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Economic conditions in 2010 will be...

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Much better than 2009 9%
A little better than 2009 9%
The same 9%
Worse 9%
J J10/12/109:59amSounds like a republican party with a lot of shouting that makes NO SENSE at usual...i wouldnt trust a wig toting senseless critter like a republican.... yea i know they have boehner and isis and a lot more in cluding palin and mc cain... dont trust any of them
Anna04/26/107:19amWhat do you mean start acting like one...i thought it just came naturally to you!!I am NOT a socialist i jsut believe that Obama is doing a good job.Just because i believe that does not mean that i am a socialist.I am tired of you basing my profession on th efact that i am or i am not an obama socialist.
We04/22/1012:59pmCan the owner/admin of this site please end this strand.
Al04/22/1011:19amOh! I can't resist, you are such a immature moran. Are you a socialist or not? First you say your not and now you are. Hey doctor socialist the way you act on here no one would come to you for help. You act 5 yrs. old. I am waiting for you to say Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!! Give it up and change careers, what an idiot. By the way I am not a Bit_h, but I can act like a mean, crude Son of a Bit_h, if that is what you want me to do. By the way I know alot of what's going on in this country. You are the one with horse blinders on. You live in La La Land and Obama is your savior. Idiot!!! You should change your name to Idiot, it fits. Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho!
Anna04/22/107:49amYuo know you don't know anything.I bet your probably some middle aged man who has no idea what is going on in this country.I don't care what you tell people because i am a good doctor and i don't care if people don't want me to help them just because i am a sociailst.I became a doctor because i wanted to help people, but some people like you are BEYOND help!!!HAHAHAHA B_tch!!
Al04/22/107:22amI am not going to waste anymore time talking to you, because you really have no clue what the hell is going on. YOU are IMMATURE and someday, I hope you wake up and smell the coffee, idiot. Read what you are saying. It does not make sense. OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST, MARKSIST PIG!!!! Where are you going to be working as a so called doctor? I will warn anyone I know to stay away from that part of the country. Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho!
Anna04/22/107:07amJust because he grew up by dictators doesn't mean that he was influenced by them.He could and did turn out different then them.Everyone grows up by bad people,but that does not mean that they will become those people.I feel bad for your kids just because they are your kids.You see your kids are older than me and your sitting there calling me an idiot.Do you call them idiots?? What would you do if one of your kids turned into a socialist...huhhhh....your the idiot and immature one.
Al04/21/1010:16amLet me pull out my violin.....Ok you not a liberal, but you are pretty dumb and immature to believe this dictator was not influenced by his up bringing as a socialist, marksist. his family is full of them along with any friends he ever had. Along with the terrorist bomber Ayers and of course his racist, marksist pastor. Do you really think none of this idiots had a heavy influence on him, of course they did. If you don't believe that then you really are nuts or maybe very immature. I tend to believe you are the latter. My Children are God fearing conservatives and two of them are Doctors and the third is a lawyer. They are all doing well, and I thank God everyday!
Anna04/21/107:11amI am paying for my college tuition.I am paying for it with the money i have from my part time job jdd.You probably don't know what that stands for.At least someone agrees with me that Obama is doing a good job. I am not a liberal!!!You blame Obama for this country being down the toilet just because he is from a long line of socialist. Don't blame him becasue of his ancestry.Do you have kids because if you do you probably don't call them idiots.If you do someone needs to call social services.
Al04/21/104:45amSandy and Anna are both liberal, socialist morans...Your goofy president is doing the worst job in history. You can take credit for that by voting for the jerk! Americans are making a difference by this November when the dems will be voted out of office and the socialist, marksist dictator Obama will not be able to do anything except sit around with his thumb up his ass! Then in 2012 we will vote the moran out of office or impeach him before 2012. Then we can repeal the socialist program Obamacare. You liberals jerks always blame Bush. It is getting old. This president is going to raise your taxes so much that you both will be living in section 8 housing and the so called poor that don't want to work, achieve any kind of greatness except mooching off the government will get more money and benefits to mooch some more. You both can take the credit for that you idiots. It is funny how stupid people really believe the bull Obama is dishing out. His agenda is to bankrupt this country and turn it into a socialist country. If that is the way you want to live move out of America to Russia or China. You want to take care of the poor go for it. I believe charity starts at home! Help those who help themselves, not expect everything for nothing. Anna a medical student---on Mom and Dad's dime. No wonder you are thinking our of your ass. Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho! You really are an idiot, but you will learn when you join the real world and out of the protection of Mommy and Daddy.
Sandy04/20/108:27amI agree with Anna 100% that obama is doing a great job with this country.He is helping people who are not wealthy and he is doing a good job of turning this country around.I think that you are very brave Anna for explaining to these idiots that obama is great.
Anna04/20/107:48amI am in medical school not grammar.Instead of caring about my grammar how about you tell me what the american people are doing.You say they are making a difference by voting socialists out..that isn't even helping anything.We still have 7 months until november. what are you going to do until then? Obama is a great president and he is doing a good job cleaning up Bush's mess!!!You want to blame someone for this country being down the toilet...blame BUSH!!!!
Texastea111004/20/106:40amMiss anna 1st let me state that obama is NOT doing a good or even a so-so job, he has given away trillions of dollars to big corporations to say their butts from bankrupcy, obamacare is a joke it'll tax you millions of dollars their were 19 taxes on his care package, the united states has not ALWAYS been in debt,nor will it ALWAYS BE EITHER, thats the attitude right there that has ammerica where its at today i truly feel for you and your children because withthat attitude your right you will only have socialism in this country then you'll be happy then because you'll vote for it you wanted change w/ obama well your getting it...LIKE IT?
Al04/19/1010:53amAnna for someone who is in college your grammer, spelling SU_KS!! Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho! The only idiot is you little one! We are making strides to get rid of the socialist establishment in Washington. The Tea Parties are doing a wonderful job informing folks. Then come November the bastar_s and Bit_hes that voted for the Obamacare socialist medicine crap will be out of a job. Then next comes the dictator himself--Obama he's out of a job in 2012. That will be a glorious day, indeed! By the way I do believe in the American people. We have been pulling together to rid this country of the socialist pigs that are now taking control of everything. Come November you will see.
Anna04/19/107:14amAll of you who are arguing with me becasue i believe that Obama is doing a good job are just stupid idiots.Instead of arguing with me how about YOU.Do you think you are making the world better by arguing about how bad Obama is? NO your not.How about you try and make a fu_ken change.I guarantee you won't succeed.You all are to blame.America is always going to be in debt. No matter who is president no one can make this country better.
Maddy04/19/105:31amWe all live in scary times and it does mean alot when the deficit is so out of control. Our kids and grandkids will be stuck with taxes, taxes and more taxes. You will not be able to afford a home let alone a good paying job. They are talking about people that have lost their jobs to be without jobs for years and years. That is not good. Our government keeps taking more and more control of things. We are heading for a socialist society. Obama does not like capitalism, he never did. Remember to vote differently in November and kick out the liberal democrats that are helping to ruin this country. Then the next presidential election vote a republican in office and let us stop this madness. We need tax cuts, repeal the obamacare garbage and help americans find work, good jobs. That's a start. We have to build up our country again from Obama's badmouthing us to other countries. Peace and Love to everyone!
Claire 04/18/108:33amObama will not make the next President!
Roseanna04/15/108:33pmWell people of america and i include myself. this country is always going to be in debt one shape or form.. besides isnt it obvious as long as we have jobs
We04/12/107:05amIn reality, things are good because we live in the united states of america. and things are good because we are aloud to speak our minds and help/create change. it's not about being right all the time or whining when you don't get it your way.
Elaine04/08/1011:08amTheres nothing we can do till this November, then we can kick out the democrats and take control so Obama's spending will cease!!! Then in 2012 we can boot his butt out of office. That will be the best day in history!!! Hee! Hee! We than can Repeal the stupid Obamacare garbage and start from fresh and really put some good healthcare legislation for everyone not just the illegals and the section 8 lazy people.
Al04/08/1010:52amI have a real good idea what is going to happen this year. The democrats will loose most if not all their seats. Obamacare will bankrupt the country, Taxes will be sky high, because as usual Obama and his socialist henchmen in the Whitehouse lied about the rich will only have to pay. BULL! By the way he is not my president and never will be. I did not vote for the socialist, communist, Marksist SOB. You did, you moran! I belong to the Tea Party and we are making a difference you dumb BIT_H! I did not listen to his inauguration speech, because that was the worst day in history and who wanted to listen to a socialist pig except the stupid liberals. Obama and Anna are both SOB's. Good Luck trying to make a living as a doctor when Obamacare will cut funds and programs and your precious dictator--Obama will tell you what you can and cannot do as a doctor...Idiot.
Anna04/08/107:56amWow i had no idea you could see the future thats probably because you can't. you have no idea whats going to happen this year.Things could change in the next week or next month.You don't know whats gong to happen. You might not like it but hes your president so just shut the fu_k up. I will take full credit for voting for him when he turns this country around. Instead of arguing with like you say an " immature girl", why dont you get of your lazy butt and make a difference. You probably don't remember but Obama said that in his innaguration speech. You are the SOB not President Obama.
