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I believe a single payer government health care system...

Total Voters: 1657
Is a good thing. 23%
Is a bad thing. 23%
Not sure. 23%
Janet10/15/098:37amWhy has this poll been going on for more then two months now? it's time for a new poll. pollmaster please give us a new poll.
Milke10/13/099:22amWe need a new poll!
Foxy Loxy10/08/094:44amThank you Milkshake. I like your name also, except your's makes me want an ice cold chocolate milkshake and a cheesburger to go with it. yummie, yummie for my tummie....Hee! Hee!
Milkshake10/07/092:27pmFoxy Loxy, I agree!! I love your name.
Foxy-Loxy10/07/0911:34amWhen are we going to get a new poll???? I think we can retire this one. Thank you Pollmaster!!!! Give us something we can really put our teeth into.
Milkshake10/05/098:09pmIs this a new Ed or the same Ed? Because I thought Ed died of a heart attack. Well if you are another Ed, welcome and exuse me for saying this, but you sound like the same Ed that used to be on here.
Ed10/05/095:42pmOnce we go down the government road it will be a long time before we can get out of it so becarefull of what you wish for,just look at the messes that the government has caused,everything is going broke including our country,no excuse me our country is broke ,we are living on loans from china etc. and they continue to let foriegners in to take americans jobs with all these visa work programs while americans are unemployed with no prospects.its not right and how can you trust the government with your health when you cant trust them with your tax dollars now!
Stv10/02/096:14amHi people :)
John D09/29/094:47amLiz this is not a good thing! You may have the option to have private insurance, but that will change (remember Obama is all for change, so read between the lines with that liar. You are going to get the change you don't want). We will all end up on government healthcare insurance, because the lying government will make it impossible for insurance companies to compete. And the poor are on medicade so they are covered already. The only poor you are talking about is the illegal aliens out there and this lying government wants to cover them on our dime!! Yes we will pay for it in our taxes. The only thing I agree on is your last sentence that alot of people who have insurance will lose it and will not be able to get on the Obama band wagon for healthcare. This president needs to work on the economy and leave healtcare alone! He needs to stop plastering his face on tv and get to work on the economy, the issues in Iran and jobs in the US. There are not many who do not have healtcare and give them medicade--but make sure none of them are illegal aliens. Those folks need to be shipped back across the boarder.
Liz09/28/0912:13pmI think it is a good thing. However people still have the option of paing ito a private healthcare scheme. And those who have the money can and still whatever country they live in go private anyway. Or how about a comprise? The government doing more to those who really need it, such as the really poor. Or even people who do have healthcare insurance but not adequate cover, a sort of top up. Even still under new proposals not everyone would get free healthcare.
Mickey09/27/098:04pmPersonally, I dont think cost should matter. Noone should have to suffer because they are poor and sick, and noone should go broke to pay medical bills. I come from a 'single-payer' system (UK), and whilst it's not perfect (nothing is) the lies and hype that people put out about such systems is sickening. A payroll tax to cover healthcare actually works out to be LESS than what we pay now, and it's far more convenient. Healthcare shouldn't be about profit--it's a basic right of society.
Tigger B09/24/0912:38amChrist Milkshake, Dave and tigger2 are SO lame. Typical to point finges at all else but yourself. Is that why you dont have mirrors at home? Can´t you stand to look at yourself? Well no wonder since ya is so buttugly inside and out. As stated this is a public poll and still its run by you buttuglies as if you own this place. I still mark that you are nothing but a lying discriminating racist not even worth membership of the KKK.
Tigger209/23/0910:34pmIm tigger2 and i like winnie the poo! hahahahahaha
Milkshake09/23/097:43pmLook Jeff. I don't even know Dave. But Dave thanks. Really thanks. She is sort-of bizarre lately. Jeff, you sound like a girl. If I don't like or appreciate or find a comment made on this poll distasteful, I can express how I feel. The same goes for everyone. Everyone says what they want. Lately, I don't like this Tigger's remarks. You stated I'm going through alot and I'm using this poll to air out my problems. I'm very content and happy lately. I have to go through a small surgery and then I'm back to great health again. I think you want me to be unhappy and like putting me down. But then again, there are all kinds on web sites and chats. I think your the one who's unhappy. So I hope you feel better and cheers to you too! God Bless you and God bless our health care system! I hope someday everyone can have great health care. I hope whatever issues Jeff, wheather you are a female or male are straightened out. And I hope if you wish to be a female; you can be through our wonderful healthcare system. Take care now Jeff and of course Winnie the Pooh Tigger. Have a nice day.
Jeff09/23/096:57pmMind my business? Is this a public poll... I think so. And Dave, I have to say you are sounding a heck of a lot like Milkshake. There really is no need for such provocative behavior... that goes for everyone here... so I'm not choosing sides. It would just be nice to be able to have a rational debate without launching into these nasty attacks.
Dave09/23/091:14pmJeff. Mind your business. You need to lighten up on everyone. All you do is argue about your conservatism and pick on some folks in here, including milkshake. I disagree with tigger and I feel she should get some help. Her ha ha's and her comments are a bit bizarre.
Jeff09/23/0912:56pmMilkshake, I think you should lighten up on Tigger. Really, you need to calm down and stop being so harsh and rude. I've been reading through some of your comments and you really sound like you are angry about something and using this poll to unload on everyone. Anyway, I wish you and everyone happiness and cheer! I vote no on government run health care! What we need is more competition, not 1 massive government monopoly.
Milkshake09/22/093:31pmGood! I could care less what you believe in your scary, strange, absurd, childish, immature, mind. Like Pat said a while back on the poll; there are too many people copycatting others and borrowing names. I think there are 3 people using the name Tigger. One of them is just a freshman in college who is just a stupid, dumb brat. The other one acts like she just came off the streets. And the other one is supposedly from Denmark. I could care less about all 3 of you. Now who's calling who liar? I had enough arguments with you on the poll....Boring! Now back to the poll......
Tigger B09/22/092:26pmMilkshake: You are a liar nada but a sorry lowlife skank liar. You and I BOITH know thw truth yet yours is nada but a lie. I pity you! As for whoever wanna slam me go ahead. Tougher and better ones has tries and NONE has succeeded. So give it ya best shot. As for haressing Milkshake, another lie. Typical MO of hers, oh oh i didnt do nothing i didnt say that i didnt do that save me save me,. PI TI FUL! I say to you milkshake, take ya lies and shove and STOP LYING and STOP HARRESING ME !!!! Its really pityful. Sooner or later truth will come out and hits ya hard. I trust in karmic justice which will prevail. Now ill shut up bc you so aint worth it.!!!! adios liar liar !!!!!
Kim09/22/0911:44amHate to burst all your bubbles but check out waht the gov is paying in subsidized money as just thier share (WITHOUT the employee share) for fed employees health/ life insurance by STATE. This is a lot more than the 2.2 trillion. they claim was spent on health care last year.This is just federal employees. There is enough money there to pay for the whole country goin to insurance companies, for god sake, use your heads. This is 2007, Alabama = 388,843,408 Alaska = 1,940,849 Arizona = 325,865,922 Arkansas = 139,419,464 California = 1,766,180,808 colorado = 380,929,195 Delaware = 56,576,853 Florida 1,162,244,825 Georgia = 644,079,786 Hawaii = 292,725,043 GOD TELL ME WHEN I GET TO 2.2 TRILLION !!!!!! if u do not believe look here at the consolidated funds reports for each state this is the census. WAKE UP AMERICANS HURRY!!!!
Milkshake09/21/0912:52pmTigger, shut up!!!!!!! I give you no permission to read my cards. And I truly doubt you are a friend of Stan's and I could care less. Now leave me alone. Stop your threats and comments and just leave me the hell alone. I don't even know you and I don't care to know you. Now just end your immature arguments and get on with your life. Stop harrassing me.
Jenny09/21/0912:00pmI still vote no to the government taking over my healthcare and the government has alot to do with the post office going bankrupt! This new and changed government is nothing but a socialist group that want to take over our beautiful country. We have to stop them by voting out nancy pelosi, harry reid and of course the ring leader of socialism, Obama. Thank you, Thank you!!! We need a leader of the people for the people, not a leader of the government for the government. That is not in the constitution. Maybe they all need to read the constitution along with any bogus bill they are tying to pass and then veto all the bills that this socialist congress/senate and president want to slip by us. Peace and Love to all!!!!!
