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The use of recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine should be legal and regulated.

Total Voters: 786
Yes 48%
No 48%
Undecided 48%
Vina09/07/086:39amNo, because who wld modulate the doses/frequency? how wld anyone knowwhen the legal ends up as illegal? it wld be a huge tempttion, giving legitimacy to an addictive drug
Vallender08/04/086:07amThanks for the recommendation of that documentary Bam Bam. Mind u, i never saw any scenes where the so-called 3rd Anti-Christ is being cheered by millions of ppl!?? In any case, i honestly feel that this fear of Barak Obama is a totally irrational one. Besides, im quite sure he'll get plenty of chances to explain himself if/when he makes a big error in judgement, because there will be MANY eyes that will be zoomed on him from day one, and he won't have a single second of rest for himself!! Actually i kind of feel sad for the guy, for having such high ambitions, and yet with so many DANGEROUS adversaries breathing right on the back of his neck! He's going to have a TOUGH time as a president--thats for sure!
Bam Bam08/03/088:09pmThanks Paula! I will.
Jen08/02/086:33pmWeed legalized - YES. That one is used in cancer patients, not cancer causing, not dangerous. Nobody smokes pot and robs 7-11. Instead they raid the sodas, candy bars and nachos. Cocaine - NO! Reason being: Too much cocaine causes heart attacks, brain aneurysms, strokes, blood clots. Too many problems - too many dangers - should NOT be legal by any length of the imagination.
Paula08/02/0812:14pmI saw Obama speak in my home town last week. He is traveling from state to state and setting up home town meetings throughout each state Bam Bam. The best thing you or anyone can do is go to hear him speak and if you still have questions about him, his trips, his policies, ask the man himself. Yes, it's that easy! And oh. . . . NEW POLL PLEASE!
Bam Bam08/01/085:06pmVallender you can see the movie on Youtube - just punch in the title of the movie and you can watch in complete segments. Very cool!
Bam Bam08/01/085:01pmVallender, the movie was called the "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" you can look it up here It was a great movie and it's on tv occasionally. You might be able to find it at netflix or something like that. Maybe even's worth watching. Orson Welles narrates and acts in it, it's a sort of movie slash docudrama. There's a scene that mimics Obama's visit in Europe...freaked me out considering the movie was made in 1981. I won't vote for McCain, but I am having a problem with Obama. There is something fake about him, I can't put my finger on it...but something is not right. He wouldn't even go to visit the soldiers in a hospital and he claimed it was because of inappropriate use of campaign funds. That sounds like bull**** to me! he is trying to be the the CIF and these are his employees yet he won't go visit? Makes no sense...I think Obama thinks he's too good for the little people even some African Americans are questioning him. That's not my kind of President no matter what change he proposes.
Milkshake08/01/0810:02amOur society is sickening
Tranquility07/31/0810:29pmNo. drugs should not be legal. Never should they be legal. Society is in enough chaos as it is. Should ban smoking too, that is a filthy stench of a drug. are your lives really that bad to want to be a drug addict, to end up harming others just to keep your habit going? Sickening.
Milkshake07/31/083:56pmLets make the next poll a real good one.
Pat07/31/083:33pmVallender, that is why when I make a comment now, I ask a question about it so I will know what and why someone says what they say. I jumped to conclusions with Amanda once and it got really heated and I don't want to do that again. So when I say something, I want that person to explain what they meant. This is not a personal poll...everybody reads them. I'm not trying to be smart or hateful when I say this. That is why I ask. Debbie, I love my son and am very proud of him. He is in the military, I was terrified when he was in Aphganistan(not sure about spelling). I prayed continually while he was there and still pray for all that are over there. But I will never believe in war, especially when it was started just for the oil, not terrorism. I love America, not our corrupt government. I will never be that gullible. I have family members that were killed in WW2 and Korean war and Viet Nam war. I know the pain of losing family in wars. The men in our families always join the Navy and Army. My dad was on one of the ships that was at sea when an atomic bomb was being tested in the waters. Bye until next poll.
Debbie07/31/082:29pmI know it is sad and upsetting when a soldier dies in war, but remember they joined on their own free will to serve this country. That is their job to go where their commander and chief tells them to go. So yes it is a tragedy they died for our FREEDOM! What we need to do instead of cutting Bush down is support our military families and our troops any way we can and unite this country. We are not just Democrats and Republicans we are all Americans, so show your pride in this country and stop whining all the time. I am proud of this country my father was in the Army and went to Vietnam, I wrote him letters everyday to show my how proud I was of him and also my love for him. He explained to me years later on that those letters helped him get through. God Bless America and all of you! :)
Milkshake07/31/0812:36pmWho would want to kiss a black a s s hole or even an a s s hole?? this poll is getting out of hand. now it's about kissing A holes. we need another poll!!!!
