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The mainstream media tends to be:

Total Voters: 1021
Bias towards a liberal agenda 37%
Bias towards a conservative agenda 37%
Fair and balanced 37%
Undecided 37%
Freespirit04/07/0911:23amBurn in your own jealousy
Pat04/07/093:26amThank you, Joe!
Joe04/07/091:54amTo Pat good answer
Zera The REAL one04/06/0911:18pmMilkshake i AGREE with ya. Last many few polls has been like TOTALLY politics, n man as said we have beaten, shot, kicked, maimed, hung, strangled, blown, blasted, n whatelse on diff politics side n stuff. So yea, i reckon pollmaster KNOWS the poll qs r VERY political. As 4 the round number who knows what of who should been pres of the USA, THAT debate has been as said above also been beaten, shot, kicked, maimed, hung, strangled, blown, blasted, n whatelse on diff politics side n stuff to hell. So come on, POLLMASTER NEW POLL ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wallander04/06/095:41pmGreat Britain has been at the #1 spot for many yrs now, in the list of countries that have given the HIGHEST financial aid to the 3rd world countries [PERCENTAGE-WISE in relation to overall GDP] which according to HARDCORE Capitalists, is equivalent to practically throwing money out of the window WITH NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER for a return...& yet you've NEVER heard of GB's stock market crashing during the last MANY decades, or anything of that sort. Perhaps it is about time we all learned that the old-fashioned SUPER Capitalism, does NOT necessarily work efficiently at all times. The BEST economical policies are no longer the kind of simplistic black & white policies that were practiced in the 1920's (or the 1950's, or the 1980's). It's a lot more complicated (& VERY boring) than that. In fact a good solid economy is a BORING economy...the term "dynamic economy" is neither a feasible idea, nor an advisable ones. What comes fast, goes fast, and what comes slow, goes slow.
Milkshake04/06/094:33pmTo: Zera the Real One........I realize polls can turn into a political debate. I only stated that this one is quite boring (the subject of the poll). And lately some of the subject have been on the dull side. And yes, Zera the Real One, in my opinion, it is the poll masters fault. Ok? My opinion. Thanks.
Debbie04/06/091:59pmI guess we are all a little nuts it is just some are more than others. Example: This prez that was voted in he is the nuttiest person alive. Everyday he gets nuttier and nuttier. I miss reading Jeff and Ed's comments. They're the smartest in this whole group of people. This prez. wants to government to own the car makers and also the banks, which spells SOCIALISMMMMMMMMMMMMM, and it is wrong. If he does not like capitalism he should move to Iran or Russia. Whichever makes him happy! I am sure they would take him with open arms. I know that some people get tired of talking about politics, but I find it interesting and like to talk about it. Everyone have a Good Day!
Pat04/06/091:28pmFirst...Joe, I was teasing you and I see by your answer you were teasing back. But the analytical part of me has to say this.....On a conscious level you were asking who is nuts in the polls and I wondered if it really meant on a subconscious level it was probably you. I should have explained further. Yes, we all are a little nuts, but isn't it FUN? Being quirky, nutty, funny, goofy, etc. at times? I love it. It makes us humans. Zera, as far as I know I am not going anywhere. I will still be here. Look at the poll we have...very boring politics. YUCK!!!
Joe04/06/0910:23amPat if it was subconcious I wouldn,t even know the statement nevermind making it if it is subconscious it means Im not conscious of it or aware of it .My question is really to see how everyone defends themselves and why do they not think their nuts. I already know Im nuts but does everyone else I wonder
Zera The REAL one04/06/0910:08amHey Pat! I lov e u n u better stay, those who dont want u here can go n kiss my punami. Milkshake, not pollmasters fault all polls turn into a politicians debate. Joe, again all i hear is WUUUSSHHHHHH!!!
Pat04/06/099:07amJoe, do you, on a subconscious level, see something about you in that comment? Just wondering!
Joe04/06/098:03amHere,s a poll why do so many people spend so much of their time writing their opinions to polls on the net would it be they are not right in the head
Milkshake04/06/097:34amWhy can't the pollmaster come up with a poll that's interesting? Are you doing this on purpose, pollmaster? Because whatever you are doing seems to work.......WE ARE ALL BORED!
Pat04/06/095:31amWolf, so you have to be a man to have the word wolf tattooed on your arm? Cool!!!! You said a few individuals do not belong in here. I know I am one of them without a doubt. When I am gone on the weekends, people come in here and when I am here through the week they stop. That is how I know I am not wanted in here. But anyone with the letters A-Z should be in here if the want. If you have read or glanced back through the polls, you would see that Zera has always used her name as Zera and not Zebra. I agree with Kelder, who decides. The only one in my opinion is the faker who uses our names like the child that they are. That is really cool, Milkshake, that you had a friend that had a pet wolf. I would love to be in the wilderness with the wolves and all the wild animals. I am sick of the politics, also, Bam Bam. Zera, there are so many topics to be discussed, but it isn't, so Oh watch all the people scatter now that I came in here. I do not really care who does or does not like me.
Zera The REAL one04/06/0912:33amWell how about a poll that goes: Do you think its greener on the other side of the fence??? or Do u got with ya kids to buy games they can play? or do ya as a parent monitor what games ya kids buy bring home to play?