Al04/08/107:49amAnna you really are an ignorant, immature girl. Your going to be a doctor. That's pretty funny. Obamacare will really take care of you....Idiot. We already know what is going to happen...Our taxes will raise drastically, we will lose more homes and the job situation will not change. Plus our electric, gas bills will double. Yes your president is doing a good job. Get ready to take the blame for voting this SOB in office...immature Idiot.
Anna04/08/107:24amWow just because you all were born during the revolution doesn't mean you know anything. I am not liberal so i have nothing to admit. Look unlike all of you I have better things to do then to try and convince idiots that Obama is doing only good to this country. It's like talking to a damn wall.I am studying to be a medical engineer and in 2 years when i graduate college and become a doctor Obama is still going to be president this country is going to be better and the health reform is going to be the best thing that ever happened. You all are going to eat your words just watch and see. I am on Obama's side and wether you all like it or not hes president. So get over yourselves. I bet all of you are probably just sitting at home on the computer with nothing else to do.unlike all of you i don't spend ALL my time on the computer just commenting on polls. You want to know what will happen to this country this year...wait and see.
Kat04/08/106:40amLooking at what Obama is doing. The American people will revolt if he doesn't start listening to what we want not what he wants. Watch the news! It's coming to a head. People are fustrated because they don't have jobs and losing their homes, but the socialist machine in Washington is not listening. All they know how to do is spend, spend and spend some more. Think about this the government owns the car companies, banks, student loans and of coarse Obamacare. He is also going to allow drilling off the coasts. That is not for us but for him and his socialist agenda. He can now push for the climate bill, cap and trade. So get ready for our gas, oil and electric to go sky high. Remember he is a liar, fiip flopper and a con man. We will be living by candles. We are in a sorry state. In all my life I have never seen so much hatred for the government as I see now. This is just terrible.
Sabrina04/07/105:11pmAnna reminds me of my son.... Except NOW he realizes his mistake... He voted for Obama because of the man's commercial appeal. Not a very smart move, but one many of us "elders" have made in the past... We Got Conned! People "like Anna" just don't know U.S. history well enought to even understand WHY we had a revolution to begin with.... And to be honest, it's my generations fault. We fell asleep during our patriotic watch... We too were conned into believeing the liberal 'pc' agenda. PC is dead, Anna... And not a moment too soon!
Kat04/07/101:54pmReading all the comments I have to agree with the conservative folks on this site. They make sense and I have checked on Obama's background and it is true he is from a long line of socialists. The liberals on this site should move to Russia is they want the government to hand them everything. Capitalism always works, it makes you want to achieve, grow to become someone. Make good money buy a home, support a family send your kids to college. Everyone can do it. They have to have the balls to want to do it. Our precious government wants to take that away from us and give what we have earned to the lazy section 8 people and illegal aliens so they can have a piece of the pie. I say if you did not work for it screw you! This Obamacare mess will only work for those losers on section 8 and illegal aliens while the rest of us will have to pay for it. Now Obama controls givng student loans, who do you think will get the loans??? Not your middle class citizens but the poor which means the people who did not want to achieve anything without the government giving them a free handout into our wallets. Liberals are all screwballs.
Al04/07/108:55amWe need a new poll. This is been dragged around long enough. We all know that Obama is destroying this capitalist country and turning it into a SOCIALIST, COMMUNISTIC Country. He wants to spread the wealth by giving the poor, lazy and illegals our hard earned money by Taxing the Hell out of us. The stupid thing is that there are people out there that are brain dead and are willing to do that. All of those people need to move to China, Russia, Korea and Iran. You want the government to tell you want to do move there...Idiots!
Jack04/07/108:30amAnna you need to check you facts! Obama was and will always be a socialist from the start of his life till now thanks to his FU_KING parents to his grandparents to his friends Ayers the terrorist bomber and of course his spiritual advisor Rev. Wright. Every person or friend of this jerk is a socialist. Don't read the liberal rags because you will not get the correct info. Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST and for sure is not the savior. You voted for him because you are a liberal admit it. Sara Palin would of made a better VP than Biden. He is a complete MORAN. When the taxes start coming out of our hard earned paychecks you should be double taxed for being an idiot for voting for this stupid SOB. This fall will help when the FU_KING democrats will be voted out of office and then Obama's turn is next. That will be a Happy Day!
Anna04/07/107:17amFinally someone agrees with me. Bush should not be called president because he doesn't deserve it. Grandma i know your old and you probably don't remember that far back but bush destroyed this country and you know it. I voted for Obama because he deserved to be president. And even if i didn't like maccain i didn't like sarah palin either. Who would want a VP like her. Honestly.Obama is the savior. How about all of you check your facts and get your ideas straight.
Ellen04/06/1010:08amHey folks don't forget Obama wants to spread the wealth, which means he will take from the middle class and give to the poor and the illegal aliens. He may take from the rich but there are more middle class folks. So the people who lay around doing nothing and live off welfare will get the better insurance benefits than the hard working folks. And for your hard work get ready to be taxed out the ass. This government SU_KS DI_KS!!! But it makes alot of sense to the liberal socialists out there, right Anna.
Grandma04/06/108:58amThank you Al and Jack for your comments. It shows you have respect for the elderly. Anna is very immature. Reading her last comment, she wines like a little child. I don't think she knows why she voted for Obama except she did not like McCain. That was a immature move, but she will grow up and realize her mistake and that she helped destroy this country by voting for the socilaist jerk---Obama. I will not make any more comments on this, because it is wasting my time trying to talk to this child. Everyone Have A Good Day, you all will be in my prayers--even you poor Anna.
Jack04/06/108:46amAnna, Anna read what I said you should be deported to a communist country so you can appreciate our capitalist society for now anyway till your precious socialist pig Obama changes it to all socialism. You are immature to think Obama is the savior. He is NOT! He is in the process of destroying this beautiful country. You are another one always blaming President Bush. I call him that because he deserves to be called our President. Your precious Obama does NOT! You are a racist you fool. I will repeat myself so maybe you will finally understand what I am saying....I don't care that Obama is black it is his socialist ideas and background. His buddy Ayers the terrorist bomber, and of course his pastor for over 20 years Rev. Wright, you know the one he didn't follow his racist beliefs. What a crock of Shi_. That is just to name a few. He does not like America because we are a capitalist society. HE WANTS SOCIALISM PLAIN AND SIMPLE>>>>>>Grow up and open your immature eyes.
Anna04/06/107:45amWhat the hell are you talkming about i need to get deported!! i am white you idiots. i am not racist i unlike all of you think about every race. I am not a socialist because i voted for obama and he does not hate this country. i don't see him destroying this country. You want to blame someone for why this country is in the ground blame Bush because he is the reason obama is having a hard time cleaning up this country. i am from North Carolina and I believe that all obama is trying to do is clean up Bush's mess. Just because i am expresing how i feel doesn't make me immature. How about you guys look the word up in the dictionary.Look to the right of the word and you will see all of your names right there.
Jack04/06/106:44amAnna is really immature. She voted for a man who hates America and the capitalist way of life. The issue is not that he is black. That is her issue. The issue is that he is running this country into the ground. The government will own all ways of life and it will effect her when she grows up---what an idiot. Yes the mexicans are happy with Obama because he will let them live in this country and give them benefits that should be reserved for AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! Also anytime someone brings up the race card they are racist themselves because that is the mentality of their thinking. Anna I think you need to be deported to a country that treats women like shi_ and by the way it should be a communist country and maybe you will appreciate our CAPITALIST society. You are just a spoiled brat and have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Go away and grow some more and come back then we will talk politics and life when you have matured.
Al04/06/105:54amAnna if you are 19 act your age, you twit. Voting for Obama was your mistake and yes he is a far left socialist pig that wants this country to become a communist one! Being black is not the issue but banrupting the country is. YOU are to immature to understand this. The mexicans that voted for Obama were they legal or illegal??? They are a waste to this country. They use up our resources like locusts and give nothing in return. That's not being racist, but telling it like it is!!
RooBiE BreastNuT04/06/101:30amI'M CoNFuSeD!
Anna04/05/107:52amFor your information i am 19 and you all can go fu_ck someone. i have manners i just don't need to use them to express how i feel about politics and about all of you who have a problem with me being an obama socialist. All white folks ghave a problem with obama and hate him because of his race. Mexicans don't have any problems with obama and neither should the rest of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that you all have a problem with him just because hes african american.I voted for obama and so did everyone else who thought maccain was and is a big jack a_s
Milkshake04/01/102:28pmWow! I really enjoyed reading all of these poll comments. This is about the most exciting poll Mystic has ever had! I especially enjoyed reading some of these mature arguements. This is a very exciting subject! I really like the fact we've had this same poll since the beginning of January. Here it is April 1st and we still have the same poll. I feel we should prolong this poll for another 3 or 4 months........................APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Al04/01/1010:33amGrandma you are correct on what you were saying about this generation. Kids-females dress like hookers and guys where there pants hanging off their butts. When I was young you listened to your parents and dressed appropriately. If your child needed a spank you gave it to them. Yuppie Liberals now let their kids run amuck and look at what we have bad mouthed hookers and guys with their pants hanging off their butts and they also do not respect authority. They have no respect for their elders, police etc. Grandma is right all they care about is what you can give them or go into hock for to make them happy. This generation will not know what to do when things really get tough and this government bankrupts the country. Jobs, what jobs, food without a good paying job forget it, buying a house they will never be able to afford so they will have to move back in with Mommie and Daddy. So go ahead and smart off Anna and Bonnie you both show how intelligent and caring your generation really is.....which is useless and a throw away generation. Power to the Elderly!!!!
