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The United States economy would benefit from another stimulus plan.

Total Voters: 530
Yes 71%
No 71%
Undecided 71%
MeanyWeeny07/28/099:04amHedonia is hedious.
Hedonia07/28/096:23amI was finding words from a nice, gentle and beautiful place in my soul...
Jeff07/27/0910:33amWow, I am very pleased to see that so many people are starting to see what Obama is doing to this country! Cathy and Tom you are absolutely right on target. Congress specifically excludes themselves from having to participate in this boondoggle they call a heath care bill. The Congressional Budget office has disputed all of Obama's claims of cost savings, better care, etc. but we all know that big Government is synonymous with big waste and poor service. We don't want a health care system like the NHS in Britain or in Canada where people are suing the government because they are being denied life threatening operations! If people want real health care reform, they should look into reducing the number of frivolous malpractice law suits through real tort reform. That would really bring down costs and keep our system out of the hands of Government!
Tom07/27/0910:20amCathy you are correct. If they paid taxes like us or had to have the same crappy insurance. They certainly would not try to pass the crap they are suggesting. Hell half the idiots he chose for his cabinet did not pay their taxes and did they get into trouble------No they did not and they still got the jobs. What a bunch of **** Heads! So how do you trust those dishonorable people!!!
Cathy07/27/099:55amIf Obama and the rest of congress were in the same health plan that he is trying to pass there wouldn't be a problem. Hey whats good enough for normal working Americans who foot the bill for all this crap should definitely be good enough for him and congress. Wouldnt have a problem with social security either if they particapated. You would see how fast things would get fixed if they were receiving the same so called benefits that we get.
Tom07/27/099:53amWell Meany you sure are a Weiny!!
MeanyWeeny07/27/099:19amI am happy with the "change" that's occuring. I like Obama's change.
Tom07/27/098:09amAlso, Obama is trying to blame the Republicans because the bill has not passed. What a jerk. What this all comes down to is that it is all about him!!! He hates this country and will do anything to destroy it. He is a smooth talking snake. Some of the democrats in the senate and house realize that americans are not pleased with this latest bull from the president so now they are holding back from signing the bill because election time is coming up for them in 2010. I hope all the democrats are voted out!!!! This way independents and republicans can keep that goof of a president in check!!
Ann07/27/097:55amThe state this county is in right now is absolutely terrifying. I hope all of the people who voted for Obama are happy with the "change" that's occurring. I agree Tom, he is one of the worst presidents our country has seen yet.
Tom07/27/095:18amI agree with you Spytech. Obama is really overstepping his authority. We do not live in Russia, but he is trying to make the US a communist country. The whole purpose of the insurance bill is to give people on welfare, illegal aliens insurance and we will have pick up the tab for them. If you decide you don't want insurance you will be fined. What the hell is that about. Obama is the worst president we have had. He needs to be impeached immediately!!! Another thing that bothers me is that if you are elderly and need a hip replaced you may not get it because the government will question to see if it is worth it to give an elderly person that surgery. This is a bad bill and should be completely disgarded.
Spytech07/27/091:08amI agree with PinkLucy. Did anyone see the new health care insurance plan that congress wants to pass and Obama wants to sign? The plan is to deny care to the elderly in order to control costs. They also want to force everyone to buy their health insurance and fine you $2,500 per/year for each year that you fail to buy into it. There will be less doctors, long lines for certain types of care, and many people will be denied care if they smoke, drink, or engage in behavior that they deem risky. You can kiss your freedom goodbye. A government official will be in charge of your health rather than you and your doctor. It's a government power grab which will completely destroy our ability to get health care!
MeanyWeeny07/26/098:19pmThat's because your one filthy, disgusting lady! LOL
Sherri07/26/095:19amWish u had told me i was in a carwash!! LOL (thank u!)
Pinklucy07/21/098:52pmThe Obama administration needs to get some decaf and stop with the spending spree. They are gambling with our futures and never has spending more when there is already too much debt never solved anything.
Tom07/21/0910:01amAnn is right! Boyd, who cares about your heroin addiction. Go and get professional help and quit wasting our time with your bullshXt, or should I say Swifter. It is amazing how you have ruined this site with your crap! Get lost----LOSER!!!
Ann07/20/092:22pmThis is a place to comment on the pole, not a frickin' therapy session. Get help swifter, weird. or whoever the f#$* you are!
