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Bam Bam07/09/086:40amWally I have no fear of watching anything, I just have no need and no desire to do so. I'm very well aware of what is going on in our country now and in the past and I don't need a documentary to educate me. I've watched Michael Moore and other some other programs but place no value in them. I quite frankly among others am being accused of acts or approving of acts we have taken no part in. Furthermore, my grandfather fought in WWII and I know what he went through and what he saw. I know th atrocities that took place in Germany and what Japan did prior to their attack on Pearl Harbor. I'm not going to re-hash the BS spewed by Steve and Jennifer either. Our country has it's faults, like everyone and we grown and learn from it. Some others (whoever voted for Bush) had to learn the hard way before we could get the dems back in office. I have absolutely no problems with what we did in WWII none at all. With that being said, I am completely against the "continued" war in Afghanistan and believe there are other ways to defeat the extremist muslim terrorists. Terrorists are all over the world and for Steve and Jennifer to pass judgment on the feelings and actions of our nation after our 9-11 attack is out of line. Unless you were there in a trauma site you don't know **** about anything! Those two don't even know their own history, so it's pointless to listen to their views about ours. I'll bet Jennifer doesn't even know what or who the Mic Macks (sp) were!
Pat07/09/086:04amBam Bam, thanks for the heads up about the reservations in Cananda now, but in the past I was completely right. Jennifer, I agree with your last comment. By the way I have Cherokee and Apache blood in me. I know quite a bit about our Native Americans. Thank-you.
Paula07/08/089:41pmSince we are way the hellO off topic anyway. . . Anyone know of something that stops misquito bites from itching? =)
Wally07/08/088:00pmBam Bam, the documentaries are about Americans BY Americans. Afraid of shedding light on the truth? FOG OF WAR (Robert McNamara- former Secretary of Defense of the USA) , WHY WE FIGHT, (About President Eisenhower & 9/11 (Michael Moore)
Bam Bam07/08/087:23pmJennifer escuse me where can we find some Mic Macks (sp) they were wiped out in New Foundland. Canada may have spared more natives than the US but don't you dare get into this garbage you didn't wipe any out! My husband is part native he'll pull out a list of tribes that were wiped out by settlers long before Canada was Canada. You don't know what the hell your talking about! As for you Steve, I don't believe my gov't about WOMD, I only believed it might (emphasize might) be true because of Tony Blair. I felt that if Brittain felt it was true then their must be something to it. I don't trust Bush as far as I can throw him. I didn't vote for Bush and wholeheartedly disagreed with his agenda. BUT, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you disparage my countrymen and my forefathers. And no I won't watch your documentaries, I'm confident in what my country stands for and what we fight and have fought for.
Wally07/08/087:12pmI like that comment about Bush/Cheny lying re WMD. did they tell the truth about 9/11? I doubt it. Will the new President (Obama I hope, I would have preferred Ralph Nader) order a new investigation? I doubt it. 9/11 is going to be swept under the rug like the murder of JFK/RFK & John Lennon
Jennifer07/08/087:08pmYes, natives may be on reservations Bam Bam but at least we didn't wipe them off the face of the earth in the name of God and manifest destiny. I don't condone poor treatment of any people but your expansion wiped aboriginals off the face of the earth. Read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
Steve07/08/086:45pmHey I didn't write that last comment about Indians so Bam Bam get off your holy horse. The Brits who marched down to burn the White House did have people who settled in these parts. We didn't become a country until 1867 but the force that came down was British and colonists. (pre-Canadian) I noticed Bam Bam you haven't answered any of mine or Jennifer's questions. Have youwatched any of the documentaries we suggested? Probably not. doesn't surprise me. And finally, how can you believe an administration that lied about WMD and pushed you into another dumb war about the truth re 9/11? Masters of War have taken over whether you admit it or not. 162 billion for defense? That'a a joke.
Bam Bam07/08/083:35pmSteve your intelligence is showing.
Steve07/08/083:21pmI believe all Indians should go back to India
Amanda07/08/082:47pmSteve is a big girls blouse
Bam Bam07/08/081:16pmPat I'm not sure what Canadian history your referring to, but perhaps you should delve a little more into their history. Why don't you ask Steve and Jennifer where their Native Indians are today? They are on reservations just like ours and they still to this day treat their Natives with little dignity and respect! I've seen it with my own eyes. I can guarantee you this, you & I would NOT be welcome on a reservation in Canada. Their (Canadian) ancestors are not that much different than ours when it comes to Natives. I don't agree with what happened to our Natives but don't say something like that without knowing more about it.
Bam Bam07/08/081:08pmAmanda high-five girl! Steve shut up already with your holyer than thou history lesson. Your just trying to tell us what? For world peace, because you love us so much? Your upsetting people in here and accusing them of actions they took no part in and to what make yourself feel better to make your self feel smart? Let he who is without sin cast the fist stone! Take the log out your own eye before you point out the splinter in mine. Stop taking aim at our society for your own moral justification. More American blood has been shed for peace than any in your country. No we don't belong in Iraq, but then Canadian forces are still in Afghanistan under the United Nations. Perhaps you'd do better to serve your own country than to tell others how to run theirs. You are lucky to be so close to Nation like ours. I bet you sleep really good at night knowing we're your neighbors. This poll was not about this and the more people in here that sound off to him the more he'll keep going as will Jennifer. EVERYONE IGNORE THEM. They don't even know their own history and their telling us how to correct ours because of some stupid documentary? Canada wasn't even Canada when they burned our white house as they described. It was the Brits! The modern USA began with British colonies...when you dumb it down they were simply fighting each other over the land - it wasn't the USA vs. Canada. WTF!!? Learn your history! Go eat your Laura Secord! For anyone who doesn't know who Laura Secord is she found out that the US was invading what is now known as Canada and she told the British we were coming, she is part of the reason we lost. But, then again that was way back during President Washington's term in office a long long time ago. However, in today's Canada they still sell Laura Secord chocolates and have a commercial telling of her brave deed. At least the commercial got it was the British! So Steve and Jennifer..go eat your Laura Secord and rest well knowing we're your neighbors. Have a Nice Day!
Pat07/08/0811:35amCanada is neutral in most things and keep their noses clean and to me that is not a bad thing, BUT you never know when some other nation would find a reason to attack you guys(hopefully never America, since I read so much bitterness between these 2 nations, I had no idea that American people and Canadians disliked each other this much). Anyway you would see that not ALL Americans are paranoid. What is going on in our nation is very real. I have no problem with Canadians, you have never done anything to me and mine. I am an American and I see LOTS of wrong in my homeland, but some(not all) people tend to be sheep in this country. If you could see how easy it is for dogs(our government) to control sheep(the people), then you would understand why a lot of people in this nation believe every lying word that comes out of the politicians mouths. Even a lot of the news media tells lies. If this makes any Americans mad, I'm sorry, but as an American, I don't think we understand how many other nations feel about the U.S. I have to say that this nation(as a people)does a lot of good in the world, but we have to at least have a little bit of an open mind to all the bad that is done to other nations because of our government. Canadians have to realize that America has done a lot of good in the world, not just the bad that our nation has done and not by the people, but our government. I also have to say that when most of the French went to Canada, they didn't try to do genocide on the natives there. Hell, we had many Native Americans in the U.S. fighting and running to make it across the border to be safe from our government. Our government did complete genocide on many tribes you don't even read or know about. Then, like NOW, the government and the media worked together to lie to the people about what was really going on. So Canadians should try to understand why we have so many different views on so much stuff and Americans should try to understand why Canadians have so many different views on stuff.
Steve07/08/0810:57amAmanda, I never said Canada was perfect and neither did Jennifer. We're just trying to tell you that the US has to change their foreign policy because many times they've just added to the problem or have gone into a situation for their own needs while proclaiming their armed forces are occupying the land for democratic purposes. Right. Here's a question for you. Do you feel any safer now that Bush & Cheney have been in power for the last eight years? Remember this regime lied to you about WMD, the LBJ regime lied to you about getting shot at by North Vietnamese and Nixon well, he lied about almost everything. (see Farenihet 9/11 - The Michael Moore doc, see Fog of War, see Why We Fight.) America the good is being led down a wrong road by masters of war. They hide in the dark and count their money, oblivious to the cost of human lives, American and non-American. Just because we criticize the US doesn't mean we hate it. I don't like your foreign policy. Why are you still in Cuba? Castro doesn't want you there. How would you like it if China occupied Rhode Island? And finally, if you want to reduce your 162 billion dollar war fund, bring your troops home instead of having them staztioned at over 120 countries in the world.
Vallender07/08/0810:24amThere is NO DENYING that i am quite critical about the current American prez. & admin., and if i were to go thru the list of all the things i feel at odds with America anno 2008, it would turn into several volumes of thick books. But instead of constantly looking at the negative aspects of America, let me mention a few things i DO love & appreciate about the US. 1st & foremost i love that undeniable sense of individual freedom that you feel ONLY in America(when you're visiting the country). I have NEVER felt this kind of freedom ANYWHERE ELSE on the entire face of our planet! 2ndly i love the RICH culture. Who in here can honestly say that s/he has NOT been positively inspired by a certain musician, band, actor, author, sportsman, public figure, etc, coming from the US of A?? And how about the MILLIONS of selfless acts by the ordinary Americans, to better the conditions of life in other parts of the world? I can go on & on with this list, and eventually fill several other THICK volumes of books about all the positive things this world has benefitted from America! And by God, eventhough there is a desperate need for new reforms within the American society & politics these yrs, i can honestly say that the standard of life thru out the world continues to improve for litterally Millions & Millions of ppl, because of this complex-yet-GREAT nation. Surely the US needs to find its inner/outer balance these yrs., in order to leave behind the kind of useless ARROGANCE that has been predominant the last 2 or 3 decades, both in its domestic & foreign policies, and ALSO among its ordinary citizens towards the outside world in general, but the long & the short of it is, that we ALL need a strong & stable America--and this includes EVEN those of us who may hold more than just a few controversial opinions about this nation at the moment!
Amanda07/08/088:01amI find it interesting to note one fact..when the rest of the world gets into trouble and needs troops who gets the call most often? We do ads in Americans do. I agree we should not be in Iraq however I see things this way; I want one person who is not from America to prove that their countries have never been involved with anything dirty or underhanded or that their country has never cheated anyone out of anything and has never mistreated anyone. Hmmmmmm I bet that means all here are guilty as charged ..get over it.
Bam Bam07/08/085:51amYou know Jennifer and Steve this poll was "If I could vote for President of the United States in November, I would vote for" NOT "If I could fix America I would" you obviously can't read and your anti-American. You came in here to spew your hatred and woopie you got Wally to agree with you. No one doubts the US has had it's errors but we are not the war machine you claim we are. Yeah..we shouldn't be in Iraq and yeah we were lied to about WOMD but by more than Bush and Cheney. Brittians own Priime Minister backed them up! Where's your harsh comments on them? I see don't want to disparage the Queen. Why don't you go enjoy some Laura Secord and rejoice we don't own your Asses! BTW Jennifer and Steve when America attacked Canada, British forces were already there taking the that land from the Natives. You even made a commercial about it. The failed American invasion is now regarded as significant in Canadian history and it has even been claimed as the birth of modern Canada. Your country started not that much differently than ours. And while you sit there uninvolved in world affairs (like a pea****with it 's head in the sand) the world has major problems with terrorists all over the world. God forbid (and I mean that) it should ever happen to you because then you might actually get pissed off and do something. You can't possible make a rational argument using bits and peices of gov't actions through history trying to prove your point. The cost of gas isn't high because of this war and last time I checked Canada was at War with Brittain and the US at this time trying to fight to maintain freedom for world. No one is listening to you anymore this poll was not about this. You used this as your own private Anti-American website. Why not just go air your views with A-Channel and get on TV. Everyone A-Channel in Canada is a network that allows people to go and record person views at one of the their public recording sites (malls; streets) those comments may be put on the Air. It's really kinda cool. But then again they probly don't wanna listen to your **** either!
Tara07/08/085:49amAll I have to say is ...thank GOD I am Australian!
Pat07/08/085:00amDanielle, honey, first I'm proud to see a 12 yr. old girl come in here and make such common sense about the future, but honey, you will see that the adults in here are too busy thinking about being proud of this or that and will COMPLETELY ignore any comments put in here about our kids now and in the future and even about the destruction of our planet. You will read a lot of filthy name calling in here also, so be prepared. Only a very select few in here have been concerned about the kids and the planet. I don't see much of anything to be that proud of. My son is in the military, I am proud of him, but that still doesn't change my mind about WAR! That word should be a bad word not to ever be repeated, just like the n-word or cracker, honky, ****, slant eyes or any other derogatory remarks about a person's race. It is still fun to be in here, I still like to read their comments, but don't be upset if you are completely ignored. Also, to Wally and Steve, I completely agree.
Dick07/08/084:50amMy uncle Sam is with auntie america
F-you07/08/083:18amI find you to be offensive and your country to .Were are you from Canada your nothing more then Mexico North of the Good Old USA sister . Put that in you'r pipe and smoke it .No need to your alread stoned.
Jennifer07/07/087:56pmWell Daniela, I guess the truth hurts. As far as I know, Canada has never invaded anyone without due cause. Can't say that for your country. Tough if you find it offensive. I find your country's military actions offensive. Why don't you ever comment on what your country did in Vietnam? Almost a million killed because of an 'alleged' attack on a US navy ship. It never happened. The US dropped more bombs on Vietnam than all the bombs dropped during WWII. Amazing how the Us likes to take on countries that can't match it in terms of firepower. The War on Iraq? WWD? NO such thing. Yet there must be a million Irawuis dead or close to it. I find that offensive. Has the life of the average Iraqi improved since the US invaded. No. I find that offensive. Have Cheney and Bush made millions off their war contracts? Yes. I find that offensive. In fact, up here & around th world, Bush & the US are a joke. You should be a great country but you're not. You're capable of so much more but you don't try. Your violence and your attitude are offensive. Your paranoia is offensive. Your blind eye & willingness to obey is offensive. Your insistence on war is offensive. Stop believing what the government is telling you and do some research on your own. You might learn something.
