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If the US Congress allows oil companies to drill in Alaska it would help reduce prices.

Total Voters: 690
Yes 55%
No 55%
Undecided 55%
Jeff05/15/084:29pmDid you know that the average price of gas in Europe is $8 to $9 per/gallon? Did you know that in the 70's there were double the number of refineries than there are today? Did you know that refineries in the US are operating at 95% capacity? Amanda may be right about oil running out at some point in the future, but why speed up that inevitability by not even attempting to increase our supply and refining capabilities? As long as the environmentalists don't hold us back we can gradually migrate to other forms of energy over time through continuous technological advances. Humanity has a way of solving problems through need, however, tyranny, socialism, and/or heavy government restrictions stifle innovation and condemn us to a life of destitution. If we do not increase our supply of oil during this critical period in human technological growth, the costs increases in every area of our lives will make it impossible for us to advance much further and all hope for real technological solutions will dwindle away. This is about survival. We must remove the shackles and allow more exploration, drilling, and building of refineries.
Ed05/14/082:48pmNo problem Pat! We are all human and it's great to live in a country where we can express our feelings. I know I get a little rude sometimes, and I really don't mean it I just get caught up in the moment. That's what makes people interesting, and the reason I like to come on this site to see how others are feeling about the issues that affect all of us. Have A Nice Evening Everyone!
Amanda05/14/0810:23amThanks Pat I do appreciate the apology. I understand your passion and my personal point of view is this..we have to find something else period. Even if we opened up ever oil well and every reserve it isn't going to matter in the long run..we will run out. Is it going to damage the environment? Well, even in the most cautious and careful of operations accidents do happen.There is that to think upon as well. I think we have become oil junkies and have become too dependent on something that even years ago we all were told would eventually run doesn't make good sense to keep on making it number one. As a matter of fact it seems like being so dependent on oil is a willful putting the head in the noose deal..we KNOW it is going to run out..we KNOW there will be no doesn't matter how much we use it..point is there will be no more. We have to do more in the way of reduce, reuse, recycle, conserve and research..or else we will go back to the dark ages as there simply put will be no choice at effect we will have made the choice by not searching for better answers and implementing them while there is still time.
Pat05/14/089:31amJeff, you're right. Amanda and Ed, if you'll forgive my attitude I got over all of this, I am so sorry. There was no excuse for jumping the gun. If you don't forgive me, I'll understand. I just get so damn passionate when it comes to nature. I'm sorry. I was VERY rude. I enjoy all of the different comments and being in here and again, I'm sorry. Bam Bam, my family and I have been spreading the word about the gas out and telling others to spread the word. I tell strangers in any store I go in, also. That was the best idea!
Amanda05/13/088:08amSad to say it doesn't matter. If you can't live without those things you're screwed. oil is not a never ending thing we have..we will run out period. So I would suggest folks accept that fact and start looking for alternatives in every arena..something new to use instead of plastics..oh I know it is an awful thing to think about..but one way or another..sooner or later it is all coming to a halt because there won't be anymore.
Jeff05/13/087:26amIn the words of a teary eyed Rodney King, "can't we all just get along?" Amanda, with respect to plastics and other products made from oil, you mentioned before that we have all survived "without these things before", which I agree with, but I don't believe this is possible any longer given the staggering number of people living on earth today. Your refrigerator is made up in large part of crude oil. Your phone, your microwave, dishwasher, TV set. The computer you are using right now is made up in large part of crude oil. Your keyboard, mouse, the chassis, the circuit boards, the wiring, the monitor, etc. The trillions of miles of electric cables used throughout the world are all coated with a form of rubber or plastic. Without some of these things and more, we cannot coexist with so many billions of people. Without computers, the banks, factories, and every industrialized organization in the world could not do business. Even if we could go back over one hundred years to the simpler days (which is impossible), I certainly wouldn't want that. Everything we depend on today for survival is made up in part of crude oil, which means until we start searching every corner of this gigantic and wonderful planet for oil, prices in every department will rise sharply and pose a serious threat to our survival. As long as there is oil in the ground, and many believe there are vast fields that would support us for hundreds of years just waiting to be discovered, we have every right and obligation to pump it out!
Amanda05/13/084:53amPat..I think you've been with the kids too long..trying to play suck up to one against another..poor form and completely unimaginative. I agree with Ed, get a life.
Bam Bam05/13/084:43amThanks Amanda! And Thanks to Everyone who can Not buy gas on May 15th!! We're gonna show those bullies!
Ed05/13/084:03amI as Amanda or anyone else will say what we feel. You don't like it to bad! That's life! Quit trying to treat us like the poor impressionable kids you fill with your "Great Spirit" Bull****. If you are referring to God than just say God! I think people would take you more seriously. Peace or not, what the hell is that about. We are not a war, just difference of opinions. That's what makes America agree to disagree. So stop trying to treat all of us as your poor students. Lady, get a life!
