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Is government spending a necessary evil in a bad economy?

Total Voters: 2902
Yes 13%
No 13%
Undecided 13%
Milkshake09/16/107:32pmWell there has been alot of votes on this poll, but barely any comments. This poll subject has been going on since the middle of June. Poll master or whoever you are, please change this poll. This poll is very boring!
Gaia Bocelli09/08/104:15pmReading all the observations, has me wondering. Have any of you submitted your thoughts or ideas to President Obama, or your State Senator, State Repr, Governor, or Major. If so could you explain the outcome to your response.
Deana08/17/101:57pmGlen Beck is a wonderful American! The Obama administration is afraid of him because he has figured them all out and Mr. Beck is letting the American people know what is happening. Fox News is also a great news station. They tell us like it is and do not lie about what this socialist president and his followers are doing to all of us.
Jayna08/17/1011:06amNikki, obama is looking and searching for people like you. read our American History. Search dont listen for the truth. we are not a democracy we are a republic! God should be the center of our country not left out. thats where the problem starts. look what happened to Rome, Sodom and Gomorrah, Germany.....could keep going. Federal Gov. should only be involved with keeping us as a Nation safe. not making our lives entwined with it. come on. Listen to Glen Beck god bless him. Now theres Truth.
Angie08/16/108:49amThe government uses the threat of force to take what we have earned for ourselves. The goverment determines arbitrarily how much they will take from us. Either we have the right to our property and the fruits of our labor, or we don't. Tax is theft! Anything the government does for us, we can do better for ourselves. Most people in this country have to opporate on a budget, and a very tight one at that, and yet it's August and congress still hasn't passed a budget for this year!!! We need our money far more than the government does. We don't need their "help", we just need them to get out of our way and out of our lives! Taxes should be paid on a voluntary basis, it's our money, we should decide for ourselves how much we are willing to part with!
Carol08/16/105:49amYou know bickering back and forth will not help the situation, so please stop it. We need to work together to fix this mess. I don't agree with Obama on anything he has said or passed. He is a good talker but a liar! He does not have the countries best interest at heart and he certainly does not have ALL the US citizens interests at heart. He has an agenda and it is a socialist one. He does want to over tax everyone that pays taxes and give it to the poor. Well actually they are not poor. They get free housing, medical care and when the kids need stuff for school, coats for winter etc. They get that stuff for free. I am a divorced single white mother of two and work two jobs to support my kids. We are poor and do not qualify for those things because I am white. I had one government offical in the Medicade office tell me that, while I tried to get medical insurance for my kids. I was so upset I wanted to scream. I pray everyday that my kids don't get hurt because I do not have the insurance to pay for it. I am poor, but still do not want the government to tell me what I can and cannot do. Socialism is not the answer. A different president is the answer. God Help Us!!
JT08/16/105:22amYes Obama is a socialist!! It is funny how you call yourself an African American were you born in Africa? If not then you are just a Black American. I know, I know I should be politically correct but that is just because liberals told the US we should do that. I am no a liberal so I refuse to be politically correct. Your a black American and I am white American. Reading your comment, no one owes anyone anything! If you are rich you don't owe the poor anything. To become rich you have to work for it not laying on your ass living on welfare having kids every year and expecting the government and the US taxpayer to take care of you!! Go to school, get a job and work your way up like most americans. I am not whining just stating facts. Liberal/Socialist governments like the way Obama wants us to be is where the government takes so called care of all of us and what that means it that he will rob from the rich and give to the poor. He wants to tell each of us what jobs we will have and what our salaries should be. That is SOCIALISM not Capitalizm. Also Obamacare should be repealed!! He needs to be impeached!! This mid term election will tell us all how the country feels and that we want capitalizm BACK!!! We want jobs back!!! Obama is the worst president in history, and that is a fact. Your other comment on the US being in a racist hellhouse you are not quite accurate it is now since Obama came into office. He has turned us all into racists. I have seen more racial tension now then before any other president in history. He is a racist! He hates white people. Worshiping with Rev. Wright for 20 years it is instilled in him. Obama is Un-American and an Ass plain and simple. He is also the Anti-Christ. He is destroying this great country everyday he is in office.
