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Partial Birth Abortion should be against the law in all circumstances.

Total Voters: 1173
Yes 32%
No 32%
Undecided 32%
Virgo 2708/30/0712:21pmDINA...DINA....DINA.....U deserve to die by firing squad. I will make judgment, apon every harmfull human being on earth. Only because u based an opinion a very strong one i feel this way. U are what is wrong with our world. Maybe u should talk to GOD about this next time before u sell your soul to LUCIFER befor the intire world!!!!!!!
Amanda08/30/076:59amI hope you do live with it every day. I can see it in some extreme cases..rape, medically needed etc. I have known people in those situations, but if you at 18 were woman enough to lay down for it then kill the are one more sick person in my book. Unless it was something that was really needed to save your life or the conception was through a form of rape..personally I think what you did was murder plain and simple. You killed a defensless unborn child. That is the part that needs to go because we are throughing babies in the trash can. It wasn't a skin tag, it wasn't a few was a child.
Mary08/29/072:22pmHey Amanda, how about you do what's best for your body and conscience and let other's decide what's best for them. Each person who makes that difficult decision must have no other way out and it may be the only choice available to them at that moment. I had an abortion when I was 10 wks pregnant at the age of 18. I've lived with that decision EVERYDAY of my life since. But it was MY decision to make and I thank our government that I was still given the freedom to make it.
The Green Man08/29/074:22amGreetings All, How about a new discussion on how to help people and the world. How about doing something instead of all of this silly stuff. This is a pagan site and we all should be helping out and doing positive things for the world. How about ending world hunger??? How about clean drinking water? This is positive stuff! Blessed Be!! William
Bam Bam08/27/076:05pmDina having an abortion at 5 months gestation is just SICK. Unless there is a medically necessary reason to abort then it should be illegal!! It's that kind of flat out open ended opinion of it's a womans body attitude that will ruin it for everyone. Everyone knows that abortions happen everyday simply because some lazy couple got too caught up in the moment and concieved and then of course there are the accidents of the careful ones. But, we must face it, responsiblity and care must be taken with the freedoms we have today so they don't become a thing of the past. Abuse of freedoms is what causes us to lose them.
Amanda08/27/075:06pmPersonally, this may sound cruel..but I really would not shed a tear for them at all. There is a thing called birth control. We KNOW where babies come from and how they are made. It isn't like it was in the early 60's, birth control is pratically free in this country so there is no excuse for it. If you are woman enough to lay down and make it then you need to be woman enough to have it. No, I have no sympathy..sorry.
Dina08/27/073:48pmNo it should not be against the law in any circumstance whatsoever if the choice is between the mother or the baby living all forms of legal abortion should be legal and people against abortion should not judge others unless the can put themselves in that position while i agree abortion should NOT be used as birth control their are all kinds of extenuating circumstances for abortion plus if you make it illegal more women will die getting illegal abortions how would you feel if that was your wife , child, sister, mother, etc.
Amanda08/23/071:52pmNot every father abandons the would be mother. My brother had two women get abrotions...then tell him later. Wonderful. Sorry but I do believe in stopping all abortions unless they fall into two distinct catagories. Rape and medically nessisary. We have too many options of birth control available and we have condoms..USE THEM!! There is also a thing called abstinance! Bottom line I don't but they abandoned father thing. It happened to me, I gave my children up for adoption..they came into this world because I was not on birthcontrol and I did not insist he wore a condom. That is 100% my fault so why kill my babies for both me and their father being idiots??? Sorry no dice..if you're woman enough to lay down then you need to have it. Give it up or raise it, but you at least need to give the baby a chance to live. You owe that much and as far as it being a womans have someone who is using you for a life support system so I don't exactly call that my body anymore.
Bam Bam08/23/075:52amJeff, Horrible but effective. Thanks for making the point clear. I'm not for abortions either, but, someone asked what about the fathers. That can be a one sided question. There are alot of absentee fathers out there and alot of these women having abortions were also abandoned by them. Let's not forget those women. Not all women having abortions have men clammering to be daddy's. Although, I strongly believe it's a womans choice, and it truly is.. I would not encourage anyone to do it. What we do with that choice is a moral decision and one we must come face to face with our maker about. But, Partial Birth abortion should be illegal except if deemed medically necessary. The law should not interfere with the mothers survival at any cost.
