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Michael Jackson will be missed

Total Voters: 495
Yes 76%
No 76%
Donny Osmond04/27/145:56amThis is Donny Osmond. Michael was my BEST friend. Let's just remember him as he was! A GREAT Musician!, and a great friend of mine.
HA HA ha10/12/138:41amI have a suprize for you all.....Michael Jackson is ALIVE!! JUST like Elvis!!!!!!
Chance07/15/091:19pmDebbie 07/13/09 3:45am Maybe his music was ok, but he still slept with kids!!! That makes him a creep and one less creep in the world the better off we are! We need a new poll! This one is getting pretty old.
Debbie saves the day!07/14/092:54pmIt is Swifter's(Captain Moody's) ultimate burden. And he carries it w himself everyday. I think he just needed to be forgiven & to feel relieved from this burden once & for all. That's all! He also needs psychiatric assistant, and he's receiving it at the end of the month of July. I am keeping him under my watch from now on. And he is not getting away this time. Take care for now, all you beautiful people.
Milkshake07/14/092:38pmZera, I don't think we need a new poll yet. Normally they change poll subjects between 3 weeks minimum to maybe 8 weeks. Why is it the only comments you make on most polls is asking the pollmaster for a new poll? Then you always come on here and pick on certain people (more than 1 person) and tell them they are acting like children? Why don't you just make a comment and/or state your opinion about the poll subject?
Swifter07/14/092:18pmI know my 15 minutes is due, but i have to add to my last post, that i was 19 at the time, and the boy was 15. I just demonstrated "how guys masturbate" by showing the movement, in the air. I apologized 2 times to him, many yrs later. He said it was OK, but i could not get myself to say what specific incident i was apologizing for. New poll. And this time the ship sails away from harbor without Captain Moody.
Milkshake07/14/091:06pmSwifter, have you ever in you lifetime held your breath for more than 10 minutes? Because according to the American Red Cross, holding one's breath for more than 10 minutes irreversible brain damage is certain. I am certain you have irreversible brain damage!
Swifter07/14/0912:29pmWhat if MJ in reality was feeling guilty for something that lasted for no more than 3 seconds?? 3 seconds of innocent stupidity! What if MJ's real problem was HIS OWN guilty conscience, rather than the quality of the sin itself? What if there was innocence in the "awful sin" that was committed? What if it was ONLY MJ whose life was burdened because of that act, and NOT the other youngster's--fortunately?? What if explaining the details of that incident, would have still been considered too heretic, for anyone to even accept listening to such confessions?? Where could he find salvation & absolution for something as technical as that?? And how would he be able to keep the GOOD moral values of the society intact, if he confessed to his own sin? I am now free to go.
Milkshake07/14/0911:52amDebbie, please keep your drug habit to yourself. Nobody wants to hear about it. This is a poll about Michael Jackson, not when, why and how you crave for drugs. You are harming this poll. Play your games elsewhere. Same with you, NoName. You make no sense at all, because you are also a heroin addict and an idiot as well. Will the both of you please leave Mystic. We don't need negative people on here.
Michelle07/14/0911:08amThe personal notes have nothing to do with the poll, can't believe I got sucked in to read this ****. You are all crazy. And MJ sucks!
Chants07/14/0910:52amSuper efficient harmony
Noname07/14/0910:45amTechnical perfection...
Noname07/14/0910:41amElevating at steady speed...
Noname07/14/0910:08amNothing is ruined. Nobody harmed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm taking the name Debbie, in a couple of posts again.
Noname07/14/099:57amI'm terribly sorry Milkshake. I read a little too much into FlowerChild's last comment. I was trying too much to please FlowerChild, that i didn't know which direction she wanted me to go!?? I didn't know if she meant that i should remain true to myself as an addict, or if i should come out of it?? I am starting to put the pieces together, in order to stay true to my IDs/aliases, for my own & everyone else's satisfaction, without the help of the ppl in here. I am awfully sorry for having misused the name Debbie. It is NOT happening again!!! I am about 1-2 days behind you ppl w regards to understanding the direction of the poll, so in all honesty THAT WAS JUST A TECHNICAL ERROR.
