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Do you believe marriage should be redefined other then between one man and one woman?

Total Voters: 8011
Yes 5%
No 5%
Undecided 5%
Sandy03/22/1211:23pmI am native American. I accept all life. It is all sacred. No one is to say who is right or wrong. Love is all there is and the awareness of it is what we are evolving towards.
Lock & key03/22/122:28pmThe definition of "marriage" only means man and woman. Sodomites just want to change the wording to FIT them into it. They are just being pushy, letting the world know their sexual proclivities. The more they bring attention to themselves the previously disintersted people are now starting to resent them. Keep your sexual business in the bedroom and stop distrubing OTHER peoples traditions and comfort zones.
Dan03/21/127:02pmYes, but only because you hetero's have done a GREAT JOB ruining the 'institution' of marriage yourselves, you dont need someone else to do it for you.
New Poll Please03/16/124:40pmThis poll has been in existence for month, time for a new one.
P.U.03/16/128:57amAmen Moe, AMEN!!!!!!! I think it will last more then that.!! LOL! What's the weather like??? IT IS AWESOME HERE!!!!!! Just watching marriage couples go by at a corner street here. LOL!!!!
Moe03/12/1212:59pmIs this poll going to last for a fukking year?
RON03/12/121:04amToo many bi-sexual gays,freaks queers & tramps as is! It's an all too sexually liberal F-ed up world that seems to have a "NO HOLES BARRED!" attitude. Great example for the children of the future!
CHRIS03/11/128:45pmGem, being raised Catholic has its advantages and disadvantages just as being raised in any other religion you wish to name has its advantages and disdavantages. You may have a degree in Biblical Languages, but I’m not sure if you really understand the transferability of the Bible to the Bill of Rights. The Bible, which as you know, is God’s inspired word recorded by man. It defines and describes marriage as a holy act between a man and a woman. Nowhere in the Bible does it describe marriage as a holy union between two men or two women. In fact homosexuality is discouraged to say the least. A marriaged is blessed by children. Children are not required for a marriage. The Ist Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees five freedoms, one of which is Freedom of Religion. The separation of Church and State comes from the Monarch of England being the Head of the Church as well as the Head of State and the rich tradition of religious freedom seekers many of our states were founded by, (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, etc.). We just rebelled against ultimate power invested in one person and did not want a government with ultimate power invested in one person. Because Congress cannot/will not provide a definition for marriage, it has relied on the individual states to do so. Hence, many of these states have relied on their religious backgrounds and the Bible for the definition of marriage based on God’s inspired writings through man. This is perfectly legitimate because the I Amendment provides for FREEDOM OF RELIGION not FREEDOM FROM RELIOGION. Big difference.
Chris03/11/122:57pmThe problem is that the gay/lesbian community wants all of the rights and privileges of married couples without the responsibilities of the decisions made by married couples. For example, a gay couple may decide to marry, but as a result they give up the ability to have children due to the fact that fertility is an issue just as a heterosexual couples forfeits children due to the same issue. In this scenario, the gay couple has an advantage by knowing that children WILL NOT be part of their marital equation instead of having the heartbreak later like the heterosexual couple when they find out they cannot have children. People want their rights and privileges, but few are willing to accept the responsibilities and consequences for their decisions. Being gay/lesbian, bisexual, or straight is a decision and it has both positive and negative consequences. How do we establish a society where kids except responsibility for their actions when the adults will not?
Jackie03/07/121:54pmI'm all for commitment but is marriage all that important in the grand scheme of things? I'm not sure but if you're able to and want to marry, I don't think it hurts anyone, whatever your sexuality.
Chris03/06/125:38pmPam, I am an educated man who is open to a resonable argument. The medical world hads determined that homosexuality IS NOT a form of mental illness. Yet it concerns me that the traditional argument that a vast majority of people that are pro-homosexuality, including you, consider someone who differs from this view point as unreasonable fearful boarding on the line of a mental disorder, i.e. homophobia/homophobic. Would you please explain to me why the gay and lesbian community which considers itself so enlightened labels the straight community as having a mental disorder whenever there is a disagreement?
Chant03/03/129:41amQu'ell est celle-ci qui s'avance comme l'aurore, belle comme la lune, eclatante comme le soleil, terrible comme une armee rangee en bataille?
ENOUGH NOW!!!!03/03/126:13amHEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone Read this??? Enough now ok???? We got enough BULL **** in this world WHY ADD MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Come-on Let's smarten up..ok?? Let's try get along here..ok? Hmm?? What you all think??????? You ALL gonna keep this up, this will NOT go HEEELLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Let's get along here..PEACE BABIES!!! PEACE!!