Amanda08/22/072:54pmI'm not okay with it personally..not at all. Not with the options we have today with birthcontrol and there is always abstinance. Rape to me is no excuse..nowadays you know early on when you are pregnant. Like I said I get tired of womans rights and it's her body..well she should realize she is the one that can get pregnant and take appropraite precautions. We all know what causes babies and we all should know where the local health department is. As far as rape goes, there are drugs they will administer to you in the hospital to terminate the chance of pregnancy. To me that is the humane thing to do. I can see where maybe medically it isn't viable..but I think even that is not terribly common and babies have been known to survive at this age.
Jeff08/22/0711:32amPartial Birth Abortion means extracting the child by the feet through the birth canal and leaving the child's head inside long enough to stab it and suck out it's brain. The only reason they leave the head inside the birth-canal is because if it's extracted all the way, then the child is deemed to be born and therefore protected as a human being. It's a technicality that allows them to kill the child while it's still "partially" born. Waiting 5 months or more to have an abortion is unacceptable unless it's in defense of the mother's life. Look at the image below and tell me you are OK with this sick death procedure:
Amanda08/22/079:47amThat actually was a type-o I meant with the exception of rape but I haven't posted on this forum enough to see how to edit my posts. Sorry
Btrfly08/22/079:39amI would just like to add a different viewpoint for Amanda's comment. In most cases, I agree that paternal rights should be considered; however, you are talking about a rape case. I can't fathom asking a known rapist to care for a child! I would certainly never hand my child over to him or any one's child for that matter. If the man is known and can be asked about the child he fathered, then he should be in jail for rape and not caring for a child. Just my view of that comment.
Amanda08/22/075:57amFor rape cases there is the morning after pill and when you find out you're pregnant it's usally very early on. I don;t like abortion period as it affects more then just the woman and the baby..there is the father to concider..did anyone ask him (assuming the pregnancy is one of rape) if he wanted his baby. It's so funny how we think the men don't want their babies and it's all about the woman and her rights..It isn't..there are far more people in the equasion then just the woman. After all we don't live in a third world country. We know how babies are made...don't want it don't make it.
Bam Bam08/21/075:29pmPepper if someone were raped do you think they should wait five months to have an abortion??
Pepper08/21/073:20pmThere's all kinds of circumstances. if i were in a tight place i'd like an option. what bout rape? what about being too old? what about having a deformed child? so many problems in life to consider. we must have mercy on others and thier circumstances. peace
Bam Bam08/21/075:55amRainshine, I'm sure your ordeal must have been awful for youy and I'm sorry for your loss. But, as you stated your babies died inside of you you didn't kill them. We're talking about killing live unborn 5 month and older babies. From what your saying you did not have an abortion, for whatever reason your babies died and you had to be put into labor and birth a stillborn. That's a big damn difference. YOU NEED to read and understand the question. A partial birth abortion is on a live fetus 20 weeks or older. We are all (most of us) are saying that it should be illegal in all cases except for medical emergencies. Are you just not getting that??? Excuses such as I can't afford it, or the parents won't be happy or I'm not old enough just aren't good enough reasons for any kind of abortion anymore. If we want to keep it a woman's choice we must be responsible and stop abusing our system and it's freedoms. Otherwise Roe v. Wade will be overturned and we'll all be thrown into the dark ages again!
Wildfire08/20/076:41pmRainshine, I read your earlier comment where you say something about " what about a mother with five kids and.........." As adults, we all know how pregnancy occurs. You know it is a possibility when you have sex. If you don't want the responsibility, don't do it! BTW...a mother of 5 really ought to know this after so many. I am a nursing is interesting to me that a single heart cell beats all by itself, and when a second one is set together, they beat together. A five month old fetus is a living human being. A partial birth abortion is MURDER.......and it is brutal!
