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Reality TV shows are an enriching source of entertainment.

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Pat02/20/084:27amWell, ladies, truth to be told...right down to the nitty, gritty...the Native Americans are the only ones that should represent this nation since it was their land for over 10,000 years, but our government at that time stole the land from them. If you both choose to believe ANY politician, then that is your ignorance. If I want to write a novel then I'll tell you what you both told Zera...if you don't like what I say, then pass it over and don't read it. I'm not trying to win your approval. An arabic prophet once said,"Some who are too scrupulous to steal your possessions nevertheless see no wrong in tampering with your thoughts." Take it to heart!!!!
Amanda02/19/081:31pmI have no idea why anyone would think censorship is new here. It's been done since this country was founded. However, I agree with Fran, just because someone does not see things the way another person does it does not mean they are stepping on your freedom to speak your mind. It merely means that they are speaking theirs. Their is a concept of separation of church and state, so my big question is what does Obama's religious preference have to do with his ability to run this country? What if he professed to be a Pagan? Or an Atheist for that matter? Exactly what does someone else's beliefs have to do with their qualifications?
Pat02/19/081:04pmGlad everyone is here. I am not talking about anyone's opinions on this poll. I'm talking to someone much bigger than any of us. You have to remember that we truly are in the early beginnings of censorship in this country. Why do you think there is so much garbage in a lot of the media? Maybe you are young enough to be around when it comes full circle. Yeah, I know sometimes I tend to write a novel, I guess it was a bad habit I picked up in college. You know how professors can be somtimes. I know I need to abbreviate down...everyone just remind me and keep me in check. Truly sorry.
Fran02/19/0811:57amPat, I was questioning religious intolerance not RACISM, geez. You took up all that space to prove you are not racist, congratulations. And just because I say that you are wrong and question you (because you would rather believe a documentary than the candidate himself on something as fundamental as religious beliefs) doesn't mean that I or anyone else is trying to take your freedom of speech. Of course you have freedom of speech, as evidenced by your novel. Why do you discuss on this poll anyway? So that you can express your beliefs, but get extremely defensive when someone doesn't agree with your opinion? Face it- the other half of sharing your opinion is getting feedback, and that doesn't mean that someone is impinging on your right to speak. Damn.
Amanda02/19/0811:55amPat, check out snopes where Obama is concerned. It was pulled because it was not true. BTW, I have no issues with a Muslim Prez at all. We also have freedom of religion in this country and I really don't care if someone worships Charlie Brown and the Peanut gang so long as they do a good job. Percentage wise me may donate less but it is still a hefty chunk, however we still take the lead in that and in other affairs, not always but the greatest majority of the time we do.
Pat02/19/0811:07amI hope my comment gets accepted in here, because like it or not I have freedom of speech, also. I am having to fight like hell to get in here now, wonder why.In the program I saw, it showed obama when he was younger and he was in several hate clubs and he walked away from christianity and walked into the muslim faith. Anybody who doesn't believe that... it is your right to choose to believe or not...that's called freedom. All I know is what I saw and it hasn't been shown since the first time I saw it(and that makes me stop and wonder why). He is a muslim. I believe in a great big beautiful Spirit that made the infinite universe. Many , many people on this planet have different names and beliefs for this Spirit which is the only one Great Spirit that EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY comes from. To me, there is good and bad in ANY religion, I don't care what religion it is. The reason I made the comment that the United States of America does not need a muslim president in the White House is not because he is black, but because he is muslim. It would be like rubbing a raw sore with most Americans right now, because of the war. This is not Star Trek, this is real life and the U.S. is not ready for this yet(only in my opinion). He might get word of this and denounce it, because he wants the presidency, but I would find it hard to believe he would walk away from that faith...and again I can believe it or not just like anyone else can believe it or not...that again is called FREEDOM. I am white and I believe that Martin Luther King would have made a great president, because he was a true, honest man of the Great Spirit's love and peace(for EVERYONE, not just the few). I have always had great respect for him, I remember those horrible days as a young person when this WHOLE NATION was in turmoil. King was a dove. People can make their comments about the lady clinton freely, also. BUT remember this...she stayed a strong woman and lady through the whole heartache and worldwide embarrassment. She is not the only woman or man in this world to take a two-timing mate back. I don't know who would or wouldn't make a good president, because politicians lie and have ALWAYS lied throughout anytime in history and our government is not unsoiled!! Because of all of our freedom of speech, I should be able to say any of this, just like everyone else on here. We all know that with any poll there will always be controversy, that is part of being in these comments. Let's choose to agree or disagree and be passionate about our individual thoughts and beliefs, because I like it here.
