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I believe in the death penalty for certain heinous crimes.

Total Voters: 909
Yes 42%
No 42%
Undecided 42%
Bloomingdale02/13/099:11amIs there a way we could make everyone satisfied here? or do our options have to be only in blacks and whites?
Zera02/12/0911:31pmNEW POLL PLZ NEW POLL PLZ NEW POLL PLZ THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milkshake02/12/097:30pmOh hey wait! How about the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird???? Remember that movie? Get it? kill a mockingbird=death pemnalty?
Milkshake02/12/097:20pmOh! Wait a second! How about the band Grateful Dead? Get it? Death Penalty.....Grateful Dead. hee hee
Milkshake02/12/097:12pmYou know, the closest thing I can think for a death penalty song would be that song, 30 Days In the Hole. Does everyone remember that song? It's an old song. I wonder if the people who sang that song actually served time in prison and had to spend 30 days in the hole?
Milkshake02/12/091:36pmOh! Now I know who sang that song, Mocking Bird. It was Carly Simon!!! That song is cool!
Milkshake02/12/0912:54pmI like that old song, Mocking Bird. Who sings that song? Linda Ronstat?
Zera02/12/0910:51amGEEEZZZZZZ!!!! You guys dunno when 2 stop do ya? You all now sound ridiculous, n the poops smells far worse than ever b4. Aint no1 told u that the more u mess in a pile of poop it smells the more? N the more is smells n the more u poke init the more dirty it gets? 4 crying out loud, knock it off n try behave like the sane adults u r. How in earth r we to teach our kids to b above such when we outselves aint?????
Milkshake02/12/099:30amI agree with Amanda.........GO AWAY, Wallander.
Katerina02/12/097:36amThe crime some times must have the ultimate penalty.
Amanda02/12/096:19amYou keep saying that wallander and yet your mouth just keeps right on running. How 'bout have a nice hot cup of stfu and go away?
Wallander02/12/095:50amI NEVER tried to play the mocking bird here Pat. But you had ALREADY made up your mind about that, when you & i started talking to each other. I admit though that I talk TOO MUCH & I have an obsessive/over-active mind sometimes, therefore I'm going to do exactly as you have asked me to do (mostly for my own sake). I'm going to be just a passive participant from now on...& i'll make sure you do NOT notice me, or feel alarmed by my presence in here again. I'll try not to fill up so much room. My apologies.
Pat02/12/095:00amWallander, we are not from Dianetics like you claimed that we are. We are everyday people. You are wrong about everyone backing away. We all took each other under our wing, you included. Nobody expected you to be any certain way, except being yourself. Everyone in here, but you, have been honest about the happy things in their lives and their sad things that happened, also. We just talk and try our best to help each other. Don't you dare say that I wasn't honest in our conversations with each other. You are such a liar. I don't like liars. Liars can cause heartache and pain and can split families apart and also friends. Don't you dare try to get Milkshake in your wicked web. I'll scan and send what you have said about her if you try to trick her. I promised I would keep all of your secrets and never tell anyone about a lot of things you have said, but in the end I told you if you try to hurt anyone else with your hateful ways I would tell and show things about you. How far do you want to go with this? I am daring you to keep this "charade" up. That is what you said in many emails to me, that everyone was playing a "charade". The only one doing that is you. Wallander, I didn't screw you in here or in our emails to each other, you did it all on your own. I told you in one of my last emails that you lost a true friend because of your hateful, evil ways. You also said that you loved and respected your ex and I told you that was one of the things I admired about you. You also said many times that your twin had the good, warm heart with people and that you didn't and wished you did. Over and over you told me this. Again, how far do you want to go with this? I am getting tired of this, STOP!!! Don't push me into more of trying to protect everyone from you. I told you and I am telling you again. SHUT UP!!!
Wallander02/12/093:33amI've been in very little contact with my twin bro the last 4 yrs. . I am guessing that the seperation has caused a little split inside me, making me behave like my own twin once in a while. When i am being cold & detatched, I am being like him, because that's how he treated me all my life....not that he's mean or anything.....he just has a harder time than me to express his own feelings, but he does that now thru music, & it helps him a lot.....i sometimes feel i'm TOO going in the same direction as is becoming harder & harder for me to cope with my own emotions....but it was a lot worse 4-5 yrs has subsided somewhat....but i do feel i need to protect myself once in a while.....clarity can be such a HARD thing for me sometimes....
Wallander02/12/091:23amPat/Milkshake/Amanda/Ed/etc....we could still be friends in here. Lets not dwell anymore about what happened in the past. Lets just continue the polls & if we decide to joke around, at least we'll KNOW it is just pure harmless jokes. We BOTH screwed what, lets move on with the polls.....thanks. Bye for now.
Wallander02/12/091:00amPat/Ed/Amanda/Milkshake....i have nothing left to say to you anymore. You can't touch me anymore.
Milkshake02/12/0912:44amYou really like to push things don't you Wallander (Idiot snake-in-the -grass). Yes I am sincere. I am a she....NOT an it or he. You are the IT and the Snake. And you also have a twin snake. Stop causing fights. Stop with your crap. It's getting old, immature, and boring.
Wallander02/12/0912:32amLet the witch laugh...jealousy makes her only uglier & uglier anyways.
Zera02/12/0912:03amWOW!! WOW !! WWOOOOWWOWOWOWOWWWW AGAIN you allow some jalous A$$hole wreck what is could have been was beautiful friendships. She he who is behind is an VERY jalous ANGRY person, and you did their bidding, You all took on her his anger and jalous, and they sit n laugh their assholes off right now. WOW! Guess its a lesson learnt over n over until some stops b4 mouthing off, wait a min, this is not this person at all, i wonder ........HERE it is u ought to stop fully n go by that gut feel that says this is AMISS. But nooooooo u play the wretched jalous ones right in their game. Congrats all, Well done peeps. This poll is official dead and u helped it demise. Zera the REAl one, 4 others prolly the anger one, or the weird one or the lunatic mental one. U name it ive heard it n it doesnt scratch me none LMAO
Wallander under the rain02/11/0911:50pmHere are my earlier nicknames....Black Milk, C.H. Is Mine, Franklin, GOTLAID, Gamo_Pressure, Joe the Shagger, License To Shag, Life Enjoyer, Mears Groups, Modesty Blaze, Now&Here, Padded Cell, Selflessly Selfish, 111, ......
Wallander party-pooper02/11/0911:37pmPeep!
To be or not to be Wallander02/11/0911:15pmI will return again in a few days....hopefully you'll all be here, & we all can resume the 'shadow games'.... sorry, i've been very confused & will NOT happen again.....and this time, i'll be the BEST "real fake" i can ever be. ;-))
Fake/real wallander02/11/0910:59pmThe story of Ugly Duckling is such a GREAT BIG LIE.... because Ugly Duckling was actually MORE BEAUTIFUL when he was an Ugly Duckling.....NOT when he grew up to become the beautiful graceful Swan.....that's been my own problem all this time.....i keep thinking i should grow up & become the beautiful swan, but i always overlooked the VERY last part of that story....for when he actually became the thing that he always desired to become all his life, he became utterly that story actually had a more tragic ending than a happy one.
Wallander02/11/0910:01pmI miss the feeling of belonging to a place[home]. That is MY cross to bear. And that is why i often sound so EMPTY when I'm talking. It's really nobody's are being you....& i am being the only thing i know how to be....for better or worse....God i hate my ex-wife so much! She's sewn a seed of doubt in my heart....i wish i could make it go away, and become the old myself again. Please don't bear any grudges against me.
Wallander02/11/098:48pmNow that we're no longer pursuing anything or anybody, can i plz hear who you ppl are?? Why are you being so evasive when it is I who is doing the questioning for once?? You may think you are "real people" but you definitely act like the opposite, whenever you're talking to ME.....& this has been so, ever since i opened myself in here....& the more I've tried to make it all easier for you to open yourselves up, you have backed off even more.....and you expect me to be in a "certain way".....who the hell do you think you are??? At least Milkshake was MORE SINCERE than all you others.....whoever she/he/it may be?? I'm SOOOO TIRED of this sh*t.... internet is such a damn dark place to spend your time with wonder ppl can only release their inner darkness & filth in here.....there are NO human connection whatsoever. And if i say something that might SOUND like i know who you are, it is NOT because i know who you are. And it is NONE OF YOUR business whether i feel the world owes me more or owes me less!!! My GOD.....this whole thing has been like falling into an endless bottomless pit....are you ppl my family from the States??? Because you certainly act like it!! Anyways, screw you're the REAL snakes in here.
Amanda02/11/096:10pmI agree Pat..I have an amber alert here too. Apparently a three year old is missing. Now I know a lot of times it is family taking them and while I do think they need some jail time I don't think kidnapping alone is death penalty worthy. I do think killing them is or hurting them..molesting them..oh yes do give them a ride in the spark-o-matic chair.
Pat02/11/092:06pmFirst, I have this to say...has everyone heard about the Amber Alert out for a little 5 yr. old girl that disappeared out her bedroom window night before last? I pray they find her safe. See, this is exactly what we are talking about on this poll is people like this. I haven't checked the news yet to see if they found her. I went back through this poll and I noticed someone else that went through the pain of losing someone to murder. Carla, I am so sorry that you lost two cousins to murder. Who murdered them? If you can talk about it. I agree we would have less crime if they knew what would happen to them in the end. Milkshake, thank you for the sweet compliment. What was that email about America? Send it to me. I, also, hate that your dad has said something like that to you. I grew up in an abusive home and went through a lot growing up. Ginny, I feel the same way when it comes to innocent people and animals. I am such an animal and nature person, also. I am glad you enjoy following what is going on in here. I wasn't sure I was going to come back, but it is hard to stay away. We all have things to talk about and help each other heal from many things.
Ginny02/11/0910:30amHello, I do believe in the death penalty and feel it should be extended to include other crimes when the offender shows absolutely no regard for other human beings or animals. As for the "fake" name problem - if you go to Discussions and scroll down you can see the user names of all those on here and what section they are in. This might make it easier to identify the "fakes" - I don't always make comments but I enjoy following what is going on. I am hoping the fake will go away and or reveal themselves. The people on here would more than likely be willing and able to help you with whatever problem you have. You don't have to resort to these childish pranks to get attention.
Ed02/11/0910:03amI am still reading the comments and FAKE ED or should I say Wallandar stop impersonating me you idiot.........
Ed02/11/099:58amLeave wallander alone
Amanda02/11/099:26amTalk about a world owes me attitude. Wallander you did it to yourself. Believe it or not we are all real people with real lives and are lowest of the low. Leaving is a very good idea for you because you have burned your bridges with others.In case you don't understand means you no longer have friends did it to yourself and no we don't trust you nor have any reason to do so.
Wallander02/11/099:06amI'm not so sure if being a 'snake' in this case, is meant as something positive or negative Milkshake. But I'm gonna go with my gut feelings, & say that I'm going to back off DEFINITIVELY now. Congratulations, you managed to finally scare me GOOD. Despite my "snaky behavior"[according to you] I have had NO bad intentions ever since i started on these polls, but i know NOW that the trust was only one way.
Milkshake02/11/097:51amI will be emailin you, Amanda. Pat I must say this: You have a beautiful looking family. You are also very beautiful and I can tell you're a great mom. Wallander, you know what you remind me of? A slithering snake....hisssssss.......then attacks. You are a snake in the grass in this discussion poll. Aside from the snake, let's all stick together and stick around. And snake (Wallander) get your head together. Is it attention you want? Well you got it! It may be knocking at your front door. I an't dumb like ya thought. HISSSSSSSSSS
Pat02/11/097:47amWallander, please stop. Stay away for a little while. Get some stuff straight in your head. Do like I told you in the end. Search for what you need on your own. I don't like seeing this happen. But you won't listen to me. You have to stop. YOU, alone, are making everyone turn away from you. I told you to back off gently so no one gets hurt and as usual you didn't listen just like you never have on anything I tried to help you with. If you hadn't come in here acting like this, everything could have went away. I truly don't want to see you hurt, but it is not me, it is you. This could have went away.
