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Wallander10/28/0812:05pmPat i totally agree, not everyone is cut out to be in a relationship. And i think i may have given the wrong impression with regards to my own aspirations in that regard... i'm just trying to enjoy my freedom the best way i can, and i'm not necessarily waiting to hook up with someone else, unless i am 150% sure that it is a favorable thing to do for both parties, so on & so forth... Afterall my 3 yrs of celibacy so far, should be evident enough for my precaution. And i've had to turn away from a few good offers, i might add. Not that i was not tempted--on the contrary, it really took a lot of efforts on my part to say "No thanks". But having said all this, i'm still willing to admit that on some level i am a traditional kind of guy who secretly dreams about being a good partner to his mate, and together they are a part of a happy, proud & healthy family...a REAL family btw. But who knows maybe one day i'll chose to let go of that dream consciencely, but for now..**shrugs**..;-)
Milkshake10/27/084:02pmMarx's Ego, it sounds like you're a vampire with a republican stubborn ass.
Amanda10/27/083:43pmNow the country is one thing..but small town life is another. I live in one of the US's major cities and no thanks. I am more of a mid-sized town person.We do need a new pole though..this is boring.
Mel10/27/082:40pmYous think yous have secret problems my husband ran off with a Goat well her name was Susan Goat
Pat10/27/081:45pmEd, I hate it happened with her and your best friend. It would have been bad with someone you didn't know, but it is a kick in the face with a best friend. Oh, I could give you a shocking story that you would find hard to believe about my ex. There is so much to it I swear I could write a book that would probably make a movie. He secretly signed his half of a partnership in a huge money making business to his partner(way more to it than that) before he walked out on me and the kids. He liked young girls:12-13 yrs. old up to 17 yrs. old(way more to it than that). It was a horror story. Talk about a kick to the whole mind, body and soul. As far as your ex and ex-best friend having problems...oh well, too bad, so sad, huh?
Tony10/27/081:33pmI was in the graveyard yesterday and saw a man crying at a grave shouting why did you have to die why why why my friend who was with me said lok a that poor man crying over his wife,s grave I looked over and told him that it wasn,t his wife,s grave but her first husbands grave
Ed10/27/0812:49pmI agree totally with you Pat. I was married for 14 years and my wife at the time all of a sudden decided that she wanted a divorce and that she wanted to try a new life. I found out that she was screwing my best friend, and it was going on for 2 years. I was stupid, but will never do that again. I now travel and spend more time with my kids. If I need sex I have a women friend for that, so I have all I need but I don't have the hassels anymore, because I control what I want and don't want. I'll never get married again. My ex and her boyfriend (my x bestfriend) can both burn in hell. I hear that they are not getting along all that well. Oh well, to bad for them. I am extremely happy now!.
Ed10/27/0812:49pmI agree totally with you Pat. I was married for 14 years and my wife at the time all of a sudden decided that she wanted a divorce and that she wanted to try a new life. I found out that she was screwing my best friend, and it was going on for 2 years. I was stupid, but will never do that again. I now travel and spend more time with my kids. If I need sex I have a women friend for that, so I have all I need but I don't have the hassels anymore, because I control what I want and don't want. I'll never get married again. My ex and her boyfriend (my x bestfriend) can both burn in hell. I hear that they are not getting along all that well. Oh well, to bad for them. I am extremely happy now!.
Pat10/27/0811:58am504, for yes!!! When will it ever end??? I bet the poll-master is on vacation.
Sam10/27/0810:23amMarxs Ego you are a bird less of your cheap,cheap cheap
Pat10/27/089:37amAmanda, you are wanting to get back to civilization and my family and I can't wait to get away from civilization. I am so sick and tired of all the noise and traffic and sirens and so many people. When I have visited the deep country a few times, I didn't realize how you can really hear the actual quiet. It sounds so beautiful and I miss it very much. I wish so often that I had stayed in the country and never moved away when my kids were little. I wanted them in the city, so as they grew up they could see all sides of life. When you are far away in the country, sometimes there is such a naive side when it comes to people. I wanted them to know that you can't put trust in everybody you meet(which I tended to do with my ex and people I thought were friends that I had known for years. Not everyone, just enough to keep me from trusting anyone again). I wanted my kids to be more worldly. Wallander, I don't think it is everybody's desire to have a mate, very few people are very lucky that actually find their true mate. That's why there are so many divorces and so many people now mess around outside their marriage and it is getting worse. Sometimes, maybe 4-5 times a year I think about it, then put my foot on it and squash it in the ground. As time goes by I think about it less and less. I don't think I was ever meant to be in a marriage or relationship. They are way too complicated, especially when it is a one way street or a dead end. BUT I am happier not being in one. Some people need that to make them feel happier, complete. Which by all means is nothing wrong with that. I love to see people happy in relationships(but most don't last).
Marx's Egos10/27/088:48amWhat do you know about hairy bums kim? you would not know what is good for you even if it stared you right in the eyes. MILKSHAKE you were very close but not close enough. I am a condor with a wing span of about 6ft. for each of my wings. Wallander I am much better than you like to give me credit for. I am a SUPER Republican but I am all for a mixed economy because obviously the market has proved to us once and for all that it can not be trusted to be left entirely on its own. No one should be allowed to have that much freedom because they will eventually find ways to skip over all the boundries of good ethics and morals, and everyone will end up getting hurt by their action in the end.