Fran02/19/089:52amWhoa whoa whoa... Look, I care about the U.S. But let's just be real- we do not donate the most money/resources to other countries. We donate a lower percentage of our GDP than many other countries. It just looks like a lot because our news sources make it seem that way- they don't really go into detail about about the actual amount we donate, conveniently. And Ed, if you want any credibility, get us a source that shows that Obama is a Muslim. I'll show that he is not. Also, explain why it would be so bad to have a Muslim president (who was born and raised in the U.S.)- of course, a reason that exceeds your religious intolerance would be helpful (understatement). And Zera, I hope your happy that I addressed the news and TV. For the record, I think it's full of lies, from the popular news sources, to the commercials, to the "documentaries"- and of course, "reality" TV.
Amanda02/19/086:52amZera...we are in fact the largest country that does the most. Usually we are the leaders in international affairs. As I said, you don't like what we have to say don't read it. That is called freedom of speech. In other words we aren't gonna tell you what to say and we demand the same out of you. If we don't like what you have to say we will debate you and let you know all about it.
Ed02/19/085:22amI enjoyed reading all the comments, but lets be real. The US is not ready for a black president nor ready for a female president especially Hillary. The Clintons will disgrace the country as they did previously when good ole Bill couldn't keep it zipped up! Obama no one really knows what he stands for people are just voting for him for his color. He has never stood for anything except getting a paycheck for being in office. Obama is a Muslum and that is not good for our country. As far as the Republicans we are not any better off with them either. So what's the choice. Don't vote! None of them are going to help this country. If any of them get in we are in deeper trouble then whats happening now. If a democrate gets in get ready the terrorists will have a free for all. It's a known fact that the Dems don't like defense which will leave us wide open. Republicans believe in the Military so our chances are that we will not get attacked. Before any of you jump on this about 911. Bush was not in office long and what happened is a result of Bill the pervert Clinton dropping the ball while in office. Instead of taking care of America he was worried about how his affair was going to damage his slimy reputation. So people if you vote make sure it is for the right reasons not because one is black and one is a women. It's our future, and four years is a long time.....Think about it!
Zera ;-)02/19/0812:12amDo u americans ever consider u aint the only country on planet who helps outside their pwn country??? U forget the planet consists of more countries than large USA.
Amanda02/18/087:36pmWow. I don't come in for a few days and look here..controversy and I didn't start it. Okay for those who are not from America... umm we revel in our freedom of speech and exorcise it liberally. If you don't like it we also have another philosophy, don't read it. Nice folks aren't we? Yep thats right, if you see the name and don't like what they have to say or how they say it that is what the delete button, or the escape button or even the little button that rolls the view up and down is for. However I do agree this is one of the most significant elections for our country due to not only the minority run (go Obamah!) but the state our country is in. Yes the Civil war vote was important, however this is almost of the same magnitude and you would have to live in this country to understand that intimately. The poll is stupid so those of us that come here regularly are entertaining ourselves until the web master puts up another pole. I can't believe I am saying this but I agree with Bam Bam, this website is based in America..therefor those of you that do not like it can choose not to read it, however do not be foolish enough to tell us to not talk about what is important to us. We Americans are known for two things; we like to help people in crisis and we like to express our freedoms. We also will say kiss my American A** if you don't like it. Peace Out
Paula02/18/084:02pmWowzers! There are two things that will always bring the proverbial house down in chat and on polls - Politics and religion. So said I do believe I'll check in again AFTER the powers that be post a NEW POLL! lol!
Pat02/18/082:12pmI have been trying all day to get in,because of my last comment. If this gets in now, I'm lucky. If it doesn't, it means you will not be hearing from me again.
Fran02/18/081:03pmIt seems to me like most people are tired of talking about TV, but if you want to continue, go ahead because no one is stopping you. I prefer to discuss something more interesting than whine about how *someone* needs to create a new poll. It's not about creating a private club- though the accuser might want to look at his/her recent history of ganging up on certain people- seems cliquey to me.
CalStar02/18/0812:41pmBam Bam your so controversial..LOL. Seriously though, Bams has barely said Boo this whole poll. Someone asked for new poll and as far as I can see she only suggested we start our own. Then Amanda came up with a great suggestion that only the two of them talked about. No one has stopped any of you from discussing TV. Apparently some of us watch it more than others. HAHA. Whoever said she started with all her know it all crap is FULLA****E. I'm for Hillary too Bams and I agree this is one of the most historically important elections in the US' history. Somone said they have had different races and women, black etc. in leadership roles all over the world. Well, NOT HERE we're still a growing country where the battle of the sexes and the races are continually evolving.
Zera ;-)02/18/0812:10pmTalk about censureship here, obviously its ok 4 certain peeps to say their minds on whatever n everything, but some other it is not. Smells to me like a private club n not all r invited. I dont mind slogans of politics, but not in polls that ainīt got to do with elections at all. I couldnt care less who the hell won the us election anyhows, but i do care what u censure on certain of us here. Freedom of speech???? HARH not here as far as I see. 4 most polls iīve seen lifted fingers n double standards as far as freedom of speech n thought goes. Iīm not snotty, I state my piece of mind, n if u dont like it, tough!!!! Wallender iīm all behind ya.