DaNiElLe07/07/086:11pm Jennifer you make me sick!!! In my opinon there is no such thing as a " bad country " , it is true , however, that i do not agree with how they chose to treet there citizans. And Jennifer........ i`m afraid i am going to have to agree with................ everyone else. You are acting pretty anti-american, yes we all understand that you are proud of your country and we all respect that, but the AMERICANS that post on here find some of the things you post ofencive. Yes , America has had her screw-ups and even i will say that sometimes i am not entirly proud of my country , but still you don`t see me cusing out your presous Canada. P.S. i`m also not delusional.
Steve07/07/085:58pmWay to go Wally. I thought Jennifer and I were the only ones trying to prove a point here. Glad to know you're an American neighbour keepig their eyes open. re: 9/11. Do you think there's a chance the Bush/Cheney administration that lied to the world about the WMD in Iraq, & led their country to war was also lying about what happened at 9/11? I know it's long but it deserves a reading... "Burning Questions...Need Answers": FE's Bill Manning Calls for Comprehensive Investigation of WTC Collapse Fair Lawn, NJ, January 4, 2002-Bill Manning, Fire Engineering's editor in chief, is summoning members of the fire service to "A Call to Action." In his January 2002 Editor's Opinion, "$elling Out the Investigation" (below), he warns that unless there is a full-blown investigation by an independent panel established solely for that purpose, "the World Trade Center fire and collapse will amount to paper- and computer-generated hypotheticals." Manning explained: "Clearly, there are burning questions that need answers .... The lessons about the buildings' design and behavior in this extraordinary event must be learned and applied in the real world." In an interview with the New York Daily News today, Manning reiterated his call for a "full-throttle, fully resourced" investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center. He is asking members of the fire service to read "WTC 'Investigation'? A Call to Action" in the January 2002 issue of Fire Engineering and at Among those also calling for the investigation are Sally Regenhard, the mother of Christian Regenhard, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) probationary firefighter killed in the World Trade Center (WTC) attack, and founder of the Campaign for Skyscraper Safety; Give Your Voice, a civilian relatives' group headed by Michael Cartier, who lost his brother in the collapse; prominent structural engineers and fire-safety experts, and New York State Senators Charles Schumer and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. $elling Out the Investigation By Bill Manning Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the Happyland Social Club Fire? Did they cast aside the pressure-regulating valves at the Meridian Plaza Fire? Of course not. But essentially, that's what they're doing at the World Trade Center. For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car. Such destruction of evidence shows the astounding ignorance of government officials to the value of a thorough, scientific investigation of the largest fire-induced collapse in world history. I have combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA 921, but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall. Hoping beyond hope, I have called experts to ask if the towers were the only high-rise buildings in America of lightweight, center-core construction. No such luck. I made other calls asking if these were the only buildings in America with light-density, sprayed-on fireproofing. Again, no luck-they were two of thousands that fit the description. Comprehensive disaster investigations mean increased safety. They mean positive change. NASA knows it. The NTSB knows it. Does FEMA know it? No. Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure. Except for the marginal benefit obtained from a three-day, visual walk-through of evidence sites conducted by ASCE investigation committee members- described by one close source as a "tourist trip"-no one's checking the evidence for anything. Maybe we should live and work in planes. That way, if disaster strikes, we will at least be sure that a thorough investigation will help find ways to increase safety for our survivors. As things now stand and if they continue in such fashion, the investigation into the World Trade Center fire and collapse will amount to paper- and computer-generated hypotheticals. However, respected members of the fire protection engineering community are beginning to raise red flags, and a resonating theory has emerged: The structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers. Rather, theory has it, the subsequent contents fires attacking the questionably fireproofed lightweight trusses and load-bearing columns directly caused the collapses in an alarmingly short time. Of course, in light of there being no real evidence thus far produced, this could remain just unexplored theory. The frequency of published and unpublished reports raising questions about the steel fireproofing and other fire protection elements in the buildings, as well as their design and construction, is on the rise. The builders and owners of the World Trade Center property, the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey, a governmental agency that operates in an accountability vacuum beyond the reach of local fire and building codes, has denied charges that the buildings' fire protection or construction components were substandard but has refused to cooperate with requests for documentation supporting its contentions. Some citizens are taking to the streets to protest the investigation sellout. Sally Regenhard, for one, wants to know why and how the building fell as it did upon her unfortunate son Christian, an FDNY probationary firefighter. And so do we. Clearly, there are burning questions that need answers. Based on the incident's magnitude alone, a full-throttle, fully resourced, forensic investigation is imperative. More important, from a moral standpoint, for the safety of present and future generations who live and work in tall buildings-and for firefighters, always first in and last out-the lessons about the buildings' design and behavior in this extraordinary event must be learned and applied in the real world. To treat the September 11 incident any differently would be the height of stupidity and ignorance. The destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately. The federal government must scrap the current setup and commission a fully resourced blue ribbon panel to conduct a clean and thorough investigation of the fire and collapse, leaving no stones unturned. Firefighters, this is your call to action. Visit WTC "Investigation"?: A Call to Action, then contact your representatives in Congress and officials in Washington and help us correct this problem immediately.
Wally 07/07/085:45pmYou guys are missing the points that Jennifer is making. Like it or not, the US is a war machine and since 1945, always has been. As for 9/11...check out this... WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK UNANSWERED QUESTIONS By: Lawrence Stephen Maxwell Four planes that were supposed to go to particular destinations did not go to those destinations. Three of the planes hit buildings. One of them crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. No ones knows what happened because EIGHT (8) indestructible black boxes (2 on each flight) were destroyed or reportedly damaged beyond possible restoration. Guess that is why they are referred to as indestructible. The crash in Pennsylvania did not even cause an explosion. Even if it had, the boxes are designed to withstand twice the maximum heat that can be generated by a jet fuel fire. Why didn't they show us the destroyed boxes? Do you think the guys who actually found them would talk to anyone? Or are they still alive to discuss what THEY saw with their own eyes? Paper passports of two (2) of the alleged hijackers survived just fine and were supposedly found in the burning rubble of the Pentagon crash, and another three blocks from the WTC.......three blocks. I would bet good money to anyone who thinks he could contrive a way to launch a passport a distance of three city blocks. We have been told that seven cell phone calls were made from the planes. Not ONE of the callers described the hijackers as Arabic, Saudi, Muslin, Iranian or anyone from the Middle East. Barbara Olson, writer, author, investigative reporter, famous commentator, attorney, and wife of the Solicitor General of the United States (Mr. Olson being George W's lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore), did not describe the hijackers to him as being from the middle east. She was trained to be observant and mentally record details, yet there has been no report that she described the hijackers at all. Are we to believe she didn't describe them, or did she describe them and we just aren't being told? And if we aren't being told, is it because her description doesn't match the profile being fed to us? And are we to believe the Solicitor General forgot to ask her to DESCRIBE the criminals? I guess we are to accept that this is obviously an insignificant "fact" that the most high-powered-lawyer in the United States would understandably forget to ask. Do you really think that a few 120 pound middle-easterners overtook eight pilots, and their crew members and passengers, using razor-blade boxcutters? Do you really think a commercial pilot would give up his plane under threat from ANYONE with a boxcutter? How many hijackings have you ever heard of where the hijackers brought their own pilot? And four times in one day? And if you were going to do this deed, wouldn't you have a driver's license in your own name, get your pilot's license in your own name, and leave your calling card everywhere you went, being rude and obnoxious so everyone would notice you? Explain to me how all of the defense systems were disabled? How did four planes, that were not on their computerized flight paths, fly around for more than an hour and a half without alarms going off all over the place? When their altitudes and positions CEASED TO BE VISIBLE ON RADAR, why weren't people (air traffic controllers) alarmed? As close as Boston and Dulles are to D.C., why would disappearing planes NOT be a cause for alarm? Why was it more than an hour AFTER the WTC crashes that fighters were scrambled? Was the Air Force sleeping at 7:45 AM on a Tuesday morning when the planes were supposedly hijacked, and deviated from their designated flight paths? Are we supposed to believe that when a transponder is turned OFF that no one is alerted that the plane is no longer being tracked by altitude; and that such a thing could occur to four planes almost simultaneously in the same geographical region, dangerously close to the seat of government, and NO ONE was alerting the media, the defense department, or anyone? Am I supposed to believe that no one even had a clue for an hour and a half from the time the first plane left its flight plan until smoke started coming out of a WTC tower? And when the first plane hit the tower, no one knew that three other planes were missing, and thought it prudent to call the media or government officials and tell them that three other planes were missing and that other locations might not be safe? I have talked to three pilots who have told me in their own words and understandings that what we are being told happened, could NOT possibly have happened. What I DO KNOW is that we are not hearing much TRUTH. And 110 story buildings do NOT collapse because a plane hits them. The second plane nearly missed the building, only going through the corner. Most of the fuel burned in an outside explosion. It collapsed first, long before the tower that the plane completely entered. The refined Kerosene (a/k/a jet fuel) burned up fairly quickly. The stuff burning from that point on was desks, paper, plastics, carpet, etc. That fuel did not generate 2000-degree heat that would compromise 6 tubular steel columns in the center of the building designed SPECIFICALLY to keep the building from collapsing if hit by a Boeing 707 that, because it was older and less efficient, carried MORE fuel that the 757 and 767 that hit the towers. The structural engineer who designed the WTC Towers explained how the towers were designed to withstand a hit by a commercial jet -- and he did explain this to an international coalition on Terrorism in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday before the event. And 53 minutes after Tower 2 was hit the tower just imploded because it was on fire? Yeah right! I discussed this with a structural engineer who investigated a HOTEL in Los Angeles that he said was 30 stories and it burned from the ground floor up. It burned for nearly a week. The fire totally destroyed everything on all 30 floors. The estimated temperatures were 2200 degrees because of the natural gas and other fuel that was the catalyst for the fire. The concrete and infrastructure did not budge. It cost more than a million dollars to TEAR IT DOWN. The 30 floors above the first floor did NOT cave in on the first floor when the support structure go hot. And he reviewed the architecture on the WTC and said the type of steel and the type of construction for the WTC was double the strength of the LA hotel. Just like in OKC, people reported hearing multiple EXPLOSIONS before the WTC collapsed. I have video of people who were interviewed after the collapses and they said they heard a series of explosions (not floors collapsing) and then the buildings came down. The media dismissed it as exploding main gas lines. Gas mains on the 104th floor? Yeah right! We know that there would NOT be any safety mechanism in place that would have shut off gas flow throughout the buildings in the case of fire -- 53 minutes after a plane hit the building. Guess it was a big gas valve and it could not be vented to the outside air after it was shut off. If that is true, I have better safety measures in my own house than the WTC had. And why would they need safety mechanisms in place? It isn't like anyone has ever tried to blow up those same two towers before. The strength of the WTC towers was in the 6 Tubular Steel Columns in the CENTER of the buildings, not the steel structure on the outside like most construction. The buildings were literally, according to the builder, designed NOT to pancake in the event of a Boeing 707 crashing into them. But they collapsed. It took 53 minutes for Tower 2 and 88 minutes for Tower 1 -- to simply COLLAPSE. Excerpts of his speech in Germany were posted to the Internet five days before the planes hit the towers. My take? Americans are not very bright. Americans don't think. They accept what they are told. They don't TEST what they are told. They are lazy, and naive to the point of being undeserving of liberty. And for that reason they will sacrifice liberty for what they perceive to be security. And as long as the talking-heads can convince the general public that the federal government can PROTECT THEM, the sheeple will patriotically give up every right they have if it makes them feel safe -- while singing GOD BLESS AMERICA. Copyright October 2001 Lawrence Stephen Maxwell Permission granted to reproduce and distribute
Frankenberry07/07/085:37pmDang Jennifer...can you name any other bad countries? You act like we're all a bunch of criminals. Face it your definitely Anti-American your in denial though. I bet if you had to name any other bad countries you actually have to sit and think about it. I bet I can name more than you!
Bam Bam07/07/085:29pmOh please your spouting theories that began right after WWII; Japan was hot to trot as a war machine before they hit Pearl Harbor. I live here, I among others are very well aware of what our country stands for. the President that warned things were out of control was back in the 50's. Your in a time warp! Your one of those conspiracy theorists who believes in black helicopters, X-files and spooks! Japan had already conqured Korea, Manchuria portians of eastern China, French Indo China which is now Vietnam and Taiwan as part of their aggressive attacks. They violated treaties and packs and the league of Nations did NOTHING! They started war and as always WE finished it!AMERICAN AND DAMN PROUD OF IT! You will never tell us who we are or what we stand for until you have stood beside us! You should count your blessings that your not living under the German or Japanese flag right now. You will never win this argument because your not American.
DaNiElLe07/07/085:24pmOk, first i would like to put in that i am 12 years old and yes even though i am 12 i have an opinion and i feel very strongly about it. First i would like to bring to your attention that this is a voting poll, and if i was 18 or older i must say that i would NOT vote. Why? 1) McCain would kill our millitary. 2) Obama would give away tax payers dollars to bums(booooooo Obama). Now, onto the subject of war. WHAT IS IT ABOUT ADULTS AND WAR!!!!!!!! GOOD GOD!!!!! No wander theres so much violence going on now a days!!!!!!! i mean, come on people, your makeing the world look like middle school,NO..... ITS WORSE!!!!!! Your all making middle school look like a safe haven!!!!!!!!! Anyway, i have to say this, all you see is violence, in movies, t.v. , magazines , music , school , weekly paper , even on the streets! We kids can`t even ride bikes without being afraid. And if constant bicering keeps up what are We The Kids of America (WTKA) gonna have to look farard to,........... a giant battle feild for a world? Look i understand (kinda) that war is enevitable. Yes coutrys will argue. Yes there will be disagreements. Yes there will be violence. But if the adults of this earth do not stop fighting and blaming others for there problems then thats only going to make more problems, and what are we as kids going to do? Look, you can say i`m just a stupid kid and i don`t know what i`m talking about all you want, but the WTKA says that if all this war and constant argueing continues its only going to breed hate and destruction into the yunger ginerations!!!!!! I guess what i`m saying is that everything in the adult world needs to stop,............... and think about how all this constant argueing is afecting the WTKA. `Cause we as kids are this worlds future and what we see and learn now we will carry with us to adult hood, what we see and learn now will ether make............ or brake this earth. Argue about that.
