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I always stock up on food/supplies in case of a natural or man made disaster.

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Milkshake10/07/084:35pmThanks Wallander!
Wallander10/07/081:43pmThis is just a brief continuation of my last comment regarding your Karma reading from that site Milkshake. I just wanted to add that, whether you agree with the things i said about your character or not, it is EXTREMELY important that you do not take these things into your head. They should remain as nothing but small, fun, little things, that you reflect over for just a short minute, and then you just let it go. I'm just saying all this because i made the BIG mistake of taking all those things too literally when i discovered that site about 3 yrs ago, and unfortunately it resulted in me becoming "too methodical" about the way i was dealing with everything/everyone in my life. In all my efforts to try to do the "right thing", i had succeeded in putting up a front, that wasn't the kind of person i'd been prior to my discovery of that site. To make a long story short, it took me a long time to find my way back to being the good ol' me again. But already by then, the damages in my life were TOO GREAT, as a result of my bone-headed way of taking everything too literally. The point is, that we must at all times remain un-conscience of ourselves & our own behaviour, otherwise we risk becoming labeled as "too simple", "too correct", or "too dead"(boring) by everyone around us. The other VERY important factor about our identity is, that it can NEVER be put down into 1 or 2 simple sentences! There are more than a dozin aspects to a person's individual identity & character, that it would be really stupid of that person to just be focused on 1 single aspect of his/her own character! We are the sons/daughters of our parents, and we are the products of our childhood surroundings, and we are the products of our education & proffessional lives, and we also have our numerological identity, not to mention, we also have tons of other aspects in our astrological profile, so on & so forth.....anyways, i hope you've appreciated this little IMPORTANT footnote, to all the things i've been speaking about so far, so that you would be able to take everything with a grane of salt from now on. Anyways, now that i've gotten this VERY important detail out of my system, i will come back later on to inform you a little bit more about PIC....thanks for hearing me out. : )
Jinxed10/04/087:45pmThanks Bam Bam. As long as we're on the topic of Bush, I found this really funny clip on youtube(duration: 67sec.). I think it's worth a try if you're in need of some good laugh. Actually he seems rather sympathetic in a way. Of coarse this is done by video manipulation but it reminds you of the role played by Lloyd Bridges in the Airplane movie, as the highly intoxicated airport manager ;-D
Milkshake10/04/085:55pmGot any blonde jokes?
Bam Bam10/04/085:38pmAnyone got anymore jokes? That was funny Jinxed!
Milkshake10/04/082:12pmUm. Okay. Are we changing polls yet?
Jinxed10/04/089:36amA Japanese doctor said, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man ,put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks." A German doctor said, That's nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks." A British doctor said, "In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half of a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks." A Texas doctor, not to be outdone said, "You guys are way behind. We took a man with no brains out of Texas , put him in the White House and now half the country is looking for work." :p
Milkshake10/03/086:07pmThis is and was one strange poll....hee hee
Bam Bam10/03/085:06pmED I suggest you watch the video - even the news said OBAMA was not there and he didn't vote.
Wallander10/03/085:04pmIt just struck me how **BVADRRRR** my previous comment sounded to you Pat! I truely hope it didnt make you uncomfortable!
Wallander10/03/084:11pmBtw i should say that my comment to you Pat, is NOT just an attempt to ask you a personal question! I asked the question because frankly i feel you outlined something that is quite universal at the moment. Atleast that's how i view it, and my own experience tells me that this is something both women & men are experiencing at the moment! Relationships have become so incredibly challenging & demanding(on BOTH parties), that compells many ppl these days to chose the miserable hermetic life, instead of the CHAOS of a relationship with another wo/man....i mean, they wouldn't even want to have something going "on the side"(fun romance) once they get to this sacred hermetic lifestyle. And the thing that is so crazy about this is, that it is also taking place among the youngsters!??
Wallander10/03/083:58pmYou're welcome Milkshake. I will give you more links as we go along, while i gather the best of those links in my 'Bookmarks'. : )
Wallander10/03/083:43pmPat if i was living in the States, i would come by your place to take you out on a date...all for myself!!! I would do EVERYTHING in my power to make you fall in love with me, and then i would personally make sure you'd NEVER want to go back to your toys!!! Come on Pat, if your problem has anything to do with guys being too obssessive or possessive, then please tell me (or tell us) how a guy can conquer your heart, without disturbing your peace of mind??
Milkshake10/03/083:32pmThanks Wallander! I appreciate anymore sites you can give me on astrology, states, and the United States. Thanks!!!!!
Wallander10/03/083:03pmYou have asked a rather tough question Milkshake. I'm saying 'tough' because when it comes to the country of USA, it is quite hard to put down exactly what its 'identity' is!? The best way to find the astrological ID of America from a HISTORICAL perspective, is to bring up its MOST popular day of the year: The 4th of July -- hence a Krab(Cancer). This could actually be quite consistent, especially when you think about just what a "security junkie" it has become over the last 20-30 yrs. But the political life of America is somewhat different than that. My own imediate impression is--just like yours-- also Aquarius. But i would think a good way to find the exact sign of America, is to take out some of the biggest political events in history, i.e. the assassinations of Kennedy & Lincoln, the 4th of July 1776, September 11-2001, the Wallstreet Crash, & so on & so forth, and to try to find a consistent thread in all of these dates. Alternately you could also look into the chart of the current President of the US, because the president isn't just a "random individual" in the context of American political life...he/she is infact the very FACE of the nation, at the time he's been elected to take the highest position in the country, which is to RUN the country. Just to give you an example, i was reading something interesting recently, when i was looking into G.W.Bush's Mayan horoscope, and it struck me just how much it was discriptive of the current political situation of the US, and indeed the whole WORLD! [If you're interested, you could check that out here:]I would still claim that it isn't very easy to nail down the exact zodiac sign of America, because obviously the country has been "dead & reborn" so many times thru out its history, but my own impression of the country is that the Americans have grown more & more fond of their own traditions in the last 20-30 yrs., and that they tend to look back in their past history more & more, instead of looking ahead into the future, which again tells me that the country has taken on the 'identity' of 4th of July! Anyways i think i should stop now before i make anymore bold claims. ;-D
Milkshake10/03/082:22pmWallander! Where are you?
Pat10/03/082:08pmI agree with you both. That would be a great topic. I was married one time and that one time was enough for me. We were both unhappy. I was faithful, he wasn't. When I started dating again, I still wasn't content. I quit dating QUITE awhile back. I still like to flirt and cut up with guys, but if I have a need, I have my toys. Sorry, if this sounds vulgar to some, I didn't mean for it to.
Milkshake10/03/0812:57pmThat would be pretty cool if we could talk about relationships on our next poll.
