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Would a political candidate's gender, race or sexual orientation affect your vote?

Total Voters: 1146
Yes 33%
No 33%
Maybe 33%
Amanda03/13/084:01pmNeither can I Bam Bam
Bam Bam03/12/085:54pmI can't believe this poll is still live.
Michelle03/12/085:34pmI don't care how anyone otes as long as they make an informed decision. Gather facts from many different sources. Most imprortantly listen to what each canidate is really saying. I am voting for Clinton because whenever she is asked a question she answers without hesitation, she explains what she is going to do, how she is going to do it and why she belives it should be done. This tells me she knows her business inside and out and she belives passionatly in what she is what she is doing. I have not found this kind of detail in any other canidate. I believe that as long as you know that you are voting for the person you know in your heart will do the best job for the country as a whole then you are doing the right thing,
FRED03/10/0812:40amLet freedome ring . Vote with you'r heart people
Char03/09/0811:34pmYes and remember God blessed American .
Jmr03/09/0811:56amI only know I want to see Hillary Clinton on the ticket for President so I can vote for REAL change! This year, no doubt - my vote is influenced by gender.
Bam Bam03/08/084:55pmI agree with that about Homeland Security for the most part; but, just to throw this out there...I have no faith that certain parts of our government care to watch over us that carefully especially if there is some political stake in it. Look at Kennedy; tapes do disappear legitimate or not just look at the magic buller theory. ME PERSONALLY I wouldn't put that much faith in anything OTHER THAN God or for some the Goddess. Dan Rather reported what he believed to be confirmed solid information; unfortunately it turned out the news station wouldn't back him and he retired w/ red face. Sometimes, journalists do get bad information that appears genuine even after triple checking it...don't throw this "tape theory" out the window simply becuase you can't find it. The fake ones usually get sued over and the ones' that just disappear cause great debate.
Diane03/08/0810:17amEd, maybe the late night show you watched never aired again because broadcasting lies (recall the evening news guy who lost his job over a fabricated story about President Bush) is defamation of characterthat has legal ramifications. Do the research. read Obamas books, look at his voting record then make a judgement. I have concluded that the hate email and late night tv non truths about Obama are just another scare tactic put out by the "religious right". I would hope that with all that homeland security privacy invasion would at least ensure that a senator with the background the show infered would not be able to run for president of the Uninted States. Think about it.
Amanda03/08/088:00amBeen a while since I checked in on this. I got busy on other things. The bottom line to me is this. If you want to know then check it out yourself. Google is an awesome search engine. As far as the program about Obama, it never aired again because it was a fraud, kind of like the old Wild Kingdom episode where the filmers got these lemmings to walk off a wasn't true that lemmings do that and they got the butts sued for it...cruelty to animals among other things. There are all sorts of sites out there, snopes,history channel, etc..if it ever aired and said what it said there will be an archive available. If you can't find it that may be because it never happened. One thing it seems others are not looking at; do you really think you can have any sort of political career and have any ties to hate groups? Does anyone remember the hell Bush went through over a DUI he got at 17, or the defaming the Kennedy's still endure because of Chappaquid****? Nope, you are not running for president and your dirty laundry staying in the closet. Just take a look at the book about the Clinton's that was released on Hillery's is a no holds barred mudslinging contest. You want the information, do the digging.
Wallander03/07/0810:41amChange this topic already! :p
Ed03/06/0812:36pmPat, I seem to remember a program I think it was either on the History Channel or Biography Channel. It did talk about Barack Hussein Obama and they he did say he was a Muslum and he also belonged to some hate clubs. You are right it was on late night. I checked to see if it was on again because I wanted to tape it for a few people and it never aired again. Very strange! We all know that it did not air again because Barack Hussein Obama did not want people to really know about his background. His father was also a Muslum. Some Liberals say that it was in his past. How do we know that? Why can't other candidates bring these and other things up about him and when they do the media and liberals that support him say that it is not the political correct thing to do. Hey! It's election time and all skeltons in the closets are free game for everyone. If Barack Hussein Obama can't handle it to bad. At least we know where we stand with Hillary and who knows she may be able to help this country. I have a sickening feeling that the Muslum will become the democratic candidate but I do not see him winning the presidental election. I hope and pray that people will wake up and smell the coffee, before it is to late. Last Comment till next poll. Have a Nice Afternoon!
Pat03/06/0812:14pmBam Bam, I don't remember if it was the history channel or a pbs channel or whatever. It must have been on a weekend, because it was late at night. That's the only time I stay up until very late at night or early morning. I've searched and searched on the weekends at late night and I have never seen it again. I hope that you can find it. But this is my last comment until the next new poll. Bye.
Bam Bam03/06/088:25amPat can you remember what station you saw it on? I'm a journalist, I'd love to find that airing. Realize though, he may have been muslim because of his step father; what he chose to be when he grew up is totally different we must take into consideration the present.
Pat03/06/086:02amEd, just give up. The people deserve what they get. I even typed in a lot earlier that in the late winter 2006 or early spring of 2007 that I actually saw him in a program when he was younger and that he was in hate clubs and admitted being a muslim, but people choose not to believe, which is their right. It aired that one time, then for some reason didn't air again. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and call others bigots or racist or whatever. You know that old saying "Be careful you what you wish for." Well, in the next four years people will have to learn the hard way just like everyone that put "bush, the warmonger" and the "economy squasher" back in the White House again. Everone talks about the freedom to say what they want and the freedom to do mostly what they want. WE are not on here to try to change minds, just spend our opinion like everyone else. So just give up until the next poll on something else.
Bam Bam03/05/086:12amEd seriously what fact do you base your information? My real name comes from Hebrew, but, I'm full 100% IRISH and born American. I agree 100% though we should be allowed the call him by his name if it not meant to be used to incite fear...however we don't typically call Hillary by her full name at all times either. The purpose behind that guys comment was simply to incite fear not because it was fair mudslinging. Inciting fear doesn't harm Him as much as it harms the public; it incites fear as it is displayed in your comment. I also e-mailed Hillary (as a campaign supporter) and told her I'm not amused as her choice to use the commercial she aired either in Texas. AMERICANS ARENT' YOU TIRED OF BEING AFRAID??? All those beautiful people that perished on 9/11 wouldn't want us living in fear. Don't stand for fear mongering anymore..get out there and learn the truth for yourselves. ED you have made no real statements as to provide proof that Obama is Muslim, a name doen't make someone a religion. That is hateful and sterotyping. I realize that is your opinion..but what truth is it based on?