Bam Bam04/05/093:08pmWell I'm glad to see everyone pretty much feels the same as me about this poll. I mean who cares anymore of politics. We've beaten that horse with a stick, a bat, kicked it, shot it and buried it! Who is coming up with these polls? We used to talk about everything but, now it's nothing but politics, politics, politics!
Milkshake04/04/099:40amI had a friend who had a pet wolf. He was so sweet. I love wolves. They are so cute and cuddly.
Zera The REAL one04/04/098:27amNow now boys, play NICE!
Kelder04/04/096:13am..and what else would be the issues do you think dear wolf?
Wolf04/04/095:17amWell for starters there is a certain someone who shares the same 1st initial with my nick name in the polls, who has outplayed HIS role in here imo. But this person keeps coming back and posts disturbing comments, and doesn't GET the notion that he's not wanted in the polls. Btw Pat I've had a wolf tattooed on my wrist.
Zera The REAL one04/04/0912:13amZera wolf is a name once given me in a past life. Its unique n stems from ancient egypt b4 it was ancient LOL. Well on who does n who doesnt belong here, well i prefer to say, we all belong here, n make our minds clear disregard what other thinks n believes. HOWEVER there r at time individuals who quite NEVER outgrew that competition 4 that last spot with the popular team. So they disrupt the talks on here as posing as us. i think these r the ones wolf meant didbt belong here. I say let em yab all they want, bc in that way we get to see how far we have evolved oppposed to them who r still stuck in highschool dramas. It warms when some1 is SOOOOO desperate to b one of us. Its nice to b SOOOOOOOOO loved LMAO
Kelder04/03/0910:06pmHow does one decide who does and does not belong in here wolf..what makes you an expert?
Wolf04/03/097:06pmI like the stuff u say on these polls Zera. Are u sure u didn't forget a 'b' in ur name? But if it ain't Zebra, then what's Zera mean? It sounds nice anyways. U know what, I think there are a few individuals in here who don't even belong to here.
Wallander04/02/091:20pmI will pray for your son Pat. Having said that, i truly hope you are PROUD of him, however TOUGH it may be for you, to NOT be able to ignore the dangers involved in such missions!
Pat04/02/0912:37pmZera, you might as well join the family. This ignorant person has used all of our names. Everyone, please pray, I just found out my son has to go to Iraq. He had already been to Afghanistan and I SO hoped he wouldn't have to leave the U.S. anymore.
Zera The REAL one04/02/0912:10pmAaawwww guys AINT THAT NIIICCEEEEE. Some1 wanna b me so bad they steal n pose as me. Aint that sweet? Aawww i love it when i am SOOOOO loved. Thief and poser of me, thank u 4 loving me so very much. it soooo warms. LOLOLOL
Amanda04/02/099:28amWell folks..that's a wrap..we got a kid here who thinks they're funny. I do have an account here and some of you have my email address...there's no reason for me to be on these polls just is no fun and the spark is gone. Too bad.
Milkshake04/02/099:11amI cant believe what I just read. You're right, Pat....the child is back!! This poll was rather boring. I did not participate much in this one for other reasons. Pat I will be emailing you today to explain.
Pat04/02/098:24amLooks like the child is back. Mystic games poll really sucks anymore.
Zera04/02/097:28amAmanda your over the hill
Zera04/01/0912:00pmIve got an idea 4 a poll. Chosen admin, each on 4 a round of yes or no. 4 missq ill prolly vote yes, 4 the other bbrrr person it locust, i will always vote NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Diff poll ------ What ya think of the new warning regarding pistacios ban????
Pat04/01/0911:25amActually yawning and stretching.
Amanda04/01/0910:39amI is boring and the poll is old and was lame to begin with..who the hell thinks up these polls anyway?
Pat04/01/099:23amWell, it is times for a change (in here). Who agrees?
Milkshake04/01/097:35amHi Suzy. Yes, I'll give you a kiss. I know what it's like. I've been sick lately. Studying very hard and having some personal problems. I may need some help myself.Good luck Suzy. I know your gonna be just fine!!
Amanda04/01/097:09amBoy have things gone down hill in here
Pat04/01/095:26amHi Suzy, Yes, I haven't seen your name in here for awhile. Welcome back.
Zera04/01/0912:36amWelcom back Suzy! Kiss kiss n hugs happy ure feeling all better. Njoy ur life n ur day. xoxoxxxo
Suzy 03/31/093:47pmHi IM BACK I wAS in a psychiatric hospitay for my nerves but now Im not nervous any more would anyone like to kiss me
Wallander03/31/0912:52pmYes i admit, he is being missed in here. One day i hope i'll be able to show my temper as freely as Ed did. It is NOT fear that prohibits me from bursting out openly, but rather, that infamous sense of regret AFTERWARDS.
Pat03/31/0911:59amPoll master, I am almost afraid to ask for a new poll now...if things are going to change in here. I hope it doesn't. It has been nice in here. I just wish I had my sweet brother and friend, Ed, back. It sure is lonely without seeing his huge personality in here. I still miss him so much.