Bam Bam02/18/0811:59amWallander you may be as harsh and be as hateful as you wish. All I said was New Poll Go Hillary. If that bothers you OR Zera I'm not concerned by that. I am a lady, the fact that you say that makes it worse (your opinion of me) just goes to show your a man that and the fact that you ASSUMED I was a "he" simply because of a name. Fran I wholeheartedly agree we can all talk about what we want. Our politacal discussion got started after someone had the nerve to try to censure my freedom of speech (Zera) simply because you didn't want to read two stupid little words GO HILLARY Oops I said it again (just razzin ya). We all said what we had to say about this current poll; so did you Zera. Frankly, it's pretty arrogant to tell others what they can or cannot discuss or WHERE they should discuss it. We can talk about what we want and go wherever it leads us. THAT IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW IS JUST GOOD CONVERSATION.
Fran02/18/0811:12amZera: I'll quit getting testy when you quit getting snotty. K? thanx ;) ;) ;)
Wallander02/18/0810:46amI'm sorry for being rather harsh on you here BamBam, but the fact ALONE that you are "a lady" and a mother doesnt really help change the impressions that i've had of you in here so far! Infact it makes it EVEN WORSE! I can only hope that you and everyone else who have been behaving in this nasty manner, begin to change your attitudes for the better, in the future polls. Thanks in advance, and i hope you TOO will have a nice day yourself -- atleast better than what you were aparantly going thru a few days ago!
Zera ;-)02/18/089:45amDont get testy with me fran, bam bam began with her i know all more n better than any1 else. 4 all records, i dont mind pieces of minds of any kinds, but rearing 4 who should b elected doesnt belong at a poll forum, but in a political forum. Begin one in discussions instead. thanx
Fran02/18/088:39amHey, why should we wait for someone to tell us what to talk about? You can, Zera. I won't.
Zera ;-)02/18/087:49amWell said ladies n gents on politics n stuff. Teach ya kids not us. thanx NEW POLL ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fran02/18/087:18amBarack Obama is not a Muslim. Even if he was, can you realistically explain to us the reason it would be a hindrence for us to have a Muslim president, Pat, that extends beyond your prejudice? Are you aware that it goes against our constitution to deny a position in government based on the individual's religion? I think that is grounds for those of us who are American citizens not to persecute people based on their religion as well. But it is my belief that the people who made this documentary you speak of are the standard fear-mongers who are out to ruin said candidate's chance at presidency. Typical bull****.
Bam Bam02/18/085:46amBased on America's history - The womens rights movement - Black History- this is an Historical Election FOR THE US. Hell, we celebrate history when the first Black Actor won an Academy Award so don't act like the first Black President or the First Woman President isn't a big deal. As far as this war goes and the American is the most important election- American jobs and families are at stake people are losing their homes left and right. Sometimes every comment isn't in Black and white they are far simpler and some of you guys over think it. As for Wallender - not allowing you to debate or anyone for that matter is ridiculous - no one has stopped any of you from debating over television; several of us have asked for a new poll and many of have gotten off to our own discussions. If you don't want to talk about this topic that's your perogative. To each his own I say; this tv poll has run it's course for some of us. As usual someone has taken a flip portion of a sentence "Go HiLLary" too far. I will not apologize for saying anything. It's difficult when reading someone's comments to guage who they are OR what they are truly saying. Case in point - I'm am a lady and someone's mother. Not a Prig Wallender. Have a nice Day!
Pat02/18/084:59amAfter coming in to work this morning and reading all these comments...I couldn't stay away. First of all, reality tv shows, regular shows and most movies teach kids and teenagers how to cheat, lie, jump into bed with anybody, backstab and many more negative things. Anyone that thinks that all parents keep their kids from that kind of stuff are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.WAKE UP!!! Most kids know more than a lot of adults do. What I don't understand is why everything has to be about the adults and to hell with the kids. Next was either late winter of 2006 or early spring 2007 I watched this program on obama(and for some strange reason I haven't seen it since and not one news channel brings it out) and what I saw disturbed me very much. I watched it show when he was young, he was in a lot of hate clubs and his religion is muslim. What I don't understand is why it is kept hidden now and the American people should know this...he is racist and we, as Americans do not need a racist muslim in the White House(this is not a muslim country). I know very nice people that are muslim,jew,catholic,christian,wiccans and non-believers of anything, so it's not that I am bashing muslims...I just don't think a muslim should represent the United States of America.
Zera ;-)02/18/081:42amI agree Wallander. Happens at each debate. Owners: NEW POLL PLZ. this one ran off the tracks thanx ;-)
Wallander02/17/085:18pmLOL.....2030 yrs = 230 yrs.....;-D....
Wallander02/17/084:22pmOops! The censured word was 'pr*ck'!