Vallender07/31/0812:27pmI believe Black was refering to me Pat! It goes to show just how easily ppl will jump from their seats, as an excuse to lable someone else, WITHOUT HAVING THE SLIGHTEST CLUE that what they're reading, is infact the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what they think it means. And you're right, if we were making bets on who in here is a racist, i'd be putting my money on Black! ;-)
Pat07/31/086:18amBlack, who are you talking to? Why are you saying that? It is very racist in your words. What gives you the right to call someone racist, when your words are very racist. Please give me a sensible answer. Okay? I honestly want to know.
Black07/30/084:21pmYou are a sick person a you can kiss my black*** you ***hole prove that you racist m**********.
Vallender07/30/084:04pmHow is GWB sleeping these days, you ask BamBam? Well my own 2Cents is that he's sleeping just fine because the whole thing with the war on terror campaign, has been a success in its most important objective: To get all the "Big mouth scum bucket black Americans" + other immigrants & all the other low-income low-lives who 'claim' they are also 'Americans', to "prove themselves worthy of the title by fighting for this GREAT nation"! If you're looking for one good reason for him NOT to sleep well though, is that he FAILED to bring unity within the country, plus the fact that he could not keep the oil prices down! But i'm pretty sure if you happend to be his closest confidant, and you had asked him how he felt about all the dead soldiers coming home from the Iraq & Afghanistan "wars", he'd tell you that "it was all too few in his opinion" because the man simply believes in the "noble" cause that you must EARN your right to be an American. You're NOT an American, just by following Collegue Football, speaking foul language, or joining the local gang! The very last reason might be a good one, but the shear cynicism in these ppl's minds are TOO SHOCKING for anyone's stomachs to bear knowing about here & now. Maybe first in 50-75 yrs.! Btw I wish i'd seen that Nostradamus movie you're speaking of, but regardless of how scary things may seem at the moment, it is best to wait & see how Obama will cope with the REAL problems that he'll face if/when he becomes the president of the US, because so far everything we say is just pure speculation. Any criticisms of him then, will be a justifiable one. And Paula, i'm afraid i'd qualify at the very best as a wanna-be psychic. ;-)
Milkshake07/30/0811:21amCheech and chong!! COOL! school house rock and bugs, even cooler. now maybe wolfman jack will come back. it's not only this country, its the entire world thats really screwed up! lets bring happiness back into our lives. and lets get a new poll!
Pat07/30/0811:11amI know this is off track also, but I have to get it out. Milkshake, no, they could care less about what all "the little people" think. Debbie, yes, people should fear what o'bama will do and has already started, but like I said in another poll, a lot of people in our nation are like sheep. A dog(government) keep the sheep(people) in a group together and can easily do it. They are easily led like they are blind and it doesn't take much to put fear into them(people). I don't understand what is wrong with our nation anymore. We used to be strong and respected, but we are becoming the laughingstock of almost all nations around the world. We should care what other nations think, because without respect and honor, all that is left is DISGRACE and DISDAIN. If mccain gets in, he will 100% take over where bush had to stop. We, the people, are scre***!!! I believe we will have the 1960's again. Other things I have to get out......the government in N. Korea is at complete fault for their people starving and dying fast. That's what happens when any government could care less about their own people. On a lighter note...I am soooooo happy Cheech and Chong are getting back together. I hope they bring all the old material back if they do new material. Now set around with family and/or friends,(only the ones that smoke with definitely NO KIDS around), smoke some weed and listen to them. George Carlin was another one to watch and listen to whether you are stoned or not. Not so light... another young star, Shia Labeoul, to be a good role model screws up(which was his dad's fault). On just one more serious note...Our border patrol are being punished over a drug smuggler. They were hired to do the job they do. How horribly disgraceful to treat them this way. This is a serious drug smuggler for a deadly, giant drug cartel in Mexico and South America. Our government has openly let us know that they want drug smugglers in our country. FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! FREE RAMOS AND CAMPEAN! Thanks for letting me have this novel.
Milkshake07/30/0810:32amWe are getting off track. this poll is about wheather or not drugs should be legal. please, whoever is in charge of the polls, please change the subject! new poll please!!
