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Which US Presidential candidates and their running mates reflect your views?

Total Voters: 1212
McCain/Palin 31%
Obama/Biden 31%
Undecided 31%
Bam Bam09/29/0811:51amHi Jeff, in case you see this apparently Rick Davis McCains campaign manager took money from Freddie Mac and Fannie May while they were going under. It would appear they are no better than the Dems. It truly is an internal problem and not the fault of either party. At least not entirely.
Bsm Bam09/24/085:12pmNo Ed, I really meant it. She's being a real Biatch. Uh-oh I said it again. Passionate or not she needs to control herself.
Bam Bam09/24/085:06pmBut why should I Debbie, your a big enough one for all us.
Jeff09/24/0810:38amStatement by Senator John McCain, May 25, 2006: Mr. President, this week Fannie Mae's regulator reported that the company's quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were "illusions deliberately and systematically created" by the company's senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 billion accounting scandal. The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight's report goes on to say that Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets in order to trigger bonuses for senior executives. In the case of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae's former chief executive officer, OFHEO's report shows that over half of Mr. Raines' compensation for the 6 years through 2003 was directly tied to meeting earnings targets. The report of financial misconduct at Fannie Mae echoes the deeply troubling $5 billion profit restatement at Freddie Mac. The OFHEO report also states that Fannie Mae used its political power to lobby Congress in an effort to interfere with the regulator's examination of the company's accounting problems. This report comes some weeks after Freddie Mac paid a record $3.8 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Election Commission and restated lobbying disclosure reports from 2004 to 2005. These are entities that have demonstrated over and over again that they are deeply in need of reform. For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--known as Government-sponsored entities or GSEs--and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market. OFHEO's report this week does nothing to ease these concerns. In fact, the report does quite the contrary. OFHEO's report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay. I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole. I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation.
Ed09/24/088:45amI guess you could be right Pat, but some of us go on one path which is a conservative path which is good and the others go on the bad path of Liberalism, BOO! Don't get crazy out there, it was just a joke....We are all different and that's what makes America Great!!! NEW POLL, PLEASE!!!!!!
Pat09/24/088:01amAmen!!! I know it might seem stupid, but we are all kind of like "ghost" friends AND siblings.
Ed09/24/087:10amYes Pat I can. It is good we have these polls, It lets us have a voice and it can be interesting to hear other peoples views. We need to curb the character assignations on each other. They can become hurtful and I really feel that neither women mean what they said. I know I can become a jerk on occasion, but like everyone I feel passionate about issues and let it out.
Amanda09/24/087:10amThe dirty "C" word has been thrown out..definitely time for a new poll!!
Pat09/24/085:50amThat is true, Ed. Can't you just see the person that comes up with these polls rolling on the floor and laughing?
Ed09/24/085:42amDamn what did I miss!! Bam Bam and Debbie are getting pretty verbal. Such language----It's pretty funny. Two passionate people that have their beliefs, nothing wrong with that. But we really need a new poll.
Pat09/24/085:24amJeff, we all can the SAME EXACT THING about the mccain/palin people on here. Rae, I have always said the whole government is ONE BIG LIE. Your whole comment is true and also Jacq speaks the truth. I can say to everyone on here, let's wait and see. There are always two things to always steer from and that is politics and religion, because they can cause such passionate feelings. I can't believe one on here called another a c*nt. I am sure she knows what you meant. How disgusting! Lets leave this poll until a new one comes up...agree?(or not).
Ken09/24/084:44amHey Jeff a cat fight!!!! We really need a new poll. It is getting nasty now. We all need to try and keep our cool and talk like adults. We need to realize that we are all different and have our own thoughts and comments. That is what makes America GREAT! That is why this election is important. Obama will take that away with his sociaist ideas, remember that. McCain will protect us and fix the financial mess we are currently in which was started in the Clinton era. Have a Nice Day!
Amanda09/24/084:44amJeff..had you bothered to use the links you would have seen where this was posted in the Washington Post as well as a taped interview that was from one of our governing officials..had you done your homework..
Debbie09/24/084:30amPeople like you Bam Bam bring out the Bitxh in me. You are so ignorant and a liberal to boot that explains alot.....Buy the way you are a Cxnt. Can you figure that one out. Twit. We need a new poll because no more can be said except the same ole thing Obama SxCKS and McCain is the BEST!!! Go ahead Bam Bam get angry it makes your liberal ignorance come out and you look like an ass. :)
Jeff09/24/0812:29amNice try Amanda. The text you lifted is found on several blogs plastered all over Google. Perhaps it originated where you say it did, but even in your post you make no reference to the Washington Post or CNN. So which one was it, the Washington Post or CNN? I doubt either one published this garbage, but then again we've seen how liberal papers like the Washington Post and New York Times have been loosing subscribers, advertisers and have had to lay off thousands of employees over the past few years.
Milkshake09/23/089:05pmOkay. Deep breath now. Maybe tomorrow there will be a NEW POLL??
Rae09/23/088:57pmGood lord, all anyone does is b**ch, moan and fight about the election. Both the Republicans and Democrats all lie!! The election in this country needs to be about finding an actual honest person who is intelligent and strong enough to lead the country (although I have my doubts if such a creature exists). And it would probably be too much to ask people to look at things in a new way, instead of their alliance with some BS political parties.
Amanda09/23/084:51pmGee..I didn't know that links to the Washington post ( had you scrolled and read at the bottom of my last post) was considered a liberal blog..last I heard they and CNN were stupid of me!
Bam Bam09/23/084:06pmHey Jeff, I don't Parrot...did you even know who Edam Salem is without even Googling him? Like I said you can go back just far enough into the past to blame someone else...but you can't go back far enough to fidn the truth. So what, Amanda copy and pasted some info you. It's obviously wasted on you, your just as blind as you accuse us of being. Oh and Debbie the word that was bleeped out - starts with a "B" in case you can't figure it out. You are extremely rude when people ask you about your point of view. You suck. NEW POLL!
Bam Bam09/23/083:57pmDebbie I was just asking you a question about your views. But your a real ****.
Jeff09/23/083:04pmKen, it really is no use. They don't actually try to think for themselves, instead they parrot all the liberal nonsensical conspiracy theories that put all the blame on Bush and Republicans. For instance, Amanda likes to cut and paste garbage from liberal blogs and has no idea what they are even talking about. Half way through reading her simplistic and often incoherent text I decided to Google some of her text. That's when I realized it was all lifted word for word from a liberal blog. Everything I've written is my own original commentary derived from a great deal of thought and analysis on my part. You guys parrot things you hear or read without actually thinking about it yourself. I agree... we need another Poll. Perhaps the next topic will be something that is not as emotional and will actually get people to produce their own views rather than regurgitating some third party person's trash.
Pat09/23/081:56pmKen, anything that ANY of us write about on here can be construed as a lie for that matter, because we all are writing about what we see and hear on the radio and t.v. or read in the newspapers, magazines and the internet(except apparently the ones of us that have lived through several presidents and saw how all peoples' lives were affected one way or the other and/or people that care about how many people have to struggle during Republican years). You must have never seen all the pictures of bush and bin laden together before and after the towers went down. They were plastered all over the newspapers, magazines, t.v. and the internet. Of course, bush would(publicly) break off their friendship after it was too late and also sent bin laden's family back to their country in a hurry. I also saw on t.v. late one weekend night around a year ago or so before O'bama announced he was running for president(it must have been leaked), a biography of his life. It SHOWED how many hate white clubs he was in when he was young(even though he has white in him). A few weekends ago it showed practically the same show, except those clubs were omitted. The only thing it showed he was EVER involved in was the apartheid in the '80's concerning South Africa, which was a good thing, (but not the others). How does what I say hurt palin? She's not that sensitive or is she? Like I said before, the lesser of two evils is O'bama. Not mccain(another damn bush). If mccain made president and dies, palin will take over. Earlier in this poll, I believe someone reminded us of a woman scorned? Go to Alaska and talk to as many people as you can. No governor in any state has all the people saying they like them. We just see the few that like her, not the majority. Thank you, Milkshake and Jacq.
Milkshake09/23/0812:45pmAwwwww. We all love you Ken. This poll is making everyone angry.
Jacq09/23/0812:45pmThat's really unbelievable. Is this country asleep! Who do you think is responsible for the mess we're in now and who 90% of the time voted with our President. McCain tells one lie after another, wants to keep this country in fear thus he can control. Palin - Oh my God. If only our beautiful animals got a vote that she kills without remorse from the air and on land. What a piece of work!!!! Please everyone. Check your facts on Congressional voting pages, listen to the lies repeated and repeated by McCain. If you want Bush again then go ahead and vote for McCain. Myself and many many others want to finally take the high road with Barack.
Ken09/23/0812:29pmI apologize Milkshake. You are right we really do need a new Poll. :)
Milkshake09/23/0811:35amNow Now Ken! I dont think Pat is a liar. See, that's what I mean. We definately need a brand new, refreshing poll!!
Ken09/23/0810:40amPat I can tell that your a liberal by the lie after lie you sputting out. The only fanatics around here are the liberals and Obama. Obama is real tight with Ayers, no lie. Now you are really going off the deep end to say Bush is friendly with Bin Laden. You have that mixed up. Obama is buddy, buddy with Bin Liden, hell they are both terrorists. Bush was in the White house yes, but George Tennent Clinton's henchman was director of the FBI and they would not share information with the CIA and the President, because they were pissed that Waco Gore did not get in office. You really lose this one, because Clinton (Slick Willie) dropped the ball on that one and killed all those people due to his screwing around with Monica and worried about his reputation. Also leave Palin alone, she brings spunk to this dull election and if she gets in with McCain she will clean house of all liberal bull from Biden(the moran), pelosi (the ****) and the slug Teddy the (Murderer) Kennedy. :)
Debbie09/23/0810:17amBam Bam what I am saying is that it does not matter who gets in they both Fxxking Suck! Clear enough for you. Obama will make things worse than they already are. McCain may be able to straignten things out, but it will take awhile. So we should go with experience (McCain) and Obama should go back to Chicago to be with his friend the terrorist Ayers. There!!! Happy Miss or Mrs. or Mr. Liberal! :P NEW POLL, PLEASE!!!!!!!
Pat09/23/089:57amMany of the Iraqi people are saying bush is as evil as saddam. They are pretty much on the mark. He doesn't care about anything,(except oil and power), because he is a fanatic. Fanatics are dangerous. Also, why build up a nation that we are at war with? For the oil. The government was formed to help us, not hurt us. They are the cause of our problems. Jeff, you said, "we have the lowest unemployment in the industrial world." Now try to say that about our industrial nation, you can't, because it is going to other countries. Some says O'Bama is friendly with this ayers. What about bush being lovey-dovey with bin laden? bush was in the White House 8 months before the towers went down. Plenty of time to do something before it happened(it's not like he didn't hear the rumors). Go to Alaska and talk to other people that they don't tell you about, that doesn't like palin at all. They won't bring them out to the public. Whatever other countries that don't like the U.S. is because they are afraid that one day they will be on our governments' HIT LIST. Everything will be proven when whoever wins gets in the White House. Had to get that out. Yes, I agree... NEW POLL!!!
Bam Bam09/23/089:24amMilkshake, I like make me laugh. Your right, on to bigger and better things!
Milkshake09/23/088:50amBamBam, LOL I like cowboys!! Anyway, we can argue about this subject forever. It would be nice if we can talk about something other than this election.
Bam Bam09/23/088:41amSo Debbie, should we just give up since niether is good for us in your words? What are you saying exactly besides give us a new poll? Our country is in true financial peril....just the way the terrorists planned it when they struck the towers. Bush being the cowboy he is was played like a banjo. We gave them exactly what they wanted. A War. Now, instead of a cowboy in office we have Mavericks running for office. How ridiculous to lable yourselves that! It's not going to be easy this country is going to take at least 8 years to come out of this mess, but the good news is I believe every year things will get better and we will recover. If taxpayers have to pull ourselves out of it, well then it makes sense. The gov't gets their money from us anyway who else is gonna be responsible for it.
Debbie09/23/086:05amI agree with Milkshake---WE NEED A NEW POLL!!! No one wins on this one due to the fact Obama is not fit to become President and McCain is to old! Give us something interesting and fun instead of something so depressing like politics. :P
Amanda09/23/084:06amUmmm actually that isn't true. It is to attempt to keep the world investors from pulling out of US interests. In other words what is happening when the stiock market crashes is that other countries pull out..we loose jobs and money and go into financial ruin as a country. Study up on the Great Depression so you can see how that affected the common person. It is far more serious then an election. Our entire way of life is in real peril. You know who is going to get to pay for that bail out according to the news right..why Bushy baby plans on making the tax payer liable for it. Thats right boys and girls..Bush wants the citizens of the United States to bail him and his buds out of the mess he made due to his own greed.
Someone09/22/088:48pmThe only reason the gov't is trying to bail out failing financial institutions, is because the failure to do so would directly hurt McCain's campaign and his prospects of being elected as a president!
Milkshake09/22/088:27pmOkay, last time......New Poll Please!
Bam Bam09/22/087:52pmI HAVE ONE NAME FOR ALL OF YOU. EMAD SALEM. GO GOOGLE HIM OR READ AT THE BOTTOM OF MY COMMENT. Jeff, Ken, Ed your all willing to reach back far enough to blame the wrong people but not willing to go back far enough to find the truth. It's such a laugh when I tell everyone this! BUSH has done NOTHING is understatement! WAR is not the answer to everything. You know I spoke to someone the other day - an American mind you. She had just landed in London on 9/11 and she got to see first hand the response of other countries to our attack. At first I was insensed by what seemed callous and then I understood. We are not the only country that has experienced a terrorist attack. But before 9/11 we were just the only country that hadn't. You see we've only just now joined in the rest of the world, we've been so well protected our whole lives and our peace and comfort has been rattled. So rattled we're finally like - hey you can do that everywhere else but here? Not all countries go to war because terrorist attacks, war is not always the answer. I'm not saying aggressive negotiations aren't in order but this war is not good for our country, it's accomplishing exactly what the terrorists set out to do. Does anyone remember that? To destroy us in our hearts...our economy which is why they picked the trade towers. You want to go back to the first bombing well let's go back a little further shall we Jeff??? Because BUSH SENIOR had the chance to wipe out Sadaam Hussein in 1990. DID YOU FORGET THAT? The bombing that occurred in 1993 the ones that were in charge of that investigation (CIA-FBI) were appointed by Bush Senior - CLINTON FIRED THEM! He also fired the Director of the FBI in 1993 for another screw up the directors name William Sessions. Look it up! They botched the investigation from that bombing after they failed to stop it. My gosh some of you read a history book! Bush was in office in 1992 when the FBI informed him there would be a bombing. The informants name was Emad Salem. This informant thought is was a sting operation - so he recorded hundreds of conversations with the FBI. The FBI knew about it and did nothing! Hmmm 8 years of Regan and Bush was his VP then and thank God only 4 years of Bush as President. Looks like 12 years of republican leadership prior to the first bombing- you can't say the dems put those FBI guys in office. Keep trying boys!
Amanda09/22/086:52pm Here you go..again!!!! *** A short explanation of how we got to where we are Today's banking crisis is the THIRD trillion dollar plus US-caused financial meltdown in the last twenty years. Each one of these crises came into being through the same basic mechanism...the fraudulent over-valuing of financial assets by Wall Street - with a "wink and a nod" (and sometimes a lot more) from the White House and Congress. The fraudulently valued assets stimulate the economy, impart the illusion of health and then, inevitably, the fraud goes too far and the whole house of card comes painfully crashing back to earth. The three trillion dollar plus frauds were: Fraud #1: The so-called "Savings and Loan Crisis" of the late 80s Fraud #2: The so-called "Tech Bubble" of the late 90s Fraud #3: The so-called "Credit Crisis" of today *** How the scam works The mechanism of these frauds is simplicity itself... ...Take a shaky financial asset and blow up its value and then sell as much of it as you can. In the "Savings and Loan Crisis," the instrument was junk bonds. In the "Tech Bubble" it was Internet stocks. In the "Credit Crisis" it was individual mortgages collected into pools and then re-sold to investors. In each case, normal, well established "bread and butter" financial principles were consciously thrown away by Wall Street with no hint of protest from federal regulators. ***The "Savings and Loan Crisis" dissected Junk bonds caused the Saving and Loan crisis which resulted in the US taking over the assets of hundreds of banks and selling them back over time to the marketplace at fire sale prices. Junk bonds, which caused the "Savings and Loan Crisis" were shaky bonds that were pumped up by deliberate misrepresentation and what I call "staged dealing." Bonds get their value from two things: the amount of interest they pay and how safe they are. "Junk" bonds have to pay higher interest because they are less safe. Therefore, until the "Savings and Loan Crisis," savings and loan banks banks were not allowed by law to buy them and call them assets. Reagan/Bush changed all this and then a group of Wall Street fraudsters used the new loophole to kick off an orgy of junk bond creation and junk bond selling to banks and insurance companies. The crooks would deal the junk bonds back and forth amongst themselves thereby establishing their "value" and then they'd sell them to outsiders. The bonds then became "assets" which could be borrowed against and leveraged to buy even more bonds. When the bonds failed, the banks failed and in stepped the US government to "fix" the problem that it created at the cost of at least one trillion dollars to US tax payers. Deja vu, eh? ***The "Tech Bubble" dissected The instrument of fraud in the "Tech Bubble" was Internet stocks, start ups in particular. A stock gets its value from the underlying company's sales, its growth and its overall prospects for the future. Pre-tech bubble, companies used to have to prove themselves by being in existence for several years before they could be sold on major exchanges. That standard was thrown away during the tech bubble. To pump of their values, the companies engaged in "staged dealing" just like the junk bond crooks. Company #1 would "sell" 20 million dollars in banner ads to Company #2 which would in turn "sell" 20 million in banner ads to Company #1. In fact, nobody sold anybody anything. Company #2 ran ads for Company #1 and billed it for them. Company #1 ran ads for Company #2 and billed for an equal amount. These should have been called media trades not sales, but Wall Street was happy to claim them as legitimate cash sales and then use the sales numbers to fraudulently value these companies - many of them totally worthless - in the hundreds of millions and sometimes even the billions. ***The "Credit Crisis" dissected By now, you see how the scheme works. It's not complicated at all. You take near worthless pieces of paper (junk bonds, stock of start up Internet companies, etc.) and declare them to be good as gold. Then you create as many junk bonds and Internet start up stocks as you get and sell them as fast as you can. In the case of our current crisis, the instrument of fraud was so-called sub-prime mortgages. Previously, sub-prime mortgages had very little trading value. Only people in the sub-prime industry itself dealt in them and for good reason. They're tricky to value and packed with financial peril. But Wall Street changed all that. Wall Street said: "If we take LOTS of these mortgages and assemble them into large pools and then slice and dice the pools in various ways, we can sell the slices to banks and other investors as AAA paper." It sounds crazy, doesn't it? If the underlying pieces of paper are garbage, how does assembling a whole bunch of garbage into one place make it "better?" It doesn't, of course, and this is a principle even a three year old child can understand. But greed and the need to pump up a shaky economy for propaganda purposes are two very strong motivators. Banks created these mortgage pools, sold them to each other, and they by virtue of these "staged sales" declared them valuable. Do you recognize the pattern now? If you do, then you are now smarter than all the assembled who do financial reporting because they apparently can't - or won't. This is the THIRD trillion-dollar plus fraud driven financial meltdown in twenty years and apparently no one in the financial news media can see how it happened. ***But there's more... Junk bonds were mass manufactured as fast as the crooks could invent them. Ditto for Internet stocks. But how did hundreds of billions of dollars worth of "toxic" mortgages suddenly come into being? Why did the mortgage industry change its lending standards so radically and so suddenly to make their creation possible? And why did real estate lending regulators in all 50 states - because real estate lending is a STATE-level issue not a federal - go along with it? Here's where it gets very interesting... The fact is state-level lending regulators were VERY concerned about what was going on. They have been for years. And they not only expressed their concern clearly, they also took SERIOUS concerted legal action to stop lenders from making bad real estate loans to their citizens. (Most of the sub-prime loans in the news so much today were designed to screw the people who borrowed the money and can rightly be called "predatory" loans.) Guess who stopped the states from enforcing their own time-proven real estate lending laws and thus created the raw material that made the current "Credit Crisis" possible? *** The trillion dollar plus question If you're a US taxpayer, you're going to pay for this fraud so you might as well know who did it to you. His initials are GB. You know him well. But perhaps more interesting is the name of the person who single-handedly rallied first state attorneys general and then fellow governors to fight the creation of these loans and who in the process became Public Enemy #1 to the Bush Administration... His initials are ES. If you follow "silly" US political scandals, you'll recognize his name instantly when you hear it. And you will *finally* understand why he was quickly and permanently assassinated politically earlier this year. Had ES been allowed to "live," he would have been in position to remind everyone every day of who made the current meltdown possible. Instead, he was silenced very effectively. Not with a bullet in the back of the head, but the net effect was just the same. So effective was his assassination that no one can even mention his name in connection with today's crisis without risking ridicule, or worse. Last note: The crisis this fraud has created is *exponentially* bigger than the S & L and Tech Bubble combined. It's not going to be resolved by a quick "patch up" and will likely have the same impact on the current generation that the depression of the 1930s had on its parents, grandparents and great grandparents. "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed." President Dwight D. Eisenhower April 16, 1953 A news/debate group dedicated to Reopen the 911 investigation Publicly funded elections, the only true democracy "If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" James Madison Kill your TV before it kills you! - Victor Forsythe The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." On that cheerful note, here's the big story everyone missed this year and now you'll finally know what REALLY happened and why: - Brasscheck P.S. If you find Brasscheck TV valuable, please share our e-mail and videos with friends and colleagues. That's how we grow. Thanks. No virus found in this incoming message. 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Offline Send Email 12:29 am Re: Fw: [1wonderswhy] Global financial meltdown - a short easy to un I cannot believe this. It's like Bush had no other idea then to screw everyone in this country..why..what the heck does he get out of it? )o( Subscribe:... amanda owens merinass1498 Offline Send Email 12:44 am Re: Fw: [1wonderswhy] Global financial meltdown - a short easy to un Richer, his family owns one of the biggest banks in the world. ... From: amanda owens To: Sent: Monday, September 22,... Bob Smith whitewolfearth Offline Send Email 12:54 am Re: Fw: [1wonderswhy] Global financial meltdown - a short easy to un I agree. I was seeing where some economists are cautioning against bailouts..I am not sure if anyone listened or not..probably not. )o( Subscribe:... amanda owens merinass1498 Offline Send Email 9:28 am < Prev Topic | Next Topic > Message # Search: Advanced Start Topic SPONSOR RESULTS Sylvia Browne Prophecy - Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today. 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Jeff09/22/083:03pmYour comments are patently false Amanda. Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank, and whole slew of other Democrats defeated any efforts made by Republicans (including McCain) to reform Fannie and Freddie. Just look at who was running Fannie and Freddie... All Bill Clinton administration officials! Yup, Franklin Raines was CEO and was ousted in 2004 under the pretense of receiving early retirement. He made tens of millions of dollars while screwing both companies and helping to cause the financial mess you see today. And guess where he is now? He works for Obama's campaign and advises him on economic issues! Can you imagine that? Obama is getting his economic advise from former Bill Clinton's Franklin Raines who as CEO destroyed Fannie Mae and millions of people's lives as a result! Oh, but Bush is so evil... vote Obama! Please.