Cocco08/19/074:49pmAbortion in any form is a moral and personal decision and should not be governed by any MAN's Law. Abortion is not a CHOICE nor a political statement. It can be known as a necessary evil for some. Raise your children to be chaste, responsible people-and pray they never have to contemplate such a situation in their lives. Love and Light! C
Bam Bam08/19/072:45pmSara no one is judging anyone. It sounds as though your taking this a bit personally and you shouldn't, but, on the same token we're not judging anyone who has made a mistake . But, still there is no excuse to wait that late in a pregnancy (5 months) unless it is life or death medically necessary to terminate a pregnancy. Yes, it is woman's choice and if we want it to stay that way we as WOMEN must be responsible and make educated choices!!
Sara08/19/078:05amThats a tough call , and all i can say is "let he that is without sin cast the first stone " ....not everyone is made of the same constitution and there is no right or wrong answer as each circumstance is differant ....and unless its you that is in any particular situation ...then who r u 2 judge ....we all make mistakes its learning from them thats important ...and to have compassion and understanding for those that are not strong enough to keep their own faith
Amanda08/19/071:51amPartial birth abortion. Fully formed fetus..didn't know that was what this question was. Unfortunately the wording is bad on the question. It says any circumstance...there are definate medical circumstance that it may be in the best interests of BOTH mother and child. In that circumstance I think the option should be there. Otherwise no...I don't think so.
Mama San08/18/073:28pmI think before going any further one should see what a partial birth abortion really is and how it is done, animals die more humanely. Abortion is murder pure and simple if it is done as a form of birth control. In the case of saving the mother's life that I cannot argue, the mother's life should be saved. This is not callous on my part , a woman can have another babe in most cases. There are far too many options for one to be so selfish as to kill another just for the sole purpose of not having to deal with the pregnancy.
Rainshine08/18/076:43amOk so you think i am wrong......but when people make laws and do not think of every possibility that could happen that is wrong you think i got the question wrong....ha.....i lost 2 babies they died inside of me do you know what they wrote on the medical reords that had to be done or should i have just died and left my 3 chrildren without amother so that is why an educated person like myself reads the whole question not just what you want to interpet it to be
ColonelAngus08/18/0712:21amIt's OK girls, it will all come out at your trial.
Sphs2A08/17/076:43pmRainshine, it seems to me that u are the one who hasn't read or understood the entire question! The question here revolves ONLY around Partial Birth Abortions. NOT the "regular" types!
Purplevirgobear08/16/079:30amMurder keep doing it girls becauce that is what it is strait up! Thats ok though stay corrupted! It is called choice and accoutablety. I have integrity, my intuition, and faith. I am not afraid! I am WOMAN, and I stay responsible for my decisions. CHICK but not a CHICKEN!!!!!! This is life so live!
Adam08/16/079:15amI think all these men who are not able to give birth, should just leave it to the women's choice. In other words, myob......
Bam Bam08/15/077:20pmRainshine, most of us agree here that in emergency life threatening situations are no other choice acceptable. Let's face it, if the mother dies the baby doesn't stand a big chance at living without her, which under any circumstance loss of life is a very sad thing. On a simpler note, just to have a partial birth abortion for no other reason than you were too lazy or simply because the baby won't be happy because mom and dad aren't going to be happy, is in most of the opinions demonostrated here not a good enough reason.
Rainshine08/15/074:09pmYou guys still are not reading the whole what you are all saying it is okay to let the mother die there are cases in which the mothers life are at stake in all circumstances that is what it says think about it read the whole question next time....if the question was worded different my answer would probably be differnent.
Bam Bam08/15/075:48amKatarina, are you sure you know what we're talking about? The old head in the sand opinion is really ignorant. Maybe if we all look away the problems of the world will resolve themself. Are you saying that it's okay to kill a 5 month old baby in the womb simply becuase it's parents aren't happy therefore the baby won't be happy and we should all mind our business? Perhaps it was the baby's destiny to be adopted by loving parents, perhaps this baby would have found the cure for cancer or who knows. It's one thing to abort very early on in pregnancy but partial birth abortions are a completely different thing.
Katerina08/15/075:30amA child is happy when mother and father are happy and able to support him/her. A child born at a wrong time when parents are immature and unable to play their "role" will never become a happy person. What a child needs is a healthy family. No "dogma" is able to help and give a solution. Every situation is a special one and if the child is not our own is better to respct the persons involved and keep silent....