Milkshake10/26/0810:10amAre you an eagle, Marx's Ego?? Or are you full of bird sh..t?
Kim10/26/088:09amMarx"s Egos has a hairy bum
Amanda10/26/082:59amIt's called herd mentality Wallander. We as a class won't see the unknown guy on the ballot. Too, we want to be on the 'winning' side..can't imagine not trying to say we voted for the guy who won the presidency..and we think we only have two options.
Wallander10/25/0810:46pmOk i have a confession to make: I cant wait to see the NFL game between the SD Chargers & the NO Saints, which is being played in London this Sunday! ;-)))
Wallander10/25/0810:07pmI have a question to ask: Why do you think Americans are more prone to trusting someone who is immoral, rotten & selfish, much more than someone who is moral, righteous & generous?? This has been a great puzzle for me because i feel that MOST of this whole war campaign down in the Middle East has been basically rooted in this very tendency/philosophy that will not allow you to just trust simple & "righteous" people. All that terror & fear has been caused by nothing but that old Victorian way of thinking: Any culture that is SLIGHTLY different than our own, is a savage & inferior culture! At the same time, it is only fair to also be asking the reverse question from those societies who've had a tendency to look up to America unconditionally...why do they feel so damn inferior towards the US? Maybe if they weren't so damn inferior to begin with, they wouldn't feel the need to behave in such a provocative manner towards the US & the West, as they usually do, and the West in turn, wouldn't have this panicky feeling about them either?! But the question remains, why are most Americans generally more prone to trusting an immoral, selfish personality without scruples, rather than someone who might be a little bit more simple, righteous & with a conscience?
Wallander10/25/088:23pmI dug this topic on Wikipedia, which i found to be a very fascinating read. I'm tempted to believe that this is something i personally could benefit from!(LOL) The address is here:
Amanda10/25/086:51pmA non political one would be nice.
Wallander10/25/086:24pmWhat strange stuff some of us post in here! Marx's Egos, i assume you're a i not right? And Amanda, you certainly did say that. I'm sorry i just wanted to explore the subject a little further. Perhaps it's best we did not dwell on this subject anymore, and just waited for the Poll admin to pull out another good question out of his hat. Something better than our current poll hopefully. ;-)
Marx's Egos10/25/085:52pmI'm pleasedto see the US finaly coming around!!! I am happy and honored to take America under my wings from now on!
Amanda10/25/085:21pmWallander, thats what I have to go through it. I said most want to medicate it..LOL. No, this town is really small..very small. Nothing here really.
Bam Bam10/25/083:47pmYes, please change the poll.
Wallander10/25/0810:41amSee you after the weekend Pat. I hope you have a nice weekend. And Amanda, what did you exactly mean by moving to a "civilization"? Dont you live in a civilized town?? Regarding jealousy, I have no reason not to agree with you. And trying to medicate it away will only worsen the whole pain. When all things are said & done, the only way to go thru the pain is by going thru the pain...almost like being pregnant(i would assume) know it is going to be a painful ordeal but you have no other choice but to bring out that baby into the world. Like i said, i think the WORST part of a post-breakup situation, is the constant self-pity, because it keeps decieving you into believing that you are a victim, and when you are feeling like a victim, you won't be able to overcome the pain. And in essence you could feel like a victim to God's bigger plans, and think that you've been put into this life just to be tortured by God! But once you fight back the whole victim mentality, you begin to feel like you're moving ahead again, and infact you begin to appreciate these pains a lot more, because they give you something to work on. You almost see them as blessings, once you've moved beyond the point where you neutralized their adverse effects on your soul. And you will no longer fear these pains, infact you will welcome them because they will give you a direction. I believe this is what you're refering to when you mentione the words 'shadow working'?! In all honestly i dont feel im quite there yet, but you can bet your hat im looking forward to reaching that point in my life. Because i know from that point on, i will be able to work much better in future relationship(s), and become a much more progressive partner for my counterpart. because ultimately that is my desire. It is EVERYONE's desire--isn't it! We all want to be the perfect patner for our wife/husband...or atleast just a balanced & harmonious partner. Looking back though at my own relationship with my exwife, i can see that we BOTH on some level compromised ourselves just in order to get the relationship to function, which was really the cardinal sin of all major screw ups in a relationship. If you can feel that on some level you are lying to yourself, you HAVE TO face it somehow, and bring into the attention of your partner because otherwise you'd be living a a painful lie for as long as that relationship lasts. I had to learn this truth the hard way, and my self-regret is a painful reminder of that mistake.
Amanda10/24/083:07pmThanks Pat, although my major concern is getting out of this town and around some sort of civilization. Wallander, jealousy and the pain of the past are so hard to handle, especially on your own. Most people want to medicate it away, but you know that just doesn't work at all. I think we all have fears and insecurities, thats part of the package. The thing is to look at them when you are in a mentally, emotionally and spiritually safe place. You'd be amazed at what shadow working can do to release these things.
