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If you found a purse with identification and about $200 cash inside, what would you do?

Total Voters: 826
Return the purse as is 46%
Return the purse but keep the cash 46%
Leave the purse but keep the cash 46%
Leave the purse as is 46%
Nero10/27/075:52pm????? thats a thinker buddy..... Prolly kepp the cash and tell someone i found their purse on the road soo....
Bob05/28/077:46amThat is a piese of ****
Rozlynn09/27/0611:09pmWell I have an answer for you because it happened to me. My boyfriend at the time gave me 120.00 for a new jacket he wanted. He asked me to hold on to the money. So I put it in my wallet. I was still in high school then so we had a smoke pit where we all used to smoke an I had the wallet on me. Sure enough I lost it. It had to be around the smoke pit area. There was a lot of people and I remember looking down on the grass thinking it dropped out of my pocket. But it was no where to be found. A day later I went into the girls washroom and seen one of my classmates holding my walet. She said "Oh I just picked it up. I am so so sorry you lost the money. Hmmm I thought how the heck would she know if there was money in it? I just knew it was her. I couldn't point the finger at her, she would just deny it. I will never forget the look on her face when I walked in the bathroom. And my boyfriend was really upset because his mother gave him that money. If I ever found someone's personal possessions I would try to contact the person who owned them. What does it do for me? I couldn't live with the guilt.
Azarel09/20/065:54amI would have kept the cash
Alphalovfre08/23/066:21pmI once found a roll of money held together by a rubber band in a metro station in Washington DC. I immediately gave it to the train worker in the information booth and said where I found it. Most people whom I've told this to said it was a stupid move, since the person I gave it to probably pocketed it, since it wasn't identifiable. I answer, maybe so, but, even so, it still would have been wrong of me to keep it.
Melissa08/23/062:44pmI would return it cos the person must be worried, and yes i would want to take the money but im not needy. i lost my bus pass and it was returned to me just as i had left it. i would be returning the good faith.
LustfulMind08/22/064:31pmA reasonable point, but it should also b said that when u return a lost purse/wallet with $200 in it, it should not b because u'd want the Karma to return a favor or anything in that order. That kind of thinking stems from nothing else but one's own ego, and if there's 1 thing that Karma is NOT in any way synonomous with, it's ego! So when u stand with the tough decision of either returning the purse/wallet or keeping it for yourself, u're in reality standing in front of a two-way fork on the road which either helps to ascend u to a "higher world", or descends u to an "underworld"...and u're the only one that can decide the outcome of such a decision(test)!
Earthreselda08/19/067:03pmI would return the purse with the money. it's not that I want to have karma return the favor. I would return it Simply because when you do something like that, your giving the person something more important than money, your giving them faith that there is good people left in this world. If I returned the purse knowing that, I'd be alot richer than $200 could ever make me. And what if you don't give the person this faith? The fact is if they don't see you returning thier purse as a blessing, be happy that you aren't as blind as they.
Rene08/19/064:46pmA long time ago I found a wallet outside near a parked car in my apartment complex. I turned it in to the office, where hopefully it was returned to the owner, unchanged. Many years later,I left my purse in a shopping cart at a Krogers store on a very busy street. I didn't notice it missing for several hours. When I returned to the store,I found that someone had not only turned it into the office, but nothing was missing. Karma or What?
LustfulMind08/19/065:37amIf this happend just a few yrs ago, i would have taken the money... But i guess u'll need to grow up at some pt. in your life & begin to look at everything in life under an altruistic light! Those who are protesting against religion here, are in reality protesting against the institution of religion, which is somewhat different than the kind of religion that is practiced in a completely personal & intimate universe. That's as far as i would go, in respecting their opinions (partially) with the rest of their animalistic angle to life, all that there is to say, is, Karma's gonna get to ya'!
Flower child08/16/067:05pmI cannot belive how some of you get off the subject with your comments. me, i would give back the purse intact. money you need to look at a person from the inside not the outside and you need to let go of all of your negative energy it will all come back at happy
Robin 08/16/067:56amI'd return it only because I do not know if the person that has lost it needed it for food, their kids meds, maybe? I dont know! I would want some one for sure to give back my purse with the money in it . It would not be fair for me to keep it, or even partial. my heart would feel a heck of a lot better to see the expression on the face of the person when its returned with the money in it. Thats price less to me.
Dee08/16/061:34amFor those who would keep the money... tut tut tut!!Thank you "Beliver"..... I couldn't have put it better myself. Come on Mystic Games... next subject please. Give us our next moral dilema to ponder. Blessings and love to all who go on with life with a positive outlook :o)
Believer08/16/0612:06amSorry for getting off the subject, but I need to comment on the last few responses. I think its sad to go through life believing that you're worm food after you die. How meaningless and cruel life would be if there were nothing more. I don't believe in God simply to make myself feel better or act better. I realized a long time ago that there is no way all this structure and beauty is just an accident. Look at the universe and all the complex forces that that make it the well balanced wonder that it is. Someone or something extremely powerful and beyond our comprehension must have created the laws of physics... the same laws that govern everything we know and love. The "evidence" is all around for us to see if our eyes are open.
