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Salt quantities in food should be regulated by the Government.

Total Voters: 1784
True 21%
False 21%
Undecided 21%
Logic11/05/108:05pmSeems like the Republican agenda, which is to keep Govt out of people's personal lives should be considered the "new liberals" - liberation from Govt. No more complaining about "liberals".
Me11/03/102:39pm"..who made Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or any Democrat, I don't care, any Democrat, who made them the decider on what anybody should make and then what level of taxation they should pay? Who made them the deciders on what we should eat? Who made them the decider of what kind of lightbulbs we have in our homes? Who made them the deciders on the kind of car we should drive? Who made them the deciders on what kinda house we live in? Who made them the deciders of when and where we can and can't turn our lights on? Who made them the deciders of who loses how much of their freedom? Who gave them that power? It doesn't come from the Constitution. The Constitution does not say the Democrat Party gets to decide which car people drive, which lightbulb they have, what foods they can and can't eat, and what lights they can't turn off or on at what time of year. The Constitution does not say that the Democrat Party gets to decide any of this." (said by the great America RUSH LIMBAUGH! Go Rush!!!)
Steve11/03/105:30amLast nights election tells this socialist dictator Obama we have had enough of his socialist/markist ways and he needs to stop!! It was pretty wonderful to see the US Map 99% red instead of that ugly blue color. Now the republicans need to work to get rid of Obamacare forget Cap (tax) and trade and keep the tax cuts so we can create jobs as a capitalist society not a socialist one. You will see the economy will rebound. The best part of last night was Pelosi will lose her job----the Bit_h needs to go back to San Francisico with all the rest of the pot smoking whack jobs there. Maybe California will get an earthquake that will separate California from the US and float away into the ocean never to be seen again or we could use it as another Alcatraz and put all the illegals, criminals, Barney Franks, and Reid there for life. What a nice thought.
Dina11/01/106:26amHi Jame, I read about that bill. It is called the HR-4646 bill and was introduced by two democrats, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) of Oregon and Senator Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa. Call you reps and sens and demand they do not vote yes on this bill. Who the heck do they think they are by taxing my automatic deposits, savings accounts etc. You know if they put this tax in they can raise it as high as they want. We pay enough taxes. They need to stop the spending. What a bunch of ****s!!
James11/01/105:08amI have read all the comments and have to say how proud I am of most of you that see that this salt issue is really about control by the socialist Obama government. We Americans that believe in the constitution will band together and vote out the democrats and bring in folks that will stop this socialist/dictatorship of Obama. he should of never be let in office let alone in this country----He was raised Muslum and I don't care what the liberals say....they can talk till they are blue in the face. Obama was raised with a father who was muslum and in his early years attended a muslum school. His own mother is a liberal/socilist so that is all he knows. Obama has a bill he wants to push through after the mid-term election to attach a 1% per $100.00 tax on anything you save, be it a savings account, IRA etc. Of course you are not told about it, but that is how sneaky he and his followers are. Peace and Love to all my clear thinking Americans. We need to take back our country from destruction.
Mariah10/31/1010:04amYou can only be as free as you allow your neighbor to be. Salt will ultimately lead to further restrictions. Communism was created with the best of intentions for all citizens.
Jeff10/30/103:29pmMake sure to study the issues and vote on Tuesday! Any proposition that translates into more spending or more regulations should be rejected. Vote no on any new spending and beware of the common use of the words "for the children"... it's never about the children and always about the government wanting more money and more power. Study the issues carefully and don't be fooled into allowing them to borrow more money or spend on something new even if it sounds good!
Me10/24/104:32pmObama, the one who never held or ran a real job in his whole life, thinks he can run OUR lives and tells us even what we can and cannot eat! This is the guy who doesn't even know how many states are in the United States of America! 57? LOL And he says give grand'ma a "pill"! Is he now a doctor? And he wants to run our healthcare? Maybe he should take that pill himself.
Milkshake10/23/108:47pmLucy, I know this poll is more than salt. Anyone who would agree with this poll question has a worped, sorry-ass, pitiful brain. Back to Halloween...... How about giving away salt packets to the children instead of candy on Halloween day??
Laguna Lucy10/23/105:53amI believe the issue at hand is about more than just SALT and the real question is just how much the gov't infringes on our personal lives. The less gov't we have in our lives the better. We are genuinely good people with BIG hearts and we do not need the gov't to tell us how much salt we can use nor how much we may earn, what kind of car we should drive, etc. etc. etc.