Wallander02/11/097:01amMilkshake, i hope you're OK wherever you are....i hope you didn't take my idiocy as a sign of coldness....actually the 1st one is pretty EMBARRASSING in itself....maybe i should've wished for the 2nd one? Well this idiot is hoping that we could at least talk a little more, before you finally decide what name to call him....i don't blame you though, if you decide to just stay away.
Wallander02/11/096:35amDon't worry Pat, i have NO OTHER INTENTIONS but to tell Milkshake the whole truth about myself....& if she says 'no thanks', i will back off gracefully....frankly right now, i'm just aiming at getting to know her better...nothing more.
Ed02/11/096:30amWallander I am very pissed off that you would hurt these women, and calling Pat fat and laughing. You Son of a B!tch, what the hell were you thinking. We all reached out to each other and you acting like you cared for each of us. Man....that is the lowest and I for one will not forget it. I will not return to this site again, because you have made it clear that you can not be trusted. Hell I considered you a friend, I do not like mind games. If this was some kind of warped experiment to see our reactions well you have them. We are all pissed and looks like you lost some good friends. Pat thanks for your email address I will write to you soon, but right now I am too upset and need to cool off.
Wallander02/11/096:13amPat, regardless of what you might think of me now, i DO have a conscience, and it's been REALLY doing a lot of damages to my own self-esteem the last few days. I was HOPING that you could AT THE VERY LEAST see that my confused state of mind was a direct result of the way things went down south between you & I. You have been TRULY good to me, and i ended up abusing your good faith. But mind you, my last comment was NOT so much directed to YOU, but more about why i think i've been behaving so unstable the last couple of days in the polls. Ed & Amanda, take care....sorry for the disappointment. Milkshake if it's too late for me to get a hold of you now, then i hope you realize i'm profoundly sorry that you TOO ended up getting disappointed with me. If i don't hear from you again, take care "girly"! If you need me, I'll be busy trying to invent a time-machine, so that i could transport myself back to 4 days ago.... crap....i doesn't even feel good when i try to humor the situation a little....
Amanda02/11/096:01amRe-cap...yes the entire thing was Wallander. Apparently we have a situation where he thinks it is funny to mess with people. I am not going to leave..screw him and his mornonic attitude. Apparently he has some sort of issue and instead of being an adult and taking his medicine he has to lash out at other people. Perhaps he is located in a mental institution. Perhaps they should give him more meds.
Pat02/11/095:52amEd, here is my email: write me. Wallander, you are the one letting the cat out of the bag, not me. Your guilt is bringing it out in here, not me. Yes, we exchanged pictures and no one knows your culture, what you look like, nothing. You are the one that called me fat and laughed. Do I need to say more?
Wallander02/11/095:11amMilkshake you can write to me at my address! Sorry for being such a slow-minded idiot when it comes to shadow-plays....atleast you can judge my character privately? Sorry this place has become a mine-field for me. thanks to a few LOVELY ppl. It's NOT the cultural gap, it is this place.
Ed02/11/095:07amHi, What the hell is going on...I have been gone for a few days and it seems everyone is falling apart. Wallander were you the one playing the fake card? If so I am really disapointed by that. Milkshake, Pat, and Amanda how ae you? Looks like everyone is leaving the site. Well I guess if you are then I guess I will have to. I just want to say that I will miss all of you and also thank you for your caring words they have helped me through alot of dark days. To me you will all be my friends. Take Care of yourselves especially Pat, my angel. I will continue to pray for you. All my Best!
Pat02/11/095:01amWallander, why do you keep bringing me into all of this. No one knows much about you about. You can talk down about me all you want. I can open up about you if you want. So you better shut-up. You are only making things worse for yourself in here. I'm not saying anything. Everyone is seeing you, by your ups and downs in your writings. You are doing it to yourself. Do you want people to really know how you talk to women more worse than how you are in here? I'm begging you to shut up, before I let go. I told you to leave me alone. What more do I have to do? I'm going to leave this poll permanently if you don't back off. I wonder what the vote would be for that? Please leave me out of all this and quit with your damn lies.
Amanda02/10/0910:34pmWell..the mask is off. Milkshake if you email pat she has my regular email address and we can stay in touch if you'd like. In the mean time I think I will leave for a bit and let Wallander and all of his personalities debate with themselves.
Milkshake02/10/097:53pmAnd I would appreciate it, Wallander if you DON'T call my dad a cross-dresser EVER AGAIN! And I would also appreciate it if you don't call my family weird. And you know what else? The reason you are an idiot has nothing to do with you being miles away from the states. It's simply because you are an idiot!
Wallander02/10/095:51pmThere is a HUGE cultural gap in between us. When i try to describe something in a metaphysical[metaphoric, poetic] way, it is understood more like a sci-fi-emo-horror-show-kind-of-a-way overseas. This is something that has bothered me A LOT. This cultural difference can get VERY scary for me, when i start to think about what kind of ppl that are out there who read my posts, and in their minds TWIST them 180 degrees to something they're not meant to be. And i would appreciate it if you left out my twin brother Milkshake. You have misunderstood A LOT of the things i've said, i'm afraid, especially with regards to my twin brother. I feel so STUPID for giving away a few of my own photos & my brother's photo to Pat. I am done with the polls for good. Yeah, time for me to get a life.
Wallander02/10/094:55pmOK maybe just a little [already explained in my last couple of texts]......are you satisfied now?
Milkshake02/10/094:16pmBi-polar disorder, Wallander? Hmmm Okay Doctor Wallander.......That's so funny you say that; hearing it from the horse himself! Giddy-up horsey! It's so obvious you have the most awful disorder of all!!!..........THE WALLANDER DISORDER! And there is 2 of you? My dear God in heaven. HE made 2 Wallanders. There is an evi twin walking around who is so "colorful" with his words too? Please Wallander. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy a big laugh for the day! Oh and Pat......I will be emailing you. Hopefully it works. Let me know.
Wallander02/10/094:13pmChildish=child like.
Amanda02/10/093:57pmWallander..just deal with're busted
Wallander02/10/093:41pmI never wanted any of these 'clown games' anyways. I have no idea why it turned into that. Somebody unleashed her inner monsters in here & i ended up paying for it. Because of my BIG mouth & my childish way of opening up to COMPLETE STRANGERS. You can/should ONLY blame me for that, Amanda. Nothing more.
Wallander02/10/093:29pmAmanda...i actually happened to respect you a lot....but i think i believe what you're saying....although i have to tell you, that i was NOT the one doing any of those "fake Pat"...."fake Ed"...."fake this" & "fake that". But it doesn't matter, because it is TOO LATE....nothing that i say would mean anything to you anyhow, because nobody believes i'll just let you guys vent your angers...i KNOW what i did & did NOT do.......this place got FREAKY, because someone in here could not control her own childish emotions. I have NO MORE comments to add to that.
Wallander02/10/093:18pmFor the record, i am NOT as religious as i sound sometimes. I'm much more for a middle-road between 'brain power' & spirituality. Infact when i am searching for "a meaning in the universe", i am also HOPING that i would find the solutions to my own personal problems via the power of the mind. But when all is said, i sometimes just loathe the way i talk...i can't stand being so damn serious all the time. I am trying HARD to find my own 'self-irony' and to be able to laugh at myself & my own mistakes, and NOT take myself so damn seriously...which again, is ALL nothing but talk... atleast for now....On some level, eversince i started chatting in these polls, it has been one long & exhausting journey for me....but it has opened my eyes to SO MUCH....i feel this "Evil Clown clusterf*ck thingy" was MEANT to happen to me, just to give me a shock & eventually wake me up from my own sleep, & give me back my 'self-irony'[self-forgiveness] i need time to 'digest' everything for one last time & then let go....
Amanda02/10/093:14pmWallander you gave yourself away to me a looooooonnnnnngggg time ago when you were markedly absent, then after I asked everyone if they noticed who HAD NOT been around you just HAD to show up.Yours was the VERY NEXT COMMENT as a matter of fact! We have all known it was you saying and doing all of those things. Thing is Wallander you are a trifling a$$ fool. For those who want to know what I am talking about..why it is in his own writing...and is a matter of record that none can erase but our dear web master. Get a life
Wallander02/10/092:33pmEvil clowns??? My God, talk about a clusterf*ck of a terrible!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that MY OWN idea would turn 180 degrees against myself, and screw me in my eye! Sorry folks, the blame is all mine. I started something without even knowing what that 'thing' was.....thanks to the hints given by Milkshake. Honestly i would have preferred a less monstrous clowning around....but now that it has happened, & i had to travel to outer galaxies & back again in order to actually understand what the HECK was going on[just a figure of speech...& not related to "killer klown from outer space"] i will be a good sport & admit that it was ALL my own fault.... because it was an 'honest mistake' from you guys's was mine, but since i "smirked" so much, i guess it was bound to be misunderstood. I feel like such a dumba.. I hope you will forgive me Pat....that was NOT my intention AT ALL....& BIG thanks to Milky for pointing it out to me....see, you always learn something new.....Anyways a GIANT hug to EVERYONE.
Pat02/10/091:51pmHi everyone. I can't believe I am not going by my own rule to not come back, but it is hard to stay away....Maybe one day....Milkshake, I tried to email you two more times today. Tasha, I loved both of your comments. I do understand what you are saying. I never forgave when one of my beloved aunts got killed when I was a teenager. That is why I voted yes on this poll. I am deeply sorry that you lost a brother and a sister to drugs. Is the drug dealer off the streets? Were you able to forgive this person? There are some that do horrible crimes that never feel remorse. They could care less about the pain they caused. On the spiritual level, I do agree with everything that you said. Lucky you, living close to the sea. I live 13 miles from the ocean. While I have been very sick, I have been fighting to stay positive and fight the negative thoughts. I truly believe in miracles, but I am having a hard time with being strong. Thank you, Tasha.
Wallander02/10/0910:13amAaarrrggghhhh never gotta do something about that bipolar disorder Milkshake. Sorry, but true.
Tasha02/10/0910:08amOh i forgot to say.................... The other night I was channel hopping and came across a cute little radio station, the message was.... and this only applies if you believe in good and bad............ Bad things happen to good people, because good people have a shining light inside them, good people can go on to achieve amazing things, maybe you are such a person a person with some kind of destiny to fulfil, now a negative force won't won't want you to fulfil your destiny, and will cause you pain and try to close your heart, try to snuff out your shining light, the negativity won't attack you directly, because you are strong and positive, you can get over any personal injury, so it strikes at the thing that will hurt you the most, and in doing so takes you to the brink, makes you question who you are, what you believe, makes you feel at fault....................... but keep strong your light is important, vital, and needed, you believe in something else after we are done here? Then get up, your light is needed. Hope this helps
Wallander02/10/099:53amSorry i got carried away over-analyzing a tiny little joke....
Tasha02/10/099:49amThanks for your comments (pat and Ed) but don't agree that death penalty and severe punishments are the only answer. So sorry to hear about your daughter Ed. I have also lost a brother and sister, and I guess the guy who gave them drugs is also a murderer. I know this is going to sound a bit far out, and this particular idea may not be that comforting, but we are all on a journey, we chose the lessons we needed to learn before we even arrived here, we are being transformed in some way just by going through whatwe are going through. Yes retribution and punishment, for all crimes, but to what extent? reform is neccessary, otherwise it's just a waste of another life, and as painful as that may be, when we are the ones who have lost, that life deserves the chance to put right or try to attone for what has happened.............. some may never repent, some have no idea of the consequences of their actions, but who are we to say which person deserves a chance? Sorry my reply is so late.... i've been moving, I have found a wonderful appartment, and you can just about see the sea from my windows, the sunset was amazing tonight. My life is changing, maybe i am finally ready to start living my life again. I have a son called Ed also! Really nice to read all of your comments, I wish you all well ..................................
Milkshake02/10/099:19amAnd Wallander, if there is a twin like you walking around...............GOD HELP US ALL!!