Grandma04/01/106:30amReading Anna and Bonnie's comments just shows how much this new generation was raised. They have no manners and no respect for others and the no respect for the elders in the United States. They are a gimmie gimmie society and want everything without paying the price for it. I think it starts with the liberals in our society telling parents you cannot spank your kids and that right there let's kids know at an early age that Mom or Dad will not correct me except may be with a time out. What the hell is that going to do. All my kids got spanked and turned out well behaved and wonderful parents and people in society. It's funny someday Anna and Bonnie will be old and we shall see what kind of respect they will recieve. Maybe they won't get old with this new healtcare. They will not get the medical help they need because how they said your to old. Then they will die! Oh what a shame! We certainly need their liberal idiots---NOT!!!
Connie03/30/1012:41pmHey Al I agree with you! Anna should leave this site and go play in the street maybe someone will come by and run her little ass over and then she will be no more!! Yeah!! What a rude girl. Her parents must be so proud of what they created. That is the problem with this new generation they only care about themselves and what is in it for them. They don't respect adults especially the elderly. That is the Obama followers, a bunch of useless people---anna fits right in. Anna take a hike you Bit_h.........
Al03/30/1012:28pmAnna you are a little Bit_h! Your parents sure did not teach you any manners. So get off this site and go play in the street will you. Your comments do not matter because you are useless...
Anna03/30/107:21amYour not my grandma i don't even know you so i can tell you what ever the heck i want ok. Yuor old no one really cares about you anymore.
We're in the army now03/28/105:05pmNew poll results: democrats and independents will work together in the near future and TAKE THE TIME AND PATIENCE NEEDED TO GET THINGS DONE (this country barely knows what patience is anymore and even less...what diplomacy and mediation is. just something we aren't good at...but we can be...YES WE CAN). according to the same recent poll, 78% feel generally the current republican party is filled with "not too bright nor w/ the times" citizens and work on an "i say that cause i just saw or read it somewhere last night".
Bonnie03/27/105:30amWell, it's a done deal or should I say "A SIGNED BILL". It's all over but the shouting. The governer of Ga. said that health care shouldn't be mandated and that's the real reason to oppose health care. Then I say unmandate car insurance, taxes, and all the other rules and censorships that I'm exposed to every day. Think again if you think health care reform is what/will cause us to lose are freedoms. It's been going on for along time folks. It's not about what president did what. It' about Big Government in every aspect of our lives.
Jeff03/26/1012:14amHey Ronnie RayGun, what do you think Medicaid and Medicare is for? They are Government health insurance for the poor and elderly. They were instituted largely by liberals and are now bankrupt and subsidized by the taxpayer. They are not just bankrupt, but there are tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities as a result, and they are largely the reason why health care costs have been sky-rocketing all these years. Government intrusion is the reason for the high costs, and now liberals are advocating having Government take it over completely. This is suicide. Can you imagine how much worse it will be once this bankrupt system is extended to ALL Americans? Eventually it will end up like Medicaid and Medicare where people are turned down for treatments they need to survive. Death panels is exactly what you will get in one form or another. If you are lucky to get approved for a treatment you need, you may die waiting for treatment because of the long wait times. Right now you can get treatment whenever you want or need it. The costs can be high thanks to our Government, but if you are not insured there are hospitals and doctors that will discount your rate and provide financing. This healthcare take over by our Government is dangerous, it's unconstitutional, and it will only increase costs, bankrupt our nation, and destroy the best health care on the planet.
Luke03/25/104:52amThere is no such thing as Lower Middle Class. There is the upper class, middle class and the poor. This is not a good thing because the Middle class will be paying for the poor and illegal aliens in the big tax hikes this useless government passed. They will control what type of healthcare you can have which is wrong! This is supposed to be the land of the free not the land of communisim. Socialized medicine does not work people HELLO!!! People from other countries come here to get the surgeries they need because they cannot get it in their countries. They are either on waiting lists or the government tells them they don't need the care. Do you think it will be diffferent here, it won't this government is again lying to you. Obama has not been straight with the people since he took office. Wake up and smell the coffee. The liberals in this country need to move to other countries that except their kind of thinking---socialism. WE DO NOT WANT THAT HERE IN AMERICA!!!!
Ronnie RayGun03/24/102:58pmThis is going to be great, finally health care for the lower middle class who works his ass off and still cant afford it, every other country in the world of any means has already addressed this and has a program of some sort to take care of the gap, its about time.
Connie03/24/1010:44amI hope we all will be ok, but watching, listening it is not very comforting since Obama has lied to us all along. I have read alot of his earlier speeches and noticed if you listen carefully he describes his hidden agenda and the so called change for America. His agenda is plain and simple. He is a socialist so that is the change that is starting to happen. Big Brother-the government, IRS, FBI etc will be watching all of us and if you step out of line you are going to get taxed or fined. Like this healthcare business the government wants to force all of us to pay for some healthcare whether we want it or not. Better pay or get ready for a big fee or another words tax. That is unconstitutional, but Obama is a liar but not a stupid one. He knows the ins and out of the government system so we would not have a leg to stand on and they would win. It is a shame how the country has gone down the tubes. When I was a child you never saw mexicans, East Indians or oriential people on every corner let alone buying houses or cars. Now they are everywhere and living in good neighborhoods. There is garbage everywhere and gangs so bad in the cities you can't even sit on your front porch and enjoy it without worrying about getting shot. America is a hurting nation right now and Obama is most definitely not a good cure. He will make it worse and he will bankrupt us. After the bill was signed I could see our American flag transform into a red flag with a sickle on the top left corner. What a shame America use to be a beautiful country.
Luke03/23/102:10pmIt really shows how the left-radical,socialist, immature moran's Anna and Bonnie are to show total disrespect for a senior citizen. Which means you are Obama's socialist comrades. This bill will be the death to all of us in more ways than one and you are either blind, stupid or on drugs not to see it. The middle class and seniors will suffer the most. If you live in section 8 housing or an illegal alien you will benefit from this. Obama wanted to take what hard working people make and give it to the lazy-section 8 folks and stupid-illegal aliens. So hard working folks what is the sense of achieving and bettering yourself if that socialist dictator-Obama will take it away from you. This bill passing was the worst thing that could happen to America or is it America. Hell he may change the name of this country to Mexico or Cuba or Russia. Shame on anyone who voted for this creep.
Grandma03/23/101:39pmHey Bonnie and Anna, you both show what little respect you have for older adults, you must be Obama socialist, koolaid drinkers. You are the reason we are all in this mess. You voted for this useless person. He will destroy this country wait and see. Then you will be crying what do we do!! Or you will take the lying way out and blame Poor President Bush. You are both losers and heaven help your mothers on what trash they raised. Shame on you both.
Anna03/23/107:06amI am with Bonnie. Grandma you need to get your facts straight or just put your teeth back in and go play bingo at the senior center.
Ellen03/22/109:56amBonnie you are funny telling Grandma to look up an aarp site. Don't you know they are LIBERAL so anything they say will be all LIESSSSSSSSSSSSS. I guess you don't know any better. Hee! Hee!
Anna03/22/107:43amI really dont care i am young and i dont have 2 worry about that yet!
Ellen03/22/106:40amRemember when that twit Michelle Obama said this is the first time she is proud of America, well I have to say this is the second time I am ashamed to be an American! First, when the socialist pig Obama was elected and, second when the stupid democrats passed this socialist healthcare bill.
Al03/22/105:21amGrandma is correct Bonnie! Everyone remember we are now comrades not americans anymore! The socialist dictator has passed his Obamacare. Our country is going to go bankrupt! You will not be able to save anything because if you earn any kind of interest the socialist police will take half. Yes half!!! Creating jobs no way the businesses will dish out more taxes to cover their employees with expensive healtcare and if they don't the IRS the new socialist police will fine the hell out of you! Want to see your doctor??? You will be lucky if your doctor stays around first of all then you will be allowed only eight visits a year and forget if you need tests done. You will be aloud only one test. Good luck if they find your aliament in that one test if not you will probably die if it is serious. Older Americans or should I say comrades, you need hip replacement or knee replacement the doctors will be taxed on any item like that so it will be passed on to you! Pelosi the "Cu_t" talks about more jobs that will be created, she means the 16,000.00 IRS jobs to play big brother to spy on all of us. Also you will be paying for illegal aliens to have healtcare. These are just a few of the stupid things in this bill. Abortion will also be paid by us. That executive order will not stand. The socialist Dictator just wanted the votes. Don't they know that Obama cannot be trusted, Hell he changes his mind more than he changes his underware. He will rip up that order wait and see. This next election all democrats that voted on this socialist bill should and will be kicked out, and our Supreme Socialist Dictator is next! Hopefully we can repeel this mess before it gets any worse. I wonder what the Socialist Dictator will call this country......Any guesses....Russia II.
Ronnie RayGun03/21/101:28pmObama is doing great look what he hads to work with, no one wants to clean up after the Circus (Bush) leaves town.
Bonnie03/21/107:16amHere are some links for you to go to Grannie. You need to educate yourself before posting your biased opinions!