Debbie03/31/0911:57amIf we are talking about how big company CEO's are screwing the employees and their company to make them fail and then walking away with millions and sometime billions....Then they need to be hung up and quartered. Hee! Hee! No really, they should sell all their personal holdings, homes, jewels, cars etc and give it back to the employees and people who invested into their companies. Then they (The whole family) should go to prision for about 20 years. I also do not like the fact that the government is telling businesses what to do, like firing GM's CEO and then the government is crawling in to take the company over. Government has no business doing that unless our prez wants to make this a socialist country. We all know that is what he is up to. Plain and simple the car companies along with other business will be fine if the damn banks will start lending again. Obama will not let that happen so the businesses have no choice but to let the government come in and take over. People look at it....You know I am right! We have our own terrorist right here in our own government. Capitalism is dying because of this new liberal prez. and the stupid college students with no brains and the power to vote did this to our country. Remember Obama wants the country to fail this way we have to depend on the government to come in and take care of us. SOCIALISM at it's best!
Wallander03/31/0911:55amI think deep down inside every human soul, you'd find BOTH archetypes. The 'mass seducer' AND the 'gullible sucker'. And they BOTH have positive & negative things that one can learn a great deal from. It is very easy to just condemn both groups for their cold manipulations, or gullible stupidity. But it can be done in a smarter way, than just being super cynical about them all. For example you'd almost always run into a beautiful sense of idealism among those mass seducers. And on the other side, you'd find a BIG OPEN heart in the gullible sucker. If every ordinary individual possessed just a tiny portion of these 2 characteristics in himself/herself, the world would have been a much better place to live in today.
Amanda03/31/098:47amPat I am well aware of that and on a deeper level it means one thing..think for yourself or go down with the ship. Unless they are genuinely mentally impaired or they are minors I really am not sympathetic..they are adults and should know better..if not..oh well.
Pat03/31/097:37amHey Amanda. You know, there are many people in many "corners" of the planet that are in areas that are still sort of connected to the "dark ages." That's what is sad, because these people are the ones highly targeted. They are without hope and need something or someone to look up to. Believe it or not, there are millions upon millions that will follow blindly. It is not just in third-world countries, either. It is even in advanced countries around the world. Leaders should not have to work free, but to live a very rich, lavish lifestyle off of peoples' hard earned money, instead of putting it back into the pot to help these people is just not the thing to do. But these people are being taught that is the Godly thing to do.
Amanda03/31/095:29amAs far as religious nuts go..if you are gullible enough to hang on their every word then you deserve what you get. I could understand back in the dark ages..but come on..this day and age you have to be bone stupid to just blindly follow. Too..I don't think that a spiritual or religious leader should work for free. I have no idea where the idea comes from that somehow these things ought to be free of charge. As far as being moderated..go for it..I have my own boards and am not worried about it
Zera03/30/091:59pmDoes the phrase TOO MANY COOKS mean anything to ya?? thats what it will come to. Admin making more mods, mods being made admin n bam owner gets kicked n the bad apples takes over. All it takes is one. This IS 9/11 all over
Wallander03/30/0911:04amI agree Pat. I would have loved to see some of those self-appointed miracle-makers try to work FOR FREE for a change. Or if they DID make money, they would NOT be so materialistic about it, and would not use the money to further their own materialistic urges, or their social/political position. I should google the name you gave here! Zera, that doesn't sound very nice. I'm curious to see how the site changes now?
Pat03/30/095:11amI am so sorry, Zera. I have missed it. I will go straight to my mail when I leave here. Wallander, it is very sad concerning the people that are in unimaginable living conditions and have to find hope and hold on to something. It is dangerous when those people are brainwashed to follow a man or woman as all power. They believe strongly in God and miracles do happen for them, but these people are in a frame of mind to be lead to do what they think is coming from God through the person and that is what is dangerous. I could tell all of you some horrible things, but not now. Zera, if this poll closes, don't worry. There is a plan working. But to the poll master, I ask you to keep this site going. We all vote and give our opinion on whatever poll is running at the time, but there is so only much to say, then some of use it to talk and help each other. This is a cool place to be.
The Ruis03/29/098:45pmThats okay Zera..I have my site..and I run it. So..if you guys all of a sudden don't see me..well there aren't too many regular visitors to this poll board that don't have my site and chat boards addies..
Zera03/29/099:09amOwner obviously was tired of members complaining of rude behavior n worse on site, so he spontaneously asked 2 who happened to be the only ones in the room. MissQ n wittyspirit was asked n said yes. of all people he asked WS. Now if this gets me banned so be it bc this sight has been signed its own deathcertificate by that choise alone. i know how ws made that happen. through lies n fake charms. not many here knows how she truely is but i do. mark my words all, ws will kill this one as surely as she has killed any other chat she shows in n has been on. this is 9/11 all over. is as big n sad n uncomprehendable as that was.
Wallander03/29/095:56amOk now i'm a little curious. Who are the admin & mod? I wasn't aware we had any, before!?
Zera03/28/0911:20pmHave u guys seen heard who the owner made admin n mods? I cannot believe the one he chose. im speechless, im appalled, im angry , im sad. this place will die now. by that choise he signed this sites deathcertificate. mark my words. he has himself done it in by the choise he made. i wish we had had a poll on whom as if effect us all. everything from chat to polls will now b effected. its terrible. its horrid. i feel its 9/11 all over again.