Tigger B09/21/0911:40amMilkshake: WHATEVER! You have been mean, spiteful and hatefilled ever since i read you using 8 card spread along 2 times 3 card spread. So keep saying what you wanna believe. I know the facts. AR: Stan the owner is a close personal friend of mine and he knows what is going on. So your threat wont come to pass. So THERE! All in all has this poll become a discriminating racist place to be. You can have it.
AR09/21/0910:35amDo not come this website and argue tigger b or whatever you want to call yourself. Or else we will limit your access to this poll!!
Milkshake09/21/099:25amIf you take a look at your statement on 9/18/09 at 1AM, Tigger, it should explain it all. You love starting fights with others. All is peace and fun and then you come on here and say something so mean, stupid, and out of the ordinary only to harm and insult others. I'm not going to fight with a child-minded person anymore. You wanna keep this up? Go ahead. Argue with your hateful self in the mirror. As for Baby B, I don't understand Spanish, although I have taken a couple of Spanish classes...LOL. But I am sure this person did not deserve to be called a racist name. We are what we are born with.
Baby b09/21/098:13amAqui no brasil nós temos o SUS (sistema unico de saúde) do governo há muuuuitos anos! É uma bosta. Cheio de filas e insuficiente para a população mais pobre. Só os ricos podem ter plano de saude pago e mesmo assim é ruim...não atendem quando mais se precisa. Aqui as pessoas "rezam" para não ficarem doentes e morrem como mosca com doenças do subdesenvolvimento (dengue, cólera, febre amarela, desinteria, gripe, leishmaniose, etc.) por causa da total falta de saneamento básico, tratamento de esgoto, água de qualidade etc.... O povo pobre é sempre quem mais sofre, não interessa em que parte do mundo.
Tigger B09/20/0911:04pmLMAO winnie the poh? My my my pal of milkshake the teen queen biatch. Limited is all i gotta say. Limited in how you peeceive people. Limited in insults. Limited in mind and soul. Still acting as i highschool rules no matter where you are. LI MI TED. You do NOT own this site yet you act as if you do. Certain rules for you alone and all else if not follow your lame limited rules be damned. aint that so? LI MI TED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Further, you BS are SO NOT worth IT!!! So go and do ya **** see if I give a ****. Teenagers !!!!
Rocket Scientist/Friend of Milkshake's09/20/0911:42amOk Tigger and friend of tigger. Time to tune in to your favorite show: Winnie the Pooh. Now go away and watch your friends play because this site is too mature for you. Please stop your dumb ass whining and name calling and games. Milkshake doesn't have to prove she's a winner. She already won.
A friend of tiggerb09/20/0911:01amWell now milkshake, go shake your arse somewhere else. Nobody needs your name calling or your ****ed up self righteous attitude. You wanna play a game? lol, I will win it! I have had enough of this in my life. I don't waist my time on these stupid lil polls trying to prove I my self worth. Your low self esteem and your ignorant attitude proves to me enough is enough. You just realize, some of us on here deal with real life issues. You think your better then what, a toad stool? lol, at least a toad stool serves a purpose on this divinely given green earth. I suggest you stop harassing anything you don't know, realize, or understand... find something worth believing in, and um yah, actually learn some facts. Duh!!!!! It doesn't take rocket science to know your ways.
Milkshake09/20/098:46amThat's good Tigger B. Like everyone can understand you. So maybe it's time to take your own great advice and use it for a change. Tigger B=NIM. Let's see if I can spell this correctly for you.....NIM....Nincompoop, Idiot, Moron. So take your "bloody" NIM, stupidity elsewhere. Oh yes! I forgot. HAHAHAHA
Tigger B09/20/0912:26amMilkshake: Take ur comments and shove it. As far as i recall you always starts the ****s on poll. So dont you ****ing tell me what the **** to do. ****! Think about it: Intelligence has many faces. And your BS says more of what you are as a person than what you claim i am. ****! Who the **** do you think you people are? Any has the ****ing right to comment, if you dont like it tough ****. Here the old say if ya aint got nice stuff to say keep ya filthy trap shut. Well I reckon here anything goes so ill talk **** to **** people like you, seems the only ****ing way you bloody get it. ****heads HAHAHAHAAHAH who is the moronsasswiped worms now?
Think abou it09/19/095:06amOf course you also have all of the shipping in from china. Anyone remember when Wal-Mart came around? The biggest attraction was it was all american made products. Now since Sam Walton passed it is made in china, or tiawan or korea..etc. People wonder why our economy is bad and why jobs are hard to find. Well when you sell out to a forgein country because it is cheaper this is what you get. Soooo..blaming the governement to me is purely stupid..after all they don't own or run or manage the thousands and thousands of companies that sold out and reap the benefits of being here. I don't know why people don't see the simple cause and effect here. It IS capitalism, unguarded and unbridalded that has largely screwed us into a corner. You can't make a living if companies keep choosing forgein markets over your opwn. They aren't better..well okay German engeneering is awesome..who can say it isn't...but otherwise..well we got to where we just can't compete..and that is not our goivernement fault. Unless of course you want to think about the fact that maybe they should have levied some sort of tax for shipping out those jobs we needed to keep our own economy going.
Mandy09/18/094:19pmJenny I hate to point out but the post office is bankrupt because of email and the advent of the internet. Now really all they can do is raise prices because many people simply send emails and not letters..and of course that is due to capitalism.People love capitalism until they really have to look at what the private sector has actually done. Private companies, Alltell Dell, Cingular just to name a drop in a bucket have closed massive amounts of customer service centers here and shipped them overseas to get cheaper labor. We won't mention car parts and other assembled items done again overseas. This does a couple of things. One is of course it takes jobs away from Americans. That takes away money and that takes away, you guessed it, health benefits. Alone I know of an Atelll call center that shut it's doors to over 800 employees at one time and this was wayyy before the economic crisis. It is all well and good to make a living and even get rich. I however do feel if you do it on american soil, then keep your plants here, help with the economy by employing american workers and paying your taxes. If you don't like that I think your business should move to the country you like to hire people in and you should not enjoy the benefits of being here. I don't like illegal aliens no matter where they come from. What I dislike even more is sell outs. People and companies that sell out americans to save money and yet get all the breaks. Pay up, employ us first or get out.
Milkshake09/18/093:03pmOh! And by the way, TSH back to ya Tigger B!
Milkshake09/18/092:22pmI understand, "think about it." There was a female who would come on here and copycat alot of the members on the poll just to gain attention. She hasn't been on the poll for a while using her name. And oh yes, out of the blue, Tigger B likes to come on here and insult everyone elses intelligence when all we are doing is just having a discussion, sharing our points of view, and having some laughs. If you think we are that stupid Tigger B, then maybe you should make your insulting comments somewhere else.
Think about it09/18/0912:32pmNeither do I Milkshake. The proper way to have said that would have been 'the lot of you' which means the entire group. Now who's lacking in intelligence...LOL Oh and I think someone mimicking my gf is funny...childish but funny.
Milkshake09/18/098:52amQustion for Tigger B: Who is LOT? I don't see a "LOT" on here.
Jenny09/18/093:48amI voted NO! I don't want the government telling me what to do with my healtcare. They can't even run Medicare---which is going bankrupt, along with Medicad and the Post Office. They need to work on getting jobs for the American people and leave healtcare alone. I think Obama is pushing for this because his pride.
Tigger B09/18/091:00amQuestions: 1. HOW OLD ARE YOU LOT? You act like highschool teenagers. tsh 2. HOW INTELLIGENT ARE YOU LOT? i SWEAR my nieces are smarter than mostof you and she is only 12. TSH!
Mandy09/17/092:50pmYes world I am a liberal ass-hole!