Boyd07/19/099:38amYeah im back again. i cant believe my last comment was erased from the poll. i am addicted to heroin and i must write down how i feel.
Weird07/19/095:15amThe last comment was inspired by the CHINESE I Ching, but delete it nonetheless, to avoid any misunderstandings. I'll stay away from the polls for good.
Changed07/19/092:55amThanx for the cows, pigs & chickens...the corn field, the farm & everything.
Milkshake07/16/0910:03amThis used to be a classy, interesting site. Now it's a trashy and childish place. Even the chat has changed into a more negative place. We all know it's a person or more than one person who call themselves, Swifter. It's a place for Swifter to go to abuse others, laugh at others, argue with others. It's also a place for Swifter to go to talk about his drug habit, his attraction to young boys, his sex acts, his reaction after he does the drug heroin, etc. He has made a few people cry in here and he has caused many arguements. I am now leaving as well. I may be back in a few days, weeks, or maybe never if this Swifter doesn't leave permanetely.
Tom07/16/095:51amPoll Master or whoever created this site. You need to block Swifter from this site. He is severly psychotic with many personalities. From reading the other peoples comments they are not coming back to the site because of this sick individual. I myself will not be returning also.
Jeff07/16/091:08amYikes, what's going on here?! Well, I think most people here who know my views will not be shocked to hear my vote is absolutely not on another stimulus plan. Obama's first stimulus did nothing but stimulate more big Government and did nothing whatsoever for the private sector where jobs are created. We are running the biggest deficit in history and this continued spending of money that we don't have will destroy our currency. We the people must stand up and vote all of these power hungry politicians out of office in the coming congressional and then presidential elections.
Sherri07/15/097:30pmLets talk later. I think i've gone PEEP again.
Swifter07/15/095:26pmI think we are on 2 different plans all the time, and i would like to find a harmonious alignment w that.
Swifter07/15/095:05pmCheerful thoughts are always within.
Swifter07/15/094:46pmPro-active and clean.
Swifter07/15/094:39pmI meant i am going to live a more active & meaningful life. Away from drugs, & too much dependency on base things! I dont know how to say sorry for what happened yesterday? I just am.
Swifter07/15/094:11pmI am going to have a more pro-active life from now on. You can bet on that!!!
Milkshake07/15/094:02pmDo I think Swifter's heroin habit will benefit the United States Economy? I think the economy would benefit by getting Swifter and his pals arrested for being a PEEP, a peeping tom, and a heroin dealer to young people by the gang unit snitch.
Swifter07/15/093:54pmI'm sorry, i am gonna stop using those poetic stuff for a second. I am more calm & clear-headed now. Maybe that's a good thing?? I don't know?
Swifter clear sky07/15/093:45pmI feel i've taken away somebody else's blue skies??
Swifter07/15/093:34pmDo not freak out for crying out loud. I am me. I have not been taking my opiate-substitute-drug "suboxone" the last 4-5 days. I am more clear in the head, but i feel at the same time maybe it is a wrong thing???
Perfectly imperfect07/15/093:22pmWow! This really has a lot to do with a new stimulus package! The world economy is fairly reliant on the USA for their economic support. Why don't you all get a clue and see how much things are changing. Holding on to these old habits are not very good. I for one expect great changes with the economy and I don't think a stimulus package will have much effect on it. If you don't care for the politics of it, maybe you can bring a more spiritual aspect to the conversation instead of entertaining yourselves with bickering over nonsense.
GangUnitSnitch07/15/093:02pmI believe the real Swifter was arrested the other day. I also believe Sherri was arrested the other day too. who is the real Zera on here? wasn't she arrested also? I think it's best we all stick to one name. and this new Swifter or swifter blue sky, you will get arrested also for both sex crimes and drug crimes if you dont stop it now. stop talking about your sex acts and your heroin habit or else.
Swifter blue sky07/15/092:51pmNobody was at fault. I made the mistake WAY AT THE BEGINNING, to introduce myself as both me & my twin brother. And for some reason & another i remained as 2 ppl(or more) the whole time thru, after that. The only reason i took Opium(or Heroid) yesterday, was because i was chickening out the whole time, and i wanted to make a confession, in the best possible way i could. Instead it came out as something un-charming. Btw i feel i am becoming clear-headed, but i miss the feeling i used to have, when we all started the poll. I was missing my own ex, and i was desperate to meet new ppl in here, or anywhere. I feel as though i was saved yesterday. My eyes are MOST OF THE TIME softer than what they used to be. Also last night, in my visions, i saw a girl fall down on the ground, and i KNOW maybe i am responsible for that, somehow. I think i was very tired.
