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Parents should have the freedom to home-school their children even if they do not have a degree in teaching.

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Swifter06/01/093:28amOMG i totally understand what you've been ranting & raving about Milkshake!!! The 'babies' are supposed to show me who i am!!! That's so simple yet genius! THANKS SO MUCH for this gift! AND I'M NOT GOING TO TALK LIKE THE WAY I'VE BEEN DOING UP TIL NOW ANYMORE!! I'm TRULY sorry for behaving so obnoxiously up to this point. My apology goes out to EVERYONE. Now FINALLY back to the poll.
Swifter06/01/0912:37amSo i finally get it...Swifter is partially into s/m?!! That may be true, but i definitely lack the training for it! But at least i finally understood the hints. I shall try to look it up in my local area.
Milkshake05/31/098:59amThis is so classic. I look at all those words from Swifter and say OMG I can't read all this!
Swifter05/30/0910:22pmIn fact i never think about it. I have trained my mind to NOT wonder off in those areas, and i don't even try to satisfy my urges on my own. So you could say that i am a fairly strong-willed individual when it comes to sex. Power of mind, my friends....with the power of mind, you wouldn't even need to "play the flute" if you know what i mean. Yep, this ol' fox thrives only on the simple beauties of life. Now if you'll excuse me, i need to go clean the pipe in the bathroom. AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH there's nothing as stimulating as working with your hands sometimes.
Swifter05/30/099:35pmI know u all want to talk about relationships, boyfriends and girlfriends in the next poll, but i will say it NOW and i will say it again later on: My sex life is a CLOSED BOOK. Nobody else knows about it other than myself!! You can all talk all u want about your own, but fortunately i am NOT a sex-crazed person myself.
Swifter05/30/096:34pmI needed to understand FULLY what you were ALL doing to me. So i took the liberty to read A LOT of things, and to watch at least several dozen movies....just to find a REFERENCE to what i needed to do, in order to trust you & to cooperate w you. The CLOSEST thing i found, was a 7-8 yrs old movie called The Cell. Now i understand this could be a great method to reverse the psyche of hardcore criminals, maybe also to find SPECIFIC clues to the unanswered questions regarding the crimes done by those criminals. Btw i took it that the methods described in that movie, were merely fictive...actually just pure science fiction, and NOT anything from the real methods used by the FBI or other organizations or institutes!! In any case this method could be a tad bit OVERBOARD with regards to someone like myself, whose ONLY "crimes" have been pride, stupidity & narcissism (plus or minus a couple of dozen other negative adjectives). Now i feel i am more than willing to go thru a similar process, if i am guaranteed 100% that i would NOT be harmed, NOR that it would be 'abused' in some way, against my VERY life?!! Come on, lets be honest, i do NOT even know anyone of you folks, and during this whole time i've been hanging out in here, i was deluded to think that i was actually helping others heal..while i healed my own wounds as well. But little by little i've lost faith in your real intentions. Maybe you are TRULY trying to eradicate my dark side [btw Pat, you should look at the year "Hedgehog" in the Zoroastrian Horoscope link ( will explain to you another time why your sign does NOT belong to the yr. might find it interesting...or not?] but can you guarantee that it will NOT destroy me as well?? I think you should know, that i have been feeling A LOT more serene & calm the last few days. In fact i feel it's been A VERY LONG TIME AGO since i felt anything like this. Does that count for anything at all? Do you even trust what i am telling you right now, or do you presume this to be the "dark me"?? Regardless of what, on MANY LEVELS i actually DO trust your judgments about the things i have been showing in these polls, of my personality. But a person's insecurities, can originate from VERY 'ordinary' does NOT have to always originate from a horrible crime from one's past. My own insecurities could be coming from a few critical moments in my life where i was left feeling like a total failure. But Flower Child, i TRULY hope you'll be able to design a foolproof BLUE-PRINT on this method of yours, and i hope you'll start healing other ppl as well, because i have a feeling A LOT of ppl need the kind of "magic" that ONLY A FEW PPL SUCH AS YOURSELF seem to possess. By the way, have any of you seen the movie i mentioned earlier? The Cell? Anyways sorry for the rant...i know it was a little long. Bye for now.
Swifter05/30/092:37pmWhen u talk about your mole first time, i thought u trying to be smart-a.. Milkshake. But now i see u are repeating the news about your mole, and now suddenly i feel worry. Congrats also to Flower Child. Bye now.
Milkshake05/29/0912:45pmOkay....I get the surgery/biopsy done in July. If the meanoma reached my lymph nodes then I have 2 years to live. They look at thickness and how dark the mole is. Mine is an average thick. That's how it grew. It never grew any bigger. I still need my reading done, Zera even if you see me dieing or dead. The reason being is because there is an afterlife. I know this for sure. I have witnessed this in 2007, but it wasn't my time to die yet. When I die my afterlife will be at the Canadian border of Washington state.
Milkshake05/29/098:18amThanks FowerChild! I know in my heart I'm gonna be okay. And I really appreciate your prayers!! That sounds great, Zera. Let's do it by email. Tell you what, go ahead and email me my reading whenever you're done. Then email me any questions on your mind about yourself.
FlowerChild05/29/097:13amMilkshake, I will have you in my thoughts and prayers all day.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/28/099:43pmHey Milkshake my friend my buddy Im these days always out 4 readings, not that i collect em, or that i want em bc i can. No its bc so much is going on, n those i ask rarely finishes it. They say ok np, n start changing topics. useally i accept it. However can we agree u n i do it by mail? I dont want all to know my stuff u know LOL N i know u have a tad of the same no?
Milkshake05/28/098:02pmThanks FlowerChild and Zera. To make this a political McCain had Sentinel Lymph Node Cancer. Except his malignant moles were on his neck. My mole was on my leg. Thanks again Zera for doing a reading. I can do the same again for you later if you like. My main question is a relationship. Like I said, I've been single for 2 years. Anyway, I see this other doctor tomorrow.
FlowerChild05/28/095:41pmOMG!!! Milkshake, you are in my heart girl. I will keep you in my prayers everyday and night. You better be okay. I see it like this...for myself and for have to keep the faith, be brave and live your life the best you can. I tell myself everyday that I expect a miracle, you do the same. Mixed in with some of my tattoos on one arm says, "ask...believe...receive" I say that everyday. Love ya girl.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/28/091:25pmFlowerChild, 1st off comgrats on ur date, 2nd best wishes 4 the 2nd one. Mwah im happy 4 ya. Milkshake, my friend, my BRAVE friend, im praying 4 ya. Ur read will come this weekend. I know ive taken time, but workwise to get diploma has taken up my time. All n everything ive done taken since 1988 has to b mapped out, analyzed into files n so on n so with. Takes time to find everything, PLUS the damn program went down on me TWICE today thursday. So ....... i cross fingers n hope to have ur read done by this weekend. hope its ok with ya.
Milkshake05/28/0911:56amI'm so happy for you, FlowerChild!! Anyway, I saw the doctor about my mole. I have to see a surgeon to remove more skin around where the mole was (my leg) and they have to remove a lymph node in the leg to see if it reached to the lymph node. It's called a Sentinel Node Biopsy. Only 1 in 5 people have Sentinel Node Lymph Cancer. I hope I'm not one of them. The surgery will take about an hour and I will be limping afterwards. I will let you know more later. Wish me luck!
FlowerChild05/28/099:25amMilkshake, it was soooo much fun and he was such a gentlman. I had told him awhile back that I don't want to have to fight off hands for the evening and he was a good boy. BUT we did a whole lot of kissing and hugging. Oh gosh, I forgot how much fun it is to kiss and hug. He can kiss really good and he kept telling me I was one hellova good kisser. I didn't even know that I could still blush around guys. He had me blushing the whole evening and he kept looking at me. He would tease me every now and again saying...MMMMMMM. He made me laugh so much. It was really fun. He asked for another date, I accepted.
Milkshake05/27/095:13pmGood Luck, FlowerChild!! Hope you have alot of fun!
FlowerChild05/27/094:17pmI'm going on my first date tonight in 22 yrs. I'm excited, but really, really nervous. Wish me luck. Tell you about it tomorrow.
Milkshake05/27/092:42pmI know......Maybe a poll about adoption laws. Closed adoption or open adoption. Or something about welfare? And yes I agree flowerchild, no matter what the poll is about, it will end up political again.
Flower Child05/27/098:22amHopefully last name change. And I was a flower child with all the works and dress and still some of dress and the same beliefs. I think both of you came up with good poll ideas, but how much you want to bet, it turns political again!
Katie05/27/096:41amHow about a poll on the couple with 8 kids. What is it Jon and Kate plus 8 or talk about the nit wit octo mom. I bet we would have alot of comments on that. :)
Milkshake05/26/095:38pmOkay, I have a poll idea. but the poll master never listens to me. Anyway, I was thinking about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Or relationship stuff? Maybe like an integrety issue?
Milkshake05/26/093:53pmGemini/Witch, I LOVE Flowerchild for you!!!! That's a great name!
GeminiWitch05/26/093:47pmMilkshake I mixed you and Zera up with the cute thing you said about me. What about FlowerChild? Since I was one(and kinda still am).
Milkshake05/26/092:05pmI emailed you the info. Zera. Thanks!!
GeminiWitch05/26/0911:46amNNNNEEEEWWWW PPPPOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GeminiWitch05/26/0910:16amI knew I was a Witch since I was a kid. Way before the word Wiccan was invented. So I am proud of the word Witch. Thanks though, Zera.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/26/099:53amSwifter, Cherokee r also a native american tribe. GeminiWitch, I know Cherekee´s r an all american native tribe, proud too. Swifter made that mishap, not me LOL Milkshake Ill check my mail n send u the read as soon as I possibly can. Blessed be every1 NAMASTE!
