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If you or your spouse was having a baby, would you want to know the sex before birth?

Total Voters: 1155
Yes 33%
No 33%
Undecided 33%
Dean08/24/094:35amHolly I am sure you know what she mean't. But in case you don't I will explain. the sex of a child before birth. You need to listen to the important part of her message and if all you were concerned about was the first part about sex of child, then you must be one of those blind liberals that are out there. Southern Comfort and Debbie are correct Obamacare will destroy America by bankrupting it and the American citizens will get bad healthcare with rationing care and also Obama's czars not doctors will be telling patients what type of care they will get if any. That will bring in the death panels. Believe it or not but your far left liberal government is lying to you. I live in Canada and our healtcare is terrible. Good Luck to all of you!
Holly08/22/095:52amWow i know u r supposed to have sex befor birth easy as that
Debbie08/21/0911:08amI have been reading the comments. I think we can put to rest the sex before birth question. We have more important issues going on right now. Jeff and Southern Comfort you both are correct. America is in alot of trouble right now. The sorry part of this is all the people who trusted this idiot to give change well looks like we all are going to get alot of bad change that will bankrupt our country. The sickening thing about it is that Obama still in his little warped liberal mind thinks this is a wonderful thing to do. Well maybe for Russia but not here in America. We all need to pull together and tell our congressmen and senators to vote NO. The only good thing about this is that if the democrats in congress and the senate vote for this crap they will lose their jobs in 2010 and praise god Pelosi will go also. I agree we need to tweek healthcare but not change all of it. Most americans are happy with what they have and we certainly don't need big brother telling us what services we can or can't have. Hell they can't even run Medicare or the post office, both are going bankrupt. Duh!!! I just had to put in my fifty cents worth. Peace and Bless America!
Swifter08/21/099:46amI know this is off topic but there are tv personalities in my dreams. I have stopped watching too much tv. I watch only documentary films if i have to. Good comment btw Southern Comfort. I've quit my babble. Bye & thanks.
Southern Comfort08/18/0911:45amHey Swifter noone is listening to your bullsh!t so quit babbling. Just having a fireplace is not the answer. People are going to die because they will not be able to afford heat, lights or food for that matter. That is what this liberal administration wants. They want us renting apartments not owning homes. This is just the first step to a socialist society. Also hidden in that bill is the tax credit we get when owning a home...well guess what that is also going to be stopped. Pop and juice prices are going to go sky high also. Pretty soon they will tell you what type of job you can have, how many kids you can have, hell they are already working on the pay for executives. If these liberals are not happy here in America why don't they all get on a big boat and paddle over to Russia!!!!
Swifter08/18/099:19amI've regretted some of the words i'm using in these polls. But then again i am not the only one using those words. I sometimes push the boundaries too far without being aware of it, but i've stopped that now. I am sticking to easy words. I was happy when i was using simple easy words that were relevant to my own living condition. I am/was always happy for the rainbow again. (ps- My comment about Anhedonia was to/about my own family member. But for some reason it came out as if i was portraying(and refering to) somebody else!? There are a lot of mind projections going on in here, which have very little to do with the Spiritual world imho. But i am not clever about any of these things. I might be inspired/inspiring though.)
Milkshake08/18/098:30amI guess the one's who own a fireplace are lucky.
Southern Comfort08/18/095:08amIn case you have not heard the congress passed the cap and trade bill. It now goes to the senate. The news have kept it hushed because everyone is worried about the Obamahealth garbage that the liberal news did not report on it. If that bill passes the senate get ready for very high heating, lighting bills this winter. The tax on those items are like 85%. Where the hell do they think we americans can pay for that. I sit and try to figure out where the hell these liberals are coming from. Are they all just crazy???? 2010 will be a good year because you will see all those liberal dems get voted out of office. God help us all!!
What???08/16/094:36amSorry about my last comment! I know i was meaning (to say) something else, but it came out sounding totally absurd. In the end it is only myself who knows why i said that, and it was NOWHERE NEAR what other ppl might have thought i was refering to.
To whomever this may concern:08/15/091:35amLook up the word anhedonia (sp?)
Jeff08/14/091:41pmNo need to apologize Southern Comfort. I agree with absolutely everything you said. Your concerns are well justified and it looks like many people are starting to share your views!
Southern Comfort08/14/093:42amI am sorry to everyone for my latest comment, but it is the truth. We are in very scary times and the American people are fed up and frustrated with what this new government is doing to all of us. So Sorry for my frustration with what the government is trying to pull over on us. I did not mean to offend anyone. Just venting.
Swifter08/14/0912:12amMy comment about Hedonia was TOTALLY unnecessary. But i must say that it was said ONLY about MYSELF. In any event i am VERY VERY SORRY if it made everyone upset. I can see how it could have been misunderstood. And to Milkshake, that was a clever thing...that dream. Well done! And to your comment before that, i despise you for saying a thing like that. Also to Southern Comfort, i don't see any comfort in your comments. I can stand behind almost all of my comments on the polls. And this is the very last. Again i am sorry about that Hedonia comment. I'm wasting too much time on these polls.
Southern Comfort08/13/0912:36pmAnd if they are not perfectly healthy be careful. Obama will have them killed because it would cost to much to care for the Obama healthcare bill. I have to say I told you so, to the people who voted for that moran Obama. He is nothing but trouble for us and this country. I am glad I had good sense not to vote for a liar, socialist pig and racist for president.
