oceans actually absorb CO2. Greenland which is now covered with Ice, was once as green and lush with vegetation as the Amazon less than 7,000 years ago. Man did not even exist. Also, Mars and some of the other planets are showing signs of Warming. Hmm... common denominator must be the Sun and Cosmic Rays.
Aimee04/09/074:07pmWatch An Inconvenient Truth. Global warming is real, we are a main contributor and there is something we can do about it - and we should. It's our responsibility to care for our planet.
Mlr04/09/071:03pmHey! Frank, if the problem is too many people maybe you should eliminate yourself and do the rest a favor!
Me04/09/0712:02pmThis "problem" has nothing to do with man, nor can it be controlled by man. To think that mankind can influence and/or control the weather is such amazing arrogance! last comment is so lame & stunningly stupid that it doesnt even deserve a response!
Frank04/07/076:41pmThe major cause of the global warming is too many people
Jill04/07/078:15amI doubt that in this day and age few people give a damn about globl warming or anything else or that matter.
Jeff04/06/0711:22amEverything I've read suggests Global Warming is caused by the Sun and cosmic rays. I really think many of these alarmists that say there will be catastrophic effects are wrong and frankly a little off their rocker! The planet was warmer back in the 14th century and there were no smoke stacks or SUV's pumping out Co2. Civilization was thriving because of the warmer weather. The planet was even warmer 8000 years ago and Greenland was actually green! Although I want clean air just like everyone else, I think all this Global warming stuff is a bunch of hype.
St.Eve04/06/077:27amHonestly at this point in time, the correct answer to this question is found somewhere in between the 1st & 2nd multiple-choices mentioned above! I certainly dont mean to sound like a pessimist or a defeatist, but merely trying to convey the idea that one of the most valuable lessons that we human beings can/should learn from this crisis, is that perhaps we need to acknowledge that our mother nature is NOT necessarily something that we should "control"...i mean maybe we ought to learn to live our lives under "her" control, and thereby find the right harmony & balance in that respect! But ofcoarse we should definitely try & minimize--if not stop--the violant reactions that at the moment are being predicted to happen(if we do not stop our current cultural & industrial patterns & behaviour quite soon)! So ultimately i believe there are A LOT of positive things that we can learn from this BIG crisis..not to mention the fact that it would b the BEST way to unite the whole world by bringing a common focal point to every single member of the world population.
Di04/06/074:57amI don't understand all this frenzie about global warming? Do we believe in God and why do we doubt things then?
Jo04/06/072:52amI always knew that man would destroy himself.

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