Milkshake05/26/099:29amYes, Zera. I will email you all of that information. Pat, I like your new name, but I think you should invent another one with Gemini in the name. Maybe not witch after Gemini. Gemini Witch doesnt describe your true self. Something with more freedom and nature in it perhaps? Anyway, hope you don't mind me expressing my opinion.
Ms. Tee05/26/099:20amLadies I too am single. The thing is not to look for the man. Just don't stop expecting. As for you guys just be patience and you never know what you might receive. Waiting is not easy but in the long run it will be worth it.
Swifter05/26/096:40amIt's because Saturn going 'direct' once again after 8-9 months. My explanation anyways. I can't tell anything else about your future Zera. I never been good w astrological predictions of future, individually or as a whole. Can someone share 1 of their good dreams? I think maybe not a good idea i shared my nightmare before?! Also i changing my English to this because no want spreading myself. Better to b in internet, not out!
Swifter05/26/094:34amToday i'm seeing myself for the 1st time thru the eyes of the society. Not very flattering! But things are changing nonetheless.
GeminiWitch05/26/094:05amI changed my name again to this!!! I know you don't lie, Milkshake. Didn't mean for it to sound like that. Sorry. Zera, Cherokees are part of the Native Americans, also. And some of the older ones still follow the old ways, but not all. I want a 3,000 sq. ft. built like a cabin with a stream behind it, a gazebo close by. Hidden away in the woods. I will have it.
Swifter05/26/092:08amWitchywoman is a gentle soul with a heart of a lion. Therefore a Cherokee type man would b more suitable for her. A native American is too broad a term. It refers to something more cultural & historical (also societal) than anything else.
Swifter05/26/091:34amU're absolutely right Zera. There is a HUGE difference between a native American and just a Cherokee! Point taken.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/25/099:41pmMilkshake thank u. U can mail me at, i need details such as ur real name, city u live in n country. Ill then do u a read n mail it back to u. So can u mail this to me honey? Swifter. native american is in my book an indian such as a navajo, siox, anazasi, dakota, lakota etc. or did u mean a guy born american? Can any of u see what sign he may b? or what he does 4 a living? THANX
Milkshake05/25/097:56pmSince you remind me so much of Dr. Dolittle, Swifter, I thought Mother Goose would be the perfect match for you. Maybe Mother Goose can cook for you and home-school your children.
Milkshake05/25/094:07pmWitchyWoman, I said from the Kansas area or close to it or lives NEAR the Kansas area. it doesn't mean this man still lives there and if he does, doesn't mean he won't move to another area. That is really what I sense for you. I was only trying to help and I was telling the truth. I don't lie.
Swifter05/25/093:57pmMilkshake, i don't know about a goose...really fluffy but too loud when they scream! I actually have a lot of respect for your taste Witchywoman. A native American type of guy is so perfect for u! Zera, all i know is that it's someone who knows his way around the kitchen. My cooking is NOT that good, so it must b someone else.
WitchyWoman05/25/093:13pmI think I come up with something unique and someone else has it. What about GeminiWitch? I was going to use it in here, but didn't? Milkshake, I don't want anyone from Kansas. My sister lived there for several yrs. and it is horrible. I plan on moving back as close into the Smokey Mts. as I can get and live in quiet peace and commune with nature, so I would rather be with a Cherokee man that still goes by a lot of the old ways.
Milkshake05/25/0911:39amOkay, Zera. I sense a man from the upper east coast for you. He has something to do with law enforcement or he is undercover? Don't know for sure. However, I believe he is your soul mate. He lives well. He has alot of money he worked hard for. He is a good man. You have been harmed bad in the past and he will help heal you. You will be saved. You will never harm anyone again after meeting him, because people will come to you. Because you will become a big healer. OKAY.....NOW MY TURN? I need help now. What does anyone see for me? I have been single for 2 years.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/25/0910:10amHey Milkshake my friend what do u sense 4 me? Im in denmark n the ones i love r in the US. By the way WitchyWoman, did u know some1 has this nickname as member in chatroom??? Nice to b loved that way eh? LOL
Milkshake05/25/099:50amWitchy Woman, neither of those 2 men that you have talked about are good for you in my opinion. BUT I am sensing a man close to the Kansas area that would be good for you. Either he lives near Kansas or he's from Kansas. Definately Wallander/Swifter is NOT a good pick for you as we all I see Wallander/Swifter with a Mother Goose type woman.
WitchyWoman05/25/099:08amThanks Swifter. One lives here in Jacksonville. He is so nice, but I remember how men can be to get what they want(most men, not all) and I know some women can be the same way with men these days. The other wants me to fly to New York. I have never flown and don't intend to start now. He is a nice guy, also. My problem is if true sincerity is there on their part. I haven't dated in 22 years. I don't want to be taken advantage of. I always end up putting my mind, heart, body and soul into a serious relationship and I am terrified. I am too old for that kind of pain. Help would be greatly needed from my friends in here. I am brand new to this crap.
Swifter05/25/093:33amJust wanted to say THANKS for letting me see ALL sides of myself. I understand now that my playful/talkative side was appreciated much more than my regretful/shameful/serious side. In fact i believe the latter REALLY turns ppl off, and even scares the socks out of them. I am now being more careful NOT to bring my 2nd face into these discussions. Thank u & bye. Ps- Time for a new poll. No?
Swifter05/24/0910:58pmHow about dating 1 guy at a time Witchywoman?(LoL)
Swifter05/24/093:59pmSo i finally get it. Now back to the poll.
Swifter05/24/092:35pmDon't mind me Milkshake. I was just testing the waters. Right now i am feeling as light as a butterfly.
WitchyWoman05/24/0912:55pmThanks everybody. My b-day was just another day. My family dad things ahead of time, so I wouldn't have to wait. I told them all I want is tattoos, so I already went and got more tattoos. Trying to live as much as I can. Talking to two guys that want to meet me. Haven't done that yet. Everytime I get brave enough to do it, I feel the pain in my heart from years ago pains. I thought those pains were gone, but they are alive and well. So even though I am trying to get back into that area of my life, I don't guess I will after all. So I'm kinda in a sad place right now. Bye
Milkshake05/24/099:33amBoy Swifter you know how to push my buttons!! Me pregnant with your child would give me a fatal disease. Go back and reread your Dr. Dolittle stories.
Swifter05/24/092:57amHappy birthday WW. Hope u'll have a nice day ALL OF TODAY! Btw i had to re-read the last 2 polls to understand fully what took place, and apparently i got Milkshake pregnant without my own knowledge. So i guess my last 2-3 comments didn't count for much. Because Milky is presumably still pregnant w the child. So we'll have to wait & see when she's due?! It's ironic though that my "wrong comments" had a healing effect(atleast for me). But then again we all pitch in.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/24/091:01amHAPPY BIRTHDAY WITCHY. LOVE YA.
Milkshake05/23/094:22pmHappy Birthday Witchy Woman!! 54 isn't bad. 55 is better!! So you go Witchy Woman and have a good one! Love ya!
Ms. Tee05/23/094:16pmHappy Birthday WitchyWoman. Are you really 54 anyways wish you the best on your Birthday. Also I agree we need a new poll.
WitchyWoman05/23/092:33pmShe is probably as bored as I am. Today is my birthday. Now 54. YUCK!!!
Milkshake05/23/0911:30amBamBam, where are you? What's your opinion on this poll? I enjoy reading your comments.
Garfield05/23/093:31amNew poll
Milkshake05/22/098:45pmWell then Swifter, I hope your new parents make you a little playground in your backyard filled with a bunch of toys! And of course, I hope they buy you LOTS of tissues to wipe your teary eyes and runny nose! Have fun now. Let's get back to the poll.
Swifter05/22/098:07pmIts only words are "me me me..."...we're gonna call it SOCCER, because it loves playing & kicking a soccer ball. It also loves playing Catch Ball because it loves to see how far it can throw a ball. It does the same with a Frizbee. It's also snotty all the time so we have to wipe its nose all the time. It sometimes sounds like it's speaking Turkish. Boy i'm so happy it is ALL MINE now. It is such a blessing to me. But we do owe u ALL a BIG round of apology. I wasn't aware of its misbehaviors before. It is now under my gentle care, and it is silent as a radiant buddha. It brings me so much joy.
Milkshake05/22/097:58pmSo who are your new parents, Swifter? Are you sure they want full custody of you?
Swifter05/22/097:15pmThe child is here now. See how easy that was!?
Swifter05/22/096:54pmWe'd like to have FULL custody over the snotty little child now. Thank u all.
Swifter05/22/095:40pmI've been given this life, so i enjoy it Milkshake. I'm not particularly afraid of anyone or any groups of ppl. The rest u know yourself. But YES, I saw the ugly side of the ghetto. It was in Buena Park-Fullerton, Southern California. A very poor area, mainly populated by the Hispanics. I'm glad i don't live there anymore. Although i must admit my life became richer after the experience.