Debbie10/03/0811:08amPat I agree with what you are saying about what counts is what inside a person instead of the outside. Our society makes it where you have to weigh 90 pounds and look like that **** Paris Hilton. So it makes it hard when looking for someone. Men want the Paris Hilton's and when you hit a certain age the men of that certain age go after the 20 year olds. I have been married and divorced. I have dated alot and have not found that person that looks at the inside instead of the outside. They seem so phoney, always trying to impress you. I know, our next poll should be on relationships. What do you think???
Milkshake10/03/0811:00amYou're not a geek, Pat. I love Harleys! Wallander, when you can, get back to me.....okay? This is one strange poll! LOL
Ed10/03/089:39amI can't resist, I have to say it, Obama was there and voted that he was present!!! :) This whole mess started when Clinton was in office and since Freddie and Fannie are Democratic institutions that lets you know that again the Dems dropped the ball. :)
Pat10/03/088:56amWhoops! On my last comment, I meant INSTEAD of a stud. The inside of a person is what counts, not the outside appearance.
Bam Bam10/03/086:41amTypo on 2006 should be 2008. The bill was trying to be passed in 2006 before everyone knew for sure what was happening.
Bam Bam10/03/086:39amJEFF - I saw the video. It's old news. It appears the video is from 2006 we didn't have enough proof what was going to happen - it was all what if's at that time. The only thing it proves is that Bush tried to push something through to prevent the Fannie Freddie disaster and it was blocked - the Dems (NOT OBAMA) voted against the bill and the Republicans didn't present it again. That is a failure on their part for not pushing harder. Obama did not weigh in on the vote that killed the bill. Furthermore, both Democrats and Republicans on Obama and McCains side took donations from the Giant Lender to get around being regulated. PALIN admitted during the debate last night it was greed, and dirty lending that led to this disaster - she is right and she didn't blame either side because she knew Biden would come back at her with McCains aid who took money from them as well. The point is Fannie and Freddie have collapsed and now it's up to the American Public to bail them out. Your acting as though the democrats are solely to blame for the collapse and I think it's safe to say the majority of Americans would disagree with you. It also makes your arguments allot less credible when you make accusations at one group when everyone knows there is more truth than your presenting.
Pat10/03/085:59amYou know what just one of the things I've learned in life so far? There is nothing wrong with being a geek. Loving to be informed and learn about everything you can is not geeky. Hell, I was picked on for being a hippie and dressing like a hippie by those kinds of kids that totally have their way in high school(sometimes I would dress normal). I was one of those kids that always stood up for the underdogs in school, but totally ignored and didn't show emotion when I was picked on(even though it hurt inside). But I had a couple of friends in that group of bullies that weren't bullies even though they were in it. In my next life I am going after a geek inside of the stud, rough bad boys. I used to even date a bad boy biker from a bad biker gang. See, I have lived a roller coaster life.
Milkshake10/02/088:21pmOh Wallander.....Please, please if you know of anymore sites in Astrology (good ones) let me know. What I really love is a site that can tell us what states are ruled by what planets and signs!! If you know of any Wallander, please let me know! I found the other 2 sites especially the "shotfree in montana" one really interesting.
Milkshake10/02/085:03pmWallander, is the United States the sign of Aquarius?? It seems like when these "slow" planets are in Capricorn there is always a learning lesson.....Saturn the planet of lessons.....Since Neptune is in Aquarius and Neptune is the planet of dellusions and drugs, and Pluto the planet of death and secrets in learning -lesson ruled saturn Capricorn, you think our lesson is about a Big Drug War....which is a man-made disaster and it's a secret? Because instead we may think it's an earthquake, but in reality it could be a bomb or something and it's actually a drug war??
Wallander10/02/084:58pmI just wanted to add 1 last comment about Pluto in Capricorn(PIC) i'm just putting together the pieces you left behind Milkshake. You said Capricorn stands for "learnt lessons", which in other words means wisdom, experience, culture & traditions! It is especially the last 2 that is most relevant here. I'm assuming this means that while we thirst more& more for old traditions & cultural values, the same said things are going to feel more & more hollow & meaningless to us, as we move deeper & deeper into the PIC period. Unless we find TOTALLY FRESH ideas for NEW traditions & cultural values, we are going to exhaust our very thirst for these things. I have a lot more to say aboit PIC but i think i will try to keep my comments short, so that it would be relatively easy to follow the train of thoughts that we ALL are contributing to, in this regard. Cheers. : )
Wallander10/02/082:30pmMaybe the city of San Francisco is a Capricorn?! Both in 1906 & 1989, the earth quake hit the city when Ura-nus had been in the house of Capricorn around 1 yr.! Keep in mind that Ura-nus is generally known as the planet of upheaval & distruption.
Wallander10/02/081:57pmSome claim that we will see some kind of MAJOR natural disaster. Others claim that it will be a man-made catastrophe, i.e. some kind of Anarchistic "revolution"[similar to the French Revolution], and a 3rd group would claim that we're going to be effected PROFOUNDLY by an unstable financial market. Regardless of what happens, i'm pretty sure the ordinary men & women will be well-prepared for such an event because it will bring the masses closer to one another, & strengthen the bonds among ordinary people. But after you mentioned the San Francisco earth quake Milkshake, i had a quick look around the net. I dont know if this is just mere coincidence(or perhaps because it is a given, that you will almost always find some kind of a crazy cohesion, if you're looking for it long enough) but the fact is that Ura-nus circles the sun every 84 yrs.,meaning it comes back to the same house after 84 yrs., and SanFrancisco was first hit in 1906(Ura-nus in Capricorn:1905-1911) and then 83 yrs later it came back in 1989(Ura-nus in Capricorn:1988-1996 )....anyways i found this fact fascinating. I dont know, maybe i am a geek?!(LOL) Btw I'm glad to hear you enjoyed what i posted earlier Pat--looking forward to reading what you find over the weekend. : )
Pat10/02/0812:53pmFirst, I have to say to Amanda...come back. If not in here, then the next one. Wow! Love the topic, Milkshake and Wallander. This will give me something to do this weekend. I'll do a (general) chart for the U.S. and see what it says. Loved what you had to say, Wallander! If the poll has changed by Monday, I will still type in what I did and then stick to the(hopefully) new topic. Also I would like to say to whoever sent something my way, caused themselves to get it back three-fold(not by my doing, except to send it away from me). Feel sorry for you!
Milkshake10/02/0812:17pmWow Wallander!.....Capricorn=cardinal sign. Aquarius=fixed sign. Pisces=mutibal sign. Pluto=Capricorn. Neptune=Aquarius. Ura-nus=Pisces. That line-up is strong! Which can easily match this poll....natural or man made disaster. STOCK UP ON FOOD AND SUPPLIES!