Pat05/13/083:41amAmanda doesn't deserve anymore comments as can be seen. Ed, peace or not?
Amanda05/12/086:41pmPat you are the one who slung insults..period. I merely suggested you try Dianne's idea out and what do you do but blast the crap out of me for it. I mean it isn't like no one can scroll down to where you pick me out of the crowd and blast away. It's all there on the thread for any one and everyone to see so why you are attempting to make me out the bad guy is not only foolish but proves you to be an out right liar if not completely deluded. Sorry dear, but screwing with me is stupid. I don't have that 'be nice' compunction that cripples others. You get from me exactly what you deserve..don't like what your getting then change what you are giving.BTW...who gave the right to you to judge me any way? Where the hell is it written anyone has to live by your standard of conduct. I was not put on this earth for you to be okay with. I don't give a rats ass if you like me or agree with me or not. I could care less if you are offended. See..there is something right there to teach your kids..beware of the monsters..they are real and don't care how you feel.
Pat05/12/082:38pmEd, I teach and talk to my kids about a lot of things in life. They know there are good and bad people. They always talk to me about things that happen at home or something they saw somewhere or some movie or t.v. program. I help them understand whatever is going on and then I tell their parents. My kids know that life is not a bed of roses, but too many kids of today are losing that childlike innocence all thanks to adults. I give them a chance to see that life is not all violence, sex drugs, alcohol, clubs, etc. Most kids know about all or part of that and not enough of what I teach. I give them and their parents a chance to see the opposite. As far as saying I am a target for insults, don't fool yourself. There are a lot of people that haven't come back in here, because they were insulted so bad. If it is dished out, I can lower myself to that child behavior and run with it, but I choose to be an adult. You might say I am "out there", but what is so funny is that I am grounded and your comments to me are "way out there." Now it is time to quit all this and focus on the subject. Peace or not?
Ed05/12/0812:04pmPat come back to earth! I did not insult you, just commented on how spacey you are acting. Snap out of it!!!! Pat if you want insults I think I can accommodate you, since you are an easy target. When you come back to earth I would like to say that I agree that you should teach children to be kind, loving, etc., but you also need to teach them that this is not a perfect world and you could get hurt out in the REAL world.
Pat05/12/088:16amBack at work today-Monday. Some comments very good, some I'm completely shocked. Jeff, very nice debate. I figured you were joking on 5-9.Yeah, also that's why I typed in my last comment that a lot of things are non-biodegradable and harmful to nature. We use a lot of things that we absolutely need, and like I said in my last comment we have to start somewhere. Jeff, as sad as it is to say most people do not do their part, because they just don't care. I'm glad you do something on you part. Bam Bam, WONDERFUL IDEA!!! My family and I are going to do this and we are spreading the word and we told them to spread the word. This makes my spirit soar. I know this comment will be "way out there" for some. Ed, as nasty as you have gotten with people, you sure are one to talk. I've read a lot of other polls and you and Amanda both have been very insulting and nasty with a lot of people. In the last 5 or 6 polls, I spent my opinion like others have. I have also seen the reason behind lots of opinions different from mine, but I haven't been down right nasty and INSULTING like you and Amanda. I don't understand how my comment touched such a nerve with you two. I can feel the anger. Both of your comments were very insulting and very immature and not the least "INTELLIGENT". The Great Spiirit gave humans free will to do good or wrong with our home! Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with doing good. The Great Spirit gave humans free will to do either, but doesn't interfere, because of free will. It doesn't mean there won't be dire consequences. Amanda, as far as intelligent on your comment to me? That was unbecoming and very unladylike. I have never insulted anyone like that on these polls. I asked questions I assumed you could answer. My comments weren't insulting, I truly wanted to know. They were to make a point to open your eyes. Also I am never angry when I make my comments, I capitalized on things to make a huge point. I'll let everyone know when I get angry, I'll just say it makes me angry. If you walk back and forth to work and pick-up trash that's very good. I thought we all agreed to disagree!
Amanda05/12/085:16amBam Bam I hope you don't mind but I am reposting your comment about Gas Out. Jeff...we have survived without all of those products before and can do so a matter of fact I have a feeling if we keep going the way we are we won't have a choice because simply put..there won't be any more.
