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I'm confident that the new stimulus bill will improve the economy when it's implemented.

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Wallander03/19/099:23amWhat i liked about Ed was that he was easily likable....but i at times, i can feel a little guilty about the fact that just 1 day prior to his death, he made a semi-angry/semi-humoristic comment, directed towards me, and i did not respond to it.....i still feel bad about that one little detail.
Amanda03/17/099:23amEd will be missed terribly.
Pat03/17/097:19amEd was buried Monday morning March 16th, 2009. His girlfriend, his son and his dog are miserable without him. I also feel a hole in my heart without him. I asked her to take one rose with a short note on it to lay on his grave. Please pray everyday for peace for them.
Wallander03/15/093:14amThat last comment sounded as if i was dictating something. Sorry. :-\
Wallander03/15/092:44amPat, it is NOT so much the fact that a member of my family died of heart-attack, that hurts the most today, but rather the life-circumstances that he was in, when it happened...not to mention the very location where it occurred. I won't go any deeper into that subject though. Just wanted to make that 'slight' distinction between the subject of heart-attacks as a whole, and the way it actually happened to a family member. It is the latter that left a big scar on me personally.
Yolanda03/14/0911:48pmI liked the name Gypsy for a pet.
Wallander03/14/099:50pmSorry, curiosity got the best of me there. I'll come again in the next poll. Rest in peace Ed.
Wallander03/14/094:48pmWas Ed your REAL brother Pat? Or did you mean 'brother' in a different way?
Wallander03/14/092:39pmZera, for now i'm going to AGREE with everything you said. That was VERY beautiful. Both you & Pat (& also Amanda & Milkshake) have managed to open the doors for me, since i made that crazy scene at the end of the last poll. Actually the word crazy is was the complete opposite of was more like political correctness & shame!!! And unfortunately it has had a rather contagious effect on everyone. I'm still being too correct right now, by giving the EXACT account of everything...i feel i am right at a point where i must take a leap of faith, to CRUSH the shame of my own life (long story!) & welcome that wonderful craziness of freedom....& to become fearlessly & shamelessly happy.
Milkshake03/13/0912:04pmI agree, Pat. This poll is too sad to stay. So I will not post anymore comments until this poll has changed. This is respecting Ed. Thank You.
Pat03/13/099:36amThis poll is too sad to stay. Out of respect to Ed, let's leave it in honor of him. Pollmaster, please give us a new poll. I don't think anyone wants to be here anymore. Please.
Pat03/13/095:21amLast night I cried myself to sleep. I woke up in the middle of sleeping, because I was crying in my sleep. My cats are very sensitive to my emotions. Especially the one named Gypsy. She was on me and doing that little twirp and licking my face and lightly nipping my nose. My three-legged cat named Precious was behind me meowing really loud. I had to love and pet all four of my cats that sleep with me before I took something to help me sleep.
Pat03/13/093:06amWallander, you and I have talked a little bit. We have brought a slow peaceful way between us. Give your opinions and thoughts. It it a sad place right now for all of us, no one is going to say anything to you. We are all grieving for Ed. No matter what happens, as far as my thoughts, all of us have come together as one for now. Ed had his ways, just like all of us have our ways, but I know that right now, he would want peace for all of us. My dear sweet brother and friend, a part of me has died with him. My big teddy bear.
Zera03/12/0910:39pmWallander, every1 is entitled to their mind n opinions. There is no presedence 4 a certain type of thinkings. If i were would the world we live in look at it does? Would the laws be as they r? Politics? Schools? healthsystem? No. So dont let some limited people keep u from uttering ur mind. I do it n get slammed, so what? just proves we r more openminded n open 4 more than 1 path of opinions n thoughts. A teacher once told me, The exact MOMENT when u DISAGREE and ARGUE, is when u move and develope. Its NOT when u agree or choose one way alone n say thats the truth. I reckon this is also an teaching of Ed´s. So Wallander dont let oneway street people keep u from speaking ur mind.
Wallander03/12/093:57pmI've been reading the posts by everyone else, and to me it was a clear testimony of how much Ed managed to impact us in these polls, however little we may have known him. But apart from that, this whole subject of heart attacks hits home VERY DEEPLY for me, & therefore it makes it double as painful if i think too much about it. I'm now going to let some blood flow back into my own life, because that is something i've learned from Ed...maybe it is a good thing NOT to be so afraid of openly showing your own temper & passion, once in a could have a healing effect, at least some of the times. Lets see how long(or short) i can stay away from the polls this time...
Bam Bam03/12/092:21pmI'm just saddened that we have lost one of our friends. We've all been sharing opinions and views for so long now and the fact that many of us have gotten past our views to be friends just goes to show what true humanity is. Ed didn't always agree with us but his opinions were valuable and whleheartedly honest. I will miss his comments and rhetoric. I know many of us in here are of different faiths. But, before a surgery I had (as I shared with many of you before) I've seen heaven. If it is indeed Ed is at peace and having the time of his life I'm sure. If it's okay and I don't want to offend but I believe this saying very much. I beleive it is true even in death because there is no pain and no sickness. Ed even though you've gone your words will live on in here and they will not be forgotten "Ed this ones for you! ...and He who is seated on the throne said, See! I make all things new…" (Revelation 21:5, AMP).
Zera03/12/0911:26amThis place has lost one of its greatest man ever. It wont never ever be the same again. Blessed B Ed, may you rest in peace among angels,. You´ll forever be in our memories and minds and not least hearts. Lord plz make Ed an angel, he earnt his wings. Amen!
Pat03/12/0910:34amI had to write something of how I feel,"Ed was a friend and brother. There will never be another. Today he died and how I cried. For now, there is no relief. For all the tears and grief. My heart screams in pain. But my friend he will remain." I feel so sad for his precious son, his little dog and his dear Sandy. I am so sad. I will miss his comments and his heated debates. It will be sad not to see his name in the polls anymore.
Milkshake03/12/098:35amEd and his family are in my prayers as well. I am so very sad. But there is a good side..........Ed and I'm sure we all know this, is in a very good, safe, loving place. We all love him and we will all miss him so much!
Amanda03/12/094:58amI cannot believe Ed is gone. I just got an email from Pat this morning saying he passed during surgery. I will miss Ed tremendously and he is in my thoughts on this dreary and cold day..aye I even think the weather marks his passing.
Pat03/12/094:14amI sent the email to Amanda and Milkshake that was emailed to me from his girlfriend and son. I can't think right now. I feel so weak. I can't move. A part of me has died. My heart is very sick right now. I can't hardly move.........
Pat03/12/093:48amED DIED!!!! HE DIED!!! HE DIED!!! OH MY DEAR GOD!!! ED DIED!!!
Milkshake03/11/0910:28pmI do agree, Zera. We do need a new poll. Getting sad in here. Need something that can brighten everyone up!
Zera03/11/0910:09pmThanx Milkshake., Yes long time since. Juss most yabs on here r like ohh man get REAL will ya! Ed I pray 4 ya pal. Pat Im here sugar. I see u i read u i hear ya. Any1 else howde doo. WEBMASTER NEW POLL PLZ NEW POLL PLZ oh shoot now i repeat myself AAAHHHHHHHH LOL
Lysistrata03/11/098:49pmYeeks-this **** is getting HEAVY...and online - where you should trust NO ONE.
Milkshake03/11/094:53pmJust got home and read the sad news and emails. I am shocked, sad, confused and don't know what to say right now. I can't believe this happened to Ed. I am praying right now that he makes it out alive and healthy. That's all I can say right now.
Amanda03/11/094:08pmPat thank you for emailing me about Ed. I am hoping the best for him and his family. I am hoping the best for all of us as well.
Wallander03/11/092:36pmObviously i misread your 1st post bad! May the man be THOROUGHLY healed soon. Ed is a GOOD man.
Pat03/11/091:41pmNo Wallander, not "may he rest in peace." I know you don't understand what that means. It means he died. I refuse to read that. Just say, "May he be healed." I know you are meaning to be nice.
Wallander03/11/091:28pmI'm trying to figure out why Ed was so enraged with me?? I know he was just being a Gentleman by defending Pat's honor, but i feel/felt there were MORE to his anger than just that! Whatever i tried to do, to mend the situation, just made him more & more angry with me!?? Now i'm left with a mixed feeling...i just wished i could help him out with whatever it was that was bugging him! For whatever it was worth (to him), i ONLY had/have good thoughts of the man. My only regret is, that i did not do ENOUGH to try to calm him down, every time he was upset...but i was under the impression that he did not like my way of dealing with anger...he loved to show his own anger openly, while i tried to analyze my way thru it & explore the open wounds...which may have made him very frustrated?? May he rest in peace now...& may God forgive me if i let the man down, without even being aware of it!! :*((
Pat03/11/0911:19amThank you, Wallander.
Pat03/11/0911:00amI sent the proof to Amanda and Milkshake of the email to me from his email address that his girlfriend and son sent me. Please pray.
Tammy03/11/0910:48amIt seems that the only people who are going to benefit from the new stimulis bill are the banks and just like always us hard working middle class(that is those of us who still have jobs) will have to pay for it. CHANGE yeah right. The only thing that has changed is we have a bigger deficit. Way to go!!!
Pat03/11/0910:26amPEOPLE!!! I'm dying here!!! Someone please acknowledge, I feel alone right now. PLEASE!!!
Pat03/11/0910:14amI am very happy for you, Wallander. I want you to be happy and have great peace. Now on a very sad note to everyone. Ed had a massive heart attack and they don't expect him to live. I AM DYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! This news is like me losing a flesh and blood brother. I know it is going to effect all of us in a horrible way. I want all of us to have a strong prayer vigil for him to live. He can not leave us. His girlfriend and son contacted me. The both of them need our prayers, also.
Wallander03/11/098:50amI'm doing great. Hope you're all doing fine as well. You know, it's dawned on me that there is some kind of a magic in here...when you write positive things about yourself & your life, they turn out to be real. Anyways i'm in a happy place in my life, and i'm content with everything, because whatever i ask for, i receive. How neat is that! :-))
Milkshake03/11/096:56amYes, Zera. Thank you New Poll. Wow! Long time no see.
Amanda03/11/096:37amGood reply Pat. I think it is funny how some people are like that. Just shows they have no life and nothing of true value to add doesn't it? Thanks for the emails this morning and I am glad you are doing better!
Wallander03/11/092:15amIts not me
Zera03/10/0911:03pmNEW POLL PLZ THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milkshake03/10/0912:27pmCool! I can't wait to find out who it is. Maybe it's The Beav! Then we have Wally and The Beav!! LOL
Pat03/10/0910:41amAmanda, the response was within 24 hrs. So we'll see.
Ed03/10/0910:29amPat we all know it is Wally as Amanda calls him. He is upset about the previous truths I spoke about him. That's why he is commenting about me. What a putz. Sweet Milkshake thanks for your nice comments about my ladyfriend. She is actually very nice and really does look out for me and my son. I actually keep a very clean house for a guy. Now my garage or work room is a mess, but eventually I will get to that. It's funny I still can find all my tools even when they are all over the place. I am running out of project to do at my house. I guess I will have to work more on my cabin this summer. My furniture and TV equipment come this Thursday so I am excited to get it put together. I have a crew coming in to set up the TV and surround system it should be awesome when everything is in place. My son's spring break is coming up soon so we are planning to go up to my cabin and do some fishing. We will have alot fun and Max loves to go up there, he loves to ride in the boat. Take care my friends!
Pat03/10/0910:13amOh, I?, there is no sense in mocking my sister, because she is so above this level of communicating. Besides, being a kid, which is allowed to surf the net, doesn't speak well of your parents now does it? I sort of think you are below the ape level, also. Can only speak with little short sentences. Too much for your little brain. Man, it is good to be back.
Pat03/10/099:37amHey, I truly think the person that does this is really a teen or pre-teen. So let it go honey. It's okay. First, was ways to die, which was moronic, but cute. Since your parents let you play death and gore games and probably watch rated R movies and adult comedy every night. Now we can see the fruits and veggies you come up with. You must be into your veggie tales scene now. So am I next? Most of us have each others email addresses and can talk that way, who would you have fun with next?