Milkshake10/02/0811:42amWow Wallander! How about this.....1906 was the "Big Earthquake" in San Francisco! I wonder how all the planets were lined up then? Pisces....ruled by Neptune and sub ruled by Mercury. Neptune in Ur-an-us ruled Aquarius.....Hmmmm......And southern California is ruled by the planet Venus. Im unsure about northern California. Thanks for the sites!! Do you know of any sites to see what states are ruled by what planets?? Like California is ruled by Venus. Texas ruled by Capricorn.....and so on. Let me know please if you find any sites relating to states ruled by what a natural disaster may indeed happen.
Wallander10/02/0810:05amYou're absolutely right Milkshake. I was just fixated on Pluto in Capricorn, but the other 2 "slow planets" are just as important. The 3 slowest planets in Astrology[Ura-nus, Neptune, & Pluto] usually have the deepest effects in influencing the collective time-spirit. The planet Ura-nus is now in the sign of Pisces. The last time this planet was at the same house, was between the yrs 1919-1926....interestingly very close to the 1929 Wallstreet Crash! So it isn't very far-fetched to imagine that there are many amateur astrologists who perhaps blame the unstable Financial Market that we're seeing this yr. on the movements of Ura-nus. Also it is interesting to point out that Neptune is in the house of Aquarius all the way until 2012. The last time Neptune resided in this house, was back in 1843, which was approximately 17 yrs. prior The Civil War. But it is interesting to point out that both Ura-nus & Neptune will move to their next respective houses in the yrs. 2011-2012! [Lately i've been seeing "2012" more & more often on the internet, to my own annoyance! I sure hope it's nothing but a 'guess' on the part of some amateur astrologists]. You can check out these 2 links, if you want to look into the planetary movements: 1)21st Century-> ..... 2)Planets in the sign of Astrology-->
Milkshake10/02/088:58amOMG Wallander! You're good at this. Now what about this? Death and deep hidden secrets are in this Satrun ruled planet Capricorn??? Could it be something very secretive, deadly, and desruptive is coming our way? Where is the planet Ur****? I forgot which sign. It also makes a difference to see where Ur**** is at. Maybe something unexpected and deadly is coming our way to teach us all a lesson. What do you think? Where is Ur****?
Wallander10/02/087:57amYour knowledge about Pluto(in its Astrological significance) is much better than mine Milkshake. But i'd like to add that there is a slight deifference between the Scorpian Pluto, and the planetary Pluto that moves from house to house. The former stands for death, the subconscience, and deep hidden secrets, while the latter stands more for the collective subconscience, or the collective trends. But it DOES have a rather destructive or revolutionizing effect on the house in which it resides! When Pluto was in the sign of Libra back in the 70's, it had a profound effect on marriages, and the traditional roles of of men & women, which resulted in MANY marriages ending in divorce. Then in the 80's when Pluto had moved down to Scorpio, it was Sex that became the biggest topic of the society. Need i say AIDS?! Then from 1995 all the way till 2008 Pluto resided in the sign of Sagittarius, and we've been seeing the International community & the global politics going under radical changes, because obviously Sagittarius stands for expansion & travel. It's also worth mentioning that the last 13 yrs. we have seen racism & biggotry coming up the surface, which is very interesting because i recall that back in 1995 the whole world was holding its breath as OJ Simpson was being prosecuted for the murder of his ex-wife.[Btw that comment has NOTHING to do with how i feel about OJ Simpson's case! I'm pretty sure he had SOMETHING to do with the death of his ex-wife]. BUt regaring Capricorn, which Pluto is going to enter on the 27th of Nov. this yr., there are 2 major keywords that can best describe: Ambitions, and common sense. You have also mentioned Wisdom, or Experience(life-lessons being learnt), which is a very essential theme of the Capricornian sign. As you pointed out, it will be interesting to see just how these areas will undergo the kind of CRISIS that is typically attributed to Pluto!? In '95 it was OJ, and now in 2008 it is the Financial Market....maybe that will give atleast 1 tiny clue to where we are headed. In any case i reckon we're going to see a spirit of resilliance on the part of ordinary ppl, in order to emancipate & free themselves from the forces of the market, the media, and any other institutions that might be hampering the freedom of the individual in the society. Not such a terrible thing, if you ask me. : )
Milkshake10/01/085:15pmHi Wallander. To answer your question about pluto in capricorn is this: Pluto is a very strong planet. It can also be very challenging. One of the meanings of this planet is death. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn means lessons being learned and I forgot what else it means. In my opinion, it's sort-of maybe deadly when these two combine in a transit. It's like this death planet that's quite strong in a "lesson being learned" ruled sign. Capricorn is an earth sign. We also have to take a look at Ur**** and Neptune. I'm no expert at astrology. Maybe Pat is better. Pat what do you think? I think it could mean earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.......Are there any astrologers here?? LOL
Pat10/01/082:28pmWallander, thank you, I'm humbled. Everybody, I agree, we really do need a bright, happy, uplifting poll. I am so tired of talking politics. Hint...there are tattoos, phobias(Bam Bam mentioned something about a phobia to Milkshake),what kind of animal person we are and why, what kind of music, motorcycles, the mafia, the best comedian, men's manners to women-Ha! Ha!, the future world 200 years from now, etc. Something, come on!!!
Wallander10/01/0811:29amI was more or less focusing on a few NEGATIVE aspects about the future. It certainly does NOT mean that there won't be anything POSITIVE happening during the next 15 yrs.! The best way to talk about and prepare for any future events is to always hear the 'bad news' first, and afterwards to just let the 'good news' occur on its own.
Ed10/01/0810:05amSounds good to me Milkshake. Politics always causes rifs with people. We need something fun and less stressful. We have enough of that lately. New Poll Please.....Poll Master :)
Milkshake10/01/088:10amI know! Maybe on our next poll we can talk about something thats more exciting. Something a little bit upbeat and fun.....And please, can we talk about something other than politics?