Milkshake07/15/092:08pmBarney? Are you alright? This is a new poll, but at the same time a very boring one thanks to Zera. Please pollmaster, the next poll can you make it a little more fun and exciting? Maybe not about politics all the time? But I'm sure thanks to Zera, she will ask the pollmaster the opposite of what I ask because she likes to abuse others.
Barney07/15/091:19pmDebbie 07/13/09 3:45am Maybe his music was ok, but he still slept with kids!!! That makes him a creep and one less creep in the world the better off we are! We need a new poll! This one is getting pretty old.
Milkshake07/15/0911:39amZera, read the last poll. You only made one comment: New Poll New Poll! Michael Jackson was a fun, different poll. You had to screw it up. I am the real Milkshake. Email me and find out. Now we have another poll about politics. And Zera, you can shove it where the sun don't shine lady! You are so damn negative!! Always starting a fight! Just like your stupid little snorts and peeps. I have nothing to say about this poll; except the economy would benefit without a Swifter!!
Tom07/15/0910:03amThis stupid government should have given the first stimulus to all the American People instead of the special groups the democrats are supporting in their districts/states. All of these fu_king liberals need to be taken out back and hung out to dry. Wait till they pass that Cap and trade--which means tax bill. All the idiots that voted for this suck ass president should pay the higher taxes and the people who did not vote for this liberal sh_t head president should all get big tax breaks. If they want to give another stimulus then give it to the American People. It would help get rid of our debt. This government--Obama, Pelosi, Clinton have really screwed up a once beautiful country. If they want to be a communist then move to Russia.
Swifter07/15/098:22amI constantly hear this Persian song in my head, about going back to homeland??? And i don't even have that song on my CD collections. I've only heard it 2 times all of my life, and it keeps coming back!!??? I don't know what to make of it?? I wished we could talk some more, sherri. If you really are someone i can trust??
Swifter07/15/098:10amBut what about this site FlowerChild??? Lets try to keep it in-tact. I am fighting for every ounce of goodness in myself FC!!!! You have no idea!!! And i am staying away from apologies, because they make me sound depressed & down, but it is ONLY because i have not had a whole lot of sleep the last 3-4 days. Has not so much to do w opium though.
FlowerChild07/15/097:27amSwifter, I did not give you the name Debbie you lying sick s*n-of-a-b!tch and f*cking b*stard and pervert and sick mother f*cker. You are all the alias's. To anyone real, I am gone forever. If for any reason someone uses my few names I had, it will not be me, no matter how it seems, it will be a lie. I used my real name and one name, I can't remember what it was and someone, maybe Zera, told me someone else had that name, so I changed it to FlowerChild. This is so heartbreaking for me, I can not ever be back in here. I swear to the Great Spirit and to all of you, I'm done in here and will never give comments again. I may read, but I am finished in here. I swear on my life, may lightening strike me dead, if I lie. I am done, finished, the end. So if you see my names I used, it will not be me. I sent a picture of me to the ones I thought were maybe real. Good-bye forever. A few have my email address if you want to talk. Zera, I have been dating so much with a guy that is the best, so I haven't even gotten half way thru what you asked, but one day will finish and send. This is so hard for me. I, at one time, enjoyed it here. BUT...that is gone, so I am gone. I won't even bother to fight back if someone uses my name, because frankly, I don't give a big F*CK at all anymore. Good-bye forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swifter07/15/097:00amI am so so so sorry for mis-using your name The Real Debbie!!!!! You are NOT a drug addict, period! I am truly sorry if that upset you so much. You are so much a better being than me. I know that now. I was going thru a lot of uncertainties & confusions as to WHY FLOWERCHILD was giving me the name Debbie in the 1st place, and not talking directly to me???? I thought i was meant to be confessing to a sin, and i was confused deep inside what ppl wanted from me??? I was crying like a little child today, and i ended up turning on a candle, for no apparant reason?? This is so unfair because i am feeling responsible for having abused a better & a gentler soul than myself. I believe YOU when you say i need to be put in jail, or a mental institution!!! Why in God's name did it have to be your name??? I don't understand any of these things anymore! I am just thankful...Simply, honestly, & with all of my heart!! (i am 100% certain the opium line is about myself.)