Amanda 09/22/082:06pmActually..the whole crisis we face now is because a very small an unnoticed organization that regulates banking practices and checks the balances of every national bank suddenly got the OKAY from the PREZ, or more like marching orders to override the predatory loan practices..yep thats right..Bush baby and his cronies decided to forgo all of the rules..step in and throw away regulation that states have to prevent banking institutions from making loans for people that they could never pay back. That is why you are reading about all of the buying back of bad debt...the individuals states hands were tied, because Bushy baby and buds wanted mo money. I need to post all of the links to video, and written statements as well to prove the point? Bottom line, the laws were rescended by the Bush administration so that these loans could be made and then the interest balloon on them and in the mean time the people who were told they could have the loans, told they qualified in reality had a snow balls chance in hell of ever paying them back, let alone the interest that compounded on them. That being the case..I think I will take years of Obama Hell because we certainly will not survive a Bush hand puppet.
Ed09/22/0812:31pmJeff and Ken, Excellent synopsis of Clinton 8 horrifying years as President and gives us a look at what Obama will bring to the table, which we all know will be nothing but grief and pain for America. :)
Jeff09/22/0812:20pmPie, Barney Frank is a Democrat, not a Republican. Whatever article you read abbreviated the word "Representative" as "Rep". Sorry to embarrass you like this. Barney Frank completely failed at his job to regulate Fannie and Freddie because him and his Democrat fat cats were hell bent of giving out low income loans to people who clearly could not pay the money back. Nice try. Bam Bam, the surplus in the 90's was a result of the Contract with America which was a Republican measure that forced Clinton to a very tight budget. Read about it. Clinton had to go along with a bunch of Republican measures like Nafta and welfare reform because Republicans took over the house in 1994. Clinton just rode the wave and passed his time fornicating with interns while failing his main responsibility as President which was to protect this country. His administration is at fault for the wall that existed between the FBI and CIA, and he was responsible for reductions in spending on our military which together led to 9/11. You guys should thank me for the valuable education you are receiving. :-)
Ken09/22/0812:10pmBam Bam 911 was a product of Slick Willie dropping the ball so to speak. in 93 the trade centers were hit, minimal damage, but bombed. What did he do NOTHING! The navy ship Cole got hit still nothing, meanwhile Slick Willie Clinton is Fxxking Monica in the White House, just like his predicessor JFK. What great leaders, NOT!! Then September 11th happened from the lack of leadership from Clinton. Bush handled it great! We have not been bombed since then and with Clinton's henchman George Tennet former FBI Director out we now have the FBI and the CIA working together to protect us. they have stopped many attempts since the Republicans have been in office. Obama will not protect this country he will want to meet with them which means not him but some bumbling fool, hey who knows maybe Ayers, his terrorist buddy, who will probably give them tips on where to hit us next. I and many, many Americans feel Obama is not the right choice for us and will vote for McCain and Palin. It is so funny that you liberal democrats are looking for anything to pick on this wonderful person Sara Palin which we know will do wonders for this country.
Pie09/22/0811:59amSorry Bam Bam. The reps want to write a blank check so that Fanny and Freddie can pad their pockets. It's the fat getting fatter before the poeple see one dime of help. My tax dollars aint going to line some fatboys wallets while my fellow americans go hungry and lose their homes! I see Jeff commented again, he totally ignored the facts again that were laid down in front of him. Sorry I missed this poll from the begining. But, it amazes me what some folks think is okay and what should be normal. QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: Who said "This would be a lot easier if this was a dictatorship. So long as I'm the dictator."
Bam Bam09/22/0811:32amHey Pie I'm not a man. But, great comment! I forgot to mention, isn't it amazing there are over 1,000 votes concerning this poll and only like 28 people commenting. Hmmm...sounds like some republican vote cheaters! How typical! HAHAHAHAAAA.
Jeff09/22/0811:31amThanks Ken! Yes, the only problem is that Obama only grants interviews with strict conditions on the type of questions that are asked. Same with his wife Michelle. Unlike McCain and Palin, the Obamas always provide a long list of items that cannot be discussed. I certainly can't blame them for trying to hide his involvement with people like William Ayers and Tony Rezko. Its frighting how the media has abandoned all pretense of neutrality by ignoring these glaring issues and instead going after Pailin on phone and inconsequential nonsense.
Pie Pie Pie Pie09/22/0811:22amMy my, you know Bam Bam your right my man about Freddie Mac - they are still trying to pay out BIG bonuses to their execs amidst this government buyout. The democrats are trying to make it so that if they government doles out this cash that Fannie and Freddie don't use ANY of that money to pay out those bonuses to management. I am shocked that these assholes are still trying to make money. The dems will agree to the Reps plan but only if congress approves the stipulation that these big bonuses are NOT paid. I agree too, they shouldn't get our tax money as their bonuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of ****. Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services panel, said that Paulson “is being entirely unreasonable” to expect that Congress will pass a bill right away without examining the proposal thoroughly and adding provisions Democrats want, such as the curbs on executive pay. You can read the whole story on MSN. Leave it to the Reps to want to pay those corporate bone heads their bonuses. That's real leadership for ya!
Bam Bam09/22/0811:11amYeah, Bush and the Republicans they are true reformers alright! We're damn near 11 TRILLION IN DEBT that' s my kind of reform! Something you should be proud to be a part of! When Clinton came into office we had a surplus. All my information in this poll and stats came out of the World Almanac 2008 - I suppose Obama paid them off so they would print lies to make the reps look bad too. Ed, JEff and American citizen you need to stay out of Milkshakes - milkshakes. It is not the dems fault for 9/11 - it is not the dems fault we are spending 11 Billion we don't have per month on a war that is fruitless. BUSH is to blame - big deal Dems took donations - Fannie and Freddie were not held at gunpoint to give it away. They are just as at fault for their own demise. No one is perfect - but Obama represents change this country needs. it's going to take a hell of a lot to fix our economy and the state of this nation. It's just too easy for folks like you Jeff, Ed & AC to keep the status quo and stay blind to the detrmental issues facing our country. You will never convince me that 8 more or even 4 more years of the way this country has been run is gonna be good for me, my family or our country. In eight years it has proven a FAILURE of monumental proportions!!!!!! I'll take Obama any day of the week over more of the same shhitt!
Ken09/22/0810:35amWay to Go Jeff!!!! Jeff whatever evidence you give the followers of Obama it will not work. They really need to have their heads examined. It's like they are all in an occult and Obama is the ringmaster. The guy is real trouble. I am curious to see how well he does during the debates. That's if it is not rigged with questions that he wants and has the experience to answer. I think Bill O'Reilly or Shawn Hannety should give the debate at least it would be fair and balanced and not liberal biased.
Jeff09/22/088:40amAmanda and Bam Bam, your precious Obama took what I call bribes from Fannie and Freddie to oppose regulations sponsored by Republicans like McCain that would have averted the financial meltdown. McCain was one of three cosponsors of the S.109 housing regulatory reform act which failed to pass because of your beloved Obama and the Democrats in Congress. Blaming Bush has become a knee jerk reaction to every single problem we face, and it's simply absurd. If you have any interest at all in vetting your pick for President you should really research this issue. The difference between the two candidates is stark... one is a true reformer and would bring positive change, while the other favors lobbyists even when it's at odds with what's right for this country.
Ken09/22/088:08amReading the comments on this site. I feel I have to give my comments: First of all it is not Bush's fault that Banks and Mortgage brokers sold bad loans to people who should not of had them in the first place. Here we go again blame Bush. You and all the idiotic democrats who believe this need to stop! I know all of you are upset that wacko Gore did not get the presidency, get over it already. This mess started back when Clinton was in office. But noone wants to blame Slick Willie. I think we should not bail out the banks, mortgage brokers, etc. They all knew that this would happen. Go after the CEO's Owners of the companies and make them dish out the millions that they stole to make things right. Then put them in prision. As far as the people who took the loans. They should hold some of the blame. When you make 30,000.00 a year how the hell can you afford a 200,000.00 home. If anyone wants to buy a home they need to take a class on the process can I afford a home, to making payments every month and what to expect. It is bad that alot of people lost their homes, but if they were informed and had the knowlege they would not be in the pickle they are in and the country would not be in such a Fxxking mess.
Amanda09/22/087:06amWake up Ed..thanks to Bush and his greed our economy is already in the trash..or have you not noticed the nose dive the market has done and the 700 billion dollar bail out Bush wants to give??
American Citizen09/22/086:54amBy the way George Tennent was put in as Head of the FBI when Clinton was in office, Bush did not bring him in. Bush kept him on which was a mistake. Before 911 the FBI and the CIA did not share information. After 911 George Tennent was fired (the bumbling oaf), and then it came out about the FBI and CIA holding back information that could of saved those poor people in the towers and our firefighters and police officers. Of course it did not stay on the news long because again the liberal democrats did not want the nation and world to know what idiots were in office at that time, namely the democrats...Go McCain and Palin!!!!
Ed09/22/084:29amWe do need a new poll! Some people just don't get it that Obama will destroy our economy, country and will invite more illegals (which we will have to support), and our taxes will skyrocket, because of his socialist policies, and a most important point he will invite terrorist to bomb the hell out of us and kill thousands. Jeff you are correct on all points! But the Obama followers are memorized on the the lies and bullshXt Obama has fed to them and I am sorry to say are to far gone to listen to any logical reasoning....
Amanda09/21/089:14pm* hands Bam Bam the barf bag and edges away from Milkshake knowing that she is going to be hallucinating any moment and start eating the grass..only there is no's the side walk*
Bam Bam09/21/086:00pmAmanda I'll take that bag now. Milkshake LOL I'm gonna start calling you Barfolemew if you put dope in your milkshake. I'm just kidding.
Milkshake09/21/084:12pmI only meant that it's time for a new poll. Nothing wrong. Nothing right. And definately not something nasty!
Amanda09/21/081:17pmThat would be nasty..very much so milkshake. You have to see that there are those that just don't want to open thier minds...see being right is all important. That is why I am not a party person. I don't pick the dems over the reps..personally I think they both suck major. But..if I have to choose between the two this choice would be obama
Milkshake09/21/089:24amI agree with Amanda, BamBam, and anyone who agrees..........WE NEED A DAMN NEW POLL!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, I'm going to have to start putting dope in my milkshakes. LOL
Amanda09/21/087:08amBam Bam do you need me to pass a barf bag to you? I understand and I think we need a new pole.
Bam Bam09/21/086:14amActually they do amount to quite a bit, the reps in this poll are claiming the unemployment rate is no different today than it was when Clinton was in office and it's wrong. Dems are great for employing America. I pulled those stats right from the 2008 world almanac, Jeff you can't spin em' any other way. You can see when the repulicans are in office a pattern of unemployment spiking. Our country does not do well under this leadership. Someone you are right though, we must move to the future and focus on strengthening ourseleves NOT depleting our resources further. Amanda well said girl! I think this poll is spent. If I have to look at my world almanac one more time I may vomit. This was one great conversation guys - best we've had in a long time I think! I enjoyed speaking with all of you immensely.
Someone09/20/087:05pmInfact America is perhaps the ONLY nation in the world, that believes in its future. The so-called American Dream is the very foundation of this nation which in essence is ALL ABOUT the future, and NEVER about past achievements! The Republicans this year are more prone to stand by the latter than the former, which is NOT the right way to steer this nation. The Obama/Biden ticket however, is the one holding that dream alive.
Someone09/20/086:52pmAll these statistics on previous unemployment percentages in the past, do not mount to much, I'm afraid. There is a much simpler way to look at this; If America picks the McCain/Palin ticket, America is going to be incredibly unstable and weak the next 4 yrs. domestically and internationally, because the credibility of the Republican Party has already gotten damaged PROFOUNDLY in the eyes of everyone's, both abroad and nationwide. It is just another 4 yrs of Isolationism which will not help the US, nor the Global Community one bit! Unlike all the previous elections, this year's election has EVERYTHING to do with the security of America in the future, and absolutely nothing to do with her past.
Amanda 09/20/085:51pmYou know the old saying..those who wish to remain ignorant will do so despite best intentions to illuminate. Jeff...Clinton did a fine job here. I can see that clearly. I think Obama will do a fine job too.
Bam Bam09/20/085:39pmJeff, I'm sorry but the information is out just don't want to accept it. The employement rate while Clinton was in office was the lowest it had been since the 60's. Let's forget averages and look at the real year by year percentages. When Regan left office in 88 it was 5.5 - Bush Sr. left office it was 7.5 - then when Clinton entered office and each successive year until 2000 it declined until it reached 4.0. You would rather go with the average on all the years because it's a higher number and closer to what we have today because you would have us beleive things are no different now than they were 8-10 years ago. Everyone here sees through it. 1992 - 7.5 1993 - 6.9 1994 - 6.1 1995 - 5.6 1996 - 5.4 1997 - 4.9 1998 - 4.4 1999 - 4.2 2000 - 4.0
Milkshake09/20/085:03pmIm so afraid to voice my opinion about this particular subject/poll, but I will say this: I CAN'T STAND PRESIDENT BUSH. He has really harmed our country in many different ways. I really hope and pray our nation will improve after this next election.
Jeff09/20/085:02pmAll of your numbers do not change the fact that the average unemployment rate for all eight years of Clinton and of Bush were both 5.2%. You are wasting your time taking this discussion off on a tangent trying to quibble over what is a very similar record in terms of unemployment. When Bush came into office he inherited an economy that was experiencing NEGATIVE growth (GDP)... this has never happened since. The bust started while Clinton was in office and pulverized many of those jobs you so proudly say Clinton created. 9/11 occurred because of Clinton's incompetence in dealing with terrorism which only made the economy even more of a challenge for Bush, who did just fine considering. What you fail to understand is that every day people are what improve the economy, not Government. Government only gets in the way when they overstep their bounds. In a free market drivien society, people and their innovative and competitive nature are what propel the economy forward. We do not live under a monarchy. No one ever became successful/wealthy by getting handouts, yet if you listen to Obama and his ilk that is exactly what they propose. They use class warfare to demonize the wealthy/successful people and promise everything under the sun to those non-producers. It's a scary thing when 50% of the country is forced to subsidize the other 50%. Politicians like Obama try to buy votes by promising to steal from Peter to pay Paul. If we continue down that road it will inevitably lead to a deep rooted socialist environment which means goodbye to freedom and prosperity.
Bam Bam09/20/082:27pmAmanda your right! Thank you for pulling that up because I didn't want to! - Jeff sorry your wrong again. Also, I never said that our employment rate was due to the war and that was why we shouldn't be there. What I said is we need to pull back from the war, regroup, strengthen our borders and begin again with a fresh strategy. We need to move on to the future not live in the past. I also said the money that is being spent on the War (10 Billion per mo.) needs to go back into our economy. The job losses are contributing heavily to the housing markets. IT is beyond ignorant to say that because one group accepted donations that they are at complete fault for the downfall of the Fannie / Freddie entities. I doubt anyone would agree with that theory. However, Pie made a good point...Palin is being investigated and I checked on it, the investigation began long before she was announced on McCain's ticket. So anyone can point fingers all they want, the fact remains she is being investigated and the dems have every right to call her ass on the carpet about it if they want. Frankly, I think it speaks volumes of what she is capable of in a larger setting and it does go to character. She has yet to speak on this issue and other Reps are calling for an investigation. She isn't fooling anyone and as a new face in politics she's gonna go throught he ringer just like everyone did to Obama. No crybabies allowed in big boy politics. I believe the democrats will be back in office and everyone will see things will get better and jobs will be brought back into our country where they belong. Think about it, every company that outsources jobs in order to capitalize on profit is selling out their own country.
Milkshake09/20/082:03pmVery true Amanda!! Hope the unemployment rate goes down again.
Amanda09/20/0812:45pmHere Jeff..again, please stop thinking we're stupid. here is the actual figures THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 7, 2000 THE CLINTON-GORE ECONOMIC RECORD: THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN 30 YEARS THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE SINCE 1969 AND MORE THAN 20 MILLION NEW JOBS. In 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected President, the American economy was barely creating jobs, wages were stagnant, and the unemployment rate was 7.5 percent. His bold, three-part economic strategy focused on three objectives: fiscal discipline, investing in education, health care, science and technology, and opening foreign markets. Today’s jobs release provides more evidence that this strategy is working: The Unemployment Rate Was 4.2 Percent in 1999 -- the Lowest Since 1969. The unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in December bringing the average unemployment rate for 1999 to 4.2 percent -- the lowest since 1969. The unemployment rate has fallen for seven years in a row. It has remained below 5 percent for 30 months in a row. For women the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent -- the lowest since 1953. African American and Hispanic Unemployment Rates Were the Lowest on Record in 1999. The unemployment rate for African Americans has fallen from 14.2 percent in 1992 to 8.0 percent in 1999 – the lowest rate on record. The unemployment rate for Hispanics has fallen from 11.6 percent in 1992 to 6.4 percent in 1999 -- the lowest rate on record. 20.4 Million New Jobs Created Under the
Jeff09/20/088:37amThe average unemployment rate under Clinton and Bush was exactly the same... about 5.2%. The only reason I even brought this up is because you said "no one is working", and you used this as a basis to say we should not be in Iraq. If you follow unemployment statistics at all you would realize that this is a non-issue. Even now, we have the lowest unemployment rate in the industrial world so you are wasting your time on this issue. Regarding Freddie and Fannie, Democrats were "driving this bus" and are responsible for everything that has happened in the real estate market. Obama received tons of cash from these organizations so that he would stop regulations proposed by Republicans. Freddie and Fannie was a big money train for Democrats, many who were Clinton appointees like Jamie Gorelick who became multi-millionaires at the tax payer's expense. This is the real story that the media/Democrats are desperately trying to avoid. Instead, they attack Palin on phony inconsequential charges... it's the usual Democrat playbook which always amounts to nothing. You guys don't really want "change"... certainly not change for the better. Your number 1 pick is a corrupt, self serving, empty suit who associates with some of the most anti-American and shady characters in the US (William Ayers and others).