Wallander10/01/087:30amI think Pat is cool. From what ive heard her say so far(which includes the previous 2-3 polls), i think she's almost always right on the money! BamBam is also cool, so is Milkshake. Amanda is a bit edgy, & has a tendency to sometimes want to dig into some rather controversial topics which i personally find myself in disagreement with, quite often(only in those controversial topics). Jeff and Ed plus a few others, seem like decent people, but purely on the political topics, i almost always disagree with what they have to say. But Pat is my fav. so far! With regards to Pluto in Capricorn(PiC) i honestly dont think it's going to be that bad, if you learn to go with the wave of time. PiC is going to be all about cutting everything down to the bare essential. Minimalism will be the new trend among the youngsters,and it will eventually spread itself thru out the whole society(local & global). Everything that has a functional value will b used, and the rest will be spared. "No frills" is going to be the new popular slogan all around the globe--even the markets will learn to incorporate that into their systems. Poverty is going to hurt you ONLY if you let it. And if you try to fight against this whole trend of Minimalism, you will eventually lose, so it's a lot smarter to go WITH the flow rather than to try to hold onto some obsolete and outdated values from the past. "Bravery" is going to be the new 'hip' thing, as opposed to the 80's "Originality", and you do not have to worry about being right or wrong all the time, because the focus will be more around conquering the anger & jealousy, rather than reaching the desired end-result. Also spirituality is going to take a GIANT leap during the next 15 yrs. In any case whether all of the above turn out to be right--or just some of them do--the best way to visualize this new era, is to consider the fact that what started way back, during the Industrial Revolution & the Victorian Era, has now reached the "Winter season" of its evolution. It's all about adjustments, and once we succeed with that, we'll be EVEN better off than where we've been the last 30-40 yrs.! It's all about having the right perception of things; hence the spirituality. The downside of PiC is going to be SURVALENCE. Everyone is going to be watched. Also in order for the society as a whole to survive, the feelings of anger, frustrtation, and jealousy within the populace need to be kept in check the whole time. I'm also very curious to know what your understanding of PiC is, Milkshake? Would you please fill me in with anything that you might find interesting to know in that regard, and i dont mind it at all if you feel the need to correct some of the things that i've mentioned here?! Thanks. : )
Pat10/01/085:05amWell, it's a new day! If everyone doesn't care, can we insist on a new poll? Just for myself, I say...NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! NEW POLL ! NEW POLL! NEW POLL! Bless everybody and ALL come back.
Pat09/30/082:26pmWhat don't kill you, makes you stronger.
Milkshake09/30/082:06pmTo answer your question, BamBam certain incidences and threats occured before this rape occured. I then went to the Sherrif's office and reported these threats, followings, and incidences. He gave me alot of good advice and also told me to keep a log book. I followed his advice and also kept a log book. I have to be careful of what I say, because I can't reveal too much. I was afraid (some) to leave my house before the rape occured because I felt scared and threatened. But it was after the actual rape occured that I was very much afraid to leave my house and then I felt very alone, scared, trapped, paranoid, depressed, confused, etc.....That's when alot of people stopped talking to me. It gets ALOT worse. I really cant say. That's all I can say right now. Thinking back messes my head up. You see, when I woke up in my bed, the back of my head hurt bad, like it was banged up or something. There was a bruise and soreness in the back of my head. My back was all out of place. I peed blood. My private areas sore. Anyway, this was a personal disaster and I survived.
Pat09/30/0810:35amWallander, I welcome comments myself from other nations about our country. To me, I believe it is very important what the worlds' people think about us. "Sometimes people on the outside looking in can see more than the people that are in." You never know...there may be voting there in maybe 30-40 years down the road(maybe sooner, who knows), but several hundreds of years is a hard tradition to break. Milkshake, I laughed at how Jeff wrote it also. The area where my family live at has never had a tornado...knock on wood...but surrounding us close, tornadoes have always touched down. TS Fay got us, but not serious damage at our house. Yea, my sister lived in Kansas for awhile and she stayed scared all the time. She said the sirens would start a lot and they had to get my niece(a new baby at the time), a cat and a dog and run down to the basement. Once while at work, her car got demolished by hail. I never went to California when our half sister was alive(she visited us)and still won't go, because I can't help but fear the very deadly one the scientists talk about, even if it is far off(or not). I have always wanted to go to the beautiful Redwood Forest(maybe someday, I don't know). I also love astrology, I have dozens of books on the subject and love to do charts, but haven't done that for awhile now. I love astronomy, too. Anything with the stars, planets, galaxies(I love all of Carl Sagan's works and have them, I love to hear Steven Hawkins, mysticism, new age, tattoos, Harleys, and on and on and family loves me, but they will tell you that I am the odd one out of the whole family, even as a little kid. But being around me a lot now, I am rubbing off on them.-laugh, laugh.
Milkshake09/30/089:06amJeff, you crack me up sometimes! I like how you said, unrelated to this poll and how you and BamBam who is also funny argue. Pat, you're pretty damn cute too. That's why this site was appealing to me. The personalities on here....LOL. BamBam, thanks for the hug! Hugs are awsome. I am going to think about this for a little bit and then sum up This "R" incident, because I don't want to say too much......Back to the subject....Pat, Ive been in some big tornadoes that touched down and I am so damn lucky nothing happened to me, anyone around me, or my home. But those damn earthquakes in California!!!! Ive been in two types: The Shaking types and the wave or roller coaster types. Those damn wave types are soooooo scarey! They just warning and earthquake insurance is so expensive. Im not in California now, but I still feel earthquakes here too. I feel in my gut a "big one" coming soon. Im also into astrology. Pluto in Capricorn is scarey..................
Jeff09/30/088:03amSorry if it's unrelated, but I had to post this video link which in 4 minutes long. It shows you exactly who is responsible for thwarting regulations that would have straightened out Fannie and Freddie, and who was responsible for opposing these regulations and backing up Freddie and Fannie's practices:
Pat09/30/084:54amMilkshake, in a state my family and I lived for awhile when I was a kid, we felt tremors a couple of times. Never anything major though, small ones that maybe lasted a couple of minutes. My dad moved us around a lot so we never experienced anything bigger. I grew up going to 2-4 different schools a year until the 6th grade and that was because the Great Spirit(God) made him settle down for my mom and us kids, but that's another story some other time. Bam Bam, I was the one that asked her to share what happened if she wanted to, but not to be attacked so harshly and judged. I agree with you, who are we to judge very painful stories that someone tells on here. Sorry, Milkshake, I won't mention it again unless you give the okay on it.
Bam Bam09/29/088:22pmOmg...we all got on great in the last poll. What the heck happened??......Milkshake, how did you escape or get away? Was it after the rape you were afraid to leave your home? I know severe cases of extreme stress can cause anxiety and agoraphobia. How did you conquer this aside from your mom and family? I think we should all bear in mind when some of us tell personal stories about ourselves it's not our place to judge even though we're entitled to share our valuable opinions. I do recall someone asking Milkshake what her personal disaster was, I'm certain it took guts to talk about it. I think to say anything that is not taken with great care (because we don't know if it is true or not) would only be to add insult to injury if this violent act did indeed happen. It only serves to further punish the victim. With that being said - here's a big hug for ya honey! I agree let's get on to a new poll.
Milkshake09/29/087:56pmCool it with the "if's", Amanda. I am tired of it. I dont need attention. I was only sharing. Back to the poll......I have been through major tornadoes in Texas and good size earthquakes. Earthquakes are the scariest thing to me. There are no warnings, no where to run, no where to hide. I know a "big one" will hit one of these days or years. Im going to start saving coupons and looking at bargain sales again so I can stock up!
Wallander09/29/082:53pmI have an idea--a good one IMO--regarding what the next poll should be about: Since i live in Europe myself, I was very interested to know how you feel about some of the recent statements coming from abroad, that "the Global community should be given the chance to have something to say" with regards to the American Presidential elections? Nobody has yet dared say the "V word", but i'm assuming that there are many ppl abroad who feel that it is NOT such a far-fetched notion, that the international community would also be voting for their fav. presidential candidate, sometimes in the near future.