Wallander02/17/084:19pmI dont live in the States myself but i can tell you all this much; America desperately NEEDS a person like H.Clinton as its president, if America is hoping to survive as the kind of nation it has been the last 2030 yrs.! To elect yet another Republican president, OR to elect B.Obama would be a BAD mistake IMHO because none of these 2 hold the torch in their hands, which would enable them to lead America into the uncertain future that awaits us all. With H.Clinton however, the future of the US is secured. Ironically im saying all this despite the fact that i HATE this BamBam character for the way he's been behaving during this topic, not allowing the rest of us to have a decent debate about the topic at hand. A truely arrogant **** with NO class!
Zera ;-)02/17/081:34pmMost important American Election???? I beg to differ, what about the election that winded in a civil war? What about the narrow Kennedy versus Nixon election??? Funny u mention 2008 as THE most important election in the USA. Tells me u dont know much of history of USA nor the world. American based, maybe so, but itīs an INTERNATIONAL based place to join n say once minds. Thanx Jeff. I wholeheartedly agree on ur assesments of politicians of all races n colors n genders across the globe.
Jeff02/17/081:08pmBam Bam, I have to agree with Zera on this one. I respect your views on the various subjects we have discussed in the past, but this is a Poll discussion that involves people from all around the world and we should stick to the topic at hand. Your statement that this is an "American based site" is baseless and arrogant, and it significantly diminishes your credibility. That said, putting so much stock in the gender or the race of a candidate is frighteningly narrow minded. There is nothing historic about this kind of diversity when viewed in the scope of the World. Many men and women of all colors and races have served in the highest levels of governments all over the world.
Bam Bam02/17/089:53amSeriously, as an American we love our freedom of speech. I will say what I like. This is the most important election we've ever had not only for our countrys stability but one of the first minority wise in our young history. We have our first Lady (woman) and FIRST African American candidates running for office and one of them will be elected. I'm proud to be alive during such a historical time in our countries history. I'll say what I like this is a public forum.
Bam Bam02/17/089:45amThis is an America based website. If you don't like reading off the cuff comments about the MOST IMPORTANT election WE'VE EVER HAD
Hillary fan02/17/084:03amDear Webmaster Please for a future poll here may it be a political one? Many thanks.
Jilliebean02/16/087:53pmHow can we even imagine this as a statement? Would you be proud to see your child behaving poorly on any of the reality shows? I wouldn't.
Zera ;-)02/16/082:06pmKindly leave the vote politics outta here thanx, or ask 4 a political poll. its no fair to those of us who aint american to has to sit n read US elections. plz free us of that thanx
Me too!02/16/089:19amI say vote for Hillary!
Wallander02/15/085:32amThat moral decay you speak of Jeff -- which i agree with completely -- is the result of the artificial settings that has been created by the media machinary. Therefore the quality and the moral values that the TV once used to bring out to ppl, has deteriorated into a big dark void of nothingness! And unfortunately the younger generations will be buying this 'nothingness' as "quality" which is a very tragic thing. This is no longer a question of "younger generation vs. older generation" which has been an over-used phrase in so many yrs now by the younger generation, BUT RATHER a question of Culture vs. Nature, which i mentioned earlier. Culture cannot bear itself on its own, and at some point runs out of steam & fresh impulses in order to re-new itself, because all this time it has been successful at the cost of Nature, all along.
Amanda02/14/084:24pmI wish we'd get a new pole.
Jeff02/14/083:16pmWhen you look back over the past 50+ years it's amazing how much Television has changed. The days of good wholesome TV shows like "Leave it to Beaver" or "Family Ties" are pretty much over. Most shows were family oriented and enriching in terms of illustrating right from wrong and good morals. Today there is an "Anything goes" kind of mentality especially in many of the Reality TV shows. Much of this is ratings driven I guess, but it's really sad when people who treat others with disrespect or people who cheat get all the attention and get rewarded for their rotten behavior. The bottom line is a good parent must get deeply involved in what they allow their children to watch in order to avoid moral decay. Unfortunately there are many single parent homes or even dual parent homes that neglect to do this because of time constrains. I hate to say it but many parents need to re-evaluate their priorities.
Paula02/14/082:11pmNew poll please! =)
Sphs2a02/14/0812:40pmWallander i agree w everything u're saying.I recon im still a tad bit more optimistic than u because if this dilemma continues to grow in the future then the future generations will eventually learn to balance things out.Cheers.
Bam Bam02/14/0811:41amOkay...Suzy and Wallender you folks can stay in here and for the rest of us NEW POLL PLEASE!!!
Wallander02/14/0810:59amZera, i never tried to imply that we should be reversing the 'progress' in the area of media technology. I was only trying to shed light on the downside of this steady growth of our cultural bubble, as opposed to our god-given nature. My fear is that at some point when we COMPLETELY lose touch with this side of our natural essence, we'll find ourselves in a DARK place where we no longer know who we are, and what is right & what is wrong. The "dark ages" that you speak of, will still be following us, unless we start keeping an open eye on this one-sided developement -- IMHO!
Pat02/14/0810:28amI love reading everyone's comments, I'll still continue to read them all. I like to read all the different view points, but I'll (see ya) on a new poll. Bye for now.