Pat10/24/082:56pmYour welcome. I'm glad to help anytime. You can use it as much as you need. I don't mind if you call me sweetheart. Be back Mon. Bye.
Wallander10/24/081:45pmThat was a great remedy you posted Pat! I did everything as you said, and i've been literally feeling the cleansing eversince. I've made a large portion of this lemon liquid, and i'm going to drink it 2-3 times a day during the weekend. I hope you dont hold it against me if i call you a sweetheart!;-) And to Mel, we're all a little off our rockers on this poll, and i personally think it is incredibly refreshing & inspirational: )
Pat10/24/081:25pmPppllleeeaaassseee...change the poll. We see by the votes that more agrees with "Yes"
Pat10/24/081:14pmMel, that's cool. Just wondering. Thanks for the goofy joke. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.
Mel10/24/0811:00amPat its a joke
Pat10/24/0810:24amAmanda, I agree and have said a prayer for an opening to come your way very soon. This is a great thing to do. Mel, please explain what you mean that I am a banana head. Is it a joke I don't get or an insult? Wallender, everything you said is so correct. You can go back on several polls and find many of my comments almost saying the same, just in different wording. I agree that our kids are taught a lot of horrible things growing up in this nation. I live here and I can see it everyday. Many people walk around with blinders on or not enough people care about the youth. I commented many times that I teach my class not only things they need for education, but many, many things about the planet, the people, animals, insects, the rain forests and oceans, the rivers, etc. and the benefits of every living thing that was put here. I do not believe in the destruction of our planet and I teach that to the kids and believe it or not many of the parents are going along with the kids and learning. Too many are taught the opposite. We have to have gentle fighters for the planet or their won't be much of a future for their kids and grandkids. My kids know their is a lot of bad in the world. They see and hear a lot, their not dumb. I teach that their is goodness, and sadly that they have to be wary of wickedness, also. I have had many that have experienced the wicked side and didn't believe their was any goodness. Very, very sad. Enough of that now. I hope you get well soon. You're making these mistakes because you are sick. If you aren't allergic to lemons and honey, this will help your immune system and cleanse the phlegm from your body. My mom used it for us growing up, I used it for my kids growing up and we all still use it mostly in the winter season, because of colds and flu. Cut 2 lemons in fourths and put in small or medium pot, bring to a boil for 10-15 minutes, take off stove and let it warm enough to touch, take lemons out, don't strain the pulp out and pour in a pitcher. Mix water with it if it is too strong and you can keep it in the fridge. When you want to drink some, put a cupful in microwave or pour in a pot, get it hot enough to drink, mix in honey to your taste, stir to dissolve the honey, then sip away. You get vitamin C, and antioxidants and it will boost your immune system. Expect to go to the bathroom quite a bit, it's a good cleanser when sick.
Milkshake10/24/089:07amNo problem Wallander....about the misspelling error. We Sagittarians like words spelled correctly....LOL. I'm so happy pluto is finally moving out of my sign! What a challenging 14 years.
Wallander10/24/088:05amOne last thing i like to mention regarding something you said 3-4 comments ago Pat, is that when i brought up the whole jealousy issue, i was basically weighing 2 kinds of jealousy....the 1st kind stems more from our ego, and then the other kind which is much more harmless--infact to some extent healthy--comes from our very own self-esteem. But it is the former that i find much more distructive & harmful, because it comes from the part of our character that constantly says "I am the center of the world", and it is probably the most sensitive part of our ego as well. Many people end up doing devastating things to themselves & everyone else around them when they are dictated by this kind of ego. Interestingly also, our society(-ies) seems to endorce this kind of ego in people, rather than the healthy self-esteem. Infact i dare say that much of today's consumers society is based on this type of distorted ego. I got a taste of this ego culture, when i was living as an exchange student at a highschool in the US back in the 80's. It was very scary for me to experience how self-centered the youngsters seemed BEYOND anything normal or ordinary. My school mates were more like ANIMALS than just innocent kids, and the ONLY way to survive in such an environment--i found out gradually--was to be EVEN MORE sadistic against anyone who stood in your way. Even the parents encouraged their kids in this kind of behaviour. And to think that this kind of ego culture continued all the way into one's collegue yrs is unbelievable to someone like me who was brought up in a much more mellow background. At the end of the day im glad i had that experience because after i came back home, i was much more appreciative of our own system which in its core, encourages the individual to cooperate harmoniously within the community, instead of learning to constantly compete with the sole aim to destroy your next. Instead of teaching the youngsters good values such as compassion, empathy, & responsibility for your next, you are taught that these things are a sign of a weak character that you must avoid at all cost. That is the kind of ego-motivated jealousy i was refering to when i brought up the whole subject. There is nothing natural about that kind of "self-esteem", and it always acts out of a distorted sense of self. Anyways enough said. Lets move on to the next topic...or the next pole.
Wallander10/24/085:47amChrist!! This is appearantly not my day...i meant to say ofcoarse MILKSHAKE....thanks for pointing out the mispelling error. : )
Wallander10/24/085:44amBtw thanks for pointing out the error in spelling Sagittarius Bam Bam. I've always had problems with the spelling of this sign & Pisces...
