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Trans fats should be banned in all restaurants and fast food chains.

Total Voters: 454
Yes 83%
No 83%
Undecided 83%
Pat04/14/0810:26amNot counting how bad fast food is and most foods in most restaurants, even when most of the time they will lie to get the business, unless it is a very reputable place. But when you eat out, not every person that will come into contact with your food is going to be clean with it. Did you know that by law if you want to see the area where the food is being fixed that you can ask to check it out and look at the health dept. certificate? If the place says no, then leave. They don't want you to see something. But even the food you buy in the stores is not clean. No wonder there are so many sick people. Everyone is right when it comes to choosing if you want to eat healthy(as much as that is possible) or not. Here's something else, not to try and gross you out, the FDA passes so much of a percentage of insects that are in food. There is no way that food can be completely free of insects. Some foods purposely have insects in them. Look for the ingredient...carmine...that makes yogurts pink and other foods.Yuck! Everytime I think about that it grosses me out(I have a very weak stomach).Sorry people, but I know I will get blasted for this one.
Amanda04/14/088:59amIf you are that sensitive why eat out? Stay home and cook your own food or order a salad. Before the harping of rights begins one thing to consider. It is the right of the masses to have what they want. Again, the places you have named we all know serve processed junk. It isn't supposed to be good for you, it's a quick meal on the go. It is fried, frozen soy based junk. Knowledge makes one responsible. If you know the food is not good for you and you eat it, thats on you, not the people who cooked it. It's like knowing you are allergic to shell fish and eating it, then asking why do they serve shell fish? The real question is why did you order it and eat it?
Bam Bam04/14/086:32amYou know everytime I eat out; I get sick. I have tummy troubles from Burger King, Mcd's and Pizza. I mean you can't eat out anymore without the fear of transfats or salmonella poisoning. We ate at an IKEA this week and everyone has been ill all week. Why bother eating out unless your at a restaurant you know is going to handle the food as well as they prepare it and that included preparing with healthy oils and illiminating transfats and garbage.
Amanda04/11/0810:13amI've never really been into fast food at all. I eat it on occasion, but not to the point I would miss it. Most everything I eat is home cooked. Sure, you have to watch out for certain types of lunch meat and watch the mayo, etc..but you know my weight is fine. Blood pressure etc, fine. Theres nothing wrong with a little of anything really. But if you make your entire diet dine out and fast food what can you expect. Its fast isn't supposed to be healthy. Although, if you look at fast food menus now what do you see? Low fat food, salads, diet drinks, can oder your food without mayo and all of that. Point being, if you don't want it you don't have to have it. There are other things on the menu that have no fat in them, you can get light salad dressing or none at all. Most places hand you packets anyway. You don't have to use them.
Moonlightryder04/11/089:51amFor me this decision was simple and boy have I seen dramatic results! I decided a little over a year ago to stop eating the fast food junk and I rarely go to any restaurants either. I have lost a ton of weight, I feel better, I have more energy, my brain is sharper... I could go on and on about the health benefits. But there are also the other benefits like more money in your pocket - now, that's priceless, oh and the joy and togetherness you'll get from cooking at home with your family - that too is priceless. BTW, anyone out there who decides to do this I just want you to know that after the first month, the cravings will subside. :0)
Amanda04/10/086:02pmI understand and it is a good discussion. On the one hand it is bad, on the other hand where do you draw the line? I think it boils down to, at least for me, that there is plenty of room for growth. We can't stop people from doing things unhealthy. I don't per se eat healthy. I should, but I don't. I guess the only saving grace is we use olive oil just about exclusively. I don't eat too much salt but I do take in way to much sugar. If anything this discussion has helped me to be a bit more aware of what I am eating with a few thoughts of perhaps making some changes.
Pat04/10/0811:59amAmanda, I agree with you and everybody else(except Ben). It is a God-given right, because the human was made with a will. I guess lots of times I tend to be a mother hen. If you have ever seen how a mother hen is with her baby chicks, then you'll understand what I am talking about. I worry over not just my family and people I know and people I don't know, but the whole planet. That's just me. You know, I didn't think there could be such discussion on this poll, but their is. It's surprising.
Amanda04/09/084:35pmPat I do agree, that comment was a bit over the top. MSG isn't good either, but it is sold in bulk. Bottom line is that it is my body, it is up to me to read the labels and decide what does and does not go in. For every bad choice there is a good one. For every unhealthy thing there is a healthy thing. All of it is available so it isn't like it is being forced on anyone.
