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I believe the political opinion polls accurately predict election results.

Total Voters: 388
Yes 97%
No 97%
Undecided 97%
Pat11/06/082:28pmCame back to work at 5:00 p.m. I don't feel good and I'm aggravated so I will say this being in a bad mood. O'bama couldn't f***-up any worse than that ignorant, dumb, hick bush that can't spell or prononce simple words and kissed bin laden's ass the whole time he was the White House and put all his evil, cronie friends in many areas of the government. I guess that doesn't count because he is a republican president(since they are so self-righteous above everyone else).Bbbbbbuuuuuusssshhhh-sh**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I'll say. Be back Monday or Tuesday(hopefully). Love to everyone.
Bill11/06/081:51pmWe need a new Poll.......Well you elected that stupid Obama for president. I can't wait for this idiot to royally **** up. We know it will happen and guess what he cannot blame the republicans because he will be making the decisions along with the Bit_h Pelosi. They will try, because the Dems always blame the republicans. What **** heads. That Pelosi Bit_h looks like she is on meth. Her eyes are opened so wide I am waiting for the eye balls to fall out. Also one of her toadies Dodd is always crawling up her ass. What a ****ed up democratic party. Ha! Ha!
Bill11/06/0812:26pmWell the socialist pig won! What a disgrace for America having that idiot as president. Wait and see folks, he will screw all of us, and the koolaid drinking idiots will feel it more because they believed he could help them. Sorry he has a different agenda which is for him and his socialist friends. America will no longer be America. They probably will call it little Russia or it could be called Little Iran anything to apease his friends Ayers, Wright and the many other socialist/communists.
Milkshake11/06/088:46amYou know what? Obama didn't win fairly........He should of had more votes!! Someone cheated. I expected that 99% of the population was going to vote for Obama. So the opinion pols lied. Damnit. Now we need a new poll, because this poll lied too. LOL!!
Ed11/06/083:50amFirst Ellis you are going to find alot of people are very angry about election. So you can't let it get to you. We are Americans and can voice your opinions and in this case there are alot of people who feel that Obama did not win fairly and then there are people who have issues like me about his background and then there are others who still have issues with his color. Ignore it and watch to make sure that your candidate Obama takes care of the US. That is what you need to focus on. Hey Bam Bam, I understand what you are saying. I hope that we can unite and make this work, but it is going to be a long long journey to make that happen. Obama is really going to have to prove that he is for all people. I would not want to be in his position right now. Have a Good Day!
Elis11/05/087:34pmI've see a lot of anti-Obama ads on this website, but no anti-McCain or pro-Obama ads. I know the election is over, but maybe the website's organizer should acknowledge that, too. This is all enough to make me boycott this website .
Bam Bam11/05/085:27pmEd I worried the same thing over Palin. But, I still couldn't agree with with most of McCain's agenda. It was too much of the same ole same ole. I think we're all worried, but we're gonna be okay. As long as we stick together as a Nation, we'll over come anything.
Tom 11/05/084:10pmBill when someone or something divides people they or it is not of god could you please tell me what your born again alcohic Mr G W Bush and his hencemen have done to the world also could you please tell me how many of Bush and his henchmen,s immediate families are out in Iraq and Afghanistan with the USA armed forces
Elis11/05/0810:58amOh, happy day! Go Obama! The man who will discourage large corporations from outsourcing our jobs to foreign markets. This, among other things, should help our economy. I'm also hopeful not to have to face so much anxiety about having to pay for health care. Congratulations to everyone! And to those who don't support him: he will still have to prove himself, yes. But I'm sorry your fear has impeded your ability to even be respectful in this historic moment. Dissent is novel, but give him a chance. We do need new policy making.
Ed11/05/089:13amBam Bam, sorry but I am fustrated and worried that Obama will be able to protect us and his tax plans are very scary. I worry he will push us to a depression. I guess he is just to much of a mystery for me and we have so much at stake for him to mess up, especially that he is so inexperienced. :)
Bam Bam11/05/088:44amEd, I know it stings a bit when the shoes on the other foot. But the future remains to be seen with Obama. I could say the same thing about Bush, we've been saying it all along and your statement is exactly what we're seeing now with Bush. Bush has not grown this country and you that. Our country is in the toilet and our economy has had a disstrous global effect. I know how angry you must be over the election, I felt it twice when Bush was elected both times. The wheel is forever turning, what is up one day must come down the next.
Ed11/05/088:20amHey Bam Bam and Milkshake, there is a silver lining in all of this. Now that the Dems (especially that Pelosi Bit_h) control everything, when they screw up royally they cannot blame anyone except themselves. America will then see what a mistake it was to elect those worthless individuals. Have A Nice Day! :) We need a new poll.
Milkshake11/05/087:59amEd, last night was one of the most happiest evenings I've had in a long time! I'm smiling. Happy. Happy.
Bam Bam11/05/085:33amEd have a nice day. One day even you will wake up and realize your wrong. While you state your aggravation most of us dems blame you and those of you who voted for Bush for our current state which is in the sewage toilet if you haven't noticed -the man who put us in the economical state we're in - a condition that needs a man like Obama to get us out. Today is a great day everyone! Even Ed & Bill can't spoil it. Sorry, guys I hope you feel better. Remember guy's Obama has to go to Grams funeral right away. Can we all send some peace his way?
Ed11/05/085:23amI have to say this is a very sad, sad day in our history. You elected a man with no experience, a racist, far left liberal with associations/friends to a racist reverend, home grown terrorist and wants to tax the hell out of you to give it to people who are living on welfare, plus wants to open the flood gates to let more illegal aliens to live in our country. Are you all on crack??? You want change well guess what you will when your jobs will disappear because businesses will be taxed to the hilt so companies will have to let people go, and if you are so lucky to keep your jobs the taxes you will have to pay to support his far left policies and the welfare and illegal aliens should make you proud. You all must really be on drugs. We need a new poll. Talking about america's destruction is very depressing.
Bam Bam11/05/085:17amBill your conservative ultra right wing J-Hole has already plundered our country he's the reason we're on the brink of a depression. How can you not see that we are already at that point? I predicted last night that our stock market would improve because of the election. I think the market is going to gain confidence and we're going to be okay. Obama is the way out. Why don't give the guy a chance and try to move out of the shadow of 9-11. We don't have to live in fear and anger anyore. I am so Proud to American Today as a United Country we overcame bigotry and racism and voted for something bigger than we are as individuals. We voted for hope and change for everyone! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AMERICA! (AND THE REST OF THE WORLD)
Claire11/05/084:15amWe have our first black president!
Bill11/05/084:07amTom you are wrong! It seems most Americans are stupid. They voted for a racist, socialist, liar, best friend to a terrorist who will put this poor country into a depression with his radical left policies. This is a very sad time for America. :(
Tom11/05/081:47amSo the yanks aren,t all stupit they have finally voted in a man who deserves to be a president Congratulations the first time ever
Milkshake11/04/088:00pmWell folks. Looks like we have our new president: Obama! Welcome Obama. Glad you're our 44th president!!
Milkshake11/04/085:28pmLOL Bam Bam! I didn't know that. OMG! It took me about 10 minutes to vote. No line. Fast and easy. So after this election, are we going to have a break on politics for the poll?
Pat11/04/082:56pmStopped in to get some stuff. At hospital all day for tests. I voted...GO O'BAMA!!!! Ed, I didn't mean you would get pissed, I knew you wouldn't. I was talking about the Republican government. The republican government has been ruining this nation for a very long time. About the kool-aid...I loved it as a kid...can't drink it now, but if it is sweetened just right, still delicious, especially the orange flavor.