Zera ;-)02/14/089:40amThanx Wallender. On the neg idea of it, is y i mentioned up to us as adult to say how much is enough. As much as many would want n like, can we not turn back the developement of media in all areas. It would b like going back to the dark ages. Humans r to inventive to go back, itīs like reversing evolution. Not able to at all.
Wallander02/14/087:33amI agree Zera. At the end of the day, the choice of whether we should watch quality TV or not, is in the hands of us individuals. I still cant help feeling somewhat discouraged by the sheer power of influence that our "hyper culture" seems to have on the ordinary individuals of the society! Btw i should say a BIG thanks to Suzy...:-)....and i agree....lets not stop this topic abruptly, while there are others who are still debating the issue, enthusiastically. Thanks.
Zera ;-)02/14/083:27amIt is y its up to us as adult to ensue only a amount of tvtime watching, as computer time. I often wonder when my kids come if they should have a choise between tvtime or computertime. I know when i was a kid ma n pa simply locked the tv away inits cabinet. In summer we had no tv as we sailed a lot. In this dayn age ought we restrict tv n computer time, n act more with our kids outside 4 fun n a game of sports. I juss say when reality shows r teaching n learning am I saying all 4 it, but if its juss a load of whatevers, turn it off n go play ball in ya yard. We have that option. We also have the power to change what is in the damily traits of tv n computer overuse.
Amanda02/13/0810:32pmI agree, new pole please. There is a reason it's called the boob tube. Too much time in front of it and you loose IQ points. Like anything else most of us are adults and if we spend our free time in front of the tube then thats our choice. Reality tv may be the only version of reality some can handle, sad but true.
Suzy02/13/087:32pmNo i disagree. lets continue this debate a little longer. it's reached an interesting pt. and im enjoying the things Wallander has been saying so far : )
Bam BAm02/13/087:16pmOMG...ALREADY. NEW POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda02/13/085:12pmI think t.v. is okay. Too much, just like anything else is not a good thing. I don't like so-called reality shows..I see no reality in them at all.
Wallander02/13/084:12pmI realize there is a chronological order of things with regards to the technological 'progress' of popular media. I was however more concerned with the whole "home entertainment" concept, where we no longer can see where the dream ends & where the reality begins! And while we've gradually turned into a culture of home-bodies by making the confined space of our homes, THE CENTER of the UNIVERSE, we've moved further & further away from the MOST essential thing that makes us humans whole & healthy individuals -- the Mother Nature. This battle of Culture vs. Nature must be stopped at some point if we ever hope to maintain the very last tiny portion of our humanity IMHO.
Zera ;-)02/13/082:14pmI hardly watch tv these days but when i do i wont mind watching popstars, or who can dance or such. Tv is here to stay. Lets look back tack. B4 Tv in colors n digital was black n white, b4 that movie theaters in tecnic color, n b4 that black n white movies, n lastly silent movies. The beginning of moving pictures accompanied by live music. Internet is the newest source of FREE music, as is tv. So b4 u snuff at stuff already here, consider y n how it got as far as it is now with digital n surround sounds 4 home use. There is a connection to it. However we move away from the main question. R reality shows an enriching source of entertainment, n not should we watch the idiotbox or read a book instead.
Wallander02/13/081:27pmI honestly believe that ON SOME LEVEL the TV technology should have stayed in its Black&White age! The world of TV & the media as a whole, does NOT need to always reflect the REAL world...let them portray the fictitious world as much as they please & instead we should just let Mother Nature take care of our needs for 'reality'. By now the gap between Culture & Nature has reached the distance of GALAXIES! If we continue on this path, someday the ONLY place where we'll be able to experience our Mother Nature, is going to be on the Telly...taken from some historical archive, because by then there will be NO MORE Mother Nature....thus Nature will become a part of the fictitious world of media & TV! **sigh**
Amanda02/13/0810:35amI personally wonder to what happened to reading a book or going for a walk or flying a kite. I watch movies, but no programs..t.v. got stupid a long time ago. I could care less who can dance or sing. I find better music on myspace and it's free. Shows I miss are Unsolved Mysteries and things like that..stuff that made you think.,
Zera ;-)02/12/0810:17amOkies Big Brothers relaity shows have worn themselves out. The island has worn itself out. Some r ok, like the mansion n stuff. Music reality shows r gr8 as r the dance ones. I think they r a niche to give people different kind of entertainment than normal stuff. Simply bc we as people r n have a variety of interests n hobbies. What r dangerous r the ones that features children bc often parents r behind it n not the kids themselves. so there is a downside to it all aswell. The reality shows i follow when they r on are PopStars, U think U can dance?, x factor, next topmodel by Heidi Klum etc Its reality but at the same time shows us JUST how HARD these branches or work actually are. I think they can teach many what it takes to become a model or a musician.
Pat02/12/085:58amIt doesn't offend me. I kinda giggled when I read what you typed in. I just get so carried away when I start (talking) about something. I get so passionate about so many things. Believe it or not that last comment was short for me.