Pam03/03/125:03amIts quite obvious which way YOU swing Sayan! You have no imagination and/or education if you think that the people "loved up" with thier animals don't want to marry them. I feel sorry for your "other" half. AGAIN, my view is...each to thier own!!
Pam03/02/121:15amIt wasn't that long ago when......a man getting married to another man sounded totally crazy!! Why is it crazy to want to marry a donkey?? Each to thier own I say!!
I am me03/01/1210:43amThen all who dislike this poll can jack-off, no one is forcing anyone to participate.
Sayan 03/01/121:54amPam you're an idiot its just a shame you don't know it yet. Who the **** would marry their donkey for God's dake. And all you bigots who want to spread their homophobic diatribes around, why don't yoo get out of your own daylight.
Pam03/01/121:22amI agree with Jake! I don't think its right to legalise same sex marraiges.Here's a different slant to the question,is it ok for a man and his donkey/dog/chicken to get married?
You02/29/129:46amWho is this ranting filth? Off with you.
Moe02/28/125:10pmFuk this again. After reading what Franny said, that's why the poll master needs to jack-off!
Franny02/28/122:57pmI would urge you all to consider that our souls or beings are androgynous. Inside we are neither male nor female, each of us are a perfect balance of both despite what sort of genitals we have. The soul chooses how it expresses itself through life which includes sexuality. I doubt God would condemn the natural expression of his divine love between two beings or any beings because his angels count every drop of love and love is the beauty of his life.
You02/27/125:56pmFuk this. Whoever is in charge of this poll is a childish baby. Chhange this poll now or JACK-OFF!
Me02/27/126:05amI fear this law beimg past, first I believe God made us the way we are BUT HE GAVE US FREE WILL. MEN ALREADY GET HIGHER PAY. TO BE GAY IS A CHOICE MADE FOR WHAT EVER REASON IT TAKES 2 sexes to create and multiply. Tjere for its a law of nature. No no no its just plain wrong and tring to adopt children concieved, have your owm. Stop tring to change thimgs to fit your immoral world. With your gay relatioms what is produced??? Nothimg that lasts the only thing a mam or woman leave is the soul god gave them tp care for while they are here amd thats a job and.a joy gays can mot truely know
I am me02/26/122:10pmSatan is behind this.
ENOUGH NOW!!!!02/26/129:42amIs there or can there be asked another question...this is REALLY getting out of hand now..IT REALLY IS! IS there ANYONE here that can change this to another question? CAN we ask another question?????? Ohh!!, I got one....How's the weather out your area?? LOL!!
Alice02/25/127:25pmChurch wasn't involved in marriage until sometime in the middle ages, if it was even that early. Prior to that, the Christian church believed marriage was too sinful to be associated with God, and they wanted no part of it. So why are you bringing religion into it now? Are you saying that now atheists shouldn't get married, because marriage is a church affair? That there shouldn't be any interfaith marriages? Religion has nothing to do with marriage. There were people getting married long before Jesus came around. It may have been different, but it was around.
Jake02/24/1210:17amMarriage should be between a man and a women....period. What is happening is they are trying to make it ok for men to marry men and women to marry women. That is wrong, perverted and against nature and God. Then they want to adopt kids and screw with their minds...I say no to that also. Hey if you want to live in sin as friends who cares, but do not make it legal by marriage and try to force it down our throats as if it is an ok thing to do.
Genesis02/22/124:19pmRemember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.
Psalm02/18/126:09amThe law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
Rae02/17/129:08pmI come here for Tarot readings, not bible lessons. I can go to church if I want those. Get off it.
Kay02/17/126:23pmMarriage is the last legalized form of slavery ... and yes it has been that there are four normal sexual types to the human race...heterosexual,homosexual,hermaphadites,(known as innersexed people as sometimes their true sex is unknown untill they are older...but whom are often castarated at birth because of religious beliefs that a child can be taught to be either male or female, also found to be untrue. can you imagine trying to put back the missing parts?) and last but not least, asexuals, those whom will never have desire for either sex.) who died and gave religious leaders the right to play god?
Luke02/16/1210:40amBlessed is she who Believed that what was spoken to her would be fulfilled.
Maria02/15/1210:39pmTo all the people quoting the bible, if you read ALL of the parts (that was conveniently left out and not preached because your faith cannot handle it) of your Adam who was supposedly so pure you will find that he had intercourse with animals. He then "divorced" his first wife because she was "promiscious". YOUR bible also tells you not to judge and YOUR bible also tells you not to mess with Tarot. Your religious leaders decide which parts of the bible to write off because it no longer suits their needs. Before you start quoting scripture make sure you understand all of it and that you actually understand the complexities of world culture and not judge by your supremists standards.
