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I believe in life after death.

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No 16%
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ModestyBlaze05/28/077:47pmThis question gives rise to further ask ourselves; what is the difference between 'knowing' and 'believing'??When we r asked if we KNOW about the existence of an afterlife, we naturally become skeptical about the answer, but asked if we BELiEVE in a life after death, it then becomes almost a question of 'choice'..a question of 'free will' if u will..i.e. would i like to think that there exists such a thing when my day arrives? I'm pretty sure that in almost 99.98% of the cases--when the question is put forth for the ppl--the answer is an unequivocal "YES"! That's the difference between our way of 'knowing' and 'believing' in a nut shell. It means that sometimes we must BELiEVE eventhough we have no way of KNOWing! And BELiEViNG is actually incredibly easy once we learn how to seperate it from our often contradicting KNOWLEDGE. Also most importantly; 'believing' is NOT the same as wishful thinking!! If we r asked to "feel relaxed", we might not be able to succeed until we make a conscience choice--hence: we decide--to feel relaxed. The same principle applies with regards to our belief in LAD; we would need to "think in a certain way" so to speak, if we want to believe in a LAD!! I'm told though that we will 'automatically' start to grasp these mysteries when "that inevitable moment" arrives in one's life, so maybe there's no need for us to think about it so much while trying to live our lives as peacefully and worryfree as possible.
Aimee05/28/075:40pmInteresting! Guess I'll just wait and see.
Jami05/28/079:42amThere has to be something after we die, if not, what is the point??
Claire05/27/0712:42pmMy Grandmothr died on Saturday and today I kept hearing heavy breathing (something which she used to do), several times during the day so yes I think she was here on Earth in spirit.
Dee7105/27/071:19amToo many weird things happen in life for there not to be something beyond physical form. I’ve had dreams where a few days, weeks later, they’ve come to fruition . That has freaked me out. I’ve been told by several psychic that I have “something”, not so much full on abilities (where all and sundry contact me to pass on messages) but I’m being guided through this tempestuous life!! By a guardian of some sorts. So, for there to be guardians… there has to be something beyond the physical realm of existence. Is there life after death?!? I truly believe there is, otherwise, why do we learn life lessons, what’s the point of this life we live now?
Barbara05/25/071:35pmI truly do believe for i have lived many lives and i'm so tired of this life, but for the situation i'm in is for a reason unknown to me for i just have to stay patient and endure all that's put before me. even tho my face is young my bones are hundreds of years old.
Strgrl6405/25/073:48amI know that there is life after death because my daughter had a nde and told my of Heaven, Jesus, and of a conversation she had with God. As she was just 6 at the time, and we did not attend Church then prior to the accident. The details she gave of her nde were so clear and graphic and the look in her eyes just told you that she knows something that the rest of didn't. She told me that it is beautiful and that she was no longer afraid of dying because God would never leave her. She attends Church regularly as do I.
Shamapriya05/24/073:30pm"for the soul there is neither birth nor death, nor having once been, does he cease to be; he is unborn, eternal, ever-exsisting, undying, and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain." -Krishna speaking to Arjuna in Bhagavad-gita Hare Krishna!
Joey05/23/0712:02pmThe only person that comes life after death is GOD!!!
Sphs05/22/073:33pmIm tempted to say "Lucky u" Georgia...NOT that uve had to experience such a loss(ur Mother), but for the fact that she's obviously still 'around'...I'm almost envious of u! It saddens me to have to admitt that i have absolutely NOBODY in my life to turn to whenever in a distraughtful's terribly hard at times because i often feel totally out in the dark..not even the feeling of the presence of a God, is there to comfort relying solely on the words of all the men&women of faith, and their testiments of 'his' existence& greatness! But im hoping that somehow one day i'll be able to 'see' & to believe there-ever-after! : )
Georgia05/20/079:12pmMy grandfather passed away when I was 18 yo. I saw him a week after his death and he said he loved me and would always watch over me. My mother passed away several years ago and I frequently have signs of her presence. Believe me or not, I know what I have seen and experienced. There is life after this life. I also agree that we each have a purpose to serve in this life. The path is different for everyone but the paths leads to the same destination, the afterlife.
Sphs05/18/0710:05pmLearning to truely appreciate& love life(in all of its colors), will eventually also lead us to profoundly acknowledge& accept our own fate(death) when that inevitable day does arrive one day. This wisdom is within each& everyone of us, and it shall reveal itself at the proper moment without any efforts on our part! Mind u, i dont believe in the old biblical Heaven&Hell...i believe though that we each have a certain individual purpose in our lives that needs to be fulfilled, and if we neglect that purpose in this lifetime, we're just going to make our own 'work load' a lot heavier for our next life(-ves) until we finally get it right. Go to this link & find out for urselves about each ur life's purpose in THIS lifetime(it's quite eery how accurate it actually is):
Maverickmuse05/18/076:14pmWhat I truly believe in is Life after Life!