Bam Bam05/12/084:53amOkay, a GAS OUT has been organized and is ineffect. Please spread the following message to anyone you know. Don't pump gas on may 15th In April 1997, there was a 'gas out' conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2008, all internet users are to not go to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.50 - $4.00 a gallon in most places There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up. If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000. 00 (that's almost 3 BILLION ) out of the oil companies pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and let's try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day. If you agree (which I can't see why you wouldn't) resend this to all your contact list. With it saying, 'Don't pump gas on May 15th
Jeff05/12/0812:08amI was just joking about the whole burning Styrofoam thing. Sorry, just a bad attempt at humor. Everyone does their part to the degree they can and/or care. None of it changes the fact that we have every right to pursue a better life for ourselves and our children. If Oil exploration and drilling in Alaska will help us get there than we have an obligation to do so. This is not just about gasoline for our cars. Everything that's made out of plastic is made of crude oil. That includes your toothbrush, dental floss, plastic bags, the clothes you wear, your sun glasses, kitchen appliances, picture frames, the mattress you sleep on, medical supplies, pills, and a million other things that you depend on daily. To say that demand has not increased over the years is willful self-deception. More people are born into this world than are dying, and people are living longer. More and more people every year means more and more demand for these products, which means more and more demand for Oil. Conservation is fine and dandy, but conservation alone will not stop prices from rising. More supply will.
Me05/11/081:56pmCheck this video to get truly informed: "the energy non-crisis"
Amanda05/10/086:46pmInteresting..I just re use it. I reuse my wal mart bags too. I try and reuse most anything.
Jeff05/09/087:07pmI do my part when it comes to the environment. Specifically, I use Styrofoam products whenever I can. Instead of disposing of it in the trash, I buy super unleaded gasoline, pour it on the Styrofoam and light it on fire. It disappears in about 12 seconds! ;-)
Amanda05/09/084:22pmOh and what I do..walk to work and from work every day. I split gas costs if I go somewhere I can't walk to. I walk for everything. Too, I pick up trash and otherwise do my part in keeping the environment clean.
Amanda05/09/082:25pmPat you know you can get glad in the same pants you got mad in. First of all your anger and preaching is a waist of time. What do you want all of us to do, cry in our beer along with you? Get over it. What I see is people, including myself offering solutions..yeah thats right as in answers and you crying and beating your breast. Oh yeah thats gonna help. Apparently you're not intelligent enough to understand one concept..IF YOU DON'T SPEND THE DAMN MONEY THEY CAN'T GET IT! Geez woman act like an adult, put your big girl panties on and see what you can cut down/out/ban together and save. It is your money..period..and up to you how you spend it.
Ed05/09/0812:11pmPat there is no reason to be so nasty to Amanda, we all have our rights and opinions. Reading your latest comment. Do you live on one of those religious sects or a commune? Where everyone marries each other and has a zillion kids? Because your comments are way out there!!! Does your group or commune smoke a little weed???? Come back to earth! Amanda like all of us have rights to say what we want and what we feel. That does not mean she does not respect other people. Lighten up!
Pat05/09/0810:48amAmanda, as long as people like you feel the same way, I will never get over it. If you can dish out the insults to others, then you can get them thrown at you, also. If at least some people don't think and care for the planet...who will? Not people like you. You like to preach to other people, but what exactly do you do to help out? I donate to worthy causes money-wise and buy a lot of things to donate and we help the elderly. I would bet that you don't. My family and I have now and in the past carpooled a lot. Do you? Bet you don't. Yes, Diane did find a solution to help out. Have you? I doubt it. We don't use pesticides in our yard and garden, because there are natural ways to keep pests away without all that poison. Bet you don't. Our air conditioner is set at 72 degrees F. Is your's? Bet not. We keep lights off in our home that doesn't need to be on to try to conserve energy. Do you? Bet not. We use cloth bags to use for groceries. Do you? Bet not. We always recycle. Do you? Bet not. We don't use styrofoam, because it's not biodegradable. It will still be here over 10,000 years from now, also when heating food or liquid in it, it puts a toxin in what you eat or drink (but you wouldn't care about that since you are so strong for cigarettes). I bet you use styrofoam. Many things that come from petroleum oil are non-biodegradable and harmful to nature. Even simple things that we can't replace with something else yet, but we all have to start somewhere. Have you? I doubt it. Some were put here as guardians of our HOME, some were put here as destroyers and others were put here to follow and believe the destroyers. You are from the third category. I teach my kids in my room to grow to respect everything and love and care for nature. ALL the parents love all the things I teach when it comes to RESPECT, HONOR, LOVE, KINDNESS and GENTLENESS of ALL living things and to protect our planet. Even IF they walk away when they are older, they will go back to my teachings. It will stay with them forever and they will teach others some day. They do a lot of that now, because parents tell me. I hope you are alive for a very long time(just for the purpose of watching what happens). SO PREACH ALL YOU WANT, BUT START PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH!!! Bet you don't!
Amanda05/09/084:20amPat get over it. Just because I am not on a soap box bemoaning the fate of the world and the greed of men does not make me cold hearted and uncaring in the least. Cry and whine if you want but at least Dianna has the right idea..that would be to take personal accountability and find your own personal solution to the issue, which by the by is what I have been saying, reduce what you use so as not to be part of the problem. Greed always has been and always will be an issue among humans. Even if we blow ourselves back to the stone age we will have those that will hoard all the pretty shiny rocks because they are greedy and don't want to share. If you don't like what is going on stop being a cry baby and do something on a personal level about it. In the mean time, have a nice hot cup of get over it.
