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Children in the US should be required to speak English prior to entering public school.

Total Voters: 648
Yes 58%
No 58%
Undecided 58%
JACKIE05/24/094:02pmOH! So if that is true why did the dept of education assign funds for students who don't speak English? Has anyone heard about the purpose of ESOL? How about if your kids have to move to China, would you be ok if they rejected your kids because you didn't have money to pay for chinese lessons before moving to that country? WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS AMERICA THE LAND WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE. RIGHT?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/24/0910:53pmSwiFter not swiffer, swift!
Swifter04/23/0910:14amNever mind dear Pat. I didn't mean to push. I was just worried a little. I am good now. YOU are 1 of those individuals who helped me heal. I have EVERYTHING i need now, in order to move on with life. And that is a good place to start. I've outgrown all those insecurities that held me in their grips before. I'm a better human being now. Most importantly i'm much more down-to-earth than i was before...& i go with the flow. And this isn't my Ego speaking but the women can't get enough of this fellow, because they can see i'm much more relaxed & honest...& i can easily weather thru the emotions. Anyways ..:-)...hope you're doing just GREAT dear Pat. Over & out.
Swifter04/23/098:07amI got nervous that maybe my spiritual imbalance & strange behavior was effecting you Pat when we were corresponding w one another.....but unfortunately you got the impression that it was YOU who was effecting me negatively! Forgive me for that...plz! You're constantly in my thoughts Pat....come here & drop a line or 2, let us know everything is tip-tops with you....& relieve me from my own guilt!!! Zera, i can see much more clearly now, that there is an imposter. Their very last post is quite revealing. Milkshake i like Swifter better. But NOT your mop 'eh! ;-)
Zera04/22/0911:54pmMy my my my imposter loves me so much. Even speaks out things i wouldnt do myself. As i hate to brag. I do believe this FAN, this STALKER has a severe sick kinda love 4 me. Now am i to b flattered still or ought i call the cops?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/22/096:09pmI am STRONG because i CAN be fierce whenever i want.
Milkshake04/22/096:00pmI was wondering about Pat too. That's pretty strange, Swift. Yes, I do have long dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. The reason why I said Swifter is because here in the states there is a broom and a mop called "Swifter." In fact I own one. Nevermind about that. I just said that because I was kidding around/sarcastic with you, because you were sarcastic with me. I hope Pat is feeling better.
Jeff04/22/094:07pmI was wondering about that. Has anyone heard about how she is doing? Last time she posted was just before going to the hospital.
Bam Bam04/22/093:57pmAnybody seen Pat?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/22/0912:39pmWell 4 once i wont even reply the imposter. shows good judgement. said it 4 me, i fear no 1. if i did id b long gone. I at least aint such a spineless chicken **** coward to hide behind some1 elses name n starts **** on here. Im at least THAT proud LMAO HAHAHAHAAHahahahahaah so imposter ass come again hon, try a little harder, try with some REAL effort. IF ya can. I DARE YA!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhahaahahahahaahah
Swift04/22/099:58amNever mind. You're gonna be OK Milky. I'm gonna be OK too. From now on posting only 3 lines max. I just LOVE how we keep misunderstanding what the other says [sarcasm!]
Swift04/22/099:37amOh now i understand're talking about the point where i said the word "echo" (knocking on wood...spitting on a black cat....etc...etc...)....JUST FORGET IT!!! It was just a stupid euphemism that your answer would also be a "Yes man"! I'M NOT PLAYING GAMES WITH ANYBODY ANYMORE!!! I believe you now!!! I believe you Milky! (NOT believing IN you...but just believing you!)..... AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH....
Swift04/22/099:04amI don't know what to say last chance, perhaps? You know what, i saw a VERY pretty girl in my visions/thoughts the other night. But since it was my 1st time to experience a thing like that, i just thought it was my own imagination of you.....& NOT the real you!?? You have brown curly hair....& brown eyes. The bone structure in your face & body is impeccable. You were looking at the PC screen. I was looking at you, as if i was standing NEXT TO the screen myself. But if this is all my own imaginations, then just ignore everything i just said here?! What does MOP mean?? Someone who mops the floor?? Or someone who mops something?? What did i mop??? Tell me....please.
Swift04/22/097:49amI was here to HEAL....& boy, it all came out like a GIANT POOP....sure it's damn embarrassing...but to DARE to do ezpose yourself like that to complete takes GUTS! Now i'm finally myself. You all can say what you all wanna say...either way, i'm finally healed & my life is back on track. Bye.
Zera the REAL one04/22/097:19amI'm proud of who i am. I fear no one.
Swift04/22/096:20amI had not seen your post i'm just gonna go hide under the sofa for a while...
Zera The REAL one04/22/095:46amWell Swift, In case u noticed whenever ive posted here, has someone used my name n posted as me. its to that person i speak of that loves me so much. If i had meant u swift, id said ur name. Reread n i think u will then get the meaning. Some ass names Joey began war yab, i replied, then some ass took my named replied as me, i replied that one, who replied as me in my name AGAIN, n to wit my reply of loving me so much. Does it sink in now ???LOL i am juss so happy i am so loved that this ass wanna be me. Warms deep within truely it does.
Swift04/22/095:34amNOT very good with intrigues between other ppl. I can barely tell what kind of vibes are in the air?!! F_CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swift04/22/095:10amWhat a GIANT fool i've been all this time. WOW! I'm embarrassed...i'm out.
Swift04/22/095:01amJust so you know Zera (if that comment was about me...which i'm sure you ain't got the guts to even admit)....i happen to have an older brother who is a full-blooded communist....and you know what else....when i was living in the States back in the 80's, i was constantly harassed by peers my own age(also ppl older than me) for "behaving like a commie". So maybe you know why! Now why don't you just chill[towards me]!
Swift04/22/094:52amThe funny thing is that i was just thinking earlier TODAY, that there's been SO MANY TIMES in my life where i was used as a "mop" by someone else. So i guess your timing was impeccable Milkshake! Anyways i'm gonna leave you gals to have your cat-fights. Yes Swifter is finally changed. IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!!!
