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What should the government do about taxes in this recession?

Total Voters: 774
Decrease taxes for all income levels 49%
Decrease taxes only for household income under $250,000 49%
No change to taxes 49%
Other 49%
Milkshake05/11/094:44pmHey Jill. You need to stop reading the polls and read a good book.
WitchyWoman05/11/099:48amHi Jill, I could not help but laugh a little at that comment. When everything has been voted on and there is nothing else to talk about, some of us use the site to pass the time until it changes. Many of us email each other, also. I really wish the poll would change to something great for awhile. The topic of politics needs to be put out of our misery.
Jill05/11/098:42amYou people need to talk on the phone.
Milkshake05/11/097:34amNo, Witchy Woman I haven't heard anything. But I believe if it was bad news I would have heard sonething. I am calling them tomorrow. It's healing up pretty good!
WitchyWoman05/11/095:28amSomeone look through this poll and find where I insulted him. I gave another prediction and he goes ballistic (as usual). As for me, I am not commenting to him anymore. What's the use? He twists everything we say, to mean something else. Milkshake, have you found out anything yet?
Milkshake05/10/0911:53amCELEBRATE!! For once on this poll Swifter is speechless! YAY!
Swifter05/10/0911:25amI am speechless. Screw u too Milkshake!!!
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/10/091:51amSwifter DONG u DARE leave this chatpoll. Dont u DARE!!!! Misunderstandings happen when they occurr and when stuff gets taken outta context. Juss say i agree we disagree, lets move to a new one. Disagreements on topics is healthy, its where u move, develope, evolve. It changes ur perceptions and much else. who in the wide world has said we MUST by all powers n force AGREE???
Milkshake05/09/093:32pmOH MY GOD!! I was having a bad day. I turned on the computer and went on to mystic games to read poll comments. Now I'm in a great, happy mood! All I could do was point my finger at the screen and laugh so damn hard!! Swifter, i can't believe I'm saying this, but i think I would miss you if you ever left this poll. I would miss your stupid, dumb, rediculous essays/short stories on this poll. You make me feel normal again!
Simon05/09/091:29pmCan we have a new poll please?
Swifter05/08/095:25pmU ppl are p*ssed off for whatever reason, and u expect ME to read ur minds????? I am NOT that good...sorry! U're all gonna have to speak a little more clear to me, otherwise i'm not the one who'll get grilled, but yourselves. YOU are the moody ones Pat, NOT me!
Swifter05/08/094:38pmFor the sake of your info Milkshake, when i brought up the word "kiss" a while back, it was supposed to ONLY be a metaphor for "being treated nicely." You did NOT have to sexify that comment, by taking the word literally! Anyways i'm sure u knew that yourself...i just want to be able to defend myself FAIR & SQUARE from now on, instead of trying to dodge the whole thing, by pretending like i am "behaving nicely!"..... FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKK i'm hating everything i'm saying right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swifter05/08/094:27pmI wish i could say sorry & make u feel better Witchywoman. I don't even think i have that power anymore. I can't fix anything anymore. Everything just keeps getting shattered when i touch it. I really wished i could take away all the hurt that i've caused u, Milkshake, Zera, Amanda, Jeff, etc....i just don't know how anymore????? I'm sick & tired of hearing my own wise cracks. I really am NOT the person i have been portraying in here!!! But since u all gave me the Spanish Inquisition at one point, i don't know any longer if anyone likes me in here anymore?????
Swifter05/08/094:13pmI may have plenty mood swings, but u guys are the ones who keep wanting to scare me. And u first gave me a sweet comment about my progress, and then u took that away by trying to depict a lame "haunting scene" from the movie King Kong!!! YES i get it, i have acted like a GIANT APE in here before. Maybe my own fault?? Who knows? Speaking of another haunting scene, i remembered the other day that about 10-12 yrs ago i had a dream that came back to me 2-3 times again after that, with a few yrs intervals. I dreamt basically the last few series of events that had just happened before i joined my ex in the bed. But this time i had forgotten that the living room light was still on, plus a couple of candle lights. So i went quickly into the living room, and as i turned off the last candle light, i was suddenly tackled from behind by a black shadowy figure. I landed so hard on the wooden floor that i could hear my own bones banging hard on the floor. So i tried to fight this strange black creature...and i kept getting my a.. kicked by him. But i found out little by little that the black figure was actually myself, because i could recognize his breathing, and also his nervous touches on me. I don't remember what happened in the dream after that point?! But i had this dream about 2-3 times again, during the next several yrs.! So i've been trying to find out the last few days what exactly that dream was trying to tell me?? I have several theories.
WitchyWoman05/08/0910:32amOh yea...that was funny, Milkshake.
WitchyWoman05/08/0910:01amSwifter, what was in the prediction to be so offended by? This is very confusing to me. I do not know in the clear blue sky where that came from! It is so hard for people to flow with your mood swings. You are the one that just insulted me for no reason. I wish you would piss on my photos and throw them away. Damn! Unbelievable! Even after I told you in this poll how happy I am for you that things are getting better for you. Wow!!! What an insult!!!
Milkshake05/08/099:09amBut with your Swifter Mop, Swifter, you can mop up your piss.
Swifter05/08/099:01amI have to buy a new PC monitor. My screen got so black last nite that i can't even see the monitor's adjust functions. Btw Pat i was really offended with that so-called prediction of urs! I feel like peeing all over print copies of ur photos!!
WitchyWoman05/08/094:54amMilkshake, I am too. And stretching and where is a new poll. This is so boring.
Milkshake05/07/098:51pmI'm yawning.
Swifter05/07/0912:26pmThanks for the words Pat. I ain't gonna let them pull me down. I am stoic & cool now. I'll be looking at the predictions you posted earlier.
Swifter05/07/0912:19pmSorry, my last post was more directed at my own dear family. OK...I think i'll just say goodbye to everyone now...thank you all & goodbye...Swifter is retired from posting stuff on the internet.
WitchyWoman05/07/0912:15pmCute, Swifter, about the claws. Yes, I feel better. The predictions happening now and the rest of the year. I, also, see something huge falling from the sky. Not a plane, I can't see what it is, just that it is huge. I see many other things. If you go back to my predictions, I forgot which poll, some have already come to pass (and not just the naturals disasters, either). I am so sorry that some things went wrong when your cousin came over. Just let it go and move forward, do not let it pull you down.
Swifter05/07/0912:00pmI sounded like a cry-baby Al Capone in my last post...OMG!!! LOL...i tell you what though, i hate the clichés that have come out of the States over the yrs! The American society is so full of hypocrites, and ppl whose ONLY gains in life, come from other ppl's mistakes. If those ppl had not existed, how would all those "morally-correct" ppl be living....what would they be doing today?? They seem to feed off one another. Besides, you need to take into consideration the whole environment a person is grown out the end of the day, we are all the products of the society. Time to wear your invisible suit sonny.
Swifter05/07/0910:49amWitchywoman regarding your predictions that have come true, are you referring to the part where you spoke about a few global events taking place relatively soon?? Btw i hope you're feeling a little better than last week when your claws came out. Myself, i am in a state of disbelief & hurt because of a few things that were kept UNSAID when i was with my brother & my cousin a couple of days ago. I had to delete a VERY angry comment just before, and submitting this "mild" post instead.
Debbie05/07/098:38amYes that would be a good topic. Back to the basics! If you can't read, write or add how can you function in society. But it all has to be in ENGLISH. :)
WitchyWoman05/07/097:46amThat would be a good topic.
Tee05/07/095:11amI have been viewing some the old polls and I think we need a new poll also. I do have a good topic. Should schools focus on major tests or just teach the kids read, writing, and arithmetic(math)?
WitchyWoman05/06/0912:34pmWonderful in everyway, Swifter. I am sooo happy for you.
Swifter05/06/098:22amI know NOW why all my previous comments were wacky before. It all started about 8-9 yrs ago when my life seemed OK, and yet my twin bro was in a deep hole. I would send him at least 3 sms'es everyday, just 'small-talking' with him. Slowly but surely my brother got better, and when his life began to function better, suddenly my life went into a ditch. So i was expecting to be bombarded by my brother's sms'es, but he rarely sent me anything...and when he DID send me anything, it sounded VERY distant & without a whole lot of understanding for my situation. So that's when all my SMS'es turned into cryptical SOS'es....but since i couldn't write to him, i started pouring all those wacky thoughts into the internet. At some point it all came out of my control, and i didn't know how to stop it. But it's all over & done with now, and i am NO LONGER sending any desperate msg'es on my mobile or on the internet. I am gradually re-gaining control over my own thoughts & feelings. Anyways, back to the pooch discussion....i'll know something by next week...right now i'm reading a whole lot of stuff on the net, about dogs...