Amanda03/10/099:18am..and he goes back to the childish crap again..whooppeee..well wally you should really learn to think before you act otherwise we all would not know the details of just what kind of lowlife you really are. BTW..I never actually said she shared the emails..only that I know you sent them and of course there are the nasty things you said here. Just goes to show peopole get together, compare notes and come to a conclusion..that you are a total waste of time and energy.
Milkshake03/10/098:16amI can't believe this!! Are You an adult, (I?)? I am so sick of this! First we have Wallander the deer, who is looking for his beav; then we have (I?) the goat, who is looking for his/her banana? Jeeeez! Why don't the both of you go live on a farm? Anyway, Ed, I am happy to hear the great news about you and your son!! And your lady friend is right! Men can't clean well and can't do laundry......hee hee.
Ed03/10/097:40amWhoever I? is, your a chicken sh!t. Can't use your real name. Well we all know who this is so guess what, kiss my ass you ****. :P
I?03/10/097:15amEd is a banana
C?03/09/0910:31amHello brother and Pat's other friends.I read the messages to her. I told her not to give me a long message, that she can talk tomorrow all she wants. Ed, there is no keeping Pat home. She told me to tell you that she is happy everything is coming together in your life and your basement. She said to kiss Max for her. Milkshake and Amanda, I didn't know that the 3 of us are Sagittarians! She told me this past weekend. Wallander, we always carry around arrows. Pat told me to tell you that she didn't send all the emails out to everyone. She can be around wild animals so much, until they trust her and hang around her. Which is the honest to Goddess and God truth. Even when we were kids. She told me the deer has nothing to fear from her. Pat told me to tell you she forgave you and has mended. She said she just can't trust you anymore. You didn't make her sick, she has been sick over a year now. She can say more tomorrow. I'm done.
Ed03/09/099:27amC tell Pat not to rush back. She needs to make sure She is ok to do that. From what you are telling us, she is not ready. Give her our love and tell her we are waiting for her patiently and that we do not want her to over do it.
C?03/09/098:50amPat is determined to be here tomorrow. I didn't know the doctor took the packing out Fri. She has bloody gunk coming out of her nose and she is having really bad headaches. Mom called the doctor and he said that is normal. I went and got a prescription for her headaches. They help her to sleep, too. She said her nose hurts bad, but she wants to be here. I don't believe she will last the day out.
Ed03/09/093:06amGood Morning Milkshake, Amanda, Bam Bam and of course my Sweet Angel Pat! Before I really lose my cool. Wallander you could be a deer if you want to just make sure you run in front of my Dodge SRT10 truck and I will make sure I put you out of your misery, you know deer in the headlights.....Noone feels sorry for you. You played us all and I for one could care less about your feelings at this point. I don't think any of us should waste our time with you. We will never be your friend because we cannot trust you. Try another site to see if others will be willing to take on your so called friendship. You can't play with people like that. Now enough of that....How are you Milkshake, Amanda, Bam Bam and My Sweet Angel Pat (I will include her because I know she will be reading this when she gets better). I worked more on my basement and I am almost done. I am waiting for the furniture and new TV and equipment to arrive this week. My son is really doing great, him and I are really doing well as two bachelors. That's what he says. I am teaching him to cook, clean, laundry etc. I want to make sure when he gets older he can take care of himself. My ladyfriend thinks it's cute and teases us that at least when we wash our clothes we know how to separate clothes and we don't put to much soap in. I hate to tell her that I know how to wash clothes, cook and clean. It makes her happy to try and teach me so I let her. I don't want to hurt her feelings. Well I have to go to work Have a Good Day!
Wallander03/08/099:16pmAmanda, even if i don't wear my anger on my sleeves all the time, i'm still flabbergasted that Pat would actually be sharing the contents of my emails to her, with you & everyone else??! The only thing that is keeping me from losing my cool now, is the fact that i don't see any of you ppl in real life. You can call me an escapist but i refuse to write negative angry words in these je pense trop à ce sujet, je crains que je vais être très en colère.
,l03/08/096:50pmEVERYBODY loves me - everybody LOVES me - everybody loves ME
Milkshake03/08/0911:06amSorry Wallander. But there's NO comparison between you and a deer. LMAO!
Wallander03/08/0910:19amPat got hurt by me because i could not overcome my own anxieties & fears. The reason i sometimes SEEM LIKE a hurtful, or "evil", or a selfish character, is because i often behave like a deer in the can seldom come near it...either you'll get frightened by it, or it will get frightened by you... But might i also say AGAIN, that i NEVER imitated ANYONE from the polls. That is just NOT true. Having said all that, i DO acknowledge EVERYTHING you said about me Amanda. At least I do acknowledge your feelings. I'm still going to be stubborn & say that sooner or later you will ALL get to like me (& trust me)...even if i don't participate in the polls very often again.
Amanda03/07/093:13pmWallander my issue is you are trying to play down the extent of what you did to ALL of somehow new poll means new chance. Not hardly. You just are a rude and hurtful person and that is all there is to it. You don't really care about Pat or me or Ed or Milkshake or any of us. If you did you would not have sent Pat those horrendous emails and you would not have imitated all of us and said horrid things. Any person that has any form of conscience would not have done that. are acting like we owe you something..forgiveness..well here is a little lesson about that. I can forgive what you have done..but..that does not mean that I like you, trust you or believe anything you say. You have proven to be untrustworthy and selfish.
Wallander03/06/095:14pmThanks Bing. I'm going out to get sh*t-faced drunk now.....let us all have a good weekend...
Bing03/06/093:32pmPat will be fine
Wallander03/06/093:13pmWell Amanda, this spoiled brat was just trying to get Pat to feel a little better...since i thought maybe it was I who caused her to get sick. I am awfully sorry for whatever it is YOUR problem is--and believe me, i wished i could help--but the only reason i posted comments today, was when i read that Pat had been in a coma!!! I thought maybe it was I who......ARRRGGGHHH forget it.....screw you too Amanda.
Milkshake03/06/093:09pmHey Wally! Where's the Beav?
Amanda03/06/091:51pmWallander imitates many different people and says vicious all of us and about all of us and thinks it was what...a joke..totally turns on milkshake and says horrible thinga bout her attitude toward her dad..basically does a schitzo flip..and I don't get it. I don't need your repsect wallander..but then again you have no respect for yourself so respecting anyone else is totally out of the question. For someone who 'never wanted a dominant roll in here' to use your words you sure are full of yourself..poor wally boy has some issues. As if the rest of the world owes you something..get off the net..on the meds and just dry up and blow away buddy.
Wallander03/06/0912:41pmI hope to see Pat in here soon...sound & healthy, & as vibrant as ever. And whatever you're thinking of me C, you probably have good reasons to do so...i am VERY VERY SORRY for breaking Pat's delicate heart. But if there is anything at all positive in all of this, is that the owner of a broken heart, is so much better & stronger than the owner of a lonely heart. I feel like the latter myself, unfortunately, but Pat is the former, & that makes her the winner in all this.
Milkshake03/06/0912:07pmHey Ed! I was just kidding at the end of my staement about me being a democrat and liking Obama. I do like Obama. I was just trying to end my statement in an uplifting way and to let you know I'm the same ole Milkshake and I like to tease you. But I really meant what I said about Pat! I'm so thankful she's alive and she's doing fine. She's just a really neat gal. She has a really cool energy about her. I don't know what it is...I just like Pat alot. Nice to meet you, C.
C?03/06/0911:27amUs women are tired, but strong. We have been through a lot of things in life. I called mom and asked if Pat was awake. I read all the comments to her. I know she is miserable right now. She's crying right now while I read everything to her. Its a happy cry. She's glad that everyone was nice. She said to tell everybody that she loves you and misses you. She told me to print all the comments for her and bring them to her when I close today. Let me tell you my sister is so soft and sweet and sentimental, but a wild cat, too when pushed to anger. It takes a lot to get her there, but when she is, watch out. She is a wild, free spirit and cries if anything is suffering. People, animals, bugs, trees, the ocean. Goddess, I could go on and on. She will probably want to kill me for this when she reads it. When we were kids she would pray the longest prayers because she would start from the top of the list to the bottom. Including bugs. We always tease her about that, but now she has us thinking that way. We love each other very much. She said That she can have her friends with her this weekend. Milkshake, I didn't get upset with what you said, she had already explained everything to me before hand. Pat said for everyone to write more to her today and then she said go back to the debate. She told me to read that to her, too. She laughed and wished she was here. She said go Amanda! She said very nice Wallander. I won't tell you what I think of you, because I wouldn't want her to read that. She is more forgiving than me. I know you broke her heart. She has the softest heart more than anybody I have ever known. She changed me and our mom to her way of thinking about life. Milkshake, forget what you said, its not important. She knows you were being protective. I know that, too. Ed, it is nice to meet you. I'm glad for a giant brother. That is what she calls you and somthing about an animal she said not to mention, but you would know. Jeff, she said you and anybody else that wants her email can have it. It is Goddess, she writes a lot, doesn't she? I had to write everything down she wanted said. I told her let's make it shorter. Pat said this is short. I never write this much. She told me she writes novels in here sometimes. I want to write a book and Pat said this is good practice. Dear Goddess, I believe it. This is all I can do. Thank you again for your prayers. Pat is fine. I'll print everything out at 6:00. That's when we close and I go home.
Ed03/06/0910:52amSweet Milkshake no need to apologize and the fact that I am a republican and you are a democrat and you like Obama does not bother me. I think it makes life interesting. Your a very nice person and I only want the best for you, and you are my friend for always. Amanda, you are also a terrific person and I love our conversations on politics etc. Just because we disagree sometimes does not mean I don't value your thoughts and opinions that is what makes you great to know and I hope we are friends. Wallander you hurt Pat and I will never forgive you for that. She is an Angel with special gifts. You also befriended me when I was low and I thought you were a sincere person, well I know differently now. You cannot be trusted with that special gift called friendship. Take Care My Sweet Friends, Milkshake and Amanda and a special prayer for My Angel Pat!
Wallander03/06/0910:50amAmanda, the ONLY reason i'm still holding onto my respect of you & your person, is that i can see clearly that your complaint about me, is NOT very well thought out..or well-informed! I was NOT the person who was impersonating others in here...BASTA! I did use a few alternative nicknames for a little while at the beginning, but i was NOT trying to harass ANYONE...after that, somebody else in here started trying to 'frame' me by posting under fake ID's, & i must say, they have apparently succeeded now. I still respect you Amanda, but if you're trying to imply with your complaint, that you don't really need/want my respect...well, i will respect that..i won't try to hold high regards for you (or others) from now on...sorry, my bad. AND i'm NOT going to complain about myself anymore, either. Now lets all move on, thanks.......
Wallander03/06/0910:09amI thought maybe Pat was going thru the same things i recently have been going thru, therefore i wanted to give her a tip or two from MY side of the story[i.e. staying offline for a few days]. But maybe i was wrong? Maybe it is GOOD for her to drop by in here more often? In any event, i didn't mean anything bad with my last comment Ed. You may be right about a few things you mentioned about me, and i won't hold it against you or anyone else who may think the same. But i've NEVER intended to hurt ANYONE in here, and if i have, it is totally accidental. But as crazy as it may sound, i still understand you guys disappointments. I do have A LOT of problems in my own personal life, incl. psychological baggages from the past..and i delude myself by trying NOT to let it effect my own mood so much..& sometimes it doesn't work & ppl can see thru my person..and THAT annoys me somewhat. But all in all, i never wanted to have such a dominant role in here...i just wanted to be 1 of the voices in the crowd who contributed with a few positive inputs. And later on i learned that my "positivity" was being perceived negatively by everyone else. So right now i am trying to figure out which side of me is best appreciated in here. Man, i'm getting so sick of talking about myself so much. I'm just trying to fit in the BEST way i can.
Amanda03/06/099:47amI agree with Ed about Wallander. It is pretty sad when you come in, impersonate others and cause such needless pain and drama. It is nothing but selfish and juvinile and personally Wallander, I am not as nice as the others..I could really give a squat less now about your issues and how you feel about yourself..this isn't about you at all and you pretty well are on my bad side and that is where you will stay. You cannot be trusted and are genuinely a mean spirited person..all the evil and nasty things you said to pat and milkshake..shameless and being a coward hiding behind names..pitiful really. I am glad to know Pat is doing well and the coma could have been from the anastesia used. I had a heart attack from anastesia just run risks when you get up under..and again..tell pat I am happy she is doing well and am looking forward to more of her emails..she is genuinely a sweetheart.
