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Does pornography degrade or liberate society?

Total Voters: 1350
Degrades society 28%
Liberates society 28%
Has no negative or positive effects 28%
Undecided 28%
Critter09/24/0710:21pmFran, May I say for the first time in any of these polls, I actually agree with you.
Bam Bam09/23/077:21pmCan we get a new poll already????
SolFleur09/23/072:53pmI think that pornography cannot be defined. That being said, you cannot legislate morals.
Sharon09/21/0711:55pmEACH TO THEIR OWN...
Steve09/21/078:33amWerner, I appreciate your views and your comments...but I disagree. It is just as simple as I have stated. If people did not like looking at the naked human body, or watching porn, or having sex...then they wouldn't do it. Yet all of those things have been around for centuries, if not longer. The only difference between then and now is, it is easier to get because of all the technology that we have now. If you look at history, you can see that porn has been with us since almost the beginning of recorded history. In some ancient societies, prostitutes and naked dancers were held in very high social esteem. Nude art has been with us since art came into existence. Porn has been with us since the beginning of time and will be with us until the end of time...and why, because the majority of humanity likes looking at the naked body and sex. Did you know that the fastest growing sections in the porn industry are: more women buying porn movies and magazines than ever before, more women directing porn movies, more women running porn companies as Chairman or CEO (ie: Playboy's Chairman and CEO is a woman), more women running porn boutigues (like Babeland) which are run by women designed by women for women These are facts that are easily found on the internet. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. You don't make that kind of money from just a few people. There are over 40 million people in the US that watch porn every "month"...millions more worldwide. And a big percentage of that is women and couples. People like porn (the dollars and numbers prove that)...people like nudity...people like sex. It has always been that way and always will be that way.
Werner F. Oskar09/21/077:27amI dont believe it is as simplistic as u put it Steve! eventhough i DID enjoy the point that u made regarding the existence of paintings with sexual undertones/overtones for 100s of yr., etc.. i believe though we have reached a point in time where we can see this fascination turning more& more into an obsession. Also i believe that in the old days, sex was a great tool in freeing ourselves from the hands of the dogmatic religious forces of that used to exist back then, but these days it seems there is NO values left any longer that are worth being explored in pornography, other than celebrating& exploring our ANIMALISTIC nature, imho! Not to mention that the porn industry is turning more& more into a solely male-dominated thing. There comes a time where we have to stop& look around us, and realize that even the best of things in life tend to reach their "peaking point" at some point, and from then on it is only a downhill slope. i strongly suggest that u read about the arts of Tantric sex because 1 of the most important things it teaches, is that we will first learn to TRUELY enjoy the pleasures of sex when we've learned to contain our own desires! I would claim that this can also be applied to the world of porn, as well.
Steve09/19/071:07pmEverything in this world has both a negative and positive side. For instance, eating a strawberry can be a delicious experience...unless you are alergic to it and then it can put you in a hospital or worse. Or nuclear energy is great...but nuclear bombs are bad (two sides of the same nuclear coin). Or another example, artists for hundreds of years have been painting the naked human body in every pose conceivable...and we hang those nude, provocative paintings in the most prestegious art galleries in the world for everyone to enjoy (and millions do each year). But yet, we will consider a Playboy photo of a woman, in the same pose as the world famous painting, as pornographic. Both negative and positive........ That does not mean that porn (in general) is bad. Some aspects of it are bad, even sick (like child porn). But that doesn't mean all porn is bad, or that even most porn is bad. It is a fact that most of the human population, throughout time, has enjoyed looking at the naked body. If we didn't like it, we wouldn't have paintings hundreds of years old of nude bodies in provacative pose...and we wouldn't have nudity and sex in mainstream movies, TV, magazines, clubs, etc., etc., etc. Think about that statement. If humanity did not like the naked body or porn, then it would not have existed for hundreds of years in paintings, books, movies, is here because "the majority" of humanity likes looking at the naked human form and likes sex (we have billions people on this planet, that proves we like sex...a lot!). If the majority of humanity "didn't" like wouldn't exist! It is that simple! As for women being denigrated. Talk to a stripper at your local strip club. I have....and every one of them have told me they strip in clubs because they enjoy it and like the money. They are not "forced" to be there...they choose to be there. Do you think someone "forces" your famous female movie stars into taking their clothes of for a way! They do it because they want to. The high paid models in magazines...even women magazines...that a provacatively advertising bras or panties, do you think they were forced to do that. NO! They are there because they choose to be there. So the simple fact is this....humanity likes nudity...likes sex...and women (for the most part) are free to express themselves in the porn or modeling industry because they want to. Just because a minority of women don't like nudity or modeling or porn...doesn't mean women are being mistreated or looked down on. Get over it people. Humanity has always like nudity and sex...and always will.