Bam Bam02/11/083:53pmPat I want to read your comment but i"m afraid I'll have to wait for the abridged version. hehe..Im just teasin ya! =)
Amanda02/11/082:34pmAnd now we have another reason to not watch the boob tube.
Pat02/11/0811:19amFirst of all...Hey everybody! Now on the subject of being whatever size some people don't like, whatever that is. Our country wonders why kids are the way they are in schools or at home playing outside with other kids. There is just too much emphasis on being the perfect human with no flaws and that is just not the case and peer pressure is a horrible thing, because kids can be very cruel. Most kids are sitting in front of a tv or a game now and that's not healthy. I also believe some adults deal with peer pressure also, because look at how much people are made fun of in lots of movies and tv shows and by comedians. Believe it or not a lot of people act that out on other people. The schools serve mostly junk to the kids and most schools have vending machines with junk food in them and many schools have taken milk out of the lunch program and also physical education and we have more fattening things to eat more than any other country. Also junk in the grocery stores cost less to buy than food that is more healthier for you. Our government talks about having a heathier nation, but they won't do anything about the multi, multi millionaires that own these companies that put out so much fattening slop. Fast food places are horribly bad and also most restaurants. You might think you are eating more healthier, but in most cases you aren't. People that want to lose weight need a good, healthy diet program, but then those cost money to get into and then you have to buy the kind of food to lose the weight that costs more money. I keep up with lots of books that let you know exactly how much fat and calories are in the food you buy and cook and also what is in the food you get at fast food places and restaurants(and I do not eat at fast food places or some restaurants just because of the very high fat and calorie content). If a person can't for some health reason do a lot of exercizing, there are good books and tapes or CDs on very easy and gentle ways to start out, then build from there. Just taking short walks is a start. Before I got sick, then hurt my back and a bunch of other physical things started popping up I could run 6 or 7 miles very fast and not hurt at all, danced a lot, went to Jazzercize(which is wonderful), hiked and went swimming, I felt wonderful. Doctors have told me to just swim now for exercize, but I don't have a pool and I won't go to a public pool. BUT I refuse to get any bigger no matter what I have to do. Now that is my opinion of me not anyone else. Remember Hitler?...he just wanted tall, blue-eyed, blondes for the planet(even though he was a Jew himself). If the government wants healthier people, then they have to make the first steps in making companies change how they make our food we eat. But someone tell me this-I still don't understand why a person gets so huge, they can't even hardly get out of bed anymore or why they do that to themselves. I really want to know and I'm not being sarcastic. I really truly want to know!
Amanda02/10/085:46pmOkay I read two articles, one says it did and the other says it didn't.
Bam Bam02/10/082:25pmI don't think it passed here's a quote from another article. "It is too oppressive for government to require a restaurant owner to police another human being from their own indiscretions," Holland said Monday. Holland say's he will "shred" the bill." I don't think this will come to pass. This guy couldn't have said it better.
Bam Bam02/10/081:50pmAccording to this article (they speak in past tense) see what you think.
Amanda02/10/0812:22pmYou mean the law to weigh people actually passed????
Bam Bam02/08/087:19pmI looked it up, the mississippi obese law does exist. Who the hell gives anyone the right to judge another human being or what they eat. When the F-ing government pays my medical bills then MAYBE they can have a say where and how much I eat. Furthermore, I think we need to pay more attention to schools that need more funding, or getting people off welfare or better yet. ELECTING A NEW PRESIDENT TO GET OUR COUNTRY BACK ON IT'S FEET! GO HILLARY!! Right now our politicians don't have too much control so they nit pick everything they think they can. WE MUST FIGHT IDIOT BUEROCRACY! (sp sorry)
Sara02/07/084:04pmReality TV shows are pure rubbish!
Amanda02/07/083:14pmYou know on the one hand you have the health risk..I mean we aren't actually talking about fat, we're talking about obese which is beyond fat. That is when it is truly at a life threatening phase. On the one hand, IMO it's cruel to watch someone kill themselves like that and say nothing, but on the other hand I don't think publicly barring people is a good thing either, I mean if you do that then you should bar alcoholics from clubs and bars and only let the social drinkers in
Pat02/07/082:28pmYeah, years ago when my kids were young, there was this one little girl that was at the time 6 or 7 yrs. old and I felt so sorry for her. I can't explain how huge she was, but at that time I had never seen a little kid that big. Even at that age, she would all the time try to go on diets and her mom would do nothing to help her. She would fix horribly fattening foods and laugh at her little girl and told her to just stay fat. The little girl was so miserably unhappy because other kids can be so cruel. My kids befriended her and took up for her, but the little girl was still always unhappy. She finally got a chip on her shoulder and ended up wanting to fuss and fight with other kids all the time. Well, I have to go now, heading home. Don't work on Fridays(except on rare occasions). Talk to everyone Monday.
