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On Christmas day I would rather greet people with:

Total Voters: 941
Merry Christmas 40%
Happy Holidays 40%
Happy Hanukkah 40%
Other 40%
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!04/01/129:06amYou can say this.... Happy Christmas and a Merry New year???!!!! No matter how you or we should all say it..Just say it..and be over it. AT least you wished that other person a Happy Something...right?
Dove12/31/099:57amI am supposed to be christian by blood...wonder what my dad used to do on christmas
Ana12/30/0911:14amOn Christmas day, if I know what people are celebrating, then I greet accordingly. I do this for everyone's holiday's throughout the year because I believe that everyone should be celebrating whatever and however it is that gives them joy and peace in their own hearts and is in line with their beliefs, even if their beliefs have been handed down from their parents. I know a family who celebrates Christmas AND Kwanza. In my own family, we celebrate Ramadan, Christmas, and Passover, all for religious and spiritual reasons. RESPECT is a spiritual value that we should try to embrace even more than political correctedness or religious self righteousness!
Alisa12/30/095:06amI am canadian born and bread, we say merry christmas, because we as a nation are belivers in christ and to change this is turning our back on our forfathers, i dont not force other culters to change their ways to suit me that would be wrong, so why should outer culters come to my country and force us to change our ways to to suit them, i have no problem with people comming to my country but if you wish to come dont force you belifts on us and we wont force ours on you, if i was to move to another country would you think they would change their ways for me,,i dont think so,,so give it a break it is merry christmas in my country not happy holidays,, it is your choice what you use but dont force a country to change their ways to make you feel better,, and this is my 2 cents
Tom Tom12/28/0910:57amI am Catholic and say Happy Easter, Merry Christmas because I feel it in my heart to share it with others. My place of employment trys to make us all say Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Quanza. We must be politically correct. Bull! I only will say it if I mean it in my heart, so I guess you could say I am not politically correct. What the heck is Quanza??? I guess it just gives people a chance to dress in crazy color pj's. I don't know any Jewish people so I don't say Happy Hanukkah. I only know Christian folks so Merry Christmas it is. This society that wants us all to be politically correct is for the birds. I believe you should be honest with yourself first and then if you feel you want to say those other things then go for it. Don't ram it down our throats!!! You know the liberals started this crap about being politically correct. This country is going down the toilet fast!
Kosher Face12/24/092:56pmNow to me this is a silly question. On Christmas day I say Merry Christmas to all my Jesus loving friends, but on Hanukkah, I say Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends for an entire 8 days. Do you people say Happy Hanukkah to all us Kosher people? No. On Passover do you people wish us Kosher people Happy Passover? No. You ignore it's just passed-over, but you all say Happy Easter to everyone. Let's get real here...Please watch and then you will understand us Jewish people. Thank you. Shalom! Oh! And Happy Hanukkah!
Bob12/23/094:18pmDear Tom. Enjoy and love yourself. Your political views are poor not even yours...just word bubbles that you picked up somewhere. And you seem to have a problem with "being important"... Find your true self and leave the path of sheep. Merry Chrismas. May a Star guide your way out of your ignorance and blindness.
Sally12/23/093:59pm It is really nice
Alice12/23/095:20amMerry Christmas Everyone!!! I agree with Tom and also Foxy Loxy. This president keeps spending and spending that will bankrupt our country. He wants this country to fail and fold so the radical left extremes can take over. This is not good for this once beautiful country. Healtcare has some issues and we need to work out those kinks, but basically healthcare is fine. We should not pay more taxes to cover americans who don't want insurance or for illegal aliens and yes we will be paying for that. Obama is a LIAR when he says that we will not pay for them. Our taxes are going to go out the roof and for what, insurance where procedures will be cut, the government will decide if you need a procedure or not and if you are older you will not get a procedure because of cost and that they don't think you are worth it because of your age. All those dems that vote for this should be thrown out of office along with the liar Obama. I am ashamed to say that he is the president of the United States. Other countries laugh at the weakness of this stupid man. In his own words he is acting stupidly.
Foxy Loxy12/22/099:45amI want to say Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Tom don't get mad, but don't you mean that the Republicans will repeal instead of repell. I know your upset and you have every right to be. We all just need to hang in there November 2010 will come up soon and we will get rid of those democrat rodents in the Senate and also the Congress.
Milkshake12/22/099:19amOMG!! I'm laughing hard. Back to the same ole people on the poll. COOL! It's not Christmas today, but I'm gonna say Happy Holidays to everyone. Alot of people are broke, out of work, having hard times. Let's all be thankful for what we have.
Tom12/22/097:37amI am glad to see that most people would say Merry Christmas. We need a new poll now asking us how we feel about the stupid Obama-Healthcare crappy bill.....Any takers. Well I want to let off some steam about it..........First of all Any democrat that wanted this bill will not be voted back in the next election. This was done behind closed doors with no republican included in creation of this mess. This is the most corrupt Senate and Congress ever. All of them need to be taken out back and have the Shxt kicked out of them and then kicked out of office including that liberal liar Obama. He is not my president and never will be! He to will never make it another term. Thank God! He is an idiot and will go down in history as the worst president in history, plus will be the president that bankrupted the country. The Republicans will have to repell the mess the Fuxking Democrats did to all of us. Plus all the taxes we will have to pay for this fuxk up from this corrupt democratic government. Also we will have to pay for the illegal aliens insurance too, how nice. What a joke!! This government SUCKS!!!! From Obama the liberal Asshole to the Fuxking democrats in the senate and congress......I am sure all the liberal assholes reading this will get their panties in a wad. TOO FUXKING BAD!!!!!

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