Milkshake02/10/098:57amFirst of all.....Pat I will email you again. Next, Wallander you are so damn tiresome!! BORING! You ought to print stories. Stop making something out of nothing. Yep! I act young. I have a 17 year old son, I'm divorced, I'm 41years old. I don't care, Wallander if you believe me or not. My dad is paying alot of cash for a program I have entered in school to further my education. I had a problem with him. Yes, I found some blush/eyeshadow called Peep. Would you like it. Maybe it will look nice on you. Maybe it will shut you up.
Wallander02/10/098:47am....sorry, my 1st comment was posted thru my mobile, & it ran out of space. But i'm happy it got posted because i received the message on my mobile that there were "sorry, too much data"! LOL....anyways, back to what i was going to say.....if anyone knows anything at all about the complicated relationships of un-identical twins, then you'd know that sometimes the telepathic communication between them might seem almost "divine" in other ppl's eyes. They possess something that i would like to call "dangerous innocence" which means they are SOMETIMES capable of saying VERY TRUTHFUL things, that could precieved as almost like some kind of a "venom"! But that is SO NOT is ONLY because when you have grown up, operating with "2 minds", you are sometimes capable of saying too many high-flying things that might be taken as "threats" by others. Sometimes even threats against their very existence. So this should explain why some of MY OWN words in here, have sounded so edgy & sharp in other ppl's ears. The interesting thing is that 3 yrs ago i decided to FINALLY severe the maternal cord to my own twin brother....because it is now apparent to us both, that what is in between us, can sometimes work against us....unfortunately. This has been my main struggle the last 3 yrs, to be able to survive my life without my own twin bro's presence in my life....& so far, it has not even come close to succeeding. But every night i send a prayer to God, to help me grow up a few more inches & become stronger on the coming day. But back to the topic of how to find God in our own lives....well, i have used A LOT of tools from the net....some of them have worked, while others haven't. But the SIMPLEST way to accept the help of God, is to simply let go of our CONSCIENCE search. IT will find us, if we give up the control, & just go with the flow. Pat told me a few BEAUTIFUL things about the presence of God in our lives, & i'm hoping i will be able to reach that level of mind myself. God is NOT about luck or unluck....[somebody should be telling ME that!]....but the acceptance of BOTH. God is BOTH the light & the dark.....however difficult that may be for us to grasp with our TINY little hearts that ache with the smallest acts of injustice when they occur in our own lives. God is the miracle...& the absence of it. In Astrology they say the ULTIMATE LESSON for a Piscean(spell?) is to understand that LOVE[god] IS EVERYTHING....& IN everything....even in our tragedies. The very last part is mostly said to myself than to anyone else in here. But our minds just won't give up trying to control EVERYTHING....even when we are searching for God's blessings, we are still trying to manipulate in our prayers, in hope of recieving the outcome of our own liking SOMEHOW. I so wished i could finally be able to give up my own self-control. I think the ULTIMATE lesson for all of us, is to finally "forget God" & just go on minding our own business of living, and always fighting for our free will....and all along NOT even be conscience about the gifts that are given to us by God. That is the ultimate place in our search for God....imho.
Wallander02/10/097:37amHow to look for God? I ask myself that question every single day. And why do i do it? Well because i'd very much like to overcome & survive the hardships of my own life VERY SOON. But as time goes by, days go by, months go by, i'm beginning to feel less & less sure, because i still haven't found the change that i so badly need in my life. But somehow i feel i've been challenged in here by all u other good ppl's questions. This is why it has felt so surreal to me, to be met by the kinds of questions i've been asked in here by you folks. And while i'm trying to find the answers to your questions,i realize i'm also finding the answers to my own questions. So i'm ONLY going to focus on answering your questions, because then the answers to my own questions will appear in between my own words. How should you look for God? Well, the answer is perfectly simple when i'm answering another person(dialogue). You should NOT consciencely look for God, or find his Miracles. Because to me God operates like the wind. The wind is there, but we are not very sure where its EXACT source is located. So it would be a waste of one's own time & energy to look for the precise source of the wind with your conscience mind. The wind is ALMOST ALWAYS there if you stop looking for it. The same with God. What we need to learn is to ONLY understand the direction of that wind, & try to maneuver ourselves thru it, if we want our own little ship to sail as effeciently as possible. This is the simple version of God. I often find myself "outdoing" myself when i'm in the middle of a very interesting conversation with other passionate souls with whom i feel some kind of a chemistry with. And suddenly i hear myself say something that did not come from my brain per se, but rather a culmination of the ENTIRE discussion, as if suddenly hit by a spirit[read: wind] which i KNOW was the result of the COLLECTIVE spirit. I also have an older twin brother, and if anyone knows anything at all about the complicated relationships of twin brothers or sisters....
Pat02/10/096:10amMilkshake, when your dad said,"If I hear another peep out of you", well in the past "peep" was used as a "word". I remember that term in those days when many parents said that to their kids. How would he know to say "peep" to you in a very awful way? Does he know that you are in the poll Mysticgames?
Pat02/10/094:26amMilkshake, I sent an email to you yesterday, but they said there was a problem with your email address. I deleted it, so try again.
Pat02/10/094:18amWallander, do not bring me into this. I told Milkshake it wasn't her fault in her discussions with you. Don't open a can of worms that I wasn't going to open. Milkshake, the word "peeps" is slang for people. I see what you were talking about with the make-up. The fact that it had the word "peep" on it and you were using the nickname "peep". Am I right or wrong that is was just an odd coincidence? You said nothing cryptic.
Wallander02/09/098:54pmHey Milky, don't mind my's just temper...mixed with a whole lot of confusions[wait a minute, i think i already mentioned that word a GAZILLION times already...i'm getting tired of hearing myself!] with a touch of fear, as the topping. And why is Alice always in here, only to utter a few bizarre things & leave again?? Regarding your 'riddle', i'm afraid i have NOT moved an inch since my last comment. I'm only filled with a lot of off-the-wall guesses, but they don't even make sense to me! So let me see....we have Milkshake...a very girly girl[which suddenly sounds a lot younger than i had assumed, but then again you keep rolling out more surprises out of your sleeves, so why should i be surprised if that changed as well?]...she got screamed at by her angered father, & then was called "an peep"....then she walks out to throw away the trash, and while she's doing that, she notices a make-up case....a Lancome Eyeliner...called "Color Focus Peep/Blush" pink color...numbered 7Y295....hmm, what else....nothing else. Then in your very last comment, you said you wanted to discuss a problem....but i'm guessing, it is ME who's supposed to somehow read between the lines, to know what THAT problem is?? Well, my BASIC problem is that i'm not very familiar with that slang term[Peep] and since i have never used it in my English, then i would have to get the PERFECT feel of the word. But lets skip that for a this thing with your father somehow rooted in the fact that you're now getting flirting eyes from other men?? I mean, is he somehow feeling jealous??? Is he getting scared that you are in an age when you are slowly but surely moving out?? Is it perhaps because he needs help around the house, & therefore growing nervous of the fact that your time to move out is coming closer & closer? I'm just thinking out loud Milky....don't mind my rants. I'll be back again tomorrow....hopefully i'll have a better answer than today....but i wouldn't bet on it. Goodnight...sleep tight. PS-How old did you say you were? Are you relatively my age, or younger?? I know you already said your DOB was 12-11-1967....then why do i feel unsure of that, after your last comment??
Alice02/09/097:50pmAlice does not come on here anymore
Milkshake02/09/097:08pmYou know what Wallander? This is an online chat/discussion line. If you don't like it and keep hurting people, then get off elsewhere! Got that! I was airing out a problem like everyone else does. I am not (I am laughing so hard now) a she/male. I am a very feminine female. Very girly in many ways. Does that disturb you? All I was doing was asking for advice and just discussing a problem. You on the otherhand is a very negative, harmful person. Just leave if you're gonna be like that.....Okay?
Wallander02/09/096:39pmHonestly i have no idea where this is all going? To begin with, i don't even know the root of your problem with your "DAD". Nor do i find the correlation of the make-up that you found, with what your "DAD" called you[ peep]??? Maybe you're trying to get me to solve SOME KIND OF a riddle?! But i can't be sure? Is your "DAD" a part-time cross-dresser or something in that ballpark??? Are YOU yourself some kind of a she-male??? The mystery thickens, and all the while i'm asking myself why am i even getting myself involved in this??? Maybe you're playing the role of a 'joker' in here??? Or something even more sinister?? There is obviously NOTHING for me to gain...& further more, i don't understand what YOUR objective is in this little mind game of yours??? Would you rather i used my intuition as opposed to my logic[Or what's left of it? Come to think of it, i don't even know if i have any REAL intuitions in me!]...But i know one thing for sure, i'm just about to give up VERY SOON because my patience is running out awfully quick. Infact i'm pulling out of this NOW, because my every intuition is telling me, you're not being forthright about a few important things where MY safety is concerned??!
Milkshake02/09/094:40pmOkay I apologize if I said something wrong. I thought the "dude" comment was towards me. Now please scroll down and read......I FOUND AN EYESHADOW/BLUSH the name is called PEEP. It's from Lancome. It's pink in color. NO, I don't like the color. Pink doesn't look good on me. It's STRANGE my DAD called me a Peep and then I find this eyeshadow/blush. I think I'm being tricked or it's magic......or it's something weird.
Wallander02/09/094:27pmMan, i don't believe i really said all that...LOL...i'm going to dip my head into a bucket of ice-cold water!!! I think i'm gonna go on strike for a while....
Wallander02/09/093:24pmForget it....this is REALLY breaking my heart, but it seems you guys got me REALLY GOOD!!! I don't understand ANYTHING! I wish i could say that i know what that hint meant Milky[my final conclusion was that you were simply giving me the descriptions of an eye-shadow make-up that you really like], but with Pat jumping in, i am suddenly FROZEN on the spot!!! What the hell are these comments supposed to mean??? Pat, i don't blame you for not liking me any more....somehow my confusions & my impulsive reactions(to those confusions) got me to say a few things to you, that made you THINK that i was being hateful towards you. You have NO IDEA how much that misunderstanding in between us, is breaking me heart....& the fact that you've deemed me as a "fake", makes it all the more impossible for me to make it up to you somehow. Therefore i am going to do the ONLY thing that seems logical in my mind, that i just leave this place without reacting to any of today's comments. You see, i don't have any clues anymore who is who...the whole thing seems like a very confusing 'shadow play' in my eyes right now. And what's worse, i'm not sure if Pat wants my good...& i don't know whose side you are on now, Milkshake??? If you REALLY meant the 'hint' Milky, i can comfort you by telling you the fact that you're really not missing out on anything special....i'm really NOT that special a guy....infact on many levels i am INCREDIBLY difficult to be around with, because my general feelings of unease are quite contagious on my surroundings, which again frustrates me even more. But if you're REALLY being sincere, then i suggest that we wait a few days.....& continue to exchange words....THEN we can try to see where we are headed....forgive me for saying all these things out in the public, & not privately to you...but for now, that seems like the only reasonable thing to do. If i'm COMPLETELY OFF THE MARK with my presumptions here, then plz forgive me can explain it again to me a little later on....
Pat02/09/092:12pmIt's not you, Milkshake. Don't worry over it.
Milkshake02/09/091:22pmWhat happened to you Wallander? I am not a dude. I have no clue what you're talking about. Why don't you scroll down and read your comments, DUDE!!
Wallander02/09/0912:46pmI think u were trying to be a hypnotist there for a second.....well it worked, because i NOW know that u do not want my company in here....see how easy that was....anyways dude, go find yourself another sucker! I know u DEFINITELY got that message! Goodbye.
Milkshake02/09/0911:10amSometimes Wallander, I don't understand the things you say.But yes, my B-day is 12/11/67. Anyway, I am trying to heal myself.
Wallander02/09/0911:02amNever mind Milkshake. You can look as long as you like....
Wallander02/09/0910:45amGod, now you got my mind into overdrive....what could those cryptic stuff mean????? Are you contacting me somehow???? I sure don't mind learning the trick.... i'm going to try & meditate on that for a little while....
Wallander02/09/0910:37amBetter yet Milkshake, maybe you should try to find out what your OWN PERSONAL guiding animal spirits are!? And what different functions they have in your life? I honestly don't know how they are determined, i.e. according to one's DOB, or what not.... i think personally it is a very fascinating thing to try to explore someday....