Pat03/04/085:32amI couldn't get in but one time yesterday morning, so I hope this gets in this morning(I don't know about the rest of the day...I'll try later, but couldn't get in all day). I have this pin I bought that says "SURE you can trust the government. Just ask a WHALE or an INDIAN." That's what I am wearing a lot. When people read it and ask what it means, I tell them. Everyone in this nation is in serious trouble(except the very wealthy), and some of them know what's coming. That's not doomsday's a fact.
Jeff03/03/082:37pmMy understanding is that Obama himself is not Muslim, but his estranged father was. I do agree with Ed that in an election year, no one is beyond reproach. Each candidate should be fully vetted if they are to serve in the highest office in the land.
Ed03/03/0812:02pmHave all of you heard about Obama's middle name which is Hussein (think I spelled it right, not use to spelling Muslum names). If he is elected we all will have to learn to spell those types of names. The problem I have is why are they protecting this jerk by not letting Hilary or anyone else speak his full name. You know why!! because people will finally see that this guy is a Muslum and should not serve in the highest office of this country. This is an election year and mud slingging is expected, but when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama people have to be careful on what they say! Why???? If he can't take the heat then he needs to leave the kitchen. I am not crazy about Hilary, but If I had to choose between the two of them I would vote for Hilary. At least we know what we are getting and Barack Hussein Obama we know nothing about except he is Muslum. Have a Nice Day!
Pat03/03/089:27amThat's very good information, Bam Bam. Thanks.
Bam Bam03/03/085:16amWhere is everyone? This place has been a ghost town for days! I wanted to add to my Nafta comment below. I just read this article and here's a portion of it. Clinton pledged, when pressed, that she would tell Canada and Mexico the U.S. is pulling out of NAFTA if the countries were not willing to renegotiate the deal within six months to better protect workers and the environment. And as far as the economy goes this is what Wall Street had to say about her. Wall Street is fairly comfortable with Clinton. "(She) has been a New York senator for seven years, and New York is the financial capital of the U.S. and the world," says Roger Altman, senior Clinton economic adviser and co-founder of Evercore Partners (EVR, news, msgs), an investment and advisory company in New York. "CEOs and other business leaders have had the chance to work with her at very close quarters. If you ask leaders of the financial community if there's anything to be afraid of, 80% or more would say no." Clinton just wrote a 26 page agenda; I haven't seen one from Obama yet. And Obama regardless of his color doesnt have any experience in foreign affiars, Clinton does and her being a woman doesn't seem to be an issue there. Whoever said other countries had black or female leaders I think this will definitely increase her ability to lead and communicate. Those other countries don't seem to have some of the tensions the U.S. still grapples with.
Bam Bam02/29/083:53pmFran I think you might be onto to something. But, we do need to start at home first. Look at New Orleans, hell send the illegal construction workers down there for a change. But seriously, start at home; our country and our kids are in need of OUR tax dollars. At least Bill tried with Nafta...there's no easy answer but I can guarantee you this - our deficit was well under control with the Clintons in office and education was on the forefront. They cleaned our house before they cleaned someone else's. Which is why we need the Clintons' back in office. WHO BETTER TO CLEAN UP A MESS THAN A WOMAN!! Woohoo!
Fran02/28/087:10pmThe reason that I bring up cheap labor industries in Mexico every time someone says that we need tighter border control is because the two things are interrelated. We are all a part of this problem, like it or not. I know that most of us don't like it, but that doesn't change anything. I think boycotting is great, but I also acknowledge that much more needs to be done. I don't have all of the answers, but hopefully we can elect a presidential candidate who doesn't exascerbate the poverty in Mexico (NAFTA wasn't such a great idea, was is Bill?). So I will drive the point home again: if both Mexico AND the U.S. do not help to restore the economic situation in Mexico, the U.S. will either A)spend a ton of money and probably troops on border control and see violence escalate (seriously, I have been to that region and lived in Mexico for 5 months- it is already very violent with drug trafficking and gangs. I am not talking about terrorists), or B)Turn more and more Mexican. I am not saying that the latter is right or wrong, as I do not think there is morality attached to it at all. I just believe that the only way to solve this problem is to go to the root of it. Fencing people out is much more costly in human lives and cash than it is being made to seem here.
Pat02/28/083:01pmI totally agree with Ed and Bam Bam.
Ed02/28/082:39pmWhatever! I have read everything you said and you did call me a bigot which I am not. I care very deeply about my fellow Americans and my country. I went after Obama because he is a Muslum, and do not feel that is not in our best interest especially for someone running for president. I am also fustrated with the Illegal Alien issues and so are alot of other people. That does not mean I do not think they are human beings, I do, I just want them to come to America LEGALLY. I feel we need to look after our citizens before letting in ILLEGAL people who will abuse the system. We have so many people here that need our help. Let's take care of our own first.
Bam Bam02/28/082:35pmFran, I can honestly my family and I did our part regarding the American Companies that hired really cheap labor in Mexico to make their goods. To this day for several years past we have boycotted Nike tennis shoes and a few other products that are made there. It was my kids idea to boycott; I was the one that had to get used to the idea. I think our youth have very open minds. You know I left the country for three years on business and came back to a whole lotta Mexicans. We need to get our borders under control, everywhere I look I see Mexican construction workers; Mexianc restaurants, Tienda's. I'm not exaggertating either This country is getting far too integrated and our own religions & traditions (as we discussed before) are getting pushed aside. This is getting ridiculous, who's to say what's coming through the border next. Frankly, I want to know how the hell so many illegals got in here in so little time, I was only gone 2.5 years. Maybe the government let it happen for some other purpose that has yet to present itself.
Fran02/28/0812:47pmAgain Ed you should READ what I have written if you want to criticize it. Because you don't, you lose a lot of credibility. 1) I am not calling you a bigot becuase you do not want undocumented immigrants here. I am calling you a bigot because you have made an large amount of negative comments about people of other ethnic groups and religions. You have been very judgemental and critical of them. 2) I NEVER said that it wasn't important to help people here, or that it wasn't my main focus in my life. In fact, it is, and you obviously don't know me, so back up. We are talking about a specific issue (at least that's what I thought). Quit jumping to conclusions. Ironically enough, you are just proving yourself the idiot.
Ed02/28/0812:30pmWow! You really are a hot headed idiot! I am not a bigot, you think that because I don't agree with you in letting these people come in undocumented and ILLEGAL and support them and their families. That's ****ing stupid. If you want to play the liberal then help the American people here, there are quite a few that could use our help. We should focus on them first. The illegals are breaking the law and should be deported. They can come back once they are documentated and legal. This way they can get jobs and pay for insurance to use our hospitals, get housing and pay taxes. So take a chill pill you Goofy Liberal ****!!! Just because I want this does not mean I am a Bigot!