Mandy09/17/091:14pmThink about it Is think about it my boyfriend..uh usually don'tuse claws..sorry. Also Tom, screw capiltalism as it has put way too much power in the relative few hands to the detriment of the many...we have lived in a fuedal society long enough.Capitalists have sold jobs by the hundreds of thousands over seas while remaining here to get the most profit and to benefit from major tax cuts..sorry but I don't think that is's more like share cropping or endentured servitude. Oh and Southern my comments are for you and ellen both as it seems you both have the same gutter trash redneck mentality. Tom..drop dead and crawl back in your hole you liar. There is nothing in the proposed bill that stated illegals will be covered and IF you knew how to read correctly you'd have understood that you DO have to have PROOF of citizenship..that means social security cards and legal ID, which now a days is not as easy to come by as it used to be,.see when you loose your social card and get another the number, not to be confused with the social security number, but the big red number on the back is recorded in to the social securities database. That's how people at the DOT get busted with fakes and stolen social security cards. So..I think seeing as how you'd have to go to a governement office, provide valid and current ID and all of that..well illegals just don't have that do they? So..whats the next issue yo have?Besides the fact I think all three of you are scum sucking pig blowing turds who have the intellectual capacity of a banana slug????
SCREWDRIVER09/17/0912:42pmSouthern Comfort, Tom Collins, Ellen, and all the rest of you conservatives, GET SCREWED in the A_Hole!!
Tom Collins09/17/0911:34amThing about it put you claws away!!!! You liberals are all nuts plain and simple. Southern was defending a lady but you moran's would not see that. Also by Mandy's rude comments she could be all the things that were said. I think it is funny when any conservative stands up to the liberal nuts in this world. They get defensive but love to dish out lies, just like your president who is also a liberal. Notice I said your president, because I did not vote for him and never would. His background at that time was so shady, and now look at him his true colors are coming out. He is a far left socialist/liberal and he wants to control us all......Impeach him! We want capitalism back!!!
Southern Comfort09/17/097:12amThat's funny "Think about it". When she acted like a cXunt she deserved my comments..........and I knew if I called her that I would get her liberal anger focused on me and leave Ellen alone. No woman likes to be called that, and when she went after Ellen someone had to defend her. It's funny that you are now just letting us all know that your her boyfriend, good luck to you man, you are going to need it. Ha! Ha!
Think about it09/17/096:46amHttp:// for those interested here is an actual pdf copy of the proposal. You're right how aweful a health care exchange. Sothern Comfort, you give males everywhere a bad name. Calling any woman a god I don't see how you lift your head. Do you actually kiss your mother with that mouth? BTW..I actually happen to be Mandys boyfriend which proves two poiints. Point one is this; not everyone has to reduce themselves to name calling and are true gentleman.See I could say I'm so sorry about your small ****..or I could say go get your weekly rent a chick ...or I could say that it must suck being the lone ranger and having no tonto in your particular sex show..or ask about your potty training..see that's just a few smart remarks I could make but I don't. Number two..Mandy is FXCKING FAR from fridged..I can attest to her...uh..shall we say..prowess? But that's why a fella like you'd never know isn't it? You just don't have the panache or the class to ever date or marry a real woman.
Southern Comfort09/17/094:18amMandy, Mandy showing your true frigid self, you stupid cXnt. Tommy get a set! You can't let these liberals stomp over you. I can see why we have such a bad government---Obama. When I read the crap the liberals are spuing on this site. Time for another poll, maybe something like deport all liberals........Ha! Ha!
Milkshake09/16/095:27pmHey Southern! Why don't you try some of that Jack? Or are you too racist for that too? HAHA
Milkshake09/16/093:49pmHey Tommy Boy! Wetback isn't just a word to a Hispanic. That was a stupid, absurd question to ask me, "think about it, and Mandy if we are all racists. Read the poll. Then you will know who is a racist on here. It's obvious Ellen and Southern Comfort are. But Tommy Boy, I do agree, we are all God's children. And being a child of God I feel I should have great healthcare. Oh yes, and Steve, by the way, LOL back to you. Hee Hee
Mandy09/16/092:24pmTo tommy, Sothern and Ellen; life is simple don't dish it out if you can't take it and don't tell me to back off. If someone doesn't li8ke what they are getting then maybe they should think before speaking..otherwise deal with what you get.
Steve09/16/091:56pmThis may b off topic, or has very little to do w the current poll, but i've been a little tired of the fact that there was a 'voice' behind my words! It was starting to scare me out of my wits. So i felt i needed to stay away from making any comments. At least not as frequently as before. In fact i thought i was doing everyone a favor? And one other thing i wanted to say very quickly to Milkshake: NEITHER DO I. LoL :D
Tommy09/16/0912:04pmI read the comments on this site and feel bad that there is so much anger. I don't think Ellen mean't any harm and Southern was just sticking up for her. Mandy, Milkshake and Think about it need to chill a little. Remember we are all God's children. I don't mean to preach. Sorry! I read the bill they are trying to pass and let me tell you that you all should be upset. As far as the illegal alien thing, yes they would be covered, because they said they wouldn't but never put in the bill how or who will enforce that the illegals don't get care for free. Which means in Washington's standard that they would get healthcare for free and you and I would pick up the tab. They really need to throw the whole thing out sit together and work on something else-----maybe work on the economy instead. The government needs to get out of my wallet, your purse etc. I am sick to death of all the political garbage that is coming out of DC. The liberal democrats need to get off the racist bus enough is enough. It seems to me that they are the racists. Mandy, Milkshake and Think about it are you racists? I read Ellen's comments and she heard the word wetback at work so what it is just a word and you all jumped on her. She really seems fustrated at work and you all don't know what is happening there so give her a break. Southern Comfort seems like a man who does not take any junk from anyone and speaks his mind. I did not agree with some of his rude comments to Mandy, but that is his way so just ignore it. He did defend Ellen though so he does have some humanity. Southern Comfort don't get mad. I am just making observations. Everyone please take it easy.
Milkshake09/16/0911:42amSticking to the poll question like Tommy.....I feel that government SHOULD get involved in everyone's healthcare. Everyone, not including illegal aliens, should have healthcare. Like "Think About It," I don't know anything about Mandy's sex life, but I sure as hell know mine: THERE ISN'T ANY!!
Southern Comfort09/16/0911:37amListen liberals--just because I do not agree with your bull does not make me a racist. Liberals always call conservatives racist when they say something that they do not like. Too bad----deal with it. I know who I am and could care less on what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think about it09/16/099:35amYou know it wasn't so long ago that blacks were severely discriminated against in this country, now mexicans, so who's next? Sothern it seems that not only are you a racist, but a 'individual' that resents anyone who dares has an opposing view. I see you did not even answer any of Mandy's questions and I find that interesting indeed. Mine are simple; what makes you that much more important and right when you cannot even launch a legitimate and intelligent argument for your side of this issue. I debate, both online and yes, even publically in my 'real time' life. One fast rule of a debate is that 'he (or she perhaps) who stoops to personal insults is the automatic looser.I propose you know nothing about Mandy' sex life at all even though it isn't any of your business and is not open for debate here. It has nothing to do with the topic now does it? The reason is simply this. It is commonly accepted the one who is insulting the other has not thought out his or her argument, come to counter points with said debate and instead is either arguing for the sake of it or they have reached the limit of their intelligence and self control. What happens in real live debates..the offender is automatically disqualified and is decided the looser. Needless to say they don't do well if they attempt to go through with their education in law due to such poor self control. I think both Mandy and Milkshake have valid points..who is anyone to use racial slurs? How do you know the race of someone here? If you will barrage Mexicans with these comments then whom ever else will you turn on. One other thing, what makes you an American? Your birth here? What about the true Americans? You know the ones one reservations that have to fight even harder for any sort of rights at all? I guess they are 'lower class' too huh? Maybe not as worthy as whites? Here is my favorite thought. This nation was founded on nothing but dirt, murder and lies and theft as well as slavery. I think it is nothing more than Karmic Justice we have the problems we do today. We have erradicated many of the tribes here. Shipped other people over to use them as slaves. When we had to allow them to be free many wanted to ship them back, then denied them civil rights for many many years. We have had unscrupulous AMERICANS shipping in illegals to work them cheap for many decades, just like back in the slave days. So in my opinion it is time for us to reap our harvest of blood shed and tyrnanny of those who were willing to trust us and we in turn killed them, decimated their lands and lives and fed them blown meat and gave them small pox infected blakets as well as a host of sexually transmitted diseases. Sure American is peachy clean right?? WRONG! Guess is people with your mentality that brings this sort of thing to us. You are they type of thinker that can see the use in someone but only to the degree it serves your purpose. You can't see others as being equally hman with needs too. You can't accept the fact mom and apple pie has a lot of dirt on her. Like anyone else we made this mess and we'll have to just pay the price. The past always dictates the future.....always.