Dee08/15/064:34pmBlimey, after reading the last few comments, I do ponder about what life deals us as individuals. I've not had a blessed life, I've been thrown some real "humdinggers", I've even wondered what was the point of it all at times. I've been at the top and had a ****** take it all away. But I've realised you have a choice, either you let the crap lead your life or you let go of the crap and put it where it should be... in the "bin of yesterdays". Life is what you make of it and how you cope, grow and learn from the pain, sorrow and depression set on your soul is what you pass on to your children. The reason I gave back the wallet I found is simply because it was not mine. We seemed to be getting of topic alittle and this is supposed to be some fun. My 14 yr old certainly couldn't read some of the comments here on this subject. Yes, there's alot of crap out there and people (myself included) have suffered SEVERE pain... pain to my soul with how human beings treat each other.... Ask yourselves this, what can be done about it, after the fact? If something can be done, it will be (karma)... but I firmly belive that our god, (who ever he is to you as an individual), will be our judge.... and what ever you've done you'll have to explain yourselves. For thoes who don't belive in a spiritual being.... YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS SITE!!! :O)
NOBODY!!08/15/069:04amReading the comments surprises me, guess I never though People who believe in mysticism also do the organized religon thing but brainwashing is a hard thing to shake. It wasnt hard for me though, my Mother was raped by a Priest when she was a little girl, spent her life thinking SHE was the bad if this thing about money is of so much Spiritual Signifigance then what does that say about mankind? The richest People in the world do make token contrabutions but thier way of thinking counteracts any $ they give. Why? Because they have our Gov., they have the ear & pocket of the powerful & when they say things like "stop welfare for the poor" it happens, on the other side w/o any Public discussion or input our smart Gov., gives Welfare to the richest..look into how much Welfare Corporations recieve, lets talk about Exxon's disgusting amount of profit and what they will and will not do w/ it..Will they finally clean up after the Exxon Valdez spill & help the People who now need welfare because thier way of life is over since the spill? NO, they will not. Will they knowing how our Schools are failing students invest in Equal Education for all? No. Knowing how many People in this Country are Homeless, will they help ease the problem? NO. I dont want to become like those guys but I am not going to lie & say "oh, I couldnt live w/ myself if I kept $ I found" I dont mean to offend any. I just feel People are out of touch with what is really going on. I dont believe in God, I believe it was a good way to control the masses, that is until People stopped blindly following and started researching for themselves the true history of all these religons. In doing so I found that they were some of the most grusome bunch around and I find it appaling that in this day & age People still need this false concept to do the right thing.
Sherry08/15/069:00amGenerally the people that have ethics and morals are those that can afford them; but I believe that if you continue to do the next right thing, you are rewarded for it one way or another. I'm not waiting around for others to step up and give me my reward, I believe in earning it for myself. All it takes is for good people to do nothing and evil wins. I sleep well at night.
Lawrence08/15/0612:33amI like to think that the same would be done for me if i lost my walet
Silvergryphon08/14/066:41pmI did find a purse with about that much cash and an ID. I called the person and returned it with contents intact. Yes I could have kept the money.... I certainly could have used it at the time but I like being able to face myself in the mirror everyday knowing that I did the right thing. I also Know how I would feel If my purse came up missing and hope someone would do the same if they found it.
Claire08/14/063:02pmYeah I know what it is like to go hungary but I stand by my word.
RE: Money08/14/068:26amYeah, how much $ are you from, ever been hungry, houseless, frustrated by white teachers that will only educate other whites??? Guess it depends huh? Yeah, we should all just smile & continue to take it in the a--! Never mind that they killed MLK for bringing up this fact, yet here we are..oh well maybe you'll find something nice at the mall to take yer mind off all this REALITY!!!
Money08/14/0612:44amWe need to stop this class envy nonsense. Just look at how many BILLIONS of dollars the two richest men in the world (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) have contributed to charity. People need to work on leading better lives rather than focusing on how others are leading their lives. Stop spreading hate by blaming corporate execs/rich people or anyone else for the problems of the world. Instead, do what you can to help others, spread love and pray for those people who have given in to evil and hate.
Claire08/13/064:03amInteresting comments Tell the Truth and One Woman Army but not all people with money are crooks. My Aunt and Uncle have a fair amount of money but they earned theirs fair and square. As for the corrupt people with money yes is makes me mad but they will get their just reward in the future.
Tell the Truth08/12/067:14pmTo Those Who Believe In Karma: if there is such a thing then why is all of life up against the wall right now w/ the apocolipitic droolers runnin' things, what about all those corrupt corprate exec's, where's their karma? You know the ones who don't believe in abortions, nor stem cell research but are all about the death penalty and their wars w/ lots of profit!! Where's the karma for child molesters, not even the so called justice system really deals w/ them, so they are back out in no, instead keep all those pot heads in there, keep the pedifiles out GEEZE!!! No, I say if you need it & you find it, KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!Chances are you'll put it to better use coz these days the only ones w/ the Money Are The CROOKS!!!!
