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Does President Obama deserve a second term?

Total Voters: 8274
Yes 5%
No 5%
Undecided 5%
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I wonder too???? 11/13/126:27amWell? I guess these people do NOT know the word of "KINDNESS" or RESPECT???? THEY only know the words like HATE!! How to BULLY others..put down others! Thanksgiving is coming I WONDER???IF ANY RESPECT WILL BE POSTED IN HERE!!!!!!! Christmas "holidays" are just upon us & I REALLY WONDER IF ANY KINDNESS..LOVE AND HUMAN RESPECT WILL BE SAID??????????????????????????
What is wrong here! Jeez!11/11/122:52pmCan the adults acting like snotty, insulting, name-calling brats come back to the adult world for a change or is this too hard for some of you here? Do you get away with this childish behavior at work too? Doesn't matter who is insulting whom or from which party's side. It just doesn't matter! If you are an adult, I encourage you to get a grip emotionally & get back to acting like the mature adult you are supposed to be. This is ridiculous! Come on! Grow up!
McCormick11/10/124:00pmYou know what I think is funny? This woman was arrested for felony charges for voting twice!! I heard she voted for Mitt. hehehehehe!
Chris11/10/121:27pmFolks none of you know what's going on. Its not Bush, Clinton, Bush or Reagan. It started a very long time ago and was described by the term "Pork" and has increased ever since the end of WWII. Members of both houses of Congress have been sponsoring "Pork" in their own districts to take care of their own and to get re-elected. This has been on the steady increase since as each decade has passed. That's why you need to take a look at the attachments to a Bill before it passes. Many times a President signs a Bill even though he doesn't want the "Pork" that is attached to it. That is why Congress is against a Line Item Veto. Two of the biggets offenders of "Prok" were Senator Robert Byrd of WV and President Lyndon Johnson. Tell us why NASA has to launch a rocket from FL and transfer control of the mission to The Johnson Space Center in TX. Because Johnson was President when the decisions were made. Until we have the ability to get rid of "Pork" we will not have a balanced budget or have the ability to get ourselves out of debt regardless of who the President is or isn't.
OH-Ok-FINE11/10/127:22amTOM??? you must be a KKK'ER??? OR belong to KKK????
Tom11/09/127:28amIt is not enough!! We good, honest Americans need to vent our fustrations and anger on what happened. It is a disgrace that the ass was re-elected. Anyone that voted for him is stupid and a complete moran and when you look at the groups that voted it is understandable and makes sense. Welfare folks --the you owe me groups that have babies every year and then there is the illegal mexicans and they drop illegal brats all over the place not much in the way of brains, so Obama can brain wash these souls to believe anything he tells them. Then you have the liberal media--all losers. I never watch the news except I watch Fox News at least it is fair and balanced. I want to wish good luck to all legal, born and raised Americans that believe in Capitalism the very best for the next four years....we are going to need it.
NO new Poll11/09/126:09amNO MORE NEW POLLS!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!
Alan11/09/125:24amThe role of government is to protect its people not run its people not giving free hand outs such as Obamacare which will bankrupt the country. The reason for the problems overseas is due to socialist, nanny state activities. The governement is not suppose to create jobs the private sector does and we are not to blame for their ignorance. Obama wants us down their path. Capitalism is the way to go not socialism. Quit blaming Bush!! This crap started back when "Slick WIllie" Clinton was in office. We need to get rid of unions they are bankrupting each state and the country as a whole. Tom is correct to get upset this country is getting filled up with free loaders and that moran Obama is letting them in. I do not want to support these free loading low lifes along with their brats they keep popping out every 9 months. Socialism is not the way to go Capitalism is. Noone is speaking from fear, but from anger that this jerk got back in office. He is killing America with his off the wall socialist ideas. He and his whole family can go to hell and they probably will as far as I am concerned. The next 4 years will again be wasted by a moran plain and simple. Tom you can say and feel what you want!! This is still America I think?? Freedom of Speech and all that!!
Looking over the fence11/08/123:33pmFOR TOM…..There is a role for government in ensuring the health and welfare of its people. There is a role for governments in ensuring nations are not crippled by dangerous, unchecked corporate greed. This is not called socialism you foolish man….it is called responsible, effective national management. Capitalism CAN NOT function without socio economic stratification…i.e there needs to be a bottom rung of citizens…who supports them….??? Commerce, trade and the exchange of money does not cover all bases when it comes to human needs…this is so evident…I need no support to say this is absolute truth. Tom…Perhaps I waste my time here…but the reason you are frustrated and angry is because you lack insight, understanding and critical reasoning. It’s clearly evident in most, if not all of your posts. Your emotive, uninformed attitude is indicative of the Tea Party mentality that has done so much damage to the Republican ticket. You represent the old school insular American flatly refusing to look at cultures outside your own to glean any sort of understanding of comparative and contrasting social constructs to provide ballast for your argument. Clearly you speak from fear….you seem to have little or no understanding of socialism and capitalism…really…you do not. You speak emotively out of ignorance and fear. Unfortunately it is your attitude and those that share it that hold a great nation back. You are conservative…by definition you cannot progress. I am reluctant to speak in absolutes…more often than not it is inappropriate in such a forum….BUT TOM….The economic situation in the US was driven by unchecked capitalist madness….that has not only brought American to the brink of defaulting…but has left many other nations on the knife edge of solvency. (All under the watchful eye of GW BUSH.) Insight from down-under… PS…for those of you that say mind your own business…it is my business. We live in a Global economy. Decisions made in the US are felt all over the globe. Wish I could vote in your election. PPS…Tom…have a good hard look at yourself. All you prove is that you know so little…become impartial….learn something.
Angie11/08/1212:25pmI can understand Tom's fustration and anger, someone was just elected to office that is ruining the country. Obama will never be my president. I never and would never vote for a socialist. That is what he is. He believes in big government and I believe in small government. Our taxes come January are going to go out the roof so get ready you stupid silly people who voted for this socialist, wait you will see more people loose their jobs, homes, families because Obama does not know how to govern. He is a total waste of space in the world.
NEW POLL11/08/1211:50amNEW POLL
Chris11/08/1210:18amFolks, its over. The people of the United States have spoken and whether we agree with it or not Obama is OUR president. Even though I disagree with many of Preident Obama's policies I will work the system to prevent them from being implemented, but I will support the President when I believe he is correct. Its time to drop it. Abe Lincoln, who had it the toughest of any President, had it right regarding his policies towards the South after the Civil War. "With malice towards none." It still applies today.
Tom11/08/129:50amI do not care that you do not like what I said. It is true. The only people that voted for this ass is the folks on welfare, the wetbacks illegal and legal and all the rest of the liberal **** heads out there. Obamacare is going to distroy all upstanding, working Americans not the lazy ones out there. This is just a frickin nightmare. Also this ass will spend and spend again.What the hell were people thinking. I am frustrated and angry.
NO POLL PLEASE11/08/127:45amI HOPE NOT!!!!!!!..I hope there will NOT be a new poll...this outa be all pulled out with all the BAD haters..and lanuage?!. LIKE--NO--I HOPE THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW POLL!!!!!! TOM?? go stick it in you ear! The choice has been made..if YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS?? then it is YOUR problem NOT OURS! GOD? I HOPE THER WILL NOT BE ANOTHER POLL!!!!!!! This is gone too far enough..!!!!!!!!! With such HATERS!!!!!!
Tom11/07/128:33amWell the socialist, ass, liar and murderer won. All I have to say is anyone who voted for this ass is a loser and stupid as sin. I can't believe this ass got back in. This is a sad day for all smart thinking americans.
Root11/07/127:40amThe People have spoken! Thank God. Now we can have a new poll on this page!
Congrats Obama!!!11/07/125:45amI told ya's Obama would win this..didn't believe me did ya's??? CONGRATS OBAMA!! He will DO his job!! HE WILL!!!!!!
Chris11/07/125:36amCongratulations President Obama and all you Obama supporters! Now lets get together and light a fire under the rear ends of the people we elected so our country can move forward in a spirit of cooperation and vision.
Ok, Enough now!! 11/06/1211:36amStop all this ****ing, get off your ass and get out there and vote. I DO hope there will NOT be another poll! Cause this has gone too far, ENOUGH ALREADY! GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!!!
Beav11/04/125:48pmShaggy, leave me and everyone else the fuk alone now! Get a fukking life. The ideas I spread? Are you talking about Tom Panagos? Am I not alllowed to express my opinion? I dont like Mitt period. Now maybe after this election, we can have a new poll.
Chris11/04/124:38pmBeav, if I did have a big plate of manure it would be you, the ideas that you spread, the stuff that comes out of your mouth and ends up here.
Mitt Romney11/04/126:09amHEY...this is better then "The Family Guy...or even better yet? South Park!!!!. I just LOOOVVEEE the lanuage here..GREAT stuff.!! No wonder why I am MORMON! KEEP IT UP GUYS..VOTE FOR ME..CAUSE I WILL BRING ALOT MORE OF THIS FOR YA'S!!!!! I even BLOW ALOT HARDER FOR YA"S!!!!!!
Beav11/03/124:19pmLook who's taking Chris? Take a look at yourself? You're not worth S.HIT! Eat Me!
Chris11/02/126:26pmBeav that may be true, but do you see the damage you leave behind. It makes people think that you're really not worth it.
Hurricane Beav11/02/125:43pmI am blowing hard.
Beav11/02/125:36pmChris, I am wet and I do blow.
Chris11/01/127:32pmBeav you're alot like the recent storm Sandy. A really wet blow.
Beav11/01/125:55pmMellissa, you are the BIGGEST pain in the butt! You can't be the exact same Mellissa. Melissa is alot nicer than you! Oh Tom, by the way, Hillary is getting on my nerves and smells. Maybe she ought to take a bath. Tom, you have no chance being president. Mary Lu, LOL!! Romney needs to get his "mitt" out of his butt. And finally, Chris, GEE, thanks for the advice, vote early...WOW, ok. I don't know if the upper east coast can vote right now. They're having a few difficulties at this time.
Chris10/30/126:36pmRemember to vote early and to vote often!
FREEDOM!10/27/126:00amOk..this vote is just around the corner..IF YOU HAVE voted?? then..GREAT! If not..get out there and VOTE..This is YOUR vote!. Alot of you HATE..JUST Hate Obama...your vote is VERY important. You do not go and vote?? Well? do not cry about it later.! I have already voted..thanks.
Angie10/26/129:46amI hate to see everyone get so upset about this election. But I can see why. I am so bothered that this president let four americans die when it could of be prevented. This man is a liar and will do anything to win this election even at the price of letting these americans die and try to cover it up with a dumb video. Did he think we would not find out or was it his wish that we would not find out till after the election. How can we trust someone who did not help fellow americans watched what happened not bringing in security teams to protect them then go on to Vegas campainging. How can he live with himself. They have been requesting extra security before this happened and was turned down. Now we know by the memos he and his administration lied again, so they blamed it on a stupid video to cover it up. He and his whole administration should be ashamed of themselves. God help them because someday when they meet God they will have to answer. I am 70 years old and will not vote for this scum and if every american was smart they would not vote for this scum either. God Bless America and the families of the four fallen heros.
Alan10/26/128:24amJen, Obama does not have facts only lies!!! It is amazing how stupid people really are. Everyone commenting on Obama are really fustrated on how he handles anything. He screws up all the time and noone on the left will hold him accountable. He should pay a hefty price for letting those poor americans die while he watched it on real time video. They should of had better security. Obama is only worried about getting reelected. I hope he pays dearly at the polls for this screw up. If Bush did this the news would of been talking impeachment. Obama needs to be dropped kicked out of office immediately!!!!!
Tom10/26/127:16amHey Mary Lu....You really are as stupid as your name. Obama sucks ****s!!! How do you like that. You socialist moran!! The more I hear about this ass Obama the more I can't stand him. He killed 4 americans lately or are you going to let that slip along with all his other lies and bull. From reading you comment I guess so. This man has separated americans, lied to americans but he is cool because he gets along with the movie stars which half of them have slept with the world, taken drugs, married and divorces a million times. Who wants to be close to that trash--Obama because he is trash and his wife and kids along with that demented VP Biden. What a tool. You just don't understand that this jerk is bandrupting the country and setting us up for more terrorist attacks in our home turf. Wake up!!!! The only record this ass has is nothing!!
Chris10/25/129:46amOkay Jamie, Peeps and Jen, let's look at the facts as too why the economy tends to do better under a democrat (even though I do not agree with that statement). Lets look at the 20th century for example starting with Democrat Woodrow Wilson (WWI), then Franklin Roosevelt (WWII) Harry Truman (Korea) and John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson (Viet Nam). Do you see a pattern here? Ronald Reagan (Republican) that many liberals and Democrats nicknamed the "War Monger" turned a failing economy around that was destroyed by, you guessed it, Democrat Jimmy Carter. So Maybe Democrats can run an economy a little better, but how many millions have Democrats killed in the process? Don't believe me? Take a look at Oliver Stone's JFK where Kevin Costner has a discussion with Donald Sutherland on a park bench in Washington DC. Listen to the converstion. Is it true? That's the kind of thing the liberals buy into.
Jen10/24/125:06pmSounds like Obama supporters have the facts and Romney supporters are full of hate on here.So much fear...a country who takes care of their people is not socialism,it's Canada.Capitalism is money over human life.Money is good but greed is the main things on many peoples minds.I think many capitalist supporters need to be controlled by government,it's less scary than thinking for yourself.
Nw Poll10/24/1212:02pmNew Poll.
Mary Lu10/24/1210:56amAre you any of you MORMONS?? cause then ALL of you are in La LA land. Obama IS the RIGHT man! The OTHER guy?? "What's his face"? He is ONLY thinking of $$$$$$$. What will "what's his face" do to give our rights back peace. ??????????What will HE do for ALL of this to give our country WHAT it REALLY NEDDS??? Plus SO much MORE??? WHAT WILL HE DO????? AND HOW would HE DO IT???????????????? WELL?? OBAMA WILL DO IT...OBAMA ROCKS!!!!!!!
Tom10/24/127:42amMelissa your are in la la land and Obama has you drinking the koolaid. Mitt is not a dictator. He is for capitalism whereas Obama is for socialism where the government takes care of you and tells you what to do....what type of job you can have, where to live etc. Bush was not a dictator. You really are an idiot. Mitt has never forced his religion on us where as Obama has no religion except if you call that crap spewing out of Rev. Wright. His hate for white people and that black people are better. Obama was with that jerk for over 20 years and now since he is the prez he no longer believes that crap. Right!!! ALso that ugly woman Obama married. She cannot stand white people. the two of them are hypicrites. America is a great and powerful country (or it was till Obama became prez) and as far as your neighbor goes why is he in my country if he thinks poorly of America. Tell him to go back to his own country. See when these foreigners come here and know it wonderful they still complain. Well we don't want you so get the hell out!! Just another one sucking our jobs dry and taking freebees from the government. The movie you watched was probably put together by some liberal moran and brainwashed you. Grow a set and fight for freedom, liberty and capitalism not socialism. Next thing you know the terrorists will be everywhere in the USA because Obama does not have the balls to protect us. Look at what happened in Libya. Obama knew what was happening that night and did nothing so we lost those americans and he would not call it terriorism for 14 days. That is not the commander in chef I want. He has had enough time in office now put someone in that will fix the mess he created. Mitt is that man.....
Mellissa10/23/129:53pmAt the last presidential debate Romney said America has only ever protected other countries and never been a dictatorship.Does anyone remember Vietnam,Iraq and all the countries in-between America invaded.My neighbor is from Iraq and told me by the time America left all Iraqs natural resources were taken by the Americans and my neighbor is not an extremest he is a normal and good man ,you just have to look past stereotypes.the reason America has a bad reputation around the world is because America dominates other countries.Romneys religious view should be separate from his presidential ambitions.a womans right to choose is her choice,not up to Romneys conditions,he's another Bush.Open your eyes.unless anyone thinks illegal abortions r a better choice.If Romney wins,America will lose any progress made and go back to a dictatorship,not just America but the whole world.I watched a movie with real footage of Iraq.Americaan troops setting off bombs where there was no danger.they continue on their way as a family's house burn,they don't go back.remember love thy neighbor,I guess now that is continued with...only if they are American too.
Tom10/22/124:34amThe Library of Congress probably has all liberal dems and are lying just like this stupid president. What happens is that the dems always get us in trouble and the Republicans have to get us out of the trouble they put us in. Dems only care about putting people on welfare and giving everything to the unions so we are priced out of the market and have to pay trible for products to pay for the unions. Republicans cut taxes, are better blancing the budget, creating jobs and keeping the US safe. We cannot say that at all about Obama. He is a socialist ass that needs to be deported to Libya, or Russia or some other socialist country...just get him the hell out of here. He does not care about any of the idiots that voted for him just he wants to get back in office to destroy this country further. That is his goal.
Wake up my peeps!!!10/22/123:21amOn the contrary Chris, he is a young man who did his research. Maybe you should. It is a proven fact that the economy does better under democratic rule. But God bless you also!!!
Chris10/21/1212:20pmJamie, have you ever been in a boardroom or is this more of the sterotypes that have been created to demonize people who want to make money? I dare you to answer the question because I'm willing to bet that the nearest you have been to a boardroom was the woodshed when your father beat your ass when you were a kid! Plenty of democrats sit in boardrooms as well and make decisions that have a negative effect on all of us. This is yet another example of a young head full of mush who has been brainwashed to be one sided. Just wait a few years when you have some experience under your belt and you have earned your bones. When you have other people that depend on you your viewpoints will be much different. May God bless you and help you as you mature.
Don Jr 10/20/126:37amAMEN!!! Budg-a-keet!! AMEN!!! I totaly agree with "anonymous" all the best for both men". BUT--I am getting SO~~~ Sick and tired of this..JUST want this done and over with!! I JUST do not care anymore at this point! I REALLY DON'T!!! It is getting to the point that no matter who gets in..."The Lord giveth...yes, you know the rest of this...THE Goverment DOES taketh AWAY!! BIG TIME!!!! All words..BUT no action!!!!! That's what I gotta say!
Budg-a-keet10/19/124:41pmDoesn't matter at this point. Regardless of whoever wins, 1/2 of the people are going to complain, guaranteed.
Jamie10/19/1212:31pmThe Library of Congress has ALL the facts on: GDP(economic performance) and Stock Market performance. America does better under Democratic Presidents. This is an HISTORICAL FACT. Even FDR took more than one term to turn around America's Great Depression. The sad truth is those who back GOP plutocrats like Romney are, themselves, middle class americans who will suffer under GOP rule. Republicans don't care about you. They laugh at you in the boardrooms across America at how easily led you, the dwindling middle class can be fooled by the wealthiest and greediest among us. Poor little GOP chicken still votes for Romney the Colonel Sanders of our time. Tragically ill-informed GOP voters in the 98%.
Anonymous10/19/127:46amHi Again Lilly! I read what you are saying..and understand...but again the polls show that Obama is coming out and on top. AGAIN?? I am NOT sure what to believe anymore NOR read OR hear..SO..I mean? Oh well! You take care to!