Tommy09/16/094:56amWe need a new poll! My comment is that government should not get involved in my healtcare! The only reason Obama is pushing this is that he knows most Americans do not support his bullsh-t and wants to push his socialist agenda. He needs to focus on the economy (Capitalism) by getting jobs back for all LEGAL Americans. Thank you!
Southern Comfort09/16/094:24amHey Mandy, again you are inaccurate I am a male not a female. I defended my position perfectly, that you are a scary frigid east coast socialist/liberal female. Ha! Ha! I am sure Ellen does not have problems with all nationalitys. It seems that most people are fed up with the over population of mexicans coming over the boarder, taking jobs welping kids every year, and with their kids in the school system guess what your's and my taxes go up for illegals----that is wrong! Now we get to healtcare. They go to emergency rooms because they know they will not be turned away, again they don't have insurance or money so we end up footing the bill. I can see how frustrated Ellen can get. Who cares about the word wetback. Get some thick skin liberals. I am more concerned about getting these illegals out of my country! If they want to come back do it the legal way!!!
Tigger B09/16/093:56amQuestion: Where if not from taxes will you get the money to improve the healthsystem? Illegals as not native born americans? or illegals in those not with a green card visa in the country? Or illegals as different ethnic backgrounds? Need I remind you that Bush emptied every stash that had been made by previous presidents? The cashbank are a big pit. You scream for better this and that. But not one of you have said, how the h*** do we find the money for it? If not through taxes, then how do you find it? Obama has yet to prove his ways as president. I find it is too early to play the blaming finger. yes i reckon Bush did his job sorta ok and great for other. Just remember bettering a system costs money, and of non is there, how do you find the means to better it?
Milkshake09/15/099:02pmSouthern Comfort...GET FUKED! NO! It's wrong to call people racist names. I am part Russian and part Jew. I have alot of Hispanic friends, alot of black friends, alot of Asian friends, alot of white friends. Don't come on here and harm people because of their race, color, or religion. You are an ignorant idiot.
Milkshake09/15/097:56pmMandy......That was very well said and a beautiful comment you made. I wish I could write my feelings in such an articulate way like Mandy. Once again Ellen, you should apologize for your nasty comment.
Mandy09/15/097:06pmI think Southern has definitely showed the breadth of her intelligence. I mean you can't defend your posiition so you have to reduce to insults and outrageous suppositions. I agree with Milkshake..if neither Ellen or Southern liked what they got they need to think about what they gave. Oh and by the way...I am not affiliated with any political party. I ust voice what I feel is right or wrong according to my own ethics. I think racial slurs are absolutely horrible regardless of where they come from or who they are about. Have either of you ever thought that either myself or someone else here could be of Mexican decent, a legalized citizen? How do you think that would make you feel if it were you? I mean your attitude says you take for granted all of us are white..but what if I am not..what if I am black or maybe black and mexican mixed and you just handed me and my entire family a huge insult? Let me guess..if I am not white then it doesn't matter..but then lets go further..what sort of white do I need to be to be okay with you..Anglo, Saxon, Anglo-Saxon ( yes there is a difference) German, Polish, Dutch ( yes again Dutch and German are different) what about scottish or irish or maybe russian? So..if white rules..which flavor of white because it isn't all the same either. Not all white people in American are legal citizens either or legal immigrants..what about them? How about this..regardless illegals don't deserve squat and they WONT GET IT and if you ever bothered to read you'd know that this whole health care bill excludes specifically illegal aliens. Personally I do believe in deporting them no matter if they are from Mexico or Europe. I don't care where they are from.
Milkshake09/14/098:03pmYou're the one who's fighting, Ellen. I agree. Illegal aliens do not deserve free health care, but there is no reason to call anyone on a public poll wetbacks or any other names. That was OUT OF LINE! You should apologize for your nasty comment.
Ellen09/14/0910:39amPlease stop fighting! We Americans can give our comments whether some like what we say and them some who don't. That's what makes this country great. Thank you Southern for coming to my defense. Mandy, I know you have those liberal feelings so you have to let them out. That's ok. It sometimes feels good to release the pent up frustration you have. What you think of me does not matter, because I know I am a good person to my family, community and at the hospital I work at. If you had to put up with what I have to everyday you'd change your mind. I did not come up with that name. It has been going around the hospital for a long time. We all feel the frustration because we know it hurts the bottom line---money. If we don't get it from them then the charges go to the people with insurance and they have to foot the bill. I don't feel I will explain myself anymore, because some people out there can't see beyond their socialist/liberal ways.
Southern Comfort09/14/0910:07amHey Mandy, who is being a racist now!! Just because my name in here is Southern Comfort. You presume alot you bimbo. You are probably some frigid east coast liberal cxnt! I bet you scare men away!!!!! You are such an idiot!! Ha! Ha!
Mandy09/14/098:46amHey southern..that works both ways. WE can SAY what WE want too. Or is it just one side of the fence is allowed to be a racist and bigot and the other side needs to shut up about how they feel about it? Sorry but that is what being an American is all about..I can tell you to drop freakin dead with such a horrendous attitude and I can tell you from mine and others experiences that what we have had happen is nothing like what she has had happen..or do you too belong to the good ol boys bubba club?
Southern Comfort09/14/097:08amI can't stand by anymore! Leave Ellen alone she is an AMERICAN and can say what she pleases for now, till of course your socialist president puts a stop to anyone voicing their opinion. Just because she hears another name for illegal aliens does not mean she is stupid, racist or ignorant....MANDY you are and ignorant cXnt! How about that. Get off your high horse you stupid B!tch! Can't you see she is frustrated. Our taxes should not be given to illegal aliens, ACORN or a healthcare system that will not work and cost Trillions!!! Yes we need some adjustments to healthcare, but not the whole damn system. Obama wants GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE!! He lies when he says you can keep your insurance and doctor. His bill will make it difficult for insurance companies to stay afloat. Again, more lost jobs. This idiot needs to work on fixing the economy not healthcare. Come 2010 we will elect new faces in congress and senate that is why there is such a push for this to pass. The new congress and senate will change alot of faces like pelosi that b!tch will be run out on a rail, Reid along with her.
Think about it09/14/097:02amEllen..darlin..50,000,000 uninsured..I am one of those and out of 25 years of woring I have had health insurance only once. Stop being a racists.Oh, by the way I am caucasian.
Ellen09/14/094:44amI am not happy because of what this liberal government is trying to shove down our throats. I would be one thing if they were honest on what they want to pass, but they LIE!!! I have worked in my hospital for 15 years and have seen the change in population. Most people have insurance either through their jobs or medicare or medicade, but the last few years the illegal population has sky rocketed and they come to the emergency rooms for their healtcare. They pretend they cannot talk english and play stupid. I have seen it. They talk to their tons of relatives that are taking up space in the waiting room, but when they are up at the counter the acting kicks in. It is frustrating when there are Americans coming in with real issues but the system gets clogged up with illegals. Everyone I work with are extremly fustrated so they started calling them wetbacks, it just stuck. Again, I am not a racist, but angry that the government will do nothing to ship these people back accross the boarder. We cannot afford to support these illegals anymore! I and you cannot afford to have our taxes raised anymore. Our country is going down the tubes fast. I am unhappy we have a president that wants to change our country into a socialist society and raise our taxes.
Cocconibs09/13/098:08amNot one American would disagree that we need healthcare reform-but not like this. A huge chunk of my paycheck goes to health insurance, yet they are kicking my 19 year old off because she is deferring uni until next year. I'd be more than happy to keep paying to keep her covered. But that is not my choice. You want to help those who have no health insurance? Lighten up on the restrictions to medicaid.
