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Swifter06/19/094:42pmThank you for turning the key Milkshake. I feel i am all over the place right now. But i am hiding myself in my little flat far away from any of you folks. Rest assured i will be absent from this site for a few days(or more), until you have once again 'outgrown' me. And then hopefully you can see that there are signs of life in this old crab. :)))
Swifter06/19/0912:58pmI stop whining now. NEW POLL.
Swifter06/19/0912:47pmThe "it" thing="the unlucky vibes"...and i take my words back. They may have come from myself!!! I am really sorry for that comment about Pat before. It is I who's been having that effect in here. Unintentionally of coarse, nevertheless they could be really awful if you're sitting on the other side.
Swifter06/19/0911:49amAnn, i am truly sorry. I am not nearly as bad in real life. That's all i can say. But i am going to see if there is some professional help available for my situation. I appreciate your pointing it out.
Swifter06/19/0911:05amI LOVE Rick! Rick is my baby!! (I hated all the other kids that came after Rick though.) But Rick remains to be MY 1 and only fav child! And YES i AM a freaking mentally-challenged moron because obviously i thought...well, lets just say, i always assume the worst about what ppl want from mind has been ALL OVER the map! Now please leave me alone. I have made enough a.. of myself already! Thank u all for being so respectful.
Ann06/19/0910:28amI rarely come onto this site, but speaking from a nurse's perspective, seriously Swifter, whoever you are, get some professional help. You are seriously mentally challenged.
Swifter06/19/099:37amShe's been GOOD to me ALL THE TIME. She just has a few unlucky vibes once in a while, and they're NOT her fault.
Swifter06/19/099:30amOut to take a nap. Back later on. My comment about being vicious was misunderstood once again-again. PS-I owe Pat too much.
Milkshake06/19/099:22amSomebody, besides myself, please get rid of this idiot Swifter/Wallander by contacting the poll master on mystic games. Elaine, you are a really neat lady! Please stay. Pat, get your butt back here now! We miss you. Zera! Say something! BamBam, Help!! Jeff, I know we've argued but you're very smart and enjoy reading what you say....Everyone else...come back! New people, come in! HELP!! Swifter/Wallander is driving us all out of Mystic!! And please......CHANGE POLL SUBJECTS!!
Swifter06/19/099:09amIsn't better i just left this site?
Elaine06/19/098:01amSwitfter you really are an ASSHOLE! I will not come back to this site anymore because you have and continue to hurt people. What has Pat done to you? She seems very nice and you keep trying to hurt her. You really are a sick jerk.........
Rick06/19/097:52amI know Ed from the circus.
Swifter06/19/097:29amI'm gonna get vicious now, and this time it is DELIBERATE!!!
Elaine06/19/094:14amPat I am reading what you are saying and can't believe the stuff that is going on in here. I think the lastest Rick stating he is sorry about this Ed is actually Swifter playing more sick games. The previous insertions seem true. Anyway, I am sorry you had a bad experience and that is why I usually don't do this type of thing. I like to read the comments and never add my comments till now. I think maybe I will go back to just reading the comments. There is to much drama in here. I don't like the fact people are hurting other people that is just wrong.
Milkshake06/18/096:00pmI understand, FlowerChild. I was also hurt by a couple of people in here. Swifter really needs a swift kick in the butt! Anyway, I hope you stay in here and so do alot of others!
Flower Child06/18/095:20pmHi Jeff, it's me Pat. I'm okay. I don't want to be here anymore with the head games coming round again. If this fake person wants to show proof or should I show proof about "Ed, Sandy and Rick" it can get real nasty, real fast. Elaine, I went through something fiercely painful for a non-existent person. This person stopped for a short period of time from emailing me. I wouldn't answer back when I found out it was all fake. They gave up and now suddenly back again in here. Fall for this if you want, but it isn't real. I am a White Witch and a very good person. They better leave me the hell alone or I will pay the price right along with them. I thought I have been a good friend to a lot of people in here. Yes to "Freaky Friday" Swifter, too. I tried over and over to help him and he was vicious with me and I would always forgive him, until I walked away to keep him from pulling me down with him. The person that is doing this Ed sh!t again better stop...NOW!!! If it doesn't stop and you know I know who you are...there will be consequences. I have never hurt anyone or any living thing. I live my life the best I can. I'll be d*mned if I am going to hang in here and watch people get hooked into these lies. They just better leave me alone. Also I see many things about many people that I don't say anything about and will take it to the grave. There are good friends to be had in here, but I learned by being sooo trusting of people, I got hurt bad by two in here.
Milkshake06/18/094:49pmHi Jeff. Yes, I still talk to Pat. We email eachother. Apparently, this Wallander/Swifter really hurt and angered Pat. He also made certain remarks to me too that I didn't like. And also Pat believes this Rick guy is fake and something about Ed was fake. I will email Pat and let her know that you asked about her.
Jeff06/18/094:43pmInteresting. We have a mystery on our hands. Milkshake, do you have any idea what happend to Pat? She was a regular part of our discussions and she disappeared about 1 or two months ago. Does anyone keep in contact with her?
Milkshake06/18/092:59pmOkay. This is what I don't get......Rick, you're sorry to hear about Ed's story? I thought Ed was your dad? Talk about a good story? This is getting weird.
Rick06/18/092:14pmHi again. Please say Hello to Pat from me. She means a lot to me. I'm sorry to hear Ed's story.
Milkshake06/18/091:56pmThanks Elaine. I like your name too. I also like a real good story. Hopefully our next poll will invite newcomers that can maybe tell us a good story. And I also hope FlowerChild comes back on too.
Elaine06/18/0912:25pmHi Milkshake, I like your real name it is pretty. I also like Milkshake it is a fun name. Sorry I gave my real name. I am just Elaine. Maybe I can come up with a silly name later the more I come on the site. I have to say you are right about the interesting stuff that goes on in here. Alot of drama. I hope Flowerchild comes back I enjoyed the comments, especially when it was directed to that mental reject Swifter. He is so goofy and scary at the same time. Also I hope we did not scare Rick away. I truly believe he is a child and is just looking for a connection with the person that befriended his father. Seems like a sad story there. Who knows maybe I am reading to much into it. I love a good story. :D
Milkshake06/18/0911:20amHey Elaine. I am for real. My real name is Melissa. I go by the name of Milkshake for certain reasons I do not want to say at this time. There are some nice people on here. There are alot of enjoyable moments where you can get a good laugh! In my opinion, the first Rick did not seem like a boy, but an older girl. The third time Rick appeared, it seemed for real. I can honestly say, I don't know. But stick around, this place is amusing at times and entertaining. And you can meet good people on here who can become true friends.
Elaine06/18/099:50amThanks Milkshake. I still don't understand, but I feel deep in my soul that this kid is really a kid, maybe he doesn't go on line alot or at all, or maybe he was nervous, who knows. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. As far as Swifter is concerned, he really is a mental reject. He needs to leave the site completely. It seems he hurt Flowerchild and I don't know why. Flowerchild seems like a nice and likable person. I am confused. I was hoping to make some friends out there in internet land but now I don't know, if people out there are playing mind games....forget it.
Milkshake06/18/099:12amWow! For once Swifter is making some sense...LMAO!! I have no clue what the hell is going on here, but can we please change poll subjects? It's getting nasty and mean in here. Elaine I really don't know what's going on. I think out of all the polls I've been on this one is the strangest. Something happened a while back to a man named Ed. He was funny and had good conversation. Ed died. That's all I really know. From a heart attack. We were all sad. I don't know if Rick is really a 14 year old boy or not; but if he is I am sorry about what happened. Sometimes people can be tricked online. Online conversation is tricky. Let's all be friends and move on.......
Swifter06/18/098:19amPat...i'm just fine, you're just fine, he's just fine, she's just fine, we're just fine, you're just fine, they're just fine. Thank God, i'm just fine. AND YES SWIFTER IS GONE.