Nikki08/15/103:09amHa! I smell fear. Obama a socialist? I think not. But he cares more for people then he does for business. Deal with it. People have been suffering under the puritanical ideology that those who are poor deserve it and those who are rich deserve it. This makes me sick to my stomach. The country is in a downward spiral because we have idiots who still call Asians 'Orientals' LOL! hold on..LMAO!!!! The country is in a downward spiral because when it was in an upward spiral it was a racist hellhouse where there was no competition for white men. They got awfully used to not having to be a part of the world community. We need to take care of people and stop acting like people are basically bad and will steal, rape and kill given the opportunity. We all want the same things and fighting for it makes everyone lose. Accepting a little less and stepping off our high horses will make the transition. Im an African American and I can tell you that this country is ignorant and spoiled and that is where the downward spiral began. STOP acting like this countries wealth was earned. It was built on the backs of it own unequal status citizens. Now that your chicken breast is cut in half so you can feed all men, you whine like a fat kid in a health food store. There is plenty to eat and enough to share.
Mythica08/12/106:06pmJT - I couldn't agree with you more! I'm not for more spending. I just think that if they are going to spend, why not do so in a way that gets the working guy back to work & paying taxes.
JT08/11/1010:15amMythica the democrats need to STOP Spending!!! We need to balance the house and senate with both dems and republicans so the socialist bum Obama cannot pass bills that will bankrupt the country and turn it into a socialist country. Parks, highway repairs should be done at the state level. Passing the jobs bill to save teachers, police etc is a bogus bill to give money to the FUC_ING Unions. We need to get rid of the unions they cause more trouble then they are worth. Example: In the news there are some school administratiors that are earning over 100,000.00 a year in retirement. I don't see any other job that does that except if you are rich owning your own company. We are paying to that bum to retire. Can any of you retire like that on your 401K???? Probably not. Centuries ago we needed unions for working conditions now car makers on the assembly line put in a screw and make 78.00 dollars an hour. That is highway robbery. No wonder the orientals have taken over the car industry. This country is in a real downward spiral and that cow Michelle Obama has the nerve to go to Spain for a vacation and on our tax dollar. Yes I know a friend of hers father died well then jump on united or american airlines and pay for her own ticket. Hello Pat....whoever you are. Welcome! Join in on the fun of letting our hair down so to speak and let out our fustrations with Obama and his socialist idiots. :)
Harley08/10/108:24amMilkshake, Bam Bam...hi, it's me Pat....I'm ba-aaack! How ya been? How many are real and how many are fake?
Mythica08/09/1010:31amI'd like to see Obama take a quick history lesson. We've been in this boat before & made it to the other side better than ever. I believe the plan was called "The New Deal" & it got our country working building parks & roads, ect. We have alot of work to do in this country, such as cleaning up our rivers & lakes, deconstructing dams, & fixing our roads & bridges, and plenty of people to do & who are willing to do, the work. I'd much rather see my tax dollars being spent to get the country back to work, then just saving a few rich industries like auto & banking.
JT08/05/1011:30amWe need a new poll!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Cherie07/27/101:39pmWay to go Dan!! You are correct on all counts!! We need jobs back. If Obama was smart...Oh I made a funny. He would go after any company that moved out of the country for the cheap labor. They should be fined Millions and Millions of dollars. Bring our jobs back. Don't hire illegal aliens deport their asses along with their family members and get rid of unions they are what destroyed the auto industry. Obama will not do that though. He is an idiot!! This is a time when we need to take care of ourselves. Close boarders permanently. No more immigrants, legal or illegal!!! We could bring this country back if we had a leader that wanted to bring America back. Obama is not that individual!!!
Dan07/27/1011:46amAlan is correct on alot of points. He was just being a bit colorful with his words. Obamacare will ration care and if you are an older american they will think twice about letting you get hip replacement, knee replacement and even heart surgery. The Obama administration are wolves in sheep clothing. Every decision he makes further puts a strain on this country that we will see double digit recession. Also if you watch what's going around you they are trying to make us buy small sh_t box cars to save gas. America use to be free to let us buy what we wanted. Not any more. Another example housing people cannot afford to buy a home so it will go back to a time when families lived together under one roof. I hate to say it but most of the jobs lost will not be coming back. Obama has plans for you. He will tell you what type and kind of job you will have and you will not be making the salaries you were use to. Try minimum wage. If this crap continues under Obama there will no longer be a middle class, just a rich and then the rest of us will fall under the poor class. This is not America anymore. Obama is truly a socialist asshole dictator. This november vote for people who will restore America back to a capitalist society not a socialist one for our childrens and their childrens sake.