Think about it09/12/096:35amI agree Beth. At least this time everyone n the government agrees something has to be done. while being able to pay for health care is does two things. one it excludes hard working Americans that don't make enough money for insurance and another promotes abuse of the system. Anyone remember Larry Hagman? He needed a liver transplant and was able to outright buy his way to the top of the list even though there were many others who needed it worse and waited longer. ow how fair is that?
Beth09/11/099:31pmWow sorry such hate and distortion. me, i like obama=he sure wants to help us people, but is blocked by the political evangelicals=who really preach hate it seems. lets take care of us medical care-keep your own if you wish. help all. illegal is illegal=sad they are from poor countries, and i do see them get alot of help hospitals etc. lets do our best to get our people covered, and stop hateful arguing.
Think about it09/11/096:10pmWow..ignorance is bliss huh? Ellen why aren't you happy?
Milkshake09/11/ there a mental institution next door to the hospital you work for? Um, maybe you ought to take a little stroll around and see if you like it. You might meet some nice people there you can get along with.
Mandy09/11/094:00pmI am soooo glad Elen that the average American isn't like you. You truly represent the most biggotted and uneducated portion of our society.The pity is you choose to stay that way. I bet if you really work in a hospital you would never want your advisor to know you think and say these things..why..because you'd be fired on the spot. You may want to be rid of illegals but I woud take the illegal over you any day of the week. At least there is a legitimate reason they are ignorant..yours is just poor breeding..or maybe inbreeding as the case may be.
Ellen09/11/091:49pmHey Milkshake and Mandy, just because I don't fall over and agree that this country should support and give insurance to a bunch of low life illegal aliens, and I will say it again just to upset you "WETBACKS". This is still America and I can say and feel the way I want. You don't have to deal with these people every day. I DO! Everyone at the hospital I work for says it and we are all fed up. I want healthcare fixed just like the next conservative person, but we don't want a government controlled healthcare system, or illegals covered and yes it is in the bill. Also we need tort reform. Obama the socialist communist and his cronies need to back off and leave us tax paying citizens alone. He needs to be impeached!!!
Milkshake09/11/091:36pmHey Ellen. Go to your nearest hospital and seek help fast! I think Your doctor needs to prescribe you some new medication um, well fast. You definately have a mental issue. I hope your insurance can cover your problem.
Mandy09/11/091:06pmFox News..are you serious? Wow..all that is is the National Enquirer on t.v...redneck america..gotta love it. Seriously The figures of uninsured aren't from illegals..they're illegal and therefor can't be counted now can they. I don't think that think about it's numbers are what anyone could call a few people. How many hospitals are closing now? Hmm..yeah lets blame anyone and everyone BUT who is responcible. Funny. Got ellen get your head out of your butt and stop with the soap opera mentality. Milkshake..good on you and keep it up. Racism is crap and so is trying to place all the blame on Obama when he himself didn't create the situaion..and if anyone bothered to read..both house and senate all agree they have to do something..all they're doing now is haggling over what. Obama has repeatedly stated he is all open for any ideas from anyone. I don't think you can asdk for more than that.
Think about it09/11/0912:58pmIt kills me yu guys think this way...really. You think everything is okay? Really? Is that why almost 50,000,000 are without coverage now..because there's nothing wrong with our health care system? Get over it and wake up
Ellen09/11/0912:43pmAmen! Thank you Janelle. I agree with you totally.
Janelle09/11/0911:32amI think we should keep our Government out healthcare. I think our Country has need to take a look at the serious amount of money that is going out to support medical, prisons, etc., for illegal aliens to redistribute the money to the REAL citizens of the United States who pay taxes and need the services that are so strained now. I think this is not a race issue at all, however I do believe that every race of people have good and bad in them, and they also have racist and non-racist. It's important to recognize that fact, period. I do not trust Obama. He has too many shady and distastful, racist, and muslim fanatic friends. I do believe he has a very left socialist agenda. This is my opinion, in America we are entitled to have freedom, to educate ourselves, to free press, etc., and when someone trys to take that away, people should not allow it.
Ellen09/11/0910:17amI am not a racist, just an angry american who has to deal with the illegals everyday. The illegals abuse the system and expect everything for nothing!!!!! They use up our resources and they don't pay taxes so guess what you and I have to pay for them. So chill out!!
Milkshake09/11/098:51amHey ELLEN!! Don't act like a racist on here. I'm a Jew. Wanna call me something? I'm also a born-again Christian. Wanna call me something? I know alot of drug-addict, trashy white people that also abuse the health care system. This is not about being racist or calling other nationalities names; it's about everyone recieving health care.
Ellen09/11/096:54amMandy, I am an American citizen and you can get healthcare at any hospital! Also wetbacks or illegal aliens also get free healtcare at hospitals they know how to cheat the system. They go to the emergency room. If you can't afford healtcare then when you need assistance go to the emergency room at a hospital. I work in the healtcare field and I see it everyday. Don't disrupt everyone's healthcare for a few. Obama just wants to stick his nose in our business like everything else in our lives. He should help the few that need healthcare. Give them Medicad. But that would not be good enough for him the wants to control everyone like any other liberal communist. By the way watching CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC will give you incorrect news because they are all LIBERAL SH!THEADS. Watch FOX News to get accurate news reporting. I know you liberals are just frothing at the mouth because you hate Fox news and that is because Fox gives accurate news reporting.
Mandy09/11/096:00amUh..Dean..did you miss the fact that most of us would die anyway because we have no insurance? Do you not know that as it stands you do NOT have to be treated except minimal care? If it is a private care hospital then they are NOT required to treat you at all even if you are moments from dying. Oh, yeah you and your Canadian friends don't live here so you wouldn't know about that. You also wouldn't know that IF the hospital decides to treat'll loose your house, your car, any retirement you may have and die anyway? You don't understand that is what it is like here. ****ing? I can't even afford to go get a routine physical. No, they won't see me.Doctors have the right to refuse service for things like that if you are not insured..or didn't you know that? They also have the right to not treat you if you can't pay..except minimally and that is through the energency room only and does not apply to anything else. The state will not pick up the tab for you. In the end you loose everything and that is whether or not the treatment works. Why not leave the politics out of this..that isn't what this is about. We AMERICANS have a very serious problem and quite frankly I wish those that do not live here, pay taxes and vote would stay out of our business. You aren't an AMERICAN and you have no clue what it's like. Obama does not plan to cut out insurance at all. Those that have it..well they'll still have it. Instead those that don't he's trying to make something available. You're right what a monster. Now some myths and rumors about the plan are as follows; he is doing away with insurance-false and instead he wants to make those companies compete which in the long run is very healthy for our economy; illegals will be covered-false, you have to be a citizen here and have proof either a green card or birth cert; he wants to socialize medicine; again-false and he is more suggesting different levels of care that people can purchase or qualify for should they be low income and cannot afford insurance from the other companies. I have been doing my homework on this for the past couple of days. I actually am excited about what I am seeing and truth be told Obama may be spending loads of money, but at least he is spending on us. Like he had promised our economy is slowly picking back up and a month ahead of shcedule. I can already see where things are changing. I would rather see my money spent in my schools and health care than throwing bombs and my friends lives at some jerk in the middle east. Again, leave the politics out unlkess you plan to haul ass down here and become a tax paying citizen. Oh, yeah did you know that there are a lot of Americans that leave the USA to reside in Canada for your health care? You know why? Because they can actually get it even if they have to wait for it. That beats the hell out of loosing everything you have and have worked for all of your life and currently that is exactly how it is here. You don't get life saving care, or did you miss milkshakes comments about her own experience? She too knows if she had not been covered she would not have gotten near the care and most likely would have died. Again, no one is cancelling insurance. You can't because quite frankly too much of our economies money is tied into it..and if you lived here and did something else besides listen to your local yokel scream about the evils of Obama's care you'd know that. To get rid of our insurance industry would be economic suicide. There are NO plans to do that. So, now that I did your home work for you..what's the problem again you moronic outsider?