Pat04/09/083:54pmJane, W.W. does not require you to buy their products to lose weight. It is a very healthy way to eat anything in moderation and lose weight. They tell you anything you need to know on the hows and whys of food. Yes, I know the body needs a good oil, but not in excess or the wrong kind. I have hundreds and hundreds of books on practically everything. I know about good nutrition, the ins and outs of cooking or freezing food the correct way, vitamins and minerals, herbs, how to grow a flower and vegetable and fruit garden. I enjoyed doing all of these things. I just got slack with myself about 20 years ago, because I started getting sick a lot and I went through a deep depression, because it changed my way of life. I started W.W., because I want to lose the weight I have gained and the last few years I took more interest in myself, because I would love to live to a healthy, happy 105 years old. For me and mine I have way to much to live for. But I still see and totally understand what all of you are saying. And Ben, your comment was uncalled for, but it was yours to say.
Bam Bam04/09/0812:50pmFor a change I have no idea. If something is bad for your body why would we eat it? This is common sense. There are so many things out there that are bad for us, yet, we do nothing about it. I guess maybe there are better ways to preserve and cook food. So, maybe we should ban something so terrible.
Amanda04/09/0811:32amI agree. I mean it's like this folks. The cattle and poultry as well as pork all have massive rounds of antibiotics and hormones in them. It is required in order to be considered safe to prevent disease (except the hormones). We et it. Now that being said if you don't like that there are organic food stores you can buy all your food from. It is more costly because it plain out costs more to raise anything purely organic. It is harder, takes longer, etc.However, that option is there for those who have a beef with the beef..LOL. Point being. YOU HAVE CHOICES......USE THEM!!!!!!
Jeff04/08/0811:54pmActually Trans fats are naturally occurring in cows and other animals albeit in much smaller quantities. That said, it amazes me how so many people are so quick to put down big industries. In this case its the corrupt "corporate food industry". I've heard others do the same to Oil companies, or pharmaceutical companies, or big retail outlets like Walmart. Over the years the word "profit" has been turned into a 4 letter word even though these are all publicly held companies that offer valuable products that make our lives better. I don't understand why big industries are racked over the coals for turning large profits while the Government gets a pass. For example, the government collects more money in gasoline and other oil taxes than the Oil companies themselves! While Exxon Mobile is maligned because of their record profits, few people talk about the record profits the Government made on oil and gas. While Government has a limited role to play, it is NOT the answer to all of our problems.
Thomas04/08/088:11pmIt is a good point that we shouldn't outlaw things because they're unsafe. The thing is, we are talking about a substance that we cannot grow in our gardens and does not natural occur in our beef and pork products. These are substances that scientists have unnaturally processed into our food to make it easier to mass produce and market. It is something we never had in the first place. The dyes in our beef and pork to make them appear more appealing to eye, are proven to be one of the leading causes of he deadliest forms of cancer. The only purpose they serve is make meat look red on the store shelf. It has been suspected that we ban this substance. The FDA made it plain that it was the same as banning the meat itself. This substance is not found in this meat until the butcher soaks it. It has no preservative qualities. Its only function is literally to make the meat look prettier for the consumer. Why does banning this substance equate to banning meat? The additives that we are discussing banning do nothing to serve the consumer but the finances of a corrupt food industry. These substances cannot be consumed unless they're placed in the food we consume by scientists. Trans fats are not a chemical that naturally occur in our meat. It is an artificial fat substitute. It wasn't in our diets a hundred years ago. Why is it so wrong to remove it now? Not only would the food be healtier, but it would taste a lot better too. Have you ever had real Angus patty on a kaiser roll? I have. Zero trans fats. It's literally a case of "if we ban trans fats, we'll have better tasting food." The only drawback would be that it would increase the demand on higher quality foods, driving the prices up. Hmm, I guess we do need trans fats. "There exists nothing that a man cannot make cheaper...his legitimate prey are those who only consider price." To be fair, how about at least requiring all fast food restaurants to have zero trans fats alternative selections?
Ben04/08/085:13pmPoor Pat. It takes maturity to admit one's error but it's time to growup, you're wrong.
Amanda04/08/085:02pmPat it isn't that I am per se coming down on you. I understand your concern, but if we start outlawing things just to make something safer, then like the last lady said we as people become less and less responsible. It is every man woman and child for themselves really. Thats not to sound cold, but you know if you don't want to eat veggies and exorcise who am I to force you? What if you could care less about being healthy? What if that is not what you want? People should not be made to do things against their will when it comes to diet and health. It is their life, their journey and yes, their problem.
Pat04/08/083:51pmYou guys are right, but I'm right also. But I guess it is to the point to where your family is the only ones to care about and every man or woman outside the family for themselves. And I swear, I am not mad or trying to be sarcastic when I say this. I truly understand what all of you are saying.