Milkshake03/06/099:27amYou know, I really hate what I said to C...Pat's sister. I feel like an idiot; because without thinking, I believed she was that same impersonator on this poll. I feel like crap. I hate Pat's not here. I really hate she was in a coma. Ed, I'm sorry too. Please forgive me. I'm the same way......Once you're a friend of mine, you're a friend for life! But Ed, I hate to tell you this, I am a democrat. And I like Obama.
Ed03/06/098:17amWallander you have hurt alot of people by your antics and I for one am still pissed off about it. You said hurtful stuff so how can you expect people to take you seriously and also want to be your friend. If you have mental issues you need to see a doctor and get some meds to control that other side you were portraying.. I myself thought of you as a friend, and I am the type when you are a friend it's for life. You ruined that, so I will be civil because that is the right thing to do. Everyone have a Nice Day!
Wallander03/06/097:34amI'm so so sorry to hear about Pat's condition. She means so much to this little online community. The emotional things that have been going around in here recently have been far too intense, and i suspect this is what has caused Pat to get sick. I myself was hit hard sometimes ago, therefore i tried to minimize my visits in here after that anti-climax. Also, i learned that i need to be much much more positive in the way i'm talking about myself, because after all, the words we use to describe ourselves with, effect ourselves much more than we realize it. It's a good thing you're keeping Pat off-line for a while C...we all need to disconnect our minds with this hasn't been easy for me, and i've been thinking A LOT about Pat in particular, everytime i've been off-line...but it's slowly gotten better by now. I'm looking forward to hearing from herself by next week. For now, just let her re-gain her normal blood-pressure by keeping her mind occupied with other things than this place. Thanks. Love her. Love ya all.
Bam Bam03/06/094:58amI have to go read the entire stimulus. This poll is getting good! Wow guys...I'm totally missing out. Has anyone heard from Pat yet? I hope she is okay. Have a good day all!
C?03/05/095:05pmIts alright. I told Pat that I didn't stay around for answers. Did I hear about it? Her daughter stayed to take care of the business end tonight. I'm taking her home. Pat is home and the doctor said they don't know what it was that caused the coma and how she woke so soon. She argued with them and they gave her a clean bill of health and let her go this evening. We don't know anything else, except she is fine. She is miserable with the packing. Its not much packing. She is sore and grumpy, but we don't care. She talks about everybody in here and she told me to make sure and tell you that she loves you. I feel like a snoop, but I don't bother her privacy. I didn't want to have my name in here, but she said let Ed know then everybody would know. She told me about the fake stuff. She wants to come back Monday, but we have put our foot down and said no way. She said she would not work and stay on the computer and email, we still told her no. our mom is staying home with her tomorrow and next week. Thank you for your prayers. She was awfully nervous about this surgery, but she is fine. Don't worry. She told me to be sure and say hello to our brother. Hello Ed. I'm wore out, so we are going now.
Milkshake03/05/093:33pmOkay..........oh My God!! I made the biggest mistake. I am so sorry. Please forgive me everyone. Please forgive me C. And especially, please forgive me Pat. I thought you were that same impersonator again. I made a mistake. I just can't believe it. Please send Pat my love. I apologize once again, C. I'm protective of Pat and of everyone else on here. I just saw success in Pat's surgery; so it was a shock to me about a coma. Once again, forgive me. Pat, we all love you and miss you!!
Jeff03/05/092:41pmC, please let Pat know that I'm praying for her. Her and her family (and you of course) are in my thoughts and prayers.
Ed03/05/091:33pmMilkshake C is for real. Hey Sister #2. My God, are you sure she is ok. Please give her my love and that I am thinking of her and miss her terribly. I will be praying she recovers quickly. C thanks for letting us know about My Angel Pat.
Milkshake03/05/0912:51pmI don't know who you are, C? But your statement better be the truth. If it's not the truth then you are a dangerous person and we will find out who you are. I don't believe she was in a coma. I think you are a lier and jealous.
C?03/05/0912:46pmI'm Pat's sister. She said Ed will know this is real. He knows my name and how long I've been married. Pat is doing good now. Her surgery was delayed until 10:30 yesterday morning. She was irritated and nervous. She was in a coma until 1;00 today. we were afraid of losing her, the doctors didn't know why it happened and how she came out of it like she did. 1 doctor told us it was God and we know that it was. She wanted everyone to know she is alright. Are there any messages for her?
Amanda03/05/ he likes a we;lfare reform bill better? Stated the other had problems and didn't like it..and that is an issue why? So he signed a bill to REDUCE the welfare rolls? You're right..the man is a monster. Geez when will you people learn that people change their minds? I do it all the time. Obama Shifts on Welfare Reform Email Share July 01, 2008 12:19 AM ABC News' Teddy Davis and Gregory Wallace Report: Barack Obama aligned himself with welfare reform on Monday, launching a television ad which touts the way the overhaul "slashed the rolls by 80 percent." Obama leaves out, however, that he was against the 1996 federal legislation which precipitated the caseload reduction. "I am not a defender of the status quo with respect to welfare," Obama said on the floor of the Illinois state Senate on May 31, 1997. "Having said that, I probably would not have supported the federal legislation, because I think it had some problems." Obama's transformation from critic to champion of welfare reform is the latest in a series of moves to the center. Since capturing the Democratic nomination, the Obama campaign has altered its stances on Social Security taxes, meeting with rogue leaders without preconditions, and the constitutionality of Washington, D.C.'s, sweeping gun ban. The shift in Obama's rhetoric on welfare reform has proceeded in stages. When former President Bill Clinton was poised to sign welfare reform while running for re-election in 1996, Obama called it "disturbing." A decade later, as an underdog running for president against Clinton's wife, he spent 2007 avoiding the subject. By the time Obama emerged as the Democratic frontrunner in the spring of 2008, he began leaving the impression that he was for it all along. During a 1996 interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Obama could not conceal his disappointment in his fellow Democrat. "Bill Clinton? Well, his campaign’s fascinating to a student of politics. It's disturbing to someone who cares about certain issues. But politically, it seems to be working," said Obama. Calling himself a believer in "making lemonade out of lemons," Obama co-sponsored a 1997 bill approved by the Illinois legislature and signed by the governor which made changes to state programs to help move people from welfare to work. He made clear at the time, however, that he probably would have opposed the federal welfare overhaul. Speaking on the floor of the Illinois state senate, Obama described his on-going concerns as including a lack of job training, insufficient oversight, and provisions blocking legal immigrants from receiving benefits. While the states played an important role in helping people make the transition from welfare to work, the truly controversial decision which sparked the dramatic reduction in the welfare rolls was the one made by Clinton at the federal level. The bill passed by a Republican Congress and signed by Clinton included work requirements and time limits. It included fewer supports for people moving from welfare-to-work than Clinton had originally envisioned. Though later restored at the federal level, it also included an end to benefits for legal immigrants which both Clinton and Obama found objectionable. Clinton said it was far from perfect legislation. But unlike Obama who looked at its flaws and said he probably would not have supported it, Clinton signed it. "Today, we are taking an historic chance to make welfare what it was meant to be, a second chance, not a way of life," said Clinton at the 1996 bill signing. While campaigning for president in 2007, Obama refused on two occasions to say if he would have signed the same welfare-reform bill approved by the husband of his top rival. After addressing the International Association of Firefighters on March 14, 2007, Obama told ABC News, "I tend not to look back to what would have been done 10 years ago. We’re talking about what I’m going to be doing for the next 10 years." When ABC News posed the same question four months later, Obama again refused to answer. "I’m not going to re-litigate what happened back in the 90s," said Obama at a July 17, 2007, press conference in Washington, D.C. "I'm talking about what's going to be happening going forward." "Bill Clinton isn't on the ballot," he added. Once he had become the Democratic frontrunner in the spring of 2008, Obama signaled that he had always backed the 1996 welfare reform. Asked if he would have vetoed the reform measure, Obama told The New York Times in a story published on April 11, "I won’t second guess President Clinton for signing." Now, with the Democratic nomination firmly in hand, Obama is going one step further. In an ad airing in 18 states, including 14 carried by President Bush in 2004, Obama is celebrating a reduction in the welfare caseload made possible by legislation he originally opposed.
Jeff03/04/092:51pmOne of the good things that came out of the Clinton Presidency was welfare reform. Obama is reversing that policy 100%. It's a real shame because it destroys people's lives. Look at how much damage the so called war on poverty has caused, specifically in the black community. 10 trillion dollars of wealth distribution since it's inception, and it destroys the family unit because single parent families depend on government rather than both parents to survive. I think its about 70% of black fathers are not available for their families? Remember that woman who recently had Octuplets? She now has 14 kids and no father or job to help raise them! That woman was propped up each time she had a new baby and now tax payers are funding 14 kids. That's what you get when government rewards people for bad behavior. We need LESS government not more!
Ed03/04/092:18pmSorry I and millions of others do not want to pay more taxed for undocumented immigrants. Deport them! Welfare folks also need to get off their dead buts and get some type of job to help support themselves. It is not the way of the world. We live in a capitalist society in the US, well until now with Obama Mama at the helm who the hell knows what is going to happen to us. We know we are all looking at a socialist society. Poor Amanda getting so upset by the truth we are talking about. Amanda I like you, but Jeff and I are not idiots we are conseratives and we know what Obama is offering is not good for a America. You need to get out of the honeymoon stage that he is a democrat and the first black man to hold the president's office. He has time for parties every Wednesday night he can make the time to meet with Rush. The articles you could post, I am sure they are all from a liberal news paper so they would not be worth the paper they are written on. Have a Good One!
Joce03/04/091:29pmIt will really help people who are dependent on welfare by increasing welfare spending. It will also help by providing more "free" medical services and such for poor undocumented immigrants. It will provide more government spending and increased government jobs as well. As far as the private sector is concerned, it will require increased taxes and more stringent regulations to help fund the above programs. It is a manner of "spreading the wealth around" or taking some from those who work, and giving it to others who don't. In other words, it is very socialist in practice. It seems that as far as the evolution of civilizations go, industrial progress is always followed by heavy government regulation and increased growth in the bureacracy. Such is the way of this world.
Jeff03/04/0912:33pmCalm down Amanda, no need for insults. Yes, Bush had a 25% rating or so, but Congress was around 12% approval rating and Democrats have been in the majority for 2+ years. Obama may have a high rating now, but like I said it's way off it's high and is declining steadily. Just give it time. If the economy recovers it will be despite this massive government spending and socializing agenda. His so called stimulus plan does absolutely nothing to help the private sector which is where wealth and prosperity is created. He's only been in the white house for a few weeks and his Government spending increases make Bush's 8 years of deficits look like a drop in the bucket. Just brace yourself for rampant inflation because the Government is spending trillions that it does not have and no one will be willing to buy our debt any longer. Taxing the "rich" will not even come close to making a dent. The so-called rich have been hit the hardest in this recession which means there is much less money out there for the government to tax.
Amanda03/04/0911:46amAt least obamas rating isn't at 25% like bushes was. His rating dropped because folks like you don't get the fact there is no quick fix for this mess we are in. The vast majority just thought that he could wave his magic wand and make all of it go poof..when are you going to learn that this crap is serious and I really don't think Obama really has time to meet with rush limbaugh..seeing as how a country that is in economic ruin kinda comes first. Ending this stupid war is kinda more important don't you think? Now..before the both of you start spouting stupid crap..I am certainly not afraid to post entire length articles on just what is going on then call the both of you idiots for not reading it.
Ed03/04/0911:25amHey Jeff, Obama would not meet with Rush, because Rush would verbally cut him a new one, which would great. Obama is also afraid of what Rush would ask. Your also right about the teleprompter. Obama doesn't travel with out an American Express card. :D
Jeff03/04/0910:52amI couldn't agree more Ed! Now that Bush is out of the picture the Democrats need a new person to demonize, so they are targeting Rush Limbaugh. He's not even an elected politician! It's scary when a President with all that government power starts targeting private citizens to try and divert attention from their unpopular socialist aspirations. Obama has actually mentioned Rush by name and has dispatched his posse to politically attack him. I just tuned in to Rush's show today and he is challenging Obama to a serious debate on the issues. Obama would never agree to such a debate without a teleprompter!