Bam Bam02/07/082:08pmThere is no way they should stop someone from being served because they are fat. That is segregation and discrimination on multiple levels. It's totally UN Constitutional and against every human right. Ahh not to mention no one has the right to weigh you, that is personal information and no ones business. What a bunch of ****!
Amanda02/07/081:18pmPat thank you for your words and I agree. I have one cousin that was obese. I remember as kids how she'd want to play with all of us. Back in those days there was no video games at all, you went outside to play. Poor thing, I could walk faster then she could run. What happened with her is this. Her mom and dad t4ried for years to have a baby..her mom was a big woman too, but I have no idea if this affected her ability to carry or not, I know it can sometimes. At any rate they had a baby boy and he died of SIDS when he was barely over a month old. Well they had Becky and she made it. So they over indulged her in every way, all the books and games and clothes and food..especially food..for her food means love. Over the years other aunts would get Becky for a summer, help her loose weight and get active and her mom would just freak out. Becky was always a beautiful girl..I mean really gorgeous. The last time I saw her was at a funeral..he had gotten to the point of having stretch marks on her forearms..I know her parents meant well and they were so happy for her to be alive...but what they did was just not fair or kind or right. I really don't know how I feel about this and as you said Pat it is unhealthy but then again where's the line? When does it become someones business? 300 pounds, 400..or do you do nothing?
Pat02/07/0812:35pmRead on down. Everybody is ready for a new topic. The one on reality tv shows is too stupid to go further on the comments, we are trying to find something new to talk about.
Wallander02/07/0812:13pmI believe -- for some mysterious reason or another -- you've responded to an earlier topic from last yr. Pat! ((LOL)) In any case it's really NOT a big deal....maybe you can give some comments later on about the current topic as well. Btw im NOT a Moderator or anything of that just like you & everyone else, just a person who writes his comments in here once in a while. Anyways, Cheers. : )
Pat02/07/0811:43amThat is a great discussion! Okay...we know that racism is bad and prejudice is bad and hate crimes are bad and making fun of people is bad. We know we can't go against the color of a person's skin or what religion someone believes in or if someone is deformed in some way or real skinny(unless it is drugs or bulimic or anorexic) or if someone dresses kind of off the wall(except if they show personal and private parts of their bodies...there are kids on this planet also). We all already know we even agree to disagree about cigarettes. So here goes...I am 5' 4" and weigh 200 lbs., I don't eat as much as some slim people that I know eat. Anything sweet I eat is lowfat-only sometimes I splurge a little on something sinfully fattening. I watch very close the fat grams and calories I eat and it is hard for me to lose my weight, but 3 medicines out of several I am on, my doctors said makes it very hard to lose weight. If it wasn't for those meds that I need, I would already be slim. But there is NO WAY I would let myself get any bigger(years ago I was bulimic) and I wasn't even fat, but I thought I was. I would probably do something drastic if I got bigger. People that are fat(huge-big-heavy-plump-or whatever) all feel differently about their weight. Some are content to be big, while others are unhappy being big. I guess it depends on the person. Some can lose weight easy and honest to whatever you believe in, some have a very hard time losing weight. The only thing I don't understand is why some people let themselves get to the point where they weigh over 400 lbs. and more. I'm not judging, I really don't understand. Is it right to charge a big person extra to ride a plane or pay extra tax for being fat or exclude them out of restaurants? I really don't know...are they hurting anyone else in public with their weight? Does it hurt other people's health or just someone's eyesight that doesn't want to see them? I find it odd that our nation is the fattest nation in the world, we have the most junk food and now even in the schools, but fat people are being targeted. I do have to say that with so many fat people in this nation, the insurance companies will come after them, also, just like people who smoke. I definitely do not agree with people who lay in their beds and gain 600-1,000 lbs. or more just because of all the fattening food they eat and how much they eat(hey, wait a minute, I guess that is judging isn't it?) Most people in this nation have a family member that is big, would you want them treated like this? See...I am torn both ways on this, I'm big, but I have a hard time with our nation having so many big people. It is kind of unhealthy and uncomfortable being too big or being too skinny. But most people are uncomfortable with having short hair or having long hair, having curly hair or straight hair, having blonde hair or brown or black or red or gray hair, being bald or not, having a big nose or a little nose, having big lips or small lips, having big feet or little feet, having brown eyes or having blue eyes, having too dark of skin or too light of skin, having big ears or little ears, having large breasts or small breasts, being married or being single, having no kids or 2 kids or having 6 or more kids, being male or female, and so on and so on...but for me, I'm kind of happy with myself, but I strive to make improvements on the outside AND the inside. Trust me, I still make mistakes, but I try to learn from them and I struggle everyday learning to like myself, just because I'm big.
Amanda02/07/086:40amI have an idea for one that will get everyone screaming. Mississippi has an obese percentage of their populace of 25%. They are at present trying to pass a law that will make restraunts not serve people who are obese. They will have to put scales in the restraunts and you will have to weight in before being served. Do you think thats is acceptable given the circumstances Do you feel the state and government needs to stay out of it Or do you have a better solution and agree perhaps with the adage, desperate times call for desperate measures?