Milkshake07/14/099:24amOMG!! Now you have to be Swifter!!
Debbie07/14/096:38amI've had a lot of craving for Opium lately. I think i'll go & see if i can get some 'H' instead.
Debbie07/14/095:04amIt's staring to feel like Christmas here? I guess MJ was a Genius after all!
Debbie07/14/092:58amSorry i'm still thinking a little too much over my own comments. I'm going to stay out for as long as it takes. In the meanwhile lets hold on to this poll.
2nd pilot07/14/092:31amGreat news Milkshake. Nice sentiments about Michael Jackson. Lets keep it that way for now.
Milkshake07/13/097:18pmThanks Debbie. Thanks FlowerChild. I am cancer free. I am so thankful. Can't we all recall the good ole days back when there was Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk and unique, talented dancing? How about those popular tunes of his? Can't we just remember the beauty of Michael Jackson instead of those ugly rumours? Michael Jackson is just one of a kind. To me.....he is just so damn cool!! I love Michael Jackson!
Debbie07/13/094:03pmI am better now. I hope Milkshake is fine too. Same with FlowerChild. Time for a new pole.
FlowerChild 07/13/0910:27amOkay Debbie. I will try to trust that you are who you say you are. It is just too bad that he messed this poll up for everyone. Milkshake, thank you for letting me know that things are better physically for you. You are still in my prayers. Good luck to my friends and I will come in like I do now.
Swifter07/13/0910:03amFlowerChild i read your last post. Thanks. Sometimes you have been much too kind w me. I am going to post a comment when there is TRULY something valuable on my mind, this time. I think i've been deleting over 40-50 comments the last 3-4 days. And they have been lengthy. I'll b back again little later on..
Debbie07/13/097:14amFlowerchild I do not know how to let you know that I am the real person and not some name that Swifter uses. I assure you that I am who I say I am. I have been on this site for a while, just not giving my two cents that often, only when I think it warrants my input.
FlowerChid07/13/097:08amIf this is a real person named Debbie (which I will never trust this site ever, ever again.) It doesn't have my trust, so therefore, most people I can never trust again, except for 3, possibly 4. Not anyone else, since I know Swifter lies and has many, many alias's. But if Debbie is real, I totally agree. His music and videos are really good, but I and my two grown children have no use for him anymore. We refuse to idolize a child molester. He was a child molester and so the Great Spirit let him die. It was his time to go and it was the right time and he will suffer the consequences for the things he did in this lifetime. Everyone has to pay for any evil they do while here. A child molester, among other evil things, you have to pay for. A molester is a very evil thing to do. I don't care what anyone else says or believes. And I mean no insult at all to my friend's opinions on this. I love my few friends in here. And to Swifter: I do not understand why you attack anyone in here, when the few of us have tried to befriend you. You have bad mental problems, and I know for a fact that you still use opium and are very addicted to it. You will never have anything or anyone in you life as long as you do not try to help yourself. One thing I will never allow is for you to attack a friend in here. I am and have become a very strong person (in goodness with my practice.) Swifter, pay very close attention. I will never send evil your way, but I will practice love and peace and healing your way. Actually I have already started doing it. But you still have to take the giant leap of helping yourself. Fight the bitterness that is eating away at your soul. You have to find the goodness that is there in you, before it is all gone. Your soul will be in big trouble if you die like you are. Surely you realize this yourself? And from now on, quit acting like you do not understand what anyone says and stop acting like you do not know what words to say to explain something! You sure talked fine and normal as all of the many alias's. Especially as Ed, Sandy and Rick. So stop the act! You can write down and understand the English language as good as any American! Stop the act NOW!!!!!!!! Quit acting like a fool, also!!!!!! Quit using your site for your own use to attack others!!! No one has hurt or attacked you first. Pretty soon all of the ones in here that are real will be gone. I promise you that. Take heed Swifter!!!!!!
Debbie07/13/093:45amMaybe his music was ok, but he still slept with kids!!! That makes him a creep and one less creep in the world the better off we are! We need a new poll! This one is getting pretty old.
