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What should world leaders do regarding the Iranian election strife?

Total Voters: 600
Remain silent and do not meddle. 63%
Express support for protestors fighting for freedom. 63%
Express support for the current leadership. 63%
Undecided. 63%
Swifter07/01/095:04amBye & Thanks.
GoSign06/30/097:32pmSwifter, GO AWAY!
Swifter06/30/095:35pmI am too much of an empty shell, to want to be a poet of that caliber Milkshake! People like Whitman & Frost(don't know the last one too well) & other great poets, were incredibly sensitive & bright souls. If i can let go of 'yesterday' then i am sure i will be able to find my own voice in poetry and/or those kinds of things too. Btw i was NOT talking necessarily poetry, but i actually happen to like the idea. Don't worry Zera, i am going to go with STOPSIGN's suggestion anyways. Continue polling. Maybe I will drop by again in a few days. (sorry i felt i had to post this 1 last time)
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/30/091:08pmI give up. I dont think i´ll voice or comment until swifter shuts the hell up once and for all. Swifter sorry but im sick and tired of your comments that has nada to do with the pool question itself. ive tried NICELY to make you see your errors and how to get back in peoples good graces, but its like you crap on us all. So adios swifter. The few who knows me knows where I can be found. NO swifter you cannot im me anymore. Im done with ya babble. Sad because I actually did like you ......................once!
Stopsign06/30/0912:22pmSwifter - please get yourself a MySpace, Facebook or other personal blog site established if you haven't. I think you will find that quite liberating. Pour your poetic soul there and no one else can tell you what to do because the page is strictly YOURS. Then you can invite people here (or anywhere) to take a look at your blog as you wish.
Milkshake06/30/0911:49amAre you now one of the great poets Walt Whitman or Robert Frost?
Swifter06/30/0910:52amThey say that Black Swans are notorious for being the most aggressive of all swans. In fact whenever they appear, all the other white swans flee from their place. This is a fact. I have been behaving like that in here. And i have understanding for ppl's negative comments. I am not sure how i can save my own image, and to let go of this site, so that all the nice ordinary members can hop on board again?? If i promise to stay out, then maybe you can all promise to continue polling, and bringing everything back to the normal lively pace again in here. And i can go on practicing & practicing & practicing & practicing & practicing & practicing (etc..) on speaking English the way I SHOULD BE doing, in another site...not to mention, practicing on good, decent & normal behavior. Regarding being a "liar"-- i was referring to the fact that none of my own comments have reflected what i say in the real life(spoken words)...for the most part, they have been silent words coming out of the back of my head. I have been letting my own fears, doubts & self-pity speak thru me in these polls, which is quite a sick thing to do. I cannot begin to say how sorry i am for the way i have been treating ppl in here. There is no excuse whatsoever. I was out of line, and what was scary, was the fact that i had no control of what was happening. But i am doing much much better now.
Debbie06/30/094:22amI read this poll everyday and sometimes I comment and sometimes I don't. It seems that people lost interest when Swifter took over for his own ego trip. It is a shame he ruined it for everyone. He should be blocked out of here so people can come back and enjoy talking to each other, also developing friendships along the way.
FlowerChild06/30/093:33amI don't believe that even the few that come in between some of us are real. This is Swifter's website. He is really in control of everything. That is why I do not bother with it anymore. That is why I only check every now and again. I left and am staying gone, except on these few occasions. Let him have it as his journal. The fun is drained dry. He ruined it for all of us that are real. He even admitted he was a liar. Two things I have always said I hated is: a thief and a liar. Liars can destroy lives.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/30/0912:59amRena dear you first spot this now? LMAO its been going on forever, if it aint swifter its someone else. If it aint someone else its some imposter. trust me. Even the forum discussion board is filled with whiney fighting people. All on the how can i up one on this person i loathe and hate. At the same you may wonder why there is so much tumoil in the world. Has always been will always be so because there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks they have more right to be nasty, whiney, fighting more than anyone else. In sense i have more rights than you because i said so. Which is BS! However this poll has been the most quiet in a long time, mainly because none wanna comment anymore. As milkshake pointed out, some, im not mentioning names uses this as a sort of how do i put it, ahm persona private diary ishly journal. Again this aint new, its old stuff, many has done it. I state nice pointed out, poll question is what should be debated and not wether dining room should be leafy green of yellowpopeye cantankerous grass greenish with a hint of doveblue.