Dean09/11/095:10amBecause I care about what happens to the conservative people in America. They are good hardworking people. I also have alot of friends that live there. Also your healtcare is the best in the world!! Alot of people in Canada laugh at how stupid the liberals are and how faithful they are to Obama. People like you have no idea what this Obamacare will do to all of you. I DO! We will wait and see when this Obamacare goes through you will be b!tching and complaining how bad it is. Wait till you get an illness and the government will decide if you are worthly enough to receive care or they make you wait a year or two. Hopefully you will not die waiting. The man is a liar plan and simple, but go you blind and stupid liberal. Oh and don't forget you will be supporting all the illegal aliens through your taxes to give them Obamacare. You are laughable! What an idiot!!
Think about it09/10/095:18pmOkay first off they're aren't any 'death panels' and just like when people tried to say Obama wasn't even born in America, that has no more truth to it either. You folks need to watch the actual news and stop with the national enquirere stuff. Another thing..why do you care Dean? You live in Canada so it isn't like this is going to affect you at all. You think Bush had nice..well in Americans are the ones who actually are paying the price for Bush. Did you know in 2000 a report by several of our top nations economists was actually telivised. They were on CNN telling Americans that this whole economic crash was emminent if the president didn't do anything. Do you know that Bush got on the telly as said hogwash to it all. Guess wasn't and here we all are. Jobs gone, uninsured people are an estimated 47.6 million right this moment as of latest statistics. . I am sorry but people like you with your mentality are those that cost us. See..the actual reality is this. If nothing is done and the subject is just dropped soon no one will have health care at all. I mean no one. All the man wants to do is basically do exactly what was done way back in the day when there was only one major telephone company. Laws had to be passed to make that company move over so smaller ones could flourish. The end result is what we have today. A lot of choices, many comapnies competing for business..offering all kinds of calling packages and bells and whistles. Now to me, if the insurance business is forced into that it breaks their strangle hold on us. Seeing as how you don't live in this country you have no idea what it is like. None at all. I think the cheapest policy I have seen is about 47.00 a week. That doesn't sound like a lot. You know what. The co-pays are outrageous. You pay more for the care than the company does. You incur about 65% of all costs and that is a basic plan with no eye care or dental care at all. Does that sound like what you want? Not me. See most people here get their care from their employers. Private policies are out of reach cost wise for most people which is why you have literally millions without care at all. Know where they go to get care? The emergency room. Know what else, that costs literally thousands of dollars just to go there. That debt is never paid unless you live in a state that has state income taxes. If not, they don't ever get the money and our Federal goverment has to pay off those balances. We have hospitals closing because of this. Now Dean, Mr. I know it all..tell me how good our system is? I guess you guys up there don't want to have to give up coming here for operations that you can pay for. Tough. By the by, no one ever said we were going to do it your countries way. Why don't you come down here and live for a couple of years and experience forst hand our wonderful health just might change your mind when you walk out of the hospital for an apendix opperation that just cost you a cool 30,000 dollars. And that sort of thing is routine..imagine how much it costs you to get really good and sick. can you imagine what would have happened if Milkshake had to pay out for her melonoma? Hell she'd still be paying and probably would the rest of her life.Wake care here is only for those that actually can affor it. Thats just not right and it isn't working.
Dean09/10/092:30pmYes Bush had a few issues, but nothing like Obama. All he knows how to do is spend spend and spend some more and at your expense. He is a smooth talking liar!! Sure he says you can keep your insurance and doctor, but when Obamacare insurance kicks in guess what yes it will be lower, but you will get bad service (rationing) as Sara Palin would say the death panels and the normal insurance out there will not be able to compete with the government and Obama knows this so you all will loose your insurance and will have to take Obamacare. You know listening to that devil I think you all will have a worse insurance program then we have in Canada! Oh and by the way Obama and all of his cronies will still have the fabulous insurance and you will end up with the sh!tty end of the stick so to say.
Think about it09/10/0910:07amI think more over people confuse politics. They belong to a party so they support it blindly..big mistake because every party has it's faults. We faired poorly under Bush W and now we all as a nation have this huge mess to clean up. Bush repeatedly took from social security and medicaid/care as well as school funding to support his oil war. He blindly ignored the crisis in our housing/lending sectors and now we have more foreclosures than we have had since the depression. I know it isn't all his fault and that these problems started before him, but he didn't help them at all. He could ask congress for billions for this war and only 1 billion for our economy. That shows me right there where his priorities lie, but when you come from old money and you're set you really don't care do you? It really doesn't affect you does it? We do need our governemtn to step in and basically take the power out of major corperations hands and the private sectors hands just like they did back when there was a monopoly on phone I am showing my age aren't I? What was the result of that? We now have more than one phone comapny to choose from that most people can afford. I am not sure that Canadas health care would work, but I think a marrying of the two systems just might or at least making things more affordable by putting a limit on these drug comapnies and insurance comapnies. BUT, with the insurance, that has to be done state by state. There is no federal laws that regulate them unless it interferes with the fair trade acts, interstate wise. That should make you stop and think. I say develope a limit and enforce it. Too, maybe give doctors a huge tax credit for so many hours a month worked pro bono. Sure they may not get paid by the client, but they could recoup as a tax break at the end of the year. That should be worth something and an insentive to see people and give them the care they need that maybe they would not get otherwise. But, like it was said, yes things have to change or simply put the whole thing is going belly up and those of you that have insurance may find yourself without it.
Milkshake09/09/099:24pmMan!! This is one of the most depressing polls I have ever read. I agree with not only "think about it" and Dean; I also agree with Mandy and Gert! The only statement I can make right now is that we need a BIG change OR ELSE!
Gert09/09/097:35pmWhy Dean, that's exactly what we are doing right now. I pay for government programs on a weekly basis - I don't have a choice about paying them. . . But will social security be there for me when I need it? Who knows! But guess what? If something is not done NO ONE will have any kind of return on what they have paid in. No Social Security, no SS Disability, no welfare, no food stamps. . .
Mandy09/09/092:58pmAfter reading the various points of view I see things like this. Think about it's points are extremely valid and it seems that others are willing to allow the masses to go without. Common sense that isn't going to work and what is going to happen..NO ONE will have health care. Simply put the debts are too high from all the uninsured. Just like with the economy, health care WILL crash. The only option other than fix it is to flat out refuse anyone health care, emergency room or otherwise uinless they have some form of insurance. How many kids will go without shots? How many elderly will go without medicine. How many funurals do you think we will all attend? It definitely will become a third world country.We take health care for granted, but take a look at countries that don't have it at all, or only for the elite few that can affiord it. Diseases run rampant and yes, that will happen here. Who wants that? Not me that's for sure. Also, Think about it never said they were 100% behind what was going on now, only that changes need to be made NOW and I could not agree more. I do feel the government needs to control it, or perhaps regulate it. I think it would be far better if the governement DID make insurance companies cover every person with a job that was working and paying bills. I do think that caps should be put on the amount of money a company charges for drugs.Bel;ieve it or not some prescriptions re as high as 800.00 a month or more. Who here can afford that? I can't. I would have to do without. I do think there should be a governement insurance that people could buy ito if they could not afford blue cross blue sheild or what ever. Bopttom line the undefined 'something' has to be done adn pretty much I would rather see people wait in line than for the entire system to fail. Wake up, this isn't going to get better by leaving it alone and truth be told, the Federal gov is the only body that CAN help. Insurance companies aren't going to do it. Medical comapnies aren't either. Doctors damn sure don't want their pie cut into. So, who is going to champion those doing without? Go ahead, nam4e someone who is? You? Me? Who in those corperations has to listen? They don't because there is no laws saying they do. That is what has to change.
Dean09/09/091:43pmMilkeshake I am glad you are ok. I am sorry I have been getting so upset about all this healthcare stuff, but I know from experience how bad a government healthcare system is and I don't want the good people of america to go through it. Praise God you were able to get help when you needed it. I agree there has to be some sort of way to receive the fantastic healthcare you all receive and bring the cost down. Your government needs to get their heads out of their asses and come up with a way. They can but they need to get the politics out of the way.