Wallander11/04/082:50pmHow long did it take you guys to vote? They showed on CNN the LOOONNNNG lines & how SSSLLLLOOOWWW the voting process is... or maybe it is just Obama that is such a slow ass?! LOL...i will keep my fingers crossed for you guys...i also like to send my warmest regards to Bill, Ed, and RSS....& everyone else who are siding with McCain...McCain is a fine gentleman, & i sincerely hope he gets a significant role in the new administration...under Obama ofcoarse! Scheize, i think that's going to sound as if i'm REALLY trying to rub it in! :-D
Bam Bam11/04/082:33pmMilkshake I beleive you left out the "o" in country. hehe.
Milkshake11/04/081:57pmI really HIGHLY doubt the United States would allow a terorist to run for president! I voted today. They scanned my voters book i recieved in the mail and then asked me to verify my birthdate and address. No identification needed. Anyway, I do feel the United States needs a CHANGE. Hopefully, our****ry will improve.
Bam Bam11/04/0812:49pmWoooow...couldn't have said that better Wallander! Hive Five! Whooo!......I VOTED!!!!! Straight Democrat all the way down the line! I totally agree with you Wally I think anyone who says Obama is a terrorist and anyting else, just goes to show how ignorant on this matter some folks are. It's just dumb. Not worth addressing. It's such an outrageous point of view with no factual basis or proof. I think it's only for shock value and it's lost that. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED! Have a super Day!
Wallander11/04/0812:41pmBill you remind of another character from another site who went by the name of "Kentuckydan"...he had his head so far up his own arse that it was impossible to have any reasonable political discussions with him....not only are you people totally consumed by your irrational fear & phobia, you also manage to spread it all around you. That basically sums up the state of the world we've been living in the last 8 yrs.!
Bill11/04/0811:25amI wonder why Wallander did not try to correct us in stating that Obama isn't a racist and a socialist liberal leftist. Because he knows it is the truth and that Obama is all of those things----and more. By the way he is a Muslum and a terrorist!!!!! :)
SRR11/04/0811:07amWell, I just can't not comment. Firstly, thank you Bill and Ed for your comments. I cannot disagree with anything you guys are saying. As far as the "Clinton" era... well that was a nice financial bubble, wasn't it? What happened after Bill left office!? We were left with a financial mess and millions of people lost lots of $. Wasn't that the tech bubble? Anybody else's 401k's or portfolios suffer because of it? (And to those who think they weren't affected... to those who think they don't have enough money. Sure you were affected. Through your boss.... therefore you were... maybe by the lack of a raise, bonus, etc.). The Clintons might be charming, but even they cannot, in good conscious support Obama too much. When Bill C. was asked what the difference between Rev. Wright and David Duke is, he was hard pressed and couldn't answer. Where was everyone else when I heard that.... dreaming of the 'change' that Obama is promising? But think about this. Change. What EXACTLY does 'change' mean? Change to the living could be death, not necessarily paradise. (Or is anyone in this county of the belief that when they die 40 virgins await them.) I'm not trying to antagonize anyone here, but I am scared for all of us and hope that eyes will open. Wishing you all a blessed day. :)
Bill11/04/0810:48amWallander keep drinking the koolaid as Ed stated earlier. You leftist radical liberals are so full of crap that it blocked out any common sense. Obama is a socialist (wanting to take peoples hard earned money and giving it to the poor), racist (hanging with his mentor Rev. Wright for 20 years, oh but it did not effect him at all BULL). Oh by the way I heard on the news that your precious Obama is taking Anger Management classes now..I wonder why. Can't he handle the truth that keeps coming out about him and his wife. He is trying to remain calm so he does not blow his big chance to screw the US and his friends like ayers will get his jollys watching america go down the tubes. So believe your fairy tales about how wonderful Obama is and about the change he will bring. He'll' bring change all right------the destruction of a wonderful country.
Wallander11/04/089:44amThis whole "communist" labeling of Obama, is just as true as the sky is green, & the grass, blue! Obama believes in a fiscal economy, exactly like Bill Clinton did back in the 90's. I think what IS scary, is to read the stuff that the anti-Obama folks keep saying in it just me, or do they all sound a bit INSANE in your ears? It seems to me that so many of these anti-Obama people are desperately holding on to an image of America from the 1980's, and think to themselves that Politics is supposed to be a STATIC is such a mistaken mindset, and it is probably the VERY REASON why the Republican party is where it is right's because it doesn't feel the need to change is the same kind of arrogance you saw with the communists, back in the USSR days.
Bill11/04/089:02amWell reading the comments and watching the crap in TV. It is not over yet. We still have a chance to change this disaster from happening. Obama is a racist, socialist liberal leftist with no intention of helping the middle class people. He will help the welfare and illegals flooding this country. He will also change the school systems to reflect his sick socialist ways. His tax increase farse will also effect the middle class, because there are more of us than the poor and the rich. Where the hell do you think he is going to get the tax money from. If you have not thought about it do it now.....duh! It will come from us. He will tax the rich yes which will make companies lay off people because they will not be able to afford employees. So unemployment will be historically high. The poor or welfare folks don't pay taxes now so you can't tax them. Where the tax money will come from is the MIDDLE CLASS. He is a slippery snake in the grass to not better explain his plans and alot of you fell for the bait. We will suffer more with him in more ways then one. Get ready for a major terrorist attack, if we depend on him or the alzheimer moran of a VP he chose we will all be dead! Heaven help us!
Ed11/04/087:51amHi Pat hope you are feeling better. I am not pissed just sad that if he gets into the White House capitalism will go out the window and socialism, marcism and communisim will take over. Obama WILL ruin this country. You will not be able to take a shxt without the government looking on. So get ready to be taxed out the ass because you will be supporting the low lifes on welfare and the illegal immigrants (so the distribution of wealth is even, per Obama's comments)that will flood this once beautiful country. If you get sick and need a good doctor good luck there will be no such thing with the universal healthcare bull he wants to force on us. And every Obama kooliad drinking follower will be responsible to letting this happen. I hope I don't have to explain the koolaid comment again. I am very sad for our country today and for the next four years if Obama gets in. God Bless America!
Pat11/04/085:42amCame in for about 30 minutes, then going back home. I am not going to condemn the comment or the person, but I will say this. REPUBLICANS: love war, hate the poor and middle class, tax them to death, allow prices to skyrocket, the oil prices always rise ridiculously, the economy collapses, people lose jobs, homes, their way of life, they help the wealthy and keep them with low taxes or no taxes, take from the poor and middle class to give to the rich, against abortion(not caring for the woman or girl's circumstances concernig the pregnancy and if it is a very early pregnancy), against gays(they consider these people freaks of nature and they don't have any rights), also have friends with the wrong eastern people, the wealthy have the best medical care and there's much more than this. DEMOCRATS: hate war(because they don't consider domination a good thing), care about the poor and the middle class, ease taxes on the poor and middle class, high prices on everything have a roof put on them, the economy starts getting better, people will stop losing homes, don't steal from the poor and middle class to give to the rich, they don't tax small businesses to death until they close down, they are pro-abortion(taking into consideration the length of the pregnancy and the circumstances of the pregnancy), not against gays(they have rights, also. They play a big part in this nation, they are people and they have been around since man first evolved), give the poor and the middle class better medical care and get can get their medicine. Not yelling, just emphasizing: REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN IN THE WHITEHOUSE TWENTY YEARS AND DEMOCRATS EIGHT YEARS. NOW WE NEED DEMOCRATS IN TWENTY YEARS TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP. GO O'BAMA!!! HE WILL BE PRESIDENT AND THE REPUBLICANS WILL BE VERY PISSED!!! GO O'BAMA!!!
Ed11/04/084:37amGood Morning Everyone! I have read SRR and Sabrina's comments this morning, and agree that we will be in trouble with Obama as president. He will put us in a deep depression, we will lose more jobs, we will be hit by a terrorist attack bigger than 911. I know alot of people out there are voting for Obama because his is black, plain and simple. He is also a smooth talker, he talks but nothing comes out. Some people say he is the anti-christ. I don't know if he is or not, but he I feel he is the devil in sheeps clothing. Today is not a good day for america or the world for that matter. If Obama takes the White House that will be the fall of America. I have been reading alot of other blogs on this issue and it is frightening that people are talking and making bets for how long before there is a hit on Obama. I pray that does not happen to him or anyone. I pray that God will hear my prayers that Obama does not become president because he is the devil and will destroy us. We will become a socialist nation and will lose our rights as citizens. This is truly a very sad day in the history of this once beautiful country. Take Care Everyone!