Swifter06/18/098:03amMilkshake is MY good friend. The most reliable of friends. Milkshake is YOUR good friend. The most reliable of friends. Milkshake is HIS good friend. The most reliable of friends. Milkshake is HER good friend. The most reliable of friends.Milkshake is OUR good friend. The most reliable of friends.Milkshake is YOUR good friend. The most reliable of friends.Milkshake is THEIR good friend. The most reliable of friends. But most importantly Milkshake is MY good friend. The most reliable of friends.[the answer to your comment from 06/16/09 6:09pm]
Elaine06/18/096:55amSorry Folks I feel sorry for the kid. I believe him. I am new on this site and the blow up from Flowerchild has me upset that Swifter did something to her. I know Switfter is a weirdo but what has he done Flowerchild. Someone please fill me in. I really don't like being in the dark or did I miss something.
FlowerChild06/18/096:25amFvck this. I am outta here. Swifter, you M*oth*r Fv*king S.O.B. So this crazy talk is all fake. Watch Sybil!!! I swear, you have multiple are very dangerous, besides being demonically evil. I don't like to say "hate", but I will say that YOU always find a way to make me despise you more each day. You are mean, vindictive and very cruel. No wonder your wife left. She really stayed with you much too long. Bye friends. I'll keep in touch thru email!
Rick06/18/095:37amI am sorry you think I am a liar. i am not. my keyboard sticks and I am not a good typer when i found this site i just wanted to see if my dads frind Pat was on it. i will not bothr anyone again. thank you for lettig me know pat is ok.
Me06/18/095:05amI think tomorrow is a much better day to be at the polls. Have a nice day, everyone.
Elaine06/18/094:55amWho is Sandy? And what is she talking about? This comment is blowing my mind. I hope you all know what she is talking about.
Sandy06/18/094:38amHello everyone. This is Sandy, Swifter's wife. Well as you all know we had a horrific dream the other night, and as a result of that dream, Swifter passed away. A few months ago, i met a really neat woman called Pat, and i really appreciated her company. Then suddenly we were given this child, and we've been really happy to have him with us ever since. He is truly a wonder-kid. And he is the bravest of us 3. But since he loves playing hide-n-seek all the time, we've been preoccupied with constantly looking for him. Even Swifter was trying to get Rick to come out of his hiding, and to come & play in here. But Rick knows it now, and he will join the polls soon. He's been a little timid after having experienced the loss of his father, because now he's the man of the house....but he has such a great sense of curiosity & courage, that i am sure he is going to do just fine. I am really proud of him, mainly because of the way he stood up to his own father. I'm sure even Swifter is now proud of the kid by now. Rick and I are so GRATEFUL to you people, and all the help & support you've been giving to us. :)))
Pat06/18/094:23amWell, well, well, looks like this site kicked my comment out last night. There has been many things in here that never got kicked out. I have proof that this is not real. If they kick me out again, then I am finished with this crooked site.
Bam Bam06/17/097:38pmRick, I hope you are Ed's son. I will e-mail Pat and let her know you're looking for her. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your dad was fun to talk to.
Milkshake06/17/092:53pmWell I hope he is for real too. Anyway, it's time for a new interesting poll. There is nothing left to talk about on this one.
Elaine06/17/092:28pmMilkshake I hope you are wrong. He seemed sincere. I know my neice Sally can't type worth a damn and she is 16. So I believe him. I hope he is who he says he is, that is weird. By the way I am a Libra. :D
Milkshake06/17/092:13pmExcuse me. But in my opinion, I believe this Rick is playing games and he or she is actually older than they say they are. Like for example, he made a mistake on the keyboard and said he was 12 then 14. So I was making a joke and said I was 14 when I'm really 41. That's all. It was not towards you at all Elaine. I was just making a laugh out of their cruel game. Anyway, glad you told me your age. I'm also a Sagittarian.
Elaine06/17/091:46pmHey Milkshake I am 46. What are you talking about. Anyway I hope this kids Mom will not be mad that he is online.
Milkshake06/17/091:36pmHey Elaine! How old are you?? I am 14, oooops I really meant 41. I typed the # keys backwards...LOL. Sorry. Just had to say that.
Rick06/17/091:30pmThank you i am so happy to know pat is alright. sandy is my mom now. my real mom did not want me and she gave me to my dad. when he died sandy adopted me and my dog max we are a family now. i typed my age wrong heck i always have trouble with the number keys i am 14 and i will have my birthday in septembr. thank you
Elaine06/17/091:12pmHey kid are there any other sites on your Dad's PC you can check? Be careful and does you Mom know you are doing this? You may want to let her know you are doing this. Also maybe this Pat person does not want to be bothered anymore.
Milkshake06/17/091:05pmHi Rick. Yes I speak to Pat. She is a neat lady. I will let her know you are trying to contact her. Hey? I thought Sandy was your dad's girlfriend, not your mother. How's your mother doing?
Rick06/17/0912:49pmHi, My name is Rick and I am 12 years old. I hope I am on the site where my dad met a nice lady named Pat. My dad died a couple of months ago and Sandy my mom was keeping in touch with her on my dads email but we have not heard from her in a while. I found this site on my dads computer and was hoping I could find her. my mom and I miss talking to her and are worried about her. If this is the place where my dad met her and she is still on here please let me know. thanks for listening to me. I hope i can find her, she was pretty neat lady. thank you.
Milkshake06/17/0912:45pmThanks for the encouragement. And Elaine, that really helped me out alot by telling me you "feel" I will be alright. And my advice to everyone: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!! I hate moles.
FlowerChild06/17/0912:05pmGood luck, sweetie. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts....just in case I am not here on the day before your surgery.
Elaine06/17/0911:41amMilkshake I don't know you but you sound like a very nice and funny lady. I enjoy your comments on this site that is why I come back everyday. I wish you the best. I loved you Big wheel comment to swifter it still makes me laugh. I feel you will be ok. I don't know why I said that but sometimes I feel things and in this case I feel you will be alright. Hang in there lady. And as far as Swifter goes--he needs to take a long, long vacation away from this site and get well. Maybe he will realize that it is not always about him.
Swifter06/17/0911:40amWait a second....let me try again...i'll b back one more time, to wish u luck Milkshake....
Swifter06/17/0910:03amMilkshake, i wish you good luck with the surgery. And take good care. You deserve the best.
Milkshake06/17/099:20amOkay, aside from Swifter...........My surgery is on July 2nd (about the mole on my leg). Everyone wish me luck! I am very scared. I cannot speak to anyone on here or go on my computer for at least a week after the surgery.
Swifter06/17/097:49amI am! I am! I AM! :))))
Swifter06/17/097:31amI feel almost as though i was behaving like a Frankenstein Monster in here before!!! Like a living robot, who's had a serious malfunction in its brain, giving conflicting signals to the rest of its body(& also brain)!!!LOL The world definitely does NOT need a One World Order, but i believe i am right when i say that I need a "one world order" myself. I mean simply that i do NOT need conflicting thoughts in my head. Like the car....oh of coarse...the car is a great metaphor for a vehicle that moves in a 1-track-minded fashion....i don't mind it AT ALL to be called a "one-track minded person!" I used to do, but NOT anymore! ppl are genius. Thanks for showing me my errors. And may you always have the wind at your tail....& under your wings. (Also for your sakes, i hope you'll find a new subject like myself, and have your ways with him or her just the way you like it...LOL...) BYE.
Swifter06/17/096:38amIn the Wikipedia, there is a section i found VERY interesting; "Investigative reporter Chip Berlet writes: When President Bush announced his new foreign policy would help build a New World Order, his phrasing surged through the Christian and secular hard right like an ELECTRIC SHOCK, since the phrase had been used to represent the dreaded collectivist One World Government for decades.[8] "......i recall vividly the pain in my heart & felt exactly like "electric shocks!" I think i understand where this is going now, and why i was met with so much resistance by everyone before.
Swifter FINAL06/17/095:43amOh and i wasn't whining in the last comment. Just stating the facts. (please do not read, nor respond to my posts anymore, if in case....!)