Swift04/22/093:46amMilkshake, for your information NO i'm not a MOP!!! May i ask who you're talking about Zera??? Speaking of something else, i think i'm no longer the kind of person i used to be, when i was with my ex. I'm a little wiser now. But i also KNOW that you gals are A LOT MORE sophisticated than me...that's OK...i just have to love the SIMPLE me.
Milkshake04/21/094:44pmTo answer your question, Swift, yes i LIKE men and yes I am a WOMAN!! Ok Swifter?? I was just kidding before. I guess you want to play more games. You know what you are Swifter?.....A MOP!! Please answer. Am I correct? Are you a MOP?
Zera The REAL one04/21/091:25pmOh man thats imposter loves me so so sooooooooooooooo muuuuucchhhh. cant stop wanting to b me. aint that grand guys n gals? how some1 can love me so very much like this?1 who is willing to make an abselute ass of themselves, just to show me how much they love me. What am i to do with so much love gals n guys? plz guide me in this, bc WOW ive never been SO much loved in a long long time.
Swift04/21/0912:21pmBelieve it or not Milky i was very simply tryin to say i'm not a communist! There's also been an element of fear & doubt eversince someone shouted "suicide" in here, which i've been involuntarily thrown into, and have been fighting against eversince. I feel bad for blowing ur cover Milky but i need to do this for my own sake...are u by any chance a "Yes man"? If the answer is an echo of that same question, then KUDOS! :-) ps- u may believe what u want to believe regarding's ur God-given right. Me, i may be crazy sometimes but i am always VERY RESPONSIBLE about drawing the line so that it doesn't become unpleasant for someone else. But i'm NOT necessarily saying that it makes me any better than u or anyone else. Just a question of temper. Cheers & thanks for the thrill. :-)
Milkshake04/21/099:37amHey Swift!! That's pretty good English!
Zera04/21/099:15amI was only joking I loved being in the army
Clay04/21/095:38amWe had the foock of the Century me n the neighbor woman. Yes
Zera04/21/092:38amLooks like our imposter the spineless coward is back in the trenches. If that person truely knew me he she would know i dont like wars n would never ever join ANY army whatsoever. Id rather join doctors without limits or such. Somuch 4 the schmuck imposter who will join any army 4 any amount of money. R such not called whores or whats the millitary name 4 bought force?
Zero the REAL one04/21/091:40amIm off to join the North Korean army
Swift04/21/091:19amMine is mine, yours is yours, his is his, hers is hers, ours are ours, yours are yours, theirs are theirs. This is this. That is that. Truth is truth. Fact is fact. Simple as that.
Milkshake04/20/095:27pmHey Joey! Do you think that the United States of America would be a more productive place if we all spoke Korean? And Clay, is your neighbour friend Korean? If so, I think Joey wants her. Vote for Joey for President!
Swift04/20/092:38pmWill NOT disturb the peace in here again. TOTAL RESPECT!
Clay04/20/0912:50pmThe Neighbor woman in the building where I live asked me to stay the night over at her apartment. She said I reminded her of a Roman God. We r so comfortable in each others company. I love her sense of humor. We understand each other perfectly. We r the perfect couple.
Zera The REAL one04/20/0912:38pmPardon 4 me saying this, BUT 4 crying out bloody hell loud aint wer got ENOUGH war around the world as it is? Do we REALLY need more on here?? Plz 4 the love of ANY god. Cut that out. THIS place is a SPIRITUAL place, n war has NO place here WHATSOEVER. Joey if u want war from N. Korea to USA i STRONGLY suggest u pack ur bags go to N. Korea n volenteer 4 their army. Seriously ur commont is uncalled 4. Trust me, USA n other countries will beat N.Korea again as they did in past. Learn u bloody history u jalous narrowminded TWIT !!!!!!!!!!
Swift04/20/099:54amViews, Been a long time since i was in one of those. Thanks for the invitation.
Views04/20/099:08amI just know you all love to party
Anthony04/20/098:15amI believe that any kid that goes to any school in America should speak English, and also be able to prove citizenship in this country. If their parents are illegal then all of them should be shipped back to their country. Apply the correct way to gain legal access to this country and make sure you speak good english.
Wolf04/20/094:44amI'm sure the North Koreans have found tons of hobbies to keep their mind occupied on something peaceful and productive. But evidently N.Korea is more interested in improving its outer image towards the rest of the world. The famous Korean missile is still being perfected as we speak, and so is their whole body of troops. They are coming out of their interverted position, and changing more into a LOUD mouth complaining consumer society.
Joey04/20/092:05amAmericans are criminals,bullies theives and murderes stealing oil and torturing poor countries the quicker you get nuked by North Koroea the better Yellow bellies
Milkshake04/19/098:41pmThanks Swift!
Swift04/19/098:10pmU're alright Milky.
Milkshake04/19/096:05pmWelcome Swift! What are Milkshakes for? Have one on me.
Swift04/19/096:02pmGood goes nicely with those initials...thanks Milks...:-))
Milkshake04/19/095:08pmI have a new nickname for you Wallander. Instead of Swf, how about Swift? Swift is a good name for you. And this word is in the dictionary too.
Swf04/19/093:32pmWallander here. Looking for a new nickname btw. Only friendly people here. NO MORE EGO behavior by me. Just GOOD VIBES & GOOD KARMA from me. Peace & Happiness to EVERYONE.
Jose04/19/0911:49amI believe this policy should be left for the school to decide. Not the government!