SRR11/04/083:14amTo answer the blog topic, no I don't believe polls are accurate, although that's no reflection on the polls...I'm sure they try. Now to the point, since I've been reading others' postings about the outcome of our election. I MUST say something. Allow me to preface by saying that I'm a professional intutive, Reverend, Parapsychologist and Psychotherapist. Also, I have lived my life following my 'intuition' and my 'flashes'. (G-D has always guided me well.) My philosophy is to live nicely .... to treat others with dignity and respect .... to care for my fellow human being ... to have compassion, understanding and a loving, open heart ... and to play nice, so to say. (If only that were so in our world *sigh*... but I digress.) I would also like to say that I've never involved myself deeply in politics. I had found it to be a bunch of spin, empty promises, and full of self serving people on self serving paths. (Naturally not all, but many.) Being at a 'certain age', and because of the dangers in our world today (clear-mindedly not underestimating the intent of radicals and terrorists), my attention was caught by this election. I could probably go on at length as to my logical reasons, but I will only share, here, my 'feeling' about this situation (intuitively). G-d forgive me, since I try to stay away from 'judgements' and pointing fingers, but I have a BAD feeling. I feel that Obama would destroy this country. American would never be the same again. There is some very funky and bad energy regarding what the future would hold for all of us if he would be our next President. His associations are frightening. He talks out of both sides of his mouth... and if you REALLY listen to him, his self-serving (and very possibly sociopathic) traits are clear. WHY so many don't see it.... WHY so many are blind to it. It scares me. (So many Americans are, at this time, caught in a very 'selfish' mode... what is in it for "ME", as opposed to let's stick together and do what is the best for all of us and our great Country. - and I DO believe in taking responsibility for ourselves, and not aiding those who want a free ride, who feel 'entitled' and do not feel they need to contribute.) I believe that self-serving type behavior blinds people to the real truth. May G-D bless all us Americans to have an open heart and a clear mind to see the truth. May G-D bless America and not forsake us at such a critical time.
Wallander11/03/089:18pmI think it is pretty safe to say that the ENTIRE WORLD wants to see a strong America, a logical America, a glorious America, a beautiful America, a compassionate America, & an America with a BIG smile on its face.... and NOT what they've been witnessing the last 8 yrs.! McCain's associations with GWBush is just as damaging--if not, even more--as the associations Obama has had with a few REBELLIOUS people in his younger days. And i dare say this, if McCain wins the election, America is going to feel even more left out & isolated in relation to the rest of the world, than it did the last 5-6 yrs., because the gap between the US & the world will NOT be closed, with a McCain in the White House. I think it goes without saying that McCain is a good politician & a leader, but if we are going to compare the 2 candidates with one another, i honestly believe that Obama has the potentials to become a GREAT leader...simply because Obama is a natural talent in politics & in keeping the frameworks of the economy, safe & sound. In any case, if he DOES become the president of the US, i am 100% certain that Obama's loyalty is going to be tested by ALL sides, from day 1, and he knows that himself...& he will do everything in his power to prove his critics wrong. Therefore Obama is such an exciting choice this time around....imho. : )
Milkshake11/03/087:58pmI am a born-again Christian and was raised a Jew. I came from a Jewish family. I love God. I love Jesus Christ. I am a good person. I am a big-time Obama supporter.
Sabrina11/03/087:39pm(Before I begin , let me say... my voice is calm and lowered in serious reflection, in quite meditation with the sincere desire for "God" to guide us through these murky times... regardless of whom we elect)....................We're in the last hours... Election Day is upon us, my thoughts are no longer ones of debate, but more of reflection.... I am a McCain supporter. My decision was not based on Obama's color (though I have suffered that accusation more then once). My decision was based on McCain's record of service. His dedication and unrelenting desire to be a part of something.... Our Country..... In comparision... Obama, a Jr Senator hails from Chicago... A Community/Reform Activist and Fundraiser....I spent many weeks researching.... Obama's 'hometown' is not better for his activities... No, it seems they compare poorly with many other US cities of it's size. an extremely high crime rate, an extremely high unemployment rate... the government riddled with questionable politicians. A city, much like Obama himself, which seems confused over which direction it wants to take.......I read both of Obama's books, "Dreams of My Father" and "Audacity of Hope". Both scared the ****ens out of me.... You see, I am in my 50s... I personally remember the 60s.. the intensity, the passion, the fear... the need for change. I wanted, I dearly wanted to vote for Obama... To prove, if only to myself, that I was right back then... But I can't. I wasn't right... Radical change was not the answer then... It's not the answer now.... My parents told me growing up.. "You're known by the company you keep"... And as much as I hated it, I said the exact same thing to my four children as they were growing up..... Because it's true... Obama's "friends" are not friends of this country. Obama's friends are our enemies. When history looks back on this election... It will be dumbfounded by our decisions... Just a few years after 9/11 we would even consider a man such as Obama... Much like the way we look back at the youth of Hitler's day and wonder.. "what the ????" My grandchildren very well may ask the same question. All that glitter's is NOT gold... often it is only fool's gold, luring us into our own "gas chamber"..... So, in reflection.. and before the last votes are cast... I ask that we all say a prayer to the powers that guide us... That who ever is elected next to lead us, truly is a man of character, integrity, moral strength and sound values.... I was wrong some 40 years ago.... perhaps I'm wrong again...
Bam Bam11/03/083:31pmThat's where my money is! My goodness what will we political junkies talk about when this election is over?
Wallander11/03/0812:18pmI have a hard time understanding the so-called 'Bradley Effect'....why would ppl say one thing in the poles, or among their own local folks, and suddenly chose to vote for someone else when they're standing in the booth & just about to vote?? But regardless of all these ambivalent margins, i am still willing to put my money on Obama, as the final winner of the election.
Michael11/02/089:28pmThe media puts out the polls. As such, they have it within their power to slant or skewer things as they like. With it's long time Leftist ideological tendencies, the media often massages polls to pursuade and form general public opionion. Unfortunately, many people believe what they see and hear in the media as given truth.
Milkshake11/02/088:29pmThanks Wallander! Well at least it's close to Thanks Giving. And hopefully this Christmas will be a good one! I haven't had a good Christmas in a long time.
Wallander11/02/086:46pmHey thats a really neat idea Milkshake! It would be a cool ceremonial 'initiation' into the new the very least you could try to have a fun party. But i wasn't 100% sure, so i had to look it up one more time to be happens....**drum rolls**....on November the 28th.
Milkshake11/02/086:18pmWallander, do you know the exact day pluto moves into Capricorn? I want to celebrate on that day! LOL I mean LIVE IT UP!!!!!
Wallander11/02/085:06pmI believe Obama is a Leo, and McCain a Virgo. This explains why McCain is always so competitive & "head-on" towards Obama, because that is quite typical of neighboring signs. I am not a Capricorn btw Milkshake, i am a Cancer. And regardless of what sign we may be, we are STILL going to be influenced by the new Pluto in Capricorn, because Pluto is such a COLLECTIVE planet, it is felt thru out the whole society & in every individual's life. But it's true, Capricorn ppl will feel it much more intensely than the rest of the ppl. Since Capricorn is a feminine sign, the PIC is going to be felt much more intensely by the female members of this sign.....and if my own theory turns out to be right(as i stated in my previous comment), the male Cancererians like myself are also going to feel it as intensely as the Capricorn women, but since we are men, our reactions to it, may differ from the Capricorn women. Anyways sorry to get so technical there.....back to the topic of Presidential election, i think EVEN John McCain's gut feelings are telling him that he is going to lose, but he is going for the "Hail Mary" regardless....which is quite a reasonable thing to do.