Milkshake09/09/0912:18pmDean you also have a good, interesting point. That's why I voted not sure. I agree with some of "think about it's" point of views and yours too. I wish there could be something in the middle of socialism and capitalism. Something where everyone could recieve good health care but not pay so damn much and also not wait in long lines and always recieve surgeries when needed. Really, if the United States health care system was like a socialist type, I would have died of melanoma. It was spreading all over my body. If I would have waited to have my surgery for another year, I would have lived no more than 1 to 2 more years.
Steve09/09/0910:49amThe polls have become a little too surreal, even for my crazy taste.
Dean09/09/0910:35amThink about it, I live in Canada and the healthcare sucks!! You wait in long lines, maybe you will be able to see a doctor in a month to six months. Surgeries forget it, you could die before you get it and guess what genius, you pay and pay for it in taxes! The only people who benfit are the poor and that is what Obama is all about, redistributing the wealth. Hey Dummy work hard for your money then just piss it away by giving it to people who don't want to work. Hell why should they because the government will give them your money. IDIOTS!!! The United States has the best healthcare in the world!!! You will lose that if you take the socialist healthcare your socialist, communist president wants you to take. Do you think the president, his communist wife and ugly kids (man they really are ugly) plus pelosi and the other democrat morans will go on the Obamacare health plan. Hell NO!! You liberals just don't understand what is at stake. Wake up before it is too late and you lose good healthcare.
Think about it09/09/097:44amI got a news flash for you folks. Can you REALLY say things are is really working? By the by as far as uninformed, I have yet to see another former insurance agent speak up and tell it like it really is. Talk about your head in the stand. Think about it..there are absolutely NO federal laws that limit insurance companies, drug companies for that matter either. What does this mean for you and me? It means they charge what they they can make loads of money off of us. You guys are so freaked out..but have not stopped and thought about the fact that what we have is exactly what happens when our govenrment turns their heads the other way because they don't want to handle what has become a disgraceful situation. How many law suits each month are started over drugs..the latest and greatest drug today is what kills you tomorrow..try to get rid of allergy symptoms and get diabetes in the process. Try to take a broad spectrum antibiotic now and have all your tendons..that is your connective tissues that enable you to walk upright and actually MOVE turn to mush. No you guys are right..we don't need our governement to protect us form the greedy jerks that pawn this stuff off like the latest miracle knowing it isn't safe. As it stands all the drug companies have to do is throw a few dollars at a lobbiest and BAM..the drug is all good. Nah you're right I want more poison on the shelves. What in the world is Obama thinking..shame on him for wanting to make things more avaible for all and to keep us safe from PRIVATE industries that do nothing but make money off of our pain and suffering. Let's do it your ay and have even MORE people using the emergency room for their ONLY health care..and not be able to pay the bill. Let's do it your way and let more poison on our shelves and in our homes that kills or at the very least changes a persons life forever for the worse and not better. Let's do it your way and have the masses just go ill with no way to even buy asprin or see a more disease can spread and more can suffer. You're right it is a HORRIBLE idea. How about get a clue. Other countries have succeeded where we have failed. So what if you have to wait,. at least it puts everyone on the same playing field. I am all for that.
Ellen09/08/0912:37pmOh no another poor misguided person. I can't believe you want to become a socialist moran like the president. Well, 2010 will be a good year. The democrats that want this stinking change will lose their jobs. The stupid part of all of this is do you really think Obama, his radical wife, and goofy kids and the socialist a-holes in congress and senate will have the same crappy insurance you will get....Hell no! Get your head out of your ass. It is really getting funny how stupid the liberal citizens of america are. All I can say is that they are all brain dead!
Milkshake09/08/0912:21pmHey Dean and Ellen. I kind-of like "think about it's" statements. The United States definately needs a change. If not, we will become a 3rd world country.
Dean09/08/0910:38amHey "Think about it" you better think twice before you dish out all the garbage you have been telling. Obama's socialist policies are for Russia not the United States! He is a far left Radical Communist!!! Ellen is correct that the healtcare system you want will destroy the United States. Rationing of healthcare will happen, alot of people will die waiting for surgeries they could of had sooner if you and the administration didn't as Ellen says ram this socialist healthcare down your throats. Let's admit the reason Obama wants this to pass and it is to give the poor, which are mostly black and hispanic everything for free and let's also include the the illegal aliens and the whites whether rich or poor will have to pick up the tab. I am a intelligent black man with a degree and can read between the lines. I don't live in this country, but I am very sad that America the beautiful country and people will be destroyed by this socialist administration. Shame on all who voted for this liar. I can't believe people can be so stupid to vote for this guy, all the signs were there, but noone except the republicans saw it. Good luck to the Conservatives out there, and may all the radical, socialist, pigs out there burn in hell!
Ellen09/08/099:49amYou are just a typical Radical, Socialist pig just like the new administration. Quit blaming Bush for this mess. Obama has spent more than any president, democrat or republican and all he wants to do is to spread his radical, socialist ideals. Government run healthcare will be the death to most americans, especially seniors. Just wait till you need surgery. You will have to wait years and hopefully you will not die waiting for this wonderful healtcare your socialist president is trying to ram down our throats. If you really want socialized medicine I suggest you move out of the country and take all the radical socialists with you.
Think about it09/08/095:59amThe damage was done long before Obama took office. This situation has been going on for twenty years at least. reply is you're insane for thinking all of this is Obamas fault. After all..the economy didn't crash on his watch, and those warnings were issued via CNN as early as 2000. I remember clearly Bush saying it wouldn't happen. Guess did. You may be interested to know that the Government has absolutely no say so over insurance companies unless it is a violation of the fair trade acts..another tid bit I learned. The states decide what they will and won't allow..not the Feds. That right there should make you stand up and pay attention. Everyone is so freaked out about Big Brother..well I am tired of privatized health care because it has NEVER worked. Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt because of Bush and other presidents in the past constantly taking money from them to further other projects..such as this stupid war. Everytime the Feds on Bushes administration needed money it has been medicaid/care and social security to suffer as well as money supposed to go to schools. Pleadse make sure you have your facts straight before you make yourself out a moron again. The programs are is the presidents that constantly use them for 'extra cash' that bankrupted them.
Ellen09/08/095:36amThe government can't even run Medicare, It's bankrupt, or Medicad that is bankrupt, the Post office is bankrupt, Freddie and Fannie are both bankrupt. The government should NOT GET INVOLVED IN MY OR YOUR HEALTHCARE. Your insane to believe the government is looking out for you. This administration is a Socialist, Radical, Communist administration. They want to control every aspect of your life including your healtcare, which includes rationing of care. The reason people in low paying jobs don't have healthcare is because the government is putting the squeeze on them with higher taxes because they are small businesses. The government needs to get out of our business. I can't wait till 2010 when the democrats in congress and senate will lose their seats to independents and republicans. Then Obama will not be able to continue to destroy this country for his radical/communist ways!!