Jennifer07/07/081:45pmBam Bam, you're the one who's living in a delusional world. the US has been guilty of many, many crimes against people, ordinary people. Your gov't policy seems to be if we can't make 'em deomocratic, we'll bomb the crap out of them so they will be democratic. Wat ch those documentaries that I mentioned and then we'll see who's delusional. When your own Secretary of Defense says that if you had lost the 2nd world war, he and others would have been charged as war criminals, when your own Prsident warns the public in his farewell address that things are oiut of control...but you refuse to acknowledge that. And you're calling me dellusional? No disrespect to anyone who died for freedom but why not dig a little deeper and ask why things happened. Jeff, I don't hate America. I dislike your aggression and the way your government has convinced people that if they criticize the government, they are unpatriotic. Wrapping yourselvesup in your flag and saying God is on your side and you have every right to be what you are is turning a blind eye to what your country has done. Watch the documentaries and for your information, I'm Canadian and proud of it.
Jeff07/07/081:40pmWow, Jennifer is all over the map in a hit and run verbal assault on the US. The US is the Giant in the room but that does not make us the enemy. We are a force to be reckoned with no doubt, but we are a force for good as a matter of policy. Our "120 bases around the world"... if that's indeed a correct figure, is a force for peace in the world. Our military presence is for protection of the myriad of defenseless countries like Japan, Germany that have little or no military capabilities of their own. Out of all the bases located throughout the world none are their without the consent of their respective governments, and yes that includes Cuba and Iraq. The Iraqi government wants us there, and with our help has finally made huge progress in purging their country from the evil scourge that plagues them known as tyranny and terrorism. The few hundred thousand people we killed in Japan from fire bombs and A bombs pales in comparison to the tens of millions killed in that war because of Japan's invading war machine. We had every moral right and obligation to do what we did. War is ugly by definition, and when a country declares war on another and draws first blood, they better be prepared to suffer the consequences of their actions, which is exactly what happened. So tell me Jennifer, where are you from and why do you hate America so much? If you hate our military you hate our country, so don't try and draw some kind of distinction. We all pay taxes and donate to the same causes here and many of us or our family members have served in the military in one way other another.
Bam Bam07/07/0812:19pmJennifer the US did not know they were going to be attacked at Pearl Harbor. They recieved intelligence that was too late. Our military would never allow such a loss of personnel and battleships just to start a war. Think about it...what were they going to fight with if they let their ships and men get destroyed. Most of our battleships were located there. Our entire country banded together to fight that war and to build the ammunition. Can you say Rosy the Riveter? What you said is disrespectful to EVERY soldier that died that day at Pearl Harbor and to everyone who fought to win that war. You know what just stay in your little delusional world. It's working so well for you.
Pat07/07/0811:44amWally, I liked your comment about all the invasions that America has done in the past. I am an American and I love America, the nation. That doesn't mean that I love every human in America, ESPECIALLY our politicians. The U.S. like many other domineering nations want to be the top dog of the whole world. The whole continent (Canada, U.S. and Mexico) at one time was all natives that had been here for over ten thousand years. Everyone forgets that our ancestors did not originate from this continent. Who stole this land and other lands around the world? England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany to name the main ones and always had slavery even before the blacks. China as a continent had the monguls that rode and conquered and killed hundreds of thousands of people and had slavery. There are a lot of wrongs around the whole world and it always originates first and foremost from the corrupt governments. That is where war starts. It has always been that way. There will always be wars, because people around the world listen to the government way too much. As far as the atomic bomb, Einstein didn't plan this as a weapon, he planned it as energy for the world. Right after the President had Japan bombed twice and realized the mass destruction it caused, he wept and regetted having done it. It killed tens of thousands at that time, but millions died from the fallout that lasted for a very long time. None of us can really put the blame on this nation or that nation or whatever. But the world could have a greater change for the best for future generations instead of so much hate and cruelty and violence. Many people around the world just want to live and enjoy life without so much strife. Is it just an innocent dream in my 53 year old eyes that see this?
Jennifer07/07/0811:35amJeff, I am not anti-American. I am anti-military US. Your fascination with guns and killing and war is nothing but madness. re: Pearl Harbour... The US knew that if they cut off oil supplies to Japan that Japan would retalliate. I noticed that you din't mention the dropping of the A bombs or the fire bombs. Look at those documentaries like I suggested and you'll see for yourself that the military industry in your country is not intersted in peace. They are interested in control. As I said, the US could have picked a neutral site to drop those A bombs but they didn't. they remain the only country in the world that has wiped out hundreds of thousands of people in seconds. That same thinking infects your policy makers today. Your country is always at war or always clamoring about the other side. In the 50's it was communism, now it's terrorism. How about all the terror your country has inflicted on innocent people around the world? The US thumbs its nose at the Geneva convention, holds prisoners in GB in Cuba without basic rights, strips away the rights of its own citizens and has invaded countries on lies. (see Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, & Iraq) and bombed the hel of of them. By the way, why must the US have bases in more than 120 countries around the world? when your own President warned the pople in his address to the union that the US military industrial complex was out of control, (1959) it's sad, so sad that his words have been ignored and you and the rest of us are paying the price but the people who are paying the biggest price are the innocent people who have lost their lives because of your invasions and sanctions. And finally, why are you in Cuba at all?
Jeff07/07/0810:58amJennifer, that theory about top officials having prior knowledge about Japan's assault on Perl Harbor is just that, a "theory". Nothing more. I've read all the books on this topic and others, and believe me when I tell you this is all speculative hindsight re-writing of history which happens with every single war going back 3 thousand years. While it's fun to explore these type of theories, I prefer to side with the preponderance of evidence and documented facts which clearly show we were ambushed by an evil empire hell bent on conquest. Their army of brutal thugs butchered, raped and plundered hundreds of thousands of Chinese and other people before they even hit the US. You are clearly another America hater that once again blames the victim instead of the perpetrator. I would bet my savings that you are one of those fringe anti-America people that also believe 9/11 was an "inside job". You discredit yourself for so easily falling prey to this nonsense because it shows you have an anti-American agenda and will believe anything someone says as long as it puts America down. If it weren't for this great country you and your friends and family would either be dead or slaves to the Third Riech and/or the brutal Imperial Japaneese Empire.
Sam07/07/0810:09amWhy doesn,t the USA invade North Korea .Answer they are yellow[afraid] and they have no oil to stealTha USA is a nation of bulling rouges the filth of the earth
Paula07/06/088:26pmNew poll please!
Jennifer07/06/084:33pmSorry, typing errors...that should have been `FOG OF WAR.' & 'campaign'
Jennifer07/06/083:37pmThe top brass in the US knew that Pearl Harbour was going to be attacked. It was the excuse they needed to get in to the war when their allies, Canada, Britain & France were already fighting. As for the dropping of the atomic bombs, (a) they were dropped on civilian targets where hundreds of thousands of women and children were living and (b) they could have easily dropped those bombs on a nuetral site to show Japan's authorities what kind of power they had. It was murder, plain and simple. They were non-military locations. The US also launched a campaing of fire bombs March - August 1945 on civilian targets, killing thousands of civilians BEFORE the atomic bombs were dropped. Don't listen to the military propaganda. Do some research. As Robert mcNamara said in the documentary (FOF OF WAR) "If we had lost the war, we would have been charged as war criminals." The military industrial complex that grabbed a hold of power in 1945 has only tightened its grip on America. That is why you've been at war for so long and so many innocent people have died. PEACE.
Jeff07/06/0812:39pmIn WWII Japan attacked the US, and this is why the US joined the war. Japan got exactly what they deserved. The atomic bombs put an end to a war that would have continued on for many more years and caused many more casualties on both sides than is currently recorded. War is not pretty, so if you attack your neighbor, you better be prepared to suffer the consequences. Look at Japan now. It's a thriving democratic country that is no longer a threat to it's neighbors. That is not an accident.
Jennifer07/06/087:25amThose who ignore history are bound to repeat it.' By the way, America did NOT have to drop those bombs on Japan. See documentary available at Blcokbuster FOG OF WAR. (about Robert mcNamara, former Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy adm) see also WHY WE FIGHT another excellent documentary. The military industrial machine has control of America and unless its people wake up don't say what is past, is past. The past is still relevant because history does repeat itself. Vietnam...Iraq. Japan... PEACE.
Bam Bam07/06/085:05amExactly Char, most of what is being indicated here was from a time I wasn't even living hell my mom would have been 13. It's the same ole conversation, "you people" should control your gov't. I have yet to see a people; even in a democracy control a gov't. Look at the protests from Vietnam, there's an Era when people discovered there voice and protested for years to end that war. As for dropping the bomb, that was a trajedy. But, the Japanese started that war and America was involved in two wars at the same time. That bomb ended the war for our country. Back in the early days people did what they thought there gov't knew best they didn't question it until the 60's. Our country is still protesting the war in Iraq, our gov't still isn't listening and apparently neither is the rest of the world.
Char07/06/083:14amShould of
Char07/06/083:12amWhy do you always bring up the past. Lets get over this . And look to the future . Would of. Could of ****.
Steve07/05/0811:15pmAmericans to put pressure on your leaders to start saying no to your military machine. As has been mentioned earlier, President Eisenhower warned the American people of the runaway power of the military industrial complex in the US back in 1959, almost 50 years ago. Since then how many wars have you been in, how many bombs have you dropped, how many innocent people have been killed. yes it's a damn tragedy with what happened on 9/11 but casualties around the world as a result of America's aggressive foreign policy are many, many times worst. (almost a million Vietnamese killed as a result of an illegal war)) how many people died because of US sanctions against Iraq? before Desert Storm - at least half a million.How many have died since? let's hope Obama turns your country around to more peaceful endeavours and that way we can all breathe a sigh of relief.
Bam Bam07/05/088:03pmYou know it is really easy to tell other people what they need to do to fix themselves. Steve what have you done to contribute to your own country? Bush has the lowest rating of any U.S president. Furthermore, unless you experienced 9-11 don't tell people how to vote without fear! YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED HERE UNLESS YOUR AN AMERICAN. It was easy pickens for Bush during his second campaign. People were scared, that is normal. So, let's talk about your country now. The Canadian welfare system has too much bureaucracy it's BS. There is no accountability. People take advantage of the program while others don't get enough. And lets not forget the softwood trade for example - the constant battle over softwood lumber - the US constantly increases tariffs not realizing that the same wood products go back to Canada to be turned into newsprint which in turn comes back to the US. The trade relations is being affected by this over and over. The cost of building a house in the US would drop reasonably if this problem could be resolved. It's been going on for more than 40 years. While this problem may not be as huge as our deficit, your seriously not one to tell us what to do or how to do it. Your NOT an American. I thought I understood what it was to be Canadian until I lived there for three years. I was pretty arrogant to think I knew everything about your country and your pretty arrogrant to think you can tell us how to change matter how correct you may be. Your too judgemental on issues you really have no understanding of...especially matters of 9-11 and how the president played on people's fears to get re-elected. Le'ts not forget too..his partner in crime Tony Blair. If I'm not mistaken the Queen is your head of state even though she has no power. Should we blame you for the association that you have no control over?
Bing07/05/084:03pmWould anyone have a copy of Salman Rush tie,s new book its called Budda is a Fat ****
Bam Bam07/05/083:50pmWell Steve we'll make a note of that!
Steve07/05/082:31pmWell Bam Bam that was 2000. Uh...what happened in 2004? I know he got in on a fixed vote...nice having your kid brother in charge down in Florida and you know it, so why didn't enough of your country know it? Like I said, it's nothing personal but your country along with most democracies have elected a bunch of ****heads for a long time now. The problem with your selections is they have such a great affect on the rest of the world. Bush and Cheney, should be in jail. Simple as that. I hope for your sake that Obama wins and turns your counrty around. A big first step would be to reduce your 162 billion dollar war fund, put your military industrial war machine in place & put that money into education and health care.
Bam Bam07/05/089:02amYou know Steve your starting to piss me off. I'm not sure how much you know about the 2000 election, but, Bush was NOT voted in by the people and you obviously don't know jack about our electoral process. The popular vote went to Al Gore. STOP with the all inclusive arguements about our countrymen. Not everyone wanted this war either. After the SOB got into office he ran a second time and used FEAR to get back into office. You know I could sling some really nasty **** about canada if I wanted to for your lack of involvement in world issues, but, I love your country even with its faults so I won't. But YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW if anyone dared touch Canada, America will be so far up your enemies ass they won't sit for a year! So piss off about our defense and how we defend ourselves and others! THIS POLL WAS NOT ABOUT THIS - STICK TO THE ISSUE. RALPH NADER IS NOT CHOICE - ANYONE WHO WOULD VOTE FOR HIM IS A VOTE WASTED. A VOTE THAT COULD BE USED FOR A REAL CANDIDATE WHO CAN BRING REAL CHANGE INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING ABOUT IT. No I'm not yelling just emphasising.
Vallender07/05/083:22amWould you be surprised if i said that i actually do NOT disagree with all the things you've mentioned about America, Steve? Politically im a pro-Obama and naturally an anti-Bush. The positive things that i said regarding America, was directed more towards those who are anti-Obama, and who fear a change in the landscape of American political life. Almost like a 'gentle push' or a word of encouragement for them to accept and embrace these changes. Things can ONLY get better for America if/when Obama steps into the Oval Office imho, and there is NOTHING to fear but the fear itself! It might demand some SERIOUS work from the Americans, but this is why Obama is such a suitable candidate for a presidency because so far he has shown GREAT talents for spreading HOPE and STRENGTH among the people by his great oratory gifts. He will bring genuine SOUL into America, and into the American society and politics, which is something America has been missing for more than 60 yrs, eversince Roosevelt.
