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How do you feel about the new TSA full body scanning policies?

Total Voters: 3427
Intrusive and overreaching 11%
Necessary in these dangerous times 11%
Undecided 11%
Me03/05/1112:09pmTommy, it would behoove you to get educated by reading the constitution. Flying is a RIGHT not a privilege. A driver's license is a privilege which can be revoked if rules are not followed but NOT traveling freely whether by air land or sea! And the right not to be harassed by GOONS with GUNS! Otherwise we have a Gestapo state!
Me03/04/117:58pmOur freedom is disappearing under our noses while FOOLS think they are being protected!
Stephine03/04/117:38amFull body scan or rather full body flood of X-rays and radiation. With these things the EPA ought to just shut the f*** up about the hazards of nuclear power plant radiation waste.
Tommy03/03/1110:25pmIt is identical to pat searches conducted when you visit inmates in a prision or find your self into a secure location that requires security. Travel is a priviledge just like driving a vehicle in any country. It isn't a right unless you believe you are above that countries laws. We need to be thankful that we aren't under martial law and have curfews. We pay for our freedon everyday and we wouldn't want that to disappear for ourselves or our children.
Tony03/01/118:06amRead the book from orson welles called 1984,, then you know why its no good for us.!!!
Me02/18/113:43pmWe know who were the terrorists of 911: islamo-facists. We need PROFILING! Enough said!
Michelle02/16/116:58amYou seen what happen on 9/11 enough said !
Me02/11/1111:12amYou sound like one of those tsa people who now want to unionize, adding insult to injury! Your own words prove how useless is this intrusion by our government. The man who blew up with heroin in his stomach would have never been caught by either the indecent fondling done by tsa agents or by the naked scanner! Your reality is communism and submission to intrusive big brother. That is not the American reality or what made this country the envy of the world. And YES, islam has been the source of terrorism along with leftist liberals, NOT by grandmas or little girls. Nothing would stop a terrorist from blowing a bomb WHILE all the people are standing in line to go through security line! Again, the only intelligent way to keep everyone safe is PROFILING!
US CITIZEN02/11/115:52amI feel the security should be tightened as much as possible ...for the sake of US non-law breaking citizens. If you do not like the process then don't fly, you should drive , take a train, a boat...any other transportation that does not FLY...look let's be realistic ---look at 9/11...look at the news the music artist flying ..had Heroin in his stomach exploded and he OD'd, this is reality people and we need to stop considering ourselves the victims and start looking at this is for our protection...YES we are not criminals, but SOME are, and they are not just MUSLIM or INDIAN..etc...they're the person standing next to you in line that you would least expect--so the next time you are standing in line to that sweet grandma or little gir/boy...remember they could be carrying anything that could harm you or someone else...I say "RAHTER SAFE THAN SORRY!"
Me02/03/113:24pmWhere is the safety in being touched inappropriately and/or seen naked by strangers. That is NOT being safe, that is harassment by BULLIES!
Me02/03/113:20pmTo be seen naked and/or be fondled by TSA agent supposedely "for my protection" is indecent and criminal! Enough is enough!!! Profiling is the only way to go!
Janet02/03/116:14amMy thinking is that if you have nothing to hide then it should not be a problem.
Merinass02/02/118:55amI'd rather be safe then dead
Bee01/14/1112:15amI think this world is getting to big for it's pants and i mean when you see on pants on actors on t.v. no one has respect for anyone nowadays away. someone has to put there foot down and say no to the young children or should i say kids.
Lorena01/07/118:46amThe TSA is lawless. They have disregarded peoples cIVIL RIGHTS to privacy. Close the borders. Do not let people that have DECLARED WAR on the WEST...aka MUSLIMS. That is a fact. The government bureaucrats are worse enemy of the people because they do not RECOGNIZE statements by Muslim clerics that they want to WIPE OUT the WEST. The politicians are the REAL DANGER and they need to be put under judicial and psychological TESTS/SCRUTINY because they show that they are INEPT and INCAPBLE and violators of the law, LIKE MY CIVIL RIGHTS to be able to exist without them giving me a body cavity search just to travel from one end of my HOMEland. I resent being treated like a criminal who is "about to or maybe will do" something wrong. FOOLS need to come up with a better plan. I AM NO CRIMINAL. They are.
Sandy12/30/1010:52pmThe scans and patdowns will not do any good. Do you realize they don't check/search every bag that's put into cargo? So while they are groping grandma, unsearched suitcases containing bombs could easily be placed in the cargo area before grandma even gets on the plane.
Maggie12/30/104:24pmThey just need to do profiling and leave us old white women alone. I had a TSA person tell me that if it weren't for carry ons they wouldn't have to do all the scanning, etc. They why not free bags and no carry ons and we'd all be fine!
Ed12/18/101:09pmGrandma has to take her shoes off and be seen naked of felt up ,mean while the border is not secure and terrorists,drug dealers,murderers,and human smugglers are sneaking into the country and no one knows what there up to,doesnt make much sense.
Bob12/15/108:43pmYeah, our government won't listen to us, but we will have the last say in 2012.
Jacks12/14/105:59amRob we have been telling our officials we don't want this and don't pass that, but the Liberal Obama machine will not listen to any of us.
Rob12/10/1011:27amSo at this point in the poll, it looks like 43% of us (the majority) do not feel this is justified. Yet, where were we when this was propsed? What did we do to tell our "elected" government that this wasn't right before they started doing this? What did you do personally in the interest of safeguarding the constitional rights of you and your family???