Wallander02/09/0910:04amI'm going to answer your question in the same CRYPTIC manner that you've asked Milkshake....maybe i'll hit bullseye....i'm just using the DOB & your gender, that you gave a few months ago(Female born in Dec '67)...if that is NOT the correct DOB or gender, then DO NOT DO WHAT I'M SAYING TO YOU need to come in contact with sea/ocean need to swim in the salty water of sea....just like the DOLPHINS do....think like a dolphin...feel like a the beautiful need to swim miles & miles in the sea/ocean....become ONE with the ocean...& let it heal you....don't think like a fish....think like a graceful dolphin. [ i hope you'll be gracious enough to LOOK PAST my comment here, if it does not apply to you AT ALL...or if it has hurt your feelings Milkshake]
Milkshake02/09/098:33amThat is very interesting you said that, Wallander. About my dad resenting me as his daughter. Why do you think he resents me? He's been that way towards me all my life! Also, this is very WEIRD......guess what I found behind the dumpster in the condos where I live? I was throwing away the trash and I found this Lancome (expensive brand of make-up) blush or eyeshadow by the dumpster. It's a pink color blush or eyeshadow and GUESS what the name is???? PEEP!!! It says: COLOUR FOCUS PEEP. The back number is 7Y295. I can't believe it.
Milkshake02/09/097:43amYou are right Amanda, he has no right to abuse me. And you are right Wallander, my family VERY WEIRD! Anyway, hopefully Pat will be here. I wonder how Ed is doing? See ya guys later.
Wallander02/09/097:42amI'm kind of worried about you Milkshake....i hope it's just my own worried mind that is playing tricks on me, but hopefully you're doing just FINE, despite it all. I feel rather guilty about my own way behaving in here before....but i've been thinking that maybe you were "hit" by some of my words or "actions" before..arrghhh..words fail me right now...i just hope you're OK.....btw is this the correct definition of 'peep': "To check out, consider sexually/romantically, in hopes of catching his or her eye. Usually over a slightly long period of time, ie not a drive-by/walk-by checking out. When recipricated, may be a peepshow.".......i picked this one because i thought maybe this is a LIKELY SCENARIO that could trigger a father's feelings of resentment towards his daughter??? I may be VERY wrong though....hmm....
Wallander02/09/096:38amI'm sorry but i have NO idea what exactly 'peep' is supposed to refer to?? I'm guessing the best place to look for its definition, would be the Slang Dictionary, or something like that! Does that have some kind of a derogatory meaning that is VERY bad to use against another person? Is your father angry at something REALLY horrible that you've done?? My God, the questions just pour out of my tiny little brain right now. I wanted to say something else regarding myself, and why i think my English tends to sound so far out sometimes, but it can wait for now.....hi there Amanda...& hi again to Milkshake...& talk again later on...
Amanda02/09/093:37amAgain..sorry about that Milkshake. Peeps is actually very common terminology. It's good he is paying for your education, but then again that is part of what he is supposed to do as a father..he doesn't have the right to abuse you.
Wallander02/09/091:51amBoy you have just about one of the weirdest families in the world Milkshake. If i had the money & the means for it, i would have occasionally smoked raw opium myself. I once tried it over a short period, & i decided that one day when i reached the age of retirement, i'd be keeping myself young & active by smoking Opium. My best friend's father has been doing that for almost 15 yrs now,& running their lake-side cafe like someone who really has fun working & interacting with the ppl. Heroine is just a tiny bit too trashy for my taste You should be grateful for your father's support in your education Milky. You'll thank him some day, believe me. Goodbye you crazy heads.
Milkshake02/08/097:19pmThanks for your kind words. But yes, he meant every word of it and screamed. He's on something.....some bad drug. I'm wondering if he's on heroin? I don't know. But he's paying for my education and I tolerate his abouse. I'm just wondering where the hell peeps came out of his mouth for? He also said......"If I here another peep out of you!" Then called me a f.... peep! Weird!! Anyway, yes I hope Pat will be back. Talk to you guys later.
Amanda02/08/093:17pmHi guys..Milkshake I am sorry bout what your dad said..that was mean. I hope you're okay. Thanks Wallander and at the end of the day it is the truth. Love you guys.
Wallander02/08/093:01pmMilkshake i'm sorry if my last comment caused u to think i was talking about your peep comment. Try not to get distracted by my comfused/confusing comments from now on. I believe u (now), and i know u don't mean anything bad when u sometimes joke around w me. If i get desperately confused, then i'll make sure to make a scene,so that everyone GETS it...;-)...I'm terribly sorry to hear about your father Milky. I'm hoping he meant it in a semi-humorous way though. And Amanda, i couldn't have said it better. Thanks for your very special way of putting your words. ;-D....Lets all move on and start over...i hope to see Pat in here as well. Be good to yourselves. They say the Moon Eclipse tomorrow is supposed to have a few positive effects on ppl's they say! I sure hope so...;-)
Amanda02/08/091:23pmHi its me Ive a head like a Fish
Milkshake02/08/099:05amWallander, Amanda, Pat, Ed, and everyone else.......My dad really called me an Peep! I was shocked. Why the hell did he call me that! I'm not making fun of you, Wallander. I was airing out my anger against my dad for saying that. Here we are online laughing about peeps, snorts and other stuff and my dad called me that and screamed at me. I think he's on drugs. Which makes me sad.
Amanda02/08/096:44amThat wallander is because there is an idiot in the room. If it sounds off the wall, just over look it and read from the real ones. We all, You, Pat, Milkshake and others have been posting here long enough to know immediately if one another actually said something or if it is a coward who has the spine of a jellyfish and the mentality of a chipmunk just hiding behind our names. Now, who else do you know that strings words together like I do???LOL.
Wallander02/08/0912:56amThe communication in here is TOTALLY WACK! When i try to say something earnest, it is understood as "evil sarcasm"...when i try to ask questions about things that i may have misunderstood, i'm being understood as being something totally else...the long & the short of it is that the communication among us is VERY CONFUSING at times, and it is NOT anyone's fault at all. We're ALL good & honest ppl with nothing but good intentions...but it's like we're all speaking over or under each other's heads most of the time.....peace out...
Franklin02/07/0910:36pmI thought Pat was a guy? :o)
Peep02/07/099:42pmHi everyone!! This is Milkshake. I was wondering if I should change my name to Peep? You see, today some evil SOB called me an (you know the F word) Peep! And I was thinking, is that my real birth name? Is my real name Peep? Peek-a-boo! Hello Peep? Yes, Pat is right: Some people are very cruel. I prefer milkshakes over peeps. They taste better.
Wallander02/07/099:29pmDon't worry time i have a bad news, you'll be the FIRST to know...LOL...something for everyone, 'eh! ;-D
Alice02/07/096:46pmNo news is good news
The Good News02/07/0912:35pmHi people. This is me, Wallander. I just wanted to bring to ALL of you the GOOD NEWS. You have managed to bring me out into the light. And with that, i mean simply, that i NOW know that the 'darkness' that i've been fighting against in all of my life, has been my own shame....shame about myself, my own background, & about my own civil identitity.....well, i have finally seen the "light", and i am NO LONGER plagued by that miserable shame that has been following me all my life. Plz give yourselves a pat on the shoulder for a job WELL DONE. I'm proud to have known you....whoever you may be, & whatever your motives may have been. And let me conclude by saying this.....whenever you meet a stranger online or in real life, say a prayer to the Higher Powers, that that/those stranger(s) give you something positive..something that you need deep down inside...i asked that i would find MY OWN sense of optimism from my interactions with you ALL, and that was what i got in the end. :-))
Alice02/06/094:28pmAlice? Alice Who? Alice doesnt live here anymore
Pat02/06/094:27pmMilkshake, email me. I'm here. Trying to catch all my friends.
Milkshake02/06/094:13pmPat? Did I miss something? What happened? Who hurt you? Are you leaving? Are you the fake Pat or real Pat? SEE????? This is all too damn confusing!!
Pat02/06/094:00pmAlice, you and samantha won't have to open your umbrellas after all. Now I know why Zera left for so long, but I won't be back. Hurray! Don't the cruel ones jump up at one time, your horns might get stuck in the ceiling. MY friends in here, If ANYONE comes in using my name, don't believe it is me for one second, because it won't be me. This is the last message I am writing. I will talk to my friends by email.
Pat02/06/093:42pmI went home and came back to give my email address to any on here that still wants to be friends. There are just too many cruel people in here for me to stay. They have won, they can have this. I can delete the weeds from the flowers. It
Pat02/06/092:09pmThank you, Ed. Heading home now. It has given me a bigger headache than I already had. Good-bye.
Pat02/06/091:28pmBefore I leave, Milkshake, I kinda have an idea who it is, also. This person is trying to split all of us up. I will be back, but until then, please everyone, stay and help each other. I really do care for all of you, even though we only know each other on here. We are a strong chain. I honestly and sincerely care. I just have to mend. Take care, my dear friends.
Ed02/06/091:20pmMy sweet angel Pat! I am sorry some jerk did that to you. Who cares what that ass did, you are a fantastic person and payback is a B - t - h. Someday he will get his. I am so furious that I see red. I need to calm down.......You know I learned along time ago that beauty fades but a personality lasts forever. My ex was a looker but had the personality of a stick. I now look at what's in the inside of a female partner because the outside is nice but fades with age. I date a little but with the issues about my daughter and now my son I have not thought about dating seriously. Maybe someday I will. Don't give up my angel. I have not met you but you are one nice and sweet person and don't let anyone ever tell you different.....Wallander just because we have not all met you mean alot to all of us. You helped me deal with alot and said alot of encouraging things to me. You are MY FRIEND!!!! Milkshake you are very nice and sweet and I enjoy your comments. You make me laugh when I feel down. You also hold special gifts for all of us. Pat, Wallander, Milkshake, Amanda and Bam Bam (Come back we miss you)! You are all nice people and I feel we are very fortunate to have found each other. Remember I am here for all of you my friends. Have to run and pick up my son. All of you have a fantastic weekend, my friends. :)
Alice02/06/091:16pmHey Samantha. open your umbrella
Milkshake02/06/0912:57pmWallander, you never answered my question? What did you mean by fake/real Milkshake that some of the comments "jump out of your eyes" and now you're smoking again? Are you saying that I caused you to smoke again? You know, some of these comments from the IDIOT (IT) make me think that maybe I know you. You really are a coward, aren't you IDIOT??
Pat02/06/0912:15pmEd, I forgot to tell you that I got the CT done and they told me to call the doctor Monday. Also I won't be back in here for awhile, because I got my heart broke and then the person laughed and called me fat. I'm hurting so bad, I can't stand it. I haven't let anyone hurt me like this for many years. So good-bye for now. I love all of you, but I won't be any good for anyone right now. I will come in to let everyone know about what the doctors tell me.
Pat02/06/0911:24amEd, I am very happy that everything has worked out for you and Rick. Is your ex going to have visitation rights to come to where you are or is your son going to be at her home? I bet he is already more relaxed than before. I feel it. I used to go shoot pool a lot, I have been in small tournaments and won a few times. Both of my kids are real good, too. I started them out when they were young. Ed, you are a sweet guy. The several of us that stay in to me, all of you are sweet. Even the few that hang around for a little while, then go their own way until later. Wallander, no one is insignificant. Not in the big picture. I was reading more of the Real Fake's (IT'S)comments, I was starting to laugh at each one, because you are so morbidly funny, but when you try to insult any of us just for carrying on conversations to each other and really helping each other, you are really insulting yourself. People need to talk. Not everything in life is a bed of roses. We actually help each other and there is NOTHING at all wrong with that. We will continue our conversations with each other rather you like it or not. I would like to know why you even bother to read them. I am really curious. I'm sure everyone would like to know. If we disturb you that much, then vote, make a comment, then leave. If you don't like what we say, why are you hanging around? You need some more help with different deaths, here are some more you forgot: burned at the stake, buried alive, suffocation, high speed crash, slit your wrists, blow your brains out, slice your own neck, drink poison, cement your own feet while sitting in a boat and wait for it to dry and then flip the boat over, jump off a bridge, put your car in a garage and start it up and sit in the car with the windows down, jump from a plane and don't open your chute, go swim with the Great White sharks, visit Niagra Falls and jump, starve to death, visit a cobra snake or a rattler, jump off a tall building, stand outside in a lightning storm, sit under a coconut tree, is there anything else that I have missed? If you need us that bad, we are here and we will stay here. Thank you very much. Love ya.