Swifter05/22/095:11pmMs.Tee i know i was using the broad paint before when talking about the African American community & their history. But the REAL fact is that deep down inside i have ABSOLUTELY NO OPINIONS of the African-Americans. I know this opinion comes from my ex & her own family. And i wished i could go back to where i was right before meeting her. Btw my ex is NOT dead. She's living somewhere in the Western part of Denmark. She & her family were/are particularly fond of Africa eventhough they are the typical blond-haired blue-eyed Scandinavians. And i remember how much i used to admire their "open-mindedness". The only explanation for that is found in the Pastlife page that was posted a while back. As for me, i don't even know who i am anymore. All i know is that i am living HER LIFE, & SHE IS LIVING MY LIFE TODAY! And i would like to get back to MY OWN self again. If u've been in a long term relationship, this is what happens. In the end there is a 'winner' & there is a 'loser'. The winner gets the BEST out of his/her partner, while the loser gets the worst out of the other. But i am NOT complaining at all. Now it's time to get back under the shade again, & just be normal again.
Milkshake05/22/094:41pmSwifter, I feel you've been to the ugly side of the ghetto.
Ms. Tee05/22/094:10pmI was not putting that question out to all but glad to see the positive responds. Swifter I feel you about the ugly side of the ghetto. I am from there and see it myself, not a pretty sight. I see what you are saying. For all my black sistas and brothas we need to get over what happen in the past and build a brighter future. Don't get me wrong I am sad what happen to our ancestors but I can't dwell on it. I know alot of my ppl don't think like me but the past is the past. And Milkshake some of them are funny. If they anything like me a sense of humor is much needed. Also Stephen I want you to know not all blacks are lazy. My family has come along way from being poor. Each generation working harder than the last. I know because we have come from slavery, to having no education, to having a little education, to being a high school grad, from getting some college education, to being a college grad, and soon to be a grad school grad. So its not all black ppl that are lazy. Also I do apologize to anyone who feel offended by my statements.
WitchyWoman05/22/094:02pmZera, even when we have a poll that is not meant to be political, there are the few that make it political anyway. This one is so worn out. NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! NEW POLL!!! Maybe this will work??? Probably not!!!
WitchyWoman05/22/0911:19amMs. Tee, I agree with what you say. I think Stephen is the only one to talk down about blacks. There are angels or devils in any race, creed or religion: each individual person themselves either way in their heart, soul and mind.
Swifter05/22/0910:39amNew poll plz. Thank u.
Swifter05/22/0910:12amI don't live in the States, so in all fairness i ought to b the last person to talk about Black ppl. I have HOWEVER a couple of NASTY memories from way back in the 80s which involved Black ppl. And i got to see the UGLY side of the "Ghetto culture"! But 1 of my BEST friends whom i miss from time to another, was a guy my own age, who was from Africa. And he exhibited some of the BEST traits u'd see from another human being from that part of the world. There is HOWEVER a gran of truth in the saying that most African-American ppl are generally P*SSED OFF because they feel their ancestors "sold their souls to some White devils" already many yrs ago, and they cannot get it back, regardless of what they do! It is probably also true that on some levels I MYSELF feel that way on some level and i can therefore sympathize with their struggles. Anyways i wish we had our Poll master here so that we could have a few of my own comments deleted. The ones where i cursed! And my reaction came from the fact that i feel i can be better at giving when i know there isn't someone's gentle sensitivities will NOT be hurt by some of my own unpredictable behavior. And i am looking at my own earlier experiences-NOT in the future-when i say that. Thanks for understanding me. By the way, what does "domo-kun" mean? Does it mean what i think it means? LoL
Milkshake05/22/099:26amHey Hey hey Ms. Tee. I am not racist against black people. Maybe others on this poll are. I've had quite a few BEST FRIENDS who were and are black people. I know alot of lazy white people and alot of lazy hispanics. People are people. There is one characteristic I find in most black people....They sure are FUNNY and have a great sense of humor. And they can be alot of fun.
Ms. Tee05/22/097:51amI was not going to say anything but what is you guys problem. Are you guys racist against black ppl. However, let make a comment about you guys calling black ppl sorry and lazy. All manner of ppl are sorry and lazy. Also it can't be too many blacks that are lazy. At least I can say we black folks makes a difference. Another thing is I believe we should not talk about ppl because we don't know who they are and what they about. But to be honest I do believe the all manner of government are crooked and thieves. Any of whoI just wanted to stated that not all poor black ppl are sorry and lazy. if that was true I would not be a college grad now. Also I would have house full of children instead of no children. Another i want to add is why are you all complaining about paying taxes for children education and not paying taxes for what I believe is a senseless war. It seem to me our country was during fine until this war broke out. Let me recall everybody attention back to the Great Depression back in the 1920's. And not everybody was paying taxes back than. I want everybody to do me a favor. Before responding to some of these polls think, write your respond of paper, read your respond, think again, than write your respond on the internet. Another thing is seek spiritual guidance before responding.
Swifter Vulcano05/22/097:40amI DON'T!
Swifter Vulcano05/22/097:05amAH WHO CARES?!!!
Swifter05/22/095:46amDo u want the stone from me? I'm asking because of my own erratic behaviour yesterday!? I sound like an arrogant man w. a chip on his shoulder. And i'm afraid of hurting ppl's feelings. But in case u must know, i'm keeping it in a safe little spot. Let me know if u need to have it?
Swifter05/22/095:23amThis maybe late but i wanted to say something when i saw Stephen talking about poor black folks like that. I am TOTALLY AGAINST that kind of racist mind-set but i don't know why i held back?? It's BEYOND me why ppl can have hateful opinion of POOR ppl...let alone black ppl?? Anyways i am sorry i don't react fast enough! Maybe it takes a while to come out of the darkness u've been under!
Swifter05/22/094:58amG've got the heart of Rock-n-Roll ??? (LIttle Richard) Why do i have that song in my head?
Swifter calm05/21/099:05pmU're absolutely right Milkshake! I have been very slow & distrustful towards u all. I have been an aggressive idiot so many times before! I am ALSO SORRY for all those talks of black&white cats, or dark & light crap! I was NOT aware of its ramifications. I am sticking with LIGHT now & hereafter! These things are new to me and i must pay more attention to these finer details. Oh man, i KNOW how bad i've been so far Milkshake. I am NOT questioning your intentions ANY MORE. I trust u all 100%. Goodnight for now. Peace.
Swifter insane05/21/098:33pmI am sorry again-again Milkshake. I know now what u're all refering to. It's something i found a short while ago when i was on my way back home! I will NOT mention what it is though. I also find it incredible that u all can 'see' these things. I guess u know A LOT more about me than i am able to hide! A bit of a frightening thought, but then again i am who i am. You are TRULY GOOD people. I need to shape up my behavior. I have been such an ungrateful jerk for so long that i've forgotten how to behave appropriately! I apologize again-again. Thank u so very much whoever u ppl may be!? Thank u!
Milkshake05/21/098:09pmYour tab is getting a little big now, isn't it Swifter?
Swifter05/21/096:12pm"life lessons learnt" 'eh!? Should have known all along. U made your point LOUD & CLEAR Milkshake. It's a cold world we're living in. And i am the BIGGEST sucker on the face of this planet. The joke was/is funny btw. Why don't u have a victory cigar now. Put it on my tab.
Milkshake05/21/094:08pm"Baby Talk", Written by: Swifter-Wallander. Buy it NOW! At a store near you!
Swifter positive05/21/093:54pmWell i had to ask all kinds of questions to understand what u were all tryin to say with all your "baby" talks & "education" talks! So if i am not mistaking u're basically saying that i need to check into a hospital soon? Well why didn't u just say it right out? Instead of making the subject more mysterious for me! Oh never mind.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/21/092:30pmOh 4 crying out loud. If Bush hadn´t done what he did, Obama wouldnt b sitting being fired at. So b4 u gun him down, allow the guy to show what he can do. I wager u to to better, but i doubt u can. All u do is sit on ur asses n whine n complain. Instead get off yr lazy whiny asses n make a bloody difference.
Southern Comfort05/21/092:07pmLindy and Paul let it go! time will tell how good or bad the idiot president does. Switfter what is your issue. Are you just insane or one of those creative souls where there minds just keep rambling on and on. Why would you change your name ? Anyway can we get a new poll. I think we wore this one out.
Milkshake05/21/091:21pmNow Swifter is an author to an affirmation book!!
Swifter Positive05/21/0912:53pmI am in charge now. I have a healthy positive attitude to everything and i spread gentleness & warmth around me. I am NEVER selfish in my behavior towards others. I have a few goals in my life and am dedicated to pursuing them. I see myself as a care-taker of the sick & elderly in a few yrs from now. I also have dreams of being a chef. I am looking into both options right now. Regarding the polls it is ONLY I who posts Swifter's comments. I am in total harmony with my other sides, and they cannot interfere with my decisions & behaviours. I am NO "brown nose" to anyone but myself. I never lack confidence & my biggest virtues are forgiveness, tolerance, generosity & harmony. The world is my oyster and i love sharing it with Billions of other ppl. But i always stand firm on my own position without being too effected by other ppl's opinions. I am in control of myself & over my life. I live modestly but i know how to enjoy myself whenever alone or with others.
Lindy05/21/0911:38amWe need a new poll. This one is getting boring. I will stick to my guns on this one. I and others should not have to pay taxes for kids we do not have. Stephen comments are informative also. I also do not like the president that is in office. He is a liar, socialist and he does not have the welfare of the whole country at heart only black poor people and that is strange since he is a high yellar, or half breed in other words half white and half black. who knows what they call it now a days.
Swifter Reborn05/21/0910:30amWell Milkshake we have no choice but to PRETEND as though we r living happily ever after. Btw it was a funny comment u made. And no need to answer my Qs. I was just being rhetorical.
WitchyWoman05/21/0910:28amTalking about Milkshake's last comment.