Fran02/28/0811:27amRead my comment again Ed. I did not say that most people agree with me about UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS, I said that most are not bigot ****s like you. There's a difference, and if you weren't so hot-headed, you might have picked it up. But it's clear that all you want to do is be angry and hate (it's obvious from your previous comments full of snide remarks and assumptions about other cultures/religions). Some people on this board know how to disagree with immigration practices, but still acknowledge the humanistic aspect of it. THEY are what I see as the majority. People like you- who rant and rave about resources being sucked down the drain and insist on calling human beings anything less than what they are- are the people I believe are in the minority, thank God. And your comment about shipping me back is just ridiculous- you are living a fantasy. Which is probably why the idea that you could ship people around like cargo makes you feel superior, which in turn makes you full of ****. And people who talk to/treat others like you do are not wanted anywhere.
Pat02/28/0811:05amDoes anyone remember the fighting in this country in the 60's and early 70's? Not just the blacks, but also the whites, women of all colors, the war... everyone that had a beef with the government were up in arms. A lot of people paid the price during those years, also. I remember, I was in my early teens. Well, in Mexico, the people there can not go up against their government. It is ten times worse than ours. They would and do get mowed down immediately to stop anything before it starts. That country is not a democracy, it is communistic. The law and government there keeps the people living in fear and keep them feeling demoralized, etc. Only the rich that live there and people from here that visit or move to certain areas close eyes to what it is like to live the way those people have to live on a daily basis. BUT I still don't agree with all the illegal immigrants coming into our country. The only ones making a profit from them are the businesses, homes, agriculture and apparently our government in some way. They are paid under the table for still hardly nothing and that doesn't hurt the ones here using them, but we as tax payers pay the price. Everyone says they only do the jobs that Americans won't do...that's a lie. Americans know the real cheap pay for a lot of those jobs. A mexican gets less than that under the table. The illegal immigrants don't say anything because (1)-they can't. (2)-it's still more than they got in there own country. I know right now where there are up to 25 mexicans living in a small 3-bdrm. house. For that many they are probably illegal(I don't know), they haven't said and I don't ask. They all work, except the older ones. They turn all their wages over to one person to pay the bills, buy groceries, etc. But like I said before...there are A LOT of criminals coming across our borders, not just innocent people. I agree that this is an english(first) speaking country. Then spanish or any other languages (second). Everyone should have to follow the same laws and rules...not just bred and born Americans.
Ed02/28/0810:31amI acknowledge the fact that you are wrong about your view on the ILLEGAL ALIEN situation. Again I try to explain to you that they are putting a strain on our hospitals, economy and our way of life. You are also wrong when you say that "Most" people agree with you. You again are full of ****! "Most" Americans want the illegals to come to America the lawful way and not sneaking in to our country. I am not a bigot, just a person who is fed up paying taxes to support these people. By the way, I am sure if you left they would likely ship you liberal ass back. What a pity for us!!!!
Fran02/28/089:16amWow, I must be striking some nerves here! I am not on any high horse, you just refuse to acknowledge anything I have been saying. Then you try to say that your rantings are "facts". And you label me the same way you label everyone else, demonizing all of your opposition. So, Ed, I will just say that fortunately most people in this country are not bigot p***** like you, and I think I'll stay! Deal with it.
Ed 02/28/088:52amGet off your liberal high horse! Illegal Aliens do not have rights when they break the law and cross our boarders! Hello!!!! your missing the point. It's not hatred it's fustration that these stupid people come here and expect us Americans to take care of them. What are we suppose to take care of everything that crosses the boarder. Hell No! If you care about them so much and not America move back with them. Maybe you can make a difference back there and it would also make America better off knowing we got rid of one more liberal ****head. Have A Nice Day!!!!
Fran02/28/086:19am"They also need to stop thinking they have rights! ILLEGAL, LAW BREAKING ALIENS do not have any rights" No, Ed, they are human beings, and just because you are a U.S. citizen doesn't mean that you have the right to call them anything else. You are not stating facts, you are spewing hatred. Your OPINION is that they have done nothing to help this country, mine is that they have done something to help this country, and their economy has been screwed by govt. It is a fact that their main cash crops (corn, beans) cannot compete on the market now with what the U.S. is selling there. That= cheaper goods for us, much more expensive for them, and they were already struggling. Research NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies and cut out the bigotry, it's disgusting.
Ed02/28/084:10am Poor Fran someday you will wake up from La La land to see that illegal aliens are hurting our economy and country. It is not fear or what you believe to be lies but the TRUTH! They have done nothing to help this country and they never will. They need to stop breaking the law and apply for either a visa to work here or apply for citizenship. That is the only way they will be treated with tolerance as you put it. Most Americans don't want them here unless they apply for citizenship or a work visa. They also need to stop thinking they have rights! ILLEGAL, LAW BREAKING ALIENS do not have any rights! Also English is the language in the US if they cannot speak it, they need to learn it. Save the Spanish language for when they are deported back from where they came from. As far as being negative on this issue you again are incorrect. I am just stating facts. The one thing you said that is correct is that we can both agree to disagree. It's not negative thinking on my part, it is just telling it like it is. I am an American citizen born and raised here and I have the right to speak on any issue that I like so I decline your request for me to keep my so called negativity to myself. Have a Nice Day!
Fran02/27/081:12pmEd your last comment was just full of fear and misunderstanding. We can agree to disagree, and you can keep your negativity and lies to yourself- you are not convincing me with pure intolerance.
Ed02/27/0811:59amFran come out of la la land. Those people do not have any rights they are ILLEGAL!! If they cannot get a visa as you say to bad. Then wait till they can. I see to many of these people using our system and treating us the citizens of this country like dirt. They want everything in Spanish, Bull****! English is the language if you can't speak it! Learn it! Enough is Enough! Ship them all back! We did not ruin their country they did it to themselves. If they spent less time trying to get into this country and trying to straighten out their government/country they might have a nice place to live and then they would all move back.
Pat02/27/089:47amThank-you Fran for seeing what I was trying to say on my thoughts. Ed, I agree that the illegal aliens are not helping, but hurting our economy. I can't help but wonder why it is being allowed by our country. I can understand why they want out of Mexico, but there are a lot of criminals coming here illegally that couldn't get here any other way. Others just want a better way of life. Now about the muslims...from Prophets from hundreds of years ago, there are very beautiful sayings. But all those are very old. There is even one arabic Prophet that I love to read from. It's just that the muslim world only reads and takes out what suits each of them. Even the word "islam" means "submission". Who has to submit to what though? They believe in fasting(but only at a certain time). My family has always believed in fasting(at anytime), because it is good for the "spirit" or "soul". Whichever. The muslims don't have nursing homes, because the family takes care of their elderly. But how can that happen where there are always people at war(even when the U.S. is not involved)?Oh! I also read that the christians, jews and islam are at war for world domination and islam sees America as satan. We have a lot of bad stuff, but no country is perfect where there are humans. The planet is in dire saving from mankind apparently, because no religion will come together in peace worldwide. But to get back to the U.S.A. and the president...whoever gets in will get in, so I guess it really doesn't matter, since ALL politicians lie. I just don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire. All it takes is one step at a time to change things to something better OR worse.