Rena06/29/0910:40pmUnfortunately this poll site has turned into a site for a few people to whine, name call, and babble on about anything except the's a waste of time to read the posts.
Swifter06/27/092:31pmFor sure!
Milkshake06/27/092:03pmSwifter, it's just that you go on and on and on. Let someone else speak. You constantly use this place as your journal. Let others put their opinions in about the poll or whatever else regarding the poll. I mentioned the previews for the movie 2012, because it's about the end of time. And what I was trying to say, was not only how real and destructive and how awfully terrible it would be if this really happened; but if Americans keep meddeling in to another countries business, this can all become to a reality if a country became so damn angry that they just pressed that deadly button and start a nuclear war. Let someone else talk, Swifter.
Swifter06/27/091:55pmPlease explain your last post Milkshake?! Thanks. If there is something i am missing, at least give me a hint?! Fyi i gave up asking you for your email a long time ago, because you wanted it that way, yourself!
Swifter06/27/091:22pmIt amazes me just how much we keep misunderstanding each other Milkshake! If it's going to make you feel any better, this time YOU take control of the whole Mystic polls, and i will leave.
Swifter06/27/091:03pmAh don't mind me Milkshake. I'm just blabbering!
Milkshake06/27/0912:07pmYou know Swifter....I was going to say happy birthday, but now FORGET IT!!
Correction06/27/0911:28amPredictable = unpredictable
Solved!!!06/27/0911:25amI was just trying to go with the role of the informant in here. Giving & receiving different links to different sites, and to share other thing about our own lives. That sort of things. But little did i know, that i had actually started a kind of a 'mind game', which involved babies, mothers, fathers, kids, you name it.....and the more i tried to ask which direction everything was going, i just got more & more weirder responses, and my own behavior became more & more predictable!!!!! And NOBODY cared to explain at least the framework of this 'game' because they THOUGHT i knew what was going on!!! This was such a shame, because NOBODY was trying to be mean or evil to anybody else, but because there were just so many misunderstandings (and so LITTLE BALLS to ask questions, if someone was in doubt). Very SIMPLE.
Swifter06/27/097:08amI have NOT been RESPECTFUL ENOUGH towards other ppl's opinions on these polls. In my own defense though, i have been practicing this dishonest attitude because of feeling insecure & naked. And i (ab)used "the truth" as a shield to protect myself from my own REAL vulnerabilities. I practiced a dishonest kind of truth. Deep down inside i have been a hypocrite thru out the entire polls. SWIFTER IS FINALLY SAVED.
Swifter06/27/096:24amSorry i meant to say PERSONAL BOUNDARIES.
Swifter06/27/095:21amHi Milkshake & everybody else. It is my bday today. And i am hoping to make it a GOOD day for myself. But ever since the news of Michael Jackson's/Farrah Fawcett's deaths, i have been feeling terribly guilty. And NO, i am FAR FROM feeling proud of myself. And i am remaining as an 'anonymous' member in here. And i will keep to MY OWN opinions...and NOT something i've "stolen" from someone/somewhere else. This whole battle was about PERSONAL INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY. And i KNOW that now. And i KNOW that i have NOT been showing any of that thru out the entire polls. I might still struggle with that part once in a while, but at least i know now what NOT to do/say.
Milkshake06/26/098:56pmProud of yourself, Swifter? You've just chased everyone off of here. Now you can have the whole place to yourself. Go ahead. It's all yours Swifter. It's your journal now. Take control!
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/26/091:04pmOk my plea to swifter swifted right over his head. instead of laying low he increased his BS. YES BS. Elaine let me know when u find that other site bc i aswell have gone REAL bloody sick n tired of swifter. He is like an imbecile immature brat. A TEEN in one word n ive HAD it with teens. so ............