Pie09/20/088:17amHey Jeff & Ed, Palin is under investigation for abuse of power. What Obama did taking the donations I don't think is nearly as bad. It isn't great, but it's not firing someone simply because they won't fire your brother in-law. This action goes STRAIGHT to Palin's character. Now, here's the kicker....McCain say's this isn't a big deal and Dems are only probing into the case to embarass Palin. Well, not so. The probe got underway before Palin was announced as McCains running mate and a Republican state senator from Palin's hometown of Wasilla broke a 2-2 party-line vote by a legislative committee to subpoena testimony from 13 individuals, including Todd Palin. Five Republican legislators later filed a lawsuit to block the investigation. It amazes me that Obama is trying to fix the situation with the Fannie Freddie collapse and as usual the Reps are sweeping things under the carpet.
Amanda09/20/084:59amI agree Pat. the numbers speak for themselves. I see things this way. Who has been driving the bus? Is the bus crashing. Replace the bus driver with another one who may actually be able to think a bit more clearly.
Bam Bam09/19/087:33pmBy the way Jeff, the head of the FED was picked by Bush. He put him in office. The housing market crashed because these loans were poorly managed and the houses were over praised. We are talking about simple greed. People couldn't pay the loans on the mortgages because the rates kept increasing and now those people have no homes and no jobs either. You cannot dumb it down - you can say it's bribes in your book - its not your book that matters. You also said he pushed for the bailout because if not there would have been investigations that would have exposed this truth - the truth has been exposed already. There is nothing being hidden.
Milkshake09/19/087:05pmBamBam, I definately agree with your last statement!! It's time for a milkshake.
Bam Bam09/19/086:50pmHere is where I got my info on unemplyment - everyone should read it. 6.1% may not sound like a lot - but it's almost 10 million people. Now in Sept. 2000 when Clinton was still in office the unemployment rate was 3.9% - EXACTLY ONE YEAR LATER when Bush took office Unemployment jumped the highest it had been in four years 5.8%. It has been a steady increase ever since. Jeff your gonna have a hard time proving your case my brother.........
Bam Bam09/19/086:19pmWell if you want to get technical let's get technical. The number of unemployed persons in the US jumped .04 percent in August 2008 that is 592,000 people making a total of 9.4 million people unemployed. Are you saying that is acceptable? Now, mind you these statistics are for people who work full time jobs. These number don't include part-time workers who are without employment. If part-time workers were included these numbers would double. My reasoning is in black and white and this many people without work is NOT acceptable by any standards. There is no house of cards to fall apart, the statistics are what they are. This difference is I care and you think it's okay. As for the Fannie and Freddie situation, yeah they shouldn't have takent the money. But, to insinuate that because they accepted the money that one individual or group is solely to blame for an entities collapse. For example: I run my own business if I make lot's of money and donate that money to a group while my managers get lots of raises and then I cannot run my business effectively enough to care for my customers that is not the groups fault. That is my fault - and in the case of Fanny and Freddie it's more than just the democrats at fault. They may be part of it - but it's not to the detriment you described. This will not make the whole campaign fall apart.
Jeff09/19/084:27pmBam Bam, regarding your last posting about Freddi and Fannie... you are exactly correct. If you dig deeper however, you will see that the "contributions" which I call bribes were going to mostly Democrat politicians. Obama was the number two recipient in money, and Chris Dodd was number 1. It's no wonder than he pushed for the bailout because if not there would have been investigations that would have exposed this truth in a time when Democrats have been campaigning on change and transparancy. Democrats are 99% responsible for planting the seeds which led to the collapse of the real estate market. They penalized banks when they failed to give out low income housing loans and the Fed reduced interest rates so much that borrowing money was cheap. If the roles were reversed and Republicans were to blame, you can bet that the main stream media would be running stories about it every chance they could in an effort to destroy Republicans.
Jeff09/19/083:58pmTo answer your question Bam Bam, I first need to debunk your premise that "no one is working". Only 6% of our nation is "not working", so your entire line of reasoning about not being able to pay for the war just falls apart like a house of cards. Our unemployment rate is far lower than any other country including all of Europe. Besides, we are doing well in Iraq, thank goodness to Bush who stuck it out through all the defeatist Democrat rhetoric. Again, your premise that Bush lied is false so your entire argument about the war also collapses like a house of cards. If Bush is a liar, then so are all the Democrats who voted for the war, the CIA who said Saddam had WMD, the FBI, Britain Intelligence, Egyptian Intelligence, France, Germany, and yes, even Vladamir Putin from Russia. You hard core left wing Dems just can't stand the fact that in the end we have succeeded in this war. Many of the same Democrats who are now bashing Bush about the war were out there talking about how important it was to see it through and that it would take a long time. The Iraqi people will be having their third democratic elections soon, their country is much safer, and their future is certainly much better than it ever was under Saddam. Tens of thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists have either been killed or captured since 9/11, the violence is way down... you should be happy about all this!? Instead, you would rather Iraq imploded and the terrorists get their way than be wrong about the prospects of success and freedom in Iraq. Besides, your rantings about Bush are tiresome and a complete waste of time since he is not even running for President in this Election. Obama has been trying to paint McCain as 4 more years of Bush, which is a complete waste of time because they are so different in so many ways. Obama was wrong about the surge, he is wrong about taxes and is now changing his position about that, and I find it amusing that you keep saying Palin has little experience when Obama's experience is completely inferior. I'll agree with one thing you said, and that is that both Dems and Reps are big spenders. Still, Republicans are much better on spending than Dems... just look at the Contract with America led by our Republican Congress in the 1990's which led to our surplus. This is what Republicans are about and I agree that they have strayed from this and that Bush didn't use his veto pen nearly enough, but at least they are not out there promising to expand every social program out there including things like Universal Health care and other programs that Government has no business handling. If you are really upset about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and if you are upset about our horrible bankrupt Social Security System, then beware of the candidate that is promising more Government to solve all our problems... that is Obama.
Bam Bam09/19/083:38pmOkay I'm up to speed on the weeks events. Freddie and Fannie used huge lobbying budgets and political contributions to keep regulators off their backs. This was an internal issue, they took advantage of the gsc structure. This was a Fannie and Freddie management issue and it has led to this breakdown. They also paid out huge management bonuses when they boosted their profits. They were paying themselves to their own detriment. You can't blame it on one source. These payouts also led to some of the problems. Special interest lobbies should not be able to block regulations, however, that money was paid out by Fannie and Freddie regardless of who received it. Yyou can't say just because the people who took that money are soley at fault. That is unreasonable given the complete facts that have come out. Obama is being cautious and is supporting a stimulus package that will get them out of trouble. McCain is not proposing that at all.
Bam Bam09/19/083:14pmEd & Jeff you can make up all the excuses you want, it doesn't alleviate the fact that BUSH lied and has done nothing to help our economy or stop this war. The Reps have made a mess of our nation. As for your lobbyist comment.. how about the Republican pork barrell spending?? I will comment further when I look into your allegations regarding same. Rep's are no better at least Obama's agenda will make the changes we need and put America back on track. Palin can't even list her experience and McCain thinks our economy is in good shape. We don't need someone in office that has no real concept of the danger our country is in. As for you Jeff I like that fact that you ignored my question to you. How are we gonna keep fighting this war when no one is working - who's gonna foot the 10 billion dollar monthly bill then? Hope your not getting ready to retire - maybe they'll take more from medicare or who knows maybe they will do away with social security. You don't really beleive they will cut back their own spending to afford it? God forbid Bush **** on anything less than a $1,000 toilet seat. Ed, If the worst thing you can say about Clinton is he kept a secret (which isn't even true btw) than you've got nothing. Our economy was fabulous when he was in office and people got off welfare and went to work, who cares if he got a blowjob in the oval office - what man wouldn't if given the chance. Clinton didn't know anything about the pending attacks, however, the CIA from my understanding kept it unknown because they didn't believe the chatter. That is not the democrats at work dismo. Intelligent Americans you say? Every person that voted for Bush out of fear, loyalty or whatever, your just as to blame for his actions and the current state of our country because your the ones that put him in office. But, I forgive you because I'm sure you had the best intentions when you did it. Your right the intelligent Americans won't permit this to go on any longer. Can't wait to continue this discussion in November. I hope the Dems smoke the Reps. It is good to see we all care about our country though and we are very impassioned about it's wellbeing.
Ed09/19/081:29pmI totally agree with you Jeff. Pat don't be silly, we could not stand 4 years with a democrat in office let alone 20+ years. Just with the 8 years with Clinton he was to busy screwing Monica and then worring about his slimy reputation that we got bombed by Terrorists which led to September 11th. September 11th only happened on Bush's watch because the FBI and the CIA under Clinton refused to share secret info to the new administration so we could of stopped the bombings. Clinton and his henchmen knew this was coming but did nothing to stop it. So you say 20+ years with a Democrat, sorry intellegent Americans will not let that happen. :)
Pat09/19/0810:50amWhoops! Did my math wrong. Out of 28 yrs. since bush,sr. we have had Reps in 20 yrs. We should give the Dems 20 yrs. in the White House to see what would happen. It couldn't hurt us any worse than now.
Pat09/19/089:47amAmanda, you know what many of the super wealthy men did when the stock market of '29' collapsed? They committed suicide...shooting themselves in the head, hanging themselves, taking poison, over-dosing on meds, jumping out the windows of tall bldgs. All because they couldn't stand the thought of being poor. What would the super wealthy do now, that have never been poor? They know exactly what they are doing to this nation and most politicians are in their pockets. Bam Bam, read my last comment again. I said at the end of it,"That should say in itself which PARTY did the most damage." I should have explained further...We have had 24 yrs. out of 28 yrs. of Reps in the White House, just since bush,sr. That is what is wrong with our nation. This nation should give the Dems 24 yrs. in the White House and at least see what it would do for the nation.
Jeff09/19/088:51amFunny how Bam Bam completely ignores what I said about how Democrats are responsible for the demise of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Democrats like Obama were paid big bucks by these organizations to stay out of the way of Republican sponsored regulations. These have been Democrat Government entities since they were founded, and they have been greasing Democrat lawmakers to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Obama was the second highest paid recipient of these lobbyists (Chris Dodd was number one). Also, its frightening to hear you talk about the President as if he is some kind of monarch who will come into office and save us from ourselves. Congress makes up the legilative branch and there are too many liberals in both the House and Senate expanding Government involvement in our lives. Too many Democrats (and some liberal Republicans) are big spenders who get too involved in areas they don't belong. Obama has been propped up by the media for the past year, and now that McCain and Pailin are getting the spotlight it's driving you Dems crazy! You attack Palin personally, and focus on phony issues like passports or whatever the latest thing is, but the bottom line is she has more executive experience than your number 1 pick for President, and she represents real change because unlike Obama, she's not afraid to take on her own party. Oh, and Clinton was a disaster for our National Security which is why we were attacked repeatedly throughout the 90's and then on 2001. Notice how silent the media is now on the issue of Iraq? That's because we have been hugely successful in fulfilling all of our goals there. Violence is way down, and things on the political front have improved significantly. Even Obama has had to agree. 10 Billion dollars a month (if that number of yours is correct) is worth every penny when it comes to securing our nation, freeing Iraq from a Dictatorship and Al Qaeda, and bringing a democratically elected government to the Middle East that we can call our Ally.
Bam Bam09/19/086:47amJeff not all my info comes from Obama's website. Nice try, how small minded. The info from his websites are cited with links below. Pat, Cliinton wasn't bad for our country, our country was in it's best economical shape in years because of him. Granted he was a playboy, but a damn fine president. McCain is not going to win...the poll show that Palins excitement is dying down and the truth about her experience is coming out as well. Jeff and Ed you say what you want, the American People will not be blinded anymore. This economy is not the fault of the democrats that took over Congress in 2006, luckily they did otherwise we could be in worse shape if Bush had been left to his own devices any longer. This country has been in a steady decline since 9/11 and we spend 10 Billion dollars a month on a war that has produced nothing but further decline. The terrorists are still there, and so is that assholle Osama Bin Laden, BILLIONS and he's still a rat in a cave breathing somewhere. American are done with Republican leadership, even McCain and Palin said Bush dropped the ball and Washington is not working for the people. But, we cannot fix this economy by continuing to spend 10 Billion tax dollars per month blowint holes in another country - billions of tax dollars that the gov't only gets when people are working. PEOPLE DON'T HAVE JOBS - How do you propose the gov't is going to afford to continue this war? The people won't stand for it anymore! The republicans are not going to win - they represent wasteful spending - higher taxes - still no word on bringing jobs back to the US - and keeping the WAR going. I'm tired of living this way and you should be too!
Amanda09/19/086:02amI think the biggest problem is that none of them have figured out you can't eat money. If you take a peak at wall street you find out that the largest insurers in the world are going broke. Guess will continue to happen because we are going to continue with an escalation of natural disasters, which means those companies are going to loose even more money..probably for the first time they are going to be passing out more then they take in. We saw what happened with the stock market Monday because of this. Yet, many don't really want to admit that the Natural happenings of this planet has any impact on our financial futures..bull crap.
Pat09/19/085:56amI agree, matter is what it is. Like I said in an earlier comment, it is too late for our nation to cry over spilled milk. Ed and Jeff, some people can't help but be against mccain and palin. It is still a close race, isn't it? It is anybody's guess on who gets in the White House. Our nation is in such trouble...reagan 8 yrs., bush,sr. for 4 yrs., then clinton, for 8 yrs., then bush,jr. for 8 yrs. That should say in itself which party did the most damage.
Amanda09/18/088:43pmWell no matter what..the government sucks now..the economy is gone to hell and guess who is in the white house. I don't even think Bushes own parties want to risk another four years. I also agree Ed's statements are nothing more then an attempt to get attention. I think Jeff is just as blind too. I have a news flash for everyone. I am not a party person. I go by what I read on BOTH ends and who looks the best as far as past performance. You know in other words I look at it like this. I am about to hire this guy..does he have what it takes or not?
Jeff09/18/087:56pmWow Bam Bam, some of the things you say are truly some of the most uninformed and ignorant. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were quasi government entities that were lining the pockets people like Barrack Obama and other primarily Democrat politicians. That's right, your Democrat party would return the favor by blocking initiatives by Republicans to regulate their practices of providing low income housing loans. This is what happens when Government gets involved in areas they do not belong. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were political organizations that were pressured by mostly Democrats to buy "low income loans" in the secondary mortgage market. Translated, that means "people who cannot afford to pay the loans back!" On the surface it sounds like the benevolent and all caring Democrats are fighting for the poor, but the truth is they were destroying their lives and lining their pockets doing it. With the Federal Government pushing for these junk loans AND most importantly providing a Government guarantee (bail out if necessary), it encouraged this kind of behavior because there was no risk and no accountability! What's more outrageous is that the very people who destroyed these two organizations have now taken them over with our taxes... our Federal Government! Remember how WorldCom and Enron's executives went to jail for their irresponsible behavior? Why aren't the top executives of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae being investigated and convicted of any crimes? That's because there is a double standard when Government is involved and there is no accountability. You want change? Then Obama is certainly not the candidate because he is part of the existing corrupt Democrat establishment in Washington. I see you are getting your information from Barrack Obama's website Bam Bam... you really need to branch out a bit and get your information from sources without such a blatant conflict of interest.
Bam Bam09/18/087:36pmSarah Palin just got her passport for the first time last year. This is verified. It's not her lack experience we question Ed & Jeff, it's her actual experience that has been brought into question. Her experience as an Executive has come into question recently and information has come out about decisions she has made. She puts friends and relatives in positions of power that they are clearly not qualifed for and she has demonstrated during her experience that she is secretive and divisive, that's not what America needs. Thats just more Bush. For her to joke and say she can see Russia from her house IS an insult to the intelligence of America and we deserve better! She has absolutely ZERO experience in foreign affairs and when she was asked point blank name your acheivements in this area, list them for us. She couldn't. Watch Keith Obermann it's on tape. She couldn't answer the question. She just spewed some crap about we're ready. We're ready to do the job. Then she had the gall to tell the audience if you want to know what my accomplishments are if you want me to list them (foreign affairs) just ask me I'll list em' for you. WELL SHE WAS ASKED and that was her answer. If McCain really beleives Sarah can lead this country in his absence if (God Forbid) something happens to him what does that say about him? What does that say about his "America First?" She is not qualified.
Bam Bam09/18/086:43pmHere it is, in writing by Barack Obama. His plan for our economy. The dems are not out to raise taxes, but to lower them and make corporations more responsible and end tax breaks for the corporate owners. I think we can bring a responsible end to the war and focus our energies on a brighter tomorow and strength at home while protecting our borders.
Bam Bam09/18/086:36pmThe economy hit a new low this week, and in every part of the country, people like you are feeling it. The recent financial disasters -- from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the historic drop in the stock market -- are not just a string of bad luck. They are the result of years of bad decisions made in favor of big corporate special interests instead of America's working families. More than 600,000 Americans have lost their jobs since January. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing, and home values are plunging. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and we're still spending more than $10 billion every month on a war in Iraq that should never have been waged. John McCain's campaign is doing everything it can to focus attention on false personal attacks and distractions -- but there's too much at stake for that kind of politics. Watch this new ad from Obama's campaing. It's very interesting and informative.
Bam Bam09/18/083:23pmEd are you saying if we agree with Obama's same views and beliefs we are terrorists? Because that's what I'm reading in your statement and if that is what your indeed arguing then your comments (In my opinion) have no merit whatsoever from this point on. It would seem to me you are trying to get attention any way you can.
Pat09/18/081:03pmFinancially, for the people of this nation, we all know that another Rep is going to do whay they always do. As far as O'Bama and Biden, I will vote for, but have an uneasy trust until he proves he is better than any Rep.
Pat09/18/088:38amAmanda, many, many people are starting to see how nature...the earth...our only home is changing. It is going through another evolution and all living things in nature are feeling it and people with a closeness with nature can feel it. It also doesn't help with the VERY wealthy adding to the destruction of so much and palin lives right where a lot of nature is untouched. She definitely doesn't care about our earth-home. I can't understand why she would fly in a helicopter to chase animals down that are becoming close to extinction. The Polar bears are all actually starving to death, also many penguins. A lot of people laugh and don't realize how it will finally get to us and it has already started. So how could she possibly take care of us in our everyday lives if something happened to mccain? Like I said earlier...the lesser of two evils...I have to go for O'bama. The truth about everything will come out anyway with whoever gets in the White House.
Ed09/18/088:28amHis friend is a terrorist and your friends have the same or close to the same ideals, views and beliefs. Obama met with Ayers to discuss his run to be president. I would not be surprised to see Ayers as Secretary of State. Get you head out of your ass and know this. If he gets in and I mean if this country will take a major slide down, which will make it more difficult for the Republicans to bail us out the next election, and you then can be proud that you voted for this socialist loser, and it would be your fault. I am reading on this site people talking about assasination, well that is a possiblity. We have alot of crazies out there. I don't care for Obama and his politics but that would be horrible. That's not the answer. If you don't like him vote for the other guy.
Amanda09/18/086:55amEd the very fact you keep referring to Obama as a terrorist lets me personally know that you have not done any personal research at all. The ONLY point you can make is a vote record while there is TONS of things in the news about Palin and Mcain. Sorry, but their records speak for themselves. You want to be an ostrich with your head in the sand, fine with me. You say that the only person talking about racism is the ones FOR Obama..pray tell..exactly what do you think calling OBama a terrorist is? It certainly has no foundation is truth at all. The facts are out there IF you wanted them. Clearly you don't. Those who wish to remain ignorant will do so, no matter what. Yes Pat the changes are everywhere..rising gas prices, food, cost of living, in the ethics (LOL what a joke) and treatment of each human to another. The earth her self is undergoing a radical change. But, you know as well as I do that the majority of people will willingly choose to not see it until it is far to late. That is as it was predicted. Call me what you will, but you know..this time next year I think I will be in even a better position to say 'I told you so'.