Fran02/27/089:31amI just really do not feel sorry for us U.S. citizens, having to share our resources with undocumented immigrants. Besides, I feel no loss from having to share with them. The fact that they come here is a natrual result of a situation we have created in Latin America. The poverty level there is abysmal, while here we thrive and waste, because of the cheap labor they provide (as well as other places around the world), and the unbalanced trade that favors our economy and keeps theirs in perpetual struggle. This whole situation is evidenced by the fact that so few U.S. citizens are running up to Canada. Being able to buy dirt cheap goods at places like Wal-Mart and waste so much food and fossil fuels- our lifestyle- is not sustainable without causing others to suffer. And why shouldn't they try to find a better life? My point is that that is a basic human survival mechanism, not to mention the human rights aspect. And forget about getting a visa- for the number of people who want/need one, very few actually get them because they are HARD to attain.
Bam Bam02/27/088:53amFran, It was on the news they were talking about his agenda and what his goals were. Everyone kept saying to find out more about him so I did and I was a bit surprised about that. Even I don't agree with this I don't think it matters what age a child is. It prevents a child from getting a home and parents from getting a child. Detrimental to both I think.
Ed02/27/087:36amThe immigrants only come to this country to take, take and take. Good if they are paying into Social Security. I think the government should take out as much as possible. You know there are alot of them that get paid under the table so they don't pay any type of tax. Also, You are not checking our emergency rooms in this country especially on the boarder states. They come here bring diseases and get sick and they are smart enough to know that our emergency rooms will not turn them away so they fill up our emergency rooms without paying for anything and our hospitals are having trouble staying alive because of the illegal aliens not paying for services. So we Americans again have to pay. I am not against anyone coming to America, but do it the LEGAL way! If you don't want to stay apply for a visa. But the illegal immigrants want to be here to take and use up as much as they can and then ship the money they earned here back to where they came from. Which does not help our economy but theirs.
Fran02/26/086:42pmPat, I see that you are concerned about Muslim extremist culture. I understand that the things you bring up- and they are awful indeed- are true about SOME Islamic people, but not all of them. Also, if we did have an Islamic president (UNlike Obama), do you really think he could implement those kinds of practices in this country? Come on, now, our culture is too far apart from that. Those of you who say "they" hate us for it admit this fact inadvertently. If you are looking for a reason to think it would be okay to have a Muslim president, you will have to find that in your heart. Ed, I think it's interesting that you brought up Mexican immigrants. Did you know that when undocumented people work here, a portion of their paycheck goes to social security, but they can never reap the benefits of it because they are not citizens? Thus, the rest of us get that money from their work, not to mention their services (especially in the meat industry- which, by the way, is heavily understaffed right now, causing unsafe meat to be put on the market due to loose inspections). I just know that i can understand the immigrants position: If I were living in Country B, and Country A screwed my family out of it's income via NAFTA/CAFTA-type policies, or I worked for a Wal-Mart factory in my country and got payed below a Living Wage (believe me, folks, the minimum wage in Mexico is NOT even close to a living wage), then I would question my survival. And I would see it a practical option to risk my life to travel across the border so i could make some money in country A- not live there, most immigrants don't want to live here. They want money. Resources. Anway, you bet my ass would be running across that border, and I bet all of yours would, too. In fact, I would put my personal fortune ( hem, small as it is) on that. And Bam Bam, where did you get your info on Obama's position on gay couples? I'm curious.
Pat02/26/082:43pmI have been searching and reading and trying to have a more open mind about a muslim president,(I don't care about what anyone who refuses to believe the truth about that), but I can not find anything that guarantees it would be better than any other president in the past in our nation. I'm not saying christianity is all good, because it's not. Christianity and catholicism both have a bad track record of cruelty in history. Both religions have been the main conquerors of most countries and islands around the world. I have said and agree there are good and bad in all people, religions, and races(that is how I raised my kids). But christianity in the majority in this nation allow all religions to serve and live their own religious beliefs(which wasn't always that way). But look how many centuries the different muslim beliefs in the east have been at war with each other, killing each other off, now forcing children to fight, forcing all women to cover everything but the eyes. There was a time in recent history when the women that didn't want to do that didn't have to. I read one article that said the muslims tolerate all religions-so why are they still fighting each other in the east? Another article I read said the muslims allowed other religions to practice their beliefs, only if the other religions paid a tribute and acknowledged the muslim rule. Another article I read said that was only when the prophet muhammad was alive in the 600's, when he died, it all changed. Another article I read said that a non-muslim was prohibited from bearing arms or giving testimony in court in cases involving muslims-is that what will happen to us? From surfing the internet...the muslims weren't the first to advance in medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, art, literature, and history..but it's what they claim. I also read in another article that when a certain land, state or territory has been under "muslim rule", it can never be relinquished-what does that mean for other people that are not of the muslim faith? I also read in an article that they have no tolerance at all for atheists, new age or pagan religions. I read that a muslim man can marry a christian or jewish woman, but a muslim woman can not marry a non-muslim man. A muslim man can take more than one wife, if that is what he wants. That's as bad as the mormons. I also read that muslims must not place themselves in a position inferior to that of the followers of other religions. Is that true? If so, it sounds pretty superior to me. I read in another article that talks all about charity, but then read further and all they have to do is have a cheerful face to have charity. How is that going to help people get on their feet? I found many, many things to not want for the U.S.A., especially since our soldiers are fighting in the east. These are cons to me. But I found some pros, also. Will ask about those tomorrow. Don't have time this evening. When I put in the pros, someone enlighten me, because what is not to fear?
Bam Bam02/26/082:24pmEd - I have done the research and it's true Obama is not a Muslim and if he is and he's hiding it well we're in deep sh*t. I agree with JC it's not Muslim that's bad...but someone in here said someones religion doesn't matter because the church and state are separate. I believe religion does matter; religion is a sort of rules a person guides their life and morals dictates allot about a persons beliefs and could affect the bills they enact. Did you know that Obama has stated the he wants to make it so that Gay couples cannot adopt a child until the child is six years old? Where the heck did he get six from and why is he discriminating like this? Religion plays a part even if it is small.