Matthew02/15/129:10amEnter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
Tony02/14/1211:52pmWtf. more then 46% say no,..!,.. sorry i am losing my faith about spirituality on this site here, about the users that is,... every spirit has a need and a right to love whom she or he pleases. period. so wake up you no Sayers,.. and try to let somebody else decide if she or he loves him or here,, simple,,. in a love based society it is crucial tada, please dig it,..!!,..peace and love to all i say,..! Tony from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Er02/14/123:26pmWhy do some people find it so difficult to understand the difference between the laws of their particular religion and the laws of their government? Separation of church and state ring a bell?
Miasown02/11/128:54amDear people, when will you all grow up and find something worthwhile to discuss? The Bible specifically says "man shall not lie with man...", it's considered an abomination before God and outside the laws of nature. Before you get on your high horses, many of my dearest family members are homosexual. While I may not agree with their choices, I love them dearly. They have the same rights guaranteed under the Constitution as the rest of us. I am Christian, I am hetrosexual, and you will neve find me parading my sexuality in the streets of this country. What is so awfully wrong with being discrete? If we choose a life partner, choosing to remain in a committed relationship to honor our partner, no matter who it is, male or female, we should be given the option to have that committment honored under the same laws which apply to any contractual agreement. I don't think we necessarily need to have the custom of marriage "redefined" though.
Chronicles02/10/126:08pmIf my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
Mono02/10/122:32pmIf you don't want a same gender marriage then don't get one! If you don't want someone to go after your rigths as a human being on this planet then don't try to prevent someone else's! GOD or no GOD!
Psalm02/09/123:59pmThe law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
Gem02/09/123:44pmThis is in response to something Trey was saying about why homosexual should not be allowed to marry. He keeps on saying it's because it goes against the definition of marriage, which has to do with procreation. I'd like to ask Trey if he thinks infertile couples should not be allowed to marry? Someone getting married at the age of 70. No babies for them! Besides, with all of the children being put up for adoption, we need all the loving homes we can get. And last time I checked, homosexual couples can't accidentally have a child. They have to really, really want that child. I disagree 100% with anyone who thinks homosexuals should not be allowed to marry. Seperation of church and state is the FIRST Amendment people! Why on earth are we defining marriage by what the bible says??? (I was raised a Catholic and I have a degree in Biblical Languages so don't try to tell me I don't know what I'm talking)
Psalm02/01/128:27amYour word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Song of songs01/30/127:24pmYou are beautiful my beloved and there is no blemish in you.
The Chosen One01/30/1210:19amMarriage is going to be between a man and a woman. NOT bi-sexual..or other. ONLY between a man and woman shall it stay the same!!!. The bible was writen by MAN...not by GOD! BY GOD'S BIBLE? so shall it be writen so, shall it be done in his time...NOT ours! M.A.D making/make a difference) For God!
Sirach01/29/125:16pmI am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope.
Isaiah01/27/123:15pmBehold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel
John01/22/1210:18amThe truth shall set you free. keep loving while speaking the Truth.
Authentic01/22/128:06amThe day we realize that the bible, the qua'ran, torrah etc are ALL MAN MADE, we should start thinking differently. Who are we to judge what anyone else's preferences are. God didnt put us here to judge anyone, just to love them period...
Luke01/19/128:44amHail full of Grace!
Wilde01/17/127:17pmStill same sex marriage? Okay. Nothing agianist the Bible, but written and rewritten by man to be used in organized relgions - created by men... What about other sources such as JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine. Isn't same sex attraction thought to be genetic? We don't live in the dark ages. Practical issues such as raising children and estate planning come into play. Next poll, please.
Revelation01/17/1211:28amThey overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony
Wilde01/17/1211:00amWhich poll are you taking now?
Milkshake01/16/122:37pmRevelation: Are you Swifter?
Revelation01/13/126:20amAnd I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
Revelation01/12/129:26amThen there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and his angels and the dragon lost the battle, and he and his angels were forced out of heaven. This great dragon--the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world--was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.
Milkshake01/11/123:26pmThat sounds like domestic violence to me, Genesis.
Genesis01/11/126:17amAnd I will put enmity between you and The woman between your seed and her seed He will crush your head and you will strike his heel.
Milkshake01/10/ is another poll idea: Should partial nudity be allowed on commercials on regular television in the United States?