Samatha02/06/0910:47amI strongley belive in that!!
Wallander02/06/099:59amIf i may say something here....i dont know how to express my gratitude, because i'm actually more scared than thankful right now....but i realize it may be the "awesome fear of God" that has led me to this i don't know what else to tell you[if you can ever believe me or trust me again??] other than the fact that i found myself laughing like some crazy man guys are cool, and i bow down with total shame & gratitude.....mostly because i do not see your words as some kind of hostile attack, but rather a profound sense of care for another human being[who should be nothing but an INSIGNIFICANT NOBODY to you]...and the fact that despite all that, you have put up with ALL my CRAP is BEYOND me....& i feel a tremedous sense of love for you guys right now.
Milkshake02/06/099:57amEd will you marry me
Ed02/06/099:25amHi Everyone, except the little turd with the sick sense of humor. Well it worked...Hee Hee my comments brought IT from under it's rock. How original a thought throw myself under a bus. You are such an Asshole. I am laughing at your stupidity and ignorance. Amanda and Milkshake thanks for your nice comments. I am actually going all out and put up drywall new carpeting and a new tv with suround system and also new sofa's. I will also put in a small kitchen. My son wants to help so it will be a father and son project. Thanks again for all your support. Take ladies!
Milkshake02/06/098:58amThat is so cool, Ed! I like th idea of the basement becoming a guys room. Fake Pat.....That comment was so STUPID! Sorry everyone. I cannot ignore these stupid comments. One of us may make a mistake one day and believe him/her. Poll Master, is there a way you can get rid of this IDIOT using our names? This IDIOT isd such a damn coward!
Amanda02/06/098:13amEd, glad to hear things are going great..just make sure there is a dart board somewhere in the guys room..nothing better than a game that lets you throw sharp objects indoors..except ,maybe yard darts where you can throw bigger sharp objects outside.
Pat02/06/095:59amEd go jump under a bus
Ed02/06/094:08amHey my friends! Wallander it is great to hear from you my friend. I have been worried about you and I am glad you are joining us again. My next comment is to "The Real Fake", if you are **** that has been saying all those terrible comments about my friends you are really nuts. The things you said were not jokes. they are SICK and you need help. I will not waste any more time on you. Why don't you find a site that likes that kind of so called humor! Milkshake my dear thanks for your happy comments. It really is going to be great, my son stayed over last night and we made plans on how we are going to redo his bedroom and we also want to make part of my basement a guys room. I have a pool table, but I want to set up the room for when his friends come over. I still cannot believe that my ex is not fighting me about this. When I talked to her she said that she did not want to hurt me anymore, by keeping my son from him. I was totally shocked. Maybe we can finally have a friendly relationship. Her husband is another story. That guy is afraid of me and stays away from me for good reason. What a wimp! Hee! Hee! Pat where are you my angel?? I have been praying and praying for you and I feel deep in my heart that God is listening to my prayers so he will take good care of you and make you feel better. You have so many gifts to give people and I for one will always thank you for your kind thoughts that helped me deal with my issues. Well I want all of you to have a great day! I must do some work. Take care everyone! :D
Amanda02/06/092:46amOh my..I thought this was supposed to be a discussion on capital punishment. Not on some idiot who is such a coward they won't use their real name. Just ignore the comments..after much more power are you going to give this putz?
The real fake02/06/091:25amHi guys you all love to listen to the sound of your own voices can you see how insane you all are life is fun and it should be you people by been serious have become the jokes
Milkshake02/05/096:55pmOkay......Wallander, this is the real Milkshake, not the "fake" one. Maybe I misunderstood; but are you blaming me for smoking again? I don't understand the comment you made, Wallander. Please explain.
Wallander02/05/096:32pmTo fake those 3 phases took place at 3 VERY different periods in my teens, then in mid 20's, then again in mid 30's....but i'm really happy for my new apartment now....why am i even telling YOU that??? And to fake/real Milkshake....some of your comments just have a habit of jumping in my eyes...why is that?? I started smoking again after nearly 60 hrs of 'clean air'....i blame you guys partially....and finally to REAL Ed....congratulations man.....that stuff just goes into my heart like a knife into butter.....but sorry...i cannot tell you specifically just is. :*( all of you guys/gals.... despite the commotions in here.
C.H. Is Mine02/05/095:54pmLoL....too funny....LoL....
Milkshake02/05/095:24pmI am so happy for you Ed!! That's great news. I bet you guys are going to have a blast together. Again, I am really happy for you!!!!!!
Ed02/05/091:40pmHey my Friends, except the now fake Ed. Listen **** Head, quit playing games. You really are a loser. Be a man or women or are you an IT! Let us know who you are you sicko. Well enough wasted energy on you IT you are not worth it. How are my favorite ladies today?? Pat and Milkshake I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I go to court in two weeks to get the paperwork of the custody of my son. He is coming home and I feel like a million bucks. Talk to you later sweet ladies.
Milkshake02/05/0912:24pmUh Oh!! Sounds like there is a fake Ed!! You're right Pat, it does sound cool. Hey IDIOT (IT), sounds like you have a "jealous" problem.
Pat02/05/0912:17pmThank you, IT. I never even thought of that. Sounds cool!
Ed02/05/099:37amPat Wallander and Milkshake need to be hung drawn and quartered
Pat02/04/095:26amWallander, I've told this before in the past polls, at one time. Me and my kids were homeless for about (I can't really remember now), I think 6-8 weeks and I worked for a carnival and traveled with them. They were not freaks, they actually looked over me and my kids, especially my kids. All of them were very nice. Our judicial system has forgotten who they are supposed to represent. That is why we have so many criminals running the streets. Our prisons let criminals out everyday. There is way too much violence in the U.S. Joanna, it took a lot of strength to come in here and tell your story about your brother. I am glad you found some comfort. It probably wouldn't be wise to confront the family. Just continue to pray for peace for them and your family. Some prisons receive up to $60,000 per prisoner a year. That adds up to a lot of money depending on the capacity the prisons hold. There are a lot of prisons that give all the amenities mentioned, also. Ed, I am so happy for you and your son. Yes, it does sound like your ex wants what is best for him. There are nice step-parents that love kids like they were their own, then there are the type like your ex-wife's husband that isn't and that is sad for the kids. That is so wonderful that your son is opening up to you. It's good for you both. I'm happy for Max, too. I know he is your baby, too, but every boy needs a dog and every dog needs a boy. That is even therapeutic. Good all around! This makes me so happy! Health-wise, I'm still hanging in there, trying hard to stay positive. It seems like it is dragging so slow, when all the doctors are telling me all these things that are wrong. I go Friday for the last CT to be done on my nose and sinuses. I guess in the beginning I should have said yes to the hospital. Milkshake, thank IT everytime IT uses your name. There are many people in here that know differently about us, when the IT uses our name.
Wallander02/04/091:51amI've had 3 different homeless phases so far, and i dont recommend it to no one....but sometimes EVEN THAT can be more graceful than having your condescending family members or close friends, invite u to live with them for a short while.
Milkshake02/03/097:20pmEd, I just wanted to tell you congradulations to you and your son's new, wonderful beginning!!
Ed02/03/092:01pmHi again, Joanna what did you brother do? Did he murder someone? I feel for you but still believe in the death penalty for anyone who hurts or kills another human being. The taxpayers pay more to keep them in prision year after year. If someone gets the dealth penalty then take them out back and end it as I said before. My daughter did not get a chance to become a beautiful and loving person to grow up get married have babies etc, but the scum that killed her is still alive. That is what is unfair and wrong. So I will always agree that the death penalty should be the only way to go. Just think about how crime would drop if our f- - king government would change the laws and quit giving the criminals rights. Once you commit a crime like murder you have not rights. Joanna you sound like a nice soul. Take care of your self and try not to worry about your brother he put himself there not you. Sorry I don't mean to be mean and cruel, but when it happens close to home and the victim is your beautiful daughter and I was not there to protect her from the drunken ****. You become very angry. Take care my friends!
Milkshake02/03/091:11pmJoanna and to the rest that do not know me: There is a person coming on here with my name, Milkshake. This also happened to Pat and Amanda. I would really like to ignore this person, Ed but somebody may actually believe it is me making a rude comment to another person, when it is not me. Anyway, Joanna, I hope this helps your confusion.
Ed02/03/0910:52amHey Pat and Milkshake. Pat I can't believe it my ex-wife is actually working with my lawyer to give me custody of my son. I don't want any child support just my son. I think she is agreeing because of her jerk off husband. He does not like my son, because he is not his. Fine, give him back to me. Since Rick, my son found out that I am fighting to get him back to live with me he has really changed and for the better, he is opening up more and talking alot more about his sister. We go next Wednesday for our first therapist session we both cannot wait. I really feel this is going to be a good year for us. Max is doing great, since Rick is here more he is getting more exercise and more treats, so he is a very happy dog. How are you Pat? Hope all is well. Milkshake, don't give the jerk that is copying your name any thought. We know you and we also know what type he/she is. You are playing into his/her hands by getting upset. It is probably getting off on it. Ignore it. Well I better get some work done. Take care my friends.
Joanna02/03/099:54amFirst I thank all of you for your sensitivity to my feelings, and none of your comments were hurtful. I have actually found this very theraputic - so thanks to all who responded. Please know that I do sympathize with the family who lost a sister, daughter, wife and mother. I still pray for them daily - I have never tried to express my feelings to them as I don't believe it would be helpful. Milkshake (real or fake - i'm a little confused here ;)As to the government punishing wrong-doers - of course they must. I just don't believe they should be able KILL us. Also, it costs 10 times as much for the government to process a death penalty case as it would to house a prisoner for 100 years. It's cheaper to house them. Next, sure wish I could find a prison that actually has those things for my brother. The fact is that few prisoners have such luxuries mentioned and when they do it is because they or their families pay for it. Right now, my brother is allowed two books per week. He is out of his cell one hour each day to shower and exercise. He does have access to TV - three network channels. And his cell mate brought in a playstation and is decent about sharing I guess. Don't get my wrong - I'm not saying that isn't how it should be. But thinking people need something to occupy their minds ... and hopefully their hearts. I don't think prison should be fun but prisoners are people and as such need something to fill their brain as much as they need food to live. Again thank you to all of you - I appreciate all the comments.
Milkshake02/03/099:17amFirst of all fake Milkshake, I am not a boy. And you are boring me and the others on this poll. Sounds like you are very hateful, jealous, manipulative, and just plain stupid. You seem to act so brave on this poll, making these stupid, obscene comments. How brave would you be if we were face to face? I am not a weak person. I am tired of the immature, hedious comments. You want to play this game? Go ahead......You will be sorry.
Pat02/03/096:30amHey Ed, I couldn't comment much yesterday morning. My sister needed the office all day yesterday. How is it going with your attorney and your wife? Has she agreed to let you have your son? Has your son done much talking about his sister? How's Max?
Pat02/03/093:58amI watched a video in the news on the internet last night before I went home and it showed this poor ol' homeless man get knocked down by some thugs. When he got up, he was knocked down again and all the time this was going on, people were walking around, people in businesses just watched. 20 minutes later, while just laying there, someone called 911. He died at the hospital. How can men walking by not stop this? I swear to the Great Spirit on my honor that I would have gotten in the middle of this and put my life on the line to save someone. People are becoming so heartless and especially desensitized. What is the world coming to? I don't understand people any more. At least some of the cowards could recognize who these creeps were. I don't like a coward. As I have said before in past polls, I have been faced with a gun pointed at me a few times in my life. I know I am not a coward. I have no respect for these people that just walked passed and didn't do anything. I can't get it out of my mind. Even though I have to say there are still good people out there, none of them were around for the homeless man.