Wallander03/28/096:48amI'm scared to have any 'sharp' opinions --whether for or against--about all these supposed miracle-making religious Gurus. Because on the one hand you are well aware of the fact that they're all basically some smooth-talking snake-oil salesmen deep down inside, and yet on the other hand, you can understand the level of desperation that so many handicapped ppl or other troubled souls, feel with their own lives, always holding on to their last straws of hope for some kind of a miracle...often in the most 'creative' ways imaginable. It is REALLY difficult to put oneself in their shoes.
Zera03/28/092:21amHey patti honey did ya not get my mail? sent it over a week ago soon anyhews. thanx
Amanda03/27/094:30pmI see..yes those fools are dangerous indeed Pat.
Pat03/27/0910:53amE. A. Adeboye.....He sounds very dangerous to me. Thinking is is so almighty to think he can save every person's soul on this planet. There is only ONE being that decides our fate. That is each individual person and how they believe or don't believe. I will never let NO human tell me they are going to save my soul. That is personally between me and the Great Spirit. And whatever each person believes in. How does he know who is "saved" or not? He's not a savior. I think he is someone to keep an eye on.
Amanda03/27/099:28amPat which He are you refering too?
Pat03/27/097:02amWiccans, Witches, Atheists, and other beliefs are on the top of his list. He has over 600 hundred million followers and growing.
Amanda03/26/095:47pmHey George..stop reading the tabloids and confusing it for comprehensive reporting. If Obama were any of those things, especially not being a US citizen then he would never have even been eligible for presidency. They don't use just the local McDonald's application to check out your actually must prove who you are. To me it is pitiful how some believe this sort of garbage, terrorists and not being a citizen..for crying out loud you have a computer..look it all up on snopes.
Pat03/26/0911:09amIf anyone wants to look at someone that could possibly be the anti-christ, then read all you can about E.A. Adeboye. He claims he is going to save every person's soul. He is preaching miracles and signs and wonders(which there is nothing wrong with those three things), but he is using this to live a very lavish lifestyle and even bought a twenty-something million dollar jet. He has a higher following than the catholics and the jews or anyone else. He is getting bigger everyday. He has over a hundred churches around the world and millions and millions and millions of followers. Read up and be informed. I would fear him more than President O'Bama. If the day comes and he thinks he can't save your soul by following him. Trust me, you will die.
Amanda03/26/097:07amSharon it is really simple. This issue of our economy was brought forth to our attention through CNN news back in 2001. Bush got on the television, had a news conference immediately after this report and said it was all hog wash and there was no threat to the American economy..well as predicted..we are all in the worse recession since the great depression. Sooo..I really do think it is Bush's fault..he may not have actively created it, but he knew about it and had the nerve to say it was not going to happen when the proof was right there in his face as well as the face of the American public..knowledge makes him responsible and he failed..
Pat03/25/092:06pmEd would absolutely love this. I can see him laughing and having a blast. I still stick to the exact same words I typed in by the polls' time of 5:34am. There are no changes to them at all. Just more added to them. I agree with Amanda and Zera. Like Zera said, what would any of you do if you were president? What you say would be totally different after being in the White House and facing how much more worse the damage was than what we are seeing and feeling now. Even bush jr. fired his own advisers when they tried to tell him what he was doing was wrong and others quit, because they did not want that dark shadow on them. Smart men!!! With a huge deficit and NO MONEY at all, where would you start? It is not President O'Bama's fault there are wealthy crooks trying to steal the money he is handing out to help the nation. They thought they could get by like they were getting their palms greased by bush jr. Well, now they know different. He has only been in the White House a very short time and everyone wants to blame him. He is moving as fast as he can. What do you think the government was established for centuries ago? Not for the ordinary, hard-working people, but to take care of the wealthy in what they claimed was all good and legal. There have been so few good men during all those centuries. It was legal enslavement and to tax the people "legally." Just like the monarch's did, before government. Sharon, you are right, on one account, it started much worse with reagan. Then bush sr., then his son stabbed this nation in the back and the people allowed it to happen. President O'Bama is not the anti-christ, but I have a very good idea who is and I will tell you tomorrow. President O'Bama went to those warring countries to have peace talks for us and for those countries that have been at war forever. If President O'Bama is not an American citizen, then where is the proof by the one who claimed to have said it? I have seen no proof, henceforth, it was a lie. The USA was already failing and it started way before Jan. 20th, 2009.
George03/25/0912:14pmNow, Now ladies!! Can't we all get along.....We have no choice but to see what this guy will do. Let's just hope we all don't die in the meantime by a terrorist attack. You know Nostradomas predicted that the anti-christ would be coming soon. I am guessing he means Obama to be the anti-christ. Most people were memorized by him as the great black hope whatever that means. They did not care he hung around with a terrorist bomber, his own preacher is a racist. Articles I have read state he is not an american citizen, but noone wants to check to make sure, because the liberals know it is true but won't risk losing him. His father is a muslum and Obama went to muslum schools at an early age, which means he is a muslum if only part. But the stupid american public refuse to see that. So when the US fails and becomes a liberal socialist society we can blame all of you. I know people wanted a change but this kind of change is not good. Anyway I had to say my side. I am not a democrat or republican but an independent. I use to be a democrat till Obama ran and I did not believe he had our best interest at hand only his agenda to hurt America.
Zera03/25/0911:31amAll those of u who hate Obama I DARE ya to run 4 office n see what a BETTER job u can do. All of ya all go it in ya traps. Show some action if u wanna change things. It aint no longer enough to just vote. If u cant then i guess u proved my point, that yall are juss big old hags n windbags.