Milkshake11/02/083:14pmDoes anyone know Obama and McCain's astrological sign? My guess Wallander, and it's only a guess, I think Obama may in the election. But who know's? I'm no psychic. LOL
Milkshake11/02/081:06pmAre you a Capricorn, Wallander? I have went throgh hell and back with pluto in my sun sign, sagittarius. It's toward the end of the aspect...the last 3 to 4 years when you really notice pluto. My advice to Capricorns: Just believe in God, use your heart and faith in God to direct you into a better path.
Milkshake11/02/0812:54pmOkay. Can I ask one question? What does 8 houses of Scorpio mean? Does it mean 8 planets in the sign of Scorpio? I really like Astrology. So 8 houses of Scorpio is foreign to me, so I would like to know what that means. And that sounds really cool to have an eagle rising. How do you find that out? I want to know what mine is.
Wallander11/02/0812:22pmI was not aware that you were a Scorpio Bam Bam! And the fact that you have so many planets stationed in Scorpio, makes you EVEN more Scorpio than just any other Scorpio out there. If i remember correctly, the only planet that i have i Scorpio is my Neptune, which much to my own dislike, is REVERSED! I have been told many negative things about this very aspect in my personal chart, and ever since i heard it for the first time, i've been trying my BEST to somehow keep an open eye to the tendencies associated with this aspect. If you somehow have been receiving 'intuitive informations' that there is some kind of a "dark cloud over my head", then perhaps it is attributed to this aspect?!LOL....I'm going to try to dig deep into both my own chart, and also to check out the general aspects of this period we are currently going thru, to see if i can find something. And Milkshake, i am very happy on your behalf...:-)))....but at the same time i'm trying to "decode" in advance, what terrible things i'm going to experience personally when Pluto moves into Capricorn. Not because i am some kind of a pessimistic soul, but ONLY because i believe it is always better to know in advance what bad things are awaiting down the path for me, so that i can at least minimize their shocks. I don't know why i'm such a comfort-seeking person, but all i know is that i am VERY sick & tired of all those events that tend to SHOCK you to kingdom come, when they occur! Btw i had a rather extensive study of the planet Saturn yesterday, and i had a few eye-opening moments....i'm now convinced that Saturn is a VERY powerful planet in my own life, because i felt i could recognize almost everything i read about Saturn's journey thru all the signs the last 20-25 yrs.! This, i believe, is the case with all the Cancerian men(Not women)....they feel Saturn very strongly, which is interesting because Saturn belongs to Capricorn...likewise, when it comes to Capricorn men(& Not women), they are ruled by the Moon, which is again interesting because the Moon belongs to Cancer. I have a few unorthodox theories regarding the way Men & Women experience their own TRADITIONAL signs, depending whether it is a Masculine or a Feminine sign we're talking about, but since this is somewhat complicated for me to explain, & also because of its general insignificance due to the fact that we're only talking about general astrology & NOT personal horoscopes, i will not get into it any deeper. But anyways, back to the main question.... what aspects do you think have brought this small group of people together here on this poll, and who do you think is going to win the election on Tuesday? ;-D
Bam BAm11/02/0811:05amMilkshake, no no she said I had eight houses of Scorpio, I still have it on tape. She was really surprised and said it was very significant. She also said I was an Eagle Scorpio or Eagle rising...I can't remember but she said it meant I'm not the vindictive and vengeful sort and that I would be famous and involved in politics some day. I had to laugh back then because I was so young and hadn't gone to college. She was a really famous psychic in Ohio. I have to look up her name, because the tape only says reading for so and so on such and such a date. She also saw that I was psychic and asked why I had come to see her when I probably didn't need to.
Milkshake11/02/088:55amBam Bam, I have never heard of one sign ruling 8 houses in a person's chart. They must have meant something else. Scorpio rules both my 2nd house house and 3rd house. I believe one sign can rule 2 maybe 3 houses (the most!) in a person's chart. And yes, Wallander, I am so relieved Pluto is finally moving out of Sagittarius!!!! I have been through so damn much! Finally, Finally, Finally, FREEDOM at last!!!!!
Bam Bam11/02/085:52amWallender that's really cool. Being that I am a Scorpio and a sleuth I'd be interested to find out. I have eight houses of Scorpio in my birth chart. I was told that's a really lot. How many houses can you have in all? By the way everyone, pertaining to our last poll...I just found there are only three states in which you have to show ID to vote. Who knew!
Wallander11/01/087:57pmWish you had told me this a couple of weeks ago Milks...;-)....speaking of something else, i bet you are almost counting the days until the end of this month when finally Pluto moves into Capricorn, huh? know, a thought occurred to me the other day....what planets(or planetary aspects) do you reckon, have brought us few ppl on this poll together?? It would be interesting to find out exactly why a few ppl who are virtually complete strangers to get together & meet on this poll every now & then?? The answer could be found either in all of our birth charts, or something to do with the CURRENT planetary positions. Anyways it was just a funny little thought that occupied my mind a while ago. : )
Milkshake11/01/084:10pmYes, Wallander. I really did get a flu shot last week. And I got one last year too. Everyone around me caught a flu or cold except for me! So I would definately advise anyone to get a flu shot. They really help.
Wallander11/01/082:01pmLOL...Hi Milkshake. Nice to see you again. Was that a joke, or did you really get a flu shot?? Anyways if incase it's the latter, i think you did a very smart thing... believe me, you saved yourself a lot of unnecessary physical agony. : )
Milkshake11/01/086:02amHi Wallander! Hi Pat! I'm feeling GREAT! I got a flu shot. LOL
Wallander10/31/088:13pmHi Pat. I hope you're doing relatively better now, and that you do see your doctor as soon as poss., because it does sound a bit alarming...i'm thinking maybe it's just something related to stress or something in that ballpark, but whatever it is, it's always best to know the name so you can deal with it in a more resolute way, and not be in the dark about what it could be. Anyways i'm quite sure you have the situation under control...i was just expressing my own worry. But with regards to my comment about Jim Jones, i was trying to say that i had a chance to also watch a few clips that went against the popular belief regarding this person Jim Jones, and the things that were mentioned in those few clips sounded rather compelling, atleast from my own perspective, which in this case is a neutral one. There was for instance a specific case, which was a rather personal one for both Jim Jones and another man by the name of Tim Stoens(i hope i remember his name correctly) wherein Stoens had first accepted Jim Jones to be the guardian of his son(because the mother of the child wanted to join People's Temple but he himself didn't want to do it)& thereafter signed an affidavit, in which he officially gave Jim Jones the full custody of their child. So this man goes out to live in another city, to start a new life for himself, and the mother & the child stay behind in PT & live a seemingly harmonious life there. But after a few yrs the mother who by then is tired of all the drug experimentations which she herself had also partook, suddenly decides to leave the temple, and leaves the child in the custody of Jim Jones. It is this very careless act by that mother, that suddenly made Jim Jones to look like the evil man, because when the real father hears about this, he immediately lays the blame on Jim Jones for being a manipulative & brain-washing cult leader. To make a long story short, this very incident rapidly "avalanched" into what became the downfall of Jim Jones later on. Anyways, that's what i managed to gather from those clips, and although i always reserve the right to be skeptical about whatever ppl say on the net, i still found his story somewhat the very least. And regarding religion, or to be more precise, the religious institutions, i almost got the impression(from some other documentary clips which were about the infiltration of religion in the US) that none of these ancient institutions such as the Freemasons, the Jesuits, EVEN the Vatican, seem to ACTUALLY believe in the very God that they themselves preach about. The ONLY "Higher Power" which these institutions & groups seem to 'possess'(for lack of a better word) is their own complex brotherhood network, all around the world, which serve to do more political works than the actual "serving of God". Anyways i can post the links for these couple of Youtube clips later on, if you or anyone else should be interested to check them out for yourself(-selves). And finally i wanted to say, i enjoyed that quote that you posted. It is so very true, that the society can almost be similar to a single individual's life. If a person is somehow out of balance, his/her actions will reflect exactly that. Likewise if there is injustice, inequality, & imbalance in a society, then naturally whatever actions that come out of that society & its gov't will become more & more irrational & unfair(both domestically & abroad). Btw speaking of something else, where is Milkshake & Amanda? I hope they're doing just fine. Hope to see them again in here soon. And i hope you'll get better yourself by the time you're visiting your doctor next week Pat. Goodnight & Happy Halloween btw to everyone. :-)))