Bam Bam07/30/089:48amMcCain is no better, but at least he is honest about keeping the war going and drilling for oil that keeps terrorists flush with cash. I don't like either candidate or their proposals. Again, we cannot keep drilling indefinitely. We must drill for oil and create a new source of fuel for the future and we must do it now. Drilling is only a temporary solution and those of you who believe otherwise are laboring under a misconception. The US does not have the ability to drill for the amount of oil the US uses and keep us in an indefinite supply. We have 5% of the worlds population and we use 25% of the worlds fuel! WE ARE WASTEFUL PEOPLE! Your in a dreamland if you think drilling is the answer. We must stop our dependence on the middle east for oil by utiilizing and creating a new fuel source. So far BMW and Honda have created new sources and with research and funding it can be affordable within 10 years. If we can drill enough oil to get us through we might just be able to break the dependence and put terrorists out of business! BUT know this, drilling will not lower gas prices....IT WILL NOT DO THAT. Gas is increasing in price because other countries are starting to drive cars! Can you imagine when 1 billions chinese are driving? Imagined the pollution then and the cost of gas - oh wait with that many people driving there won't be any gas left. Cause and effect folks we learned that in kindergarten. We need forward thinking here - global thinkers. The US isn't the only country relying on gas.
Debbie07/30/089:13amYou know Gail has a valid point. I also believe he is the Anti-Christ. It is just scary how people cannot see through him for what he is and that is that he is bad for this country and the world!!!
Gail07/30/087:51amObama-He is the Anti-Christ
Debbie07/30/086:43amI am reading all of the opinions from everyone and feel that Obama would be a big mistake if he gets into office. The guy is like a used car salesman. He speaks and nothing comes out. He has no answer for the gas price increases, we need to drill more here in the states and he refuses. He wants us more dependant on foreign oil. He visited Europe and brought his camera crews everywhere just for photo opportunities, what a slim. Then when he could visit our wounded troops in Germany (which was set up ahead of time) he found out he could not bring his campain manager and cameras he refused and went to a gym to work out. That is not a commander in chief I want or alot of other people. The list goes on and on. I read Tina's comments on the fact he refused to recite the pledge of alligence at the beginning now he wears the American flag. That should wake up people to see what type of character he has. He will also raise taxes so high that people struggling will lose their homes more rapidly then what is happening now. Yes he is a good talker, but beware of a stranger bearing smooth speeches. He cannot be trusted. I hope he is reading these comments from people, because he will know that I will not be voting for him! Yes, McCain is a republican, but he will drill, support our troops, and protect Americans and will get us back on track. Obama will not.
Milkshake07/29/0812:11pmDo you think McCain and Obama are reading our comments?
Pat07/29/0811:24amBam Bam, I feel the same way about o'bama. People will just have to see for themselves if he gets in the White House. BUT it will be bad with mccain also, because that will be 4 more long years for the republicans to destroy our economy even further. Helenvg, I totally agree about weed, but I have known a few people that can't smoke it because they said it made them feel very paranoid, but they never seen anything wrong with other people smoking it. I've known a few in the past that tried it and it gave them headaches, but they didn't go against it. There are more people that smoke than there are that don't. Most people are afraid to admit it though, because it is hard to really trust but a handful of people. To people that don't smoke, good for you. To people that do smoke, good for you.
Helenvg07/29/086:24amSo back to the debate ... I didn't take up marijuana until I was 30 years old and I tell you what, it has definitely helped me out in a few ways. I used to have a lot of problems focusing on things for long because I have ADD. Marijuana has helped me slow down long enough to focus on things. I completed a degree after I took up pot. Wouldn't have been able to do that before then. It's also the best sleeping pill/muscle relaxant in the world! And to all those idiots that think it leads to other 'harder' drugs, not in million years would I do any other drug, particularly chemical ones. I know a lot of people that think the same way as myself. I don't even take 'legal' drugs such as headache pills. A good 'cone' and a dab of lavendar does wonders for a headache. Over the last 30 odd years of my life most of the people I have known have smoked pot and none of them have turned to 'harder drugs' or had any psychotic episodes. None of them have broken any laws or hurt anyone or anything while under the influence. Can't say the same about the legal drug alcohol, though. I voted yes to legalize marijuana, not cocaine, though.