WitchyWoman05/21/099:49amGirl, you are always so funny. This last comment I could not help but laugh so hard.
Swifter Reborn05/21/099:45amI like u Stephen. U remind me of someone i know. ;-) .... America is a beautiful land. Or it OUGHT TO BE. I guess sometimes it's tough being a leading nation in the world. So many ppl expect SO MUCH from ya', it is ONLY natural that things stand still once in a while. It's a bit of an irony but Obama NEEDS the opposition MORE than anybody. Personally i love America and i hate America but there is a scared little boy inside me that wants so much to SCREAM OUT the former. Speaking of something else, does anyone have any knowledge of what is wrong with me? I get a little scared once in a while when i can see my behavior is putting ppl off? How can i become consistant? How do i stop scaring ppl away, which keeps scaring myself in return? Or should i just accept & forgive this "tiny" little flaw in myself and just move on with the other important areas of my life??
Milkshake05/21/099:17amI think Dr. Dolittle was reincarnated as Swifter/Wallander. I used to enjoy Dr. Dolittle's books as a child. That's how parents should educate their children: Reading Dr. Dolittle books (new author: Swifter/Wallander), going over the facts of life, teaching their children how to fix things, helping their children with their homework, etc. Dr. Dolittle? I mean uh, Swifter? When you said THE END, what does that mean? Which story of yours are you referring to? Did they live happily ever after?
Stephen05/21/097:56amWell noone has to worry about kids getting an education from the taxpayers, because this new administration is taxing the hell out of everything including, pop, get ready for the 500times tax on your Electric, and Gas for your homes, and also that tax return every year if you own a home on the interest you paid all year. The ass wants to stop that so owning home you pay and get nothing in return. This stupid president is taking all these taxes from the middle class and giving it to the poor lazy black people. He is redistributing the wealth which means the people who did not work hard for the money and laid around all their life reaching out for handouts will get the money and you the people who worked all of your lives will end up poor reaching out for a handout which won't be there. I am getting this info from other people in your new and changed government and on the internet webpages. I am hoping america will open up their eyes and revolt and throw the new administration in prison or in the ocean that is ladden with sharks. Actually they would feel comfortable with them. America is in trouble with this new administration. You all need to wake up and see that. I thank god I am not an american and If I was I would be ashamed to even let people know that ass is my president. I feel sorry for you. Peace.
Swifter Reborn05/21/096:46amTHE END
Swifter Reborn05/21/093:52amThen I guess everything is STILL being shaped....just gotta let the process take its course without too much interference from "me". I see...i ingenious!
WitchyWoman05/21/093:39amSwifter, my last comment, I thought, was nice. But as usual, I keep forgetting not to compliment you at all, you just throw it back in my face.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/21/091:42amSwifter Reborn i´ve read ya comments n LOL u amuse me. Its incredulous that a cancer as u can b SO verbal even in written form. Its amuses me, bc 1. u r funny, 2. u hit some valid points. I do know many poll q´s involves the usa as much, BUT wrong comments i can see not many know think believe that there r OTHER countries than the US. N from the q I dont see USA per se as the asked country politics about schooling init. So clashes will happen as 1. we r not all from usa, 2. we aint the same person, 3. we all have diff bagages As IN DI VI DU ALS we all have our thoughts, ideas, meanings, educations n what else. All inputs r valid, BUT as i saw n as milkshake keeps mentioning, its the future. What shaped the present was shaped by the past, n what will shape the future is what is shaped now. So consider carefully where u wanna "save" / "neglect" / " fight" not to pay dues. Consider this. U have a teen girl, opps preggers. If we had not hospitals, run by educated people, maintanced by educated personel, nurses, docs, surgeons etc well educated, u were forced to go to some shabby neigborghood 4 a discontinuement by an UNeducated old woman who would mostly likely wreck ur kids uterus n ****, not ro mention chances to b a mom when she is older. THIS WAS the picture up till the 50ties mayb further. So i say b4 u fully throw our all future overboard by denying a kid education even basics, think of how it USED to b, n think if we dont do this we´ll head back to it, bc then we obviously havent learnt. Past is out lesson to shape future. Is all im saying
Swifter Reborn05/21/091:41amU can keep the truth Milkshake/witchywoman. I'm ok with living my life in half-truths, because that IS life! And that's the WHOLE TRUTH. Apparently i have NOTHING to give to a person as TRUTHFUL as u, so why don't u just go & live your PERFECT life in peace, and leave other deluded souls like myself in peace! This may be really amusing to u but it's NOT for me. So get it into your head. Not everybody needs to be "outed"!
Swifter Reborn05/21/0912:01amI admire ppl's curiosity for everything around them. In fact i believe the best way to describe depression is a great sense of lack of curiosity! I also hate digging into dark questions, for answers! Speaking of darkness, around 96% of the universe is "hidden"! But regardless, both the dark & the light can't live without the other! Without the one, the other would b insignificant. Ok sorry i'm going Jim Morisson on ya'! Honestly i wished i came out of all this dark/light subject matters. I have a feeling it comes from my sister-in-law's side. She became our "mother" at one point in my twin bro's & my lives, and she was REALLY GOOD at it, but today i'm hoping to outgrow her influence on my life. In fact that is my highest be able to outgrow all those ppl who have had a BIG impact on my life. This is because i'd like to know who i am?! And i'd like to have power over my own life. Hey who has seen the movie "Black Cat White Cat?" Or maybe the title is the other way around? It has absolutely nothing to do with's just a funny little film to watch. Hope u'll all b able to find it & watch it. It's a FEEL GOOD story. Maybe it's a tiny bit on the crazy side but it's still a fine little story. Mostly because of the wonderfully crazy environment it takes place in. Ok now i can hear LIFE calling me...time to blend in. :p
Swifter Reborn05/20/0910:13pmLMAO.... Ok, u were actually funny there Milkshake.
Milkshake05/20/093:58pmOh Brother! The Tale of Old Swifter the Reborn Dog........................................................................................................................................................................................................................ He keeps going and going and going.....
Swifter Reborn05/20/091:55pmI thank the Great Spirit for helping me finish this unusual tale. Yeah lets just call it that. I know u all have a ton of other adjectives to give to this tale, but i'll stick to the simplest of them all. There were many casualties along the way, and we'll probably never fully understand why everything happened the way they did. But we ALL pitched in with EVERYTHING at our disposal to end the story as well as possible. Not to mention that there were so many different layers to the story that it sometimes became impossible to figure out where it was headed. But luckily we finally pulled thru. Barely! (LoL) As for myself, i am now looking forward to move ahead wherever life takes me. I am looking into several options at the moment, so i need to be 'broad'. For now i have gained a 'pass' into several different education opportunities. And i regained my heart, thanks to a playful little Pooch. I have ALSO been given a HOLY statuette(sp?) which i believe is from Far East. Don't want to mention the name of this HOLY figure, as a token of respect to our dear friend Zera the Tigger. Many thanks to ALL of u for your presence in this unusual tale with a HAPPY END. For now lets just take some time to digest everything. Who knows, maybe we'll b back playing a #2 part to this real life tale? Or maybe not? It all depends on how we feel about it in a few days time! Truth be told, a part of me is going to miss it very dearly if we don't return, but the other part of me is feeling pretty exhausted from all the emotional turbulances that i personally went thru, thru out the whole tale! And i don't believe i am the only one who experienced that. I hope u all have your own "wrap ups" for this tale?! If not, then forgive me for doing so! Maybe we'll resume shortly after, maybe not?? All i know is that i was NOT planning any of the things that happened,right from the start of it all but i'm actually happy they did :-D
Swifter Reborn05/20/0911:59amMaybe pride is the wrong word. Maybe it is EXACTLY THAT which is causing a rift among the children. Maybe the kids parents need to b there everytime the kids need someone to GENTLY poke a hole in their interrupted egos/pride, when their kids experience a feeling of inferiority or incompetance towards their own peers. The adverse effects of a competitive society need to b neutralized by every means possible. Whether it would b in sports, beauty contests, intelligence, or special talents, etc... Ok now we're really flying. :D
WitchyWoman05/20/0911:11amNo, Swifter Reborn, that was actually a good and sensible comment.
Swifter Reborn05/20/0910:41amSwifter lives today, for tomorrow. The education system should/must be a robust institute in ANY system or country u may be living in. And this should/must remain as a top priority for the gov't of that country, because all children need to feel priviledged and POSITIVELY encouraged & inspired to take that route in their lives. And no child should EVER feel less intelligent than another child. All kids need to feel confident enough in their own abilities to KNOW that EVERY SINGLE profession in today's society is a VALUABLE profession. Otherwise u'd be in a situation where an entire work force of your country is consistant of only doctors, lawyers or engineers, while the rest will feel like incompetant rejects, or drop outs. A society cannot function only with the so-called 'elite' work forces alone. There's got to be PRIDE in EVERY line of work available in the society. Oops i got a little carried away there. My apology.
Milkshake05/20/099:15amTo answer your question, Southern Comfort, YES Swifter is Wallander. Still the same guy. Still writing his diaries on the poll. I feel every American should pay taxes for every child to have an education. One day that very same child may help serve us and our community. That's what makes the United States a beautiful country. What comes around goes around.
WitchyWoman05/20/097:12amKids brains and their minds are not evolved enough to make big decisions like that. It is up to adults to make the right decisions for them, but in some cases the adults brains and minds are even less evolved.
Domo-kun05/20/095:16amKids should just choose for themselves their right education.