Ed03/04/0910:29amWay to go Jeff!!! You hit the nail right on the head. I also find this funny, Obama's cabinet, most of them cheated or did not pay their taxes and we are suppose to trust these idiots. NOT! Have you heard that the democrats are afraid of Rush Limbaugh. It's funny! All he said was that he hopes Obama's policies fail (which we all know will) and the dems are turning it around that he wishes Obama to fail. They are all idiots. Our so called wonderful president knows we are all hurting but every Wednesday he has parties at the White House with people like Steve Wonder in other words the radical liberal stars of hollywood. He needs to stop the spending of our money. Remember Obama does not care about any of us, his main objective is to make this beautiful country a Socialist society which his buddy Ayers will like.
Jeff03/04/099:22amIt's funny how Obama tries to pretend that he "inherited" a big deficit and bad economy when he voted for every spending bill that passed in the past 8 years. Obama's approval rating is steadily going down and with good reason. He is expanding the role of Government more than any other President in American history. Since his inauguration the Stock market has dropped 2000 points. Since his election this market has dropped 3000 points. The 2 months before the election the market dropped about 2000 points in anticipation of his victory. The stock market has dropped 50% since the Democrats took over Congress in 2006. The entire housing meltdown was a result of the Fannie and Freddie give-a-way policies that Obama heavily supported all through the Bush Presidency even as Bush tried to stop it. Obama is not doing anything to help the private sector. He is a big Tax and Spend socialist who is creating massive welfare entitlements that punish producers while rewarding non-achievers.
Amanda03/04/098:52amI might remind you Ed the whole bailout is Bushy boys idea..not Obamas. I might to remind you that he actually has done nothing to warrent impeachment. at this point I would wonder why you would like to see this country destroyed utterly. Bottom line is I guess you don't get it. This isn't like Bush saying we need another seven billion for this war..this isn't like Bush spending 36 billion dollars on six new war planes that have never been used..most likely won't be used and of course one of which crashed on take off..there was six billion of our dollars gone in a few seconds..but then again I suppose when you hold major stock in the weapons industry..well you have to make money now don't you? Bush and Cheney..yeah real American heros....NOT
Wallander03/04/098:21amYeah i'm such a tool alright!! (whatever that means Ed?! LOL) Best of luck with the surgery Pat. Hope your blood-pressure goes down...or up....or whichever way it is, it needs to be? This poll is doing just great....
Ed03/04/095:24amYes Amanda you are right we elected all of these idiots to run the government for us and where did it get us???? Now we are in a situation that needs experience, patience and honesty, which we do not have at the moment. I don't care if there is republican or democrat in office as long as they do what we want and not their own personal agenda. Obama Mama has his own agenda and it is to fail us the American people. The only people who will survive this mess are the people on welfare who do not pay taxes but get everything for nothing. Companies and people making 250,000. a year are looking for ways to lower their salaries so they don't get hit so bad with taxes so Obama Mama can give it to the welfare folks. Which also means no new jobs. His policies will make America not want to strive to better yourself in other words the "American Dream", of better pay, bigger house, vacations etc. Everything will be either owned or run by our crooked democratic government. We are all better off by going on welfare and not trying to achieve a better life for us and our families. Well I can see now that Obama Mama will be a one term prez. Who knows if he gets more of of hand than he already is maybe they will impeach him. What a wonderful thought. We should of all listened to what was going on during the election, his friends were shady, his background is shady, but people were pulled to him because he was a good liar. Well now we are in a pickle and we have to fight to get out and call or write our officials to stop the madness in Washington. We need bumper stickers that state IMPEACH OBAMA MAMA NOW!!! :D
Amanda03/03/093:37pmIf you want to be really technical about it you wanna know who's fault it is?? The American People!!! Thats right US! Why?? well where were we when all of this was going on? Were we keeping up with it or screaming at our governement to stop? Were we aware of what was being done on a local level in our local government or did we think our vote did not count so why bother? what did we fight against...where were WE as a PEOPLE??? Sitting at home playing on the Xbox or some other thing enjoying our lives and being entertained 24-7..
Pat03/03/092:08pmBye everyone. I am getting ready to leave. Hope to be back, in at least a week. I will miss all of you sooooo much.
Darcey03/03/091:57pmHi, everyone...I just happen to fall across this page. I usually don't look into votes or comments, but latley this subject has been a sore thumb, even to people like me who really don't talk about polotics. My personal opinion for this who stimulus package, The Gov't should of given a lump sum of the stimulus package to all the US Citizens 18 and older. Let are own people bail out the economy. Not only would we be putting money back into the economy the gov't would still get money back due to having to pay taxes on that money. This was such a simple solution to a horrendous problem. It really shocks me no one else has thought of this or even if they did think of it, why didn't they mention it?
Ed03/03/091:06pmMilkshare my sweet, it did start with "Slick Willie", if we want to really get technical it actually started with good ole Jimmy Carter, and we were able to handle things or they kept most of it from the people it started to get worse when Clinton got in office that we could not hide it anymore. Bush gets blamed because the demo's wanted that Tool (I like that word) you know the one who said he created the internet (Hee! Hee!) Al Gore what another tool to be president. Al Gore stomped his feet and pouted it was great! Hell his own state did not even vote for him. So the dems were upset that Bush won so they gave him a hard time so they blame him for everything. Hell I think Bush should be president again, it's better than the liberal pig Obama Mama. Milkshake and Pat my friends have a good evening. :D
Sarah03/03/0912:57pmIt's too bad we couldn't have gotten Ron Paul into office ~ Obama is just another puppet.
Tammy03/03/0912:32pmI agree with Ed! Obama was the wrong choice for this country! People wanted change but now we are going to get a change that will destroy this beautiful country. America is not Socialism, America is Capitalizm! People work hard to create businesses, money, but now who wants to work hard and then create businesses when the blood sucking government has their dirty hands in your pockets taking what you have earned and give it to some lazy no good for nothing welfare bum and the millions of kids they drop out each year. America will become socialist because people will lose the will to better themselves because they will be punished for it by taking their wealth and give it away. Hell it's like flushing it down the toilet! Shame on all of the moran's who voted for this creep.
Milkshake03/03/0912:31pmNow Ed, We can't blame Clinton. He's been out of office for the last 8 years. The only we can blame is Big Fat Bush.........Ha Ha...Hee.Hee..Na..Na
Pat03/03/0912:29pmIt started with bush, sr. Pres. O'Bama was sworn in on Jan. 20th, right? How is all this his fault? I remember it crumbling way before it was election time. It especially got worse through bush, jr.'s second term. The only reason he even got elected a 2nd term is because he used scare tactics, because of 9/11. He sure made sure his friend Bin Laden and his family left the U.S. really fast when that happened.
Ed03/03/0910:36amHey Amanda, actually we all need to blame CLINTON!!! This all started on his watch while he was Fu-king around...........Bush got stuck with it and at least he looked out for us. Obama will tax the hell out of us, turn the US in a socialist society and our grandchildred and so on will be paying for all of this spending and it's not even for anything we really need or want. Obama Mama and his girlfriend Pelosi can both take a flying Fu-ck. They will be useless for our country and the good thing is that people are starting to see that this fool is useless. The people will revolt wait and see. :D
Amanda03/03/099:05amActually Ed stocks are on the rebound and the stock market has been doing the yoyo dance since the bush you can thank him for this. Again, obama has never lied at all and has stated over and over that there is no quick fix and this is going to be an issue that is going to take tons of work to fix. I find it funny how some say this is not Bushes fault..even though it happened on his watcfh, but yet it is Obamas fault even though he has only been in office for barely two months. Kinda unfair to say the least..real unfair. If you are going to blame on president for it not being fixed then you need to blame the one who allowed it to happen in the first place..BUSH!
Ed03/03/096:06amGood Morning Everyone! My Angel Pat, I am glad you can forgive, but I am still boiling with anger. It takes me awhile to calm down. He is a Tool and I am being nice. I know maybe someday I will forgive, but it is not likely to be soon. You will be fine tomorrow, you know we all care about you and you have to put that in your mind and it will help, it really does. Sweet Milkshake how are you? I have been thinking about you and was worried about you. I hope you have gotten over that rough spot and things are better. Let's get everyones blood pumping this morning, have you seen the stocks they are going further and further down. Obama Mama is doing a rotten job to get this economy up. All the spending he wants to do is really affecting the markets. He needs to chill or better he should be impeached and sent back to his corrupt state, Illinois. His budget is also a joke. Taxing us to the hilt will not help us get back on our feet. The man is a total far left liberal idiot or I like the word TOOL! Come on folks wake up get your blood boiling I am picking on your wonderful choice to lead and protect this country. Hee! Hee! We are all in trouble. :D
Pat03/03/094:28amI go this morning to sign different papers and a bunch of whatever else. They are going to do more bloodwork. They still can't get my blood pressure level where it is supposed to be though. I am working on bravery about tomorrow. I will say my good-byes this evening. Two more things from a book: "Kindness is contagious. Pass it on." and "What a WORLD this would be if every human being recognized the VALUE of every other human being and helped to pull others UP instead of down!" I liked these, also. Talk to all of you later today. Love ya. I also told Wallander that I forgive him. We may never have long conversations again, but I can't keep anger and pain inside. It eats at my soul.
Amanda03/02/096:50pmIt is a very hard thing to do but very worth while..I like it.
Milkshake03/02/095:06pmI really like that Pat.
Pat03/02/0911:33am Here is something cool I read in one of my books,"Stay out of yesterday, wait for tomorrow, and live in the present." I love that. How about you?
Amanda03/02/098:15amYour poor nose Pat! Well at this point they have to do something before we get set back to the dark ages. People may not think that is possible..but think about it..what is going to happen if you can't pay people to produce power..what about gas..what about when your employer can't pay you??No home no food no cloths...yes people this situation can blast us back into the days of horses and making our own cloths and growing our own food. I think credit is probably the worst idea possible in all honesty..I think that trading should be done in goods or gold..that the value of the doolar should somehow be brought back up. I understand what they are doihng and I just hope that along with this bail out there are drastic changes in the way business is done.
Pat03/02/096:17amGood morning everyone. All of you are soooo sweet. I'll remember that Ed, my dear brother. Bonnie, that's true. Plus the president wants to know where every dime goes. Ginny, did you see where they are slowly taking cursive writing out of Florida schools. This state stinks! I don't know about other states. Yea, Amanda, it's my nostrils and they are going to pack them when they are done. Thank you, Wallander, I do need these shaky nerves to be gone. Thanks Bam Bam, I know what you are talking about. I've had surgeries in the past and I always pray to wake up. Plus when they are over, I have a very low tolerance to pain. Very low! I think by the time I count backwards from 100, I might get to 98. With my family and all of you, I am willing myself to be strong and be positive. I know I have to do this. I found in one of my books that says, "Positive thinking can can overcome fear, anguish, anxiety, and despair." I will say bye Tues. evening before I leave. Thank you so much. Love ya.
Ginny03/01/0912:42pmI have hope that it will help. But if it doesn't, it won't be our leaders' fault. We, the people, are spoiled rotten and will not give up anything in order to help our fellow citizens. During the Great Depression everyone understood that sacrifices had to be made and they pulled together with their families and neighbors to make it through. Right now my local school is ****ing and moaning because they are going to cut Orchestra from the Extra Curricular activities. The kids that are in orchestra can be in band but the parents want their kids in the elitest Orchestra. Meanwhile the only thing the kid can Read is music. America needs to step back and take a very close look at our priorities.
Wallander02/28/098:20pmTo Milkshake, i would like to leave you with a very short & simple quote by the Italian comedian Roberto Benigni, for those rare occasions when you get the blues......: "It's a sad & beautiful world." It can also be seen on Youtube []
Milkshake02/28/091:10pmWell......Thanks Bam Bam I will take your advice. I do feel a little bit better today. I recieved an email that was very strange and it made me laugh so damn hard! It made me feel "alive" again. So if any of you are interested in an email that may uplift your spirits please let me know your email address on the poll and I will email it to you. There are beautiful pictures, but oh it's that beautiful dancing......that dancing is a must see.