Amanda09/19/074:38amPeople can become addicted to anything at all. sex drugs politics religion, gambling etc. Porn is yet another thing. If you banned something like this for thsoe reasons there'd be a lot more you'd have to ban. Imabalance is imabalance no matter what. People who rape and molest do not do it because they watched a porn movie or because they saw a magazine. These people have an entirely different illness and mentality. Rape is not about is about anger and hatred toward women. Molestation usually is handed from one person to the next and is a compulsion. Porn does not help nor hinder these things at all. When it comes to sexual addictions those are too onj the part of a person..they have to be handled by that person and yes pron may be a part of what a person veiws..but taking it away will do nothing for the addiction at all. Thats like taking alcohol away from the alcoholic..true they may not drink for a while, but unless they get help with their issues and want help it is a matter of when they will drink..and that will be the first moment they are out of a watchful eye.
Fancy09/17/0711:00amIt degrades society. People become addicted to it, marriages break up because of it. Men want you to do things they viewed in porn. Children are raped because of it. Read the studies about the ill effects of porn on marriage, and child rape. It does effect everyone. Studies prove that child molesters are made worse with the porn and they have it all over their house. If you think Porn doesnt hurt ask a woman who has divorced over it because her husband stays on the computer or the girly bars looking at it.
Kendra09/16/075:06pmPeople always razz me when I say I wouldn't date someone if they were into porn. "It's a guy thing" they say "guys are visual". I understand the allure of something taboo or being voyeuristic, but why should I have to put my values on hold because a sex crazed society makes porn and acceptable thing? It may be acceptable for some, but I think that anyone who I was truly compatible with would hold the same views as me on this matter. What a bizarre fixation.
Amanda09/15/073:02pmHeyyou I agree. I thiunk it is all about personal choice and there are other jobs and areas of life people are coerced's just life.
Heyyou09/15/079:08amWhats so interesting about porn. its boring. same thing over and over again. it has questionable story lines. genitals are like faces they are all pretty much that same but with variations. eg some people have big noses. when you see one you've seen them all. consent is of paramount importance and without it, it is wrong! however in this industry many people are taken advantage of and are coerced into things they might not want to do, but some understand fully what they are undertaking. I personally dislike people being taken advantage of but I have no problem if it is their choosen career path. porn has been around for centuries its just now there are a variety of medias being used so therefor it is more accessable. porn is neither wrong nor right. its what ever floats your boat.
Kinzie09/14/076:23pmThis is america people, lets all wake up, we have the right, to watch what we want and read what we want.
Shadyblueyes09/13/071:11pmI chose that it has no negitive or postive affect on socitey because there are plenty of other things that are more prosenting to the public than others. Porno isn't as bad as what some of the other things are. It's either someone lifestyle, what they like, or nothing at all. It's their business and nobody's else's.
Willowredfrog09/13/0712:55pmI chose undecided because I believe that is both liberating and degrading. If it is with consenting adults than it can be very liberating. But on the other hand does this encourage rapists and pediphils to indulge in their criminal behavior?The key word is consenting ADULTS anything else should and is illegal. I think we are more comfortable with our sexualities and I think that in part is that is due to pornagraphy. So I there vote BOTH.