Milkshake01/10/1212:41pmHow about this for a new poll: Will the world end this year?
Psalm01/05/125:55amWe heard it in Ephrathah, we came upon it in the fields of Jaar “Let us go to his dwelling place, let us worship at his footstool, saying, ‘Arise, LORD, and come to your resting place, you and the ark of your might.
Tomas01/04/1212:33pmYup, new poll
New Poll01/02/128:56amNew year needs a new poll please.
Song of Solomon01/01/1211:33am"Who is this, arising like the dawn, as fair as the moon, as bright as the sun, as majestic as an army with billowing banners?"
Revelation01/01/126:42amThen God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm. And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.
Milkshake12/22/117:10pmM-L: Good!! Then DON'T explain.
M-L12/17/1111:58amMilkshake: If you don't know what the culture of death is and how it is relevant to this poll, it would be too long to explain it to you here.
Milkshake12/16/118:20pmM-L: I really dont care to learn more about her. I just dont see what this has to do with the subject on the poll.
M-L12/16/116:29amTo Milkshake: If you want to learn more about this Lady go to: Http://
Milkshake12/15/118:31pmM-L: Is she married?
M-L12/12/119:07amHttp:// Today is the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She had come at a time when the culture of death was raging in Mexico and she brought in her wake a new culture of life. May she do the same for us today.
Katiekaite11/25/1110:05amI think there should be some allowable contract lawfully recognized for any two people to share the financial benefits of marriage. Who cares about whether or not you love each other? Love is relative. What a marriage provides is protection, health insurance, credit ratings and shelter. If I want to help my best friend by allowing her to be covered on my health insurance for life or for a temporary period of time, I should be able to do that. After all, I am paying for it. My husband agrees with this allowance of benefits.
Wildflour11/22/1110:44pmJay-There are plenty of people raised in strict religious homes that give up that religion upon adulthood, because it doesnt fit who they are. Just because someone has a strong understanding of a religion does not mean they themselves practice it.
Aleksandra11/22/114:14pmLove is love and marriage is about love, so any two people who love each other should have the right to state it by giving their vows to each other through marriage!
Janet11/21/111:22pmAny two people who are of age should have the right to get married. Period.
Jake11/20/1110:19pmAfter seeing straight people treat marriage as a sham, with divorce rates over 50% and people like Kim Kardashian demostrate the fallacy whether "marriage" belongs to straight people under the oridiance of God. Mind you, the animal kingdom does not have many animals that mate for life. Marriage allows for all the legal benefits for two people in a committed union, who love each other, in some states, civil union can be defined in various terms, which still shows inequality. While as a gay man, I am in no hurry to get married. Regardless whether gay or straight, it's not all what it's cracked up to be. I think it would be more appropriate to live in modern times. If you continue to think oh what about God? But don't forget that religion has caused of many wars for the past millennia, and I don't think a loving caring God would pen it all on a piece of paper that would diciate what is and what isn't appropriate for people to take sides on. I think the best thing we can do is to accomodate the best to each other and let God be the judge.
Jay11/19/119:54amTo wildflower: are you then a follower of "false idols" for being on this site?
Milkshake11/18/112:24pmMarriages are signed on paper. It was meant for one woman and one man.
Wildflower11/18/1112:04pmHmmm…so by some accounts here, if marriage is only defined by a religious ceremony…so then does that mean non-religious ceremonies, using a judge/justice of the peace in a court house or Vegas are not really marriages? Another concern: If some of you are seriously devout in faiths like Christianity, Judaism, Moslem etc…isn't being on a new-age website considered following "false idols"?
Milkshake11/17/116:38pmErika: What's the bad question you are answering?
Erika11/16/117:06amBad question - I wouldn't consider another definition a 'redefinition' anyway, from a (my) secular point of view. This way of framing the issue is already heavily influenced by fundamentalism.
Milkshake11/15/1111:10amMarriage is really an invention from God. Marriage is a union. But this union is really made for one man and one woman. It is best for a union of a man and a woman to raise children. Nowadays marriage is redefined. No wonder our children and this world are so screwed up.
Lennisss11/12/119:16pmMarriage No limits, are true vows Marriage is an institution So we say aloud For a woman - "it guarantees her survival and support". For a man - "the availability of sex and companionship". Now we have a contract of social convention Nothing new has been invented Well...Now you've given up the very nature Of your being in trade for security So I ask you does it matter? Heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual, it still all the same. We are as one, there is no separation. Only one of us
BamBam11/12/116:01pmMarriage is a religious union under God and we all know what the Church and Bible say's about this, I think everyone should be able to have a union, but, you can't call it a 'marriage" and I don't think the term "marriage" should be redefined. If same sex partners want to be married fine, don't change the meaning of it for straight people, create something new for yourself (a new name) and don't force others to change because you happen to be different. Frankly, people coming out of the closet doesn't shock anyone anymore...and I'm kinda getting tired of certain groups shoving their sexuality in my face on tv, in my church etc. I Support you already but keep it to yourself!!
