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If you saw someone shoplifting while you were shopping, would you report him/her to the store management?

Total Voters: 1000
Yes 38%
No 38%
Maybe 38%
I don't know 38%
Kim09/05/094:30pmNo way would i report them,the goverment a robbing us blind. fairs fair
Gypsy girl09/05/085:48pmI would expose them as each time someone steals the more shop owners raise their prices to cover their losess and costs. I wouldn't like anyone to stael from me so - YES I would report them!!!
Caitlin 10/18/068:20amWhy would you tell? What are thay hurting? Not you so why tell????????????
Kristina09/23/068:43amI feel if the person doesn't get caught by the right people then I would just stay out of it.
JD06/30/068:56pmI would also go by ,if the person was needy . I feel we have enough enforcers and Judges and other dishonest people and do they get turned in??? I feel they are just as bad,There are many good but the one's who are not . That is how I feel.....
Rebekah06/29/0610:18pmDon't need the bad carma! turn them in, it was ment to be that you saw it.
Jus visiting06/29/068:08pmHell No as much as all these stores steal from us?!!!
Breez06/28/068:13pmYes, because if you chose not to, then it is like the choice was made for you to be a part of the shoplifting, by default. What if I dont want to be no shoplifter? It's kool to keep your freedom of choice at all times, I dont want anyone or anything to take that away from me.
Angie06/28/064:43pmI wouldn't know. what if you rat that person out and later he/she looks for you for revenge. but if they deserve it **** it!
Amariel06/28/064:36pmWhy bother? i do it all the time... it gives me sumthing to do.
All ass06/28/062:33pmI always do it it's kool
Marie06/28/066:27amI would because in the long run it effects the money we pay. and we pay alot now.
Courtney06/27/064:26pmI would say yes. because you migth get award
Amy06/27/062:38pmI guess it really depends on the circumstances, like someone stealing an Armani bag from a posh retailer or someone stealing a loaf of bread.
Diana the Red06/27/0611:42amIf a person is needy and hungry I would be hesitant to report them. I would judge the situation by the appearance of the person. If I determined that the person wasn't needy then I would calmly go to a store employee and report it.
Tracey06/27/0611:41amI have two children that are officers of the law, and I would not tell.
Freya8806/27/068:45amStealing is bad for all..but you don't know if that person stealing will then come after you for saying something not to mentain stores pay people for catching thieves so not my problem
Enforcer06/26/0610:59amI feel we all have a responsibility as law abiding citizens to report criminal activity. Stealing is stealing, whether its taking items from a grocery store or grabbing a woman's purse in a parking lot.

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