Hedy12/08/104:27pmWe are being processed canned and labeled.Wake UP people! 666 is upon us!
Josh12/08/108:57amThis tsa stuff about touching u junk is a crock of bull ****
Jacks12/07/1010:32amWe all know that this government is just being politically correct by not zoning in on middle eastern people to check and scan etc. Our grandmothers and kids should not have to be put in this situation nor the rest of us. Hey Obama grow a set and profile the middle east folks or anyone with Muhammad a Bee Bee for a name and leave us alone!!! Also the stupid americans that have changed their religion to one of these middle eastern religions should also be checked and maybe thrown out of this country and then put on a list so they are not to return. We live in scary times and need to become more aware of what is happening. This government does not care about any of us.
Jeff11/26/108:11pmWhile each radiation dose may be relatively small, I don't like the fact that they are focused and concentrated on the skin rather than being evenly distributed throughout the whole body. It's like using a magnifying glass to focus and amplify the sun's rays on one spot. People with fair skin or people with pre-cancerous moles, or simply people with a predisposition to skin cancer may be at higher risk. Zee makes a valid point about how radiation levels are higher when at higher altitudes, but Zee also neglects to address how much more dangerous it is to have radiation focused specifically on the skin using that back-scatter technology. If the Government were serious about security they would do what the CIA/FBI do behind closed doors... profile for terrorists rather than just scan for explosives. Many explosives cannot be detected through airport scanners when they are passed through in a carryon bag. Plastic explosives can easily be hidden, but if we employ the same technics used by the CIA/FBI by profiling for suspicious people, specifically people who buy one way tickets, last minute purchases, airline cash purchases, and yes, young middle Eastern men travelling to or from high target areas like Los Angeles or New York City... we will be much more effective in preventing attacks while not subjecting completely harmless people like children and the elderly to these ridiculous procedural time and money wasting techniques. Pat downs do absolutely nothing when a would be terrorist hides explosives in their carryon bag, but asking this person pointed questions and analyzing their reactions are much more effective in identifying a suspicious person which can then prompt further inspection.
Cheerful11/26/105:46amI would not submit to the full body search.......If some security guard at an Airport sticks his/her hands where I would only let my husband touch me, I think this goes way to far....I don't plan on flying to the U.S.A. anytime soon. What's next? Full body searches at the Niagara Falls Canadian/American Border? Yes, I think that this policy does go beyond what I would consider proper or descent.......Yuck!
Shirl11/25/104:12pmThe Myth of "Airport Security Measures" is the biggest red herring to date for distracting us all from the real issues. In truth, our government (and those throughout the world) is promoting fear and submission of the masses. Keep us all in our place and make us all stop thinking.
Ed 11/25/1012:14pmWhats next if this is ok ? colonoscopanies
Marena11/25/104:10amIf you think about it. all you do is walk through it. and i would much rather being body scanned so that i know for sure that there isn't a mad bomber or a person from a different place going to bring a knife on the plane. I think that the pregnant women and people with inside problems should have another alternative so that the scanning wouldn't give them problems.
Zee11/24/1012:20pmNobody likes the security measures. Know that the amt of radiation in the body scanners is LESS than what would be experienced flying at 30,000 ft (ie natural atmospheric radiation penetrates the plane and is WORSE). The images don't look like perfect photographs (they're kind of ugly!) Noone is gonna put them on the cover of some skin magazine cuz there's nothing sexy about them. I'd rather be scanned than be molested any day.
Me11/24/109:16amThose who think this "police state" kind of search are either from the "police state themselves" (we're from the government and we're here to protect you!) and therefore know "they" are exempt, or they are incapable of logical reasoning that true safety can be insure with some common sense like profiling. Did you know that Napolitano will not be searching muslim men and women because it is "against their religion". Talk about OUTRAGE!!!
Me11/17/106:54pmAnyone who is undecided on this one is undecided on anything in life. Do you like being bombarded with x-rays? Do you like being groped by a total stanger in your private parts "for your protection?" HECK NO!
Helen11/17/106:49pmYes, Jeff, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
Milkshake11/17/106:45pmNO. NO. NO. NO. Next, they will allow full body scanning in colleges, work places, grocery stores, elementary schools.......It's never ending.
Austin 11/17/106:00pmThis is and should be a moot point. This is training us for Nazi style facism... Visit and watch endgame on google video. This is only the begining of a hellish creation of the global elite...
Diana11/16/107:08amI agree with Jeff. Profiling doesn't hurt anyone and would be more effective than what they're doing now. Its stupid to let political correctness get in the way of doing this the right way.
Jeff11/15/106:15pmI am definitely concerned about flying safety, and I've been ok with all the security procedures they have put in place until now, however, I just think doing naked scans of people is going too far. In this Internet and Youtube day and age, I am not comfortable having full body naked scans of me or my wife and children, and I don't like the idea of having to endure radiation each time we go through airport security. The other thing I find completely unacceptable is the groping and squeezing of our genitals especially at random (if we opt-out of that radiation box)? So let me get this straight… they will not do any kind of racial profiling even through 99.99% of these attacks have been from young Muslim men, but it's OK to randomly pull in grandmothers, young children and subject them to these kinds of procedures? This is once again political correctness rearing it's ugly head.

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