Steve07/04/089:53pmValender, not everyone loves America. Why don't Americans understand that? I don't hate America but your pro military culture, your insane passion for guns and violence, your dumb arrogant foreign policy (do you actually feel safer now that Bush & Cheney have been inpower for 8 years) and your insistence on choosing stupid moronic idiots to `lead' you leaves many people in the world baffled. America could be so great if they stopped spending so much on their military budget and used it for PEACE. Let's hope Obama turns your ship around. Otherwise you'll just be another indestructible empire that falls like so many have in the past. After all, everyone thought the `Titanic' was unsinakable, too, didn't they?
Milkshake07/04/088:26pmI like Bing's horn. Can we talk about another subject?
Vallender07/04/088:11pmRegardless of what MAJOR changes taking place in the American presidential department these yrs., America will STILL remain the single most powerful nation in the world.
Vallender07/04/084:40pmNobody is willing to admitt the one simple truth here, that we ALL love America, be it an American or a non-American.
Bing07/04/083:16pmIt is lucky I didnt dream I was a tree otherwise Id have woken up with the root
Bam Bam07/04/081:07pmBing when you woke up, did the horn toot? LOL
Milkshake07/04/0811:50amI agree with Bing.
Charlin07/04/088:37amYou guys still at it! You all need to relax. Have a Safe and Happy 4th!
Bam Bam07/04/085:36amI'm not saying he's not smart. I'm simply stating I only support candidates who have an intention of finishing what they start. It's easy to sit there and tell people what they need to do. It's another to get out there and do somethign about it. He doesn't go all the way. Let's support a guy who's all talk an no action! He's no different than the rhinocerous party in Canada.
Bing07/04/081:58amI dreamt I won a car but when I awoke all I had was the horn
Wally07/03/089:09pmBam bam are you dumb man? How is it in our great country that we only have 2 major candidates. That stinks. Think about it. That's like going out to a fancy restaurant and only having a choice of 2 meals. That's like going to buy a suit and having two choices. ONLY two choices. The sad truth is we are NOT a democracy. if mcCain and Obama had any balls, they'd invite all major independent candidates to join them onstage for a national debate. Can you imagine what Ralph Nader would have done to little Georgie jr or even Daddy had he been given a chance? And what's wrong with Japanese cars? if the big # hadn't sat on their ass counting all their money & ignoring consumer needs, the Japanese and other non American car manufacturers wouldn't have taken such a bite out of the North American market. So Bam Bam, don't diss Ralph Nader because he's smarter than 99 % of the candidates who have ever run for President. what you should be doing is encouraging a Obama and McCain to invite Nader to join them in a nationally televised debate. But they won't do that because they're in the pockeyt of big corporations and big corporations are afraid of Ralph Nader. so 1. Ralph Nader 2. Obama. 3. Forget McCain. we've had enough Republican bull**** to last us the rest of this century.
Bam Bam07/03/086:19pmYou know what Ralph Nader is a panzy ass that can't finish a race! According to him we should all drive Japanese cars. He likes to pretend he's running for President and keeps boneheads like you all panting for more! I support REAL candidates who can see things through not some Wannabe's. He's not a choice in this poll so WHATEVER!
Stephanie07/03/082:43pmI think people should forget about the color of the man willing to make a change and vote for a better tomorrow. its sad that a black man will be voted in office when our country is in poor conditions but i'm confident in Obama, black people came from nothing so we know how to make great things happen with much of nothing
Milkshake07/03/0811:04amLet's all have a milkshake and celebrate!
Nick07/03/0810:52amDiane, It's not our fault your country keeps electing losers as leaders (Nixon, Reagan, Bush1, Bush 2, cheney...) and has foreign policy that alienates it from most of the rest of the world. I know our leaders aren't anything to get excited about. You can have Harper...he's a Republican clone. re: football...The game of football was invented in Canada. Not the US so just maybe we know which game is better. Your athletes & talent pool is better but the CFL game is superior because it is more wide open. RE center of the universe... not everyone in Toronto thinks our city is the center of the universe. We know better unlike your semi-dellusional fellow citizens that think any piece of the USA is the center of the universe. And by the way, many of us are Montreal Canadien fans. (24 Stanley Cups) And finally, 1. I'd love to see Ralph Nader as President of the US because as far as I can tell, he's honest & he doesn't bow down to kiss rich corporate butts.
Diane07/03/088:25amListen, guys. I lived in Canada for two years. Trust me when I say you will NOT win this argument regarding the CFL/NFL. You also will not win the argument that Alberta is the center of the universe because they have oil (even though Alberta still owes the Canadian government 30 million dollars from the time of the 30's when Alberta was on the dole from the government). You will not win the argument regarding Toronto as being the center of the universe. Trust me when I say that Canadians, particularly after the Bush administration, think that their country is the paragon of virtue and that is why they think they are better than the US (part of the reason). Even though the Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won a game in three years and their coach got fired.
Bam Bam07/03/087:15amThe number two is actually indicated by number 9 because my countdown is backwards! LOL
Bam Bam 07/03/ #2 is Disney land and Hollywood.
Bam Bam07/03/086:27amSteve is right! Tim Hortons does beat Dunkin donuts - the CFL is more interesting than american football - anything can fricking happen even at the last 5 seconds! The best part "aboot" being an American in Canada (now living in warmer climate becuase 40 below does suck! which is why you need beer cases that allow mits and mirrors on your tucs (sp) so you can walk backwards) is TWO Thanksgivings and Canada Day! AND being a pedestrian with more rights to walk than drivers! Being able to stop traffic simply to cross the street! Which by the way Happy Belated Canada Day! Kokanee Beer is the best Beer ever! Now Born in the USA you need to quit you sound like a dumbass. The French Canadiens are only in Quebec and NOT ALL CANADIANS ARE FRENCH! Your trying to be smart and win this arguement and being an American I know your argument is mostly BS. The things that make America GREAT! 1. Thomas Jefferson who gave us our CONSTITUTION! 2. The Bill of Rights that gave you your FREEDOM OF SPEECH 3. The fourth of July! - 4. BBQ's (we cook on grilles and have BBQ's in Canada they cook on BBQ's) -5. WWF Wrestling - 6. AFFORDABLE ALCHOHOL (we can keep unopened beer in the car when we buy it, in Canada you have to put it in your trunks that sucked 7. AFFORDABLE ANYTHING (you can't really return anything to a Canadian store without seriously strict rules & dirty looks or you can't return it at all and everything is very expensive!) - 8. Being able to buy lunchmeat by the pound.- 9. houses with BIGGER lots (in Canada everything is super close together) 10. FREEDOM to choose to love or hate all of these things.
Char 07/03/081:25amYou'r point less
Char 07/03/081:19amAre all Canadians rude or is it just you .Do you know what Piss Off means. Good I hope so .
CHAR07/03/081:12amPISS OFF
CHAR 07/03/0812:09amPISS OF
Michelle07/03/0812:02amLord have mercy, I am starting to see the absolute pointlessness of the 'democratic process'. Maybe you guys should step away from your computer, and GO OUTSIDE OR SOMETHING! Heh heh, sheesh.
Char07/02/0810:50pmIt's ovious that we cant have a grown up discussion. The only world you can throw around is stupid dumb nuts . And I ask you how old are you .Are discussion is over. You can think what ever you want . I live here in American anything you know is heresay
Jennifer07/02/089:59pmHey Born in the USA The CFL is a better game than the NFL. Hockey rules in Canada and your climate is not better than ours. It may be colder up here than your southern states but we don't have to worry about massive floods, tornadoes or hurricanes like some people. And yes we don't have a space program comprable to yours but you still seek and need our help. We have universal health care and while it isn't perfect it's much better than what you have down there. (see Michael Moore's latest dvd) & last but not least...You're not smart enough to be CANADA.
BORNINTHEUSA07/02/089:33pmSteve - Ten Reasons Why USA is better than France, I mean Canada. number 10--we have a space program, canada doesn't. number 9--we have ten times as many people. number 8--all the best canadians are living here, not in canada. number 7--we have the NFL, canada has the CFL. number 6--we have new york, los angeles and miami; canada has toronto, montreal and vancouver. number 5--we're not jealous of canadians, canadians are jealous of us. number 4--we don't have to say, ''we're not americans, we're canadians.'' number 3-- we have a better climate. number 2--we have hotter women and a better climate. and the number one reason america is better than canada--WE'RE NOT CANADA
Steve07/02/088:13pmHEY BORN IN THE USA... So, What Do We Canadians Have To Be Proud Of ? 1. Smarties 2. Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp 3. The size of our footballs fields, one less down, and bigger balls. 4. Baseball is Canadian - First game June 4, 1838 - Ingersoll , ON 5. Lacrosse is Canadian 6. Hockey is Canadian 7. Basketball is Canadian 8. Apple pie is Canadian 9. Mr. Dress-up beats Mr. Rogers 10. Tim Hortons beats Dunkin' Donuts 11. In the war of 1812, started by America , Canadians pushed the Americans back ...Past their White House'. Then we burned it...and most of Washington .. We got bored.. Because they ran away, so we came home and partied...Go figure. 12. Canada has the largest French population that never surrendered to Germany . 13. We have the largest English population that never ever surrendered or withdrew during any war to anyone, anywhere. EVER. 14. Our civil war was fought in a bar and it lasted a little over an hour. 15. The only person who was arrested in our civil war was an American mercenary, who slept in and missed the whole thing...but showed up just in time to get caught. 16. A Canadian invented Standard Time. 17. We don't marry our kin-folk. 18. We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, Velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone. And, short wave radios that save countless lives each year. 19. A Canadian invented Superman. 20. We have coloured money. 21. Our beer advertisements kick ass { does our beer} 22. We produce soemthing your country lacks a great deal of. wheat & common sense BUT MOST IMPORTANT ! The handles on our beer cases are big enough to fit your hands with mitts on. OOOoohhhhh.... Canada !! AND FINALLY...yes, there was a separatist element in Quebec but it's a minority and we didn't have a BLOODY CIVIL WAR OVER IT.
Bornintheusa07/02/088:12pmMy essay is about kids Being fat and dirty, and the schools complain about it.
Bam Bam07/02/088:00pmBy Canadiens I'm sure you mean the Quebecois? And I can honestly say the Canadians don't smoke US ciggarettes and they watch Canadian Idol. Our smokes aren't as strong and I can say from experience they hate the smell of American tobacco. You are aware Born in the USA that not all Canadians are French? If your specifically referring to the Quebecois than specify it. Hell, I'm married to a Canadian and he ain't French and he doesn't fit what your describing. Canada has gun control laws and registration but it's not like your describing either. I think you may be going a bit overboard by not insinuating all Canadians are French.
BORNINTHEUSA07/02/086:23pmThere are more Canadiens immigrating to the USA than the other way around. Canadiens health care suks. Thats why the French, i mean Canadiens come to the USA for surgery. They will die waiting in Canada. Canada wouldnt exist if it wasnt for the USA. It would be a frozen tundra like Russia. The French, I mean Canadiens hate guns but allow every extremist Islamic terrorist easy access to their country. Candaiens watch American TV, listen to American Radio, buy 50% of all USA exports. Spend 65% of their vacation time in the USA. SMoke USA cigarettes, alcohol, food, soda, cars,etc. What does Canada actually produce as a country? France, I mean Canada are so dependent on the USA its pathetic. You are Mexico North. Who protects your shores, who's satellites wathc over your country? What's the 1st number you gonna call when the shiiit hits the fan? 1-800-George Bush. Thats a fact. Whats your favorite vacation destination? Flordida or California? Whats your favorite TV show? American Idol. The only good thing Canada gave us was Pamela Anderson. By the way isnt part of Canda trying to break away from the rest of the country? You wont find that in the USA. Parlay vu un fronce?
Hioih07/02/086:22pmIn the ferocious debate between educators, two opinons of dealing with the obese child crisis have been formed... Starting earlier will completely anhilate any chance for the Big Mac kids to exist through behavioral means. Of course, the Big Mac remains.
Jennifer07/02/085:32pmChar, unwrap the flag around your head it's blocking the oxygen to your brain. What's this 'you're either with us or against us' ? I'm not with the USA when they invade sovereign countries for no reason at all (see Iraq, see Vietnam, see their death tolls, they are towers in terms of 9/11 casualties. I'm sorry for the people who lost their lives in the NY towers but I'm also sorry for the million that the USA killed in Vietnam and Iraq. (we won't mention all the other countries they've been at war with) So, this 'you're either with us or against us', is just DUMB. If your country is in the wrong, it is in the wrong but you're too stupid to realize that. If the US decides that they should drop more bombs on Vietnam than all the bombs that were dropped by both the Allies and the non -Allies, what we're supposed to go along with that? Are you NUTS? The US invaded Vietnam and the US invaded Iraq and the US still has sanctions against CUBA. Why? For wanting to be independent? Isn't that how your country was born? You think America stands for liberty? You've been sucking at the propaganda tit for too long, my intellectually challenged friend. And if you think that America is the greatest country to live in, then you're allowed to be dellusional because, get ready for a shock, not everyone wants to live in the USA. I'm not jealous of your country. I pity the good people and I'm afraid their citizens, like you, don't really see the BIG picture. How else to explain LBJ, Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan and the Bush clowns, George sr and George jr? And finally I don't give a crap about your right to bear arms but when those guns flow into Canada and innocent people die on our streets, then I get really mad. I'm not jealous. Just angry because some Americans are too dumb to realize what the hell is going on in their own country. Your gun problem is out of control but do you try to stop it? The more guns the merrier, that seems to be your motto despite the fact 30,000 Americans are killed by handguns alone. And you talk about the 3000 plus who died in 9/11! Emperor Nero was playing a fiddle while Rome burned. What instrument are you playing, Char? The triangle?