JC02/26/082:16pmPat I sure hope you were being facetious (sp?). That was purely histerical. I think sometimes as American's we take ourselves too seriously and we need to laugh more at ourselves. By the way, I don't think we should worry about Muslims either...Muslim Extremists on the other hand are definitely a problem and will not get my vote. It's bad enough this war gave them a louder more audible voice to spout and advertise their hatred. We need to turn our backs on them, with no audience even a toddler stops a tantrum.
Ed02/26/081:02pmFran, I and others in America not the world do not want a Muslum for president because their religion and beliefs are quite different from what we are use to and yes we worry about what will happen if he gets into office. Will the terrorists think it will be easier to come here and bomb us. Hell yes they will. The man does not have the experience to handle the situation. He wants to be able to talk and reason with these animials. They don't have any empathy for Americans they just want to harm or kill us. I want someone in office with experience whether they are black, white, green or pink But not a MUSLUM!!!! I also want our president to stop taking care of other countries and start taking care of the U.S. We need someone with the balls to work on the immigration problem. The illegals sneak over the boarder welp kid after kid and of course we cannot separate them. That not the politically correct thing to do!! More Liberal bull**** propaganda. I say ship them all back! Just because they had a kid does not mean they are automatically a citizen. The liberal news keeps stating that they are citizens, but it is not so. So we need a leader that can handle this and as far as I know none of the candidates have the balls to address this, Obama included!!! We are all in trouble!
Fran02/26/0812:00pmThanks, Tim. I agree with you, and I find what you wrote refreshing. I would like to add that it is not outright, in-your-face prejudice that we are seeing right now. But what it is is a form of judgment that still holds certain types of people inferior to the "norm" of male, white, heterosexual Christian without disabilities. For a person to believe that someone should not run this country based on WHAT she is and not WHO she is entails prejudice. THis is because that belief assigns a (usually) negative feeling to the "what" symbol that is not based in reason. That's why I have been trying to ask people to explain why being a Muslim would make someone a poor president. The argument that people around the world wouldn't like it doesn't hold up for me- seems like the most predjudice we have to deal with is right here in the U.S.
Tim02/25/084:24pmIn regards to this whole Muslim issue, which Ed is not the only one with, the fear is widespread that letting a Muslim into office will spark some sort of Country or Global-wide destruction of some sort... There is a problem in this though. A Christian has more potential to do damage to the US than a Muslim has. If we want to look at the religious aspects of a person in regards to how they will run the country, then a Christian essentially has more power over the people, and could potentially lead the people astray in an easier manner, because Christianity is more accepted by the people within the country. Muslims are generally regarded with either distrust,, straight-out hate, revulsion, or indifference at best, by a large majority of the American population. This has its obvious downsides that rival that of a President with a Christian belief system, the foremost being the distrust in the leader by the people he or she is to take care of (distrust in the leading power is a huge factor in the downfall of any Empire), but let us say for a second that the tables are turned in favor of a Christian with ulterior motives (which as Ed mentioned, could be the start of letting Terrorist organizations onto home soil in the case of a Muslim President). This type of person already has the support of the country, and can play the people like the Devils fiddle. The people wouldn't even see it coming until it was too late, as has already been done in the past; there are no feelings of animosity towards the leader from the onset, as everyone believes all Christians to be good people (not always true, especially of those in power... power corrupts, remember.) Muslims aren't bad. Muslims aren't terrorists. Bad people are Bad. Terrorists are Terrorist. If anyone is to think that anyone other than a follower of Christ is potentially dangerous as a President of the USA, then they are blind. It isn't religions, Muslim or Christian, that make bad people. Its the people that define the good or the bad. Obama, Muslim or no, will either be a good person, or a bad person if elected. Religions only play a part of a person character, but its the person with the desires and ulterior motives and impulses that define the character, and therefore the goodness or badness of their rule, not the Religious beliefs. Perhaps having a Muslim as President, if he is indeed the good person he is trying to show himself to be, would be beneficial, as it would show the general mind state of the country. It would show that in a time with religious strife, wars, terrorists, and any other conceivable (bad) thing, that America is not the type to stoop so low as to remain in the times when religion, skin color, and sexual orientation mattered little to a successful empire and the turn around of a crumbling Nation. It would show that the American people are at least attempting to move beyond these restrictive perceptions as to who is better than the other, or worse than the other, for whatever reason, onto a perception that includes everyone, and not just Christians and White people.
Pat02/25/087:07amI agree with Ed, Tim, Open mind, Wallander and oh my gosh I see exactly what JC is saying. That was very, very interesting and knowledgable. Thank-you. Even though we live in the U.S.A., it is good to have other perspectives from other countries about us.
Bam Bam02/24/081:15pmNOW THAT'S FUNNY!
Paula02/23/089:10pmSpot on! =) (Where the h@ll did that come from? LOL!)