Wallander10/24/084:56amOops sorry, i meant you Pat, when i said you hit the nail in the head...etc.....
Wallander10/24/084:53amThanks for the words of support Pat! I've come down with a flu, therefore i didnt read you guys' posts untill now. You hit the nail on the head Amanda, with regards to the emotional rollercoaster that comes after a breakup. My own experience of jealousy came especially towards ppl in their early 20's...i suffered a great deal by bringing myself to thinking that i could never again get back into the kind of relationship that i had with my exwife. In a sense i was jealous of youth because i felt as though i had aged 50 yrs in a matter of just a few months after the breakup! And there were suddenly new situations that i had never ever dreamt i'd be experiencing, where ppl started to treat me as if i were light years older than all these young ppl. The worst thing about a breakup is the constant self-pity which i had to wrestle with the last 2½ yrs.! Fortunately everything changed gradually by this past summer, and i've been feeling a lot more revived & at the same time matured & wiser. Anyways that was the short version of what i went thru the last couple of yrs which to me felt more like 20 freaking yrs.! But speaking of something completely different, i also agree that the Tarot of Dreams is probably the BEST of all layouts because they are so detailed & also VERY CLEAR in their meanings....the man who designed them--who is an Italian, i believe--must be a genius! Another one of my fav. layout is the Cosmic Tribe Tarot which i discovered later on, when i began to get a little tired of the Tarot of Dreams layout. This one is also very meaningful & meditative imo. At first you will not understand their full meanings, but little by little it grown on you and you become more fond of their unique symbolic images. If any of you guys know any other nice layouts, then plz do let me know? Thanks: ) Now im going back to bed to drink a warm cup of tea with honey & read a book....:p
Mel10/24/081:58amPat you,ve a head like a bananna
Amanda10/23/088:08pmI think so too and I am so happy that Ciro Marchetti agreed to let me use his images. I don't know if you checked the price of the's up there, but I am hoping that I will have the money soon to order it. That deck is just something I really want..almost gotta have!
Pat10/23/0810:35amAmanda, you're right! The Tarot of Dreams deck is absolutely gorgeous. It is the most beautiful so far. Even the zodiac cards are gorgeous.
Amanda10/23/086:43amThanks Wallander. Any of you guys ever use the Readings on this site? I love the deck The Tarot of Dreams and as a couple of you guys who have come and checked out my site knows I am putting in a layout page. That page is so that you can learn more about how the various layouts actually work. Well I was going to use just blank squares to represent cards so you can actually see what the layout looks like. Then I thought that usuing actual cards would be far better. I contacted the gentleman that designed the Tarot of Dreams deck and asked if I could use his images. He said yes...I am so happy because that will add so much more to the page! To me it is one of the most beautiful decks I have seen.
Pat10/23/084:21amWallander, the majority of people that have broken relationships go through surprise(which later you realize, thinking back on stuff, that it wasn't such a surprise), shock(that numb all over feeling), denial(thinking that it can't really be happening and can be fixed), devastatng pain(makes your heart actually feel like it is breaking in to), depression(can't eat, sleep alone, feel so lonely, etc.) anger(you could just hurt them so bad, that you think of so many ways to get back at them), and yes, there is jealousy involved in all of these feelings, then you start keeping feelings hidden, because people start saying,"get over it and get on with your life", then through the next few years, it is a roller coaster ride of emotions. But Wallander is does get better, I promise. The main thing that is hard to get over(for me) is the broken TRUST. I've never gotten over that and probably won't.
Milkshake10/22/089:08pmOh! By the way.....Not that it really matters, but Sagittarius is spelled with 2 T's, not 2 G's.
Wallander10/22/086:53pmHahaha....well, Amanda, mi casa est su casa! (Did i say that correctly?) But sure, if you can wait till this coming Spring around March & May, and you are still interested by then, i will officially invite you myself! ;-D
Wallander10/22/086:40pmBtw i've noticed we have several Saggitarians in here, which is somewhat interesting. Personally ive always had a weak spot for Saggitarian women because ive known a few who were incredibly warm & loving people...not to mention the fact that they were very sensual creatures when it came to sex. But it is usually their warm & humorous nature that makes them so damn zexy imho!(LOL) May i also add here, on a personal note, i myself am NOT as crazy as i may sound...i dont have huge problems regarding jealousy, nor do i exactly do as i preach. The reason ive been so pre-occupied with jealousy, is because i realized 3 yrs ago just how PAINFUL it is to be suddenly seperated with the girl you've been married with for 15 yrs., and at the end of the day i felt compelled to attribut that awful pain to my own 'possessiveness', which in other words is another form of jealousy! We had a very peaceful breakup but i was devastated for almost 2 yrs. and i couldnt come near another woman, even if i tried my best! I felt almost attatched with an umbilical cord to my ex-wife, and therefore it was practically impossible for me to enjoy my newly found "freedom"....all the way untill this past summer, where i slowly began coming out of my shell, and began dating again. But for some reason or another, that breakup felt like such a HEAVY loss to me, and i've had to take my time to find out why a person could get so deeply struck by a breakup the way i did, when i KNEW perfectly well that my relationship with my exwife had been long dead, before we even put it into words! I mean, clearly i was aware of the fact that it wasnt working anymore, and yet i was completely blown away when it actually happened. So the kind of 'jealousy' that ive been talking about in here, is more the kind that is "inwards"--which doesnt necessarily make it any better, mind you--but atleast you could say that im a little proud of the fact that i did not cause anyone else any pain, other than to myself. So yes, jealousy is also a part of our pain when we seperate from our partner, and it is a positive thing to be able to see it straight in the eyes, and to get to know it, and give it a name. Anyways i hope you realize now that i only mean well when i bring up these rather negative or painful is basically to see if there is a UNIVERSAL aspect to this pain that one needs to know about, etc...etc...