The Real Debbie!07/15/093:54amI am glad there is a new poll, but I went back to read the last poll and whoever is pretending to be Debbie, stop it! I am the real Debbie and do not do any type of drugs!!! Anyone who pretends to be someone else is a coward, wimp and a weiner!!!Swifter is it probably you who is playing more games. Flowerchild is right to say that this site is no good anymore, and it is because of the mental reject Swifter! I will again just read the polls in here and will not comment anymore, because of the sick games of a single person who really needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.
Time out!07/15/093:43amI was ONLY referring to the Lord Of The Rings when i mentioned 'the eye'. For a second i had this exciting idea that maybe the 'it' thing was that? Also i wasn't very nice with the nickname i was given yesterday. I am REALLY sorry for that error, i have been so so tired. In one of my dreams i could see an eye on my tongue. So i thought that it meant that i was trying to look at ppl thru my typed words in here. That eye is now closed again. I am not looking consciencely to see ppl on the polls anymore. I am staying on a cleaner path now(even if they are meant more like as chants to myself, than meant to be said to you, at the have to fake it to make it, sometimes.) In fact i think we should ALL stop the poll games here & now, and to just let other regular, ordinary ppl to come in here & to give their views on the specific polls. The poll games went a little out of control for all of us, mostly for me, because i wasn't paying attention to the LONGER THREAD, in the sum of ALL these polls. From here on we're just strangers, having a debate on these polls.
Zera aka tigger / tiger07/15/0912:07amMilkshake if you are the real one, I said yes many a time to the poll on Michael Jackson being missed. So dont know where you get your neg attitude all of sudden, Unless you´re one of the useal suspect skanks who always pinpoint one and starts messes and claims I started them. Talk about negative. Talk about limitations on your own blind person. Furthermore was that question for a new poll mirroring someone elses request for a new poll. So go back and re read whom started to ask for a new poll. May as well be their idea rather than mine. I asked for one because the debate on the other moved from the main question. As for not getting what i say well IF you are milkshake WHICH I DOUBT you read enough to slag me on polls again. Frankly take you rneg vibe and shove it up where the sun no shine. As for the new question poll ill say this, ever since the crack on black Thursday in 1929 has world economy been influenced by US economics, which would mean a stimulus to balance it would revebrate through out the world like waves. Which i personally find good. Swifter, stick to the topic ok. thanx lol
Swifter07/14/0911:56pmHi Sherri. Nice meeting you.
Swifter07/14/0911:39pmWe need to re-structure all the damages done, mostly by my stupid amateur self. Both Rick & Ed are REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT PEOPLE. And they have ONLY been FRIENDLY to me. I'm sorry, my heart is pounding really fast right now from fear. I say this brand new deal should be effectively closed in a way, that would help benefit everyone by simply going back to how things were before. I have GREAT respect & admiration for all the parties in the senate, and now that i have had my eye-opening salvation, i feel i can perhaps go back to my own raggedy way, while our poll Friends can celeberate in a great XMXSX spirit again!! (I believe maybe the reason there's been such a tremendous difficulty in the trusting relations between EU & the US up til now, has simply been due to EU's own lack of trust) But i'm sure there is absolutely NO bad thoughts or hard feelings coming from EU's side. (In the last poll, I made a silly mistake by making a stupid comment, and it was ONLY meant as an attempt to pull MYSELF out once & for all, by "asking MYSELF out on a date", without mentioning my own name. It was also a silly comment about me starting to wear hats, because of my new hairline.
Sherri07/14/097:30pmHi deb. Swifter and i are boyfriend and girlfriend now. leave him alone. he is mine.
Deb07/14/096:40pmI've seen the eye. I saw it. At the very least i KNOW now!!!
Milkshake07/14/095:38pmGreat, Zera. You got your wish: A new poll. You probably had this done, because I disagreed. Now we have another political poll. YAY!! Fun. Personally, Zera I think you're one of the most negative women on Mystic Games. The next time you post a comment, Zera, speak better English. It's very hard to understand you and you talk like you're from the streets. Oh and by the way, stop creating poll arguments. You do the same thing on the chat.

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