Pat05/08/082:51pmAmanda, I guess you would know all about McD's, huh??? I see how many hard, cold hearts there are.
Amanda05/08/082:30pmMake your own deisal pat..McD's has plenty of grease!
Pat05/08/0810:57amYou know, I see everyone's view on the oil and gas, I try to keep an open mind about everything. I know how hard it is on everyone. All of us are concerned about the stress and rising costs of everything that is put on everyone the government is allowing ALL huge companies to get by with. The government allows big companies to close down in America and go to other countries to use slave labor, because of GREED. Look how many people lost everything because of that. Whole towns have had to close down, because the only job around was one huge company that the town depended on. The government has taken away so many farms from the farmers and now they are more in charge of that area of food. They will be in charge of all areas of food soon, because they want to control all areas of our existence. Also check back through the years and see what party was in the White House everytime we had a war, gas prices were out of control(like now), food prices rising, slumps in buying and selling a home, loss of jobs, etc. What's going on now is nothing new. From my early teenage years to now, everytime the oil companies wanted to start raising the price on oil, they would put it out to the public that there was an oil shortage. It is totally foolish to believe that the government is not involved in all of this. I care about people, but I also care about the future families having to deal with all the mistakes and destruction that is going on now around the world. What are the future families going to have to be stuck with when this planet can't recover from so much harsh abuse and destruction? I'm not trying to push this down anybody's throat, I just kind of wish that some of you could at least from mine and other's points of view understand how we feel about the land, all forests, the native people and all living things in the tropical rain forests, all water, the air, the animals, all living things. This is the only home we have. Do most people not bother with all the destruction, because most of us won't be alive 30 to 60 years from now? Why do not some of you even consider the possibility that lies are being told, so that the powerful rulers on this planet can just keep destroying and accumulating more money, just because of GREED? They don't care what happens to nature and in turn all humans. Just stop and think about it? Bam Bam, you brought up the subject of gold and it made me think of my beautiful heirloom soft gold and gorgeous Jade ring I had stolen from me by what I thought was a reputable jewelry store. My aunt gave it to me when I was a teenager, before she got killed. I didn't think to have a picture of it and have it insured. This past winter I had to have it sized, the store sent it off and when it was back, my ring was gone. A different Jade that had a crack in it and in the same kind of setting, but the wedding band kind of gold. I want to tell you, it was like losing my aunt all over again. I cried so hard and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. It was stolen for the exquisite and unusual look and it was worth a lot of money. I bet that jewelry store has done that to a lot of customers that don't notice that they have lost diamonds or other jewels. Don't think I didn't tell them what I thought of them. Just wanted to tell you that. Good-bye everyone.
Amanda05/07/085:43pmGonna check it out now..ty Dianne
Diane05/07/084:28pmAmanda and Bam Bam, it's easy. I drive a diesel. You don't have to convert anything in order to use the cooking oil in your diesel car or truck. You mix it up with additives, and stick it straight in the fuel tank. If you want more information, you can go to this website: It works, it works well, and we have been using it for three months now. We have saved a total of 875.00 over the last three months making and using this alternative fuel. Restaurants will give the used oil away for free in most cases as it saves them the bother of having to dispose of it.
Me05/07/0812:43pmYOU GO, JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda05/07/087:58amI read it Diane...and am eagerly awaiting to hear this.
Bam Bam05/07/084:56amDiane, your right I didn't read the whole thing. As of now I have. I agree with what you said. We have become complacent and I think your right, we're going to have to go back to the way things used to be to survive. A dear friend of mine told me 15 years ago to start buying gold. She said that would be our new money. Being so young then I did't really understand what she meant until now. Too bad I didn't listen to her with the way poeple are buying it up now. I didn't understand what she meant. She was a true pyschic with a gift no one could match. That's really cool about your fuel though. What do you drive that you can make your own?
Diane05/06/087:36pmBam Bam, apparently you did not read my post carefully enough. I do not use diesel. I and my family make our own biodiesel from used cooking oil from restaurants BECAUSE diesel is higher than gas. It costs us .43 cents a gallon to make our biodiesel from the used cooking oil when we add additives.
Amanda05/06/087:19pmYou're right Jeff..we use too's that simple.