Dream Teller05/18/073:13pmI too also believe in god. When we die he will take us up to the gates of heaven and open them for us to pass. And live forever more in sweet sweet heaven.
Db05/18/071:44pmI agree with andrea
Sphs05/18/073:01amBtw the below example about the "unborn child" was meant to illustrate a little enfant still in the early phases of pregnancy, in the womb of his/her mother.(It was NOT refering to a child that had not yet been 'concieved')!
Sphs05/17/073:20pmIm sorry if i sounded somewhat 'dogmatic' in my last post here. One really good image that i often have in the back of my mind though, is the idea of an un-born child trying to figure out what/how the outside world would look like "in the beyond"... Hypothetically if such a scenario was possible, the child would still NEVER come close to any explanation that would be remotely similar to what he/she would experience when finally being born! Likewise when u observe a family of blue-jays for example; they're just creatures living their lives perfectly happy without the need of contemplating over what/who that may have created them. They're just happy to fly back to their nests after their hunt, just to see their mates &children again,&to sing the day away together, in perfect harmony with the nature. Now u may say that we human beings are priviliged &pre-disposed with a unique sense of intelligence that would place us in an altogether different& superior position in comparison with other animals& creatures..but that is where the comparison ends. Standing face to face with the almighty universe,we cannot& should not attempt to understand ALL of its mysteries(thru our logics),because we will just make our own world smaller&smaller by doing that. Just remember the apple that the snake was trying to tempt Adam&Eve to eat, under the tree of KNOWLEDGE-->for every grane of knowledge that we humans gain, we lose A WORLD of wisdom in its exchange, forever! Enough said.;-)
Lynn05/17/0712:46pmConservation of Energy The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. While it can be transformed from one form to another, the total amount of energy in the universe remains constant. Scientists in all fields, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science use this idea every day: The total amount of energy remains constant no matter what changes happen in any physical system. The law of conservation of energy is an abstract expression of an observation that has been made over and over again in nature: a measurable quantity, which we call energy, is neither created nor destroyed in physical interactions. This law is a useful and powerful tool since in most commonplace energy transformations, changes in mass are too small to measure, and so scientists know that energy that seems to be lost must actually still exist, perhaps in a different form, even if its existence is no longer obvious. 'nough said.
Sphs05/17/078:57amCORRECTiON: "...&neither it should!" =...&nor it should!
Sphs05/17/076:17amI truely resent the fact that science or the scientific community as a whole, have reached a stage in their 'natural progress' where they allow themselves to try& probe into LITTERALLY everything in our world, in order to prove their "validity" or their "fallacy"! My pt. is that we human beings actually have deep NEEDs for 'mysteries' around us because without them our lives will become void, soulless& without any meaning whatsoever! If we learn to understand this, then we'll understand that the world of knowledge has its own place,&on the other hand the world of faith/wisdom/spirituality rightfully belongs to its own dimension,&NONE of them should try to get in the way of the other! However if ur attempts to 'debunk' the spiritual dimension, is in reality an attack against the various RELiGiOUS iNSTiTUTES, then i suggest that u take ur battle to its rightful place where it belongs &NOT against ppl's willingliness towards faith/religion/spirituality, however "gulliable" that may seem to u! May i also add in the end here, that i actually do consider myself to be filled with curiousity& fondness towards science & the scientific universe BUT i truely believe that science does NOT hold the answers to every single thing in our world..&neither it should!!
Kasey05/16/078:15pmYa'll should read Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She is a thanologist who does alot of research on NDEs. Fascinating!
Spirit7605/16/077:25pmWho of you out there has ever had a "Deja Vu" experience? Yes, you probably did live this person, place or thing a prior life. I believe in life after physical death. Our spirits become free energy when the host body sucumbs into the Earth. Jesus is a testament to this belief, but he was the son of God and truly did earn his resurection, as we must ALL do while on this planet. Only the purest of spiritual beings, who gave unconditionally in life will earn another, otherwise it's a long wait in the silence and darkness of Pergatory, where souls reflect and purify...until judgment day arrives. Divinity is never given freely, it must be earned through positive actions. Unconditional love and acceptance is what sets the path to rebirth. often tend to only believe in things that have been scientifically proven as 'possible', 'probable' or 'plausible'...but the important thing that we must learn to acknowledge(by the wisdom of our life experiences) is that faith & science are 2 very seperate & different entities, meaning that we do not necessarily need science or a scientific explanation to tell us whether we should believe in a god, or in the afterlife, or not! Our thirst for knowledge can/will only lead us to the satisfaction of our minds & our curiousity, whereas our hearts burning questions can only be quinched by reassurance, & eternal wisdom. Major life events such as falling deeply in-love, or the death of our loved ones, etc, always push us to search for answers that cannot just be found thru our logical minds or our logical explanations. This is also the case with the does NOT need a scientific explanation because some mysteries in life have to remain as mysteries! They're just there for us to surrender ourselves to, whole-heartedly. Nothing less or nothing above it! Just open ur heart & take it all in,& let it fill ur heart with its boundless source of love & courage.