WitchyWoman05/06/098:04amThis wait is tough. What have you found out about the mole? I pray is it good news for you.
Milkshake05/06/097:33amI agree with you Zera and Debbie about the animal shelter poll. And it's a great question for Swifter!
WitchyWoman05/06/095:17amYour welcome, Swifter. I agree with you, Tigger, Debbie did come up with a good idea for the next poll. But it probably won't happen, it never does.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/05/0910:35pmHi Poll master. Debbie gave me an idea of a poll as did witchywoman.- Poll q could b, Would u save an animal from Animal Shelter? Now that is a moral, civil non political question no?
Swifter05/05/091:45pmThanks witchywoman. That comment by u was said in a cute way. I'm looking into it. Will let u know soon as i find out something...
WitchyWoman05/05/091:43pmMight as well give up on a new poll, as usual.
WitchyWoman05/05/099:59amOh, Swifter, I am so happy your cousin came and all of you had so much fun. That makes my heart feel good. Like Debbie said, get you a dog from the pound. Go on death roll and save one, you have no idea how appreciative it makes them towards you. They know what is going to happen to them. Too many people are so dumb themselves by saying animals don't have feelings. All animals are smart and have feelings. That dog would be such a friend to you that you could not even imagine.
Swifter05/05/097:09amMichael..LOL...that was a kind of hostile way..but still VERY funny! I had a very interesting evening last nite. I met a cousin of mine whom i had not seen since i was a little kid. She came from the States just to see me & my twin bro. We stayed up all night at my twin bro's kitchen, drinking all kinds of drinkable things...from alcohol to caffeine to soda to tea....we talked about all the good ol' memories from way back in the stone ages. Anyways at one point she told me, to GET A DOG!!! And i laughed and said that this idea was brought up in 1 of my hang out places on the internet. She was so persistent....she even offered to come with me & find a dog together! Now i made a promise to her, that i am going to get me a dog asap, and email a photo of us together. So i feel kind of obligated now. Thanks btw for the comments from everyone.
Debbie05/05/094:53amGet a dog from a shelter. They seem to be the best pets. All of my dogs came from shelters and it makes me feel good to help those precious babies. It makes me feel good to help give them a second chance and of course I spoil them. They are all Gods babies.
WitchyWoman05/05/094:21amZera, I couldn't agree more. I am sooooo sick of all the same ol', same ol' political crap. Whatever happens or not, is going to come to pass anyway. Milkshake, I agree, he should have a loving loyal dog. Not a puppy, but maybe a mellow dog perhaps around 4-5 yrs. old.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/05/093:29amWOW Michael ........ what a line LOL Swifter honey u juss keep on yabbing. Dont let any stop ya. Poll master, maybe think of a poll q that aint POLITICAL oriented. This rep vs dem has been more than beaten, blown, strangled, kicked, poisoned to death. How about a poll regarding to additions to the site, like gadgets or articles of occultism. Anything BUT politics PLZ.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael05/04/099:19pmGive him a dog, a monkey, a stuffed pig with marshmellows coming out of its as_ , ANYTHING that would shut him up for a few minutes . .
Milkshake05/04/095:14pmGee. This is fun! Lets all chit-chat back and forth to eachother. Let's talk about dogs and cats. Let's talk about dreams and mops. I know! Pollmaster, can our next poll be about wheather or not Swifter should or should not get a dog? I vote YES he should get a dog.
WitchyWoman05/04/092:08pmSwifter, that's fine. And I am so happy for the light coming back into your life. Dreams are a good specialty to do. Talk to you later, my friend. Milkshake, thank you for the beautiful picture about pets. I am an animal fanatic. Hey Bam Bam, how are you doing? Paul and other conservatives, sorry for the blast, I was just in a bad way that evening. I pray and meditate, but I am in a big battle spiritually, physically and financially right now. I know I have to walk through the fire for awhile, so just bear with me for now. I haven't ate a bite since Friday and not the least bit hungry. I think I am supposed to fast and meditate and pray even more. Love all of you.
Swifter05/04/091:07pmIf i don't send you the mail, i'll just send it 1 of these days witchywoman. NEXT POLL please!
Debbie05/04/0911:41amI think we need a new poll....Please! We have talked this one out.
Swifter05/04/099:26amU bet i'm going to look at different books for the meanings of my dreams, Witchywoman! I truly think (now) that dreams are my area of special interest. And i need to learn an awful lot about them. Right now though i'm just very happy & relieved that all the madness of my life is gone, and only the good stuff is left behind! Things are back to their normal self. I'm awfully sorry about a lot of the crazy stuff that came out of my relations to everyone in here before. But i'm just very thankful & glad that i am able to see everything with positive eyes now. Witchywoman i'm going to send u an email tomorrow. So long...
WitchyWoman05/04/098:04amAlso some of my predictions have come around and I see more. Do you want to know?
WitchyWoman,05/04/097:40amHey Bam Bam, it is me(P). I changed my name to WitchyWoman since that is what I am and have been since I was young. That is one reason I can commune with nature and wild animals. Swifter, get you several dream books. The dreams you are having are talking to you. No one is sending them to you. You soul is trying to reach other parts of your psyche. You can learn many spiritual things from dream interpretations, but it takes several dream books, not just 2 or 3. Dreams always have different meanings. Only rarely do they stand for exactly what the dream you had was. I already gave you this advice once, friend. Listen to me. Everyone, go back to my last comment before this one and read my mood, because it, metaphorically, brought out my claws. I felt VERY offended.
Milkshake05/04/097:24amSwifter....maybe try a cat? Yes, I heard from Pat. She seems to be doing fine.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/04/091:03amHiya Last I heard from Patti was she kinda exhausting herself to make up for when she was in hospital which means work work work. Plus what her friends has asked of her b4 she went in. I myself told herself to pace herself n relac when she can, bc her health is more important than all the work in the world. However this is typical female. We get sick n barely allontop again we r headed down again, bc we cannot bear to owe any1 anything. Then again society writes u are only allowed so n so many sick days, if u exceed that u´re mental of sorts. At least thats how they look at u once u return. So blimey wrong u know.
Swifter05/03/099:37pmHannah Banana is a cute and funny name. The advices you've been giving, have been great Milkshake. I think it would be nice if i could find that perfect dog that was immediately keen to me. Or at least somewhere close to that description. But then again i can just keep finding a new one & then giving it away to someone else, until i finally find the right one, one day.
Bam Bam05/03/099:05pmHate to interrupt but has Anyone seen or heard from Pat???
Milkshake05/03/097:41pmSwifter, I have a dog. She's an Australian Sheppard mix and 11 years old. Her name is Hannah. I call her Hannah Banana. She's my baby! I spoil her rotten. I've had her since she was 5 weeks old. Dogs are great.
Swifter05/03/095:01pmAnyways i HAVE BEEN thinking about getting a dog for some time now...thanks for the suggestion Milkshake. Bye.
Swifter05/03/094:25pmFYI my initial reaction to your very last post was a HIGH LOUD LAUGHTER for almost 5 min. Milkshake. And then i thought maybe you'd feel insulted if i posted that i was i decided to post a fake-angry comment....anyways that's the whole truth. I am sorry if my last 2 comments made you upset Milky. But thanks for the great advice. I will look it up...i'm sure there is a dog out there that would tolerate my company....i hope so anyways!? Cheers.
Swifter05/03/093:22pmBut it doesn't matter anyhow. You need the dog just as bad as i Milkshake. You know it...& i know it! ;-)
Swifter05/03/093:09pmYou are such a mean b.... Milkshake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milkshake05/03/092:59pmHmmmm.....what shall we name Swifter's dog? Sugar? Smoochies?
Swifter05/03/092:34pmMilkshake, f..k you!!!!
Milkshake05/03/0912:59pmSwifter, Go buy yourself a pet dog. They will kiss you everyday! LOL
Swifter05/03/0912:27pmThat was about myself. Not directed at others.
Swifter05/03/0912:07pmI'm a long gone daddy. I've been in the doghouse so doggone long, that every time i get a kiss, i think there is something wrong.
Milkshake05/03/099:26amHey Kiss my a.. I don't like calling you that as a, but i know exactly what you mean. I don't feel safe.
Kiss my a..05/03/097:15amSomebody is reading our comments as they're being submitted!! How safe are you feeling now folks?
Bam Bam05/02/098:47pmDear Southern comfort - I'm just rolling my eyes at your earlier comment - this country is in the dumper and it's there because of 8 years of mismanagement by the gov't. Obama hasn't been in office long enough for anyone to say he's damaged our country and it's going to to take a lot longer than 4 years to fix it. I'm sorry but there's just no validity in that statement you made. We're in a repair process and I think we're way past the point of finger pointing. We've all go to work together or we will fail. I saw this bumper sticker the other day it was the American flag it said something arrogant about pride. All I could think of was - pride goeth before the fall - Rome fell and we're no different. Nice to see a bunch of new folks in here!