Sharon03/25/099:59amWhen are you going to stop blaming President Bush!!! This stuff has been going on for years before him. Now Obama is in office and you and others make excuses for the jerk. I will never call Obama president, because he does not deserve that title. His policies and his budget spending is the worse than any president ever!! I watched him last night what a putz. He never answered any questions, just the same reddirick over and over. The onlyl emotion he had was when he spoke about people suffering otherwise the same double tongue talk. The reason he is pushing to get his liberal agenda passed so soon is that next year is another election and all his cronies will be axed out of office especially the BXitch Pelosi. Bush's deficet was 1.3 trillon, which was not caused by him but by previous administrations and you and Obama try to blame President Bush to take away the 3 fold increase of 9 Trillion. Boy what a wonderful leader. I will never trust Obama and will speak out against him any chance I get. It's embarassing being from America now with this worthless so called leader. Hopefully he will be impeached! Then we can all celebrate.
Amanda03/25/098:14amI suppose Obama is an absolute horror for putting a stop to the AIG bonuses that Bush handed out? Oh yeah..let's impeach him..sure thing..or did any of you loose site of all the BILLIONS of dollars that Bush got for his own war and in the mean time, new this economy was going to crash..had warnings about it as early as 2001 as I recall seeing what the economists were saying on CNN back then and then Bush saying it was all nothing..Bush new..I saw that with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears..he had seven years to address this issue and turn it around and what did he do..continue the big business tax breaks, sold our jobs over seas, handed out more money to other countries for them to use and basically broke our backs. Obama has been handed one hell of a mess to clean up..and of course Bush and his admin did not tell the whole story..Bush never has. Bottom line, the news was out in as early as '01 that this exact thing was going to happen and he lied through his teeth about who's fault is that and please bear in mind I sat in front of the television and watched him lie through his teeth myself.
Impeach him NOW!03/25/097:38amPat you are wearing the rose colored glasses like alot of people. Obama is nothing but a liar and his budget's cost is going to be 9 plus TRILLION>>>>three times more than President Bush. Government should not stick their noses in the American's business, telling them what they can and cannot do. That's capitalism. Obama will turn this country into a socialist society. Big government is never good. Especially with Obama at the helm with his gang like Finance crook, Geithner who did not even pay his taxes, boy what an honest man. Pelosi the cXunt, and I think the biggest liar and slime, Barney Franks, what a ****. If we have to depend on all these people we are all in trouble.
Pat03/25/095:34amAll of you people go on and on and on and on and on and on.......................about O'Bama. Where were you when reagan and both bush sr. and jr. were giving gigantic tax breaks to the filthy rich? Why wasn't there whining then? O' Bama came into a screwed up mess that both sr. and jr. screwed up. When Clinton was in the White House we had a surplus of money, because there was a reasonable amount of taxes being taken in and no huge spending going out. The nation did not owe anyone anything. bush jr. spent all the surplus and still spending money for everything and gave tax breaks to the rich, then he started borrowing money from other countries for all the things he was spending money on. We were comfortably set in the nation from Clinton. No more borrowing. bush jr. went against his own advisers when they told him he was spending the surplus and started cutting taxes for the wealthy again while all the little people were having everything taken away. They advised him of the huge mistake he was making, he fired most of them and others quit, because they knew what he was doing to our nation. He wouldn't listen to anyone, but keeping the republican politicians and the very wealthy happy. Life was easy when Clinton was in. Times kept getting rougher and rougher when jr. was in. He put us in a gigantic deficit. We were in a recession, very close to a depression. Now O'Bama has to come up with ways to get people back on their feet in this nation. Yes, he had to start borrowing money, but he has a solid plan, if it works, because there was NO money. It was all gone, thanks to bush jr. But the "bush communists" has spent all of our money and when O'Bama went in, there was no more money. I still trust him, I wouldn't want to be president in a time like this. He is being blamed for all the bad he has inherited from the "bush communists." So all conservatives keep those blinders on and those rose-colored glasses on when looking at the last three horrible republican presidents when they were spending OUR money. OUR MONEY. Then borrowing and borrowing. I do not believe this nation will ever be on its' feet again. We are screwed because of the filthy greediness of republican politicians and the very filthy rich.
Impeach him NOW!03/25/094:20amOf course I am talking about the idiot that was just elected. The liberal terrorist Obama!
Toby03/25/093:23amOh great I cant wait till we have a communist USA it,ll be great we will be able to ship all our non communist enemys to Siberia HORRAY
Zera03/24/0911:44pmIm confused. Do u speak of BUSH??? Or the new guy at the helm? IF so are ur utterings a lame excuse 4 not investigating backgrounds. I bet u found it beneath ya to do so. U r such a typ person to accuse, trial n sentence without any sign of proof, n all u smack out there is ur own low self. ur lines says more of what an narrowminded stuck up ur arse limited person u is, than what u claim Obama to b. Easier to accuse others than look at urself. Well whoever u r, u oughta.