Char 07/02/085:18pmThanks for the back up bam bam
Char07/02/084:03pmYour either with us are against us . So you had better make the right choices. American stands for Libery Love of Country And the right to bear arms . And freedom of speach .You have so many complaints about America you sound a little jelious to me . American is such a bad place to be .Thats why every one is trying to get here. All Americans would agree this is the Greatest Country to live in .Come on you know you love us .I know its had to addmitt that were number 1.Its hard to be number 2,3,0r 4 .
Wister07/02/083:55pmWhat is this a war between canada and the usa there yous go stop blaming the ordinard joe its the people in power who are the evil ones and yous are argueing over their actions as if they where yours
Char 07/02/083:04pmOh yes I do recall that Canada sent us some troop to help us out. Yes two
Char07/02/082:40pmThe majoridy of people that lost their live on that tragic day were American .Get a clue thats why the flew in to the towers they knew that it would be filled with Americans working.People going to work in the morning.Iam not quite sure were you stand .Oh ya I quess with the terrorist
Jennifer07/02/081:32pmChar, some Candians and Italians as well as other nationalities were killed in 9/11. Why should you be i Iraq in the first place? Iraq wasn't responsible for 9/11. Get your head out of your ass & stop believing the fairy tales the White House Press puts out. By the way, Canadian troops are in Afghanistan & we're fighting a war for the US & the big oil companies that have bush in their back pocket. And yes, sadly, Canadian troops have died there so don't give me that crap about your war on terror and acting like you're the only country doing anything. Part of the problem has always been your dumb foreign policy. Not everyone wants to be American or share your way of life. if you really want to open your eyes, read Jim Marr's 9/11 or watch Michael Moore's 9/11 and you'll soon realize things are not as they seem. PS I am not paranoid but I believe it won't be long before Canada is `forced' to give you our precious water.
Bam Bam07/02/081:20pmJennifer, it's the other way around. If you'll recall the British were already in Canada when the Americans showed up. You should be referring to the 5440 or Fight. The war of 1812 is too screwed up to reference. Frankly, I think your paranoid. The US is not coming to take your water or go to war with you. If anything we'll take your BEER! You make us sound like we're locusts just burning through resources and moving on the next one. Geez, they made a movie about that. Independence day! I realize after living in Canada American's are wasteful and we are. I actually7 went the dump the other day to discard some old stuff left by the old owners of our house and I cannot believe the amount of crap we have! But, your way overjudging us as usual.
Char07/02/0811:40amI dont recall any of your Canadan troops in Iraq. The USA has to be the police for all Nations. Need I also remind you of 9-11 or did you already forget about that . We dident start this ****. Did any of your familys die in this evil doings . This was an act of war on American are her people .
Char 07/02/0811:28amIf American did invaid Canada I guess your **** out ok luck your the one thats so aganist guns .We have the right to bear arms . Guns dont kill people people do .
David07/02/0810:43amBarock Obama was running for Senate when I was just leaving Illinois. His ad was the first political ad in my life that ever reached me, and I said to myself then that that guy's going somewhere. Four years later, he's running for president. I think he would probably be the first president since JFK that was a good and honest man... and the first since Reagan who had the support of both parties (even though democrats hate him now and I don't really like him... just using it as an example.) I think Obama might be the only hope for this country. Wish I could campaign for him.
Jennifer07/02/0810:35amLucy, the question says...If I could vote for President of the United States in November, I would vote for...It does not say if I was an American. Consequently, I am not restricted. The quesiton is open at all people, not only Americans and since your government's foreign policy has such a big effect on the rest of the world, it is within our right to comment. I doubt if many people worry about Malta's foreign policy but when the mighty US rattles its sabres, I worry. And you know what I worry about the most, Lucy? Is if and when your country starves for resources (ie. fresh water) your country might invade us again. Hey you did it in 1812 and since then your invasion tactics have gotten better. (you've had a lot of practice) In a worst case scenario, I wouldn't be surprised if some of your top-ranking government & military officials considered doing it again. That's why, IF I could vote, I would vote for Mr Ralph Nader.
Bam Bam07/02/0810:13amListen folks you cannot blame a nation when a government acted in it's own interest. Yes, we invaded Iraq, but we were also lied to by the US gov't and I might add Tony Blair about the WOMD! Governments had their own agendas. Our country is made up of people who did not agree with our leaders actions. This poll is not about this crap. It's about who we would vote for. STICK TO THE POLL PEOPLE!
Wister07/02/089:59amChar has a point the americans are a great people the problem its is their evil politicians who are trying to creat a one world government in which is been controlled by police state order wake up and smell your leaders
Lucy07/02/089:57am>>>>The Question is " If I can vote for President of the United States...I would vote for"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HELLOOOO, CANADIANS NEED NOT REPLY, YOUR NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE HERE, AND YOUR OPINIONS DONT COUNT!!!!
Jennifer07/02/086:32amChar, how old are you 5? Sure Canada has problems. All countries do. But the US is the country that acts like it rules the world. They INVADED Iraq when the rest of the world said no. Your government LIED about Iraq. They've been in a war every decade since WW2. One of your own President's President Eisenhowe said in his address to the Union in 1959 that your military industry was OUT OF CONTROL. According to your constitution, President Bush and Cheney should be impeached for all their lies and lasw they've broken, both domestically & internationally. Who is condoing torture? Your government. Who is breaking the Geneva Convention? Your government. Who is the biggest arms dealer in the world? Your government, the fools who are leading the good old USA down the drain...WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.
Wister07/02/084:30amId love to mind my own buisness about the USA but they are going around the world bulling and murdering people about oil.Oh dont get me wrong the American people are a great people.Its just a pity they let evil men hold the reins
Char 07/02/082:17amYou need to clean up you'r own back yard first. Before you go around bashing the Good Old USA.Canada has many social issues that need some attention like your manners.Iam so tired of other Countries makeing coments about are great USA . Who do you think Canada calls when your in need of help . Let me here you say it USA. Need I say more.
Char 07/02/082:17amYou need to clean up you'r own back yard first. Before you go around bashing the Good Old USA.Canada has many social issues that need some attention like your manners.Iam so tired of other Countries makeing coments about are great USA . Who do you think Canada calls when your in need of help . Let me here you say it USA. Need I say more.
Char07/02/081:50amWe dont need any noise or comments from the peanut gallery .Thank you very much
Char 07/02/081:46amJust shouldent be so worried about are Good Old US of A. You just try to slove the problems that you have in your home land Canada.
Wally07/01/089:57pmRalph Nader is my man. If you haevn't seen this clip, please do... Mr Nader talks about WHY Bush & Cheney, lying ****s that they are, should be impeached.
Emily07/01/086:32pm I am a constitutionalist. I wish there were a canditate to vote for that had a basic understanding of our constitution. Instead our country is turning fascist with all the laws passed in recent years that restrict our freedoms supposedly for our own good. Too many Nanny laws passed lately.
Wally07/01/084:47pmEarth to Bam Bam...if the US isn't a war machine, who is? Who invaded Iraq? Not Switzerland? Who invaded Grenada? Not Poland. Who invaded Nicaragua? Not Italy. Who invaded Panama? Not Portual. Who invaded Vietnam? Not equador. Who invaded Laos? Not new Zealand. Who invaded Cambodia? Not Malta. Who used the most lethal weapon known to mankind when they didn't have to? (2 Atomic bombs on Japan killing thousands of innocent people? Not Holland. America, that's who. So don't wrap yourself up in our flag & think we're pure and innocent because we're not. The war machine is alive & well in our beloved USA.
Jennifer07/01/083:12pmI didn't say I didn't like everything American. Read what I wrote and if you want to exercise your brain, watch those documentaries. You might learn something instead of the propaganda drivel that your spoon feeds you.
Char07/01/0812:38pm Yes Canada is luck to have us the USA neighbors
Char 07/01/0812:24pmYes with people like you I sure dont call you my neighbor. For not likeing anything about us the USA that is. You sure do have a lot to say about us . **** **** stay home
Bam Bam07/01/0811:58amOkay that was super nasty Fred! Your a dog Fart! Looks to me Jennifer you lost your argument by your own countrymen and CalStar is right I looked it up! We are not a war machine - Hitler & Napolean now those were war machines. It's hard to see anothers point of view when your beliefs are so strong. Just because something is in a documentary doesn't make it the truth.
Fred07/01/0811:40amHey jJnnifer why don't you have a coke and a smile and shut the **** up!
Jennifer07/01/0811:28amCostar - The age of US imperialism did not end in WWI. See Fog of War and Why We Fight - 2 excellent documentaries about the US out of control war machine. Hey America, vote for Ralph Nadar and there might be hope for your country yet.
CalStar07/01/087:43amFirst off, the imperalism era ended prior to WWI. Since then there have been two world wars and a number of other conflicts attempting to divert communist expansion. Foreign policy on the other hand has been the biggest issue. Wherine the US will attempt to control a particular country and it's government (I scratch your back you scratch mine) to benefit the growth of the US and it's position as a Super Power. This has occurred over and over once the US has overstepped its bounds then rebellious effects occur. The point is you should not cofuse imperialism with foreign policy. So your wrong about imperialism - the US isn't out to take anoyone's land. You argument is that the US doesn't do anything for peace efforts; the US has contributed more than financially to peace keeping worldwide than any other country including our, this is because they are a super power but, that also means they have a huge budget for defense. Your not looking at it from both sides of the coin. Oh and btw...I AM CANADIAN.
Jennifer07/01/087:26amBam Bam, i'm not anti-American. I'm anti-dumb American, anti military American, anti imperialist American and anti pro-gun American. A country that passea a law to spend 162 bilion on their war effort (what's wrong with a peace effort. How about for once a super power spend billions of dollars for peace?) while ignoring the plight of the poor at home isn't anything to be proud of. a country that ignores the Geneva convention, allows the torture of prisoners, holds prisoners without being charged or represented (Guatananamo Bay) ignores the rights of Palelstianians...(see two documentaries...Fog of War, Why We Fight (Robert McNamara former defense secretary of the US and the latter about President Eisenhower who warned in 1959, that the US military machine was out of control. He must be rolling in his grave now. In short, it is your government and your country's imperialistic attitude that bugs me. Sorry, I'm not perfect either.
Pat07/01/087:09amI've been out for 2 weeks and only in here today. Got hurt bad and haven't been to work. I agree with Aussie on all comments. Also everyone is arguing with everyone else about who would be the best president. Time will tell. Neither are any good. This nation is on a snowball ride down a steep slope. Don't any of you realize that the peoples' votes stopped in the late 70's? It is completely up to the delegates whoever gets in the White House. While we are busy calling names, the politicians are all the best of friends and are laughing at the nation. See ya' later.
Bam Bam07/01/087:06amJennifer you went from having a point of view on guns I agreed with to being a real jerk about my country. Don't say your country isn't perfect to justify criticizing another. I love Canada and Canadians, I as would America would be the first to defend our little sister if she were in trouble. Shame on you. NO one and NO country is perfect. I could ask the same thing of you; when was the last time Canada entered a war without being prodded? Perhaps if your military was larger you'd take part more often in defending democracy and freedom. No offense honey but most of your Navy subs are located at West Ed Mall and I know several Canadian who agree with me. As for Bush, don't speak as though we're happy he's in office. Our government has problems no doubt..the fact the Bush even got in was a cheat due to the Electoral College. Which by the way the electoral college is in place so that candidate don' t have to campaign in every state. There are states that candidates know they will not win so the electoral college votes count in those states since the candidate focus more on the states they know they will take. It save millions in campaign dollars. Our election processes are not outdated. The electoral college is still useful, as with any system modification is required when a country grows. I beieve we have reached that point where the electoral needs modifying. Especially when siblings are involved in a Presidential campaign. 2001 was a SHAM because of Jeb Bush. While our government may not be perfect and some of our southern states still beleive in Cowboy ways don't make the mistake to think we are uneducated. It's mostly Republicans who believe in Guns, the Dems not so much but thats not to say they don't beleive in the right. It's as hot a topic as abortion and unless you live in our Country you can't judge it. The closest thing Canada ever had to Cowboys are the Mounties. With that being said your country did not grow when "the west was won" the way our country did. That's not an invitation for Native American jokes either considering where your Metis` live. The right to bear arms comes from traditions that are carried down from generations. The problem in our country in not our right to bear arms, it the it's the crime of bearing illegal firearms. Making guns illegal won't stop the crime. In Georgia they just passed a law that you can carry firearms into public transportation. I won't be riding there and tha's for sure! Canada's problems with crime do not stem from the U.S. Next you'll be saying your Mexican problems are our fault too because they crossed our border to get into yours! Don't forget the terrorists crossed your border to fly our planes...but no one in here is blaming you for it and no one has in the past. Our democracy is working and growing. But, it wasn't very nice of me to point out Canada's problems while my country wasn't perfect either was it? BTW your universal heathcare could use some revamping! While the system is great, if you have to go to your Primary care phsician, but it's TERRIBLE if you have cancer. Expect to wait about six months for treatment or even testing. I went to three Canadian Dr. offices and they totally missed thyroid cancer. According to them I needed to get out more. So don't brag it's embarrassing. While Canada is not perfect I STILL LOVE IT! I love Tim Hortons, Kokanee beer and the OILERS too! By the way everyone the guy that invented Universal Healthcare in Canada was Donald Southerlands father in law Tommy Douglas a man dubbed the Greatest Canadain according to the CBC! I voted for Terry Fox during that show. So, don't be so hateful girl...we're more alike than you know and when our Democrats take over the Oval office again they'll import some of your universal healthcare down here. As for our current foreign policy most Americans are not onboard with it and I think you know that. Our elections are long because our candidates campaign. the elections themselves are only 1 day. It's the campaigning that takes about a year. This presidential campaign is longer though because the issues are far more serious and the American publich is demanding change. Not to mention we have our first Lady and first African American candidates. So, this election will prove very exciting in the future. Be glad we're taking so much time....there's a heck of allot at stake.