Lilly10/19/123:54amHi Anonymous, you know I like you am getting so tired of this election. I would not mind it but I am tired of all the lies from the democrats and the favortism for Obama. He really is the worst president ever. Libya is a perfect example all the cover up and the deaths of our Americans. It is tragic. Why can't he man up and admit he royally screwed up. I might have a little respect for the jerk, but I still would not vote for him. As far as I am concerned he is useless. Have A Good Day!
Anonymous10/17/1212:48pmHi Lilly, I thought it went well? from what I have read?. On they had a question. I can' t remember the question, All I remember it was was bout the debate And Obama took the vote by 75% and Romeny 23%! And apparently from what I have read on the internet that Obama ZING Romeny. So..I mean I guess you can't believe everything you read on the Like again..I wanted to watch DWTS (dancing with the stars), to see my cousin, and I glad I did. This politcial stuff is too much for me. And to me? it's garbage to honest with ya' Oh well, I just do not care who wins, good luck for BOTH men!
Lilly10/17/127:20amThe debate was dumb. Obama of course acted the ass and did not say anything as usual. Mitt did an excellent job, but that cow mediator did not play fair and tried to help Obama and would not let Mitt respond....subject was on the lousy job Obama did in Lybia and the murder of our innocent folks at the embassy. Obama should be court marshalled for what happened. Obama lost the debate as far as I am concerned.
Anonymous10/17/126:44amWe LOVE OBAMA!! WE LOVE OBAMA!! I didn't get the chance to watch the debate..but, I did heard and read that he did a GREAT debate. I wanted to watch my cousin on DWTS (Dancing With The Stars)!!
Linda10/16/126:22amHELLLOO!! "LOVERS" of Obama!!!!! We keep talking Obama here..BOY WE DO "LOVE" HIM, Don't we??!!!!
Realist10/15/129:56pmReally i wish there was someone besides romney we had to pick from he looks pure evil and he is fake and hell
Chris10/15/127:27pmM.A.D. Tell me why George W. Bush was evil. Was it his ideology? Was it the wars that took place? Why is George W. Bush evil in your mind? Or is it simply because he is a Republican and you disagree with him? I don't think Obummer is evil. I think he's in over his head and he doesn't know what to do. The "he needs more time" argument is not valid due to President Obummer's own words. He promised Hope, Change, and to reduce the national deficit. As far as I am concerned he has failed to deliver on his promises. President Obummer has dashed the hope of so many, including myself, that we have stopped looking for work. 7.9 % of the population may be a dip in the unemployment rate, but that does not include those who stopped looking and/or came off the unemployment rolls because their benefits ran out. He has fundamentally changed our medical benefits system and created one of the largest tax increases in history through Obummer-care. He has increased the national debt when he said that he would reduce it by half by the end of his first term. All of these results are directly related to the decisions and actions President Obummer has taken in office. I for one believe that we cannot afford four more years of President Obummer, his policies, and the results they achieve.
Tom10/15/127:42amI will be thankful at Thanksgiving when the turd--Obama is no longer the president. We cannot afford to give this devil another try. Hell we will be either bankrupt or dead from terrorists since this **** gives I'm sorrys all over the place to those devils. He is a bum and needs to be dropped kicked out of this country and sent to Libya and stay in the Embassy that was taken over since he would not give our men security. See how he would like it when the terrorists pay him a visit. :D
M.A.D10/15/126:02amWhy HATE this man..he is NOT evil???? Bush was evil..Obama is JU~~ST trying to clean up after his mess! It gonna take a LITTLE bit of a longer time!. Why can not you all see this?? YOU HAVE GOT A GOOD all came this far no matter WHAT or WHO was or even the President. If Obama is this "EVIL"? Then?? well? I wish you good things for America!
Tom10/15/125:00amThe American people have no more patience for this turd--Obama. He has done nothing to improve the United States situation only made it worse. He could not debate the last time because he has no record to run on except all his blunders, errors and lies that he made things better. Heaven Help US!!
Chris10/14/127:27pmYes M.A.D. America has a great deal to be thankful for and Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away, but we are frustrated with an idiot wanna be who is taking us down a path of destruction with a group of people blindly following him. America is a great nation but it can be better. The impotance of this election is understood by all, but there is no definitive choice that a majority of the people can trust due to the misinformation that is promoted by both sides. This has resulted in the rudeness and the frustration expressed on this web site. I think it was said best by then candidate Obummer when he said (paraphrased), "If you can't attack the man attack his record so everyone is afraid of him." I hope all of the Obummer supporters can see that is what happened during the first debate. Obummer attacked Romney. I seriously doubt it because the Obummer fans are too frustrated and angry to realize what is going on. Maybe not due to the lack of comments by the group of late.
M.A.D10/14/125:51amJust reading my Sunday Morning funnies here. HA HA HA!! I LOVE your comment "Lilly"!! Lots of rude people in here! LOTS OF THEM!!! Can't leave well alone! Obama is HUMAN!!!!! These American people have got ALOT to be thankful for. You thankgiving is coming to give SOME thanks..ok? ALL..ALL these people that had posted up till now..have a roof, food, & clothes on their backs. They keep forgetting that! So, agree or not? something--AT LEAST SOMETHING to be thankful for! ALOT of homeless out there. Bring them in for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was NOT because Obama put them there!. So, This Thanksgiving?? Remember..please..PLEASE..M.A.D. (Make A Diifference by GIVING your heart!! ok?? hmm?? OK?
Lilly10/12/127:04amTom you are being rude just like the demented VP diden. Do not lower your self to the liberals standards. The real American people they have wit, common sense and brains and will do the right thing and vote for Romney and Ryan. My God This administration killed four americans and are trying to hide the fact and blame someone else. that kind of president we do not want. That's just horrible.
Tom10/12/124:25amIf Obama's wins it is because of asshole people like hehehe etc. I have a question for the morans who are voting for this socialist---Obama? Is it because you are getting stuff free from the government or actually from the hard working American people. Are you all deadbeat lazy people or are you just plain stupid??? I would guess all of them.
Heheheheee10/11/122:25pmObama going to win!!, give it up will ya's???
Tom10/11/1210:01amSince this guy Obama (The Socialist/Markist Bum) took office this country has really declined. First He has turned all of us against each other. Second he has declined our countries rating and millions have lost their jobs. Then the ass passed Obamacare when he knew America did not want this crap. It will cost us the working folks tons of money to support the illegals and the folks on welfare, but you and I will not be able to afford insurance so then the ass will fine us for not having insurance. Why don't the idiots that voted for this ass pay for everything in their taxes and leave us conservative, capitalists alone. Socialism does not work and overseas countries are proof of that. We also need to get rid of unions. The only folks that should have a union are the police department and fire department. Someone that makes a car and all they do is screw in a little screw on the line and they are making $85.00 dollars an hour should be slapped. Then you buy the car and it is a piece of junk. Teachers, need to stop asking for money and work like the rest of us, pay for their own insurance, if they suck at their job then they should get fired like everyone else. Hell they get a day off almost every week and are off in the summer. Boy what a hard job.....Teach the kids and save for retirement alike everyone else, you are not special or better than any other american. I had to vent...and No Obama should not have a second term. He is an ass!!!
Morgan Freeman10/11/126:20amHfqvklenrg,kfmbakfmbamfbkmbkmkgfsbhkhbkwfgnbkinrfkgjjnbkkrfjreknfjekmrdghjrkegmrfgmrfw,gmjkfmbjfdfmbjgadmjbmfjadkdbnfxkg bj thank you for listening
Anthony10/10/124:11pmHello to the land of God and Guns and the mecca of the free market and unbridled paranoia.... While you wait for your saviour....your bankers screw your little buts...or big buts (increasingly). A global, collective lack of wisdom sees you where you are....not about missing the point. Ignorance and apathy from the people. You are screwed by capitalism scared of socialism and drunk on access.... try balance....try prioritising...empires fall guys....and it has nothing to do with obama...its cultural....You have a democracy...shouldn't you be deciding your futures.... whats that i cant agree on a solution...???
Buddy10/09/125:11amChris I agree...We need a strong military to protect us along with our allies. Obama has no foreign policy and is cutting our military funding. He wants the terrorists to come to America and kill more Americans. He lives in la la land and wants us to go hand and hand skipping around with our enemies. It is a nice thought about getting along, but that will never happen and he needs to realize this. I have a feeling the next debate will also be a diaster for him because of his non policies. Mitt will cream him again. Thank God!!
Chris10/08/124:18pmThe United States provides stability to the world when it is strong. The belief of "Peace through strength" is not just a saying to keep the military budget and military contractors happy. Its the possibility that a strong and forceful United States will influence a region for the better. Like it or not, our diplomatic efforts for peace are much more effective when a strong military is available as a last resort. Look what happened to Libya and Col. Kahdafi when President Reagan ordered the Navy to drop a copule 500 pounders in his compund after Libya was linked to a terrorist bombing in a German disco that killed American servicemen. The goal was a change in the Libian government. That happened and Col. Kahdafi disappeared for awhile. Terrorism by Libya stopped. That is why we need a strong military. That is how we control the size of hail stones. That is how we secure Isreal and a non-nuclear Iran and North Korea.
Janet10/05/125:13pmNext year it will not matter who is president the world is in a huge change and it is beyond our control. How do you control hailstones the size of golf balls. How do you control the wild weather we are having or the nuclear bombs. This election will pale into insignificance when we are all trying to survive.
Dougie Nobama10/05/1212:51amI like Al Gore blaming Barry's inept showing @ debate on the altitude! More likely the Buffalo Bud spleef and BarryBeer buzz is what put him in a stupor-Signs of the wimpie suck-up lightweight that he is, he's a fckn doper and a drunk,I'm shocked more people haven't noticed or said something by now?He needs re-hab NOT re-election!
Rhian@elson10/02/1210:59pm'.hi obama i hope you accepted my reason that's why i don't desrve it! to vote you in to yes ..
Buddy10/02/1211:05amWe need another question. We all know that 99% of us do not want that F_ _ k Obama to be president again. The loons that want him president are either just crazy or a relative of the jerk Obama the ass or it could be that crazy pastor he went to for 20 plus years or maybe the terrorist bomber Ayers who is a good friend of Obama the ass.
Chris10/02/1210:34amEllis, your comments really don't mean anything. I mean you need to face facts. We all come from a long line of criminals, indentured servants, or the dregs of society. Very few of us had the good fortune to be in first class on the boat over from Europe. The difference between you and me is that when my ancestors came to the Pennsylvania Colony in 1738, they had the balls to rebel against a monarchy that was mistreating them in 1776. How about your ancestors? That's right, they didn’t have any balls and just took it up the a** from George III and Parliament. When my ancestors fought to become citizens they risked everything they had worked for and built. Your ancestors didn’t risk anything, remained subjects of the crown, and you to this day are a subject of Queen Elizabeth II. There is a big difference between a citizen and a subject. My country was the first to recognize that I have God given inalienable rights as a citizen over my government rather than your sovereign having God given inalienable rights over you. Canada is only above the United States on a map!
Lakeside10/01/128:38pmChange poll today or else Obama will become President. All you have to do is change the poll today. All Justice Court charges are about to get erased if the poll is changed today. Sherri Moulton: You cannot become a President's wife because you are too fat and ugly. Sherri: Put down the cell phone now. Everybody hears you. All Lakeside Plaza Condominium tenants are about to get arrested and fired if you dont change the poll today.
Chris10/01/125:37pmI've taken some time to review the comments previously posted by the O'Bummer crowd in an effort to understand why they support him as President so solidly. Some of the President's supporters have made logical arguments for the President while others have only presented childish tantrums. I have come to the conclusion that O'Bummer supporters believe that the President works as hare as three men. These three men are Moe, Larry, and Curly!
Arlene10/01/124:05amEllis, Our Canadian friend does not have to shut up!! He is just letting us know what a loser we have for a president. It is funny how someone from anther country can see what a loser we got stuck with and most Americans cannot see what a ass Obama is.
Ellis09/30/127:49pmReading this discussion is a reflection of hate and ignorance. One thing is for certain. The American people have become low and ignorant people. Crack a book! Eat that junk food, watch that tube, drink your alcohol, and attack anyone who doesn't play video games. This is what divorce, poor child rearing practices, laziness, and sinking to the lowest common denominator (ON BOTH SIDES!) has yielded. As for Mr. Canadian, mind your own business! The natives of Canada are the lowly, and your government only admits educated professionals only. That's a good thing. The problem is what to do with the lowly lazy NATIVES of the North American continent who are descended from criminals, debtors,and fanatics and deride immigrants for working hard and paying taxes and getting educations.
Steve09/29/124:31pmHi! I'm not living in the states but I tell u that doesn't matter where u live and who is the president (more like an actor/actress) there!!Until the group of people who controlling the strings attached to these "mupets" are the same!You got the same result decades in decades out. :)
Arlene09/27/127:56amHi Everyone!! I think we need a new question. We all know that Obama sucks ****ie do's, and we need new blood. Give Mitt a chance to fix the mess Obama put us in and also protect us from his muslum friends and family.
Kiperly09/27/125:07amSometimes you gotta try something new to achieve the greater good and fresh new idias.....obama had a chance he did some good, now lets try someone else and see just what will happen
Jacks09/27/124:24amI guess I touched a raw nerve when it comes to your ass of a president. Anyone that votes for the jerk has a few screws loose. The man is a socialist and should of never been president. The talk is that he was not born in the U.S. He's a liar and real con man. He has no experience in running your country and has put it toward a path of destruction. I always loved america till this jerk took office. Good Luck to the folks out there that can see what a reject Obama is.
Jack Off09/26/1211:09pmJacks: JACK OFF!
Jacks09/24/126:47amObama is more than a jerk. He is an ass, socialist moran and is ruining your country. I am Canadian and we laugh on how stupid this man is and how he has taken your country down the tubes. He has no foreign policy except lie and lie again. I thought the American people were smarter than this when I listen on the news how people think he is great. He is not!! Wake up! Save your country and vote him out along with that Obamacare. You will all be sorry. Less doctors, less surgeries even if you need it. Big brother in the government will dictate what you can and cannot have as far as healthcare. I know. I needed surgery and could not get it here so I traveled to the US and was able to get the surgery I needed and it saved my life. I know you don't want this liberal **** in office.
Joe09/22/129:13amI "LIKE" Obama, just do not like what he is doing to all of us. That's all!
ENOUGH ALREADY09/22/125:48amObama is going win!!! Obama is going to win!!! Obama is going to win!!!. Nope sorry i do not see him loosing. GOD this so funny!! PLEASE MORE..MORE...!!!! WHO Says it is ALL Obama's doing? NOT him!! It is the people ABOVE him that he has to take orders from..OR do you not know this??? Sunday Morning funnies!! Haterade!! SUCH HATERADE!!! Why not cause MORE wars?. I feel very sorry for you all. I really do! Cause you can NOT see it...can ya's?. Can NOT reach a UNITIED Nation can ya's..only see and talk WAR..HATE!!! Obam this..Obama that!! SIGH..WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. WE ARE ALL having PROBLEMS with ALL goverments..LIKE HEEELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Knock knock!! No matter Obama is causing this OR not. Wake up dudes!! We have ENOUGH wars and haterade on this planet...why add more? OR are you going to add more haterade towards this OR any other person??????????
Chris09/21/128:38pmThe Question has been addressed a long time ago. You need to catch up with the rest of us. Is he a good man? Probably. Is he a good President? NO HE IS NOT! And for the reasons stated previously he doesnt deserve a second chance. O'Bummer needs to haul his a** back to Chicago and just disappear until he has finished his memoirs. I've got a great title for his memoirs, "Elected, Protected, and Rejected." Elected to the Presidency, Protected by every liberal, the media, and idiot who thinks he's doing good and deserves a second chance, and Rejected by the American people for a second term.
The Question09/21/123:06pmThe Question is put to you all. "Does President Obama deserve a second term"????? Well? I am not really reading any answers JUST alot of complaints! Can it not be just a simple "Yes or NO" answer? Like why the LONG stories? KISS (keep it simple stupid). Just a simple "yes or no" answer would of made a GREAT difference! Obama this...Obama that, Like???? Enough already! Obama is a GOOD man! HE is NOT an Idiot, like you all been saying!.
Chris09/20/127:07pmI agree that O'Bummer is taking America down to the bottom just like the Captain of the Titanic did when he found out that he couldn't do anything to save his sinking ship. Have another beer while you stand behind the wheel for the last time President O'Bummer. Did you see the latest? The O'Bummercare tax will be placed on more Americans than originally thought. Thank you Mr. President for the largest tax increase since the implementation of the Tax Code and the IRS! As to our friend in Canada who made a comment about how the United States has fallen, we don't want pity from anyone. Just keep your borders open because if O'Bummer gets re-elected you're likely to see a mass exodus to Canada comparable to those who avoided the Viet Nam draft!
Jacks09/20/1212:40pmI have been reading all the comments and it really shows how we are divided as a nation. We can thank Obama for this. I live in Canada and feel sorry for you folks that have this numnuts for a president. Your country is going down the drain. It's a pitty you were the greatest power but are now ****'s thanks to that numnuts president obama.
Jones09/20/128:31amHey, "Obama is Going to Win" you really are an idiot. It just shows you as a dumb and stupid person to steal a song and put your lyrics in to sing about Obama the Jerk and cannot even create your own song. You sound like someone who would vote for the jerk Obama. What is this world coming to.
Adam09/20/127:48amThe only way Obama will win is if stupid people vote for him and also the freeloaders that want the government to take care of them. These stupid and really dumb people don' t realize that there is not enough money in the government to take care of their lazy butts. We will end up like Europe and bankrupt so then they will cry like babies asking the **** head Obama where is the money to take care of us. When the money is gone and we are bankrupt then those lazy, stupid and dumb people will turn on his ass. No worry though that **** head will be safe with food, money and a comfortable place to be where the dumb, stupid, and lazy people will have nothing. People are really stupid!!
OBAMA is GOING TO WIN!!09/20/126:40amObama is gonna win, Obama is gonna win!! Come-on JOIN in with me. Yeah, even you in the back standing up clapping along. Obama is gonna win! AGAIN, EVERYONE NOW---OBAMA IS GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!! Na na na na naaaa na!! NAAAA!!! ok this will help you all, Na na na na--na na na na hey hey hey good bye (to Romeny!!!!!!!).
Eddy09/20/124:47amAll I know is that I do not want a socialist for president. Obama has lied his whole term. He has divided the nation. It's disgusting how his wife goes to rally's hugging white folks when the twitt hates white people. Check out her background if you can find it. Alot of stuff on her has disappeared along with Obama's background....Doesn't anyone think that is odd. I think the rich lefties are keeping the Obama' past a secret. We need new blood in the White House, someone who cares for all americans, and someone who will get this country back on track. Romney is that person. When Obama won I said hopefully we will be ok, but as it turned out he is killing all of us. Of course I did not vote for the jerk and never would. But you try to give people a chance....Well he failed miserably and needs to go.
Chris09/19/127:52pmRomnuts and O'Bummer are both millionaires who made their money within and under the laws of the United States. They both followed and paid under the same tax code established by Congress and are successful people. To be consistent and avoid being hypocrits, if you hate Romnuts for being a millionaire and not paying his fair share of taxes you need to hate O'Bummer as well because he is able to take advantage of the same take breaks for the wealthy as Romnuts. I have one question for everyone, Why do we tear down others to our level instead of picking ourselves up to the next level? As to being liars. I've never met a politician that didn't stretch the truth. As to a lie how about the one O'Bummer is creating right now. Remember his promise to reduce the deficit during his first term? Remember when he said that he would rather have just one term if he didn't uphold that promise? Please explain to me why O'Bummer didn't keep his word about that?