Pat10/31/081:47pmThanks Bam Bam for what you said earlier. I think you are a voice of reason. Everything I have read so far that you have said...AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!... Thanks, Ed. I like you, too. It is more fun to debate on things when we all just stay calm when we give our opinion. The name calling is so juvenile. There will be times though when all or some of us will get heated up over something. We are only human, which in my personal opinion is not really something to be proud of!... Wallander, your comment at 10/30/08 4:41 is very true. There are so many serious issues that are never resolved. Maybe in about 70-100 years it will be better, but it is going to take all races and religions to come together as one and except others differences as long as no harm is done. Your comments about jim jones, I wasn't really sure were you were going with it, but that's okay. You have to remember that there are many religious fanatics in the world and they will twist any religion to suit themselves and they brainwash their followers. Other examples: david koresh(a fanatic, christian pedophile), the aryan nation, the order, vincent bertollini, bush's man--john ashcroft, jim bakker, and many more here and all around the world... (My mind is a little fuzzy, still sick. Last week something strange happened to me and yesterday I hit the floor. It took me awhile to come out of whatever happened. I guess I'll go to the doctor again next week. I'm feeling really weirded out over this. Now enough about me.)... The bible was written by men in a time when women were worthless, except to give men babies. King James made it worse when he took many books out and mixed up books, chapters and scriptures that are in it now. There are some good things in it that I accept for me and many other things that, to me, is junk. But I do that with many religions. There is only one omnipotent spiritual being that created everything. Humans came up with all the different religions and names just so they could have wars. Jesus taught mystical, spriritual, eastern parables and he never once claimed to be perfect... The U.S. government can't condemn the cruelty of other nations and their religions, because the U.S. was and is grounded on mass murders and genocide... I searched and found this:"Such feelings are the result of a social system of constant shortages and of continually repressed opportunities to improve one's own means." I guess that means we have been more of a socialist country than we thought. It should be shared---capitalism and socialism. I'm heading home. Happy Halloween(Samhain)to everyone. Please be careful tonight. Pray kids and animals are safe tonight.
Roni10/31/0812:24pmI work for a reasearch company and do voter opinion polls. I beleve there are pretty right on.
Wallander10/31/0810:20amEven Ann Coulter said back in February this yr., that John McCain is probably the worst presidential candidate the Republicans could ever produce, for this election.
Bam Bam10/31/089:12amBill, I know we need change, but McCain is talking about taxing healthcare, I don't see how that is going to help us. And the taxing that Obama is talking about is for those people who are fortunate enough to earn more than $200,000 per year. I'm ready for the burden to be off my shoulders and on someone else's for a change. I don't know about you, but I've read his plan and it's not as far left as some would think and I say that because I lived in Canada for three years. I think he has a good plan to incorporate some and I emphasise some of Canada's ideas for our own heathcare. I tried once to apply for state funded healthcare not two years ago and was turned down becuase I made too much money. Now mind you I hadn't worked in three months due to my cancer surgery and radiation treatment, but I made too much. My onw healthcare coverage wasn't kicking in for three more months. If it hadn't been for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and them paying 100% of my surgery ($67,000) AND saving my life my family would have been ruined six ways to Sunday and my cancer would have been far more devasting. I think it's time for a little more liberal governing maybe we should loosen our belts a bit and give it try. I voted for Clinton and he was amazing. He made it possible for me to go to college as single mom. But, I try not to believe everything I hear from the other sides mouths. I learn for myself. It can't be proven how much involvement Obama had with these poeple. Believe me if he were as bad as everyone was saying, there would be proof and who ever had this proof would probably try to sell the info and get it to the news as fast as possible. As for the tape of Obama that some newspaper swore they wouldn't release, I say that thigns are only as good as they paper they are printed on. They need to produce the tape and stop with the Oh we have a tape but we can't show it. In a political race, that kind of journalism isn't good enough. I should know I was a reporter and producer. Why give it to the press if you don't want anyone to see it. Bottom line for that tape, put up or shut up. Not you of course, the newspaper. I see McCain and I see more of the same and more of the fricking war I cannot stand. By the way, McCain is (and this is for real you can check it out) he is offering more tax breaks to those American companies outsourcing jobs to other countries. HELL JUST GIVE AMERICA AWAY and GIVE THE J-HOLES WHO SEND THEM A REWARD!. Sorry caps to empahsise - but any President willing to reward a company for doing that in an economy like we have is not a President for the People.
Bill10/31/086:14amBam Bam, I think it's ok if we drill and drill, but they also need to find alternate fuels for the American people. I know Bush has given alot of people fustration, but we cannot blame McCain for that or any other republican. We do need a change, but Obama is to extreme left which we do not need right now. Our economy is extremely fragile right now and if he does the taxing thing we will end up in a depression. He is not telling us all the truth and they keep trying to hide more associations that are coming up. It looks like he never hung around decent everyday people. All his friends are racists, bombers, and terrorists, and lets not forget some of these folks denounce Israel. Good discussions everyone. :)
Bam Bam10/31/084:51amBill, I was referring to Jim Jones as the weirdo. Odd you thought it was you. Did you read Pats comment? She was talking about Jim Jones. I'm sure the news channels arent' showing an axe to someone's head because that sounds like taliban art to me, not to mention hateful. If it spreads hate it can't be art. It deosn't matter who the demorcratic nominee is - even if it were Hillary they would be saying the same thing. Drink Hillary's koolaid. No one is falling for it, there's too many who want change. We're tired of opressions and depression. I do care who Obama has associated with and when I read about the Khalid guy (can't remember his last name) I also found out that Instead of giving lectures on media bias, John McCain should answer why, under his own chairmanship, the International Republican Institute repeatedly funded an organization Khalidi founded, the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, over the course of many years.” So, it appears to me neither candidate it squeaky clean - but I'm still not voting for McCain. Our economy has tanked and enough is enough. There are enough people in the US who are tired of this crap - jobs going overseas to customer service agents even I can't understand! I don't trust the Republicans after Bush, this country has been running on empty and running on fear. We are strong We are America and no one is going to push us around anymore. We will fix our economy, restructure and then end this conflict with a Win that benefits all! By the way OPEC is threatening to cut oil production to drive prices back up. Sons of ****es...they got used to all the money they were making. We need to concentrate on finding alternative oil - Palin and McCain want to drill drill drill. They were saying we were an oil driven Nation back in the seventies and NO ONE has done anyting about it!! Look where it has gotten us. Here.
Bill10/31/083:01amHey Bam Bam I am not a weirdo, just an american who is not afraid to speak his mind. I will speak my mind because it is my right! If you don't like it you don't have to partake in the conversations going on here. Obama is a creep plain and simple. His associations are not what America needs. America's morals have changed alot and it seems that it has gotten so bad that they will vote anything into office. That informerical Obama put on what a crock of shxt!!! His mother was a **** and in that time period you did not mix races. He tries to make it out like she was wonderful, well then why did his grandparents raise him, because his mother was sleeping around. That is why he got mixed up in all that radical stuff. He had to find himself. Am I black or am I white....Duh! Have you seen the news on the halloween art on Obama, not alot of stations are running it because the left wing radicals won't show it. They are great! One shows an axe to his head of Obama, remember now it is art!!!!