Pat09/29/081:58pmI am glad you were safe through the tornadoes. Bet you are happy you are not in Oklahoma anymore. I agree, we need a new poll.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie09/29/0812:05pmYears ago the home we purchased had a fall out shelter in it and we did put supplies in it not thinking we would every need to use it. We lived in Oaklahoma and had quite a few tornados come through so we did use it and always made sure we kept up on the supplies. We had everything from canned food, and water to battery operated tv's and radios. What a boring poll. PLEASE We need a new poll!!
Pat09/29/0811:51amJinxed, when viruses get in on ours, the first thing that starts popping in is gross porn. My brother-in-law knows how to take everything apart, clean all the viruses out and put things back together. He has to take it to their home, I don't know how he does it...just that he does. One time I was looking for pictures of kittens for my kids to make their own little books and a picture popped up on one of the pages of a nude 12 or 13 yr. old girl. We called the authorities and I took them to the sight that showed her. They took other information from the page and left. My brother-in-law had to clean it out again. My sister won't let my niece have her computer in her room, not because she doesn't trust her, she doesn't trust the internet. It is hard to try to keep little kids' minds free from adult stuff anymore.
Pat09/29/089:52amI didn't mean exactly that you were without water...just stating to Amanda that miraculously a person can be without water for 10 days. I am talking about miracles. I agree that we should end it here. I believe you. Now to this is awful about the disasters that are happening in the world. Remember, the earthquake the caused the huge tsunami that hit the countries and islands on the other side of the world? The animals knew ahead of time. The people that noticed the reaction to the animals fleeing to high ground and followed were saved. Oh, that was so sad. In a disaster of that magnitude and in other countries, there is no way to be prepared. Even if something like that happened here. I'm not talking about the things that already happen here, because they still are not of that magnitude. Next...
Milkshake09/29/087:54amOnce again, I never did say I was without water....I was with people for those 10 days, but I dont know exactly what happened, because I was asleep for those 10 days. This is not about water, its about an awful rape ( I hate the word "rape"...uh story). I moved on. Justice will be served and has been served for some. Maybe one day, I can use my awful experience and help other women (that's what i would like to do). That is all. Once again, I feel this is a respectful site.
Pat09/29/086:01amAmanda, not wanting you and me to argue and be nasty, Okay? But in some other comments in the last poll you didn't even believe in satanic worshipping and doing drugs mixed with the drinking of blood(I know for a fact that there are). You told about your rape and many people believed you(I believed you) and people believed me. I assure you there many people on here that could probably tell horror stories in their lives and choose not to, because of being attacked like this. It is now scientifically proven nationwide that many doctors believe in miracles and see miracles everyday they could not explain, except as a miracle that does occur. A person could miraculously live 10 days without water and their bodies not shut down. Amanda, just think about it, there are miracles that happen around the world everyday. I asked Milkshake the question that wasn't part of this poll and she answered when she didn't have to. I believe her, not because I am gullible, I just know things like this happen everyday, that are or are not reported. I believe Milkshake. She even said in her first telling of what happened to her, that there were many other things said that she could not go into further. Let it stand at that. I believe in miracles! Now as far as the poll, other people in here told about stocking up for disasters. If nothing else, we desparatetly need water, meds, and candles and lighters and things for our pets. Oh yes, all insurance papers. PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE, NNEEWW PPOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda 09/28/089:20pmHere is the reason I do not treat anything like this with anything other than it and deal with it. Unfortunately someone has issues..not related to the occult or to voodoo or to satanists or anything of the like. Of course something happens, more likely getting high or whatever and running into the wrong people. But instead, they have to make up insane stories like this one. Unfortunately, people like me and many others PAY for it. Now, Milkshake has alluded to her voodoo mom being behind the attacks. I am sorry to say but that sort of thing is not a part of any voodoo, voodou or satanic practice, nor is it a part of any pagan practice, nor is the behavior ever condoned by any of the afore mentioned. Unfortunately though there are too many people all to willing to read horror stories like this and just believe it, hook, line and sinker. I am one of the minorities who has to work like hell to make certain people know what is what. Sorry, but if she was attacked, and I say IF, that is awful. But, to sit there and try and link the attacks to religious cults ( see the post where she states she believes her mom, the so called voodoo witch woman) was behind it. 9.28.2008 You Mean There Isn't A Satanic Voodoo-Santeria Pagan Cult? A few days ago I mentioned a story that I had some major problems with. It concerned a woman, Michelle Rene Wood, who was badly beaten and rushed to the hospital. "Michelle Rene Wood, 42, of Palm Coast was found covered in blood with both eyes swollen shut early Monday, according to a St. Johns County sheriff's report. A rope was tied around her right wrist and a bungee cord around her left ankle, the report states." Wood claimed that her injuries were from members of a "Santeria Voodoo" cult she had been affiliated with. This alleged cult, who she claims robbed and beat her, participated in Satanic rites and needed her for an important Autumn Equinox ritual. "[Wood] said Sunday's abduction and beating were not the first she had suffered in recent days as a result of her leaving the group last year to become a Christian ... She was later taken to another home, believed to be in Flagler Estates, where her captors took drugs and performed a devil-worship ritual ... Wood also told investigators the men and a petite blonde woman named "Sky" took her to an open field near a home where a bonfire was burning. They were "preparing" for the autumnal equinox, she said. "They needed me to help call the spirits," Wood told investigators..." A cult that mixes Santeria, Voodoo, Satanism, Paganism, drug-using, and guns? I've heard of syncretism, but this is ridiculous. Apparently the local police think so too, since they have closed the case. "Flagler County sheriff's investigators closed the case of a Palm Coast woman who claimed to be abducted and attacked by members of a voodoo group, officials said Friday ... cult experts said Wood's story didn't line up with known voodoo practices. And sheriff's investigators found no evidence of organized satanic worship in the county, according to Maj. David O'Brien, Criminal Investigation Unit supervisor. In fact, O'Brien said his investigators couldn't find "credible evidence" that a crime even occurred. Plus, Wood has a history of making similar fraudulent claims to law enforcement, the Sheriff's Office said." So let's see if I get this straight. A woman with a history of lying to the police, who (indirectly) admits to taking drugs, concocts a story about a "cult" after getting beaten up and this uncritically hits the headlines of the local newspapers and television broadcasters? You would think that a few more phone-calls would have produced the more likely scenario of a woman who has been attending church in an attempt to get clean, falls off the wagon, runs afoul of a gang, and gets robbed and beaten. A story that is just as tragic, but one that avoids smearing non-Christian minority faiths. This isn't the first time that strange things have been incorrectly blamed on members of occult, modern Pagan, or Afro-diasporic religions, and it most likely won't be the last so long as journalists continue to act as unthinking regurgitators of press releases and police reports. Journalism isn't just repeating what other people say, but a process of gathering information with a set of ethical standards attached. While sensationalism sells, it also creates a fearful and jaded audience who eventually numb to the constant "bleed and it leads" ethic. It is little wonder that blogs and other new media outlets have become so popular at "mainstream" journalism's expense. Labels: Florida, journalism, law, occult, Paganism, Santeria, Satanic Panic, Satanism, Voodoo
Sabrina09/28/087:24pmMy husband was active duty Air Force so we moved a lot. We've lived in Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Texas (twice), California and South Dakota. Now that he's out of the service we're in Georgia until he retires (again). Each of those areas have their own somewhat unique challenges. It's important to take personal responsibility for you and your family. Keeping a two-week supply of food, water and medication is a good start. I know money is tight, but if you squirrel away a little at a time it won't be as difficult as you might think. All four of our kids were taught to do the same. Now that they're grown and (mostly) on their own, we've been able to put away $500 in small bills to keep here at the house as well (not so easy before), we also keep two 10-gallon gas cans in case we're told to evacuate (and we WOULD evacuate if told to do so). Personally I think too many of us rely on the government when poo hits the fan... We need to be prepared, to take responsibility to the best of our ability and to heed the warns and instructions we're given. (Even if they turn out to be false alarms!)