Bam Bam07/29/085:18amVallender, How did I get all the way there? It wasn't a hard jump after seeing the rockstar crowds that cheered him. It was unlike anythng I 'd seen before during a campaign. People are already treating him as though he were the President (although he stated he wasn't acting Presidentially) and something was just not right about it. Someone even made the comment about him being the Presdient of the World. Now that is a jump! The scene I watched on tv reminded me of the movie for Nostradamous where the Anti-Christ stood in front of crowds just like that and the people were mezmerized. Just like they were in Europe and here in the US. I know it's a long jump to make, but it just didn't feel right to me. I'm glad people like him, but let it be known I feel un-explainably weird about it. Maybe your right, maybe Europeans are just as excited about the change in leadership as we are. God knows we've been opressed these last eight years and our gov't didn't listen to one damn thing we wanted! How can Bush sleep at night knowing what he's done to our country and our economy? Arggghh!
Pat07/29/083:50amWe know what it will be like if McCain gets in, because it will be another republican taking the nation down further for 4 more yrs. like republican bush did. If o'bama gets in we will have a huge suprise of all that will go down in another bad way. I remember all the first time things I saw about him and his wife that the news no longer shows and I didn't and won't forget. So either way we are scr****. So it really doesn't do any good to go on and on about it, because one of them is going to be our president. Please put another poll in, because as you can tell everyone is bored with this poll.
Paula07/28/088:31pmDon't think you could be any more wrong Vallender. The actuality is that no one really knows what will happen if or when Obama wins the election. Any guess as to what will happen if McCain wins? 4 or 8 years of the same Krapola we have put up with from Bush is the most popular guess. . . So Val. . . You psychic? Or what? My guess is "or what" ! lol! New poll Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzze!
Vallender07/28/086:06pmIn extention to what i said earlier about Obama, i forgot to mention that im actually of the conviction that Obama is going to give Europe a REALLY HARD time, once he's been elected as the president! And it's going to be some kind of a "pay back" for all the intrigues that were caused about America mostly by European politicians, during Bush's 8 yrs period of presidency. So do NOT be decieved by his seemingly warm gestures when he's being shown on the TV, laughing among his European colleagues, because i can guarantee you there will be a lot of 'piercing' & 'roasting' behind the scene, once the curtains fall!
Milkshake07/28/0810:20amLOL Mim
Pat07/28/0810:14amThat sounds normal for 25 yr. olds to start smoking if they want to, even 21 yr. olds. But a lot of people can't even handle smoking weed at all. I agree with what someone said earlier that it does tend to make some people lazy, but it's not true for all. Some people are responsible and some aren't when it comes to weed. Just like with alcohol, some are responsible with that and some aren't, but I don't even put those two in the same category. No other street drug should be legalized. Our nation is not like Amsterdam or other nations that have legalized marijuana, we have way too many nut cases in our nation.
Mim07/28/087:48amIts sed dat in countries were the drug is legal there is actually less use of the substance mayb they should legalise it maybe then the hype about it would stop
Dj07/27/084:28pmMarijuana is only for people over 25 years old that have a is not for the young people... thank you
Milkshake07/27/082:56pmNo question is a stupid question.
Charlin07/27/081:29pmNope... drugs should not be legalized and /or regulated. Stupid thought... stupid question.
Cocconibs07/27/0810:39amI don't think you can really compare pot to cocaine.
Vallender07/26/081:58pmBam Bam, i dont presume to know why u feel rather threatened about the fact that Obama recieves such a warm welcome in Europe(Maybe u're right, maybe that should BE scary), but maybe the simple answer is that the world DOES want to show its love to the USA, but the only time it responds affectionately to those presidents, is when he SEEMS sympathetic?! I mean after so many yrs of flirting with Foreign Policy on such a GIGANTIC scale, as the US has, then obviously at some point you are bound to reach a point where it actually becomes the INTERNATIONAL community who gets to chose who'd be "most suitable" for American presidency! I mean, i know it sounds tragic-comical to the ears of an American, but this is the only explanation i can come up with, to your otherwise good question. We are afterall living in a screwed-up narcicistic age where looks seem to matter more & more, and this may well have been 1 of GWB's Achilles heel in all these yrs.; that he could not CHARM the rest of the world the way Obama seems to be doing right now. It is a travesty for sure, but i STRONGLY doubt that Obama should be blamed for it! Infact i feel that your subtle accusation of Obama, is totally off the map, with all due respect! I mean afterall, the guy is just a person who has been standing against insurmountable odds all his life--including this prez election--ALL BY HIMSELF, and you somehow have concluded in your head, that he must be the Anti-Christ Nostradamus was talking about??! How did you get all the way there???
Milkshake07/26/0812:42pmI was wondering......maybe our next poll can be wheather or not School House Rock and Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour should be allowed on Saturday mornings again? Then if drugs were legal, we can all get our legal high and watch Bugs, Tweety, Sylvester, Roadrunner, etc.......and have alot of FUN!!