Ed09/18/086:25amI agree with Jeff. I am a conserative first and a Republican second. The only ones talking about racism is the Democrats. I don't care if Obama is green! He is not right for this country. Big deal he went to college and studied constitional law. He needs that when he meets with his terrorist friend Ayers. You say he was also a professor, where Terrorist/racist University. His only experience is joining a political committee. Wow, very impressive. He has not voted on anything but he makes sure he is there for roll call. Sara and McCain have more honesty, integrity and experience that Obama hands down. All Obama has is Biden one of the good ole boys. Maybe Obama will be ready next time, but not now. He needs to prove himself and he has not done that. They need to take away his teleprompter and then we will see how he does. I saw him on the O'Reilly factor and he did not do so well during his interview with Bill he side stepped and stuttered alot. Not very impressive for someone who wants to hold the most important job in this country. We need McCain and Palin. :)
Pat09/18/085:40amYou're right, Amanda, peoples' way of life is drastically changed and it may never recover. It's sad! Someone, if O'bama gets in, that's where he is supposed to be. Assasination keeps crossing my mind, also. Everyone can put a sheild of protection around him, because it will mean he can help the nation in the first 4 yrs. If he gets in the next term after this, that will be when the nation will start feeling the pressure the Reps have put on our nation really change. "Moral objections against dirty tactics" is mostly all politicians. Amanda, dear, there really isn't a separation of church and state when in politics. Politicians always do the opposite. Jeff, the change has been here for awhile and will continue. It's called evolution, even if on a small scale year by year. It is about 60% man-made and 40% nature. Some of us can feel it in the air. I forgot to add to my list in my last comment about gas, food, and everyday things we all need that is ridiculously high. Everything went downhill with Reps. in office. Oh, and thousands of foreclosures on homes, not due to the people that bought their homes. It wasn't that way with Dems in office. palin is another bush all the way. Of course Dems are one-sided and Reps are one-sided. An even keel and Yes the nation is awake.
Amanda09/18/084:11amLet's see..where would I get the idea of assassination,. Kennedy, Reagan , Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ( a personal hero of mine) should I continue the list? All of that has been within the past 40 odd years. Yeah your right we are all trippin' out. Racism doesn't exist anymore..the KKK is a thing of the past...NOT. These things are a live and well. Is it the end..yes it is..but not of the world but of the way things have been done. The tome for greed and destruction is over but that means things will get worse before they get better. I like what Ghandi had to say "If there were no Greed, there would be no need" and oh yeah, he was murdered too wasn't he?Wake up Jeff and smell the coffee..this world is a dark place run by people who suck the life out of everyone beneath them. I hope..really hope that Obama gets the presidency. His education is superior to Palins and MCains as well as his experience. He does have foreign policy experience too and neither of them do. He has experience in constitutional law, was a professor of such for eight years. IMO, if the only thing one can say about him is that his vote record isn't as strong as others, well you know he was probably out taking care of messes made by the Bush administration overseas. There is no way in hell I feel Palin has anywhere near enough experience to put her on the world stage right now.
Ed09/18/084:00amGood Morning Everyone! Bam Bam Hillary is not a candidate so she does not matter. The fact is that Sara has alot to offer and the Liberal Democrats are scared so that is why they go after her. Also Obama does have a muslum background no matter how much the Dems try to hide it. The reason our economy is in trouble is because big business CEO's screwed the American people so they could make all those millions. I blame them and The Senate and Congress they all knew what was going on but did nothing. They wanted to help Obama with this election by letting all of us hurt and then we would believe the crap that it was the Republicans fault. It is all a game. If Obama gets in get ready for our economy to belly up because he will tax the hell out of all of us. Don't believe that he will tax only the rich. There are more poor and middle class than the rich. Our ulilities will also go up drastically. I believe McCain and Palin can get us back on track. Obama will destroy our country. In this situation we need candidates with true experience (McCain/Palin) not someone with lies and empty promises (Obama/Biden). :)
Someone09/17/0811:24pmYou gotta love Bush atleast for one thing: Whether he(and the NeoCons) meant it that way or not, the whole country is now alive, awake and engaged in the political debate regarding who should be running the country! Obviously they wanted so badly to wake the people up from their slumber and to fight off the enemy(terror) -- well the people are certainly awake now. :p
Bam Bam09/17/0810:17pmChar, it's not about who wearing the high heels. It's that fact that Palin doesn't have enough on her resume for the job. Hillary Clinton has more on Palin. Palin is a great speaker and she is very likeable in many respects, but she doesn't have the background and length of experience someone in this position of power in Washington should have.
Char 09/17/0810:00pmHello everyone let me start by saying I really like Jeff & Ed's views . Every one has a right to their oppion. I vote on the issues and on the person that is running for office. I have to say the last 4 years have been hard for some people . I feel that McCain is are man & I really like his pick for Vice president . Very good choice . I dont undersand what all the fuss is about regarding his running mate . The democrates had no problem when Hilary Clinton was running . Now all of a sudden she's a women so she should stay in the kitchen . I quess its ok only when the high heel shoes are on the feet of a democrat . Sounds one sided to me .
Bam Bam09/17/089:03pmThanks Pat! Thanks Milkshake! That was really nice you guys. =)
Bam Bam09/17/088:51pmAmanda that was the best damn comment EVER! Ed your argument is a losing one he's not a Muslim and that comment is so old EVERYONE IS OVER IT. Thank goodness there are enough people in this country that have enough good sense to know better. The truth about Palin is coming out and McCain is losing ground he's totally clueless to our economy and the needs of this country. He proved it when he said our economy was strong two days before the stock market plummeted, AIG started going under and Lehman Brothers tanked. Wake up Ed.
Jeff09/17/088:38pmWow, some of you have really gone off the deep end. Assassinations over race? Assassinations at all? Prophecies about the end which is "near"? You guys are really off your rockers. In addition, I've read some of your comments and I can't believe the blatant hypocrisy in your words. You wine and moan about racism, sexism, and irrational forms of stereo typing your fellow man yet here you are doing exactly that when referring to Republicans. FYI, I consider myself a conservative first, and a Republican second. You call us racist homophobes. You use class warfare and claim we favor the rich. You make it seem like we want to force religion down every one's throats... none of which is true about the vast majority of Republicans. We are not racists, we are not homophobes, we favor low taxes for everyone including the rich because it improves the lives of everyone. Republicans were behind the civil rights movement, not Dems. The first black man in the Supreme Court was Republican, not Democrat. The first black woman to be Secretary of State is Republican, not Democrat. The first Hispanic man to be Attorney general is Republican. Every single one of them has been maligned by the Dems because they are conservative. Sure, there are wackos on both ends of the spectrum. You have your far right nut cases, and your far left nut cases... and then you have the rest of the people who make up about 90% of America. I'd like to think this is who we are talking about right? I don't mind discussing the issues if you are willing to use honest, rational and logical arguments to make your points, but labeling Republicans as racists who favor the rich and all that other crap you've been spewing would be like me saying all of you Democrats are a bunch of Communist, Anti-American, Pro baby killing hippies who believe 9/11 was an inside job. Do you guys like it when these kind of accusations are thrown at you when trying to have a fruitful debate? I've been reading some of the news and I can't believe how divisive and mean spirited many Obama supporters are. I haven't seen the kind of baseless attacks that have been happening to Palin since Clarance Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court. These people are so incensed that a conservative woman may be Vice President they're out there attacking her family, and trying to frame her as a book burning bible thumping moron who should stay at home with her family. It's sick.
Milkshake09/17/087:13pmHi BamBam. That was a beautiful story you told about yourself yesterday. I am so happy you are doing much better!
Amanda09/17/087:04pmWell if it isn't because he is a democrat then they'll kill him because he is black. Hell there are still fools on this thread making a to-do about what religion the man is. I wonder where these people get off and don't get the idea of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!!!
Someone09/17/086:31pmWhen I read comments like the ones posted by Ed and Jeff, I can't help getting the chills down the spine! Just imagine if Obama finally wins the election and steps into office, and in no more than 6 months he'd be assassinated by some nutcase out there who is still sore about the fact that the Republicans lost?! History has long proven to us that the Republicans are more fond of Autocracy than Democrcay eventhough on the surface they behave like people with democratic values. Atleast what the last 40 years is concerned. I tell you, there is no such thing as "moral objections against dirty tactics" in their book.
Amanda09/17/084:09pmYou'll have to copy and paste it or join a yahoo group I am a part of. It was written by the list owner.I read it and loved it. IMO...this is it folks..NEITHER of these guys stand a chance in hell of pulling the country, let alone the WORLD out of the deep crap we are in. In all honesty I don;t know if anyone here pays attention to any sort of prophesies or not, but this is it..then end is near..or the end of the way life is now..which is a good thing.
Pat09/17/082:49pmAmanda, where did you find that at? I would love to have a copy of it. To tell the truth, it will be a relief when all this is over, no matter who gets in. If Dems get in we can sigh with relief for the relief the nation will have of getting back on its' feet some and if Reps get in, at least we know where we all stand...behind the wealthy, illegal aliens, criminals, drug lords, pedophiles, other nations, the war, NASA, etc. Anything to hurt the middle class and the poor. Four more yrs. of the same last 8 yrs.
Jeff09/17/081:02pmFunny how there is a debate about who has more experience between Palin, the number 2 on the Republican ticket, and Obama, the number 1 on the Democrat ticket. Palin actually worked her way to the top, City Council, head of the Oil and Gas commission, Mayor, and now Governor. She actually has Executive experience, making law, vetoing bills, combating both Republican and Democrat incumbents on various legislative issues. Obama was a "community organizer", state senate, and then US senate where he participated in absolutely zero committees. Obama has zero executive experience, and only got where he is because of help he received from people like William Ayers who is a known terrorist and America hater. The difference between Obama and Palin is stark, one has executive experience and is not afraid to take on the establishment, the other is an empty suit. Even the Obama campaign had to drop the whole "experience" debate because it only served to expose his lack of experience.
Ed09/17/0812:40pmWith a name like Cal you call me an idiot. That's funny! Sorry, but Obama has not done a thing except show up for roll call. If he did do anything he flipped flopped that noone knows what the hell he is for. We shall see how he does without his teleprompters during the debates. We shall see the fair shake McCain gets during the debates. Most news people and stations are liberal based, I hope they can conduct themselves as grownups during the debates. Obama's stuck with college instead of flip flopping that's amazing. I guess he saved it for when it is convient for him to try to cover up his lies. He still does not have experience to run this country even if he has one of the good ole Liberal democrat boys helping him, Biden. So much for change! He should of chose Hillary!!
Pat09/17/0811:52amEveryone, I know this is a novel!!! Ginny, let me know if I am wrong in my understanding in what you mean...Christianity believes in God and Jesus and sees Jesus, Catholics worship the Virgin Mary and many have seen her, Hindus have many Gods and Goddesses that some may have seen, Islam has Allah, Native Americans worshipped the God of wind, the God of fire, etc. and saw animal spirits. So every belief system named their own God, Goddesses and Gods for their religion or spirituality. Is that what you meant? If so, that is the truth. There is one Infinite Creator of everything. Every belief around the world gave that Infinite Creator or The Great Spirit a name and the kind of worship they do, even God and Jesus. No matter what is loving and good and even scary from the spiritual world that people see is the One Infinite Creator letting all of us see what our belief or religion is, so we understand. Amanda is correct that we all have the potential to do spiritual or magic(whatever anyone calls it) working through us from a greater power. I agree, Ginny, that any religion can be abused (by being fanatical and dangerous). That's what most wars for thousands of years have mostly started from, then greed, lust and power hunger came into the picture all in the name of their religion. Bam Bam, everything you wrote is true. I saw Jesus when I was around 5 yrs. old and have never forgotten what he looked like for me(just from pictures), since no one really knows what he looked like, but through the Creator's infinite love, Jesus looked like the pictures we had in our house so I wouldn't be afraid. I sat up in bed when I saw a bright light at the foot of my bed and then he appeared and talked to me. My family and I have experienced many wonderful things and miracles and some frightening things, also. Bam Bam, like you and Char, I had cancer in 1993(I think I spoke of it somewhere in a past poll, can't remember). I and my dog knew I had it before the doctor did. When I told him I had cancer, he wasn't even interested and said I was okay. I immediately left him and found a wonderful doctor that listened to what I had to say and found it in time. If I had stayed with the other doctor I would have died by 1994. I am still cancer free. Bam Bam and Ginny, even though I call myself a witch, I still believe in the Infinite Creator or The Great Spirit that brought everything into existence and I do believe the Earth is our ultimate Mother. Ginny, you hit the nail on the head, when you said "non-thinking people would fear the word "witch". There are people in the world that would bring back "burning at the stake" and "drownings" and many other tortures if they could. I think in the future, they will. Bam Bam, when I meditate, I paint what I see in visions. I don't always understand them, but I paint them anyway, so I won't ever forget. Bam Bam, you and Char stay here, I love reading the things you write about. If someone gets angry, what can they do, but call you names? STAY!!! Amanda, that was spectacular, woman! I don't think what you wrote about "the four" could have been explained better. You, Bam Bam and Debbie helped in my decision and I am going to tell everyone I know to get on here and read what you wrote. I even laughed while reading it. It is proof to vote for O'bama. Ed, I still see your side that I still think about, but the whole nation will have all the 100% proof it needs one way or the other after the first two yrs. What Amanda wrote makes so much since when comparing everything together.
Amanda09/17/0810:17amSorry, but Obama has done more than Palin could ever hope to. At least he can start and finish at the same college.
Cal09/17/0810:06amEd is a idiot
Ed09/17/088:44amKathleen---what ignorance? I speak the truth and you know it. Feel sorry for all of us if that jerk gets into office. I know you have an issue that I call him a muslum, but his father was one and he was living with him for a while so he has the background. It is the same thing when he attended that church with the racist preacher, Oh! he did not hear the racist talk, but he went there for 20 years and he married Obama and his wife. I am sure Obama is lying as usual. Kathleen you are the ignorant one put 2 and 2 together. I like the way the liberals talk about his mother as a free spirited person....Plain and simple she was a ****! Oh my!!!! we can't speak like that about his background and family....BullshXt! If he is running for office, he better get ready for people to question his character, and we are still questioning it. He speaks like a used car salesman, his teleprompter goes with him everywhere. What an ass!
Kathleen09/17/087:28amEd ~ now you are showing your ignorance. How embarassing for you. What a shame.
Ed09/17/086:51amBoy the Democrats are so afraid of Sara Palin it is kind of funny. Her record out shines Obama's any day of the week just because he was in the Senate and was there for roll call does not mean he did anything, and that is true HE DID NOTHING!!!! Well we could talk about his associations with the wrong people (his friends), which shows his bad judgements in life or issues with his wife. She acts like the country owes here something. Not a very good first lady. We all could go on and on, but it is the same story. Obama is not right for this country! I can't wait till the debates. Sara will cream Biden and Obama will have to answer real questions without his teleprompter. I would rather eat mooseburgers than have our country become a socialist state with a Muslum for a President and a militant for a first lady! :)
Amanda09/17/086:21amI didn't write this myself, but it pretty much sums up how I see things.*Much Clearer Now....* *I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight..... If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you're 'exotic' and 'different.' Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, you're an American story. If your name is Barack you're a radical, unpatriotic Muslim. Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, and you're a maverick. Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable. Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, then you're well-grounded. If you spend 3 years as a community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, help register 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, 8 years as a State Senator of a district of 750,000 people, chair the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people, sponsor 131 bills, and serve on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works, and Veteran's Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience. If your resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town of 7,000 people, 2 years as governor of a state of 650,000 people, you're qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 daughters, all within Protestant churches, you're not a real Christian. If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, left your ill wife, and married the heiress the next month, you're a Christian. If you teach responsible, age-appropriate sex education, including the use of birth control, you erode the fiber of American society. If you staunchly advocate abstinence-only education, while your teen daughter ends up pregnant, you're responsible. If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, you don't represent America's family values. If your husband is called 'First Dude', has a DWI conviction, didn't register to vote until 25, and was a member of a group that advocated secession of Alaska from the USA, yours is the quintessential American family. And, finally, if you're famous for your quick temper, you're the one to have your finger on the red nuclear button. OK, much clearer now.
Bam Bam09/17/086:10amHi Char I'm so glad your healthy now, what was your experience? I can still see his image in my mind, when I get worried or afraid I think of it. I am seeking out an artists that can draw or paint an image of what I saw. I found a church once at a funeral home after a friend passed away and I saw a stained glass window that had a image like mine and a golden trellis. I showed it to my husband and said that's almost what I saw. But, what is truly amazing is I was supposed to have a draining tube after the surgery due to the amount of tissue they removed from my neck and chest, but when they brought me to, there was no tube and the surgeon said "we got all that nasty bad cancer outta you" she went on to say "it didn't put up a fight either it just came out." I ended up with a 2 inch scar which is very small and my surgeon was amazed at the rate of healing my surgical wounds. It was so amazing we took photos. There was practically no swelling, no nothing. I beleive he appeared to me because I kept praying and praying and I was afraid he wouldn't hear me from that "special place" I know we have to speak from. So, the day before the surgery I went to this church I used to go to as a chlild and sat in the same pew I did when I was little hoping he'd remember me. I prayed and asked him to see the child in the woman before him. I hadn't sat in that pew for thirty years and thought how funny I'd return there thirty years later with my husband. Turns out Jesus heard me the whole time, there is no special place except your heart. He wanted me to stop worrying and to know he was there. I remember one of the biggest lessons I learned, sitting in the car on the way home from work....I would listen to the religious shows to find answers to my prayers. I got one unexpectedly....the preacher said God may not give you what you want, but he will give you what you need. I realized at that moment what I needed was that surgeon I found at the Cleveland Clinic. She was a blessing and a miracle she took my case...she is one of the top three surgeons in the US for this type of surgery. Not only that, the Clinic did my surgery for free because we had no insurance at that time. God indeed does give us what we need. He always has. Char maybe we can take this to chat so we don't upset anyone in here since it's off topic.
Char 09/17/081:47amSorry tying error Bam Bam
Char09/17/081:45amIam also a cancer survivor.I have always belived in are Lord Jesus Crist. He has also revealed him self to me In my time of need. Iam in remission .I would love to hear from you bam abm
Bam Bam09/16/087:18pmOkay, McCain just got smoked for saying our economy was strong. Well, AIG the insurance company is getting an 85 billion dollar emergency loan from the gov't to save itself. Accordign to the article the President is actually agreeing to this. Here's a portion of the article..........................."The President supports the agreement announced this evening by the Federal Reserve," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto. "These steps are taken in the interest of promoting stability in financial markets and limiting damage to the broader economy."................................Limiting damage to the economy....what the hell is McCain talking about??? He is so far off the issues he can't see what is truly going on in the country and Palin seems to think she's running for President.
Bam Bam09/16/086:58pmI don't believe God or Jesus is invented, because I can give testament to their existence. I'm not asking anyone to believe either, just know they do exist and probably by several different names. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and this is what happened to me. When I was on my way to surgery for cancer treatment my husband told me to close my eyes and think of something that made me happy. So, I figured I would think about our wedding. As I was being wheeled down the long corridor I closed my eyes and before I ever got a thought into my head I could see Jesus with my eyelids closed. As clear as I'm looking at this computer screen he was standing there in a white robe, the sky behind him was yellow and their was a golden trellis he stood beneath. I know it was real for two reasons...the gold on the trellis was a beauty I cannot describe. He said no words just held his hands out to me. Seeing with my eyes closed was so unatural it was almost painful. When I opened my eyes I realized he was gone and tried to regain my vision. But, I couldn't. Just to be certain I wasn't hallucinating I asked my surgeon and my nurse if I had been drugged prior to surgery, they so no only IV fluids. My experience with Cancer was very spirtual for me. I have been told by other believers that we are separated from heaven by a thin veil and that veil was lifted for me to see him so I would know I would be healed. I don't know why he took time out his day for little old me, but I learned that day I was worth something to him just as everyone here on this earth is. I found out I had three types of cancer after my surgery. Since then I have been cancer free for almost two years now. God willing I will continue on this path of health and well being. Anyone can say anythign they want, it will never diminish what happened and I can say one thing for certain...Jesus was in Cleveland, Ohio on January 11, 2007 and he is not and was not an invention of mans mind! Everyone has their own path to travel and must find their own way. I chose to beleive in him and he has proven to be their just as he said he would every single day. We are not alone and this is one of my many testaments to him.
Pat09/16/082:48pmGinny, you are right in your way of thinking, just like others are in their way of thinking. But remember almost all people around the world only use 5% of their brains, I remember in the late 70's and early 80's, people used only 10% of their brain. It is getting lower. Centuries ago women that were healers got pegged with the name witch from the catholic church. They are the ones that gave it a bad name when they called women that. So it really isn't anything to fear. Talk more tomorrow.