Milkshake06/26/0911:18amElaine, When you find another site, can you tell me what it is? Maybe I'll join you. I'm getting sick of this too.
Elaine06/26/0911:16amIt seems Swifter or slowass or whatever he wants to be called is taking over this site. It is no longer fun talking to a nutjob so I will no longer come on this site. time to find another.
Ps!06/26/099:28amI am a LIAR!!!!!!!!! And i will continue to lie when i return.
Swifter06/26/098:47amDear Polls, my time in here ended a few days ago. I believe i was a student. And FlowerChild was like a teacher to me. And i 'graduated' a few days ago, but i hadn't realized it yet until now. I was probably a "Mama's boy" when i was younger, but i am not anymore. Not so much anyways. I think it is fair to say THANKs & BYE. Sorry if i drained you all emotionally(if that is true!?)...but i will definitely be back in here again...with a little less ego. Yours Truly/Swifter
Bum06/26/098:17amIs this nickname better? Maybe i am an addict? Maybe an addict of all sorts of things. Btw i will always be recalling with fond memories, those moments of bliss when i took the "O". But i would NEVER recommend it to a youngster. It may be a lot more enjoyable for someone who is retired from work, or anyone in that age group. Anyways enough about me already.
Slowass06/26/097:10amChanging my nickname to this because i think 'Swifter' had the opposite effect on me. It is just to see if it actually works the way it should?! Just an experiment. Don't mind me.
Swifter06/26/095:26amCould somebody take the name Swifter, and post comments instead of me(once every 2nd weeks) from now on? And then i just leave the site. For some reason or another, i feel un-welcomed into certain places around the world, especially after having been on this site. All i wanted/wished was to be able to create something nice on this site, together with others. Unfortunately i took it a little too far. This time, it is under the smooth hands of a few professional pilots.
Elaine06/26/095:25amIt is tragic about both, but both did not lead angelic lives so they both brought their lives to an end. We should feel sorry for the people left behind to pick up the pieces. Lets talk about something else. How about something happy for a change. No politics either. If I hear any more bullsh!t about Obama I will throw up. We need some happy stories, news something!!!!
Swifter06/26/094:24amMaybe i am a "grampa" in your eyes, and maybe even of the Hog know, the ones with small wieners!!! But i can assure you, back in the 13-14th Century, my 15 Centimeter Ding Dong would have qualified me as a GREAT PICK for a husband. Even my personality!(((LOL))) Strangely in here though, i feel i have been regarded more like "the womb." And of the cheap kind! A cheap whøre!!! A cheap **** in the body of a man!!! And this brings me back to the starting point, where i was sharing links with others in here, which dealt with past life & reincarnation & those kinds of serious stuff. Well i was basically trying to say, that when we humans are going thru deep crisis in our own lives (where it is almost a matter of life & death!) we embody our "past selves" in order to make the transition, and once we've made it to that point, we then become our "present selves" again! This goes out for almost all of us humans on Planet Earth AT THIS VERY MOMENT where we have just made the transition into the Pluto-in-Capricorn stage...we are most of the time, our "past selves" at the order to just survive for now! That is where my own life is at this very moment. Anyways speaking of something else, it is awfully sad to hear about BOTH Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Well NO, maybe actually a GOOD thing they passed away, because their lives had become much too tough towards the end. Yesterday i was feeling kind of guilty for having made those comments, because it suddenly hit me that maybe there are A LOT OF OTHER ppl who see this site?!! And also to both Zera & Elaine, i am seeing a therapist next week. She is a very nice lady. And fortunately she is VERY pro when it comes to dealing with me. Also booked for a Dr's appointment, to get my mole removed. It sits right above my buttock. I'm still having a tough time putting away cigarettes. But i feel i HAVE TO SOON. My apt is no longer in a state of chaos. But unfortunately because i don't own a sofa, whenever my back gets tired i have to go into the bedroom to lay down my back for a few minutes. There are only 3 lousy chairs that i use. But i am still going to get some kind of an arrangement by next month. Btw this is NOT me whining right now, so please stop reading my texts like that. My body might disagree though. So i am looking after my own body more & more. There was something else i was going to say, but i can't remember now what it was......?? Anyways it will come to me.....