Samatha Jones09/19/127:59amYes!! I agree with u LMFAO 100%. It--this is very entertaining!!. Sunday Morning funnies, Soap Opera! Hey, this is more better then any of these "reality shows" on right now! I came in here to do my tarot reading I thought to pass by and WOW!! YES!! VERY entertaining!. Such haterade! People can NOT see the other side! I LOVE THIS page! HA HA HA! BTW? "We the people" means (if you read between the lines), standing all together hand in hand...all across this land, country, nation AND all around this world YOU DO NOT AGREE?? then that is YOUR problem NOT MINE!! PLEASE..write more, MORE!! I LOVE THIS!
LMFAO09/19/125:59amThis is---JUST SO VERY entertaining!!!!!! Just like reading the Sunday Morning Funnies!! Like who cares who gets in...they are ALL SCUM anyways! SO...stop your whinning!!! Cause it doesn't matter WHO gets in..Romeny...Obama OR ANY other GOOF!! It is too funny!!. Say what you all want but STOP YOUR WHINNING!!!. I NEVER VOTED FOR OBAMA AND I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMENY!!!. YOU ALL MUST of voted for Obama...cause your all STILL YAKING AND WHINNING about him!!!!!!!
Andrew09/19/124:02amHey Jackie!! If you feel so strong about "We the People" then you better vote for Romeny. You will keep your constitutional rights with him where as Obama the socialist will tell "We the People" what you can and cannot do. He will give your hard earned money to the lazy jerks on welfare. He will let in the terrorist to kill you and your family. Obamacare will bankrupt the country. You need to use some common sense. Yes Romeny is rich, but he worked hard to get it. He has business sense and will get this country back on the right track. Obama is taking us over a cliff. He is a liar, socialist moran that needs to be shipped back to Kenya where he is from. He also needs to take his radical bi_ch of a wife with him and his ugly kids too. When they go I say great we got rid of 4 ****s. As far as Biden goes....what a demented moran. You would think with that big head and forehead he would have some brains but he does not. He is a letch and a useless tool. Drop kick him out of office.
McCormick09/18/1211:58amWhen there is a Heather, there is always a Chris. And then comes a Jackie who has to cause trouble and get in the middle. I dont believe there is enough sadness and remorse to believe that Heather died. I know Heather and Chris. Stop playing games. And Heather is very much alive by the way!
Jackie09/18/129:13amHi..I am Heather's sister, name? is Jackie. I hope I can join in?? (Chris) u say: lets be creative? ok..lets' I am NOT voting for Romeny..that is for 100% (for sure thing). Romeny is to the MORE richer. He will NOT do anything. HE is NOT no Robin Hood...that is for sure!!! He is going to rob us BLIND, I telling ya's he REALLY is! HE IS ONLY caring for the RICH!! and that's it!!! He will NOT care for us..the Americans...OR the American way.!! WE THE PEOPLE-----GET IT??
Chris09/17/125:31pmIs it just me or has ayone else noticed that Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's hair makes him look like "Eddie Munster" from the '60's tv comedy "The Munsters" and Jeff Dunham's character "Walter" looks alot like Vice President Joe Biden? Don't believe me. Just compare pictures.
Eddy09/17/124:52amSandra Fluke the abortion and birth control twitt. She does not need birth control because she is so ugly all a guy would have to do is put a plastic bag on her head. This way it is cheap for the country, perfect birth control. Why the hell should americans pay for abortions and for their birth control so they can sleep around. Planned Parenthood should not be getting money from the government. People should pay for their abortions and birth control themselves.
Andrew09/17/124:46amObama and his socialist administration put both feet in their mouths. remember Obama stating and Egypt is not an friend and the state department corrected him but stating they were. Obama has no foreign policy except to get us all killed. He is a liar, socialist jerk that needs to be kicked out of office and Romney should get the office and get us back on track with jobs, dumping obamacare, deporting all illegal aliens just to mention a few screwups Obama the ass did.
Chris09/16/126:36pmLet's have some fun and be creative. Just out of curiousity, if you couldn't vote for either of these idiots who would you vote for? The rules are the person must be a real person who is eligible to be President of the United States. So no past Presidents or foreign nationals. The person must be alive and able to fulfill the functions of the office. So no dead candidates or people on life support. Your answer can't vote for a fictional character like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. This should be some fun instead of being serious. Let's give it some thought and have a few laughs!
Melanie09/16/129:55amI agree Chris this is not about forgiveness, but you have it so wrong if you think we can even survive 4 years of Romney. You are correct again he is nuts! Obama is the best choice. Romney is playing way to far to the right and they are cheating to win. Blocking the votes in key states. I believe that shows what type of leader he will become a liar and a cheater and an idiot! He already has put his foot in his mouth more times then I can count.
Be Friendly? NO?09/16/129:39amGood I am glad..we should all take Heather's advise. NEVER mind the 60's. IT is TODAY that we ALL should be concern about. We ALL need the "peace, alot of love AND respect in this world? NO?? I think so! Well? Good luck with this election.
Chris09/15/126:30pmYes I have forgiven others and yes I will continue to do so. But what you don't understand is forgiving a man for his actions by keeping him in office is not forgiveness. Its stupidity. You all have it backwards. O'Bummer works for us. If O'Bummer isn't re-elected he needs to say "I tried but I just wasn't up to the task. The American people have spoken. Now we need to move on." If Romnuts proves to be an idiot as well I'll advocate for his removal from office and for his apology to the American people. The Office of President of the United States is not a person. Its an entity that influences the lives and directly effects EVERYONE on planet earth. The stakes are too high not too hold people accountable. The President works for us not the other way around. Maybe if we demand more we'll get more from our elected officials.
Be friendly?? NO? 09/15/126:27amLet me ask u something Chris...would you forgive someone that hurt you in ANYWAY????? neighbour...mother, father????. Anyone that hurts you in anyway..WOULD YOU FORGIVE??????????????. and GIVE them A "second chance"?????? Even a stranger??? cause if not..then you are not a forgiving person...r u??? Never mind what we are ALL going thorugh..BUT YOU PERSONALLY????
Chris09/14/126:55pmI've seen this all before. Forgive and forget. You people are nothing but the new generation of hippies. You were born of the yuppies who to busy making money and raised by your grandparents the original hippies who got smart and saved their money. "Genration Groovy Man" is who you are and all of you want something for nothing but you don't even know what you want. Remember the Occupy Wll Street Movement? You coudn't evenorganize yourselves into a group and decide if you wanted to piss on a tree as a group! None of you have the guts to make a decision that might hurt someone's feelings as an adult because as kids you couldn't organize a kick ball game without an adult, everyone had to have a good self-esteem during the game, and get a trophy at the end of the season. Sorry, that's not the way the world works. PEOPLE FAIL AND GET REMOVED FROM JOBS AND OFFICE! Get used to it. If you think O'Bummer can change during his second term you're an idiot. More people and the power brokers he owes are going to cash in their chip after he is re-elected than ever before. If you think his firts was bad, just wait. Abe Lincoln summed it up the best as he spoke to his party boss. Party Boss: "Mr. President, you look so sad. Why do you look so depressed when you have been just elected President of the United States?" Aber Lincoln: "Now I have to keep all the promises you made." Wake up people.
Christine09/14/125:58amI am with Heather---God rest her soul. I LOVE her opionion/comment! I thought that was very outstanding for what she had said!!. This is ALL our doing..INCLUDING ALLLL the Goverment! Not just this country..but LOOK at other countries to..all over this world. LIKE??? can you not all see this? Yeah ok..I understand "Signs of the time". Look at this way too. We have nobody to blame BUT ourselves. AMEN!! It is ONLY going to get worse...AND we are ALLLLL letting it go this way!! ALLLLLL OF US!!!!
Chris09/12/127:55pmMelanie, I'm not sure that Romney is the answer either, but he is the first step in correcting the problems of our country. The real fact is, democrat or republican or whoever, we need to watch the president like a hawk and hold him/her accountable for his/her actions. Unfortunatly, in my opinion, O'Bummer has not earned a second term. Its that simple. I know that others disagree and for good reason, but O'Bummer didn't have diplomatic experience and if O'Bummer was that good of a president wouldn't he have overcome the problems of the Bush years that you blame today's troubles on? Reagan overcame Carter. If you look at my earlier comments I wrote that I think we are in for a series of one term presidents and that leadership power will shift to the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. These are the positions that we really need to keep a watch on because these positions are more stable. Right now I'm for Romney, but if he screws up, dare I say, give Hillary a chance. She can't do any worse and it would be really interesting to see how Bubba would react when the Secret Service works for Hillary.
Lee09/12/128:28amMitt has more to offer than that socialist moran you want back for another 4 yrs. Obama has done nothing to help the economy, jobs etc. except spend and spend more than any other president in history. He and Carter were the worst presidents in history. Obama Sucks!! Mitt is a business man and can fix the mess Obama got us into. Capitalism YES!! Socialism NO!!!!
Melanie09/12/128:04amAnd what exactly do you think Romney is going to do to keep us safe and more prosperous? I really dont see him as a better option. We are all better off then when Bush was in office....wall street has rebounded and we are not in a depression. This mess was caused by corporate greed and the Bush Admin. You are all against Obama but have not presented an argument as to how Romney can fix all this, If we can agree that the economy was in collapse when Obama took office after the Bush years.....Romney is the same thing how will that make this a safer, stronger nation? He has no foreign policy skills, he is the token republican to beat Obama nothing else. He changes directions like the wind. Listen to him and you will see he has nothing to offer us.
Chris09/11/1212:23pmHeather's Sister, you got a little Biblical in your sad message to us all. Since the message of forgive and forget was sent to all of us through Heather, I have another biblical message to share. God made Mankind (so women are also included) stewards of the Earth. We are to take care of the Earth and God's creations so the next generation may enjoy a wonderful life. Let's say that we raise cattle for our sustinance. All is well as long as the cattle remain healthy and we care for these animals. But when a leopard enters our herd of cattle and kills a calf for a meal you don't give the leopard a second chance to kill the food your family relies upon for life. You remove the leopard as a threat to your cattle and your family. Thus the leopard, O'Bummer, cannot be given a second chance to destroy anymore opportunities, the calf, that my family relies upon for life. That is why he cannot be re-elected because a leopard does not change its' spots!
Lee09/11/1210:54amOMG!!! I am so sorry about Heather. God be with her. I understand what you are asking about giving a second chance and in other instances I can see it, but now when our country is at stake and mine and everyone elses children's future is at stake I will say I will not give Obama a second chance. I do not want a socialist government or country. Capitalism is the way to go. Obamacare needs to be dropped kicked to Russia along with Obama. Our military needs our support so they can protect us from harm. He wants to cut it even more. We need fresh blood in the office with business sense. Obama does not know how business works. Unions also need to be abolished. Chicago teachers perfect example. They make 76,000.00 a year. The highest in the nation and none of them are good teachers. If they cared about the students they would take their 76,000.00 and get back in the classroom and teach the kids and not worry about anything else. Hell they get summers off and every time you turn around they have a day off. Fire all of them including that tub of lard union leader twitt.
Heather's sister09/11/128:33amHello everyone, I am writting on behalf of my sister Heather. She had passed away. She told me to let you ALL read this..have TRY..TRY to understand the People do have another side..rather it is GOOD or not. We have now approx 7 billion people on this planet, give or take a few. BUT? We are ALL human. WE all do have a voice. That's right we have to stand up..we do have to fight what is ours. My Sister Heather died just 2 days after she had wrote the last comment. This IS her last statement..I hope you ALL fine in YOUR hearts...that We--WE ALL can give back this Human kindness and respect.!--------------Hello again, I do not have long to write this, as I am not very well. I have to say this: I REALLY think Obama CAN DO it. I see a different side to Obama..that's all. I am still going to give that second chance to Obama. I do not like his ways either. BUT he can change. I KNOW HE CAN!!. I know NONE of you will NOR can not see it this way, but I do.Yes, I DO agree It is "time for change"..and that change should be a "SECOND CHANCE"!!! We have such a VERY beautiful country, even up to THUS far with ALL the goverments we have had including Bush, JFK and ALL the others before us. We have come this far? no?? yes?? I would given Bush a second chance, but he didn't run the second term. It's just the kind of person that I am. You have to forgive. I know it is hard to be forgotten or to forget. Forgive is the answer--I mean? What else can go wrong to this country. We are NOT the only ones that are complaining about our country or our goverment.AGAIN, I know NONE of you will NOR see it this way, BUT I do. I giving Obama Second "time of change" that "Second Chance". We ALL make mistakes. We're human, there is a reason for EVERYTHING, God still loves us ALL!! I hope you can agree with me on this, I guess, we all have to look at it this way, we have to realize that we have NOBODY to blame BUT ourselves. INCUDING this: The Goverment. We have to clean our own backyards to make this country a good, safe, clean place to live. REMEMBER God made this planet (earth) OUR HOME. Look what we...WE are ALL doing to it. So, again, we have nobody to blame BUT US, OURSELVES!!!!!! Anyways? Like I said I have been under the weather. Take care all..and good luck for ALL HUMAN kind! Not just for this country..BUT FOR ALL COUNTRIES! God Speed!!! Thankyou for your comments and Get Well Wishes, Heather
Allen09/11/127:49amQuestion for the idiots that will give that muslum scum another chance. WHY!! He has done nothing to better this country. We have massive unemployment, gas prices doubled, homes are not worth the paper they are writtten on. He is such and a-hole, and the stupid thing is people still think he is doing a good job. What are you all on drugs. People are just lazy and do not want to fight for a better life they want the government to take care of them. If all people are on welfare who will pay the taxes to keep you all sucking up from the government. This country is in the toilet and Obama the muslum scum is pushing the handle down. I for one will not vote for that chump. Mitt and Paul will get us back on track. Screw Obama!! the socialist bum.
Jane09/11/126:36amI thought I give this web-page ONE more try. HEATHER!! That is the most nicest thing on this page that ANYONE has said. It's about time that this page put something that was kind and thoughtful! I do not Obama ways either...but I can see that other side to him that he can CHANGE. YES it has taken a long time to clean up someone elses mess. AND I agree, I am giving Obama that second chance. AGAIN I must say: It's about time to see something that is GOOD on this page!!! I wish you (Heather) "Get Well" wishes! ! ! ! !
Chris09/10/127:33pmMarie O, they are your reasons for voting for for a president!?! I guess they are as good as any. God forbid O'Bummer being re-elected, but if he is don't come crying to any of us if you've lost your job, if you can't live on your own, or you can't afford the needs of life that you bought last year. O'Bummer may be all of the things you described as many of the people on this blog are, but we are not running for an office which has an effect on the world. You fell back into the same old brain washed argument. Its not O'Bummer it was Bush. Did you read about the abusive relationship analogy that I wrote about or are you sucked in so much that you are enabling the abuse to continue? Wake up and get out of the abuse. Find an alternative! By tyhe way, I never heard Clinton-ites say it was Bush or Reagan when he was a success. It was always what a good president "Slick Willy" is! Keep up the good work "Bubba", Were behind you! Marie O, why don't you be consistent instead of singing the most popular excuse tune for O'Bummer.
Marie O09/09/124:58amHI All, What a nice thing to say and for all (from Heather). I can’t see why not the President can run again. HE deserves it. Obama is a family man. Obama is that person. PLUS he loves his wife, kids AND especially this country of ours.! AND I know for a fact that Obama LOVES other great countries all over this world. I am voting for Obama…he deserves that second chance. It takes a LLLOONNGG time to clean up after what Bush had left. Obama is TRYING to clean up. I giving him that chance. YOUR problem is that YOU do not see this other side to this great man! WHICH I very much DO!!. Get well Heather!!!
Chris09/07/128:56pmRight now if there was a race horse running I'd vote for it!
Chris09/06/127:12pmI'm sorry that Heather is ill. I hope she will get well soon and return to her healthy self in the near future. Ladies, I hope that you are upset with Heather's last message and Heather I hope that you get a chance to read this message and let it sink in to your enabling thought process. Your message is the same reasoning that women use to stay with a man who abuses them. "I know he can change if he is just given a chance." "All he needs is a second chance." "All he needs is some time." "All anyone needs is a second chance." Why should anyone change, man or woman, when you enable them and they have no acountability? And this is exactly what will happen if a second term for O'Bummer occurs. The re-election will be viewed as a mandate for even more abusive behavior towards our Constitution, Economic System, and Lady Liberty. It will be viewed as "You want more, okay I'll give you more and there is nothing you can do about it!" The victims of this abuse will be the American people, our economy, our children, our grandchildren, and our way of life. We simply cannot afford another four years of O'Bummer. To quote O'Bummer, I will reduce the deficit in half by the end of my first term or else I will be a one term president. O'Bummer has added trillions to the national debt. Its time to call him on his pledge and hold him to it.
LMFAO09/06/123:42pmI don't care either. But, I have had my laugh of the day!!! This is REALLY entertaining..just like reading the Sunday Morning Funnies!! Like who cares who gets in...they are ALL SCUM anyways! SO...stop your whinning!!! Cause it doesn't matter WHO gets in..Romeny...Obama OR ANY other GOOF!! It is too funny!!. Say what you all want but STOP YOUR WHINNING!!!. I NEVER VOTED FOR OBAMA..YOU ALL MUST of...cause your all STILL YAKING AND WHINNING about him!!!!!!!
Don'tCare09/06/121:17pmLol. It's tied so evenly I can't help but crack up. It doesn't do to blame the state of everything on one person when the problem has lasted longer than he's been there. But either ways, the comments are entertaining.
Lee09/05/123:49amSorry you don't feel well Heather, but that does not excuse the fact you need to really think about your choice. They will not use the word God which means they do not believe in God! He is a liar, socialist and we do not want that for America. Let Mitt fix this country so we have jobs and get our economy going again under a capitalist society not a socialist, markist country. Obama is a ass and should be thrown out of office, period.....If the liberals want a socialist country then moveto Russia, China etc.
Heather09/04/128:55amI am still going to give that second chance to Obama. I do not like his ways..BUT he can change. I KNOW HE CAN. I know NONE of you will NOR can not see it this way. BUT....Anyways? I will not be back. I have been under the weather. Take care all..and good luck for ALL HUMAN kind! Not just for this country..BUT FOR ALL COUNTRIES! God Speed!!!