Ginny09/16/081:59pmOkay. This may be a little out there for most people. I believe that we created god to help us interpret our world. God is an idea that has been perpetuated and abused through the ages. I do not believe in witches - good or bad. There are just people with more developed talents in the areas of healing and spirituality. The individual uses those talents, whether conciously or unconciously to create good or bad outcomes. I agree that intention is the key. If I say a "prayer" or "spell" or "wish" or "incantation" my intention is the important part. To quote an old song, "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need." Oh, and if these talented people want to call themselves witches, that is perfectly fine - it will just scare the non-thinking people.
Pat09/16/084:54amGinny, I totally agree, but out of two evils, I finally believe O'bama is the lesser of two evils and trust me, it has been a long hard process to accept him. The one main thing out of many that changed me was palin. Milkshake, I am so sorry this happened to you by your mother, that makes it worse. Amanda is right about the fact that voodoo is a religion and most do black magic, but there are some that aren't that harsh. Like I said before, there are good and bad in all religions, races and colors and nobody is perfect and no one person knows it all. Learn to meditate, if you don't already know how. Jesus meditated all the time. It does help the soul, mind and body and it can help you one day get past the hurt and forgive her(you don't even have to face her if you don't want to, as long as you feel it in you heart. Amanda, I know energy is ENERGY. On a metaphysical level we aren't even solid, I learned that when I was 15 yrs. old. I had a friend once that started dabbling in the darkness of satanic worship(our friendship didn't last long), but she told me a lot of secrets of the coven she joined. There are dark witches out there and getting more young people everyday. There are many light witches we all meet everyday and you don't know it, unless many covens get together and celebrate many festivities. Find them and go sometime, they worship and respect nature and do NO HARM to any living thing. People, isn't nature in turn, The Great Spirit or The Goddess or God or whatever you call it that created everything and the Earth is our ultimate Mother? Amanda, I don't have to research something I already live. I agree there are people that do have dark souls, no matter what religion they are in or not, just like there are light souls, no matter what religion they are in or not. That is due to their Karma. Yes, some white witches do use the pentacle or pentagram in certain good rituals, but since dark witches(satanic worshippers use it for their religion upside down, many white witches are using it less). I know I don't. Most of your words are to scare people and it will make some think the word WITCH means something evil, it doesn't folks. People have wills of their own to do what they want, rather it is something good or bad, in any belief system. Dark witches feed off peoples' fear. People you have something greater that will protect you and you don't even have to wear a protective amulet.
Amanda09/15/087:11pmPat, sorry but you need to do some more research on things. Energy is energy..period. Voodoo is a religion..period. No matter what, your intentions is what counts and that is true for all parts of life. Blood and hallucinogenics..Geez what sort of crap are you reading? I always find it funny how people blame things, instead of the person. If your rotten, then your rotten..Look at Bush for example..rotten to the core and look at what he has reduced the country to. Yep..pretty evil if you ask me. Palin..look at her, supports aerial hunting, does not feel man kind contributes to the green house effect due to the increase of carbon monoxide gasses in the air..and does not feel Alaska needs to be preserved, despite what the residents and tribal folks there think. IMO, that is evil..pure and simple. I'll take the upside down wearing, blood drinking hallucinating witch over palin and Mccain any day..after all she'd probably be more interesting. Oh BTW, upside down pentacles are no more evil than right side up..thats another 101 thing you should know if you knew what you were talking has a name, it's called and EARTH pentacle. It's primarily used in manifestation, you know, money or a car or healing works.
Milkshake09/15/086:04pmHi Pat. First of all, my mother did black magic, voodoo, and whatever else on me for many many years. My belief in God saved me and I am also a good person. She used to dope my my drinks with Xanax. She did alot of bad things. She is also a great liar. But yes, Pat. It did come back 3-fold on her and now it looks as if she will be spending the rest of her life behind bars. This hurts me so much; because you know, she is my mother.
Ginny09/15/085:33pmI am very conflicted about this election. I have been voting for more than 20 years now, and I believe that this is the most important decision so far. I just want to know why we are talking about Sarah Palin at all, unless we are all positive that McCain is going to die. It shouldn't be Palin vs. Obama, it should be McCain vs. Obama. Neither of them is my perfect candidate - so in my view it boils down to which of them will do less harm over the next 4 years. I think Obama will do less harm and though Biden was a very poor choice for a running mate, Michelle will be the best first lady in many many years.
Pat09/15/0811:36amFirst of all...Hey Ed, glad you're back. Been missing your comments either way you go. Second of all...I can't believe the bull I am reading. There are dark witches and white witches...the dark wear the pentagram upside down, do spells of harm and sacrifice animals and drink the blood usually with a hallucinogenic in their form of worship. They ignore the Goddess and do harm. They work black magic, but it can be fought off. You just have to believe something greater protects you and rather the dark witch believes it or not, it comes back three-fold on them. They may get rewards, but it comes from the dark. There is no way there is a gray witch, you can't straddle the fence, unless you are talking about the Crone: Crone, Mother, Maiden? A light witch doesn't do harm in nature or to humans and wears the pentagram right side up. I can get angry with someone, but as long as I don't do a spell, no one is hurt. If I was to do a spell to harm someone, it would come back three-fold on me. When I do a spell of good, the person will receive something good in their lives and I will also be blessed. Part of the Witches' Creed-"An Do What Will be the challenge, so be it in Love than harms none, for this is the ONLY COMMANDMENT, By Magic old, be it done. Part of the Wiccan Rede "Merry ye meet and merry ye part; bright the cheeks and warm the heart. Mind the Threefold Law ye should: Three times bad and Three times good. When misfortune is enow, wear the blue star on thy brow. True in Love thou must ever be, lest thy love prove false to Thee". Also when you meet someone, you can greet them however you want...Hi or bye or "Blessed Be". No one is in charge of another's Karma, that is totally ridiculous. Remember the old saying"What goes around, comes around?" That is what a person brings on themselves in this lifetime and if you believe in reincarnation, it follows you into the next life. So whatever you do or say to someone rather good or bad it follows you until you overcome it. We bring things with us from past lives, also, to overcome now. When something is overcome it stops following you. We also have different dimensions or levels or realms, we are living in the third dimension, so yes, their are ghosts and angels and other beings in other dimensions or levels or realms, whatever you want to call it. "AS Above, So Below"... this means everything is the same spiritually from the biggest to the tiniest. Amanda, sorry that I thought you were a white witch. A true white witch will not work a spell to help one person if it means bending the will of another person or a spell to cause one person to lose a job so that another can have it or do a spell of any form of harm, angered or not and never for revenge or vengence.
Ed09/15/085:25amGood Morning it's great to be back! Everyone needs to get off Sara Palin's back! She has more experience, integrity and class than Obama and that joke Biden put together. Let's start off with Obama's associates or friends (which he will not admit) are the lowest form slitherling on the ground and you all know it! Biden is just a good ole boy that will not bring any kind of change except the same bullshXt he has been shoveling for years! After that nothing else needs to be said so need another poll because this one keeps going on and on and on. Noone has said anything constructive except to cut down the Republicans again! When we attack Obama and Biden it's the truth! Can't wait to see who will get pissed about that comment!!! :P
Amanda09/15/085:15amWallander..your assessment of Palin makes me think of my boss. She too is 'results driven' and results aren't always worth striving for. If she messes up she either wants everyone to keep quiet about it or she wants to pass the buck in some manner. She looks great on paper, but one on one...well..not very good. I agree, that isn't necessarily the kind of person you want in any position.
Amanda09/14/086:43pmAhh Bam Bam..what about Angels..was not Gabriel the hand of Gods wrath upon Egypt? he wasn't exactly nice was he? LOL... Anyhoo..we are just a bit more concerned with natural disasters at the moment. With Gustav, then Ike..and it is only getting worse..there is only so much to go around. Believe me, there are many out there trying...but then again there is a lot of malignancy too. I don't like any of the choices and consider Obama much like most everyone else.I hope that he wins, because Palin and McCain would be truly horrendous.Most likely I will find a nice off party and vote for them, if only to take my vote out of the mainstream.
Wallander09/14/0810:15amSara Palin does NOT come off as a very sympathetic character in my eyes. She's ONLY a result-oriented person, and not so terribly interested in people! But even with that knowledge, we still know what being a "result-oriented" person means--it doesnt necessarily imply that you'll succeed in every single task you take on your shoulder. It just means that you'll persist ONLY as long as you are certain you will achieve the results that you desired...and if it turns out to be a fiasko, you'll then find ingenious ways to 'spin' yourself out of the mess you yourself started, as smoothly as possible! LOL
Milkshake09/14/089:04amLOL BamBam! And yes, I call them demons too.
Bam Bam09/14/088:58amAmanda, in my religion those that are here to interfere with human affairs are called demons. I appreciate your candor! Can you please interfere and do somethign to Osama Bin Laden?
Amanda09/13/0812:43pmThey are my Gods..thank you very much. Believe it or not there are some of us here that are meant to directly interfere with human affairs. However, in order to comprehend these things you would have to comprehend the ENORMOUS amounts of training it takes. This isn't like the movies and you have to dedicate you life to seeing the bad, and confronting it. My main job is to take down those who are corrupt and abuse power. You could call me a counter balance. I go in, see what I see and then get whatever ZI am supposed to get. Example...guy I worked with at an animal hospital was cruel to animals. I told the Dr. and one did a thing. So, I took matters in my own hands and let Tisphone have at him. He was ill for over a week, spent a week in jail via a drug bust and then almost had his lip ripped off by a dog..not to mention the clinic sold and then he was fired. Do I feel bad about it? Hell no I don't. I was there to witness those things. Like I and others like to say...exactly how do you know I am not your Karma. You harm innocent people, take advantage and abuse your power, someone, somewhere is going to see to it that you are stopped.One thing people don't get about majick..there is not one soul on this planet that can't use one is powerless. Another thing they don't get, is that due to the affairs that have been going on of late, we have no other choice. There is simply too much going on to not do anything about it . Someone posted earlier the election doesn't matter..well they may be right. I hope not..but they just may be right.
Milkshake09/13/0812:03pmI have no more to say on this subject. I will get angry. I am against using any powers to harm another person. I despise abuse and cruelty. Back to the poll....................Or maybe I'll be back next poll.
Bam Bam09/13/0810:53amAmanda who is they? I too beleive in Karma and I beleive it gets back on you all by itself though. I've seen it happen and when it does you just sit there an think abeit carefully that's a bite back on your butt for what you did. I can't be too boastful though, because I'm sure Karma has my name on her list somewhere. I think we can bring this on ourselves as well with our own actions though too. Reap what you so and that sort of thing. In essence we bring about our own outcomes with our actions. I used to love practicing withcraft until stuff started happening. I must have conjured something I shouldn't have. After I got rid of those books everything stopped. I never went back to it. I think Amanda is right though, it's what you do with somethign (meaning your actions with it) that makes it unclean or evil. When I was kid I learned I could see things other people couldn't like ghosts. My first ghost scared the crap outta me! He was my friends dad and he was wearing his pajamas. He was white and almost fog looking, but a human outline no doubt. He just stood in front of the closet then at my feet. I hid under the covers. Thank God that stopped, but I can still talk to them and I know when they are there. My son has this gift as well. That's how we knew a dear friend of mine died...she was a powerful psychic and a Christian. Her spirit was so overwhelming you could feel it. I didn't find out until a few weeks later that it was her. She was still in my house waiting for me to say goodbye. I hated doing it....but I couldn't let her waste one moment in heaven worrying about me. She was my mentor, a mother and oracle to me.
Amanda.09/13/087:04am..Sorry Milkshake but you are not comprehending what I am saying. As a person who has actually practiced and participates regularly in these things I would think I would be somewhat more informed. You can abuse anything...anything at all and the THING is not evil. Take guns..guns don't kill people..guns don't rob stores..people with guns do those things. Personally I am a very accomplished (as well as published) witch. I can use majick to aid you, or to hurt you and I have done both with no regrets at all. My personal favorite is slinging Karma back to folks. It is not the majick, but me. I make the choice to do what ever I wish. Therefor when you say voodoo is evil, you are talking about someones form of worship being evil. I could always say Christianity is evil and site Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker..and all of the Priests who molested all of those kids as proof. Does it make the Christian religion evil? Not in the makes the individual evil..and as we see..they always get their comeuppance. There is nothing more dangerous however, then ignorance masquerading as truth. Another thing to bear in mind..there are far more people who have been murdered in the name of the Christian God then anything else. still does not make the majick evil and actually you just proved my point for me and repeated what I said. it is the person, not the majick. Oh..and yes...sometimes you do have to strike out on people. Sometimes it's them or you..who do you think I would pick? Someone on here called me a white withc..nothing could be further from the truth. I am all shades..and do what those that I follow say I must. I can heal you, or I can make you just depends oin what I am told to do. Good thing too..I do have a very short fuse.
Bam Bam09/13/086:37amMilkshake what happened? How did they almost kill you? When I was about 18 I played with wiccan magic. About two years later stuff started happening in my house. Things would disappear and reapper later. Like my keys, and I know they weren't fricking there. AND I used to see this naked blond haired woman runing through my hallways. Now mind you, I think she was a ghost. After I saw her I took the books to my Priest and gave them away. Your not supposed to destroy books like that so, I just got them out of my house. The scariest withces to me are the native ones. My sister in law knows native magic - she offerred me up a potion once and I declined. I figured God's strength was I needed. Anyway, Amanda where did you read that about Palin? I totally want to read that and am I'm wondering why the heck there isn't more about this stuff on the news and WHY aren't people caring about it more???? To me that stuff is a deal breaker! I think some poeple are mesmerized because she's pretty and a good speaker. There willing to overlook dishonesty thinking it won't happen in the White House. Palin and McCain are MORE of SAME. They are aren't going to change anyting or help the economy. WHY DON'T PEOPLE SEE THAT? I heard one smart woman on CNN say she didn't answer the question and what she did say didn't work for me. I'm not voting for her. Oh and what is the "first dude" going to do while he's in office? Is he just gonna give up his job or are they gonna put him in some humainitarian position? Takes a secure man to do that.
Milkshake09/12/088:49pmI do like you Amanda, but i have to disagree. You can use both black magik and voodoo and harm others with it. A religion or not, whatever you want to call it, i disagree with both, and in my opinion, is very evil. It is darkness, it is cruelty, it is abuse. I had a family member that used it every day of her life and used it against me. I almost lost my life. Witchcraft in any form should not be used to harm others. Voodoo is a form of witchcraft and it can be used to harm or maybe kill others. If anyone uses witchcraft, they should use it in a positive way; not in a way that would harm, abuse, or kill another person.
Amanda09/12/084:52pmJust so you know, Voodoo is a religion, not a form of majick. There are several different branches including African Voodoo, Carribean Voodoo, Palo, just to name a few. Moreover there is no such thing as 'black majick'. Any majick or spell can be used constructively or is the operator and not the majick that is bad. Majick is energy..just like electricity. You can light a room or kill someone with it. About the election...I have to go with Obama. Hcain has already been busted lying about palin taking earmarks for Alaska. too, there seems to be some sort of issue with Palins tax returns and her husband is being summoned for something or another..hmmmm too much drama there.
Bam Bam09/12/084:12pmLucy Nader isn't on the ballot. One vote not cast is one vote lost. Decide what you believe in and who best represents those beliefs out of the two candidates running. Join the world honey! Don't say the Dems are like the Republicans either that is so ignorant - we're not. Democrats are more involved with the public - Republicans don't beleive in that crap. They don't beleive in social programs that help anyone and they raise taxes to keep the rich richer which is why jobs have been outsourced from this country. So the jerks that own them can make more money and get big tax breaks for making so much money! The democrats will bring those jobs back and make them pay better taxes instead of laying it on the blue collar worker OH YEA they love going to war too............... Sara Palin has six years experience as a Mayor and 2 Years experience as Governor. She couldn't even back up her own experience when asked in an interview with Charlie Gibson - her answer she defferred to McCains reasons for choosing her. If she can't blow her her horn why should anyone believe what someone else has to say? She is also talking about going to WAR with Russia. She is aggressive and outspoken. This does not bode well for foreign relations. Men in other countries may not want to communicate with her. SHE HAS NO WORLD EXPERIENCE IN A VERY VERY DIFFICULT WORLD CLIMATE. Listen I think she's charismatic and a good speaker. I like her for the most part...her personality that is. BUT I don't hire based on personality...I hire based on EXPERIENCE. When she has about 12 more years under her belt come back and try agian.
Pat09/12/082:45pmThanks, Debbie. You know, it feels like a bunch of siblings on here, one day we grump and the next day we hug. I think because we don't see each other face to face, we can discuss more. I agree with whoever said this is a good poll. I didn't go back to who said it, but I agree. I wonder where Ed's at, he hasn't been in here for a while. Hope you're okay. Let's discuss tattoos sometime, I will tell you about mine and the interesting people I meet out that ask about them and what most of them mean. Just a fun thought.
Lucy09/12/082:11pmI like Obama but I don't think the Democrats are that much different than the Republicans. That's why I'm for Ralph Nader. Ralph Nadar all the way.
Wallander09/12/081:47pmYou'd have to be a coldblooded devil without any sense of remorse, if u practice those stuff Milkshake(Not you ofcoarse!) But with regards to the last bit of Bam Bam's comment, i was inspired by the idea that the world is divided into 2 halves. The Western world on the one side, and the remainder of it on the other. And the thing that strikes me as interesting, regarding the general psychology of these 2 halves is, that there are 2 different negative forces that are dividing these 2 groups. For a long time now the West has been dominated by the FEAR and paranoia that you've already mentioned, while in the East(incl. Africa & Russia) there is a strong sense of SHAME that almost always compells these countries to keep pulling away from the International community and move towards despotism! So in short, if these 2 forces were efficiently dealt with on both sides, we would have atleast seen a much more harmonious world than we see right now. Either that, OR the East could simply try to learn how to get used to the overwhelming sense of fear that dominates the psychy of the West(thereby its policies) and begins to find the perfect way(s) to 'deflate' this chronic Western paranoia, just like the way the West has almost always been able to deal with the shame of the East. Personally i feel the 1st option is the most ideal, while the 2nd one is probably the most practical. Now i know i'm talking in simple terms here, but sometimes the best way to tackle complicated problems, is to simplify them into 'chewable' terms. And thanks for pointing out the difference between Warlock & Wizard to me Amanda. I wasn't aware of this major differnce between the 2 names. **Thumbs Up**
Amanda09/12/0812:58pmWhoa Wallander..never call a male witch a warlock. That name is mid-Scottish and directly means liar, devil, deceiver, traitor. Male witches are either witches or wizards..sorry but I thought you might want to know that.but thank you for the support. I agree that the milk and breakfast programs are vital. A child going hungry in this country is a sin..and I per se don't even believe in sin, but I think that is a sin. Things happen in families, divorce,death,loss of jobs..etc. Kids should never have to go without what they need. I sort of like Obama and I see him as an uncertainty..but I think I am more willing to go with that then Mcain, which is more bush politics and Palin, who merely wants to exploit any and all natural resources. We have too much of that already.
Milkshake09/12/0812:44pmWallander, I agree with your comment about black magik and voodoo. I hate both of them. there should be a law against using such negative powers.
Bam Bam09/12/0812:42pmAmanda...yer mine This is a good poll. As for Ricky, it takes more than a President to change the Constitution my brother. Go to school it's amazing how your views can change when you learn government and history. Your mind will grow. Beleive what you want about Obama, you will see you will be just as safe without fear when the Dems get back into office. Well said Milkshake! There's nothing wrong with feeding the children of this country and getting them started with a good meal at school. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Any child that goes hungry in America should be the fault of the Nation. We are a wealthy nation and can afford social programs that benefit our own people. The only negative comments I'm seeing lately are from the Republicans anyone notice that??? Let's spread the good Democratic Word! REMEMBER NO MORE FEAR...GET OUT AND VOTE!
Wallander09/12/0811:17amAs a rule of thumb i respect ALL religions equally which encourage spirituality, because in essence they all hold a part of the Divine Truth within them, and most importantly they tell us that there is more to life than just the materialistic, or the scientific world, which is a healthy counter-balance to the latter 2 dimensions of reality. As far as i know, Paganism is a mixture of alchemy, metaphysics and SPIRITUALITY, and it is exactly the latter that makes me respect Witches & Warlocks! Although i must say that i draw the line when it comes to Black Magik & Voodoo & such.