Jane04/08/083:42pmPat, it's good that you're concerned about your health and others. Unfortunately the old saying a little knowledge is dangerous applies. All these low-fat products are counter productive to losing weight, the body needs fat to burn fat. Reading labels isn't good enough anymore as names of things are changed to fool us and in processing things can potato chips that claim no trans fat--true there are no trans fats in potatos or in the oil, however any oil that is heated to a cooking temperature (including canola) becomes a trans fat. Also, your body also needs oil, but the right kind. So if you want to be healthy, take a nutrition course and don't buy into the latest propoganda as it is telling us just partial info to once again increase their profits from our fears. And consider that though you are losing weight with weight watchers, anytime one has to buy their products instead of using a menu and purchasing your own food something is amiss. I am a reg. nutritonist and cert. natural health practitoner so I strongly advocate for knowledge of how food works starting in kindergarten. However, it's never too late to learn and if we did we could make educated choices. No one should be controlling what we eat but ourselves. As with everything, the more responsiblity that is taken away, the less responsible one becomes. If things continue the way they are, we'll soon have to be reminded that it's time to go potty now.
Amanda04/08/083:03pmEd, Jeff I totally agree. You know there was a proposed law in Mississippi to weigh in morbidly obese people before serving them in a restraunt. It would have been required had it passed. It is a no brainer that this is a seriously unconstitutional law. It being unhealthy and deadly does not matter one bit. It is not a restraunts responsibility to make certain I eat a balanced diet. It is not the responsibility of the government either. It is mine. I understand the concern, however if someone will not listen to their doctor and eat better..well thats on them.
Ed04/08/082:25pmPat it is really nice that you care about everyone's health, but Jeff has a very valid point. We don't want anyone telling us what we can eat or not eat. This is sounding so much like the smoking issue. What's next! Will we have to buy a hamburger on the black market. This is all Bull****! We are Americans and we still (I hope) have the right to choose what we want to eat or not eat. Jeff is also right that if the government gets away with this then what else could they do??? The Government needs to get out of our lives and fix the ****ing mess they made with the War, Illegal Immigration, kids killing kids, our economy. Do I have to go on. So sorry Pat I do not agree on this with you. Remember we are adults and can decide what is best for us. If there are people out there who don't care what they eat.....fine. It is their right!
Jeff04/08/081:56pmPat, I understand your concern about being healthier. Still, I don't need the Government to tell me what I can and can't eat. I should have the right to chose what I eat and drink. For example, I know that eating at McDonald's every day will probably take decades off my life. Still, enjoying a Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries at McDonald's every once in a while is my own business. Think about it, if we allow Government to get that entrenched in our lives, where does it stop? What's next, mandatory exercise? Mandatory birth control? How about Government mandated sun screen? Freedom means as individuals we have a right to chose how we live our lives as long as we don't infringe on someone else's rights. If I chose to eat a greasy burger deep fried in lard, I don't want the restaurant that serves me to be penalized because no one is forcing me to eat there. People have a greater stake in their own health than a Government bureaucracy and as such should be in control of their own lives.
Pat04/08/0812:59pmI understand what you are saying, but trans fats are not just unhealthy, they are deadly. I always look at the ingredients in stuff, but I never thought anything about trans fats. I didn't really know what it meant until I started reading up on it. That sh** is a time bomb in a majority of people's bodies that eat it. Trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. Millions of people just in the U.S. die each year from heart disease and strokes. Just one of the culprits is trans fats. It is naive to think that the government here in the U.S. and around the world does not have their hands in everything concerning people's lives. Remember the poll about healthcare being a legal right? Well, billions of dollars are spent just on heart disease, strokes, diabetes and high(bad)cholesterol each year. So if the government doesn't step in and ban trans fats among other things not good for people, we will continue to have an avalanche of unhealthy people. Most adults don't have the common sense or just don't care what it costs in healthcare every year in the rise in sicknesses. Most adults are careless about their own health and they are definitely not concerned about their kids' health. The government knows the risks of the stuff that people consume. Some in the government fight for a more healthy way of life, while others in the government lose money if everyone was more healthy. We should want unhealthy stuff obliterated from everyone's lives. It's not like people don't adjust to change. We have to adjust to changes on a daily basis, why not adjust to healthier changes? And the government does have more control on how people raise their kids.
Jeff04/08/0812:35pmAmanda, I couldn't have said it better myself! As a free society it's incumbent upon the individual to take personal responsibility in these type of matters, not some Government bureaucracy.