Wallander04/19/099:11amI'd like to say for 1 last time SORRY for my poor behavior before, everyone. I have a great sense of love & respect for EVERYONE in here...but i will ALSO take your punches if i have to....don't be afraid to hit hard!!! My life is beginning to function more or less...& i guess that makes me feel both happy & a little frightened...but at least my priorities are now in order. I'm reading an Ebook called The Principles of Successful Manifesting ( by a guy called Thomas Harold. It's brought more structure into my life, which i lacked before. Maybe it's boring stuff to you all?? Zera, are you talking about someone we know? It sounded as if you were talking about me--excuse me for that presumption--but if you are. then i'm game...;-) about sometimes within the next coupla weeks? I need to check my calendar first though.....ha ha...just a silly joke! :p
Zera The REAL one04/18/0911:42pmYea milkshake i may have forgotten that. prolly bc ive been "courted" lately by all kinds of weird odd men, n ahm well .................. i guess i 4 once would like 4 a guy to jusst say " listen woman ok, i like u loads n id like to date u out on a date ok?" or " Woman I wanna b with u bc i like u n i find u 2 b some1 i would wanna get to know a whole lot more, so what do ya say?" Instead of the beating around bushes n try lame ass score tricks. Hell i know men r scared to b rejected, what they prolly DONT know is, we r as scared as they r. So men chill n stop the lame scoreing k? its argh!
Wind04/18/099:35pmMilkshake when u go to this link , scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the box that says "what is my Mayan sun sign?" Also scroll down to the bottom of the new page and you will see a small box where it says "enter your date of birth." The Wind sign that I posted was about myself. I was interested in its descriptions of the negative side of my personality which comes towards the end.
Hmmmmm04/18/098:57pmEnglish should be the core language, Kids should have a good basis of english before going to public school so that they have the tools to start out in life, remember that we are in America but also respect were you came from and your language. Speaking both is the best. If you don't want to speak english then it might be better if you lived in the country of your origin respectfully.
Milkshake04/18/098:19pmWind, who are you referring to? How can a person find out if they their symbol is wind? Interesting....
Wind04/18/098:02pmMayan Astrology -- Wind: Breath of spirit, breath of life. Winds embody the power of dissemination and planting of good seeds or ideas. Dreamers and planners with powerful imaginations, Wind persons can make great orators and they spread the word of spiritual inspiration as if carried by the wind. Wind is the power behind the movement of natural cycles such as weather, erosion, and cultural change. As the winds, these persons are extremely changeable and adaptable. They may appear inconsistent and fickle to others. Wind can be destructive to self and to others by putting on airs. When winds strut and boasts, expanding on facts and accomplishments, they are building the dark clouds of trouble that may become hurricanes.
Milkshake04/18/092:56pmWell Real Zera, like you said before, poll chats take on all kinds of people! Lovely poem, HIM.
Zera The REAL one04/18/091:49pmMajor eyeroll here, what a lame ass score line. pardon me but ive heard better ones. come again!
HIM04/18/091:16pmLove n lust were my thirst, my smile came like a burst, that sweet rush between us, the air full of heavenly scents, I was the swing she wanted to ride, we swung n swung thru the night, n our swing became a magical joyride
Zera The REAL one04/18/091:04pmMilkshake my friend, i DO think HIM courts u, in a ahm kinda ick way. he be the swing n u the swinger = u on top doing him .... rude dont ya think milkshake???
Milkshake04/18/0912:42pmYay!! Playtime on a swing!!
Wallander04/18/0912:00pmThe meanings of the letters of the alphabet.................
Wallander04/18/0910:27amI didn't understand any of the things you 2 just said to one another??
HIM04/18/0910:04amThen in that case Id love to b the swing. u can b the swinger
Milkshake04/18/099:50amHIM...In the English language there are several meanings for many words. One of them is swing. You can play on a swing or possibly become a swing or a swinger.....I like to play on a swing. I am not a swinger. But I suppose if someone is an expert on a swing; they may also be called a swinger. I am no expert on a swing. I just swing on a swing.
Wallander04/18/098:34amDo the English alphabets, each have a specific meaning? For instance the initials in one's name? Or the combo of the 1st & the last letters in one's name? I suppose this is SLIGHTLY relevant to the current poll.
Wallander04/18/097:18amSorry. Oops! :-s
HIM04/18/096:45amMilkshake I didn,t know you where a swinger
Wallander04/18/095:54amLife is GOOD to me, baby! You can't stop me from enjoying my own life! NEVER! Do you hear?!
Wallander04/18/095:21amNo matter what you folks think or say about me, i ALWAYS keep my head up high!! NONE of those insinuations touch me! And if you're just trying to tell me in your own LAME way, that "life is not fair"...well, all i can say to you is DUH!!!!!!
Wallander04/18/095:15amThis is just know that!!! GRRRR....
Wallander04/18/094:51amWhat are you talking about now Milkshake?????
Milkshake04/17/097:57pmLittle Charolette she's as pretty as the angels when they sang....I can't believe I'm out here on the front porch in the swang..Just a swingin..swingin..swingin..Yes we were swingin!!
Milkshake04/17/094:34pmCome on over, HIM and we will go for a swing.
HIM04/17/091:31pmId like to go to your yard Milkshake
Milkshake04/17/0912:15pmYAY!! But hopefully it's HIM coming for dinner and not HER......heehee My milkshake brings the He's to the yard.....heehee
Her04/17/0910:05amMilkshake fancy coming for dinner but you are the dinner
Milkshake04/17/099:43amI've been praying for Pat. I wish Pat the best and hope she is well soon. And I also hope she is back with us soon!
Wallander04/17/097:34amOh & i NEVER feel sorry for myself. I am PROUD of myself. My life is EASY PEAZY baby. Peace, love & harmony...& plenty of screw-you-all !!! :-D
Wallander04/17/096:33amWe've been too timid to open our hearts to one other. But i can see now that the initiative was supposed to come from me, all that time, in order to win her trust. Pat, don't forget "August and September". All of its words. We can't wait to see you back here next week. Today i was hearing music in my head. None of them were my own favorites. I couldn't help laughing. Speaking of something else, my social life is getting slowly better & better. And the ex is finally 'gone'. Thanks the angels.
Zera The REAL one04/16/0911:18pmPats in hospital 4 some surgery. I dont know the details nor when she will be back, but plz pray 4 her n her fam. thank u
Milkshake04/16/099:59pmI agree with your comment, Silverwaters79 and I also like your name.