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/26/091:48amNo one is gonna kick you out swifter, no one wanna see you gone. HOWEVER we DO like to see less babble and more focussed posts hon. As i suggested long ago, write all you wanna say, reread it edit it and post the final to the point focussed meaning. THAT will leave out anything that may piss people off and what may become a misconception. try it swifter, and see the change. at last TRY! thanx Yes ,milkshake, 2 big ones gone. Farah was anticipated as she was diagnosed some years ago. Im happy she kept herself going for as long as she did. not many do. Now Michael Jackson is a schock. He has not had n easy life, and had to deal with more than any of us can possibly know. I wsh his soul good speed and let it sour as it never has in this life you just left. R I P !
Milkshake06/25/097:18pmOMG!! How weird!! Both Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today. WOW!!
Swifter06/25/094:58pmI feel like this is becoming more & more like the movie "Being There"(Peter Sellers) where i say the most ORDINARY & BORING lines any man could possibly say(mostly words/quotes/sequences taken out of his own TV set) but it's being perceived COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY on the other side. You have suggested I should watch "Sybil" on several occasions FlowerChild, well, i would like to suggest that you watch "Being There", and try to get to know especially Mr. Chauncy's role in that story. Just a thought.
Swifter06/25/093:30pmThat was me THINKING that i was SUPPOSED TO pick up the ball from where YOU had left it, the day prior, when you were talking all gloomy, about this world being "full of liars", and "full of hatred", & "nobody to trust" etc.....i was basically trying to say that i MYSELF am going to try to fight all the lies, liars, and distrust in MY OWN life. And then in the VERY NEXT post, instead of saying that i am leaving AGAIN...i wanted to say that i may drop by again ONCE IN A WHILE...basically trying to practice FREE WILL for once(and just leaving it there). Then in the 3rd post, i was trying to say that if you are feeling uneasy(as i was doing at that time), then why not just picture the trees. They are always well-rooted, and straight, tall, & lean...even under the storm, blah blah blah...... But who cares now....i mean, apparently i screwed up SO BAD this time, that you all want me kicked out!!! And honestly, i actually UNDERSTAND the anger this time.
Milkshake06/25/092:50pmSwifter, would you please scroll down some and read your comments dated on 6/25/09 between 5pm and 6pm? Would is that??!!!!! I mean please!
Swifter06/25/092:29pmThere is a general misunderstanding when you are online...ESPECIALLY when you have no idea what's going on on the other side? Which unfortunately in my case, made me feel as though i had to give, in order to receive something in return, which again results in creating an atmosphere of fear for other ppl! That was MY OWN PERSONAL FAULT in here.
Swifter06/25/0912:57pmMy honest response to your posts are, that u misunderstood it all. Speaking of Farrah Fawcett, she was not only just beautiful actress, but a very decent woman as well. I mean 'decent' as in, you could tell in her pictures, that she was a woman with a warm, gentle heart.
Milkshake06/25/0911:34amSwifter was mentioning (although I don't really wish to say his name right now) that his all time favorite beutiful woman was Ingrid Bergman. Well I would like to add my all time favorite...Farrah Fawcett. She died today. To me, she is the most beautiful, unique-looking lady of our time. I'm so sad about her cancer. But I know now she is in a better place.
Milkshake06/25/099:14amYou're right FlowerChild. That's why I never gave Swifter my email address. One second he's a nice, almost normal Swift and the next minute, he's a Swift Pain in the Ass!! Go to another site to make those kind of comments, Swifter. You're acting childish and weird.
FlowerChild06/25/097:53amMilkshake, scroll down a little bit and read how he changed from one mood to the other, talking about "us" people. You were being nice to him and out of the blue he suddenly attacks for no reason at all. There is truly no sense in trying to be nice to him. Trust me, nothing works at all. Plus he could be still using alias's in here and talk perfectly normal like a different person. You never know when it is him or someone else. He has totally ruined this site on who to trust to talk to anymore. Remember back on another poll when he admitted to several alias's? This site is bullsh!t now.