One Woman Army08/12/062:18pmNot long ago, I went to a bank machine in Chinatown, close to where I live. When I went to put my card in the slot there was 100 dollars sitting there just waiting in the slot. I was short of cash that month and had been praying the whole week for some help. Well, I took the money, because to me it was my prayers answered and so I didn't have to go without. In this case, it would depend on my prayers and my needs at the time. All things happen for a reason and I don't consider people who would take the money as bad people. They may have needed this and prayed for it only to receive it in that way. OWA
Kasper08/11/064:20am"what goes around, comes around"
Dee08/11/063:19amI belive in karma, as do most how visit this site and underdstand that what goes around REALLY does come around. Not always in the same content but they may get their comeupance in another way. Life does have a habit of seeking balance. I found a purse a few yrs ago now and I contacted the guy conserned and returned it as is. He was SHOCKED to say the least and did comment on the fact I didn't take any of his money, I told him that he'd earnt that money fair and square and who was I to take advantage of that. HE GAVE ME ALL THE CASH that was in there!!... I took my daughter out for the day and gave some to the NSPCC (English childrens charity). Don't get me wrong, I'm no angel... I've paid for the mistakes I've made in my life and that's why I say LIFE DOES find a way of balancing itself. I live by "treat others how you wish to be treated"... "if they don't treat you fairly, let it go, move on and go with the knowledge that they will get theirs!!" There are alot a good people out there, it's just ashame that we've all been taught to be cynical, trust no-one and watch our backs... me included. But I have faith and trust the universe...
Lindsay08/09/0612:42pmIknow it sounds like i'm a real **** but i would take the money and return the purse. Unless it is a really nice purse then I would keep it too. My wallet was stolen once and I never got my money back. That person has an almost perfest life so screw karma.
Mojo08/09/069:21amI used to believe in Karma, but after a lifetime of being nice,Im going to be taking the money.Im tired of waiting for my just rewards. Hey ,its just a dog eat dog world. ?So hang on to your purse,I would just love to find it!
Empressglowing08/09/063:40amKarma will get you every time. So if you screw someone, you can bet on getting screwed down the way.
Theresa08/08/063:29amI honestly would return the purse as it is'nt mine to keep even if I did'nt have a penny of my own in all conscience I could'nt take the money the owner might or might not have a lot of money either way it belongs to them,and no good luck would come to anyone who did'nt return it
Julieann08/06/0611:13am I have found things like this before and have returned it the same way as I found it. Hopefully with any luck the money was used for a good cause or for the good of others.
Kristen08/06/067:38amMost of us would say we would return it but actually wouldn.t. i couldn't sleep knowing it might contain the money needed for medicine or groceries. i would return it annomously untouched
Lowie08/05/064:04amWhat comes around goes around...
Claire08/03/063:05pmExcllent story there Jeannie. Unfortunately this world is full of people like that and there ar people like you and I who are completel honest in situations like that and get no thanks for it. It is not nice I know but there is nothing noone can do to change people like that.
Jeannie08/03/065:07amA couple of years ago, I worked at Pizza Hut-and had to deal with one of the town's richest "jerks" everyday at lunch day, he left his wallet there- and when I looked inside it,it had over 3,000 dollars cash in it;not to mention numerous credit, I called him, and he came to pick up his wallet(just like I had found it,by the way)...He had not a thank you,or a two dollar reward,NOTHING for me!Just grabbed it and walked out the door!THAT made me wish that I would have just never called him!But, then my concious takes over, and makes me realize-he's the jerk;NOT ME!
Claire08/02/0610:18amI understand what you are saying Mike but I stand by what I said. Yes the money could belong to a selfish or greedy person but it still does not make it right to keep somebody elses money when you have every opportunity to return it. Even if I was poor (and I am not exactly rolling it it!) I would still return the purse - with the money.
Mike08/02/063:00amBut, what if that purse belonged to a selfish person and the reason you found it was because you were in need of money yourself? maybe it was and did make it's way back to you.
Claire08/01/069:32amI would return the purse and cash regardless of how much or little money there is. I think it is dishonest to keep money that is not yours as I believe it will always come back on you for being dishonest. Besides I would want someone to do the same for me if I were to lose my purse.
Elaine08/01/068:00amThis happened to me before. I found $1,000 on the ground at the flea market and I found the owner. My friends said I was stupid for not keeping it, but it made me feel better as a person. It made me alot wealthier on the inside and that's what matters
Feathers 07/31/067:45pmI would turn the purse into the police and wait to see if it gets claimed if not after thirty days i would go back and claim it at least thats the way my states law is.
Kiki07/31/0611:59amGood people
Me07/31/0611:02amI probably return the purse as is just because I know how it feels to have people do nice things for me. It would be very tempting however if there were a few thousand dollars!

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