Swifter05/02/098:18pmBtw with regards to your own dream of flying, it USUALLY means there is something, or some area in your life, where you are in TOTAL CONTROL of the situation, and you are seeing everything in that situation from a "bird's eye view". This is what it means in MOST cases anyways. Cheers.
Swifter05/02/097:37pmOk thanks Milkshake.
Milkshake05/02/096:20pmNo Swifter. Again I have no clue what you are talking about. I am not a dream interpreter. I have weird, odd dreams sometimes. Sometimes I fly.
Swifter05/02/096:11pmSomebody "sent me" 4 different dreams a couple of months ago! They all felt very UN-TYPICAL of my own usual dreams. And usually i don't remember MOST of my own dreams, but those dreams were so VIVID & 'special' that i couldn't help remembering them when i woke up. If you don't know what the heck i'm talking about, then that's OK too Milkshake?!
Swifter05/02/095:58pmOh well never mind Milkshake. I actually believe you NOW when you say we don't even swing. It sux for me, but hey...i'll get over it eventually. Tell me at least, do you by any chance "send" ppl dreams??? I just want to know who's the "dream-broadcaster" in here???? Maybe it's NOT you...maybe it's Zera who's doing "something" without being aware of it?? Anyways i know there is a possibility that all this sounds really crazy to you, but i just had to ask!? PEACE (to those who need it)
Milkshake05/02/093:18pmSwifter.....I have know clue where "that" came from, but you and I an't swingin
Swifter05/02/092:17pmSorry folks. It was just panic. VERY EMBARRASSING!! Now Go back to sleep, while I back off from my desk ssslllloooowwwlllllyyyy....
Swifter05/02/091:44pmOk maybe i faked a lot of my own smileys, plus my "positive" remarks about my own life (and those comments were meant to boost MY OWN moral -- although some of those positive slogans DID actually work for myself)...but that's the ONLY thing i've been insincere about, in here. Also regarding my own fears in the past. I'm done being self-centered. I'm done being 'wordy'. FUUUCK!!!!!!!!! Milkshake, forgive me!!!!!!!!! You're OK now. GOODBYE
Swifter05/02/091:03pmNever mind. I guess it's all OK. There was nothing wrong before, and there is nothing wrong now.
Swifter05/02/0911:01amMilkshake, i'm really sad you & i don't get along so well any more. All my "gifts" have gone to the wrong ppl in here. It's really my own fault though. I guess it is EASY for a person to be generous at heart, but he or she, MUST know EXACTLY which 'gift' goes to which person!? And Santa is 1 of the few persons on this planet who is good at that. Anyways, i'm swinging perfectly with you now're swinging perfectly with me're at ease with me...i'm at ease with you...
Cocconibs05/02/099:15amSpot on lukcy! Not to mention the bill he slipped through to pay for relocation to the US of those from "palenstine", etc.....
Heaven on Earth05/02/098:29amThere used to be too much Here n Now - too little Me...or maybe the other way around? Fortunately there is only Supreme Balance now. That silent, humble, always-knowing supreme self, became finally the gentle friend of its own ego. They lived together happily ever after.
Lucyk05/02/098:16amBig gov't doesnt work and history proves it so, what this country needs to do is implement the fair tax and stop paying off special interest groups as this new administration is doing with our money. Obama is very dangerous to this economy's fragile state and using tax payer's money to pay off his campain contributions is not my problem or yours.
Swifter05/01/097:50pmI'm sure your two kids are truly proud of having you as their Mother Pat. They are lucky and they know it too. Hope it won't feel too long for yourself, before your son returns home.
WitchyWoman05/01/094:23pmWOW!!!! Way to go, Swifter! COOL!!! To Paul and anyone else...I may have liberal ideas and follow a more democratic way and my mom and my daughter feel the same way, BUT let me tell you and everyone else something right now. My two kids are 30 and 33. I raised my kids right and they got the right amount of discipline and groundings and when I said NO, it meant NO, NO ARGUMENT!!! I raised my kids to have open minds about everything and to have minds of their own. My son grew up to be a republican conservative. He is a highly medaled police officer and is in the military. I almost died from praying and praying everyday and night while he was in Afghanistan. He came home. NOW THIS LIBERAL MOTHER'S SON IS GOING TO IRAQ TO PROTECT ASSES LIKE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Now how do you suppose I feel? Hell yes, I am damn angry right now!!!
Swifter05/01/092:18pmMore power to you Paul. Your concern sounds/seems very realistic to me. Afterall it is YOUR country, and you should know about this topic better than me or anyone else who may profess to know better.
Paul05/01/0912:53pmHey Swifter, I am not a racist, but a very angry american and I cannot help but be verbal about all the abuses from the new socialist government to the waves and waves of illegals coming into america and all the problems they bring. It is just maddening that I want to shake the government officials to wake them up and start taking care of our own citizens and get rid of the illegals. Close the boarders and start building america again. I am ashamed of what is happening to this once great country. If I offended you I apologize. My voice is just from frustration and anger. :)
Milkshake05/01/0912:50pmI agree with Lipshkin. We should legalize marijuana and tax it. And I still feel we should tax cigarettes. Our economy is in big trouble. Our health care is in big trouble.
Swifter05/01/0912:30pm2 things: i NEVER hide under the bed....because i happen to have better places to hide under, in my apt.! 2nd thing is, that i actually agree with you with regards to the language dept.! I don't understand it myself, when i see foreigners who've said goodbye to their old countries, & have chosen to move to a new land to LIVE there, who don't even bother to learn the language of their new country!?? Maybe some ppl are WAY TOO PROUD of their own culture to even want to learn a 2nd one? In any case it is VERY arrogant! It also feeds that same disrespectful attitude that you were talking about, among their children. I am GLAD that you're NOT a racist, and i generally understand the things you're arguing against/for in that regard. Personally i have experienced a few racistic incidents myself...and i can tell you, it can be VERY ugly & terrifying at times. To be perfectly honest with you, i actually find the American version of "racism" in TODAY'S society, a lot HEALTHIER than the ones that occur in Europe. There is something VERY liberating & "energizing" when you experience the cultural clashes within the country of USA, but over here it is just plain dangerous, & you better stay away from it as far away as you can, if you don't want to be stigmatized for the rest of your life....either as a bone-headed foreigner OR a BIGGER bone-headed racist. It took the Dutch farmers who had to migrate from Netherlands to Denmark almost 3 centuries, to be finally accepted as "Danes".
Paul05/01/0910:50amRug Rats are the brats that Liberals have. These parents don't correct their kids and let them run a muck, which leads to criminals like the two idiots who shot up Colombine High School for one example. Walk down the street rug rat kids are rude and the parents think it's ok. My country use to be beautiful where american citizens cared about each other. We had work, now with the illegal alien population spreading like a disease, jobs are going away, schools are bursting at the seems because we have to try and educate these illegals. Also they have brought a disease to the states and all over the world. They feel they have rites here, bullsh_it! They want spanish to be a main language. ENGLISH IS OUR MAIN LANGUAGE!!! They know how to beat the system and get everything free and the americans have to pay extra in taxes for these deadbeats. SHIP THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY ALONG WITH THEIR DISEASE!!! I am not racist just fed up with how our country is being destroyed by diseased liberal thinking. If you think I am racist because I speak my mind, because alot of other people are afraid to tell it like it is----to bad. If you don't like the truth just hide under your bed.
Swifter05/01/0910:40amNah...never mind. I'm actually having a good time meditating right now. :p
Swifter05/01/0910:15amOh wow!!! Now that comment by you Paul, really got my attention! Who the hell are the "rug rats" supposed to refer to, if you don't mind my asking?? I don't understand this whole concept of nationalism or patriotism, or Right Wing beliefs...Why can't you just be proud of your country & its history, WITHOUT necessarily trying to find escape goats such as ethnic minorities, or other minorities, in order to satisfy your own anger?? Surely you could do so many positive things for your own country (if that is what you want, from the bottom of your heart) without getting into the ugly racism department!? Or is that too much to demand? What do you exactly want the minority do, when they hear things like this? Note to self: Must practice own verbal-karate skills...asap!