Impeach him NOW!03/24/0911:54amI am a conservative and ashamed of this country right now! You voted in an unexperienced moran that will flush our morals, jobs, homes and children's future down the toilet. What were all of you thinking. Get ready to change America to the name Russia or communist China. We will no longer be the land of the free, because that putz is trying to control every aspect of the american's life. Wake up! it's time to impeach his liberal ass out of office. I usually don't get upset if a Republican does not win. I know that the democrats will screw everything up and then americans wake up and then vote in a Repulican next election who in turn will straighen up the mess. In this case I am livid that this ass got into office. What the hell is his problem. We are in a financial crisis and he is traveling all over in Air Force 1 on talk shows, talks about the swing set for his f- - king brats, then every wednesday throws an expensive party on our dime. He is still in the campaining mode. Take his telaprompters away. He needs to be IMPEACHED and kicked literally out of office. He truly has no experience to run this country, except to ruin it.
Pat03/24/0911:45amThank you Sharon. Ed is dearly missed. Yes, he was a strong conservative. He told me one time that with a lot of time he would change me from democrat to republican. We both got a laugh out of that. I miss him. When and IF Amanda reads what you had to say, I'm sure I will enjoy reading the debate between the both of you. If she comes back......
Sharon03/24/0911:25amMost papers and news stations are liberal! Which actually fits, because liberals are all liars including the rotten president that was chosen. I have been reading alot of these polls and thought I would finally speak, Pat I don't know you but you seem honest, intelligent and a caring person. I use to like to read Ed's comments. He was a very dedicated conservative, which I like, because I am also a conservative. I am sorry for our loss of a good man. Now back to what's been going on. the president will destroy America which is exactly what his liberal thinking is doing. Do you know that the asshole wants to control the heat and cooling in your home. That's one of the stupid things in his budget. If you use to much you will be taxed out the ying/yang. They are spending money we don't even have. They just keep printing it. Also, that Homo Barney Franks calling a supreme justice homofobic. Barney the homo, no good woman would want him. He is another pompus ass that needs to be dropped kicked out of office. I save the best or worst for last--Pelosi. I have never been more ashamed of another female in my life, till that cXunt came into the picture. She is nothing but trouble for this country and our shaky economy. She is the spend witch of capital hill. Someone needs to take her out back and releave her of life. The whole new administration needs to be dropped kicked out of Washington! Now we need a new poll. Something on bashing the F- - king president or any of his staff because there is alot of stuff we can go after them about!
Pat03/24/095:21amWell, then, welcome to the polls Wolf. I take it you are a female wolf since you said you would like a lamb tattoo, also? The tattoos on the front of my arms did not really hurt so much, except when it got close to the wrists. I know the other side of the wrists are going to be really bad, but I have to have them. Thank you, Wallander, I REALLY do love nature VERY much. It makes me sad to see so much of it destroyed around the world and causes me to have much pain and there is nothing I can do about it. The Great Omnipotent Spirit that made everything throughout the universe, which apparently never ends, is neither male nor female. It is us humans around the world that give it the male or female name. It is both, but neither. Like the Yin/Yang has opposites of everything. That's good you have found a religion or spiritual belief that you draw towards. I take the good things from many religions and spiritual beliefs that fit with me. There are good and bad in everything. I am going to check out that horoscope, also. I love all the different kinds of horoscopes. As far as the media goes, their is nothing fair and balanced about any of them. Hi Zera.
Zera03/24/092:36amLast line by Wallander is well put. Arseholes => conservatists. In the sense, all know what they wanna convey to us sell n ****, its a test who can BRAINWASH us into buying getting order sign up for THEIR product. Since we have SO many medias, we get the choise. BUT its still oneway street 4 these medias. Come high n hell fire choose OUR product. If that aint conversative n arseholistic then i dunno what is.
Wallander03/23/0910:34pmYes i agree wholeheartedly Pat. I also admire your love for the nature. I would have loved to "get down in the elements" myself. It's so healthy to feel ONE with the animals, the trees, the grass, the flowers, the dirt, the rocks, etc...once in a while. I also have NO PROBLEM whatsoever if God is a 'he' or a 'she'..i'm not exactly in the hunt to find out what the Creator's gender may be.(LOL) As far as i know, there aren't a whole lot of references to mother nature, in the Zoroastrian religion. I am actually kind of selective with this particular religion. I only take the stuff that agree with my own convictions. For instance i think the Zoroastrian Horoscope [] is ALMOST just as exciting as the Mayan/Aztec Astrology. Or atleast i used to...I'm not as keen on the zodiacs as i once was...i always got really excited when i could see how precise they were, especially the two that i mentioned here. Regarding the poll, the mainstream media tends to be...hmm...arseholes. :p
Wolf03/23/093:08pmNo Pat this is the first time I'm posting in the polls. I actually liked the tattoo idea. Very inspiring. Maybe I should also try something similar. I like lambs the most but I am definately not choosy! Ha ha ha
Pat03/23/0912:02pmI have a book at home on many different religions and I knew I had read about the Zoroastrians before, but since I am not home right now, I went on the net and read up on it. I have no problem with that belief. I have no problem with any belief as long as there are no human OR animal sacrifices. Or brutalities. I think everyone should believe how they want to and not condemn anyone else in the process. (Harm None). But the very first belief was a goddess, even before any gods, and women were very much respected and revered, because they birthed life. Even though the man had his part, the woman was still revered for bringing forth life.