Bam Bam02/28/0911:20amHey Milkshake, don't be sad. Take whatever is bothering you and type it out on paper and keep typing till you said it all. Then throw it away. It makes it easier and it helps you identify what is hurting you, plus when it's on paper you can see it and it's not balled up inside you just swirling around and around. Now, my therapist made me do this and it worked. Plus, we figured out what made me so sad for almost a whole year! I'm feeling much happier now and my anxiety attacks are almost a thing of the past. I actually feel joy and I haven't felt that in years. I want you to feel better, life is too wonderful to feel like DuPA. I hope you feel better my friend.
Bam Bam02/28/0911:10amPat, It's okay to be nervous, your gonna be okay. The Dr's do all kinds of testing before surgeries to make sure your healthy and not prone to anything. The nervousness won't go away until they wake you up. Which I can say this, my four hour surgery felt like one darn good nap! My Dr. was good though, I never knew I was being put under until they asked me to wake up and take a deep breath. When they do that make sure you try really hard! But seriously it's okay to be nervous and quite normal. I thought for sure they couldn't knock me out, I would wake up for sure because I'm so strong willed. NOT! I was out like a ligh and never knew what hit me. Plus I have no memory of falling asleep. You don't even know it so don't worry about being fearful of being knocked out - you won't even know it. Just remember we're all here waiting for you and our thoughts will be with you that day. Your not alone!
Wallander02/28/097:24amBe gone Pat's nervous stomach. (not directed to you personally Pat.)
Amanda02/28/097:05amBam Bam..awesome news..Pat..your nostrils?/Ouch! Milkshake things get better when we let go of them. Alos whern we realize life is supposed to have ups and downs. These vississitudes are what actually make us grow up..or they become excuses for piss poor or the other...
Bonnie02/28/092:43amI think the stimulus package is a good idea and this years package should do the economy some good because of all the thought and consideration and research that is going into it. Whereas last years package was done (I feel) on the spur of the moment with no real research on every angle. These stimulus packages wont get us out of the crisis but it will make the ride a little smoother.
Milkshake02/27/095:35pmThanks Sam, Ed, Wallander, Pat and everyone for your sweet, kind words. I know things will get better. We all have our problems. Just like we will have problems with this new stimulus I'm just going through a sad, bad time now. Have a nice weekend everyone.
Ed02/27/091:27pmPat, My Angel don't worry you will be fine. When you go to have it done just remember in spirit I will be there holding your hand my sweet Angel. Sweet Milkshake where are you? I am worried about you my sweet friend. I know things are tough right now and I do not know what is wrong, but remember you have friends here that care about you. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. :)
Pat02/27/091:05pmThe ENT office called and I am scheduled Wedn. at 9:00am for the surgery. I keep getting these horrible shaky nerves in my stomach. I know I will be okay, I just wish I could feel relaxed.
Pat02/27/0912:13pmI got my email fixed. It took me most of the day. That was cool what you said Sam. I am going to get started on my emails. When my sister gets back, she is going to need the office. I will try to get to everyone before I go home. Love ya.
Sam02/27/099:31amTo Milkshake things wil get better when you start to not care about them been bad for storms always pass even nature cant sustain a forced reaction just let go and see the rainbow
Wallander02/27/098:43amI still hope Milkshake is alright. I'm suspecting something along the lines of Kundalini Awakening, but i hate to sound so damn presumptuous, without even knowing the cause of her anguish. Now back to the poll. Good afternoon Pat. Have a nice weekend peeps.
Pat02/27/097:46amI have everyone's emails, but I can't send anything out. I called my brother-in-law and let him talk me through step by step to fix it, but it is still not working. I tried some different things myself and it still isn't working. As soon as it is fixed I will email everyone. Hopefully before this evening. Milkshake, I think the one I sent earlier to you may have went out, but that is just a guess. I hope you got it.
Pat02/27/095:13amHi Trixie, welcome to the "dysfunctional, but loving family" in here. You are included, also, Jeff. Ed and Trixie, I didn't even catch the color comment. That was funny. Tat is very astute of you, Trixie. Good morning, Wallander.
Ed02/27/094:00amHey everyone! Trixie welcome to the site. I was wondering when someone was going to catch my comment about being true blue when actually I am true red for republican. Hee! Hee! that was great! My dear Milkshake what's the matter? You are such a sweet person I do not like you to be upset about anything. Cheer up my sweet Milkshake things will get better. Hey Bam Bam, I am so happy you are going to be alright and I am glad you are back on the site, we missed you. Pat my dear how are you doing? I will email you later My Angel. Everyone have a nice day! :)
Wallander02/26/095:21pmI don't know the source of your problem Milkshake(& i'm NOT necessarily that curious to know) but i hope you're feeling better by now....or at the very least, very soon. If your problem has to do with being too bored, then i hope your life gets more exciting again soon? Or if it has to do with being too stressed out, then i hope you'll gain your serenity & calm very soon? If it's got something to do with being heart-broken, then i hope your heart will mend again soon? If it's even more serious & tragic than that, then KNOW that you're not alone....we're all in the same boat, one way or another, & we're all experiencing painful moments in our lives regularly. Anyways i was about to give you a long speech about a "32 yrs Zoroastrian cycle", & then direct you to a couple of links by Michael Lutin...& then suddenly i stopped me from making a fool out of myself(again)!! I hope someone else in here will give you a much better pep-talk than me though.
Milkshake02/26/092:55pmI want to say: Welcome to the family, Trixie. We can weird sometimes. Thanks Pat, Jeff, and Wallander. Yeah, I'm still doing bad. I'm sad. I keep asking God when will this end? Does anyone know when things will start to get better?
Trixie02/26/092:26pmI am a newbie to the site and maybe a regular after today's poll. I want to give a "high five" and shout out to "Ed" and say I love your politics. I would however like to point out one thing to your comment of the other day "We all know I am a true blue republican" and remind you it is RED hahaha. While true blue is awsome, we don't want to give the "BLUE" any credit lol
Wallander02/26/092:08pmSorry to hear that Milkshake.
Pat02/26/095:43amOoohhh Milkshake, we don't want you to be sad!!! I feel bad for you. You're our happy-go-lucky little friend. What's wrong?
Jeff02/25/099:37pmWhat happened to you Milkshake? 2 hours of crying... bummer! Let it all out! Tears have a cleansing effect as long as they are allowed to flow. Hang in there.
Milkshake02/25/098:00pmWell Hell! I thought I was going to have a good day. But I ended up having an awful day and cried for about 2 hours today. Today would have been a great day for a milkshake. Too bad I didn't have one.
Bam Bam02/25/097:36pmYou know it is a good day, I woke up this morning and literally sang out loud a song from the Rascals No kidding! it's a A Beautiful Morning It's a beautiful mornin', Ahhh, I think I'll go outside a while, An jus' smile. Oooh wahhh oooohhh. LOL. It's a good day.
:-)02/25/096:54pmThis wonderful and happy occasion calls for a celebration. Everyone say CHEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ ***snap***
Pat02/25/0911:33amToday is a good day for all of us. Thank you. I am thinking of some beautiful songs from my young days and how they made me feel. Keeping them in my mind and humming them over and over. Love to all my sweet friends in here.
Milkshake02/24/097:56pmBam Bam I'm really happy to hear about your good news!! And Pat, you're gonna do just fine. Really. Thank God it's benign and thank God for doctors! See? Everything is going to be okay! And everyone is going to do just fine!! This is such a happy poll filled with happy people! Hurray!!
Bam Bam02/24/093:57pmOmg...Pat...I just read below. I haven't been able to read too much because I was so hypothyroid for my tests it literally hurt my eyes and head. I'm so sorry, I just read about this other lady that had a similiar thing today that your describing and she is alright now. Please don't worry too much it will add too much stress and you can't do battle that way. I'll keep you in my prayers hon for a positive outcome - Don' t worry about your surgery I am the biggest worrier on the planet and I got through surgery you can do this! Remember the lisence plate I saw - I think it was a true sign if you believe in him. TRUSTHM
Bam Bam02/24/093:49pmHi Pat - Hi Everyone, I'M STILL CANCER FREE! whooopieee! What a good day it has been, I feel good and feel blessed. Thanks to everyone for waiting with me and your prayers. Pat you never did say how you were doing? What happened with your tests are you okay? How is everyone?
Pat02/24/092:44pmBam Bam, I'm heading home. I hope to read great news tomorrow. I have thought about you all day. You are in my prayers.
Pat02/24/0912:44pmMilkshake, I just caught what you said. The tumors are up inside both nostrils. They are putting me to sleep to cut them out. The doctor said that they would also put a tube to my stomach to keep all the blood from going there, then I will have packing in my nose. I know this is probably more than what some would want to read, but all that is part of what I dread. Bam Bam, have you found anything out yet? Where are you? I hope you are okay! Here is my email address if you want it:
Pat02/24/0910:47amThanks Milkshake. I'm still nervous, but I am glad it is benign. That is one less worry. I wonder when Bam Bam will let us know something. I will stayed concerned until she let's us know what she found out from the doctor. Bam Bam, where are you? I'm on pins and needles. I am thinking the best, but I want assurance that you are okay.
Milkshake02/24/099:22amPat, your gonna do just fine!! I know a lady who had the same thing on her nose. And she's doing great. Just thank God they're benign. The only thing that changed about this lady I know is that she had to where a band-aid across her nose for a couple of weeks.....LOL. You're gonna be OK!!!!!
Pat02/24/096:56amThat's it, Amanda. Bam Bam, have you found out anything from the doctor yet? I found out yesterday that I have benign tumors in my nose, the doctor is doing surgery next week. I always fear going under the knife. I always pray to wake up.
Amanda02/24/095:54amEd in an ideal world others paying bills would have nothing to do with the rest of us..but this is the real world and unfortunately there is no way that you can put untold thousands or even millions on the streets and it not have a terrible effect on the rest of us. Look at any third world country and basically that is what you will have going on. I hate the fact that these loans were made..I really do..and I am not a bleeding heart sort..however I am smart enough to look at dollars and cents. Dollars and cent wise it is cheaper to keep them where they are then to displace them and throw them into an already over burdened welfare system. That baiscally is what is the other option. There is a difference between an ideal and a real solution and letting that many people loose on the streets is just not an option. it would just be an overload and one this country would not recover from for generations to come. I have read many aspects of this plan and while I really resent the fact that I as a hard working tax payer have to pay for the stupidity and greed of lenders and ceo's I see where there are so many people and lives tied to this that I can see where it is needed to keep things from going further down the spiral. I don't like it, but I do think if done well and right this will at least give a little more stability. If they can create more jobs then that will go a long way toward stabilizing our economy. More jobs mean more people with income to spend and over 3/4 of our economy is made up of consumer spending. That in turn creates even more jobs because you need more products..whatever they may be. One thing I really do want to see though is this. I truly feel that if any business wishes to fliursih in America you need to hire American workers. If you are going to ship your jobs over seas then you need to pay a tax for that because you are removing money not only from our economy but loosing tax dollars as well. I am however glad to see that the embargo was placed on china.
Ed02/24/094:33amGood Morning All!! Welcome back Bam Bam we missed you. I love our conversations. Everyone has their comments and it's nice to see all the different responses. We all know I am a true blue republican and still believe that all the useless spending the democrats are suggesting will not bring back the economy it will put us in a depression. I still do not believe we all should pay for people's mortgages, especially since they should of not had the mortgage to begin with. These people need to learn from their mistake not rewarded for it. Hell with Obama Mama's plan we should all go on welfare we would get everything for nothing, home, food, hospitalization, hell what is the incentive to want to work hard if my and yours tax dollars will go for the lazy and irresponsible. It does not make sense. I am glad Obama Mama will only be president for one term. Hell he will be lucky to make it one term, who knows maybe they will impeach his dumb ass. Pat, my Angel how are you? Milkshake my sweet what's going on with you? I had a very good weekend my son and I got materials to work on the basement. We put in a new toilet, sink and shower stall. Tonight I will start working on the tiling in the bathroom down there. My son really loved working on the stuff. He is a quick learner. My lady friend came by and cooked for us to make sure we kept up our energy. So it was a pretty good weekend. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend. Have to run. Must go to work to pay for the remodel. Take care my friends!
Heather02/23/097:00pmThe only thing Obama can and SHOULD do right now is to stick to a strict policy of damage control, until the economy finds its own proper balance by itself.