Milkshake09/12/0811:06amYou know what I think is the most adorable, sweetest, amazing thing? Is watching a bunch of two year olds gathering around together and eating a healthy a good breakfast and MILK. I watched my son when he was two with a bunch of other 2 year lods eating one day; and I had tears in my eyes. They have their own strange conversation with their own strange language. We adults really take advantage of things; like watching the beauty of happy, content children. All children should eat a solid, good, nutritious meal. And thier is nothing wrong with giving our children a free meal when he or she goes to school.
Debbie09/12/0811:00amHey Pat I am glad you are back. I know that we all do not agree on who to vote for but it is great to have a place to air out our opinions and maybe make a few friends along the way. Hang in there everyone. :)
Pat09/12/0810:54amI was checking to see if the poll changed, I see it hasn't yet. I can't stay away, it is very addictive. My lord, I have NEVER had such a problem with voting in the past. It's not that I am being fickle, I am really torn because I have a problem with ALL four of them. I promise when voting time comes and is over I will let you know who I voted for or if I even voted at all. IF I do vote...I am still leaning towards O'Bama and Biden, thanks to Bam Bam, Debbie and Amanda and a few others. Notice that I used upper-case letters in the names for any politician finally? I am going to try and respect them and TRUST them. I am 53 yrs. old, I have been to a lot of places (not by flying, I am terrified of heights and planes). I have travelled by car, bus, ship, RV, Harley and some thumbing back in the day. I've experiencd many things. I have done a lot of things, I have been through a lot of things. I have met all sorts of people in my life from A-Z. BUT one thing I do know for a fact is Democrats make life easier for the middle-class and the poor. They go towards peace. The republicans ABSOLUTELY LOVE WAR, they are for the very wealthy, everything gets more expensive and the middle-class have hard times and the poor are just plain without. Ricky, how is free breakfasts and the milk program useless??? It is for KIDS, they need that in their bodies...a good breakfast and plenty of milk. Believe it or not there are places right here in America that are just like thirdworld countries and they are in their own war zones. Do you hate kids or something? Thank-you Bam Bam, Debbie, Amanda and a few others.
Sue09/12/088:19amHi bam bam I did say selected it is Obama
Ricky09/12/086:29amI also like people who do their homework, like myself. The bleeding heart liberals don't like to hear the truth. They like to twist it. :)
Amanda09/12/085:11amBam Bam did you know you are my hero. I just love those that actually do their homework
Ricky09/12/084:27amThe only reason we are safe is because we have a Republican in office. Obama will let them all in because he is one of them.....So if Pat does not vote great! Also listen to Debbie she is correct this is America and we all have our right to free speech. I will say if Obama gets in get ready he also wants to try to change the constitution, and you should see that coming since he is a socialist. He is a smooth talker and a liar and his associations with terrorists, racists don't seem to bother his folowers. When it is mentioned Obams trys to brush it under the carpet. I just believe that everyone thinks he is so great. He wants change then why did he choose biden he is one of the most corrupt democrats in Washington. So call me names, I don't care I know that letting that socialist creep in office is a destruction of America. I read on another poll that people are calling Obama the Anti-Christ, I can believe that due to the fact people are so memorized by his bull. It is truly amazing and frightening. Hopefully people will wake up before it is too late!
Bam Bam09/11/083:26pmPat I read your whole statement! You better get out there and vote girl - otherwise I'm coming to get you and take you there myself! We can't let McCain win with folks who beleive like Ricky. One vote not counted is a vote lost. Don't let it be yours. I can honestly say the Dems are not against military, not by a longshot. We're just going to rearrange this war a little bit and put funds back into society and help this economy. This war that was started by the lies we were told by Bush about WOMD. Lies that were supported by Brittains Prime Minister. Enough, no more fear! We are so very well protected I don't beleive there will be any further attacks on our soil and the Dems aren't going to reduce security either. We are okay and have been for 7 years since 9/11. WE ARE OKAY. We can't keep living in a constant state of fear and military might. Look back to WWII people got on with there lives and we honor our fallen. We cannot live in constant fear of attack. I was in Cleveland on 9/11 it has been deemed a trauma site, I'm not afraid anymore and I won't let someone make me live in fear either. We have to get on with the days business. Everyone that lost their lives on that day would not want us or their families living in fear either it dishonors their memory. We need to build and maintain secure borders and maintaing measures that enforce security here. Not send our all our men to distant shores fighting ghosts in the sand. My gosh thier own civilians try to blow up our guys and girls. Bring them back and regroup, restructure and move forward stronger.
Debbie09/11/082:41pmPat you should not feel that way. You should let your voice be heard. Remember that is what America is about to have the freedom to speak and vote for who we think will do the best for our country. :)
Pat09/11/081:56pmAw hell, I'm not voting. If it's un-American, oh well!!! Most things that go on in our country is un-American anyway. Be back on next new poll.
Ricky09/11/0812:48pmI have read all the comments and have decided to vote for McCain. Obama policies are socialist and not good for our economy. He does not have any experience with foreign policy and will bring the terrorists here. Since Democrats don't believe in the military and will cut back on defense spending so they can waste taxpayers money for some useless free breakfast or milk program in schools. Anyone out there who makes a good salary, get ready the socialist will tax the hell out of you to give the money to illegal aliens working minimum wage jobs and also give them free insurance that us Americans will have to pay. Maybe he will hire Ayers (The bomber) as his defense secretary and the racist preacher as his secretary of state. I am glad I decided to vote for McCain to save this country.
Pat09/11/0811:43amAmanda, that is true about being well-rounded spiritually. I except what is good for myself out of all religions and taught my kids the same way. No one has to be just one way. This tiny little planet with all humans worship the same spiritual being anyway, just with different names and beliefs for it, it's just that fanatics in one belief can be very dangerous. It's their way or no way. As far as the White House, either party that gets in is nerve- racking. But either way it goes, it is too late for any of us to cry over spilled milk. NOW to anyone that has read in other polls I have commented on about my problem with o'bama...HUGE goes...if I do vote...pause...pause...I guess I have to lean towards o'bama and biden. I fear him less now than mccain(bush) and palin(much more worse). Bam Bam, mccain has had the bad form of melanoma skin cancer, I've known 3 people in my lifetime(so far) that has died from that kind, even with surgeries, chemo and radiation treatment and that was 2 or 3 times showing back up until they lost the battle. He has had it 4 times, maybe a fifth time and it is being totally kept quiet and is losing the battle. I know it shocked everyone that he picked palin. As far as I know, no one even knew who she was, except in her state. I've also read that not everyone in her state liked her or her politics. Milkshake, I still have my fears, also. Yes, I wish that the only people that lived on this planet loved and respected every living thing. Loved with an open heart, didn't want wars, not even with their next door neighbors. Talking about down stuff does get a little depressing, that's why I have to meditate more often than usual. It cleanses the weight of the world off you spiritual shoulders, which in turn your physical ones, also. Sue, please explain further on your comment, I want to understand what you are talking about. One sentence isn't enough. Amanda, there will be another civil war sooner or later(maybe or maybe not in our lifetime). NOBODY is taking our weapons away from us. We also buy ammunition once a month for each weapon. How will people protect themselves from criminals. Crime would shoot through the roof and to the moon if the government took away peoples' weapons, because there wouldn't be a home on any street in any state that would be safe. The criminals will always have weapons, hell, most even know how to make weapons from most things. Bam Bam, I think Ross Perot is a billionaire. It will be the electoral votes that will count in the end, not the peoples' popular vote. The government just lets us think we still have some control over things. I have always believed their should be age appropriate sex education in schools. If parents don't explain "the facts of life" to their kids, then someone should have the right to. Kids are having sex(and more oral sex) starting as young as 7-9 yrs. old. I remember when a little girl was gang raped by 3 or 4 seven and eight yr. old boys. I also remember when a 12 yr. old girl was pulled into a boy's restroom at school by 2 boys and raped her. Like you, I taught my kids about sex according to their ages(physically and mentally) and what would satisfy them at the time, until they came asking about something else. When my daughter was 9 yrs. old, she got off the bus and her face was really red and she had unshed tears in her eyes. I knew something was wrong. She said another little girl had a torn page out of a magazine, she got from underneath her mom's mattress, of a naked man on it. That was a part of the anatomy she didn't need to know looked like that at that age. I covered my eyes and quietly said, "that was something for a much later conversation, but since you seen the picture, it's okay, you aren't in trouble, let's talk". So I had to explain further. When my son was 10 yrs. old, he came home and asked me what blue-ball was, He didn't have a man in his life so I had to be dad and explain it to him. It embarrassed us both and we even laughed and that was it. I could tell many, many stories.
Milkshake09/11/0811:36amI agree Amanda, with your statement you said earlier today. I see a civil war ahead.
Me Again09/11/086:17amI think I had too much caffiene. Here's the link to the article on MSN.
Bam Bam09/11/086:14amThis is a hot topic right now and I want to address this before some republican in here makes a sick comment about Obama's sex ed in K classes. This is an excerpt from an article. The original controversy dates to 2003, when a bill to modify the teaching of sex education in Illinois was introduced in the Legislature. The proposal was supported by a coalition of education and public health organizations, including the Illinois Parent Teacher Association, the Illinois State Medical Society, the Illinois Public Health Association and the Illinois Education Association. Mr. Obama voted for the bill in committee, where it passed, but it never came to a full and final vote. The proposal called for “age and developmentally appropriate” sex education and also allowed parents the option of withdrawing their children from such classroom instruction if they felt that it clashed with their beliefs or values. Now, Obama is not a pervert, he is not fiendish or anything else towards children. But, the Republicans are taking every little thing and making it ridiculous as usual. I taught my kid at home, and by acting like the human body was no big deal, it became un-taboo. When we saw boobs on tv I didn't freak and they were just that boobs. And that's what I said out loud, there just boobs. That took all the fun out of it. Don't get me wrong they can't watch non age appropriate movies, but I didn't overreact if they see it. But, there are some kids and let me say a damn hell of a lot of kids that parents aren't teaching they are ignoring and NOT doing their jobs as parents. These kids need mentors who can tell them something instead of waking up one day pregnant or diseased. 40% percent of all College students have fricking herpes! It was in the Journal of American Medicine. This is what is happening to our young society disease and unwanted pregnancies. Because children are mocking adults without any education or knowledge. Yet, Palin spouts no abortion, no sex ed. What did she teach her own daughter? Or perhaps she didn't have time becasue she is so busy with her work that she didn't talk to her about it in time! I think Palin is a good speaker and she genuinely loves Alaska. But, I just don't think she has what it takes to run this country or to take McCains place. No matter what I did in my life my kids come first! My kids know everything they can get or catch and what they have to do to keep thier bodies pure. If your gonna have a pregnant teen don't spout no sex education. Unless teen sex is okay in her mind.
Bam Bam09/11/085:43amSue you did say selected not elected. You have to be elected to be the President. By the way you didn't say who the President select is?
Bam Bam09/11/085:39amYour right, the other parties just don't have the funding and support they need to win the nomination. There are lot's of other parties out there they just don't get there message out. Perot did, because he had lot's of his own money to do it and he made it. That would have been an interesting election. And no **** about the folks being armed to the teeth! I can't say where I live but it's in the South honey and beleive me we have bumper stickers here that say we fought the first war on terrorism. The first time my husband and I saw that we thought what did we get our selves into by moving here??? I however am not from here but respect where they come from. Some folks can't get over the first civil war and aren't scared to face another one. Sue, what cherry picker did you fall off of? You must have hit your head darlin cause it aint November yet. The President has not been elected, but then who knows what the Republicans will do the cheat this time because they know they can't win lately without it. Your not one of those x-file black helicopter believing poeple are you? I think the proper term is selected, we just don't know which one it will be till we count the votes or the electoral votes for that matter.
Amanda09/11/084:26amGee you know anything about the Constitution? Do you realize our right to keep and bear arms is to prevent our misgovernment from becoming tyrannicide? Don't you think with the NRA victory in Washington that the government is going to just put whomever they want there? The translation is this; the people of this country can start a second civil war whenever they feel like it, and believe me, there are those out there armed to the teeth that will not hesistate to do just that.
Sue09/11/082:05amYou are all fools none of you know what is realy going on election my bum the presedent has already been selected
Amanda09/10/088:10pmI know how you feel milkshake (what a cute name BTW)I become disheartened everyday with the state of affairs. Bam Bam..the only reason those parties are in pwoer is this..everyone wants to be on the winning one wants to give the other guys a chance because the majority...if they will even vote..don't see the point. It is a box we as citizens put on our heads, but ti doesn't have to be that way you know. In this country the citizens call for change..our governement was never supposed to be like this.
Milkshake09/10/087:16pmDear Pat, I agree with both your comments about McCain and Obama. I am really very, very scared. I have never been so frightened. And thanks by the way about my dog, Hannah. She is beautiful. And I too love animals. Too bad so many on this planet today hate both humans and animals. Maybe on another poll we can discuss things that are a little lighter. this election thing is too damn depressing.
Bam Bam09/10/081:46pmThe reason we only get those two choices is because they are the ones that make it to the finals. I aso agree with Amanda, Obama is not a Muslim. As for his Preacher, he dropped him like a hot potato when he revealed his true self. I think Obama's alienation of his church speaks volumes of his character. I have no more reservations about Obama or Biden. However, Palin as President NO WAY. ASK yourselves this much, if McCain were to die of cancer during a term and Palin took over - Do you think she has what it takes to run the country as our President? She has only been Governor for 2 years. That's not enough experience in anything to run our country. NO WAY NO WAY! think in the long term guys, Pat made a really good point, I did't know McCain had a recurrence of cancer 4 times. What kind of cancer was it? 4 times is significant enough to be concerned.
Amanda09/10/081:25pmPat I understadn where you are coming from. However the Muslim thing about Obama is not exactly true. What happened was that he went, as a child to a predominantly Muslim school. It would be no different then if you or I were send to a Catholic school to get a better education. Obamas mother exposed him to many religions in order for him to have a more well rounded idea on spirituality..he himself, even as a child was never a Muslim. I am sorry if you have been attacked for your beliefs. Personally I let it roll off. A friend of mine has a saying on his siggy, speak you mind..even if your voice shakes. I do agree about Perot, and you know what, I agree with UNiversal Love child..he or she is dead on the money..if we don't like either..if we feel we are choosing the 'lesser of two evils..then why are we picking either????
Pat09/10/0810:22amFirst...Amanda every month you and I have more things in common. If you believe in reincarnation, I believe you and I have known each other in past lives. Universal love child, we had one that offered hope and a new change one time...his name was Ross Perot. He would have been President, but he dropped out and disappointed many, many people in our nation and angered many by just leading everyone on. Amanda, I have been a white witch since my teens,(another thing in common) even though I was pushed away from my belief until I finally said, "This is what I am. Take it or leave it!" Now some in my family are white witches. Can't you look back on a lot of hints in many of the polls and weed out and see it in many of my words? I started keeping my spiritual beliefs out my comments because of some that thought I was a wacky, mental case and laughed at many of my beliefs. So in order to stay in here I had to get to a different level of talk. I hear what you say, I honestly do, and that is your opinion and I respect that...respect mine...even if we disagree. If you were a dark witch, yes, you would be a bad choice for President. I know you are a white witch, though. So if I was attacked on many of the things I believed in and changed my way of talk to stay in here to be comfortable, what makes o'bama any different? Nothing! He changed for the public and yes, even being muslim, he would do and say anything to get the position of President of the U.S.A. There lies a gigantic amount of POWER to fight for. I still think it matters what our Presidents and Vice Presidents believe in, because they don't keep it separate from politics. They have in the past and today use their beliefs in many decisions on a daily basis.
Amanda09/10/086:21amPat there is nothing to support Obama is a Muslim. As a matter of fact snopes determined all of that was a lie. He attends a christian church and is a member..something no Muslim would ever do if they are devout in their faith.Too we have a separation of church and state in the US as well as the freedom to practice whatever religion we wish. Do your homework first before you speak out against someone like that. I am a practicing witch..does that make me a bad choice for candidacy? If so..why?? Do you think I would summon Beelzebub or Satan while in the oval office or maybe sacrifice animals??? WTF? A persons religion has NOTHING to do with their abilities to administrate and I might add that good ol Bush Boy has tried to take Pagan rights away from us. How American is that and who the blazes do christians think they are to have the audacity to insist that everyone has to be like them or they are evil. Keep religion OUT of has no place in this country.
Universal love child09/10/086:19amWhy is it that this poll only gave us the option of dem or repub? there are other options out there. libertarian is one of them. libertarians platform is the best of both worlds, socially liberal but fiscally conservative. less government, more freedom. don't believe that you only have to choose from the old man or the new kid. you do have other choices. and its not throwing your vote away. its voting for something you TRULY believe in instead of against someone you don't believe in. and for those of you who think a third party can never win, there was once this man who ran third party and won. his name was abraham lincoln. think true change folks!
Pat09/10/085:56amMilkshake, The Great Spirit or if you call the creator God put everything on and in this planet to keep things balanced. Humans have unbalanced nature to our detriment. I love your dog Hannah, I bet she is very beautiful. I love ALL animals. As far back as I can remember as a little girl I have loved animals and nature. I can't say the same thing for ALL people. We weren't put here to destroy for greed and power, but something got screwed up. If mccain gets in, he will take over where bush left off. He has had a recurrent of cancer 4 times. I bet he has it again and will die somewhere in the 4 years and palin will take over. That's a bad nightmare. obama and biden are awful, too. BUT out of all the other polls where I have been totally against him, if it wasn't for knowing he is an in-the-closet muslim and followed a very evil, prejudiced preacher, I might have different thoughts about him, but I can not be on his side either. If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive and well I would vote for him. I looked up to him as a little girl, because he did have a WONDERFUL dream.
Amanda09/09/088:15pmHere is some interesting video and facts about Palin..the more I Google the more sickened I become and the more I want to aerial hunt her. Don't get me wrong..I am all for hunting..I love deer meat, but dammit this has to be sporting and aerial hunting is anything but that.
Bam Bam09/09/087:48pmYou know allot of folks keep relying on Palins experience as Governor. She has only been governor for 2 years. She was elected in 2006. Before that I heard she was a Mayor. Now, Barack Obama was a Senator for 8 Years and after that was elected into the Senate in 2004. That's a heck of allot of experience. Biden has been around forever. We need experience and McCain is more of the same Bush politics. I think the main thing this is going to come down to is What we individually stand for, need and want. Do you want social programs to help people, schools and communities out, or do you want a government who could care less about social programs. If you don't care about social programs then vote republican - because democrats care about social programs and making sure there is a security blanket for those less fortunate. Look what is happening in our society. People are stealing catalytic converters for copper and now they are stealing telephone wires....all to have money that they could be earning if there were jobs. Gee I'm sure Palins experience as a hunter will really serve her well in the White House and so will her two WHOLE years as Governor. NOT.
Bam Bam09/09/087:29pmMcCain has voted 90% of the time with Bush. As for Palin she is a hunter. She hunts wolves from the air. By that I'm guessing she shoots from helicopters. Not very sporting. You can watch all this on CNN it's on right now. They have photos of her in front of her kills.
Amanda 09/09/086:25pmThat was an interesting clip..very much so. I always had Mcain pegged as a Bush cronie...Thanks Bam Bam..
Bam Bam09/09/085:57pmPat, it's at least partially true. I don't know whether she hunts them but she definitely fought the federal gov't on making them endangered species. Read this article from the Anchorage news. This woman is not a good candidate. I hope more about her is discovered. Wait till you read this article they go as far as saying this......"She's either grossly misinformed or intentionally misleading, and both are unbecoming," said Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity. "Alaska deserves better." Now they said this before she ran for VP.
Bam Bam09/09/085:52pmI will look that up for you Pat! So I just read that McCain and Palin made a new commercial and apparentlyt the media is tearing them up about it because Palin LIED. She got caught! The bridge to nowhere - even the Anchorage news isn't backing her up this time! Sorry Sabrina, she just isn't adding up, but she has proved herself to be part of the boys clubl...she sure can lie like they do. Naughty Naughty! But that 's okay our Dems fought back here's the link to see the commercial you can watch it here before it aires.
Milkshake09/09/083:27pmI noticed everyone cares about polar bears and penguins. what about my dog, hannah?
Pat09/09/082:41pmTo scroll way back to Melanie...Tell me how is Rice the "white man's slave" again and the comment about if o'bama was white he wouldn't have gotten this far? I don't know how I missed your comment. I guess you and Deb are related, huh???
Pat09/09/081:13pmBam Bam, does palin really hunt down polar bears??? All she would have to do to get their fur is go look for all the polar bears AND penguins that are dying from starvation, because of the ice caps that are melting at a fast rate. It has made them lose their areas of hunting for food. This makes me sick!!! This year I am not voting for either side. I don't like any of them. Debbie, don't worry about it, I jumped to conclusions on another poll on here. Right, Amanda? We all have our ways, but in the end we still hang around and argue points of view or agree. I think it is fun.