Dee11/12/115:27pm“Some may argue that times have changed, but they cannot credibly argue that humanity, as a gendered species, has changed.”
Milkshake11/11/112:03pmHmmmmm. I wonder what Swifter would say about this.
Dirk11/07/1112:11pmNo, solely because marriage is a religious practice, many people no longer look upon it as such but that is still what it is
Laurel11/04/1112:57amSomeone else"s marriage shouldnt be anyone else"s concern,worry about yourself. A marriage is between 2 people not the town or the family, if we all just took care of ourselves and stayed out of other peoples business the world would be a better place. Remember we are not the judge god is hell if 2 people love each no matter there sex then they should be able to marry,hell a woman & a man cant even stat in a marriage. I say go for it do your thing dont worry about what other people say they aint paying your business
Amanda10/30/113:06pmI am for marriage between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. People talk of nature and I wonder how many know that there is actually a gene we carry that decides our sexual preferences? Yep that was proven about 14 or so years ago hence it is old news. The difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is in homosexuals the gene is active, or switched 'on' where in heterosexuals it is dormant or 'off'. Now if I look at that and want to talk nature and god then I have to assume god knew what he was doing when he put that little switch in there to begin with. If I assume he did then I must assume there is an excellent reason for it..but being a narrow minded human who is rife with fear of 'different' I am going to not look at that and instead stick with my fear and think my way is the only way. Hell folks there's more to nature than he and she..there are many variables..countless. Before the bible bangers go at it please get it through your heads that not everyone believes as you do and if you are on a divination web site then you are going against what your so-called 'good book' teaches regardless of the reason you may give for being here to begin with. In other words you shouldn't even know about this web site and you broke the tenets of your maybe you need to look at that and not at the whole marriage issue.
Lori10/29/112:26pmMarriage should be between a man and a woman.
Really?10/25/113:26pmMarriage was originally started as a contract to preserve theft of property (land, money, females) & to ensure the next generation was provded for (kids having 2 parents active in their life). All that has been thrown out the window in modern times. People, straight and gay, aren't waiting til marriage to have the benefits of mariage: sex, living together & having kids...Not like what used to be encouraged when gay lifestyles were out of sight/out of mind. Knowing a course of action has been set into place, that we cant go back to the 1950s, why do people get so peaved about gay people marrying? Its not like straight people are being prim & proper, respecting marriage for what it was originally set up to be. (BTW I am straight).
Kyle10/23/116:04pmA deep intimate relationship in which to souls would like to know themselves more deeply. Loveanscends gender and cannpt not be restricted by it. Its personal choice and we each have our own ways and styles of expressing the love we are.
TwinkleBott10/17/119:44pmThis is an open forum.As long as I have my freedom of speech I will state my opinion.I agree with yes.
Ness10/17/118:56pmOne Nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and JUSTICE for ALL. Although that is what we say we pick and choose when we want to allow that. Marriage is LEGAL therefore constituted by the LAW. You cannot deny ANYONE their LAWFUL right. Unless you will exempt someone from taxes you cannot exempt them from any other legal process. If you think marriage is not legal try getting a divorce from someone without LEGAL documentation. Keep your PERSONAL opinions personal. If we governed our court system like this we would be locking EVERYONE up for thinking and acting DIFFERENT than us. God help this country. We are so eager to be RIGHT we forget to be TOLERANT...
Pat10/17/1111:33amTry the "theory" of gravity and go jump off a bridge see if it is just a "theory". As for marriage it was never instituted by mankind and therfore you cannot redefine no matter how much you would like to do so!
TwinkleBott10/16/1111:47pmLaw of nature is a theory.And all "man-made-laws" are subject to re-definition because we are constantly evolving and changing to adapt to our enviroment unlike gravity or the speed of light.
Pat10/16/1111:15amMarriage was never instituted by mankind but is a LAW OF NATURE, therefore it cannot be redefined by mankind anymore then the law of gravity or the law of the speed of light or make water boil one degree sooner or later then the LAW OF NATURE states. Therefore stop trying to do the futile it only does you harm.