Amanda10/22/086:22pmPat you are so right on and Wallander......can I come live with you??????
Wallander10/22/084:43pmWow i certainly enjoyed your last 2-3 comments Pat! I dont even think it is necessary for me to debate on the matter, because i feel i would somehow be disturbing the balance & peace, by bringing in more questions on these issues. And you're absolutely right, every single thought in our heads, has an impact on our lives...whether positive or negative, it is entirely up to us how we create our precious now, & eventually our future. Thanks for all the good advices as well Pat. And with regards to your headache, i truely hope you'll overcome it swiftly Amanda! I think Pat's suggestions are great, and in addition to them i will just say that i hope you'll somehow find the perfect way to SPOIL yourself rotten, the way it suits your needs & expectations. Personally when im going thru periods where i feel my thoughts are going faster than the rest of me, i usually plan a 2-3 days trip to a small town(village), to go & taste the local cheese, wine & other produce, and to experience other local stuff. And i make sure to take my sleeping bag as well, so that i can sleep out in the nature atleast 1 night. I have a few fav. spots around Scandinavia where i sleep out, basically for the one reason that the night-sky looks so magical in these areas, and there is a place to wash up the next day. Not to mention the cool crisp air that you inhale the whole night. Anyways i really hope you get well soon. Hugs/wallander
Pat10/22/081:30pmSorry to hear that, Amanda. Stress plays a big role in the health of your body. It can cause a lot of sicknesses(trust me, I know). When you can, turn out the lights in your bathroom, burn candles, play soft music(I like Celtic, Native American flute, new age and nature sounds), and take a warm tub soaking with lavender and try to clear your mind. It couldn't hurt. Take at least an hour to pamper yourself, if at all possible. If not, 30 min. could help. Hope you feel better.
Amanda10/22/0812:43pmI have a stress headache..not sure why except I have a lot going on right now.
Pat10/22/0812:27pmAlso, Wallander, there are very few people on this planet that are worry and stress-free. Such ashame, isn't it?
Pat10/22/0811:10amHey, everyone. I was home sick yesterday, still hanging in. Wallander, who in here has double identities? I know you said you did. I really don't see anything wrong with that, because some people can probably get different emotions out of the way with different alias's. I use my own name, because what I say is what I say. Before I ever accidentally found this poll and came in, there was a news poll I was in. They don't let you say all you have to say and they weigh your words very carefully and if they didn't like what you said you couldn't get it in. One time when I was away for quite awhile, because they kept kicking me out, I got back in and I told them that they were communistic among other things and it got in for everyone to read. I told them off good. Funny thing though, I couldn't even get in under an alias. Figure that out??? Have you ever saw any old popeye, the sailor man cartoons? Well, if you haven't, there is one saying he used to sing,"I am what I am and that's all I am" and there is plenty more to the song, but that always stuck with me through the years and even more so as an adult. We are made the way we are, even the things we may not like about ourselves. BUT like I have said many times, we were given a will and with that we can change our destiny and things we don't feel happy with. It's not easy though, because know one is perfect. Here are a few proverbs: "To discover who you are, you must discover who you are not." "The wind causes waves to arise at the sea. Restless thoughts are the winds that bring waves and storms into the mind." "Worries, fears, desires, nervousness drive peace of mind away." "Negative feelings and thoughts keep peace of mind away." "What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of the mind." "The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness." Concerning kids...that has always concerned me, because everyday kids are losing their sweet innocence of childhood and that is so unfair to them. I hope I have helped at least a tiny bit. If you feel I am wrong then let me know.
Wallander10/22/087:55amLOL....that was both funny & intelligent Sue! I think i know what you mean. Sometimes we THINK the "average person" enjoys his/her own life much more than someone who may be considered above-the-average because we get the impression that they live a rather uncomplicated life, without much worry or stress. Simplicity is always a good starting point whenever you're feeling drained by the everyday life. It should be everyone's "home base".
Sue10/22/081:53amWhy am I so jealous of people who are uglier than me have far less money than me and dont holiday in the congo
Edna10/21/089:07pmEdna, will you do me the great honor of entering into a three-way marriage with me and Pator's blow-up doll?