Milkshake02/03/091:30amWill the fake milky boy stop calling me the fake Im the real mc coy bring back crucifixion for everybody who is paranoid
Wallander02/02/097:36pmOMG i hadn't noticed the new pole!!!!! Finally!!! Regarding the topic at hand though, i feel VERY split..i mean, i'm normally FOR any laws that tend to deal humanely with EVERY individual on every level of the society. But having said that, i'm also willing to admit that there are a few cases where the crime seems to outweigh just about any measures of compassion & decency...the tragic thing is, that these kinds of crimes occur A LOT overseas...& i often wonder why??? Why are there so many coldblooded, psychopathic, & sociopathic murders taking place in the BEST nation in the world??? Why are there so many dysfunctional families in the US & NOT in some 3rd world country??? Does it have something to do with the immense social pressures that exists in such countries, where people are expected to excel SO MUCH just to be better than the next, and resulting in MILLIONS of people being left with just shattered dreams & distorted egos??? Mind you, we have those crimes as well..but they're NOT morally/ethically as "ground-breaking" as the ones that happen typically in the US & in the UK.
Amanda02/02/096:34pmYou guys are gving this wayyyyy to much power. In the mean time I think that things need to be far harsher than what they are. I feel for the rleatives on both sides because everyone looses. In the grand scheme of things however, I think prisons should serve oen function..basically to be a [place where people pay for their crimes that can be rehabilitated. When ypou are a person that is nothing more than a rabid animal..well you desrve and need to be treated like a rabit animal. Oh, by the way..have any of you guys noticed who hasbn't been here in a while..ironically sence these wacky comments started? Find that coincidental?
Pat02/02/093:33pmHi, everyone, you have to feel sorry for this child, because a mature adult doesn't act like this. I agree, Milkshake, this person is obsessed with us three. Have all of you heard that in the past year their has been murder-suicide in families. Joanna, I guess reading in here has been tough for you. I understand how you feel, I understand that you and your family lost a son and brother, but he murdered someone, because he was on drugs. I am so sorry, I hate to sound harsh, but someone was murdered. Not in self defense. Just murdered. It's too bad that it's just not drugs that cause people to kill. Some just do it for the fun of it. Even though I feel the way I do, I will pray for peace for you and your family, especially for your mom. A mother would hurt deeper, because it is her child. And prayer has to go out to the family of the one that was murdered. When someone murders they destroy two families, not just one.
Milkshake02/02/097:31amWho is the FAKE Milkshake?? Bring back drowning?? WHAT??? OMG! Thanks everyone for not believing it's me. I'm the real Milky. Boy, am I getting picked on or what ??
Pat02/02/097:18amHi Ed, I'm happy for you and your son. Good Luck. Talk later.
Ed02/02/096:10amGood Morning Pat, Milkshake and Amanda. I was reading the previous comments and the fake person out there must really be a sicko or afraid to feel the wrath of you ladies. Just ignore him/her or it. Whatever. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Nothing really new with me. I saw my son this weekend and my lawyer is working with my ex to get my son back. Looks pretty good. Well have to run, have a very busy day. Take care!
Pat02/02/095:58amI will give my friends my email later. Anyone that comes in, I'll tell you something to avoid this creep from my email, so I can delete it.
Pat02/02/095:20amTo"Stranger With Many Faces That Steals Identities", we are laughing at you. Each of us know what and how we talk to each other. So thank-you in your sick little mind for the laughs. You are welcome back anytime. To my friends, don't worry about it. They are having fun in here in their sick little, oh well. Good morning or evening to some.
Milkshake02/02/091:34amBring back drowning as a capital punishment
Milkshake02/01/092:24pmHey. I have this really cool email about America. It's a really nice song. I really like it. How would I email it to Mystic Games? Or if anyone is interested in this email; let me know, give me your email address, and I will email it to you. It made me think how lucky I am to live in America!
Amanda02/01/0911:33amAnother thing about the comment of the DA in this case..he can ASK for the death is up to the jury to decide..and that is your peers which is totally fair. The DA, the judge and the jury represents US...the citizens. I am sorry but I do feel when you MURDER someone..for all thing need to die. I knew a man who beat his own grandmother to death for twenty dollars for crack cocaine...CRACK...and he is now dead too. I am sorry that your family feels pain..but I feel your brother should join his victim. It is only fair. Why should we as citizens have to pay to feed your brother, cloth him, give him cable television and a weight room, library, yard exersize and laundry service? He obviously cared nothing for his victem. Now before you call me hard hearted, please understand I worked with drug and alcohol addicts in a major city in the USA for over three years. I have heard every story you can imagine. I never met ONE that killed..wanted to kill or even thought about it. They would rather prostitute or rob a place...even the crack addicts were not driven to murder. Sorry..but it is what it is and no..I grieve for YOU and YOUR pain..but have nothing but contempt and resentment for your brother.
Amanda01/31/0910:36pmI can empathize with this story but I am isn't abiout your is soley about what your brother did..drugs or no drugs..he killed someone. Death penalty in my opinion is appropriate.Did you stop and think about how unfair it is to the vitims family to havre to pay room and board out of their taxes to support the very person that killed thier loved ones? Further more, with a real serious drug issue involed..there certainly is no guarentee that he will not get out, get on drugs and do it again. I support it. I am reallt not tryhing to be mean here..or judgememental. But justice isn't about how the death penalty effects the death row individual, it is about meating out fair justiice and yes..he dhould have to forfeit his life. ZHe took a life.......or drugs of all thinkgs. He wasn't a desperate person robbing a stire for diapers for his child or was for drug money..pure and simple. I know it hurts, but you need to think about the fact that it is not just the governement..but much of the citizens that want this because we are tired of living in fear of when so-and -so gets out onlyu to repeat his crime. I would suggest you make peace with this the best way you can and realize that you too a his vitctem..had he not chosen, yes chosen these actions,,well this horrible turmoil would not be happening. It is not an easy answer..but the heinous and blatant disregard for life must be stopped. I am very sorry for your pain..and I hope perhaps you can open your mind and heart of the vitcems family and understand that while you have your brother..his jaul term will never bring back their loved one. They are living ligfe without parole...and they did nothing wrong.
Milkshake01/31/095:19pmI was thinking a little. And Joanna askd a good question: What right does the government have to punish us? Well, in my opnion, they have the right to punish us. Like we as parents have the right to teach and punish our children. Same as adults. Some adults act like overgrown children who are violent and very dangerous to others. And to protect our society and the innocent, including animals ad wildlife, we sholud find those who we feel should be in a government position that's fair, honest, sensitive, and wise that can help govern our society. I would feel unsafe without a government. Anyway, I felt like sharing this.
Milkshake01/31/099:42amWow Joanna. Thanks for sharing that with us. That really brought tears to my eyes. I have an older brother. We are both Sagittarians. I love libras by the way. My brother and I used to be very close. I'm very sorry this happened to your brother and family. Hard core drug use can really blind people and they can make bad decisions. I don't know what else to say right now.
Joanna01/31/097:49amMy brother, my younger brother was charged with murder and the DA asked for the death penalty. I still have a lot of emotional baggage about this, so please bear with me. He was found guilty and ONE old man voted to keep my brother alive. THANK THE LORD IN HEAVEN. My mother will never recover from that experience. I am not sure I will and it is going on 10 years ago. I love my brother - but he has a drug problem (that makes a horrible problem sound trivial - he was addicted to meth). I know he can never rejoin society but his life is precious to our family. FIRST POINT: What right has the government to punish us? We have done nothing wrong. SECOND POINT: The decision to kill or not to kill is in the hands of one individual The District Attorney. The decision is often if not always political. The DA at the time was a Catholic taking a lot heat for never using the Death Penalty. So, in an election year he had to find someone to kill so he could be re-elcted. Letting the masses decide who to kill leads to things like the KKK - the Salem Witch trials - the genocide in Africa. Because the masses will act on emotion not facts. THIRD POINT Have you been on the inside of a US trial. Truth has nothing at all to do with it (AS a libra I am horrified, and extremely angry that lady justice is used to represent our court system when there is no balance no blind truth seeking.) Fourth Point: Let my start by saying our family is white - But the death penalty is racially biased. I think african americans make up 5 to 15% of population in the US but of all the people on death row, that race makes up %85 of the population. Fourth point: you can never allow a government to kill it own citizens, this leads to things like the genocide in Rwada, and surrounding countries, to nazi germany, to Stalin's Russaia. CONCLUSION: We as people are all biased in some way, overcoming these biases is a struggle on a good day. When evaluting emotional situations we are all falable. There is no guarentee that a jury has got things right and is unbiased. THE DEATH PENALTY CAN NEVER BE FAIR. If it is wrong to kill - IT IS WRONG TO KILL>
Amanda01/31/096:06amYep Milkshake I agree with you on that one. I just do not see letting someone like that take another breath of air. Our world is over run with people who do things like this and more..and what are they actually dealing with..average crap we all go through. The man was in a custody battle...go figure why she was fighting him for her children. I really do believe if our justice was harsh, fair and we get to the actual truth, but harsh, then criminals would think twice about doing what they do. I don't think that inmates should sit on death row for ten years or more. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the appeals process in case there is new evidence that can exonerate someone. I am ALL for that..but if you are just bold guilty..I don't think you should be held any longer than it takes to let you perhapos have a goodbye to your family. That is, after all, far more mercy than what a cold blooded killer gives his families vitcems. Therefore I feel that removes the whole cruel and unusual concept.
Milkshake01/30/099:14pmI agree, Amanda. What a terrible story. I pray for that little girl that she did not suffer and she is in a beautiful place with love. Definately, I would say that man deserves a major death sentence. Okay, fake Pat. You're fake Pat, fake Amanda, and fake Milk. You know what I think? I think you have a crush and obsession with all 3 of us!!
Amanda01/30/098:03pmI just think it is someone with no life period and nothing intelligent to say on the topic at hand. You know..some juvinile. I agree with making certain a person is actually guilty before hand..and with the advance of science the room for error dwindles. I just read where in Australia a male threw his four year old daughter over a bridge..she is now dead..there is a bunch of witnesses and those would include her younger two brothers. I ask you..why save a **** like that? Exactly what sort of mercy did he show his daughter..his own child?
Pat01/30/094:59pmAmanda you and Milkshake dont know who it is because both of you need to go to a gallows and be strungup
Milkshake01/30/094:29pmI really have a good sense of humor. But why would someone come on here pretending to be me, Amanda, and a while back Pat?? I couldn't help but laugh a littl bit because in a way it was sort-of funny to me. I hope you're not angry with me, Pat for finding some humor in this. But in another way it isn't funny to come on here and pretend to be someone you're not. It's also not funny to blame someone for something they never did. Like for example, Sentencing someone the death penalty when they never did any of the crimes or ever even killed anyone in their lives. So to the person that keeps coming on here pretending to be someone you're not: Please don't do it anymore. It's not funny. Come on here as yourself or just tell us the reason why you are doing this.
Amanda01/30/091:29pmI think I may know who is doing it..just a feeling and I could be wrong..but at any rate it doesn't matter. I agree pat. Just because I personally don't like violence doesn't mean I am not capable of it. I do think Be's country has the right idea..hard labor. Isn't it cruel and unusual to snuff out a life for mere personal gain to to rape and molest? Who is really serving a sentance?
Pat01/30/091:21pmMilkshake, yes, they lock metal cuffs around one ankle, then attach chain through them all, that way the guards could work them outside the prison so they couldn't escape.
Pat01/30/0912:35pmOkay, I'm not a violent person and I believe in peace, but my several friends in here, if you can remember in some past poll about our weapons and I recently talked about my Pit, Molly. I'm serious about my weapons, but I am joking when I say this to the "Stranger with many faces that steals identities." Yep, that's my name for you, whoever you are. Come to my home...I have a Pit Bull, a Shotgun, A rifle, A colt 45, a 44magnum, plenty of ammunition, I have many is a butterfly knife and a switchblade and a metal baseball bat and trust me, I know how to use all of them. (these are for 3 women's protection.) Now being serious, I would hate for somebody to break in on us. Love ya. Oh yeah, they wouldn't need prison then, would they? Love ya.