Grandma03/17/102:30pmI am a grandmother of two wonderful little girls and I am appalled at what Obama is doing to this country. This healthcare stuff he wants to force on us is terrible and mark my words he will have the government option in there eventually. He is going to sneak it in there. 500+ million will be taken from medicare which means if I need a hip replacement I will not be able to get one, etc. He will also control who gets care and who does not get care. I am older so guess what I will not get the care I need. It will go to some illegal alien and their illegal relatives which we will all be paying for so they can have insurance. This country is turning into a communist country and the people who voted for this socialist ass are all to blame. Shame on anyone who voted for this useless piece of nothing. My grandchildren and yours will never get out of debt because of what he is doing. He needs to be impeached immediately!!! Reid and Pelosi also need to be thrown out of office. These are very troubling times and I am very worried about all of our futures. Praise God! Please look out for us Lord!
Harmony03/15/1012:38pmWouldn't be a wonderful world if we could all get along?? No wars, prejudices. I guess that why we are all different. We look, sound and think differently. I feel there can never be peace in the world as much as I and others would want that. I voted worse, because this administration really does not have the american people's best interest in mind. They want to change this country into a communist country. They also want to bankrupt the country with this healthcare stuff they are raming down our throats. We do not want it Washington!!! Obama is the anti-christ. Never have we had an administration with some many underhand, snicky and lying ways. The bad thing is that they are either bad at it or just don't care that we know they are all liars. I had to give my two cents. Peace and Love to All!
Hmm03/15/1010:22amSomeday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire." teilhard de chardin
Pork Chop03/11/101:19pmI normally do not care about the politics in this nation, but since Obama took office I have to say he is really screwing the pouch on this one. He has no idea on what to do and changes his mind almost every day. He does not care about the american people, just his own liberal agenda, which is very scary. I just hope come this fall we get the house and senate more conservative to stop this craziness. If this Obamacare goes through we are all in the crapper. Well unless you are very rich, but the normal folk like me will suffer even more than I am already. It seems they get into office and feel they can do what ever they want with no conquence, but they are wrong. We put them there and we can take them out of there. Just my feelings on this bad situation Obama put us in.
We're in the army now03/11/1010:20amSmile, it's thursday
Mitch03/09/1011:50pmWhat a bunch of pessimists
Hmm03/09/107:42amIf the government were coming into my home, i'd request a search warrant.
Al03/09/106:38amThe government wants everyone skinny so you are so called more healthy so you can pay more taxes to support their liberal changes. Then when you get to a certain age you won't be able to get the surgeries or medicine you need because you will be considered to old and then they will let you die! That is the new change this stupid liberal, socialist government wants for all of us socalled free Americans. Liberalism at it's best! Yahoo's run this government plain and simple.
Lee03/09/106:20amWe need a new poll!! How about this? THe government wants to tax soda pop. 1 cent per oz of pop. The government has completely gone nuts. Low income people like myself will suffer. Their reasoning is to help people lose weight. What the F_CK business is it on how much you weigh. It is noone's business. Here we go again with the liberal, socialist thinking. Take away the liberals booze and cocaine the drug of the rich and liberal. I am so tried of the government coming into my home and yours telling you what is good for you. THIS IS AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE!!!!! We decide what we want and do not want. IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT THEN MOVE TO RUSSIA. Pick any commy nation you want and move there. I really hate this new administration and their stupid ideas.
Jay03/08/104:17pmIt;s end of the world!
Hmm03/08/102:05pm"This healthcare the Whitehouse is trying to jam down everyone's throat" this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months. this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months. this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months. this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months. this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months. this exact quote on fox news almost 50 times in 3 months.
Harry03/08/1012:08pmLife is a bowl of cherries, so why are we in the pits?? that saying fits what is happening to our country and it's people. I do agree with some of what Debbie's states about unions. I believe in a non union work place. If there are issues you can now to your Human Resources Department. They have to follow the laws by the Federal Government so we really don't need unions. This healthcare the Whitehouse is trying to jam down everyone's throat should be tossed out with the garbage--recycle bin of course and they should all start over!!!
Debbie03/08/103:48amUnions are the worst thing for the US. The pays for building cars is crazy. 78.00 or more an hour to screw in a screw. PLEASE!!! Get you car fixed at the dealer. 100.00 hour. That is stupid and cheats the american people. Why should we pay for their insurance and retirement. This is for teachers, car makers etc. We all have to take out money for our own retirement and pay for our insurance. The workers needed unions years and years ago, but now the only ones benefiting from it is the union leaders. What a scam. If they don't like something they strike. Well Hell we wish we could all whine and cry because we did not get a raise or bonus this year, but be lucky you have a job now. Every fall the teachers strike, maybe if they worried about teaching our kids instead of getting a pay increase or more insurance benefits there would be less drop out rates. Hell they have more holiday's and the summer off. That should be more an enough benefit. I am also tried for paying in my taxes for schools if I don't have kids in the system. Or you get illegal mexicans going to the schools and you have to pay in your taxes to educate them. That is completely wrong. We do not need unions today. I worked for a company that had no union in the factory and the employees made good money and benefits like the rest of us and we had no problems. The unions need to take an economic hit like the rest of us and come back to reality.
Bear03/06/105:47amFolks forget what it was like before unions. Company towns, dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, and pay levels that kept you indebted to your employer and unable to sustain a family. We forget to the struggles to rise above what amounted to indentured servitude. Insurance, benefits, better pay etc... were the result of unions. They did not exist before. The trouble came when we let the unions be run by corporate structures and failed to be directly involved. When I was younger, we had union meetings, our union officials were fellow employees, elected by us and the responsibility of looking after our welfare fell on the shoulders of each of us. To be frank, we let ourselves be driven by greed. The corporations that we turned our union responsibilities kept us focused on making more money and not in creating healthy work environments that benefited employee and employer alike. We are already seeing the results of the downfall of unions, whether by lack of involvement by the members or by their removal by corporations. Jobs are going over seas, Walmart type work structure (poor benefits, less than full time hours and poor pay) and rampant unemployment as companies downsize and outsource for the benefit of stockholders. Yet, a good share of Americans fall in line with parroting negative comments about unions. Of course big business wants to get rid of anything that gives the workers the right to participate in their employment structure and the right to ask for fair pay, working conditions and benefits. Before you harshly judge unions, go back and look at our country's history prior to the creation of unions. If you wish to complain, do so from your own research and not blindly from the opinions of others. Your opinion should be truly your own and not someone else's sound-byte.
Debbie03/05/1012:28pmObama needs to get the unions out of his back pocket, just another backhanded, slimy way to get votes for Obamacare and the democrats. The unions will do very well under it. Obama will see to it. We should call Obama President Teleprompter. Hee! Hee! That guy cannot talk without a teleprompter. I know lets get rid of all unions. All they do is make the price of everything go up to pay for the outrageous salaries and cushy retirement packages. Hell let them open up 401K's like the rest of us poor suckers. :D
Hmm03/05/1011:25amIt sucks, but not everything works for everyone at any or every time. based the fact that we are talking on this site, i can hopefully safely say we all know this in our hearts. apparently doing and/or saying nothing or too much extreme anything right now isn't what the stars say we need. and it sucks that mediation and moderation are gonna have to come into play cause this country isn't good at that. at all right!? quite possibly the only thing that will work too? oh tarot!!! look what you got me thinkin' now
Southern Comfort03/05/1010:23amLilly Obama is certainly doing a good job of lying, deceiving and spending money that is not his to spend and his stupid idea of Obamacare is just hysterical. He has been in office a year and has done a terrible job and the worst is yet to come if his obamacare passes. It is fair to blame him because he does not know what the Hell he is doing. The exported jobs can be Clinton's fault, remember NAFTA. Our jobs did not start moving out of the country till slick willy was in charge. The only demon in washington is Obama and his staff along with the chicken shXt democrats who don't have the balls to see that what Obama is doing is wrong for this country. The irresponsible mismanagement of our economy started with Clinton. Bush was a GREAT President and Obama will go down as the worst. Spending and spending will not get you out of debt but he does not care because his agenda again is to drive the capitalist society off the clif and bring in his socialist agenda. Hello does anyone out there understand this. Reading your comments you don't. You are all blinded by the fact that Oh! we have the first black president and that is want you liberals are thinking about and only thinking about. I don't care if the president is green, yellow with poke adots if he or she can do the job then ok. It shows this moran has no idea what to do. We need more conservative thinking in DC and less Radical Liberals there. Hey Bulldogs2013 with Obama's agenda you will only be able to go to school if you are an illegal alien or living on welfare. The rest will have to pay out the ass to get their kids in a good school. That is the change all you morans wanted when you voted for this liar. So we should all blame you for the injustice of our capitalist system. I hope in the next election the republicans take back the congress and senate. Maybe they can stop the insanity of this whitehouse.
Mac03/05/1010:00amAs Lilly states, Obama inherited a country that was already falling apart when he took office, and he is putting a superhuman effort into trying to clean it up and put it back on track. It's very easy to sit on the sidelines and throw stones- it was Republican-style greed, corruption, and unbelievably irresponsible mismanagement of our economic systems that has gotten us into this black hole of a mess in the first place- it's totally unfair to blame Obama for trying to clean up the fallout and correct the mistakes left behind by the previous administration.
Bulldogs201303/05/107:43amI hate to be rude but they are cuting back on school and making toutions 2 high for students to get into collage.
