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Do you believe the middle east protests will end in more democracy and freedom?

Total Voters: 7020
Democracy and freedom will prevail 5%
No improvements will result 5%
More tyranny will result 5%
Undecide 5%
Alice08/13/118:33pmAre we still on the same poll? Why?? It's been boring in here lately.
Cynic08/09/116:52amMainstream news is all filtered in the is all the same 14 co's own all of the major media in the USA might be less than that by now. If you want to really know what is going on globally - SEARCH on the internet while you still can....who knows when they will pull the plug on that?! Go to out of CAN for one source, they have journalists and writers from all over the world.
Not hapnin08/08/118:38pmThe agenda in the middle east is to convert everyone in the world to moslem beliefs - none too different from Evangelical Christians and other religions regarding those faiths. Traditional moslems want to be peaceful & keep it about faith. Terrorists want instead to conquer the world by force, to build a moslem legal/economic Empire. Terrorists are already sleeping in await for further future initiative in the USA to beat Americans (& rest of world) into submission. No the middle east cannot be turned democratic & fair, with men & women living as political equals in every mid-east nation. Nobody can agree on anything, but that is also a huge problem in the USA.
Gmore08/01/1111:50pmThe middle east, they have a different culture. A culture that only the middle east people understand, As, far as freedom it has done some good in the middle east that is why we have protest and unrest in the region will it build democracy or freedom all it does is bring out the barbaric means of trying to hold on to power. The Muslim world have their own culture trying to protest helps but it only creates more unrest. They sure need help and we cannot let them do it all by themselves...I don't know, we have our own problems here.. and we have freedom and democracy.
Wowza08/01/111:41pmIm outta da loop! Never thought I associate political conservatism with 60s New Age thoughts (tarot, fortune telling). Seems mutually exclusive, but I guess these can co-exist, huh?
Kenneth07/29/112:27pmWhen things happen slowly as afghan and iraq and then a wham bam boom of norhtern africa, probably more than meets the public media. democracy does not vail or expose but is of acceptance. not tolerance, and that alone is a volatile mixture. just as when have democrats been for democracy. this world is filled with many tyoes and many cultures and will never be filtered to just one and it seems that war and conflict isn't for national intersts now but as they call it, a holy war. rekligion is as diverse as political regimes and there is no set rules for them. that is the problem.
Gmore07/28/116:55pmThe situation we all knew where we we're headed, credit and more credit, something has to give, nothing is borrowed without re-payment. I only worry about the future of our younger generation.. politics.. we either love or hate them.. blame games and more blaming.. at the end the middle class and the working class suffer because the politicians raise taxes. Yes, we will band aid fix debt but at what price.. living in America, that is freedom we, paid for.
Deb07/25/119:02amI am sorry Inpacem, but I cannot help but be so fustrated with this administration that does not care about what they are doing to us hardworking Americans. Obama is the worst president ever!! Welfare is a touchy subject because we have people that have been on welfare since birth. It goes from generation to generation. That is all they care to know. I am sorry about what is happening to you and I pray to God that everything will work out for you.
Bob07/25/111:59amAs long as ther are two people of different religions in the middle east you will have wars.
Lyrast07/24/111:11amI think that the internet has allowed people in these theocratic countries to see what life could be like. They will attain freedom in the end.
Inpacem07/22/117:00pmThose who make war in the middle east are just revisiting wars they made long ago, such as the Crusades, and all before that. this will not stop for some time as those fighting still need to continue. With respect to the opinion that those on welfare are bums and lazy etc etc. I live in Canada, unfortunately on welfare. This was not my choice. My husband, my 13 yr old autistic grandson and myself live (sort of) on 1000$ a month. This money is meant for rent, food, electricity, clothes, bus fare, soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brushes toothpaste...etc. I did not choose this experience. This is not a fun way to live. I used to have my own home. I used to have a car. My husband had a breakdown, and we lost everything, even my business. Our families helped as much as they could but finally we had no choice but to apply for welfare. I am 60, my husband is 63. Hear in my city we have what is called The Social Registry. it is what you have to be listed on to qualify for subsidized housing. The list is 7 years long. By the time I have a chance to get a cheaper apartment I will be 67, my husband 70, my grandson 20. Please do not make comments about people like us, whether they are from your country or from mine. I never thought this could happen to me. It can actually happen to anyone. I think it's great that you still have your house, and I hope you keep it. It is worth everything you can do to keep it.