Think about it09/05/095:19pmFirst off the gov doesn't own the car companies..and Ford never took a dime of bail out. They got a loan..which they have to pay off and prove they are making way in paying back the loans..which is what a bank would do.Seeing as how our banking system crashed they could not get money from the banks now could they? Secondly there are masses doing without health care. Many are working in low paying jobs, see economy as to why and major corps selling out the jobs, everything from assembly to customer service, over seas. When those jobs went the ability to get health care for many went too. Many larger companies do offer health insurance, but when someone has to pay rent/mortgage/lights/water/sewage/food/car payment/car insurance/ day infinitum then there really isn't anything left over for the health benefits. Then too look at the policies offered. Look at it this way. Lets say you take home 350.00 a week after taxes. Now you have all of these bills to pay and the company you work for will cover your costs but your part is 50.00 a week. That is 200.00 to 250.00 a month, on top of all your other bills.Where do you make up for that extra 200.00 to 250.00 at? Now lets say your rent is 600.00 a month/lights100.00/water, sewage, trash is 60.00 a month/food another 200.00 a month/ right there that is 960.00 a month. We have not even gotten into car payment, child care etc. I worked as an insurance agent. I will tell you what my instructor in sales told me about the insurance companies. They are nothing more than cash cows for larger corporations. These larger corporations use the premiums to invest in their own interests. When they give you any type of coverage be it accident, life, health and sickness, auto etc they are playing a gamble and betting that nothing will happen to you. You are buying under the presumption something just may. This is why your premiums go up if you do have to file a claim be it auto or health etc. This too is why in places that have been declared ongoing disasters insurance companies no longer are required to cover people be it their homes or automobiles. States like Louisiana and Florida are prime examples of this ongoing trend. If you are new and have no policy, they don't have to write you one. Now as far as big brother goes have you ever thought about how you are going to be covered with no examination medical wise? Guess what there is a government bored call the Medical Information Bureau that sends all of your information to the agency for them to read. In other words every time you have ever gone to the doctor it is recorded and sent in. The agency will know if you have pre-existing conditions or not and can disqualify your treatment for many years. Do we need the government to do something? Yes. We do. Private and commercial care has bankrupted our health care system truth be told. As it stands for most the emergency room is the only health care they get. Sad really isn't it?Not everyone can afford their own private policies and to look down on those who cannot is nothing less to me than pure snobbery and elitism. Remember we all can't be rich now can we or even well off. If we were the obviously we would not have this as an issue in our country. Remember. I worked for the insurance companies..I know what I am talking about.Basically I would like to see people who have low incomes that would not qualify for Medicaid to be able to buy into at at a low cost. I think that would be a step in the right directions. Please don't think your insurance company is on your side..they're not. The idea is to take as much money in and not pay out. I dare you to really get seriously ill..and see what happens to your premiums and what you have to sell just to make sure you can get what you need. Too many have had that happen and it shouldn't ever come to that. I think elective things out to be out of pocket unless it will impede your ability to perform your job to a significant degree. However, I feel that basic care and life saving care should be available to all. I don't think anyone should have to do without glasses or dental care just due to money. That is stupid. To me what it says is that the poor should not be poor and therefor should have to let their teeth rot out of their heads and their eyesight go bad. They're poor so who cares? Nonsense. Yes..governement needs to damn sure do something.
Leafy green09/03/093:21pmToo bad there isn't some way to make it 50% government footing the bill and 50% private pay...yeah, there WOULD be complications - but there are complications with either extreme. There is no way around it, no easy answer.
Fustrated in America!09/02/091:00pmI voted it is a bad thing. Which it is. America is the land of the free not land of Socialism! I am so tried of this new administration and all the crap they are pulling it is unbelievable the stuff they are pulling. First they own the car companies, then the banks now our healthcare and they will have the authority to decide who gets care and who will have to wait and wait and then die from waiting. Well the liberal idiots that voted this group in I hope you are all happy you are getting the change you wanted. This administration in less than a year is destroying america. I am pleased to see that americans are finally waking up and really seeing for themselves what liars these folks are.
Ellen09/01/0911:41amCecil if it is that bad then you would probably be on welfare and would get medicad. We don't need the government coming in telling us to supply the monetary means to pay for everyone's insurance. Only a socialist society would do that and it seems the dems and this crazy liberal president want us to do that. I am glad the american people are letting their voices be heard. You know pelosi and the other democrat rats are not going to listen to us they want to go full speed ahead and pass this stupid bill. They will regret it coming election time, because all of them will lose their jobs. Then in 2012 we will elect a republican president and he will have to undo all the mess this socialist party has done to this wonderful country. My fellow americans keep fighting for our rights!!!!!
Cecil09/01/0910:36amHow can be a bad thing be cared for when you do not have th means to?
Milkshake08/31/0910:31amI voted not sure. I have mixed feelings about this. I pay for my own health insurance; I was a full time student. While in one of my classes I discovered a mole on my leg. It turned out to be malignant and the malignancy was spreading to my lymph nodes and reproductive organs. If the United States had more of a socialism type of healthcare program would the doctors recommend a lymph node biopsy on my leg, possibly saving years of my life? Probably not. We do need changes in our healthcare system. Health insurance, especially when you pay out of your own pocket every month, is way too high. But I am so thankful I had this biopsy done on my leg and had the lymph nodes taken out. It did save many years of my life.
Cocconibs08/29/091:29pmThank you TiggerB
Tigger B08/29/091:48amHi Here in Denmark have we free healthcare. Meaning if we need surgery or doctors care we get it for free. What costs is the extra medicine needed for the cure. Dentist and special doctors we pay ourselves UNLESS our doctor has recommended the special doctor. We pay it through out taxes. However for special surgery there are wating lists. Which sucks. Anyhews my say is I cannot understand America being SO MODERN and UP TO DATE is far behind regard their health care system. One pay to one may sound good but it kinda strips of the free choise of whom one is comfy to go to in regard as ones health. The question is loaded and lacks more investigation plus a load of debate, votes and more. I have faith that one day will Americans have a great good health care system, much like the danish one.
Dean08/28/091:28pmYes Shell you have Medicare and Medicade which are both going bankrupt because of your glorious governement involvement. Listen to Jeff, he makes alot of sense. From reading what is going on in the States, you may not want to hear this but looking from afar I see that your (Liberal) government does not want to reform healthcare they want to run it and control the lot of you. As far as seniors welfare they do not care about them that is why they want the end of life consuling for people ages 50 and older. What a sham! I am sure Kennedy (The murderer) received the best healthcare possible. If it was you under the new healthcare they would just sit you down and explain how they can end your life without any pain. This new (Changed) government really stinks for the American People.
Jeff08/28/099:49amFirst of all, I am self employed and pay my own health insurance. Have been for 13 years. Even with all the increases over the years, my health insurance still costs less than my yearly cell phone bills. That said, government is in fact the reason for the escalating costs. Right now, 50% of all health care bills are paid by the tax payer. You tell me what happens if someone else paid your electric bill, or your water bill, or your health care bill? When a third party pays your bills, you no longer are accountable and your usage goes up. In addition, you have no interest in shopping around for better rates because again, someone else pays your bills. No competition equals higher prices for the consumer. If the Government takes over the remaining 50% of our health care system, it will worsen the situation 100 fold. Just look at the NHS (Britain), or Canada where people are flocking to the United States for serious care and then suing their own Government's successfully. They do this out of necessity because their government's are bankrupt and rationing care. Below are some steps that can be taken to improve health care costs: 1. Tort reform, which means our politicians need to listen to their constituents rather than the big Tort lobby. People who sue their doctors and loose must pay all legal fees. This alone will reduce costs significantly. 2. Government needs to slash all of those mandates on insurance companies so that they can offer more customized individual plans and lower prices rather than lumping every form of care into their coverage. Less regulation in the form of mandates equals lower priced and customizable plans! 3. Medicare/Medicaid need to be completely reformed so that only catastrophic type procedures are covered for the elderly and truly poor people. That means a high enough deductible that people will shop around for simpler things without raising the overall costs. Hang nails are NOT covered! Don't you think these types of reforms are much better and more effective than a single Government monopoly?
Shell08/28/097:11amWe're the only industrial nation without a national healthcare system. If you have a pre-existing illness, a healthcare provider can disqualify you for coverage because of it or if you can find a provider, you can't afford the premiums. No one in this country should end up losing their job, home or savings to pay for illness. With a national healthcare system, they wouldn't have to. Medical costs/surgery in this country is absolutely outrageous. The only way to reduce medical/drug costs is by volume. We already have a national healthcare system for's known as Medicare. I don't see anyone protesting over this payment plan. The new system would work in a similar fashion.
Dean08/28/095:50amYou do not want the government in your healtcare business. If this goes through get ready for long lines and bad service. They can also decide if you need surgery or not. Never have some government paperpusher come between you and your doctor. You have the best healtcare system in the world! Don't let the socialist president change that. Just remember that if this goes through you all will be on a computer file and Big Brother will know exactly what you are doing at all times. Think about it they missed the mark on the budget for this it now adds another 2 trillion in 10 years and the total will be 10 trillion dollars. They say their are 47 million without healtcare that is bull, take off the illegals and then it leaves about 15 million, some that don't want healtcare insurance and the rest work jobs that don't provide healtcare work on the 15 million. I have come to the States for a couple of surgeries, and if I would of stayed in Canada for them I still would be on a waiting list. I think it is wonderful that the people of your country are voicing their concerns. KEEP IT UP AMERICA!!!! Don't let the liberals destroy your wonderful country. God Bless All of You!

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