Debbie05/01/096:40amI totally agree with you Southern Comfort. I would like to add that any American company that moves out of the country should be taxed out the asshole so they keep the companies here and then give a tax break for staying in America. We do need to look out for America and screw the other countries. We would become powerful again. You will not see this in this socialist administration. They would rather sick the hounds (Terrorists) on us. By the way I love your name Southern Comfort. :)
Southern Comfort05/01/094:09amMilkshake that is commendable of you, but noone should tell other americans what to do and penalize them because they want to smoke. The liberal government should stay out of our lives and go after their taxes elsewhere. If I was the president I would tax the hell out of anyone who bought a foreign car or are in the process of buying a foreign car. That would take care of healtcare and it would also get our AMERICAN Car companies back on the map. You could also put huge tarriffs on the foreign crap shipped into this country like shoes, clothes etc. That would also help our manufactures here in america. Our government could do this but they are all cowards and would miss their kickbacks from the foreign companies. This country could be self sufficient if it wanted to be. We can drill in Alaska and also around the US for gas and oil. Bring back the steel industries and it would put alot of jobs out there. The main thing is CLOSE ALL BOARDERS! Ship out all Illegal aliens so americans have all the jobs. We need to take care of our own!
Lipshkin04/30/098:56pmLegalize marijuana and tax the **** out of it!! watch the economy flourish!!!
Milkshake04/30/093:44pmHey Pauly Boy! Guess what? I smoke cigarettes. Okay? But i prefer to help contribute to the health care system instead of helping my habit.
Southern Comfort04/30/092:51pm I know there are a lot of hostility out there because Obama is destroying this country. It saddens me also, but remember four years goes pretty fast then we can get someone in office who will straighten everything out. It will take quit a while because Obama is really screwing us. Who knows with his wimpy attitude about defense we will all probably be dead in four years. Oh he will be safe in a hole somewhere with his ugly wife and weird looking kids along with the asshole Biden the ****.
Paul04/30/092:39pmHey with the Obama liberal socialist regime, he will tax you for everything, including how many times you take a sh_t. That should make alot of the bleeding heart liberal morans happy. You know just because you don't smoke quit going after the people that do. Just because you don't like it to bad, maybe smokers don't like your liberal rug rats that you are raising to go mad and kill people and other students. Worry about what you have at home not about what others are doing and quit tying to spread you liberal diseased minds on other people.
Milkshake04/30/092:13pmI agree with BamBam that we should increase the taxes on cigarettes and I also feel we should increase the taxes on other things to contribute to our health care and medical care. Such as, increase taxes on panty hose, face creams, cosmetics, perfumes, expensive shampoos and conditioners, etc.....
Debbie04/30/0910:55amHi Bam Bam! Sorry I do not agree with over taxing cigarettes, most poor people like me smoke and if you were a smoker you can understand how they help with being able to control stress. Now drinking I think they need to tax and tax and tax the booze. Heck all drinking does is put drunks on the road to kill innocent people. Tax the heck out of the booze and leave cigarettes alone. We could also tax the heck out of going to the movies none of the so called stars are worth going to see. We really don't have movie stars anymore. Most of these people make a few low class movies and then you never hear of them again, so tax the heck out of going to the movies. Tax the heck out of daycares for the liberal brats. That would hurt the liberals, having to pay more for some poor soul to watch their bratty kids. I could list alot of other things to tax so please leave the cigarettes alone. I know they are not good for me, but who cares. This country is going down the tubes so what is to live for.
Bam Bam04/30/099:28amCorrection to the last sentence in my statement - We shouldn't tax every vice to be able to afford it.
Bam Bam04/30/099:24amI know this is going to cause an uproar but here goes! They should lower taxes for households lower than $250,000 per year and increase the sin taxes on ciggarettes but not alcahol. Now I say that because I believe we can put money from sin taxes towards a health care system for those who cannot afford medical care, I'm not saying Universal Healthcare but, something useful. Also, I don't want to raise taxes on alcohol because we have to have at least one vice we can afford! But, ciggy's we can do away with at anytime. I used to smoke and quit 5 years ago - I LOVED SMOKING but it's bad, bad for for everyone and everyone should quit. I got cancer two years after quitting! Don't get me wrong alcohol is bad too, but we should tax every vice out there to afford it! Now if you'll excuse me while I hit the deck!
--> here <-- 04/30/099:11amThis is how it feels sometimes being a participant in the polls (meant in a fun way)
Swifter04/30/095:27amJeff, personally i am half-liberal & half-conservative. I know this because when it comes to personal finance, i really put an effort to try to stretch the little money i have, for as long as possible. And this is NOT because of greed, but only because i don't have any other places where i can borrow money from, if i run out of money too quickly! But i am ALSO liberal because i KNOW there are groups of people out there who are less fortunate than the rest...EVEN LESS FORTUNATE THAN MYSELF!!! However, i have a basic understanding & respect for those ppl who may live by traditional Conservative values in their own lives, such as yourself.
WitchyWoman04/30/094:59amThanks Debbie. But as far as our nation, it has been throughout the years being sold piece by piece to the highest bidders world-wide. Americans own very little of the U.S. People really don't own their own homes and property if the government decides they want it.
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/29/0911:53pmIt cannot go down what it already has. Duh! 4 the damn record i aint a liberal at all. i aint american, so i say it as a non american how we see it,. if u cant take it then dont mark stuff up when u aint got all facts on the table. duh! I doubt ill even lower myself to reply or comment on ur sayings, bc u r all mouths. Y not cut the crap n say all eat **** n b done with it huh? is at least more real than long vented explantions that r nada but a hot air balloon gone FAARRRTTTT !!!!!!!!!!
Milkshake04/29/097:53pmPaul, how do you know Obama is the worst president in history? He's only been in office for a few months. In my opinion, our worst president in my lifetime (I'm 41 yrs. old) is Bush Sr.
OWiseOne04/29/096:55pmI have read all of these comments in depth, and with the utmost sincerity of insight, I must say this: Paul, from what I gather your mouth must smell like your ****.
Milkshake04/29/095:10pmOk Jeff........I can't prove Palin is or was on drugs. I just "believe" she was. That's my opinion. Another thing is this: You have the dates screwed up. It was August of 1989 the riots broke out. I just recieved my college degree and then hurried and moved with my boyfriend in Texas. A couple of my friends called me and told me some awful stuff had happened from the riots and all the schools and campuses were closed. I also watched it on the news. I can't prove anything that he was a gang leader by emailing you anything. I just know for sure Rodney King was one of the head gang leaders for the Crypts gang. I can't explain how or what I know. I just know. He did not go under the name Rodney. It was a nick name. Another thing is this, I went back to Redondo Beach, CA in summer of 1991 to visit my friends. Oh My God!! Everything changed! It looked like southern California had gone to hell. That was my last visit there. That is all. I will not admit I'm wrong when i know I'm RIGHT!
Debbie04/29/092:42pmWe need a new poll!!!!! Tempers are going crazy. Paul you need to calm down. Witchywoman you need to try to be more positive about America. It seems you voted for someone who wants to destroy our country, that is very sad. We want someone who will make it better and this candidate certainly is not going to do that. By the way I hope you are feeling better. I have been reading your comments and hope you will be ok. This is coming from a die hard conservative who cares about everyone, not if you are a liberal democrat or a conservative just an american to an american. Have a Good Day Everyone!
WitchyWoman04/29/092:17pmThis country got flushed a long time ago. This is all nothing new.
Paul04/29/092:08pmAny program you watched about any republician especially Bush was put together by some liberal Fu_k! Capitalism is better for this country than Socialism and Obama the muslum only wants disgrace and socialism for this country. He is the worst president in history! I know Clinton, and Carter are close seconds. And as for Blah, Blah same to you bleeding heart, koolaid drinking liberals. YOU all cry and complain and try to run the US with your crappy ideals. No smoking anywhere as a perfect example, but I notice liberals raise rug rat kids that don't listen, then run a muck and shoot people or liberals also like their booze and drugs---what is it now meth instead of coke??? As far as I am concerned any liberal that wants to change America forget and move on with Obama, Pelosi, the ****-Biden and move to Iran or Cuba or Russia. End of this argument, none of you will change for the better. I feel sorry for our country it is going down the toilet quickly now with liberal/socialist morans in power.
Jeff04/29/091:58pmZera, why the hostility? Really, there is no need for name calling unless you do not wish to debate the issues. I criticized Bush many times for spending too much, and so did many of my Democrat friends. Obama is spending money at a profoundly greater rate which makes Bush look like a tightwad. What our country needs is less government spending. Taxes should either be dropped, or remain the same for all income levels. Taxing the rich is exactly the wrong thing to do because they are the ones that employ people and turn the wheels of the economy. You know the famous quote, 'have you every gotten a job from a poor person?' Government intervention in banks is what caused them to lend money to people who could not pay their debts. The economy will fix itself as long as government gets out of the way, but this is not what is happening. Government is expanding further into the banking industry, into the auto industry, into the credit card industry, into energy with all the taxes, into health care where it's the number 1 payee with over 50% of the country. The Democrats and many liberal Republicans are ignoring the limits placed on it by the Constitution. Obama has appointed non-elected Czars who are imposing their political decisions on industries that are meant to be free. This is a recipe for disaster.