Chris09/03/128:26pmYou know, I've heard just about everything here and I've heard it all before except with different candidates names. I'm willing to be that no one in this dialogue of morons and idiots is over 35 other than me. If you are then you're not paying attention or you've been so blind sided by a candidate that you sworn loyalty at all costs. Wake the hell up people and save your country before you lose it forever! You complian that Romney has paid a lower tax rate than most middle class Americans. So what! The problem is the Tax Code. But let's think thing through for a moment shall we. Lat's say an American pays the rate of 23% on an income of 50,000. That means that Joe Sixpack has paid a yearly income of 11,500 dollars. We all know that Romney has paid 14%, but of what. Let's be cautios and say 50 million dollars. That means Ronmey paid 7 million in taxes. Hmmm. 11, 500 versus 7 million. I wonder who paid more at a lower percentage. Get over it people. Can you believe that O'Bummer took credit for killing Bin Laden? Stealing credit from the HEROES that he doesn't have the balls to even sign up to serve with! Where's the bailout. The 800 billion that was suppose to jump start the economy? Some of it went to the auto industry to pay back and buy future United Auto Workers votes. Finally, the argument that all O'Bummerites fall back to when they can'y think of anything else, Bush-Cheyney. IF YOU ASK ME, THINGS WERTE GOING PRETTY GOOD THEN. Go ahead, let's talk about an economic down turn at the end of his office. I be more than happy to compare two months versus four years of O'Bummer! Go ahead, make my day!
Root09/03/129:35amIt's really pretty incredible to watch. Lots of centrist republicans like Megan McCain and John Huntsman, have commented on how unreasonable the extreme righties have botched the principles of their party. Right-wing Washington GOP-ers have vowed to make Obama a one-term president, even if it means destroying the country. They don't care. They just want to win, at all costs. Their platform is a pile of lies. Republicans in Washington know they are a rich minority. They have worked hard to disenfranchize American voters state by state, using shady re-districting, and imposing illegal voter ID laws. There's a diminishing number of news media outlets who haven't yet sold out to cover-up gossip. You can still get factual info from a very few, those that are always being bad-mouthed as "leftist liberal media" by the larger Murdoch-fueled networks. All one has to do is back away and look at the playing field, to see what's really going on. Try tuning in to some of the "lefty" stations, and listen to the conversation. Try looking up facts and figures at their non-partisan sources. Try listening to ordinary working poor people, who still struggle with the broken economic legacy that Bush and Cheney left us. Look at facts. All this hate is so distasteful. We're better than this.
LMFAO09/02/126:59amGOD!!! this is such a LAUGH!! You are ALL making my DAY!! LMFAO!!!!! Really! U all really making me LAUGH!! This is better then reading the Sunday morning funnies!!!! OBAMA is going to WIN!! DO not believe me?? sit back and watch what happends!!! Obama is going to come back STRONGER then ever!!!!!!!! Watch what happends..You WILL believe!!!
33rd Mason09/01/1212:59pmI am a 33rd degree Mason who is at the national level. I'm here to let you all know that we have this election decided and it doesn't matter what any of you do. Romney and O'Bama will both win and it will be the debate for the 21st century. The message is in th book of Revalationsl If you're smart you can find it. I'll be watching for a note from someone who cites the correct verse. Impossible you say? No its not. O'Bama will win the popular vote, but Romney will win the elctoral college and thus win the election. O'Bama's claim will be that the people want him and not Romney and that the will of the people should be followed not the electoral college. We sealed the deal last week.
Peg09/01/1211:15amI registered voters who could not speak English and couldn't name a party affiliation....when asked they would say "Obama" That is pathetic!!! That's how he got in....IGNORANT PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM. AND what the hell is with the talk show appearances???? They are the President & First Lady.....not celebrities!!!!
GO~~~ CLINT09/01/ hellloo!!! No matter who you OR anyone votes for..there are ALL Scum!!. Obama?, Mitt OR WHOEVER gets in....I wouldn't TRUST NO goverment!! Now...LOOK at Clint Eastwood...NOW there is a MAN!! who will do the dirty work..GO AHEAD...MAKE ME DAY!!!!!!! Hey Arnold is why not Clint???
Obama Sucks!!08/31/128:52amWIth the economy in the crapper you folks are worried about Mitt's boat. Who cares...He worked hard for it. not like Obama who never held a job. He uses airforce one like his own private jet. taking his ugly wife, kids and her mother. What the Fu_ck is that about. The mother in law gets to go on vacation with them. The Bit_h should take a regular flight and pay for it herself and not on my dime. Obama has not record to run on. All he has done is divide the nation. He is worthless and should go back to Kenya where he was born and take his ugly family with him. I am glad someone mentioned the ugly Bit_h's teeth, everytime I see His fat ugly wife speak I am waiting for her false teeth to fall out. They are HUGE!!! and She does have dead doll eyes. The twitt it trying to get everyone to eat right. Hell she has the biggest ass I have every seen and her long, long arms. Her body does not match....What a Bow Wow!!
Obama Sucks!08/31/128:18amObama is the worst president in history!!! Carter takes second place. Obama is a liar, scum, liberal, socialist ass, racist pig. He should have never been elected. He has no experience for that office and from what I am reading he ate a dog. What a Fu_king loser!!! Also his wife needs to have her false teeth adjusted to fit her big mouth. That woman is a devil with her dead doll eyes. Don't trust that Bit_h either. Mitt will win because people are fed up with the bull.
Yeah right...08/31/126:02amMITT is an A--HOLE!!!!!! A Liar!!!!!!!!!!! He will NOT fix NOTHING!!! AND YOU ALL THINK OBAMA is BAD??? HAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!!!!
Tina Lee08/31/124:34amDeborah, your a Nut Job!! Obama SUCKS! He is socialist ass and needs to be drop kicked out of office. Mitt and Paul will do an excellent job fixing Obama's mess including getting rid of Obamacare. Obama had his chance and failed miserably and at our cost. All he knows about is to play golf and go on vacation and also he ate a dog. What the frick kind of person would do that. I don't care that he is black. It seems all you lousy democrat liberals can do is pull the race card. What is happening is that you are letting us all know that you are a racist by accusing others instead of yourself. You have a disability don't worry the government will still take care of you even if a Republican is in office. So don't worry.
Deborah08/31/1212:52amWhether you realize it or not, it will not take four years to clean up the mess eight years of Bush that was created for this country. People were expecting way too much of one President. I am a white woman saying this, and I know the right wing wants to get the Black man out of the White House. That is what it comes down to. Romney will run the United States like he did Bain, with the meanest, predatory way, and a lot of Americans will not survive any Presidency if this country is unfortunate enough for Romney to win. I have a disability, and I feel that I will be marked for even more unfair treatment than I already have suffered. Romney will bully those who don't have the financial means to fight back, and he will see to it that your grandma, and any kid AND adult with developmental disabilities are neglected and allowed to die. Romney will act the same way Hitler would have if he were alive today and could force himself into power to get rid of everyone he thinks should not be allowed to survive.
Tina Lee08/30/1212:36pm I don't care if his boat's name is Obama Sucks!! We need a change from the worst four years in history. Mitt and Paul will clean up the mess Obama made. Obamacare should be first. Then get rid of all useless unions!!! Keep it for the firemen, policemen. The rest need to open 401K's like the rest of us. Main point get rid of Obama the Liar and socialist ass.
Tina Lee08/30/1212:36pm I don't care if his boat's name is Obama Sucks!! We need a change from the worst four years in history. Mitt and Paul will clean up the mess Obama made. Obamacare should be first. Then get rid of all useless unions!!! Keep it for the firemen, policemen. The rest need to open 401K's like the rest of us. Main point get rid of Obama the Liar and socialist ass.
Debbie08/30/1210:34amLOL...Root! BUT? It will not change my mind on this guy..He lies too much. He is a MORON..NOT a Morman. AND I thought Donny Osmond was a Mormon?. SORRY NOT!!---Far from it!!! Made my day, Root..LOL!! Thanks for the laugh!!
Root08/30/1210:22amFun Fact: Did you know the Romneys' yacht is named "Cracker Bay," and it flies the Cayman Islands flag? LOL!!!
Chris08/29/128:10pmYou know, we sit and debate about who we have to choose from. All of us are afraid of what the other guy will do once he gets into office. This election, as many in the past will not be to elect a President, but to keep someone out of the office due to our fears. We all can cite examples of why to keep someone out. But I really haven't heard any reasons as to why someone should be elected and that includes myself. I can see both sides of the quarter and have in the past. Even though I am a registered Republican, I vote for the person who I think who will do the best job in the general election. That included O'Bummer in the last Presidential election because I wanted to be part of something historic. The real problem is the strangle hold that both the Dems and the Reps have on the power of election. Until we have a primary system that allows and supports Independents we will still have the gridlock that is in Washington and has spread to our election process. The debate and frustration that we feel and express here will continue until we take back what is ours. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result. Are we all insane? The horse is dead we all need to dismount.
Donald08/29/127:49amNO, I will NOT vote for Romney!!. He's a Mormon..and LIES WAAAYYY too much!!! SORRY!! NOW? for Obama?? well? that remains to be seen!
Melanie08/28/126:28pmWe have a hurricane coming and if you vote Romney/Ryan ticket please understand they do not want to spend tax payer dollars to aid disaster relief, do you not realize Obama already has prepared by sending aid to the areas that may be hit by this storm? Also do you women really want your right to chose to have an abortion reversed? Do you as women not want equal pay for equal work, Even the republican women in congress are now speaking out against the party. These are a bunch of rich white men who care only about their own political ambitions and the size of their bank accounts. I am a white female so dont even try and play the race card with me. I despise these men who lie and cheat to win. Obama is not trying to just hand out welfare checks with no work requirements, yet Romney spends billions of dollars to make crap up. This mess is caused by failed policies by the Bush administration He was a tool and so is Romney. If he wins then all of you haters just you wait. Paul Ryan is even worse then Romney. Democrats may not have been as successful as republicans in winning the presidential races. But some of you seem to live in the dark ages. This is 2012 we need to be progressive. Thank God that the generations to follow will eliminate the republican party. They will be like the dinosaurs and be extinct with my childrens generation. If Romney wins it is by cheating, blocking the votes in key state and by out right lying.......but go ahead and vote Obama out. I live in California, he will win my state......and I pray he wins the general election too. Chris all the things you complain about all started with Reagan and Clinton fixed a lot of the mess that he was left with, but he raised taxes and so should we the rich pay less taxes while the middle class takes the bullet.....sounds fair to me, how about you? I wonder why Romney refuses to show his tax returns? Accounts in Swiss banks maybe? Cayman Islands? Hmmm must be nice to be so rich and pay so little in taxes and want to do that for all your buddies while your at it. Is that the man you really want leading this country?
Joanne08/28/126:45amHi Chris....I understand what you are saying..but Do you NOT see the other side to this "quarter"???? Obama has NOT done nothing to this country. AND YES..I believe he CAN do better. I KNOW he can.! I have a Canandain relative and their Primeminister is on his second term. BUT She told me she will NOT re-elect him! She and everyone else in Canada gave him that second chance. Some people CAN do it..some can not. You ONLY believe that As well as do I that Obama will NOT do good this second term!. I am gonna gave him that second chance. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! Neither does anyone else in this page. That is their and YOUR right! It is good that people such as this are putting their opionions..we need MORE like this, HONESTLY we do. BUT we need good ones too! After all we are ALL humans! The good AND the bad! We gotta take the good along with the bad..the bad along with the good. !!
Chris08/27/122:34pmWell Me, as you make an antagonistic comment trying to bait someone, just think about what you are saying. Obviously you have not experienced the late 60's and early 70's or studied history. Heather said she would give Nixon a second chance when he said, "The President could break the law when he was trying to do right because the President was above the law." Our system of laws is based upon the fact that no one is above the law. O'Bummer hasn't gone that far, but many of his policies and programs are based on lies. For example, O'Baummer-care does not contain a tax, but the Supreme Court of the United States said it does. O'Bummer has moved our country away from a free market ecomnomy based on Capitalism towards a Socialist style government. He has apologized for who we are to countries that should be apologizing to us. Look in the book store as to new titles that are out about O'Bummer, THE AMETUER and THE ORGANIZER. O'Bummer has not earned a second term and should be removed from office. The business model was mentioned once before when Jimmy Carter was President and Lee Iacocca had just brought Chrysler back was a favored son. Thank God we elected Ronald Reagan!
Joan08/27/1212:23pmWe need to run this country like a business. If we don't, we will be the United States Of China. This is Obama's plan, to make everyone dependent on the government and we owe so much debt that the country will be under the control of those who hate us, that's right, the ones with the money and the oil and the credit card interest. Be careful America when you vote! A second term of Obama and our Constitution will have not have the same meaning as when it was written by our forefathers!
Me08/27/125:43amHello!! EVERYONE!!! Is everyone of you having a B-E-A-U-itful DAY?? I am!! I am going to vote for Obama!! in the next term!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! Cause guess what? I TOTALLY agree with Heather! Giving the person a second chance. Have a LOVELY day you all!! Ohh BTW? Love the WONDEFUL Comments that u are leaving on this page!! JUST SO WONDERFUL!! All full of LOVE..!! AWWW!! Have a good one, Dudes!!!!!! PEACE to ALL!!!
Chris08/26/128:42pmJane, that's because you're trying to pull that Politically Correct crap and I for one won't buy into it! I'm tired of having to constantly cower to a select minority just because they might have their feelings hurt. You feel bullied because O'Bummer isn't getting a break on this page by others. So what and grow up. We have our opinions and you have yours. Let's forget about his first term and give him a second term so he can have a long term effect on the United States. We really don't want to hurt O'Bummer's feelings. You know he is a minority of one. An incumbent President running for office. Do you realize that Bill Clinton is the only Dem President to be ELECTED to back to back terms since FDR. That should tell you something. O'Bummer had to make a deal with Former President Clinton to get his support at the Dem's National Convention. Well like many Americans I want to get rid of O'Bummer because of his first term and I don't want O'Bummer to have a long term effect on the United States due to his job performance. And give me a break. Blaming it on circumstances before he was elected. As I said before, the only US President who couldn't do that was George Washington! Its worth it to me to start paying his retirement as a Senator and a US President, about $400,000 a year to get rid of O'Bummer. That also includes payments to his wife should she out live him.
McCormick08/26/125:49pmHey Heather! Count your change and suk a banana at the Bonanza! Hey Jane: For the most part, there are no nice words on this page or any page. Welcome to life. Hope your reading was nice.
Jane08/26/1212:57pmI thought I give this another try..YEP..still the same. I thought there be a kind word or two, but I was wrong. OH WELL!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I HOPE THIS PAGE WILL BE TAKING OFF..and NOT to BE Return!! I am going back to my reading, AT least that is more nicer then this here on this page! GOD, Like can you ALL not put a NICE word?? in?? instead of bullying??? YEAH..that's what you are all doing. At least that's the way I see and call it.!!!
Lakeside08/26/1211:31amHey Mitt, Glove, Whatever your name is: That's what I'm talking about! Hehehehehehehe
Anu08/26/123:50amThe economic slump is a world-wide phenomenon ... the problems that Obama has been trying to deal with were caused before his presidency ... he's just trying to clean-up someone else's mess. Give him another term in which it will be about him manifesting his philosophy and taking responsibility for his own long term plans ...
Chris08/25/126:08pmDear Mitt wanna be, if you really think we believe you're Mit Romney you're not a Mormon. Rather you're a MORON!
Mitt Romeny08/22/126:40amI Mitt Romeny will give YOU ALL. I am a Mormon. I will GIVE this Country what it needs, use the money to ALL good things. Elect me, Mitt Romeny as your next President Of The Unitied States, and besides I WILL tell the truth!! I am a Mormon. What more can you all ask for?!!.
Chris08/21/123:13pmAnon, Do you actually think by saying your cousins are celebrities has any pull? That sounds a great deal like my cousin, "The Duke of York", which is exactly what we rebelled against. One person one vote. We measure a person by the character they possess. That's how O'Bummer got elected. Now we measure O'Bummer not only by his character, but also by the job he has done while in office for the past four years. Right now I measure the President of the United States somewhere between worthless and ineffective. That's why I think he doesn't deserve a second term. Not because of his party affiliation. If Romney is elected and performs in the same worthless manner I'll opt for his removal from office. George Washington said that he was not in favor of political parties because an elected official would owe his alliegence to a party rather than his country. I think its safe to say Washington was right. Vote for character and performance in office.
Heather08/21/1211:24amThankyou for sharing that with Me "Anonymous". After all it does say "wheather you agree with me or not see the movie first". And thank your cousin to. TO ME??, it looks very interesting!. Also agree with "Jane" i am putting a good comment in this page!
Debbie08/21/1210:12amHey Anonymous Is the movie on Obama and how wonderful he is, if so I am not interested in fiction and lies, plus I will not give credit to any movie maker to tell lies on how wonderful that communist Obama is. And who is your mysterious cousin that is a celebrity. Now if the movie is about the truth on Obama on how he is a muslum and not born in this country etc, etc then I say show the movie on TV and the world so everyone can see it and will know the truth.
Anonymous08/21/126:49amWhether you agree with me or not. See the movie first. was tweet and sent in by one of my cousins WHOM is a celebrity and also an American.
Chris08/20/127:39pmPerhaps the cave full of angry badger is an excellent description of the mood of the American people who feel left down in general. Poor economics, lost jobs, many years of war, rising gas prices, and a lost hope for as better life for our children. Handouts to bail out Wall Street, the Auto Industry, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and loans to banks. Who foots the bill? The cave full of angry badgers.
Root08/20/129:26amI'm with you, Jane. Well said. Instead of an intelligent discussion, this page has become like a cave full of angry badgers! You reach in with a rational opinion, only to pull back a bloody stump. I sure hope people will learn to recognize the difference between real facts and figures, and hate-filled, lying propaganda. God knows, there are enough rediculous lies enmeshed into the general media to confuse anyone. I hope our discourse becomes more civil, and better informed.
Jane08/20/128:36amIt is too bad that no one can comment a "good" word in here. I am just in here to do my tarot readings. NOT to read GARBAGE like this! It is WAAYY too bad!!!
Heather08/20/125:49amHEY McCormick!! Well, well, well, I LOVE YOU TOO SO~~~ much!!!!!!! KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS, HUG HUG HUG HUGG!!! YOU BETTER SUT UP...WE ALL have a right to be in here. You don't like it? well? then...go get lost! I give YOU that second chance.! OX OX OX OX OX OX OX OX!! Love ya!!!
McCormick08/19/127:41pmChris and Heather: SHUT UP!!!!!! Get another Bonanza!
Michelle08/19/1212:04pmWe here in American have been programmed to believe there are only two choices: fight or flight, Coke or Pepsi, team one or two...this is not true. See, there are many other candidates besides these two criminals. Speaking of which, there is a forth tantalizing choice: do NOT vote...imagine the message this would send. If you can't vote for one of the alternative candidates, chose to not be "an accessory to the crime". The Freedoms that make this country great are being eroded, we need to stand up and say enough. Investigate, don't just listen to the lies they are feeding you on the main news channels.
Melanie08/19/1211:59amAnthony, you said it perfectly. I concur! Before you start speaking all the hate that has been written on here. Take the time to educate yourself on the issues at hand. Attack the policies not the man. Romney/Ryan will continue with the policies that create more wealth for a select few. The middle class in this country as well as others needs to be the focus.
JOAN08/19/1210:08amI hear ya, Anthony! SIGH..well? I haven't gone voting for the last election THAT we had, so much for going out to Well? like again? no matter who ANY of us vote for or in ANY countries, The wrong Goverment seems to sneek on We know where our taxes are going to, in Someone's pocket, that's for sure. I know OUR Goverment seems to use our taxes for luxury, example: food..airflights..and so on. Ohh pooie...dam if you do!, dam if you don't! You can't beat em? Oh hell...mightas well join them. Our Country just takes it up the you know what. We ALL got Great countries we ALL all depends on who is looking after the country. It is about time that we ALL have to answer what JFK asked. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT OUR--O-U-R Countries. Not just one or two meaning Canada and the USA...ALL of our countries.!!!!!! We just gotta love our neighbours as we do ourselves!