Amanda02/23/095:14pmLet's see ...all of them just about it. If you call customer service too much or if you don't have anything but a basic plan and will not upgrade they can actually cut you out as a customer. If you ever actually sat down and read your contract...well you would not have ever agreed to it's terms. I used to collect for cell phone companies..att,cingualr,sprint/nextell and others..they all do it
Bam Bam02/23/0912:40pmHey Pat! How are you doing??? Hey Amanda how are you?? I didn't hear about cell phone companies doing that! Which one did that? I would think that contracts would prevent that but, I am going to go and read my own contract now. There could be a hidden clause. Who knew! I just paid down my credit card, I am not going to pay it off - my mortgage broker said to keep my credit cards at about 49% used (no more than that though) that was what the banks like to see and now I know hopefully they won't close it if I still owe them! So, I'm going to trust him he's been dealing with credit and mortgages for over 25 years. I've become a BIGTIME couponer, I get all my stuff for practically free! My hubby is even doing it now! it saves us BIG every month and helps with those utility bills. Anyone else in here doing couponing? Well I get my test results tomorrow afternoon so I'll let everyone know tommorow night. It's nice to know so many of you are waiting with me, it makes it easier. I can't let myself get too scared though, at the end of the day, what is meant to be will be. God say's I shouldn't worry so I won't. Thanks everyone - talk to you tomorrow!
Pat02/23/098:13amHi Bam Bam, I hope everything is well when you get the results. Yes, the hardest part is the damn waiting. I don't know what else to say on this poll. Republicans are one way and the Democrats are the other way. Their is no middle ground. We will just have to wait and see. Won't we? I am leaving pretty soon, I hope to be back by 4:30.
Amanda02/23/097:42amBam Bam that is what most credit companies do because they don't want you to pay them off..they want the interest off them so basically you aren't making them any money. Greedy I know. I am hoping the best for your tests. I am hoping to see the continuation of stricter guidelines for these companies and hope to see it soon. Used to they wanted you to be paid up. Now, even cell phone companies reserve the right to cut off your service if you are not getting enough bells and whistels on your phone. It is ludicrous.
Bam Bam02/22/097:09amNo word till Tuesday. The waiting is the worst of course! You know my sister paid off some of her credit cards and when she did they closed them! She said City Bank did it her. Even though she has a few credit cards this card closing is hurting her credit record and caused her score to go down. I told her to send in a consumer statement to the credit bureaus that stated the bank closed card during bailout - without warning after balance was paid in full. Lenders hate when you do stuff like that but, it makes them erase it! They hate consumer statements especially ones that make them look bad!
Lisa02/21/0912:29pmI am disappointed with CITIBANK. They got billions of our tax dollars and still raised interest on our credit cards. GREED GREED
Amanda02/21/0911:40amI still don't get the deluded idea that creating an ever increasing social issue is actually going to make things better. It is funny how people think that letting the major banks fail is a good idea. Let me explain to you what that ewould be like for all cconcerned and bring it right home to you. First of all most all small banks are directly dependant on the business they do with larger banks. It is where THEY get THEIR credit from. Look on your credit abd debit cards. yes, it has the name of your bankl on their, but it also has a visa, american express or other credit logo on it. The bank is merely passing on information to the larger credit companies, but can only give you so much credit. The rest comes from the larger banks and credit companies. So..what happens when the large credit and banking institutions fail..well guess what..your bank no longer has a significant line of credit and what's more, it's actual cash income is severely limitted. What that means is that it cannot borrow as much to lend you as much and get their money back. That means the bank has to severely cut off credit and dio cash only business. Now..if you were living in ohhhh let's say 1802...then of course this would be perfectly fine. BUT, this is 2009 where everything is electronic and all business is intermingled one way or another with credit. of america just might not have a paycheck because they do much payrole credit..look at your paycheck stub..what bank do they use? Guess what..if that or the sponcering credit beuro get no more paycheck. So, order for people to continue to get their already dwindling paychecks you MUST save some of the larger banks and financial institutions. Now that we know that we will effectively screw over 90% of amercians by letting these babnks go under we can move on to the common sence approach of why we do not want homeless families. If one looks at it from a pure money wise situation, in the long haul it is far CHEAPER to readjust the morgages and interest rates to keep people in their homes and working. At ;least if it is a decrease or even a break for a couple of months it is still cheaper. If these same families are put to the street then all of the local shelters and serivces will be filled to over flowing. Crime will increase because people will do whatever they need to in order to feed their family. Yes, I will steal and rob if I have to in order for my kids to have food and clothes. I think anyone who found themselves on the street or sleeping in their car with their kids would do the same. They have to eat. If you put these people out on the street you create a even more dire situation. Further..I feel to say that 'people need to be taught a lesson' is arrogant to say the least. if they have committed criminal offenses then sure. But, over all to insist that people are punished for trying to buy a house..rediculous.If you are going to punish anyone it should be the people who made the loan to begin with. After all, the average person is not a money and credit expert. How can they know what the interest rate is going to do..which has ben a major issue in the whole housing crisis.It wasn't jsut people taking loans they could not repay, it was peoople who could pay at one point, but do to huge jumps in the interest rate and no increase in pay could not maintain what they once could. One thing that BOTH parties agree on is this; this money has to be used and we have to do this so that we will not go into a total collapse. Obama and everyone else has a horrid mess to clean up after george W..
Christina02/21/099:39amEd, I agree with you 100%. All the Democrats will have to take their rose color glasses off.
Milkshake02/21/099:00amBam Bam I hope and pray everything is okay with you. And I believe everything will be alright. I agree with you Amanda. Obama is doing the best he can in the short time he has been in office.
Amanda02/21/096:00amMorning Bam Bam..How did the testing go? Any word yet? Oh I think this is going to turn into a heated poll here..LOL..good.
Bam Bam02/20/098:43pmWow this is a great conversation - sorry I missed it! I've been away for a BIG cancer test this week. Hopefully all is still clear! I saw this great liscense plate on the way to my test today it was pretty poignient (sp) since I was nervous - it said TRUSTHM It reminded me to be courageous and to remember he healed me. I thoght it was cool. Anyway how is everyone? Pat how are you doing? I haven't caught up on all my reading yet but I will. I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. How about that guy's tirade on the news about the mortgage bailout? What a Creton i thought.
Amanda02/20/098:17pmRight on Milkshake and Pat. It seems lost upon some people that CREATING even a far worse HOMELESS situation in this country is a far WORSE idea for the over all country. WE are paying for it regardless. Those people don't stop eating, they don't stop wearing cloths or needing a shelter over their heads. They don't stop needing to bath or anything else..the major difference is where they do it and who foots the bill. Either way, I would rather them stay in their homes and work. Believe it or not in the long run it is far cheaper. Call around to some local homeless shelters and ask how much it costs per day to put up a homeless familiy of four. One way or another the money comes through the public. I am all for keeping people in their homes, extending their unemployment (seeing as how they aren't the ones who did anything but go to work and come home every day) until they can get more jobs going..which I do believe they will do. Obama is bright enough to know if you do not take care of the people then the people cannot take care of you. I am glad this money is going to where it needs to go. I think Bush was this countries worst nightmare. I love Obama and truth be told, so far he has done everything he said he would do.or is working on it.
Milkshake02/20/093:22pmEd, I love ya alot! But it looks as though capitalism is over. McCain would have turned our country into a dictatorship/2nd Hitler/3rd anticrist. I am so thankful we have Obama in office.
Jeff02/20/091:57pmEd is absolutely right. How can people learn to be responsible when the government rewards irresponsibility? This only serves to encourage bad choices while punishing responsible choices. The stock market has been dropping in large part because investors know that an Obama presidency with high taxes and massive spending and welfare entitlements means the recession will only get worse. Since the election the market is down thousands of points in anticipation hostile business policies. What happened to all the Hope and Change rhetoric from Obama? It's all doom and gloom because he knows his massive spending stimulus bill is bogus and he has no idea what the hell he is doing. He is a rookie far left liberal with absolutely zero common sense when it comes to economics.
Ed02/20/0912:54pmMy Angel Pat! Obama does not care about anyone! He is like the devil he is trying and succeeding in getting nice people like you to follow him. You have to remember that when a president, we will use Clinton is in office and royally screws up stuff it takes the next president to try and straighten it out. Well Clinton screwed us so bad it lasted Bushes whole presidency and it did not help with having so many demo's in the congress and senate. So now here we are with Obama Mama a socialist pig who with his trillion ++ spending that will put us in a depression and also ruin the lives of our kids and their kids and also their kids. They will have to pay for this idiot's royal mistake. FDR tried this socialist crap and it did not work. Doesn't anybody see this or are you all just turning a deaf ear to this and don't care what is happening. Obama Mama and his henchmen and women are useless and it's a bad day in this country when we hire officials that don't pay their taxes for years. If a republican did that or if one of us did that, first the republican would be torchered by the liberal/socialist news folks and we would end up in prision, not jail but prision. But the yahoo democrats in congress and senate said it was a mistake and they did not know. Bullsh!t! What a double standard. I love my friends, Pat, Amanda, and of course Milkshake, but I feel bad you are siding for this idiot that we have to call president. I want our country to flourish, but this president to go down. I want capitalizm not socialism. Love all of you!
Pat02/20/0910:39amMilkshake, I give up! It looks like no bush person is going to pay my bills.-Ha,HA,HA! But seriously we wouldn't have lost two of our businesses, either, if not for bush. They flourished until this past year and it was nothing we did wrong, now we are struggling to keep our last business open. It is the bush administration that did this, not us and not Pres. O'Bama. Now anyone out there tell me why I should dread anything our new President does. It is all in the proof and I still don't see any proof, except a lot of hogwash. The rich republicans and the government republicans are mad now, because they aren't going to get to keep fattening their bank accts. We now have a President that cares about everyone, not just the super rich!
Chris02/20/0910:13amThe last month of Bill CLinton presidency he deregulated the morage markets. We are now paying for his dum acts. I will take 20 years to come out of his acts. The American people votes in another democrat. Obama will leave us with a 5 trillion mess.
Amanda02/20/095:54amEd not all that lost were responcible. At one time they COULD afford their isn't their fault high interest rates made the payments out of their reach. Two, no matter what Ed you're going to pay for it. The only thing is you outright pay for it or do you allow them to sign on for benefits, sit in public housing and get food stamps and benefit from the Goodwill or Salvation Army? Either way..we are all going to pay for it one way or another. I keep an eagle eye on what is being done in this case and truth be told, no solutions are pretty..but this seems to have the best chance of working without throwiung our country and in turn the rest of the world into an economic crash that we will not get out of.
Ed02/20/094:36amGood Morning my favorite Ladies! Pat, Amanda and of course my sweet Milkshake. I love all of you, but still don't agree that people who have been responsible with their money should take care of people who were not. I know there are some exceptions to the rule, but most people who are in trouble now put themselves there because of their ignorance or they just did not care. I would hope the latter is incorrect. Clinton's administration started all this and then was dumped on Bush. Amanda you are right it does not matter who and when it started we need to deal with it. I just believe that a trillion dollars spending on garbage programs will not help us except the democrats that wanted their special projects bankrolled. I know we could go over and over this and it will not change the fact you all like Obama's policies and I do not. I will never support him but will support getting him out of office along with his unethical staff, you know the tax evaders etc. Well I wanted to come on this morning to say Hi to all of you. Have a Nice Day I have to run. :)
Amanda02/19/098:30pmEd..who really give's a rats you know what about that? Point is this is a mess..Obama did not make it and it was not made by one president or another..rather this is something that came about when people started figuring out how to make a fast buck and put losses in a shiny package and sell them to idiots who thought they were bought them..then could do nothing with them..and wrapped them even prettier..and sold them again..and so it went on and on..and that with the massive sending away of our jobs over the years and the decrease in pay and increase in living as well as rising ionterest rates on credit cards..well most folks I know that have never had an issue paying a bill all of a sudden are looking bleak. It doesn't matter who is to blame..they are coming to surface anyway. What matters is society ove rthe kills me how some people mistook this for a political discussion when really this has far more to do with our society and our way of life..
Milkshake02/19/093:02pmNow that's good, Pat. I am laughing so damn hard!! Right On!!
Pat02/19/092:11pmI went back and read through this poll. What I don't understand is that we are going to pay big for putting O'Bama in the White House. So that means that everyone that put bush in the White House should start paying my bills.
Milkshake02/19/0912:07pmYou know what Pat? My dad was the exact same way! And guess what? He STILL is!! And he is very much right wing, Republican dictator. So I can definately relate.