Emet_the_cheerleader07/26/089:39amNew Poll New Poll Yea New Poll!! Obama! Obama! Yea Obama!
Deb07/26/089:13amI think you people don't have anything eles to do but talk bad on Obama. let life live dam get over it there might just be a black president. Soget over it.
Char 07/25/083:37pmTina I agree with you comptley. If we dont agree with everyone else , Then were wrong .Wake up people . This guy is just full of hot air .Have any of you ever really listen to him speak on any issues. Or do you just go along with the crowd. Hes not fooling me. I hope hes not going to fool you ?
Milkshake07/25/0811:26amAll i need right now is a refreshing milkshake and a fresh new poll.
Tina07/25/0811:20amIt is still America and I have the right like all the rest of the americans out there to voice my concern, thoughts etc. If Obama gets in we will probably lose that right when he starts using his far left liberal thinking. And as far as using the word Koolaid. It is not a racial slur, it is from the cult with Jim Jones who gave his followers tainted koolaid to drink and all of those idiots drank it and killed themselves along with himself. Obama is like Jim Jones promises and memorizes his followers to believe in him so since those poor souls don't know any better I say they are drinking the Koolaid by listening to his crap. Again I want to say I am not angry just fustrated on how someone with no experience is trying to hold such a high office can get people to believe he is the answer. He is the Anti-Christ. Boy I am sure I get alot of flack for saying that also, but at least I have the guts to say it when others are thinking it. Our country has alot of issues right now and bringing in someone who has no idea how to handle any of them will destroy this country. He is a smooth talker nothing else.
Bam Bam07/25/0810:15amTOTALLY OFF SUBJECT AS USUAL! But since it's been brought up. TINA, you have really good points, too bad you spoil them with agression and ignorance. AGAIN AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD Koolaide is a racial slur against blacks, yet you continue to use it. ASSHOLE - NO ONE gives a **** why you're using it but you completely defeat your own purpose and destroy any possibility of getting people to listen to your views. I am getting concerned folks with the media's coverage and seeming romance with Obama. Did you see the crowds he is drawing all over the world in support of his candidacy? I've never seen this before WITH ANY candidate. Not yelling just emphasising. Someone made a comment he could be the President of the World. NOW THAT **** FREAKS ME OUT! It's making me rethink Nostradamus' quatraint. Now I know Tina will love that comment, but instead of rubbing peoples faces in it and continuing to be the Jackass that you have been - I'd like to talk about this if anyone has any opinions???
Tina07/25/088:34amOh No another Koolaid drinking Obama supporter. The issues I brought up are TRUTHS! Stop drinking the koolaid for a while and open your eyes. I think you are the one that needs help Peace Out and as soon as possible!!
Peace out!07/25/088:21amI believe Tina's anger goes way beyond anything rational. I believe Tina's angry because everyone does not share her selective views on Obama. This poll is NOT about the upcoming election. If being so opiniated that it truly frustrates to the point of spewing non truths and filth about another human being I believe it's time for someone to get themselves a bit of psychological counceling.
The Eternal Shag07/25/088:02am........hahahaha you're such a shameless exhibitionist, Maya?? Oops, close the door for crying out loud!!
Tina07/25/087:38amHey Raggedy Ann, I am not angry just fustrated with the way people are. They walk around with blinders on and don't see what would happen if Obama gets in. He gives wonderful speeches, he's a smooth one that one, but nothing comes out. He needs more time in the Senate to get experience and prove he can handle important matters that matter to me and my country. He is also to liberal, as a matter of fact he is the most liberal person in the Senate, which is pretty scary. Maybe everyone that is supporting Obama is smoking weed and taking cocaine (it use to be the favorite drug for yuppies) so they don't care about what would happen to our country. He is so phoney, early on in the race he refused to recite the American Allegance to our Flag, now he running around with it on his lapel and at the end of speeches God Blessing everyone. What an lying, deceiving asshole! But the koolaid drinkers are eatting it up. It is really sad knowing that people can be deceived so easily.
Raggedy Ann07/25/085:48amTina, Tina, Tina, you are one angry person. Smoking marijuana would calm you down immensely. Life is too short to be that angry.
Faith 07/24/089:36pm I think drugs would add to the violence. From what I've heard people are not copleatly there when they do drugs and if a person has a short temper and is on drugs dosen't that make them do things they wouldn't usually do?
Mike McMullen07/24/086:06pmNEW POLL NEW POLL NEW POLL
Milkshake07/24/0810:36amI dont smoke weed, but feel it should be legal and regulated. I also feel that all drugs should be legal and regulated for many different reasons. In my opinion, there would be alot less violence if drugs were legal and regulated by the government. I am eagerly waiting for a new poll!