Milkshake01/30/0912:31pmPat, what are exactly "chain gangs?" Are the prisoners all chained together????
Milkshake01/30/0912:10pmThanks Joanna and Amanda for the advice on the feet. I am going to start on this tonight when I go to bed. Hopfully, they will feel better soon. It's so dog, Hannah also has dry, itchy feet. Is there another Amanda? Now this is getting funny.
Amanda01/30/099:59amMilkshake and Pat Ive a Guillotine in my house waiting for the both of you,s
Milkshake01/30/098:58amOkay, Now I am serious and LAUGHING sooooo hard!! That wasn't me that said I have an electric chair for Pat and Amanda, but that a little funny!! To the other milkshake: Come out and tell us who you are!
Pat01/30/096:07amI just looked up chain gangs. Arizona stills uses chain gangs, but it is a women's prison.
Pat01/30/095:26amMilkshake, for pre-meditated murder, they should get at least 25 yrs. If caught in the act of trying to murder someone, yes, death penalty. Too bad our prisons pamper, instead of giving out HARD LABOR. Fake Milkshake, thanks for the offer, honey. Be, that is Hard Labor. We used to have prisons with the chain gang, but they stopped it, because it was considered inhumane. good morning, everyone.
Amanda01/30/095:07amMilkshake one of the best things I have found to do is to gently clean your feet and then take a heavy type of lotion, coat your feet in them and then get some platic bags like you get when you shop at Wal_Mart and put those over your feet, then socks over that. If you can manage it sleep with it on. It usually helps. If you are using a lotion with mineral oil in it don't use only sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate would be better off using straight olive oil. As far as premeditated all honesty it would to me depend on the motive. was the killer the previous victim of the person they killed in some way that is significant..were they raped by member or spouce killed etc. In other words were there circumstances that drove them to it? I am not saying killing anyone is okay..but sometimes there are reasons that perhaps life without parole is far more suitable. Now, if it was over business or something like that..nope..just give them the injection. I think in order for them to be eligable for the death penalty they have to be shown to be a person that is a very real threat to the community at large.
Be01/30/094:00amI'm from Brazil, and we don't have death penalty nor lifetime penalty in our country. I believe in lifetime penalty, including "stone breaking and loading", if you understand my english.
Milkshake01/30/091:27amPat Ive an electric chair in my house waiting for you and Amanda
Carla01/29/0911:27pmI voted yes. I believe in the death penality.I am from the United States. I believe if we had a more harsh death penalty there would be less crime. I am from Mississippi. In our state we have lethal injection. To me that is just not fair..the easy way out. Two of my cousins were murdered nothing was ever done. I am not even sure if they are even serving time.
Joanna01/29/099:20pmFor dry cracked feet - lather your feet in vaseline and put on 100 percent cotton socks before bed - you wont believe how much better they are in the morning :)
Milkshake01/29/097:56pmI know this is off the subject.......BUT does anyone know of anything that will help dry, cracked feet?? Or any remedies for dry, cracked feet? My feet hurt and I've been using alot of lotion and it's not working. Somebody HELP!! Please!
Milkshake01/29/097:24pmOkay, What about premeditated murder?? If someone had a well-thought-out plan to murder someone and was caught; do you think he/she should face the death penalty? I say yes. Or if someone were caught in the middle of the actual murder, like in the middle of stabbing someone, but the person didn't die; I still feel that person should face the death penalty. Hmmmmm. I wonder what Obama says??
Pat01/29/093:42pmFixing to leave work, had to get some things done. Milkshake, don't ever think that I would believe something like that. I know that's not who you are. I think some don't like the people in here that can really get along. You're a sweet girl. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has seemed so long to me. Talk tomorrow, sweetie. Everyone, has a nice evening or morning depending on which side of the world you are on. Bye.
Milkshake01/29/093:28pmIt's been ignored, Amanda. Anywho, people can change, but when the death penalty is used it's for person's who don't deserve a second chance. It's for those who cannot and will never change.
Pat01/29/091:35pmAll I can do is laugh, you nut.
Amanda01/29/091:19pmPat..are you trying to give me nightmares and therepy??? LOL
Pat01/29/0912:24pmAmanda, just think for a minute about our judicial system.
Amanda01/29/0911:32amMilkshake they are doing that to get a rise out of you..just ignore it. Pat you're right..that was a farce of a trial..but irony (karma) won out..he is now guilty of armed robbery..I do agree with the death penalty. When you think about it the lack of harder sentancing for criminals has led to what we have today. On child molestation you can molest 5 kids. You might get 7 years a kid. You will do about a year and a half all together. Now they have prioven over and over there is no rehabbing sex offenders. Why are they still alive?
Pat01/29/0910:17amMilkshake, if I had seen this before you said anything, I would have known automatically that it wasn't you. I don't believe in demon possession, but I never said that I believe demons can show up in human form. This is an example. All this person has done is caused it to backfire on them in some way. We may never know about it, but they will know when it backfires. If it is from a woman, then she is a hairy creature with moles and pustules on her body and if it is from a man, then his privates will shrivel, unless they were already like that.-laughing so hard!!! Don't worry at all. We are friends.-still laughing at the pictures in my mind!!!
Ed01/29/099:56amHey Milkshake, we know that you would never say anything like that about our sweet Pat. No worries your still our Peep. :)
Milkshake01/29/099:16amFrom the real Milkshake!:..................PAT, I NEVER SAID THAT! Someone came on here borrowing my name AGAIN! Someone must really like picking on me and is extremely immature. I wouldn't be surprised if this person hates himself/herself so much that they may end up on death row some day. A person that hates themselves that much usually is violent and erratic. So everyone, especially my sweet friend, Pat: Ignore the idiot that borrowed my name. I'm the real Peep, the real Snort, and the reeeaaalll MILKY!!
Milkshake01/29/098:56amPat needs a lethal injection
Pat01/29/098:10amAmanda, that was funny and considering the fact that more in every race knows he is guilty of the murders than the ones that don't.
Amanda01/28/096:30pmI can see that Zera..but now a days we are pretty good at knowing for a fact what is what...of course unless we are handling O.J Simpson.
Pat01/28/091:44pmGood point, Zera.
Pat01/28/091:30pmWe also have to keep in mind the ones that have been put to death through the years that were innocent before DNA was discovered. I'm only talking about the ones that had only circumstantial evidence against them and imprisoned anyway or wrongly identified. They have already had several 25 yrs.-lifers set free due to DNA proving they were innocent. Just thought I'd re-bring that up again as a reminder.
Zera01/28/091:25pmDid ya guys EVER consider that webmaster has more to do on his site than make new polls 4 us 2 vote n debate on? Maintaing this site takes a LOT of work, n when u got a full time job already???
Pat01/28/0912:37pmSome of us are a tiny version of a movie for the rest. I don't care though. It's food for the soul.
Ed01/28/0911:50amBob you are right. I think maybe the pollmaster just likes reading all of our comments that time just ran away from him or her. Welcome to the group Bob!
Pat01/28/099:56amOhhh, okay. Yes, that is true. I think maybe the pollmaster might have been sick or maybe something sad happened and they just let this go for awhile.
Bob01/28/099:34amBecause he,s always keeps us hanging on for a new poll
Pat01/28/098:39amMilkshake, you are so funny. You are a nut! That made me giggle.
Milkshake01/28/098:02amYeah, Bob. What About Bob? Come out Bob. Where are you Bob? BOBBY?????
Pat01/28/097:03amBob, we don't understand your comment. 1- either you don't like the subject of the poll. 2- you don't like it when some of us discuss other things after we have voted and discussed the topic. 3- no one has harmed a family member or close friend. 4-or maybe it brings up sad memories. 5- or maybe you are at the stage that you can forgive. 6- COMPLETELY against the death penalty. 7- you are one of the criminals we are discussing. Let us know. The pollmaster(as Ed calls him/her) tries to find topics to discuss.
Ed01/28/095:24amI second that question Pat, why Bob?? I think it is a great poll. I have no sympathy for any criminal especially someone who murders or hurts anyone. I think they should be executed immediately after the trial and not wasting tax payer money sitting in prision. You may have that response because you have never had anything happen to you or someone close to you. Come out of your closet and look what is happening in the world and to our innocent children and women.
Amanda01/28/095:20amGood question Pat
Pat01/28/095:01amWhy Bob?
Bob01/28/092:24amHang the man who devised this poll
Amanda01/27/097:36pmI may be spiritual, but I live in a physical world. I look at it this way..why would anyone ever view it as 'spiritual' to allow those back into society that are known serious dangers. How does that equate spiritual. How is it spiritual to keep them alive and comfortable? Think about do that..the families of the victims and if the victims themselves are alive..that means that they now get to pay rent and food for the person that did whatevber they did be it killed one of their loved ones or raped or molested their does that ever balance the scale? How does that make anyone higher and more put killers and other predators out on the streets or to keep them up. If you don't like the death penalty, then I think their food and other and what have you should be 100% up to their own families. I think their families should have to pay rent for them too. Sounds mean? Well better them than the ones they accosted. Too..I bet a lot of them wouldn't get squat which would serve them right. I say just get them off the planet to protect the masses, ease over crowding and to give room for those that even though they may have screwed up, a fighting chance at some sort of rehab after they pay their debt to society.
Pat01/27/092:49pmAMEN, Amanda. I couldn't have said it better. Ed, I understand what you are saying. I wanted to make sure you're okay. (Not comparing, but just noting, my ex's name is Richard.) I thought your son was around that age and I am very sure he is a great kid. I just worry about him, too. I don't care for you calling me your angel, I just don't want anyone thinking you are putting me up on a pedestal. I know you're not and you know you're not. I thank you for the sweet compliment. Milkshake, the sheers for your closet sounds very pretty. It makes the room look kind of gypsy mystical, doesn't it? Yes, I'm sorry to say, that I am not to the spiritual point yet that I wouldn't do bodily harm if someone did something to one of my kids or any family member. Hey, I can use a few weapons. Love ya to everyone. Wallander, come back, Everyone is waiting.
Milkshake01/27/091:45pmHi Peeps....hee hee love that word! Thanks Zera for that cool, funny word. Pat, OMG! My drapes are red with beeds on top. It matches my bedroom. They're pretty cool. And Pat, I believe within a year to a year and a half your health will greatly improve!......I did my cards again for you. Ed, my son is 17. His father and I share joint custody. But at this time, he stays with his dad more. His dad is closer to my son's school, and so on....He's 15 minutes away from me; yet because of his age I don't see him as often as I would like. I am hoping once he starts college, I will have my own place then and he will move back with me. My son and I are very close. You know, I'm sorry to be blunt and harsh, but if anyone were to touch my son and really hurt him, I would be tempted to commit a heinous crime to the person that harmed my boy. Thank God for the death penalty. In order to keep our world in order we should punish the cruel and evil and protect the innocent from harm. That's my opinion.
Ed01/27/0911:32amHello Pat, I am not condemning myself, it is just when people hear me say my feelings on this issue it kind of scares them because they think I have no feelings and that I am a hard person. Which is actually not true. I am a big guy but love puppies, babies etc. I do work out my anger, I have my own gym in my basement and work out quite a bit. I ride my motorcycle when I can to relax. I am sorry I did not tell you my son's name it is Richard, but I call him Rick and he is 14 and a great kid. On another note I am sorry about what is going on with your health. I continue to pray that you will be ok. Remember you are an angel and God knows this and he also knows that we need you around to keep us in check, especially me. You, Wallander, Milkshake and Bam Bam have really helped me to share my thoughts and feelings and let me know that there are nice people out there who care about their fellow human beings. Take care my angel. I call you my angel which I hope you don't mind, because you are a caring individual. You worry about others when you have your own stuff to handle. In my book that is a special person. You are always in my prayers. :)
Amanda01/27/0910:51amYou know I for one do not think capital punishment is murder. It is a sentance that someone earned for themselves. The other alternatives to this is either keep building more and more prisons or keep letting poeopole out to commit more heinous acts. Whatr kills me is simply that if there was a dog roaming your neighborhood that bit people..well most would definately want the dog put why the hekll do we some how get it in our heads that the lives of Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacye and the like are somehow worth feeding?