Lilly03/05/105:53amObama is doing a wonderful job. The greedy Republicans have their heads so far up the AMAs you know what. THey exported millions of jobs out of the country and millions are uninsured because of their greed. GO ahead and judge Obama, it is the greedy demons holding him back in getting the job done. By the way, the country was already failing when Obama took control. Stop judging and give hime time to fight the govt. that wont approve healthcare. AIG should donate to help the deficit.
Debbie03/05/105:21amLies, Deception and bankrupting the country! That will be Obama's legacy, and the Obamacare bullsh_t will be the death of most elderly and more and more people will lose their jobs and homes because the taxes to pay for this usless garbage of a bill. Also this president keeps changing his mind on everything. He is a flip flopper and that does not look good from the global communities view. Funny Bone is correct Obama is a putz pure and simple!
Funny Bone03/05/104:12amLet's all hold hands and sing praise to Obama for making the US look weak and cowardly to the rest of the world. That is what he had done. The rest of the world think he is a jerk and are laughing at us. What a putz!
Mac03/04/107:00pmI couldn't disagree more- Obama has done more than any President in a long while to de-escalate the large-scale anti-American sentiment that had prevailed in the world for decades. He sees the world as a global community which needs partnership between peoples and nations, not hate and paranoia, to truly make the world a better, and more secure, place to live in, for everyone. This is a very transcendent and far-reaching intelligence which alot of people can't, or won't, grasp. All Bush did for the majority of his time in office was promote and protect the rights and privileges of the corporate machine, while slowly and carefully eroding the personal rights and freedoms of the individual guaranteed in the Constitution, and persecuting those who opposed him with all the might the American military could muster for him. What more could you expect from someone with a degree in Law and an MBA in Business?
Al03/04/102:22pmLies you talk about lies..Obama is the biggest liar of them all. Bush was given intelligence from Clinton's moran's in the CIA and FBI after 911, so blame Clinton's morans. This country was in better shape when Bush was in office and we certainly alot safer. I do not feel safe at all with Obama especially since he wants to try the terrorists as normal criminals......HELLO........they are war criminals and should be tried by the military. Another shady thing going on is that the lawyers that our radical Attorney General is giving the terrorists supported terrorism in their pasts. What the hell!! So don't talk to me about being hysterical this whole new whitehouse are liars, socialist morans and want to ruin this country. We all will not be safe or live as a free capitalist society till Obama and all of his morans are out of office....
Bam Bam03/04/101:08pmThere are some seriously hysterical people in here and some of the comments you make don't hold up in water. You have no facts to back up any of your hysterical remarks. Maybe Clinton should have gone after terrorists, but then Bush lied to take us to war with his WMD's even got the Prime Minister of England to back up his BS. These people are politicians and they are human unfortunately EVERY single one of us has put them in office. So stop pointing fingers and get up off your arses, do something positive and quitcher****en. Terrorists are there, we can only strive for a democratic world, there are always going to be people out there that are radical and take the bible to whole new levels and create their own version of what they think God wants. The Bible say's not to Judge, yet every damn one of us does it. If we all stop breaking some of the simplest rules maybe we'd all get along a whole lot better. But, look what happens when there is no law, no civility, in Haiti and Chile there are looters, people have taken up guns to ward off looters and some people can't even get food because some jerks think there needs come first and they can't even be bothered to wait in line. God will take care of us all in time. WE ALL NEED TO HAVE FAITH PEOPLE.
Hmm03/04/1010:54amAlright! the country will never agree on everything. i don't agree w/ everything stated below, but that's what needs to happen! that's awesome. discussion. and it is happening but it seems w/in both parties some are not listening while remembering it isn't impossible to work together in government. thanks southern comfort.
Southern Comfort03/04/1010:13amThe first suggestion would be to get rid of Obama and all of his henchmen at the Whitehouse. That would be a great start! Pelosi and Reid you can drop kick out of office also. I won't disagree that there are issues with healtcare but not at the extreme that they are taking. We need tort reform. Don't drop people with preexisting conditions. If you want to buy insurance then do so, but leave people who do not want it alone. Give Small business tax cuts to help pay for employees healtcare. Don't cover abortions, don't cover illegal aliens and if they show up in the emergency room call the police and have them deported!!Abuses in the Healthcare system cannot be avoided. You have to many dishonest people out there. I don't care what Obama says. He just wants to create more and more panels with more of his radical friends and relatives to work on the abuses in healtcare. If they want to work on healthcare stop the under the table shady deals to get votes. take small things and work on them together--Democrat and Republican. The reason for this big bill is to hide all the secret deals with the unions, and other democrats. I don't trust Obama his henchmen and the democrats in the Senate and Congress they are all liars and thieves. Obama does not want to work with the Republicans because they are all against his Socialist agenda for America.
Dinner time03/04/106:59amYesss in the army now. i am wowed as well. from both sides, sad and hateful words here. if ya'll are just pushing words but no ideas through, i hope u got some whine to go w/ that chicken
Southern Comfort03/03/1010:39amThings will get terribly worse before it gets better and if it gets better. We are heading for a big change we all do not want. SOCIALISM, FACISIM, DICTATORSHIP! Obama is pushing this country to the edge. It will be worse than the great depression because the government will own everything, so you will be told what to wear, buy, marry, how many kids you should have. If you are old you will die before you get any medical care. And jobs get ready digging ditches for pennies. Only a few people will be making good money and they will be friends of the socialist president and family. There will be begging in the streets. The only people who will be alright is the communist government--ours. Poor people will be the only ones ok. Obama wants them to have all of your money and then you will be in the poor house. Obama is the Anti-Christ!!!! I know the liberals don't believe that but it is true. It is like history is reversing except worse we now have a socialist/communist in charge. Hey no need to achieve or better yourself the fricken government will take it away and give it to the lazy poor who never worked but leached off the government on welfare. or better yet give it to the illegal mexicans that crossed the boarder. It is not America anymore. We are in a sad, sad state.
We're in the army now03/03/108:32amWow. i'm in the military now and don't know anyone w/ such hateful words. i choose action. on to work...
Tommy03/02/1011:15amAlways remember that when a democrat is president and screws everything up the people the realize that we need a republican to straighten evey thing out. It then take their whole presidency to try to fix the errors of the lousy democrats and Bush jr. had Clinton's crap when 911 hit. Our country took a big hit on the economy because of Clinton's lack of balls to go after the terrorists when he knew they were going to keep attacking us. He was more worried about his **** Monica and his dirty reputation. Bush had that the war on terror and he did a great job. Then the devil Obama came in with his goofy smile and his radical wife and stupid people or should I say stupid liberals wanted a change well you getting it. He is in the process of bankrupting the country. He has no idea on how to run this country as a capitalist society. He is a Socialist. That is all he knows learning from his terrorist friend Ayers and preacher of 20 years Rev. Wright. So Next presidental election we will get a republican in so they can straighten out the fricken mess that Obama did....If we are al still alive and living in our homes with jobs.
Me03/02/103:40amThings will get worse this year before they will get better around spring 2012.
Jayne03/01/108:11pmThis is a big World and an even bigger Universe there is plenty for everyone. Why does everyone feel such emptiness, such lack that they are never satisfied? Even the wealthiest people can never get enough for amount of money is enough. Greed and emptiness is the problem...the inability to share what we have....hating others because they might take it away. The only solution is gratefulness: for our lives,for our planet, and for what we have and to open our hearts to others and the World.
Elle03/01/101:58pmYou could also say we are being infested with Mexicans. They moved in like roaches, breed like roaches, take our jobs. Come here illegally. This country is really going down the crapper. Between this rotten president, pelosi, reid, the mexican invasion and the islamic invasion we are all doomed. Being an American is not what it use to be. This country use to be beautiful and fruitful for AMERICANS.....Now it is crap!
Mab02/28/106:24pmWhat is going on right under our noses is the islaminazation of the USA. In my partment building there are 4 apartments - the other three are muslim families. Then there was the idiot that was trained by our military, attended our colleges, made a Major and shot up the base killing and injuring American soldiers. What the **** are they doing here??!? Unless they work for a corporation that forces them to be here they should take their flag burning, America hating, attempts to change this country into the ****hole they left and go someplace else. There is no need for war with these people. They are consuming us from the inside out.
Oh man02/26/101:40pmDont feed the troll!! what america needs is a revolution!
Bam Bam02/25/105:32pm@ Tommy look it up in an Almanac and spare us the stupidity. The economy, the unemployment rate and the deficit we're left in the best condition they'd been in for years when Clinton left office. Look it up man! It's public record the unemployment rate dropped every single year Clinton was in office. Bush is completely at fault for the last 8 years. I don't believe we're headed for socialism or communism that's just hysteria talking and this country doesn't need that anymore. Give this man a chance and give it time to happen. Wth all the republicans in office I seriously doubt any kind of universal healthcare will come about.
We're in the army now02/23/1010:02amDitto hmm. and just to add i think you mean the deficit seemed lower than it actually was because those war figures were not included; but the current admin does openly disclose deficit figures, war costs included, making this admin seem to have the greater deficit. past ignorance was blissful for some
Tommy02/23/104:16amBam Bam you are the ignorant one to believe that a socialist pig like Obama will make things better. Well maybe if you want this country a communist country, which is probably what you want. The ecomony was getting bad way before President Bush was in office. Your problem is that you and other liberal morans don't like President Bush. You would rather have a cheating, lying socialist pig as your leader, Obama. Myself I want a capitalist society where you achieve great things and are able to keep it and not have to give it to people who are whinning about not having anything, but will not go out there to achieve greatness. Obama the socialist pig likes those people, he can control them just as he is doing now, owning car companies, banks and now healthcare so he can tell you if you are worth geting treatments. I kind of feel sorry for people who fell for Obama charm. I saw through it and knew he was going to be trouble. Now look at us. He is the worst president in history.