Elaine06/25/097:28amSwifter, shame on you,,,,,you freak. Did you go for some professional help yet! I guess not. You still come on here with your weird comments. Take a hike you sicko..................
Swifter06/25/096:48amEven the trees have souls. They're probably more soulful than many ppl are.
Swifter06/25/095:28amYayy...i finally said the right thing. And I'm still going to drop by in here once in a while. Bye.
Swifter06/25/095:17amShame on u ppl!! I'm NOT going to trust anyone of u anymore! Shame on u! SHAME ON YOU!! I'm gonna give u all a good spanking. And u all deserve it! :p
Swifter06/24/099:20amThe quality of the movie seems amazing. But how can they predict these events precisely?? I mean, i know a little about the Mayan Calendar, and the mention of the yr 2012 on the Google. But i am a little skeptic about what PRECISE events will take place by then? I do get frightened when i see different clips on the Youtube, because there are a lot of clips about this very subject, and to hear so many ppl talk about 2012, makes me ALMOST believe them.
Swifter06/24/098:21amOk Milkshake.
Milkshake06/24/098:10amHey Swifter! Let me know what you think of the movie previw of 2012. Look it up under entertainment on Yahoo or google 2012.
Swifter06/24/094:50amI better check out the movie(2012). And i better leave this place for all the professionals. Actually I am enjoying the peace & quiet for a change. Have not done that since i-don't-know-when!? For one last time, please excuse the mess i left behind in here.
Swifter06/24/094:11amThat IT thing that everybody's been talking about was just a reference to a book/movie by Stephen King! about being a giant idiot!! But i guess i would suit the plot well, because of the Loser thing. I'm NOT a fishy guy btw Zera!!!:p Things have changed a lot around here since last winter, is all i can say...& care to say!!! Lets get back to the fun section of the program, and this time without too much messy interactions from my side.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/24/091:54amIts prolly bc too many r hogging their small space like bbbbiiiiaaaaatttcccchheesssss from hell. All on whats mine is mine n i dont share nor will i hand anything to any who wanna learn, bc u will in a few years drive me from my place, so no no no. Egocentrics has taken over, n too many teaches kids n youngsters that this pattern is ok. ITS BLLOODDDYYY WELLL NOT BLOODY OK!
Milkshake06/23/092:12pmHey? Did anyone watch the previews for the new movie 2012 on Yahoo? It will be out in November. OMG!! WOW! So realistic. That's what I mean....The world is so evil today. A world full of liars. A world full of hatred. A world full of disaster. Instead of concentrating on other leaders; we should have concentrated on making the world a better place.....starting with our own country.
Milkshake06/23/0911:44amYay Elaine! I'm glad you're back. Back to the poll, the world has been lied to for many, many, many decades. Iran's leader denies many important facts of our history: The Holocaust for one he denies. The truth is we all know there was a Holocaust. I disagree with all the world leaders getting together and agreeing on a one-world democracy. It will never work. There are too many liars.
Swifter06/23/093:14amIb back later on to answer the latest comments...
FlowerChild06/22/092:37pmNo...I mean thank you that I have the crap scared out of you. I will NEVER trust you again. So you are insulted...big insulted me dozens of times. You don't stress me, just p!ss me off. I have NO fear of you. You are the only one that makes the atmosphere in here less than pleasurable. You will never leave here, so don't make promises that you will NEVER keep. Also, I still believe that ALL world leaders should come together to help other countries have freedom.