Jeff05/06/085:08pmBam Bam, Bush was not around in the 70's when the price for oil/gas was equivalent to today's prices. Adjusted for inflation the price was around $100 per/barrel. It's been almost 30 years since that time and the demand for oil has been rising steadily every year while not a single refinery has been built in the US! According to the EIA demand has increased 1.76% compounded every year from 1994 - 2006. During this time the demand in China alone has doubled! Let's stop this knee jerk reaction of blaming Bush for this when the problem and the solution are staring us in the face. Supply, demand, and price are three critical variables that are balanced against one another. If any one of these variables go up or down, the other two are conversely affected in order to keep the equation balanced. If the environmentalists would get the heck out of the way, we could increase supply in the United States significantly enough to make a difference in price. Also, if we could put a stop to Government subsidies of Ethanol and remove the Ethanol requirements placed on gas companies, prices would go down that much more. For those Bush haters and big oil haters... stop hating and start thinking. The market forces of supply and demand have spurred wealth and innovation no thanks to Government. As long as Government does not get inextricably entangled in the market forces the consumer benefits greatly with better quality products at lower costs. Right now Government is impeding our ability to explore and drill for more oil which means less product and higher prices! This is simple economics folks!
Bam Bam05/06/082:00pmDiane last time I checked diesel was more expensive than gas. We can have just as many new jobs available producing a new source of fuel. This war is about Oil; I predicted 6 months before Bush's election he'd take us to war and he did. It's all about the oil and who owns it. I don't recall gas being that expensive until Bush took office. Gas is costly because the US isn't buying as much of it and our dollar sucks. Plus, we are using a ton of gas to run our boys vehicles overseas. You know the ones in uniform defending this country. They run convoys of equipment back and forth...this war is costing US a fricking fortune. We're paying for everyone's gas not just ours.
Ed05/06/081:50pmJeff is correct about the Ethanol, and it will get worse. Drilling in Alaska will help increase the supply and help us not to be so dependent on foreign oil. It would also create jobs as I stated in my last comment. Realistically most people do not live close to their work because living in most cities is very expensive so people have to move further out to afford a home. If companies would pay decent wages we all could live close to work and maybe walk, ride that bike you mentioned. It will never happen. Corporations are greedy! They pay their employees crap and keep it for themselves. Greedy ****s! Carpooling will never work, I don't want some goof ball in my vehicle. What if another car hits your vehicle and your goof ball rider decides to sue you, and you know that would happen. Then our insurance rates will go up. Thanks but no thanks. We still live in America don't we.....They want to take away your vehicles and make you drive a piece of **** rice beater because it saves gas so they can tell all of you to file in one by one and carpool. Screw that! DRILL IN ALASKA!!!!!!Also not one of the deadbeats that are running for office will do a damn thing about the gas issue. They are all rich and don't give a damn. Obama the terrorist will bring more terrorists into the country, Clinton is just a dumb and lying ****. McCain is just to damn old to even remember what the hell is going on. Folks we are all in trouble!
Jeff05/06/0812:34pmPart of the problem is that since 2002 the use of Ethanol has more than tripled. It costs a great deal more to produce/refine Ethanol than it does Gasoline. Not only that, the process of creating these bio fuels creates a bigger "carbon footprint" and takes away from our food supply. Why do you think the prices of food are shooting up and causing starvation and riots in poverty stricken countries? This is just another example of environmental regulations gone amok. I'm all for "sane" regulations that protect our air and water supplies from pollution, but these asinine Co2 government regulations and their unintended consequences will sink us all. Bottom line is we need to increase our oil supply. Drilling safely in the US will allow oil companies to increase their supply and allow them to compete with foreign oil sources. I also agree with Amanda that until people start changing their behavior demand will continue to rise unabated. Carpooling, buying hybrids, riding bikes/walking more, moving closer to your job, etc. will all make a difference. Until that happens people that continue to consume gasoline at the same quantities are basically saying the prices are not yet high enough for them to change.
Pat05/06/085:54amDiane, PRAISE THE GREAT SPIRIT!!! That is the total truth!!!
Diane05/05/088:33pmDrive a diesel. I switched--they're more fuel efficient, and we are no longer dependent on commercially produced diesel--i.e. I haven't gone to the gas station in months. We produce our own diesel by using old cooking oil which we get for free from restaurants. You don't have to convert the engine, don't have to convert anything--just stick it straight in. It's more lubricating than commercial diesel and the cooking oil is made right here in the USA, thus helping farmers. If it spills, it's not a biohazard, burns clean, good for the environment, and saves the oil from being disposed of in landfills. We are going to have to learn to be self sufficient to make it through the coming hard times. Learn to grow a garden, learn to can, and stop depending so much on grocery stores, gas stations, and the like. We are about to learn what happens when we allow politicians to send American jobs overseas, when we become more and more dependent on other countries for everything we consume. We have grown fat and lazy and complacent, and we will pay for it. We have already let the government have too much control in a country where the people are supposed to be the government. We are anti science, anti intellectualism, and we pick our politicians and our presidents based on their religion or if they can sling a beer back like us "folks," instead of based on whether they can do the actual job or not. This will be to our detriment. In American history no president has ever referred to the general populace as "folks" until we got to George W. Bush, the ultimate anti-intellectual. And when the Roman Empire decided they were too good to work for a living, and had slaves doing all the work, they fell. We ship jobs overseas because companies don't want to pay wages here in the States, thus, hiring slave labor on the cheap. We are paying for that in poor quality drugs, poor quality merchandise, and we conveniently turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in the places we have companies. We are the new Roman Empire.