INFOWARS06/17/095:41amWake up people, what Washington DC has done is totally illegal. The US Constitution is a worthless document when the leaders sworn to uphold it try in every way possible to usurp it. A socialist/fascist state is being implemented right before the eyes of the sheeple. This plan has been in place for a LONG time before Bush,Clinton,Bush,Obama. Please read history folks! Turn off your TV and Open Your Mind. TV IS PROPAGANDA! Gather your own information and you will see that the planned melt down of the US car industry is only part of a larger more nefarious plan of the New World Order. Google it!
Swifter06/17/094:53amMaybe i SHOULD be in a padded cell?! I am quite sure i have upset so many ppl in here, without even knowing how?? But i know now, what you said at the very beginning Milkshake, that maybe my problem has to do with 'jealousy' & being too clingy...especially towards ppl who are not related to me in any form or shape?? If i caused anyone any harm, please KNOW that had i known from the very beginning, what EXACTLY was the problem, then i would have left without any hard feelings whatsoever!! I don't know, maybe you were in some kind of a crisis, and you felt i had a negative impact upon your life(lives), simply by my defeatist mentality??? I understand this perfectly, because i have had similar experiences in my own life with other individuals. I just wished i knew about all this, so that i would have left much earlier, in order to prevent anything bad that may have happened along the way!! I hope you'll be able to forgive me one day! Bye.
Swifter06/17/094:14amMaybe that dream was about my own life, and how it ends? Or maybe it was a sign, that says the 80's are definitely coming to an end--especially in the States?? Or maybe it means something about the outcome of the elections in Iran?? If it's the latter, well i wouldn't know if it was such a terrible thing! I mean, maybe it's just a sign that the women will choose a more 'decent' style than to go with the provocative style of the 80's?? In any event, it is the time to re-discover, and to re-invent oneself?! Just a thought. Bye.
Milkshake06/16/096:09pmWhere's the cash when you need it?
Smiles06/16/095:54pmYou all need to be in your own reality TV show together. Where's the vid cams when you need them?
Milkshake06/16/094:07pmOkay....Pollmaster please!! Should next poll be: Should Swifter have padded cell or unpadded cell or undecided??????...............HELP!! Change the POLL!!.........PLEASE!!
Swifter06/16/093:40pmJust ignore my last post. Thanks.
Swifter06/16/093:24pmLOL...that was a funny comment Milkshake!!! Also Elaine...funny, AND provocative. What i meant in my last 2 posts was that i am trying to minimize my own silly "one man show"....and be just one of the many ppl in here...for a change. Just out of curiosity, can you see what i've been dreaming about, when you read into my comments, Milkshake?? I'm asking because a few nights ago, i had a very brief dream that a woman in long stockings(i was only watching her legs in the dream) and high-heeled shoes, walked out a door, and closed it behind her. And suddenly the next day you said that I "lost a good woman"!? Also another question, how much of my own life have i destroyed, with my writings in here?? And how do you see these things?? Are you a very good astrologist or just good at understanding Capricorn/Saturn?? I have A LOT of questions to ask, but i don't want to just take away things from someone who has learned these things thru life experiences! I mean, i am trying to be respectful.
Milkshake06/16/092:41pmStrange Ranger!! Big Wheel Man!! HeeHeeHeeHee LoL LOL LOL
FlowerChild06/16/092:30pmYyyyaaawwwnnn.........................................this is so boring now with nothing to work with.
Elaine06/16/091:51pmChrist! Swifter quit promising that you are going to leave the site when two minutes later your back. Then you tell us your ok and feeling better. Your a strange ranger----Mr. Big Wheel man. Get on you Big Wheel and head off into the sunset never to return. We need a new poll!! Maybe on relationships, or advice for sick and mentally challenged. I don't know just something different.
Milkshake06/16/091:24pmYou want to start from "scratch", Swifter? Here......SCRATCH MY ASS!!
Swifter06/16/091:23pmI'm starting everything again from scratch, and this time i'm doing all the things that i'm "supposed to" do...meaning, the RIGHT things. No more personal/egotistical stuff from me again. Only what 'agrees' with my surroundings/community. And i'm not going to post my comments in a hectic manner in here again.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/16/0912:41pmThanx Milkshake, i wanted to have done urs within days, but shizt kept popping up. Totally aggravating!
Swifter06/16/0912:02pmI'm trying to talk as little as possible FlowerChild. I don't need to have any friends in here...all i need is to have harmony w other ppl in general. Even if it means being more in the background. Now please leave me alone w all your pushing around & provocations!!! THANKS!
Milkshake06/16/0910:14amOk Zera. I emailed a large portion of the reading to you.
Milkshake06/16/099:22amNo. I did not forget about you, Zera. It did take 2 and a half weeks for you to get back to me. Well it's only been a week for me. I have done some of your reading. Not finished yet. Oh yes! LMAO too.
Swifter06/16/093:00amGot the msg FC.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/15/0910:34pmMilkshake, my friend, uhm did u forget me? u know on yahoo???? LMAO
Milkshake06/15/098:00pmLOL to both FlowerChild and Elaine!! HeeHee Swifter's whining is like fingernails on a chalkboard. And yes, Swifter needs a padded cell fast! Damn! This place should be called Swifter's Poll Comments.
FlowerChild06/15/097:10pmMilkshake, I liked that OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That was way too cool. Hi Swifter, we all know you are there. So please feel free to give all us very lucky people with our 8 million dollar homes and 10 fancy cars and millions of dollars worth of jewelry and 6 servants and a butler and somebody to wipe our tails when we are done in the potty. Oh yeah, we are all livin' high on the hog. So please, please tell us about our lucky lives. That is so pathetic. Everyone here is lucky to make it the way the d*mn economy is. Stop the whining, it is sooooo old news with you. Grow up and take some responsibility for your life, like the rest of us. You act like you are the only one in the world with problems. Everyone has problems in life, that's just the way it is. See yourself and quit blaming others for the way your life turned out. We all have our burdens. Quit all the grates on the teeth like a fingernail scraping across a chalkboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duzit Matter?06/15/094:10pmMuh-muh-muh MAX! Muh-muh-muh MAX HEADROOM!
Swifter06/15/093:25pmI meant to say "i" like u Milkshake. And the dance is becoming smooth now...."i" am not going to take too much space either. And i'm getting more & more afraid of my own big mouth. I keep saying all the wrong things that could hurt ppl's feelings. And this is my last comment until the next poll.
Swifter06/15/092:38pmI like u too Milkshake. LoL
Swifter06/15/091:12pmNever mind. This has become a little too personal, and suddenly MY person is taking too much space in here. I bow out gracefully now. It would b a good time for a new poll now.
Swifter06/15/0912:25pmI've been at home doing nothing but watching a lot of TV lately. I've even been talking w the TV set. Ok! So now u know. I wish i had perfect lives like u ppl. So let me atleast pretend like everything is working just fine.
Swifter06/15/0911:46amYes i know i'm sick. Ok! I'm gone again like a Houdini! Bye.
Elaine06/15/0910:59amSwitfter you are again over analyzing everything. STOP the MADNESS and get some help will you. You are getting spooky and a little freaky. So get on your Big Wheel and pedal away to a nice place with a padded room and get some needed rest.
Swifter06/15/0910:55amLast night i was over-analyzing my own dream. I took it into some odd & very personal avenue. But i can't help to think about Jim Morrison's legendary words "You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day, try to run, try to hide, break on thru to the other side...etc..." ... Now i'm still not 100% sure who is day, &who is night, but according to my dream, you were aching in both your heart & head, which is an almost perfect symbol of the DAY which is being 'split' by the night. In other words, u were the DAY in my dream, and i was the faceless night! In any case, it must b a good sign that i was YOU in my dream. It means, i'm starting to learn cooperation & harmony w my other side. The process might still take a while,but at least i know i need to consider everything from ALL sides. Not just from my own Ego! The seed has been sown, & at 1st it is at the root level(or the most elementary level of my daily life) but it will definitely not go away....& YES we all need a new poll.