Elaine06/22/0911:34amHi Milkshake. I read the poll this morning and was not going to check in till I read your comments. Your a very nice person and thank you for your kind words. I see Flowerchild came back that is great! Now if we could get rid of the mental reject Swifter. Mr. Big Wheel needs to check himself into a mental hospital for a while and chill out. Don't they provide electric shock treatments. Maybe he could get one, he better be careful not to drive his big wheel in and sit on it when they shock him it may melt his big wheel. Sorry having a bad day. I should not have made those mean comments about Swifter even though he deserves them most of the time. :(
Swifter06/22/099:36amYou're welcome FlowerChild. I am just a little sorry that u cannot trust me! A little insulted, but i am not hurt too bad. That email has absolutely nothing in it, other than some of MY OWN theories about the zodiac. Fyi i never do black magik. I don't even do any magik for that sake. I wrote that title for my email because i know u are already stressed out enough over the things that have happened in here, not to mention the fact that my reputation in here, hasn't been the best, lately. But i can feel the fear in the air, and that says enough. I feel like that crazy cab driver in 1 of Red Hot Chilli Peppers videos! LoL... Anyways plz accept my apology, and do as u wish w my email. Mind u, i do feel the atmosphere for the 1st time in here, and it is not at all pleasant, so i think i will seriously leave now. Once again i am really REALLY sorry! Trying to keep a positive mind. No need to answer this post FC. Bye polls. :)
Milkshake06/22/099:19amThere was a really nice and cool lady by the name of Elaine who joined us on our last poll. Did we chase her away? I liked her conversation. Elaine, if you read this, please come back to the poll.
FlowerChild06/22/095:47amThank you
Swifter06/22/095:45amThe most beautiful woman in the world, i believe, is(was) Ingrid Bergman imho. Her daughter was ALSO nice up til a few yrs ago. There was also Lauren Bacall in her younger days. Now she was REALLY a beautiful face. MMMM...i also wanted to say something else regarding Father's Day. A Father is NOT really a father, if there isn't any sons or any daughters. What i mean w that is, that this is supposed to be MORE LIKE a Father-Kids day...What makes a GOOD father, is that his sons/daughters are GOOD sons & daughters. So it is just as much the kids day as well. What makes a happy father, is seeing his own kids being happy, and remembering that their simple child-like joy, is the joy of their own father. And no matter how much older the kids become, they will always remain as "kids" in their father's eyes. I wanted to also say very briefly that i actually feel you could really kick my a.. if you wanted to, FlowerChild. You've succeeded to scare the crap out of me w your last comment!
Swifter06/22/095:11amI forgot to say Happy Father's Day. Simple joys & fun.
Swifter06/22/095:00amMilkshake, you're IS depressing to hear about.
Swifter06/22/094:47amOK FlowerChild. Say no more. I leave you alone.
FlowerChild06/21/095:20pmSwifter, I had a mean, evil, vicious, abusive dad. What on this earth would I want the same kind of mom? I'd probably be in prison now if I would have had both of the same. Please use your prideful ego and many "Sybil" traits somewhere else. I know a dark witch, if you don't leave me alone. She doesn't care to get 3 times back what she sends out. It doesn't faze her at all. She owes me a favor anyway. I can't force myself to do it, because I am light, but trust me, my friend is very dark indeed.
Milkshake06/21/091:04pmHi Swifter and everyone! No, Swifter I thought was a very nice statement you made. That was sweet. Yes, unfortunately the United States isn't God's country like people tend to believe. Maybe at one time it was God's country. Not anymore. There are stonings, canings, dismemberment,....I can't say more. It hurts and it's scarey. It's done by different groups of people within our society. And the more we meddle into others business, the more abuse every nation recieves.
Swifter06/21/0911:38amStoning in the US of A????? WOW!!! Is it done only by the fundamentalist muslims, or is it being done by other groups as well?? (btw please don't mind my last comment! Thanks.)
Swifter06/21/0911:28amHow can your words be like a gentle cool, FRESH breeze of an early morning day in the summer, always promising beautiful butterflies & lovely scents of flowers?? I am now full of respect(to you) because you apparently have this magical ability, Milkshake!
Milkshake06/21/099:25amFlowerChild, there are stonings going on in the United States. There are woman, children, and many little boys that are raped everyday. America's law enforcement is so corrupt. I think this whole world is going to hell. I believe by meddling in another countries business, will only cause more evil and violence in this world.