Amanda05/05/087:23pmLucy dear, the war is over the oil..getting it..controlling it and all of that so yes it is because of it. Bam Bam I agree totally. They are making far better fuel efficient cars them if you can, get a hybrid. something. But the less you buy the less they sell and the more they have to sit on.
Lucy05/05/085:21pmAmanda, are you serious? Talk about knowing of what you speak... the oil and gas prices have NOTHING to do with this idiotic war. The oil co.s profit margins soared by 33% in early 2000 - right after the monkey was "elected." We were not in a war then. This is GREED, pure and simple, and the war is just their smokescreen. All you have to do is request a copy of their annual reports to see it in black and white. And by the way, if everyone kept the air pressure in their tires at the right level for one year, we would CONSERVE more oil than they will ever pump out of ANWAR. They don't want to do it for the oil - they want to do it for the HUGE construction contracts that will be handed to them on a silver platter. Can you say Halliburton? READ, folks.
Diane05/05/0811:20amI have lived in the oil patch all my life. Everyone I know owes their job to the oil patch. I remember the oil boom of the seventies when prices went from 50 cents a gallon to 1.50. Here in Louisiana we were booming. Then the prices dropped in the early eightys. Almost everyone I know lost their jobs and many including myself lost their homes. Where was all the outrage then? Countless businesses closed and not just oil related businesses. I have been to drilling sites before during and after the job was over. I have seen them drill in a forest and when it was over you could not even tell where it was except for the group of newly planted trees. The foot print of a drill site is no larger than a convenience store. The waste water is so well filtered you could actually drink it. The only time you hear anything about the demon oil companies is when the price goes up. We are still paying a lot less then the European countries. My husband is a safety and environment specialist for a company that builds drill bits. You have no idea the amount of rules and regulations governing the oil patch companies. They do a wonderful job. I remember someone on his job dropped a gallon bucket of paint in back of the shop one day. They had to call in the EPA and dig up a very large portion of the yard and dispose of the dirt properly and bring in loads of fresh dirt to replace it. I thought it was overkill, but at least they cared enough to do take any steps necessary.
Bam Bam05/05/0810:50amHaving lived in Canada, and seeing first hand the oil sands up there and knowing where there are alternatives. The US has no business drilling in Alaska. We need to find alternative means of fuel. Change is on the horizon we can either do it willingly or do it the hard way. Living in the past, an oil dependant past is not the way to the future and there's too great of an environmental impact in Alaska. We seriously need to live globally instead of locally. In 1940 Saudi Arabia discovered they had oil, by 1945 production was in full swing. No one should have control over a substance that the whole world needs, look at the corruption it has caused. We need to find something safer and something that isn't going to make a President and his cronies richer while our soldiers die over seas. The oil companies are making 20 million dollars per day. PER DAY. If we could all fill our tanks for 1 week and conserve every drop without buying any more gas during that one week we would starve the oil companies 140 million dollars. Gas prices will not drop if we drill somewhere else. Anyone ever been to a Marathon station? American gas costs more than British Petroleum. We shouldn't fool ourselves, let's starve the gas companies and let them see how it feels for a while. I know some folks say they can't do that, but, it's no longer about us individually. It's a sacrifice for the greater good. I just drove to Ohio and gas up there is $3.59 a gallon. 15 gallons cost me 53 dollars in my little car! We don't need to drill somewhere else, we need a new fuel one that can end our dependency on oil.
Pat05/05/089:00amFirst...Travel around just the U.S. and you will see staggering poverty. We have places in the U.S. that can be compared to third-world countries. There has always been kids and adults starving in this nation. The media and our government just doesn't bother with it. Every now and then you will see a program about it. It's horrific and has always been here. I guarantee you that the owners and shareholders in the oil business are not suffering at all, even though the government gets their pay out of it. Why do you think the destruction of our planet keeps getting worse every year...the government around the world is paid off. One thing Amanda said is very true, we do have plenty of oil, BUT what's not being kept from our nation is being sent to other countries and islands. When fooling around with oil, it is never done safely for the environment. The big oil companies have big crooked lawyers and PR people working for them to take care of the naive public.The price of food and gas will continue to rise, regardless. I don't understand how so many people can be lulled and led like sheep to the slaughter and believe that more drilling is going to solve a non-existent problem. Of course the oil companies put out to the media that there is an oil shortage, it makes them more money. Some of you just see the little picture, while others see the big picture. I know why we are at war...for the oil. I love and honor our soldiers-my son is a soldier. They are trained to fight and protect the U.S. and our allies, but they have been lied to, also. Second...What does being a liberal or an environmentalist have to do with not wanting the destruction of our home(earth)? I'm not liberal nor conservative. I don't trust or believe any politician. I don't count myself as an environmentalist, because I've seen them do things that was almost as bad as the destroyers. Third...I don't ask to have anything both ways. I have always been against progress and the destruction of our planet since I was a little girl. I also know that I was born in the wrong century. If not for the very few people(out of the billions around the world) that showed concern for nature and animals, things would be a lot worse. Which it will be anyway as time goes by. There just isn't enough people that cares and anyone that does care is condemned or laughed at or joked about. I've already typed in on a past poll that I guess it boils down to not caring about anything else, except yourself and possibly your family. I'm glad to see a few on this poll that feel like I do.