Wallander04/16/094:45pmI'm good now. Please forgive my past errors.
Milkshake04/16/093:28pmUmm...we are not to required to answer the poll question only. We can add more to this poll. We always do. Anyone who moves into a different country should learn their spoken language. Although it is harder for adults to learn and speak a new different language than it is for children.
Bam Bam04/16/093:24pmYeah, Pat what lies and deciet are you talking about? How are you doing btw??? Haven't heard from you in a while. =)
Silverwaters7904/16/092:59pmI believe that if you live in africa then you should learn african...if you live in france then you should learn french....if you live in germany then you should learn german....and if you live in america or any other english speaking place then you should learn english....but i also believe that the schools should teach different languages, as in languages of the world.....because of the fact that people that speak multiple languages make good money...and are sought after in the job places....if they can teach trigonometry or geology or biology or any thing like that then they can teach other languages also...not everyone is going to need trig in life unless you are an enginneer or astrologer or something so why not learn....besides if you ever become a csi or fbi or millitary personel then you will have a skill most useful....because sometime the agents get sent to other countries and are around other people that speak a different language....this is my opinon...
Zera The REAL one04/16/0912:51pmUhm this might b a dumb q, but has any even investigated what us law covers this q of the poll? I think its an requirement to know read n speak english to get a citizenship at all. i juss wonder. Oh n the poll q is 4 schools not citizenship. Hmmmmm
Marche 04/16/0911:27amI think adults entering the US should be reqiured to speak english before they are allowed to work. Or for the matter be allowed to become a citizen in the United States.
Wallander04/15/ do u get out of this one?? Sorry! That "headbanger" comment made me panick..dont even know why!? Also speaking of school, today was my first day at school, and it was a pretty messy ordeal (atleast for my part) but things smoothed out in the end fortunately. Bye.
Wallander04/15/094:37amWhat the f..k??! It seems everything i'm saying, or the ESSENCE of what i'm saying, is having a profound effect on u folks on the other side, overseas!! It's a WONDERFUL thought, really, but also scary!! What if u had the power to make the world a better place to live in...or what if u could make love with another person telepathically who happened to be on the COMPLETE OPPOSITE side of where u were on the Earth? But i guess i need to be somewhat responsible about what i say from now on. I've said a few crazy stuff on the net before which i regret now very much. In the eternal words of Lennon/McCartney: All you need is love, is all you need... Don't u just love those words....Don't u just get happy when u hear that tune.....uhhhhhh so nice & gentle like being around beautiful exotic flowers right after a summer rain...that wonderfully tender feeling of the air, as if dragged down first by the rain drops, but then later on lifted up again by the scent of all the flowers......Well all you're gonna get is a GOOD PROPER SHAG and it better be with a really really naughty woman....and STOP looking for will look for you. And stop analyzing urself, and start LIVING.
Zera The REAL one04/14/0910:34pmMilkshake, dont u know the saying be kind to thy enemies, nothing annoys em more? Anyhews in my time here ive found firering back at them wont make em stop, it only fires em up to do more bs. When ya agree with em n lay extra on top they go uh oh what am i to do now. The jokes on them then. Besides I was not in the mood 2 rake some1 to the fire. I juss replied as the person spoke, n the person obviously is a kid or adult gone babyyears. Hence the coochy coos. Might b the only language the idiot knows? I know im not a zero. Didnt ya see what i told April?? Says more of what they r than what they claim any of us here to b. Id add they lack manners. Ah well polls chats takes all kinds of people even dimwitted ones LOL
Milkshake04/14/095:11pmHim/Her.....What are you? I think you're confused of your gender. No wonder Pat called you an "it." Are you that same weird, psycho who danced around naked in the mirror on "Silence of the Lambs?" I think it was a him who wanted to be a her? Him/Her....I think you need to check yourself into a psycho ward.
Her04/14/093:35pmWallander is a headbanger
Wallander04/14/093:20pmAnyhow i'm almost sure that in the poorer districts, they are much less strict in their policies, about the kids' English abilities, due to several reasons. And i am ALSO pretty certain that the comment i gave before, about women teachers actually "enjoying" having to deal with UNEQUAL levels of English in a classroom, is NOT very realistic or true! I think in MOST cases they'd HATE it.
Wallander04/14/092:40pmIt would be interesting to hear an ordinary public school teacher's opinion on this question. Especially the elementary schools, & maybe also Junior Highs. I have a feeling that they ACTUALLY wouldn't mind having to teach kids with different levels of English. It might HOWEVER be different with the students though. But i have a feeling that the teachers(ESPECIALLY the female teachers) rather enjoy that "variety" of linguistic abilities among the students, because it would, among others, give them the opportunity to practice their own MULTI-TASKING abilities. (LOL)
Milkshake04/14/091:18pmThat's really funny Zera.....guess you like being called a zero. Here I stick up for you, and you play right back at the person who's calling you a zero. Okay. Have your fun. Guess you like it. Nevermind what I said. I'll just go on with the poll. Jeff, wow...... like Rodney King, a gang leader, who started the riots in California is some big hero in your eyes. People like him wonder we can't get along. Don't like helping out children with lunches and transportation? Are you a father? Sometimes people may need a little help. What's wrong with helping out a little bit for our children? You want to watch them starve? This is the United States of America. Did you forget? God's country. We help out one-another. Every child has the right to eat food, grow, and learn like any other child here in America. You don't like helping out children? Then I hope your not a dad. Maybe you and Rodney King can have your own anti-christ country.
Zera The REAL one04/14/091:03pmHim, funny, coochy coochy coo right back at ya pal!
HIM04/14/0910:33amZero coochey coo
Milkshake04/14/0910:18amThe Real Zera is definately NOT a zero! We may have our disagreements, but shes a great person, funny, sensitive, and a great gal! I would appreciate it if this individual would stop calling her "zero." April? Are that same cow on that "vote for April" commercial? Maybe you ought to have a taste of your own milk! What's everyone talking about?? Who is decieving who? I'm lost. Pats sad. Wallander, as usual is defensive and angry, and Zera is apologitic. And now April the cow is coming on here calling Zera a zero. Lets stop acting like children.
