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If your boss/supervisor was going out of town on vacation for a week, would you leave work a couple of hours earlier every day if you could easily get away with it?

Total Voters: 435
Yes 87%
No 87%
Maybe 87%
The Art of Shagging07/17/081:50pmAnd while we're waiting for a new poll, can we get the ladies to do some strip-teasing by this "poll" ?! ;-D
Milkshake07/17/0811:41amBam Bam, it was something my boss gave me. Works great!! Another milkshake please!
Paula07/16/083:50pmNew poll please!
Bam Bam07/16/082:44pmMilkshake what are you putting in your milkshakes?
Milkshake07/16/0810:16amI wouldn't leave work early. i would buy a milkshake and drink it on the job!
Milkshake07/16/0810:16amI wouldn't leave work early. i would buy a milkshake and drink it on the job!
Sharon07/16/088:31amI think instead of WARs we should declare PEACE and strive to bring peace to a country where there was none before.
Pat07/16/085:54amI'm ready for a new poll, there's only so much you can say on the subject.
Bam Bam07/15/083:17pmWho wants a new poll? This one stinks. Anyone? Let the webmaster know!
Pat07/14/087:17amZera, totally understand. Vallender, I wasn't talking about a good employee doing that once in a blue moon. I was talking about a slacker doing it everyday when the boss is away. A good employee wouldn't do that anyway. Read my other comments. A boss can be friendly, nice and good to the employees...but if you don't stick to your rules you put down, you are no longer the boss, most employees would take advantage. There are too many people out there willing to work and do a good job without keeping a slacker when you are not there. That's not being on a high-horse, that is being a boss. It is even more important if it is your OWN business. You wouldn't have a business long if you allowed such a thing to go on. That saying"When the cats away, the mice will play", well say so long to your business. The last comment you made, most humans aren't humane and civilized.
Bam Bam07/13/082:40pmThis is a weird poll.
Michelle07/13/0810:53amI am interested to know what the person who asked the question would do. So?
Vallender07/12/089:49amThe Art Of War: I've been thinking about this matter for a while now, and i have a couple of interesting suggestions. 1st of all it has dawned upon me that whether we like it or not, war is an "evil necessity" from time to another! But this is where i'd like to propose an idea: Why does war have to be a murderous & bloody thing?? Why cant we for instance build non-lethal weapons, and have our armies fight one another with these SAFE weapons?! No one has to die. It would almost be like a SPORT, where 2 or more "teams" compete with one another, in order to defeat the other party. And in the end, the WINNER gets to decide the policies, or other demands, it may desire. We do not live in the stone ages any longer, and if WAR is still considered an option in tough political matters, then why cant we just change its rules to something more humane & civilized?! What do other good ppl on this site think about an idea like the one i just mentioned?? Cheers.
Chef07/12/088:40amDoesn't it come down to less is more? ie if you don't take total advantage and did it once in the week I don't see it as too bad. If you have a good boss ya make up for it anyway, ya know?
Hraposa07/11/0810:53pmSomeone is always watching on the job, just because we don't see it does not mean it can't come back to bite you!
CeCe07/11/086:26pmTrust is earned. Integrity can't be bought, it's priceless.........
Vallender07/10/088:05pmAnd i would fire you BACK in a heartbeat Pat(LOL) solely on the grounds of sitting so STIFF on your moral high-horse. when it comes to a measely 2 hrs. here & there(when there is simply not much to do at the office anyhow -- or wherever else you may be working)!
Zera07/10/082:26pmHi Pat Thanx, studies, exam n aprenticeship work takes a load of my time. Besides some topics werenīt worth repeating comments or replies to. I felt it would 1. be repeatance of whats already said, or 2. make it a bombshell n all would be angered. So with reason I at times held my trap shut LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Pat07/10/085:44amThat was funny, Leigh. Wally, all of us have put our comments in on this topic. I agree there was something more than what's said about all that and I agree about the A-bomb. BUT we all need a breather and something more mellow in between the more deeper polls. John.. one thing.. in the 80's Japan owned one-third of the U.S. Probably more by now. Ann, that is why I would fire someone in a hearbeat for doing that. Ann and Circus, I totally believe in Karma, also. Zera, I'm glad you're back. You've been gone for quite awhile. Everyone, let's please stick with a couple of more mellow polls for awhile, then get back to some deep controversial stuff. Okay?
Zera07/10/0812:52amFunny Wally should open that debate. Well i KNOW the 9/11 is one much ANY mans mind regardless of what country, but its strongest in the USA. HOWEVER I have this bud who is TRYING to open this debate from the RESCUERS side. Political BOMB it is n its AWESOME written- YET NO tv station or any1 wanna touch it. Reason they claim election year n blah blah blah. Makes u wonder doesnt it? All want the truth, but when one shows what it may b BLAM shut down said no to. Yet my buddy hopes. I do to bc this piece of work he made has INTERNATINAL reaches, not juss national as in the States alone. Come to think of it, all who tried to open up the debate 9/11 has been shut down pretty fast. aint that odd?????
Wally07/09/085:00pmJohn, I don't agree with you about gun control and I don't agree with you about dropping the bomb (s) on Japan. Watch the documentary THE FOG OF WAR. It was wrong what we did, should never have happened. So many millions of lives for what? Japan was already falling, ready to surrender. The idiots behind the bomb wanted to see what would happen on civilians. That was the unknown element they couldn't figure out. We should accept responsibility and at the same token, not be to quick to condemn other countries for having the bomb because we are the only country who has ever unleashed its power on helpless civilians. I don't think Clinton should be impeached. What he did was nothing compared to what Nixon and Bush and Cheney have done. why are we still in VCuba? Would we like it if China was in Rhode Island? It's time to tell the Emperor he has no clothes on.