JC02/23/0810:13amBritain is Repossessing the U.S.A. A Message from John Cleese To the citizens of the United States of America: In light of your failure to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except Kansas , which she does not fancy). Your new prime minister, Gordon Brown, will appoint a governor for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire may be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect: You should look up 'revocation' in the Oxford English Dictionary. 1. Then look up aluminium, and check the pronunciation guide. You will be amazed at just how wrongly you have been pronouncing it. 2. The letter 'U' will be reinstated in words such as 'favour' and 'neighbour.' Likewise, you will learn to spell 'doughnut' without skipping half the letters, and the suffix -ize will be replaced by the suffix -ise. Generally, you will be expected to raise your vocabulary to acceptable levels. (look up 'vocabulary'). 3. Using the same twenty-seven words interspersed with filler noises such as 'like' and 'you know' is an unacceptable and inefficient form of communication. There is no such thing as US English. We will let Microsoft know on your behalf. The Microsoft spell- checker will be adjusted to take account of the reinstated letter 'u' and the elimination of -ize. You will relearn your original national anthem, God Save The Queen. 4. July 4th will no longer be celebrated as a holiday. 5. You will learn to resolve personal issues without using guns, lawyers, or therapists. The fact that you need so many lawyers and therapists shows that you're not adult enough to be independent. Guns should only be handled by adults. If you're not adult enough to sort things out without suing someone or speaking to a therapist then you're not grown up enough to handle a gun. 6. Therefore, you will no longer be allowed to own or carry anything more dangerous than a vegetable peeler. A permit will be required if you wish to carry a vegetable peeler in public. 7. All American cars are hereby banned. They are crap and this is for your own good. When we show you German cars, you will understand what we mean. 8. All intersections will be replaced with roundabouts, and you will start driving on the left with immediate effect. At the same time, you will go metric with immediate effect and without the benefit of conversion tables. Both roundabouts and metrication will help you understand the British sense of humour. 9. The Former USA will adopt UK prices on petrol (which you have been calling gasoline)-roughly $6/US gallon. Get used to it. 10. You will learn to make real chips. Those things you call French fries are not real chips, and those things you insist on calling potato chips are properly called crisps. Real chips are thick cut, fried in animal fat, and dressed not with catsup but with vinegar. 11. The cold tasteless stuff you insist on calling beer is not actually beer at all. Henceforth, only proper British Bitter will be referred to as beer, and European brews of known and accepted provenance will be referred to as Lager. South African beer is also acceptable as they are pound for pound the greatest sporting Nation on earth and it can only be due to the beer. They are also part of British Commonwealth - see what it did for them. 12. Hollywood will be required occasionally to cast English actors as good guys. Hollywood will also be required to cast English actors to play English characters. Watching Andie McDowell attempt English dialogue in Four Weddings and a Funeral was an experience akin to having one's ears removed with a cheese grater. 13. You will cease playing American football. There is only one kind of proper football; you call it soccer. Those of you brave enough will, in time, be allowed to play rugby (which has some similarities to American football, but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full kevlar body armour like a bunch of nancies). Don't try Rugby - the South Africans and Kiwis will thrash you, like they regularly thrash us. 14. Further, you will stop playing baseball. It is not reasonable to host an event called the World Series for a game which is not played outside of America. Since only 2.1% of you are aware that there is a world beyond your borders, your error is understandable. You will learn cricket, and we will let you face the South Africans first to take the sting out of their deliveries. 15. You must tell us who killed JFK. It's been driving us mad. 16. An internal revenue agent (i.e. tax collector) from Her Majesty's Government will be with you shortly to ensure the acquisition of all monies due (backdated to 1776). 17. Daily Tea Time begins promptly at 4 pm with proper cups, never mugs, with high quality biscuits (cookies) and cakes; strawberries in season. God save the Queen. Only He can. John Cleese
Scott02/23/088:44amI pretty much agree with everything Amanda was saying. I also tend to look at the candidate's track record because basically you can say anything, but are you walking your talk? In general, I have little respect for politicians. They are after power in the final analysis, and in my book this makes all politicians suspect. I tend to see what they're saying, look at their track record and often times vote for the lesser of two evils.
Amanda02/22/088:52pmI don't let those factors influence me and yes I do not live at home with my parents. I don't look at the debates or the campaign slogans, I look at their track records which I posted links to in my earlier post. I do agree that its ignorant to say Obamah is a Muslim for two reasons, one, he isn't (see snopes link I have now twice posted) and two, who gives a rats ass? I must missed the part that says all Americans are Christians. I guess the whole freedom of religion or freedom from religion and that concept of separation between church and state is just nonsense too. Point being it doesn't matter what religion a candidate is..what matters is that they can do the job and have a proven track record for reliable leadership. I don't care if they are gay or black or female or whatever,that has absolutely nothing to do with their job performance. I find it funny that it is illegal to discriminate against others due to these exact factors however some are willing to do just that when it comes to our nations leader. Thats why we are so far behind other countries and have far more issues; we refuse to grow up..or at least some of us do.
Wallander02/22/085:53pmGive Hillary a chance and let her become the president of the US, because she has a score to settle with good ol' Billy Boy when she enters the Office. She could pay back all the deceits & hurts that she recieved from her husband while he was the Prez, by having a scandal affair with a 25 yrs old guy herself! But i'm willing to put my money on Hillary being a behind-the-closet-Lezb! But all jokes aside, i also agree with Tim; H.Clinton seems like the LEAST-WORST choice among the 3 nominees! As for the other 2, one lacks REAL experience, and the other simply has popularity issues which will NOT disappear EVEN IF he WERE elected as the Prez of the US., imho.
Fran02/22/082:39pmHey Ed- I work for a living and pay all of my own bills. And don't tell people to be "realistic" when you can only talk in hypotheticals ("if" he gets elected and screws up). You really weaken your position. At least the rest of us have history as evidence- you only have doubt and predjudice- these do not qualify.
Ms. Intuition02/22/081:33pmNo, but a person's history in politics will affect how I vote. It is so ironic that Clinton who voted for the war goes on tv saying she's going to pull the troops out of Iraq--give me a break!! This woman flip-flops on the issues more than a fish on dry land!! And I wish people would stop being so ignorant saying Obama is a Muslim..and even if he was...sooooooooo. What rule says you can't be muslim and president? Did I miss something or are all Americans required to be a Christian ?? I don't claim any religion, but spiritual I am..And I don't care what
Open Mind02/22/081:11pmI honestly would not let any of these 3 factors affect the way in which I would cast a ballot. I'd like to think that I'm more educated and open minded not to let these things influence me. However, I must say that I pay close attention to not only a person's words, but also their track records regarding those important issues that affect all Americans (and not just some). For this reason, I am a true supporter of Hillary...and, some may call me a "sell-out" because I happen to be African-American. I am proud that my upbringing didn't consist of my becoming a racist--but, a true realist!
Ed02/22/0812:10pmI must of touched a raw nerve! You must be one of the young pups that Mommy and Daddy are supporting. No matter how much you want a perfert world it will never happen. Come out of La La Land it is time to be realistic. If Obama (the Muslum) gets in office and screws up like predicted you will be to blame and the rest of us will have to suffer for your stupidity. Have a Nice Day!
Amanda02/22/0812:05pmHttp:// Once again for those who do not know how to stop watching reality t.v long enough to know what they are talking about and therefor showing their ignorance, here is the snopes article debunking the whole Obama is a Muslim issue, not that it matters as we are all supposed to be free to choose whom and what we worship and has no bearing on qualifications. heres one to check out roll calls for any senator should you choose to do so. and lastly here is a wonderful site where you can find out anything about any of the votes going on including voting records, what some voted for or against. So, with that you can check out your presidential candidate or your representative or senator and see just what they are doing and how often they are doing. All of this is a matter of public record. Now kids, put down the remote, turn off the t.v. and start checking out these people and make up your own mind. Here are their actions..take a look.
Fran02/22/0811:56amWow, I should have known we would see a comment like that from Ed. How ignorant you are, you keep insisting that he is Muslim. You don't have to say "I hate ___" to be prejudiced. You just have to assume that religion/race/gender/AGE indicates something else and judge the person for it- to be predjudiced. By all accounts, Ed, you are showing yourself to be intolerant of other religions and age groups. I think the young people do know what we are doing- we are looking back at history and seeing how much people like you have screwed this country up, and now we are trying to fix it. Intolerance against other groups hasn't worked, and I'm glad to say that you represent a dying breed.