Milkshake10/22/107:56pmI know! I have a great idea! How about for the month of October the poll subject can be about the scariest movies we ever saw?? Sounds more interesting than salt.
Elizabeth10/22/1011:50amI wish we could all get along. This government has us saying things to each other that is not nice. I hate politics it brings out the worst in people. Especially people who are normally nice, it makes them different people. I don't agree with what is happening to this country and the leaders in charge Obama etc are doing a terrible job. We need to ride this wave till the next election when we can replace him. I pray for all of us to make it through these rough times. Praise be to God! Bless all of you!
Dina10/22/108:36amAll you Socialist idiots----Ms V, Johnny and of course Shirley, I can't leave you out. All of you are so misguided and brainwashed by the Obama nightmare it is just unbelievable how gulible all of you are. This did all start about the government telling me how much salt should be in our food. It is another control issue. Wake up!!!! All of you liberals are so afraid of the Tea Party and you should be. We do not like Obama policies. He is a Socialist, Markist Dictator and he can be both. Remember he is the devil in sheeps clothing and you dummies worship him. Hey Shirley you are the one that is racist. Because you are black of course you are going to bring up the race card because that is all you know. Whenever any one disagrees with Obama naturally the black folk say we are racist. I don't care that Obama is black....His policies are bad for this country, so he could be green, blue, or gold who cares. He needs to tone down his liberal, socialist agenda and bring back capitalism and JOBS, which by the way he promised......I know another promise broken by this dictator. This new healthcare that he is pushing is called Obamacare because it will take away benefits and leave garbage benefits, which we will have to pay a fortune. Well most of us. The dead beats in welfare will get it for nothing. This country is in bad shape thanks to Obama.
Jeff10/21/102:06amA single payer system means giving the Government COMPLETE control over our health. Yea, lets allow the same people that are bankrupting our social security and Medicare system to take over our health services. And how about the government run US postal service that took a 4 billion dollar loss in one year (can you say bankrupt). Of course there is corrupt Government run Fannie and Freddie that caused our housing meltdown and needed hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout money. Oh, and lets not forget about that great 700 Billion dollar stimulus bill (and the one before it) that was suppose to create all those shovel ready jobs and keep unemployment under 8%. The Government has such a great track record, just look at the war on poverty and the war on drugs and how great that has turned out. Government is so responsible with money, 12 trillion in debt, and tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities, I can see why you want them to dictate everything you can and can't do, and run all of your critical life services. Seriously, all you people out there that think MORE Government is necessary are mind numb zombies following Obama and his communist buddies like a cult. The rest of the world has been down this destructive path and now they are doing the right thing by cutting spending and downsizing Government, while we continue to spend money we don't have. We need to oust all those liberals from Congress in both parties, and we need to stop the Obama agenda. Our freedom and our livelihoods depend on it.
The real MsV10/21/101:43amWhom ever copied my comments and posted them again, not cool. I do appreciate that you liked my remarks, but please use your own name next time... That being said those of you who are rational and sane please stay clam and thoughtful, take the high road and use reason and intellect. Most important cite truth and present facts. Do not let fear rule your life. (out of the country for some well deserved time off, so anyone posting as MsV is a fraud)..TTFN
Johnny10/20/109:13amThese poeopl on here is all crazy! The blog was supposed to be about SALT. You people in that tea party is so crazy you just want to fight with eveybody all the time. why don't you go watch your fox propagandas and leave everybody else alone! And yes I want an income tax cause I always get moeny back and I dont want no 23% sales taxes. Rand Paul is an idiot and all the rest like him is too
Ms. V10/20/109:10amI guess I will have to SAY IT AGAIN: Dina, If you read, and understood my entire post. you would know that's not the case. If I wanted to go your route, and name call. I guess I could tell you to stop getting all of your info from Fox, Hannity, and Limbaugh. You can't seem to grasp that the extreme of any party is bad for the country whether it has a D in front of it or an R. I do enjoy when you call our current President a Marxist, or a Socialist, or Communist. FYI, they are not the same, find a dictionary and look it BTW I voted for President Reagan, and if John McCain had been the nominee instead of George Bush lite, I would have voted from him too...see I r_e_a_d, an study the issues, and watch CSPAN to see what our Congress and Senate really do when they aren't campaigning...If you collect unemployment, medicare, or social security, those are some of the government programs that some on the right want to cut.