TwinkleBott10/15/119:51pmWhy not?I don't understand why it shouldn't be redefined in the constitution if it is legal for people of the same sex to legally wed.Why if its legal in one state should in not be legal in all the states?They should totally redefine it for sure.And make it legal for gays\lesbians to adopt too.Look @ the statistics of failed straight marriages.Besides they are going to still have sex even if they can't marry each other.Fact.
Milkshake10/13/119:03pmI agree with No.
No10/11/112:21pmNo it should not. Nothing wrong with two members of the same gender having a, "Civil partnership" recognized, but that is it.
Alison10/10/119:45pmLove, and let live.
Trey10/08/1112:01pmMarriage is defined as a contractual union between two people of the opposite sex under the law, which is in fact a civil union. You just said that to you marriage is not just a civil union. You and I agree on something here... Marriage is not just a civil union to me either. For me bearing children (or the intent to bear children) is an integral and material part of marriage and is how our species is propagated. Even you cannot deny that same sex couples cannot physically bear children. This is why I say marriage can only be between a man and woman, and this is not a bigoted statement but a factual statement. Apparently you think God or nature are bigoted and are discriminating against same sex partners because they cannot have children. This is nonsense. Incidentally, I also think it's wrong for couples of the opposite sex to have children outside of marriage. Does this make me some kind of bigot also? No, it doesn't. Your overuse of the word bigot waters down it's meaning and effectiveness which does everyone a disservice. You asked a bunch of questions in your last post... I don't have all day so I'll just answer one of your key questions: I don't want my children to be taught that same sex "marriage" is a perfectly normal alternative to marriage because I want them to eventually find a loving partner with whom they can bear children and raise a family. That to me and the vast majority of the human race is Marriage.
Amanda10/06/113:05pmQuote from Trey "You're right, it's none of my business what they do... until they decide to alter the meaning of marriage, then it becomes my business now doesn't it? And you never answered my question... how can I be a bigot if I support civil unions between homosexual couples?" End Quote No Trey marriage isn't just a civil union for me. It is the sacred joining of two people before whomever they perceive the Divine to be. What I copied and pasted as a direct quote from you shows the if somehow their love and their desire for the identical right that you enjoy should be denied. I never said a civil union and a marriage are the same and as a matter of fact I specifically stated they are not. So...back to what I asked you..which is..if you REALLY aren't a bigot then why would two men getting married bother you to begin with? What do you fear being re-written? Are you afraid gays will take over everything and they will rule the earth? Are you scared that more young gay people might..just might feel a little more validated? Are you afraid that children of same sex couples may feel like they too are more accepted? Whats wrong, you don't want to go ton dinner and see two men kiss like a man and woman would? Why?? Whats wrong with you that it bothers you so much?
Jay10/06/111:55pmWell said, Trey!
Trey10/06/1112:00pmI don't care if homosexuals are in the closet, or out of the closet. You are covering up your weak arguments by making stuff up. You're right, it's none of my business what they do... until they decide to alter the meaning of marriage, then it becomes my business now doesn't it? And you never answered my question... how can I be a bigot if I support civil unions between homosexual couples? After all, to you marriage is just a civil union right? Think a little bit before you answer again with the tired old accusations of bigotry and discrimination.
Pat10/06/1110:41amOnce upon a time there was a country with a fine and wise ruler and the people who lived there were very happy. Then one day, the people observed closely that whenever any of them fell from a great height, they were badly hurt or even killed. So they decided they wanted to change this law of gravity when it applied to people so no one would be hurt even if they should fall from great heights. They went to their ruler and petitioned him to have the law of gravity changed when it came to them so no one would ever be hurt if they should fall even from great heights. The wise ruler tried to explain to them that this law could not be changed by him since it had not been implemented by him, but they would not listen. So he did as they demanded. The people were very please, thinking that now no one will ever be hurt again and they all threw themselves over a cliff and died. Whoever has ears let him hear.
Amanda10/06/118:35amTrey what you just said about homosexuals IS bigoted and I don't CARE if I win anyone over. The bottom line is that you want the homosexuals to remain 'in the closet' because of some personal issues you have with their lifestyle..which by the way is none of your business. You know while you feel the way that you do, homosexual couples feel as strongly about educating people as you what makes your feelings supersede what basically they do have the right to have? What makes them less than you..less deserving of the same rights and recognition as you and if you are married your wife has and deserves? Why should their children feel they need to shut up about mom and mom or dad and dad? What BOTHERS you about this really? You can't catch gay you either are or you're not.
