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Television is harmful to children of all ages

Total Voters: 947
Yes 40%
No 40%
Undecided 40%
Bam Bam07/16/076:59pmYou mean "meant"? Just teasing.
BRITTANY07/15/0711:13pmNEW POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRITTANY07/15/0711:10pmI MENT "POLL"
Chris07/15/0711:08amTelevision, especially in the US, is brain numbing. I say this after having watched TV in 3 other European countries. The worst are the commercials, that reach even 3 year olds. As soon as they see "it" on TV, they want it. In addition, TV here is full of violence and Hollywood sex. So, young men identify with the violence, and young women generally want to look like whoever female model/actress is "hot" right now. I've watched some things even on the Discovery and History channels that I know are far fetched and only part true. But they make is sound so **** important that even adults think the speaker has to be the expert on it. I say if you watch it, even as an adult, always question it, as Descartes did. Give your kids some books to read and don't let the Xbox do the babysitting.
ERnestina07/14/078:52pmMy Grandson watch T.V and he has learnd so much from some of the T.V programs.
Bam Bam07/13/076:11pmMarz, are you saying that we should let our children decide what they watch? Are you saying that they decide what is right and wrong? Aren't we supposed to instill those values in them as they grow and teach them that certain things on t.v. are just not normal and not okay to watch. I'm glad I wasn't allowed to watch rated R while growing up, it sucked while I was a kid of course, but, being an adult and parent now I understand why it was forbidden and am glad my mom did that. Children aren't born knowing the difference we must guide them and nurture their beliefs. Don't you agree?
Lucky07/13/071:14pmToo much of everything is harmful!!!
Marz07/12/0711:18amI think tv can provide negative and positive ideas. it can provide creativity, imagination,andentertainment or it can provide violence, fear, and corruption. children are gonna see the bad side no matter what you try to do its natural curiosity in the kid that prevails. T.V can be harmful if the child sits there day after day having no exercise, but overall T.V is not harmful to kids because the kid chooses what to see and what to believe in that matter it is freedom of belief and speech and you shouldnt deprive that from a kid. Children are our future.
Hummingbird07/09/076:34amMy concern is what Does jump out at us when we least expect it, in the form of commercials and those wonderful Public Service Announcements that are now telling our children they need more fear in their lives. i don't believe we should shelter our children from society's ills, but allowing them a happy childhood will make them better citizens in the long run. limiting and monitoring tv exposure can help.
BRITTANY07/08/078:11amNEW POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moon07/08/073:42amOur TV has NEVER jumped out and hurt my kids! It is a machine ... what makes a difference is the "operator". What next, take their friends away? Keep them out of society? Withdraw them from school? Lock them in a closet? Stop the Madness! :-)
TJW07/06/072:21pmI do not feel that television itself is what harms the children. It's how we use it, what we allow our children to watch, why we use it, etc. Used with care and in moderation, it is not necessarily dangerous. Used as a babysitter and without caution, our choice to not regulate becomes the danger to our children.
ZoF07/05/078:21pmTV has been made the babysitter of the late 20th century. And now are we are only beginning the new 21st, its been made the cure all / Kiddy Prozac. with no care or regard as to what is learned and imprinted. how many kids do you know that can tell you all about the last " UNRATED" movie thay watched on DVD Hmmmmm?
Vickie07/05/0711:11amThey need some of the older shows that had family values and respect for elders from a mom and grandma .
Bam Bam07/05/075:35amAbsoulutely, it all comes down to parental involvement. Sadly, that is a whole world of discussion there. God bless all the parents who share in their childrens day and monitor what the world tries to feed them. Way to go Ginny! I believe your right, it is a good tool, we just have to know how to use it. Has anyone seen the new commercial for Hardees? Some girl is practically having sex on tv just to sell a new sandwich. So riduculous no one in advertising can come up with something original.
Ginny07/04/077:23amTelevision in itself is not harmful to children, it needs to be monitored - wonderful teaching tool and it can insight wonderful discussions! Did for my children!
Carolina 07/03/0712:02pmAll it has now days in every channal is sex.
Tabitha07/02/076:50amThe only way that it cold be harmful is if they watch to mutch of t.v!
Sphs07/02/076:47amIt's pretty obvious that the Broadcasting Channels have got to find a new way of REVOLUTIONizing our "TV culture" at the moment, because clearly there are far too many downsides to TV nowadays than positive! The TV has basically become an instrument of over-indulgence & entertainment, instead of inspiration & wisdom BALANCED with our need of entertainment! And the only parameter that seems to dominate & decide what the contents of our TV should be, is what $ell$ !! At the moment, it seems that the only thing that catches ppl's attention(hence: what sells/hence: money) is entertainment & action, and so we're being stuffed like geese with all these entertainment- & action-packed materials on our TV on a daily basis! Heck, it almost makes u feel that money is our GOD almighty!
Cheri07/02/076:14amParents who use there TVs as babysitters or don't monitor what their kids watch, are bad for their kids.
Mary06/29/0712:11pmTV is a passive activity. It allows the child to not think and or use their imagination. No TV allows for sleeping and dreaming at night.
Joe06/29/0710:11amOnly is tv good on edgucational level,for learning about people places or things otherwise all else is a distortion or illusion on what real and natural,it ditorts andinvites to all kinds of idol worship
Crispin06/28/073:34pmTo quote from Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" : "It's so clean here in L.A. You know why? They put all of their trash into television."
Tony06/28/072:37amI agree with jeff,..but we have to make our own televisionprograms, ones that serve us and realy educate etc., but the media is contolled by people who have a different "agenda" then you and i will believe,... so, do not put your child in front off that medium./// be a medium for your child,... it will benefit through his or herwhole live with real skills and emotions!!!!! greeting for the lowlands,...
Jeff06/27/079:10pmI agree with Carla. I think those reality shows, sitcoms and even certain commercials can be very harmful to young children, but there are definitely shows like Sesame Street and others that are educational which benefit children. Ultimately parents should take a very active role in deciding what to let children watch.
Carla06/27/074:47pmIt's ridiculous to say that television is harmful to children of all ages. What ages? Are you talking about four year olds watching Sesame Street? Are you talking about teenagers watching something with violence? You have to be more specific. Besides, shouldn't parents be exercising some control over what their kids watch?
Kevin06/27/078:13amI dont think kids need the violence but if parents take the time to explain whats going on then rather let the kids hear it on tv you should encourage them to ask you questions about what they hear on tv so it can be explained to them
Diane06/27/074:52amDarn right! Not necessarily the shows although some are pretty scanky - but the commercials and the news - kids don't need all that negativity roaming around in their thoughts.

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