Deb07/24/085:25amI think they should make marajuanna legal people are gonna always smoke weed it makes you com.
Pat07/24/084:05amI agree!!!
Milkshake07/23/082:29pmOkay. what's the next poll about?
Tina07/23/0811:57amWake up! Obama will further ruin this country, because the moran does not know how to run the country. He takes a stance then changes his mind or he is famous for walking the fence with a maybe or maybe not. Now all of a sudden he is wearing an American flag pin like he really cares about America, what an asshole. Also the New Yorker cover was pretty damn funny. If you really look at it, it is telling you the truth for once. Most Americans want to bury their heads in the sand about this moran and that ugly twit of a wife. He also gets upset if things are brought up about his past or about how stupid his wife is and he whines that we should not pick on them. **** him and his underbitting ugly **** of a wife. If you run for office then get use to the comments and in their case TRUTHS! He is just a very stupid and incompetent idiot!!l Enough of that moran. If the government passed a law allowing drugs then we will have to limit their use, example you can only use drugs outside and 200 feet from any building and no use in any bar or restaurant, government building, etc. :P
Pat07/23/0811:55amFirst of all, I am not trying to be a smart a** in this comment. I have read on so many comments in several polls downing the "liberal yuppie." I knew what being liberal was, but didn't know exactly what a " liberal yuppie" was. So I looked it up. I was surprised. I think everyone that calls other people a liberal yuppie should look it up and read a lot on it before you call someone that. I would bet that most don't even know what it is when they call someone that. I would honestly like for someone out there to tell me the reason why they call someone that when the other person makes certain comment on different polls. How does whatever poll and the other person's comments make them a "liberal yuppie?" I am really curious. One thing I have learned on these polls is that none of us really know each other and probably never will and we put down our thoughts to strangers and we see only a one dimensional person. I know there is more to a person than what I read on a comment, even though it is so hard to be tolerant of some of the comments at times. I know I have offended people in here and have been offended some, but what we read in someone's comments is not all their is. I just had to get that out...waiting hopefully not to be blasted and get an answer. You never know unless you ask. I still enjoy being in here. Can you imagine the shouting matches we would all have in one big room together? Thanks!
Paula07/23/0810:28amGolly gee & goodness gracious Tina! You remind me of the story of "chicken little". The sky will not fall if Obama wins AND most that have the choice to do drugs DO NOT! Just because alcohol is legal doesn't mean you have to drink. Just because cigaretts are legal doesn't mean you have to smoke. Same goes for marijuana and what ever other substance is out there. Legal or not, if someone wants what ever, it can be found somewhere. It is their decision. Some will think of consequences (health, getting caught, what ever), some do not. It all comes down to personal choice.
Tina07/23/0810:07amDO NOT MAKE DRUGS LEGAL!!!! My God what a stupid thought! You'll have the Liberal Yuppies in restaurants, shopping malls etc. smoking and snorting in front of their rug rat kids, what a legacy for this country. If Obama the asshole gets in office this country will be in the ****ter anyway so everyone will probably need drugs to make it.
Pat07/23/086:44amFaith, with a very strong name like you have has probably had a little bit to do with your strength. You are lucky you never had an interest to do them. My son is that way. But the majority of the people have in their pasts or now or later on has and will do drugs. I say way to go to the ones that don't do drugs!!!
Faith07/22/087:49pmI think drugs are stupid and a waste of good time and money. With the prices the way they are and life being so short I can't see doing drugs. I've been through a lot and I never used them.
Pat07/22/082:53pmThe government always want their huge noses in anything now AND in the future. I don't agree with drugs being legalized, but if you think about it, a lot of drugs come from the doctor's prescription pads. Some doctors are legal drug dealers(notice I said some, not all). At one time in this nation marijuana was legal, but it changed in the 20's.
Pinhead07/22/081:35pmI dont agree with this because anyone can turn cocanie into crack and plus the goverment already contols enough of our money with taxe's so why would i want to give them more control expecally something that can turn into a mental addiction!!! They cant even help people without insurance welfare is even diffacult to get now days!! The people that really need it don't get it!
Pat07/22/0812:16pmClaire, you would think, huh?
Claire07/22/0811:33amNo it should not be legal. If no one can work out why then you must be thick.