Milkshake09/28/0811:19amJinxed, I appreciate what you had to say. However, it was awfully rude and cold for another female to treat me that awful. She could have said nothing at all. If someone were to share a bad experience on mystic games, I definately wouldnt have reacted the way Amanda did to me. Mystic Games is a respectful site. I was asked to share something and I did. Amanda needs to shut her mouth about my awful experience and just leave it alone. It was a sensitive subject that I have shared. Now lets end it please.
Jinxed09/28/089:19amI think u girls need to chill...BOTH OF YOU! Amanda needs to stop acting like a Sherlock, and instead start treating Milkshake more sympathetically & respectfully. And Milkshake needs to stop taking it so serious if other ppl post comments that may be SLIGHTLY different from what she expected! Afterall this is generally how ppl tend to communicate on the net--a bit more detatched & objective. Maybe u would've recieved an altogether TOTALLY different response from Amanda, if u had been sharing this tragic personal story in a room where Amanda also was present?! The real life is so different from the internet(thank God for that), and over the yrs ive noticed how ppl use the cyber space to release their inner 'shadows', more often than not. A person really needs a strong stomach in order to stand the kinds of interactions that we see regularly on the internet. Infact i dare say that the internet is a HORRIBLE place for a lot of our younger kids to hang out at, because the kinds of things they're subjected to on a regular basis, will also find their ways into the real world, which is such a scary thought imho! I truely hope the adverse effects of "cyber psychology" is somehow mapped out by some experts out there, so that ppl know exactly what happens to them when they're thrown in these 'shadows' involuntarily & without their own knowledge, because otherwise we're going to see a lot of youngsters suffering from multiple personality disorders, or other similar conditions that nobbody even knows about yet!
Milkshake09/28/088:55amOh yes, Judge Chica.....I want you to scold me about my uh story. Kepp it up. Go on and on and on.
Milkshake09/28/088:47amJudge Chica (Amanda), you ought to speak for yourself. Im sure everyone on here knows that you are nasy, cruel, mean, and definately not a "ball of sunshine". I like sunshine. Take your nastiness elsewhere. And become judge Chica somewhere else too. I asked to end this conversation about something personal that happened to me. It is that personal. However, you cant seem to end it or shut up.
Seamonster09/28/086:33amWhen you argue over simple, stupid things, you make it very hard for other people to enjoy the site.
Amanda09/28/085:30amMilkshake, you're not the moderator, so give up the control tactics. Face it. I don't like you and you don't like me. Best thing you can do is just not reply if you don;'t like what I have to say. There are those here that can tell you just how nasty I can be..and believe me, I have not yet begun with telling you what I really think of you and your uhh 'story' by any means. On the contrary, I have actually been somewhat civil. So, unless you want me to really scald you..just give it up.
Milkshake09/27/084:41pmOkay judge Chica (Amanda). Thanks for the advice. Now enjoy your Evian and on with the poll.
Amanda09/27/083:46pmDon't put it out there if you don't want comments, both positive and negative..btw, the more you are insulting and what have you the less credibility you have.
Milkshake09/27/082:41pmOh by the way Amanda.....How about a glass of EVIAN! And shut the hell up about me and my horrible tagedy. On with the poll please.
Milkshake09/27/082:24pmFirst off um chica (Amanda), I never asked if you believe me or not. I never asked if this "story" washes with you. And second of all, I said alot of people are after me NOT a GANG! How did you know it was a GANG? You must know something! Hmmm lets see, why I can talk about it, It's because it happened to ME and I can talk all I want about what happend to me. And by the way, FUNNY how you called me chica?? You know why Amanda? The rape tape went to Chico University, as a study about female students getting raped when they are asleep, they are taped, make it look like a rape/porn and they sell the tapes or put them on the internet. So ha ha! It happens all the time to female students or just women period. And I happened to be one of them. NOW ENOUGH B I T C H!!! Shut up and talk about what relates to this poll.
Amanda09/27/081:49pmFirst off you're right., I really don't believe you. But, this is America and that is my right.Am I Cold and mean or wanting to take a up close exam of your so-called tragedy? I mean this is the net and anyone can be what ever they want and say anything they doesn't make it true. You say there are gangs after you...if there were dear you would be dead now too.After all, gangs don't play and to kill someone looks great on their street resume. Gives them more credibility after all, or did you not know that about gangs? Must not have.I am sure law enforcement cannot afford to be around you 24-7 or give you a personal body guard. How convenient you leave out you were found, how interesting you talk about a case the according to you has a gag order on it..which would mean you are NOT supposed to reveal it even under a assumed ID. And how interesting you give just enough details to elicit sympathy from a couple of people, yet not enough, until asked to make things clear, even though you are not supposed to even speak about it..otherwise the case would be completely blown. You're right..I don't believe a word of it. Another thing, stop with the name calling. If that is the best you can do then I feel sorry for you. By the way, if you don't remember much, how did you know there was 14 people? Or did someone have to tell you that detail too? Oh I know..I am a big bad meanie..but after living in a major city in the USA and seeing countless of claims like this ( one just this week of a woman who was supposedly kidnapped and beaten by this voodoo cult she was a part of..and they did it twice, but somehow they did not find the knife in her pocket that she used to cut her ties with..yeah uh huh..) Sorry chica, the story isn't washing with me. You don;t like that too freakin bad. I never claimed to be a merry little ball of sunshine now did I?