Anthony08/18/127:43pmHey Joan, Great question...."Does you vote count" Well....It is 'counted' but what does it count for...I'm affraid very little. I have not voted now for 22 years....I have seen nothing to vote for. I cant wait for the time where a political group inspires me by visions of effective national management...Poliies that move us forward. example of votes not counting or the peoples voice not counting.....Here in exetensive survey as to whether Australia should go to war in Iraq with the US......75% said NO.....a landslide and no-brainer in political counting....however....we are still the quagmire..with the US.... Where voting is concerned...The informed....can not compete with the uninformed..a simple numbers thing...critical thinkers are by far in the minority. Goverments depend on this.
JOAN08/18/126:20amHI "Mate"! I am from Canada.."EH"? We ALL have our probs INCLUDING here too. Our "Prime-rib roast "primeminister" is not doing his job here either. I DIFF agree with "Heather"...NO matter who you vote, OR vote for..the wrong goverment get's in. Aww..sigh..The Lord giveth..the Goverment taketh away! My question is..does our vote REALLY count??? AND IS IT being counted????? You REALLY do anyways.
Anthony08/18/122:07amWow…you guys really are struggling aren’t you….The great problem with political debate is that is approached with significant Bias…and on forums such as this one, punctuated with uninformed generalizations born out of emotion, life experience and anecdotal evidence….Fact is often taken out of context, contradictory to argument and in short…. nonsensical…. Some things to think about while you “debate” You don’t have a commander and chief……Hitler was a commander and chief…as was Stalin, Chairman Mao….etc….Obama…and all those presidents before him cannot just do as they choose…. They have MANY to influence to pass bills and laws…congress, industry..not to mention the people. You vote for a political ideology…the president is a figurehead….A point of reference. Politics 101….politicians have to lie….The control, release and distribution of information is critical to political survival. Fibs are involved….! The primary goal of a political party is to win office….policy is designed around winning office….before effective national management. Your ridiculously expensive wars (instigated by Bush)…et al… have made the world no safer. Nor is there any greater feeling of safety. The greatest toll was on totally innocent people. America and her underlings had no right….to take the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people of sovereign nations. The global Financial crisis was born out of rampant unchecked capitalism….supported by Bush. The references (you might like to check) on this are overwhelming…It is now fair to say unsupported….The GFC was a product of US financial policy……Thanks guys….. Politics and national management is a messy business…The US is not Robinson Crusoe here. The only way that it will improve is that the people like you who actually give a sh** get informed first. For many of you your arguments clearly indicate you are less than informed. You’re not alone…It’s no different here in Australia. …problem is….we are affected adversely by your economic choices and your teenage propensity to testosterone driven chest beating and the belting others with big stick when it feels right for you…….I can’t vote in your country…. So you are not the “leader” of the free world (Team America World Police) you should be a contributor. Remember….Empires fall…Greeks, Romans etc…and more recently the British….Contribute to your nation as an informed citizen instead of bleating opinionated uniformed white noise…and watch your nation grow…. Wish we could do it here…..
Heather08/16/125:34pmHello again. SIGH...i know. I KNOW Obama has NOT done NOTHING to this country. I know that!!. Does that also mean that our past presidents did not do wrong either? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!! BUT, I am sorry. I am sorry that you all feel this way. I can not explain anymore of myself to you both, you (deb & anybodyelse). I know you do not like Obama, I DO NOT EITHER! But, that doesn't mean you can not give anyone a second chance, you do not have to..that is ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS YOUR CHOICE!. WE ALL have a heart. I?? I am sorry. It just the WAY I AM!. YES..I am fighting to for my rights, freedom..and everything else. Everyone has a reason, rather we DO not understand it or not. GO out and vote...dam if u do or not vote for the right person or not..the wrong ALWAYS gets in anyways. LOL. You got to ALSO remember The President has ORDERS from higher people ABOVE HIM!!!! He is JUST a pupet. Oh guys..I think Obama is going to come back stepping on these HIGHER people. I am sorry it's just me, I see it, I believe Obama can change. I believe he CAN change! There again is a reason for everything rather we understand, like, hate OR love it.
Debbie08/16/129:59amHeather, Heather, please come out of your haze. We all want to be kind and respectul, but when you are dealing with folks that want to lie to you and destroy your way of life sorry, but it is fighting time. Obama has done nothing to help my country except put us closer to going bankrupt. His actions are intolerable and disrespectful to me and the rest of the legal Americans here. He is useless and needs to be replaced. I myself never voted for him in the first place because I could see what a bull ****ter he is. Also he ate a dog which is totally unforgivable. What an jerk. We need to move on and deport him back to Kenya where he comes from. I do give you credit and can appreciate your convictions, but also understand mine. He must go!!
Heather08/16/ answer your question to Nixon? YES..I would. I would even give a second chance to Bush..and ALL the rest that made this country to EVEN what it IS today!!!. I like ALL countries in their ways of living. WE ALL GOTTA PULL together. IF we don't WELL?? it isn't going to rosey. There is ALOT of wars..crime..and so on. BUT? over-all?? You gotta KILL EVIL and HATE with Kindness and respect. If you and ALL of you want to be and live this way? ex unkind, disrespectfull well? that is YOUR right. NOT MINE! I can't push you OR anyone to Hate, like OR love Obama OR ANY President. Listen..If you do NOT like the person..then??? that is YOU RIGHT. I am a people person. I do not like Obama either but he is still HUMAN! WE ALLLL MAKE MISTAKES!
Chris08/15/129:15pmHeather, why don't you go live in Iran where the last elected official who won the election was ousted by the ruling religious council so the current Iranian president could stay in office. Their reasoning for the decision was there message was from God and God is never wrong. Because America recognizes God given rights, the first and only country that does so, we have the right to remove a person from office through the election or the impeachment process. As for President O'Bummer, my God given right, which is only interpreted by me, says O'Bummer has to go because too much is at risk and at stake to give him a second chance. I will say the say thing about Romney should he perform on the same level of incompetence as O'Bummer. I respect the fact that your God given right to give a second chance is expressed through your vote, but I would like to ask you a question. Would you give President Richard Nixon a second chance for his level of incompetence when dealing with Watergate? I wouldn't and most of the American people agreed that Nixion did not deserve a second chance. Incomptence in the United States Presidency cannot be tolerated.
Heather08/14/125:16pmI understand, Deb. I truly do. AND yes I am a forgiving person. I KNOW where you are coming from YOU JUST DO NOT amoung others here JUST DO NOT LIKE Obama. Hate him with a passion cause what he is doing to this country of ours! SIGH!! That's ok. Alot can not see that other side of the quarter as I do. I "THINK" he CAN do a better job! I REALLY THINK he CAN!!. I give people second tries or chances. Sometimes even three playing baseball. Oh well..I HOPE FOR ALL AND NOT JUST our country but ALL through out this land and All throughout this world, RESPECT..AND most of all what we honestly need? PEACE to all. !!!
Debbie08/14/128:12amHeather you sound like a very forgiving person and that is nice, but in this case I will still have to disagree with you. OBAMA DOES NOT DESERVE ANOTHER CHANCE!! His policies are destroying this country and I do love my country that is why I am trying to protect it from Obama's socialist policies and his agenda of making my country a socialist one. He has lied and lied again and I for one will never trust him. He is the devil.
Heather08/14/126:53amDebbie. Yes. I agree. I am glad you love your country & yes,Obama sucks to. BUT.. as I said....I agree with Joan and Alan. Rather YOU LOVE...LIKE or HATE OBAMA. I HATE him To!!. I never voted for him. BUT I DO agree he can...CAN change the second time around! Other Countries are having their probs and they are NOT ****in'. Amercia is still a good country. Rather you see it, believe it or not. WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN IRAN????????? Get shot at.???? well then??? Amercia IS STILL A GOOD COUNTRY!!!!!. U all complain..then YOU MUST HATE THIS COUNTRY AMERCIA!! Never mind Obama. !!!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question is to YOU...DO YOU LOVE THIS COUNTRY..IS SO?? then give a second chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie08/13/1211:32amHeather, I do love my country that is why Obama does not deserve another chance. Hell I did not vote for him the first time, because I saw through his lies. This wonderful country is a capitalist country not a socialist country. The government needs to get out of my life, home, work etc. If Obama wants to give free handouts to folks he can do it out of his own pocket. And get rid of all illegal aliens and their brats. He wants us to take care of them. We have American citizens that need help, so ship them back to where they came from. Obama is a bully and a liar. I do not like either of those qualities. Obama SUCKS!!!!!
Heather08/13/1211:11amI agree with Joan and Alan. Rather YOU LOVE...LIKE or HATE OBAMA. I HATE him To!!. I never voted for him. BUT I DO agree he can...CAN change the second time around! Other Countries are having their probs and they are NOT ****in'. Amercia is still a good country. Rather you see it, believe it or not. WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN IRAN????????? Get shot at.???? well then??? Amercia IS STILL A GOOD COUNTRY!!!!!. U all complain..then YOU MUST HATE THIS COUNTRY AMERCIA!! Never mind Obama. !!!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question is to YOU...DO YOU LOVE THIS COUNTRY..IS SO?? then give a second chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louise08/13/127:38amDump the bum! Out with Obama and the rest of socialists.
Chris08/12/128:04pmDebbie no probloem. You're obviously very passionate about what you believe in and want for our country. I want O'Bummer out of office as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, as many of you said, evryone deserves a second chance. But you do not desrve a second chance when so many people are negatively affected by your actions or inactions. President O'Bummer has hurt our nation beyond his ability to or our trust to repair his mistakes. Remember President Jimmy Carter? NIce guy, but didn't desrve a second term fpor his handling of the economy. Whether you like President O'Bummer or not you need tyo ask yourself one basic question without laying blame anywhere. Are you better off now than you were four years ago? If yes then he has earned your vote. If no, as I believe the majority of America feels, then you need to vote for someone else.Its that simple. I believe that those who blindly follow don't trealize that they are getting burnt and will get burnt beyond recognition during O'Bummer's second term when he and his associates have no one to answer to! If a second term happens, God help us all!
Joan08/12/126:10amYES...I VERY much AGREE with you Alan!!! EVERYONE deserves that second chance. WE ALL DO..VERY WELL said!! I do NOT like Obama OR what he is doing to this country either BUT give him PLUS ANYONE ELSE That second chance. It is about time that we all give EACH other a Second chance..rather we Love, Like OR hate Obama OR anyone else!!! Very Well Said!! Bravo!!!!! It is time WE ALL PULL together!!! Without the lanuage!!!! AND give EACH OTHER A SECOND CHANCE!!! Yes..this is Including Obama!! Like, love or Hate him!!!!!!!
Alan08/11/128:46amHi everyone. Listen I do not Obama either but?? he deserves a second chance like you and I. WE ALL do! Yes he is doing alot wrong..BUT he can run again. And we are ALL human..we ALL INCLUDING Obama do deserve that second chance. HEH? you all may never know he CAN change for the better!!! Just MY own Opinion.
Debbie08/10/127:08amSorry Chris, I just get so upset with what is going on with Obama and the people who think he is so great. People are so blind and I think stupid. Why don't they see what he is doing to this country. All the illegals we are going to take care of because he decided to let them stay. Obamacare that will cost a fortune and you will not get the care you need. I think the followers of Obama are just the people who want a free ride. They want the government to take care of them instead of working hard for a living supporting a family etc. That is what Obama has turned this country into. It is very depressing. That is his legacy---a Welfare country of give me, give me. Sad!
Chris08/09/124:45pmHey! No need for offensive language. Let's be above board here. No use wrestling with pigs in the mud because all you get is dirty and sooner or later you figure out the pig likes it! The primary reason why O'Bummer wants to "forgive" people who are here illegally. Once you can stay you have a vote and you're very likely to give your vote to the guy who said it was okay for you to stay. That's alot of votes in a close election. In my opinion, O'Bummer must go for the good of the country, but Romney is not the answer. Romney is the replacement. I'm a life-long Republican and I'll be watching Romney very closely. If I find a better replacement for Romney then I will support that person. That goes for my Congresman as well as my Senators. This should be our mission.
Kim08/09/1210:28amObama and his cronies are really hitting below the belt with their lies about Romney. The reason they are doing that is that Obama does not have a record. He tanked the economy, jobs, housing that stupid Obamacare that will not help anyone except illegals and the folks on welfare, and try to find a doctor. Alot of them are going to retire because of this so the wonderful care we get now will be gone. You need surgery, Obamacare will tell you if you deserve to have it due to your age, color etc. Wait and see. You big dummies for voting him in last time. And his biggest blunder is to let illegals stay in this country. Is he totally insane. We need someone who truly cares about our constitution and our laws. Obama should be impeached!
Stanley08/09/129:39amI know we are all fustrated with what is happening to this country and you all are falling for what Obama's wants. He wants the country separated. All I know is that what he wanted did not work and will not work till he bankrupts us. He needs to go, plain and simple. We need someone with experience that knows how to manage and run a business to get this economy back on track. Obama has no experience exccept to protest and hold communist meetings with the likes of Ayers. So quit fighting among ourselves and get this socialist/markist out of office.
Debbie08/09/128:40amAfraid to give you name ???. Your hysterical with your codes. I can be a B_t_h and I think that is awesome. At Least I have the balls to say what I feel. Obama is a Jerk off. How is that!! He is a liar, loser, socialist pig. and not what this country needs. You are a sl_t and a c_nt and if your a guy who wrote this cute little puzzle with words those two words fit you even more. Grow a set and wake up we do not need 4 more years of Obama the liar's crap.
? 08/08/1212:56pmNO YOU WAKE UP DEBBIE DOO DUM!! How would YOU LIKE it if someone said something NASTY things about you are a BEACH???? There? do you like like? SLOT??!!! CONT!!! Get my drift??? GOD this is NO WAY to...ohhh FOCK YOU ALL..OBAMA--IS--GOING--TO WIN---THIS---ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL SEE..AND THEN....YOU WILL ALL KNOW!!
Debbie08/08/127:31amI am saying kind words......It seems you cannot take the truth. Obama is a smooth talker and that is all he has going for him. His liberal ways are not what this wonderful country was built on. That is why I am so angry at what he is doing. Capitalism works where Socialism does not. The government has got to stop interferring into our lives. I hope you wake up from his spell before it is to late.
Debbie08/06/1211:59amThis message is for all the koolaid drinkers that believe Obama will win a second term. That stupid socialist moran will not win because most people really see him for what he is and that is a socialist pig that is bent on destroying this country. the only people he will be helping are the illegals and the folks that want to live on welfare and not work but take and take from the working class. Heaven help us if he gets in again. He has put us all against each other. He is useless and should be shipped out of my country and sent back to kenya where he trully belongs. I am just so tried of this bull. He should of been impeached along time ago. What a putz.
Chris08/04/126:08pmMelanie, never saw the word "ideology" in your comments. Just"morals". Your apology is accepted. By the way, I would love a President with magic underwear and large lump in front. That way we would know he/she would have a big set!
So there!08/04/124:05pmTHIS Stupid question is STILL HERE?? GOD??? will SOMEONE PLEASE CHANGE IT ALREADY!!!!!! BOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!!! The Pres...will win the next election....and YES he deserves a second there!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melane08/04/121:17pmStill at this stupid conversation? Way too many haters and Chris I never judged your morals just your ideology. I am pretty sure that most of the crap on here is old and tired, talking about handouts and welfare....This country is only as strong as its middle class and it will become much weaker under Romney.....U guys really ready for a president that wears magic underwear? Honestly!!!
Chris08/01/126:20pmIn the House of White, Four years lives a President, A resident lives.
Christina07/31/126:04pmI am baffled that there are still people who believe Obama's b.s. and scared for the future of our country. Go Romney!
Chris07/31/125:46pmIn an attempt to explain my plight as well as the plight of countless other Americans, I will use the style of Japanese Haikiu poetry to explain why O'Bummer must go! - My savings are tapped, I lost work during this term, The man of Hope failed.
Debbie07/25/1212:16pmThis election is going to be very important to the future of the country as we know it or how Obama wants to change it. He is a markist liberal. He does not believe in our constitution. I have been talking to many groups of people and we all agree that Obama cannot get in again. Heck, I would vote for my dog before I would vote for that idiot. Careful Obama eats dogs. I want my country to stay a capitalist not a socialist country. I have never call him the president to me he never earned it. He is just plain Obama the socialist/Markist/Organizer who hangs around with Ayers the communist professor in Chicago. Both are losers.
Lee07/25/1211:18amCarlissa, you are the stupid one. You must be a liberal and love socialism. If that is the case move to Russia. You crappy liberals always blame the Republicans. Republicans bring prosperity and Democrats bring job loss, debt because you give all our hard earned money to the lazy poor on welfare. Obama is bankrupting this country and spending more money will not help this country. Do you know what a budget is??? Let me explain in simple terms that you can understand. If you are broke spending more money you don't have will not work except bankrupt you. Obama needs to listen to the congress and stop spending money we do not have. We need to get rid of Obama so we can get back on track. Obama SUCKS!!
Carlissa07/24/1210:55pmLook u ignorant middle class vote for Romney fools if it wasnt for the past 12 years of Republican interest in do noting economy we wouldnt have to be in this mess in the first place. I think Obam is doing what he said he can do. If you listened to the man in the first place he said that in order to get the country back on its feet it would take more that 4 yrs and he would have to spend money to do. I suggest you quit whinning about who is at fault and start by taking action to help yourselves cry babies.
Lee07/24/124:18amObama wants to tax the middle class and the so called wealthy giving it all to the lazy people on welfare. He lies saying that he wants to tax the so called wealthy 250,000. and up. There are not enough of them so he will tax the hell out of the middle class everyone who makes less than 250,000. Obama lies about everything and people believe his crap. We need Romney in office to straighten out the mess Obama got us in. We also need to get rid of Reid and that **** Pelosi. The US will be better off.
Unhingedcat07/23/127:22pmIsn't it ironic that Romney talks about jobs, jobs, jobs thereby acknowledging that there aren't enough jobs while members of his party keep saying that people who are out of work are just being lazy and they're being forced to support people who won't work. Which is it? Do you middle class republicans really believe that the ultra rich republicans like Romney give a damn about you or that you probably pay more in taxes than they do? No one gives a **** about the middle class - we're just here to pay the bills for the rich and the poor.
Chris07/17/127:09pmRussell... O'Bummer was set up?!?! Give me a break. How did he get his O'Bummercare through and his highest tax increase in recent history? Oh yeah, Pelosi, Reed and a Democratic Congress! Reme,mber what Pelosi said? "We need to pass this thing to know what's in it." I agree with you that Conservatives aren't perfect, but right now they are a great deal better than another term of O'Bummer. Is Romney the right guy? I doubt it. But if you check into previous comments made by me I think that we're in for a string of one term wimps, I mean Presidents and the office wiill become meaningless with power transferring to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. Much like Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson whern he ran the country under President Eisenhower.
