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At my household we recycle our bottles, cans, and paper items

Total Voters: 2091
Always 18%
Sometimes 18%
Never 18%
Christmas Spirit12/14/0910:36amMaybe if more people volunteered comments on this particular subject this poll would have been changed a long time ago. It would be nice if we could have a new poll for Christmas.
Alison12/12/097:04amThis poll maybe an old one and a very important one, alot more important then how many children are in your house hold for Santa. If we don't recycle and reuse, this earth will be a worst garabge hump then it already is. Maybe something to discuss with your children Christmas morning over breakfast. Stop buying imported junk from China, it's putting you and your family out of work in America, buy north American. If you don't have a recycling program in your town, rally your town fathers to set one up, wake up and save Mother Earth, so your children and grandchildren have a place to live and air to breath and water to drink.
BamBam12/10/0910:52pmI can't beleive how OLD this poll is. The moderator really doens't love us anymore.
Down Soar12/02/0910:48amWell as for recycling! I would like to say, there is no way I could. I have no vehical, and no recycling truck comes around. When I did have the oppertunity of-course I did, but I reuse a lot of things so they don't go to complete waist. As for another poll yes! I think an excellent idea. KIDS? well we have three total in this house, someone is bringing me a tree today or tomorrow, thank you! I have an idea for a poll, its about gossip on the internet. this morning I found out yet another teenage girl committed suicide over it. I am astonished, and it is grown women who are creating these rumors and keeping them alive! SO if anyone at all has a heart, please end it when you see it!!!!!!!! Sorry it is so off subject, but Christmas won't be the same for a few homes because of it. Even just the ones that get down and don't go the whole way with it. Even some grown men have had hardships over internet gossip! So when the hens coo, please kindly ask them to keep it to themselves!
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer12/02/099:45amHi everyone. hi people on the poll. Santa Clause and I were wondering if we could please change poll subjects. And if it's ok with you, if the next poll could be on a subject of how many children are in every household. Santa Clause is trying to figure out how many presents each household should have.
Milkshake10/23/098:23amUm...ok. Not like it's a big deal but I thought I would say this: A Trader Joes where I live allows customers to enter a drawing for free groceries if they use their own bags to bag their groceries. I did this a few times and never won.
Foxy Loxy10/20/094:20amHi Milkshake, things are fine with me. This is the first site I have ever written to, I usually like to read them only, but I like all your comments on this site so I thought I would join everyone. I agree with you and hope they end this poll and put something we can all talk about. In these times we really need something that we all can all express our feelings and thoughts. Talking about recycling is not stimulating and is really boring. So Mr. or Mrs or Ms Poll Master please give us another poll!!!! Thanks a Bunch!
Milkshake10/19/099:07amGood Foxy Loxy!! How are you doin? You are right about this poll. Unless we get on another subject like saving the earth, the end of the world, or another stupid arguement.
Foxy Loxy10/19/094:35amThis poll will be over by the end of the day. How much can you say!! Either you do or you don't.....I say sometimes. Hey Milkshake!! How's it goin....
Milkshake10/18/097:37pmI voted always. But lately I've been a little lazy about it. I feel it's very important that everyone does their share in recycling. It helps save the earth we live in. This is our world and I feel it's our choice but we should all take part in taking care of our world.
Jeff10/17/096:07pmI voted 'Sometimes' because all too often we just trash some of our items that could otherwise be recycled. Many times it just comes down to an issue of convenience. One thing is for sure, we always recycle cardboard boxes mainly because of the size. Especially around Christmas time I always notice that all the recycling bins are stuffed high!
Cocconibs10/17/0910:14amYay! A new poll!

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