Wallander10/30/088:41pmI became curious about that Jim Jones fellow that you guys keep talking about, and i decided to search his name on Youtube & it came up with varieties of documentaries about his life. And i started to watch them one after first he was painted as a villain but the more i dug into the lists of documentaries, this picture gradually changed itself to a "missionary who was probably murdered by CIA"...interestingly by this time i began watching a series of home-made documentaries by another man who was basically a defender of Jim Jones-- which i must admit, i found somewhat interesting--and the producer of these home-made docu.films seemed like a knowledgeable fellow in both history & religion, and the historical source of religion in the US, and he particularly cited a great deal of scriptures from the bible...and as i continued watching these documentaries, my own focus began to shift from all these highly politicized subjects, into MY OWN personal concern(Jealousy), and it suddenly struck me right between the eyes like some kind of a diamond bullet, that all these religious institutions that are AT THE VERY LEAST several hundred yrs old, are basically rooted in biblical verses which are filled with the word WHØRE...or in one specific verse it says "He is a jealous God" all suddenly made sense(!!!) to me the whole function or purpose of religion--at least as of today--which in its most basic core, is a war that men have waged on the women. I have to say, it turned my blood into ice because those verses seemed so POWERFUL when i put them into this jealousy context....and suddenly i felt as though my whole life just made a sudden 180 degrees shift, as if i'd just read verses from some kind of a powerful demonic book which i should NOT have been looking at, in the 1st place! It was a very disturbing discovery for me personally, because i DO hold SOME measure of respect for those men (& women) who seek spiritual comfort in their own lives thru religion, but i hope this will inspire me to seek & find the roots of jealousy in my own life, MUCH much better than i have been doing so far till now! Anyways that's all i wanted to say. Sorry for the rant & goodnight. :-)
Wallander10/30/084:41pmIt is scary to read how so many ppl who support Obama in the US, are actually feeling scared & intimidated to freely express their own opinions regarding their chosen candidate with others. When a thing like this happens, you KNOW something is VERY wrong. Obviously the political balance of the country has been monopolized & tipped over to only one side of the spectrum, over the last 25 yrs....exactly as it did in Russia & the Eastern Block countries during the Cold War. A well-balanced political system would never have allowed any one side to resort to any kinds of scare tactics against their counterpart--be it on a political level, or EVEN a psychological or an emotional one. It is also an indication that there is some deeply-rooted mentality among the ppl which is now completely outdated & obsolete, and needs to be rooted out & changed. But the fact is that Capitalism is not going to die in the US, the way some McCain supporters would like to have you is only PURE capitalism that is going away, in favor of a much more "mixed" economy. In a Mixed Economy sometimes you look at things from bottom-up(free market) & other times you chose to view things from top-down(regulation). That doesn't seem like an unsound method to me.
Ed10/30/0812:45pmHey Pat, I understand what you are saying, but I still believe in capitalism. I like alot of other people work hard all their lives and do not what Obama or any president to step in and say you are going to pay alot more taxes so you can give up your salary to some lazy welfare person or for an illegal alien, because I or someone other american has a job and makes a salary. That is not what america is about and if he changes that we are no longer america land of the free with great opportunites but a communist country where the government is constantly telling you what to do. Sorry it is wrong. I like you Pat your comments are fun and you seem to be a very nice person. I am glad to talk about this with your without each of us getting upset. Thanks.
Bam Bam10/30/0812:39pmThanks Pat, voice of reason! Your dead on about that weirdo. Bill & Ed your arguments are so funny and ridiculously out there. Socialist, Communist - there has yet to be or ever have been one democrat who has gone that far left of center. Your comments are reaching and that is putting it lightly. McCain cant get his message accross and neither can you without getting to the point of people questioning your point of reality. By the way who is saying McCain is ahead of Obama that's bool****. What were you watching Fox????
Pat10/30/0811:41amThanks Ed, I forgot about that with jim jones. How can O'bama be compared to him without including mccain? Both have followers and believers. Besides, jim jones was a fanatical, sadistic, insane, religious communist leader and was like hitler. He tricked all his followers to go to Guyana to a paradise life and then showed his true self. The people were trapped and couldn't leave. He kept all the good food and all the money. He was mentally sick and an evil deranged "man." When mccain speaks, all he talks about is O'bama this and O'bama that. I haven't really heard a plan come out of his mouth yet. He can only joke about and insult his opponent so much, but then somewhere down the line he has to get serious. OR...Maybe mccain knows it's going to be rigged in his favor. Also Japan already owns two-thirds of America. That was in the early '80s'. How much do they and other nations really own now? If O'bama is president(or say any voting time for a president)it will take democrats 20 or more years to clean up what the republicans did to our nation for 20 or more years. This nation is headed towards authoritarianism because of too many republican presidents. So I would still like to know what is wrong with a socialist society?(O'bama is not socialist anyway, he is pro-everything good for the nation). Part of something I read:"Socialists mainly share the belief that CAPITALISM unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society." For example: Bail-outs...1-the banks, 2-big shot, wealthy homebuilders that buy land and sell in tracts or build homes and sell. They are going to congress to ask for the same thing, 3-two large carmakers merge and are asking for the same thing. Where are the bail-outs for the rest of us? The government put us in this mess. People didn't all of a sudden say,"Duh..., let's let's screw our ownselves, let's have fun destroying our family...duh!!!" That's right, Wallander, there is truly no real democracy here anymore. Our government conquers with wars and always stirs up rumors of wars. Our freedom and rights are very slowly being taken away. The government doesn't care about its peoples' health and happiness(unless you are the top 1-2% of the people). Your last comment says it all. That is really how more than half of the nation feels.
Wallander10/30/0810:30amEven if McCain has potentials to become a great president, his worst enemy is NOT the Democrats or Obama, but his own terrible sense of timing. He is having a hard time understanding the one basic rule in politics, that when a party has been sitting with the power for 8 yrs. and things have been going down south during those 8 yrs., then people would naturally be looking for a new face with a new voice, for a change. If McCain loses this elections, then you'd know that it is due to his own BIGGEST weakness...his inability to have(or to show) more sympathy for the people, instead of the flag!
Bill10/30/088:27amKit Kat are you a socialist also? I feel sorry for you, because you believe Obama's lies. Pity.
Kit Kat10/30/087:31amEveryone, just remember that Republicans are shallow minded. It's apparent in what's being stated here and from what I've witnessed of those attending McCain/Palin rallies. Anyone who believes the socialist drivel has a low intelligence. Just accept it and go on, everyone - don't argue with these narrow-minded people. They are not worth the time or energy.
Bill10/30/084:35amNoone is crying on the republican side. They are just stating the facts how this socialist/communist radical moran will destroy this wonderful country. Sara Palin is just trying to get you to wake up to see what a mistake it will be if the devil-Obama gets in office. It is wonderful that we have the freedom to vote for who we think is the best choice, but remember this if Obama gets in get ready to lose your freedoms and liberties because he will have the government in all aspects of your life controlling everything down to your paycheck!
Ed10/30/083:02amSorry everyone don't you see that the only message that Obama your so called savior is that he is a socialist/communist and he will do nothing but harm this country. I know we all need a change but he is not it. The polls now are stating that McCain is favored and it is because Obama want to distribute the hard earned money of America and give it to the lazy poor on welfare. If he puts together this idiotic plan of his who the hell will work hard noone which would bring our economy down even further. It would not pay to try to strive to make it to the top when you know that all your hard work will go to people living on welfare. That's terrible! So what happens, the Japs will take over and their will no longer be america, and also get ready for a deep depression, soup lines etc. Which will then come close to the next election which then people will elect a republican to straighen the mess out that Obama did to us. The only way out of a depression is a war so get ready for one hell of a war. Did you see the infomercial Obama did last night. What an asshole, of course he did not talk about his spreading the wealth statement, because he knows that we do not want that, so again he is hiding his intentions if he gets in. Why can't he just be honest that he is going to screw all of us for his radical and socialist agenda. Have a Good Day to All!