Bam Bam09/09/087:28amAmanda, Awesome comment! As for Sara Palin in Debbies comment, I think she is a good speaker. I know for a fact she didn't write that speech she gave at the RNC. Look at her record, she is a governor for 670,000 people. Yes, she has done a good job in Alaska but is she really ready to be a VP? With all due respect, teen pregnancy and the abortion issue on the horizon again. Her daughter is pregnant and she is vocally against sed education in schools. Clearly she cannot communicate properly with her own daughter on the matter. I think she can't run her family how can she run the country. How can she do this job with baby and a family to care for? I also don't agree with her policies and think drilling for more oil is the biggest mistake ever without making strides in research for new fuel. We need to bring jobs back to the US and stop companies from out sourcing them. The republicans allowed that to happen, they are not doing anything to bring those jobs back home where they are desperately needed. I spoke to a friend of mine the other day and she indicated to that the applications for food stamps are so backed up that people are waiting up to a month to get approved. So everyone for those of us that are working guess where our tax money is going? People cannot afford to live - the answer does not lie with whoever is the safest bet. Our country is in no position to rely on "they seem safe." Look up the ideals of your candidate and decide who best represents YOUR ideals. Not he's the safest bet. It scares me the future of this country resides in the vote of those who don't know their own mind and values. Decide what you beleive in and fight for it!
Debbie09/09/086:32amPat, I am sometimes called Deb so sorry I thought you were talking to me. This election is the roughest election I have seen in my lifetime and it let's me know that there is still prejudice in America and I am sad about that. Why are they picking on Sara Palin? Because she is a powerful woman. Obama is the only one that refers to himself as a black man, so I don't know if there is prejudice there except in his own mind. Maybe people won't vote for him because he is black, I don't know. I won't vote for him based on his experience his friends and his socialist policies. He is to scary. Since both candidates aren't the greatest I will still vote for McCain because it is the safe way to go. It will also give Sara a chance to show us her stuff and maybe she will run for prez next time. :)
Amanda09/09/085:31amI have a BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! Here is an actual link, from an organization we are all familiar with, the EPA, that anyone who actually wants to be informed can look at and read the reports. Have you ever wondered WHY some states have emission tests. It isn't because of the smell I'll warren you. Come on people are you trying to tell me the majority of you don't have enough common sense to understand politicians are NOT QUALIFIED to tell us what is good or bad for our environment? Are you P.O'd because something might make your life a little less convenient? Do the research yourself. Yes global warming is a problem and yes part of it is natural, but we ADD to the problem and make it worse through being thoughtless and stupid. Geez, do you gus not realize this is the only planet you have and you aren't getting another one. I guess Bam Bam is right, you only care about now and not what your grandchildren will have to face from the mess YOU leave for them. Pity you don;t love your families that much. oh yeah, when the oil supplies run short you do realize that the governments will have the oil and you won't right?
Bam Bam09/08/088:24pmDebbie, the democrats didn't concoct some scary story about global warming to frighten people. Global warming is just that GLOBAL it's not just an American problem. It's affecting the world, take a look around you, you can see it for yourself. Go Google the most recent ice shelf break off Canada it's called the "ward" ice shelf. In one summer an ice shelf the equivalent of the size of Manhatten has disappeared. How do you figure that happened? The ice shelves are melting, I have personally walked on Athabasca Glacier and Angel Glacier - they are deteriorating rapidly. I even have photos to prove it. These landmarks have yearly markers to show where ice is from one year to the next. I assure you they are not growing. Closing your eyes out of fear will not help heal our world. No one is trying to take anything away from you. You can make excuses and pretend people are lying to you to scare you if it makes you feel better, but it won't help you or your future generations. I'll say it again PROVE IT; prove the dems are lying about Global warming. You can't, but you will undoubtedly refer back to the Republican puff and stance and tell each other "you right" to reassure yourselves that your doing the right thing. If you find the truth scary it's because it is. The responsible thing to do is to help us do something about it. We're all in it together. That meaning the world.
New America09/08/087:53pmI know what satire is. Apparently, your use of it wasn't effective enough (at least for those of us who don't follow junk pop culture). Maybe you could explain your choice.
Bam Bam09/08/087:47pmThanks Pat. It's nice to be appreciated. I appreciate everyones comments in here and I believe we have something to learn from one another even if we sit on opposite sides of the fence from time to time.
Pat09/08/083:02pmDebbie, I wasn't talking about you, unless you also go by Deb on here. Keep scrolling backwards until you come to the name...Deb. Whoever said that does sound racist to me. Hey, no one running is a friend of mine. I don't like all four of them. Way to go, Bam Bam, you never cease to amaze me. Someone, thank-you(for now).-giggle.
Someone09/08/0812:32pmNicely said Pat! 100% with far! ;-)
Bam Bam09/08/0812:25pmScotty I'm not sure you understand the 2nd Amendment fully. It had never been determined whether or not it was for individuals or for the collective rights until this year. It was protection against tyranny from the governement. Not your neighbor or strangers. The dems are not trying to take away this right. What should truly concern you (if your American) is that our right to privacy has been given away. The President enacted the act to spy on telephone calls in this country. I've spoken to so many people, young college people who are willing to give away this right for peace and a good nights rest. Well this right is Liberty...if you give away your Liberty to those who would protect you and give you that peace and a restful sleep what will you do with your Liberty when she is gone?? Thomas Jefferson said those would give it away don't deserve peace or Liberty. Now, your wondering why I say this? The purpose of the 2nd Amendment (I'm in Law school this is my favorite subject) was so that Americans could carry weapons to use against a government malitia. Ref** Wikipedia The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is a part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the pre-existing individual right to possess and carry weapons (i.e. "keep and bear arms") in case of confrontation.[1] Codification of the right to keep and bear arms into the Bill of Rights was influenced by a fear that the federal government would disarm the people in order to impose rule through a standing army or select militia- THUS MEANING PROTECTION FROM TYRANNY........[2] since history had shown the way tyrants eliminated resistance to suppression of political opponents was to simply take away the people's arms and make it an offense to keep them...........[3] In District of Columbia v. Heller (June 26, 2008), the Supreme Court ruled that self-defense is a central component of the right.[4] Before the Heller decision, there was much disagreement as to whether it protected a collective right or an individual right, because the amendment begins with a prefatory clause that refers to a "well regulated militia."[5][6] Previously, the Supreme Court had not directly addressed the amendment, or had only done so in limited or ambiguous terms.[7] Many of us are already giving our rights away willingly. With that being said, its not the dems taking anything away...however, the Republicans did. Being a democrat, I am not against people having guns...but the careless storage and mishandling that comes about and destroys lives I am against. I think greater stipends need to be in place before ownership can be granted. As for criminals they will get guns where ever they can. There is no stopping them. Unless we end up like the UK. You don't have nearly the gun crime we don't complain. Canada too, not as much gun crime due to severe restrictions on them. Okay, that was off topic but I had to address it. Sorry.
Bam Bam09/08/0812:06pmJeff I'm sure we're aware of Paris Hilton's parody, we're just not aware of the joke you were telling in reference to it. Frankly, I didn't see your sarcasm. As for your theory that the ozone layer was all a big ruse and that is has been discredited PROVE IT. I give reference to my facts, where have you refernced? Pat, absolutely I'm aware of the tree situation, read my last comment. By the way whoever said the Dems are a bunch of tree huggers, well maybe we are but there are far more of em' in Canada and somebody's gotta be smart enough to know when to say enough is enough. TREE HUGGER AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!
Scotty09/08/0812:00pmAll i know,forsure,is the democrates want to take our 2nd amendments away,like what has happened in uk, and australia,has every one forgotten history?i vote for who allows me to protect my own.the un ha,thats another joke,yes alot is at stake open your eyes,ears,vote keep america as it has always many outsiders that are illegal look at the unrest around the world,and last but not least what have you done ever? to make any of it a better placefor any of us? good luck to all who really care we all are in for much harder times.just dont bury your heads in the sand,do something
Debbie09/08/0811:54amPat! Where the hell do you get that I am racist in my previous writings. Just because I don't agree with the Liberals you call me black and a racist. You really are warped. I was expressing my views like everyone else. Shame on you! I am an American and still have the right to speak, but if your buddy the Muslum gets in we will be under a socialist government and none of us will have a voice. So back off! I only speak the truth about him, which I know the Liberals don't want to hear. So I will say it again! He does not have any experience and will doom this country. He is to much a liberal, Muslum, Flip Flopper, He couldn't make up his mind and stay with it if his live depended on it! His best friend is a bomber-terrorist (Ayers), and of course his 20 + year relationship with his pastor who is as racist as they come. Those are some of the reasons we should not vote him in......
Pat09/08/0811:21amI know this is long, but I read everyone's comments. First I have to say this...what happens to a car, motorcycle, lawnmower and other things that run on oil runs out? It tears the engine up. It is the same thing with our planet. The rich are taking so much out of our Mother Earth, does anyone realize she is slowly dying? That's why many things are changing and dying that normally should still live. I'm not talking about normal evolution. Starting from the beginning of most comments, Alicia, Kathleen, and Milkshake are telling the truth. We are doomed no matter who gets in the White House. Deb, o'bama being black might disturb the kkk, skinheads and rednecks, but most ordinary people know he is MUSLIM and that's a threat to the U.S. Are you black and maybe just a little bit racist? It sounds it. Oh my, Bam Bam, you read my mind, it's sort of like what I would have said. Jeff, I don't believe in the minimum wage being raised, because everytime it is raised, it gives the rich man permission to raise everything higher. Everyone is still in the same boat as before. Bing, I agree with what our country is coming to. It's all down hill, whomever gets in the White House. Lucky Child, there should be no more wars now as far as the people on this planet has come, but a lot of people and the governments have bloodlust in their eyes. We shouldn't have republicans in again, because they always put us back in war again and prices rise through the roof and they always say there is an oil shortage. Tom, you are right...most people can't see the tree for the forest, but not all of us are that way. Lucky Child, even in our great grandkids' lives there will be war, but that will be kind of like a futuristic war between the government and what people call "rebels". It will be total anarchy. We Need More Choices, that was heartbreaking about that little girl. I am totally pro-choice. To me, that was 100% child abuse making her have the baby and she will always have mental and psychological scars, not just physical scars from that. All the people involved in allowing this to happen should go to prison, but the law is as*-backwards. Amanda, that's right, our planet is in desparate trouble, but NOW is what counts with most people. No concerns for the future because they won't be alive. Yes, Mick, we are heading for the last war, but it probably won't be in our lifetimes(but then again it could, couldn't it)? To Someone, I was never for reagan. He was romanticized by many people, because he was a movie star and always played the good guy in movies. Adreamcometrue, are you serious?? The last war with the British was in the 1700's. I'm sorry, but that is non-sense! Oh, Jeff, don't repeat anything paris hilton says. She has just learned a few more words besides "that's hot". Bam Bam and eveyone else, did you know that the tops of a lot of trees in The Smokey Mts. are dying due to so much carbon dioxide in the higher elevations and it is happening in other Mts. also. Our planet is in real trouble, but it will be too late by the time everyone is on the same page. Jeff, scientists in the 1970's were speaking out about the ozone layer and the mutation of amphibians and stating that our planet was in trouble then. Most of the government, most people and the comedians laughed at such non-sense. It's not non-sense anymore though. People should listen more to scientists that study our planet(from the most tiniest to the most biggest of things changing). Not just the fact of what normal evolution does, but what HUMANS are doing to our only home.
Debbie09/08/0810:45amI totally agree with Jeff. The democrats are trying to scare every American that global warming really exisits. What do do or crap! The only people who can get this ecomony and housing issues on track is McCain and Palin. Obama flipped and flopped again today: He was promising to raise taxes on big corporations but now has decided to wait because he feels that we could go into a recession. What an idiot, of course it would make things worse and the big companies would then take more jobs and ship them overseas because they now have to pay such an overabundance of taxes if Obama was in charge. He keeps showing how inexperienced he is and people still think he is the answer, sorry but you are wrong. He would be a big mistake for this country and the world! I can't wait to see how Sara Palin does in office, she is what America needs. The liberal democrats don't like her because she is a worman and has experience which Obama does not have. So Save our Country and Vote McCain and Palin this November!!! :)
Jeff09/08/088:49amBy the way, my use of Paris Hilton's energy policy is a form of "Satire". Satire is a very effective tool for illustrating a points in a debate. Look it up if you don't understand it's meaning. :-)
Jeff09/08/088:45amBam Bam, the ozone layer scare back in the 80s and early 90s has long been discredited, so using this today as a way to advance your no drilling agenda is just plain ignorant. The ozone layer opens and closes over the Arctic area every year, some decades its larger than others, but overall it's cyclical like so many other things in nature. About 15 or 20 years ago Al Gore warned that we had less than 10 years to "do something" or the ozone hole would open up over the United States and wreak havoc on the world. It's now 2008 and there is nothing but silence on this subject because none of their dire predictions have come to pass. Back in the 70's the same environmentalist alarmists were warning of a coming ice age. From the 1940's to the 1970's the temperatures actually went down. Now they are warning of Global Warming and once again blaming man's activities. Bam Bam, Amanda, I know your "hearts" are in the right place, but you really need to shed your emotions on this one and look at the facts. Carbon Dioxide has not been proven to increase temperature... it's only a theory and it's tenuous at best. While our Carbon dioxide emissions have increased steadily for the past 100 years, the temperatures have NOT increased proportionally as I pointed out earilier. Since 1998 the Global temperatures have again cooled, not risen! How can that be if Co2 has a direct impact of temperatures? It's actually the other way around, when temperatures go up, more Co2 is released into the atmosphere (oceans produce more Co2 when warmer). All of the Co2 produced by man only amounts to a fraction of the Co2 produced by other factors like the oceans and the plants. If you had any sense at all you would acknowledge that Solar activity is what warms and cools our planet regardless of how much drilling we do, or how much Co2 we produce. This explains the warming trends we have observed on other planets like Mars. Come on guys, do some research before embracing apocalyptic theories.
Amanda09/08/084:28amI side with Bam Bam on this issue. I mean one, the dirilling does have an impact on the environment no matter what method is used to make it safer. Two, as I said before we eventually will not have anymore, so why not start implementing the techknowedgy we have now to create more cars that run on alternative fuels? I mean we have the Prius right and other cars. For that matter you can treat fry grease and run deisles off of it. There is a man here in the US that invented a safe car that runs on water and I have the video about it in my saved files..fascinating really. The point is that we have the know how. It is already here. The car manufacturers and the oil companies don't want it because of the fact it will make them loose money. I mean think about it..exactly how much money would the oil company make if they (car manufacturers) started making cars that ran on water? Are you starting to get the picture? What is the idea of any business? Making money. Do you really think the oil companies want to see any vehicle made en masse that will tear up their profits? No. It is the same story as with the drug companies.Why do you think that on all bottles of herbs it states the claims have not be verified by they FDA? It's simple. There is no money for the drug companies in herbs. YOu can't hold a patent on herbs at all. They are cheap so you cannot charge high prices. it isn't just the's everything. Oh yeah, I agree that if you are listeing to Paris Hilton, well I can see your source of info is questionable at best. I like you Jeff..really..but Paris???
New America09/07/088:12pmJeff: You think Paris Hilton said it best? Before I even read the rest of your comment, I already knew your reasoning was seriously flawed!
Milkshake09/07/086:13pmOkay. Okay. Enough. Forget about McCain! Forget about Obama! Is it President BamBam?? Or president Jeff??
Bam Bam09/07/085:42pmJeff I cannot even get through your entire comment before being outraged at the ignorance. Oil while it is a natural resource, when it is consumed it produces carbon dioxide which is destroying this planet. Have you heard of the ozone layer? It is growing and it is one of the reasons this planets tempurature is rising - one of the reasons we have increased hurricanes. The trees on this planet clean carbon dioxide but OH YEAH we've harvested most of them. This is 5th grade science talking here. This isn't liberal fiction - it's proven scientific fact that until now - when it matters the most is anyone paying any attention. The balance of this planet is in dire jeapardy. That isn't tree hugger talk either, that's called hope to hell there's something left even for your kids Melanie if you have any. Thank you for validating my point earlier said perfectly...THAT REPUBLICANS will use every resource to make lay waste to this planet to make your life easier. Make no mistake the oil will run out. Why don't you go look up where it comes from. It's not an unending supply. You know it's lucky for some of you folks the liberals aren't afraid of the truth. Hey Amanda...It was a good laugh girl! I totally needed that!
Jeff09/07/084:26pmI think Paris Hilton said it best. Continue to drill more and drill now so that our economy will continue to grow, and as technology advances we can and will develop alternative sources of energy. No options should be off the table when it comes to producing energy. Foreign countries are doing it and we are only committing economic and national security suicide by not keeping up. This whole notion that extracting more oil from the ground is destroying our planet is bogus liberal nonsense. Oil is a natural resource just like coal and natural gas and we have every right and every moral obligation to use these resources to improve and sustain our lives. The US does it in the safest and the most environmentally friendly way... certainly more so than our Middle Eastern, Russian, and Chinese competitors. It's completely asinine to either cut back or curtail exploration on our own territory just so we can buy more from these other nations, many who are our sworn enemies.
Amanda09/07/082:23pm It was Polar Bears, not caribou. The people of Alaska don't want the drilling. I see how it is, instead of trying to find, or more correcting IMPLEMENTING the alternative fuels we ALREADY HAVE lets just screw up the planet a bit more.Tree hugger I may be but at least I am not so blind and stupid to think caribou need to be warm. Great Britain kudos for you. You ar4 correct. Europe has been more than supportive of the US and this war is a freakin farce! I wonder when people will get it through their thick skulls that depending on oil period is foolishness. It is simple. Just because you have checks in your check books doesn't mean you have money..most of us adults understand that. Well one of these days we won't HAVE any oil..anywhere..period. SO, Melanie..what is your brilliant idea..use up what we do have until there is no more THEN worry about an alternative to fossil fuels? That is a really GREAT idea..NOT.
Melanie09/07/089:25amFirst of all, if Obama had been white, he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did. Democrats want women and/or minorities as their leaders so that they can pretend they actually care. -Rolls her eyes.- As long as those minorities benefit their "cause," that is. Poor Condi Rice is a black female, but because she actually has an inkling of morality and follows a much more conservative baseline, the democrats can't seem to want to support her. She's now the "white man's slave" again. What does that say about Obama?? Second, there's a reason why Palin wants to drill in ANWR. The population of "poor, defenseless caribou" that people are so worried about BOOM after plants are put into place. These plants add to the environment by adding warmer places to "nest." Furthermore, after drilling has started, we can be more self-sufficient, and by being more self-sufficient, we can look to other forms of energy. Isn't that what we all want? Isn't that what you tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberals want? We're all working towards the same goal; you just want to do it RIGHT NOW. Things take time though.
GREAT Britain09/07/089:14amI'm shocked by the comment...put those European's in their place!! ... i think the UK has been more than supportive to USA... if not seeming like a puppet to USA. Just because a decision the US makes... doesn't mean everyone should jump...and it's time to make us our name says....GREAT Britain again!
Milkshake09/07/088:47amMick, I am very aware we are headed for the last war!!!!! Sad but true, but it's headed after the elections. This is called Mystic Games right?
Amanda09/07/085:00amWhy would you think Europe owes us anything? What are you saying..invade Europe? Are you insane?You know we may have a lot of military and weapons, but that would be suicide for this country. I think it's high time the good ol US of A learned to stop policing the world, came home and focused on our issues here. Our scools suck, our homeless rate is sky high, most people can't afford insurance even though it is offered through their jobs, Oh and lets not forget our unemployment rate is at 6.1%..the highest it has been in a long time. When will people learn..take care of what is in your house first, then MAYBE worry about someone else.
Adreamcometrue09/06/0811:20pmWe need to put those Europeans on their places once and for all for their lack of support towards our policies the last 8 years. And McCain will be the right man to do the job for us.
Amanda09/06/087:54pmBe careful Bam Bam..don't shatter the glass..LOL. Another thing to concider is this, neither her or Mcain have any international diplomacy experience or skills at all. I ask you, you want someone green as hell going to the middle east right now? Oh I think not. I mean it isn't just the talking, you have to understand their culture and work with that, not just go all Rambo (probably Palin would carry a Polar Bear head with her) and start trying to talk business. It doesn't work like that. No thanks. Obama has experience. I trust that and I trust he will bring change to our country and right now with the economy like it is, we need that change. Mcain and Palin..hell no..not in a million years.