UpNorthNana09/13/076:40amI've been around a LOT, more than I'd like to advertise. Worked in Nightclubs and Strip Joints aka Tittybars, Exotic Nightclubs, Adult Entertainment Nightclubs etc. I've been to porn shops, I've met porn stars, and centerfolds. Looked at porn and sat through enough pornographic movies to emphatically state the following: #1. MOST Pornography IS degrading. It's plausible to incorporate porn into a riveting story, and sexual instruction of say the Karma Sutra may well be as mind bending as the bodies writhing on screen. But the majority of the phauq film are degrading To Men just as much as to Women. Considering the lines of more common fantasy, regarding porn are usually that of the MEN making the film and shooting the pictures, women are denigraded far more frequently than men. #2. Pornography IS NOT a good substitute for foreplay, if anything it's more of a libido inhibitor if one's objective is to get someone "in the mood or receptive". Men look at the porn stars with their big **** and cocks and exagerated sex drives and feel just as ineffective and insufficient as most women do. #3. Pornography is a way of selling that which one does not have, normally can't get (unless they're willing to pay to begin with), and really doesn't need. It sells an ideal that is actually NOT practical: women endowed with enormous breast go through life with excruciating back pain, have a natural tendency towards obesity, and get to go through life feeling "less than" other women because they're basically USED and VIEWED as a sex toy. Men who work their bodies to such sculpted perfection often wind up with permanent injuries...and too much body building can induce impotency. But come on guys, how many of you have shlongs the size of a porn star? And would you want that? It's also a medical fact that the bigger it is, the softer it gets with age too! #4. Female porn "stars" outnumber male porn "stars" roughly 10 to 1. I wouldn't doubt it links into male dominance traits.
Amanda09/12/072:36pmThere are all kinds of virieties of porn..lesbian porn..midget porn..that goes around and it's legal. we fixate on women I think because most of us really don't get into pron so we don't know exactly whats out there. But really think about it..we have as many men showing their stuff as women. I have had male friends who are dancers..the women who go see these shows behave far worse then the men who go. I have gone to thse shows and I have had women friends who were dancers as well..and the male crowd was much better behaved. Porn is another form of fantasy and entertainment and if we ban porn we may as well ban Harry Potter..people just might start wanting to practice majick and summon demons......see where this sort of censorship can lead??
Bam Bam09/12/075:14amMistress Risa, I assure you the news does not censor. Look at the coverage of 9/11 and the war. Do you remember what happened to our hostages over there they showed on the news? Are you serious? They need to report more important pieces and aspects and show less gore and stop showing Alcheida on the news especially on 9/11 . Who cares how Bin Laden celebrates this day of mourning for us.
Mistress Risa09/11/0710:47pmPorn is going to be here, like it or not. Just like smoking, it is your choice, illegal in certain circumstances, but choice remains yours....What do we not have enough censorship with our news system? Our government? Break out the stake and stick it where your afraid to say or see. If a woman feels objectified or lessened by something the 1st amd. allows, then females need to structure themselves better. Being a lady, is within. Do not fear of being one without.....
Walmont F. Ortiz09/10/078:16amLets save our own sexlives(& its future) by starting to control pornography, before it starts to spoil our sexual-appetites 1 day in the near future! My only concern is SEX here. Lets not allow it to turn it into a pass 1 day.
Fran09/09/071:21pmMy only concern with pornagraphy is the way that in which it objectifies women- it perpetuates the idea that women are sexual "toys", or accessories. But so do our fashion and entertainment industries and advertisements. One could make the argument that males show skin in advertisements as well, but no one can convince me of what I see plainly: it is almost ALL women baring skin and posing for pornagraphy. As to Ronaye's comment, I do understand your call for women to put their clothes back on- we women have a responsibility to extract ourselves from this objectification as well. However, calling certain women such anti-female, degrading names like "tramps" makes the whole situation worse. Is someone supposed to love herself more and improve her self-esteem after being insulted? After all, the reason that she is in front of the camera is probably based in her lack of self-esteem in the first place. I just want to say that this mindset that the woman is worthless is what allows our society to make an ornament out of her.