Joe the Shagger10/29/089:32pmI am all for universal shagging but I draw the line when I see some people shagging there way into the white house the way Sara Palin is doing with Obama. That woman is so obsessed with Obama, it makes you want to just crawl out of your skin. GET A ROOM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Wallander10/29/087:37pmI came across this article today completely by accident, and i thought "MY GOD, this stuff happens in a country that boasts louder than any other country in the world for bringing democracy straight to your front door all around the globe & for being a beacon of hope to other nations" that is one HELL of an irony for you..(sorry for the language!)..the address is here:
Bam Bam10/29/086:10pmP.S. Ed they're already whining. They have been on the defensive and have done nothing but attacked Obama. What a waste of time f& resources for McCain -because while he and Palin were busy shopping and spouting their defense of Obama - Obama has been out there spreading his word. He has paid no attention to their bashing because he has a goal and a message that is more important - his message is getting to the people loud and clear. Enough of the koolaid comment already - it's so stupid and the folks who use it makes you appear not credible.
Bam Bam10/29/086:04pmLee & ED we are not going to be taxed to death. My gosh, read his plan already. He is giving TAX BREAKS to those who make under $200,000 - so I guess if you both make more than that I guess than perhaps you are right - he's gonna smoke ya! Put the burden on the shoulders of the rich for a change instead of the blue collar worker. You'll get taxed higher indeed. He is taking away tax breaks for wealthy folks, whereas McCain wants tax breaks for wealthy and I don't blame him his wife made over 6 million last year. He is raising taxes on company's that outsource jobs to other countries and giving tax breaks to companies for every person they hire in the US. I'm sorry guys...but the republicans have been saying that same old thing over and over and it's printed in black and white for everyone's reference. No pun intended. ................BY THE WAY...I saw a bumper sticker today that said Obama was Arabic for Carter - I laughed and said McCain was Arabic for BUSH! HAHAHAHAH. Of course not to this guy's face because he would probably have beat me up or something. You know what really grinds my gears lately....are the people who are so arrogant to think everyone must be Republican - because I get emails from everyone under the sun for Dem bashing. I've been polite but I've started writing them back saying you know I'm democrat right? I have also noticed though, I don't see any Democrats bashing the Reps in emails. Wonder why that is????
Ed10/29/081:49pmSue I am just fine! Just speaking the truth. Hey Pat no offense but just upset with the way people think Obama will be the savior when he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Drinking the Koolaid means that people will follow and believe anything that Obama tells them just like Jim Jones and his followers who all drank poisoned koolaid and died for that creep. I hear that drinking the koolaid alot since Obama came into the picture. :)
Sue10/29/081:44pmEd is not right in the head
Pat10/29/081:33pmEd, Ed, Ed, still the twisting of my words. What am I going to do with you? tsk, tsk, tsk. Everyone that reads my last comment will know exactly who I am referring to for each category. Bush got pi**ed when he lost Florida's vote, that's why it was recounted AND his brother was governor AND it is a republican state, so there was a lot of anger and shock when truthfully he lost it. Bill, leave it up to me to start an accidental fire. When I was talking to Bam Bam I kinda forgot about the rest of the world being in here. What Bam Bam and I said is the truth though. What is this kool-aid thing about? Seriously? Curiosity is killing me!!! I never bothered to ask before. Hey Wallander, nope, still feel like sh**. On the rest of your comment, yes, I kind of agree. Almost finished with the chart. Digging into something more to go with it. Good night.
Wallander10/29/0811:55amPat i am glad to hear that(referring to your previous msg.). I hope you're feeling better today. I myself am doing much better now. But i wanted to say that i think it's kind of curious, that the so-called Black Movement in the US seems to always fall around the same period, when Pluto is making a transition from a Fire sign into an Earth sign. It happened 1st during the American Civil War[Pluto moving out of Aries into Taurus] then again around the 1960's when Pluto moved out of Leo into Virgo, and again here in 2008 where Pluto is just about to leave Sagittarius & move into Capricorn! Maybe this is also an indication that the Blacks are in general Sanguine/Choleric (Fire/Earth) creatures? They certainly have the characteristics to suit those 2 kinds of humours.
Bill10/29/0811:47amGreat comment Ed! Obama is a terrorist, radical and racist who has his koolaid drinking followers fooled in believing that he is for all americans....Hello. Biden is ready for the Alsheimer floor in a retirement facililty. This way he can get more botox on his face so it almost looks like wax. What an asshole. I enjoy this poll because we can say what we feel. It was getting pretty boring till now.:)
Ed10/29/0811:30amHi Pat, the republicans will not whine or cry like Gore did when he did not get his way. As a matter of fact he still is whining about it. Anyway, you hit the nail on the head. Obama will rob from us and give to the lazy welfare people and illegal aliens who do not want to do anything but have kids every year. I tell you what If I have to pay for them then after one kid they have to have their tubes tied or if it is a man snip, snip, and they have to get some type of job so they can become somewhat of a productive citizen. :)
Pat10/29/0811:07amEd and Lee, apparently you just see what you want to see in my comment, rather I said it or not. No where in my comment am I saying that if O'bama doesn't become president there will be a race war. I said if anything happens to him(while running for president or becomes president)we could see a huge race war. Those two skinheads had plans to kill many blacks and then go after O'bama. What? You don't see a huge, dangerous problem with that? I do. There is still a staggering amount of hate and racism and prejudice on ALL sides in our nation, rather people want to admit it or not. NO ONE will riot if O'bama doesn't make president. Will the republicans whine and cry and cheat with the votes if mccain doesn't make president? What, really, is socialism? Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor(and the middle class). What is Communism? The Sheriff of Nottingham taking from the poor(and the middle class)to give to the rich. Now, either man attack with the name calling...I'm waiting.
Phil10/29/089:51amObama is gay he fancies george bush
Bill10/29/088:23amHello Everyone! I bought a couple of bumper stickers, one says "Obama is a Socialist!" and the other states "Piss on Obama!" I like alot of people feel we have freedom of speech, well that is not the case. Every Liberal that was driving either beeped and gave me the bird or cut me off or screamed out their windows. What a bunch of losers. We do live in America and have the right to voice our opinions just like that asshole in California that hung a dummy that is supposed to represent Sara Palin and a dummy of McCain in a burning chimmney. The two gay guys that put them up say it's art. Well my bumper stickers also are art.
Lee10/29/087:11amI am tried of the Liberals being able to voice their opinions on this election and when any conservative says anything we are jumped on. This election has to be the worst one ever. Obama is a socialist plan and simple. He will tax most of us to death and the distribute it to people on welfare or illegal aliens. I work hard for my money and do not want it wasted on these individuals. Government will have to much control on our lives if that socialist pig gets in office. Wake up people don't you see this or care. I know alot of you out there are memorized by Obama's smooth talking just like the devil. This will not be America anymore if that socialist pig gets in. I would of voted for Hilary, but now I am forced to vote for McCain because I know he will handle this country better than Obama. Biden that old demented asshole has no idea what the hell century we are in let alone how to be a VP. Sara Palin will do an excellent job for this country. I know alot of liberals are afraid of her because she can and will get the job done working for us not us working for the government, like Obama wants us to do. All the money we will be giving the government through Obama's presidency would go to liberal groups like ACCORN. I just can't believe some of my fellow Americans really want Obama in office. Can't they see what a disaster it would be.