Shirley from Indy10/20/109:08amOh, and one other thing: I think we need SINGLE PAYER health care programs in this country! There are almost 70 million people now, with absolutely NO health care! What does that say about our country??? That it can continue along with only those in high-paying jobs getting insurance and screw the rest of you?! Most jobs in Indiana do not offer ANY insurance at all! My mother just got a part time job (she is 59) and oh yes, they paid $130 a month on her "healthcare" plan, but SHE would have had to pay $535!! All on a "salary" of $8.50 an hour! Is the "Christian way" some of you are talking about meaning we are NOT our brother's keeper??? I don't think that's what JESUS said! Golly, if HE was here today, ALL of you would be calling HIM a "socialist" now wouldn't you! You better pray about how you treat people, and we better take care of our sick and old in this country! Now the Republicans want to cancel the Democrat plan for Healthcare (it is NOT "Obamacare"!) and guess what??? The plan they are offering is the SAME! ha ha ha Come on...what is the REAL reason you people HATE President Obama??? DId you HATE Martin Luther King, Jr.? I bet you did!!
Shirley10/20/109:03amDina and all: YOU are the ones who are WEARING BLINDERS! The "tea party" is composed of really DUMB people like Ms. O'DONNELL who haven't even READ the Constitution! This whole FLAP reminds me of the Civil Rights movement and the mistrust and hate of Black People in this country! And YES, I AM Black, so go ahead and say really awful stuff about me now like you want to! And anytime a minority says "racism" is involved here--you people try to DENY you are racist! President Obama is a good and devoted President. You people just can't stand it that a Black Man won the election by a MAJORITY of Americans and is trying to turn around the BAD polices of Bush. AND we are speaking of SALT here, and not your brainwashed ideas from idiots like Sarah Palin! If there was NO FDA, or any govt. entitiy regulation the food we eat, the air we breath, police, firefighters, you name it--what do you think this country would be like without Government???? Good luck with your 2nd Amendment--you will be fighting people daily! It makes me laugh. I want NO salt in my food, and I want someone to make that a rule, so that they will stop giving people high blood pressure and those who want it can add their OWN and take their own chances!!!
Mary10/18/101:43pmThis year the politics has really become vicious, and no one can blame the regular person for being mad as hell. Alot of folks voted for Obama, I was not one of them because I saw through all of his lies and knew that he was a socialist. His kind of change at that time was not good for this country and still is not good. Obamacare will bankrupt us along with the Trillions and Trillions in debt he is accumulating. Just like us the everyday people we know that spending will not work but saving/or cutting spending will get us out of this mess. I don't know why he cannot see that and spends and spends and expects the everyday person to pick up the tab in our taxes. Pelosi and Reid both need to be sent out of office on a rail, never to return. People are losing their homes at a scary rate. Try to get a loan for anything and you now have to put down a huge down payment. This country is going to be considered a rich class and a poor class Obama took care of our middle class. We live in very scary times and I feel sorry for all of us. We need conservatives in the house and senate to stop Obama on his distruction of this country. Obama is the anti-christ. Praise God Help our Country!
Dina10/18/104:23amHarold and Shirley both keep drinking the koolaid that this socialist government keeps feeding them. Government should NOT be involved in what we eat, drink etc. By the way Shirley, Obama is the worst president in history....He is trying to change our society from a capitalist society to a socialist one. He wants the government to tell all of us what we can and cannot do. Maybe you and Harold need someone to take care of you and tell you what to do. If you want that type of society move to a socialist country. America is land of the free and the government is supposed listen to what we the people want not what they want for us. All you jokers do is blame President Bush, well Obama has been in office now two years and has screwed this country and will continue if he is not stopped. This midterm election will let him know that we do not like what he is doing and want him to stop bankrupting this country. This is America not China or Russa. LAND OF THE FREE, CAPITALISM WORKS!!! SOCIALISM DOES NOT!!! Hey Harold if you don't want salt in your food at restaurants....stay home and cook for yourself! Restaurants have the right to cook the way they want to. I am so tried of stupid people who feel this idiot Obama is doing a good job. He is getting as bad that the old peanut farmer Jimmy Carter...that guy has many screws loose in his head. Hee! Hee! Conservatives Unite!!!! Another thing I find funny on how the liberal assho_es talk badly about the Tea Party folks. They are from all walks of life democrats and republicans who are all fed up with this socialist government and want changes back to the way it use to be. Obama will thanfully be a one term president. I don't even like calling him that, because he has not deserved that title. I think dictator fits better.