Pat03/23/099:04amWolf, I don't think I have seen you in the polls since I have been in them. Were you in them at an earlier time before I came in? Just curious. I like the name, because my next two tattoos are going to be a pup wolf and a tiger cub. One on each wrist(flip your hands over, palms up). That part of the wrist. Just don't eat the little lambs within my sight. Even though wolves have to eat meat.
Wolf03/22/0912:34pmCan I go back to feasting on sweet cuddly lambs again!
Wallander03/22/0912:19amIt's perfectly ok Jeff...i think i'll post something about it in the discussion room, some other time.
Wallander03/21/094:46pmMedias no longer control the masses as they used to. Ppl nowadays tend to go against whatever it is the medias are trying to portray, which is a positive thing in itself.
Jeff03/21/094:31pmWallander I'm sorry but I'm a little confused on the relevance as well. No disrespect intended LOL! Sorry, I'm just uniformed about the subject of Zoroastrianism. I hate to admit that until now I have not even heard of it! Getting back to the subject I just have to say that the primary reason the media exists is to inform the public about real issues affecting their lives, and unfortunately the mainstream media is an utter failure at exposing the corruption that is currently underway in the US Government. This applies to both parties, but unfortunately the media does very little to expose the radical liberal agenda being fast tracked and rammed down our throats. There is little or no debate the Congress floor so many of these pork filled bills are becoming law, and the media is doing little or nothing to encourage debate. The mainstream media is so pro-liberal that the Democrats and liberal Republicans are getting away with massive spending and entitlements that will create new generations of lazy dependant people who have no concept of accountability. In just a few months this Government has spent trillions of dollars in bailouts and spending with money that does not even exist yet, and there is still very little criticism from the media outlets because it's a Democrat run Congress and Executive! This is frightening!
Amanda03/21/096:42amI know Pat and I have been talking about Ed..and missing him and I will miss the debates with him as they were fun. Pat and I also agree that the tone here is well different and has been for a while. I do have my own site and propose those that wish to have a new hangout and polls go to and contact me. I do have a poll feature there and will be more than happy to run some polls..they definitely would be more interesting.
Zera03/21/093:03amExcuse me 4 sounding daft, but wth has that to do with what way commercials are pointed at??? I dont see the resemblance. Kindly explain. thanx ;-)
Wallander03/20/094:21pmI've been meaning to post that comment about Zoroastrianism for over a month now...i was just waiting for the right moment to mention it. The discussion of 'nature vs. culture' is a perfect one...but i was willing to bring it up at the SLIGHTEST sign of relevancy.
Wallander03/20/093:50pmMaybe the RIGHT thing to do is, that somebody encouraged those 2 Gods to become friends, instead of rivals or enemies. (ps- if you're by any chance a psychology major, plz shut the f... up!...LOL...)
Wallander03/20/093:31pmMy knowledge of the Zoroastrian religion is rather limited, but i do know that there are 2 Gods existing in that ancient old religion. 1 of these Gods is supposed to be a man-made God....a "cultural God". This God [Ahriman] started out being formed with nothing but fire, rocks & woods, but as time evolved it became more & more sophisticated, and today it is a steady-evolving ROBOT...always losing a part here & there, and then again re-gaining a new part....& initially many of its parts attach back in the wrong places, & eventually they function is always balancing between deformity & perfection. And then there is the God of nature...."Ahura". This God, simple-yet-perfect, is basically the spirit of nature, & it's always been CONSISTENT. These 2 Gods have always been in a battle with one another, eversince mankind came into the picture. And Ahura has always come out as the winner of these 2....but ironically, it would only take Ahura 1 loss, to be destroyed for good, and Ahriman is doing everything to make Ahura into a "mortal God"....& if/when that happens, Ahriman will triumph over Ahura FOR GOOD.
Pat03/20/097:13amEd was a very sweet and kind gentle giant and a brother to me. I miss our talks so much. We made each other laugh all the time. His son and girlfriend and even his little dog are feeling the loss greatly, but Ed made sure that they are very well taken care of. His son did a very special thing for me and Ed did a very special thing for me. I miss him so much. Yes, life does go on, I know that. I hope I am wrong about the things I saw, but so far, the other things that have happened, I already saw in December. Way before Ed's death. Jeff, we all have our different points of view on politics, religion and other things, but we all come together in tragedies and happiness, I thank you again for the beautiful comment.
Pat03/20/095:49amThat was one beautiful comment. How kind you are. Yes, I know these things happen, because the earth is alive and is always evolving. This planet will always evolve and change, but for our lifetime as of now, we are in the middle of a huge evolution time. It is in a time of many, many more disasters and also a time when people are changing on a deeper level. Man-made disasters will climb higher just as natural disasters will climb higher. But I loved your whole comment.
Zera03/19/0911:21pmJeff has a very very good point there. Thanx 4 bringing out the bigger picture Jeff ;-)
Jeff03/19/097:21pmHey Pat, first I want to thank you for your kind offer to talk personally about Ed. That's very sweet and I appreciate it. I'm Ok, I just feel bad for his son, girlfriend, and any other family that must be devastated by this sudden loss. I hope in time they will find some comfort as many do when the years pass. People are resilient and time has a way of mending most wounds. On another more optimistic note, I'd like to point out that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and tsunami's are a part of life on earth and have been since it's birth. I just read an article today about that volcanic eruption that is taking place right now off the coast of Fiji. It is truly a sight to behold. This marks the birth of a new Island. When you really stop to think about it, the millions of years of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods and all the rest of nature's activity is what has formed this stunningly beautiful planet and the miracle of life that it supports. For millions of years fires burned through forests unabated to to make room for new forests and vegetation. Millions of years of water erosion resulting from floods, rivers, glaciers, etc have shaped the earth in ways that even the creative human mind could not have possibly imagined on its own. Nature has ruled well before the human race inhabited this planet. While it's sad when people pass away unexpectedly or through tragic accidents, death is and always has been an integral part of life. Please do not despair over things that you cannot control or you will drive yourself crazy!
