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If a very good friend needed a prescription drug that you could easily get through your doctor and insurance plan, would you?

Total Voters: 1123
Yes 34%
No 34%
Maybe 34%
I don't know 34%
Yolanda07/26/062:35pmI would do it, if he uses the same medication as I have. But I won't do it if I wasn't sure that it would be good for him or her. Because prescription drugs are very personal. So if I wasn't sure, I won't do it even if he or she was my friend.
Elaine07/24/0610:36amIf my friend was in serious need of a prescription drug that he/she could not recieve due to lack of insurance or something I would give it to them. Given that they were not allergic to the drug and they were really in need. I know doctor visits are expensive these days and US is the only country that doesn't have public welfare, it can be costly to be healthy. If I had antibiotics that could help a friend of mine I would gladly give it to them.
Rebekah 07/20/064:58amIf my friend was in dying need for that drug i would give to her/he but other than that i don't know
Tell the Truth07/19/062:34pmOH! Hispanics 4 Bush!! Ok, ok, that makes sense! But your NOT a member of the Skull & Bones, are you? NO! and you never will be no matter how much you suck up all the retoric that is being spewed, by them or you! Throwing out numbers may make you feel educated but really are you just spewing the regergatated crap you've "learned"?My arguments are all over the place because the problem is all over the place! Even if you arent one of the Hispanics{NOT MEXICAN but HISPANIC} who blindly voted 4 Bush you are still brainwashed, so what does that say...we're all screwed!! So, what about the so called elections in Mexico, did you happen to see the 1.1 million People who took to the streets to protest the illegeal election? Have you followed the effects of American businesses that set up shop in 3rd world countries, how they dont have to comply w/ enviromental regulations so they can add to the Global Warming as well as the negitive impact on communities of COLOR? My point is we are being screwed, if you hear that as wining, ok, but what are you doing about it if you cant even really look at it?! We all have stories, I just wanted to share mine. Maybe it would help somewhere else. But then again we cant even talk to one another anymore-so I guess the Bush & co., plan to divide & conqure is working. Also, sorry about the "white" statement, you are right there, I just have had it with the racisim/ classism in this Country. Look what it takes for a Hispanic to really make it in our Goverment..Alberto Gonzolez, need I say more?
Reality Check07/19/0612:26pmNot that it makes any difference, but I'm Hispanic. Your statement that I must be "white" is extremely racist and frankly it shows how weak your arguments really are. You make statements like "the people are being robbed", or the "state is suffering", but you fail to provide any rational explanations or examples of this. Global warming is a separate issue... honestly, how can you possibly have a discussion if you're all over the place. Sticking to the subject, like most Americans, I contribute a nice chuck of change and goods to charity every year. Like I said before, I always give money to the homeless. Our Government gives BILLIONS of dollars a year to the UN for AIDS research and charities all over the world... proof once again that our country is noble, generous, and great. I'm not buying this doom and gloom image you paint. If you have a problem with your elected officials, then you should get involved in campaigning for their opponents and rallying support. If you're concerned about the handicapped, then find a good charity to donate some funds, or better yet, start a non-profit foundation for the handicapped, but stop your wining!
Tell the Truth07/19/069:20amYep, thats just you alright and let me guess your White right? Look, I dont care about your self righteous rant, the fact is that we the people are being robbed and that includes you!! For whatever reason some people dont have the nice & tidy life that you claim to have and for you to judge them rather then try to help even the field shows me what kind of person you are. Our State is suffering in more ways then one since we got a R.Gov, thats a fact! You have no idea how hard some People have it and yes its usually the most vulnerable who suffer the most that includes the handicapped, kids seeking a good education, Parents seeking childcare & a good job{min. wages have not been raised in too many years}I'm not saying that this isnt a good country its just being raped!!!! What will be left for your Grandchildren much less your Great Grandchildren?!!! We see the effects of Global Warming and yet American businesses love to goto 3rd world Countries to run their busnesses without enviromental regulations, its like a dog w/ rabies being allowed to run wild & bite everyone, you may not feel it yet but you will!!!!
Reality Check07/19/067:12amI always like a good debate, so here it goes. You know very well that the "sick" and "elderly" have a nice comfortable safety net in this country. If illegal aliens can get free health care, you can bet that any American citizen, ESPECIALLY the elderly, have full access to health care including medicare/medicaid. Even so, the numbers don't lie. 95.4% of this country is working. Compare this to only about 89% of Europe or even worse in other parts of the world. Our system may not be perfect, but its the best in the world because it empowers the individual. I'm 37 years old now, but I started working when I was 16 bagging groceries at minimum wage. Over the years I've had many different jobs and my salary has increased steadily. I've been saving and investing for my retirement so that I don't have to depend on anyone else when I'm "sick" and when I'm "elderly". Personally, I don't see why my taxes should be used to support sick and elderly people who were irresponsible with their income and did not plan for their future. But that's just me.