WitchyWoman04/29/091:39pmTigger, I could not help but laugh at what you said, girl. You are too funny!
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/29/091:18pmWOW U ARE as smart as a camel crapping **** paul. JFK was MURDERED, jesus. All u guys do is blah blah blah blah, i second witchywoman on that. I AGAIN ask, all u wassocks, what the ****ing hell would u do if u had office n faced what he faces??? HUH, N above all CAN IT BE DONE. Also i saw not long ago a documentary on the Bush years, u republicans whined, crapped, debated, discussed, n whatelse WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE. Many of u declared him the worst enemy the usa had EVER produced. Now that he aint in office u suddenly all declare him a ****ing saint????? Wow, i gotta ask, did u guys LACK OXYGEN at birth?? Is that y u sound so STUPID????
Paul04/29/0912:27pmJFK had a landslide...but then we know what happened to him. What is that song.....Another one Bites the dust...........I wonder what Obama's song will be????? :P
WitchyWoman04/29/0911:19amDo not mean you, Milkshake. Just the reps.
WitchyWoman04/29/0910:49amRight on! Tigger. I couldn't agree more. I just do not understand where these peoples' minds are.....BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! All complaints and no answers. They must make more than $250,000 a year. Must be nice, huh?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/29/0910:25amI see .................... I see a CAT FIGHT. A CAT FIGHT that is almost as old as the USA can b. Frankly is this an ongoing battle between democrats n republicans. If such 2 parties makes so much **** so to say, what the **** would u do had u say 10 or 15 more parties to choose from n debate on? Christ!!!!!!!!!! Right now i see a fight as old as when Lincoln was electred president n declared slavery 4 a crime. Jesus, has u guys NOT come FURTHER THAN THAT???? What about JFK`s landslide smallest procentage of becoming president in ur history also? Man man man. The landslide i believe started with Bush, but not Bush junior but Bush senior, Clinton tried to rectify that, n then Bush junior comes n has to show he is bigger n better than his old man. Well goal accomplished. Out of all presidents has Bush junior the lowest n dirtiest n blackest renommé in all the world since Nixon was in office.
Jeff04/29/099:56amProve it MilkShake. Just send me an article that says so... tell me what to Google, anything other than your baseless assurance. Your statements are worthless unless you can provide some kind of proof. That applies to everything else you have said including that Palin does drugs. When I told you about Obama and his drug use, I cited my source which was his own book The Audacity of Hope where he writes about his drug use. Come on MilkShake, stop being so stubborn and admit when you are wrong, or cite your source.
Paul04/29/099:56amWitchywoman sorry about your issues, but Bush did not start the downslide. It actually started with Clinton, but noone wants to again talk about how bad the democrats are, so believe what you want. BUSH DID NOT START THIS MESS!!! Do you really think having Obama in office will make it better sorry you are wrong! If we get socialized medicine get ready to get the worst care ever and we all will have to pay for it in our taxes. I know because I lived in England for two years. Try and get an appointment, you will have to wait weeks then maybe you will see a doctor,,,,,,NOT! You see a nurse then after her evaluation, maybe you will see a doctor unless she mis evaluates you. I you are worried about getting service do what the illegal aliens do and go to a hospital to get help. They cannot turn you away. That's how the illegals get their free medical care! Obama, ****-Biden, Pelosi and the rest of Obama's socialist morans can all get dropped kicked out of our country and go to Iran, Cuba, or Russia. We would be grateful to get rid of that GARBAGE!
WitchyWoman04/29/099:52am--->Here<---, I get all of those. Isn't that site and music the most beautiful? I absolutely love it all.
--> here <-- 04/29/099:33amContinuously ask: What is right here? What is this sensation? This emotion? This thought? This experience? Then ask: Who is experiencing it?
Milkshake04/29/099:03amLook Jeff. I know for a fact that Rodney King was one of the head gang leaders for the Crypts. Okay? Not fiction.......FACT!!!!
WitchyWoman04/29/099:01amHere is how it is....BECAUSE of bush, we lost 2 out of 3 businesses. Nothing due to us, it all had to do with the government wanting small businesses out of the way. This was before O'Bama. Our last business, we dropped our medical insurance, we had no choice. I have a benign brain tumor and have to use a clinic and the doctors now are working to get me to where I can have Gamma Knife surgery. Without it, I have no future, because it is where it is causing more medical problems in my body. So uphold bush and his minions all you want. I totally blame him for our downhill battle. I haven't even told my family yet, because more stress is REALLY bad.
Jeff04/29/098:54amTookie Williams was the leader of the Crypts gang, not Rodney King. This must be where you confused your facts. If you recall, Tookie Williams recently received the death penalty for his acts after many years in prison. Hi Swifter, regarding Pelosi, her approval ratings are lower than those of Bush. In fact they are at about 18% approval which is half of what Bush received even at his lowest point! Pelosi and Obama are on the same page when it comes to growing Government excessively until it infringes on our liberties. They reject the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I don't know about you but I like my freedoms and I hate to see this country be plunged into a socialist type of society where people become dependant on a massive Government monopoly for their every need.
Milkshake04/29/097:37amYes Paul. I do have a sick liberal mind. And Jeff, Rodney King was one of the head gang leaders for Crypts Gang. I will add this though....Rodney King was also an excellent chess player. He made demands to the Los Angeles Police Department and they wouldn't take his crap. And then he got the crap beat out of him by the police. That's all. Go on with your "intelligent" conversation.
WitchyWoman04/29/097:34amThis is sooooo bbbooorrriiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul04/29/095:03amJeff you are not going to change the sick minds of the stupid liberals that think Obama is a good president let along a wonderful human being. He is NEITHER! He has only one thing on his mind and that is to destroy us! He is a muslum scum bag and wants this country to fail and become a socialist society. These followers that drank the koolaid are complete morans. Obama is the worst president we will ever have. Palin is a wonderful person and could straighten out the mess we are in. The liberals hate her because they know she is powerful and would smash them and their liberal bullsh_t. Now on this Swine flu problem, Obama should of closed the boarders as soon as it was known that it came from Mexico. I think his teleprompter must be broke so he does not know how to handle this or what to say. STOP PLANES COMING IN FROM MEXICO AND CLOSE THE BOARDERS YOU STUPID PRESIDENT!!!!! He is going to wait till its to late. Our poor country is being led by an idiot, fact not fiction!
Swifter04/29/095:01amOh man, i stand corrected!!! I said Palin, but ofcoarse i was thinking PELOSI....oops! Sorry! I guess that means i do NOT agree with you Jeff afterall. Oh well...
Swifter04/29/094:09amI think Obama's presidential term is going to look similar to his campaign for presidency. It was a slow path, and as he picked up momentum thru out 2006-2007, he finished STRONG in 2008. So we may be witnessing the same pattern right now. He's picking up momentum slowly, and he's going to finish strong during the 2nd half of his presidency. It would also vbe very benefitial to him, if he wants to run for a 2nd term. I must say though, i am a little surprised to read Jeff's comments about Palin. And i DO agree with many of the things you say regarding her credentials as a governor & a politician. I recon this is ALSO Obama's sentiments for her. I'm certain she'll be keeping an eye over Obama like a HAWK, and i think he knows this as well. She's definitely a GREAT as.set for the Dems.
Jeff04/28/0911:24pmTemper Temper my dearest Milkshake. Yes, I've lived in California for many years, including the early nineties. Fact, Rodney King was not a gang leader. He gained his fame in 1991 because he was a victim of "excessive force" by the Police. Yes he broke the law by leading the police on a high speed chase while intoxicated, but there is no evidence of any kind whatsoever that he was a gang leader, or even that he was in a gang. I know you are not too concerned with actual facts, but for the rest of the people reading this, the LA riots occur ed as a result of the video footage that showed Rodney King getting the crap kicked out of him by the Police. There is a big difference between opinion and fact. You are welcome to express your opinions, but your credibility is not beyond reproach when you make false statements. Go ahead and say that Palin is on drugs, or that Rodney King is a gang leader, or that I am dumb, or that your dog has supernatural powers... it's nonsense without some kind of facts to back it up. Now, I will refrain from any further comments unless you decide you actually want to have an intelligent conversation with facts rather than fiction.