Ed10/29/086:20amGood Morning Everyone! Pat are you suggesting that if we don't vote for Obama who by the way is a socialist that we will have a race war. People need to get a grip. I will not vote for him because I do not want my hard earned money taken by the government and given to some lazy person on welfare, due to Obama's distribution of wealth. Alot of people I have talked to about this feel that what is the sense of trying to better yourself, when Obama and Pelosi, and Dodd will take our money and give to a group of people who don't want to do anything except take what we all have worked hard for. That is not America that is Communist Russia. :)
Pat10/29/085:10amBam Bam, I agree about the polls and the fox news channel. I don't see many O'bama signs out when I'm out, but I know people that are going to vote for him are the ones without a sign. Out of the many mccain/palin signs, it is very low. We won't put out O'bama/Biden signs, because we don't want our house toilet papered or a cross burning in the front yard or worse. That is how a lot of people feel. I have only saw maybe ten and that were black families' homes. It is such a shame that many, many people can't express the side they are for. Once in one poll I made a comment that the only ones that will have a problem with O'bama would be the kkk and skinheads and I think some other group, I don't remember. It turns out that I was right. Don't these very dumb, stupendously ignorant racist fools know that if something happens to O'bama that we could have a horrible race war and the innocent whites, hispanics, asians, blacks and whatever other race of people that are for O'bama and ones that didn't even vote will pay the big price and I'm not saying all blacks would do this, either! Wallander, I am a decent woman but I can have my moments and as I said in another comment somewhere I love to flirt. I just had to make you laugh. Everyone else,(I will OWN UP to anything I might type in that might be a little racy or flirty, but never anything that I didn't type in).
Wallander10/29/084:23amCouldn't find them in tea bags Amanda but you're right, it would much easier & with better quality(more fresh) if i bought them separately and mixed them up together myself. It would pay off both in quality & quantity. I'm hoping that my last comment didn't cause any misunderstandings Pat(i would understand though if it did, because it was said in a deeply sarcastic tone)...but still needless to say, it was actually meant as a compliment, rather than anything spiteful, or anything of that nature. In any case all i can say in my own defense is, that it was said from the kind of cultural norm i am accustomed to, which basically celebrates sexual freedom...even the ones that are supposed to sound "vulgar" long as it does not harm anybody! Hugs/wallander ;-) And regarding this poll, i watched the news this morning where they showed "Joe the Plumber" endorsing McCain and at the same time criticizing Obama for his economical policies, and i was thinking, why can't some people ever learn from all these destructions happening all around them which in this case is the economy, which in essence is ULTRA conservative. Even those hardheaded Russians(not to mention the Chinese) had to realize at some point that their one-sided economical policies had to be reformed to something of a mixture between the free market & their own plan economy, in order for them to survive. So why can't the Republicans in the US learn from these pearls of wisdom from around the globe? I'm beginning to think that this has more to do with PRIDE than anything else related to economy.
Amanda10/28/086:44pmThe loose herbs are great...usually much more fresh.
Bam Bam10/28/084:06pmI don't beleive those polls at all. Especially because the never tell you how many people were polled and where blah blah blah. OH yeah and I'm never asked to participate. What about all those polls on Fox they are so fixed it's ridiculous and their reporting is pro republican. If it were up to Fox the election would already have a winner and it would be McCain by their popular vote. Where I live tensions are so high we're not allowed to display any kind of promo stuff that would indicate our presidential preference. Talk about freedom of speech and expression DENIED.
Wallander10/28/083:27pmThat IS funny Pat because i have the image of a very decent lady in my mind....i mean "decent" know...;-)...btw i hope tomorrow you're feeling better yourself Pat. And no i have never tried that tea Amanda. I'm planing to buy it tomorrow though. Thanks a lot for that little was very helpful. I'll drop by again tomorrow...goodnight for now. :-))
Amanda10/28/082:55pmWallander have you tried lavender and chamomile tea? it is awesome for the stomach as well as a calmative.
Pat10/28/081:52pmWallander, I hate you're still sick. Yes, down time can be referred to as sickness. I hate to see some people feel bad about anything. You are just one of them. Your reminiscing makes me wonder if it is because it is close around the time you both first met or your first date or around the time you married or divorced. I remember when those dates made me think about a lot of stuff. The other thing you were talking about concerning 3 years. WOW! I didn't think men could be that strong for that long. I admire that. Wallander, there is nothing wrong with dreaming of a great love...I once dreamed of a great love(now this is to make you laugh), then I found my t*y*. You get it, from an old comment? I hope I got you to laughing. Talk tomorrow.
Wallander10/28/0812:15pmNot for anything but i left a last msg in the previous poll Pat. And thanks for asking but i am still not 100% well, and i'm taking it slow. I'm trying to somehow enjoy the down time(isn't that term used also for physical sickness?). I can't take in much food because of a constantly upset stomach, but at the same time i feel my stomach being hollow! LOL
Milkshake10/28/0811:59amI definately agree, Pat.
Pat10/28/0811:58amLast word in last sentence I meant "areas." Wallander, are you doing better? I'm having a rough time getting well.
Pat10/28/0810:40amHey Milkshake. Here's what I thought about both parties. The republican advisor should have said NO to SNL. For some reason it makes her seem even more redneck than what she is. This is not a normal voting this time, not like in times past. The democrat advisor should have never had their party comment on palin's new clothes. If anything had to be said, it should have been,"She had to have new clothes like everyone else, even though I am not saying there is anything wrong with consignment shop clothes, because there isn't. She said she is donating them to a charity, so I'm not even going there." It would have been more votes for the democrats. Both sides made big mistakes in these ares.
Milkshake10/28/088:10amIn my opinion, I don't feel it was a good idea for Palin to appear on Saturday Night Live.
Pat10/28/087:54amAmanda, no way!!! I'm just going to "view results". It is still political. BORING! So what do we talk about this time?-Ha! Ha!
Amanda10/28/084:13amI didn't even vote in this this is a stupid one too. does that make me a bad citizen..I didn't vote in this pole?
Pat10/28/083:55amFirst I have to say to Tony from the last poll...that joke was so funny!-laugh, laugh! Amanda, I wouldn't care to live close to a small town, but I want to live on a small clearing in the deep woods of about one hundred acres of land. Oh my lord, Milkshake, I agree. That was so funny, I couldn't help but laugh. MORE POLITICAL POLLS PLEASE!!! Keep them coming, we so love them!!! Think that will work? Sabrina, I can't help when all this crap is over, also! I believe the media about as much as I believe the politicians: BIG FAT ZERO!!! After this election is over, I agree, there will be more controversy. What does that say about the next several polls in here? I'm with you, an old woman can only hope. Claire, you're a poet that doesn't know it.
Claire10/28/083:33am12 days to go then we will know!
Sabrina10/28/081:36amLOL Milkshake........... Polls have become like every other aspect of the media... a pile of poo! More then being sick of politics, I'm sick of the media. I don't know why those boneheads (media) think they have a clue about much of anything. Do I care what clothes Palin is wearing? Puh-lease... NOT! If EVER I've believed in censorship it would be in regard to the amount of BS the media is allowed to fling. I don't want some fashion-police telling me what I should and should not think. .... I believe the media should have a cap on how many political ads they're allowed to run in 30 minutes.... Being bombarded with repetitive adds doesn’t help voters make informed decisions, I think it annoys us….. and perhaps even turns us OFF to the very idea of voting and may actually minimize the importance of voting. The same is true about polls. They minimize the importance of our individual vote. Anyone can run a poll (this one is a prime example)… But does it actually show a legitimate cross section of our community? I doubt it… Polls are more like games, depends on who a pollster happens upon more then anything else. ……. This is my 8th Presidential Election…. Never have I seen more ignorant ads, more biased reporting or such a multitude of polls. Like everyone, I’m anxiously awaiting the 5th of November… Though there’s no doubt there will be SOME SORT of controversy over this election, hopefully at least the polls and commercials should decrease (An old woman can hope, can’t she?)
Milkshake10/27/087:52pmPolitics! Politics! Politics! I know! I will use reverse psychology!! I LOVE POLITICS!! Gee, I sure hope our next poll is about politics again! Lets talk politics.

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