Wallander10/21/085:35pmI realize that i may have started a rather peculiar discussion because on the one hand i'm trying to establish the fact that emotions like jealousy or anger are as REAL as the air that we breathe, BUT at the same time we MUST do whatever necessary in order to neutralize their destructive forces. In other words, i truely believe there has to be written a SIMPLE text-book for the kids at school, wherein all these different human emotions are discribed & exploited, so that they would become completely aware of the 'causes & effects' of different human emotions & behaviours, as they step into adulthood at some point! (aren't I starting to sound like a song by the Icelandic singer Björk?LOL) We educate people in all kinds of complex mathematical, scientific, economical fields, and we are so ready to welcome them into the society if they succeed in becoming a collegue proffessor, or a doctor, or even an electrician, or carpenter, or what-have-you, but the fact of the matter is that in MANY cases we are handing the society to some 6 yrs old children who actually happen to be in the body of grown ups! This is probably one of the biggest reasons why there are so many crimes in our societies, which are being done by the grown much murder, rape, blood & mayhem happens in our societies, and very often it is due to the fact that somebody was not emotionally matured enough to see the consequences of his/her own impulsive behaviours. Dont get me wrong, i'm definitely NOT an expert in human psychology or child upbringing, myself. I'm just an ordinary human being who's trying to point at a HUGE area within our societies which is suffering from this "emotional illiteracy" and is in some desperate need of evolution & 'modernization' just like the rest of the society has been. The youngsters need to understand what is going on inside them, and how to process these emotions without hurting themselves or others. Btw Amanda, i agree with the things you said, but i was ALSO talking about the INVISIBLE & the subtle aspects of jealousy & envy. You know, especially those understream of emotions that often lead a person to feel lesser adequate towards his/her peers. We need to be able to hear the sound of the alarms, already when a person is beginning to feel that way, and there has to be found ways to break away from those traps much quicker, because otherwise we're all going to suffer from things like autism & other mental disorders....not to mention that we are going to be a nation(s) of emotionally handicapped ppl.
Milkshake10/21/088:44amI am a sagittarius. But Amanda and I are completely opposite. My dad voted yesterday at the "early election-voting". They never asked for his ID or voters registration card.
Amanda10/21/084:56amI find jealousy to be an insult personally Wallander. We saggitarians definitely have a hard time of dealing with jealous people. To me, if you have an issue with jealousy, and I don't mean a tiny one, but one that is obvious and apparent to most all people, then you need to look at that. To me the reason jealousy is an insult is that you are saying I am going to do something I should not do and that I cannot be trusted. If that is the case ( speaking in love relationships) then why bother being with me to begin with?
Susan10/21/081:45amI have a new pole hes from warsaw
Wallander10/21/081:44amWhich one of these quotes on JEALOUSY would you identify with the most? Is jealousy something that must be utilized in order to demonstrate passion and love, and in other instances to be used as a force in order to destroy an adversary, OR should it simply be dealt with in a more mature way, so that in the end it wouldn't do anyone harm--most of all to oneself?? Is there any right or wrong ways to deal with jealousy, or do you rather feel that it is a waste of time to try to be a 'saint' about it, and we should thereby RELEASE these emotions in the air with total ease?? And should humor be used as a tool in order to neutralize its adverse effects? Here are some quotes: "A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”(Robert A. Heinlein) “Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment”(Havelock Ellis) “Jealousy is the injured lover's hell”(John Milton) “Jealousy is a tiger that tears not only its prey but also its own raging heart” (Unknown) “Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.”(Fulton J. Sheen) “Jealousy is indeed a poor medium to secure love, but it is a secure medium to destroy one's self-respect. For jealous people, like dope-fiends, stoop to the lowest level and in the end inspire only disgust and loathing.”(Emma Goldman) “Emotional occasions, especially violent ones, are extremely potent in precipitating mental rearrangements. The sudden and explosive ways in which love, jealousy, guilt, fear, remorse, or anger can seize upon one are known to everybody....And emotions that come in this explosive way seldom leave things as they found them.”(William James) "Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."(H. G. Wells)
Wallander10/20/083:13pmIt was nothing special Pat... i was basically having a bit of a guilt trip & feeling partially guilty because i thought that maybe it was my fault(atleast partially) that ppl started having double (or more) identities in here. That was why i posted my 1st comment, and then later on i felt i had to explain why i posted that comment, which resulted in me posting that very last comment. I dont know, maybe i should have been a little bit more patient, before deciding to say anything that is initially self-exposing, and then later on, sounding so damn self-tormenting!(LOL) Maybe i should take some kind of comprehensive course in Communication in a 2nd Language or something in that ballpark, because obviously so far i've been easily losing the overall-thread in these discussions, and keep falling into these obscure pitfalls time after time?! :p So i'm going to be VERY careful with what i say from now on. ;-)
Amanda10/20/083:03pmPat Just type in in your shows up for me..if not let me know. I just started the page and have all kinds of cool ideas for it.
Pat10/20/0812:34pmEd, this is what happens when everyone is bored! There are over 200 votes in here, so that means there are more people that could keep it on topic if they wanted to. Since they don't, we few sway to the left and sway to the right of the path, then repeat and repeat!-laugh!