Southern Comfort05/20/094:34amI have been reading the poll and do agree that kids can be home schooled and also agree that if you don't have a child in the school system you should not have to pay taxes for other kids education. Hell senior citizens get tax caps when they hit retirement age why not fix it that if you don't have kids you should not have to pay for someone eles kids. Also I want to make a comment on Swifter is this person really Wallander? They seem the same person. Just an observation. Everyone Have a Good Day!
Swifter Reborn05/20/094:01amThe so-called "sharks" came from the side of my exmother-in-law! I was not aware of this until today. My ex's brother was probably even 10 times worse than what i've exhibited here. U were almost always feeling uneasy when u were around that guy. I'm hoping she gets out of my system, now that i've finally mentioned her in here. Her name was Mette. A good woman, but a bit on the witchy side. Anyways i'm ending this embarrassing ordeal after a couple of more posts. And i will do exactly as u explained in your last comment Zera & also everyone else.
Swifter Reborn05/20/092:49amCircle completed. Reborn! No more trembling. No more awkward self-conscienceness. No more feeling like a victim. [Thanks for one last time]
Swifter05/19/095:27pmI need to remind myself of what happened to me both yesterday & today. Otherwise i might get what i've been getting the last 2-3 yrs. : A daily lobatomy by my freaking white living room. I'll be reporting on that area, as the changes gradually improve my life. Need more colors in my life. Btw sorry for being so ego-maniacal before. Back to the topic, i just wanted to say GREETINGS to u Maia. I know i'm learning a lot by talking to ppl like u. Some ppl are "heavy weights" in spirit, and i KNOW it must be good for something...i just don't know what that thing is? Otherwise i'll just have to trim some of the extra fat! Maybe u're an aerobics expert? (i know maybe aerobics are NOT your cup of tea...maybe u're a ballet expert? LoL Or maybe just an ordinary individual whom we're going to see in here once in a while from now on? Nice to meet u.
Milkshake05/19/092:33pmI think you are one of the few, Maia that had a great non-abusive wonderful home-schooled education. I have meant many home-schooled children. Their faces tell the truth. Their lives tell the truth. That in most cases home-schooled is not the best education for a child. Maybe in some cases like yours, yes. The parents should not have the freedom to decide wheather or not their child is home-schooled. It should be investigated....The children's home, the children, the parents, their situation, and wheather or not their parents are educated enough and patient enough to teach their own children.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/19/091:16pmMAIA U GO GUURRRRLLLLLL U GOOOOO !!!!!!!
WitchyWoman05/19/0911:51amWay to go Maia!!!!
Maia05/19/0910:52amHome-schooled children, statistically, have better academic outcomes than public schooled ones. Even if this were not the case, there is a required curriculum for each grade to which home schooling parents are expected to adhere, and the standards the students are expected to meet are the same as those in public schools. Perhaps parents who are not certified daycare providers should not be allowed to care for their infants and toddlers, either? To apply the same standards used in a public institution to the private sphere of the family is an invasion of privacy, an infringement on individual rights, and just as likely to be the tool of a far-right fascist society as of a liberal one. Some parents choose home schooling because they feel the ideology taught in public schools is too liberal, others because they feel it is too conservative, others simply because they know they can better teach their children to enjoy learning, think independently, and resist commercialism and peer pressure by doing so. When parents fail to provide an adequate academic education, homeschooling's opponents may have some sort of argument, but the fact of the matter is that most do quite the opposite, and it is the public schools which are failing. On a personal note, I was home-schooled or sent to private schools for most of my K-12 education. In college (which I started at age 16), I was an honor student, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and am now on my way to a PhD in Literature. This home-schooled girl may be correcting your child's essays in a few years - and, judging from the previous posts, I'm certainly going to have my work cut out for me! ;)
Swifter05/19/094:53amU ppl are geniuses!! I'm so sorry if things got out of hand at times. Having a messy filled up head, at the same time when your heart is hollow, is a dangerous cocktail. Milkshake is now filling that empty place inside. And i understand now everything u're saying Zera. This is too good to be true! Btw plz forgive all that talk about 'wolves'...that was me talking out of my behind!LoL...LOVE U ALL.
Swifter05/19/093:30amSwifter is hiding in his shame. He's in tears. Good tears :-)
Swifter05/19/092:59amI've learned a great deal from Milkshake! Milkshake is a fine pooch. It's taken me so long to understand that u're a pooch. embarrassing is that! LoL The one thing that i've learned from Milky is "a little more feeling, & a little less thinking". It's so much less stressing. See, sometimes "home-teaching" works. :p
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/18/0910:32pmI kinda like swifters comments. They open up avenues to so much more. Come on we all have memories of this topics. I certainly do. Lets see, my bro tried to teach me algebra, i knew it but being me i questioned it to hell n he lost hope on me, doomed n stabled me then as STUPID. Boy i long showed i am NOT LOLOLOL In other areas like nursing n social educations ive had me mom help me understand the subtlements, n they were more helpful than the teachers at the time. So i say loud n yelling THERE IS PROS N CONS TO TEACHING YA KIDS AT HOME. That said i also say for a FOUNDATION i believe kids NEED MUST SHOULD go to school n NOT b home schooled. My niece once asked me to help her with math n BOY 15 years past u DO forget the basics. So ...... Im undesided on this n so i vote. If u have a teachers degree teach ya kids at home if u wanna, if u dont have a degree DONT TOUCH IT. As 4 paying 4 it, no 1 likes ones country to b stamped the dumbest in the world. Already now we have way to many who cannot read, write n do simple math. We must also remember these kids r our future. So not paying 4 their education n our own kids ........ Instead of thinking me me me, think future how will it look if we didnt???? Ok im off my soapbox 4 now anyhews.
Swifter05/18/098:46pmEverything i say in the polls, comes to life. This is so fun. Bye.
Swifter05/18/095:53pmNever mind. The communication is pretty sucky anyways.
Swifter05/18/094:38pmWhat kind of a 'baby' do u ppl keep rambling about?? I realized a few days ago that i had a rather-shall we say- unhealthy habit. For a few months now, whenever i've been home, i've been going around with a stack of playing cards in my hand, and i kept shuffling the cards, because i wanted to learn how to deal with playing cards like a pro dealer. Also because i thought i was helping my own motoric moves. But it turned out that the combination of the sound of shuffling, plus the fact that a new card would end up facing as the last card, had a damaging effect on my own otherwise fragile personality. And they have made me behave in a non-cohesive way. I'm sure i've been exhibiting that behaviour in here as well. Kind of like a kamilian(spell?). So i've finally got that habit out of my own system. Anyways, can someone answer the question i asked at the beginning? And i finally get it Milkshake, u just want me dead. I wish i knew why!? What did i do to YOU to ever deserve that? Can u be upfront for once in your life?? Are u just bored? Or are u just a bitter human being? Btw i have understanding for both. I just think maybe u've picked the wrong guy. Or is there something i ought to know?
Milkshake05/18/091:57pmSwifter, dig a little deeper and I'll cover the hole for you.
Swifter05/18/091:21pmGot it! The answer is Marshal Arts! Yes! I like the idea. Thanks. Now it's time to pull my act together....bye for now...
Swifter05/18/091:01pmOr maybe i'm asking the wrong one? I'm such a slow learner! Wait a minute...lets get back to the topic for now...the answer will come to us eventually..
Swifter05/18/0912:26pmSo i see! It's all making sense now. You have thrown me down in a deep hole?? Well Milkshake, u're the one standing up there, looking down on me, way down the hole! What do u think i have to do, to get out of the hole!??
Milkshake05/18/0911:53amMoving on to WHAT??
Swifter05/18/0911:05amOk, sorry. Moving on...
Milkshake05/18/099:50amThat's exactly what I mean, Witchy Woman. He goes on and on and on.
WitchyWoman05/18/095:03amSwifter, no one knows what you are even talking about. And NO, no one is commenting on what you said in the last couple of your comments. They are commenting on kids being home schooled or not. Get things together. This is not about you, it's about the kids. Not trying to be hateful, just speaking it how it looks.
Swifter05/18/0912:35amDo u want me to say something, or would u rather i didn't, because appearantly up until now i've misunderstood just about everything that's been said to me! And i found out only too late that there were 2 characters playing as my Angel & Demon, way after the curtain came down! Or did it?? See, this is what i mean. The communication has been totally useless, at least for me. And everytime i asked someone for a little clarity, they would dodge the answer...understandably! So i hope u'll all excuse me if i just read the comments and occasionally contribute with a tiny response?! Or did i just spoil the whole thing, by blowing your cover? Man, there is so much fear involved in this 'game'! This isn't even "based on reality" but more like hyper-reality. But i gotta admit, this "automobile" has been side-roaded far too long, in some desert in Africa, just catching dust. The Africa of my ex's soul, if u get my drift?! I believe this 'car' came from somewhere near France, if i'm not mistaking?! Or according to Natalie V. Z. (forgot her last name...i only know her initials right now) a 'car' manufactured in the ex-Yugoslavia sometime in the 15th Century?? If u get the drift! Ah who cares about past lives! Time to think about THIS life before it is way too late! Or is it? LoL...Sh*t, i am extremely good at asking scary questions from myself...not any good at asking some SANE questions for a change! Ok, this comment should be enough for this entire week! LoL...I'm a "motor-head" but have only a "horse's mouth"...a silly joke.