Jennifer07/01/084:46amChar, it's the interpretation of what was written in your constitution. `The right to bear arms' was writte because you had no militia, police, coast guard, army, navy, air forces, special arms unit, secret government agents and who knows what else to protect you while you were taking the land away from the natives and fighting a war with Great Britain which at the time included Canada as well. Like I said, trying to defend a policy that allows 30,000 deaths a year is plain lunacy. You do have clowns in high office, your elections are primitive and you're far from being a democratic country. I know Canada isn't perfect but compared to the US, (no universal health care, gun madness, military fanaticism, confusing elections) this is paradise. Too bad we're neighbours.
Char07/01/081:53amFought for this right. And we as American should never for get .
Char07/01/081:50amJennifer you can go to any library and look up the Constitution of United States of America. And the last time I looked it say's the right to bear arms. Its a price we pay for freedom . Our forefathers
Jennifer06/30/084:37pmTo: The ART of Shagging...go drop a load somewhere else you creep. These are heavy issues we're discussing and that's the best you can come up with? What's your IQ? 11? People are dying because of stupid government policies but that's all you can thiknk of? If you want to get off, check out a porn site or call a hooker or jerk off or do whatever you do when you can't find anyone else to do it for you.
The Art of Shagging06/30/084:05pmSince we're on the topic of Presidents election in the States, could I shag both of you, Jennifer and BamBam?
Jennifer06/30/083:20pmBam Bam, I didn't say we dind't have our share of silly idiotic politiicans but for the most part, our politicians aren't war criminals. As bad as Chretien was, he did not endorse your country's invasion of Iraq. Tell me what has your country done since 1945. bombed the Japanese to smithereens, fought in Korea, (with Canada) invaded Vietnam and dropped more bombs on that tiny 3rd world country than all of the bombs dropped in WWII, you dropped bombs on Cambodia, Laos, and you've been in Panama, Grenada, Nicaragua, the Middle East, invaded Iraq, you're threatening Iran and you still can't find Osama. President Nixon was impeached, LBJ should have been impeaced & George Bush and Cheney should be impeached for crimes against humanity. (see Ralph Nadar YOU TUBE) So, while I admire a few things about the USA there's a lot I don't beginnning with your foreign policy, the colown you have in office and your dumb fascination with guns.
Bam Bam06/30/081:20pmJennifer, I love Canada..I lived there for three years up North. But I only have one thing to say about your comment and your being glad to be Canadian. "The proof is in the proof..because the proof is proof so if it is proven it's proof." So don't make fun of my government again. For everyone else...The former Prime Minister Jean Chretien of Canada said that when he was explaining if he had proof that something was proven. You can find it on You Tube! BTW, Canada has crime too, but I've seen worse than gun crime. We're talking machetti gang attacks. Don't blame the US for that everyone makes a choice in this life and we all know the difference between right and wrong. Blame the parents!
Librae06/30/0810:49amRight on Lustfulmind! We are very sexy come to think of it!
Fissenyder06/30/0810:28amI agree with lustfullmind we should just go out and hunt down all the traitors and collaborators und shag them all right on the spot.
The Eternal Shag06/30/0810:19amSeriously i think GWB was a fine president with just a few forgivable errors. But it's about time the Dems took over the White House once again. Although i dont believe we will experience a major change! America will still be just as SEXY as always, and will continue to SHAG left and right. Infact this should be a listen for all of us; we should ALL strive to shag as much as possible, and with as MANY people as possibe!
Lustfulmind06/30/089:35amAmerica is probably the SEXIEST country in the world. No wonder everybody gets their BEST 'shag' with America! Everybody wants to get a hold of America and SHAG him right on the spot. I keep hearing MANY women say that America was/is the BEST shag of their lives EVER!
Jennifer06/30/089:29amChar, when your country affects mine, I have every right to criticize or comment. Your insane gun fanaticism is affecting my way of life because your guns are coming into Canada. (last week 3 dead in Toronto - not gang related.) If your country is happy 30,000 people die from guns every year that's moraly wrong and pathetic but when your guns find their way into my country, then its morally wrong and a threat to our way of life. If the opposite were ture, you'd have invaded us. Consequently & unfortunately, because we're neighbours, (Canadian spelling) I, like an other neighbour, has a right to complain because your government doesn't get it. It hasn't for a looooooooooong time so stop being so damn self-righteous. As for your so-called elections, tell me why a country of your population is restricted to only 2 parties and 2 candidates. No wonder you're in such a stupid mess. THINK for a change and maybe your neighbours won't complain so often.
Debbie06/30/083:59amI agree with Char that we live in a Great Country and have the right to say and think what we want. So as far as Save Us from the Liberals goes this person is just expressing their opinion just like everyone else and Vallender you need to take it easy on Save Us from the Liberals because you don't know this person to make that kind of judgement, who knows maybe you could be the next assassin for Obama. People on this poll are expressing their opinions, and fears and probably the negative ones that have all these Obama fans are just becoming a litte touchy and should just let it go. Remember this is American and we have the right to express our selves and that's what make this country GREAT! I don't know who I will vote for neither candidate has impressed me that they can fix our propblems. We really have a bad choice of candidates this time around. I am sad for our country.
Char 06/30/081:17amWere do you people get off basing The United States of America frankley I am so tired of this . Oh cares what you have to say . Stay in Canada we dont want you . You dont hear Americans bashing Canada or any or country . When you become an Americian Citizen then we can talk
Jennifer06/29/0811:02pmThe whole US election is a scam. Does anyone really udnerstand the electoral college process & where do these super delegates come from? It should be very simple. One person equals one vote, never mind getting somebody to vote on your behalf. Re: the 3rd party...As I understand it, 3rd parties or independents aren't allowed to debate nationally or on TV because of the number of people they have registered or soemthing like that but the Republicans & Democrats have had a monopoly on elections since the dawn of America. why is the US so afraid of democracy? it doesn't seem to mind bombing the hell out of people to make them democratic but the US itself is far from it. I hate election sup here in Canada but if I was an American in the US I'd migrate to another country. Ralph Nadar all the way.
Paula06/29/086:57pmIt's been tried Michelle. There actually is an "Independent" party which is neither Democrat or Republican. The Independent party is usually a pretty interesting group of folks, but most tend to vote which ever political party their father, grandfather, or great grandfather did. Makes one wonder about the difference between being stuck in a rut and digging ones own grave =) I'm in the U.S.A. and I will tell you this much. . . I absolutely, positively, detest election time. Bunch of bovine feces if you ask me. There are so many genuine concerns in this day and age why confuse the issues with all the mud slinging, name calling, and nonsence?
Michelle06/29/085:05pmUm, sanity reigns most of the time, but nothing is perfect. Yeah, what's up with the election system having only two choices anyway? Because America is so large and wealthy and 'armyfied', that would seem like great reasons alone to offer more candidate choices, not to mention the freedom of choosing. Come to think of it, why would you get to choose between 60 different types of toilet paper or shampoo, but not with a President. Someone should do something about that!
Jennifer06/29/083:52pmMaybe the USA wouldn't be so reviled if your foreign policy changed. Bombing the crap out of people (see Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Grenada etc) isn't the best way to get people to like you. Thank God, I live in Canada where sanity reigns.
Librae06/29/083:26pmWell as crazy as this country seems and as reviled as it is sometimes by much of the planet, it's still a pretty good place. It's virtually the only nation in the world founded on ideas and not a particular race, religion or a people. America is virtually a world within a world. America is the great experiment. History awaits to see how it fares. how will the most diverse country in history work out. The big fear is that perhaps a nation of so many races, religions, nationalities, and mixtures from intermarriage won't work out. That would be kind of scary. Does that mean mankind must be kept separated by artificial barriers of human invention. Do we all have more in common than not? "We Americans are the peculiar, chosen people the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world." Herman Melville [White Jacket].
Wally06/29/087:20amI'd love to see Ralph Nadar as President but the rigid undemocratic two party corporate controlled system won't allow it. WHY NOT? We don't live in a democracy, that's why. So, 1 - Ralph Nadar 2. Obama and McCain forget it.
Milkshake06/28/086:56pmI agree with aussie.
Aussie Jay06/28/084:15pmI think we should think globally and act peacefully.
Jennifer06/28/081:36pmHey Michelle, way to tell it like it is. I'm sure one of the reasons America allows their elections to last so long is so people stop caring about the issues and just want to get the damn thing over with. By the time the election day arrives, people are so zonked out they don't know what the hell they're hearing. Also, the electoral college voting system is so out of date, any one with half a brain would know that. Unfortunately, that applies to many people in the US. the powers that be want the election to go on forever so peopkle God forbid, won't have to think. How else do you explain Richard Nixon, Gerry Ford, Ronald Reagan and the Bush father and son tandem. AND WHY WON'T THEY ALLOW RAPH NADAR OR ANY OTHER INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE TO JOIN THE TELEVISED PRESEDIIAL DEBATES? Because they're afraid people might start thinking again. Thank God I live in Canada where for the most part, sanity prevails. (see latest Supreme Court decison to allow people to have guns...I guess 30,000 deaths a year (more than war casualties) isn't enough for that downward-spiralling country.
Michelle06/28/0811:44amUm, geez, this discussion is filled with the most negative and evil cornucopia of words that I ever would have imagined. Considering what a f-up your beloved country has just put itself and the rest of the world through, plenty of folks are thinking it's time to shut up and get humble (in silence)! As far as the best candidate, when I order a pizza and it costs 20 billion times what it was supposed to, it's 8 years late and it's got a stupid cocky grin on it's face when it comes, I will not order from the same place if I decide to ever have pizza again. Not till there's a massive amount of new ****in management, and years of quiet contemplation, at least! So this and that about Barrack but it only takes a split second of logic to come to the decision that he's the best choice, given the choices. I have said before that these folks like their discussions to stir the pot, but do we have to fall for it as bad as it seems we have? Here. Anti-Christ(sure, you've probably seen him before-in the mirror!), assassin, hateful, criminal, racist, cult leader, terrorist, DUMBASSES, illegal baby breeding morans(sic), gullible, discredits, ETC ETC ETC. Seems except for those who are trying to appeal to the garbage that is passing for disscussion, that the devil has taken the rest hostage. You Americans are really ****ed. You should all be hanging your heads in shame with the way this **** has carried on and on, a circus. All most of you can do instead is carry on like a nationwide backseat full of whining ungrateful kids. Shut up!!! The fact that your damn election starts, like, two years before the fact is pretty much how you come off. Full of hot air, and never,ever willing to shut up. So anyways, there's my contribution to the unholiness here today. No offense, nothing personal to the people who aren't raving lunatics. It must be hard swimming through a noisy sea of stupid day in and day out. I feel your pain. Peace.
Vallender06/27/086:58pmThis Save Us From Liberals fella' could very well become the upcoming assassin of Barak Obama, fullfilling his/her place in the history of Democrat Presidents assassins, alongside the likes of David Ferrie and Clay Shaw(in the JFK assassination). It is especially the former character whom SUFL sounds awefully close to being like--basically HYSTERICALLY INSANE!
Char 06/27/086:10pmLets all count are blessing that we live in the USA and that we all have the right to say and think what we want . We all still live in the greatest country .
Ausie Jay06/27/083:07pmYou all need to relax.
Bam Bam06/27/082:15pmLook at these hateful candidates!
Bam Bam06/27/082:10pmP.S. It doesn't matter if Hillary does or doesn't like Obama, if he was a criminal someone would have found out and used that against him during the campaign. Frankly, everything turned out to be rumors and lies.
Bam Bam06/27/082:08pmI assure you I am mezmerized by no one. Stop taking quatraints (sp) from Nostrodamus and putting them on other people. This is not the end as was predicted. Obama is a better choice than McCain and I'm even more convinced after the comments McCain's aid made. I have given my support for Hillary to Obama I supported her to the last day and still email her encourging her to serve as VP if asked. I think it's important for you to understand that we all know Obama is black; but it's also important to know what Your words mean before you sling them. More people are familiar with the derogatory racist koolaid remark than they are that cult leader. I will ask you this first before answering your question regarding Hillary. How do you know she hates Obama? Did she tell you? I don't believe so and just the same you have no proof to back up or make your assertions more believable. Even if you could provide some kind of personal experience to make it more believable you haven't and probably can't. And to use someone like Jones and the innocent people he killed as a comparison to a man who has committed no crimes, dropped and disavowed his church because of the pastor who is clearly a racist man himself - you cannot make a strong case to support your allegations against Obama. Everyone has an agenda who is in politics, of course Hillary wants to be President someday, but, she could also wind up VP before that happens. If she hated him...I doubt she would be able to work with him and someone would leak a terrible story regarding same. Furthermore, I believe Obama fired one of his aides after she made a derogatory remark about Hillary. These are not the actions of hateful people. I think your very patriotic and passionate about your beliefs but somewhat ignorant of certain truths either because you refuse to believe them or you simply don't know enough about them.
Wally06/27/0811:33amHey SAVE US. I'm not an atheist for your information. How about I ignore you? You have nothing to say, excpet bashing Liberals like it's a dirty word but you're basing your arguemtns on what? On what the sad pitiful lying scumbag Republicans have done for our country, then that's not saying much is it? You think just because I don't believe in the tooth fairy that I shouldn't be listened to? You have your head stuck so deep in the sand, it's coming out of your dumb rear end. Oh you might want to clean out your ears too. The Masters of War are in for a rude awakening, if not in this world, in the one that follows.
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/27/0811:00amWally it's bad enough that you are a Liberal but since you are an Atheist none of your comments are worth anything. So we shall just ignore you...
Wally06/27/0810:21amHey Save us from the're insane, pal. Insane. Your IQ is in the minus, you have no understanding of issues, your head must have been in the sand the last 8 years. If you think Bush, Cheney & the Republican misfits, liars and embezzlers have done a good job, then you're not worth my time. As Bob Dylan said... "Idiot wind, it's a wonder you still know how to breathe." Anti-Christ. Ther is no such thing you moron. PS Jesus was a fictional character too and Adam and Eve did not exist, Eve did not bite the apple and the world was not made in six days.