Milkshake04/28/099:00pmYou know what Jeff? You really are as dumb as Palin. I know for a FACT Rodney King was a gang leader. I lived in southern California and I moved 2 and half weeks before the riots broke out. Don't tell me I don't know he is a gang leader when he is. Why don't you call LA Police Department? The facts I know are the facts I know. My opinion is my opinion. I can state whatever opinion I want. You're not the controller on this poll. I have my opinions too. Where and who I find my facts from and why I make the opinions I make is none of your damn business.
Jeff04/28/098:48pmThis is too funny... Rodney King is not a gang leader. Do you even know who he is? Really MilkShake, it's very difficult to have a substantive debate with you because you don't know basic facts. If you want to talk about integrity, then Obama shouldn't be anywhere in your radar. Do you remember his anti-American Pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright? How about that domestic terrorist William Ayers who helped launch his career? And if this is not enough, what kind of man... or should I say, what kind of human being supports Infanticide? That's right, he not only supports partial birth abortion, he also supports murdering a baby after it's born if the intention was to abort it. So if a baby survives an abortion and is born, living and breathing in our world, he supports throwing the baby in the trash until it dies of starvation or the elements. This is your miracle, Obama the baby killing America hating terrorist supporting monster. How do YOU define integrity?
Milkshake04/28/098:22pmYes Jeffery. Please don't call me "my dear." Why don't you refer back to the same quote of the evil gang leader Rodney King..."Why can't we get along?'.......Because Jeff, WE CANT get along. Our opinions differ. At least Obama admitted his mistakes. Like I said before: Integrity. He tells the truth. Palin had to be on something illegal, in my opinion. That weirdo seemed like she was way up in the air; in her own little bubble. Anyway that dingbat isn't our problem anymore.
Jeff04/28/097:47pmOh of course! In the words of Rodney King, "why can't we all just get along." I wrote this on the last poll MilkShake... how is this relevant to what we are talking about now? Wow you are really reachin! Obama wrote about his drug use... and not just vodka in his Milkshake, but hard core stuff like cocaine. My evidence? His book The Audacity of Hope. Where is your evidence that Palin does drugs? Do you mean Cough syrup or NyQuil Cold/Flu? I don't really think this counts my dear. ;-)
Milkshake04/28/096:35pmOh Jeff! Why don't you read your comment on the last poll. You stated a quote that Rodney King had said. Remember? Even mentioning that man's name made me want to puke! Okay anti-christ Jeff. Wanna say I'm spiking my milkshakes again? You're on whatever Rodney King is on. which I don't care to say on this poll. And please don't remark anything about spiking my milkshakes, unless you want to start an arguement, because it is stupid and I know what you're leaning towards. My opinion is my opinion. Sarah Palin lacks integrity and I believe she is on drugs.
Jeff04/28/096:09pmAnyway, all weird comments aside, Obama is the only one that I know of who did drugs on the record. He writes about it in his book the Audacity of Hope. That's right, he did cocaine, and a bunch of other stuff. McCain smoked cigarettes when he was younger but that is about it my dearest Milkshake. Palin certainly didn't do any drugs... where do you come up with this nonsense?
Jeff04/28/096:05pmRodney King? Huh? Not sure what relevance Rodney King or gang leaders have. Are you sure you're not spiking your Milkshake!?!?!? :-)
Milkshake04/28/096:00pmI'm so sorry Rodney King/gang leader lover Jeff. I don't spike my milkshakes. Nor do I use drugs like I believe Palin and Rodney King both share in common. I feel that both McCain and Palin lack something very important: INTEGRITY. And I feel that both McCain and Palin are liars, cheaters, and are very scarey. Why don't you call your buddy Rodney King up? See who he voted for. I bet he's not even allowed to vote.
Jeff04/28/095:49pmYou see, this is exactly the kind of nonsense I heard throughout the campaign from the media. Can you tell me what exactly makes Palin a dumb person? You can say whatever you want including that Elvis is alive, but without any substance to back it up it's nothing more than nonsense. She was on the Oil and Gas commission, she was governor of her state, and over many years she actually governed and successfully fought a corrupt Republican party. Milkshake, to say that it's a miracle that Obama is President just proves my point that people follow him like they would a prophet. Like I said, he is a cult figure for drones like yourself. If you want some substance on Obama, try the fact that he was only in the senate for about 150 days before becoming President. Before that... nothing whatsoever. He can't go anywhere without that teleprompter because he always manages to put his foot in his mouth, and when it tries to speak without it he fumbles and jumbles his speach like a bumbling fool. Remember when Obama said there were 57 states in the US? This is only one of many gaffes played down by the elite liberal media. The never hesitate to excuse him by saying he was tired, while maligning Palin just because she hesitated in that interview with Katie Couric when asked a question about certain Supreme Court rulings. Sorry Milkshake, maybe you better stop spiking that Milkshake and spend more time reading the news. :-)
Milkshake04/28/094:42pmUmmm....yes...excuse me for a sec. Palin? Palin? Palin? What a ditzy, dumb dumb woman! She's the biggest joke I've ever seen. Thank God Palin is not our vice president! She would of made the United States look like a joke. Thank God for miracles and Obama is our president.
Jeff04/28/094:00pmMcCain was a bad pick because he was too liberal a candidate. Even so, Obama's victory was hardly a landslide. Witchywoman, you may want to go back and check the definition of a landslide victory and compare it to the results of the election... not even close. That said, Palin is a very smart and accomplished woman and was certainly more qualified to be President than Obama. The funny thing is she was not even running for President, and Obama the rookie radical left Senator with no gubernatorial experience was nominated in large part because of the swooning salivating left wing media. The mainstream media has completely cast out any semblance of objectivity. Obama is more of a cult figure to the mainstream media and their drones. He puts down America at every summit on foreign soil. He is now nationalizing the banks and the automobile industry, and wants to do the same for health care and everything else he can. I'm a big critic of Bush because of his liberal spending agenda, but Obama makes him look like a tightwad in comparison. He has already grown government faster and more profoundly than any other President in history, and there is no end in sight. He is doing exactly what Chavez has been doing in Venezuela... it's hard to believe this is happening in the United States. Anyone who supports this kind of government expansion is either completely ignorant, or is someone who embraces misery and servitude which is inevitable when the Government is your only source for everything.
WitchyWoman04/28/091:54pmAfter seeing the bush twin (mcCain) and an ignorant dumba**(palin), that changed the whole field for the majority of voters. That is why it was a landslide.
Debbie04/28/091:44pmJackie don't get so upset. There is nothing we can do. The damage is done by people believing in this liar promises. he is kind of like Jim Jones and people drank the koolaid and signed all of our death warrants with his liberal programs, etc. All I have to say is hang on and hope we can get out o this mess he is putting us in. Peace and Love to All!
Jackie04/28/0912:37pmIt does start with him when he wants to change our country to a socialist country. The people he hired to work with him also did not pay their taxes but that is ok with the liberals, but if Bush has hired folks that did not pay their taxes, holy sh_t look out the liberals would hang them in the front yard. There is a double standard. Obama is doing such a suck ass job that he now wants to release the US's interrogration memos and pictures, wonderful. The terrorists (his family) will love that. Now they want to prosecute some CIA and high officials in the Bush administration for the interrogation of prisioners. Just remember Pelosi and her other democrat liberal assholes were informed and ok'd it. But that information will suddenly disappear like all incriminating stuff found on any democrat in this liberal socialist government. I feel sorry for you Witchy because you are blind to believe Obama is doing the country any good. Why did you vote for him? Was it because he is the first and last black man to serve as president!!! And what about his joke of a VP, Biden what a ****. He needs to be put in an assisted living facility. That jerk wouldn't know the truth it was ingraved in his forehead. You know It's big enough to write a book on. To bad with such a big head it does not hold any brains.......America will not last 4 years, because we all know that what is in the presidental and VP spot will not and can not protect us, so get ready for the terrorists to come knocking on our door again. Hey Obama was badmouthing us to our enemies and they are all laughing at what a putz he is. Thank God I did not vote for this crap and I blame anyone who voted for this idiot. You all did this to us. Quite blaming Bush. He is not rasing our taxes for generations to come. giving money for the most stupidist things to appease his lobbist buddies and regulators. Breaking down our defense so we all will die from the terrorists. Since he has been in office the US looks like crap to the rest of the world. No US president has ever bowed to another countries leader. It shows his weakness as a president and leader. We all know he did it because he is a muslum. God Help Us All!
WitchyWoman04/28/0912:00pmIt is the same argument over and over...nothing new. This quit being the great U.S.A. way over eight years ago. It was our forefathers that made the rules of the game for the rich and the government being the pawns to use however they see fit. It was the forefathers that started taxes all over again. It was the forefathers that were the biggest crooks and it kept going from there. All of this today is a continuation from back then. This nation was stolen once from conquerors and is being stolen again by conquerors now. It is our government letting it happen. Everyone else, not part of the game, around this whole beautiful world are sheep to the slaughter, but it did not start with O'Bama.