Amanda09/09/0711:55amPersonally I feel porn is just pics..I don't like them so I don't look at them. Internet dating is okay too...people lead very busy lives and spend more time on the puter as a part of the job. No degradation there. And no..pagans and wiccans don't have exclusive rights to tarot and runes...that's absurd. The tarot and it's hystory is vague in and of it's self so no one can claim rites to it.
JoBarry09/09/079:47amFirst I want to state that the following opinion is about legalized pornography ONLY!!!! It does NOT include anything that is ILLEGAL or with CHILDREN or anyone that is NOT A CONSENTING ADULT. With that said... my opinion is that pornography is nothing more than training pictures and films. In other words, informational or "How-to" reference materials. Used in this aspect pornography can be very beneficial as a learning tool. Sexual desire is the most natural of all of our instincts. We are all born with it. It's bad only when we are taught that it's bad. It's my belief that you must have a health opinion of sexual behavior before you can have an accurate opinion about pornography.
Katheriene09/08/0711:39pmIn a world where there is no morallity and it seems everyone is in it for the ride and there personal human rites it seems sociaty has turned selfish and forgotton that other people also have the rite to the same human rites.that includes the innocent children that are often used in the need for some sick perverts fantasy in the pornografic there is such things as snuff films that take away the victims human rite to live.if that doesnt degrade society than i dont know what does and the human race doesnt deserve to exist.
Happy09/08/076:15amIt is strange to me that the American society has more of a problem with sticking a **** in someone than with sticking a knife in someone. Violence (imo) is more pervasive and invasive than sex/porn is.
Bam Bam09/08/075:43amWhat the hell? Internet dating degrades society Min? Your comment leads me to believe that you are totally clueless about internet dating. Have you done it? It's a good form of meeting new people; you must practice extreme caution for safety reasons but nowadays thats pretty much with anyone you meet. Other than that, it's fun and you can make some good friends. But degrades society? My husband and I were pen pals for months on the internet, then two years later (after meeting of course) we were married and have been together over 5 years. There have been many success stories for internet dating so please don't diminsh the relationships of those who have met someone that way. Oh wait, meeting guys in bars that's way classier and those guys never lie either!
Min09/08/073:48amPornography is a subject of free will. We can indulge in it and we can ignore it. For the minority of people who actually enjoy this - let them! Freedom of choice is very important and to be quite honest, internet dating degrades the moral fabric of society far more than pornography. It should be controlled and licenced for as with prostitution, its an age old practice and one that is an intrinsic part of society that you will never get rid of. Instead of do-gooders trying to stamp it out and force it underground to be abused and a source of revenue for the makers of such pornography, we need to openly police it. You will never stamp out this kind of practice, only make it more lucrative and perhaps even more sinister in its practices. To legalise any vice takes away the sensational value of it. Make it legal, licence it, tax taxes from it, keep it within limits for you will never destroy it. Degrade society? Take a look at society as a whole - even without pornography - society is going down the road the Roman Empire did - we love to watch people die, we allow child abuse, elder abuse, children to roam the streets and destroy property and other's lives, the list goes on. Pornography is just a small part of a world society that is become hell bent on taking itself to hell in a handbasket and no one cares! Stop nitpicking with pornography when there are far greater problems that degrade society and dont make pornography a sensation - it doesnt warrant it and all you are doing by debating this is to give it what it does not deserve. Remember - those that take part in this type of practice do so because they want to to provide a market that requires it. We all have choices and those choices need to be respected. Just because you dont like it or want it doesnt mean the next person doesnt and its their choice to choose that! Keep an open mind on everything that society has to offer - there are far greater problems than putting on film what most of us do in our private lives anyway........have whatever form that is practiced!