Jan07/17/127:10amWhy does Obama deserve a second term?? He has accomplished nothing! He has created more debt in one term than all the former Presidents put together. He has not kept one promise. Unemployment is still high, he has invested taxpayer money into failing business owned and operated by his largest investors. He has sent millions of dollars to a Brazilian Petroleum company owned in part by his boss George Soros yet he blocks our own industries ay every opportunity.He promises transparency but in fact his presidency is cloaked in secrecy and deceit. He has single handly almost made congress irrelevent through the abusive use of executive orders..he rules by decree like the Kings used to do!! Wake up people!! He is leading us down a very slippery slope.
Lee07/17/126:53amRussell you are a miguided fool. Obama is the problem. Capitalism works so quit picking on the person who works for a living and made something of himself and if by the grace of God became wealthy. Liberals/Socialists like Obama do not understand that they want to give the hard working persons money to the lazy bum who wants to have babies every year and live off the system. Everyone can make it if they push and push and try. The problem is Obama does not want that he wants everyone to be at the mercy of the Government in other words him. If you and your precious Obama want that then get out of this country and go to Russia, or China. Obama has ruined this country enough and it is time to kick his ass to the curb along with his ugly wife and kids. It is time to clean and fumigate the White House!! We better keep the dog I hear he likes to eat dogs. What a liar and a loser.
Russell 07/17/124:28amObama was set up from the start, congress created an impossible situation for any president to build upon and the world looked on in amazment at the stupidity of your nation to allow congress/its politicians to act like spoilt children. Conservative politics only serves the wealthy and does not help the lower classes and anyone that would see Mitt Romney as thier salvation needs to see a doctor. Mitt Romney has more in common with the coming of the third anti christ.
Lee07/16/1210:24amI am very fustrated with how this country is going. Obama wants the government in all aspects of our life. He wants to give everything free to the folks on welfare and everything free to the illegals and make the rest of us hard working folks pay for it. He is full of crap! I did not vote for this piece of crap. I will never recognize him as the president of the United States because he does not deserve that title....He is a scum sucking socialist and he needs to be impeached out of office. If he gets back in this country will go bankrupt and we will no longer be known as the land of the free. People wake up and smell the coffee. He is no good for the country, our pocket books and for our childrens future.
Dean07/16/124:23amThis just shows how stupid or ignorant people are when it comes to Obama. He is a liar, thief, socialist ass and the only thing he wants to do is destroy America. Most liberals are just looking at the fact he is black and he made it all the way to the White House. They are not looking at his record or lack of. He needs to be kicked out and replaced with someone who can turn the mess around that Obama created. Reid and Pelosi also need to be thrown out of office both are crazy liberals and are helping Obama to destroy us.
Chris07/14/127:41pmGive me a break!!!!! Are you for real. How can you feel sorry for this guy. You can say the same thing about G. W. Bush. What has this man done to deserve a second term? Oh yeah, that's right. The Supreme Court told us that he placed one of the HIGHEST TAXES IN HISTORY on us when he said it wasn't a tax. He raised the national debt by billions when he said he wouldn't. What will Obama do when he has no accountability to the people. Will a blind United States still blame a Republican Congress for deadlock or thank it for protecting our rights? I guess it depends how much you buy into the fraud? Remember the Nobel Committee awarded him a Nobel Prize for getting elected. They did the same thing for Nelson Madella. Are we that stupid to praise a man and a prize committee that equates the United States with South Africa? I think not. I've got more pride than that!
Ronnie07/14/125:54amHe was set up to fail in so many ways! Blocked at every turn! Congress should be ashamed of the time they gave this man. He is doing the best he can under the circumstances. I can't believe he would want a second term, the way he has been treated.
Sorry guys!07/13/121:16pmObama is going to win this next election..SORRY.....!
Dean07/12/124:30amObama is an socialist ass and better not win again, because he is the worst president in history. I have to hand it to Romney he had a lot of guts speaking in front of the NAACP and of course he got booed. The folks there want the nanny state they want everything for nothing and be supported by the government which means on mine and yours dime through more taxes. Plus taking care of illegals which I am totally against. Get the Frick out of my country you lowlifes and losers. We need a republican as president to get rid of Obamacare and get this country back on track. Obama is not my president. I never voted for the jerk and will never support anything he wants except his impeachment or deportation back to Africa. Now I would support that.
PinkLucy07/11/129:38pmSo...... Mr. I spoke to Obama myself.... He is a good man... I believe your indoctrination is showing!
So, there you go07/11/123:42pmSorry guys...i am ALL for Obama!!!! He is going to be the next President...hate, like or LOVE IT. I AM ALL FOR OBAMA!!!I do not care what is the issue or your problem is here. BUT...I am ALL FOR OBAMA...NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!!! WELL? It is better then that "Romey" guy..he got booed at NAACP event. !! OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SPOKED to The President Obama PERSONALLY..AND he is A GOOD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris07/09/126:51pmThank you Pat. That was my point exactly. Did you get that Melanie!?! By the way. I've started a little wood working project for President Obama. Since he will be homeless in January of 2013 he'll need to move in with his family until he can find a place of his own. That means his half-brother. So I'm making a sign to make him feel more at home when he's with his half brother. It says, "Hut Sweet Hut".
Dean07/09/1212:38pmAll of you who think Obama is wonderful are full of it. He is the Devil and has you under his spell. He is a usless socialist that wants to turn this country in to another Russia or China. He needs to be impeached and then deported to one of those countries and take his ugly, fake family with him. He does not care about any of you just his agenda of ruining this country. Mr. Romney is a better choice for this country. He will get us out of this mess and also get rid of Obamacare. I refuse to pay for insurance for illegals. Close our boarders and deport all illegals. America has become a dumping ground for losers and criminals thanks to that F _ C King Obama.
Pat07/09/125:42am NO. To go into detail would take too much space.
Chris07/08/1212:22pmGet off my morality and the morality of others and start to examine your own morality Melanie. You don't know me, who I am or what your talking about. You want to talk about Presidents and their moralities? Try these examples. Kennedy - How amny affairs, but saved the world from a nuclear war during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Johnson - Viet Nam, but tried to eliminate poverty with the Great Society. Nixon - Watergate, but shifted the diplomatic table between the United States and Russia when he opened diplomatic relations with China. Ford - Pardoned Nixon, but started to heal the country from Watergate. Carter - the worst economic record in history, buth the best Human Rights record of any US President. Reagan - many called him a war monger and friend of the rich, but was the undisputed leader of the world during his presidency and could bring peace with a phone call. George H. W. Bush - Broke his No New Taxes pledge, but handled the firts Gulf War in a magnificent manner. 90% appropval rating as President. Clinton - Monica Lewinski and Impeached, but handled the economy beautifully for 8 years. George W. Bush - Emptied US Treasury fighting Middle East, but defended Americans all over the world. Obama - Has spent billions when he pledge to reduce the deficit, but the jury is still out on the good. Find the morality in this.
Chris07/07/127:03pmWell Melanie at least I can make a decision and I'm not ashamed of believing that my nationality is the best in the world! Why should I be ashamed of being an American!?! I believe that my nation is the greatest nation that ever will be established on God's green earth. If you're an American and don't believe that, then what is your problem? If you're another nationality and believe that yours is the best, then good for you! Its only natural. As to leadership, you wouldn't know it if it was in your cereal bowl for breakfast. Being popular is not always right and doing what is right is not always popular. Democracy is not about making everybody happy. It is about the majority view ruling with consideration being given to the minority view as well. Our system of checks and balances not only keeps one branch of our federal and state governments from becoming too powerful, but they also strike down laws that are wrong. You may think that I wouldn't be a good President of the United States and disagree with my points of view, but you sure as hell would know where I stand on the issues. I wouldn't be like Romney, Obama and other politicians who wordsmith just so they can't be pinned down.
Heeellllooo again07/07/129:10amSanta Claus OR The Easter Bunny can be the next President and YOU ALL WILL STILL COMPLAIN!!!
Melanie07/05/123:29pmAll I can say is thank goodness that you are not leading this country, Chris! A society is only as moral as it's leaders. That is why we are in this mess, no other reason. I am proud to be an American but I no longer believe that we are the best nation in this world. It is a tad bit arrogant to think that we are the best. I think folks in Australia have it pretty good! Canada? Come on we are not the only people that are proud of the country we live in
Chris07/04/128:35pmNo "technically" about it. I am right. This is what's wrong with America. Somebody makes a comment. Some idiot makes a comment that is somewhat related to the previous comment at best. There is some disagreement. Then a third party comes in an tries to be a peace maker by saying you're abot right. Get over it people. This is why kids can't organize kickball games on thier own because everyone must feel good and they can't achieve that goal simply because there has to be a winning and losing team. Read A NATION OF WIMPS and you'll have your eyes opened. "Compromise is the result of a lack of leadership." Margaret Thacher.
RandomObserver07/04/1211:08amAlthough George Washington was born on this continent, in colonial Virginia, there was still no United States established until after 1776. So technically Chris and the Quipster are both right. Ha ha! Trick question!
Happy 4th07/04/127:11amOk..this has to be change...PLEASE CHANGE QUESTION!!! i have seen enough...thankyou. Can you not put something more positive..more on a happier note?? something to GIVE more?? Happy 4th!
Root07/02/128:15amThank you, Marian. Your sensible kindness is refreshing.
Marian07/01/126:44pmPresident Obama is a decent thoughtful man with a lovely family. Not everyone has to like him but I think everyone should be civil. I will not vote for Mr. Romney, but I will not say terrible things about him, he is a decent man with a lovely family. I also think as citizens we have to stop attacking each other over politics and talk to each and exchange our ideas about what we think is good, bad and what works in our favor or not. There is a great divide in our country that is cementing us into a gridlock of hate. ust because we don't all agree does not mean that the ''other person'' is bad. It just means simply we think differently.
Kayla06/29/127:46pmMellissande: You are a stalker, a fake, a jealous, evil, liar, and you contradict everything you say. Are you really Kayla Kerr?? What you need is a big, fat blue vicodin. Never use that name again!
Chris06/28/126:21pmHey Quip, you need to learn to slow down when you read and, more importantly, to comprehend what you read correctly.
Jeff06/27/129:37pmHey Quip, George Washington was definitely born in the USA, as were all Presidents until Obama. That fake birth certificate Obama released to the public a year ago confirms that he is a fake and a phony. All the more reason why we need to oust him from office in November. He is a foreign born imposter who clearly does not have the best interests of the USA in mind.
Quip06/27/127:00amGeorge Washington wasn't born in the U.S.
Chris06/26/126:47pmGeorge Washington was the only US President who couldn't blame his problems on a previous administration.
Debbie06/26/1210:07amWe can be friends, but when politics get in the way people get crazy sometimes. I cannot stand Obama and it really bothers me how the liberal news will lie and lie again to save his butt. We all knew about his socialist ways during his run. He is also a racist and do not doubt it. Having a spiritual advisor lik Wright for 20 years you know he has the same beliefs. I find it so amazing how so many people believe and follow him. I guess brains were not given out to those people when they were born. We need him out!! Romney will turn this country around so housing is worth something, jobs will be there for legal americans and the economy will turn around. Obama can go to hell for all I care and take his disgusting family along with him. We better keep the dog at the White House he may decide to eat him.
Jay06/26/129:54amYou got it wrong. Obama is the one that ate a dog!! Romney picked on a kid when he was in school.
Why Can't We Be Friends?06/26/129:53amI understand where you are all going with this. I and totaly agree..but? why mock the guy..they are human as YOU all ARE. No matter WHO get's in Obama..OR WHOEVER..STOP mocking the guy..he is human too. I totaly agree with "HELLO AGAIN" You voted for him...there u go..get my drift? I never voted for him I am a Canadian! We have our own i Come on..WE ARE All human..YES we have comments, complaints, issues, opinions and other situations that this world has..but WHY Mock??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!
Mellissande06/26/122:44amFrankly I'm not nearly the fan of Obama that I was when I voted for him, but there is no way I'm voting for Romney who barbecued a poor stray dog alive when he was a younger man. Obama may not be the best president in history, but at least he's not that kind of person! Who does something like that? Oh wait..... SERIAL KILLERS!
Vickie06/25/1211:46amRemember Obama didnt get the country this way. You have to remember the others before him. they where not much better!
Jay06/25/1211:08amWhoever is playing Obama stop it. He is a liar along with you an imposter. Obama would not admit his mistakes which is everything he touchs. He is not good for this country. Impeach the moran!! Get rid of Obamacare, Illegals. keep taxes low. Make all unions pay their own retirement, insurance just like everyone else. No more free ride for unions.
Chris06/24/126:45pmOh, one more thing. Hello Again would have job security in the fact of being able to write "Quit whining. You voted for him." no matter who is elected. The really ironic thing is that Hello Again probably hasn't ever cast a ballot during an election in his/her miserable life!
Obama06/24/126:18pmI appreciate everyone's input here except the haters and the racists. People who don't like that I've tripled our yearly deficit are just ignorant. We must spend and borrow more money we don't have in order to create more jobs. We must raise taxes for those rich successful people even if it results in fewer jobs and less revenue for the Government. Fairness is more important than common sense. I'm your President so trust me, we must print more money and borrow more money from the Chinese so we can continue to increase our food stamp program. I hate to toot my own horn, but there are more people on food stamps now under my administration than ever before in American History. Also, government jobs pay more money and have much greater benefits than private sector jobs. I really wanted to start a ditch digging program and just pay people to dig holes throughout the US, and then pay other people to fill them in. This way they would feel like they are productive, AND they would be highly paid and get full medical, dental, and vacations. My advisers thought it was a bad idea and instead told me to just pay people not to work, and give them unemployment for several years, free health care, education, food, etc. I also decided to give amnesty to young illegals who jumped the border with their parents. They also need free food, health care, unemployment, etc. There is plenty to go around since we can borrow money and print money forever. If you weren't all haters you would understand this. Please vote for me again. Thank you for your consideration. Barrack.
Chris06/23/125:12pmRoot I disagree. If enough of us hate the job that Obama is doing then enough of us will vote him out of office. Hate works wonders with the masses in politics.
Root06/23/124:54pmNothing ever gets solved by hate. Don't be such haters. Such raving!
HEEELLLOOOO again!!!06/23/129:30amOHH Come-on..STOP YOUR FRECKING WHINNNING...You all are a bunch of sucks. You all voted for the stop your come-on.. Let me repeat that again....YOU ALL VOTED FOR HIM SO STOP YOUR WHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHALL I SAY IT AGAIN?? SURE WHY NOT.... YOU---ALLL---VOTED---FOR---HIM---SO---STOP---YOUR---WHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice06/22/128:57pmHey Obama! Are you another Mark? Get the hell out of here. You're full of ****!
Anonymous06/21/124:34pmYeah i would if i were or was a / an American..thanks for your in-put "Obama"!!!!
Obama06/21/1210:55amPlease re-elect me. I offer you hope and change. It's not my fault that the economy is so bad. Bush did that. It's not my fault that healthcare costs are still going up... the Democrats in Congress who passed Obama Care are culpable. It's not my fault that my fast and furious gun running program resulted in thousands of guns going to Mexican drug cartels. That was Eric Holder, my attorney general. It's not my fault that that our deficit has tripled since I took office.. my advisers are at fault for that. They said that when the government spends more and borrows more money, that it is suppose to stimulate the economy. They set me up to fail. Anyone who does not give me another chance is racist. My advisers must be racist also because they are making me look bad. I'm the smartest guy around, and if I can just give another speech it will become clear. Thank you for your consideration. Barrack.
Root06/20/129:02am..Riiiight... so you want Romney? are you nuts? I'll take Obama anyday.
Nura06/20/1212:00amNO more obama
Jane06/19/128:41amObama is the Anti-Christ....Plain and simple.
Jay06/19/124:54amMiss Lee then you can have the JERK. Take Obama and his nasty looking family. Then he can ruin your country like he is doing to mine. Obama should not be voted in again. He is a leftist **** and is as Debbie say's a Useless tool.
Ms.Lee06/18/123:57pmAwe, I can't vote, I am Canadian!!! lol But I would vote Obama :) Why? cos he ROCKS, and he CARES, OBAMA CARES!
Debbie06/18/1212:46pmObama SUCKS! He along with Jimmy Carter are the worst presidents in history. Jimmy was just stupid, Obama is a socialist Commy Pig and should be impeached. He is not helping business, the economy or the hard working American---all he wants to do is help is the illegal alien for fricken votes. He is just a useless tool.
Anelizk06/18/1210:43amI think we need President Obama for a second term just like one would need a hole in the head. For people that think "he saved" the economy, & the auto industry...well maybe in the short term, but he just delayed a slow-moving trainwreck. We went from 4 trillion in debt to 15 trillion after Obama. Explain to me how you can spend your way out of debt? Maybe Romney isn't the answer, Obama certainly is or wasn't in my opinion. The problem w/socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money to spend.
Just my opinion06/18/126:07amAmen Mel...AMEN! I will NOT vote for ROMNEY! I will vote for OBAMA! A MUCH better's what they have to say: Tell me what you all think? This is in 2 parts. Jesus Said, “…Choose ye this day whom ye will serve…” IT MATTERS! This ought to get your blood flowing … Looking back thru the past 4 years, many “Whens” pop up. Read them all to better understand where we are going as a country. IT MATTERS! 1. WHEN – he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter. 2. WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter. 3. WHEN – it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn’t matter. 4. WHEN – he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t matter. 5. WHEN – his voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn’t matter. 6. WHEN – he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn’t matter. 7. WHEN – people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter. 8. WHEN – he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t matter. 9. WHEN – he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro -homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it didn’t matter. 10. WHEN – he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.
Mel06/16/1211:00amVoting for Romney is about as dumb as you can get....Obama Rocks!!!!
Chris06/14/1211:08amMeme - Why do you have to be left wing to care about workers rights? See what the extreme left wing has done for workers rights throughout history and you'll see red. What the heck is a preemptive war? Tell the parents, spouses and children of the fallen that their loved one died in a preemptive war and they'll tell you that war is war and their loved one is just as dead. Indefinite detention and tourture? You obviously haven't had had a loved one in harms way. When you do you'll want someone to do just about anything to get the information that's needed to save lives. Just ask the families of the victims of 9/11. We live in a different time and age now and must apply different rules to a different enemy. When the world understands that we mean what we say the world will work with us in a common cause to eliminate terrorism from the world. No country will harbor terrorists because the consequences will be to terrible for the host nation. Just ask Pakistan.
Meme06/10/128:13pmIf you're actually left-wing, and care about things like worker's rights, freedom of speech, and stopping torture, indefinite detention and preemptive war you'll vote for Jill Stein. I don't know how anyone could possibly still imagine Obama is anything but a neocon.
Chris06/10/127:58pmLorita - I do as well but most people who support President Obama are puss*@% anyway.
Me06/09/125:12pmYou have to be dumb to vote for Obama again.
Cheryl06/05/127:19amI support President Obama. I do respect anyone's right to vote for their candidate of choice which is what democracy is all about.
Lorita06/01/1210:53pmNo thanks Justin. Chris, what a cute joke. Me, I prefer dogs.