Pat02/19/0911:35amEd, I know what a dollar means. My family had to struggle, excluding my dad. He had big bucks, but we lived poor, because he was so cruel and money hungry and very greedy. His money was always his God, still is. Let's wait and see what happens in the next 4 to (hopefully) 8 years. To the republican government: na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goo-ood bye-i. (Couldn't help myself, had to do it!)
Ed02/19/096:33amAmanda I love ya! but most of the foreclosures are not from people losing jobs but the fact people received loans knowing they could not pay the mortages if their adjustable loans came due. Most mortgage companies lied and told the borrower they had not problem getting a loan for a home. Hell the mortgage companies were being pressured by the Democratic government to give out the loans. Just recently the liberal news media has been talking about people losing their jobs and their homes and still most of them did not try to work with the mortgage companies they just did not pay their mortgage with a I don't care attitude. I blame alot of the people who again did not do the homework about loans and the types of loans that were out there. If you lose your job you should do anything to keep yourself above water. The government should not be giving my hard earned money to people who should not have had a home to begin with. Hey, with this nut job president he is giving welfare folks money (they don't pay taxes but will get more of a free hand), why don't the folks without jobs go on welfare they will get money, food stamps galore and a place to live. Even if it is tempory till the economy turns around when we get a republican president in office. :D I guess I come from a different generation where I knew what a dollar mean't and also knew how it was to struggle. Have a Nice Day!
Amanda02/19/096:17amPat that in a nut shell is the truth bar none. People don't get the fact that what we have here economy wise is a house of cards and is interlinked to the point of destruction if it is not handled. You can't let the banks fail without taking out untold thousands of businesses with it. There goes those business's lines of credit..which they need in order to pay out the employees and order more goods and supplies. To shift the blame on those lossing their homes is stupid too. Many are loosing their homes because of job and hour losses, not because they took bad loands and even them, had it not been for preditory lending practices, would not have gotten these loans. Too when it comes to these loans it is not the loan hodlers fault that the interest rates kept sky rocketting so that what they originally could afford they now cannot. I love the idea of allowing homelessness as a thing you know it will be let them starve on the street...that'll teach them to trust their bankers. I am glad that so far two indictments have been made and there are now man hunts going on for some of these crooked in Texas as of last night. So yes, Obabma's administration along with BOTH houses and ALL political parties are united in catching these criminals. I think that we have not seen such unity since the Kennedy's and I welcome it. This bail out is what has to work one way or another. I feel confidant with as many choke holds as it is putting on corperations and banks that it will work..slowly but it will. They have to have the money to stabilize what has become not just major financial institutes, but major employers as well. We need that money to create more jobs so that there will be more money flowing into our sytem.
Ed02/18/0912:55pmJeff welcome back! I am reading all the comments and still have to say the stimulus spending will not work. Spending more and more trillions will not help us. We need capitalizm to work not socialism. First, people foreclosing most of them bought homes that they knew they could not afford. They should of done their homework when it came to the types of mortgages out there. Adjustable rates are never a good thing unless you have the money behind you with it comes due. Duh!! Plain and simple. The problem was that when Clinton was in office he forced Fanny and Freddy along with Bernie Franks to make the mortgage companies give loans to people who could not afford them, Clinton felt everyone should be able to own a home, and mortgage companies also lying to the people. Common sense should of told these people to investigate and make sure they can afford these mortgages. They didn't so now they are losing their homes. I say to bad, but learn from your mistake rent an apartment, save and eventually buy again. Don't give them deals so they can keep their homes. What about the responsible person like me that struggled to get the down payment, did my homework and pay my mortgage every month. I and the other responsible people will have to pay for this bullsh!t! There is our wonderful government again doing a fabulous job.....someone called them BUTT-HEADS, I agree! Second, people that have lost their jobs well they need to work with their mortgage companies and believe me they will work with you as long as you don't wait till the last minute and say opps I can't pay my mortgage. Use some common sense. Three, The Stimulus Spending package is not to help the american people it is to help the government's earmarks, lobbyists and they are lying to you if they said they are not in the bill. This spending bill is for pet projects of all the democrats especially Pelosl the B!tch, and the rest of her henchmen. The illegals will get a piece of it, welfare folks who were not working, just having babies every year will get a big chunck, and the rest of us hard earning folks who by the way will be picking up the tab for all this will maybe get $13.00 a paycheck. Wow!!! How exciting. $13.00 out of a TRILLION. The socialist governement is really looking out for you. We should all just quit our jobs and go on welfare. We will make out better. That felt good to express my fustrations with this whole situation. You know I really don't care who is president, as long as they are working for me and the American people and not their own agendas and that is what we have here. I am ashamed of this socialist government and think they all need to be kicked out starting with the B!tch Pelosi then Obama Mama and so on and so forth. What a sorry bunch of Butt-Heads.
Pat02/18/099:10amOur economy can't work without money to spend. Huge businesses are closing , because people don't have the money to go out and spend. The people that worked in all areas of these huge businesses lost their jobs, etc., etc., "the trickle down effect." It is a sad day when people say that other people should lose their homes. They wouldn't have lost their homes if they hadn't lost their jobs or their hours or had their pay cut. It is pure nonsense talking about the government stepping in and taking over everything. The government rules and has given this nation a false sense of security and looked what happened when the rug was pulled out from under our feet. We also will possibly have 1,000 more bank closures nationwide. With this money, O'Bama is trying to clean bush's mess up. When Clinton was in, this nation wasn't suffering. It was after bush got into office ESPECIALLY in his second term that everything went downhill. And by the way, many big businesses were going overseas when bush sr. was in office. That was before Clinton gave his approval. This nation has always been a money/greedy nation. It is hard for people to scale back and live a simple life, because home bills, groceries, everything continues to rise while our money doesn't. The simple life is gone. Some wives work because they choose to, most wives work because they have to. Money can't stretch any further. I believe O'Bama should have a chance to do what he is doing without getting condemned right away. It isn't going to clear up in one or two years. He is working as hard and fast as he can. That is why he is staying in the public eye, to keep people's hope up.
Jeff02/18/098:46amHey Everyone. Good topic. I haven't been here it quite a while. Well, here are my words of wisdom. The founding fathers wrote the Constitution specifically to limit the powers of Government because they knew through history that a large Government is always wasteful, corrupt, inefficient, and limits freedom. What we are seeing now is a Government run amok. The Constitution no longer limits their power. Fannie and Freddi are examples of corrupt Government institutions that enabled the housing crisis (in the name of helping the little people), and now the same corrupt Government that caused the crisis is taking over banks, car industries, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc. I hear people blaming the free market for this crisis when the reality is the Government caused this crisis by encouraging and rewarding bad behavior. Specifically, through Fannie and Freddie they encouraged financial institutions to make "low income" loans. This drove up housing prices faster than anytime in history. Banks were even penalized if they did not meet a certain low income quota. This is an example of a Government institution that encourages and rewards bad behavior. Fannie and Freddie held 30% of the entire mortgage market... that's trillions upon trillions of dollars! Now the Government is borrowing trillions of dollars secured by future taxes and spending it on programs designed to reward bad behavior and punish hard work. The Welfare reform implemented by Clinton in 1996 has been reversed in this so call 'stimulus bill'. That means more hand outs with less accountability. People who are not paying their mortgage are rewarded with bailouts and handouts, while people who are are busting their butts and paying their bills are being penalized because they see their hard earned taxes going into this corrupt socialized system. The great thing about the free market is that it punishes bad behavior and rewards good behavior without the need for any Government intervention. Decisions that are made in business lead to profits, or bankruptcy, depending on their decisions, which is why only good businesses survive. Through competition, products get better and prices go lower. When Government jumps in and tries to regulate or give bailouts, they upset this balance. Government political decisions, which are often wasteful, corrupt and limit freedom.
Sam02/18/097:07amAmanda, not all the banks will fail just the corrupt ones, which will make the other stronger. Foreclosures, people who brought homes knew when they went in that they could not afford them, it would be a good lesson for them not to overextend themselves. As far as people losing their jobs that again is the greedy owner/CEO's which you are correct jail them and liquidate their personal assets, not the companies and put it back in the business. Our government is not tough enough on this stuff. Obama needs to stop trying to control the US with so called bail outs. His agenda is just to turn us into a socialist society. We have become a very money/greedy society and we all need to scale back and live simply. It needs to go back to where the Husbands worked and the Wives stayed home to raise wonderful, decent, god fearing human beings. That would open alot of jobs for the people who need to work like single woman and single men. Don't give me the line that I am prejudice. I am not. We need to live simplier and that is a fact. Cars are so expensive and the reason behind that is the UNION'S. Get rid of the unions. That is alot of the cause of things being so expensive. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Have a Nice Day!!!!Conserative's Unite against the Liberal/socialist dumbbell that is our president.
Amanda02/18/096:44amTina that is about the most ignorant rant I have yet to read. You can't let the banks fail or the major companies fail unless of course you want your own paycheck to go bye bye. ALL of our pay checks are on credit..did you know paycheck. As far as other people loosing their homes..not an option. We already have homelessness on a staggering where do we put all of the new homeless that need to learn a lesson..about what..trusting their bank.. in the streets and make the welfare system and charitites take care of them? Oh yeah guess what..the money comes from the same place the bail out money comes from which is the private people. As far as the CEO's..well jail for them and let the companies prove they can run themselves. You might be intereststed to know Ford declined money. Again..if these companies fold and go under, which was looked at by both parties, not just Obama's then the jobless backlash would be even more staggaring than what it already is. I think Pat posted so far since the beginning of this year there is over a one million job loss rate. We can't have more of that or yes..we will go straight into another great depression. There are no cure alls..there is no guarentee this will work..but to not do a thing is not an option because this time it will be far more devastating. We are already seeing it with epople's hours being cut, jobs dissapearing, the pay scale going down drastically and prices rising. Pay attention folks.
Tina02/18/094:29amI feel sorry for all of us, because this spending stimulus will not work. Roosevelt tried it (he also had socialism ideas) and failed miserably. Obama does not have his own thoughts he tries to copy what others have done, which would be ok but he is picking stuff that failed. He needs to sit back and let our economy work itself out. Businesses are in trouble because of their own CEO's etc that became greedy and stole from their own companies. Banks also screwed up by giving loans to people who could not afford to purchase let alone pay their mortgages. That came from the Clinton era along with Bernie (Barney the stupid gay purple dinasour) Franks who was screwing a top official at Fanny and Freddie, so he traded favors for a irresponsible decision and now we have so many people foreclosing it's nuts. We need to let them lose their homes and this way they will learn for the next time. Of course Clinton is pointing his finger stating he was not responsible for the mess----right. What an ass. What people don't understand is that once you give government the opportunity to step in and tell you want to do you lose your independence and that's when the US will become a socialist society. Wake up people. That is exactly what is happening. Standardized Healthcare will kill us. The government will tell you if you can or should have tests, surgery and treatments. They may think an 80 year old should'nt have hip surgery because of their age where a younger person will get it with not questions asked. Also the kind of care will drop, because we will lose the good doctors because of Obama's irresponsibilty. Obama needs to be kicked out along with Biden (Mr. alzheimer).
Amanda02/17/095:58pmLets not forget that Obama did not make this mess and it is really unfair to start calling him an idiot. I have kept a very close eye and yes, if this is done the way they have it set up it has a good chance at working. Economists have always cautioned that this is not a cure all..and our president has been forth coming with that as well. It is time people stopped being too focused on partied and opinions and started to focus on the big picture, which is dem and rep alike voted yes because at this point it has to be done and both sides agree. I think it will work but like you said'll be a while.
Pat02/17/092:37pmHi everyone. I voted yes. Last year 2.6 million people lost jobs which led to losing homes that they could afford until they lost their jobs. Most people are getting their hours cut. I know many right now that have had their hours cut. We have lost two businesses and trying to save the third one. The trickle down effect is happening nationwide. This year so far 1,217,000 people have lost jobs. It is going to take awhile for O'Bama to get this mess straightened out. It is not his fault. He is in office, so I say we have to wait and see, but it is going to take awhile before we see the good come out of it.
Milkshake02/17/0912:02pmObama will do the best he can. We have been in this positon for a long time and NO, I don't believe it is at all Clinton's fault. That's all I want to say right now. Anyway, Hi everyone!!!!!! Talk to you guys later.