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/27/087:37amBam Bam I am not upset. How do you know that Hillary likes Obama. We all know her agenda and that is to become president. She and Bill can't stand Obama, but will work with him to get to Hillary's goal and Obama will help pay her mounting debt. We have all been insulting here not just me so grow up. We still have freedom of speech. Who knows if that will be the case if Obama gets in. You are the only one bringing up that he is a black man who cares. I am looking at his character and his moral and ethical judgement and see he is someone who cannot protect this country and also get it back on it's feet. He has not proved he can do either. When you look at the people he has around him like that bigot preacher and the bomber, people naturally worry about what kind of moral and ethics he has, so maybe he needs to stay in the Senate a while so we all can prove that he has good intentions for every citizen not just certain groups. I told you to drink koolaid (like the followers of Jim Jones) because you and others are so memorized by this man and cannot see he has issues that need to be addressed before he even comes close to being president.
Bam Bam06/27/086:14amSave us from You - I know for a fact Hillary does like Obama and she supports him. They are colleagues and he is paying part of her campaign debt. Together they will be more powerful (in my opinion) than any other President we've had. He was not selected by popular soveriegnty but he was still nominated. Why don't you quit calling people names and using euphamisms that your not sure about. No one is calling your candidate the anti christ and telling you to drink koolaide. You've done nothing but insult people in here not only with your name but your name calling. Now, your upset because people are whoelheartedly disagreeing with you? You are telling people to drink the koolaide a black man is dishing out? How is that not racist? Get a clue and GROW UP!
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/27/084:16amBam Bam you are the Stupid JACKASS, and you are the racist pig. HELLO!!!! I TOLD you to drink the Liberal koolaid. What a dumb ass!!!! Wally another far left liberal I see, if you moran's would believe in Santa Claus etc. Our countries ethics and morals would be in tact instead you want to run the country with your stupid backwards morals and ethics and that is why the country is going down the toilet because Liberal ****heads want to run the world. Also who is to say that the Muslim Obama is not the Anti-Christ!!!! The bum has you and others thinking he is the answer! He is not! Maybe if you really looked at what he stands for and realize he has not stood for anything except flip flopping all over the place. It is also a big joke that Hillary is supporting him. SHE can't stand him. Noone sees this!!! I think it is funny! Keep drinking the koolaid you idiots! It shows your low intelligence. So enough said on this poll! We know Obama is not the answer but the biggest mistake america could make, Wake up before it is to late!!
Brooke06/26/ Enough said. I'm tired of all the biased media! This site tells it like it is.
Chill-Pill06/26/085:33pmSlinging insults and name-calling over simple opinion differences drains good, healing spiritual energy from the body. It's just not worth it to get so worked up. Life's too short. Go in peace with yourself and each other.
Wally06/26/085:16pmHey SAVE US FROM THE LIBERALS. Have you ever listened to yourself? Obama the Anti-Christ? What's your IQ? The same as George Bush's? I suppose you believe in the tooth fairy, the big bad witch and Santa Claus as well. I hope you graduate from high school in the next ten years. Anti-Christ? What a laugh. There is no such thing as the anti-Christ! How stupid can you get?
Bam Bam06/26/082:51pmSave us from Liberals - are you that stupid that you don't know "koolaid" is a derogatory racist comment aimed at blacks? JACKASS!
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/26/082:47pmBam Bam I knew you or any other Liberal Demo would bring up the race card. That is just how YOUR group plays. Drink your koolaid, your just as stupid as I thought. We should be worrying if the ****head can run a country instead of his color. I feel sorry for you and the rest of the liberal demo's that are worried about his color. Worry about the issues!!!
BoGGLE06/26/082:45pmThe middle east will fall out of power if we stop being dependant on oil. They won't be able to fund terrorist activities. As for you folks (I won't name) stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and the recently admitted fear mongering of the Republicans. Do you know how ridiculous and paranoid you sound? The largest population of Muslims is actually in Pakistan niether one is in a war right now. Indonesia in comparison has more Muslims than Iraq and Afghanistan, Yeman and Ethiopia combined. You are talking about extreme Islamics not Muslims "Ms. or Mr. free us from Liberals". You don't even know who you are afraid of. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is Muslim - you afraid of him too? What he gonna do blow up a basketball? Hey Bam Bam just because they are ignoring the Republican terrorist comment doens't mean we didn't read or hear about it. Some folks do want to just pretend and hide their heads in the sand no matter what evidence or knowledge is presented to them. Let them live in fear and bear their arms.
Aussie Jay06/26/082:36pmI feel sorry for Americans, I don't think you've got much of a choice with those two candidates.
Bam Bam06/26/082:33pmSave Us from the Liberals - still ignoring the fact that YOUR candidate's aid said another terrorist attack would benefit YOUR candidate. I'm sorry who did you say was drinking koolaide? I'm glad Obama did not respond to the gun control question. It takes more than a statement of "I'm all for it" to get that issue resovled. It's easy to say you agree with a majority - it takes courage to walk your own path. It's obvious it's not just Obama's name or the fact that his experience is not as lengthy as Hillary's, but I really think that some of the derogatory comments are more about deeply seated racial issues. If Obama was white = would you still call the Anti-Christ? I don't think so, everyone would say - a name doesn't make you a religion. To think that is true is ignorant.
Char 06/26/081:57pmThe United States Soliders are doing their job . They answer only to the comander in cheif. They are brave and patriots.
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/26/081:51pmI don't have faith in Obama and his goons. The guy keeps flip flopping. Just today, The Supreme Court agreed that all Americans have the right to bear arms, McCain also agreed, but what did the Anti-Christ Obama do he straddled the fence and would not say yes or no if he supported it. You want this jerk to make major decisions for our country. That's just stupid!! Keep drinking the koolaid you misenformed dumb liberal. Maybe Obama didn't get the answer fast enough from his goons that put everything on his tele prompters. That jerk could not make a decision if his life depended on it. Poor Bam Bam your drinking to much koolaid. We do need change but Obama is not the way to go. He will destroy us!
Bam Bam06/26/0812:59pmNo one spoke up because they know it's the Republicans like you who support BS like Bush and McCain. $400 Billion dollars spent on defense and your worried we won't have enough to defend our selves. Do you have no faith in anyone? Do you really think Obama or anyone for that matter would allow our country to be taken over? It's irrational thinking like this that is running our country now and has put it in the postion we are currently in. No one is coming here to hurt you; we have so much security now you can't even have a flippin picnic basket inside Six Flags. These security measure will not decrease; they will be maintained. We'll just pull out troops out slowly and maintain what we have already done. This war is nothing but Vietnam all over again. Bush has done everything with himself in mind; so he and his oil buddies can line their pockets with more gold that comes from American pockets. GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE! Everyone who say's "WE need to drill" that is fear talking. We need to drill long enough to research to find an alternative solution. Put the Saudi's out of business. We have choices people and I can honestly say since McCains Advisor said what he said about a terrorist attack being needed to help him McCain win - HE DAMN SURE AINT GETTING MY VOTE! Two reasons the consumption of gas has increased drastically because of the war and because of the increase in vehilces being driven in China. Drilling for oil will not resolve our dependency on crude. Our dependency on crude keeps us dependant on everyone who has it. Our drilling will not lower gas prices; it's a proven fact and the amount of oil we will produce will not last more than ten years. THEN WHAT????? Dumbasses wake up!!! Change is evident and upon us. How we go with that change is up to us. Personally, I say let's do it! Freedom for All!
Save Us from the LIBERALS!06/26/0812:26pmNancy, this is not the first time I have heard people mention that they feel Obama is the Anti-Christ. It is the way he gets those poor suckers to believe in him. Next he will bring out the koolaid and he will get them all to drink it. He has no platform to show what he will do because when he says something the next day he changes it. What a goof ball. It is also a fact that Obama and his lack of intelligence and experience would not know what to do if we are attacked again. It is a scary thought. He wants to cut defense so we won't have the military and weapons to fight. I know, Obama will invite the terrorists to a formal dinner at the White House. After all some of them are Muslim's and he would feel right at home. Bam Bam no one spoke up about the Aid to John McCain because they know the truth that Obama could not protect us from his family and friends in the middle east. So it is not amazing or typical but the truth.....So calm down and drink the koolaid from Obama the Anti-Christ.
Wally06/26/0811:40amI'm wondering how any US solider is serving their country when they're out in Iraq illegally occupying a country we invaded for no other reason except we wanted their oil? How is the illegal occupation of a soveriegn country serving your country? We know Bush and Cheney and the rest of the Republican administration lied through their teeth. They should be impeached. Simple as that. Are people that stupid? Are people that naive? I wish all our troops a safe return back home but no US soldier should be anywhere except on US soil. By the way, if we wanted to cut down our defense budget, why not bring at least 75 % of our troops back home. Has anyone ever wondered why the US has bases in over 100 countries in the world? WAKE UP!
Bam Bam06/26/0810:50amNot one damn person who spoke against Barrack Obama will even comment on what the Republican Aid to John McCain said about the terrist attack that would help McCain get into office. Amazing and yet apparently typical.
Paula06/26/088:50amI'm stunned. For once Vallender, I totally agree with you. . . So far =) Believe it or not their are many, many Americans that share that same view.
Nancy06/26/087:26amBeing that we are in the supposed "end times" am I the only one who sees that maybe Obama is the Antichrist? He is wooing America, winning them over, obviously even in this poll. I for one am not fooled. I don't care for McCain either. As usual, I don't like either candidate. Too bad Hillary wimped out. Didn't care for her either but it would've been nice to see a women president for once and see what she might have accomplished.
Ed06/26/084:09amI believe in democracy and fought for this country, I think the liberals need to enlist in the service. It would give them more respect for this great country but that would not work because it would be to hard for them to adjust without their expresso's and cocaine, but they would enjoy getting away from their rug rat kids, hell they will just give them money so they are not bothered. They need to stop trying to enforce what they think is good for us Americans and worry about their issues at home. First of all you can't say Merry Christmas, then it was you can't spank your kids--look at the yuppie, liberal kids today--they are ****ing brats and they are turning out punky teenagers that have no respect for their stupid liberal parents let alone anyone else, then what's next they become murderers! Then the smoking issue--you can't smoke in restaurants or bars. That is everyone's choice not some ****ing liberal right---if you don't like it go home or to a restaurant or bar that chose not to have smoking. This is America land of the free not land of the far left liberal, so stop trying to enforce your wacko ways of thinking. It includes this bum Obama. He is not right for this country and people need to open their eyes. So like Tina I am not going to waste any more precious time talking about Obama the Muslim Terrorist. I had to say it because I know it pisses off the far left Liberal followers of Barrak Hussein Obama. Have A Nice Day! :)
Char06/26/082:51amMy son is in Iraq serving his country . Iam proud to call my self an American. And proud of all the men and woman who proudly serve are country. Whats wrong with you bleeding liberals wake up and get a clue.
Natalie06/25/087:32pmI agree with Jennifer. Ralph Nadar all the way. Presidential elections should have more independent candidates running. Too bad you have to be a trillionaire to run for office. No wonder 90 % of the candidates are in the pockets of big corporations. America is NOT a democracy. Better get that through your heads people and if anyone can explain our electoral process, fill me in. I think it was meant to confuse the people to make them think they were voting for their leaders. What a scam. What a pity. What a damn shame. Ralph Nadar all the way.
Vallender06/25/086:26pmAmerica is overpopulated with a bunch of intolerant, and immature people. Either that, OR there is simply a STIFF and bruttal right-wing who's always waiting to attack the Liberals by ANY MEANS possible--and for appearntly NO reason at all. How can we even expect this so-called "democracy" which exists in the States, to become a beacon of free-thinking and progressive society for the entire world, when it wont even tolerate an opposition taking over the power every now and then?? The current "democracy" of the US is just a parodical remnants of something that was on the RIGHT path at one point all the way up to the early 60's, but unfortunately was hi-jacked and derailed by a kind of superpower-authoritarian mentality that has been dominating the Oval Office the last 35-40 yrs., distancing itself further and further away from the average ordinary man, and looking more and more like a ruthless and bruttal machinary. Whatever happend to that good ol' noble idea "a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people"?
Bam Bam06/25/082:24pmOKAY...Obama is a terrorist??? Then why did the damn REPUBLICAN AIDE say a terrorist attack would really improve McCains chances of winning? Fricking Republican aid said it would help! DID YOU PUT YOUR HEADS IN THE SAND?? Let's just pretend it was never said?? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT ED AND TINA??? Keep on keeping on about Obama it's's the Republicans who who actually muttered those words...not the Dems!! So...tell me again who the ****ing terrorist is??? Republican's love to keep fear (like yours) brewing it keeps the war going and gives total power to the government.
Jennifer06/25/0811:47amThe only person I'd vote for is Ralph Nadar. He tells the truth like no other candidates. The republicans & Deomocrats have been in the pockets of the big military industry & other big corporations since JFK was murdered. Pretty sad when all other cndidates are prhobited from debating nationally. The world is not black or white (no pun intended) Thre should be at least 3 or 4 parties debating for the Presidential office. No wonder the US is in such a mess. I'm glad I'm a Canadian living in Canada.
Debbie06/25/0811:43amI think we need a new poll. This one is a little to heated. Thank you.
Ed06/25/0811:25amThat's right Obama has no experience and in this day and age we need someone who can handle serious situations. Obama will cut the defense budget and give it to some program to help welfare and illegal aliens (which he refuses to close the boarders) in this country. The terrorists are watching all of this and are laughing at this. I truly believe Obama will not protect this country, he does not have the experience to know what to do. He also wants to raise taxes which means middle class americans will have to foot the bill, because there are more of them then the rich, so he'll pay for Healthcare for the so called poor. Which means folks on welfare and illegal aliens. You will not get coverage because you are not on welfare or an illegal alien. We may need a change in our government, but he is most definitely not the way to go. I work hard for my money and do not want it given to some lazy welfare folks and some illegal baby breeding morans. The liberals hate Bush, but he kept our asses safe where as Clinton was to busy ****ing with Monica and Hillary the dumb **** could not see that drop his pants Bill was ****ing anything he could get. She also would not be a good candidate for office if she could not see that. McCain is not any better but he would keep us safe and would not drastically hurt the economy or our country like Barrack Hussein Obama -the Muslim...