Chris06/01/128:46amFor Gabi and Others - President Obama was walking around the Capital Mall when he saw a little girl holding a box with a towel over it. The President walked up to the little girl and asked her. "Little girl, what do you have in the box?" The little girl replied in a proud voice, "Kittens!" President Obama asked if he could look in the box and the little girl agreed. The Chief Executive saw six of the cutest kittens he ever saw in his life! The little girl continued, "They're Democratic kittens!" Instantly President Obama realized the opportunity for a positive press release. The President asked the little girl, "Will you be here the day after tomorrow?" The little girl nodded yes and said, "You bet I will!" The day after tomorrow came and President Obama led the White House Press Corps around the Capital Mall and "by chance" happened to meet the little girl. Again, the President asked the little girl what she had in the box and the little girl replied kittens just as he had planned. As President Obama removed the towel, picked up a kitten, and started to cuddle it, he asked, "What kind of kitten is this?" The little girl answered, "It's a Republican kitten?" Stunned for a moment because he did not anticipate the answer, the President regained himself over the sounds of laughter from the White House Press Corps, camera shutters and camera motors advancing film. President Obama said to the little girl, "Are these the same kittens from the other day?" The little girl replied, "Oh yes Mr. President." President Obama contined, "Didn't you tell me that these were Democratic kittens?" The little girl replied, "Oh yes President Obama." Finally President Obama asked, "Then please tell me the difference between the kittens of a couple of days ago and the kittens of today." "That's easy," said the little girl, "Yesterday their eyes opened."
Justin Bieber06/01/126:32amHEY??? how about me?? I am rich...famous..and GOOOOOD Looking...and a hunk too!!!!!!!! Even though I am a Canadian..why not me as your next Pres?? Hey? why not?? Ladies and Gentlemen...may I pronounce the Next President of The United States---President Justin Bieber..Ahh...WOW..that has a AWESOME ring to it...don't you all think?? ME??? OHH YEAH!!!!!!
Chris05/31/126:25pmGabi you have no comprehension of what is going on outside of your own little sphere and that is what Obama is counting on. Yes, Mr. Clinton had a surplus, but he also was not running a war on multiple fronts. The agenda mandated to President G. W. Bush was forced upon him due to the events of 9/11. The hunt for Osama Bin Ladin and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq acounted for 25% of the national debt over eight years before Obama took office. Obama has spent more than that in less than four years! If you recall, one of the reasons why we wen into Irag was for WMDs, but we did not find any. If you read Sharansky's THE CASE FOR DEMOCRACY then you would understand that the best way to control WMDs is by diverging power of control to several people in a democracy. The very government that we are fostering in Iran. This is what makes Iraq so scary. We don't know who is in control of their nuclear program and we don't know what the President is doing to discourage Iraq's nuclear ambitions. Leave it up to Isreal and start a Muslim holy war? I don't think so! Where is the President on this issue and what is he doing? Oh yeah, its campaign season. Check your history book. The Auto Industry Bail out was initiated by Bush and completed by Obama under TIGER. There is an old saying, "The devil that you do know is better than the devil that you don't know." Last April a poll was relased and for the first time in modern history the sitting President trailed his challenger in the poll. Or to modify the old saying according to the poll results many Americans feel, "The devil that you don't know is better than the devil that you know." To paraphrase a previous Pro-Obama commenter, "The idiot you don't know (Romney) is bett than the idiot you do know (Obama)." Finall, as to health care costs going down. Ask my 70 year old moth who had to find another forty bucks a month for increased costs associated with Obama-care/ Like I said Gabbi, step outside your sphere.
Gabi05/30/1211:15amLove President Obama. He saved the auto industry, we have affordable health insurance, the housing market is rebounding and we have economic recovery - slow, but steady. Bush ran us into the ditch in his 8 years. Republicans didn't do much but crash the economy and let greed run rampant. Oh yeah...not including war costs in the budget - that helped. The GOP has proven that they don't care about you, what's right for this country or even just what's right - period, and if Mitt Romney - Mr. I don't know what I think, give me 10 minutes and I'll reverse my position doesn't scare you - nothing will.
Debbie05/30/1210:03amYest America is a separate country and it is because Obama the creep separated us. The Republicans will not pass Obama's garbage because it is not good for the country and they know we do not want to go down that path of Liberalism---Obama is a Communist!! I did not vote for him and never will. I will celebrate along with all of my neighbors when he is defeated. It will be the best thing that could happen to the USA!! So when he is defeated he can take his devil looking wife and I have to say the uglist looking daughters since Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy. They all need to move back to Kenya. Maybe he will eat more dogs. He should instead eat cats. He is a useless!!
Root05/28/128:08amMelanie, you're right. You've hit the nail on the head.
Juanita05/26/1210:39pmHow dare you jugde me!!!!!!
Lorita05/25/125:10pmAmericans! You have fukked-up the American plan. America: You are now all separated, catch that. America: We are now all separate countries. Now, we have all separated.
Melanie05/25/1211:10amMost of you are crazy and can not possibly even be following what is really going on....republicans have**** blocked everything Obama has tried to accomplish. The republican party is no longer the party that it used to be. Romney is an idiot. a bully and out of touch with the average working joe. It takes a strong working class to make a country strong not a few select rich that control our government. It is Bush that created the mess we are in...learn your history we had a surplus under Clinton when the rich were taxed at 39%. We have entered into wars and not raised taxes never in the history of the United States has that ever worked. This country is run by the good ol white boys and they were never going to sit still and watch a black man lead this country. I have nothin but respect for the man for taking on the mess that Bush left us with. Before you all start sounding off check the facts, he is only human and I for one think he is doing the best job possible under the conditions that he has had to work under.
Heellloooo again....05/24/123:56pmYou all voted for the stop your come-on.. Let me repeat that again....YOU ALL VOTED FOR HIM SO STOP YOUR WHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHALL I SAY IT AGAIN?? SURE WHY NOT.... YOU---ALLL---VOTED---FOR---HIM---SO---STOP---YOUR---WHINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June05/24/128:57amThe president must not be allowed a second term. He talks a good talk but can not walk the walk. We need someone who can get America working again. Who values our great country and respects our forefathers. I am tired of him and his wife talking about healthier eating within our schools. What the children eat in our school systems is not making them heavy. It is the economy that is making them heavy. Parents can't afford roasts and fresh vegetables, etc. Pasta, peanut butter & jelly, pancakes, waffles, cererals, etc are being served instead of basic food groups. Wake up Mr. President and smell the roses. Listen to the people. You had four years to make changes and you made a mess of our country. I't time to stop blaming Bush. It's time to look at YOUR FAILURES.
Katie05/23/127:59pmI agree with Chris. The position of president of this country is fast becoming that same iconic "throne" of the Queen of England. I don't believe Romney will do much for this country at all. I see a future of self-sustaining communities of people who's family members are close, doctors and dentists make house calls, smaller regional vendors will thrive again and our techno-large world will become smaller as we begin to care about each other more than we care about celebrities and sports figures and "reality" shows. We will grow our own food, school our own children, contribute to our neighborhoods according to our time and talents while at the same time enjoy local entertainers in small venues, keep our streets and homes looking groomed and share smiles with people instead of being afraid of everyone. Media has lowered our standards and raised our fears. We need good honest reporting and entertainment that is kind and uplifting. In other words, we need to settle instead of continuing this crisis management government.
Chris05/21/127:41pmThere is no question in my mind that the President must not be re-elected for the sake of the United States of America, the citizens of this great country, and the future of our nation in general. But I am not convinced that Romney is the person who will and is able to manage the turn around that must take place in four years to warrant a second term. I am afraid that our country is set up for a number of one term Presidents that will weaken this position in the sight of the American people and the nations of the world. The keys that we must also focus on are the positions of Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader positions. If we have any hope of remaining a UNITED States we need to have a UNITED legislative branch of government that can override the President when it needs to do so. This will be an historic transition of power in American government, but it must be made if a string of one term Presidents are elected or the world power of the President of the United States will be transferred to a foreign country such as China and/or Ruissia.
Tony05/21/123:54pmDont be fooled by Universal health care... this is what it means.,.. It means rationing of health care.. Look at the UK.... If you are over 65 forget about heart ops... You see Obama loves this universal health care BUT! what the dems are not telling you is this... They have a plan in placxe which limits care to those who are productive to society.. Look it up ... Look up Rahm Emanuals brother who was an advisor to this... Ok... so what happens when Obama care comes in fully ... yep... the medical Insurance industry will collapse... leaving a massive shortfall for hospitals and medical services... Hospitals will close becasue the Govt cannot afford this.. It will cost billions of not trillions.... and during the time it takes to get the funding... who pays the bills for the hospitals.. the wages for staff the running costs... Obama care does not add up all it does if throws the USA into chaos ... The USA has the best medicval system in the world... its not perfect BUT! my goodness it better than Europe and that darn fool Sean Penn.. if Cuba's system is so good you go live there!!
Debbie05/21/127:29amChris which means you will vote Romney, instead of Obama. Obama is evil and will deep six the whole country if he gets back in. None of us will survive his tax increases that will come in January if he is elected. ALso Obamacare will kill alot of elderly folks because of his cuts. The only folks that will be ok are the lazy people on welfare, because they do not pay anything but keep getting everything for nothing. Please don't give up. We need to vote Obama out!! Capitalism is always better than Socialism.
Chris05/20/127:06pmDo any of you recall what was the first recognition the world community provided the current President of the Unitede States? The Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded the President a Nobel Peace Prize for being elected President of the United States. Prior to that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Nelson Mandella a Nobel Peace Prize for being elected President of South Africa. I don't know about you, but this raised a number of questions in my mind. First, does a minority automatically rate a Nobel for being elected a leader of a country? Would a caucassian recieve a Nobel for being "elected" President of Uganda? Second, does the Nobel Committe view the United States electorate the same as the electorate in South Africa? Were our efforts to divest in South Africa during the 1980's due to Aparthide noble when the world community viewed the United States as the new Aparthide nation as the result of the 2008 Presidential election? Third, was the Nobel Prize an attempt to bolster an unknown's diplomatic's efforts? The President promised to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. Was the Nobel Prize an attempt by the world community who was unhappy with the President Bush protecting the United States over the rest of the world versus President Obama whom they felt was more reasonable and could be more easily persuaded? Finally, where has the Nobel Prize winner gone? The man who had so much promise for the good of the world has disappeared into so many crisis and issues in which he has been called on. Rememebr when he tried to make a political issue out of the raid on Osama Bin Laden's home. The heroes who were there wouldn't have it. Even the Chiar of the Joint Cheifs wouldn't allow it. To say the least, I don't care which political party you represent, I cannot bring myself to vote for the President and the option that I have is not much better. Once again, I must vote for the lesser of two evils.
Mr. Dictionary05/20/128:14am"Socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated BY THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. The term "socialism" has been erroneously used to describe positions as far apart as anarchism, communism, and social democracy. However, the socialist parties that have arisen in most European countries have generally tended toward SOCIAL DEMOCRACY."
Root05/19/126:24amYou haters should check out the facts sometime. It's a whole new world!
Debbie05/18/123:52amI am not a hater, just fustrated on how this jerk is changing our country to become a Nanny State. He is turning american against american. The Government needs to work for us and not we work for the government. Obama is useless and needs to go also, I did NOT and will never vote for the socialist pea brain!
Christian Girl05/17/1212:59pmThere will only one day be one world president, Jesus Christ.
HELLOOOO05/17/129:53amYOU ALL VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!!! NOW STOP YOUR WHINNING!!!!!!!!! YES ALOT OF HATERS!!!!! Lets take a doobie and make em peace!!!
Root05/17/128:50amWow. What a lot of haters!
Debbie05/16/1210:09amI agree we need to look to the future and that is why Obama is not a good fit. His policies are socialist and is not what this great country was created on. Government needs to back out of our lives. Political correctness is another problem/issue. We have freedom of speech and it seems since a black was elected everyone is afraid to say anything about his lousy record as president. I am not afraid to say he sucks eggs as president and commander in chief of our great military. If he is elected again I blame the stupid idiots in this country for the damage he will cause. The American people need to get up vote his smelly butt out of office and start to rebuild this country to greatness as it once was. Cut, Cut, Cut spending and usless programs, lower taxes, drill, drill in the US to get away from foreign oil. We need to be self reliant and with Obama in office that will never be. We will become a socialist country. God doesn't anyone see this!! Liberal/Socialist folks like the movie stars need their wealth taken away from them and them make them live in Russia or Iran and see how long they would last. Why would anyone take their advice anyway. Most of them have been married 6 or 7 times and are on drugs and sleep around. Look at Jolie and Pitt what a screwed up pair. Peace!
Chris05/15/128:45pmLadies and Gentlemen, look at what this forum has become. We have people making blanket statements identyfying racial groups abusing various programs. We have individuals blindly following a President regardlessof his performance and track record over the past three plus years. We have people making comments about government conspiracies that have taken place over the past 50 years! Do you realize that statement goes back as far as JFK? Come on people let's get for real. Instead of looking at this election as meaning the next four years, look at a much bigger picture. Take an objective look at where you want America to be in twenty years. Don't vote Obama or Romney simply to keep the other out of office. Vote as to the principles and ideas that each party continuously promotes that will achieve the America that you envision in twenty years. The long term goals for America should be the focus of this election. Major corporations develop strategic plans to guide them over a designated period of time and a system of accountablity if the strategic plan is not followed or if goals are not achieved. We the people must hold our elected officials accountable by communicating and promoting or expectations with them between elections. Elected officials do a great job communicating with us when they want our votes we should do the same when we want their votes on certain issues. Remember, this election should not be about four years, it sould be about twenty years.
Haley 05/15/123:01pmHe is not doing anything good for our country.He's taking people's medicine.Like I said he is not doing anything right for our country.And I'm only 10 and I know these thing about him and all of my friend's know this to and there names are Kamri, Trinity,and Vanessa!!You can say we are wrong but we know we are right and you can say what you want.We are not racist.You can say we are racist but we are not one bit!!!!
AmericansRTops05/15/129:41amCapitalism is good ONLY if it is not perverted into a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. Clinton/Bush/Obama has all turned Corporate USA into acrime syndicate. If you don't understand what I mean please go UTube look up GeupGeraldCelente/JoelSkousen AlexJones/RayMcGovern Americans have been dupe by their own gov., working against them for the past 50+ years. YOU can stop them and RECLAIM your country and your future.
Fed UP!05/15/124:55amJeff you make perfect sense. The idiots that still do not understand will never understand, because they are probably enjoying the freebees from Obama on yours and my dime. We have got to get rid of Obama the more he is in office the harder it will be to get capitalism back. Republicans do not lie the socialist democrats are the liars. They love to put fear into everyone. Any intelligent person can see what Obama and his crew are up to, but noone will do anything about it because he is black. Who cares if her is green. He is no good for this country, he is a lousy leader, commander in chief. He is a socialist moran. I work hard for every dime and do not want to take care of any lazy american. Healthcare is another issue get a job and pay for your healthcare like I have to. Don't use the emergency room as a doctor's office. the mexicans use it and when there is an emergency the hospital has a bottleneck due to the fact their visits are not emergencies. This country needs an colon cleansing. Let's start at the White House with Obama, his radical, ugly wife and kids. then Biden the demented moran and so on and so forth. I want America back, proud, military strength, financially stable for the people not the socialist democrats who are getting rich off us poor hard working americans. God Bless American!!
Jeff05/14/127:34pmCollateral Damage is what we see right now because of liberal and socialist policies. Why should someone work when they can claim endless unemployment benefits? Why should people work when they can get free food from a socialist system that steals money from those who work. More people are on food stamps under Obama than at any time in history... and why should that surprise anyone? Why should families work when they get $1000 check each year for every child in their household? That's welfare gone amok. Why work when there is a socialist school system that pays for your kids education? Why work when you can get free health care in the form of Medicaid? There are so many freebees in this country it’s shocking. Seriously, when the government penalizes high income earners and rewards low income earners, you inevitably will see less and less high income earners and more and more low income earners. The more you tax a certain activity, the less you get of that activity. That applies to everything, including income and hard work. Almost 50% of the American population does not pay taxes. Doesn’t that disturb any of you Obama supporters? That means 50% of the population are looters and can now vote more and more benefits for themselves at the expense of the other 50%. THAT is true division. That is what socialist policies do. They divide people by class and turn them against each other. The looters hate the producers because they are constantly told that they are victims and that wealthy people are to blame. I call that the politics of envy, which is the ugly result of socialist policies. Anyone who says they are victims because wealthy people are the worst kind of human debris. It is a bold faced lie, and demagogue politicians like Obama get away with this false rhetoric and capitalize on this human vice and cultivate it for political gain. All this talk about Republicans being bigots is a smoke screen and a diversion from the true tragedy here, which is divisive politicians like Obama and the liberals who sow the seeds of envy in order to get votes. Obama and his ilk must be defeated if we are to reverse this downward socialist spiral.
Dan05/14/124:53pmRepublicans will lie, holler and try to scare us all about the "socialists" on the left, just like they were fear-mongering about terrorists before. Pay close attention and you'll see: whether it's gays, Latinos, women who use contraception, brown people who worship Allah, etc. etc. etc. Republicans only know how to play the fear card, how to divide people, and how to ask for more tax cuts and deregulation for their richest friends. They're entirely predictable, and they also hate America because they want to see Obama fail, even if it means that thousands of ordinary Americans will suffer as collateral damage.
Jeff05/14/124:13pmAnyone who does not side with Capitalism is a socialist/communist. Capitalism is freedom to make a living without being forced by an immoral monolith of a government system to give up your private property to others. It's immoral to take someone's private property by force, and that includes a person's earnings. Earnings are after all private property and are the fruits of a person’s labor. Forcing someone to labor and taking their earnings means subjecting them to slavery. Stop coveting other people's wealth the way a cannibal coverts other people. Obama is most certainly not uniting us, he is dividing us through class warfare, and by race bating. He divides people by inspiring mobs of victims to loot their neighbor’s wealth. He therefore punishes anyone who works hard and is successful. Success and profit are dirty words, while failure and complacency are rewarded. Obama is an abomination to hard work and freedom. He is a bitter and angry little man with a bully pulpit who attacks and divides one industry at a time, demoralizing people and discouraging human greatness and innovation.
Angelia 05/13/1210:03pmI believe Obama should win.The capitalists want to keep the lower class in line and they do it by fear and division.The American society has thrived on negativity for so long they want it.The Iraq war is over which is good cause when a country goes to war for hidden motives,the destruction they inflict will ultimately inflict the ones causing it,it's just a universal law.Americans aren't that different than people in any other country.Countries can't function without each other.Obama tries to build bridges instead of burn them.If anybody thinks I'm naive,maybe you should take a look at yourself.
Fed UP!05/11/123:59amSince Obama took office I have seen people lose their homes and jobs. Obama policy is to put government in every aspect of an american's life. He should not of bailed out companies or banks. The capitalist system would have worked it self out. Now our kids and their kids will have to pay for his blunder. He is the worst president since that stupid peanut farmer Carter was in office. Socialism never works!! We need a conservative in the White House to try and undo the damage of Obama. First thing get rid of Obama care. Then lock down the boarders and ship out all illegal aliens along with their kids. To me that is a good start. Also I do not want a president that bows and apologizes for america to some foreign country that is not our friend. We are supposed to be a super power and all he has done is make us all look like weak pussies. So now he should not be relected he should be impeached and then sent back to Kenya where he is from!!! Ship the stupid Hollywood so called stars along with him.