Fly On The Wall05/17/095:34pmEvery child deserves the BEST possible education. A person does have to decide what they think is the best for their own kids. Let's say there is a high-school kid who has the potential of being in honors classes...ya know, like Sophomore in college level work as a highschool junior (think like college-level calculus at age 16). Let's also say that the parent only has a GED. Is that parent ready to teach that kid, when they aren't familiar with the topic(s)?...I just bring this concern up out of *curiosity* - not opinion or judgmentalism (nope!)... Just plain and simple curiosity. That's all. Thanks.
Ms. Tee05/17/095:07pmAnne you are right everyone has a right to their own opinion. Another thing is still about these taxes. I was educated in a public school and I thank everyone would payed taxes including my parents for me to be educated. Also I went to college and now I am paying for my college because I was unfornate to receive a scholarship. So it not about paying taxes for others to be educated. It's about paying for our own education. And when I have kids I will continue to pay taxes so they can be educated. Also I have a question. What about those chilren that are in foster care don't they have right to be educated? And remember before you answer this question not all kids are in foster care because they parent(s) didn't want them. There are kids in foster care because they family members are dead.
Anne05/17/099:03amYes, I think it is good to have the option to home school. There are programs to help. Yes, monitoring must be in place. It is also important that when having a debate, not to take it personally. It is not important wether you are right or wrong, but a sounding board, and allow yourself to learn. And other's that right also, all things in their own time.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/17/0912:55amNice Cajun Moon. BUt how do u explain the last polls clashes of ego then? What was planetary in the way there? I dont think one can FULLY explain egoclashings to planetary movements. It helps yes but explains fully?????
Cajun Moon05/16/091:18pmCorrection = Cajun Moon
Cajun Noon05/16/0911:20amMercury Retrograde- The clash of giant egos
Swifter05/15/0911:22pmNot saying that i am some kind of a teacher or anything. Man, u ppl have a funny way of 'reading' the stuff that i say here! I'm glad we all can understand each other, and we can speak NORMALLY to each other now. Back to normalcy. YAYYY...
Swifter05/15/093:38pmI've had a number of teachers who made a GREAT impact on my life. One always out-grows one's wings though, & needs new ones. Up up & awwaaayyyy....
Milkshake05/15/092:09pmNow if you read the 2 long paragraphs below, there you will see a prime example of someone who had been home-schooled.....LOL
Swifter05/15/0912:55pmIn my humble opinion it is ONLY incidental that someone else may resemble someone u've known in your own life. That has ALWAYS been my least until now! But i believe the root of my own psychological problems lie in my neurological problems. Ever since childhood i've always been over-cautious with letting other ppl see me when my tremblings started. I even became defensive about it, which often led to conflicts with others. If i had control over my own nerves i would NOT have felt as though the other person was trying to "get on my nerves" ON PURPOSE, and i would have had total control of myself & of the situation i was in. So a lot of times it felt as though ppl were constantly "pulling & pushing" on me, without much respect for other ppl's personal bounderies! Having respect for other ppl's balance is important, but more importantly for YOUR OWN balance. Now why don't u just call this one yet-another GREAT advice from Swifter! Swifter is your BEST friend because Swifter NEVER disrespects other ppl's inner balance. He's just been tryin' to learn how to love life, from those who are ALSO looking for the same answers. Nothing wrong w. that. And NOTHING gay about it! But if u LOVE your life as a 'wolf', may u ALWAYS stay the same...a wolf! Wolves know the true art of living, & they are a blessing to us all.
Swifter05/15/0911:07amIt took A LOT of courage for u to say that Fly On The Wall. More power to u!! U have put SO MANY things into perspective for me. I have taken everything u've said, into heart, and i am incredibly grateful for your generosity. Ofcoarse a part of me is horrified to hear such a story, not mentioning the fact that u just described me as a "YUCK" just because i may resemble a HORRIBLE person whom u've known in your own life. But EVEN SO, i am looking at your story with eyes of love & NOT with hatred. Like i said, your courageous words have been truly inspiring & illuminating! We all have different stories to tell. And we all have different ways of making sense of our own lives. For me, darkness represents the fears of the future, & the regrets of the past. And that is what attacked me in my own dream. It was because all my life i had been very comfortable with the darkness(the unknown) but when i got totally cozy & comfortable with my ex in her tiny apartment, i traded away all those things, & suddenly the darkness/unknown became something abstract & threatening! Looking back today, i wish i wasn't so darn naive with regards to what kind of a 'spiritual baggage' i was getting involved with, when i moved into her apartment. And the irony is that she wasn't even responsible for what happened to me. It was all my own fault based on complete ignorance. I am STILL idiotically naive & ignorant. Not to mention VERY fanatical. The latter is terribly dangerous, but that is one reason i am happy to have a twin brother because we keep reminding one another of our own stupidity. But then again, at the end of the day, the only person who can/should look out for your own BEST interests is YOURSELF. I am ALMOST there. Btw EVEN IF u choose not to speak again, i am still VERY happy for the things u've already mentioned so far FOTW. But i would ALWAYS appreciate such HONEST-yet-incredibly-funny comments! Cheers.
Fly on the Wall05/15/097:15amHi everyone... Yeah, you know, when you watch shows like Jerry Springer...we look at the guests and go "Oh my gawd, these people CAN'T be REAL!"...but then we actually meet real "crazy-maker" people who are deserving of going on Springer...those like my former friend I described. I'm sure you can see why I walked away from that friendship - I *HAD TO* for my own sanity - too much drama. Ack! The irony is the employer-man she got involved with looks a helluvalot like her dad (in the face) - yuck! She got involved with this employer-man when she was already engaged to a male friend of mine a decade ago (a really nice person who certainly didn't deserve to be cheated on) - just another reason to say "Adios!" to the crazy-maker female as a friend. ...Oh yeah, another food for thought about the Home-schooling topic: Maybe whatever organization that would be designated to regulate who can/can't home-school should be requiring that the adult faces a strict *psychological evaluation* as well before being legally permitted to home-school...No different than social services with foster kids.
WitchyWoman05/15/093:43amLike I said in an earlier comment, SOME parents qualify to teach their kids at home and SOME do not know their asses from their face. Home-schooling is fine if the one parent is qualified to teach. The kids do have to take tests to make sure that they are up on the curriculum and there are places where the parents and kids meet and have fun and be able to socialize with other kids and they have dances for them and they play sports and just have fun. But then I have heard the horror stories that their have been some parents that were not being monitored like they should have been and the kids have not learned anything and are fallen way back from where they should be in their education. I always vote undecided before I come in here.
Swifter05/14/0910:24pmOMFG... Can a "real life story" get any crazier than that Fly On The Wall??! LoL
Larry05/14/095:43pmYes why not.
Milkshake05/14/094:39pmFly on the Wall, to answer your question: HELL NO she's not ready to do this task! I am so sad for her children. Her children deserve better than her non-educated home-schooling.
Fly on the Wall05/14/093:30pmShouldn't a person be required to AT MINIMUM have a Bachelors Degree (major doesn't matter)...before legally being permitted to home-school?...Someone who has had a basic, well-rounded college education...FIRST? ****************************************************** ___I used be friends with an exhausting young woman. She has kept making detrimentally-poor decisions to the point I couldn't deal with her as a person having gotten sexually/romantically involved with her employer, a man 40 years her senior while his wife, whom she was a home-healthcare aide for, was on her death-bed... then she moved in with him on the same day of his wife's funeral... He made it clear then that he will NEVER marry my ex-friend - that he would only "play house" with her....and then she "decides" to get pregnant without discussing this with him first because she REALLY wants kids and to hell with him. He however won't pay for the kids, so she has to live of Govt. assistance.) I digress about her soap-opera.... Ugh!!!! ___Well, she is apparently home-schooling her kids so I've heard - I know she's been the type to go looking for an excuse to not have to have a real job like the rest of us....the type of woman who doesn't try to make her own success - she looks for an older daddy figure to take care of her instead. ___Back in the 90s, she had dropped out of high-school because she just gave up - it was "too hard"...with only ONE SEMESTER to go!!! Didn't have the discipline to stick it out....she did end up getting her GED (which is amazing she actually stuck THIS part out. I GIVE HER KUDOS!) ___Last time I'd heard, she'd only taken a few sporadic college classes but nothing even close to a degree. ___I worry for her kids - I wonder if she will be able to prepare them with the right amount of education...when she hasn't even prepared HERSELF with a decent amount education? Is she really READY to do this task?
Milkshake05/14/092:41pmMy dad is very educated. My mother had some college. Boy, I can only imagine the grief and terror if I was home schooled by my parents! Talk about a reckless, awful environment!! Thank God for schools. Children can meet other children and open their minds to a big new world. I will never forget some of the teachers I had. What a great impact they had on my life. I don't think it's the parents that should have the freedom to teach thier children. I think it's children that should have the freedom to go to a school, meet other students, and become part of a new world. And by the way, thanks Patty. If it wasn't for school, I would have paid less attention to my mole.
Patty05/14/092:27pmHello everyone! boy fighting again. Can't we all get along!! I myself would like to see more kids home schooled. I think it would bring the home environment closer and kids would be in less trouble. Also our teachers would have to work harder to keep their jobs. I know there are some good teachers, but there are alot of bad ones out there. We need to make them accountable to get the job done in teaching the kids and get rid of the unions. They cause more trouble than they are worth. I also do not have any kids, and I do not like the fact that I have to pay alot of taxes for someone elses kids. That is wrong. Also paying for the teachers pension that is doubly wrong. Let them get a savings account or a CD or something. Got out of my checkbook. thats' all I had to say. Milkshake I do not know you, but I hope you will be ok.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/14/091:39pmU know what Lindy, I aint even gonna lower myself to ur level n dignify u with an answer.