Ed02/17/096:22amHi Amanda! Obama should not be traveling as much as he has. He is not on the campain trail anymore. Sorry for your brother, but this spending/stimulus will not help. Getting us out of this mess by spending a trillion dollars will not help. It never will. We need big tax breaks for businesses and instead of building new tennis courts or a waterslide in Florida. That money should be given to all LEGAL Americans. It would give them money to spend in the economy. Or maybe we need to just back off and let the economy come back on its own. Most economists say that this so called stimulus package is a big mistake and of course Obama's henchmen will argue that it will work. They have to say that because Obama Mama gave them jobs. All I know is that we are going to be in alot of trouble and get ready for a depression, because Obama will bring this on. Also the socialist ****, sorry I mean pig Obama wants to stop freedom of speech for the republicans on talk radio. If that happens I hope all people will revolt and throw him out of office; now that would be a great site to see. I still think Hillary would of done a better job than Obama Mama. I think she did not make it becasue of Bill the "Horney Dog". :D
Amanda02/17/095:33amActually Ed did you ever think there are other reasons he is in Denver besides signing that bill? He does have to multi task you know.Presidents do usually travel all over the USA and all the spending that has put this country into the sad financial shape it is in wasn't done by liberals at all. By they way, liberals are actually for less spending and less governement involvment. It is where the money is being put and how it is being used that matters. I have kept very close eyes on this entire package, not just watching the news but reading about the details which are available. It isn't the fact the money is being used, but how. I am all for creating new jobs and helping to stabilize people. Many have their unemployment running out..they are going to get extended benefits. There aren't any jobs right now and it will take a few months to create them. We have to stop living with fast food mentality thinking that because our jobs are still there or we cannot see the problem that there isn't one. Believe me, my brother has not worked in over 5 months now..there most definitly is a problem..and a big one. I don't think this is a cure all by any means. But since the entire bail out was presented, which I was against from the word go, at least this plan is the best one I have yet seen.
Ed02/17/093:56amHello Everyone! Where's Pat??? I hope all is well with her. I voted NO because I know this stimulus bill will not work. This is a Liberal spending bill. If we are in such trouble as Obama said threatening people that this bill needs to be passed as soon as possible, why is he waiting 2 or 3 days to sign it?? And why does he again have to fly somewhere (Denver) to sign it. He again is wasting the American Tax Payer's money by flying in Air Force One. Hey you are supposed to be president. Stay in DC you idiot. Our economy will change but we need to give it time. The democrats just want to scare the nation to get the spending package they wanted to help their special projects. By the way this all started with Clinton, which he denies, just like he pointed a finger at the American people stating he did not have an affair with that women. RIGHT!!!!!!! If you want to call anyone a name he deserves the name "Butt Head". Obama has not made any good decisions since he has been office. He better get with the program and not make decisions till he gets all the facts, because his mistakes are going to cost all of us for years and years. What an idiot! Amanda, Milkshake I like you both alot and respect your comments and beliefs, but on this one I don't agree that Obama was the best optiton for this country. He will put us in a depression so get ready. We will lose more jobs, people will continue to lose their homes. I hope all of you will be ok during this four years. Take care ladies and have a good day!
Milkshake02/16/099:31pmI voted. My vote is No. I'm not confident our economy will ever improve or for at least 10 years. Something about these bank loans. I don't think it's going to work.
Amanda02/16/097:56pmRight on MIlkshake. I mean at least they are working on focusing her eat home. Bush was all about the mid-east
Milkshake02/16/094:05pmI like Obama. Alot better than McCain! And I believe alot better than Bush.
Conserative Rules02/16/092:15pmAlso remember alot of college students voted for the liberal idiot. College kids don't know anything, they are to young to understand this stuff, but think because they are in college they are smart. Right!! They have been listening and have become brain washed by the liberal teachers or professors. Now they are Butt Heads.
Tina02/16/092:04pmMy, My...I am a conserative and agree with alot of what you are saying "Conseratiave's Rull" but I would not call people "Butt Heads". I feel sorry that they fell for his lies and empty promises. Yes we will all have to pay for that mistake, but maybe Obama will be impeached. At least we know he will only be a one term president. The republicans will have to straighten out the mess Obama created and will create. God Help us All!
Conservative's Rule02/16/091:45pmEveryone's existence will be disrupted. We will be paying taxes for bullsh!t programs that the liberal congress and senate want. We will be giving money to people who don't pay taxes including illegal aliens. What a wonderful job our idiot president is doing. He really is making a mark for himself. We all know he will be a one term president and will make taxes so bad for the little guy or middle class as he likes to put it that most of us will lose our homes and jobs. I predict there will be a revolution where he will be ousted out of office by the American people. Don't laugh, things are going to get really bad and the people will not put up with it. So hang onto and wait to see what happens. It will not be pretty. By the way this mess started with Clinton and got steadily worse with the democrats in congress and of course it fell on President Bush, and everyone blames him but they don't realize it was not him but love to blame him because people did not like him. I'd rather have him in office then this liberal tax pig. Obama has been using the presidential jet like it is a drive to the grocery store. Wasting more american tax dollars. He did not have to go to Chicago for the weekend. Hell he has not been in office a month and he is already taking weekend jaunts. Maybe he wanted to come back to visit with his buddy Ayers (to get some advice) or his preacher Wright to get some good ole prejudice preaching. Be happy with what you have done by electing this Socialist/Liberal and when things get steadly worse we can blame all of you.............Butt Heads!
In love w/ the neighbor02/16/091:03pmI don't care one bit about the economy just as long as it doesn't screw up with my humble little existence.
ChristinaOnly 02/16/0912:57pmOnly the fat cats will get the money. People will contiue to be forclosed on. The banks will use the money the way they want no loans to the ones that need it, or reducinththe loans people have. The rose colored glasses must come off.
Zera02/16/098:03amHappy belated V day to u too Wallander. hope u had a good 1. i know i did LOL 4 the rest of ya happy belated vday to u too zera
Amanda02/16/096:16amI don't think that it will get that bad. I do think with all they are doing they will put somehting out of the fire. I don't see immediate relief, but I do think maybe by the end of this year or the beginning of next we will see marked improvement.
Milkshake02/15/097:28pmIn my honest opinion, I think we may go through a great depression before anything will work. But God, I really hope not.
Elizabeth02/15/092:13pmIt will work but not this year. It is something that will take over a year before things will get moving again. Most importatnly we can all learn the lessons from this crisis.
Wallander02/15/0910:53amI didn't know there was a song about bird phoenix Milkshake. There is a lesser known version from last yr. by a singer called Martina Topeley....i find the name of her album interesting; "The Blue God"....i think God has a different color, depending where on Earth we are living...LOL....and yes i asked God politely to drink a hot cup of stfu...LOL....;-D
Milkshake02/15/099:09amYou asked God to leave you alone, Wallander? I didn't know you had to ask. Hee Hee. You're really into those birds aren't you? First a mocking bird now bird phoenix? Is there a song about a bird phoenix?
Wallander02/15/098:51amThe previous comment was NOT meant to sound in ANY WAY OR SHAPE sarcastic or hateful. It was ALL about myself & my own life. I was trying to leave the polls on a happier note. (Sorry, i forgot to mention Ed's name as well, when wishing everyone a happy Valentines.) Hope i won't have to come back to correct my own posts again......lets rumble & show our tempers freely from now on...[with me on the sidelines]...peace....
Wallander02/15/096:51amHappy V to zera & to Milkshake...& Amanda & Pat & everyone else....I also wanted to add that i am always so in touch with my own fears & insecurities, that sometimes ppl think i'm mocking them whenever i am feeling just a little confident of myself. Yesterday i asked God to leave me alone, & today i'm enjoying the silence.....finally......bird phoenix...who knows?? I'm re-learning to clean up the house....& no i'm NOT gay....& don't you all love the silence after the storm? ;-))
Amanda02/14/097:07pmHappy V day to you too milkshake and everyone else.
Milkshake02/14/0912:40pmOkay. This is off the subject. But I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!!!!
Amanda02/14/0911:25amAs far as the Ceo's go it was passed LONG ago they would get 0 bonus at all. Last week President Obama signed in the cap law. None of the ceo's that run the companies that get the bail out money can make over 500,000 a year.Any profit these corperations make MUST immediately be reported and then put back to pay back the bail out money.They are not getting off free this time. They cannot get aq bonus..Come on guys, Bush is out of office so now we can all breath easier.
Bam Bam02/14/0910:53amDefinitely NO PAYOUTS for CEO's I dumped AIG like a hot potato after they paid their boys. When they asked why I cancelled my policy I told them flat out because you took the Golden Parachute. The poor rep on the phone siad I'm so sorry, I said why? It's not your fault. I like the fact thought that new home buyers get a 15 year tax abatement! I wouldn't expect to see a lot of improvement the first year but slow positive growth. It took us 8-Years to get in this mess don't expect a miracle to fix it. We all have to work on this together as a Nation. I think overall it will do well - we've had the greatest minds working on this I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Need Lower Paid CEOs02/14/096:49amBig problem: There are too many CEOs making more money than they could possibly spend in their entire lifetime - and yet if they know their companies are going to get Federal stimulus money, some have already used it to give bonuses to the other top executives, (again more people who make more money than they could possibly spend in their lifetime) or buy 'new toys' like a company airplane - for the top execs to 'play' with. Meanwhile, they layoff the people at the bottom...people who truly NEED to make money to live. What is wrong with this picture? I don't think this is what the government had in mind. ................................................................................................................... In some cases, top execs are making 400% MORE than the person at the bottom. I wish the govt. would crack down on this extreme percentage difference...force top execs to pay themselves LESS as a form of 'social responsibility' to the welfare of both their company and their employees...and stop buying unnecessary "toys".
Amanda02/14/093:59amLooking at how it all breaks down I think it will. Lettins some of the companies go belly up is not an option. There are too many jobs tied to them and we are already loosing too many jobs every day. Many think that this is all about the higher ups..but we finally have a president who sees what is what. Do I think it is 100%?/ No, nothing ever is. But with the conditions they are putting into place and where the money is going..I agree with it and think it is our best shot. AI haven't seen anyone propose anything else better as of yet.
Milkshake02/13/099:21pmI don't know how to vote. I hope it will help our economy. Im unsure it will. I'm not confident about it. I am confident about Obama as our president. We can only watch and see.
Ed02/13/0912:32pmHey Milkshake how are you sweetheart? My definition of a munion is a short, slimy yes-man soldier type. All those in Congress and the Senate fit that stero-type. They are all crooks and the B!tch Pelosi is the ring-leader. She looks like she is on meth. I am always waiting for her eyeballs to fall out, they are so big. Hee! Hee! :D
Milkshake02/13/0912:24pmMunions?? LOL That's funny. What's a munion?
Pat02/13/0912:02pmI left mail. Are you ready to rumble? I hope I get back soon and I'll give it a whirl. If not, then Tuesday. Bye.
Ed02/13/0910:51amBy the way I called Bernie Franks Barney, because he is a big ****ed blow-hard all that is missing is that he is not purple...:P
Ed02/13/0910:19amI don't agree that this so called stimulus package will work. IT WON'T!! First of all it is a sneaky way of that B!TCH Pelosi and her munions in congress and the senate to spend, spend, spend. This is liberal spending spree plain and simple. We do not need a waterpark in Florida or a dirt bike track, or new tennis courts---just a few of the provisions in the spending package. If they want to help the American people they need to take that trillion dollars and give it to each LEGAL American and then you would see people spend and that would jump start the economy. Also kick Barney Franks the man-whore for Fanny and Freddie right in his ass. If he would of kept an eye on them instead of F _ _ king some high official guy at Fanny and Freddie maybe this mess in the housing market would not have gone wrong. Also if the Liberals would of stayed out and not made Fanny and Freddie give loans to people who could not afford homes we would not of been in this mess. I did not vote for Obama and for good reason, he is a liberal plain and simple and we don't want a society like China or Russia. If you watch what is going on that is exactly what he wants to do. He is going to bring down the country further wait and see you think it is bad now wait. I thought I was not coming back to the site but this is a good poll. Thanks poll master for this interesting poll. So I am ready for the Obama's believers to yell at me for my comments and truths. Let's get ready to rumble :D

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