Bam Bam02/22/104:41pm@ Tommy you don't offend me whatsoever LOL. It's ignorant remarks like yours that only show we made the right decision to put someone else in office. Our country is bankrupt NOW, Obama didn't do that it was your bff George Bush, lie to yourself all you want the facts are the facts. When Obama gets this country back running and that's just running that's not even running efficiently you'll either be enjoying and reaping the benefits or still ****ing and lying to yourselves how we fell into despair in the first place.
Hmm02/21/107:42amBush admin never put war cost #'s in their budget. just a fact fyi
Milkshake02/20/1010:00amI miss George Washington!
Judy02/19/1010:12amI MISS Ronald R.
Andrew02/19/105:34amWe need a new poll!!! We know that the economy will not get better till Obama is out of office...period!!
Tommy02/19/103:53amBam Bam Obama SUCKS! People or liberal morans like you cannot see that, and do you know why, because you drink the socialist koolaid. You and the rest of the liberals that want this incompetent administration to bankrupt this country should all move to Russia. Don't any of you see that spending and spending and spending will NOT get this country on its feet. The Obamacare is also another stupid bill, and Obama and Pelosi, and Reid don't care what the american people want they want to tell you what you need. Well I say go FU_K yourself! I want to make my own choices about healthcare or if I want to drink or if I want to smoke and where I want to smoke. This stupid administration wants to run every aspect of your life. Anybody that wants that has to really be out of their minds.....
Bam Bam02/18/105:53pmWhat I find so ridiculous is that it was okay that it took our country 8 years to get into this mess and 1 man is supposed to fix it in 1. All I can say is anyone who believes that can be done you are the koolaid drinkers. I hate that expression but, seriously give this man a chance and stop being delusional. I don't agree with all the healthcare reform but hopefully they will find a solution that works for everyone. BUSH SUCKED period.
Ava02/18/1011:05amHello everyone! there is really alot of intense coments on this site. I have moved out of the US years ago and now live in Europe and have to say I would not move back under the policies of this president. Looking in from the outside I and others see that this president wants to change from a capitalist society to a socialist one. That's just terrible. Healtcare run by the government will not work. He will bankrupt the country. Good Luck to all of you!
Lisa02/17/1012:18pmI have read all the comments and agree with Al. You Obama koolaid drinkers need to stop blaming President Bush. Obama is the so called president and he needs to grow up and get some balls and be a man and take control and get this country on the right track not the left. WE NEED JOBS!!! Good jobs not temp jobs at McDonalds. Leave Healtcare alone. 95% of American is happy with what they have. Obama wants to cover illegals plain and simple. He also needs to work on this terror stuff. He and his incompetent administration have no idea how to keep us safe. God Bless America!
Al02/17/1012:03pmDash--you really are a funny person. The only Facist, socialist, liberal pig, lying and cheating administration is the Obama group. ALL OF THEM!!!! Blaming Bush again is getting old. This jerk Obama has been in office a year and all he has done is make the American public mistrust his judgement because he lies all the time. All he knows how to do is spend, spend and spend some more. That will not help us. He wants the government to own everything so he can control when you eat, sleep, **** etc. It seems you are the type that needs that kind of leadership, well the rest of us do not. This country is a capitalist country if you want socialism move to Russia they will control your life, if that is what you want. There is a billboard in Wisconsin that I agree with. It states "Impeach Obama". That is how the country feels about him. He is going down as the worst president in history. Have a Nice Day!!!! :D
Dash02/16/102:54pmGeorge Bush and his Facist administration left this country in very poor shape. He polarized and reduced the American public to what it is today. President Obama and his administration can only do so much to help save the country. We could be experiencing a complete and total economic collapse. As it seems the economy is better than last year and the Dow is holding it's own.
Al02/15/1011:44amWe need a new poll! We all know things will not be getting better if ever, because of the way this stupid admininstration is acting. Who knows we may all die from terrorist attacks because this administration can't figure out what war is compared to some idiot robbing or shooting someone. we are NOT safe under the Obama admininstration. NEW POLL PLEASE!!!!!! How about something like "what will you do when the Obama taxes kick in and you are forced out of your homes, lose you job, Where will you go?" Hey that's happening now.....
Babbles02/15/105:41amI'm embarrassed about my own obnoxious behaviour in the polls before. I still need to add that there was a pretty good reason for my seemingly crazy behaviour in here. But i don't feel like explaining anything, really.
Me02/14/105:58amThings will not start to get better until middle of next year at the earliest.
Al02/12/1011:10amYes Lori it is still America and I and others have the right to say what we want especially when it is the truth. Clinton knew about 911 and did nothing. When he left office his staff trashed the offices in the White House---real class! Clinton could of stopped the first trade center bombing suspects and also could of stopped the terrorists attacking the Naval Ship Cole, but NO he did not! He was more concerned about getting laid by Monica and when he got caught he was more worried about his slimy reputation. When Bush was in office the intel guys did not want to share with the new administration, and then 911 happened. Bush did a Fantastic job. He also kept us safe for 8 years...This new president is not interested in keeping us safe he is only intrested in taxing us all to hell, giving us crappy healthcare and turning the US into a socialist country...plain and simple.
Lori02/12/109:05amAl, Peafrog has it right, but people like you will remain unconvinced. You have a one track mind. The only 'right' opinion is YOUR opinion. I'm sure you've heard the adage... For the skeptic, no proof is Ever enough. For the believer, no proof is needed. Its your right as an American, to say whatever you choose. With all due respect... It wouldn't hurt to choose your words a little wiser:)
Al02/08/102:07pmPeafrog you better read up. 911 could of been prevented if Clinton was doing his job. Hell they bombed previously under clinton. Clinton knew about the terrorists but was to busy worrying about his reputation about his affair with that cow Monica. So when 911 happened Bush did not know, but when it happened he acted like the president he should be, not like this little weiner we have now. :)
Peafrog02/08/1011:15amYou guys, where have you been? 911 happened on Bush's watch, 9 months into his administration. Clinton left this country with a surplus, Obama is just trying to clean up the mess left over from the last 8 years of Bush2. Go ahead, let the corporations like Halliburton keep picking your pockets. God, read up and get informed!
Milkshake02/07/108:21pmI am a sucker.
Amy02/05/105:14pmBarnham's quote, I believe, was, "There's a sucker born every day, I'm just here to take advantage of them." The politicians are forgetting that we're not all suckers. However, they will reap what they sow, for that is God's promise.
Al02/03/103:42amJoanie you hit the nail directly on the head. Clinton also fell down on the job by letting terrorists kill thousands of people on 911. His folks had intel and could of stopped it way before it happened but at that time Slick Willie Clinton was trying to protect his character on his affair. That started the down turn of America. Now we are at a time in history where we are drowning with this idiot people call the president---Obama. Heaven Help Us All!!
Joanie02/03/1012:19amBam bam honey, it took a lot longer than 8 years. to get here. only one major aspect at a time here. please. what about this- it was BILL CLINTON who pushed and in acted NAFTA. why does everyone forget that? that was one of the great beginnings of the current delimma. please people take a total view. and unfortunately, we have all of clinton's cronies in office now. picked by non other than barrack obama, the new clinton. only now he is dealing with the results and not the creation. and that is only one small contributing factor. thanks for hearing me.
Bam Bam02/02/105:37pmHave a little faith, it took 8 years to get in this mess it's not gonna change over night or in 1 year.
Al02/02/102:31pmHi Angie, thank you for your nice comments. I thank your husband for his dedication to keeping us a safe country and my prayers are for you and him. Stay strong girl!! He will be fine and will come back to you safely. I feel it. God Bless You!
Angie02/01/1012:49pmI like to read this site because there are so many difference of opinions. I agree with Al, he seem very passionate about what is happening in the US today. My husband is serving our country in Afganistan and has been there over a year. I am very displeased with Obama and his politics. I want my husband home because I do not trust this administration to protect him. I pray for him every night to come home to me safely. When Bush was in office he truly cared about the armed services and their welfare and also the families left behind. I know Al is a little strong with his words but he means well I am sure and wants the best for all of us.
Al02/01/1010:46amLori it is not about being racially motivated--which I am not. His father was a muslim and was born into the muslim religion. ALot of that crap is in his character. In his younger years he went to the muslim schools. Quit saying our first africian american president. He truly is not he is half white and he is the president that's all---whose being racially motivated now!!!! It does matter that he is a muslim since he refuses to try the terrorists as terrorists and giving them treatment like US citizens.
Lori02/01/108:48amOh Al, you are sooooooo misinformed... its scary. You reek of negativity. President Obama is NOT a Muslim. BTW... So what if he was? He is however, our first African-American President. He is a Christian, raised by WHITE grandparents( as if that should matter) in Hawii. As long as you and others continue to harbor this ignorant, racially motivated hatred, the people of this planet as a whole, will find it most difficult to produce positive results on any level. I can only hope that people with your stance, are few and far between.