Pat03/19/0911:23amSince December I have seen so many things and I never said anything about them, except to my family. There are times when I am wrong, but there are times when I am right. Too many times now, since January, some of the things I saw are happening. So I thought if they are wrong...very good, but if they are right, I had to put it down. It was eating me up.
Milkshake03/19/099:11amOut of all of those events, Pat, the one that bothers me most is the bus with kids that crashes. That makes me cry. I live in Nevada and it's uncommon to have earthquakes out here. We had quite a bit of earthquakes last year in a 3 month period. They reached to a 5.0 but they felt more like a 6.0. Anyway, I wonder what 2012 will be like?
Pat03/19/098:50amI meant helicopters.
Pat03/19/095:46amI could be right/I could be wrong. These are things I doesn't need a comment, but three things have come to pass and I did not put them down, but now I will....they are not in any particular order...more volcanic eruptions, one tsunami, more earthquakes than in 2008, three deadly hurricanes, two deadly avalanches, another deadly disease outbreak, a higher amount of shark attacks, a zoo attack, more than three mine collapses, two or more bridges collapse, at least three train wrecks, one or two hicopter crashes, a high-rise catches fire, a dam breaks, two ship disasters, several more plane crashes, two large buildings explode, a bus with kids crashes, more than ten famous people, two threats to the president, and of course everyone knows there will still be more forest fires and floods. There will be more.
Pat03/18/095:10amIf you want to talk and I am guessing you do, like some of the rest of us concerning our pain and hurt, my email address is If you don't want to contact, that's okay, but their are several of us that are sad.
Jeff03/17/0910:40pmI went back several weeks and read some of his comments. I don't know why this is affecting me so profoundly. I felt a connection with him even though we were not close and I can't stop thinking about it. One observation I just wanted to make was that although he was very passionate and opinionated in his political views, he managed to keep it separate from his personal feelings towards some of the other members who disagreed with him. His tone towards various members was always very loving and compationate. He will truly be missed.
Pat03/17/0912:49pmIt's okay, Jeff. I am still in shock and mourning greatly. We had kind of adopted each other as siblings. I won't ever stop missing him.
Jeff03/17/0911:03amOh my gosh... I am shocked and deeply saddened by this news about Ed. Sorry for the delayed reaction but I really don't come here on a daily basis. I know it's been a few days but for me it's fresh and I'm in utter shock and disbelief. Ed, where ever you are I am thinking about you and praying for you and your family. I didn't know you personally but I feel like we shared a great deal in terms of our conservative views and love for this great country and it's founding. We are all on the same path, and I have high hopes that someday we will have a chance to meet in the spiritual world.
Pat03/17/099:11amI left a message about Ed in the last poll. Thank you.
Paula03/16/0911:01amThe only news source I've found that tells it like it is with no Liberal or Conservative slant is the BBC. They don't have local news, but that is ok. All the newscasters want to do in this state is play chicken little and scream that the sky is falling. . . Got news for them! It fell a couple of years ago and nothing they are doing is helping one iota. Scaring the public half to death, but that is about it.
Clover03/15/097:40pmI think it really depends on the TV network and who is talking. Most networks value news or discussions that are simply there to shock people into watching/listening. It's all about ratings. The second factor relates to the dominating political party (ie. the more conservative the president, then the most common news available tends to be more conservative.)
DrJaneEnigma03/15/099:17amGEEE I'm thinking the mainsteam media is Rather conservative agenda based--we hear little of Alternative medicine for one thing...its All to Support an Old OutModed system...
Jeff03/14/095:58pmIf by "mainstream media" they mean ABC, CBS, NBC, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, then it's obviously slanted towards liberalism. No one would dispute this, not even the media outlets themselves. Even the Associated Press ran an article a few months ago admitting they and all the mainstream media outlets were "in the tank" for Obama during the Presidential Campaign by the way they reported on him and his adversaries. Thank heavens for the Internet and other sources of news or we would be stuck with the mainstream liberal monopoly.
Milkshake03/14/094:17pmAnd I agree, Zera.
Milkshake03/14/099:32amOMG!! To say fair and balanced? What a laugh!! I say as liberal as it can go.
Amanda03/14/096:38amThey seem to flip flop toward whomever seems in favor of bringing them ratings to me..regardless of sides.
Zera03/14/093:53amI voted conservative bc, they all want us 2 follow feel buy exactly their poduct. Its a tad like brainwash. its not liberal bc they know what they do. 4 instance surveys, they can form the questions so they get the results they want. I know bc its what ure taught at commercialschool. doent matter what u as consumer client buyer set down as reply. the results r there b4 its even sent out as survey. statistigues are made the same way. sorry!

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