Zera 09/07/0710:54pmHi. this issue has been on the market since the first erotic photoes n movies was made. i think it every single inidividuals own personal meaning that ought to count. where would any liberty be if we started to endorse any part of it? Yes there is a time n place 4 everything, including porn. Some seem not to get that, posting it where it no belong n cant see why its a wrong place to post porn at all. Those get a ban or deletions. Many also juss post m to be of nuisance, n has no propriety of what is right n wrong. In end, can we only accept, porn has come to stay, so why fight it? why endorse it ?
Me09/07/076:31amBy reading your comments i can see many of you have not traveled europe nuity is is on billboards window advertisements tv newspapers etc.noone there is really phased about is just the human body after all and no one should be ashamed about it.
Bam Bam09/07/076:03amThere is no clear evidence where the Tarot began or who invented it. The Gypsies say that the hidden knowledge of the tarot was originally brought by their people from Chaldea and Egypt into Israel and on to Greece. The Gypsies did indeed roam through Europe at about the same time that the tarot cards began to be used along the shores of the Mediterranean. But, I don't think Tarot is soley Pagan since (and I'm pretty sure) it's been around longer than they have. Some people would say it's more wickan than anything. But like everything in this world we must put names on and divide everything into sterotypical grouping. The tarot is for everyone so let's knock it off already.
The Green Man09/07/074:09amGreetings Amanda, I think tarot, rune, horoscopes, etc. are pagan. This is my last time on this silly site, so whatever........
Sonia09/06/076:53pmSo i want to ask a question. if your significant other we at a strip club' then came home and had sex with you how would that make you feel? i feel dirty and used. yes these are my feelings. and fornication is a sin for all of those that are not apposed to this. i understand that this is the way of society today but if you really read the bible then you would see where i am comming from. i know many many many people who feel the same way. i am not here to judge that is Gods job so what ever your pleasure so be it. that is all i was tyring to say before. i am not blaming anyone. the blame belongs to all of us we know its there and no one dose anything about it. i have two girls to empower for the future and i plan to have them respect themselves enough to stay far away from this stuff. if you ask these girls and men if they are happy 90% of them will tell you no. think about that!!
Bam Bam09/06/0710:00amI guess no one has ever Polled a question with regards to those issues. If someone asked them then I'd be happy to chime in about it. I also think too that the absense of such polls is indicative of this site not being simply a pagan site, it's simply a type of spiritual site like Amber said and it's really for everyone to use and interpret on their own. Tarot cards aren't only for pagans and you don't have to be one to be psychic. That would be like saying you can only be pagan if your European.
Amanda09/06/079:15am I see it as something that is soley on the hands on the person. Now I do agree that a child should never be exposed to pornographic material I do feel that if a person is an adult, then they have all the smae rights I do or at least they should. I can't really say what thier veiws on sex 'should' be or 'need' to be. Now this does affect all of us across the board, but at the end of the day it is up to the person. I have the right to not be exposed to I don't watch it or veiw anything like that. I know it's there..I just choose not to see it. Any one and every one can make that choice. Does it degradfe society???Only if said society allows that.