Deb07/21/119:17amI am so upset and have to vent somewhere, so I will vent here. We all know that the government is fighting about raising the debt ceiling and this one wants to cut spending etc and the bone head president wants to raise taxes. I found out that the junk yard gang of six (that is what call them), they want to take away the tax break from people that own homes, you know the intrest we pay for our mortgages, but they will not tax the poor, but give them more stuff. I am a single person struggling to keep my house and look forward to that little bit I get at the end of the year. If they do this, I think every person that owns a home should walk away from their mortgages and really send a message to this stupid administration that we have had enough!!! This rich morans that are running this country need to take pay cuts, taxed out the butt and leave us Americans alone. I am so tried of fixing their screw ups. STOP SPENDING and cut all governement programs except our Military, Social Security and Medicare. They can cut Medicade because that goes to the lazy folks on welfare. Stop having babies and get a job and struggle like the rest of us hardworking Americans!!! Thank you for letting me let off some steam.
Pinklucy07/14/115:56am@Deb... Amen... visit Kryon's website and tune into some of the channellings. Kryon explains that there is no new world order and explains Climate Change/Global Warming, whatever you want to call it is unfounded and not the real truth. We must stay mindful of deception and those who are taking advantage of these times for their own personal interest and gain...
Deb07/11/115:29amJust look around at what is happening there and here at home. We all live in trying times. I think for here at home we will end up in a depression. The government is doing nothing to help us Americans...except wanting to raise our taxes to cover their never ending spending. They need to stop destroying this country and cut taxes so companies will bring jobs back home and also create more jobs. Capitalism works Liberial/Socialism does not.
Lizzy07/05/118:45amA New World Order is nearly here.
Wasd06/25/113:34pmBluebird your comment is heavily biased.
Wake up the media insane06/23/119:26amYou people are lost you have No idea, you think you are safe from the evil that rules the west, look up project haarp, look up scalar weapon technologies, look up chem trails. all of these create and manipulate our weather conditions. also look up elenin , the ele stands for extinction level event...smug in your existence think again Do I believe the middle east protests will end in more democracy and freedom? go to & wake up.
Bluebird06/22/113:00pmIt's possible that some democratic ideals may permeate the middle east, but you can't change people overnight…esp those who support hate, prejudice & keeping the populace ignorant (ie political group's societal control). The mid-east is still a patriarchy…will the alpha-men in the middle-east be able to share power with women as equals (ie being able to keep their ego in check)? Or will they continue to treat women as second-class pieces of property who should be beaten, put down, raped, stoned to death or denied education & healthcare? What about safety - will they continue to teach their 4 yr olds how to handle a machine gun? Until the men there end their "addiction" to having absolute power, needing to boast of a big ego, showing no responsibility or remorse for their actions…I seriously think conditions will get WORSE before this would end up truly a democracy.
Me06/16/111:27pmThey will get rid of one lot of dictators, for another bunch.
Mystic Light06/10/1112:30am A long slow road to a Palestinian state with the agreement of all concerned and providing for the mutual security of all concerned will resolve the situation, which will be achieved over the next twenty to twentyfive years.
Jčana6706/04/118:02am This has been going on for thousands of years. I say move out and let them kill each other. If we leave them alone they will kill each other off.
Roni06/02/118:04pmIt seems to me the middle east will always be a tempest stiring trouble. It's been that way as long as I can remember.
Feelingfree...05/31/116:39am...from linier-thinking. Happy much?! Yes my lovely sweet mistress. :D Oh btw when i was a child back in the time i was living in iran, i always followed this crazy home-made notion to always try to stay away from the letter M ("Meem" in persian & Arabic) because i had this crazy notion that it would keep me seperated from anything that reminded me of islam, King Solomon, Muhammadism, and Arabism, etc... (the latter is only being mentioned in contrast to my own perceptions of the Persian culture) Ofcoarse these are not the sort of secrets i'd like to share with someone who is personally fond of islam, obviously because i'm trying to be respectful in my way of detatchment from all those things. There's so much more that needs to be said in here--i feel--because i feel i've found the answers to almost EVERYTHING in relation to my own whacky comments before here at Mysticgames. But maybe it is best that i just waited & see if my help is needed at all!?? For now, bye & thanks.