Jackie04/28/0910:57amI believe this country is going in the wrong direction. It seems this president, pelosi and the liberals out there want this (use to be) wonderful country a socialist country. Which means that everyone is the same except government. They have all the money, perks etc. where everyday people will be told what jobs they can hold, what pay they will get and where they will live. I just can't believe the liberals out there are not that stupid or ignorant to believe that is the way we should head. Capitalism is the way, so you can strive to get the things, house, job, money etc. Now if you are one of the men (and you see I say men) that ripped off customers, companies than you need to lose everything and live the rest of your lives in prision for cheating your fellow man/woman. Those people I do not feel sorry for and they should be punished to the full extent of the law. Obama needs to bring America together not split us apart and that is what he is doing. Pelosi needs to be taken and never heard from again. That would be awesome. Biden, well he is lost in his own dementia world and nowhere to be found. So we can get rid of him, just lock him in room by himself. He'll be able to entertain himself with his bullsh_t fairytale stories. What a depressing 4 years this will be. There will not be an America as we know it by the end of this socialist moran's term in office. Our four fathers are turning over in their graves.
Swifter04/28/0910:15amI'm sure it's nothing that serious Milky. But of coarse u know your mole better than anyone else does. Maybe u should be scared...maybe u shouldn't?! Do u swim regularly? If so, maybe u've been exposed to too much chlorine on your skin?! Anyways i'm just guessing!? Hope it'll all work out just fine.
Milkshake04/28/099:13amSwifter....the mole is on my upper leg. It's not too high on my leg. I could wear short shorts and you can notice it. Why do u ask? Now I'm scared. It doesn't hurt. It looks dry.
Swifter04/28/098:30amMilkshake where exactly is that mole located on your leg, if you don't mind my asking?
WitchyWoman04/28/094:43amI will pray that it is not something bad. If you have a good doctor, he or she will take it off and send it to a lab. It is not good when something like that starts changing, but believe in miracles, that's all we can do. You may not know results right then, but let us know just as soon as you find out. Love ya.
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/28/0912:43amMilkshake ill keep u in prayers n i cross me fingers of a good omen. WitchyWoman, ye i reckon u are right LOL. They amuse me LOL As 4 the political i am gonna go with WitchyWomas say, always some party crying n cussing whoever is in office. I wonder when it wasnt like that in American History? When George Washington formed the USA ????
Milkshake04/27/097:13pmHey! Speaking of witch....Witchy Woman and everyone else.......I have a big mole on my leg. I've had it for about 2 years. It's never changed colors or anything until lately. I made an appointment with the doctor on Thursday. Please everyone wish me luck that the mole is benign. I'm scared to death.
WitchyWoman04/27/093:00pmZera aka Tigger, the only thing to do with this person is let them enjoy getting off and having their kicks that way. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is from the real WitchyWoman. As far as the political poll,(AGAIN, as usual) the only difference in is not the democrats crying now, it is the republicans. It will always be that way until there is a one-world government, then we can ALL cry together. No, it is not just the one person bringing it about, it has been coming about for years and years and years................................
Paul04/27/091:41pmJeff I agree with your comments. Obama must be stopped. He is turning this country into a socialist country. He goes overseas and badmouths America and apologizes to Chavez and Castro etc. Obama is a terrorist, communist, socialist pig! All he knows how to do is spend, spend and spend. Our taxes are going to kill most of Americans. I have a feeling that the American people will not stand for much more. Obama's government wants all Americans to be on the same level, no rich or poor. Who the hell wants to strive to better themselves when that jerk will be digging into your pockets taking everything you earn. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/27/091:39pmWell WicthyWoman we´ve had some .. how do i put it, nasty imposters again, more me than any1 else LOL i dunno if im tob flattered still or become a tad unnerved, its kinda stalking like u know .....any ideas how to ahm cope with stalkers aka imposters??? LOLOLOLOL
WitchyWoman04/27/091:13pmSwifter, you did not screw anything up at all. I thought it was a very nice and liberating email.
Swifter04/27/0912:43pmWell i had to screw it all up, by sending you a GIGANTIC email after that Pat. Sorry. I still hope you can see the friendly & peaceful tone, despite the wordy content! Just write back 1-2 short paragraphs, and it will all even out by itself!!! Thanks. And from now on, we'll just stick with the polls.
WitchyWoman04/27/0912:01pmI just got back from getting my 4th tattoo. It is a black horse with flames for the mane and tail. She is beautiful. Thanks Swifter! I loved your peaceful and content comment. It did make me giggle. Thanks Milkshake, I will get better, I know I have to. I want to live. Thanks Zera aka Tigger, sooo you are Tigger! How cute! I am still working on that one project, almost done. When facing death, everything looks sooo different. I have more fight in me against the sickness. I still believe in miracles.
Milkshake04/27/098:47amGreat to see ya back, Witchy Woman! I hope you're feeling better and back to health soon.
Swifter04/27/097:44amGreat to see you back in here WitchyWoman. Great nickname btw. I totally agree with those last sentiments in your comment. Now that my own conscience is doing a LOT BETTER, let us just agree to meet in here casually, once in a while, and do a NICE & CLEAN debating from now on. No more bickering & fighting. ONLY good vibes & good karma all around. And if it DOES get "spicy" once in a while, we will do it RESPONSIBLY. From here on, just go after the ball...& NOT the players! (a soccer expression)
WitchyWoman04/27/097:08amHey everyone!!! It's me, the real Pat. Some of you that we have emailed back and forth to each other, can ask me some question from one of your emails from me to know for sure it is me. I am back at work this morning. Thank you for the concern from some of you. I really did not think I would be missed. Swifter, love the new name. From now on, in the polls, everyone, call me WitchyWoman. I had some complications in the hospital. They had to keep me on oxygen, because everytime they took me off, my oxygen level started dropping. They took a very small malignant lump, half the size of a pea, from one of my breasts and I have an inoperable tumor. I haven't decided if I want to do chemo and radiation. The new medicine they started me on several months ago has stopped my heart from getting any larger. They said it would never be normal size anymore. As long as it continues to tick, I am okay with that. I did not come home until Thursday, the 23rd and yesterday I went and got three more tattoos I have been wanting. My wolf pup, my tiger cub and a black cat with light purple fairy wings sitting on a crescent moon. They were done perfectly. Of course I can't let them know I am not healthy, because they won't do others for me later. Maybe they will, I just do not want to ask them. Life is all about LIVING. I suggest to everyone to get as much fun and happiness and love as you can possibly get.
Swifter04/27/092:38amMan! I've gone loomie! End of the Freakin' Flying Circus for me! Get me back on Laudanum!
Swifter04/26/0911:18pmMilkshake, when she told me about it, i tried not to take it too seriously...i even thought she was indirectly telling ME that there might be something wrong with MY OWN brain, since i was inconsistent & "brain storming" in many of my emails to her??! She also said that she had a bit of a problem with her heart as well, which again i did not think too seriously about! Hope it's just paranoia on my part!? One of the worst case scenarios is that she's in a state of coma right now?!! With regards to your several-layered sarcastic remark April--which i DO appreciate a great deal-- we've put together a team of our TOP researchers & scientists who btw succeeded in cracking the famous Enigma Machine designed by the Germans back in WW2, on a round of clock investigation, to figure out the exact interpretation of that THICK sarcasm thrown in the air by you?! In the meantime have no fear, as we shall be giving you the proper response, soon as we've cracked the code! I shall ALSO be posting a comment regarding a dream i've been having, which has been re-occurring for over 10 yrs now (except that this time i finally managed to change the outcome of that dream by a conscience effort) in my very next post. Good morning to you all, for now...
Milkshake04/26/096:06pmSwifter, that's really strange and sad about Pat. She never told me about a tumor in the brain. My grandfather died of a brain tumor. I hope Pat's alright.
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/26/0910:54amApril i dont even wanna lower myself to ur level of communications. Ur lines says more of the person u are than what u claim i am. .............................. ah what the heck April suck an egg n go screw yaself. Useal u judge b4 getting to know me, so **** off u loser ****
April04/26/099:24amI went to the doctor thinking I was a pair of curtains He told me to pull myself together
Swifter04/26/099:16amNo, your jokes ain't that funny anyhow April....they're hilarious! Btw there was this NEAT Superman analogy in a movie i saw a couple of days ago. The man spoke of how Superman is actually MORE courageous & strong, whenever he is the insecure Clark Kent....and NOT the other way around! I don't remember exactly how the guy in that aforementioned movie, arrived at that conclusion, but it was still a nice analogy. Not that it has anything remotely to do with the current poll, but it's still a nice little anecdote.