Swifter07/13/092:08amI'm here again tomorrow.
Sue07/12/099:52pmHe might not be a good man, maybe he was. I dont know. But i have heard his music and for that, yes, he will be missed.
Anonymous07/12/093:12pmThe king of pop will be missed so other icon had his talent and gift, he is the best and the world will forever miss him! :( love you MJ!
Jackie07/12/091:51pmMichael jackson will be sadly missed by his family and especially his fans peace to you all
Milkshake07/12/099:31amHELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy to the World! All the boys and girls!
Joy Division07/12/098:12amYes i am Joy Division!!! Also i want to ask a question from someone in here. U had me at HELLO from the very 1st moment, but i didn't dare ask the question until now. I've been meaning to ask u so many times, but could/did not dare to do so, until now; would u go out on a casual date w me?
Swifter07/12/096:57amPulling out of the polls for some time.
Swifter07/12/092:39amI'm still not sure what that comment meant, by MJ's spirit. I'm trying to find out though, and to be able to give it the proper answer here in the polls.
Milkshake07/11/093:12pmSwifter, I was just kidding. I could care less about your past with washers and dryers. I am very happy for you that you can wash your clothes. Please spare me the specific details about your stupid washer and dryer. I just thought the comment made by Michael jackson's spirit was strange. And really Swifter, so are you.
Swifter07/11/092:18pmThat was a strange question...but at the same time, i feel you have been looking into my past again. Before moving to my new apt in 2006, when i lived together w my ex, we used to have a small but efficient laundry machine, and we used it practically everyday. So YES i used to use the same laundry machine. We would stick the hose into the kitchen fawcet, and switch on the water, and the machine. It was much much better than today, where i have to go to another part of the area around our building block, to use the ones they have installed there. It has made me a lot lazier when it comes to washing the clothes. I only do it max. 2 times a month now. Sometimes i need to wait in line though, before it is my turn to wash. I still haven't fallen into the rhythm yet.
Milkshake07/10/093:59pmHey Swifter! Do you do your laundry in the same laundry mat?
Swifter07/10/092:28pmI understand now. In the 1st post under the nickname Joy, i meant that MJ would have been ENVIOUS of ppl like FlowerChild, Milkshake, and so on & so forth... please continue w this polls, and i shall stay out it the rest of the time.
FlowerChild07/10/091:46pmThis is such a comedy. It really is too funny to be mad right now. He doesn't have future problems. He is one big problem and will always cause other's to have future problems. It can't help itself though. I sometimes feel pity for it. Right now....just laughter!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Milkshake07/10/091:39pmMichael Jackson's spirit or whoever you are.....I don't have a boyfriend. But that is weird, I did put something in some rocks by my house a couple of days ago. Swifter, you have some big problems ahead of you!!
Debbie07/10/0912:32pmSwifter you really are a weiner!! What the crap is this, Michael Jackson's spirit, what crap!!! You really are a weirdo. Get a life and get off this website!!!
Michael Jackson's Spirit07/10/0911:54amI am not a pedophile. To joy divison, you are the exact same boyfriend of milkshake's watching her toss something in the rocks at her place that night. You are the exact same man that had to take a crap outside the laundry mat because the bathroom was locked. You are the exact same man watching flowerchild do her laundry in the exact same laundry mat. you are the exact same man watching zera throw away a garbage can in the dumpster. you are the exact same man that drives a black and white car. To Sherry Moulton, the police are watching you and you better get off this poll now!!
Debbie07/10/0910:27amWe need another poll and we also need Swifter blocked from this site. He is upsetting all of us. He keeps promising to leave but keeps coming back. I read this poll everyday and comment only on what I think is important to me, but when Swifter comes on he or she turns everyone off and we do not want to comment. Milkshake and Flowerchild don't get upset, maybe if you try to ignore Swifter he/she will go away for good.
FlowerChild07/10/098:48amOhhh shut up! You probably are Swifter. Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!