Hazelhart08/13/077:41pmI agree. it is sick and immoral to KILL another, (after all those that kill others go to jail) especially a helpless infant just because you don't want to "deal" with an unwanted birth....that's why there is adoption. if it is a matter of baby too sick to survive: let it for as long as GOD decides. who are we to decide something as that. i would never want that karmic responsibility on my head or hands.
Rainshine08/13/078:23amYou guys need to read the whole question.....partial birth abortion should be against the law in all circumstances. I do not agree with this at all because there are too many circumstances to count that could happen.Amnio can not be done early in a pregnancy,what if the baby has severe defects or an incurable disease Are you going to take this baby in are you going to pay its medical bills you might say yes but do you have the hundreads of thousands of dllars it would take do you there have been cases of babies dying in the womb are you telling thease women they have to put their life at risk and suffer emotional ditress by carrying a dead baby to term What if the woman is single with 5 kids are you willing to emotanally and financally raise her kids as your own until you can answear thease questions maybe you guys should rethink your decision.
Free Spirit Mother08/13/078:08amPartial Birth Abortion is brutal murder! "my body, my choice" is the most immature & selfish outlook on life. The Creator developed sex for the unity as one between soul mates & if a child is given to that union, Wow, what a blessing! For every action, there is a reaction - if you put your virgina out on a golden platter for every Tom, **** & Harry, what do you think you are going to get in return - VD, Aids, a bad name & heaven forbid (didnt your mamma tell u) a baby. In cases such as rape - I cant comment or judge, thankfully I've never been in that situation but maybe, just maybe that little life would be an absolute blessing to someone who wanted it. Remember, the wheel always turns ........
Mrs.Hall08/12/0710:08pmI fill the same. You lay in a bed you make the bed like my Grandmother told me! But please if this is the choice you want to make.Do it much early dont wait till the last min to tell someone. It's wrong to do! There is an pill you can take call Early Morning I think an it's gone in a days time."THINK befor you lay down next time unless you were raped cause your not only hurting a baby ur hurting yourself inside as well.A child is a Blessing.
Jordann08/12/077:33pm'An ye harm none, do what ye will.'
Winterwolf08/12/074:56pmI believe in the "My body, my choice." But I would not let a pregnancy go to the point that a fully formed, viable child be killed moments before entry into the world. It's insane.
Mariya08/11/0710:52amYes, no matter what the circumstances Partial Birth Abortions are cruel, the child in the womb shows reations to pain within the first 11 weeks so what makes these idiots think that stabbing sissors in the back of an almost full term babys head is ok, or that the child feels nothing!! If there are unruley circumstances do your abortion right away!! If you dont then thats your own fault......use protection or contraceptives...Both would be better, then you wouldnt be in this situation in the first place. Abortion is not a fix to a screw up on your own part!!
Sphs2A08/11/078:21amWell, i have to agree w. Jeff in this case(surprise surprise!), because the mere name of this procedure gives me a GRUESOME visual that i can only relate to butchering cattles & live stocks... (Also the reason why i've been a Vegetarian for many yrs now,which is somewhat besides the point of this topic). It takes an incredibly cold heart to want to do such a thing to a fully-developed fetus(spell?)! But a regular abortion is an entirely different matter which i can support with a somewhat better conscience.
No good08/10/076:03pmI dont think thats right no matter what its not the babys falt
Bam Bam08/09/075:32pmI did not say "who cares". Someone else wrote that under my name.
Zera08/09/0710:01amI beg to differ. Not ALL females can get abortions, full or partial grown. Some countries has laws against that. What about them? Addes costs to go to a country so they can have it anyhows. Ever considered those? What many countries has as legal, some countries dont, n are in many peoples eyes still stuck in the dark ages.
Bam Bam 08/08/079:36pmWho cares.
Say it straight08/08/074:17pmWhat about if you find out late that the mom's health is in grave danger because the baby has multiple health issues etc...and her health and/or the baby's health is at risk? do you risk your life ??? and if you do survive and the baby doesn't; you may never ever be able to have another child. I'm in favor only in super extreme circumstances. Not for birth control.
Bam Bam08/08/076:57amWell said Jeff.
Critter08/07/0712:14pmBravo Jeff!!!