Trey10/06/112:39amAmanda, calling people in this forum bigots or racists just because they don't agree that marriage should be redefined will not win anyone over. I think you are selectively reading posts because you missed the fact that many of us here who voted ‘no’ also agree that homosexual couples should have the ability to unite together and be afforded the same legal benefits as a married couple. We just don't want it to be called ‘marriage’ and have our school text books re-written to teach homosexual partners as a normal alternative to marriage. My wife and I are raising two kids, and we are trying to teach them that marriage is a very important institution between and man and a woman, and that children are the physical, emotional, and spiritual product of that institution. Homosexual couples are incapable of this for obvious reasons. This is just a fact of nature. Is nature itself bigoted because two men cannot spawn a child? Man and women are born with physical differences and that is just the way it is. I’m born without a uterus, so I will never know what it’s like to give birth. Does that mean God or nature is being sexist or racist and that I am somehow being discriminated against? That is of course nonsense. This is a philosophical discussion and if all you can do to push your agenda is to call everyone here a bigot, than your persuasive skills are clearly sub-par and you have no argument.
Amanda10/05/115:50pm Seeing as how I was born and raised in the south and haven't lived outside of it in nearly 42 years I do think I know a little bit about what goes on here and what went on here. Matter of fact I live in what's referred to as the deep south..does than mean anything to you? From what I see with this marriage debate it is identical in it's bigotry as racism in the south as well as the sexism. So what, instead of their color being different who they live with, date and want to marry is someone of the same sex.It is apparent from the posts here that people think that they (whomever they are) should not have the same rights as a man/woman couple. It amazes me that while there is probably no one here that would think about denying a person of color some kind of basic right ( and marriage is just that) when it comes to people who have a different kind of romantic life (which BTW is no one business but those directly involved) don't deserve to be able to make it a legal marriage. Give them something different..but NOT marriage. How insane and narrow minded is that? Why do they deserve less and why does it freak people out that this is even a topic. Since when does someones personal life have anything to do with what any of us personally do?
Milkshake10/01/117:36pmPaulette, please, that's not what I meant. I was only telling Amanda the truth about separate bathrooms in the south. That has NOTHING to do with same sex marriages! Jeeeeeezzz please!
Amanda10/01/116:50pmNo it isn't Jim Crow. It is a comparison between how things evolved from the days of the civil rights movement, women's rights, now looking at same sex marriages. The arguments against the former of the groups are almost identical in the type of thinking . I think the fact that several states already ( 6 to be exact) already have legalized same sex marriage you could say that this too is in the process of changing and being redefined. At the end of the day Trey you are splitting atoms. This is how things get done...the Group and the Individual can..and sometimes is the same thing.
Trey10/01/114:41pmThe point I made about individual rights stands. Going off on a tangent about how individuals can come together to form groups of people to rally for a cause is completely irrelevant and not something I dispute. Amanda... You better re-read my analysis... Apparently once was not enough!
Paulette10/01/116:53amWhoa, having separate bathrooms for blacks and whites in the South is justification for no same sex partnerships? Jim Crow much?
Milkshake09/30/116:50pmAmanda, in some parts of Louisiana, black people and white people use separate bathrooms. This is true very much in the south in some places. Fight this......go get your asses wooped. In my opinion, a marriage is meant for a lifetime (doesnt happen anymore), and is meant for one man and one woman......NOT two men and two women. You want to be with the same sex, go ahead, but not marriage. It's not right.
Amanda09/30/113:45pmTrey that argument may have sounded great when you typed it but the problem is that our language has been getting overhauled since the turn of the century and I am not referring to just slang terminology. Our legal terminology changes daily. If you don't think so think about this. When the internet was first introduced there were really no laws regarding it's usage. As time went on and things begin to happen new terms came to being. Individuals are also represented as groups and classes both in society and in the eyes of our law makers. That's how things like civil rights, equal work for equal pay, women's rights,etc come into being. GROUPS of INDIVIDUALS stand up together,march up and down the street with sings, email their local representative and congressmen or women, go door to door, etc to get the rights ensured for all INDIVIDUALS in that GROUP. It's very similar to pagans as a group standing up and taking various local, state and fed governmental agencies to court for religious persecution and discrimination. Single people came together that had something in common..being persecuted for their differences from main stream society..they formed a group..and got their rights and a result had legalese re-written due to changing times and circumstances.