Bay05/30/112:55pmDemocracy will prevail simply because the plurality and diversity of each person will eventually be expressed and embraced by all, through the power of the internet, inexpensive communications and information. The world is undergoing a social evolution, so sit back and enjoy.
Lumi05/27/1112:30pmDemocracy and freedom in usa these days is debateable and hypercritical when its prisons and jails and prison lobbyists that do best here in zero tolerance inhumanity usa~ home invasions over a leaf and not one minute goes by without an arrest- and legalized murders abound....oh, and how many wars??? yeah - that's freedom these days for you folks!
World Watcher05/24/1110:38pmDemocracy is just the right to vote. True freedom, to say, do, and go wherever you please, will never be in the Middle East, at least until Jesus comes back.
Me05/17/111:14pmPersecution of Christians is raging in Egypt brought upon by the so-called "peaceful" religion of islam. Burning of churches, murder of the faithful who attend and forcing women to wear a sheet over their heads or else get raped. If that does not fall under "tyranny" what does?
Eee05/15/1110:11pmTyranny is winning everywhere, in case no one noticed.
Sandra05/07/1112:12amThe biggest Democracy Country is India, the middle east should look at India for inspiration ,thousand different mother tongue,different customs and traditions, different religions with the exception of some Hindu and Muslim extremist we all live in harmony next to each other.
Pink lucy03/30/115:34am@Kindred One and others who are so concerned about the earth and our environment. There is an amazing kryon challenging that is enlightening and its free at please do not be fooled by the hype of Global Warming. A perfect example is electric cars with batteries that are so toxic they are more harmful to the planet than gasoline emissions.
Kindred One03/29/119:48pmWe are on the verge of seeing our Earth finally move past colonialism and the people in the other countries have been under martial law and tyranny for far too long. We need to understand that the oil dilemma has driven this chaos on our Earth and it has especially affected those who live in oil barring areas. The oil is in our foods as pesticides, and we owe our children a Earth that isn't polluted with these poisons. Our Earth is heating up due to our own lack of commitment to use renewable energy. Our president is extremely aware of our global fixation on oil and where it leads. No snow, more rain and extreme weather patterns (floods) with rising tidal events on every shore. If they have a chance with democracy so do we. A long time ago we started sharing this Earth and our greed with vanity has gotten us all into this mess. We can find oil but when and how it finds us is up to us everyday. SUN/WIND/TIDAL/ Wave to our our future or let it WAVE back on us....
Leahfaye03/29/1111:24amAs in my own country of Canada, all cultures start to agree when all everyone wants is their basic human rights, everyone in the Middle east want the same things as we all do. This is our Earth Shifting as the predictions have all made clear. This is apparently what it takes to get to world peace and a new order of things.
Joan'03/26/116:34amThe people of the Middle East will never know freedom in the way that we do, they are Tribal,and in there hearts can never be anything else............Namaste
Dave03/23/118:05pmDemocracy is not necessary.. freedom is.. Damn, straight the change going on in the middle east will empower the people.. that's why their revolting.. and revolution always leads to something better in our history that is (generally) the case.. (not the use of the word generally for those history buffs that will talk about failed democracy's like "haiti" etc.) The planet is changing, the shift is in action.. "all the secrets will come out" and every person will be given more choices and more freedoms.. because the lack of freedom is a illusion! And this too will be known! :)
Poonchkey03/09/117:51pmThe middle east culture is a petrie-dish for fear, hate, mind-control & intolerance from a clash of ideals—because they are stuck in survival mode. When you have nothing "better" to live for (like poverty), you end up with "gang" mentality & chaos ensues. There are conservative zealots who can't even decide what era to live in: ancient-style tents as homes (ie like 2000 yrs ago) + WiFi computers (ie modern day). No one can agree on anything, but they guard their opinion to the death with a "you're either for me or against me" mentality. It's like they are all mental-kindergardeners stuck in adult bodies. The middle east will likely NEVER see peace until everyone in the masses agrees to practice tolerance for those different from them.
Tammy03/08/113:37amThose folks in the middle east do not know how to be civil to anyone. All this is going to do is put terrorists in charge and we will see our oil prices go out the roof and our stupid president will not let us drill in the US especially in alaska. Obama is loving this because he feels this will make everyone trade in their gas guzzling vehicles and buy the little foreign 4 cyclinder rice beaters, tinker toys etc. :(

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