Swifter06/21/095:28amPlease read my email to you Pat, in a couple of gives perspective as to what happened. I know NOW i was supposed to be a "Male Mommy" because of being a Cancer/Krab, and all that...but there is a tricky side to these astrological aspects. I am actually a "Scorpio"...or rather, ALL Male Krabs are in reality "Scorpios". FlowerChild is a "Libra" because SHE is a Gemini. Milkshake is an "Aries" because SHE is a Saggitarius. Zera is EXACTLY a Pisces because it is a feminie on & so forth. I have explained it all in my email to Pat. I know JUST EXACTLY what you're saying Zera, but i felt i HAD TO type in this very post, in order to clear out all the misunderstandings. I am also over the incident, and i hope you ALL are too. Please do NOT take the last few posts too seriously. I am taking a long overdue break. There is a little too much stress in here right now, i can feel. Take care for now everyone.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/21/091:51amSwifter dear, has ANY1 told u that u BABBLE n u yab too much??? Stick to the topic will ya? thanx dear ;-)
Milkshake06/20/099:53pmTomorrow is also Father's Day!! So let's all celebrate for all the dad's out there!
FlowerChild06/20/096:16pmThe Summer Solstice is more extra special this weekend. Think good thoughts and it will draw to you. By the Mayan calender, this is a change to higher consciousness. Be up and be ready at 1:45am with whatever you do or don't do. Think good thoughts to accept higher vibrations the whole weekend. Blessed Be. No one come in here this weekend to argue or be pulled on.
FlowerChild06/20/094:04pmI believe it is the world leaders that should band together for countries that want freedom to move up with the rest of the world. Until someone actually has to live in brutality of vicious leaders that still stick to rules of living from thousands of years ago, you do not realize and take for granted what freedom is. Any country under evil and powerful dictatorship get tortured everyday just for the hell of it. The women and children live suffocating slavery lives. Stonings still go on. People get shot in the head while bowing on their knees everyday. Women and young girls and even boys are raped everyday. The evil dictators live in such luxury and all the conveniences of the world. They still have their harems that a lot of young women are stolen and put into from around the world. You know? The ones that disappear everyday and are never seen again? Yes, the world leaders should stand together on this....BUT it will not happen, because all the world leaders do not want any country, even ours, to keep experiencing what freedom is and means.
Swifter06/20/093:03pmI NEVER talk this much in real life. My talking in here is very much out of proportion compared to my "normal" life. And YES, if you want me to speak opposing views against the West in general, i will do it. I am NOT always a people-pleaser! I am a little to the left. But personally i feel i learned a few hard lessons the last couple of yrs., regarding some of my own views from before. I was basically pouring out my own personal anger & hatred on the net. It was me against the rest of the world. I was a BIG Hater! Maybe i still am, on some level. (ps- i am actually scared of posting in the polls the msg has finally gotten thru my thick skull)
Swifter06/20/ want to hear something MORE HILARIOUS Milkshake? It is HILARIOUS because i am DEEPLY SERIOUS now....i TRULY believe that the ONLY thing the US should ask Iran to do, in order to speed up its democratic process of the country, is to DEMAND that ALL Iranians should install a modern toilet in EVERY SINGLE household across its country. Many Western foreigners/tourists/businessmen/businesswomen are turned off by the idea of having to experience the strange "toilet culture" of that whole region, when they are seriously considering traveling to that country. I know i am sounding a bit YUCH! right now, but you'd be surprised how easy it actually is to spread democracy in those unstable regions!!! You should try a public toilet in New Delhi India, to understand what i am saying. And THIS IS NOT FORCING DEMOCRACY DOWN THEIR THROATS!!! On the contrary, it is a sign to them, that "hey ppl want to come & see your wonderful country, so you better take care of a few elementary stuff...etc...etc...." I tried to discuss("disgust") this VERY topic in another Persian site, and ppl started to act snobbish. Anyways it is a REALLY SIMPLE solution, which most ppl do NOT like to hear/talk about. Regarding my behavior in here....i keep doing the wrong thing, even though i have the BEST intentions. I wanted to come on here, and say to EVERYONE (including Pat) "SWIFTER IS BACK...BUT WITHOUT HIMSELF!!!" [end of swifter tyranny!]