Ed02/22/086:12amTim has a point, but it would not be Hilary running things but her stupid husband Bill "The Pervert". You know he would be influencing her. But I am willing to give her a try. Also, whether we like it or not Religion does play a part in selecting a president. Their religious thoughts play a part in their character. You never hear him talk about his religion or show him going to his church. Other candidates are followed and filmed at their churches. We know Obama only got the votes because alot of young inexperienced people that have no idea what's going on voted. Maybe when they lived awhile and experienced life and away from Mommy and Daddy's purse strings will they know how to elect an official on their accomplishments and not on the color of their skin and their empty promises. It is amazing how many people believe in this Muslum. With dealing with the threat of terrorists killing us from the Middle East it just does not sit well with alot of people that a Muslum is running for president. Who knows maybe if this idiot is elected we will get attacked by terrorists and then their wonderful Obama will bring back the draft and all these young people who voted for him can defend our country. Oh that's right democrats don't support the military. They like to cut defense so they can support idiotic programs like free lunch programs for illegal immigrants in our schools that we American Citizens will have to pay the taxes for.
Tim02/21/0811:46pmI normally wouldn't let my vote be influenced by race, gender, religion etc., but if I was American, I would vote Clinton. The reason being, that males have been the only ever elected presidents in the US, and so far, the results of this are reflected in how the country actually is. I think that a woman should take a seat as President for once, to see how a woman would run an entire country, where most of the men previous to now have not done so well overall. Males and Females have very different mindsets when it comes to anything at all, and I think that the country could benefit from female power, even if it is only once in history (I don't know about future elections.. I obviously cant tell the future.. who knows? Maybe there will never be another female running for president?) Gender aside, I do not think that religions have a place in Government, and therefore should never even become an issue in regards to anything; A Muslim can run a country just as well as a Christian, or a Wiccan, or even an Atheist or Agnostic. Religion has nothing to do with running a country, although some teachings in religions have a place (thou shalt not kill, etc.). If we let religion into political government and decisions, or even in how we vote for a person, I believe it would be a very grave mistake indeed, and an otherwise potentially beneficial person in office could be overlooked, because people only see said persons spiritual or religious beliefs. A man or woman is not elected based on their Religious beliefs, they are elected based on their beneficial capabilities to the country they are to represent and run. That being said, the candidate should not allow their own Religious beliefs to effect their decisions. This potential should not be overlooked, but at the same time, if we judged everyone based on the color of their skin, or on which God they worshiped, then we are taking away the liberty and freedoms that the world worked (and still is) so hard to achieve. And votes based on sexual orientation are out of the question. Who cares where a person sticks what and how, as long as they are not criminals (rapers, molesters, etc.) and are capable of doing their job. The only things that should effect an important vote such as this, are Gender (male and female outlooks on things quite often vary greatly), and their capabilities and potential for being able to turn a country that is in dire need of a turn-around, into a better state of being, whether this includes the people in it, the economy, or whatever.
Fran02/21/083:23pmSince when was there an real issue with Muslims wanting foot baths in public places? I have NEVER heard of that and i think it's laughable. Plus, if you actually considered how much of our TAX-PAYING money is wasted by beauracracy and the WAR right now, foot baths look extremely sensible. Hell, I.m not Islamic, but I would rather put my money toward peaceful things than expensive and extremely divisive expenses like war. Maybe it's because I'm young and I worry about how the decisions that my govt. is making right now- the ones that push others cultures to hate -U.S.- and lose our economic power to countries like China at the same time- will affect my future. The danger is more imminent for some of us- we aren's going to enjoy the easy indulgent lifestyle that the Baby Boomers have. But I sincerely believe that having Obama as president would send a message to the world that (most) U.S. people are moving toward tolerance and peace, if not all of you. And it already has, as the primaries have shown :)
Pat02/21/082:45pmThanks Ed, at least one person, so far, doesn't think I am trying to push something down their throats just because I have different thoughts on a subject. I hope Zera knows she is very welcome to come back, not everyone here attacks like a rabid animal. Be back Monday. Can't wait to read other comments.
Ed02/21/0812:15pmHey Pat the Muslum's also want foot baths in public places like colleges and bus stations and have the Americans pay for it. When I read that it really pissed me off. We have American citizens here in the US that can't afford a decent place to live or they cannot put food on the table and they want foot baths put in. Give me a breaK! I work two jobs to pay my bills and I'll be damned if I will support paying more taxes so we can make the Muslums happy and give them a place to wash their feet.
Pat02/21/0811:11amOhhh, boo-hoo-hoo! Poor little obama getting a bad rap. He's black, so let's everybody pick on him. Wah! Wah! I don't go by what I hear by itself, I go by what I see. I saw him in film, and I know what I saw. He has white in him, also, but that didn't stop him from being in hate clubs. And I still say we do not need a muslim in the White House representing the U.S.A. Our kids couldn't have prayer in the public schools since the 1960's, even though around the nation a lot of schools would do it anyway. In some classrooms, ball games, graduations or other functions, then in the 1980's it started being fought worse nationwide, because of other beliefs. Muslim kids that are in SOME public schools, now have fifteen minutes of prayer time set aside for them while all the other kids are outside or where ever. What's fair for one religion should be fair for all religions. It should be five or ten minutes of silence in all schools to silently pray to their own beliefs. IF we have a muslim in the White House, what else will happen??? Different religions get to live in this country and should have the right to believe how they want to, (as long as no human or animal is hurt). But since this nation was stolen from the Native Americans, it has been built on christianity, it should stay that way. I'm not a christian, but I have the Great Spirit in my life. As far as all the promises of ALL politicians...HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!(Just my opinions and thoughts, not trying to convert anybody).
Amanda02/21/089:54amOkay Most every president including Abraham Lincoln had a mistress..check history. Personally I think Bill did an exceptional job in the white house.I can see a huge difference between his administration and the current one, I don't think I trust Hillery far as her being strong..nah..calculating and planning certainly.That doesn't take strength but ambition.I don't think I want her in the white house and we have to remember it will be Hillery and not her husband in the oval office, also a huge difference. Game plan or no, I just don't trust her at all. Obama has been given a bad rap and what really is sad is whether or not it is Obama or any other candidate most people go by what they hear and do not bother to look up information available on a candidate.Sad but true.