Walmont F. Ortiz09/06/079:09amIt's not so much about feeling vain or indignant over seeing boobs or butts, but rather about the fact that in today's society, we tend to be a little too casual & indifferent about the AMOUNT & the quantity of pornography materials being accessible to the public view. Surely the pagans must also agree that there is a certain element of intimacy involved with the nature of sex, which is NOT meant to be over-exposed because we may risk growing tired of it at some point. It's almost like having to eat your fav. icecream for every single day of your life...wouldn't we at some point want to 'break away' from this "routine"? U may or may not agree with me, but at the end of the day, my only point is that we should try& save SEX from becoming an over-used product, & to somehow prevent people from wanting to break ALL the barriers at one point or another! There IS a need for self-regulation, & we need to know about that side of sex as well. I think it is safe to say, that WE ALL want to have a pleasant sex-life...but lets try & keep the porn materials under control, so that it(sex) wont become tomorrow's banality!! (i should know what im talking about because i have a Channel that shows porn every single night, 7 days a week)
Amanda09/05/076:48amYou know I have seen nothing to suggest this is a Pagan site at all. I think of this as a Spiritual site and that would cover anyone and everyone..not just Pagans. If you don't like the Polls Green Man you don't have to vote or comment on them. These issues are worth while and worth discussing and being Pagan, Christian or Muslum has nothing to do with how a person may feel about pornography. Whether or not others volunteer is between them and themselves and nothing to anyone else at all. No one owes you any don't like it, don't one is twisting your arm.
The Green Man09/05/075:05amHey Bam Bam, I loved how you through the question back at me, very sweet. I sure do, through the years I've been on lots of programs even at work. Lots try the big brother and big sister program for one. You can't get more positive than that. Recycle? It's the law here! So, I could go on, but I don't like to pat myself on the back. Sure, a pagan site can discuss things, but I have not seen many on the site. Maybe the next poll can have a topic about something worthwhile too, lets see.... The Celtic New Year is next month, that might be a coo one. Mabon (Autumn Equinox) is almost here. How do we celebrate this around this country? Would love to here from brother's and sisters. Blessed Be To All
Bam Bam09/04/076:12pmHey Green Man do you volunteer? Better yet, do you recycle? I figured if you were going to ask us you should go first. But, to answer your question I not only volunteer I work with the Elderly. P.S. Why does this site have to be pagan? Can't it simply be a site? I guess I'm not sure what you mean by asking if it were a pagan site. Does that mean we can't discuss topics like this? Do pagans not have to deal with the same issues we non-pagans have to deal with? Please elaborate.
The Green Man09/04/072:11pmSo, how many of you do volunteer work? Help the planet? Why are these things on a pagan site, at least I hope it's a pagan site! Still want to know who posts these dumb _ss questions. Blessed Be To All............
Amanda09/03/074:32amI don't remember the passage about looking at naked pics in the bible...I just love it when people blame others for their feelings. I mean true, someone may say something that isn't appropriate but if as an individual you choose to buy into that and keep it then thats on you. If your mate doesn't treat you the way wyou need to be treated..why are you there? There are plenty of men who don't act like that..
SONIA09/02/077:46pm i think that if men gave half the attention to their mates as they do in the clubs and the movies the would would be a happier place. its men like this that make us girls eather have low self esteems or stray to the first man that gives an inch of attention to us. besides according to the bible this is a sin.
Amanda09/01/0712:44pmIf you look at the pole actually 56% of voters either are undecided or really don't have a negative attitude about porn at all. My roommate likes porn, I don't care about it at all and on a personal level he treats me no differently for it. There's not a whole lot wrong with it and it would not be there if people didn't like it and want to see it. Personally I think if boobs and butts make a person feel degraded then that person has an issue they need to get a handle on. it isn't up to the entertainment industry to make us okay with is a personal responcibility.
Bam Bam09/01/078:30amYou know in our house we don't make a big deal about "boobs" and butts on tv. If I did my kid would be out getting the material to see what the big taboo was and they aren't interested. They feel the same way I do, there just boobs AND boobs feed the world! Aside from the poll, I think if we act as though the human body isn't such a taboo kids won't grow up thinking they need to have it. Like alcohol and ciggarettes, they are taboo and illegal and every kid in America practically has a need to have them or in college overindulge in them.
Linda09/01/077:56amWhy is it we have to make it a society thing? If we stopped making it a taboo perhaps it would no longer be something that the young wanted to get ahold of so much. If you as a erson do not like it then do not look at it.