Milkshake06/15/099:00amYes, Pollmaster. Thank you very much for this interesting poll. It's been alot of fun. We had alot of laughs and good times. NEXT poll please!
FlowerChild06/15/095:10amI truly hope this ends on a happy note.....POLLMASTER!! PLEASE GIVE US A NEW POLL! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/15/092:55amAAAAAAMMMMEENNNNN !!!!!!!!!
Milkshake06/14/092:08pmI won't hold my breath!
Swifter06/14/0910:04amVery simply: Yes
Milkshake06/14/099:16amDoes that mean you are finally leaving?
Swifter06/14/098:35amPS! More aware of gluttony now.
Swifter06/14/098:25amFaith begins when understanding ends. Thank you who visited me in my dream to hold my hand! I felt the pain in both your heart & head. I could not see who u were/are because i was YOU in the dream, touching the hands of a strange faceless creature w a very unclear face, who looked more like a girl than a guy. I recon this person was myself seen thru your eyes. I cannot thank u enough. U r truly an ANGEL. Above all, you r truly the BRAVEST person(s) i ever 'met'. I am just so ashamed of what "I" put you thru w what could only come from a delusion of grandeure. Please take good care of yourself(selves), & your tender heart(s). LOVE. RESPECT. TRUST.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/14/0912:39amCongrats swifter im happy 4 u, not many men can cry. so welldone. about ur new found faith, did u G`HAVE to TELL us what u EXACTLY did? now ive got an image i cant shake easy ..... WAIT :...... ................. YES I CAN HALEJUJA 4 naked men! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Swifter06/13/0911:44pmMy last post was in broken English! What i meant was very simple. Nothing 'cryptic' about it. Now i got it right. End of my idiot lines.
Swifter06/13/099:10pmWhat i meant w 'repenting' was that i realized that i was a cold & ignorant **** the last 17-18 yrs and i could see the way i treated so many good ppl in my life...etc..etc...but having said that, we're all only humans. And this human has his share of sins & vices. Just like u do w your Milkshake! :) Anyways...oh God, no more please!!! No more cryptic responses to my posts...plz! AAARRGGGHHH.... BYE!!!
Swifter06/13/098:18pmBut the world feels brand new! It's not the same self-deceiving life again. Everything will b the same as it was, but i will never b the same as i was.
Milkshake06/13/097:44pmThe process has been very happy for me. I laughed so damn hard for the last month! I will never bow out. I will only stay in. I feel cold and clammy inside. I need a milkshake fast! Thank you for the laughs.
Swifter06/13/097:29pmThe process has been just as painful for me. I cried for 3 days & nights. I baptized myself yesterday, crying & repenting in the shower. I'm brand new now. Everything feels better today & i can make use of myself in my life much better. And i am bowing out gracefully. Oh & thanks!
Milkshake06/13/093:28pmLOl FlowerChild! I do think he is a glutten for punishment! Do you think Swifter is the same Wallander? He sounds like a female lately.
FlowerChild06/13/092:14pmHey Zera, yes honey, you are trying. I can't help, but laugh, what else can you do. Sit back until this part of the dark comedy has finally ceased. BUT...there will always be another tomorrow to laugh at. This is hilarious. I don't think I have ever seen such a glutton for punishment. Milkshake, you should have your own comedy gig, you are way so funny....all I can do is...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Swifter, bow out gracefully.
Milkshake06/13/0911:50amAnd lets make the new poll subject a "SWIFT" change please.
Swifter06/13/0910:14amNo i thought i was being helpful. But apparently not. Well no worries. Fresh new poll. Yes. Finally.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/13/099:45amI DID! Many a bloody time. N u´ve seen what my efforts got us! LMAO!
Milkshake06/13/099:08amGone under skin? Cozy and warm again? Swifter, are you a worm?? Hey Zera! If you want us to comment about poll, then tell poll master to make poll subject more interesting and something that most people know about.
Swifter06/13/098:55amI was the whole time under the impression that u'd gone under my skin Milky, but it turned out to be something else. It has actually improved my life to something much better. Hahahahahahahaha.... U truly helped me out! I know u think i'm being Milkshake again but i honestly mean what i'm saying! :)))
Swifter06/13/095:47amPlz tell me, is DeeDee a metaphor for a bomb? Or does 'she' really exist in an actual person? A woman? Because i don't want the 1st one! And from my understanding there is a lot of pain in the hearts & the heads of the ppl right now, and i'm trying to step down. And feel cozy n warm again. Everything is back to normal again.
Swifter06/13/094:48amI am sick. Me. ME. I am sick & i'm never getting on the net again.
Swifter06/13/093:45amDeeDee is a mean n hurtful girl. Nobody tells me what to do. Here i go again on my own...going down the only road i've ever a twister i was born to walk alone...i ain't wasting no more time...going out in the country to meditate...
Swifter06/12/0910:19pmI understand your last comment was hurtful... i'm ashamed of the way i behaved before!!! And...i'm understanding the Pluto-in-Capricorn now.
Swifter06/12/099:06pmMilkshake the last comment was not to u. I have had 5 dreams. I no remember the last 2 yet....give me time...
FlowerChild06/12/095:30pmOh Milkshake, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Milkshake06/12/094:15pmAfter meeting you Swifter, everyone needs an afterlife!!
FlowerChild06/12/092:25pmProve where I have made fun of the afterlife!!!
Swifter06/12/091:14pmAnd plz stop being silly about the after-life, both u & Pat! U're both great ppl but i see no reason whatsoever why it has to go beyond this poll. And nobody has hurt me in here. U've only made me feel nice & cozy inside. The only real sinner has been misunderstandings. U have such delicate & tender hearts, u keep making me blush. Only the good feelings have remained now. Bye.
Swifter06/12/0912:35pmGood girl. :))))
Milkshake06/12/099:38amYes...yes...yes...Swifter....This is Swifter's place for affirmation lies......Yes...yes...yes Swifter, you are on drugs...BAD!!...Your Big Wheel rides smooth; your Big Wheel rides great. Now put on your cool shades, get in your Big Wheel, and ride down to the nearest, busiest intersection. Oh. And yes, take your girlfiend, DeeDee with you. BYE!
Swifter06/12/095:23amMy car is great. It runs just the way i LOVE it. Milkshake, u stole my car sometimes ago. And u didn't know any better. U didn't know the rules of the game. But now u have your car back. And i have my own car, exactly the way i came in here the 1st time. ;-)
Swifter06/12/095:03amNow we're back to the present (from the past) and everything is back to perfect normalcy. I'm feeling myself again. As a matter of fact i'm feeling so much better than i was doing before. And i'm backing off from u Milkshake. I'm back in my own life, and i'm exactly where i was when i came in here the 1st time. I love u for giving me back my life again...everything is back to the way i've wanted it. In fact it's BETTER. Thanks & bye.
Elaine06/12/094:02amMilkshake you are right. DeeDee needs a big wheel, maybe the big wheel will roll over DeeDee. What gaul to assume the reason we are all on this site. It's fun plain and simple DeeDee! Maybe you need to take a chill pill. If this is Swifter you really do have issues and need to stop wasting our time with your sickness and get some PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!! Get locked up for awhile. I voted NO!!!! The resson I voted no is that We do not need the government taking over our Car Companies and telling them how to run them. Hell they cannot even run the government. Get rid of all Foreign car companies or if they want to stay tax them billions and billions of dollars. Obama get out of my pockets..........Idiot.
Swifter06/11/0910:30pmAnd btw stop stealing my crazy lines! LoL [ps-just been a little sorry about my own behavior in this poll. But i think all the boohoos came out a coupla nights ago. I'm still feeling tired but it's a GOOD feeling of tiredness for a change.]
Swifter06/11/0910:01pmNo. It doesn't. It tasted not good.
Milkshake06/11/098:47pmLOL! That's really funny FlowerChild!
FlowerChild06/11/098:29pmDeeDee is probably one of Swifter's other personalities. Still sounds like him to me. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. A double dose of your own medicine doesn't taste too good, does it?
Milkshake06/11/094:43pmDeeDee, you sound like you're dumb. I vote YES you need a Big Wheel too.