Amanda04/08/087:54amWhat bothers me about banning anything like that is this. It is unhealthy, so instead of taking personal responsibility and not eating it lets make the government responsible..too let's make them responsible for smoking and while we're at it lets make them solely responsible to raise our kids....enough is enough. Read the package or know what restraunt uses what, moderate yourself and check your cholesterol. In other words be an adult.
Pat04/07/0812:05pmTrans fats should be banned in all restaurants and fast food chains. It's very deadly. The government and media talk about the unhealthy people in our country, but then we have so much bad stuff to eat. But now that the government has their hands in all of the food we eat, you can bet your last dollar that it will get worse.I won't eat out, except at two restaurants, because I don't like all that unhealthy and unclean food. And that's only about 4 or 5 times in a year and my family gets tickled, because it is always the same things that I ever order. I also agree that "good, healthy" food is way more expensive than junk. I mostly lived on shredded wheat and 2% milk, lowfat sweets(one a night) and baked chicken and salads and low-fat cottage cheese and pineapple,because I am so very picky about food, but I still wasn't losing weight, until I joined Weight Watchers a month ago. Now every week I am losing weight. They teach you so much on how to eat the right way to get healthy and well. My family and I buy canola oil to cook with. My mom and I eat very little oil, though. My daughter goes a little overboard. I keep telling her to be careful. My sister is not really that careful with her intake of oil(and she has heart trouble). But you can tell someone so much, then you just have to let them learn on their own. I love my family so much and when I see one of them do something unsafe, IT SCARES ME TO DEATH!!! Here is something I read on a web page, but I broke it down some. I made myself a copy to take home with me to put on the fridge(I thought it was good info to know): Saturated fats are bad. They solidify at room temperature. They clog the arteries and raise the bad cholesterol(LDL). Trans fats raise bad cholesterol(LDL) AND lower good cholesterol(HDL). They are also called "hydrogenated oil" or "partially hydrogenated oil." Polyunsaturated fats lower bad cholesterol(LDL), but too much can lower good cholesterol(HDL). Monounsaturated fats lower bad cholesterol(LDL) and maintain good cholesterol(HDL). Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for our health. They reduce coronary heart disease AND boost our immune system. This would be good to take to the store also, to have it to go by when reading ingredients. I agree also that there is really nothing to argue about on this poll. I hope this one only lasts for only a week.
Amanda04/07/088:59amThere is fast food then there is health food. If you know how to read and write then you know which is which. Your gut, your health, your responsibility.
Ed04/07/085:58amPeople that is why is called "Fast Food". I think Americans need to watch what they eat. It is not the government or restaurants that should tell you what to eat and what not to eat. We live in a world where we want everything now, now now! When we were kids eating at for example McDonalds everything was made fresh, now to save time McDonalds makes their meat and keeps it in a warming drawer in a pan of greasey water. How revolting. I don't want government stepping in again trying to tell us what to eat. It is just like the smoking thing. The government should be working on getting the economy back on track, help the people loosing their homes, the kids getting shot in our streets everyday, deport the illegal immigrants. This is just a few things they need to work on.
Mira04/05/088:07pmThings are not absolutely good or absolutely bad, when we grow modified food to make more food for hungry people it is already a risk, but when we modify food for commercial reasons it is abusing people, food is like health and love and piece, we need it in small quantities to be able to respect it and it has to be high quality, not junk
Dora-rose04/05/0812:08pmTrans fatts are killing us an hurting or children at a young age.
BeBa04/05/088:24amIt would be ideal to find a way that people can have proper access to the healthiest choices - and not skimp by using fillers to cut costs, processed ANYTHING, genetically modified whatever. Europeans that I've met complain how FEW the healthier options are in the US compares to their own countries. One Israeli girl once told me her weight shot up 40 lbs over the course of a year in the US and she resulted in more stomach/digestive ailments. But with the increase of American fast food overseas, those countries are seeing their weight go up too. In reverse, Americans I've known who've gone to Europe for an extended time told me about the "ordinary" foods they ate - and they ate MORE food than at home in the US and still lost a noticeable amount of weight. Perhaps European food is more nutritional (and thus you can eat more and still lose weight?) You still have to be careful in the US regardless...just because a food item says "organic" in the US doesn't mean it's AS NUTRITIONAL as our European counterpart's food supply appears to be in this case either. And of course..."good" food unfortunately is more expensive. It would also be ideal if we can fix this problem so lower-income people don't have to choose between the healthiest food - or rent.
Thomas04/05/086:21amI really don't think there's anything worth arguing about here, but it is an important to consider. Trans fats come from certain unnecessary additives. It's an example of tampering with nature's design and it has an adverse on the health of the people eating them. I don't much feel like eating a sandwich from a chemist's lab and dramatically increasing my risk for developing various disorders and cancer. Thank you.

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