Buns06/25/0811:20amYa love me! :) name and all oxox! Ha-Ha numb tweedle dumb,I too am entitled to convey my opinions. Too bad you can't control me nor the others. so try not to be sooo angry Bucko!! Take care, Ed de da clown.
Buns06/25/0810:54amEvery one keeps saying Obama has no experience , no experience. The president now and previous presidents had this experience obama lacks yet there were no big changes, there were still wars, there are still poor people and a healthcare system that stinks and so on and so on. tell me , what would it harm or how much more harm could be done that the previous presidents have not done already? The current Bush has plenty of experience. what the hell happened? he turned into a puppet with his father's hand in his ass. He can give money toward a war we had no business in but refuses to help and take care of the home front. money for war but not the poor. He wants to get rid of or have some say in abortion rights but will send a 18 year old to Iraq to be killed. sometimes the best come with no experience.they aare not tainted. Obama is america's best bet.
Ed06/25/0810:17amBuns--what a ****ing stupid name...Tina does not have to move out of the country. She has a right to speak her opinion about anything she wants to and if you don't like it **** YOU you dumb liberal. I served my country for over 20 years ****.... I know what kind of problems we will have with that Muslim ****. With the name you are using shows what ****ing ignorance you have and of course no common sense. But you know there may be a silver lining after all. All you Asshole Liberals that support Obama and his **** of a wife listen to this. You all say that they are just like John and Jackie Kennedy, who knows maybe someone will take them down to Dallas Texas and drive pass the book despository and blow their ****ing heads off. Wouldn't life would grand!!!
Linmar06/25/089:32amI agree with Tina, Jeff and Ed... no more need to be said!
Buns06/25/087:33amTINA, my dear if you feel this way, why not move OUT! of U.S.A. ??? Your pathetic!! and full of hatred and lack common sense. GO join the military and fight for the country. Do somthing that will help america and take Bush with you and get blown up. That would be wonderfull. :) Your a SAP!
Tina06/25/085:10amObama is a muslum (his father is a muslum and his mother is a radical liberal, his preacher is a bigot, and one of his friends is a bomber). Obama is a far left radical liberal which with his background is not good for this country! If that asshole, milkshaking moran gets in office get ready to kiss your ass goodby. He does not have any experience to handle anything important, and when he cuts defense get ready because we will get bombed again from his "terrorist relatives" and the misguided people that voted for him are going to think to themselves why did I vote for this loser. When that happens guess what it will be your fault because you believed his bull!! We will just have to send him by himself (Mr. Peacemaker) without the secret service (we don't want them in any danger) and no weapon to protect himself (he does not believe in defense), so he can go in with his promters screens with things written for him to help him speak to the enemy as he said in one of his speeches and we will watch what happens. He's an Idiot!!! I am not going to waste anymore time discussing this Asshole! He is not worth ****!
Swanny06/25/084:14amTina, you make no sense. If Obama were a muslim, which clearly he is not, then why would his 'terrorist cousins' bomb him? The rest of the world have had enough of the US terrorist organization led by Bush. If he was so interested in fighting for freedom and civil rights, why is Mugabe allowed to run free in Zimbabwe? I guess there is no oil there. Oh, and if the US government spent a fraction of its 'defense' (offense) budget on the health care system, people could be healthier and get back to work and make the country more prosperous.
Milkshake06/24/086:24pmBush does not like milkshakes.
Bam Bam06/24/085:45pmAccording to the news this evening, John McCain's advisor publicly stated that a terrorist bombing would greatly enhance McCain's chances of winning office. I could say something right now...but I think the crow some folks will be eating for dinner tonite will be a tough enough pill to swallow. Bush lied all the way through his terms and put the fear in your words. I don't beleive Obama will let that happen...but from the looks of it....the Republican party isn't terribly opposed to such things to get a man elected. Perhaps this isn't the first time a terrorist act was allowed to happen to start a war. Here's the story from ABC news.
Milkshake06/24/084:50pmI like Obama and he likes milkshakes! Americans like milkshakes.
Tina06/24/081:08pmWhat a fool you are Bam Bam! Obam is a Muslum and is the worst liberal in office Which is documented....As far as the war goes we are making progress out there and pulling our troops back will show the terrorists that we are weak. I don't feel the american tax payer should pay for health insurance for deadbeat people in welfare and also illegal aliens from Mexico. Hell we might all quit our jobs and live off welfare and get a free ride. Sorry that would not work because if you are not poor and on welfare or spanish speaking from across the boarder. Your **** out of luck. I have done alot of investigating and all the things this ****ING Muslum wants to do is going to ruin the country. Obama the Muslum is an ASSHOLE. I feel Hilary would do a better job than this asshole. Just remember if he gets in office which I truly believe will not happen. Get ready to get bombed by terrorists, you know his muslum relatives.......
BoGGLE06/24/0812:43pmHigh five Bam Bam! In 2003 the Pentagon spent 400 Billion dollars on defense. Surely, we can spare some of that for our own people and healthcare? Here's how it breaks down: 400 Billion = 50 million dollars per hour. That is $1,343 per person per year. But, it also = rougly $4700 per household per year. That breaks down to $391 per month for defense. That's more than the cost of healthcare for family per month. I'm a history major don't bark BS on defense budgets when Bush overspent like hell in 2003 alone when the war began. Democrats are equally qualified to keep our country safe, they just don't go to war as a means of making money or increasing our economy. Oh yeah...and everything I've outlined here you can look up anywhere. I can back up my information. I BoGGLE the mind!
Bam Bam06/24/0811:26amSome folks need to go back to the 1700's. BTW...what defense budget are you talking about Tina??? All our ****ing taxes go to this war and in case you haven't heard our deficit far outweighs any money you and the other republicans can hope to fund your wars! Yes, I said it....Republican WARS! Democrats don't need as much for the defense budget because we don't go to war as much as Republican Presidents seem to just to make a buck. Republicans only care about taxes because OMG it might take away from something YOU want. This country is a whole it is not based on the one. The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few. Healthcare in the is country is in dire need. God help you if you ever need health insurance because it will be Democrat that sees to it you get it!
Bam Bam06/24/0811:21amI'm not happy about Obama simply because he is not Hillary. I thought I made that clear...sorry. And no Obama is not a terrorist. Where do you get that crap? You have provided no proof, nothing, to back up this statement. PROVE IT or get onto something else. I would rather have Obama as President than McCain...he's just another four years of Bush and more war! This method hasn't worked for our country in 8 years and it's not going to improve in the next four. We need alternative sources of energy, I agree with drilling for the oil shale ON that basis that the money earned from it goes into new energy research. We must break away from the Saudi's and energy wars that only weaken our econonomy and our resolve. You know saying Obama is a terrorist without proof makes about as much sense as this Redneck I heard on the radio who said "well I guess it'd be okay to drill for oil up in Alaska and all cuz the animals up there would probly like the comp'ny."
Tina06/24/0810:41amYes I am a Republician, but that is not the point. I will vote for the person who is best qualified for the job and who is right for my country. Obama will do nothing for us except raise taxes through the roof for programs like healthcare for everyone, bull****!! It will be for the illegal aliens coming across the boarders (which he will allow) and also for the poor blacks not poor americans, and then you and I will have to pay for this. Democrats are well known for helping poor people, by giving them free this and free that, but not the middle class because they need someone to foot the bill. Our defense budget will be cut to nothing because they don't believe in defense, so get ready because the Obama's terrorists relatives will be knocking on America's door and kill more innocent hard working people. We may need a change to bring America around but Obama the Muslium is not the person that can do it. His far left liberal ways will hurt us and people are not thinking about that. They want change. You know change is not always good. Another reason not to vote for him is that he has no experience and he would not be able to keep us safe from his relatives the Terrorists, gas prices(Because he will not drill and the idiot knows that we have to drill). Healthcare for everyone (right!) You will get lousy care that will cost a fortune through our taxes.
Tell us how you really feel!06/24/088:19amAs usual, Devils advocate here. . . Most of you folk sound like a bunch of Republicans going on a rampage. Factual information? As always, it depends on where you get your information. Any one of us can find polls and articles to back up what we are saying. All depends on the source. TNT is Ted Turner, anything that comes from his broadcasts or broadsheets will be from a "Republican" angle. Same story for stations owned by people within the Democratic party. A good source of non biased reporting is the BBC. If you are really interested in taking a good look at both men, listen to or read a few of both candidates speeches BEFORE they decided to run for office. Look at what they voted for and against while in office. If and when you do, you will see which one makes more sense and which one is about as far left as they come. Remember, looking at the same old set of problems from a different angle is not radical, it's innovative. Try a non biased source and look at how the world views the candidates (they might not have to live with Obama or McCain in the white house, but do, in fact have to deal with which ever wins office). It's all about informed choices. Don't vote Republican or Democrat folks. Be an educated voter. Vote for who will do the best job for our country.
Ed06/24/085:19amI agree with Jeff and Tina. By the way Tina's facts are correct. Do some research people.....Bam Bam I can't understand why you would vote for Obama if you are not happy about it. That is really dangerous. It shows me how naive your thinking is. The Homeland Security will not do anything about his background, because as Tina states he is black and will cry discrimination. We all know that will be his first thought. So if you are not sure, about a candidate don't vote. Hey "Tell us how you really feel", Tina is correct that Obama is no good for this country and he is a FAR, FAR Left Radical Liberal! You need to do research, Obama and his coverup squad keep crying and whining that we are picking on Obama and his bow wow wife. To BAD! If you are running for office we have every right to check on the backgrounds and policies and also the beliefs of the candidate. Obama's background is not what America's needs. Obama will destroy our way of life and give it to the illegal aliens and lazy people who do not want to work except to have babies every 9 months and collect welfare. You and I will have to support these lazy assholes, so wake up!! I also have to laugh when they try to compare Obama and his bow wow wife to John and Jackie Kennedy. What a joke! It just makes me laugh how dumb and gullible people are.
Jeff06/23/084:56pmWell, I have to agree with everything Tina said except for the part about Obama being a Terrorist. Clearly Obama is not a terrorist and to say so only dilutes it's meaning and discredits your views. It is a fact that Obama is one of the most liberal, if not the most liberal senator. At least he does not try to hide who he is when it comes to his politics. He believes in big government solutions. He said he would raise taxes on the so called "rich". The "rich" would include household incomes of $250,000 or more. He would double the Capital gains taxes even though this would generate LESS tax revenue and has been shown to stifle investment and growth. He believes in socialized medicine and completely nationalizing our health care system. If you've listened to any of his speeches you will know that he acts like Robin Hood and promises big give-away programs which would supposedly be funded by taxes. He said he would implement deep cuts in defense spending and scrap our missile defense system which has already been proven to work! He does not support drilling for oil in our country. He does not support building new Nuclear Power plants. He believes in open borders because he knows the poor and uneducated people flocking to the US from places like Mexico and Guatemala could easily be duped into voting Democrat. Promises to give away "free" services always appeals to those who are uneducated because unlike educated folks who know nothing in this world is free, they look to our politicians as monarchs who will save them. Our country has made it this far because of personal responsibility and our freedoms to better our own lives, not because of big government solutions. Innovation and success is a product of individualism, not big government bureaucracies. Penalizing the producers of our country with high taxes and rewarding people who do not produce with tax incentives, welfare, education, food, etc. will cause this country to regress. Obama stands in the way of freedom and progress and his policies would reduce our standard of living and cripple us in this global economy.
Bam Bam06/23/084:41pmYou know I'm not happy that Barrack Obama is our candidate, but I'm voting for him. I as everyone knows was for Hillary. But, to say he is a terrorist and far far left is quite frankly un-educated. He's not that much different than Hillary and the Kennedy's are backing him as well. Your entitled to your opinion...but get some real information to back it up! It seems your just trying to get a reaction in here. With the Dept. of Homeland security among other agencies...I seriously doubt they would miss that terrorist background on him! You know if he ever was involved like's ranting comments like that that get your information ignored and discredited.
Tell us how you really feel!06/23/083:27pmWow Tina. As far as opinions go, you shure have one. Seems to me that your opinion borders on the far, far, left of anything decent that should be said of any living, breathing, individual. Poor misguided Tina. My wish for you is that one day (hopefully soon) you will learn what good politics are, you will learn how to do research so that you can make educated choices as a voter, and through your learning experience you understand exactly what a smear campighn looks like.
Tina06/23/0812:42pmPoor misguided Milkshake! Obama is not a friend to anyone!! You'll see when America is flushed down the toilet by "The Far Left Liberal, Terrorist" Barrak Hussein Obama. He is the anti-christ.
Milkshake06/23/0811:49amObama is a friend to all. America needs friends.
Tina06/23/0811:06amI am not crazy about either of them, but would not waste my vote on Barrak Hussein Obama the far, far left, radical liberal, terrorist. I was not crazy about Hilary, but I think she is less harmful then the terrorist Obama. I also do not think Barrak Hussein Obama will be elected because he is black, a terrorist and a to far left liberal and if he does he will not last long. You know some nut job will try to waste him. The stupid thing is that black and white people are voting for him thinking he is going to save them. What a joke! The only thing this asshole will do is raise taxes through the roof, pull our troops home (which is a mistake), invite terrorism here in the US (the terrorists are laughing and waiting, and they will strike). Obama will not know what to do so more innocent americans will be killed, and he also will cut the defense budget so much that we will not have the fire and manpower to defend ourselves. His answer would be to go and talk to the terrorists. What a ****ing asshole! We also need to drill for oil in wildlife refuge in Alaska (screw the caraboo) and more offshore drilling to become dependent from the middle east. Every hardworking American will get hurt by this election if that **** gets in. The only winners will be folks on welfare, so think about this America. Any college student who votes for this asshole needs to really grow up and come out of their drunken stupors and realize what this asshole will truly do to this country. He will destroy it!
Claire06/23/0810:02amI am white and I would vote for Barack Obama.

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