Tell the Truth07/17/061:11pmHey Reality Check yeah, I'll be sure to tell the sick & Elderly out here to go get 1,2 or 3 of those great jobs you talk of! Hey, if anyones smoking crack its you!! Funny how badly you need a reality check!!ONWARD!!!
Reality Check07/17/0612:02pmAnyone who thinks we are in a depression is smoking crack. We have 4.6% unemployment in the US. For those who are challenged in mathematics, this means 95.4% of the country is working. Compare that to European countries like France where their unemployment rate is over 11%. I always help out the homeless because they are either mentally ill or hopelessly hooked on crank, but I'm tired of hearing all the wining about poor economic conditions in the US when our GDP is growing at a steady 4+% per/year. Stop wining about what the government is doing or not doing. We're not in Europe. If you live in the US, you really want a job, you're mentally stable, and if you have a decent education (even high school), you can get one or two. Or, start your own business which is where the government gets over 70% of its tax revenue. Stop acting like a victim and do something to help yourself.
Tell the Truth07/13/061:32pmIn Colorado our R. Gov decided to buy this 200million dollar computer system that was supposed to fix our Social Services system, including Medicaid, and what happened instead was every household being denied or some other glitch, this also affected food stamps as well as other programs. People went without until he was given a timeline of fixing the problem. Most Elders had nothing in our State. It says alot about a Society you know, how they care for their young and old. This guy's also been real big on closing school's and opening private prisons..collage 4 the poor? I believe it's all a part of their divide and conqure scheme, pit people against the poor, the smoking, those of color & so on & so Grandma always told me I'd live thru a I know what she meant!
Molly07/13/0612:00pmFio - you need a new, compassionate doctor...
Fio07/12/069:55amDepends on the drugs. Like my husband needs a anti-depressant for a lession on his brain for the rest of his life. The doctor knows this but he insists on seeing him just to renew his prescription. Even though the only thing he does its weigh him and take his blood preasure. Every 3 months we need to scramble money to see this doctor. It sucks!! It's all a big scam. I wish we had it like the canadians.
Celci07/11/065:46pmI wouldn't, because prescription drugs when administered without full knowledge of the person's condition, could cause their death. That's something I wouldn't want to happen to anyone. If we really want to help, we could raise the money for the doctor's bill and the medicine among family and friends if we canīt afford it.
Charity07/07/063:37pmYes I would cause I know how it is to be poor and not being able to go to the Dr when your sick cause you cant afford it. And have to by over the counter stuff and it never works so you just stay sick longer. And for real its a pain in the ASS!!! And if your friend is addicted to something and you dont know about it then its not your friend now is it.
Chris07/07/0610:03amDepends on the med. I've had people ask me for recreational type meds, and I will not get those. I have also had a friend with a bad tooth infection who just needed antibiotics. I helped him out.
Tell The Truth07/07/068:29amRIGHT ON SISTA!!!!!!
Angel07/06/068:49pmOf course I would. When you are poor you have to find a way to make it (beg, borrow, or steal). That sounds terrible but you have to do what you can do. We have to take care of our own and stick together. The person you help may be the next to help you! Remember Karma!
Tell The Truth07/06/065:00pmUm, Like I was saying.... rush gets caught w/ viagra the very next day.......hmmmm
Yhy07/04/067:05pmLao land gand bhosri
WickedOne07/04/069:06amUm,duh,stuff like that is against the law.
Tell the truth07/03/0610:07amJust send em to rush limbaugh he has all the connections- aint it ?!!!!
Michelle07/03/068:54amCost of Rx's are high. Should a person have ailment requiring Rx for control opportunity should be available in the United States. Yet, the person has to find whatever method to live right. Think about that when you try to say it's wrong to help another.
Paula07/01/069:50pmI believe obtaining prescription drugs for someone else is a FEDERAL offence. I don't care how good of a friend they are - The question is WRONG on SO MANY levels & in SO MANY ways!
Helen07/01/069:05pmWell, if that person is your "good friend" I don't see the reason why not. First, aren't you suppose to know your friend good enough to give him/her the privilage of being your good friend? Second, life is very are the insurances sometimes. If you are not strong enough to take a risk once in a while then you should not also complain when you get the wrong insurance bill. You are not better or worse then enyone else in this cruel world! Third...there is many possibilities to check out the drug before you hand it to your friend. If you can spend time on the internet just to have fun (instead of spending it with your good friend) than you can also find time to research on the drug description including side efects, and if you talk to your friend little bit about his/her health life and find out what you need to know, you could decide if you are going to help or not. Forth...have fun and watch who you are chosing to be your GOOD FRIEND!
Charlie07/01/066:19pmAbsolutely not. I would hate to be responsible should anything go wrong in any way.
Robin07/01/061:20pmI say maybe because you never know if they are addicted and it was well hidden from you. I dont know if they may have a allergic reaction. I also want to know why is it sooo hard for my friend to just go and get it themselves. alot of people say yes they would do so for there best friend, but have they thought they may be doing something that is working against their friend?

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