Trey09/29/116:00pmAmanda if you want to get technical, 'groups' of people do not have rights, only individuals are born with unalienable human rights. This is where you are confusing the issue and the Constitution. You can't say a ‘group’ of people collectively are equivalent to an individual and afforded rights in the same way. I understand that you are trying to say is it’s wrong to discriminate against any ‘individual’ based on race, gender, sexual preference, etc., and I agree with this statement. Technically Marriage applies equally to all people if you read the definition carefully. Any man can marry a woman regardless of his sexual preference, and any woman can marry a man regardless of her sexual preference (although I understand that homosexuals would not choose this option). That is simply the definition of Marriage, and it’s no more discriminatory than saying the definition of the word ‘man’ is a human being with a penis. Can you imagine if certain women decided it was discrimination to not be included in the definition of the word man? If we try to redefine every word in our English language just to satisfy different ‘groups’ of people, the result would be chaos and broken down language. If homosexual men or women want to be united together and have the same legal benefits that Married couples do, that should be fine as long as they don’t force the rest of us to redefine the institution of Marriage.
Amandaa 09/29/113:33pmWhen we as society uphold the rights of one group and deny another group the same rights that is called bigotry. Legally it is called discrimination and is illegal in both society and the secular worlds. The reason it's illegal is that other than superficial things ( race, gender, sexual preference, religious or spiritual beliefs...) people have the same rights to pursue a happy life. Our Constitution guarantees that. In our history we once thought that black people needed to use different bathrooms, go to different schools, drink out of different fountains, we also thought women should not have a vote in this country, nor should they be paid the same as a man for the identical job,...I could keep writing what was once thought of as something that should never happened and now it is unimaginable that it was ever that way. We ALL have the right to live and love. No one has the right to restrict and decide who can and can't marry.
Harvey The Rabbit09/27/117:26pmIf it only takes LOVE to make a marriage, then if a mans daughter says "I love you, Daddy.", then the man should be able to divorce has wife, and marry his daughter. If what the activist say is to be equal and right under the laws. Tell me, "Do you want your son/daughter to marry your ex-?", because somebody has an agenda. No marriage should not be redefined.
Rubina09/27/113:45pmMarriage is for the extreme wealthy of society, and like any other property contract, exists for economic purposes. A person does change and evolve every ten years or so, therefore, feelings and hormonal values shift and fluctuate over time. Legal marriage is a relatively new phenomenon in human evolution. Spititual evolution does not include signing over of rights to your body and property to another person, or government. Love, romance and feelings are subject to variances, much like weather.
Lennisss09/25/117:37pmIf you both agree at a conscious level that the purpose of your relationship is to create an opportunity, not an obligation - an opportunity for growth, for full Self expreession, for lifting your lives to their highest potential, for healing every false thought or small idea you ever had about you, and for ultimate reunion with God through the communion of your two souls - if you take that vow instead of the vows you've been taking - the relationship has begun on a very good note. That's a very good beginning. Regardless of what the relationship is!
Natalie09/25/119:11amI'm with Amanda, it should be equal for everyone. Though I don't agree with the general idea of marriage anyway. I just don’t see why it should be this supreme measure of the commitment two people have to each other, or why it should be regulated by the government, or why anyone should be granted any special privileges or benefits for it.
Amanda09/22/114:58pmOnce was enough..thanks.
Me09/21/112:09pmAmanda, please re-read Trey's comment!
Amanda09/21/1112:56pmI think if two people are in love and wish to marry then that should be allowed regardless of genders. You don't choose who you love. It's unfair that people can live together, share the bills, raise the children etc etc and yet not have their relationship legally recognized. A domestic partnership isn't the same. I feel that if you are doing the same thing as a male/female couple and you want to marry then your gender or sexual orientation should not be an issue. There is an important statement to be made here and that is that you can't have a country that touts equality and justice for all when you restrict what are the most common rights of passage to those that are so-called 'normal'. That's being a hypocrite.
Lizzy09/20/112:16pmI agree with your statement completely Trey.
Me09/20/118:45amWell stated,Trey!
Trey M.09/19/118:12pmI don't like the idea of redefining marriage to suit every special group of people who wishes to make a statement. The term marriage is defined as a specific union between a man and woman. I'm certainly not opposed to civil unions involving two men or two women, or Milkshake and her dog if she so desires, as long as it's not titled Marriage. There are plenty of lawful unions in business, like Partnerships, Corporations, etc, and they are each called something different so as not to confuse people by destroying the very specific meaning of the word Marriage as it applies to human relationships.
Milkshake09/16/117:48pmYes, Me. I think he would like you too! One dog man and 2 women.
Me09/16/114:35pmI'd like to marry your dog too. Sounds like he's got all the qualification! Would he mind two partners?
Milkshake09/15/1111:01pmI wish I could marry my dog. He is sensitive, warm, cuddley, honest, loving, playful, listens to what I say, and always looks forward to seeing me.

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