Milkshake06/20/091:31pmOkay....deep breath! I can't stop laughing! I'm sorry to interrupt the poll.....But it was just those first few words: "Originating from that country....." Why am I not surprised Swifter is from Iran?
Swifter06/20/096:37amAs a person originating from that country, i have to say i agree w all the comments so far. In fact the SUM of all the comments so far, would be the BEST approach to the situation in Iran. I dare not say it out loud, because i am a little nervous that things could reverse themselves very easily at this point in time, BUT I CAN FEEL IT...this time it is the peace-loving democratic forces in Iran, who have the tail-wind advantage. And EVEN IF it was to be Ahmadinejad again, he KNOWS the writings on the wall THIS TIME...he KNOWS that it is the ENTIRE WORLD that is now against him, and it will cause him to be more compromising in his own policies this time around...even towards his own worst enemy, Israel. And just like Zera expressed it, the message has to come from the WHOLE WORLD...and the US can easily stay passive in the background throughout the whole process, dealing w its own problems, exactly as Milkshake put it. (Maybe the same w Israel) I think MOST average Iranians(who btw are not even engaged in anything political) are truly sick & tired of the way their country is being viewed by the outside world.
Zera aka tigger / tiger06/20/091:23amIt said WORLD LEADERS. Which means each n EVERY leader in each n EVERY country. I said help those that wihes FREEDOM. THAT SAID, i will also say n ADVISE STRONGLY, TAKE IT SLOW: Looke at HOW MANY centruries it took ur OWN country to become a well as can b democratic country. THIS doesnt come over night. Example, danish government at one point FORCED their better knowledge n view of democracy n raising kids not of their own elsewhere, bc they couldnt POSSIBLY be happy in a dirtshag. Endresult, these kids lost all they knew n in adulthoos they became drunkards, many killed themselves, n the suicide rate rocketed. What takes a country 500 years to accomplish cannot possible take mere 50 for anyone else. So i say support, but bloody hell dont force it down their throats.
Milkshake06/19/094:02pmI vote remain silent and DO NOT MEDDLE!! I think it's about damn time the United States keeps their mouths closed. Time and time again we open our big fat mouths and we get ourselves into trouble. The United States is not nearly as strong as we used to be; not because of Obama. This was way before Obama. so you know what United States? This time, let's not meddle. We have our own work to do in this country (United States).
Bam Bam06/19/091:43pmI wish there was something we could do but, we can't. I think there are some people in this world that no matter what safeguards you put into place they will find a way to cheat the system. It's too bad they couldn't lock away the people who count the votes so they and the ballots cannot be tampered with. I think we've done all we can do at this point to help them into democracy, they need to do the rest. But, again I'm no politician.
Southern Comfort06/19/0912:52pmI am also a US Citizen and I thing we need to show support for any foreign group looking for democracy. The world does not see us as a superpower anymore since Obama took office. We look weak. If we were still a superpower we would do the right thing and support not by force but by a message to the world that we support their cause. Obama choses to say nothing and hide in a closet and figure out what to do next. Since he took office we no longer are powerful, we are being laughed at. Noone is talking about throwing any punches, hey Obama is such a good speaker with his telepromters I am sure he could come up with some kind of speech showing support. He did not have any problems opening his big mouth giving his spin to Israel. Obama hates Israel but loves Iran. Strange for a supposedly american president. Hell, he even bows to muslums leaders which no other US president has done, another show of his weakness or stupidity.
Nocturne06/19/0912:35pmAs a US citizen, I said "remain silent". We spent 8 years pissing off most of the nations in the rest of the world. The rest of the countries do, in fact, "get" the concept that the USA is a superpower - they do not need to be reminded...again and again and again. With a new president (regardless of whether you like Obama or not) we need to handle world-diplomacy very delicately at this time. Before, we were ‘ThisMuchCloser’ to WWIII. We don't need to gaslight anyone into throwing the first punch - and we certainly do not need to be the one to throw the first punch either.

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