Jeff10/17/107:17pmGovernment has a role to play, but it was intended to be LIMITED in scope. Tea Party or not, I don't want the government telling me or anyone else how much salt should be allowed in my food. We are not children and this is none of their damn business. Anyone who supports this kind of intrusion is obsessed with controlling others and its wrong. People should be free to eat where and what they want to eat. Restaurant owners should be free to make their own recipes without being scrutinized. If their customers don't want too much salt in their diet they can ask for less salt or buy other products with less salt from competing vendors. This idea that we should turn to the government to "protect" us from every little thing is twisted and dangerous. People who rely on government for everything are irresponsible and will always be disappointed because Government is inherently corrupt, overreaching, wasteful and inefficient. That is why LESS Government is better. I'm not an anarchist and I don't advocate no Government at all, but what is happening now with Government taking over our society is an abomination to our country as founded, and it will destroy our freedom. Wake the hell up before you find yourself a prisoner of the state.
Shirley from Indianapolis10/17/101:34amStop bringing your tea-party rhetoric onto this blog when we are talking about SALT in food! You people are like parrots, just parroting all the garbage that they tell you...Mindless chatter "Obama is a Muslim...blah blah blah..." Don't you REALIZE that they are feeding you that hate and stoking up your prejudice so that they can keep buying and selling this country, oursourcing our jobs, bringing down our standard of living, and taking away even our minimum wage? They will take EVERYTHING, and leave you with nothing but your hate and prejudice! So keep buying into those fears. Our President is doing a good job of trying to turn things back around in this country, but the folks who put G.W. Bush in with the hanging chads, aren't gonna stand for it! So they have you brainwashed, don't they??? Well, not me! AND....I want NO salt in my food either and SOMEONE has to stop them from puttin' it in there!
Harold from New Jersey10/17/101:13amThe FDA is supposed to set guidelines for our food supply. That is already in place. All you people who think there should be NO government--get ready to go back to the days of the wild, wild West! While you are busy using your gun to shoot the "bad people", someone will be shooting you in your back! There HAS to be some kind of regulation and government or there will be chaos. That is just the way human beings are. So all of you yelling that the govt. shouldn't interfere--why, you would be eating botulism, expired, unsafe name it! Companies won't care--they will sell ANYTHING to make a profit! Hell, they outsourced all the jobs, do you think they CARE about you? Hell no! So YES, I DO think there should be guidelines for our food and there should be NO SALT in ANY of our foods! If you want it in yours--ADD it! But I want NO salt in mine. ALL foods should NOT be salted. If people want heart attacks, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other diseases from adding salt, let them ADD THEIR OWN! Ok, I have had my say.
V ee10/16/109:23amCorporations have repeatedly demonstrated that they will put profits ahead of the safety and well being of people and therefore should be monitored
Carla10/16/106:52amNo. The government needs to stop interfering in our daily lives.
Ms V10/14/101:22pmDina, If you read, and understood my entire post. you would know that's not the case. If I wanted to go your route, and name call. I guess I could tell you to stop getting all of your info from Fox, Hannity, and Limbaugh. You can't seem to grasp that the extreme of any party is bad for the country whether it has a D in front of it or an R. I do enjoy when you call our current President a Marxist, or a Socialist, or Communist. FYI, they are not the same, find a dictionary and look it BTW I voted for President Reagan, and if John McCain had been the nominee instead of George Bush lite, I would have voted from him too...see I r_e_a_d, an study the issues, and watch CSPAN to see what our Congress and Senate really do when they aren't campaigning...If you collect unemployment, medicare, or social security, those are some of the government programs that some on the right want to cut.