Amanda 09/01/077:33amI have no idea who puts these up..and yes there have been some male frontal nudity..Robin Williams for one??? Ronyale if it bothers you then restrict yourself to PG-13 There are countless classical scultures and art works equally displaying males and females. I think the real issue here is this. If you don't like it..don't have anything to do with it..but don't interfere with those that do. It isn't degrading to see either sexes nude and if a person feels degraded, well then that is you and not the most of society..nudity and porn are totally different at least to me. I don't mind seeing a passionate scene on's part of the story and part of what happens in life. Now some of the other publications..well I am not wild about them..but I don't think banning it would be a good idea either
The Green Man09/01/076:34amAnother dumb poll, how about doing something good on this site. Anyone know who puts these up??
Laurel08/31/079:46pmNudity is beautiful. Pornography is degrading.
Ronaye08/31/076:24pmWell for one i have not seen a naked man! I have seen the rear end and that's it! The polls show that it is degrading. If nudity is so acceptable for " WOMEN" then why is there a law against it! How come we have to wear clothes?! As for the "Amendment" rights, I have the right to watch a movie ( though few and far between ) without the disgrace of a hollywood BIMBO! Which is also degrading and disrespectful! Example Lindsy Lohan, gone from Disney to naked in 10 seconds flat! It is a very sexist society and where will they draw the line? Porn puts demented ideas in peoples heads. Notice how sexual serial killers always have been linked with having PORN!
Amanda08/31/071:27pmAs far as Ronaye's comment it is pretty extreme. I happens to be what you would call a 'looker' and trust me..I have respect..why? I earn it. There are naked men in movies too, Tom Hanks, Travolta, Cruise, just to name a few star hineys I have seen shine on the silver screen. Nudity it's self is not pornography. I agree some of the harder stuff isn't very flattering but people need to remember that there is an entire culture out there it panders too. I personally don't like porn, but like the last poster said I do believe in protecting the First Ammendment. I think it is an individual situation though..does pornography degrade you personally? Only if you let it. Oh, and I see nothing wrong with a woman exressing herself is as a sexual being. For God's sake use common sence and precautions, but then again being sexy doesn't mean you have to have sex.
Susan08/31/0711:54amI think it is degrading, but believe it should be allowed as part of our first amendment rights.
Bam Bam08/31/075:19amHelen is not Judging, she is voicing her opinion as well. Ronaye is generalizing all women as a whole, I am not a **** who take off her clothes, but, according to Ronaye not only are all women (that would include you too Gertha) are degrading and taking our clothes off but apparently we're the only ones in movies doing bestiality. Has anyone seen the latest Silent Bob and Jay movie Clerks 2? That would be a man performing bestiality. I think calling her opinion a narrow view was far too polite it's more skewed than anything else.
Gertha08/31/073:30amI don't see Ronaye "judging others" as u like to call it Helen. She's just voicing her own opinions based on her own experiences in that regard. Infact, if there is anyone judging here, it is you!
Helen08/30/0710:00pmRonaye, if you're not that way inclined, then why are you taking it so personally? I couldn't name one person that would agree with your narrow view. Most women I know are decent, loving females who don't 'flaunt' themselves sexually. And those that I have met that do, well I say let them. As long as they aren't hurting anyone or anything else, who are you to judge! Most men I have met would not ever treat a woman with disrespect and any way, shape or form. You will always find the minority of the population will always look at life through a 'sexual' frame and if you don't like it or looking at it, do something else. You shouldn't generalize everything. Don't feel degraded or embarassed by other people's actions. That's their personal responsibility, not yours!
Bam Bam08/30/075:34pmIf we're talking Penthouse kind of porn, yeah it's degrading. But, the statue of David no. I also don't think guys that read it or others like it really give a darn about art so they can't really say that's a form of it. It's a form of something though.
Amanda08/30/074:29pmI am not too sure on this one. I think it all depends on what one calls pornography..some thing nude picsa are porn, other think it goes a bit further.

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