Wake up peeps!!!05/09/123:19amBush protected us??? War against terrorism??? What planet are you guys on??? It was for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist. It was never about Bin Laden. We looked like fools. However we still spend millions daily on this war. But don't worry the Haliburton company...# 1 stock holders **** Cheney and George W Bush are still making trillions in profits even if those weapons didn't exist. The same trillions they don't have to pay taxes on cause it's going to trickle down. Can't you feel the trickle??? I can not stand the lazy americans either but don't give credit where credit isn't due.
Miss Thesaurus05/08/122:27pmMr. Dictionary: What are you doing? You are boring me. BORING: dull, unexciting, uninteresting, tiresome, monotonous, humdrum, flat, stale.
Mr. Dictionary05/07/1210:04am"Fascism: An authoritarian, nationalistic, right-wing system of government and social organization. Extreme right-wing, intolerant views and practice. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach." An enlightening quote: "Fascism should more appropriately be called 'Corporatism', because it is a merger of state and corporate power." Benito Mussolini, Fascist dictator of Italy
Mr. Dictionary05/07/129:53am"Socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. The term "socialism" has been erroneously used to describe positions as far apart as anarchism, communism, and social democracy. However, the socialist parties that have arisen in most European countries have generally tended toward social democracy."
Real American05/07/128:59amObama is a socialist, plain and simple and anyone that believes he created jobs is a fool. We are a capitalist society not a socialist. We need to stop taking care of everyone. People need to take care of themselves and stop expecting the government to take care of them. Wake up lazy people.
Root05/07/128:16amAt least Obama's been creating constant upward job growth. In spite of the fact thqt GOP blockheads have worked hard to slowed things down in their insidious fashion. And they back their actions up with lies. Mitt doesn't care a lick about people... just CEO's. Romney wants to reverse any established freedom or assistance for ordinary people, in favor of so-called "job-creators" (who are actually job killers). Don't kid yourself, bigoted Obama haters. Romney's rule would be a nightmare.
Munch05/04/126:24pmSo Bite Me: Munch on ME!! Dont blame me.
So bite me05/03/128:56amYou guys voted for all have to pay the price. You do not want this guy in the next election? then...DO NOT vote for him. Easy as that. Simple. (KISS (keep it simple stupid) I didn't vote for ALL DID! SO---the next time LEARN!
Chris04/26/128:33pmJolene, I can't believe that you called the Press "Conservative". Is the only station that you get is Fox? Try taking a peek at MSNBC and some of the views their programs present as they edit the news. In reality the Press is about as Conservative as FDR was when he wanted to increase the number of Justices on th SCOTUS. As to George W. Bush destroying diplomatic relations with the world, what you don't understand is that when 911 happened America was at war. George W. Bush was mandated an agenda, Protect the United States of America and destroy the terrorists that declared war against the United States. That was his sworn oath. His oath of office was not to other countries of the world. One of the greatest democrats and liberals of the 20th century was in a similar situation, FDR. Would FDR have gone to war against the Japanese for Pearl Harbor and Germans in Europe for war crimes even if the rest of the Allies disagreed? I would like to think so. Other countries were asked to join this effort to protect their way of life against Bin Laden and terrorism, but few had the determination to stick it out. As you blame the Reagan-Bush era (30 years ago) you don't understand the effort made in this situation. Reagan's efforts, along with England's Thacher and John Paul II, brought down Communism. The beauty of these three was the fact that the rest of the world believed they meant what they said. For example, Reagan gave Isreali Prime Minister Began one hour to stop the bombing in Lebanon or he would revise his Mid-East strategies for peace. The bombing stopped in 45 minutes. How many lives were saved by this phone call? Is this the actions of a war monger? Please check all of your facts before you make a statement that may be incorrect. To be fair and to recognize success, after Reagan-Bush President Bill Clinton did a great job managing the economy. Finally, for another person who commented there is only one true Presidential fact. George Washington was the only President that could not blame his problems on a previous administration.
Em04/26/1212:11pmObama is just Bush with prettier speeches, and he doesn't deserve the votes of true progressives by any means. Don't buy into the "lesser of two evils" argument: both major parties are run by the same people, with the same agenda, and the only way to fight it is to oppose them both.
Alan04/26/127:09amDeborah Obama is not a better CHOICE. He has not done anything to help anyone except put this country on a dangerous path for destruction. Reagan and Bush were/are the best Presidents. Who cares if Romney is a Morman, it is better than a having a president with a preacher like that jerk in Chicago Rev. Wright. that racist pig. Obama does not have any record to say he has done a good job and we all know it. He is a markist/socialist/terriorist jerk that needs to be deported back to Kenya where he came from.
Deborah04/25/125:37pmPresident Barack Obama is the better chouice. He has done more to help all, considering what he had to deal with after the war-mongering Reagan/Bush administration left. A MORMON for a president? I don't THINK so, Babe!
LOL04/25/122:59pmAnyone here got a "doobie". Let's smoke em up..and make peace!! TO HELL WITH THE GOVERMENT!!!. Like Who CARES!! This country needs a woman.!!!!!! U freaking right!!! A woman will put this country back in order..NOW let's see what YOU all have to say about this? Come-on now!! Women has rights to--to become a president OR Primeminister!!!!
Tony04/23/1210:33amI really think some of you folks are in la la land. Bush helped keep us safe and a powerful nation. Obama has made us look like wimps. No American President will bow to a foreign country let alone a terrorist nation, but he did. I did not vote for the terrorist Obama and he needs to be impeached. He does not have this country in our best interest. He loves to spend and spend and give free rides to unions while the rest of the country picks up the tab. We need a conservative in office to get rid of obamacare, straighten out the illegals situation, lock up our boarders and ship all illegals and their kids back to their countries, create jobs by giving more tax cuts to the american people and the so called 1% who create the jobs. What they should do to bring business back to America is tax the hell out of any american company that has their businesses overseas, and give the option for the higher tax or bring the business back to America and have lower taxes. Get rid of unions, we do not need them anymore. Everyone should pay for their insurance and their retirement. It is not owed to you. If this would happen you would see states would balance their budgets and our taxes would go down.
???04/22/123:11pmYea print baby print!!! Maybe we'll print ourselves into utopia!
YesWeCan04/22/121:57pmObama has only increased our national debt about 6 trillion dollars in 3 and a half years. Give him a chance to keep doing what he is doing. He is a very smart guy... Maybe bankrupting the USA is actually a good strategy. People do it all the time and its a chance to start with a clean slate. The government has unlimited money printing capabilities, so maybe spending more money than the government can collect is a new way of thinking. I think Obama is onto something... who are we to question his actions? He is the President of the USA, he must know better.
Sonia04/22/129:22amI don't think he has been given a fair chance considering all the baggagies he inherited from the previous leader.
Juice04/21/129:16amIt does not matter who you get in, these jerks are all stoodes for the NWO.
Jolene04/19/1211:31amFrom what I can see through all the smokescreens that Republicans have thrown up, President Obama has prevented a major economic depression (created by the Republican partiy's mercenary service to Wall Street and the Corporate Oligarchy in general), he has greatly improved our relations with the rest of the world (Bush managed to turn American into the most despised and ridiculed first-world country on Earth) and he has made major unreported efforts to improve the lot of the poor and the disenfranchised. You wouldn't know of these efforts, Chris, even if you wanted to, because these efforts are ignored by the conservative press which rules the media.
Lorita04/16/129:17pmMellissa, stop the I know the real Melissa. Jeff and Chris: it's not all Obama's fault. And we really dont need a glove as a president. Catch this.
Rae04/15/125:27pmI can't afford 4 more years of Obama. I am already making 15% less than I was 4 years ago.
Jeff04/13/122:21pmChris makes some good points. Right now our national debt is over 15.6 trillion, which means that with 312 million people living in the US, it would take every man woman and child about 50,000 each to wipe out this debt. Spending was up quite a bit under Bush, but in 3 and a half years Obama has already outspent Bush's spending over his 8 years. This is the opposite of hope. Anyone with common sense knows this is national suicide. The fact that Obama is continuing on this same disastrous spending course only means he is deliberately destroying our currency and therefore our country.
Chris04/12/126:17pmIt doesn't matter who is elected. Every four years we need to select the geek who will do the least harm to us! You never vote to get your man in. You vote to keep the other guy out. Romney needs to be elected to undo the major trash, like Obama-care, so we can live again. The real problem is how we select our candidates. We think that we have a two party system when in reality we have a single party. One wing just happens to be more conservative than the other, but both do everything they can to protect and maintain their powerbase and control in DC and in each state. Don't believe me. Just look at how much money and how many signatures it takes to run for local, state or federal office thanks to the Republicans and Democrats. We need to change the system of primaries that selects a national candidate. No one from an independent party has a serious chance to be elected President of the United States. Ross Perot, John Anderson, and a host of others recently proved this. I don't have the answer, but I feel that it must be changed because we all agree that it isn't working. 15 trillion in debt, a failing economy, nationalized mortgages, and extended unemployment are not the America that I was promised.
Angie04/12/124:17amI do agree that Obama should not be reelected. He does not have our interests at heart, but his. He does not know how to run my country and should of been impeached long ago. All he is doing is running this wonderful country into the ground. We us to be a super power, now we are shown as weak because Obama is weak and maybe a terrorist himself. I think he should take his scary family and move back to Kenya, ya know I heard that Kenya is missing their idiot Obama. Our military men and women can't stand him, because Obama does not like our military. We need a conservative in office so we can all stand proud again. I have a joke for all of you.....If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved? AMERICA! Ok one more.....What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo? Bo has papers.....funny but both are true!
Alan04/12/123:29amWell, another comment from a stupid person. Obama is destroying this country. Capitalism is the best option not socialism. People work hard for what they have. We do not want a president taking it away for people waiting for a check from the government and we certainly do not want to pay for undocumented illegals. Obamacare will cost us all including you. You idiot! We also will not get the care we are used to. It will be rationed. Older people will not be able to get surgeries they need bacause your socialist moran will decide that they are to old to receive it. But illegals will get the care on my dime and yours. If you and others what this type of life move to Russia or any other socialist country. Obama has done nothing except spend, spend and spend some more. He does not have the balls to admit all of his mistakes. He blames President Bush. Obama has had time enough to get America on track and he chose not to. He is useless and should step down.
Mellissa04/11/129:40pmObama is the best option America has. Just because he's not a tyrant capitalist people call him a socialist .He is for universal healthcare and doesn't start wars for his oun motives.Americans expect too much too soon.Compared to some countries America has alot.He's inherited past presidents mistakes,America should see the destruction their past leaders have caused before they blame Obama for all their problems.
Alan04/11/127:36amYou can rip the damn thing off because Obama will not win again. I try to believe that people are not that stupid to vote for that **** Head!!!
Lorita04/09/128:03pmI'm squeezing my left breast that Obama wins a second term. I'm squeezin it hard.
Chris04/04/126:53pmAs with any President who is faced with gridlock you need to go to extremes to get your message out. President Obama is the current case in point. Prior to him it was Jimmy Carter. President Obama is not a "Presidential Leader". He is an excellent "community organizer" who took advantyage of an opportunity. If you need proof about not understanding the role of President of the United States look at Beers with the Professors over Race with VP Biden. How about the summit with the new Republican Leadership who didn't have to agree with him? And his multiple blunders in Foerign Affairs. Typically a Presidents' rating goes up when he starts messing around with Foreign Affairs. President Obama knew that the United States didn't want another four years of a "Bush-like" government and enough people disliked Hillary enough to vote for him. Finally, President Obama has been describe as the bringer of HOPE during the last election. The only hope that I have is that he is not elected.
Alice04/03/128:12pmMy arm pit smells. I swet alot at work. I lift heavy loads and do deliveries. Do you think Obama will help me get a raise? Would you like to smell my arm pit?
Zeitoun 04/02/129:26pmHttp:// Our Lady of Zeitoun, Our Lady of Light, Pray for us!
Alan04/02/125:34amMy dog would make a better president than Obama. That guy is a socialist and deserves to be shipped back to Kenya where he was born and take his fake birth certificate with him!
Jo Ann04/01/123:19amObama WILL Win!, This economy has been on the come for years! The job market is changing because the needs of our society is changing. The world economy is changing like it or not. Look into the facts and not what is fed to you by Fox noise channel!. Yes, He more than deserves another term. Mess Romney? Get real!
Amore'03/31/127:36pmYou-all are full of ****!
Chris03/30/1212:46pmHe's going to be president again. Sorry ya'll!
Tomas03/30/1212:11pmNeither Obama nor anyone in Congress should be reelected. They should all be thrown out and forced to get real jobs. Cut their lifetime benefits and pensions. At the very least, they should get the same benefits as everybody else. Let them pay into social security and recieve social security like everyone when they retire, as opposed to their full pay for the rest of their lives. I mean, come on already! That's hypocrisy! They should at least practice what they preach - and this goes for everyone of all political parties
Angie03/30/1212:06pmJeff is the only one who makes sense. Obama will bankrupt us if you idiots vote for him again. Obama had over three years to do something great. He failed!! The debt is way up, obamacare is a big waste of time and money. He cannot make any american purchase anything. It is against the constitution and Obama has always wanted to change the constitution because he is a socialist pig. He is always apoligizing to the foreign nations. America does not apoligize. The world thinks we are weak because of this oaf. If he wins this election it will be by cheating and stupid people voting for this putz. We need the gas prices to come down he and his jerk of an energy czar want the prices to still climb. It is just amazing how people don't see how bad it is with him in the White House. They believe his lies. Wake up folks!!!
Joanne03/30/1211:46amYes, O'bumm has inherited a lot of evil doings by the Bush administration. But, O'Bumm is CONTINUING EXACTLY WHAT Clinton/Bush started. ALL of them are the puppets of the New World Order czars who are the 1% elite BANKERS. The only politician who is not their puppet is Ron Paul. Who IS getting all the delegates and WILL be debating O'Bumm. Media has a black out on Paul because they KNOW around the country he is popular with Dems/Reps young and old. Next US President will be Congressman Ron Paul. You can bet on that.
Dave03/29/127:59pmCeltic is right. This time next year Obama is still going to be president. The republican party is too split, and their recent drama involving birth control has alienated most women and practically all young educated people. There is no hope whatsoever for whoever the republican candidate is. They cut their own throats unfortunately.
I DO NOT LIKE ANY goverment!!!!03/29/129:27amHEY?? u think you ALL have it bad? try it over here, things are NOT any better here! BOY do we have some SCREWED up countires on the planet. Well, it is either you join them or, well you know?? ANY and ALL goverment is bad! No matter how we or YOU OR anyone at that matter slices it. We're DOOMED! I do NOT trust ANYONE !!!!!!!!!!
Jeff03/29/121:01amRomney is no prize, but the polls clearly show that even Romney would defeat Obama decisively if the election were held today. Charisma is irrelevant. Obama was virtually unknown prior to the 2008 election so there was nothing else to go on. That is no longer the case. His record is so atrocious it makes Bush look pristine by contrast. Everyone thought Bush was a big spender... LOL! Obama's already racked up more debt in his 3+ years as President than Bush did in 8 years. Obama promised hope and instead we got despair. The only promise he has kept was his cryptic slogan of Change. A sharp change in course towards a Marxist agenda that unless reversed will result in a bankrupt country and abject poverty.
Mi03/28/1211:09pmLike it or not, Obama has no control over the United States. Like it or not, we control Obama's antichrist decisons. Like it or not, we are to blame for our screwed-up nation.
Celt03/28/1210:37pmLike it or not he's getting re-elected. Romney does not have the charisma, aptitude or support to overtake Obama's campaign. You might not like him, but he is going to be your president for another 4 years. Sorry, but if we dealt with dumb ass bush for that long, this will be a cinch
Jeff03/28/124:53pmNo one in their right mind can seriously still buy the old argument that Obama inherited a mess and saved us from economic ruin. There are 2 million less jobs now than when he took office. We are now about 5 trillion dollars more in debt now than when he took office, and there is nothing but economic ruin to show for it. The food stamp program has grown over 30% since he took office. More people are on welfare than ever before. Obama has nationalized the mortgage business, and now over 90% of all loans are owned by the government (Fannie Mae). He has nationalized the student loan industry and the cost of education is skyrocketing. Gas prices are skyrocketing because he sides with the militant no-growth environmentalists. Inflation is through the roof with food and energy prices leading the way. Obama divides this country with the politics of envy and race. He demonizes the so called 'rich' with his rhetoric and seeks to penalize success while rewarding complacency and failure. He gave away 2 American auto companies to the unions that caused their bankruptcy in the first place while completely screwing over the private investors who had a stake in those companies. He gave away billions of our tax dollars to fraudulent 'alternative energy' companies that contributed to his campaigns. Him and the democrats passed a 2,700 page healthcare law that no one read, which if enacted will destroy our healthcare system and give the federal government limitless power to control our lives. He bows down to tyrants around the world while alienating our allies. We may have been disliked by other countries, certainly tyrants around the world, but at least they respected us. This man and his socialist democrats in congress are well on their way to destroying our constitution and with it, our liberties. He must be defeated.
Angie03/27/128:19amNo Obama does not deserve another term. He has royally screwed the country with his socialist ideas and policies including obamacare. He should be impeached!
Mi03/26/124:46pmI dont understand the question: Does our president "deserve" a second term???? Of course he deserves a second term. Why should we deserve a president? Afterall, we are the ones that did the most evil conspiracy alive. We coined a lady so she could not become president. We killed alot of good people that were our police officers that helped make good to our communities. We are contolling the president. Now lets make it better.
Joyce03/25/128:25pmPresident Obama has had to handle multiple situations simultaneously, he saved us from the brink of economic disaster. We are far safer since he took office, he has killed or arrested more terrorists than his predecessor, including the arrest of 120 mob-related arrests Jan 20, 2011, the largest bust in the history of the FBI. He improved our foreign relations considerably. When bush left office, other countries hated us but have been much more agreeable with President Obama. He handled disasters much better than bush did Katrina and he doesn't embarrass me. He is steady, reliable, and honest, and his Cabinet is not composed of white-collar criminals as bush's was. I am proud of my President and will vote for him again.
Dor03/25/1212:36pmOboma did not make this mess, he inherited it, so that in itself makes a difference. takes time to clean up someones mess that took 8yrs to make, would'nt you say??
Enough 03/24/126:43pmENOUGH with those who impose heavy loads on us and don't even lift them with their little finger! Make them subject to THEIR OWN LAWS! Even after they leave public office they retire like KINGS with full pensions, healthcare, body guards and all the rest. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!
Tomas03/23/121:35pmYup, I agree. That obamacare health plan they want to force everyone into doesn't apply to them. That's right, they have their OWN healthcare plan. And one that's far better than what they want to enforce on us lowly people. Maybe we should run for office and live like the gods of olympus. Must be nice to be in the ruling class.
Jan03/23/1212:34pmHe's done enough damage. It's time for our lawmakers to be subject to the laws they pass. They are above them now, so it's no sweat off their backs, while we the people bear the burden of their greed, foolishness and shortsightedness

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