Ed02/21/085:02amAmanda you should care if Bill "The Pervert" Clinton screws around with an intern. He should of been handling the issues with Bin Laden, but he was more worried about what people would think about him and how he could again lie to the American people. His wife got in to office because people felt sorry for her. What a crock! I bet the two of them are privately divorced. Hilary (the ****) is not the type to put up with Bill's perverted behavior. The Clinton's did a bad job for the American people! He is just a smooth talker and most people fell for that. Bam Bam I agree with you on Obama, what is so special about him. Since he has been in office he has not supported anything. He is another smooth talker like Bill Clinton. I still do not know why people are voting for him. He talks and nothing comes out except dreams and lies. Being President he will not have to power to do anything and alot of people will be very disappointed. When the terrorist come and camp on our doorsteps and blow us the hell up. He will be safe in some shelter somewhere. I believe in equal rights and all of that, but people need to elect an official on their accomplishments not the fact he is the first black man to be president. That mentality shows how ignorant some people can be. I want a leader that will protect us, manage the office better and quit helping other countries and take care of us here at home. Also I want my boarders closed and all the illegal immigrants shipped back to where they came from. As far as Obama's wife, please she is nowhere close to being anything like Jackie O. Jackie O has more class and charm in her little finger then Obama's wife has in her whole body. Another bull**** dream/lie!
Bam Bam02/21/084:50amThanks Amanda! I read the snopes site a few weeks ago. I'm still hesitant over Obama, he says he's going to do things but I want to know how he intends to do it. Hillary gave us her gameplan, I'm still waiting to hear his. I too don't care that Bill did the intern; I think it's always been their plan to get back into the White House, but, she is a very strong person for sticking with him regardless. I know if it were me I would have built up such resentment for being forced to stay with a cheating husband simply because of my career goals. See I remember (and you probly do too) what a mess the first Bush made of our country. I rememeber being a single mom (husband a war) watching the news when the first footage of bombs went from the ships. ALL I CAN SAY IS FEAR. Then came Bill Clinton and he made it possible for me to go to college; pay for my babies daycare; he got people off welfare and made it possible for (after babies daddy left) me to get Healthcare coverage while I went to college to become a jounalist. The Clintons made the country work and put us to work from Welfare. I don't see how Hillary made a disaster of Helthcare, she was one of the hardest working first ladies I can remember. Low income families even today can apply for healthcare coverage without getting on welfare. When I was out of work with cancer, and I wasn't covered for a few months on insurance I applied and I got covered with 3 months retroactive. You just have to be low income, being out of work qualified me. Please tell me what Hillary did that your referring to because I'm not aware it and I'm interested to hear it.
Amanda02/20/085:40pmHttp:// here is the link to snopes and the rumors about Obamah.. Personally what someone does in their bedroom, whom they worship none of anyones business.I think that is what most people have lost sight of.I would rather have a black, gay president who wears a hot pink business suit that wanted to turn this country around and work toward our own benefit then some fella or woman who talks a good game and yet doesn't deliver and has no intention of doing so. Hillary made health care worse here, not better. Theres many things I did not like about her.Her husband, hey I think he did a good job and no I do not care one bit about him diddling an intern.As far as Hillery being all brave...please..she knew a damn divorce would shoot her political career down,she had too much to loose, sympathy from the American public or no or no.
Bam Bam02/20/085:27pmEveryone that I have spoken to and listened to has said the same things Ed. What does Obama stand for? He talks alot but he doesn't give any clear avenues on how he intends to obtain his goals. At the very least I know what the Clintons can do for us; and Hillary has spoken clearly her plan to get us there. I can't understand this weird obsession people have with Obama. Now, it's all over the news how Obama's wife is dressing like Jackie O. Someone, somewhere is playing the American Public, they dress the woman like an American Icon to get the publics subconcience acceptance, there's something seriously wrong here. I couldn't believe it when I saw these updated yet identical outfits she was wearing. Obama's race has nothing to do with my wariness; although I will admit some hesitation due to these rumors some of which are true and others not. As for sexual preference..I'm simply not ready for a Gay President. The first thing they'll probably do in office is argue over who get's to be First Lady. Okay..I'm just kidding. Our Economy was great with the Clintons in office; and I know the repbulicans are all about Military might; but, War isn't everything and Peace is possible.
Paula02/20/0810:19amEveryone needs to keep in mind that anyone who is elected will not be able to turn the tides, fix the damage, or what ever within a 4 or 8 year term. A "fast food" mentality is what got our great country in to a lot of this mess. . . I'll agree with another comment here. Race does not matter, gender does not matter. Neither does "Republican" or "Democrat". We need someone that can make a difference. We need someone that has the ability to put this great country we live in "back on track". Be an educated voter. Don't just look at the emails like party voters send out, they do nothing but trash the opposition (I'm so sick of that mentality I could puke!). Do some research. Educate yourself. Listen not only to what those in the U.S. are saying, but look and learn from what those in other countries are saying. And last but not least, get off your duffs and vote.
Amanda02/20/088:14amI see it this way.I do not care about their gender, nor whether or not they are gay, or married, or in a gay marriage,or if they are black or what religion they are..etc etc etc..that has nothing to do with if they can be a good leader for this country. I do not care about Hillery because she is a woman, I do not care about Obamah because he is black, I care about if they can turn things around and do a good job.
Ed02/20/087:56amFirst of all I don't think we are ready for Obama or Hilary for president. Obama seems to be winning alot and I cannot understand why. He really has not shown us that he can do anything but get on his soap box which all candiates do and promise that things are going to get better and that he has the answer. He's an idiot! What group will it get better for?? he talks about getting insurance for some people, which groups are he referring to? I know he is all talk and if and only if he gets in certain groups think he will help them, but the President does not have as much power like most people think. Let's hope that the Senate and House will have more Republicans so at least they can watch and keep Obama in line. I can't stand Hilary, but think we will have a better chance of surviving from any problems since she has more experience. Obama does not have any experience. He has never stood up for anything except for collecting his paycheck. I don't want our country in the hands of someone who has no idea what is going on and will try to use the Presidental Office for their own personal agenda. He is also a Muslum which is not good for our country. If he gets in get ready to kiss our Ass goodbye. So in this case Race and Gender will affect my vote just like what other people are doing. People are voting for Obama because he's black and nothing else. They are voting for Hilary because they feel at last a women in office and how great that could be for all women. Bull!! People need to look at their records. Obama does not have one and Hilary at least has some experience. I feel neither would be good for our country!
Pat02/20/085:49amGender...No, it would not. Race...only if they have proven in their past not to be prejudice and can in the present prove not to be prejudice. Sexual orientation...only if in their past they haven't molested a child or forced their sexual preference on someone else. But the fact that EVERY politician lies to get votes and speaks with a silver tongue you might as well flip a coin. It's the same promises decade after decade after decade. That's just my opinion(not trying to force it on someone else).
Claire02/20/082:56amWould a political candidate's gender, race or sexual orientation affect your vote? For me it would not. I would vote for whoever I feel is th best candidate and do the best job for my country.

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