Zera The REAL one04/14/098:11amApril, well this line says more of what kind of person u are. u say zero bc u think im not worth a damn thing. Fact is it say more that u r one who steals ids, poses as us n starts havoc. U dont even have the guts to stand out n say y n what4. Nor do ya have a spine to say sorry like i did. So all in all am i the better person of us. Oh ah one last thing april if that IS ur name, ur line made me laugh. I needed that, so thanx 4 the comic strip. Quite fun!
Katiekaite04/14/097:28amI think is is a foolish question. Why would a child NOT want to learn the language spoken in our public schools? Certainly they would set themselves up for a fall if they were unable to understand what was being taught. In this day and age, no one should be illiterate and expect to be successful. If a child is "required" to speak English properly before attending any grade level in a public school, then here's the real question: Should our government allocate tax dollars to fund language classes for those children who do not speak English, so they can attend our public schools?
April04/14/091:44amZero is telling porkies again
Jeff04/13/0911:05pmJust dropped in to say hi. In the words of Rodney King, "can't we all just get along?" :-) Anyway, regarding this poll question, I'm very happy to see that most people agree with me on this. English is the national language in the United States and children attending public school most definitely should learn the language prior to attending. If that means going to a special school to learn English then so be it, and the parent must pay for this out of their own pockets. Kids that don't speak a word of English who attend public school classes hold back the rest of the class and waste our tax dollars. California is a good example of this with classes is many cities flooded with children of illegal aliens who are just dumped on the taxpayer. Nothing is free in this world. Even people who migrate here legally cannot expect you and me to pay for their child to learn English in the normal school system. I don't have a problem with people coming here who genuinely want to work and carry their own weight, but unfortunately we are now living in a socialist system where too many people are relying to government for their every need. I'm tired of paying for Octo-mom's 14 kids and other people like her. I'm tired of paying for everyone else's kids especially those who are well off and can afford their own kid's education. I'm tired for putting money into a social security system that's loaded with fraud and will eventually collapse. I'm tired of paying for school lunches, and school transportation, and an overall public school system with a 50% drop our rate. It's shocking for me to see a government growing larger and larger and promising more entitlements to people who can afford to pay their own way. Eventually we will all be wards of the state, dependant on government for everything from health care to cars, to housing. The corruption and waste will worsen as government takes over our lives dumbing down society, lowering our standard of living, and diminishing our liberty and freedom. OK, I've digressed a bit, but I am truly concerned about this wonderful country because all of the things that made it so wonderful are under assault.
Wallander04/13/097:44pmI won't stand for this deception any longer. Zera, Pat, & whoever else may be involved....u're ALL wiped off of my friends list, & onto my newly-updated foes list. Prepare to meet my fist in ur faces. [ofcoarse i mean online!].....
Milkshake04/13/096:37pmPat, what lies and deceit are you talking about? Hope you feel better soon!
Pat04/13/095:37pmEverybody can shout hurray, because when I come back, no one will know, because I am finished with the lies and deceit and cruelty of it all.
SaRaH LyNN04/13/092:51pmI feel that not EVERYONE will be prepared and know English!! i agree that they should definitly learn eventually but these things take time and it SHOULD NOT, i repeat, SHOULD NOT prevent a child from education.
Pat04/13/091:30pmThank you Wallander and yes, I am nervous, but I will be back next week.
Wallander04/13/0912:47pmGood to see u back in here Pat. Good luck with tomorrow... :-)
Zera The REAL one04/13/098:59amHEAR HEAR PAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pat04/13/095:40amHi everyone. Everyone should learn the language to whatever country they MOVE TO. It should be a requirement for all nations. Now everybody scatter, I know you will, so who gives a BIG F**K. Yes, this is the real Pat with a new attitude. Cocco, no one in the polls that talk about other things are not stopping anyone from voting and giving their opinion on whatever the poll is about. People that talk to each other will continue to and no one can stop it, except the pollmaster and that person does not care. That person lets everyone say and talk about whatever. Thank you pollmaser!!! I will answer my emails today before I leave this evening. OH YEA! THIS IS TO THE ONE THAT USED AN ALIAS THAT NEARLY KILLED ME WITH A BROKEN HEART!!!! I FORGIVE YOU. JUST DO NOT EVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN TO ANYONE ELSE!!! Some people in here have gentle hearts that hurt deeply when some "tragedy" supposedly happens!!!
Zera The REAL one04/12/0911:46pmFunny yall.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe ANY from ANY country feels this way about THEIR country, regardless where they come from. Its easy 4 us to sit n say yes or no n they ought to, they must they shall yaddah yaddah ya ............. here is a thought, can it be that many foreigners none english has a hard tough time learning the language? There was a time all was killed kids n stuff bc they didnt know the opponents language. How can u stop when u dont know the language? Im not taking sides, the least foreigners ought to so when settling in ANY country is to learn the language, but demanding is tough, as one should extend we will help u. Danish government has said, if u want financial help u learn danish n u work. No learn no work no money. harsh but nescessary as too many fed on the easy aide. What causes trouble is when the old ones feed the oung ones of old past glories n battles, n the young ones pick it up n start messes that makes all of em look like bad news. its an neverending problem. Many in Denmark are close to saying, when busted, sentenced ship em home where they came from regardless if they was born there or not. One way ticket n forever a ban to enter the country again. Sigh ........... prob is, as long as any thinks they r better than all else will these issues persist n endure. Sadly they r now part of modern society. Its a global issue aswell. Ok im off i start to sound like a bloody politician YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKESSSSS!!!
Wallander04/12/0910:11pmI'm REALLY trying my BEST to speak proper English. Now dare i say "lets just move on", or would that sound too provocative also??