Milkshake09/27/089:20amI always stock up on food/supplies in case of a natural or man made disaster.......hmmmm......I was asked to share my man made disaster and I did. Stocking up on both food and supplies is very important to me....But of course, as Amanda pointed out, maybe I shouldnt stock up on batteries.....It sounds like water is a great thing to stock up on. Right Amanda? Shall we move on? Maybe someone else can share their personal tragedy or natural disaster...........
Milkshake09/27/088:59amI was in custody with people when I was asleep for those 10 days. I dont know a whole lot because I was asleep. Instead of being nice and accepting my rape...all you care about is if I was given water. You are very strange and mean.
Milkshake09/27/088:54amPersonally Amanda, I was not undiscovered. I never said that . And Personally, you are a very cold, mean B i t c h. End it now. Now you are calling me a liar. It is true. I was badly raped. I was unconcious and asleep for many days. And I think now you need to keep your mouth shut about my personal tragedy that I cared enough to share with kind people online (not you of course). Its over. I have a new life. Stop your caddy b i t c h i ng.
PerpetuallyContent09/27/088:03am................. r.i.p. Paul Newman! :-*(
Amanda09/27/085:00am Personally I find it a bit much to 'go undiscovered for ten days' and no one, not your employer not your friends or anyone else thought to come look for you and file a missing persons report. Those are usually filed within the first 24 hours. What you suggest is there is no one in your life that would notice you were gone, or at least notice enough to care. Not to mention that a human cannot live more than five days without water although if you have water in you you can last weeks without food. I have almost no contact with my family, so I could not rely on them to know if I was missing. But there are people in my life, not to mention my employer, that if I went so much as one shift without showing up would immediately know something was bad wrong. What you propose, and want people to accept without question is actually, medically impossible. If you had been out for ten days with no water, you would have been dead. Your body would not have been able to survive. Throw in the bleeding and it cuts the number of days down...drastically. So basically, you damn straight I would question a claim like this..seeing as how it smacks in the face of the impossible. The only way you could have been out like that and lived is if someone was giving you water. I don't think I read that they were with you that whole ten days, but let me check and see..I may have over looked something.
Someone09/26/089:42pmThat was btw directed at Amanda, because she was the one who started passing around her own generous indeed. :p.....j/k people... : )
Someone09/26/089:34pmSpeaking of something else, i think you need to hold on to your barf-bag a little longer[from the last poll] because the way things look at the moment--especially after the Debate tonight--it looks like another Republican victory by November!!! May God help us all!
Milkshake09/26/088:31pmI answered your questions. PERIOD.
Amanda09/26/087:15pmI asked you questions.Period.
Milkshake09/26/083:04pmAre you blaming me now, Amanda? here we go again......The blame game. I will not be blamed for this uh, man made disaster. Thankfully, I had stocked up on food and supplies, but then ran out.
Milkshake09/26/082:56pmAmanda. You don't understand. I don't know everything, because I was asleep. I was held in custody by people. I could have been in a coma. They shot me up with something and I stopped breathing. Of COURSE I reported this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think I am stupid?????? Huh? Am I stupid now? Duh! Like Im not going to report this. It went farther than the FBI. I was in big danger after I reported it. I had many threats. I stopped leaving my home. The entire rape is on tape. And yes, even after I reported it, no one helped me. I helped myself. And made a new beginning for myself. However, this haunts me every day, because I reported it and there is a court case on this particular rape. And uh, back to the poll, this was a man made disaster. Thank you.
Amanda09/26/082:12pmYou said you didn't rely on anyone to help. Does that mean you did not report this. Also, how is it that you were missing or out for ten days and no one came to find you?
Milkshake09/26/0812:58pmThank you very much Pat and Jeff. This rape was also taped and there is a gag order on this particular case. I recieved no help from anyone. The police did not help either. And especially the government did not help. Simply because I guess, I am not important enough. I was living off of tomato soup and frozen french fries and lost alot of money, supplies, and friends. Alot of people are after me! This is because there were alot of arrests. Now it's like a gang of people want to kill me. I am followed everyday. Hopefully, there will be stricter laws against break-ins and rapes and evil conspiracies. This rape was planned. But thanks for listening.
Pat09/26/085:10amMilkshake, I swear, I am crying right now. Something like that...I couldn't even imagine...when I was raped by one man and my daughter was raped as a young teen by one, that was horrible enough(it took a mental toll on my daughter). To this day, I know I should forgive these men, but I can't. That's even with my spiritual life, I still can't. But honey, what happened to you...I can't believe how bad I am shaking. If I could, I would castrate them slowly while awake, put them through torture, then a slow horrible death. I would just have to carry that karma into my next life. I wish I had you in my arms right now to hug you tight for a long time. Milkshake, you have nothing to be ashamed of, honey. If we had the death penalty for rapists and child molesters and carried it out immediately, all this damn sickening sh** would stop. Oh honey, I am so, so sorry. Jeff, I am so sad for your sister. Poor little thing just couldn't handle it. Isn't it always the kind, gentle souls that have to bear this kind of torture? Just remember, she is happy now. As an empath, I can't stop crying and my anger and pain still have me shaking. I want you both to know, while typing this, I could only use two fingers, because of the shaking.
Jeff09/25/089:47pmWow Milkshake... I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you. I think I can speak for others here when I say we appreciate very much that you can share this with us. Although you are a victim in every sense of the word, I think you are a very special and courageous person to be able to deal with it head on and continue to live your life as anything but a victim. I mean that sincerely. My youngest sister was not so fortunate. The same thing happened to her when she was growing up (gang raped), and after several years in and out of mental hospitals she finally took her life at 30 years old. Her mental illness kept her captive and played tricks with her mind, but she was the most loving, kind hearted, selfless, person you could ever meet. Unfortunately she was also very naive and an easy target for predators. I thank God every day that my mental faculties are intact. Every day I look at my life, my family, and the wonderful world we live in and I am grateful.
Milkshake09/25/087:21pmYes Pat. I will try and talk some about it.....Okay. Here it is....Oh boy....embarressing....I am an American citizen. Nothing special. I am not rich. I am a hard worker. I am educated. I'm nothing great. I am a decent person. I came home from doing a work errand. I locked my door to my apartment. I went to sleep in my bed, in my bedroom, in my home with my dog, Hannah. Some people broke in as I was sound asleep and drugged me and raped me bad. There were at least 14 people. I cant get into great detail.......IT WAS BAD!! I peed blood the day I woke up. From my understanding, I heard I was asleep for about 10 days. They did alot of things to me. And NO Jeff, I did not rely on the government for help, the president for help (Bush), or the police for help. I relied on God and God alone. NOBODY cared. But I believe that they are all convicted of child rape/murder and they are facing other charges as well. My mom ( the voodo/black witch craft user) and another family member was in charge of it. I am thankful I am alive today and OF COURSE I stocked up on emergency items and they came in handy. That is all. Now I am sort-of embarressed. Thank You for listening.