Ed10/20/0810:55amWhat the Hell is going on here!! I have been reading the comments here and someone married or ran away with a goat, what the hell is that about. It was pretty funny! Have you people lost your minds. Blow up dolls, guys that want their wives to blow them. It's turning ugly!!!! I think it is time for new poll. :P
Pat10/20/0810:03amWhat Persipone said in the beginning of the comments is the only true solution. The future is headed that way anyhow, but in order to do this, everyone would have to have their fingerprints in the system. That way if they weren't in the nation legally, they couldn't vote. But their are so many illegals and yes, criminals also that don't have fingerprints in the system. That's okay, Pator, I see it was a mistake. Thank you so much for your honesty. I'm sorry for my words, also. Wallander, explain more about your last two comments, if you will. The rest of you people are so nutty, can't help but chuckle. Great Amanda about the site, but it said no document found. I checked my spelling 3 times and still couln't get in. What else could I do?
Amanda10/20/087:22amHey there is all I can say. Controversy and for once I didn't start it!! LOL. I am designing my own tarot site in case anyone is interested. Right now it's petty plane jane, but it works. The addy is and what I do there is let the customer name the price, then I see what sort of reading I can do for them. Not all spreads work a like an give needed information. Seeing as how I know many different spreads and can use Runes or cards that lets me be much more flexible.
Edna10/20/081:39amAmanda may I walk off for the day with you
Persipone10/19/085:00pmGeorge - Your sister's name doesn't happen to be Esmerelda, does it?
Wallander10/19/0811:27amWell this may not be an expression that is inspired from the real world--and thank God for that--but it seems sometimes you have no other options but to dive straight into a pile of pøøp, just so that you can clear your own name from any kinds of insinuations pointing in your direction, for being guilty of some kind of misconduct which in reality, was someone else's poor judgement in behaviour! That was basically what i had to do, much to my own dislike.
George10/19/0810:31amMy sister eloped with a goat
Amanda10/19/082:01amWow, walk off for a day and see what happens
Wallander10/18/086:44pmOh f..k it! I guess i have to make a tiny confession here--just to cover my own butt, mind you--but i have been using 2 aliases in all...this one + 1 other alias! And it turns out, that my 'alter ego' only talks to me, and no one you connect the dots--if you must--but these innocent little games can sometimes turn into such cruel "jokes" when it suddenly falls into the wrong hands, with less honourable motives! Now i think i'm going to stay out of this poll for the remainder of the time, for the obvious reason that i do not live in the States, and instead i shall return when the next poll starts. Hopefully i'll be able to relate to it. Oh & btw if you figure out something extraordinary with your current project, i hope you'll bring it up in here Pat! I'm always reading the polls anyways, even if i dont respond.
Persipone10/18/085:06pmOh my goodness! You all are SO out of control! -Delightful, actually. ;)
Viva le shag!10/18/084:11pmWhy don't you blow me instead fake Pat? why settle for something artificial when you can get the real deal here? but if you're a guy, then I take it back?! I read your last comment to me btw Wallander and I didn't have the time to respond untill now. I was just joking around with you but I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone! I actually enjoy some of the comments in these polls by you and others.
MeanyWeeny10/18/083:57pmMe like blow up dolls and meaty ones too.
Wallander10/18/083:45pmHaha...the word "blow-up doll" has been brought up so many times now, that it has generated the Google Ads to send advertisements on that specific item. ;-D
Edna10/18/082:45pmI am absolutely appalled at what I am seeing here. It's been a long time since I've voiced my opinion on this message board, but now I really need to speak up. The level of disrespect going on in this room is outrageous. Will someone please address Joe's concerns, for the sake of goodness? He was just trying to say that he wants a used blow-up doll instead of a new one. And there was conversation about an already-existing used one by someone in this room, but that person has completely failed to offer it to Joe, or at least explain why that arrangement wouldn't be possible. Just use your imagination. Maybe all he needs is a little encouragement in a chatroom at 1:00 AM! Have some compassion people, some generosity!
Bam Bam10/18/0812:22pmWhat the helloo is going on in here? Sorry I missed it, someone sounds like they need to get a room!
Milkshake10/18/0811:20amDo we need a new poll?
Mick10/18/0810:57amFake pat I wish my wife would go down on me
Pator10/18/083:48amSorry Pat I didnt mean to use your name Ididnt put (or )at the end of my name
Wallander10/17/088:19pmWell done Sue! Your two comments have been now picked as the winner of this week's funniest comment, and you're now the proud owner of this week's special prize, which was VERY CAREFULLY hand-picked by our panel of judges: A used, un-washed, funky pair of men's underwear from the Polish Kz Camps in the 40's...and with your name printed on its front. Congratulations! : )
Joe 10/17/085:30pmPat where did you buy the blow up doll Id like the one you have
Milkshake10/17/085:05pmI have to say this: Out of all the comments in this poll, I like Sue's the best. If I need a good laugh, all I need to do is scroll down and read Sue's 2 comments!! LMAO
Flawed System10/17/083:09pmThe voter-ID requirement is an excellent idea....for the 'HONEST members' of society. If it wasn't so easy for people (either citizens with multiple aliases or illegal immigrants) to obtain/create believable fake IDs we'd have a great system to prevent people from voting more than once. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this any more than bar owners/staff can prove someone is under 21 when the patron has a believable, flawless-appearing fake ID. There are holes in the system.