Pat07/22/084:14amAbortion is not going to do destructive acts to family members...because most will never know. It will bother the woman some. Drugs affect the whole family, not just the user. It's detrimental to the person doing the drugs and the majority could care less. They usually end up stealing from family and friends and whoever else they can steal from. The super rich that have a drug problem don't usually get the help they really need, they are just sent to some plush spa for a few months . Someone innocent always end up paying the price, because of drugs addicts.
Milkshake07/21/088:46pmBam Bam.......Yes and No to your question. Its too long to write down my explanation. Drugs can cause violence and death. It really all depends on the circumstances.
Bam Bam07/21/086:35pmHere is a dangerous question! Since abortion falls under the womans right to privacy - because she is doing to her own body - Does anyone feel drug use should fall into this same civil right?
Milkshake07/21/0811:02amGreat!! Cops can have their own little "drug room," the rest of us law abiding citizens can have our own little park where it is legal to any kind of drug.
Pat07/21/0810:48amFor years I have always loved to go shoot pool. When my kids were growing up I would take them with me to little stores that had one or two tables in the back or to bowling alleys that have pool tables. That is one of our passions. Whenever I went to shoot pool by myself, I would go to biker bars or other bars with pool tables or pool halls where you just don't take kids. The point I'm working up to is 1986 at a bar/pool hall there was this couple that asked me if I smoked weed (pot, at that time)and I said "yeah, I've been known to, why?" They invited me out to the parking lot to smoke(and it was really good)the woman said "by the way, I'm a cop" and the man said he was a detective. I laughed and told them don't mess with my head. Both pulled out badges(REAL badges). I said"oh sh**" and grabbed the door handle and was going to get away from them. They said"no, it's okay, you're not in trouble, we do this all the time, most cops and detectives go in the drug room(I forgot what they called it) and get a handful of this or a handful of that all the time." They later asked me to a party, I said sure, but never showed up. I didn't want to be in the middle of dirty cops and detectives doing that. No way, no how.
Milkshake07/21/0810:45amTo be very honest with you Pat, I rarely do drugs. I've done all my drug use a long time ago. I HATE cocaine. I don't like the high with pot. Sure I like to have an occasional fun time with things that are illegal or almost illegal. And NO I have never used a needle. To be very honest with you, I like pills and a little alcohol. I don't think it's very fair of you to accuse me of anything! This poll is about if drugs should be legal and regulated. I vote YES, but definately should be regulated.
Pat07/21/086:36amMilkshake, you have the same rights as everyone else on here to voice your opinion, but most of your opinions lead to the fact that you must do LOTS of drugs. Correct me if I am wrong, you could possibly be joking, I don't mean to insult you if that's the case. To other doesn't make since having alcohol legal and drunks kill people everyday. Cocaine is very detrimental to not just the person snorting it, but to their families and most times their kids. Most people go to crack and other really bad drugs after doing coke for a time. Yes, some people get lazy when smoking weed, but not all people have that reaction.I love to do my own housework, but whenever I smoked a half of a joint and blasted the stereo, BOY could I get into cleaning and dancing and singing along. It was so much fun. Having parties were fun, too, especially when the uncontrollable laughing would start. But the weed of now is nothing like the weed of the 70's and 80's. I might smoke maybe twice a year now, but I can go years without it. The only ones that do anything illegal after smoking weed are mostly teens up to late 20's. It's on the news quite a bit about teenagers or twenty somethings being out of control when doing weed and alcohol together. My kids didn't know I smoked on and off through the years until they were older. My son is straight and narrow, being in the military and a cop(not a bad cop). My daughter smoked a lot in her teens(she hid that from me) and 20's(which was her decision), not so much in her 30's, but she always hung out at the beach with her very few special friends. I still vote NO, just because of the cocaine. I can't believe so many voted YES(just because of the fact that coke was used in this poll). Who in their right mind would want cocaine legalized?
Milkshake07/20/0810:50amDear Sabrina, You are a very articulate lady. However, i diagree. Years, and years, and years we have been fighting this "drug war" and it has cost us millions and millions and millions of dollars and has cost many lives. The laws against drugs are not working. It's time for a change. Lets legalize and regulate drug use.
Sabrina07/20/086:01amMilkshake.... I, like most of the medical field will tell you that alcohol is a drug, .. we allow THAT drug to be freely used even though the dangers of alcohol use are clearly documented. But, still we don't allow marijuana..... So to say if they allow weed they'd HAVE to allow coke... well, our government seems well versed in double-standards.
Milkshake07/19/085:57pmOkay. So we all agree cocaine sucks. It's an awful, terrible, addicting drug. BUT if you make one drug legal, then all drugs should be legal. Lets face it. Americans like to get high. Lets legalize drugs and teach Americans a lesson.