Al02/01/107:25amI don't know if the previous people commenting are on drugs or just sticking their heads in the sand so they won't see what is happening. We are negative because this president wants to hurt americans, he is a socialist and a muslim. He does not believe in capitalism and the things he is doing will certainly end this country. Open your eyes!! Perfect example---The crotch bomber that guy sould of been turned over to the CIA to be interragated, but did that happen. NO! the FBI got him for 50 minutes, excuse me but it takes weeks to get intel. So now he has a lawyer and we will never get the info we need. The Administration has no idea how to keep us safe, so I will not give Obama a break, he is not worth it. I do not trust him and never will. Obama and his cronies, plus the goofy democrats were use to the Republican administrations in the past keeping their candy asses safe. Now we are stuck with the bottom of the barrel as far as this administration goes. This country is going down the tubes and it is because of him and his radical socialist agenda.
Luceroblanco01/31/107:13amAs long as Americans continue with their negativity, we will remain in negativity. As a nation of 350 million people, if there are a great number of them hoping that the country will fail in the next 3 years, what do you think is going to happen? I don't understand that mentality at all. We have numbered days on this earth. YOU or I could die tomorrow or three weeks from now. Would it be worth living in a negative mindset and talking bad about our President and hoping that he does not do anything positive be worth the last day of your live or the last 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years? Is that how you like to live? I think this mindset is what is bringing down our country. I'm sure 100 or 200 or 300 years ago when people came from all over the world to live here and were searching for a better life, things were very difficult. The roads here were never paved with gold. Our ancestors, no matter where they came from, whether they came voluntarily or were sent here as slaves or servants, did not have it easy. There was no such thing as health care, insurance, a steady paycheck, your own house in most cases, or any of this. Nevertheless those people, our ancestors had hard lives but they did not give up. They also helped each other. If a family was having problems their neighbors would bring them food or help them out on their farm or in their business. If our ancestors had had the defeatist, negative, selfish attitude that some people have today, this country would have never prospered.
Gaia Bocelli01/30/105:27pmI'm sorry that most comments condemn President Obama. What where you folks saying for 8yrs prior to Mr. Obama. That was better. Did you really think in 1 yr, your life would change immediately. Who is fooling who here. Granted there are challenges before us, and it will get worse before it gets better. Give the man 4years, you gave Bush 8yrs now look where we are at, trying to clean up his mess. Thank you
Al01/28/104:06amDid everyone watch that socialist Obama yesterday. What a putz!! He again did not say anything except blame Bush again and again. obama needs to take blame for the mess he is putting us in now. He has been in office for a year and is spending more than Bush did in his eight years as president. He still wants to force that damn healthcare--Obamacare, and wants to force that cap and trade bill which will raise all of our utility bills to extreme rates. That socialist needs to be impeached!! I hope this years election when his socialst cronies lose their seats will wake him up. I doubt it. It did not phase him when they lost in MA. Reading and watching what he is doing is the worst thing that has happened to this country. He is a liar, liar, liar!!!! The white house needs a colon cleansing.
Joanie01/28/101:59amI agree with the comments of too much goverment with the democrats. further more they do love to govern right in your face. we don't know how to live, so they will tell you and restrict you to their way. obama wasn't going to tax. people have you forgotten that he nailed cigarette smokers with huge, unfair, tax increases. the rich don't smoke, heaven forbid they die one day early with all the money and enjoyment they have. jet aways. no financial worries. democrats led increases on cigarettes, and banned smokers from smoking in privately owned businesses. thats right privately owned. and in my area alone, restaurants, malls, general businesses, and even donut shops are closing. out of business. get it. smokers go out and spend money. private business owners are losing there shirts and closing every day. look around. how could free enterprise america be telling private business what to allow in there own place of business. wait, is this america. democrats are just too too controling. what will they control next. thanks for hearing me.
Ellen01/26/102:35pmI have read all the comments and agree with Jeff and Al. This president was the worst thing that could of happened to the US. He has no idea what he is doing and does not care. As long as he gets his far left liberal agenda passed he could care less that people are losing their jobs, homes etc. I normally do not get into political conversations with others but I cannot stand it anymore. Look at what is happening. Obama's cronies are taking over the automotive industry, banking industry and is trying to control our healtcare. This all spells SOCIALISM!!!! You Obama supporters don't you see that!!! This country will only survive if he lets it go back to be a capital society and cut taxes is one good way to start. Forget about Cap and Trade. I was happy the Americans spook and elected a republican in MA. God Bless our Soldiers and America!
Urchyn01/23/108:54pmUnemployment is up to 12% where I live, gas is steadily going up, jobs are few and far between, no raises are forthcoming. Health insurance is skyrocketing, so is most everything else. Me, I just keep on shovelling, there surely must be a pony here someplace!
Bubica Trupica :)01/19/1010:48pmHay Ann and Al, hi sweeties, what’s up with two of you? Please exchange phone numbers and go on with your pathetic tirades in private….nobody is interested in listening your crap…get over yourself…People who mean business and people who mean charity walk the talk…. I know that 2010 will be a magnificent year for me…because I will make it that way! 2009 was also awesome year for me –transformational, rich, inspiring, prosperous – so much personal and professional growth success! And 2010 will be even better! I know this can be true for everyone who will be willing to make it that way. Peace!
Jack01/19/1011:43amI hope Brown wins in Massachusetts and leaves croakley or coakley in the dust. That will really stir up the arrogant democrats in DC. They are next to lose their jobs then comes Obama. Oh Happy Day!!
Milkshake01/18/109:49amI think this whole world is about to crack and the people in it.
Fireess01/18/104:54amWow. I stated that things would be much better. What ever happened to living a good life, being grateful for what we already have and placing our positive vibrations into the universe. I think it's a little silly to think that any man can do much of anything for millions of people, but I know that we can all better our situations one person and family at a time by being a little creative. If that means going back to school or having a change of occupation or living with a little less or here is a concept working a little harder. I feel as American's we've become so spoiled and want more, more, more and want to do less to get it. Other countries have been living with less for years and seem to be a lot more at peace within. No one has control over anyonelse. We only have control over ourselves. I wish everyone a blessed year and many more to come.
Tigzzzzz01/17/104:54amI voted a little better than 2009 as in one can hope, but numbers looks as if we properly aint seen the last of this spiral downward. Sigh!
Al01/15/105:59amGet off the soap box Ana! Americans are a generous people, but don't like being taken advantage of!! Also don't piss us off or we could be your worst nightmare!! The CHANGE you are talking about is full of crap! We want to decide what doctor, hospital, house, car we want, not what the government wants us to do/buy. When you run a business or own a business you have the right to pay yourself what you want, not what the government tells you what you can make. This government wants us all to depend on them so they can decide what is so called good for us. That is not what America is all about. You should understand this while you were on your soap box, telling us how you had nothing etc, etc. I think I am going to cry.....Boo Hoo!! Without the capitalist society you would not of had those advantages. Socialism is not for America!!! Obama does not care about any of us. He wants this a socialist country plain and simple.
Jack01/14/101:54pmHey Ana are you here legally? or one of the millions of illegal immigrants who suck our system and jobs dry.
Ana01/14/101:42pmOh yes, I am a spoiled rich immigrant **** who came here with nothing, not even speaking the language, and didn't whine or beg or use the government, but i looked around at my resources and took advantage of the opportunities to better myself. I also believe in a compassionate and loving God who wants us to share in our blessings with those who have less even when it seems I do not have enough, so I do not mind being middle class, or upper class or whatever and still sharing my lunch with someone else...i did that when i didn't even have a dime to my name. What is worse is tha Americans are becoming so bitter that in a few years we are going to be like the fundamentalists who become terrorists because they are so blind and attached to old ideas and afraid of CHANGE.
Wow01/14/1012:26pmObama impeached? Everything he is doing has been done before. Ever heard of the New Deal? Look at how other countries are run. America is actually very far behind.
Deana01/13/106:42amIt sounds like Ana wants the government to come in and take what americans have earned on their own and share it with the people who are lazy and know that the government will step in and give them everything for nothing, like food stamps, housing and medical care. You do not want the government telling you what you can and cannot do. Obama wants the middle class and rich to give up what they worked hard for and give it to the poor. He wants control like any other communist country. I agree he needs to be impeached and the democrat congress and senate both need to be kicked out of office. I am a republican, not an independent sitting on that fence guessing which side I want to be on. Peace and Safety to our troops overseas....
Al01/13/104:51amCall me all the names you want Ana you really have issues! I think you may be a spoiled rich biXch wanting to save the world. Listen, Obama is the worst president in history! Capitalism is the way to go, achieving something makes people feel good to get good paying jobs to buy homes not government apartments, being able to buy cars, clothes etc. This socialist government wants to control our way of life. I don't understand why you and others do not see this. Reading your comments I see you are in La La Land and you and your family reaped the rewards of capitalism by higher education and your two homes. Also the fact you voted independent means you sit on the fence and cannot decide which way to go. It sounds like you want this socialist government to take you by the hand and take care of you by making all your decisions. That is not AMERICA! Again it is nonones business if they smoke, eat cheeseburgers etc. If you want to be healthy go for it, but leave the Americans that choose the so called bad things alone. That's America not Russia or China!! Obamacare will cut procedures and will raise our taxes so we can pay for illegal aliens. If you don't want insurance then the socialist government will fine you, what a crock! All democrats need a boot out of office along with that socialist, terrorist Obama!!! God Bless America!