Diane05/15/078:00pmWe are said to be energy. Energy does not die, nor do we know how to create it. Therefore there is no life after death, there is only life, no death, as we think of death. There is transition eg: we go from one job to another but the format does not change; it is still work. It is that way with life and what we consider death is just another transitory stage of life.
Fantumofthewinds05/15/078:16amTheir is no proof, and the death of the christ in the bibical texts is also unproven, since time began , man has always wish for immortality, no one wants life to end, and from the many struggles each of us face throughout a life time we still wish for a place where their is none. Life is what each of us makes it, are desideing factors are that of choice, we each are a energy field, and what we think and how we fill are the very things in which we each draw into our lives, here on this plain, and when it is over , its over, does the life force remain after death, physical death, in one aspect it does , in in the physical aspect when a person is done here and their life has been extinuished, its over. Their is no proof of heaven only that which we live on and the many blessings that are in our lives when we live , but when we die we each return to the darkness of where we each came even in the womb before life their was darkness, even in the creation of the cosmos their was darkness and darkness came before light (life). So we will return to that darkness(nothingness) to which we all came. MP Fantum
Tee05/15/075:57amThere is life after death and the perfect example is when Jesus died and arose. In the book of John it tells you how he appeared to the apostles. You know Peter and the rest of them. This show you that there is life after death. It is up to you how you want to spend it. You can spend it in heaven with peace or in hell with eternal damnation.
Carla05/14/079:20pmI believe in life after death. I lost my husband in 2003, he left behind a son and a daughter and as long as they live his memory lives on.
Sphs05/13/076:02amOh by the way thanks for ur earlier post u dont feel like sharing that ND experience in here...anyways if u dont, then i'll just buy ur words...i mean i believe u 100%[& NOT meaning that im gonna purchase ur words!(LOL)]! I even envy u eventhough im pretty sure what u went thru in that incident was most probably NOT any kind of a "joy ride", but ur INSIGHT right now is worth more than even the diamonds! Lucky u...=)
Helen05/12/079:08pmI have always believed in life after death and my beliefs were confirmed when I read two books written by a man called Michael Newton. One is called Journey of Souls, and the other is Destiny of Souls. They explained very clearly that there is an explaination to the afterlife. Interesting reading!
Pam05/12/077:54pmThis is probably 1 reason why they tend to be so much closer to their 'hearts'(or even "unified" with it) than us, out in the West or in the developed/developing countries. I agree with you. Thanks for your comments. ( -;
Sphs05/12/0710:44amIt's very interesting indeed Pam! It goes to show u that u CAN actually have a unified Heart&Mind philosophy of life if u really try! But it also reflects back on the society..i mean, in the Industrial Society the way we tend to associate to the 'mind' is more or less done thru mathematic or scientific facts, "immediate informations" & analytic's in the way the society pushes the individuals to 'think' because otherwise, as an individual u'd be labled as a "social loser", where as in a non-industrial society such as the likes of Nepal, or other "spiritually rich" societies, the industrial sector of the society does not necessarily have a dominating role, and is not pushing the individuals--at least not so aggressively--to accept only 1 way of thinking...therefore u get to develope a solid philosophy wherein different levels of accessing the 'mind' exists within the society, and they ALL have equal significance & are equally respected. This is probably 1 reason why they tend to be so much closer to their 'hearts'(or even "unified" with it) than us, out in the West or in the developed/developing countries.
Pam05/11/079:57amI believe in life after death. I'm (an incredibly youthful) 61. ( -; I had an NDE when I was 19 (drowning, caught in a hydraulic) there was nothing written on NDEs back then and I didn't understand what had happened in fact didn't think about it too much until my 30's when friends and aquaintances started seeking me out to talk to and 'be around'. I would learn that they had cancer or something life threatning. I figured out that on some level they knew that I had no fear of death...and they could be around me without the underlying anxiety some would experience being around a friend or family member who is dying...I hope this makes sense. And to the person who commented on following her heart and not her mind...interesting, just yesterday I was reading where the Tibetans do not distinguish between the heart and mind...they are the same.
Sharon05/11/072:53amIn our religion we believe in life after death..
Branka05/10/073:37pmI do believe in life after death because I lost husband on dec. 5, 2006 and I was pregnant, so I do have baby boy. I gave him his daddy's name. I guess everything happens for reason. Part of my husband is still on Earth with me.
Naomi05/09/079:25pmI do believe in life after death because when someone dieds a baby is born or a bug is born or something is made it never ends ...