Senchas_mor02/07/083:37amOh gosh, have been away for a while and come back to reality t.v shows..eeeekkkk..PLEASE NEW POLL...
Bam Bam02/06/083:48pmNEW POLL NEW POLL NEW POLL NEW POLL!!!! Hey we can always start our own! Anyone have any ideas?
Pat02/06/085:45amEverybody together now...NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL!
Amanda02/05/083:20pmGina the very fact you know so many reality shows is in and of it's self disturbing. I do not watch t.v. I stopped long ago. I may watch a movie every couple of weeks on disk. I don't care about top models or chefs..they have precisely jack to do with my life. They teach me jack crap. I learn nothing but lying and backstabbing...the glimpses I have gotten before I have to leave the is nothing more than garbage and more garbage and a way to make money and get's crap and a waste of an intelligent persons time and brain space.
Gina02/05/082:46pmThere is a reason why Reality TV shows are so popular. Just look at American Idol, the Bachelor, The apprentice... these are all very highly rated shows. Sounds to me like all of you bashing these shows have a chip on your shoulder. I would bet that everyone here has watched one or more of these shows and been drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Be true to yourself and admit it!
Pat02/05/0810:50amNEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! This was really a stupid poll. NEXT...
Gina02/04/084:48pmThere is nothing wrong with Reality TV shows. I can't believe what I am reading here! Not all of them are great mind you, but there are some quality shows like "Top Chef" or "Project Runway" or "Top Model" which show good competitive struggles between people who are talented and skilled at their professions. Stop putting down shows just because they are labeled Reality Shows. I could say the exact same thing about some movies out there. Bottom line is it depends on the Reality Show and there are definitley some that are "enriching entertainment".
Amanda02/04/081:52pmLooks like we need a new pole already
Jake02/04/0810:51amNo tv is reality
Pat02/04/089:54amOh please! I agree reality TV is so lame. There is nothing about reality TV that is enriching. We all either know someone with one of the people's personalities (the sex-starved man or woman that can't say no at all, the grouch, the greedy one, the back-stabber, the gossiper, the fussy one, the whiner, the cryer, the liar, etc...). Why do we have to see it on TV? I agree that the networks are running out of stuff fast. And except for the Disney Channel, there is nothing a family can sit down and watch together any more. Me and my kids could watch good family comedies in the 80's without worrying about vulgarity. What's next, reality shows where they have people killing each other to win money? You never know...
Lucy02/03/088:18pmIt's sad that we are subjected to such garbage and that some people actually watch the shows.
Wallander02/03/087:54pmThe name "Reality TV" is a huge misconception... They should instead be called "Hyper Reality", because the kind of reality that is usually portrayed in these shows, are the results of HYPED-UP sensationalism in artificial settings! But that doesnt mean they cannot be improved, and designed specifically in ways that would reflect the 'altruistic' aspects of our everyday reality.
Bam Bam02/03/085:53pmAll tv rots your brain.
Scott02/03/085:01pmIt just goes to show you that the networks are finding it harder and harder to come up with any new ideas for shows. It seems that in 60 years of television they've done it all and all that's left is reality and so...Reality TV. Same kind of deal on Broadway. It gets increasingly difficult for writers to create uplifting concepts that will attract the masses on TV and Broadway. Broadway is now taking old films and ideas from the past and resurrecting them. Now this is not totally true, of course but take a good look and you'll see the truth of what I say. Try it yourself, try to come up with a truly original idea for a TV show. It'll probably be a variation of something that's already been done. Where does the future of entertainment lay? I don't know. It seems that people are discovering games where they meet in cyberspace as characters who don't represent their true selves but their fantasies; things like this and virtual reality games seem to be the next big step in keeping us entertained.
Amanda02/02/086:13pmDamn I think that is the biggest landslide I have ever seen on this poll. No they're not enriching..more to rot the brain. I mean who cares who voluntarily eats bugs or gets on a deserted island. Now one show I would love to watch is Micheal Jackson, Brittany Spears and Tom Cruise have to live in the same place for a year...that would be a good one.
Too much Information02/02/085:00pmI really don't see any cultural benefit per se to reality TV shows unless you are talking about shows like "The Biggest Loser" because at least it's about the plight of people trying to better their physical health. I give people like that kudos for trying. My big bone to pick: That new game show "Nothing But The Truth" scares me. The extremely personal questions like whether or not you think your spouse is the right one for you could only end couples in divorce court pretty fast. (Am I wrong to think this?) What if someone watched their spouse (the contestant) answer "no" to that question and they felt so betrayed that they end up later killing themself or their spouse? I think this show could cause a lot of problems for marriages, family members & long-term friendships, because of people naively thinking that they can handle any truth they'd hear. We live in a culture that feed the demon of "too much information". Is it really that important whether we find out Britney Spears forgot to wear underwear? Too much, too much!
Elizabeth02/02/083:25pmI think it depends on the show and if you like that particular show.

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