Bam Bam09/06/084:55pmThanks Amanda, Paula & Milkshake! Since I can't see ya...I'm gonna high five myself in bathroom mirror! LOL.
Bam Bam09/06/084:51pmSounds like Palin's a good ole' boy herself. Be careful when you go hunting with her. I don't know it's a Vice President thing. It's disturbing she might become VP and if it's true she hunts polar bears it is sickening. As far as I'm concerned Republicans will see to it that we use and destroy all the natural resources we have in the world and this country merely to benefit themselves and thier rich friends. When this country began it wasn't every man for himself. They all worked together to build this country one town and once city at a time. Nowadays we have companies (run by Americans) who give jobs and money to countries other than our own. If being conservative and espousing the philosophy that you only care about our country first, well that's noble & American...but that's not good enough. The policies of the new administration don't include bringing those jobs back and employing Americans - thus helping the economy and saving our housing markets. By the way Sabrina, you mentioned she fights as a conservationist since she is in Alaska, other Senators vote on those things too. Yet all she talks about is drilling for more oil. That is not the answer to finding a new source of fuel and breaking ties with foreign oil. You need to worry about foreign policy because these people control our country right now through our dependence on oil. Being conservative only means your scared to take a chance to make things better. Being conservative means keeping the status quo because the unknown scares you from truly making a decision and acting on those beleifs. I own my own business and was speaking with a very nice fellow in India this week, he mentioned the hurricanes in the US and said when they get rain they get monsoons. He said it's terrifying. What a nice fellow he was, I'm sure glad the Dunn & Bradstreet pays him so he can feed his family while other families in the U.S. go hungry and lose their homes. I have no problem with this man making a living, it's not his fault our corporations are greedy. I have a problem with American companies giving jobs away that don't benefit Americans. Yet American companies like mine have to pay them so they can report our business credit worthiness to the public. Oh yes, by the way...that confidential business info is now being seen by eyes in India. Love those Republicans. NOT!
Someone09/06/084:06pmI believe there is something fundamentally wrong with romaticizing the 80's Reaganism or Reagonomics! Reagan belongs to the 80's and NOT any longer relevant to our time here in 2008. It is important to always remember history with fond memories but we MUST also learn to part with other things it represented to us back then, which we were not aware of untill now. There was an awful lot of arrogance & schizophrenia that we unfortunately inherrited from Reagan's era which we now need to cleanse ourselves from, if we hope to be able to envision a bright and promising future once again, for ourselves and the future generations.
Mick09/06/083:11pmIs anyone aware that we are all heading towards the last war
Amanda09/06/089:25amIs anyone aware that Palin actually tried to sue the Bush admin for putting polar bears on the endangered species list? She likes to hunt them and does not think that the good ol US has any sort of ecological problems.Sorry but I would rather go with a wild card then put her in office.Why? Well if you're stupid enough to think we don't have eco issues here, what else do you think isn't a problem?
Milkshake09/06/088:55amBamBam and Jeff are making very good points. I like there arguments. Hmmmmm maybe one of them ought to become president??
Sabrina09/06/088:42amBam Bam, there is a lot more to do with managing a state then herding it's people. Alaska has more then just 670,000 people, (given your stats to be correct) Like most states it has it's own unique character. In Alaska there are environmental issues never even considered in Cleveland Ohio. But regardless of the number of people it is the strength of their leader we're discussing. And I'm not a Party-voter, (my husband was)... I've always voted for a person rather than his/her party. I will do so again. I'll do so because I'm conservative. I want America to come before ANY foreign policy. I don't care about the water buffalo in Kenya, I don't care about the famine and flood of other countries.... not before I care about the issues in America that directly effect the quality of life FOR Americans. I don't see that happening... Not with either ticket to be honest... But I'd rather remain with a more conservative ticket then dance around blindly to the choreographed music of Obama's speeches...
Amanda09/06/085:17amGame, set and match for Bam Bam. You know I lived in Jacksonville Florida. We have more people in the city then Alaska Arkansas have in their state. Needless to say, our mayor in Jacksonville would be more qualified.
Paula09/05/0810:27pmBulls eye for Bam Bam!
Bam Bam09/05/085:18pmSabrina, Alaska may be the largest state size wise, but the population of the state is what matters. The population of Alaska is ranked 47th in our country and the head count is 670,000 people. Perhaps you should reconsider why your voting Republican. If managing a state with 670,000 people qualifies you for Vice President than I can name about 500 other people that are qualified. No offense hon, but managing 670,000 people aint chit. The whole metropolitan area of the city of Cleveland Ohio is bigger than the whole population of Alaska that's one city inside the whole state of Ohio. I hope this gives you an idea of the size of people Palin governed. You can verify this info in the world almanac. I just did. As for Jeff, congress may have raised the minimum wage but that is not why the unemployment is so poor in this country. Your gonna have to try harder than that. By the way the minimum wage raise was only just implemented last month. Whether that was nationwide I'm not sure. But my kid just got his minimum wage raise last month. So your reason is not realisted. Unemployment has gone up for one reason is that people cannot afford gas to go to work. So why go to work they just go on welfare. Also, no one is buying merchandise therefore stores operate on skeleton crews or simply go out of business. Plus, you have jobs outsourced that Americans could have. NOW I know for a fact these jobs were outsourced long before 2006. So your arguement just doesn't jive with all the facts. I also know for a fact Dun & Bradstreet outsourced their customer service to India before 2005 and so did AVON. These are massive companies..that wasn't the Dems I assure you. Carter had one of the worst ratings at the end of his presidency, but he was a good president. Look what Regan did to the budget deficit, yet he had some good points. But he spent like crazy & broke the 1 Trillion dollar mark on the deficit. Bush has done nothing but lie to the public and go on vacation. Also, I know allot of people in the Chicago area and whomever said Obama sucked as a Senator and did nothing for Illinois you just don't know what your talking about it's more puff and stance like McCain and Palin. What a good republican follower you are.
We need more choices09/05/084:20pmWe need a third or even fourth party system. Not all states are even allowing someone like Nader to be on their ballots, which is ludicrous. I would tend to vote more for Obama because I lean pro-choice. (Nader would be my second choice because the state of the environment is critical to all human health.) I think about a story I heard about: a little 10 year old girl who had only recently begun menstruating was raped by her uncle. I have no idea exactly what became of the uncle after that, but the family was very Catholic and didn't believe in abortion. This girl had to carry the child to near-full term and was given a c-section because she was too small in the pelvis to give birth naturally. Now she not only had to cope with an embarrassing disfiguring scar on her tummy, but she was told that she likely will *NEVER* be able to have a child when she is old enough to marry and settle down. The rape and pregnancy combined did so much damage to her developing body that it was apparently too late. Really really sad.
LuckyChild09/05/082:09pmAlicia...LOL...I couldn't help laughing after having read your comment. Mostly because it sounded so awfully naive on your part, to actually believe that my comment was solely directed at the American military. In any case I believe it is important to let the idea of non-lethal weapons spread itself gradually on a global scale for some years (maybe a couple of decades) before SERIOUSLY introducing it on a more official level to the world. It is VERY important to make this distinction between war and weapons at some point in time, because the former is necessary while the latter is certainly something we can live without.
Tom09/05/0811:30amGod talk about indoctranated Americans they run around the world murdering and bullying the whole arab world for the oil and then they say the Arabs hate them as if they are innocent bystanders just look at your idoit evil vice president over in the the Ukrain trying to stare **** with the Russians Very EVIL men run your country and the majority of you ****s cant see the tree for the forest
Alicia09/05/0810:29amLuckyChild what plant do you come from!!! Are you still on a Obama koolaid stupor. There will always be wars. I know Obama wants to meet with the bad guys and try to get them to drink his drug laced koolaid, so they will be under his spell. Snap out of it! Iran and the terrorists (which Obama should know since he is one of them) will not discuss anything rationally they hate America! Hello!!! Do you understand that! So we have to be prepared to deal with any situation, and Obama will never be ready! He'll flip flop till they blow our country to bits. It's nice you have that dream, but reality speaking it will never happen. We need a commander in chief that knows this and is ready to defend our country. It certainly will not be Obama the socialist pig!
WalkerF.Nolander09/05/0810:25amIt seems there are still quite a few people who honestly believe they can fly high with the same kind of arrogant wind from the 80's Reaganism. Reagan belongs to the 80's and should stay in the history books! And even if he were alive now, he would have SECRETLY admired Obama's political machine because it bears the same sense of freshness to it, as his own campaign did back in the 80's. Reaganism[Read: McCain] should not be revived again in our time here in 2008. If McCain and the Republicans win (again) the whole country will eventually collapse at some point in the future.
LuckyChild09/05/089:28amAs time progresses ahead we humans will realize that it is not the war in itself that is wrong, but rather the weapons that are being used, and HAVE BEEN used eversince the time of the American Civil War! As a matter of fact war is a vital part of human history, culture, and nature. It is hard to believe though, that the human progress has fallen short in the department of weaponry. Instead of improving and modernizing war into a strictly strategic, NON-LETHAL sets of maneuvers, in order to DEFEAT the oppenent (by using different variations of intelligent tactics like a game of chess) as a reasonable alternative to political "dead-locks", we humans have been busy building more & more lethal weapons over the last 2 Centuries, with the sole intention to KILL our opponents. Isnt it about time we learned that the latter is an absolute NO NO here in the 21st Century? And isn't it about time we realized that the former[war] is actually a human necessity--whether we like it or not?! So why dont we just connect these 2 ideas together? There is an old saying that goes something like "All is fair in love and war". If you think deep about this old proverb you'll realize that they are the 2 sides of the same coin, and therefore the absence of one means the absence of the other as well! The idea of permenant peace is nothing but a myth! I reality Peace is just a brief interlude in between the past and the future wars. Anyhoo I'm with Obama this time around!
Alice09/05/089:19amThere was NO peaceful protect outside of the RNC. The idiots outside were damaging buildings cars etc. These people (I guess you could call them that) are dispicable and should be arrested. I noticed alot of them were young college students and you would think they would know better and also so some maturity. I guess not. I feel sorry for everyone that thinks Obama will help this country. He is no good!!! I DO NOT WANT MY COUNTRY RUN BY A FAR LEFT LIBERAL AND A SOCIALIST TO BOOT!!! There will not be a America anymore and more folks will lose jobs, homes etc. I don't care if you are a Republican, Democrat or an Independent. We are all Americans. Think about this and quit listening to his hollow words/lies.
Chris09/05/087:59amI too am a 50 yr old voter in this critical 'election' year, with one adult daughter and hopes for a sustainable quality of life for my grandchildren in what has become a world community. I am frightened by the incredible disconnect with reality demonstrated by Palin and McCain about the environmental needs of our planet as well as the U.S. and world economy. Oil drilling will not yield anything useful to consumers for the next 10 years, although the continued investment in oil companies ignores /approves their 'record' profits that stole the homes of our almost vanished American Middle Class, driven up transportation costs for our food & other consumer goods, and now underlies the beginning of store /business closings that we haven't seen in decades. When Starbucks closes stores, our youngest age-eligible voters cannot pay their college tuition. My 40 year old plumber enlisted in the military to earn enough to support his 6 children aged 14 -22. Hypnotically, Palin & McCain & the few RNC delegates present chanted as 'American democracy' the military violence being expressed as legalized brutal repression of our war veterans and other fellow American citizenry who had gathered to peaceful protest outside the RNC. I'll vote for Obama & Biden
Bing09/05/087:45amAmerican presidents are selected not elected would you yanks open your eyes and see what these people[things] are doing trying to creat wars so they will have a one world dicatorship ameria at the moment is a police state they will soon be putting microchips into people so they can monitor and control people
Debbie09/05/085:36amAlicia there is no need for name calling. I know you are very passionate about this election as I and many others. People need to vote for who will be right not the fact they have been democrats all their lives and are voting for that reason, that is ignorant. Same could be said of Republicans, it's just in this case we all know that Obama is not the right person for the job. He is a far left liberal and socialist. That will not be good for America. I am very impressed with Sara Palin and think she will be an excellent VP. Sabrina you are right McCain picked a great running mate and I feel they both will do a wonderful job for this country. I plan on voting for McCain and Palin. :)
Sabrina09/05/085:21amBoth my husband and I will vote the McCain/Palin Ticket. We're both in our 50s, and this will be the first time my husband has ever voted Republican. I can't speak for his specific reasons, but I can for mine. I read one of Obama's books, I can't remember the title now, but it scared the .... well, suffice it to say, it scared me... He's too liberal for me... I had been concerned about McCain's age, but by selecting a running mate that is young, strong and experienced.... He took away that fear.... Sarah Palin has had "Executive" experience... running a city, and then largest State in America... And as far as executive decision making goes..... Raising 5 kids ... well, that's experience in my book. As for her eldest being pregnant... actually, that helped sway me towards her ticket all the more... She has a 'real' family... deals with real issues daily... I'd thought McCain had no chance... His decision of a running mate was brilliant, He energized the voters... They just may give Obama a run for his (donated) money....
Alicia09/05/084:45amI will not vote for Obama NOT because he is black, but because he has no idea what to do! All his talking and his speeches are done for him. They are all empty promises. The guy didn't do anything in the Senate and will distroy this country with his far left liberal and socialism ideas. McCain will pull us out of the slump the democrats in congress and the senate put us in. They are the reason things are bad not Bush! We need to drill anywhere in the US that we can so we can get away from foreign oil. We need to become more independent. Obama will not do that. Get ready to be taxed out the ying yang. He is an IDIOT and his wife a MILITANT, who is finally proud of America. What a TWIT. Did I call them enough names! I only speak the truth. People get with it and vote for someone who will put us back on track and we know it will be McCain and Palin! Don't vote for Obama because he is black so you feel better you tried to be diversed and voted for a black man. You and I know he is not ready for the job. We need to see him do something in the Senate, which we have not see yet. McCain and Palin have more experience put together than Obama and we all know it. So get you heads out of your asses and vote McCain and Palin.
Jeff09/04/086:57pmBam Bam, I just have to ask you. What was the first thing the Democrat Congress did after they got elected in 2006? They raised the national minimum wage. Do you think it's a coincidence that the jobless rate in this country as gone up since? Do you think it's a coincidence that businesses are outsourcing more jobs? Here is a little lesson on economics: if you raise the cost of labor (minimum wage) in the United States, business either outsource jobs more, or they learn to become more productive with less labor so that they can remain profitable. Liberal policies like "raising the minimum wage" sounds great on the surface if you are uneducated, but the reality is it causes businesses to lay people off and outsource to other countries where labor is cheaper. Obama is the most inexperienced politician ever to be running for President, and his promise to raise taxes on business and investments will accelerate the job loss, and the outsourcing because he will make it more expensive to do business in the good ol USA. Our economy is cyclical, and there are ups and downs. When Bush came into office, we were experiencing NEGATIVE growth because of the "dot com bust", but with the tax reductions he implemented, our economy grew and added millions of jobs even after 9/11. Bush was certainly not the worst President in our history, it was Carter. Carter raised taxes continued the failed policies of Oil price controls because he did not understand the concept of economics. Reagan did, and that is why our economy grew at the highest pace in history. We need less Government taxation and regulation, not more. As I said before, Obama is an empty suit with no concept of economics. He is a socialist and would do major damage to this country in a time when we cannot afford it.
Milkshake09/04/084:25pmUh....Deb, I prefer Obama stays black. And becareful all you ladies out there, including myself, once a republican lady is running for the Big House...then uh it can get a little scarey.
Bam Bam09/04/083:13pmAlicia, sounds to me like you've had too much kool-aid yourself. Why do you have to call people stupid and other names to make your point. Have you ever heard of intelligent conversation? Anyway, I'm so amused how republicans blame our economy and other problems on the dems that took over in 2006. That's just ignorant. What a joke. The republicans have have done nothing but LIE and spend the hell outta the tax money they have collected under these last two terms. Presient Bush is going down in history as the worst President EVER. As for the Kennedy's they are just being men. Sex is everywhere on tv, in magazines why shouldn't scandel be in the White House too. As long as my President can run my country I don't care who he sleeps with. It's what powerful men do, it's not ethical or moral but no one is perfect. As for Palin, she has a 17 yr-old daughter who's pregnant and Palin is vocally against sex ed in schools. It would appear her own methods weren't terribly effective. If she can't run her family how can she help run this country. I think she's a poor choice, she's a better Governor and needs to stay there. The only thing I heard last night on the RNC was a bunch of puff and stance. Oh he's so great and Oh she's so great, but no real substance. At least Obama is putting a stop to outsourcing jobs to other countries and bringing work back to Americans. Even AVON outsources their customer service. At least Obama's plan makes sense. I didn't hear one dam word about what the Republicans plan to do something about the unemployment in this country. There's no way in HELL I'm living under a Republican cloud anymore. I heard more about DRILLING for oil than fixing this economy. We just had an enormous chunk of ice break off in Canada the size of Manhatten. Canada is freaking out because their borders are at risk from foreign shippers. More oil means more carbon dioxide and more global warming. More ice melting. Did you all know that if the ice shelves continue to melt the ocean levels rise and you can kiss all our coastal states goodbye! Water rising = covered land. Still want that black gold???? I just don't get backwards Republican thinking. Oil Oil Oil.
Deb09/04/082:51pmIf Obama was white would you people say these bad things about him? I think you people are afraid of having a black man be president. if he were whit would you vote for him?
Debbie09/04/082:29pmI agree with Jeff and Alan. VOTE FOR JOHN MCCAIN AND SARA PALIN!!
Alan09/04/082:10pmObama is the second worst democratic candidate that the democrats put out there and the Number One is ALL the KENNEDY'S, John used the white house as a whore house, and used Bobby as his pimp and go between with Marilyn Monroe and she turned up dead...interesting and then there is that sack of gue Teddy the murderer. Obama also has a following of Hollywood losers or should I say drug addicts, drunks and philanders, what a great following. If that jerk gets in I blame the people who voted him in! He does not have any experience to run this country and when his relatives the terrorists bomb us again and millions die, we will find him and his militant wife hiding in a hole somewhere. They will emerge and change America into a socialist country and probably will change the name of America to Abu a do do so his muslim buddies will be proud! Wake Up Folks!!! Vote for McCain and Palin it is a safe bet for America!
Jeff09/04/081:14pmMcCain and Palin all the way. At first I was very disappointed with both Obama and McCain. Still, McCain is the lesser of both evils, and now that he picked a solid conservative running mate I'm much more energized. Palin is the opposite of Obama. She actually has executive experience and she is only the VP pick. Obama is just an empty suit, which makes him very dangerous especially if you listen to his rhetoric. He proposes raising taxes across the board and expanding Government 10 fold while decreasing military spending in a dangerous world. He will make a bad situation must worse. Although McCain has flip flopped on taxes, at least he is on the right side of this issue now. He has a long record of cutting spending and supporting our military. Our economy was very strong even in spite of 9/11, and only after the Democrats took over Congress in 2006 did everything go down hill. The choice is clear. I would vote for Milkshake's dog over Obama though. :-)
Alicia09/04/081:11pmPoor misguided Kathleen. Obama SUCKS! You are an idiot if you think that flip flopping muslim will do anything for this country. The only thing he will do is bring more problems, more taxes, more terrorist attacks. He does not have any fricken experience to run this country, but I understand, you must of drank the koolaid and are under his spell. The muslim is a smooth talker just like a used car salesman and you have fallen for his bull. I feel sorry for you.
Kathleen09/04/0812:31pmAlicia ~ you shouldn't show your ignorance in a public forum. How sad for you. Go Obama!
Anjuli09/04/0812:15pmWow, that anybody would dream of voting Republican after what they've done to this country is really troubling. I sure hope more people vote this time than usual. We need all the enlightened votes we can get.
Alicia09/04/0811:40amThe candidates are so bad that I called Palin Susan when it is actually Sara. Milkshake I would vote for your dog for president, couldn't do any worse then what's out there now.
Milkshake09/04/0810:57amI think my dog, Hannah would make a better president than either one of these guys. My dog doesn't lie.
Alicia09/04/0810:14amI don't really like either candidate, but I like McCain's running mate Susan Palin. I think she could be a threat to Obama and the blowhard Biden. It will be interesting how this election turns out. The Anti-American Muslim Obama and the Old war hero. What a choice. Our country will be in deep do do with either choice. God help us!
Pat09/04/089:31amNot decided on this one yet. Amanda, I left a note on the last poll for ya, not anything mean.
Deb09/04/089:21amI think obama will make a good president for the United State Of America.

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