Dina10/14/106:19amThat is why we need to get rid of every democrat in office their agenda is a socialist one. Your an independent so you say but you sound like a liberal in sheeps clothing. We all don't want the government our lives anymore.....:)
MsV10/13/ make my point for me. Name calling is for those that that do not have a cognizant thought in their heads, and react out of ignorance and fear. R_E_A_D what I said...I have worked in food manufacturing, and in the culinary industry for more than 20 years. The fast food you probably love so much and the convenience foods you crave are slowly killing you, and your children. If you want to add salt to your food add it there is nothing stopping you. I'm very interested to know if you are so concerned about the government getting involved in your life did you complain when our government passed the Patriot Act, 7 years ago? Did you know that our government can read your emails, follow you on the internet, or enter your house without a warrant? Or did you complain when our government passed a law, (also about 7 years ago). Called Eminent Domain...see definition I've provided. Don't worry you get paid a fair market price for your seized property, and that amount will be decided by someone else...btw, this was done under the previous case you were interested I am a registered Independent. Federal, state, and local governments may take private property through their power of eminent domain or may regulate it by exercising their Police Power. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the government to provide just compensation to the owner of the private property to be taken. A variety of property rights are subject to eminent domain, such as air, water, and land rights. The government takes private property through condemnation proceedings.
Dina10/13/108:11amMs V----your a putz! It is mine and every american to decide how much of anything we want....Not the fricken government telling me how much I can have.
Milkshake10/12/107:11pmGive me a break!! The ONE damn thing the government should care about is salt???????? OMG!! Next, regulate how much garlic to put in my chicken? I'm making turkey for Thanksgiving. I like lots of salt and garlic. Does the government want a bite of that?
Ms V10/12/107:32amThis is an FYI for the people whose comments I read and voted no/false. Your responses are frankly rather scary. Just so you all know the regulations for salt content are a good thing. I've worked in the food industry and you'd crap your pants if you really knew what is in your food. The salt regulation is for the manufacturing industry. They add ionized salt, high fructose corn syrup, and chemicals to make your "food" taste good, when it's actually slowly killing you. You should read the ingredients on that box of Twinkies you love so much, (they are not the Twinkies you remember as a kid), the bulk of the ingredients are silica based...that means your Twinkies are make mostly of rocks, and other chemicals! If you want to drown your food in salt, just lift your fat swollen fingers and shake it on yourself!
Dina10/11/109:26amLet's all face it. This government sucks eggs!!!! First they regulated whether you could smoke in bars, restaurants etc. Now how much salt you should have. What's next how many times can you sh_t in one day. Obama and his henchmen need to take a hike to Russia and stay there, or would Obama be more comfortable in some muslim country. We don't want them!!!! Emanuel is going to run for mayor of chicago. Get ready for that great city to be as or more corrupt then the White House. I feel sorry for Chicagoians that they might get stuck with that loser. This country is going to hell.
Chris10/09/1010:32pmThe gubm'nt was never designed to regulate anything. Everyone just folded one day and decided "Lets all be lazy" and let the gubbies decide every little thing in our lives. its despicable.
Joe10/07/1011:09amI also voted no! It is shameful what is happening to this country in the last few years. The liberals, Opps they don't like to be called that...I mean progressive's are ruining this country. You have to be politically correct on everything, can't spank you kids. They don't like Christmas and what it stands for. They want to tell you what you can eat, or if you want to smoke it is just crazy. When I was young we said Merry Christmas, I spanked my kids and they all turned out great. I smoke and still do. No liberal is going to tell me what to do. It may be bad for me but I know that and it is my CHOICE so but out!!! The liberals maybe need to smoke a cigarette it may calm their nerves so they won't worry about what the rest of us are doing. I did not mention liquor because they all love their booze especially a little wine before, during and after dinner and also their cocaine they take. No wander they are all nuts. You can always tell a yuppie liberal's kid. they are calling the shots of the parents which is totally wrong. This society is going down the drain. Then we have this stupid guy with no experience as a president calling the shots and destroying this great land and our way of life. American is a sh_thole since he took office. We need him removed and also we need fresh blood in the senate and congress....Get rid of the Democrats!!!
Jeff10/06/103:08pmWe need to stop empowering the Government with so many different things, and this is just one example. I read that New York City was planning to pass a law requiring restaurants to report amounts of salt content on all of their foods. There were also other regulations about salt, and when you add up all of these mandates it makes it impossible to do business especially for new people trying to start out. As a restaurant owner I listen to what my customers want or I go out of business. If they want more salt, I give them more salt. I read a quote somewhere (and I'm paraphrasing), that when the Government treats it's citizens like children, it's citizens eventually become like children. If we want to keep our freedom, than we need smaller Government, but we can't have both.
Alex10/06/103:59amI voted NO!! This socialist government needs to stay out of our lives! The American people need to regulate this socialist government by impeaching everyone starting with Obama-Mama.

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