Circus07/09/084:43pmI think its important to stick to some level of integrity in your career (or anything for that matter.) "What goes around comes around" or so the phrase speaks, you are reaping good karma by doing a complete day. Plus some companies have "big brother" as a watchdog: (1) networking systems that keep track of who is logging on or off as well as when they do. (2) hidden camera systems that record all activity in the office for the day (like a public hallway security system does) (3) or your boss can web-monitor events remotely on their laptop during their vacation (like a "nanny cam" where parents can monitor their home to make sure their nanny isn't abusing their children.) If a person works for such a company, it would not be hard for your boss to find out you're not at work when your should be because they would have "evidence".
Ann07/09/082:38pmI believe this a question of morals. If you leave early a couple of hours a day, your basically stealing from the company if you get paid for the time that your gone. I have an excellent boss and wouldn't ever do that to him even though it would be extremely easy to do. Even if he wasn't excellent it's not ok to do. Ever heard of that thing called karma, it will come back and bite you in the ass.
John07/09/082:03pmI cannot believe I am agreeing with Wally, but he is right this time. I will start this off by answering some of his questions: 1. I do not agree with gun control! Every American has the right to bear arms and if they are irresponsible with their weapons it is their fault not all Americans. I believe you have the right to protect property and ones self at all cost including putting a bullet between someone's eyes....One less asshole in the world. 2. Impeachment should of started when Bill Clinton was in office, the terrorists bombed the trade center buildings and the navy ship cole while Bill was screwing Monica. He was more concerned on the fallout of his screwing around than protecting this country....Fact not fiction! 3. Dropping the bombs in Japan was the best thing we did. It ended the war and put the Japanese in their place! 4. We should not pull out of all countries only some. We need those bases open incase we go to war. We need a place to deploy from. So keep open the vital ones and close the rest. Bring most of our Military soldiers back to protect our country including our boarders and keep out the illegals!!! ALso ship the Illegals that are already in our country back accross the boarder!! Put up an electrified fence on the boarders with a million volts. When they climb or dig underneath zap them then throw the bodies back over on their side. It could happen once or maybe twice before they understand and know we mean business and won't be in a hurry to come over here. We need to take care of our own first. 5. Gas prices are controlled by the liberals and lobbyists again they want to control what each American does. They all need to back off, let us drill in Alaska, and the Gulf. If you want to drive the jap car Prius then move to Japan. It is like the yuppie liberals are selling out our country by purchasing those foreign rice beaters. The stupid thing is that sneaky japan is buying more and more of America and we idiots are letting them. Pretty soon it will not be America but Japan 2. You think they forgot about dropping the bombs there???? They want payback and the stupid liberals are letting them buy and sell their crap here.....This is the type of comments and issues we need to talk and think about, not about our bosses. My boss eats ****, I know it and so does every other employee. Who cares. :P
Wally07/09/081:14pmThis is a pretty lame question. Let's stick to topics that are very important. ie. gun control, political preference... How about... 1. Should Bush & Cheney be impeached? 2. Too many unaswered questions re: 9/11. Why did those towers fall like they did? Why was the steel quickly scooped up and sent off to China? What about those explosions people heard from the bottom of the towers? 3. If Bush and Cheney lied about WMD in Iraw, are they telling the truth about 9/11? 3. Was the dropping of the 2 atomic bombs on Japan ethical? 3.Should our leaders have been charged as war criminals? 4. The US should pull out of Cuba. Yes or no? 5. The US should close at least 50 % of its bases around the world thereby reducing the defense budget. Add your own... cheers.
Leigh07/09/081:12pmWith the type of boss I work for you cannot even leave 2 minutes early unless you are a manager and up. Secretaries/clerks are the dirt of the company and are treated badly. If my boss was on vacation he would call at the end of each work day to see if I was there. I sometimes like to piss him off so I would go to the bathroom the last five minutes of the day just to get him all upset that I was not there manning the fricking phones. What a ****! He is a micromanager and does not have much self confidence in himself so he lashes out at the Secretaries/clerks because he knows that they (including myself) need our jobs. He does not like someone who is smarter than himself. Which is not hard to do, because we all are smarter than he is.
Pat07/09/0810:16amFirst of all, I agree with the few comments before me. I really don't think it is that unethical if you leave early a couple of times in that week as long as your work can be done for those days or if it is something that takes that whole week take it home to finish. Myself, in the past, I didn't do that because I had these strong thoughts that what my boss says to do, you do(not being a brown-noser, but just do your job). Now in family businesses, if one of us leaves early that is okay. If I am left in charge, then I'm boss. I have such a strict code about work that I wouldn't put up with someone doing that unless they had a strong work ethic like me, then maybe once or twice during that week. If I found out that it was a couple of hours everyday...I would fire them in a heartbeat, because I couldn't trust them ever again. I raised my kids to be the same way.
Zera07/09/088:52amTotally depends on the job n jobenvironment. Iīd maybe leave early once or twice, but prolly work extra. Dunno depends on the job n environment as said. If ulike ur job u stick to ur hours, if u donīt ...............................
Bam Bam07/09/086:26amDepending on the type of office or job I worked in I'd probably leave a few minutes early if all my work was done. I'm a goody goody I know it!
Vallender07/09/085:22amNot every day, but i'd take adventage of it atleast a couple of times during that week! :-D I'm quite sure though my answer comes off pretty unethical to a lot of other ppl here, given that the majority so far(exactly 50%) have voted "No". ***shrugs***

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