Lynn05/09/071:05pmBecause I died and came back. And KNOW for sure there is life after death. I saw it!
Vermex Cid BIlboat05/08/072:56pmI believe fully in Riencarnation, theres more to what we go threw in life!GOD is about unconditional love and abundance in every sense of the word! we never stop growing, learning, we must finish unfinish business from past lives that were taken away, or we chose not to finish ,because every life we must fulfill the maximum of our creativity ,knowledge, and wisdom. when we've accomplished this ,we can fully evolve to the state of bieng like that of our creator..perfect example is the masters and teachers CHRIST, BUDDHA etc.... they all I believe have done everything they needed to do in all thier past lives...please fulfill your hopes and dreams believe in yourself and follow your heart with peace and sincerity but be a warrior to withhold all those obstacles that we must confront to pass the test of each life......................peace
Marcie05/08/079:53amI believe that there is life after death and that we should treat people the way we would want to be treated. I believe that some of the suffering we see in this world could be from the behavior of people or karma from a past life which could take form as a suffering animal or person in poverty.
Just a voice05/07/078:46pmWhy do we waiste our time trying to figure out what we already know? True wisdom is getting to where one needs to be. Ascending should be our concern not is afterlife real or not. Esspecially when you already believe it to be true. "the feeble minded waiste time asking why, while the wise ask what is next."
Ron05/07/074:07amPurgatory is craziness. The well known author of the subject (Dante) created the world of purgatory and then takes himself through it. There was no prophetic spark, rather a story being told and somehow people accepted. There is life after death but certainly not in this framework.
Fyodor05/07/072:20amYes I am aware of what u are saying Claire, Bam Bam, and Debra Sue. And I agree. I suppose it's true what u're saying Sphs that doubt is always an integrated part of faith, and it goes to show u that having an IQ over 150 does not necesserily give u a stronger conviction or faith. Infact on the contrary it makes u doubt deeply about things like God and the afterlife! This is the flipside of 'knowledge' as opposed to 'wisdom' i guess. I just wish I could find that wisdom deep inside of myself again because it really feels as if I used to be able to connect with it, but not any more!
Katie05/06/0712:57pm... life after death / purgatory / reborn... who knows for sure eh.... me... i believe that we are born into our new lives to relearn the things we did not learn in previous lives experiences,,, i am hoping that each life time will propel us further into becoming a more spiritual being, and eventually we will be able to live in tune with nature and enjoy peace and harmony within our little world ... namaste /|\ labrujablanca
Debra Sue05/06/0710:31amI have experienced too much unexplained phenomenon in my life that clearly points to a life after this one. Since I am spiritual and am a seeker of knowledge, it is through my experiences of loved ones already past on that I have concluded the miracle of ever lasting life. Since my family is very close and spiritual, we have all made a promise to contact each other when we pass over. Both my mother and father have made contact with me and my children since their deaths both through visions, physical manifistations, dreams, and phone calls that had no worldly explanation, except the existance of their life beyond this one. All you need is love, for everlasting life and love are eternal. See you on the other side!
Bam Bam05/06/079:03amFyodor the question was whether or not you yourself believe; and yes there are people who have had near death experiences and lived to tell about it. Some people have had them simply because they cry out to God because they are in danger others because they have prayed and prayed for a miracle. It all comes down to faith and courage. Beleive it or not; sometimes you don't even have to die, sometimes God can lift the veil for you to see your not alone.
Claire05/06/078:00amI don't think it can be proven 100% per cent from a scientific point of view but my faith in life after death and reincarnation is 100% per cent in belief.
Fyodor05/06/076:45amActually we cannot say with a 100 procent certainty that it's true or not because nobody can really claim to have tried it when still alive
Bam Bam05/05/075:40amYes.
Claire05/04/0712:59pmI believe in life after death and reincarnation.
Sphs05/04/073:51amTo believe in a life after death is almost the same as believing in a god/creator! And in both cases, it is with ur HEART that u need to believe & UNDERSTAND, and NOT with ur logics or ur brain! This is also the reason why there is such a thin line between truely believing in (a) god(with all ur heart) AND becoming a religious fanatic, & unfortunately many ppl fall as 'victims' to this "thin line" factor!! It's therefore of the UTMOST importance that we ppl are a 100% aware of the "thin line" if we should 'decide' to become believers of (a) god!!! But regarding the afterlife--just as the same in the case of god-- my mind is ALWAYS skeptical & yet my heart will ALWAYS say YES, and they will ALWAYS be in a nonstop conflict with one another about these issues, but at the end of the day, i know & trust my heart MUCH MORE than i'll ever know my mind! ;-)
Andrea05/04/071:44amI believe in God, there for I believe in a life after thats so much better then this one. I am not afriad of dyeing because of this. I look at it as another part of my being here after. and I can't wait. God bless you all!

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