Swifter05/14/091:03pmI'll b getting a new monitor tomorrow. For now, posting comments from my mobile. My mobile is so old school, it works on petrol! A silly joke. Glad your mole is being taken care of Milkshake! Btw i never saw how the last poll ended, after i mouthed Milkshake off? Anyways i am reading everyone's comments on this poll with great interest, and i shall contribute w. a comment or two later on.
WitchyWoman05/14/0912:28pmOh, Milkshake, honey, I am so sorry. Make sure you see the other doctor and you will always have to keep track of any changes on your whole body, even your scalp. And don't ever get too much sun. Stay safe and watchful. I am happy he caught it, but still sad you had it. I will pray and believe this will be the last of it.
Milkshake05/14/0910:34amHi Witchy Woman. Sorry to bring this up on the poll. But you asked. My biopsy came back as positive for malignant mole on the leg. But the doctor believes he got everything off. He doesnt see chemotherapy or anything like that. I see him again in a couple of weeks and he also referred me to another doctor. Thats all.
Peter05/14/097:53amWell you can try to turn it around on the conservatives, but you would be way off. No conservative president ever bowed to a foreign power to show his weakness. Your president's taxes are going to be well over 9 trillion dollars. that is the highest deficit from any president, and don't blame Bush again. It's old and so untrue. You are so worried about why people have issues about paying taxes on school kids, well worry about the taxes your president has put on them and their further kids. I have been reading the comments on this site and I can understand people getting upset about paying taxes for schools when they don't have kids. I think that is not fair. Also alot of these kids live in apartments well their parents in those apartments should also have to pay taxes for their kids to go to school. I listen to the news and read the news and I am amazed on how ignorant your president is and his vice president, you know the one with Alzheimers, Biden that guy is a joke. I laugh and laugh thinking how gulible some americans are to believe this administration will do anything but hurt your country. Good Luck, you are all going to need it!
WitchyWoman05/14/096:37amWell, I can turn it all around and say the same exact thing about conservatives. I'm glad my mind is more open and I have more heart than what some of you are saying. And you are so totally way off if you think teachers have it easy!!! I do not understand why the kids have to suffer the consequences concerning who pays taxes or not. And I do not understand why this simple poll turned so violently political AGAIN!!! Some of you aren't satisfied if you aren't getting your undies in a ball.
Peter05/14/095:34amCome on everybody....CHILL!! Nothing can be done about this president. We have to hope he won't kill all of us. Lindy and Debbie let it go. Liberal folks don't really think clearly so it is no use calling them names etc. Let it go. Instead of bickering back and forth worry about all the taxes we are going to have to pay and think about how many more people who will lose their homes due to taxes (overabundunce) and you won't be able to buy a can of pop because this president wants to put more taxes on it. It is just hysterical on this guys vision.
Lindy05/14/094:04amHey Witchy and Zera "Eat Sh_t". Obama is a muslim. NO american president bows to anybody, but this jerk bowed to his fellow muslim. It also shows how weak he is as a leader. The liberal jerks in the media kept trying to make excuses that he may of tripped. RIGHT!! Get over Bush. You all just hated him, just like we hate Obama except Obama will risk our lives with another terrorist attempt, because he has no idea what to do to protect us. Another reason to hate Obama is that he is a socialist pig and wants to change our country into a socialist country. He has spent more tax dollars than any other president. What a wonderful guy! NOT! You can call me what you want but paying taxes for kids education should be the parents responsibility not people who do not have kids. Parents should home school their kids, plain and simple. If you think it is a wonderful thing to pay for someone else kids do it, I do not want that obligation. Also if you live in an apartment you should also pay taxes then to help pay for the brats people keep popping out. Illegals should not be able to put their kids in our schools. So get mad about that you liberal morans. Always helping the so called poor. Liberals have big mouths well you support them and get out of my pockets to support these useless people. Oh I guess you will get mad about that remark also. This site is great, we get to vent about the fustrations that are happening around us. Since we were forced to get this moran of a president. I am ashamed of America for putting this socialist pig in office. His Economic policy, his dream of universal healthcare will fail miserably. We will be paying for illegal aliens and the poor so they can get insurance. To much government involvement will destroy the american dream. Shame on all of you for voting this ass in office. It will be your fault when we will fail, and we will fail. :D
WitchyWoman05/14/093:34amVery cool, Zera. This is so sickening what some of these people are saying. We need more level-headed people like the few that are in here, instead of the "always political" jerks.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/13/0911:52pmI dunno what the deal is in the US, but in Denmark there is laws. KLaws to attend school for minimum 9 years, and laws to pay ur taxes. If u dont u will b charged to pay u taxes N a fine ontop. See then how far u get. So My words make sense as this is HIGHLY a political question. N Debbie u started it again, by claiming ur pres is a muslim n what else. Typical! I know also in the US its not juss federal taxes u pay but also state taxes. Has been like that since when what Reagan was pres? Pardon upfront for not knowing US Tax history as good as i could have, but dang ive got enough getting through my own countries tax laws history, not to mention laws in general. ANOTHER TYPICAL thing in this is the pointed finger. Always some1 else to blame. When u cannot blame dimwit parents blame the new pres. BAHHHH u again forget what had he to start with at all? Where was the money? Y is there a pit in the fedaral bank account instead of the tower high pile Clinton left behind??? IF any blame Bush n his administration. Talk about a smoothtalker. Was it not him who got u to go in Iraque on the veil they have weapons to destroy USA???? N once in nada was found? We all bloody know he wanted control over the oil fields. Sorry i stray from subject but bloody come on. Knock it off with pointed fingers. I 4 one aint saying Bush did this or that, nor Obama did that or this. Obama aint had a chance to prove himself yet. To quote a man who said it straight out " As for politics, I voted for Obama, but not with any expectation that he will be a savior. He was bound to win, because the country was in a mood to "throw the rascals out", and McCain let Obama identify him with Bush, who was pretty much disliked and even hated by Republicans and Democrats. His administration ended as a disaster. So we'll see what happens now. There are a lot of complaints and horror stories about the big $$$$ handout, and I shudder to think of the debt the US will be in when it is all over. But of course there are a lot of assholes out there (most with access to a computer). All you have to do is read the postings almost anywhere on the web to see what illiterate morons feel the need to publish their observations. Things like "eat ****" are always illuminating! "
Milkshake05/13/095:51pmDebbie, you're not making sense. Children don't have a choice in this matter. Who paid for your doctor's education? We did. Who paid for your dentists education? We did. Who paid for the president's education? We did. We pay for our children's education to become better people and better educated than we are. That's why we need good, educated teachers. Not parents. Parents should aid in their children's education, but not be the sole educators.
Lindy05/13/092:05pmTwo sides, I really don't care if the kids go to school or if they get home schooled as long as I don't have to pay in my taxes for their education. That is the responsibility of the parents and the parents only. I do not have children and am tired of my taxes going up because of the schools. They need more, more and more. Tax the hell out of the parents and leave the people who do not have kids alone!!!!!!
Two sides05/13/0912:58pmIf it is in the best interest of the child to be educated at home parents should have the opportunity be offered a home tutor, even if they are a qualified teacher. I am a qualified Advanced Skills teacher and I would not have entertained educating my children at home. There are many advantages to a good education at long have you got and how many reasons do you need?
Debbie05/13/0911:46amMilkshake you don't make any sense. If parents pay for their kids schooling they can become a dentist, farmer, zoo keeper or whatever. That is part of being a parent to take care of your kids. Why should my and your taxes help them through school. That is Bull! I am not being selfish, I just don't want my hard earned money wasted on someones kid when I could use it for my survival. And the comments here are not nasty, but truthful.
WitchyWoman05/13/098:32amMost of the comments are so disgusting. How selfish and greedy people are these days. NOW no one wants to see kids get an education. Some parents qualify to teach at home and some don't know their ass from their face. Outta here.
Milkshake05/13/097:33amGreat Debbie! Hope your mom is a good dentist! You might need her one day.
Lindy05/13/095:50amMy comments are sane Zera. There are folks out there who are fed up with taking care of everyone, either because they are poor, different color, etc. Taxing to send someone elses kid to school is wrong. The parents had the little bundles of sh_t, let them pay for it. I and others do not want to support them. I have my own things I need to take care of and the extra taxes would help me alot. Anyone who went to college should of either paid for it themselves or have their parents (which is how it should be) pay for it. It sounds like the liberals out there want us to take care of everyone, sorry they need to take care of themselves instead of waiting for hand outs! Also being a teacher is a rewarding job, and they still have a wonderful job, summers off, holidays or institute days almost every other week. So some teachers work all year round. That is maybe 10 percent at most. The rest have it made in the shade. Yes you can throw a student out if they are trouble makers etc. I am just trying to say we need to put the responsibility back on the parents instead of all americans to take care of their little sh_ts. If that happened. We would not have kids in trouble all the time, gangbangers etc. Parents need to care and stop forcing us to play parents to their little dimple darlings----yuck!!!!
Debbie05/13/093:55amMilkshake you got it!! Parents should pay for their kids, not the tax payers, especially if the tax payer does not have any kids. If anyone wants an education they need to pay for it themselves or as commented by Milkshake have your mommy and daddy pay.....Correct and that is how it should be. Quit putting the burden on the taxpayer. With this administration get ready we will be taxed for every fricking thing, because our new changed government are a bunch of ****s! We have a muslim and mr. dementia in the top positions, boy are we lucky......NOT!