Tara07/22/107:39amFirst I would like to thank you for your new kinder approach. Oh Alan... I do see whats happening to this country and it's scary. It's not the universal health care that scares me as much as the greed of corporate america. What is the outcome when 5% of the people own 85% of the wealth. Manipulation of stock market costing the little man his retirment while they get richer any time they feel the need. Our social security gone by the time our age group needs it. A helpless feeling, therefore I take one day at a time and pray for the children. Rather then fight amongst each other...we should pray together for our youth who will be taking on this heavy load
Alan07/21/108:42amDear Tara, you are right about being able to debate things openly and that makes America a great country. I guess I get fustrated when I see people like you who don't see the big picture on what is happening to this great country. I hope and pray we never lose this ability to communicate to each other freely. I apologize if I have insulted you it is just my fustration with people like you who truly believe Obama will make things better and with his socialist agenda we will be in worse shape than before. This government wants to control every aspect of our lives-----Obama wants a socialist government. It just sends me through the roof thinking how he has lied to the American people. The only thing he did not lie about was his speech about change and boy are we getting it.
Tara07/21/108:21amI am not crying about not having insurance, Right now it's cheaper to go to a Dr. out of pocket when sick, then paying the premiums that the insurance companies charge. The saddest part about this debate, my new friend Alan, is how insulting you feel a need to be because my opinion differs from yours. Thats where the real ignorance lies. I may not be totally right, and neither may you. But what makes America that we can debate things and open each others eyes. Not be afraid to voice what we believe.
Alan07/21/103:59amTara, Tara, Tara Bush was and still is a better president than Obama could ever dream to be. That's a FACT! Bush did not put us in this position, but Obama did and he is making it worse everyday he is in office. Damn, you really are a big DUMMY! Wanting poor insurance is better than none is a stupid comment! I don't feel sorry for you at all. You are under the spell of the socialist/markist administration that they will take care of you and provide you with insurance, bullsh_t!! You really are stupid to believe that this socialist/markist administration cares about you and your kids. Quit your crying about no insurance and do something. If you are worried about insurance for your kids get them on medicade. If your salary is low you may qualify for it. Here is another suggestion do what the illegal mexicans do go to the emergency room and get free medical care there. If the hospital is given government funding they have to provide service to you. That is why the illegal mexicans use it, they know how to cheat the system.
Tara07/21/103:04amHow come there are no comments on the absolute extortion from the Bush administration. No one is disputing the facts that I've presented...because they are just that...FACTS. You people are going off speculation. The you put it... Dummy... is that $700,000,000,000 would have been enough to provide every american with insurance for 10yrs. And Alan...piss poor insurance is better then the none I've had for the last 10yrs.
Alan07/20/101:23pmTara I would not guess your a socialist, but you are! Bush is not the problem but OBAMA IS!!! Do you really think you will get good insurance under that asshole!! Think again you big dummy. The only people that will benefit from this new Obamacare will be the people who live on welfare. The people who already soak the system. You and I will be paying more for their care and if you think you can get certain surgeries or go to the doctor for some illinesses you are mistaken. The care will not be there. It is called RATIONING dummy. Why do you think people from Canada or the UK come here for surgeries because it is not offered there. I am just mortifed on how stupid people here in the US are believing Obama. He is a devil and will kill alot of americans due to his socialist/markist decisions. Small Businessess need big tax breaks so they can provide insurance for their employees. Obama is going to tax the hell out of them and us and the small business man is holding off to see what kind of crap this socialist dictator has in store for them next year. So lay off Bush! Obama the socialist is the problem. Open your eyes you big dummy!!!
Tara07/20/1011:03amOver a year...stop blaming the Bush administration. Do you really think that in one year Obama could undo the kind of financial despair the Bush administration did to us? With his bogus war that continues to cost millions daily. Well maybe if he is the Devil it's time to wave his magic pitch fork and clean up their mess once and for all. I would rather have seen that bail out go to give every american insurance then lining their pockets. But I guess hoping for the day that my family and I can afford decent insurance since my job doesn't offer it, makes me a socialist.
Jerry07/20/104:05amIt is amazing how this president has turned american against american. He really is the anti-christ. I of course did not vote for him and seeing his destructive behavior it is ashame the people who voted for this devil don't see it. They keep blaming Bush. Folks it's been over a year and this is now Obama's mess. In 2012 when we elect a republican it will take them the whole 4 years to try and straighten out this mess. So folks don't take out this Obama mess on each other. We need to work together and get the democrats out including Obama Mama and get back to working on taking care of each American not just the poor. We are all hurting due to Obamas screw ups. Bless all of Americans that are hurting. I pray for all of you.