Joy division07/10/098:30amCan somebody do a Tarot reading for me? I can pay for it. I might have to do it via Western Union though, because I don't have other options. Does Zera do readings btw? Maybe I can ask her, if nobody else likes to try?
Joy07/10/098:10amHow can anyone NOT love most of the individuals that are here? There are a number of decent and innocent people in here. I guess when MJ was talking about the "children of God", he was referring to the kind of people you meet in here. FlowerChild being definitely one. Milkshake also. So is Zera, and all the other names in here. But unfortunately that doesn't include Swifter.
FlowerChild07/10/096:04amIt's a kind of sad funny how over time values change. Just because someone big like MJ gave money and helped organizations doesn't make him innocent. Anyone with money gives to lots of charities and does things in the public eye for tax purposes and whatever. So much sympathy has always been for him and no sympathy for all the kids. Everyone would rather see him as a big innocent kid that did nothing wrong and won't even consider the possibility that all those kids and probably more that were molested. The parents of these kids didn't care, so why should the world care. It happens everyday world-wide and the majority still doesn't care about the kids. They always come last and probably more so as time goes by. That proves itself by so many pedophiles living all over the place and have freedom. Also, if they do DNA on those kids he had, they will find out that he isn't even related. That greedy b!t*h, got pregnant and sold those kids to him for the money she received afterwards. Anyone with eyes can see that those kids are not mixed. When they are grown mature adults later in life, things will come out about him that he did to them. It always happens that way. So if any of you want to idolize and worship a pedophile, that is your perogative. I will never stand up for a pure and evil child molester.
Kieran07/10/094:44amMichael Jackson Will Be Like Freddy Mercury. They Two Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin. No Matter What People Will Listen To Michael Jackson
Swifter07/09/0911:08pmI already did that in my last comment.
Milkshake07/09/092:58pmMy vacation starts when you leave.
Swifter07/09/0912:15pmTo Milkshake, all I can say is that despite my confusions, my intentions were good right from the start. And when your starting point has been good, your ending point will also be just fine. GOODBYE. Have a beautiful vacation.
Milkshake07/09/099:28amPsycho Swifter: My patience is running out!
Swifter07/09/091:12amDr.Milkshake i am GOOD w ur last comment. Thanks for the patience.
Deb07/08/099:26pmThis is a real big topic the trueth will never be known . it is up to god only he and the people who has realy suffered from this and i realy hope michael didn't do these bad thongs to those boys. you all have a hopfuly all of this will be over soon and god bless his kids.
Cindy07/08/097:03pmHe was really BAD, but his heart was so sweet and good. I'll miss an era come to pass. I will listen to his music 'till I die.
Milkshake07/08/095:47pmJust when we believed that mystic games poll was having a nice vacation away from Swifter's journal; here he is back again writing more entries to his boring journal.
To Confirm07/08/093:25pmJesus went unto the mount of Olives. And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them. And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. JOHN:8 My Comment... "No one should ever throw stones at anyone unless he has walked in that person's shoes." Yes, there is evil that walks among us all. Michael is innocent and Karen God Bless you for protecting your children. I strongly believe for money many would sell their own mother, some even their soul. Was it right for Michael to have sleep overs? I guess the parents of these children trusted Michael and knew him well.
Cowardice!07/08/093:22pmOh where art though, my sweet, warm gratitude? And you my sweet friend; Joy of life? SMILE of life? And what of thee, my sweet long-term memory and my dear long-term planning-ahead? I cannot see anyone of you when i look into the mirror. Where art ya' gone? Excuse the lousy home-made Shakespeare English! [The big question is, what are the consequences of the truth for MJ? Will he be sent to Hell, once he has admitted to his OWN sins?? Can he trust the members of the jury to forgive him?? Should he??? Can he bribe them perhaps??]
Milkshake07/08/093:07pmCourage, I'm sure it took alot of "courage" to write your statement.
Milkshake07/08/092:54pmDebbie, who cares how Karen knows if they are after money? That's what Karen says. It's about her children, so I believe she would know. Why are you questioning her? You know what I'm questioning? Is how Michael Jackson really died. Everyone was after his money. I don't believe he was a pervert. And I believe not only was he talented, but he helped out an awful large number of people.