Derrick04/26/097:32amLess taxes = Less worries and stress. Works for me.
Swifter04/26/095:48amApril, i was NOT talking about anyone in specific. And i wasn't thinking anything negative. Your comments are very funny nonetheless.
Swifter04/26/094:57amSpeaking of something else, i'm worried for Pat!? She told me she was having a tumor in the brain, a few days before going to the hospital??
April04/26/094:04amZera you are a joke for believing your own Bulls""t
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/26/093:55amDepends on the joke wether one can take it or not.
Swifter04/26/093:36amHowcome everytime i read anyone's comments in here lately, my own wishes come true?
April04/25/0910:03pmGood old Milkshake the only one who can take a joke
Swifter04/25/097:23pmWhat's wrong with my stomach today????
Milkshake04/25/095:05pmApril, I do enjoy some good ole fashion fried chicken. I vote for you! Vote for April!
Heaven on Earth04/25/094:36pmThis song is for a person who's dearly missed from the polls at the moment
Swifter Radio04/25/093:30pmA Reggae version of Pink Floyd's "Money"
Swifter Radio04/25/093:30pmA Reggae version of Pink Floyd's "Money"
April04/25/092:22pmMilkshake has the head of a chicken
Heros vs. Antagonizers04/25/0910:47amDecreasing taxes would help a little. So does "intelligent spending", by allowing the consumers to buy more domestic products. But most important of all do sth constructive about global protectionism. In the meantime Minimalism is the new sexy trend.
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/25/098:17amHahahHAhahahaahahah sounds like a nice dish, BUT too heavy 4 breakfast, like thick pancakes n the englisg sausages, eggs n bacon n sauce.... way to ugh havy 4 me. no ill juss say, nope didnt have grits today juss coffee thanx. At times my nosy neighbors throw parties at 1 am to 4 am, on weekdays.............. at times i wonder y they aint evicted. Ah well .... cest la vie
Milkshake04/25/096:54amAlmost, Zera aka Tigger. It's best to eat your grits in the morning. It's sort-of like a homany/potato/. They are small. You can add salt, pepper, and butter for test. They are great with eggs. Grits are quite popular in south/east states....near Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, and perhaps even the Ozarks. Did you ever watch the old sitcom, Alice? Flo, the waitress would always say,...."Kiss My Grits!" Anyway, you ought to try a grit. It might add a smile on your face and make your day. Have your grits today?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/24/0910:13pmMilkshake do ya mean grit as in puoridge? goldie locks pouridge????
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/24/092:49pmHey Milkshake, ya need to tell me what grits is, im not familiar with that term. Im not english nor american LOL Jeff, yea i did read it all, amidable to want this, i juss posed can it b done? Ive got enough headaches figuring out my own countries politics than to also get my head in on what other countries work politicswise LOL That would be a uhhh many full times jobs over in 24 hour day, u know? I think all ideas r gr8 but q is as b4, can it b done? financial wise in every sense, material cost, manpowers salery, equipment costs etc.... I hope it can b done, but realistic seen ......... i doubt it.
Crystal04/24/092:27pmWow... I just read the comments left here, and I am assuming you guys answer the polls all of the time. I am disappointed that this is how Americans are thinking. Paul, closing the borders, battoning down the hatches and deporting all people that are illegal is just against the ideals that this country was founded on. Remember Lazarus' The New Collosus? Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door. What happened to servitude for the fellow man? What happened to living in truth and happiness? What happened to the American dream? Turn OFF your TV and turn ON your mind, and listen to the constant barking of the establishment... You will see the true answer. And I guarantee, it is NOT what you are expecting. Expect nothing... recieve EVERYTHING. With Love and Hope for a Brighter Future, Crystal
Jeff04/24/0911:57amHey Zera, I assume you did not read the details of the new proposed fence that was mandated by the secure fence act of 2006. This is not a simple chain link fence that can easily be subverted with bolt cutters. This was supposed to be 700 miles of double reinforced 10 foot tall fencing in the most easily accessible areas (urban and other porous areas). The "double" fencing would also be equipped with sensors and cameras making it almost impossible to penetrate. You see, I agree with you that there is no way to stop absolutely everyone from crossing over illegally, but a strong double layered fence will most definitely and significantly reduce illegal immigration. It works everywhere it has been tried. The problem is that both Republicans and Democrat politicians don't have the political will to do what's necessary to protect our borders. They spend trillion of our tax dollars on wasteful failed programs and consistently ignore our border security. If the Obama administration really wants to create jobs they would put people to work building that fence and installing those sensors and cameras rather than giving money away to foreign banks, unions, and anti-American organizations like the ACLU and ACORN.
Milkshake04/24/096:09amZera aka Tigger.....Do you like grits?
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/24/091:22amU guys proves my point, All talk n no action TSSSSHHH!!! Have ANY of u been close to ya borders to the south n to the north? Has u ever seen the terrain to b covered by " fence?" Do u guys know of cutters? boltcutters n such tools? Man ur ideas aint even tangible.
Jeff04/23/095:49pmObama's administration has spent more money in his first 100 days than the Bush Administration did all 8 years of his Presidency. Bush is certainly not blameless as he signed off on that 850 billion dollar bailout in September. All the bums that support all this spending weather they be Republican or Democrat should be thrown out of office. I agree 100% with Paul that our borders should be secured and the fence that we already agreed to build several years ago should be completed. I don't agree with taxing foreign car makers because they do legitimate business here in the US. The American auto companies are in the mess they are in because of the corrupt unions and the spineless company leaders that did not take a stand against them. For this reason they should be allowed to file chapter 11 so they can start over with zero union contracts. Obama is turning this country into a big socialist entitlement system which makes people lazy and dependent rather than innovative and independent. In the last so called stimulus bill he has completely reversed course on welfare reform which was a big success under Clinton during the 1990's. Don't even get me started about our new foreign policy. Thanks to our incompetent apologist President and Secretary of State, all these thug dictators like Castro, Chavez, Ortega and the others in Iran, North Korea, etc., are being elevated and emboldened. We are showing ourselves to be spineless and weak and these dictator thugs smell blood. How many more times will Obama throw our country under the bus on foreign soil? How many more times will Hillary Clinton grovel and beg these scum bag dictators to "talk with us" when all they want to do is vilify the USA so they can more easily subjugate their own people?
Jackie04/23/091:58pmPaul I like the way you think! We need to become self sufficent from foreign countries, and anyone that bought foreign cars sold our country down the tubes by buying their junks. Yeah Tax the hell out of them. Get all Illegal Aliens out wonderful idea. I would vote for you.....
Paul04/23/091:35pmFirst thing I would do is deport all illegal aliens and the brats they had here in the states, that would lessen the strain of the uninsured using our hospital system, also in our school system and also taking jobs away from Americans. I would then tax the hell out of anyone who bought or will be buying any foreign cars and give tax credits to people who buy American. Drill here in the states including alaska for oil to become more independent from foreign oil. Close both boarders with fencing and armed guard. If the illegals try to come over shoot them and throw their bodies back over the fence. Believe me if you did that twice they would get the message and stay where they belong. This is just a start.
Zera aka tigger / tiger04/23/0912:26pmTo repeat what Pat once said on a diff poll when USA policy came up yet AGAIN. Many of u forget that when O´Bama took office was he starting of with a debt, empty hole in finance left behind by BUSH!!!!!!!!!! How can he correct the USA without doing what COUNTLESS other countries has done, but BORROW. Do u seriously want more taxes 4 everything? Easy 4 u to play the blame game without checking what had the guy at the helm to start with at all???? Now ill repeat what i asked some other hothead, IF u WAS the elected president, WHAT THE **** would u do to correct n get the USA BACK on its feet after the BUSH administration? WHAT THE HELL WOULD U DO AS PRES????HUH??? HUH??? Easy to say what the man in position should do, another to actually do it. Man i wanna see a poll where its asked if u was pres, what the **** would u do to turn things around?
Milkshake04/23/099:37amI voted YES to decrease taxes for ALL income levels. Ok Swift.....your new name is Swifter. No impersonators please on this poll. If anyone heard about Pat, please let us know.
Paul04/23/097:45amDECREASE ALL TAXES from cigarettes to personal to home taxes. This socialist administration is taxing the hell out of all of us and it has to stop! We need to drop kick out Pelosi, Obama, Biden and any other far left democrat before there is no America left. Obama is getting into bed with our enemies and apoligizing to them and bowing to them. Our country is now considered weak due to the fact our asshole president does not have balls!!!!
Me n only me!04/23/091:06amHard 2 reply to. what is the most fair?

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