"My Angel"08/13/0910:32amEveryone should be surprised by what the good Lord bestows onto them. Boy or Girl does not matter as long as the child or children are healthly.
Milkshake08/11/099:17amAll the Swifter's on here set me off. I can tell when it's Swifter. Just something about that good ole Swift! I know Jeff that you're having angry, having hard times as well....Something about that Jeff McGlaughlin and getting together with that band? Ah well. Better luck next time? Are you sure that David Lee Roth likes you?
Gratitude08/11/098:52amThen i'm sorry! My comment was more directed to that thing about the Dawn, and my better understanding of it, than it was to/about Charming Angel. Now goodbye.
Jeff08/11/0912:05amHey Milkshake... I don't mean to be confrontational, but you seem to be very angry lately. I know Swifter was quite good at causing grief, and he certainly deserved some of the comments I read about him, but I haven't seen many posts from him lately. Gratitude's comment is a bit strange, but I don't think she/he deserves your wrath. Again, I'm not trying to provoke you... it just seems that you have been very on edge lately and the slightest thing sets you off. Peace.
Milkshake08/10/095:13pmGratitude, are you the copycat, heroin user Swifter? Here it is all nice and peaceful on the poll and then you come on here and ruin everyone's peace again. I don't think this poll question is for you. Believe me, social services would take your babies away before they're born. God help us all if you have children!
Gratitude08/10/091:20pmThanks for all the help! I was a little calculating because of some silly pride & maybe fear...but i understand it all now. And sorry for saying anything unpleasant. But most of all THANKS.
Charming Angel08/09/096:30amI found out before I had my baby, so I would know the things I needed,and decorate the room.
Milkshake 08/05/099:43amGee VoiceShutOff, thanks for letting us know. Now will you shut up? I'm not being sarcastic or anything.....
Voice shut off!08/05/093:18amIn the last poll, in my very last line i wanted to say "(sarcasm!)" with a laughing smiley + a winking smiley, at the end of my comment, but i felt i had to calm everybody down (most of all myself!) with some empty positive words first, before getting into sarcasms & stuff like that...also the name "Hedonia" was again a lie. That word doesn't even exist.
Milkshake08/01/091:26pmAt least her name wasn't Delta Dawn.
DARLA08/01/0910:43amI have a sister named Debbie and she goes by her middle name Dawn. She thought Debbie sounded like a cheerleader name. Dawn is 51 years old. The Dawn of time.
Milkshake08/01/0910:04amWell I guess you don't want a daughter named Debbie.
Boring guy08/01/096:10amI was stung by a lot of bees in an incident that happened when i was a child. It happened in the N.W. part of iran in a little town called Orumiyeh. This is why i behaved like that over the name Debbie.
Tamara07/31/093:53amI found out both times that I was going to have girls. For me it started the attachment/bonding process I had with my babies. I began to look forward to getting girls clothing and toys and looking forward to the day I would be able to braid their hair and go shopping with them.
Jeff07/30/095:57pmYup, I agree with Milkshake as well! I think those people who are fortunate enough to have extra disposable income can probably afford to wait and be surprised at the hospital. Still, it's nice to be able to plan ahead a bit, especially because of all the sleepless nights and lack of free time you can expect after the baby is born. Better to be prepared ahead! Of course, like LuvMiTy, I too am impatient! The way I look at it, what difference does it make if you are surprised at the hospital, or you are surprised a few months earlier? It's still a surprise!
LuvMiTy07/30/098:08amI learned the sex of both of my children before they were born... mostly because I'm an impatient person and couldn't wait! lol But I do agree with Milkshake... my life & financial situation require me to plan ahead!
Shar07/29/095:18pmI did want to know because I wanted to be prepared all the way: clothes, toys, everything! Definitely recommend getting to know the sex before the birth. After the baby arrives, there's still lots of surprises ahead.
Milkshake07/29/0912:10pmI voted yes. I had all boys. It helps to prepare beforehand, decorating your new babies bedroom, clothing, what color to paint the room, toys, etc....It is pretty cool to be surprised though. I don't know. I think if I were very wealthy when I had my children, I would have not preferred to know the sex. Because who cares? Then you can take your cash/credit cards and go BIG shopping and have nannys and cooks, etc. But if you're a normal everyday person like myself and not rich; then to me it's best to be prepared and know the sex beforehand.
Sherri07/29/094:44amThis is something that we'd discussed a few yrs ago, my ex & i (there..i brought her up again!LOL) and she had an interesting view, that very often it is NOT such a good thing to know about the sex of the child, simply because it would take away the "freshness of the baby package". But naturally when it comes to the health of the child, it is absolutely an important thing to check w the Dr. regularly! Women can be awfully unstable sometimes for the sake of the husband, it is a good thing that he feels teamed up w other professionals. I know about all of this because i was lucky to follow my ex-friend's child birth, and he was very much stressed out during those months, especially towards the end. But he handled it all remarkably well, to my own amazement. And their child was nothing short of a miracle kid. A fantastic looking boy & the perfect son. Great manners and all...also a very kind & protective brother to his younger sister. Wow i got carried away there, didn't i! LOL

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