Courage07/08/092:52pmThe thunder is now gone, and a giant rainbow appears across the summer sky. The air is fresh & clean after a heavy rain. My car is running smooth on a beautiful countryside surrounded by tall trees on both sides of the road.
Debbie07/08/091:35pmKaren, how do you know that they are after money. If an adult man knowingly puts someone elses kids in his bed. What are people to think???? I know once and a while my and your kids get scared or don't feel well and we let them sleep with us is totally different than what the moran did. Heck look at it like this, he is famous, lives on neverland, with rides pools, zoo animals etc. The special drink he gave them (Jesus Juice). That is how these creeps get their victims. Parents need to protect their kids. Well anyway he's dead. Time to get a new poll. This one is warn out.
Karen07/08/0912:43pmI am a mother of a victim of a pedophile. He is in prison because I didn't try to sue him for money, or lie to get a case to sue for money. He is in prison because of the willingness to expose him for his real identity, rather than a "upstanding member of the community, a highly successful business man, etc". I was a single mother of two, unemployed and on public assistance, but he was sentenced to 800 years! I do not and did not believe the step fathers prompting of the first law suit against MJ. It was for money not justice. The prosecutor who cooked the evidence and tried to use a greed based tale of falsities. I feel sorry for the children that are being taught gossip is the truth about another. MJ was and is a good person that was robbed of a childhood. I went through my teens in my thirties because I was deprived that in my life due to alcoholism in my family. Perhaps I relate to MJ and do not see him as strange. If you don't like him, ok. Don't keep saying the peter king mantra. Repeating it does not make it true!
Debbie07/08/0912:37pmWill I miss Michael Jackson.....NO!!! One less sick pervert gone all the better.
Elaine07/08/0912:19pmFlowerchild I am real. People are looking at MJ as a star and not as a creep and that is what he really was. He used his star power to draw those trusting parents and children and he abused them. What a jerk. I will not miss him, and may he burn in hell. That's all I have to say about that jerk. We need to stop talking about him, he does not deserve our time, because my time and your time is precious and should be used on important things.
Milkshake07/08/0910:59amThere will always be slander and scandal said about famous people, both false and true. Michael Jackson contributed so much to homeless shelters, to abused children, to starving children, to law enforcement agengies to help rescue both abused and missing children, and so much more around the earth. Michael Jackson will be remembered and be missed forever. He brought so much joy to many families and so many smiles on children's faces.
Swifter07/08/099:18amIt is really tough to say. I think it was just rumors circulating, and MJ had no chance of defending himself. When you're on top of the world, it can feel awfully lonely, especially when you're being attacked by the media frenzy. But if you ask me, i believe there were some shady things that took place in MJ's life way back in the 80s. I truly believe he had the god-given talent to be GOOD with the children. But it does NOT mean he didn't cross the line at one point or another. I think his biggest fault may have been that he failed to say NO! to a few youngsters in their early teens, who might have been sexually provoked by MJ's womanly looks/behavior. He would probably be placed somewhere between "not innocent" & "not guilty" imho.
FlowerChild07/08/097:49amElaine, if you really are an Elaine and not one of Swifter's alias' I totally agree. I loved him and my kids grew up with his songs and videos. My son at 5 and 6 even wore the one glove. They had all his music. BUT when I found out he was a pedophile, all three of us were completely through with him. They even threw out all the things they owned concerning him. He grew up in the lime-light since he was a kid, so most of the world made excuses for his sick mind when it came to kids, just because of the words Micheal Jackson. That is one less pedophile. I have sympathy for his mom and siblings, but not his cruel abusive dad. He is just suffering (maybe) from guilt.
Swifter07/08/097:30amJust washed my own mouth with soap, because of my last comment.:D
Tamara07/08/097:19amIt is a shame his issues were never addressed while he was alive and I doubt they will ever be resolved with his death. It probably has lead to early death. I feel sympathy for the family. IT is a great loss to the music world. Although actually missing the man and all the controversy around young children who were vulnerable to him. Still makes me uneasy.