Amanda04/12/098:00pmOkay finally something interesting. her is my deal. You wanna come here, make money, live better, get health care..freakin pay taxes like I do..speak MY language or get the hell out. I could care less if you feel at home here or if you forever feel like an outsider..when in Rome, do as the Romans..when in as the Americans. Do0n't like it..go back to where you came from and starve and go without. This country owes no foreigner a thing..not a job, a home, nothing. is people such as myself that pay for may say the government does it but dear hearts we the people are the one footing the be glad and grateful and speak our language and be all about you culture at home.
Milkshake04/12/096:55pmWallander, first of all I would like to thank you for speaking English in your last speech. See what simple English words can do?? LOTS!! I never said a foreigner MUST pledge to the American flag. I said a foreigner who moves to the United States MUST respect our country. However, they should pledge to the American flag as well as learn to speak English.
Wallander04/12/095:52pmMilkshake, you said that a foreigner who moves to the States, MUST pledge to the flag & learn the language, in order to become assimilated. And in my answer, i said i could actually see the benefits of such a 'smooth' process for that person. In most part of the EU countries, pledging to a flag would NOT necessarily bring you any closer to your new country, and that IS a sad thing in my humble opinion. Mind you though, i am NOT talking about my own situation.
Milkshake04/12/093:09pmAs usual Wallander, I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Could you speak better English? HeeHee
Wallander04/12/092:57pmI'll show you all who's got the BALLS......let the fighting & bickering begin.......
Wallander04/12/0912:45pmIt's funny Milkshake, but i actually GET the fact that that kind of approach works in the US, and to be honest, i feel rather envious of how EASILY & smoothly a person can actually feel relatively "at home" by going thru those kinds of formal procedures at the very beginning. For some reason or another, it is the other way around in the EU, and that is actually very sad. Maybe because people have small-town mentality over here. That is the one MAJOR difference between a dynamic society & a static one. EU is the latter....or it HAS BECOME the latter over the last 10-15 yrs.!
Zera The REAL one04/12/0912:23pmCocco ure an okay gal. Blessed b, n happy easter sweetie
Milkshake04/12/0911:37amIn my opinion, any foreigner who moves to the United States must respect our nation, pledge to the flag, and learn to speak the American language.......ENGLISH.
Bam Bam04/12/0911:37amThanks Jane, your comment was a little hard to understand. But, I get you now girlie! Happy Easter Everyone! I see some newcomers in here lately...just so you all know...we all get off topic in here and know each other very well. We're like a small family outside our own family and one of our dear pollsters just passed away a few weejs ago...that should give you an idea of the members in here, we've been coming here for years now and newcomers don't get to tell us how to act in here. If you don't like that we get off topic on occasion find another outlet or poll for your thougts. But, in any event WELCOME we can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Wallander04/12/099:44amTo be a well-assimilated foreigner, you do not necessarily need to pledge complete loyalty to a flag. All you need to do, is to be able to CONNECT on an EMOTIONAL level, with those who are supposed to be the natives of that new country. This goes out for both the children, and also the grown ups.
Milkshake04/12/099:19amUmmm Cucu, do you realize you are off the subject? Wishing everyone a Happy Easter is off the subject too. But I'm gonna say it anyway. HAPPY EASTER!!
Cocco04/12/098:31amUmm, Zera? I was not referring to the poll topic conversations-which I enjoy and welcome, but all the blathering back on forth OFF TOPIC. Sorry if you did not understand my post. C
Wallander04/12/098:29amI sent the correct translation of that text to Pat, so if you did not understand it, and you wanted to know what it said, you can ask her. You're all beautiful, sexy & delicious.
Wallander04/12/097:53amI forgive all. i hope i am also forgiven. (s**** =
Nosferatu04/12/097:22amEgo indulgeo totus. Spero Ego sum venia quoque. Ego iam agnosco qua vos erant trying impetro procul. Tamen commodo agnosco meus own vereor. Ego serio sententia aliquid volo inhaero quispiam in meus pectus pectoris!!! Ego etiam have ut vereor in mihi. Ego vota vos would permissum mihi teneo quomodo ut vos erant NON sicco venor mihi down amo an bestia quod virga quispiam in meus pectus pectoris. Ego sum NON vel a Nosferatu. Maybe in meus preteritus vita Ego did rabidus res illius vis!? Ego don't teneo. Ego repeto in meus childhood Ego usquequaque INVISUS auditurus esse s**** of metallic res scraping unus alius sensim , talis ut a spoon scraping sensim solum of a crustulum scaphium. Is usquequaque gave mihi a insolitus sensation in meus dentibus. EGO have animadverto ut maybe quomodo meus dentibus could sapor metal. Quod ut nos teneo illic est multus ferrarius in cruor. Usquam Ego sum NON iratus anymore. Vos can totus redeo ut site.
Dee04/12/096:35amIsnt shoool for teaching? I guress you all voting against teaching these choldren condone uneducated non English speaking children. I dont know about you but my Grandparents came from Eastern Europe and didnt speak English. Most of us are only a generation or 2 away from a foreign language
Zera The REAL one04/11/0910:46pmMilkshake ya welcome honey. Cocco, as milkshake said, were all of diff mind on various poll subjects, n as such we argue, differ, n bicker. Juss like if we were a class who had to debate this is sociology class or which ever class. No diff. Personality clashes as does opinions. If u aint learnt it now u wont ever. Sorry ! ALL REST ENJOY A BLESSED EASTER !!!!!
Milkshake04/11/'s because this is a public site and a poll. And normally people bicker on a poll; because not everyone shares the same opinions or like eachother. If you don't like it; go elsewhere. See? Now you are another person who started an argument on the poll. Oh Zera....THANKS. I appreciate what you said.