Jeff08/07/0710:46amThere is a big different between a regular abortion and partial birth abortion. In this poll the question is whether or not the grotesque and in-humane procedure of partial birth abortion should be against the law. In the case of rape, incest or just plain "I don't want the kid", women can still get a regular abortion and avoid that gruesome process of inducing birth and butcher the baby while it's half way out of the mother's V. Get it? Anyone who supports this form of abortion is a monster.
Zera08/07/0712:05amWhat some here suggest is reverse evolution. If we make this illegal aswell then more ought to be illegal. Im stumped 4 ideas on what but juss wait some will come to mind. Heres a thought, what about all the kids from force, rape, incest n so on? Do u REALLY believe they r made in love n passion? Ok Ill zip now. Zera :-(
Marz08/06/076:06pmI think it should be illegal no matter the circumstance. Why? Because we shouldnt deny a child who cant thinl for him/herselfs life because of our mistakes. If he/she would be brought up in an a bad enviroment or the mother cant afford it I think the mother should put the child at an adoption center or foster home after birth.
Love child08/06/073:27pmWhile i am pro life for myself, i am pro choice for everyone else. but if you find that you are pregnant and don't wish to be, surely you can make the decision as to what to do about it before you are five months along! if you have waited that long, just have the baby and give it up for adoption for goodness sake! but then that's coming from an adopted person who also had a baby out of wedlock at the age of 21. :) perhaps i'm biased.
Bam Bam08/05/074:58pmOf course it should be a womans' choice. But, we're not simply talking about whether or not it should be a woman's choice; that goes without saying. Partial birth abortion is not a regular abortion we're talking about 5 month old un-born fetuses. I think this type of abortion should be illegal in all circumstances except life and death medical emergencies. They have a cut off time for abortions for a reason; these babies can live outside the womb if they are born.
Berynice08/05/0712:08pmAbortion is a woman's choice. If you don't believe in it, don't have one.
Zera 08/04/0712:39pmAnother question which dates back into history. In old days if u got in the family way, u were an outcast, black sheep of family, workhouse was ur option or n worse. Only those with money could send the woman away to have her kid, n then return as a "widow" or n slate wiped clean. All others were doomed, not just by society, but alsp by priests of all religions. The Taboo on this is still in excistence. Many teenagers get pregnant, n r often left to themselves. We as adult forget kids mature quicker n earlier today than b4. Further is Sex Ed in schools leaving lot to desired from. Not to mention many believes STDS happens to someone else, NEVER themselves. Not only is school n campaigns not helping much, parents dont always take charge of entlightning their kids. As why r my guesses its awkward, its private, its taboo. In my opinion is it EVERY females RIGHT to choose over her own body. No one else should EVER have that right. Funny how far human society has come, yet when any gets pregnant in an outta marriage, its still snuffed upon, especially the young ones. N that is wrong. Its a WOMANS RIGHT to CHOOSE on ANYTHING regarding HER BODY. NO ONE ELSES AT ALL !!!! Zera
Bam Bam08/04/077:43amThere's a difference between partial birth abortions and an early term abortion. Let's clarify the difference before we Poll this one. Any baby that is 4 months (20 weeks) in the womb or older that is aborted is considered a partial birth abortion. Labor is induced after the baby is killed by injection and the baby is removed with forceps in most cases. This is what were talking about, the baby is big at this point 7 inches or bigger and is capable of feeling a lot of pain since the pain system has now fully developed. Some babies at this stage of growth can actually survive outside the womb is born. That is how big we're talking. check out these 20 week and older gestation photos Yes, it is a womans choice although one I would not want for myself nor would I encourage for anyone except in life or death medical cases. But to have a PBA just to have one is cruel and murder. If a woman has been raped or simply doesn't want the pregnancy she should be responsible enough to have an abortion before the heart has started beating. If there is a possiblity of pregancy after rape the hospital gives the 24 hour pill to prevent this, so hopefully the woman goes to the hospital. So yes, partial birth abortions should be illegal in all states unless deemed medically necessary by a Dr. There is no excuse to abort this late in a pregnancy unless medically necessary.
Claire08/04/072:17amI feel that abortion should be allowed in in the case of rape, sexual assult and incest without a doubt. I also feel that abortion should be a woman/girls right to choose but only as the last and best option as I do not believe in going around just having abortions.

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