Jesse07/19/1012:31pmHey Dan I will say what is on my mind. Obama is a radical, socialist, markist asshole and that is the truth. His agenda will bankrupt the country and he is already in the process of turning this capitalist society into a socialist one. Everything he touches turns to sh_t. As far as him getting the deficit. He did not have to spend, spend, spend and then spend more to quad-droople the deficit. Their reasoning is just wrong. You don't spend more money to make an economy work. Spending just makes more bills, or deficits huge. Well mister you think he is the great black hope wait till next year when you are taxed out the ass and when you need treatment in a hospital or with a doctor they may turn you down depending on your age and the illness you have. Then you will just die---rationing will take place major. Come November we need to get rid of alot of democrats, pelosi (The cu_t) and Harry Reid (the ****) are first on the list. Then in 2012 we need to drop kick Obama back to to some muslum country where he belongs. Are you happy, I was not politically correct on my thoughts. Grow a set Dan and be a man with common sense don't be a socialist **** like Biden. Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho!
Elaine07/19/104:38amFirst of all Dan Roxane is frustrated like the rest of us conservative, right wing, tea party folks, because your lousy socialist, far left radical asshole of a president is ruining this country plain and simple. Dan you have no idea what you are saying except you are a far left liberal, socialist pig. That is a fact!!!! You should be furious that this stupid man (Obama) is killing this country with his sicialist agenda. If you want this type of leadership, move to Russia, China etc. We do not want your type here in the US. Oh and take your precious dictator Obama with you!!! I am not being racist just stating the facts he is the worst president ever!!!!! It is funny when people disagree with the jerk you left wing radicals automatically call people racist. What is happening is that you are the racisit. You Dan are a sorry individual!!!!
Tara07/18/1010:24pmI would like to point out facts. Just 2yrs ago we were paying $5.49 a gallon for heating oil. We are in a war...because of weapons of mass destruction... that didn't exsist, now costing millions a day. More importantly our youth dying. Only thing to make money in a war...Halliburton corporation. #1 stock holder...**** Cheney. But the most financially crippling was a $700,000,000,000 bail out. One last swindle for them and thier corporate croonies. This president was handed a financial cess pool. Don't hate the man. I'm starting to think that they fixed this election also to let the black man take the fall for it all. Old money are some racist ****s. Good luck O'bama you need it.
Dan07/18/109:17amRoxane @ 07/17/10: By saying you want an "American" person you mean "white," don't you, you racist piece of ****. I wish cowards like you would just come out and say what you really mean, as the rest of us already know. By the way, "he" is much smarter than you 'cause you can't even write a proper sentence, and I bet it burns you and all the ignorant right-wingers and Teanuts in America that there's a really smart man in charge for a change, instead of a moron like they, a pandering toolbag who only tells them what they wanna hear, even if nothing they say makes sense. So STFU.
Roxane07/17/102:06pmGet that dam guy out of the u.s we the people want an american person in the white house.he here to put an end to the U.S.A
Milkshake06/29/108:26pmWhat is the poll's definition of evil? What kind of answer can I say? Should the government spend money?....yes. Are we living in a bad economy?....yes. Is the government handling the spending correctly?....NO. Will they ever handle the spending correctly?...NO. Do I give up?...YES.
As long as there's no greed06/25/105:32pmOld Japanese style business culture meant that the head boss would make sure his employees had nicer desks and offices than he did; it was considered an honor and honorable to give more to those below you in rank than giving back to yourself. This practice of "giving" is sorely needed in politics & business. The greed & gluttony will bring the demise of a country, just like the Roman empire.
Bam Bam06/24/107:45pmI acutally agree for the most part, do you think our sitution was dire enough for spending this time with the housing market crash and did anyone in here take part in recieving the tax credit for a home purchase? I didn't but that's not to say I didn't try :(
Tamra06/24/1010:09amI agree with Jeff! Government needs to stop bailing people out....He needs to help give whatever aid is needed in the gulf for the oil spill and let the other oil companies start drilling again. I think Obama is glad of the spill so he can try and push his cap and trade bill. If that happens than get ready to pay ten dollars a gallon for gas, pay triple for gas to heat and cook and lastly three or four times for electric. The man has an agenda and will not stop till he destroys all of us......
Jeff06/23/1011:53amI think most of us can agree that government spending all over the world is out of control and is doing more harm than good. Economic activity is cyclical. If left alone things were recover on their own. Accelerating the rate of spending and borrowing during tough times is contrary to common sense and will only prolong the recession. Individuals, Corporations, non-profits, and every other entity in the world cuts back on spending during tough times, why should government be any different? The borrowing and spending rate right now is insane.
Bam Bam06/22/108:20pmDepends on what their spending it on.

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