Cocco04/11/0912:20pmWhy is it the same offenders who bicker on this poll site? Why can't you just stick to the topic and save the personal attacks for email? C
Jane04/11/095:47amBam Bam re-read my comment. Yes they should learn to speak english but it should not be a prerequisite to attending school as they will learn english more quickly by going to school. The question is about children not spanish speaking or Mexican children. In Canada, because they have two offical languages, the english speaking provinces have french immersion schools. Children have the option to go to either english speaking or french immersion school. In french immersion all classes are taught in french because children learn more quickly when they are immersed in a language. In Quebec, children attend french speaking school. (If a parent has attended english speaking public school in Quebec the children have the option to attend either french or english school.) When children move to Quebec from another province or country they go to school immediately. It doesn't matter what the mother tongue is, they go to school which ensures that they will speak french. Many children don't particularly like school so what a great excuse not to go. The longer it takes to learn english the longer they can just hang out?? And get into mischief?? Put the children in school and they will learn english!
Zera The REAL one04/11/0912:38amWallander i cannot do that, Milkshake it my friend. I stand up 4 my friends. Deal with it!
Wallander04/10/095:56pmRegarding the topic of the poll, i've been wondering it would be a great adventage if the children would learn to connect the new language to their hearts & their feelings, instead of learning by memory & stacking them in some 'storage room' in their brains, driven solely by some ACADEMIC desire to just get top grades...or to just pass the class.
Milkshake04/10/094:25pmHey Wally! Are you an immagrant child? LEARN to speck CORRECTLY online please! LEARN to act ACCORDINGLY. I know it's hard, but beaver learned. Please be nice and respectful to others.
Bam Bam04/10/093:39pmJane let those children learn English. Spanish is a second language not the first (assuming we're comparing to Spanish). Canada has two first languages the first being English the second being French - English is a required language but, French is not unless your in Quebec because not everyone can speak French and let's face it Quebec is little France. In Quebec they have English on their store and street signs - but, you can't make English words larger than the French. They can't be dominant is what I mean. Spanish is not a first language here in the U.S. but with all the immigrants coming in they need to learn English. It will only help them get along. American's should not be made to learn Spanish. It is however, a nice option to learn as would be German, French or Italian. The point is this, by speaking Spanish to non-English speaking immigrants we only hinder them and their options in the U.S. Now believe it or not that came straight from the mouth of a Mexican woman I know! And she is right on every level. Employers (many of them including mine) demand that you must speak English or you can't even apply for a job. Years ago they had English classes for immigrants - they still do. Children should learn it - it will be easier for them and help them as adults. I know some immigrant children who learned English so fast they actually help their parents communicate!
Love04/10/093:22pmZero is my Hero
Wallander04/10/092:57pmZera, dont jump too quickly to conclusion. Let Milkshake decide how that comment sounded TO HER. I actually came back to make a little deal with Milkshake, to start giving each other ONLY positive & optimistic comments from now on. YOU can also be in, if u want Zera?!
Zera The REAL one04/10/092:40pmWallander, Milkshake is my friend, so treat her right. Behave. This aint a plus on ur good side Wallander. This is kinda condesending, like u are better than all else. Better come off ya pedestal b4 we hit ya with it.
Wallander04/10/092:36pmHey Milky, it sounds to me life is good to least i would hope so (NOT meant in a derogitory way, nor in a sarcastic way, nor in any other way than the positive). But for ur own satisfaction i'll throw in a big juicy "SCREW YOU TOO"! The milk in ur Milkshake is gone sour & turned into some strong smelling cheese from east of Switzerland! Hey but i hear u can drink the seperated juice because it brings balance to ur digestive system :p
Milkshake04/10/091:09pmWell thank you Zera. I do appreciate it. As for Mr. positive cheery Wallander.....just about everything you say is meant in a derogitory manner. You called my family weird,...true you did. But you also called my dad a cross-dresser. You're one to talk. Good luck Pat! Happy Easter everyone!
Wallander04/10/093:47amHope everything will turn out just fine at the hospital Pat. Milkshake i NEVER used the peep word in a derogitory way in here, against ANYBODY. I did however call ur family "weird" but that was ONLY because i thought ppl were being semi-humoristic in their comments to one another. I NEVER meant it as an insult against u or ur father! Anyways moving on.... Zera i'll send u a short mail myself if u dont mind. Bye room for now...
Zera The REAL one04/09/0910:51pmWell Milkshake from me u wont b said to b a "peeps". From me it will now n always b a gr8 best friend. if u wanna yab off here u can connect to me at dawned72 at yahoo messenger or at where u have a messenger. the addy can also b used to those who wanna yab with me.
Pat04/09/091:48pmMs. Tee, I agree with your comment. To anyone genuine in here, we are closed tomorrow. I will be back Monday, but back in the hospital Tuesday for more surgery. I won't be back to work until the 20th. My sister will not be in here. I am so hurt, I do not even know why I put this in here. My thoughts of more goodness in humankind has dropped tremendously. I have been so gullible.
Milkshake04/09/0912:19pmSorry Real Zera....I don't like the word peeps. It was used negatively towards me for some unknown reason on chat, by Wallander, and by my dad. I don't like the way this word was used against me. Back to the poll.........
Zera The REAL one04/09/0912:05pmLemmi explain the use of peeps in the way i did. As i left a part of it out, 4 that am i sorry. I used it in chat 4 my friends. Those who hated me, attacked me, ridiculed me n used everything in past present n what i have said n done over the years into neg, n used peeps as a negative word name. I found i used it randomly, both to those i mentioned as skankho worms, n my friends n the new people i met on chat n on here. It was the bad beasties who used peeps as neg condescending, not me. I hope this clears it up. I kinda like the word peeps, n i like my friends n aquaintances i catagories under this.
Ms. Tee04/09/0912:00pmAs an educator it would be easier if students knew english before coming to the schools. However, it is easier for children to learn another language faster. I'm not for this question neither am I against. It would just be easier for everyone if the students learn our language or they put them in a class all day for them only.