DeeDee06/11/094:41pmYou all use this as your space and personaly you don't have a life to let Swiffer or what ever he or she call it's self you all are freaks that don't have a life i bet you all sit at home in front of the computer never take a bath looking for the next coment to make. i voted yes!
FlowerChild06/11/0910:56amEverybody, it's me Pat. This is for real: HUGE VIRUS COMING!!! Will totally fry your computer! DON'T OPEN "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK"
FlowerChild06/11/0910:19amTrust me on this one, he never listens to good sound advice and do it.
Milkshake06/11/099:12amTo Swifter: I really don't like my lifestyle at the moment either. I'm not working right now. I'm looking forward to 2 surgeries and I'm only 41 years old. This damn mole can cost me my freakin life!! You use this place as your journal and/or book for affirmation statements. You tell me to back off? The whole world know about you! I wish I didn't know about you! My suggestion is this: Save up your dollar and cents; go to the nearest Toys R Us and purchase a Big Wheel. Now everyday ride in your Big Wheel and say: I will NOT be mean to others....I will NOT be mean to others. Then maybe you'll be a nice guy!
Elaine06/11/097:33amSwifter we all have stress, it is how each of us handle it and it seems you are not doing so well. Have you thought about getting some professional help? It might help you get back on track. In the mean time have fun on your big wheel. God I am sorry I could not resist. Hee! Hee!
Swifter06/11/095:38amTo Milkshake: If you must know, YES i HATE my own lifestyle...YES i HATE the fact that i am not like YOU at the moment, where i am able to make my own living, and have my own car, and be able to travel. But i need a chance to take things 1 STEP AT A TIME BECAUSE I'VE BEEN SUFFERING FROM STRESS JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. And NO i do NOT feel free to do/say anything. So just back off & enjoy YOUR OWN life, and let me go thru my own process....THANKS...& bye.
Swifter06/10/094:55pmLOL :)))))))))))))))))))))))
Milkshake06/10/092:53pmHee Hee. LOL
Elaine06/10/0912:55pmOh God! I am picturing this crazy man riding on a big wheel. Milkshake that was extremely funny. I cannot stop laughing.
Milkshake06/10/0912:43pmThe government intervention in Mattel and Fisher-Price was the right thing to do? I vote Yes. They make a larger variety of Big Wheels for Swifter to drive!
Milkshake06/10/0912:09pmHee hee, Zera. As for Swifter, good. It's settled then. You partially agree. So no ant farm. No pets of Any Kind. No vehicle for you to drive (except for maybe a Big Wheel). Thank God! We can save wild life and the rest of the human rasce!
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/10/0911:55amOk hunny Milkshake, car we drive. Well i drive a 1999 navyblue Suzuki. I live in Denmark n well i wanted a car that is economic in gas, doesnt pay much 4 weight taxes n green taxes, plus drive long per liter gas. UNLEADED to boot. I would love a new car, but hello need job n savings 1st n i doubt a car will b the first to b ourchased, a new home n a cat will b first b4 car LOL PLUS above all else a car that didnt cost too much in insurances. So there ! LOL
Swifter06/10/0911:13amAll i can say is i agree PARTIALLY w everything said by everyone. I've taken it all to heart.
Milkshake06/10/0911:08amAs for Zera's last comment; some of us may not know enough about the poll question. So to try and stick to the subject matter on the poll, I brought up vehicles and what kind of vehicles people drive. Also, I'm not going to allow someone to abuse me or others on this poll, lean back and say, "oh well. he's just a child." No. No. No. It's wrong. And it needs to stop now! I agree with both FlowerChild and Elaine. Swifter shouldn't even own an ant farm. He would abuse that too!
FlowerChild06/10/0910:08amOr physically hurt someone.....please don't get a would be soooo abused. You have too much rage inside you.
Elaine06/10/0910:00amAfter reading all your comments in this poll, Swifter you seriously have a problem and you should be committed. You need a nice rest somewhere where you cannot say hurtful things to people.
Milkshake06/10/099:04amViolence, Swifter? Now you are threatening me with violence? And then calling FlowerChild a name? Looks like you should be reported. All I was trying to say Swifter is that people like you shouldn't drive on the roads.
FlowerChild06/10/095:05amSwifter, how can you say I have called you names, when we both know it is not true? Until the comment before this one. Why don't you get the movie "Sybil" and watch it. It may remind you of someone.
Swifter06/10/094:59amOMG... I'm sorry ppl. My mind is a little exhausted right now. Don't mind the hectic comments....back to the MAIN TOPIC of the poll....
FlowerChild06/10/094:51amSwifter, you're just p!ssed because you keep emailing me and I won't give you the time of day. F__K YOU!! A$$hole!!!
Swifter06/10/094:45amWhat am i saying?? It's been you all along FlowerChild! You've been on my case so many times, you B*tch! And you've been calling me so many nasty words lately. AAAARRRGGGHHH....
Swifter06/10/094:12amBoy i wanna kick your a.. Sometimes really hard Milkshake! What the hell is your problem?? U gave me such a headache yesterday!! Today it's your turn.....
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/10/091:19amIm STILL aroun flowerchild, i juss stopped placing my 5 cents worth of soapbox yaddah yah u know. Besides the way i see it, some1 ALWAYS comments on stuff another said n REFUELS the entire who is righ n who is wrong. Highschool courtyard fights. Does ANY grow up already? by all means this here AINT pointed at any specific but at the whole who fuels n fuels n fuels n asks what did i do? n yet pointing at some1 else. Dang guys get a GRIP n knock it off already. I wanna thank JEFF 4 making an HUGE effort to bring the poll debate BACK on the topic. Government aide to car producers in USA: THANK U JEFF!!!
Milkshake06/09/097:06pmOMG!! I heard some good news! Swifter does NOT own a car.......that means more lives are spared! YAY!!!!
Swifter06/09/096:33pmIf you must know, i was following the talk about cars w great interest. You could have ignored my last post, and just continued to talk about the cars, and i would have continued to read your comments...with great interest. And FYI i understood PERFECTLY what was being said! And i appreciated it VERY MUCH. NONE OF THE THINGS YOU SAID was lost on me!!! I do not own a car, so i cannot tell you much about the subject without looking stupid?!! But you are apparently too worked up right now, to even see that i HAVE BEEN following EVERYTHING you've been saying ALL THIS TIME....despite all the misunderstandings, the lack of focus & the insults. The ONLY thing that i did NOT get, was that apparently i was NOT supposed to post the SLIGHTEST thing that was out of context, or NOT related to the things you're posting! AGAIN, NOTHING WAS LOST! (I hope you excused me for posting this comment! How else can i explain myself?)
FlowerChild06/09/095:34pmHe doesn't realize that he has pushed everyone beyond their limits. I am also tired of him wanting to be the victim in all of this. No one has ever said the things to him that he has said to us.
Milkshake06/09/093:07pmI'm really happy to here that Elaine! I'm glad you took that dirty, rotten creep to the cleaners. He lost a good woman. As for Swifter, he needs to go to the cleaners and STAY at the cleaners!!
Swifter06/09/093:00pmFor crying out loud, i was just sharing a good song i found on Youtube. I just thought the lyrics were excellent in the song, and i wanted to put it in here. I seem to keep doing something wrong without even knowing what it is? This is all getting too much. And i STILL don't know what it is PRECISELY you ppl keep accusing me of??! This is getting scary...i'm out.
Elaine06/09/092:48pmDamn what is wrong with you Swifter. Are you completely off your rocker. Get some professional HELP!!!