Amanda09/25/086:03pmI agree that they were warned ahead of time. People said they did not leave because they had no where to go. Ironically though, over two million people 'found' somewhere to go when Gustav hit...I think that we need to take precautions seriously and stock up..even if it is a couple of extra cans of this or that a week..put them aside..hit the 3 for a dollar spots if you see them and spend that dollar. Better to have a little saved then none right?
Pat09/25/082:45pmMilkshake, what happened? Can you "talk" about it? Jeff, honey(not being sarcastic), I am so sick to death of talking about our lousy government and this poll is really boring. I know...I can go away until it's over.
Jeff09/25/0811:22amHow about we make this topic more interesting: With respect to the Katrina and Rita hurricanes that caused all of that devastation a while back in New Orleans and Florida... I believe too many people did not plan ahead... especially in New Orleans. I visited New Orleans several times prior to this disaster and during my visits I learned that everyone was aware that the levies would not withstand a category 4 or 5 hurricane. I learned on one of the tours that I took (the Ghost tour) that a big part of the city was below sea level and that it was just a matter of time before a large enough hurricane would cause the levies to breach and submerge the city. For decades the local Government was receiving Federal funding meant specifically for strengthening the levies but it was spent elsewhere. 1 week before the hurricane hit, President Bush and others warned people to evacuate. I remember very clearly there was about 1 week warning from the President himself. Many did evacuate, but way too many others did not, and I think many of those just assume that the state or feds will take care of them if the worst should happen. The point I want to make is that people who depend on Government for everything will always be disappointed. People need to take personal responsibility for their own lives and stop relying on Government to bail them out. If it's too risky to live in a particular place because of natural disasters, and you can't afford a disaster to happen to you, then move elsewhere. Planning ahead includes risk assessment and action based on this risk and your ability to recover.
Milkshake09/25/0811:20amLOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I am bored too. hee hee You're funny, Pat.
Ed09/25/0810:43amI am very bored!!! I guess the master of the polls got a little shook up from the responses of the last poll and put this one on the web. We need another poll. Something with a little more staying power. I am sure you all agree!!! :)
Pat09/25/0810:07amSo true. So true. Is anybody bored, besides me?
Milkshake09/25/089:59amAlso, I might add, a disaster could be a family emergency and/or crisis. I had a very, very bad one where I was afraid to leave my home, walk my dog, or even go to the store. I used some back-up stuff I had saved and it helped a great deal. So my advice to anyone out there.....stock up on emergency and personal items just in case. Never say never.
Amanda09/25/086:00amI think every area or state has its own weather problems that can be disasters..floods and mud slides, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts. I don't see what good stocking would do in an earth quake if the house is destroyed, but other things..where there is no electricity or maybe the stores are hit or your job is hit and all I think it's a good idea. Too, the financial crisis we are facing now it just might be wise to get what you can while you can in case the prices of food sky rocket.
Pat09/25/085:14amHey Milkshake and everybody else. My family and I stock up just before hurricane season to be on the safe side. You never know with all the weird weather across our nation. When TS Fay hit, we were without electricity for only 17 hrs. which was nothing compared to many other people and thank the Great Spirit we didn't lose any of our large old trees. One large limb hit our roof, but thankfully our roof is fine, but it did some destruction to my garden. It didn't hurt our businesses. We have relatives and friends spread around the nation and some of them have been in natural disasters. One of our friends moved from here to Biloxi, Mississippi, they were wiped out by Katrina. They moved to a little town outside of Houston, Ike flooded them out. I told her hurricanes were following them and they should move to a safer state...if there is such a thing anymore. But she is so happy that her family was safe, she is still a very happy and optimistic person. I have a cousin that lives in Houston and it damaged his home and business. We had a half-sister that went through many earthquakes in California, her and her family survived all of them. Breast cancer killed her 8 yrs. ago. We have cousins that live in Colorado, but not near any of the fires, thankfully. Natural disasters will get worse, only because the earth is evolving again. Man-made disasters are on the rise, so that doesn't help.
Bam Bam09/24/088:41pmMilkshake I'm the same way! If there is a sale or I have mega coupons I stock up. I have enough deodorant to sink a ship! I bought out a buy out at big lots this summer. LOL It's Mitchum what can I say. As for stocking up for disasters, not really. The staples we have, first aid kits, dog food, cat food, flash lights and so on. The last disaster I stocked up for was the Millenium. I had canned food and powdered milk for 9 months. Never Again. I had a great house then though, I figured we could heat things up easy on the gas stove and keep things cold on the enclosed porch, pop, water things like that. I was set, I had gallon jugs of water stacked a mile high in my pantry and laundry room. I guess if I knew a disaster was imminent then perhaps I would do it again.
Amanda09/24/087:25pmVery know no matter where you live a natural disaster can happen. We buy a lot of food from other places..if they have flooding or drought then that hurts the prices we pay. It makes sense to stock up. Batteries as far as I know really don;t have a long shelf life..I'm not sure I would stock too much on them without seeing what sort of shelf life you can expect.
Milkshake09/24/085:50pmHey Pat & Ed! But Im SURE we will find something to argue about on this poll....LOL!! Anyway, Im a little strange, I guess. Anytime things are on sale; including shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, canned foods, any supplies like flashlights, batteries, etc. I stock up! You never know. I used to work at a store and I had an employee discount card. OMG! I bought so many things. And it helped me out a great deal. An emergency did come up and it can happen to anyone.
Lucy09/24/081:12pmAre you kidding me!.... I cant even afford to pay my bills, let alone get extra groceries. I work full time. I dont qualify for food stamps or goverment help... they are too busy sending it over seas, and NOT helping the working class people here at home.
Amanda09/24/0812:34pmI had to vote no. Only reason is I have been very slack..but that is something I am going to change come the next paycheck. After seeing what others have gone through with hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes..given what is going on in this country and all over the only makes sense to stock up on food (non perishable..even wall street journal had an article about that about 6 or so months back) and water..and pet food. If you guys have pets don't forget them..they have to eat too you know!
Jeff09/24/0810:49amWell, it was definitely getting nasty in that last discussion. I did post one last thing in the previous poll.... a statement written by John McCain in 2006 addressing his concerns with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the regulatory bill that Democrats opposed. Anyway, regarding this topic, I have first aide kits, flashlights, fire extinguishers, and about three months reserves of food, medicines, and other supplies. I live in earthquake prone Southern California where many experts are saying a big one is due to hit in the next 10 to 20 years. No enough people take adequate measures to prepare for natural disasters. I would not willingly live in a place like Galveston Texas or below sea level in New Orleans because the risks are just too high for my taste. :-)
Ed09/24/0810:25amHey Pat, I figured that the serious/hateful mood that was forming, I thought I would try to give it a little humor. Thank God they changed the poll. You are right this one will be a very, very short one. :)
Pat09/24/089:58amWell, this was a short poll. Ed, I laughed at what you wrote on the last poll.

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