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/12/099:37pmWhen we speak taxed we speak politics, as politicians through votes throughout the countries demanded taxes being pay to afford all the things a useful democracy need. N u not paying will become a political issue along a criminal issue. So yes it is HIGHLY also a political question. Im SO glad to see some SANE comments on here. Thank u Milkshake, Mrs Tee n Bam Bam.
Bam Bam05/12/097:35pmI home schooled my son for a year when we lived in Canada. I don't think parents should be required to have a degree. The school that the child goes through has teachers that actually work with the parents and they grade the papers. There's a lot more to it than the questions leads about. Parents have a lot of resources and school help to get their children through it. Children are required to take regular testing just like being "in school" to make sure they are learning the curriculum and retaining the knowledge. So, no parents don't need the degree.
Milkshake05/12/095:35pmI also feel that there is a higher percentage of emotional and physical abuse towards children who are home-schooled. And that too is unfair to children.
Ms. Tee05/12/093:24pmDebbie, first of all teachers dont have it easy. It is not that simple to kick kids out of school. If that was the case the students will never learn. And you can blame some students for defining themselves. Some teachers do work year round. Another thing is we pay taxes to. It does not matter about the money to me. If it wasnt for us teachers you wouldnt even have the knowledge to do your job. Once again somebody paid for you to go school. Thank you Milkshake for your comment.
Laura05/12/093:01pmI don't care much for most of the answers I see here. You all went to school or got some kind of education. If you look at it from the Social Security aspect, you are repaying for your own education. Another view, homeschooling is great. There are all kinds of online classes, courses and learning programs that you can get for your kids. I did have another thought, what ever happened to half of all the lottery proceeds going to the public schools? Did the states just get greedy like they do on everything else? I have 2 neices that were homeschooled. They got the crappiest education I have ever seen. They can't spell. Their mothers had to work and the fathers had better things to do than sit home and keep them hitting the books. These were both done for religious reasons. Not saying all home schoolings are this way, but I bet a fair share of them are. My kids are all finished with school and I do not have a problem paying school taxes but I do wonder what happened to that lottery money promise.
Milkshake05/12/092:50pmI don't feel we should have the option to pay for these "brats" or not. Debbie, the next time you are ill or need to see a doctor; why don't you ask your mommy or daddy to help treat your illness? Or if you need to see a dentist; why don't you ask your mommy or daddy to help you with your cavity or root canal? Of course, it was our tax dollars that helped pay for the dentists and doctor's education. Just keep your money in your pocket and ask for mommy and daddy's help.
Debbie05/12/0912:23pmI don't give a Rats Ass about "the children". I care about wasted tax money (mine) paying for kids I do not have. Parents need to take responsibility and teach the kids themselves. Quit putting the burden on the rest of us. I get so upset about this because I do not have kids and should not have to pay for someone elses "brats". Milkshake if you want to pay for them go for it sweetheart. I feel we should have the option if we want to or not pay for them.
Lindy05/12/0912:03pmI don't consider this political, just people who are fed up with paying alot of taxes for schooling kids they don't have. So Schooling them at home is great. It would make my taxes go down. I think all parents should school their kids at home on their dime. Hell I think that is fantastic.......:D
Milkshake05/12/0912:00pmOkay.....I'm going to answer the question the way it appears on screen. NO. Parents SHOULD NOT have the freedom to home-school their children even if they DO NOT have a degree in teaching. It's unfair to their children. Parents are parents. teachers are teachers. I feel we should pay taxes for those "brats" to learn wheather or not they are mine or yours. One day one of these "brats" may become your doctor, your attorney, a big news reporter, etc.
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/12/0911:02amMan im SICK 2 DEATH of POLITICAL QUESTIONS-. CANT WE 4 ONE TIME GET A POLL THAT AINT POLITICAL ??? JUST ONCE????? Soon we´ll have another round of which pres was is the better one JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie05/12/095:09amTee it is not that we don't value the good teachers, but the union is another story! WE DON"T WANT TO PAY FOR KIDS WE DON"T HAVE!!!!!!!! It is not fair that we are taxed to educate someone elses kids. Teachers have it made in the shade. They work and get days off all the time, and also get the summers off. What a great job. Ok so you have some bad kids. You can now kick them out of school. Do it! Make the stupid parents responsible for them. Like next fall teachers will go on strike again. It happens every year. More and More money is what you want. Which again will raise my taxes, for what more holiday's off with pay. Sorry, maybe if you worked the full year like the rest of us you would have a leg to stand on.
Lindy05/12/094:05amIt is a tax problem. Anyone that lives in an apartment with kids do not pay any taxes at all because they are renting. So anyone who owns a home will have to pick up the tab for someone elses kids and that is totally wrong. Every person that has a child should pay for their own kids education. Jeff is right about the public school system it is a bottomless pit where our money goes in and who knows where it is distributed. Most likely politician's pockets and of course the teachers union. I myself went to catholic school and did receive a good education. My Parents knew that was important so they paid for my education. Instead of parents having alot of kids they need to figure out what is more important, fancy house, car etc or an education for their kids. They put them in public shcool so we all can pay for them. That is wrong and I am fed up. Also we are paying for illegal aliens to go to school. That really ticks me off. They are not US citizens, but we give them an education. How screwed up is that. If they know they are illegal, pick them up take them home pick up the parents and ship them back to where they came from. Enough already! I am tired of getting squeezed to pay for everyone. Take care of yourself and your brood. That is your responsibliity not mine!
Zera aka tigger / tiger05/12/092:15amIt aint a tax problem. Its a amount students in class problem. 30 or more in a class. Lessons lasts between 45 minutes to 50 minutes. How is a teacher gonna b able to make proper rounds to each student? What about those that need special attention? What about those that need extra explanations? So easy to point at money sources n become politcal AGAIN!!! Start to look at how many students r in classes, then at the lesson hours, how many minuttes. Lemmi demomstrate. I was in a class with 29 to 30 other kids. We had math, 45 minutte long lesson, Assignment pieces of 12 with 3 to 5 under assignments to each large assignment. One classmate calculated the teacher had about 1,45 min per student 4 those assigments in all. mayb even less, more prolly like 1,15 minute. These has NOT CHANGED. So 4 kids to get more out of school n learning schools needs to make more classes with less pupils. To wit this means build larger schools, hire more personel to handle it. Now this leads to money n taxes. We ALL know that schools dont get their full due, in fact they get less n less n they r forced to think inside the box n not outside bc the money aint what it was 40 years ago. Parents without a teaching degree aint equal to being stupid as a door n unable to convey to their kids what they need to learn. teaching degree or no tteaching degree, all parents did go to school at one time or another, n they all learnt to read write n do math. Its used in all u do at home. baking, cooking, cleaning etc.
Jeff05/11/099:16pmMs. Tee, I want to clarify that I don't have any issues with teachers whether they are public, private or home school teachers. The problem I have is that I am forced to pay for other kids' education even though I do not have kids myself. The parents should be the ones who pay for their kids education the same way they must pay for their food, clothes, diapers, health, etc. etc. Remember Octo-Mom? This is obviously an extreme case, but there are way too many people having kids because they know other people's taxes are going to pay for everything. We are a compationate country and I don't have any issues with a type of saftey net for those people who are truly destitue and down on their luck, but people must be discouraged from gaming the system and encouraged to do what is right. I am tired of our Government rewarding bad behavior.
Tee05/11/098:58pmFirst of all you guys was once kids who had to be educated. Second of all you saying these things because of money. If a child is home school you still have to pay taxes for those kids education. Whether a child is home school, private school, or public school you still have to pay taxes for that student. A lot of home school kids are not been school by their parent. You are paying for a tutor to come and give these kids lesson. A lot of you need to thank God that teachers are willing to put up with your kids. If you are not an educator you don't need to make a comment about them. Another thing is I don't have kids myself but I put up with other people rude behind kids. If a lot of us teachers can put up with kids then you guys need to appreciate teachers. I tell everybody who got kids something. Try teaching your kids for about a week and if you still don't see the value of teachers than I will keep my comments to myself.
Jeff05/11/092:10pmFrom what I've read, home-schooled kids test higher than kids in the same age/grade level at public schools. What is happening is that the teacher's Unions don't like the idea of competition and the prospect of less teachers paying union dues. They are spending millions of their dues to influence politicians that will vote to impose onerous restrictions on parents. More and more parents are home-schooling because the public education system sucks so bad, and they should have that right. I have to say also that I agree 100% with Lindy... My taxes have been paying for other people's kids education for over 20 years and it's wrong. I plan to pay my own kids education by sending them to a private school where they will actually learn to read/write, math skills, history, etc. Too many well off families in good neighborhoods are getting free education when they can easily afford to pay for it themselves. Besides, the public education system is a giant money pit that fails to educate kids on the fundamentals while indoctrinating them with liberal ideologies like gay marriage, sex out of wedlock, multiculturalism, etc. Enough of this.... no more hand outs! Abolish the teacher's unions!
Lindy05/11/0912:51pmDoes that mean I would not have to pay more taxes to educate the brats. If so I think that would be great. Let all college degreed people teach their own kids, lets make it manditory and save our taxes. I don't have kids and I am tried of paying for school district taxes for kids I don't have. That is not fair. Let the parents pay for their brats. I know I am not the only person that feels that way.
Debbie05/11/0912:24pmI don't agree that parents without a degree in teaching should be able to home school their kids. I also believe the parent or parents who have the degree have to go every year to get certified so they know the curriculum that needs to be taught so the kids have a fair chance to make it to college.

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