Swifter06/09/092:26pm[] "All my lazy teenage boasts are now high precision ghosts....And they're coming round the track to haunt me....When she looks at me and laughs I remind her of the facts....I'm the king of rock'n roll completely....Up from suede shoes to my baby blues....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque.... Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque....The dream helps you forget you ain't never danced a step....You were never fleet of foot, hippy....All the pathos you can keep for the children in the street....For the vision I have had is sweeping....New broom, this room, sweep it clean....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque High kickin' dandy, fine figure fine cut a fine figure fine oh yeah....Long legged candy, fine figure fine cut a fine figure fine oh yeah....Now my rhythm ain't so hot, but it's the only friend I've got....I'm the king of rock'n roll completely.....All the pretty birds have I'm dancing on my own....I'm the king of rock'n roll completely.....Up from, suede shoes to my baby blues.....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque.....High kickin' dandy, fine figure fine cut a fine figure fine oh yeah; Long legged candy, fine figure fine cut a fine figure fine oh yeah....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque....Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque......ALBUQUERQUE."
Elaine06/09/091:37pmThat's cool Milkshake. I know how hard it is to do all those things. The reason I was able to get these things was that I divorced my no good, cheating moran of a husband and took him to the cleaners, so now I have nice things without the aggravation of taking care of a jerk off husband. Life is GOOD!!! When I want a man I have one then I send him on his way. It sounds cruel, but when the person that was supposed to be there for you for the rest of your life treats you like dirt you get bitter. So I say use them and then throw them back.
Milkshake06/09/0912:05pmOh Elaine! I'm just kidding with you. I would brag too if I were you. I'm very happy for you. I know one day I'll have a real real nice vehicle I buy myself that I will work very hard for. It's really hard nowadays to afford a car, a home, raising children, food, taking care of pets if you have any, car insurance, health insurance, and staying healthy. I feel so damn lucky I have what I have.
Elaine06/09/0911:56amSorry Milkshake I did not mean to make you feel jealous. I just wanted to share with you my pride of two vehicles that I worked very very hard for and enjoy driving. Have a Good Day!
Milkshake06/09/0911:49amI'm thankful I have a car too. Bambi on ice? I'd say more like Godzilla invaded Earth!
FlowerChild06/09/0911:41amThat car was sold to my mom brand new from my aunt for $2,000 when it was about 5 or 6 months old. She wanted to buy a brand new truck and cahanged her mind about the car. I love my aunt, but it must be nice... We had a car that went to car and had to catch a cab back and forth to the businesses we had. That costed a lot. We are thankful to have a car, no matter who built it.
Milkshake06/09/0911:29amI agree with most of what you say, Elaine. But I am jealous of you. You drive 2 vehicles that are nice and I only drive one that's not so nice to look at. I am also jealous of FlowerChild's vehicle. At least my car is reliable. And that's all I really have to say about my car.
Tom06/09/099:52amElaine I agree totally with you. I voted for Obama and I and quite a few others are upset that we were lied to by Obama. He really is going to take our way of life away if we let him. This next election we need to even up the score to keep both sides in check. We need to get rid of alot of democrats so they don't destroy our country. I am so upset about the way Obama is spending (more than any other president including Bush) that I am changing and becoming a Republican. Democrats do not stand for anything good anymore except for socialism. Obama wants all white people to give up the things they worked hard for, salary caps etc. and give it to the blacks and illegal aliens. I believe in helping all americans that need help. I am not working hard all my life to give it away to people who only know how to lay on their asses and expect that we take care of them and Obama is going to tell me what to do with my money. He is a socialist, muslum terrorist and most of us fell for his lies. Sorry America that I voted for this loser.
Elaine06/09/098:24amHi Milkshake, I drive two vehicles I own a 2005 Dodge Durango with a hemi in it (I love it) and also last year I purchased a 2004 Dodge Ram SRT 10 Pickup (that's my baby). I use that as my summer fun drive. I refuse to buy any foreign car or truck. That was one of the reasons our country is going down the tubes is that americans sold out this country by buying foreign crap cars (rice beaters). I know that alot of them are built here and the japanese are giving us poor americans jobs. remember the money does not stay here it goes back to their country. We need to boycott all foreign car dealers and get them out of our country. I know the liberals will have a hissy fit because I am saying this. They along with our socialist government want America to fail. They want us all to be dependent on the government for our very lives. Impeach Obama now! When I shop I buy as much as I can that is USA Made. Americans need to make a stand and stop this crap! Next year vote the democrats assholes out of office so we can stop this foolishness. :D
Swifter06/09/097:58amDon't mind the last sentence about Bambi on Ice! All the other things said in that comment were precise...i believe.
Swifter06/09/096:43amYes Flower Child. I see your point NOW. I trying to improve whole way of looking at myself now.(because that is where insults come from: lack of self-respect) And YES i agree w both you & Milkshake that i have lot of personal issues to work out. I've been behaving like Bambi on ice, so to speak, until now.
FlowerChild06/09/096:04amHi Jeff, glad to see you back. Everything that is happening is pre-ordained to happen. I realize now that O'Bama is bringing things in faster. BUT whoever got in to office was going to slowly bring to pass the inevitable anyway. Milkshake, I drive a 2004 Hyundai Sonata, still going very well. Bye Zera, will miss you. Come back sometime though. Swifter, I looked the word up, and I understand that. BUT you still understood the mean, hateful, nasty insults that you have been slinging out. NO EXCUSE for that at all.
Jeff06/08/091:38pmHello everyone. I see the conversation is way off topic again. Just a quick comment on how I feel about the Government take over of GM and Chrysler... It's absolutely outrageous and frightening. What happened to all those tens of billions of our tax dollars that were going to help them? They basically took ownership, while also bailing out the Auto Worker's unions by giving them billions in ownership as well. This is a huge conflict of interest! The unions all contribute millions of dollars to the democrats who are now awarding them ownership! The Obama administration now runs the banks, the insurance companies like AIG, the mortgage industry (banks, fannie and freddie, etc). They have started to heavily regulate the credit card companies, and now they have their sights on health care. Freedom and liberty in this country is evaporating. The same people that now run our failing public education system, our bankrupt social security system, our bankrupt medicare and medicaid systems... these same elite government bureaucracies want to grab what's left of the private sector. How can the American people trust one massive centralized government with every aspect of their lives when history has shown that this is a certain road to tyranny? All this government control is unconstitutional yet no one in either party is opposing this!
Milkshake06/08/091:34pmI drive a Subaru. It's been a very reliable and dependable car for me. I have had bad luck with Chryslers. does anyone want to tell what kind of car they drive? LOL
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/08/0912:12pmFar far away sits a woman while her man reads over her shoulder, both puzzled at the flurry of acitivity of posts that makes no sense whatsoever. puzzled at y ANY keeps the fuel gping. Shakes heads n leaves whatever bonfire thats going on here. cheerioooooohhhh adiossss farvel, tc ta ta toodles beuno notté The End!
Milkshake06/08/0911:29amSwifter, Again and Again and Again!! Just LEAVE Mystic. LEAVE!! You are making this place very negative. You have the worst negative energy. Just LEAVE!!
FlowerChild06/08/099:07amOMG!!!!!!! Will you freaking SHUT UP!!!! No one wants to hear from your sick mind!!!!!!!!
Swifter06/08/098:48amUnderstanding what is already lost in translation IN A HUMOROUS WAY! I finally understood! Finally finally FINALLY. (sorry for my lack of any humor up til now folks!) End of my posts.
Swifter06/08/097:47amI don't expect u to like me Milkshake. But i've always liked u....Whoever/whatever u may b?!
Swifter06/08/096:48amI am approximately 1 poll behind, i have noticed! So while u are seeing some kind of a legal battle(or just some mental disorder?) i am flabbergasted by my new revelation that i'm going to be a freaking castrated man?!! Not to mention the fact that i'll be resembling Donald Duck's far away cousin?!! A bit overwhelming to have to deal with. Anyways u all have been EXTREMELY GRACIOUS to want to delve into a resonal tragedy of this magnitude! I cannot thank you enough!!! I know on some level i've made u all sick to your stomachs w the stuff revealled in my writings! My own 1st reaction NATURALLY is how i might b able to change all of this, if at all possible?? Or is the BRAVEST thing to do sometimes, is to simply surrender to destiny?! In any event my thoughts go out to you all for having the stomach to go thru this! Give yourselves a BIG pat on the shoulder for the courage to go this far! I'm sure you all are bound to live happy & prosperous lives. No doubt in my mind. I will come back in a few days to see if i can change anything at all?? For now, thank u all.