Pat01/27/0910:47amHey Ed, I agree that should be how the prisons are. They should have prisons like Mexico has. That's probably why so many criminals come to our country, because everything is pretty much a bed of roses in our nation when it comes to the criminals. Even for our own criminals. Ed, quit condemning yourself for how you fell about the guy that killed your daughter. The Great Spirit(God) is not judging and condemning you. It is only natural to have those feelings. You can't work through them to find the peace you very badly need, until you let it run its course. No matter how long it takes. Do something to work the anger out when it comes. When you feel like crying, just let it flood. You will be able to find peace one day. You will never forget her, but you will have peace. So don't fight against your feelings, find healthy outlets for them. I'm thinking that your ex loves both of your's son, so she doesn't want to let him go, but if he is feeling unwanted, she needs to let him go with you, before his anger and hurt turns to drugs or crime. She needs to realize as hard as it is for her, and I know it must be, she is not losing him. He is with the other parent for awhile. How old is your son? 12-14 yrs. old? I go next week for another CT. The ENT doctor found abnormal growths, I just call them "somethings", high up inside both nostrils. Then he will set up surgery to take them out and do biopsies and exploratory. I'm pretty much nervous and trying not to be scared. This week I've finally come to the point that I am all cried out. I just keep telling myself over and over,"Miracles, miracles, miracles.......". Love ya.
Ed01/27/096:05amGood Morning Everyone! If we used the death penalty on any kind of case where people were hurt or killed we would have less crime. The criminals know that with all the red tape and the bleeding hearts out there, they have a chance on beating the rap. Prison time should be either death or life without parole and if it is life they don't get tv, libraries or any creature comforts. They should work on a chain gang and work from sun up to sun down and then put back in their cages. If they get death it should be taken care of right away, not years and years later. Criminals as far as I am concerned do not have any rights. They lost that when they overstepped their bonds by hurting or killing someone. An eye for an eye. The bum that killed my daughter is lucky I was not able to be in a room alone with him. He would of suffered by my hands and would be dead. I still think about that sometimes. I know that it is wrong to think that way. But my anger and pain have not eased at all. I am hoping that when I go to counciling with my son that they can help me deal with that. Pat how are you? Have you heard anything on the tests you just took? I hope Wallander is ok. We have not heard from him in a while. Milkshake what's going on? I talked to my lawyer and because of my son's age I have a great shot of getting him to live with me full time. My ex wife is upset that I want to take him, but her tool of a husband wants him gone. I have got to get my son out of there. I hope all you have a wonderful day and if you have kids hug them and realize how lucky you have it that they are there everyday. :)
Pat01/27/094:46amI agree with Tasha, I Wonder, and Shadow(I like your alias name, it's cool). Read my comment from 1-26 at 8:33am. Some comments later I made, I just can't let their comments go and not say anything. But some of us will still have other things to say about other things. Don't think that I don't read every comment. I do. Just stick in here until the poll and comments burn out. On a deep spiritual level that any of us are not at yet, yes, we wouldn't want the death penalty no matter what someone did. I don't mean the ones that stand outside the prisons when someone is getting the needles and they have signs of protest. But until then, human feelings are going to be strong about the death penalty, either for or against. I think the Great Omnipotent Spirit that always has been and always will be doesn't see things the way human reactions are on a human third dimensional level.
Shadow01/26/098:03pmI believe that the death penalty should include other crimes besides capital murder and high treason. It should also include rape and thievery when it is past a certain amount of money or a certain value.
John01/26/092:51pmStan is from England a limy Im from Ireland the USA is a great country not like a sponger loving hole where you come from PS/ take your smell out of Ireland
I wonder01/26/092:24pmI wonder how a question about the death penalty turned into a political discussion. I too wonder why some thing thast slurring someone is an okay thing to do. I am wondering as well if we can sort of try and stick more to the question.
Tasha01/26/092:23pmI voted no, wouldn't that make us guilty of a a terrible crime too. I'm not airy fairy, and do believe in strict punishment, but sometimes I feel it is easier to lock em up and throw away the key, than face the state of things that are happening in our world, the fact that a lot of people out there don't have compassion or a concience. maybe we could try to do something about that.....................
Pat01/26/091:45pmIf people only knew the TRUE AND REAL reason why America is turning into a sh**hole, BUT people prefer to walk around with blinders on.
Steve01/26/091:15pmStan I am sorry you feel the way you do about America. Even though we have a president and vice president I and many others do not want. We have to give the moran a chance. I am worried by what he is doing. He thinks he can get rid of oil, but again he is wrong. Electric, hybrid cars suck. Do you know that after 5 years you have to replace a hybrids engine!!! They don't tell you that when you buy the junks. I have a friend that worked for a Honda plant and found that out. He finally got some brains and quit that job. Electric cars will never work because you have to plug them in. Do you see businesses spending all that money setting up plugs for the cars of their workers. NOT! Or even a person who buys the car can you see spending the money to put in a special plug for the junk. NOT again. I drive a Dodge Ram SRT in the summer and a Dodge Durango in the winter months. I refuse to give up my vehicles to drive those puny pieces of crap just to save the so called environment. When I drive I want room and comfort not putt putt putt, or the engines sound like rice beeters, No thanks. The president and his cronies all need to turn in their big vehicles and drive a ford feista and get rid of air force one and take a commercial plane. You will never see that. They have to protect that moran. America is going down the tubes. It is going to turn out to be a s- - thole.
Pat01/26/0911:59amHi Amanda. I completely agree. Guys, bush is gone. Bye-Bye. Ciao. Adios. Bon Voyage. And Good Riddance.
Amanda01/26/0911:17amI voted yes. there are crimes I think that the death penalty is good for. I really don't care to have my tax money supporting child molesters,rapists,homicidal killers..etc. None of those people ever really pay for what they take away and what is far worse is that the just do it again and again. The death pentalty can be a great deterent.
Pat01/26/099:33amI had half of my comment typed in, then stopped for a couple of hours, then went back to it. Missed some of the later comments in between. Hi Ed, go in the last poll and read my one or two last comments. I am so very happy concerning you and your son. Now both of you can start to heal some.
Stan01/26/099:14amRex what a stupid thing to say. Bush was a good president. The only people who did not like him were the wacko sick liberals, like your entertainment fruit loops who cannot stay married to the same person for a month but your people follow there recipe for hate for a president that kept their F_ _ king asses from being blown off the face of the earth. They want to make the US a socialist society. Obama is a terrorist in sheeps clothing. I am from England and would not like to have a black terrorist for a president. The US has really sunken to a new low. He has no experience to handle anything except maybe to be a gardener. The Vice President is in the early stages of alzheimers so that twit is useless. What about the Jerk that wants to run the IRS. Hell he did not even pay his taxes for 4 years, but Pelosi and the rest of the radical liberals will vote the mother in. I thank my lucky stars I don't live in that hell hole, the United States and I feel sorry for the conservative's that have to put up with all the crap that will be coming and it will ruin the US even further. You wait and see it will not be the United States but probably China, who do you think Obama the ass is borrowing the money to put his stimulus package together and supposedly help the everyday american. It's a shame. I loved America till this happened. I hate to see a wonderful country go down the toilet.
Rex01/26/098:52amBush,s wife shaved down below and screamed "Look no more bush"
Pat01/26/098:33amI'M IN SHOCK...I don't know what to say...a NEW POLL!!!! Thank you poll master!!! Okay, I'm over the shock. First to Milkshake, from the last poll. I bet those beads will look really cool! We must have some of the same things in common. Zera, right after this I will check the mail and answer during noon my time. Jeff, let it go, it's over. bush is gone. Are you a person of high means that didn't get hit hard like most other people in the nation? He left with a VERY LOW disappoval rate. Now about the death penalty. Some people that are in prison for life or death row are being set free now that they have DNA to check to prove they were innocent. As long as there is absolute proof, I vote YES. Some heinous crimes: pedophiles(the horrific things done to kids that scar them for life, even babies), rapists(with virgins the pain is very unbearable, even women who are not virgins don't want to be forced and now real elderly women are getting raped), murderers, drug dealers(not for pot), abusers of family members(like my "dad"), drunk drivers that kill someone, the people that are beating old people now(how cruel and evil), people that are beating the elderly, racist killers, robbers that go in a home or business and badly hurt or kill someone. We should have penalties that fit the crime like some other countries have. Oh yea, firestarters and people that are killing the only home we have to live on. People that do VERY cruel things to make animals suffer. This is just my opinion.
Milkshake01/26/097:33amHi Peeps. Hi See. You're correct about ME. Snort......LOL
Telomere01/26/096:34amAs long as they keep using GENETIC TESTING and keep improving these crime-forensics methods to prove (or disprove) someone's level of guilt first. Too many times in the past, people have been later proven they were innocent - post mortem - with genetic testing done way too late. Such a shame!
Ed01/26/095:38amGood Morning Everyone! Thank God a new poll. This is an interesting one. Get off Jeff's back he is correct. Alot of liberals hated Bush from the beginning. He did not create all the problems we are in now. Clinton had alot to do with it....Bush is not in office now and we have a liberal who has no idea what to do. He is closing Guatamumo Bay Prision (Hope I spelled that right). Ok where is he going to put those terrorist murderers??? Bring them back to the states, what is he crazy!!!! Oh yea he also stated he would ship them back to their countries, wonderful so they can be set free and rejoin their terrorist groups. Smart move. And as far as torturing them so what!!! They have tourtered enough of our people, and service men. That's called war baby! See alot of you have never seen war and have no idea what your are talking about. I have. Enough said on that!!! Now back to the poll. I believe in the death penalty for drunk drivers that kill innocent people, murderers, rapists anybody that does bodily harm to another human being. End of subject. I have no sympathly for any criminal. You deserve what you get. That may be insensitive to some of you, but when you have had it hit close to home you would feel the same way. Now on a lighter note. How are you Pat, my angel. I hope you had a nice weekend and are feeling fine. Wallander my friend how are you? I hope everything is ok in your part of the world. Milkshake I hope you are fine. Did you get your closet door situation fixed. I wish I was close by I would of fixed the doors for you. I am in a very good mood today. My son spent the weekend and we had a wonderful time. He opened up a little and it was great. He is still having nightmares about his sister and we discussed about getting help for both of us and that I would go with him. He said yes. It felt like we became closer this weekend then in a long time. We talked, cried went fishing, walkedl, shot pool. It was great. He wants to move back home with me. He dose not get along with my ex's new husband. I guess he is a tool. I am going to contact my lawyer and get that started. I am sorry to talk and run but Max needs his exercise and I need to go to work. Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!
See01/26/091:48amTo Me its very obvious your not very bright
Pol01/25/099:27amJeff believe me you are the one in serious need of psychiatric help cookoo
Zera01/25/0912:16amI vote yes n will continued to do so. reason ive helped an old friend with finding evidence 4 murders committed. It was so cruel n vicious, so ... i have NO words 4 it. I found myself in the victims body, in her last hours. Such murderers, deranged sick perverted ........... only one vote, death! I also vote yes 4 other reasons, like the skanks who has fun making other people miserable bc they themselves r envious n jalous, they have NO conscience at all. A death trial would help, but i doubt it.
Milkshake01/24/097:10pmOkay........I vote yes. Like for example, an ax murder. Cruel, evil people should suffer a death penalty. I really have nothing more to say about this right now.
Jeff01/24/096:12pmThe Bush haters are going to find a big void in their lives now that he is gone. Especially now that the Iraq war has turned out to be a success and his approval ratings rebounded from it's lows 1 year ago. Comments like those made by China show how diabolically rabid some people can be. No matter what the topic may be, their obsessions with Bush will probably continue on indefinitely. I recommend getting professional psychiatric help.
China01/24/095:15pmI say yes starting with bush for starting a war we didn't need in the first place causing innocent ppl on both ends to lose their life if u ask me he is the number one serial killer in america!!!!
Me01/24/094:44pmO! Yes, especially for Hamas!
Tim01/24/092:06pmOh yes especially for the Israeli government

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