Wallander10/17/082:50pmWow...if i can get my adrenaline down, im sure i'll have something intelligable to say in response to your comment Pat!!! LOL Uhmm...i'll be back after i've taken a cold shower.... ;-)))
Pat10/17/082:05pmThank-you, friend Milkshake. Wallander, you keep making me laugh all the time and I might just fall in love with you!!!-laugh, laugh, laugh.
Wallander10/17/081:41pmIt took me a long time to make any sensible meaning out of that comment from the fake Pat. And since i thought it WAS you Pat, i really twisted my brain in order to figure out just exactly what "you" had meant with that comment, and in the end i reached the conclusion that "you" were talking about getting a blowup doll to vote in the presidential election!(LOL) But now that we know it WAS a fake Pat, then i honestly think the best thing to do is to ignore this individual & his/her stupid comment! Mind you, i have to confess that i was actually preparing myself to formulate something 'saucy' back to "you", but im glad now that i didnt, because then i REALLY would've looked like a fool! Phhheeeewwww...LOL....:p
Milkshake10/17/081:21pmSorry to hear that Pat. That really sux. To the fake pat............GET A LIFE! Leave the real, nice Pat alone.
Pat10/17/081:13pmEveryone on here knows that I do not talk like this. It's filthy, disgusting, very disrespectful. This person that used my name is worse than a precious pig. This person that used my name is trashy and what lies in a septic tank with the same smell. The only one that I believe who would do this is the one I said something to about their filthy comment knowing that kids were in here, also. You know who you are. Disrespectful piece of human trash that is taking up oxygen for nothing.
Pat10/17/0810:49amCan anyone tell me how to fix my blowup doll every time I blow it up it keeps going down on me
Milkshake10/17/089:27amThat is about the most funniest comment, Sue. OMG!!!
Sue10/17/087:04am yes my brother says hes going to change to be the next president
Persipone10/17/086:13amSue - That is really funny. Your brother went to a LOT of trouble to double his voting power. Will he be changing back to male for the next election? Hope he kept his male "parts" in a special chalice - like the Egyptians - but in a deep freeze somewhere safe!
Pat10/17/085:52amThanks Milkshake and Wallander you are a nut. I had to laugh at you're comment and thank-you.
Amanda10/17/083:34amI voted yes..what kind of question is that..of course you should have to present ID. Sure, you might be able to fool it some times but a little is better than none. They won't do anything more strict than that though, cost too much money.
Sue10/17/082:51amIt doesnt work my brother voted then got a sex change and voted again at the last election
Wallander10/16/084:44pmI guess i cant be much of a use on this particular poll since i do not live in the States. Perhaps the only thing i CAN say in that regard is that in Norway we usually have to show up with our passports + our social security cards, and i havent heard of any cases--atleast not so far--where someone who was not a registered voter, actually cheated his/her way into voting! But regarding the links you gave, i already left a brief note late last night, thanking you for the great webpages you've introduced me Milkshake, and i have now all 3 of the links bookmarked on my browser....i really enjoyed them all, to be honest with you! :-))) So once again thanks for your prompt respond to my inquiery, with really NEAT & quality websites. And last but not least, i'd like to send my "get well!" wishes to you Pat. I'm quite sure though that you're being EXTRA caring with yourself right now. Isn't that very characteristic of "witches" btw?! In any case, im looking forward to hearing what you've come up with in your little project, however complete/incomplete it may be! I also think it's worth remembering that sometimes it's just fine if you've "only" come up with a few CONCISE words that are inspirational! However on the other hand i wouldnt want to ruin that sense of urgency in you, with regards to your project, for PRECISION & attention to detail, and that great joy of being meticulous at a job/project! ;-) ps- i also posted a brief 'thank you' note to you, for the links you came up with BamBam, already yesterday, incase you didnt get to see it! Hugs all around...:-)))
Persipone10/16/0812:18pmIt would be better if there was a digital fingerprint reader on each poll machine - like many people use for secure access to their computers. The voter could initially type in their voter registration number and then press their finger to the scanner for secure access. This could be set up at the local bank or post office for physical security.
Milkshake10/16/089:07amMost definately! If a person did not show a valid ID, that person could vote 2, 3 or as many times as he wants. A picture ID should be shown. And Wallander, in case you didn't get these on the last poll, here are some sites I know for tarot:,, and Sounds cool Pat. Looking forward to hearing your chart.
Ed10/16/084:21amYes I agree, but also I think a birth certificate should also be shown. Alot of illegal aliens and others can get illegal driver licenses, so birth certificates should also be shown. The Acorn organization should be thrown in prision for all their illegal activity and anyone they so called registered should not be able to vote because of the crap that Acron tried to pull off.
Pat10/16/083:48amOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my Lord. Not again!----I'll be back when I finish the chart. It's taking awhile because there is so much I have forgotten and doing a little at a time. Plus I have been sick and having a very hard time getting well. I'm fighting it though. I'll talk to everyone later. Good-Bye. Love my "ghost friends".

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