Amanda05/04/086:31am Thanks Diana. It is a simple fact that he who has the gold makes the rules. The American working sector is the one with the money..time to tighten belts and buck up like our grandparents and great grandparents did.
Diana M.05/04/083:24amThe other amanda on this forum makes alot of good points. stop your whining and get off your butts and do something about it. boycotting is the only solution, we need another revolution also, our government is hiding something from the public. always remember that the government is good at distracting its people. open your eyes and look around you, global warming is nothing new but why is there so much about it on tv all of a sudden, why wasnt this going green crap on a long time ago? we are killing our planet everybody knows that but why all the fuss now? has anybody seen that movie Rendition with Reese Witherspoon? Or the movie called Charlie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks (that ones base off a true story for sure). Oil and gas prices are ****ed as well as the war but all this might be just the surface of what is really going on.
Amanda05/02/088:38pmI think the both of you are correct. You have to change something yourself. It doesn't have to be some grandiose thing, but you know what you can.Ban together and go grocery shopping with your neighbor. Split the costs and see where you can reduce. Number one effect is that more money is in your pocket...the chain effect is that it is that much less oil sold..the more people that do it the better. you have to decrease the demand.
Marie05/02/083:37pmPeople ! Please use at least one brain cell. Look at the profits the large Oil Companies are benefiting with and totally destroyung the world markets. Oil in Canada is from Canada but they keep it at world prices. Destroying more of the natural environment will only increase the greed. Changing our ways is the only way out.
Tony from the netherlands05/02/0812:38pmI think we all live our lives as consumers,.. willing too make a differance in this world is what will change things,..let the world econemy crash, will only harm those few who got us "humans" in this 'consumer-matrix' anyway. Please people Think,.. it ain't illigal yet,.. I wish love and light for the one who reads this, and wish love and light with me for all life on this beautiful planet called Earth,..our mother,... tony
Amanda05/02/085:53amIt's YOUR telling me someone else 'makes' you spend it? I think not. Americans need to buck up and face on factor..if you don't have a big consumer market you don't have a product..stop spending by pulling together, give people rides and split the cost of gas...walk more..spend less. I swear if all the folks that complained actually used some of the gas saving tips that are posted all over the net they would not have that great of a bill..and in return the companies would be selling less..eventually they would have to drop the prices or face a continuous decline in sales and eventually have a bunch of oil and gas no one wants to buy. Believe it or not that is how it works..also maybe you all need to really think about just how dependent you are on gas and you think it's a good idea to allow anything to have that much power? I know many can't cut it out all together, but if you look at your situation and see what compromises you can make you just may be surprised
The Mama05/02/081:01amThe fat rich cat$ will do what ever, & when ever, they want. WE the people really have no say in it. They just let us think we do. We are all a bunch of pons. Our last elections proved that. Are we all that stupid to think our openion really counts? Get real!! What we think does not matter. They will do what ever "they" want.
Amanda04/30/087:13pmLast I heard caribou were not endangered in the slightest and no it is far more than a 30 day about actually knowing what your talking about. Pat you can't have it both ways..the price of oil is so expensive because of WAR in the danger of shipping..yeah we happen to be invading the exact countries we get oil from..why the hell do you think we are there?? terrorism? Wake up we are there for oil and control of oil. We don't touch ours because that is supposed to be for 'emergencies' and the average person paying 4.00 at the pump is not an emergency. I see things this way..why the hell should the prices drop when the American public is all to willing to buy it..sure you cry and whine about it, but you pay it don't you? Stop buying gas..walk to the store or carpool..take public transportation..oh yeah something sane and rational is too inconvenient. Bottom line is this..every time you pay for gas you say YES to the prices. You say YES to the control. Start cutting back by pooling your me, the less gas sold, the lower the's called make them panic by buying as little of the product as you can.