Elaine07/08/094:42amI have to respond to this. Yes Michael was a good singer and dancer, but he was also a freak of nature and a child molester. I know you all feel he was wonderful, but adults do not sleep with children especially someone elses kids. Think about that. That is not normal. If it was a everyday man you all would be hanging him from a tree from his balls. But since it was MJ it was ok. That is sick. Will he be missed, maybe for a month or two, but like anything else he will be forgotten. We have more pressing issues to worry about. He died and yes it is sad but we need to move on.
Debra07/07/093:37pmI loved michael he is from my home town indiana.
Swifter07/07/092:46pmI just discovered that both MJ and also his father are Mayan Wind just like myself. Sometimes u look for comfort wherever u can find it.
Bam Bam07/06/095:35pmMissed indeed. I can't get his songs out of my mind. What a great entertainer and humanitarian. They never did news stories about all the orphanages he visited and the children he helped. he even started an organization to find a kidney for a little boy. The only thing the news did was talk about the lies. I dont believe he harmed any children - I'm sorry it took me till he died to believe it. As for me and mine we will miss him.
Jacqueline07/06/092:57pmHe never had a childhood, He was a man-child in so many ways yet he still became a legend in his own right. The media were totally unfair in the way they hounded him, when he wouldn't play their games. He is in a better place now, but people are still trying to exploit him now he is dead. His own father being a main factor in that. Michael Jackson you are now with the greats like Elvis Presley another one who was taken too early...
Ann07/06/091:33pmMJ was an amazing person, as well as an amazing entertainer. He will definitely be missed. I can't remember a time when I didn't love his music.
JASMiNE07/06/098:14amYEA iM yOUNg bUT i lOVEd Mj WHiTE 0R bLACk iLy! Mj bAE! R.i.P
Online07/05/097:14amConquer yourself with love before conquering all else.
Mona07/04/094:23pmMicheal will never be forgotten and he will be missed always.. and if he won't be missed then thats because he lived in our soul,heart, and mind.. he will be remembered always..
Milkshake07/04/093:46pmWill I miss Michael Jackson? I have missed him for a long time! He's one of the most talented men of our time. I remember my brother and I used to watch the Jackson 5 on television when we were little. Then Michael grew up and WOW! What a brilliant, talented singer, dancer, and song writer he was. He disappeared out of the media for a long while. I believe half of the awful things said about him were lies. Now he's past on. I'm sure he's in a much better place and at peace. He had such a kind, gentle, unique way about him. No one can replace Michael Jackson.
MarsPluto07/04/0912:35pmYesterday I saw the Billie Jean video for the first time in many years. It was really moving to hear/watch. He was just so magical back in the 80s when he was in his prime. If Elvis had kick-started the 60s music scene then maybe it's fair to say it was MJ who energized the 80s scene. Not to mention he made so many people around the world happy and ecstatic with his signature dance and his humanitarian contributions around the world.
Lisa07/04/0910:38amHello, Right after I heard Michael Jackson died on the radio while I was driving, a black gentleman stepped right in fron of my car not looking at me with a BIBLE in his hands. I thought, surely, Michael is in heaven
GERRI07/03/0910:56pmI SAW HIM QUITE A FEW TIMES WHEN HE WAS STILL A CHILD IN PERSON WITH HIS BROTHERS AT A PLACE IN PHILLY CALLED THE UPTOWN THEATRE I lived just around the corner from this place, and was fortunate enough to go to many shows there. I saw him once when he was grown and all I could do during most of the performance was to silently pray for his health, because I felt that some how with all of the energy and dancing he was doing that he would just collapse. I have never seen anything like it, and I know I never will again, I still find myself crying from all the memories, may God welcome him into his kingdom!
Jen07/03/095:42pmVery well said, i feel saddened that michael was percecuted in many ways, yet remained a loving, caring in God's all-loving arms.
Jeff07/02/095:55pmHe will definitely be missed. Now that he has passed on, I really hope that he will find some peace. He has been in the public eye ever since he was 11 years old and he never had a chance to have a normal childhood let along a normal life.

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