Librae07/19/083:31pmI don't consider cocaine a "recreational" drug. Perhaps marijiuana in modest doses. Recreational means fun. Use cocaine long enough and you stand a good chance of developing some major health or psychological problems, so I don't like putting this in the category of a "fun"drug. I have found from experience that even heavy use of pot makes one get really lazy and lose your drive. Now, of course, the constant use of alcohol also has quite a few untoward effects and alcohol is legal. I guess I would say that very moderate use of pot I would say O.K. But legalizing coke is just looking for trouble. I know from people who I have come across during life who went from coke(even from pot) to harder stuff and now are quite dead or leading very dysfunctional lives. Using drugs is rahter a crap shott. You can never be sure in what way your life may just might wind up becoming a poster child for the anti-drug crusaders.
Milkshake07/19/0810:28amDear Sabrina, If I were married to a cop i would be smoking weed on a daily basis. In fact, I would be wishing every day that ALL drugs were legal!
Bill07/19/088:38amI voted yes, but really only for the marijuana part...cocaine I would have misgivings about making legal. Although I do not use either, I believe, like drinking, it should be personal choice.
Sabrina07/19/084:57amThere is no question that the two should NOT be listed in the same poll. I voted 'yes', but do have definate objection to the two being listed in the same sentence. Marijuana is one thing, cocaine most certainly another. I believe once the government figures a way to tax the use of marijuana, and to do so while 'saving face' ..... then weed will be legal. Cocaine on the other hand should not be used... for any reason. Cocaine is highly addictive and could have a variety of medical risks. (particularly to those with high blood pressure, heart problems, etc) "They" have not been able to find any true risks with the use of marijuana, ... other than it being a "gateway" drug.... Like a stiff drink isn't enough of a gateway? And alcohol is legal... My dear husband is a cop... And let me tell you, most cops would much rather stop a driver under the influence of pot than a drunk any day ! And of course we must decide, .. as citizens .. Just how much control should "big brother" have on our daily lives? Does congress, ... etc... really have the authority to decide what we do with our bodies? Weed has more than one significant medical BENIFIT... but most are denied that relief because of archaic attitudes about a purely naturally grown herb. I am 50 years old, a grandmother... and the occassional use of weed has been most beneifical to me over the years. So.. to the lawmakers out there I say... "this toke is for you" !
StoneOz07/18/089:16pmHavent we lost enough freedoms? any smoking should b personal choice, rules should be made to protect against passive smoking , but in the home , ur own space , u can smoke trees or feed em.. Your Freedom of speech is a human right also , how do you feel when that is restricted?
Milkshake07/18/084:14pmThe government is already involved and they already ****ed it up!
Jenn07/18/084:06pmThe only thing i'm afraid of if the government got involved they'd just **** it up
Toolip07/18/082:41pmMarijuana legal... yes cocaine legal... no
Milkshake07/18/0812:32pmThere should be a park where everyone over the age of 21 can do all the drugs they want. They should not be allowed to drive under the influence, but can walk under the influence. Peace to everyone! Drugs should be legal. Have a milkshake on me.
Milkshake07/18/0810:43amI believe all drugs should be legal and regulated. If people want to do drugs, they will find a way to do them.
Ann07/18/0810:08amI agree with everyone else here. Marijuana and cocaine are far from being in the same category. I believe that marijuana should be legalized as it does actually have medicinal uses. Cocaine on the other hand plain and simply just robs people of their souls. In case whoever wrote this question doesn't recall, cocaine was a legal drug a century ago, they made it illegal for a reason. Marijuana to me is the same as alcohol, used in moderation and while not operating a vehicle, shouldn't be a problem.
Pat07/18/088:05amWhy would the person that comes up with these polls put weed and cocaine together????? They are not even close to being in the same catgory. This poll is totally ridiculous. I voted NO, because of cocaine, if it had been just the weed I would have voted yes. What a dumb poll!!!
Gax07/18/084:36amNo, marijauna and cocaine should not be compared. As long as drug use is illegal and prohibited there will be a huge PROFIT MOTIVE that is the basis for this awlful tragic 'war on drugs'. The rich get richer, the addict get's jail time and the taxpayer get's shafted.
DJ07/17/0811:58pmCocaine and marijuana should not be put together in this poll. I think many more people would vote yes to marijuana being legal and not necessarily regulated. Cocaine is a different matter.
Milkshake07/17/085:31pmMilkshake always says yes to this one! I will put some in my milkshake. yum yum delicious!
Bam Bam07/17/085:07pmDidn't we just do this poll last year?

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