Jeff01/12/104:41pmHow can you not blame Obama and the liberals? Do you think running up our debt 4 times faster in 2009 will not have serious consequences for our future as a country? There isn't enough money in the world to pay our existing debt and there is no end is sight to this spending! Do really think printing money at record levels will not destroy our dollar? Corrupt politicians are to blame for pushing banks to lend money to people who could not afford it. Specifically, liberal politicians used Government programs like Fannie and Freddie to eventually destroy the real estate and financial system, all in the name of helping people get affordable loans. Liberals reward bad behavior by encouraging more welfare like entitlements. They also punish success with high taxes, many of which target specific industries in the name of the common good. This is not just socialism, it's fascism because of how they destroy entire industries and then take them over when the collapse. What made this country great was not massive government bureaucracies, give-a-way programs and spending, it was as you said, personal responsibility and accountability. Government programs make people dependent on government instead of themselves. Government dependency destroys human drive and dignity. This administration is succeeding in destroying capitalism, which they have turned into a dirty word. Capitalism is the opposite of communism. It's because of Capitalism that we have the amazing innovation, and high standard of living that we do. No one works for free, and when there is a profit to be made, people push themselves to work harder and smarter. That is human nature, and that is why socialism never works.
Ana01/12/1011:46amWow, Al you have the be the most narcissistic, materialistic, bitter and selfish human being I have ever encountered; it's so much easier to blame "liberals" and "democrats" and blah blah blah rather than to take personal responsibility and accountability. You can go ahead and focus your discontent and hate on Obama, you will be in the same or worse place by the end of the year unless you stop the talking and actually do something about your situation. The credit debacle was driven by PURE GREED and an unregulated wall street; your lala land idea of "prosperity" that you want to pass on to the next generation means bigger cars, big homes, expensive clothes, etc, even if it meant getting into debt for it and not having better financial literacy. People are losing their jobs because their industries did not regulate themselves, or used unsuccessful managerial accounting. There is a great cash flow problem for small business owners, and we need to get more creative and loaning money for our ventures less (on a micro and macro level). Moreover, willing to invest in a healthier society isn't people sticking their noses into other people's business, it's CARING about humanity; it's knowing that the less disease there is, the more oportunities for growth, innovation, and prosperity at an individual level and community level there will be...yes, even the kind of monetary prosperity you embrace. Not to mention doctors can focus on research to find cures not bandaids for illnesses. And what's wrong with living in an apartment if that is what you can truly afford??? How is that socialist or communist? This is America, a country founded on the basis of IDEALS by a bunch of racists dreaming up their own lala land whose economy moved by an invisible hand. By the way, in my lala land, everyone in my family has worked hard to have Great higher education degrees, our two homes have already crept back up in price after taking horrible dips in prices, and our private healthcare is fantastic. Oh, and I vote independent and you need a hug.
Al01/12/104:48amThank you Jeff for breaking it down for everyone so eloquently. I am a God fearing simple man and my words may not come out as well as yours so I want to thank you because I feel the exact same way as you do. America wake up and listen to this man. He is exactly on the mark. I don't know why people are so charmed by Obama. I saw through him immediately. He does not have America's best interest at heart. In my eyes he is an inside terrorist and socialist.
Jeff01/11/1011:44pmThe only way economic conditions can improve is by allowing businesses to keep more of what they earn and removing onerous government regulations. Republicans in principle believe in smaller government, which means less taxation and less regulations. Democrats believe in larger government involvement, which means more taxation and more regulations. Until 2006 Congress was lead by a Republican majority that cut taxes, BUT they also increased spending and federal regulations. They did not adhere to their principles of less government spending and suffered big losses as a result. Since 2006 Democrats have taken over Congress and the government spending continued to increase unabated. Once Obama took office he and the Democrat controlled Congress double downed on the irresponsible spending of the past several years. In 2009 alone we have seen massive government expansion and spending at unprecedented levels never seen in the history of the world. The deficit in 2009 was 4 times larger than the largest deficit year of Bush(2008). What the Obama Administration and this Democrat Congress is doing is nothing short of an assault on the private sector where jobs exist, and an assault on the dollar. Everyone talks about the so called greedy corporations, but only now are people realizing that there is no threat larger than one massive and growing by leaps and bounds centralized greedy and power hungry government. All those trillions of stimulus and bailout funds are nothing more than a massive trough of bribes, favors, loopholes, and campaign funds for Democrat politicians throughout the 50 states. Small businesses which make up about 84% of American jobs don't want to hire because they see how hostile the Democrats are and worry about what these new regulations such as this 2000+ page health care monstrosity of a bill will do to their future business. They worry about Obama's global warming cap and trade bill and how that will affect their business expenses. They worry about more taxes. Bottom line is they worry about staying in business. Obama is a rookie senator with zero experience running any kind of business and zero knowledge of economics 101. He has surrounded himself with fascists who are seizing all areas of the private sector... health care, banks, auto companies, credit card companies, insurance companies... the list goes on and on. Next they will try to take over energy, and pretty soon there will be nothing left of the private sector and America the once prosperous and free country we knew and loved will be unrecognizable. Unless we kick out every single rotten Democrat and those liberal Republicans in 2010, my heart will break into a thousand pieces thinking about how my children will never know the kind of prosperity and freedom we enjoyed growing up.
Al01/11/104:27amThe economy has been going down the toilet for years and years and years thanks to big companies turning greedy and banks giving out mortgages to people who had no business buying a house. Obama keeps spending and spending with his socalled stimulas packages. If the money was used to help the american people I may of agreed with it but all it did was give the banking industry our money to hoard and give themselves more bonuses and pay raises. Try to get a loan, good luck, it will not happen. Leave healthcare alone, 95% of us have healthcare and like what we have. Obama needs to work on the economy/jobs and keeping us safe. This economy will not get better till we get the democrats out of office and a new republican president. Then you will see things get better. Obama has made this country look weak in the eyes of the world. He is useless!!!! Also we need to get rid of Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the socialist crew (democrats).
Milkshake01/09/1010:04amThe economy is NOT Obama's fault. America has been in trouble for years. And YES, I voted for the worse!
Aw01/08/'s all Obama's fault..the guy who has literally done next to nothing. Do you actually know how to think for yourself of do you just do what Fox News and Rush tell you? Here's a quick way to tell if you're getting screwed on healthcare...are the insurance companies for it? No then it's probably good. The insurance companies are against a public option..."Obamacare" is nothing more than a conservative healthcare package. Corporate interests are taken care of and the plan was written by lobbyists. There's no such thing as a two party system in America, even our liberals are ultra conservative...stop believing the lie, there is no liberal America, that went away with your freedom and your money.
Me01/08/102:53pmThings will not improve until the spring of 2012. These types of things take a long time. Worse is to come yet. Let this be a lesson for all.
Al01/08/102:07pmHere we go, regurgitate on this!! Come out of la la land Ana. Things will not get better till we get rid the the socialist jerks in changee! The little bit of money that comes out of taxes is bull and you know it. We will be taxed out the ying yang and whose business is it if you want to be healthy or not. That is just the socialist government and YOU sticking you nose in everyone's business. Home prices are not going up! People are saving because they might lose their jobs. The credit deboggle will never be the same. People will not be able to buy a home unless you put 20% down. Which falls right into Obama's scheme that people will not buy homes but rent and everyone will have to live like the Communists in apartment buildings. What's next will they tell you how many kids you can have. People are opening themselves up for changing careers because they lost their jobs. You really must come down off the Obama la la land express and look at reality. Things out there are BAD and will not get better for quite a few years, and if we all last that long since Obama cannot protect this country or does he really want to............All he is worried about is passing his socialist healthcare crap! America is going down the toilet and Obama is flushing America down!!
Ana01/08/101:08pmI just love how people just regurgitate whatever they hear other people saying. I say things will get better for those who are willing to do the work that it takes to make things better. Change the way you see the world, your situation, yourself, and most importantly learn from the mistakes that led to personal and nationwide financial disasters. Americans live in a capitalistic society yet most individuals lack real financial education. The little bit of money that comes out in taxes isn't going to make much of a difference, but what will make a difference is a healthier society due to healthcare reform, as well as a well-defended nation (where Most of taxpayer money goes anyhow). Personallym I believe things will get better. Home prices are going back up, people are saving more, spending mostly on necessary things, and opening themselves up to changing careers in order to gain employment. Happiness takes courage, dare always!
Al01/08/109:11amI agree. Things will become worse, so the liberals that voted it will get better better take off the rose colored glasses this government has stapled to your nose. The only way it will get better is if we get rid of the democrats in the Congress/Senate---Starting with Pelosi, Reid and that tub of gue Franks! That's a good start. Then in the next presidental election get rid of the terrorist, radical, socialist Obama. He really has damaged this country.
Angela01/08/104:11amI voted worse...If this lying, cheating Congress, Senate and Socialist President pass the "Obamacare Healthcare" everyday Americans will have to pay and pay again in taxes. Don't believe that they will only tax the rich....Think about it there are more middle class folks so they will be hit. They need to get the hell out of my pockets and worry about protecting us from terror attacks and get the economy back on track. It is not promising though. The Liberals have their own agenda and will not listen to the voters.

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