ZombyDwulf04/30/085:32pmHell yes, we should suck every drop out of it, even though it's only a 30 day supply. and whiole were at it we should kill a thousand caribo to feed all of us who can't can't afford to buy food cause we had to spend all our money on bush and his buddys gas
I agree with Ed & Jeff04/30/085:13pmWay to go Ed, you tell'em!!!!
Ed04/30/0810:45amI totally agree with Jeff. Drilling in Alaska, specifically in ANWR can be done and would reduce the price of oil. It would also create more jobs, and also help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Also stop blaming Bush for this problem. He has wanted drill in Alaska at ANWR, but the stupid yuppie, liberal environmentalists keep whining and ****ing. "Don't do this" and "Don't do that". They need to shut the **** UP!! Let's blame Congress. Those idiots have not passed a bill that makes sense for years. I apoligize to all of you for swearing, but I just get so burned up on the blame game. Another thing that bothers me is the fact they are trying to force the American people to drive those little **** box cars for better gas mileage. Sorry you can keep those rice beaters, and I will keep my Dodge Ram SRT 10. First of all it's an American vehicle. I refuse to buy the foreign **** unless it is a Mercedes. Even then I would have to think about it. Have A Nice Day!
Sink the liberals04/30/0810:39amLet's go back to using horses and mules and lots of manure on our roads...that will make all the environmentalists happy.
Pat04/30/089:12amWhen have you ever traveled to oil fields here in America? They take over everything. Oil pipes can crack on a continual basis and spill on the land. Every so often there are fires that start at the oil drills. Any ship that carries the oil many times end up for one reason or another sinking, spilling oil in the waters, destroying wildlife for years to come. Twenty to thirty years from now the same politicians, just like now, will still be griping of an oil shortage just to raise prices on a continual basis(just like now). This is just to keep the nation struggling and the 1% around the world stay terribly, filthy rich. It won't be long until they will start saying there is a lot of oil in the National Parks, so they can go in and drill and get more money. There is enough of everything, but only the few around the world take, take and take. GREED is this planet's motto, because of the greedy, money hungry destroyers of this planet. It's very naive to think that any of this is false. If any of you are still around at these later times, you will see that I am telling the truth. This will come to pass.
Amanda04/30/087:15amJeff I can see what you are saying and I am aware that drilling and refining has all but come to a halt here in the US. I am also aware of the studies you are talking about where they have proven that through new processes the drilling will not affect the environment. I see things this way; why not attack the problem from both ends of the stick? Institute carpooling and the use of public transportation where possible and too see about at least using some of our own oil. That would actually help out a lot I think, create more jobs,bring down gas prices, and too we as people need to conserve and do our part. If you can take the bus take it, if you can catch a ride to work do so. That cuts back emissions and decreases the demand for oil. Either way it goes it isn't good for us to be so totally dependent on oil that we are willing to pay these prices. Too, oil is not a never ending supply, we will run out eventually. It makes good sense to prepare for that and seek other sources of energy and fuel to use.
Jeff04/29/089:10pmPat, I have to respectfully disagree with everything you just said. Oil prices are not immune to the market forces of supply and demand. Drilling in Alaska, specifically in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) can be done safely and would most certainly help reduce the price of oil. Some estimates say this would add 1 million barrels a day to our supply. Of course as Amanda pointed out oil still needs to be refined in order to produce gasoline and such. For the past 25 to 30 years environmental groups and government restrictions have made it impossible for oil companies to build new refineries in the US. Apparently they don't care that we are dependent on foreign sources of oil where the environment is not even an issue on their radar. It's not fair to demonize the US oil companies for rising prices when they have no way to expand their business and create more supply. Did you know that the US government actually makes more in profits in the form of oil/gas taxes than the oil companies themselves! Energy demands world wide are skyrocketing because of China, India, and other newly developing countries. I know Bush is very unpopular these days and people love to blame him for everything under the sun, but for crying out loud it's ridiculous to blame him for rising oil prices just because he happened to briefly own an oil business many years ago. The only solution is for government and environmentalists to back off. If they don't, it won't be long before gasoline is $10 a gallon and food prices rise further to create staggering poverty.
Pat04/29/082:52pmThere is enough oil without doing more drilling. This is a ploy to get people to think the gas prices are going up, because of a gas shortage. THIS IS A HORRIFIC LIE!!!! Bush is a oilman, just like many other oilmen, they just want to drain more money out of peoples' measly checks because they are so greedy. Why would anyone want to see a BEAUTIFUL place like Alaska destroyed? We have enough of the planet being destroyed to appease the super, filthy rich without doing more damage. Once they start really bad in Alaska, people can say good-bye to all that beautiful nature and all those beautiful animals. My lord, when are people going to open their eyes???
Amanda04/29/081:08pmIt isn't just the price per's the cost of refining it into gas and the cost of ethyl alcohol made from corn that goes into the gas I really don't know if drilling alone would reduce the price seeing as how there are other things factored in.

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