Swifter06/08/095:27amThis is all too much. I barely even know Milkshake, and now she's the one to decide the outcome of my application?! Or am i a few steps away from u all? This kind of "subconscience lingo" is something i've not been very good at, apparently. But i need my application because i don't want the life of a freaking ______ ! Anyhoo this was NOT what i'd been hoping for. Nor was i hoping to go to some Muslim city, if that is also in my writings?! I suppose it is too late for me to ask if i could change all of this?? How about if i come back in a few days and write a few lines? I need to take care of a few tasks in the meantime......
Swifter06/08/094:36amPlease make love to me 24/7 Milkshake. I want u to be attached onto my front, so to speak!! (Now please tell me for once that i said the right thing !!!)
Milkshake06/07/099:18pmI'm not trying to be fiesty. But I'm NOT going to allow that SOB to get away with it this time. What Swifter said this time is unacceptable. I also don't know enough about the subject on this poll. and I don't think there is much to say on this subject anyway.
Bam Bam06/07/098:25pmI sorry flower girlie! I haven't checked that e-mail in over a week. Please resend it, otherwise I'll be forever getting back to friends. Talk with you soon! P.S. I'm not sure if it's good for the gov't to get involved I don't know enough about this one.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/07/097:45pmN suddenly outta the blue the fighting parties met n fell madly in love......... n if they didnt kill each other they r still living fighting n making mad wild monkey love.
FlowerChild06/07/092:26pmMilkshake, you feisty little thing you...lololol Yes, Bam Bam, it's me. I emailed you one day, guess you didn't get it. Will send another short one, so you will know for sure. I understand and and am relieved that you are okay. I was starting to be very concerned.
Milkshake06/07/0911:46amSwifter, You SOB....I'm taking this way farther than you will ever know. I don't like the comments you made about me or others in here. I will not shut up. And I will make sure you leave this poll. It's not anyone's fault you're sick, except your own. I suggest you leave and shut your damn filthy ass mouth now. Believe me Swifter, if you stay on here, you will regret it. I suggest you leave for a while and cool down or else!
Swifter06/07/0911:42amBut more importantly, i THANK you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING you've been teaching me Milkshake!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!! Now SHUT UP!!!
Milkshake06/07/099:43amI thought you said you're not coming on here anymore. Back again?
Swifter06/07/098:22amWell last night i had a dream we(humans) were ALL content w our own lives, and were each living wonderful lives according to our own dreams, convictions, & desires. Everybody happy.
Bam Bam06/07/096:42amHey Flower child! Are you who I think you are?? I'm still around, I've been so busy with work I don't have time to scratch my bum. I can't complain though work is good and it's good to have in this economy. Trying to buy a new house too, almost there just a few bumps to accomplish before it goes to underwriting. But that takes up so much time. Plus, my son graduated high school, I can't beleive how proud I am. What a wonderful day we had. Say some prayers for me for the house though, I had dream last night I was bitten by a tiny snake, according to our dream dictionary Enemies are afoot! Have a super day everyone!
FlowerChild06/07/091:38amThank you for being happy for me that my son is coming home. Milkshake, don't even comment to Swifter. This is how he treated our friendship in our many emails to each other. I told him he could have me as a friend anyway he wanted me and he actually threw my friendship in the trash. He told me he was being mean and hateful with me, because he didn't want to be friends anymore, but he was mean through all of our conversations to each other. He doesn't really want a TRUE FRIEND!! Remember, in one comment in the polls he wanted to p!ss on my pictures and I told him I wish he would, then throw them away? Well, I quit emailing him way before that time. Bye friends, be back again later. Where is Bam Bam? I haven't heard from her in a long time! I am so worried about her.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/07/091:33amOk i dunno wether Swifter is being impostered or not. BUT NOW he sounds UTTERLY stupid! N the debate that runs IS STUPID! How OLD r you really right now? 5?? 3??? 7??? You SO do NOT sound nor read like sane adults, more like immature brats outta control. Man ill stop b4 i also sound stupid!
Milkshake06/06/097:52pmWho said I felt bad? Have a nice day..(and it will take an entire day) reading all of your evil, nasty, cruel, abusive comments you have written on this poll and on all of the other polls. After reading your comments; you will end up scaring yourself.
Swifter06/06/096:54pmYou don't need to feel bad Milkshake. I'm not coming here any more. And this is NOT because you've hurt or scared me, but because this has turned into an endless farce, and now i'm stopping it. So just take it easy & enjoy the rest of these polls without my presence in here.
Milkshake06/06/096:08pmOn second thought; you know what Swifter? I'm going to call the police myself. Sometimes you sound like a female I recognize on here and other times you sound like a screwed-up **** who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut! Stop using this place for your journal and your affirmation statements. And now you're using this place to abuse and threaten others. I'm gonna make sure you get a swift kick in your smart ass swifter ass!
Milkshake06/06/093:22pmOver and Out?? When are you OVER? And finally, when are you OUT?!
Swifter06/06/092:43pmJust needed to say a big SORRY to Milkshake. (No need to respond to this one.)
Swifter06/06/092:20pmOuch...i deserved that one. Over & out.
Milkshake06/06/091:25pmSwifter, you are a prime example of a psychotic, weird, evil-minded, abusive, murderer. Maybe you should go away for a while before somebody contacts the police and puts your ass in jail. You are the most unhappiest person I have ever encountered. So take your misery elsewhere, before you get in serious trouble.
Swifter06/06/091:01pmAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.......never mind. This is-- i guess-- a FINE example of "Mars Retro"....LOL....but then again, i ain't America. Not I...Not moi! I have come to the conclusion that i am spiritually bonded with some woman from Spain? Maybe she existed in the WW2? Maybe she did not?? But i believe this to be very near the truth.
Swifter06/06/0912:41pmI take it back, you are a B*TCH Milkshake!!!!!!!!!!!
Swifter06/06/0912:05pmYou're so amazing Milkshake...
Swifter06/06/0911:58amOh i LOVE your spankings Milkshake, you little devil. You got the right touch baby. Please give me more more MORE.....oh YESSSSS.....thank're so wonderful at this Milkshake....AAAAHHHHH....YESSS....
Swifter06/06/0911:47amYou keep spanking my raunchy ass with your writings Milkshake.
Swifter06/06/0910:38amAnyways this raunchy a.. lady says THANKS to you all. That's all. Goodbye.
Swifter06/06/0910:23amMilkshake, all i know is that you keep trying to provoke me, and sometimes i succeed in hiding my true emotions, & other times i don't. I can even turn into a deceitful little devil, and get all our identities mixed up but it is NOT done ON PURPOSE. I would like to show my MALE side in my writings, especially when i know YOU are the reader, because you tend to have a cultural way of looking at sexuality, which is btw the RIGHT way, because it is a sign of a SOUND MIND, as opposed to mine, which up til now has been struggling with identity issues(cultural) combined with a midlife crisis. But i AM beginning to show my "spiritual ****"(aka my "manly mojo") which is basically GREAT for my own sake, because it means i am no longer under the spell of my own ex. But my oh my, she had such a complicated mind. Her Destiny Card was/is the 7 of Clubs. Never mind the Clubs, but the #7 is an awful number imho.
Swifter06/06/099:41amCongratulations FlowerChild. I also side with Zera's last comment.
Captain Of The Mind06/06/098:00amI have so many things to do, and yet without any supports from anyone. But fortunately nobody else is in a better place than me. Everybody is suffering one way or another. Everything shapes itself out from there...
Milkshake06/05/098:37pmI'm very happy for you, FlowerChild!!
FlowerChild06/05/097:43pmJust letting all my friends know my son is COMING HOME!!!
Jen06/05/096:03pmIt's interesting that since mars has retrograted in the united states chart, that so many efforts to improve, redo and to change have taken place. this is another effort to try to makeup for past mistakes. it's all very interesting especially with some heavy duty action of the planets on the world points...stars and planets taking shape.... we can all feel events looming...but who can say what it all means....let your light's gonna be allrite....keep the faith going....