Zera The REAL one04/08/0911:58pmHoney Milkshake, my darling friend. I didnt say it to u as per se neg ways, those i said it to knew i meant them. Later i juss used in sense hiya people, hiya guya, hiya gang etc. i turned it positive n into a small haahahah laugh. plz dont take it that i disliked u milkshake, not at all. I always like people until they time n again hurt me. Then i use words as skank, ho, ****, worm etc. so 4 long has PEEPS been my fave word 4 all those I like to hang out with. Milkshake u is one of my FAVE PEEPS, along Wallander, Pat etc. Damn I cant see who else is on when typing this. GUYS GALS PEEPS I LOVE U. LOL
Milkshake04/08/099:56pmReally, The Real Zera? Is that right? Because I do recall going on chat being very nice to everyone. And everytime I would go on chat, somebody by the name of Bente would say peeps to me and everyone else would follow her. It really hurt me. Yes, that's would I thought you meant by "peeps". It was meant in a harmful way. Let's just end the crap with peeps, okay? Unless it's meant by people or in a "nice" way. Im sure children in the US today would have no clue at all what the word peeps means. Maybe we should at it to our Websters Dictionary?
Zera The REAL one04/08/0912:44pmPeeps origins from me. I started to use it in chat n then on polls in regards to skanks n hos who has no better 2 do than attack ridicule n male others feel like crap bc they themselves leads ****t lives- Nuff said. Since then has "peeps" been a short version of peope person etc. According to facebook is peeps some plastic quack quacker ya give kids with em when they have a bath in a tub. Rub `ducky no???
Wallander04/08/0911:44amI dont know why i keep saying that word "peeps"... Too, i dont know where it originates from?? I've seen it used by others, in other forums though. I definitely didnt mean to offend the English enthusiasts in here. I SHOULD perhaps try to get my hands on some Shakespear books & try to capture the 'soul' of the language that he helped enrich....but honestly i dont understand more than 70% of the things he said in those books! Pat i was telling Zera that i could speak Danish yet i wasn't a Dane myself. But i have no doubt about ur 'shark-ness'..LoL...just a silly little joke, really. :p
Pat04/08/0911:22amPeople, if you are going to use different names for different comments, you should at least keep your stories cohesive with the name you use at the time. I am so damn angry right now. I do not want my sister to say anything what-so-ever to anyone when I go in for my next surgery on the 14th. I can not believe how dumb I was in trusting the human race.
Pat04/08/0911:11amLysistrata was right in poll #55. This person said you can not believe what people say. I was going back through some of the polls and BOY OH BOY!!! Did I find out some truths about some of the names that go with some of the comments. I never in my wildest dreams would imagine how heartless and cruel people can be with someone else's emotions. I am in shock! Some of you will know exactly what I am talking about if you go back and thoroughly read every single comment in the polls numbered 51 and 52 with the name attached to each one and put two and two together. How can some people be such liars and not feel the guilt of the pain they can cause? I have said before that I hate thieves and liars. You know I know who you are.
Ginny04/08/0911:05amHttp:// Synchronicity is so wierd! I got drawn into a discussion on this subject at the doctor's office on Monday and my friend from several states away emailed me the song above yesterday. Now this poll. Life is wierd. The song at the above link is funny, it is about speaking english in america. I don't think it will offend anyone. Have a great day!
Pat04/08/098:21amIf you do not want anyone to now what you say in another language, you better make sure the others in here do not know someone who knows the language to have it interpretated.
Milkshake04/08/097:43amOh Yes!! Never forget our favorite word: PEEPS!! Is peeps an English word?
Wallander04/08/096:11amZera Jeg var ikke klare over at der var andre end mig der var fra Danmark. WOW! Men jeg er nu ikke en GTE dansker...det vil s sige at jeg var fdt & opvokset et andet sted. Anyways det synes jeg var lidt sjovt. But regarding this new poll, my answer is an unequivocal YES too. I agree though with the idea, that it's always BEST to learn a new language under creative & FUN conditions. It's a lot easier for the brain to absorb. Hi Pat. Hope u saw the mails i sent u today. Also to the rest of the folks in these polls, i'm TRULY sorry for my misbehavior before, but everything's now back to being FANTASTIC, & we're ALL one big family. (that was just as much directed to myself also). Take care for now peeps...
Pat04/08/094:54amThis is United States of America. What makes it a "sin" or a "no-no" or a "bad thing" to learn english here? English first, then others as pre-requisites.
Zera The REAL one04/08/0912:02amDo u guys notice that this poll is ANOTHER POLITICEAN 1????? I voted yes. Where i am from its an requirement, no matter what ur background is. However, many gets special extra help. Danish is NOT an easy language, it ranks up there of hard ones. They say russian n latin is juss as hard as danish. Well today latin maybe, but i still recall ancient latin n its not the latin science has named latin..... where was I? Oh yes the latin i knew, or rather my soul was an easy one. I reckon if u love to do something, learn something its all a game. But when u resent it, its tough. Oh im off this soapbox bc i know when i babble LOLOLOLO
Milkshake04/07/098:29pmPreschool is different. But a public school....Learn English. There are DVD's, VCR's, computers, educational channels, etc. to teach children from other countries the English language. Hey! I know! Why don't you ask Pat about the email I sent her......heehee. If you live in the United States: Learn English.
Jane04/07/092:54pmNO! Chidren will learn to speak a language more quickly when they're emmersed in it as they would be at school. Traditionally children have been allowed to continue their education when changing countries and languages (worldwide) although they are often put back one grade to compensate. With the amount of immigration from various cultures that has taken place it is possible for an immigrant to live within their own culture and never really have to learn english. At least with the children attending public school they will learn english (as long as some 'group' doesn't squack about the 'unfairness' of immigrants needing to speak english that is)
Debbie04/07/092:48pmYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. If you want to live here in the United States you must speak ENGLISH!!!!!Not just in school, but work, grocery stores and take the spanish instructions off every item sold here in the United States. It should only read ENGLISH!
Bam Bam04/07/092:46pmYES YES YES! AMEN TO THAT! English is our national language people need to respect it!
Milkshake04/07/092:06pmYes. Yes. Yes. If an American were in another country, would they be required to speak the countries language before entering their school?? Of course! The United States provides many educational channels for children to watch so that they can learn English. Do they have that in other countries for English speaking Americans?? I doubt it.
Pat04/07/091:14pmYes, just like the adults entering the nation. English is the first language to being an American. Why should we change our main language?

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