Milkshake06/05/094:19pmSwifter, use your swift brain and think........I was talking about YOU!!
Swifter06/05/094:02amMilkshake, i can't figure out if u're talking about the EU or my ex-mother-in-law?? Frankly i think it is the latter who's been speaking thru me -- unbeknown to myself! Either way, she resembled "Mother Europa" VERY much. The "raunchy a.. woman" that u were talking about! (LoL) Anyways NO MORE posts from me for a whole week. Bye folks.
Swifter06/05/093:26amJust happy to be alive! Bye. :-D
Swifter06/05/091:21amBtw i only see beautiful, warm, & AMAZING things in everyone's writings. I was just teasing w the things i said before regarding Milkshake's writings. I'm not apologizing though because i was trying to make a little point w that joke. But EVERYTHING i'm getting from EVERYONE is NICE. Peace & Love.
Swifter06/05/0912:08amNo more off-topic discussions from me again.I am full of gentleness, peace & love. I'm permanently good.
Swifter06/04/0911:00pmMilkshake, i have a feeling u know the answer to your own questions, better than i do.
Swifter06/04/0910:23pmMercury is the planet of both Gemini & Virgo which symbolizes both communication & openness in Astrology. Its metal is AGAIN Mercury, which has a relatively low melting point. Just remember these 2 small facts. This planet is the planet of Angels & Beasts. This is because it does NOT know feelings & emotions. I have been voicing Mercury in here. Great poets, writers & philanthropists write thru their Moon planets, or their Pluto planets, or their Neptune planets. But they would have to have the impulses & initiatives of the "fire planets", and right after that, the peacefulness & love of the Earthy planets, because we all have an awful lot of need for well-roundedness. (plz forgive my PREVIOUS ups & downs because i'm learning as i go along.)
Ed06/04/091:34pmThe economy is the blame for the car companies and everything else going bankrupt and it all was caused by government,they put so many regulations on car companies and agreed to bad trade deals that hurt all industry in this country and lets not forget the economic disaster caused by senators and congress men and women by looking the other way on freddie mac and fanniemay the people that sold mortgages to thousands of people that could not afford the houses they let them buy with bogus credit reports that made it look like they could afford the loan,then wall street got into it and bundled all these bad mortgages together and sold them around the world.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/04/0912:22pmSwifter hon, i have an excellent idea, now plz do not take it the wrong way, but how about doing ur postings in a journal first? then reread them edit n the final part u post? that way u work on ur skills as thoughtful poster n we can see sense on what u post n wanna say. NOT saying i dont, but at times i ask ok nice point nice view but whats the issue per se? so think u can at least try hon? thanx babes
Milkshake06/04/099:59amYes Yes Yes Swifter! Keep looking past everything.....I have a great idea for you! The next time you open your little Dr. Doolittle journal and need to add an entry, please include the names for your wonderful baby cows, goats, donkeys, and monkeys! And also please include the name of the raunchy ass mother who helped you create your new farm-animal children.
Swifter06/04/098:47amWell i HATE having to explain EVERY SINGLE time i'm making a joke, that it doesn't even bother me anymore what u might think of me or my brain! Goodbye.
FlowerChild06/04/093:26amSwifter, your mind has so many problems that it is sad to even comment on your words anymore.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/03/0911:24pmThanx Milkshake ;-)!
Swifter06/03/096:07pmThen u should know about the images that i keep recieving from your writings Milkshake. Sick, i tell ya! Girls doing it with farm animals. Goats, donkeys, horses & cows, all being given "the full service" while electric sparks coming out of the animals!!! Where the hell do u ppl come from? Some crazy-a.. freak show circus? I mean i'm down w the naughty business, but this is nasty stuff! And why am i sounding like a black guy again? I must be delirious again!? I miss Laudanum! See, now u turned me into a cry-baby again! Actually the father comment DID upset me a lot. But i'm going to look past it this time Milkshake.
Milkshake06/03/091:55pmZera, I emailed you something. Swifter, you keep making remarks about a baby when you probably couldn't make a decent father. Why do you keep making these teasing, weird remarks about a baby? It sounds sickening and sounds like you are making fun of another person.
Swifter06/03/0912:06pmFinally found the baby, and what a SHOCKING revelation!! But so VERY EXCITING!!! Heeheehee.... Btw i hope everybody is alright?!
FlowerChild06/03/099:12amWhere are you at, Bam Bam? You haven't been here or answer email? What is wrong, honey? We all hope you are okay!!!
Todd06/02/095:47pmI voted 'undecided.' There are always 2 sides to every issue imho. I agree with your last two posts Swifter.
Swifter06/02/095:59am[CORRECTION] "But who is their when the HUGE companies go bankrupt?" = But who is THERE TO save their when the huge companies THEMSELVES go bankrupt??
Swifter06/02/095:56amIf you are a HUGE brand--basically in ANY line of products, i.e. cars, toothpaste, name it--it is bound to cause you difficulties on the long run. The SMALLER companies can always be bought by the larger companies, when/if they go bankrupt. But who is their when the HUGE companies go bankrupt? Shouldn't there be some kind of a regulation or a 'loft' for the bigger companies/brands, so that they always can divide themselves into smaller chunks again, in order to save the WHOLE company from going "Titanic"?? But maybe the problem with GM and Chrysler is something else entirely different?! Btw i believe i've seen the Michael Moore docu-film Snapsdragon. I like your name btw.
Swifter06/02/095:33amIt wasn't anything special anyhow. I actually have a feeling u know what i was going to say. The same old "i always respect your opinions"....blah blah blah....
Swifter06/02/094:07amJust wanted to say very briefly that i'm going to send u a short mail a little later on FlowerChild. (And please don't worry. This time i know which side of me u'd rather NOT see!)
Zera aka tiger / tigger06/02/091:10amUndesided bc its a full blown US pollq. Not a world pollq- Thehehe
Snapdragon06/01/093:52pmI voted "undecided". On one hand, thousands of people's jobs were at stake in a very break-n-butter industry of America. On the other hand, management of GM has been questionable for DECADES. Does anyone remember Michael Moore's movie "Roger and Me" (c.1989)?
Swifter06/01/092:07pmActually never mind. I was just curious. That's all. I am hoping that my own love life takes a leap forward soon. Been having some personal issues since 2006, but fortunately i am at a better place today than i was then(as amazing as that may sound to you!) Anyways back to the main topic of this poll.
Swifter06/01/091:07pmIf you don't mind my asking FlowerChild, when are you going to have your 2nd date with this love-interest of yours?? Do you have any other fun details from the 1st date? Just curious....
Swifter06/01/0910:41amLOL....i apologize to EVERYONE. I guess i was still floating somewhere in the outer space. I know my behavior has been embarrassing. Thanks for your patience all this time. Now we're coming back down to Earth...& back to this fairly political poll.
Milkshake06/01/099:52amLOL FlowerChild! Swifter, I read your comments and they NEVER answer the poll question. This is on ALL polls. All you do is use the poll as your journal entries. To answer the poll question, I'm unsure at this time. I did have some friends that worked for GM.
FlowerChild06/01/099:31amYes, I think it was a good idea, instead of closing them down. At least it saved some jobs. Now.....Swifter, my year is 1955, not 1954 to a comment you made in another poll. Why do you always think peoples' comments have something to do with you. You are letting the past mistakes in your life eat you away. Only you can work on that. Nobody has the time in here. We all have problems we have to deal with and get some good advice from friends in here. The world does not revolve around you.
Swifter06/01/093:37amTo Milkshake & everyone else: i FINALLY-FINALLY got it. I left a short comment in the previous poll. BIG THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.
Swifter06/01/091:14amI understand now. Swifter sometimes loves to SMS! [accent on the 1st two letters!] Well i guess i'll have to look into it. Need to be properly 'educated' for a thing like that, don't i. Now back to the poll. I voted "Undecided." PEACE.
BMW06/01/0912:43amYes it was.

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